petite pooper
To mark: I posted reasons for why I poop in my room in earlier posts (octoberish). It started out as a convient way to poop....I was going up to 12 times in a day. Now out of habit I go when I need to, be it in my room or elsewhere other than a restroom area. Plus, it kinda turns me on to poop someplace where I know I shouldn't. I mostly poop in those small plastic grocery Wal-mart has or a rag or tattered piece of cloth. My pooping has slowed down significantly...twice or so a day now. It really does suck having hyperthroidism though.
I met a guy...we haven't officially started dating but I like him a lot. I told him about this site and about my habits e.g. intentionally pooping myself..peeing in buckets...other he was into it. In fact, while we were talking one night he peed and pooped so that I could hear over the phone. I must say ...I was turned on a bit...I can't wait to start experimenting with him. I hope we hit it off...he'll be my first bf..I'm 19 by the way.

petite pooper
Mr. Clogs: I will definately try to find a pmate...great idea! Acoording to female (keep you posted)
Mark: I have never tried to wear the bag as a diaper... lol or put the bag to speak. I do on ocassions hold the bag nearer to my bottom when I have really runny poops though. Lately, however my poop has been in many different pieces..kinda like little balls, but it comes out as one whole piece. Also, it's very wide, as thick as a soda can, these poops hurt the worst to pass.
Ray: I vowed to stop peeing in my room because I'm slowly ruining my carpet. I buy deoderizers, sprays, and things of that sort to mask the smell. But clearly I'm getting careless and messy. Mind you, I live with my mom so I have to keep a neat room. Usually when I poop, I make sure to pee first so that I can completely empty y bowels. I never get that "done" feeling when I poop. Which is why I poop twice a day to finish what I started.
I find myself rushing home from work to pee in my bedroom bucket instead of the restroom. Weird. I'm forgetting to use to toilet at all at home.
I usually will put the poop in the windowsill and close the window...seeing as I live in WI and it's freezing here the poop freezes overnight and loses most of the offending oders. The pee stays in my bucket until I fill a bag and carry it with me to the bathroom and empty it in the toilet. I take the empty bag and the frozen poop in toss it in the huge garbage dumpster down the road in case my mom decided to check the outside trash for something.( she's been curious to know when and where I poop)
In earlier posts I noticed italic words were printed kind of like an editor responding to certain posts. I just wanted to know who you are and do you post under a familiar name?

Mark C
Reading about the website here, I decided to tell a story. The story is about me that happened little over 40 years ago, when I was about five years old. I was a white little boy at the time in my babysitter was a black young lady who I think was in 10 or 12 years in of age, and much taller than me as I recall. Her name was Gloria.

One evening, my parents went out one evening, and they hired Gloria to baby-sit. Since I was five I had to go to bed early in the evening. So right before I had to go to bed. I had to take a shower and go to the restroom like a good little boy. Gloria and I went to my bedroom and retrieved my pajamas that would be wearing that night. Then we both walked to the bathroom. She turned on the shower for me while I was undressing to take a shower. I don't think she realized what I was doing until she turned around. I was fully my birthday suit and was standing behind her ready to hop in the shower.

She told me to wait a minute or two before the water with it warm. I recall she asked me if I went to the restroom to, and I said no. "Oh no you don't.", She pointed to the toilet. Not thinking, I walked to the toilet and grab my penis and stood over the toilet.

She asked me, how long I was going to take. I didn't know. Then she began to take off her pants. I did realize what she was doing until she was standing in back of me asking me to hurry it up. I told her I was trying. She then gently pushed me aside and sat down on the toilet. Without any hesitation, she began to urinate in the toilet. I had never seen a female use the toilet before. I had to pee very badly. So what she did she scooted back on the toilet. As far as she could. I began to pee between her legs and into the toilet. She gently held my penis, so it would point between her legs and into the toilet. Her fingers were very warm as I recall. It was not a sexual thing.

Within a few moments, she began to poop. It smelled a little bit, and I made a face and she began to laugh. She asked if I had to poo too, and I said yes. She wiped her backside and flushed the toilet. I sat on the toilet. I felt like strained and strained then finally it came out hard and solid. It didn't smell. After a few moments she asked me if I was done. I said yes. Then she wiped me. She was still naked from the waist down, and I was looking at her. So I went into the shower. Within a moment she had joined me. She washed me so he, and I was clean as a whistle. It was interesting though, watching her on the toilet. I didn't realize pink was a beautiful color.

My husband and I took my mother-in-law shopping for Channukah (I celebrate Christmas, they celebrate Channukah) We stopped to use the restrooms in the mall, and my husband went to the mens restroom, and I took "The Mother-In-Law From Hell' to the womens's restroom. To our shock and dismay, there were no stall doors for privacy. "Mother" needed to have a bowel movement, and INSISTED I stand in front of her booth while she grunted. It was like watching paint dry, watching a 88 year old nasty woman force out a fat log of shit, and then watch her wipe. ughhhhhhhhh. After she finished, she insisted on standing in front of me while I shit. I was mortified !!! After we finished, I asked my husband if the mens restroom had doors, and he said 'yes" ......Kind of a turn of the tables. I complained to Mall Management. Norma

Linda from Australia here again. I haven't had any trouble with poos lately and Ive been dropping some very nice loads too.

To Fat Woman: I LOVED your story!!! How long were you constipated for?? It sounds like you had a really hard time pushing that big load out. How long did it take to drop your load? I bet you felt satisfied after doing that poo. Its a pity that Nina didn't get to hear you grunting and groaning. I really have to go now and get ready for work (and do a poo)

I rember when I was in first grade it was reacess and I had to pee really ! I did not know where the bathroom was so I was holding on tight to my penis. Eventually I peed my self in the jungle gym.

Dave B
I just recently came back from the toilet. I was out with my friend and I drank a huge cherry mixed with blue raseberry slurpee. After a while I had to pee really bad. It took my friend a while to get home from 7-11. Once we got to my house I rushed in the bathroom, quickly pulled down my pants, and peed a steady stream straight into the bowl. Felt great. Anyways now I wanna give some shoutouts.

To Linda DP - Hey Welcome Back! I didn't think you'd ever come back to the forum. I wasn't around when you used to post, but I've read some of your older ones. I like how your name is associated with Pokemon. I can't wait for Diamond and Pearl to come out. I can't believe it's already out in Japan. So do you still like to say Pampies =P lol. I think that's the cutest. Anyways hope that we can be friends =)

Just Me
THOM: hey hun, thanks for the reply, my favourite stories are about constipated men too. But i feel so bad for him, i always wish i was there with you guys helping you when your in pain and trying to go. i livein Canada, im a 23 yr old girl. i hope you were able tohave a nice easy poop this week hun:) take care

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDERCindy,45 minutes is a long time on the pot. I cannot afford that time to just sit there. On the other hand if you treat it as a form of meditation or time out then it might be of great benefit. I am a supporter of colonoscopies but if the doctor`s report is good why do you need one every year? Would every 5 years be enough?
Getting back to the 45 minute sit then if you like it then go for it!
As for my report, yesterday at the gym I did one of my biggest poos for a while and it took some minutes and another reasonable poo in the afternoon. I have been taking magnesium and believe it can be good for the bowels so maybe it is working.
Here is a report on my shameless toilet work there is a flat (apartment) above us and the steps to it run right next to our toilet. The girl upstairs often sits on the steps and has a glass of wine within a few feet of the toilet window. If I need to go she does not put me off...I just walk out side..say hello and a few other words...go in and do what needs to be done...i do not know whether she is listening in or what but if she is...good luck to her!

My boyfriend likes to go to Christian book stores. Recently we were on a trip out of town together and he wanted to stop at one. While we were in it, that is where fate would have it that I suddenly got an overwhelming urge to need to poopoo. My boyfriend told me it should be alright because such stores usually have bathrooms open to customers. We found the place where they were. On turning the handle to the girls' room I found it locked. I knocked to see if it were occupied, but no one answered. My boyfriend said we could ask an employee for a key, but all employees seemed busy, and by then my butt was really straining to hold in the crap. Meanwhile my boyfriend had checked the boys' room and found it unlocked. I told him I might not be able to wait too well for someone to provide a key. so I'd better just use the boys' room. I took his hand and dragged him into the boys' room with me thinking it would be neat for to have him be with me. I had my jeans and panties down and my butt parked on the john when I realized the potential rashness of my decision. Since we were in a Christian bookstore, I realized, folks might not take too kindly to my so freely sharing my doing any bathroom thing with my boyfriend in the room with me, if anyone discovered what we were doing. But suddenly it was too late to turn back. A loud fart escaped from my anus, followed almost immediately by the plop of a big dookey load into the water. Rushing to avoid being caught by possibly unsympathetic store personnel, I got up quickly, simultaneously pulling off tissue and looking into the bowl. What I'd pooped was not quite what some seem to call a "log", more like a big amorphous mass, in an elongated oval shape, softer, I suppose than a "log" but not quite diarrhea-like. My first wipe showed a messy wiping job. Again apprehension at being caught gripped me. I made a quick decision to ask my boyfriend to help me wipe since he could see what he was doing. He got my bottom clean in a few more wipes. We left the boys' room with relief that no one discovered our activity, and with strong gratification (on my part at least) at having shared a good poo experience with my boyfriend. After that, he bought what he had seen and wanted at the store. We left and continued our trip.

Linda DP
Hi Everyone!!

It's me. yeah I know where have I been all this time well I ahve no excuse except I'be been busy with school and the crazy life of a 16 year old girl. Anyway sorry I haven't posted lately. I did a few times a while back but not much sorry. Anyway I'm back for good and have taken a new name to go with my love of Pokemon.( I was once GS,RS, and for a tiny while LF) Anyway for those who remember me I'm still living with my cousin and with the babies now runnign around like crazy it's been hectic.(We really need another bathroom)Anyway Turkeyday came and went and boy did I over do it. I new there was gonna be a huge poop session on the toidy for me eventually but well I waited and waited and.... NOTHING. Granted days before I had managed what was like gravel but well I still needed some serious sitdown time. Anyway enjoying some warm winter weather.(South Texas rocks!!) When I got hit with a sharp pain in my gut. I stopped reading my copy of Bleach and sat up in my chair. God it hurt, then... it turned into a full blown "get your tush on the seat this minute young lady" sorta deal. God i ran so fast I doubt my feet ever touched the ground. I ran in and just my luck my cousin's in the tub. You may recall I never had trouble "holding court on the throne" with him around, but it has been a while. But, well.. ever see int he old movies when villagers raid a castle and they ram open the gates with a huge log???? That's what was going on with the backgate of a tushie so I aplogized to him,, mooned him as I dropped trou and sat. A furious stream of pee came out as I looked over at him and told him I hope he had no plans to get out soon cause i ahd no idea how long with was gonna take. I said no problem and sat back and relaxed. I few moments of steady breathing brought out some pebbles. I pondered weather I should just grab the rim of the tub and give it heck when I got another sharp pain. After what seemed like hours a hard huge poop split my tush openand forced it's way out. Oh god was it achingly slow, but it felt so good at the same time. I can tell you I love Miguel to death and trust him like crazy but when I think about all the faces I was making and all the OOOOOOOO's and AAAAAAA's I was making I turn crimson. But after 5 minutes of that, it came out with a resounding KUPLUNK!! I mean it was loud, my cousin even opened his eyes and looked at me. I blushed and told him "don't you DARE say a word!!" He smiled and said "okay, but man that must have felt better". And... it did. Then out came this soft stuff for the next 8 or so minutes with no pushing at all. I slumped over saying over and over how much better that was. Anyway to make a long story short, I got cleane dup and pulled up my pampies and jeans and left my poor cousin to die. LOL. Anyway, that's my story. I hope to post more in the future.

TO Karen, Terri, and Rachelle:

All of your stories were very great, I especially loved all the detail you each put into them. Those are the types of Stories about women pooping (the full description) that I like to read.

I had a long night at the firehouse last night. I wasnt the calls keeping me up and it surely wasnt my bathroom habits. (I poop once every 2-3 days) I was an insomniac because I still have somewhat of a good relationship with my ex-wife. Before Bedtime I called her up while I was flipping through channels in the lounge. She said she would call me back because she was in a ladies room of a restaurant fixing her hair and makeup(obviously she needed both hands). I got into bed later thinking of the few experiences I had with her bathroom habits... all of which are good memories, enhanced by the fact that I remember them like I remember 10 minutes ago.

My ex-wife is pretty or at least to me she is. 5' 4" 140lbs, with Cocoa Skin and Dark brown braided hair. Large breasts and thick thighs with a round, but not large butt. Her smile could light up a room.
She claimed she pooped everyday 2-3 times with the morning being the most regular, but I never really saw it as consistant.

I always thought getting married would solve most of my desire to see hear and smell women pooping, but it didn't. Most of my marriage I was overseas with the army and not in her loving arms. Even while We were engaged I was away on maneuvers. The first night we spent together, she pooped and claimed that the smell in the bathroom was caused her daughter filling her diaper as she was preparing her for a before bed bath for her. She later told me it was her (my ex-wife) who did the pooping, not her daughter.
Another time while I was on leave and actually at home I woke up one morning and jumped in the shower, and she woke up after me. She knocked on the door and I told her I was in the shower... I guess she was still shy about pooping around me (knowing of my interest) and she went to the other bathroom and took her morning poop. just after I got out we switched bathrooms so she could shower. I went into the bathroom she used to a strong smell of poop and a light brown skidmark at the drain in the toilet. She later told me that she had pooped in there that morning while she was on another trip to the bathroom.
was Christmas Eve and we were spending it with my parents at their house in NY... My neighbor (who has dimensia) came to bring over gifts (she was acting like my wifes kids were her grandchildren) Earlier in the day The Mrs and I went to brunch at a diner, We came home and as a family (with her two children) took a nap in my old bed. The kids woke up before us and were playing downstairs, when my neighbor came. My wife woke up and threw her jeans back on... She walked rapidly to the bathroom. I decided to wait a minute and give her a chance to get situated... I heard her unzip her jeans and sit on the toilet. She let out a toilet amplified zipper fart which transitioned into a hiss. She started to pee when I made my move.
I asked to come in and she hesitantly unlocked the door and let me in. She was sitting with her forearms resting on her knees, with her jeans pulled down. just enough that they were clearing the toilet seat, but not quite at her knees. Oddly enough the air smelled exactly similar to the other two times that I was around our house when she pooped... I was a sulfuric smell, more like eggs just starting to rot. She farted again not loudly and followed with a large turd and a medium sized turd. She was relaxing more and more with every turd she expelled.. in the end there were 7 turds... 1 large one, 3 medium ones and 3 smaller ones. the smell was intense, a 4 on my scale of 1-5... She wiped, flushed and washed her hands and left a very small skidmark at the bottom of the toilet. All I could think about the rest of the night was her poop.

She didnt seem mind at first but we had both changed when I came home from Iraq, I wanted to see more, and she wanted to show less. eventually we separated and got divorced.

Everytime we chat by phone I think of those few times(this isnt counting the farts or the poops over the phone)and last night It made me wish she was with me... I wanted to think about it more but the medical emergency alarm sounded and I was on my way to a call.

Girls and their fathers are always close. I had an inncodent when I was 21 years old I believe. My mother moved to Florda after their devorce and my father was granted custody. I loved my father but he did not understand female's at all. What happened was extremely weird. We were out in a more or less forest enviorment for his work. I needed to poop and pee extremely bad. I waited until it was an extreme emergancy before I told him.
Where is a Bathroom.
There isnt one
Dad its URGENT
use the trees or something I dont know
Ok what do you want me to do
Find me a Bathroom.

Finally we got to this truck stop bathroom that looked somewhat deserted. I got out of the car and ran over to where the bathroom was. There I found three uni-sex bathrooms. I quickly rushed to an open one with no door the next two same thing. I walked in and saw a toilet. Urgancy called and I asked my dad to stay near incase anyone came. I did not think he knew I was sitting on the toilet when he walked up and gave a stunned look. I dont know why but he seemed startaled at the view of me using the toilet, kinda like he was surprized that I knew how. I thought this over not knowing who potty trained me or changed my dipers.

I assume he knew being a adult that I used the toilet but knowing and seeing are two different things.

Hi everybody!I have been a lurker for maybe 2 months and i decided to post.I have a twin brother named Matt,a little brother named Joey and my little sister Holly.Just thought i should tell you about the family.Now i can get on with my story.When i was like 7 my friends mom would do an afterschool babysitting thing for the kids whose parents dont get home until after 4.I remember that i never wanted to use their bathroom.It always smelled because almost 10 kids used it and it was always occupied..One day i was in some nice blue jeans and a gray collar shirt tucked in(it was pic day).Me and a boy named Aaron had a juice drinking contest.I won.I had to pee sooooo bad.I went into the playroom to pee in the trashbarrel butMy best friend had a funny mask on and he came and jumped in front of me and made a funny noise.I almost peed myself from laughter.I ran holding my cock to the bathroom door.I tried to open it but there was a kid in there.Mrs.Jerrico(the babysitter)told me that Carter was in there with the runs.I was squirting into my boxers at that point.I asked Mrs.Jerrico if she had another bathroom.She pointed upstairs.I ran up there,squirting all the way and opened the door.I raced over to the toilet and relieved myself(what was left in my bladder).I had forgotten to shut the door and a group of girls were watching and giggling.I looked at my shirt and pants.They were pretty wet with pee.I tried to dry off my shirt with a paper towel.I gave up and went to Mrs.Jerrico with the girls trailing behind me singing "Mike peed his pants!"Mrs.Jerrico gave me a pair of her son Evans boxers,jeans that were too big and a t-shirt and she threw my clothes in the wash and drier.My brother Matt felt bad for me so he peed himself too.Mrs.Jerrico had to talk to my mom about a "wetting problem" with us.My mom told me and Matt that when we had to go not to wait until the last minute and if we had an accident to go right to Mrs.Jerrico.

FAT WOMAN here. So yesterday I was at the mall with my thin sister-in-law. We ate at the food court and then went shopping. I had been feeling constipated all day; Nina had been disappointed because she wanted to hear me go in the morning while she lounged around in bed. I did try, and sat on the toilet for ages straining to go but no luck. I just ended up breathing hard and sweaty. But at the mall, all that exercise walking from store to store seemed to get things moving although I could still feel it hard an compacted up there. We were at Nordstrom's and sister in law wanted to try on shoes, tiny pumps my fat feet would never fit in. I sat down heavily next to her, the effort made me grunt a little louder than I anticipated.

My thin sister-in-law stiffened. She's never said anything but she hates it when things are a struggle for me, I can tell by the slightly contemptuous look on her face when I try to get up form the couch or start breathing hard when she walks too fast for me. I shifted uncomfortably on this chair, there was so much up there that needed to come out. After she paid for the shoes I told her I needed the restroom and she said she did too. I asked her if I could borrow the People magazine in her purse and she gave me a knowing look.

"Do you need to go...."

"Yes I and will be a long time as usual so you can go home after and leave me to finish in peace."

Sighing she handed me the magazine. "You really need to lose some weight so it's not so hard for you," she admonished me for the 1000th time.

"Maybe in my next life" I retorted and we headed for the restroom.

I immediately made a beeline for the handicapped stall, I am very bottom heavy and need plenty of room. My sister-in-law took the stall next to me. I put on the seat cover and sat down: "UGNH!" My sister-in-law was already peeing. As she was wiping I started to strain audibly through my nose. "Mmmmm....mmmm...." As I shifted my fat ass the seat cover crackled under me. I closed my eyes and grunted some more, trying to forget my sister-in-law's presence as she pulled up her jeans. "Mmmmm...." I was already starting to sweat. I reached down and picked up the magazine, turning the pages. My sister-in-law opened her stall and stood in front of mine.

"Well, I'm leaving now. Please be careful to not over exert yourself."

I rattled the magazine so she would hear. "O---kkaaayyy....eeennnhhhh..." I heard her bossy heels go the sink and then walk away. With her gone, it was easier. There were other people in the restroom but no one next to me. I grunted harder as I read my magazine. "Ughhhh!! UGGHHHH!!! (pant pant) OHHHHH!" The poo felt very sharp in my ass and didn't budge. Just then someone entered the stall next to me and I heard a childish voice speaking Japanese. I went back to my magazine and decided to strain more gently for now. If it took longer that was ok. I couldn't try so hard, I was getting so sweaty. "Mmmmmm.....mmmmmm...come on...mmmmm...." Out of the corner of my eye I saw the Japanese girl peek under the stall at me. Her mother did nothing to stop her and in fact I didn't hear a sound. No peeing, poo sounds or grunting.

"Why are you making those sounds?" the little girl asked me.

I put down the magazine and told her in strained voice that I was going poo.

"My mom is going poo too but she doesn't make those sounds!" The mother remanied quiet. I have a feeling she spoke no English. The girl watched as I shifted my position and bore down some more. "You're so fat," she remarked.

"That's why I make....mmmmm...these sounds, honey...mmmmm....fat people have to work hard...mmmmm...on the toilet.....UGGHH!!!"

She continued to watch me and then I told her I couldn't talk anymore as I needed to finish. I dropped the magazine and and pressed on my huge belly with both hands. "MMMMMMM.....AAAHHHHHHH....pant pant....OHHHHHHH....come....out......mmmmmmm." One hand still on my fat rolls, the other grabbed onto the wheelchair bar and held it in a deathgrip! This last bout of straning finally worked and it all came out in a huge lump.

The little girl laughed. "Are you done?"

"Yes dear, and please stop peeking at me. I need to recover and want some privacy." I was sweating profusely at this point. Her mother flushed and the girl was dragged away from the floor. I wiped my face and chest with toilet paper then proceeded to wipe my sore ass. I sat there for about five minutes recovering then hoisted myself up (no easy task at my weight) and lumbered out of the stall.

Nina had a good laugh when I told her about my voyeur!!

Just Me: Yes I am the Thom that started posting when this site had less than 100 pages. I am a faithful reader but do not post as much as I did in the early days. I live on the west coast and am in my mid 40's. As to good looking, I think that I am just average. I have alwasy had a hard time going to the bathroom in spite of a good diet, exercise, lots of water etc. Have always found the suppositories ( glycerine or dulcolax) and enemas have been the most effective for treating my constipation. Not modest in the bathroom and don't mind using a stall with no doors even though I know that I will be sitting there out in the open for quite awhile. Enjoy all the stories here but really like hearing from other constipated guys.
How about you? Tell us about you and your interests!

To Anny
Have you been checked for the possibility of diabetes?

Constant thirst tiredness + peeing a lot is a symptom of the onset of diabetes.

Just a thought.

Dear IBS: If the toilets are really bad at your school, you should meet with the principal first, preferably with other kids and adults as a group about improving the condition of the bathrooms. If you get no help from the principal, take it higher up. The bathrooms get a lot of vandalism since they are about the only place where kids are not supervised. Once repaired, it would be better if some teachers or other adult employees of the school could supervise the bathrooms. People hate to repair things just to see them vandalized over and over. When I was in high school, the toilets had no stalls but some of us used them anyway. At least they were kept kind of clean. One problem is your dick sticking up under the edge of your shirt and it is sometimes hard to keep it down pointing into the toilet bowl if it really wants to stick up. Most people just used the urinals. Half the time there was no paper so we used the girls restroom. No one cared, it was kind of a free-for-all as far as the bathrooms as well as a lot of other things. The girls room had stalls with doors, paper at all times, and of course was far less vandalized than the boys room. I don't know why we don't have unisex restrooms; the boys behave better if there are girls around, and once in the stall, who cares if the person is male or female. You could have a seperate area for urinals for the people that wanted to use them. I don't know, I guess in certain parts of the U.S. people are more amenable to this idea as well as the rest of the world; it varies from place to place. Some colleges have unisex restrooms and it works out fine.

I am on my high fiber diet which includes all of the high fiber foods -bran cereal, bran muffins, apples, pears, all kinds of beans, chili, whole wheat bread, raisins, peanuts, peas, pea soup, figs, plums. (wow that's a lot). I can poop huge amounts 2-3 times per day. If you like to poop a lot these are the foods for you.

Anny, my heart goes out to you. I would see your doctor again sooner than later. So far as the diabetes insipidus goes, just asking about it may be enough for your doctor to look into it. One thing you may want to check on yourself (when you can) is to track when you go to the bathroom, and how much you are voiding when you go. If you have an accident, at least note that you went. The question here is, are you really voiding large amounts, or does it just seem that you are? If this is diabetes insipidus, it can be VERY dangerous. You can suffer from problems with dehydration that could possibly become life threatening. I am NOT saying that it is, I'm not a doctor, but I would go back to your doctor and get it checked out further. Hang tough.

Teddy Bear
I would like to reply to the person (no name given) who asked me about other stories I might be able to share. I have enough experiences and witness accounts to fill a good sized book; my biggest problem is a chronic lack of time to spend on the computer but I will endeavour to submit as many posts as I can.
I have a few more school days stories, as well as experiences from the years spent as a nurse and in a variety of other jobs. I will eventually post some very memorable stories about an ex-girlfriend who shared my curiosity about bodily functions. My next post will be from my childhood and what happened when the cutest girl in my class was busting for a pee but was denied permission to leave the room; we were in third grade when Debbie's bladder was stretched to it's limmit.
Anyway, I'll tell you more when I send my next post!!!

Hi! I'm new here but I've lurked forever. I can;t believe they have a site for this! But anyway I'm really really young. Not even out of school. But yeah I find this place interesting, and I have a lot of tales to tell myself.

The other day I was doing my homework. I had drinken a lot so I had to pee badly. I wasn't squirming just yet but I knew I was going to. When I when got halfway done with my homework, I kinda twitched but it wasn't that bad....when I was only 4 answers away I was squirming a lot. It was too much, and I couldn't focus. I really wanted to finish before I peed but right now I thought I couldn't hold it, but then sucked it up and continued. But it was really hard because I had to go so badly. I got stuck on even the simplest problem...when I was finally ifnished, I ran really fast to the bathroom, and in the process banged my arm against the wall really hard. I ignored the pain and jumped onto the toilet and peed forever. It was nice, but my arm hurt badly for the next few days.

Hmm...that's all I have to write for now, tata!

white shit mistress
hi i have a problem
last night i got home around 1:30 and had to shit llike mad. and i sat down and farted and shit out white cloudy boogery pieces of poop. it was not brown what so ever.

what is wrong with me

white shit mistress

To Frustrated Plunger,
Yes it is true that women can have larger dumps than men. I think it is probably because women often take only 2-3 dumps per week, so they kind of stockpile (pardon the pun) the turds before letting go, while men take dumps much more often. Your post reminded me of an incident that happened to me while babysitting for 2 kids many years ago. The girl was about 11 and the boy was about 8 (I was around 15, and I am female). This was my regular babysitting job, so I was very comfortable with the kids and vice versa, thank God! Well, I had to take a dump really badly. Usually I wait 'til I get home to go #2 because I prefer the familiarity of the home toilet, but I couldn't wait. So I took the hugest dump of my life in their downstairs toilet, lol. I couldn't flush the thing and that had never happened to me up to that point. I said to myself 'Oh, I don't believe THIS! In my 15 years of taking dumps, the one time I clog a toilet is when it is not mine.' Well I thought to chop the log up but how was I going to do that and with what? AND, without the kids finding out? I was so embarrassed. I told the kids that I found the toilet that way when I went in there "to pee." Immediately, the girl told me that her brother probably did it because he was always clogging the toilet. I thought to myself 'an 8 year old can do THIS??? WOW.' So it looked like I was off the hook but the boy denied being responsible (of course!). Meanwhile, imagine my humiliation at having 2 kids leering at and examining my huge bomb in their toilet. So I said I was going outside to find a stick to break it up. The boy offered to find one for me...big mistake to let him! He went outside and came back within 2 minutes with a long stick and then HE proceeded to chop up the log because his sister insisted that the log was his and that he should do it. He didn't seem to mind and we soon found out why. After he chopped it up, he glanced alternatingly from the shit-coated stick to me and then to his sister and then back to the stick, all the while with an evil grin on his face. We knew what he had on his mind and we both darted up the stairs, running and screaming like 2 idiots, while the boy chased us all around the house, waving the shit-covered stick at us. Yes, he was quite the little handful, lol. I'm sure both kids knew that I was the one who clogged the toilet but didn't want to embarrass me. They were great kids to babysit for. The girl was pretty mature for her age, as you can see, and she and I used to talk about boys together after her brother went to sleep. And heck, her little brother unclogged toilets for me, LOL. What more can a babysitter ask for?

Anny One of the signs of diabetes is having to pee very often. Before I was diagnosed, this was one of the things I noticed. My mouth was always dry and it was like torture if I was not allowed to even sip water for any length of time. I could eat anything and was still able to lose weight. Another thing I noticed was that I got sick almost like every other week. As a consequence to this I developed a staph infection and wound up in the hospital for a month. That is when I learned that I was diabetic. The doctors called it juvenile onset because I was so young.
One of the telltale signs that almost anyone can do is have them smell your breath. Most undiagnosed diabetics, especially if your blood sugar is very high, will have unusually sweet breath. This is caused by something called Acidosis. If you know someone who is diabetic, have them test your blood sugar with their meter. If you are fasting, that is you have not eaten in a while, and your blood sugar is above 140 or higher then that is most likely the problem. If it is really high, get to a doctor right away. We don't want to hear about you passing out and being rushed to the hospital.
I know this can be a little scary but it will be the best thing you ever do.

Gruntly Bogwell
ANNY: Go to a urologist, a specialist, sounds like you may have that syndrome (whose namne escapes me) where your urine is leaking between the mucus membrane of your bladder and its inner wall, causing bladder cramps, painful and frequent urination. Women (and some men)can get this from early 20's on up...there is a test the urologist can perform for this (some urologists are specialists in just this syndrome). I undertand there is a medicine they can prescribe after the test to make a suffers ligfe better. Diet is important, especially low oxalate diets and there is a vulvar pain support group on the web. While, I don't have this syndrome, I know a young woman who does...she had to go on a strict diet and then add back foods, drinks etc. to see which ones make the problem worse. For example, my friend got caught at a Mexican restaurant with friends...tried to order smart, but the dish with chipotle sause in it, gave her fits the next morning, with bladder pain. Please get some help...your GP didn't seem to know what she was talking about.

KAREN and RACHELLE: On behalf of all the guys on this forum who are intrinsically interested in female bathroom habits...Thank you for the poo session peek inside the womens' restroom during the post- Thanksgiving meal turd parade. Your descriptions are first rate, right up there with FAT WOMAN and the incomparable CARMALITA.

Well it had to happen, I finally met a woman who shares my prurient interest in toileting and movements. I was out hiking in the national park near the house yesterday...and took this path, I hadn't seen before the leaves fell off. It was quite narrow and wandered along side a small creek, probably accounts for the relative lack of hiker traffic. It was early in the morning...and as ususal my bowels began to ache with need. I didn't have top go when I left the house...but the excitiment of checking out a new trial and walking in them stirred up. I thfought I could hold it until I got nbak home, but the urge came on more strongly. Winter is a bad time to have to poo in the woods because of the lack of leaf cover for privacy. I looked around...there were some evergreen bushes near by...but, I figured it was early enough, I could hear anyone up and down the trail. I stepped off the trail and pulled down the front of my sweatpants and peed a steaming yellow stream onto the forest floor then I found a two-inch sapling, pulled down my blue sweatpants the rest of the way, and exposed my skinny white ass to nature, squatting and gripping the tree for leverage...pulled my orange sweatshirt up, adjusted my hiking boots so as not to get any poo on them...and bore down. UNNNNGGGGHHHHHaaaahhhh...and the my turd began to ease out with a little resistance. My hole could feel the lumpy head, pass followed by a solid smoother, softer hit the dry dead leaves below my quivering butt with a crackly fallooomp. I hunched over and looked between my legs to inspect the medium brown inch wide piece of poo...When I heard this silvery laugh, clapping hands and a silky voice say, "Good put on a great show...ha, ha, ha, ha." I jumped up grabbing my seatpants and jerked them up...spun around and saw a pretty middle-aged, with sprakling blue eyes, standing 15 feet behind me with her hands on her hips. She had curly brown hair, a red fleece headband, and a green sweat outfit. I told her she scared the hell out of me...she laughed and said, "Sorry, I couldn't resist...kind of payback on men peeping on me over the years, when I have been caught short in the woods, or heaven knows where else...I was having my morning poo over in that patch of evergreen bushes when yoiu happended by. I thought, when I saw you stop and look around that 'Oh No' hes going to come in here and catch me...but you went for some off the trail relief."

She walked up to me smiling and "Sorry hon, nice turd by the way, she said looking down at my steamy leaving." I was standing there beet red, not knowing what to say, so I said, "Sorry" and kicked some dry leaves over my turd. "By the way, going, stand there or contune hiking with a dirty butthole?" I said I usually use leaves as long as they are not poison ivy or poison oak. This made her laugh and she handed me some tissue paper from a wad in the pocket of her sweat outfit. "Go ahead, clean up I won't look," she said with a grin...but all of a sudden she got a pained and worried look on her face and said, "Whoa Nelly...I'm not done with my morning the trail for me Hon, I won't be long this time." Before I could blink she whipped down her sweat pants, grabbed the other side of the same sapling, I had been using and...FLLTTHHPPLLEDEDEDED...a wet fart, before a load of light creamy crackly soft serve piled up below her squatted pear-shapped ass. "You aren't watching the trail are you she said over her shoulder as she GRUunnnnn...ted out another steaming soft serve offering...Well my late husband was a lousy lookout too...he just had to watch...what is it with you guys?" "Sorry," I mumbled, but she just laughed, farted one final time dug in her pocket for a tissue and began the wiping process which required several passes and digging around her butthole. I lowered my sweatpants while she was busy and wiped my hole as well. We stood up and adjusted our clothes. She said, "My name is Desiree, but you don't have to shake my hand after what I just did." I laughed and told her my name. Her smile was intoxcating and I asked her which way she was headed on the trail..."The same way you are, Gruntly..." Of course my wife demanded to know why my hike took so long, when I got home...I told her I had to take a dump in the forest and it took longer than expected..." are so gross" was all she said and shook her head. Maybe, I will see Desiree when I'm out hiking next weekend, at least she understands these things...

Does anyone else have the same problem as me:

Well I've always been a girl who goes for a poo first thing in the morning before school. But this year, well I'm 15 now and these days I try and stay in bed for as long as is humanly possible before getting up for school. So by the time I've finally dragged myself out of bed there isn't time for a poo, and anyhow it never seems that urgent until I eat something, which tends to be on the way to school now anyway.

SO, by morning breaktime (10.30), My digestive system has kicked in and I absolutely have to poop, no arguments. Now having a poo at school is something I absolutely would not have considered doing before this summer, but this term I've been practically every day. When I've tried to hold it in all day its sometimes been incredibly uncomfortable, especially as after school I then have a 30 minute walk home- one time I got halfway home and still couldn't last the rest of the way and had to go in the local sports centre.

Unfortunately I am not one of those girls who can slip one out quietly in the time it takes to have a pee. My poos are big, smelly, often noisy and difficult to flush. I'm also not someone who'd normally be open about going for a poo, but now of course my mates have picked up on it and I have a reputation. Some of the boys are in on it now as well and I can't hide my embarassment. But then next morning when I wake up I feel I'd rather poo in front of the whole school than miss out on an extra 5 minutes in bed.

So I was thinking I can't be the only one in this situation! I'd love to hear from any more girls out there who have earnt a not-very-girly reputation for living on the toilet without really trying.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Period Poop
Thankyou to CD and Amy for completing
my survey!! AMY- i have often thought about disimpaction, but worried that i will damage my anus- do you use lube? I would like to do one of your survey's about intentional accidents....

To answer LOAD-LOGGERS survey

a) before breakfast (first thing in the morning)
b) not long after breakfast
c) mid or late morning
d) around lunchtime
e) in the later afternoon
f) in the evening or at night
g) i don't have a regular dumping time

how long do you normally spend in the bathroom dumping?

a) less than 2 minutes
b) 2-5 minutes
c) 5-10 minutes
d) more than 10 minutes.

Take care


Hey, I'm back from the weekend at my mom's. My bladder behaved itself for the most part, probably in part of my mom's house being really warm, but I still needed to go a fair bit. I brought the pantiliners with me just in case but was otherwise careful not to drink too much, so it was somewhat better.

To Dan: No, I don't have an STD or STI since I'm always careful and use protection so I've already been checked for it.

To Kiri: I'm sorry to hear about your bladder and bowel trouble.

This weekend's poops weren't too exciting. I was a bit constipated, then later on had some cheese popcorn and it seemed to have done the opposite effect on me, as I got a bit of the runs from it. lol. So that's all.

Will be talking to my doctor tomorrow and getting my results and whatnot. I hope it's nothing really life-altering.



Anny. I'm sorry to hear about your continuing bladder problems and I hope you can soon take proper medical advice. In the meantime, why not call your bladder's bluff at nightimes and invest in a mattress protector and some incontinence pants? Whatever you do it's important that you get your sleep and try to avoid letting your bladder dictate the agenda. I hope matters improve - or at least become more manageable. Let us know how you get on.

Greg (Mike's Friend)
Joseph - You put FOUR QUARTS of SOAP SUDS up your chute for an enema?!?!?!?!?! I suppose THAT should clean you out!

To the anonymous poster: Isn't an "intentional accident" a contradiction in terms??

Rachelle, dang you sure GRUNT A LOT for a girl! It reminds me of a buddy dump I had at the mall some years ago with this young dude. I'll post on this in some detail on my next post, but THIS dude was a GRUNTER extraordinaire!! If it wasn't for all the turds I heard sliding out of him, I would have thought he was imagining a wrestling match as he sat there fighting to expel all his shit. That dude gasped and gasped and gasped and gasped and gasped and gasped and gasped mixed with a whole lot of grunting, groaning, huffing, and moaning as he pushed out his excrement. I'm not sure if he didn't realize how obvious he was being since he knew I was in the bathroom too or if he was just so engrossed in his bowel movement that he just couldn't help it. I didn't ask him as he didn't come across as the kind of guy who wanted to hold a conversation with a stranger while struggling to push a bunch of shit though his ass.

While we're still on turkey day disasters, I think Randy, the quarterback on my buddy's flag football team got some food poisoning either from some undercooked turkey or turkey that had gone bad from being left out too long. Anyhow, I'm at this inflatable dome in Michigan where my buddy's team plays their games washing my hands in the restroom following a good leak when Randy rushes in looking like death warmed over and dashes into the end stall and tears down his pants. As soon as he's seated, he lets loose with a half gallon of pure liquid from the end not primarily designed for the elimination of liquids! :-0

Of course, the washroom is INSTANTLY stunk up with one of the most rancid odors I have ever smelled in my life as Randy is in there sighing and moaning.

"Dude," I called to Randy, "What the heck, are you all right?"

"No," was Randy's response. "I've been sick as a f***ing DOG!"

Of course, Randy should have stayed home and not tried to play but even sick, he's a key player on the team and meant the difference between winning and losing so he was there bravely trying to gut it out to keep the team in the championship hunt.

"Have you been taking anything for diahrea?" I asked

"I've been trying Pepto, but it really hasn't kicked in yet."

I know how slow Pepto can be to work so I knew Randy should try something different for watery runs this severe.

"Tell you what," I began. "Kevin's really going to appreciate you showing up to play as is the rest of the team. I'm going to run to the store to pick up some Gatorade and some Immodium AD for you."

"Dude, that would be AWESOME! Thanks a lot!" Came Randy's reply as he farted quite loudly and squirted out another quart or so of the deadly brown liquid.

I got back about 20 minutes later with the goods. Randy somehow made it through the game taking frequent rests and making 3 more dashes for the bathroom before the game was over and once after the end of the game that my buddy's team won largely because of Randy's valliant effort.

I saw Randy again this past Friday and he was apparently all recovered from the food poisoning and back to his usual easygoing self.

Speaking of Kevin, I'm really concerned about him because he's just 27 and ALWAYS having to stop to piss. I was at a football game with him 2 weeks ago and I went ONCE before the game and was fine for several hours despite slamming down a couple large beers. On the other hand, poor Kevin had to make 5 runs to the bathroom. It all started when he started taking blood pressure medication a little over a year ago and for a while he would piss a lot just after taking the medicine. But now, it's gotten to the point where he's just having to stop to piss a lot whether he's taken the medication or not. He promised me he was going to see a doctor this week and I hope he follows up on that promise. He's too young to be acting like those guys in the Avodart commercials.

Anny: Short of going to a doctor for an antibiotic, try Goldenseal extract and Cranberry extract from your local healthfood store. Those two are supposed to be absolutely GREAT for bladder infections! Also try something with a lot of sulfur in it although sulfur tends to make your farts particularly rancid smelling for a short while. Sulfur is also a great healing agent and a big reason why people with skin infections and other dermal conditions bathe in sulfur hot tubs.

Frustrated Plunger - The obvious answer is that men are bigger and eat more and probably have wider anuses for elimination of their excrement. Nothing too psychologically complex about that.

Nate: As a BM afficionado myself, I know what you are saying about hearing/seeing someone let loose with a substantial load. I still lead a busy active life however so I can't devote TOO much time to the facilities, but when I DO go, I might possibly spend a TAD more time than what is absolutely necessary for me to do my business!

Bubba Turd: You DO realize that the smell from the trash can is going to linger IN YOUR ROOM unless you take extra measures to get the garbage can cleaned and sanitized. You had your fun short term, but in the long run, finding the toilet would have been WAY easier!!

Keith: If you think Papa John's Pizza did the trick, you should look up some of my old posts on the effects of CURRY!!! That stuff is positively EVIL!!

Cindy: I would like to have seen you in a contest with either my buddy Mike or my brother-in-law Josh when they were in their shitting primes! (Ages 17 to 25.) THAT would have been an interesting contest. You probably could outcrap me, but THESE guys were in a league of their own!

Be Safe,


Hi everyone

It's 2 am and I'm still up, for like the 4th night in a row due to my g????n bladder ruining everything again. I've barely had much sleep over the past few nights, and in turn I've been sleeping in too late because of my exhaustion as I can't go to bed til late because I can't stop peeing. This is getting to be one hell of a cycle my body is doing to me, and I'm beginning to become irritable and easily annoyed, and I have dark circles under my eyes. So far I only had two glasses of water and I've peed like 4 times in the past hour. I don't know how much more I can take of this, it's driving me insane!

To Carrie: It doesn't hurt when I pee though, it's this overwhelming sudden urge that I need to pee, and now otherwise there will be a flood. No matter how much I drink, this happens to me. I can drink a small glass of water or 2 liters and I still pee like a racehorse. I dunno. It doesn't hurt but my bladder does feel like it's being stretched like a rubber band. I will try the cranberry juice and see if it helps. Thanks very much.

To Slice: Yes that does sound ALOT like what I'm going through. I'm constantly thirsty and feel the need to drink more often, but I never drink much during the day. Like I told Carrie, whether it's a small glass of water or 2 litres, I still pee large amounts, as if my bladder is a broken faucet. It is really annoying and becoming upsetting. How do I ask to be tested? I really want to get to the bottom of this, and I'm tired of my doctor always acting like I'm pretending. It's gotten to the point that I wear diapers at night. The other night I flooded my panties before I could get to the washroom, and then later flooded 2 diapers in an hour. Very upsetting. I've also been looking into buying Poise panties to wear full-time, at least til my problem is treated and perhaps relief will be available to me.

Today I was in Dominion and I was looking for at least a temporary solution to my problem, but the diapers are overpriced, and very obvious. I saw the Poise panties being sold individually, one package for $1.99 and I was tempted to buy it, but it was in the wrong size which means it wouldn't have fit me. I was not happy. Right now I'm using pantiliners during the day as emergency protection "just in case" and diapers at night in case of a full-blown accident. :-( I dunno. I'm sick of this problem, I just want it done with or at least treatment of some sort :(

I am so tired...and I have to go again. Thank you to everyone for their advice. I really appreciate all of the help.



Nate in NM
I havn't posted in a couple of years tho go on a couple of times a week still. But just had to tell Rachelle how much I enjoyed her story in the rest room. I've been wondering if there were any other restroom addicts out there like me.
I used as a kid to go in and sit for hours just to hear others take their shits. It has been for 50 years, and still is, my biggest turn-on. I guess I've just about given up finding anyone like Rachelle, but you never know. Anyway, thanks for the great story.

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