Frustrated Plunger
Is there any physiological differences between men and women that causes women's poop to be wider? My wife & I can eat the same things - I poop - flush no problem - she poops - I spend 10-20 minutes plunging the toilet... I had devised a crude camper's toilet for her to poop in because I got tired of plunging - she didn't like that so we got a long-handled barbeque knife so she can cut the offending turds into smaller more flush-friendly pieces - I still end up plunging 2-3 times a week - I ask "did you cut it up" and she replies "it looked like it would flush...".....I worry that one of my kids is going to go after her and not know she's plugged the works up and try to flush and I'll have turds floating down my hallway...

bubba turd
I'm a male colege freshmen and I had an interesting shit today. All day long I was letting out long, stinky, silent farts and knew I was going to have to let out some loafs pretty was about time as I hadn't taken a dump for five days. I had held it in but soon became constipated and forgot about it, no urge to go for the last two days only lots of stinky farts. So tonight I had five days worth of built up crap in me and was ready to let out some big logs. I sat here farting and squeezed a hard nugget into my briefs and that gave me an idea...I was too lazy to walk to the dorm restroom so I decided to just crap in my trash can. I have no roomates so I moved tje trash can over to the mirror so i could see my anus dialate and sat in a chair with my butt hanging over the trashcan...I farted a lot at first and then a huge hard log came out. I didn't push just let it come out slowly. Some guy walked past my room and said "dude something stinks" and man was he right. I let out a few more turds into the trash can then tied the bag up and put it in the garbage chute. The logs were hard at first, then got softer but I let out a LOT of crap after five days it felt so good. AFterwards a bunch of loud, dry farts and a good feeling of relief. Best dump i had in a long was fun to crap somewhere other than a toilet and I think I'll do it again soon...


Last week, my buddy and me were replacing the laminate floors in his house. We had ordered a few pizzas from Papa Johns for lunch, they were pretty good, but spicy. About 6:30 we had to go back to the Home Depot to get another box of flooring. As we walked towards the flooring dept, my buddy Jerry said "first things first" and asked where the little boys room was. It was in the back of the store, and I decided to go in with him, and take care of business too. We walked into the mens room, and found 3 toilet stalls, all which the doors had been removed, it appeared they had been painted many, many times to cover grafitti, and key carvings, and thats probably why the doors were removed. When we walked in , all 3 were occupied, so we hadda stand and wait while the guys were shitting. I'm actually the quiet one, so I just stood and waited, Jerry is the jokemeister, who always has something to say about everything. He said (to me) that the three guys sitting on the toilets with their jeans around their ankles, and legs apart, grimmacing, looked like 'chickens giving birth" The guys heard him, and laughed also. We finally got our chance to sit, and simutaniously "WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH" the Papa Johns saisage pies slid out of our rear-ends into our toilet bowls. We farted, and dropped some more crap, we both started to wipe up, and I hear Jerry say "oh SHIT, i'm all out of paper" I laughed and told him I had plenty. A split second later, right in front of the guys who were now waiting to use the toilets, Jerry backs up into my stall, bends over, and spreads his buttocks apart, and says "You got enough paper to clean THIS mess?' I laughed, and said "get that stank hairy ass out of my face, go sit down" I passed him over a big wad of paper, and he wiped, and asked for more, so I pulled more as I was leaving my stall, and handed it to him. He finished up, and he had the whole room hysterical laughing, including a few 'orange aprons" who were watching us, while waiting to shit.. LOL....Jerry's wife doesn't get his warped humor. Guess it's a guys thing LOL

Hi everyone. wow, there have really been some real exciting poo stories from the ladies on here about there after Thanksgiving shits. Karen and Tracy, your writings were rally great. How you explained everything. And the both of you really shit well. Tracy, that little girl you talked about, really had me laughing. And Karen, how you felt about that young girl, shitting the way she did in front of a large group. What you said had to really make her feel good, about herself.

And this one from the other day that Rachelle sent in. You are my kind of woman. Your very open minded. You want others to hear you shit and fart. And love it all. As for letting others watch you by keeping the stall door open. Just do it, if your not ashamed, and proud of how you look. I do. And when I have been sitting in the stall with the door wide open shitting, I just smile when a woman walks by. They may give me some disgusting looks. But who cares. I hate being in such a small enclosed space. They are going to hear me farting, shitting, and stinking, whether the door is opened or close. I even do it like that at work. At home I am the same way. My husband won't come in while I am shitting at home. But my two kids sometimes join me. So go ahead Rachelle.

I don't have anything to post at this time. I'm just going to add some comments about myself and about women and men. I will promise you however that after Christmas and New Years, you will see my shitting posts.

One thing that I am thoroughly convinced about however. Is that if men and women ever sat side by side on toilets and took good healthy shits. I think that 75% to 80% of women would always out shit a man. I just think our bodies are made that way, because of us being child bearing, and having our monthly periods. I also think our digestive tracts work differently. As for my shitting, I do poop really good, twice a day. And I think that I can outshit a man always. I'm quite positive that I always shit more then my husband. He seems to be in and out. Where as I go in, and might sit as long as 45 minutes. I will not really ever push or strain to hard. I have a very healthy colon, my anus is healthy, and my bowels look good. It is from getting colonoscopy's every year and the good reports my doctor gives me. And, I have never had a problem with hemmorhoids, from sitting and over straining. I just sit and relax and let my body bring everything down.

Well, I hope to keep reading some more great stories. And, I will be back after the holidays. Just maybe you will get one before that. As I am very, very regular. I work like a clock Monday through Friday. I will always be on the toilet at 6:30AM, shitting. On Saturdays and Sundays, since I can sleep in. You will find me in the bathroom right at 9:30AM. And I sometimes have a residual emptying out while at work. And depending on dinner, I always need to sit on the toilet 45 minutes after I take my last bite.

Well, everybody have a nice day. And women keep sending in your pooping stories. Talk to you again soon.

I was at a nude beach last month that was basically deserted, and I was walking around, and I came around a rock, and on the other side was this guy standing in the sand sideways to me and he was peeing. I must of made a noise or something because he turned his head back and saw me and tried to stop, but he coudlnt, so he stood and peed and I stood there and watched.

I work at a real estate agency. We share our restrooms with other offices in the building. The mens restroom is very small, there are two urinals, two sinks, and one toilet, which is located behind a partition, but there is no door on the stall, because there is no room for a door to open and close. Whenever somebody in sitting on the toilet, you can see his feet, and trousers, so nobody walks into the stall when its occupied, unless they need some toilet paper, but thats very rare. It's no problem.

Well, I've had a really bad case of the runs for about a month now. It hurts a lot. I have only eaten small portions of food and then my ???? hurts for hours and I get explosive diarrhea. I don't know what it is!

Hello I haven't posted for a loooooong time. Well i used to have a very small and weak bladder. But i have trained myself to hold it for a long time. and i stretched my bladder ALOT! but sometimes i overestimate my bladders ablity. So the a while ago I was sleeping over at my friends house for two days and we were playing truth or dare. There were 3 girls there Amy, Nina, and Chloe. And Nina dared me not to pee till he next day at seven PM. I accepted even though I already had to pee. If I decided to go before seven he consqences were i'd have to pee on the front lawn. So everything was fine most of the night. i pretty much forgot about the pee in my bladder. At 3 in the morining we decided to go to go to bed. They all decided to go use the bathroom before bed. I started to go with them but then i remembered my dare. As they left I started to become more aware of the pressure in my bladder. When they came back Nina said that she would lock the door to the bathroom and hide the key so i would not be able to go. She told the other girls to wake up her up if they had to pee.
i went to bed but i woke up at 6 in the morning with a slightly full bladder. I ignored it and went back to sleep. we all woke up at 10 in the morning and my bladder was very full. We had breakfest and I drank very little in order to keep my urge the same.
We decided to go to the movies and during the movie my friends bought me a soda without asking if I wanted one so I drank it knowing I'd be rude if i didn't. So I drank the whole thingh. I was able to get back to my friends house.
But then when we got there Ifelt like I was going to explode. They knew I had to pee. But they didn't care. They decided to play truth or dare again I decided that was ok because it might take my mind off my bladder. but my friends dared me to drink a huge glass of water and i did Idon't know how I made it till 7 but i did.

Well, it has been a while since I have posted. I have not had anything interesting happen until recently.

The past week has been torture for me with my bowels. Last Saturday I went 8 times! I have never had that many bowel movements in one day. These were huge loads too, something else unusual. I kind of take it that my IBS was trying to get to me. The first time I had to go, I wound up going outside because my grandmother was in the shower in the only bathroom she has in her house. It was easy for me to go. When I wiped, there was very little on the toilet paper. It was harder to clean up the feces off of the ground to hide what I did, but I did. About 15 minutes later, I was able to get into the bathroom to take a shower when I had to go again. It wound up being like that. I would have a bowel movement then about 20 minutes later, I would go. Then time would pass and I would have to go again.

Once school resumed, things seemed to calm down. At the end of 4th block (90 minute classes), I had to go, but decided to make the 15 minute ride home. By the time I got home, I was on the verge of crapping in my boxer briefs, but I made it to the toilet. Tuesday was almost the exact repeat. The rest of the week was fine.

Friday, I had to stay after school for a club meeting. I waited until both the bus bell and car dismissal bell rang and everyone cleared out of the building to go to the bathroom to change into something comfortable. I went into a stall to change. I had taken off my uniform pants and put on sweat pants when I realized how bad I had to pee. I was in a rush to get dressed and back to the room so we could have our club meeting. I thought about sitting on the toilet to pee and change shirts at the same time, so I did. I didn't think that it would be possible at first, holding my penis down to make sure my pee went in the bowl and changing shirts with my free hand, but I managed to change while peeing.

One side note-- Almost every time I go to the bathroom in the main building, there is usually someone sitting on the toilet trying to use the bathroom peacefully. Our stalls are worthless. The doors serve no purpose. Almost every boy tries hiding their penis.I could honestly care less if another boy can see me. We all do the same thing and all boys have a penis, so I am not as shy as the others, but they all hate the idea of crapping when other boys can see them, so we are working on getting the stalls fixed. Anyone have ideas on that?

A few days ago I was home alone and I was getting kind of hungry so I decided to make supper. I knew I had to poo, but I decided to hold it because I didnt want to stop what I was doing and go. A few minutes later the phone rang so I grabbed the cordless and kept making supper.

About 10 minutes later I was dying to poo, but my friend likes to talk so I just kept talking with her. I didn't want to tell her I had to go so I just decided to go in my panties. I leaned with my back against the kitchen counter and started to push it all out. I didn't worry about it too much, I was wearing a pair of pink breif panties and a really short miniskirt so I didnt have to worry to much about staining it. I pushed out 2 big, solid logs and pressed my bum against the counter to flatten the load to make more room in my panties. I pushed out another fairly solid log and one soft one. By the time I was done my panties were packed. (I was still on the phone with my friend by the way)

5 minutes later my friend said goodbye so I peeled of my soiled panties and took a shower.

hey everyone. you may remember me from a little while back when i talked about how i went in my pants after i was surrounded by cars trying to get out of the school parking lot.

i have a new story! :) for those who don't remember, i'm 19 years old, slim, decent assets, if i do say so myself! blonde hair, blue eyes. anyways, this happened in my last year of high school towards the end of the year. i had just gotten out of gym so i showered up and got dressed to go home. i had felt awful for days before and my bowels had not been on their regular schedule. usually, i go to the bathroom every day once i get home from school (around 2:15, give or take a half hour). back to the story! i had showered up, put on my clothes and i was walking out to the car when i felt the sudden urge to take a shit. i had heard all day about people getting sick from the chicken at school. everybody was saying something about it, but it hadn't bothered me up until this point.

i wanted to at least get to my car so i could fart if i had to. however, i was stopped by my boyfriend who had to tell me about his vacation plans over the weekend. i told him that i really had to pee and i had to be at an appointment (just so he wouldn't start offering to drive me home or wait with me). as soon as i got three feet away from him, i had to let out a fart. it was loud to me and im not sure if he noticed it or not (i'll have to ask him! LOL). i made it back to my car where i let out a BOOMING fart. however, this fart was slightly wet and whenever i start getting wet farts, diahrea is not far behind.

i was getting in the line of cars to get out of school. i eventually made my way out into traffic after a few wet farts. one drawback to getting into the traffic is that there are like 5 traffic lights in a row and you have to get lucky as they are run by the amount of traffic at the current time. i thought back to my last situation where i was trapped in my car and had no choice but to let go. it didn't bother me THAT much and it was a lot better than suffering, so i decided to let a little bit out. diahrea usually hits me in waves, so i hoped to be home before the future waves hit me.

i let out a heavy fart and it was soon followed by liquid poop / semi-solid poop / liquid poop. it was almost like a chowder-like consistency. i was wearing a tight pair of jeans and a black thong. i didn't even think to put something down on the seat! i looked at the seat and a little leaked through onto the cloth, so i got a bag and sat on that the rest of the way home. i had a few more waves into my pants as i got home. tight jeans and poop = tough to walk! LOL! when i got into my driveway, i stood over a drain and just peed. it didn't matter. i might as well pee in them than sit on the toilet and pee with poo on my ass when i got inside.

my mother was there and she saw me. i was really embarrassed. i explained to her that i tried to hold it until i got home and she assured me that she had no problem with it. she told me that it was okay to just go in my pants if i needed to and to not be embarrassed about it. it made me feel a little less embarrassed!

i made my way to the bathroom to clean up. it was kind of a pain, as it ran down the pant-legs and my thong appears that i can salvage it. in the mirror, it looked kind of funny, almost as if i sat in some mud!

anyways, keep up the accident stories. i can tell you all that they make having an accident yourself a lot less embarrassing as the stories give you comfort! thanks to everybody and keep up the great work!

OK, this is getting rather ridiculous. I know about the problems I have with a nerve-damaged bladder. I know it's interfered with my home life, my career and even led my 4-year-old daughter to question her own ability to use the toilet (since she found out about my condition she's been too cautious about getting to the bathroom). I know that in a full year over $400 will go to incontinence products, not to mention the risk I'm taking on my wardrobe. I can now cope with these wetting accidents, but yesterday was a nightmare.

I was pretty deep into the day. I'd just finished a long string of conferences and I had some paperwork to finish. My diapers were clean except for a small dabble of urine that came when I sneezed. My bladder seemed to behaving but through all the meetings and conferences I had to take a mammoth bowel movement. I was on the elevator, on my way to my office when my bowels began to buckle. I was afraid that I wasn't going to make it, but worst yet I was afraid of how it would affect the other people on the elevator and what I was wearing. Thankfully enough the other people got off a few floors before me, but the threat was still there.

I officially lost control just before the elevator reached my floor. The pressure was too much. It was a hard and painful stool that slipped out and slithered into my diaper. Goosebumps rose as I felt it coil up against my buttocks and collect in the diaper. And that was just the first wind.

After the big turd came the softer stool. The gassier, sloppier poop accumulated and all the time I'm hurrying to the bathroom by my office. The soft stool came out almost like a rockslide-- fast and uncontrollable. The bulge at the seat of my pants went from about the size of my fist to about the size of a football. i felt the poop from the small of my back to the front of my groin area, and with each step it squished more and more out of my diaper.

I went into the bathroom to assess the damage. I took off all my clothes except for my bra and checked out what happened. I saw poop stains on the waistband of my pants and all along the inner thigh area. I slithered out of the diaper and tried everything I could to clean myself off as much as possible. It didn't go so well so I called my sister from the restroom to come up and get me some new clothes. I also called my superior and told him that I just soiled myself and I felt I should take the rest of the day off because I was sick. He reluctantly agreed.

To make matters worse, I woke up this morning (it's now about 5:30 AM) and I had to poop badly. I sat up after a wet sputter of poop came out and when I stood up a mudslide occurred in my diaper. I don't understand why but I shit my pants twice in a row. The nerve damage in my baldder can't have anything to do with it, but I can't spot a cause for my sudden lack of bowel control. Is it common for people with only bladder incontinence to poop her pants a lot? I'm taking off from work today, because I don't want this to happen again.

Mother of 5
I have another motherly question for you all.I am regularly mother of twins,butI just adopted triplets whom i have had to give a lot of attention to.My son Jake has begun wetting himself and pooing himself again.Is he just going through a stage or is he regressing,or is he just jealous of his brothers?I have read all of the books imaginable and they lead to all 3.He will just pee and crap in his pants whenever he has to,but only once at school he did it.AJ isnt doing any of this.Can anyone give me an answer?

Anny- this is kinda personal and may have been mentioned before, but i hink it could be an STD or STI (don't know what the difference is) if thats what it is then you may be in for a rough ride

When I was about 15, one of my friends said that he had pain in his bladder and felt like he had to piss all the time. Well these are two symptoms of a bladder infection. Bladder infections are rare in men. I poured both of us a glass of water so that he would have to pee, so that I could see his piss. He soon had to go, so I gave him a clear glass jar to pee into. His pee was extremely yellow, such as when you do not drink enough, and cloudy. It smelled about the same as any other pee. The cloudiness is another symptom of infection, and if the infection is bad, it will smell a lot. So we got out the vitamin C (this was all we had to work with). I gave him about 500 mg vitamin C every 4 hours for the next two days and he drank about a gallon of water for the rest of the afternoon, and about 2-3 gallons the next two days. I got him so that he was peeing a lot every 1.5 hours to the point where his pee was clear, not yellow at all. After about three days of this treatment he never had any symptoms again. At school there were 7 urinals in a row and no one flushed so you could see everyone else's pee, and it was usually very yellow so I think the majority of boys do not drink enough water especially when the weather is hot.

Loved your story Rachelle. Post more please

I was in a doctor's office recently and had a long wait in the office with a young lady. She went into the bathroom to pee, came out and asked me if I could hear her tinkle and of course I did, I was right outside, there was a large gap nearthe door, the bathroom was tiled, so of course I heard her tinkling. So the conversation was mostly about peeing. She had a lot of juice to drink that morning, etc., had to pee a lot, almost wet her pants in the car, told me she pees about 12 times a day. I told her I am the same way, I like to drink coffee and a variety of other beverages. Then she mentioned the toilet seat; I took a look at it and oh yeah, it's the type that rises at the back to follow the curves of your butt. They are the most comfortable seats in the world, and are best when you are sitting all the way back with your legs together. You could sit there for hours and still be comfortable. They are highly contoured. It was cool to have a conversation about the bathroom with a stranger.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

to joeljack: yeah, other than my girlfriend, i've been walked in on by my sis, mum and dad at different times. also, one time i went to a public toilet and there was no lock on any of the doors, it was a busy day in the park that day and one dude walked in on me mid-shit

TO PETITE POOPER: Hi! I enjoy reading your stories. Its awful what you have to go through with hyperthyroidism. Can you please tell all the curious people out here why you always poop in your bedroom? Why not the toilet? Also, what type of bags do you poop into? I was thinking, if they are plastic grocery bags, have you tried putting your legs through the bag handles and pulling up around your waist? Being petite, it just might work. Make sure the bag covers both your backside and front, then let go into the bag. Just a thought. Never tried it myself, but was trying to figure out how a woman like yourself would use a bag to poop in.

Hi everyone, I am a 20 year old with long blonde hair down below my butt. I have quite the nice body. And was my high school homecoming queen a few years back. I am an avid reader to this site, ever since I came acrossed it by mistake about 9 months ago. I started at page one, and I am trying to get all the wat through and caught up to the current page. So, I spend as much free time as I can on here.

I have never posted on this site. But after reading some of these really great pooping stories after Thanksgiving. That now I should break the ice and tell you about my Friday event.

Now I am a really good pooper. I do now and again like everybody else have my days with diarrhea, or mushy and wet poop. And I will admit that farting for me is a constant when I am on the toilet. My family always makes fun of me after I come out of the bathroom after a really good shit. My farts are so loud and long for someone that is petite. And for me shitting is a major event. I love to take a few catalogs in the bathroom with me when I am going for my two daily shits. I always look for the nice things that I would like to buy when I am at the mall. Or else order online.

Anyway, I am pretty regular. My t???y, and my bowels work like clockwork. At around 10:00 every morning, within 5 or 10 minutes either way. The urge to go is going to hit me. And knowing that I am going to go a lot, I try not to hold it in, if at all possible. I am happy that in my college classes, the professors never really say anything if you get up quietly and leave the room. And thats about the only time I don't sit there to long. I try to get it done, so I can return to the lectures.

Well on Black Friday, I was at the mall doing my shopping and enjoying the day. And at 10:03, the call came to need to empty my t???y and bowels of my Thanksgiving meal. So off to the rest room I headed. I am also very open minded. I kind of figured the rest room would be crowded. And I was hoping for that. So all of the other ladies in there could listen to me as I fart and shit. It excites me to no end because of my family that whenever I use a public rest room for shitting purposes. That there will be ladies inside using it. And there was. This was a fairly small one. As it only had seven stalls. And at the moment as I entered, they were all in various stages of being used. Some ladies just peeing, about three of them pooping. And the others who were finished, were across from the stalls, washing there hands, fixing there hair or make up. There were three ladies in front of me. It didn't take to long to move forward, as two of the stalls emptied quickly after I got in. The two ladies that went in, definitely were going to shit as you could tell by there sounds. Finally one of the peeing ladies came out. And the lady in front of me went in. So, I was next. Shortly thereafter, one of the pooping ladies came out. And in I went.

I was really hoping that I was going to let out some really great farts. Wet, mushy ones, or long ones. And that they would be very smelly. The two ladies that were a little ahead of me were really pooping strong. I don't think that they were going to get off the toilet anytime soon. I also knew that I was going to be shitting really good, by the feel. And knowing what I ate and how much I ate. That I to would be sitting for awhile. The rest room was getting quite full, which was exciting me as I prepared for my show. I slowly undid my belt, and let it jingle so everybody would know what I was doing. I then unzipped my jeans and lowered them, then lowered my thong, of course I also had to move my long blonde hair out of the way, so I wouldn't shit on it. Upon my ass hitting the toilet seat. I lowered my jeans and thong as low as I could get it over my tenni's. I wanted everybody to see as much of me as I could, including my pink thong. Now being that I have used this rest room before, I knew that a lady at the sink across from me looking in the mirror would get a real good view of seeing my jeans and thong as well as like the four or five inches of my legs above the thong.

With that I spread my legs really wide and gave a push. And when I say push it was grunting and groaning, and UUUUUNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGHHHHH, UUUUUUUNNNNNNGGGGGGGHHHHH, UUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH. And with that I let out of my butt hole one of the biggest, loudest, longest, and wettest farts that I have ever released. If I was in my bathroom at home. It probably would have shattered the windows in my bathroom. Peeking between the spaces where the hinges attach the stall wall to the stall door. I could see that a few ladies were looking towards my stall. If they were able to see how I looked, they would have been shocked. Being the type of person I am. I wish I could have sat there with the door open. Like I said, I am not shy. That fart gave me the signal that I was really going to shit. I continued to UUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH, UUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH, UUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGHHHHHHH. And I worked another fart almost like the first one out of my t???y and bowels.

I could now feel the shit working its way down. I kept on straining and pushing really loud, so I could be heard. It was finally time for the making of a work of art. As I could feel it at the end of my butt hole. I leaned forward. I could feel my dark brown rose bud starting to spread. To my surprise, I discovered that it was not going to be wet soft and mushy. What I did discover. Was that it was going to be a very, very hard one.Its seldom that I do one like that. Maybe one out of every hundred craps do I have one like that. I knew that I was going to be making a lot of noise straining, grunting, and groaning. It also felt somewhat uncomfortable. As it worked down I was hurting more and more. I think my bowels were being stretched quite wide as well as my anal canal as it came down.

It even made me lean more forward, basically putting my head between my legs. I even took my jeans and thong off, and reached up to put them on the hook so I could widen my legs. Now the ladies looking could really see my lowest half really well. The farting all but stopped as I really knew I was plugged. The other two ladies finally flushed there toilets and left there stalls as two more entered. I momentarily sat back to push on my stomach. I am really into my bowel movements as well as others. But this one really had me baffled. I couldn't figure out what might have caused this. I ate a lot. But I was not constipated, as I recalled having a really good shit on Thanksgiving morning, as well as the day before that. I even went on Thanksgiving evening while still at my aunt's house. As I went to lean forward to put my head back between my legs, the lady in the next stall really let loose with a bundle of shit. Looking at the floor I started pushing. UUUUUUUNNNNNNNGGGGGGHHHHHHH, UUUUUNNNNNGGGGGHHHHH, UUUUUNNNNGGGGHHHH. With my face I know turning red. My rose bud opened and the head of brown shit poked out real slowly. UUUUNNNNNGGGGGHHHHH, UUUNNNGGGHHH, UUUUNNNNGGGGHHHH, it was coming. Slow but coming, and I could feel it getting wider and wider. And it was really hard and solid. I momentarily sat back and leaned over to feel it. And it was really hard. It was about three inches out at that time. But was already by my estimate at least two and a half inches wide.

I sat back to catch my breath as well. Peeking between the stall fixtures. I could see a lot of ladies by the sinks and mirrors. And some real good peeing, farting and pooping taking place. My crap was just hanging out of my butt hole or rose bud, whatever you prefer. And I know it was not going to move until I again leaned forward. Which I now did. UUUUUNNNNNGGGGGHHHHH, UUUUUNNNNNGGGGGHHHHH, UUUUNNNNGGGGHHHH, I moved it about two more inches, and it was wider yet. My rectal muscles, anal canal, and rose bud were hurting. But, I had to get it out. UUUUUNNNNNGGGGGHHHHH, UUUUNNNNGGGGHHHH, UUUUNNNNGGGGHHHH, About three more inches. And it had yet to drop from my butt. I would have to guess that it was about three and a half inches wide, due to the discomfort. With my legs spread as wide as they were, and my head forward. I could see my shit stuck there hanging from my butt. It was just reaching the beginning of the toilet hole. My ass cheeks getting sore I had to re-adjust my position for comfort. After doing so, I got into position again. I also put my hand between my legs to feel my shit. I wanted to see how hard it still was. I would have to say that i was giving a brick good competition for hardness. UUUUNNNNGGGGHHHH, UUUUNNNNGGGGHHHH, UUUUNNNNGGGGHHHH, I watched it start going down the toilet hole. It wasn't cracking. I pushed out about two more inches. I think this was the first time that one of my shits was ever bringing me to tears. I would have to think that it was at its widest point about four inches. But it wasn't, UUUUNNNNGGGGHHHH, UUUUNNNNGGGGHHHH, UUUUNNNNGGGGHHHH, it was now about five inches wide and about fourteen inches out. And still didn't crack.

It seemed like my large intestine was now relaxing. Telling me that I think the end was near. Leaning forward for one last good hard push. I hope that it was all going to come out now and of course get thinner. UUUUNNNNGGGGHHHH, UUUUNNNNGGGGHHHH, UUUUNNNNGGGGHHHH, I pushed out the last five inches of hard shit as the widest point now became thinner. But never softer. I actually squirmed for a minute or two after as i sat there. My anal canal and rose bud rectal muscles were overstrained and now getting relaxed. So until they did that pain was there. And when that pain went away. I let out another loud, long, and healthy fart. But as for shit there was no more. Looking in the toilet, I knew that the toilet was plugged. This shit of mine was no way going to go down. And I had no way to break it up. In all honesty, I wish that I could have taken it out of the bowl and home to admire it. but there was no way to take it out of the toilet and wrap it. The bag I was carrying had two sweaters in it. That I purchased as gifts. So, I know they would have gotten stinky no matter how I wrapped it. I tried pushing it down the toilet drain, but could only get it a few inches. Upon leaning over to wipe myself. Because the shit was so hard, there was nothing on my butt hole as far as being brown. But I did wipe some blood off I think from stretching myself so wide, so I wasn't to concerned.

I stayed seated until I could put my pink thong and jeans back on. And then stood up to pull my thong and jeans up. After buckling my belt, I admired my shit in the bowl. I went to flush it. But nothing happened except for the water draining out of the bowl and gurgling. My shit did not even budge downward. I had it plugged and plugged good. Knowing there was still a line. I apologized to the lady waiting in line as I came out and told her she could not use it. Like I said the thrill of my shit made me be honest with her. As I told her I really plugged up the toilet. Everybody that could hear me turned to look at me as I said that. But I wanted to be honest. The lady in line looked in the toilet that I used and saw what I did. She probably didn't think I could shit like that. But neither did I. As I washed my hands I kept on looking at the toilet I used. As everybody walking past looked at the toilet, with my shit. Guess they were wondering why nobody was grabbing the empty stall being that there was a line. As I walked out, I was wondering how many ladies would see my shit, until the plumber unplugs the toilet.

Bye for now.

TO Period Pooper:

1. What would you rather:
a/ have diarreah for 48hrs, including an attack every half hour
b/ have constipation for 2 weeks?
>Hmmmm... This is tough. As long as could have a poop every so often(even if it was very difficult), I would say "B".
Dehydration due to diarrhoea can be very dangerous.

2. When you are constipated, do you:
a/ Give up after 15mins of straining and no luck
b/ Manually try and "disimpact your self" with your fingers?
c/ Other- *please explain
>"A"... Although I wouldn't have any problem trying to manually disimpact myself if I had to, odds are I would give myself an enema to clean things out.

3. When you are in need of a desparate pee while driving
home would you:
a/ Not care and wet yourself (seeing you are going home anyway)
b/ Pull over anywhere and hope no-one sees
c/ Hold on so much that you are in pain until you get home
>I don't drive so I'm not sure what I would do. But knowing me, it would probably be "A" or "C"

4. For intentional accident people:
what would you rather:
a/ poop in a nappy
b/ poop in tight undies
c/ poop and pee at same time?
>"C"... Definitely!

Take Care,


Stranger :)
I have a question for you. In loads of the posts I read where people try to wait and can't they start crying just before they have an accident.


I mean, I haven't had many accidents but I've never started crying just before I have had one. If you can't make it it's no big deal. It happens to us all sometimes and all it means is you get a little wet and/or dirty and people tease you for a bit. Could be much worse.

So don't get too worked up about it. The people who want you to be worked up about it are probably very worked up about life themselves, and all of us here know what happens if you get too nervous or jumpy about everything, don't we(!)

Petite Pooper, can you describe your typical poop in your room, Do you sit, squat etc? Do you hold the bag or how do you go into it? How full is it? Do U pee in it too?

Blind Freak!
Hello. First of all, I absolutely LOVE this site. I find it entertaining and yes, sometimes even informative. Anny, I can sympathize with you and I wish you the very best in your efforts. I have been having problems similar to, though not nearly as severe as, yours for over two years.
I am writing because I have a question. I am going skydiving soon, and I am SERIOUSLY concerned that I will wet or soil myself. I've heard many skydivers say that the first jump is the scariest moment in their lives, and one time I heard a story about a man who ended up messing himself from fright. Has anyone ever gone skydiving, and if so what do you think the risk is? I mean, I've got friends going with me, so I don't want to be completely embarrassed. I also want to make sure that if it will likely happen that I take proper precautions. Thanks to you all for posting such interesting content. (Interesting is an understatement, like calling superman kind of on the strong side.) Have a great day.

Erin the Shoe Store Girl
Hello, my name is Erin and true to my "name", I work in a shoe store as an Assitant Manager in the Canadian city that I live in.

I posted here a few months ago about an accident I had at work where my husband had to bring me a change of panties and pants because I had diarrhea and went in my pants when I was helping out some customers.

Someone posted about wanting to hear about having the stomach flu, well, here's my story about this past weekend...

This past Saturday was the 25th of November and the Manager of our store was off on holidays. So, I opened the store for 9am and one of our long standing part time girls, Karen, came in at 10am. Two more came in later for the 1-6 shift. I was scheduled to work until closing at 6pm, but I didn't make it that far.

First of all, I wasn't feeling the greatest when I woke up, so I decided to wear a pair of my brief style panties for comfort and a pair of medium brown khaki pants. I thought I might be getting my period or something, but I wasn't sure since I wasn't due to start my period until December 1st or 2nd.

At around 9:30 in the morning my stomach started feeling really bad, but I was helping out a few customers and I could not get to the back to use the washroom. I stood in the store helping this lady out with her shoes and I knew I had to get to the toilet right away, but she kept asking me questions and I could not get away from her. I was trying to keep my butt cheeks clenched as tightly as I could, and walking around the store wasn't helping my cause either. The pressure to go became so bad and I could feel my bowels push out a wet fart of diarrhea into my panties. I froze. I knew that this was just the beginning of my problems. It was about 9:45 and I knew that Karen would be in any second so I tried with everything I had to hold it, but I lost control and filled my brief style panties with wet diarrhea. A few minutes later Karen came in and I ran to the washroom where I proceeded to throw up a couple times. As I was throwing up I was still messing my panties with diarrhea. It was coming out of both ends! When I was finished throwing up I tied the sweater I was wearing around my waist since the diarrhea was starting to stain through my pants. I didn't even want to check my underwear or attempt to clean myself up as I have made matters worse for myself in the past when I have tried to clean myself up in places other than my own washroom and shower.

I told Karen that I was sick and she tried calling Melissa to see if she could come in a few hours early. Fortunately she said yes and she got to the store at around 11am. When she finally got in, I went home. I had been sick several more times both in my pants and throwing up. I tried to stay as low key as possible and luckily the store wasn't that busy while I was there. Karen was able to take care of anyone who did come in while I stayed around the cash with my back to the wall.

I made it home with out having to throw up again, but the diarrhea would not let up. By the time I got home I had gone so much in my pants that it was down my legs to my knees and up my back. It didn't help that I had to sit in my car as I drove home.

I have been sick all week with this flu and have messed several more pairs of panties when I was throwing up and having the runs at the same time. I would start to throw up and my bowels would release.

Anyway, for those of you who wanted flu related stories, there you go.


The other evening my girlfriend and I were sitting around and she announced that: "I have to go to the bathroom. I have to go #1 AND #2." We were watching TV and neither of use would get up to go. She likes me to take her to the bathroom. Finally the show was over and I told her I would take her to the bathroom. I positioned her in front of the toilet and opened her pants, pulled them down, and had her sit on the toilet. She started tinkling a lot, and then she tried to let the #2 go. She was having trouble so I got down and started to massage her back - when I run my hand up and down her back she has no trouble going. The #2 started out while I watched from the back of the toilet. A big piece came out and broke off, then another, then two more. It was a pretty big load. I stuck my finger up there to see if there was any more. She was empty so I wiped her (took five wipes), then I put a little lotion on my finger and worked that into her bottom to keep her comfy, then I had to go so I sat on the toilet and dumped on top of her load, wiped myself five times, then we washed our hands. I said that I have to let the loads and paper soak for a while or else the toilet would clog. I flushed an hour later and it all went down.

we were in Yellowstone and we were camping. we saw a gajillion buffalo. we also saw their poop. Once we were having a picnic. thre was 1 port-a-potty. My sister went in and wgen she came out she whispere" it loooks like a BUFFALO pooped in there. Sure enough when I went in thee was a pile of shit that looked like a buffalo "cake".Obviously SOMEONE had hda a gigantic Shit. Either that or someone had a potty-trained buffalo ;~)

Really proud of myself,today managed to pee standing up outside for the first time. Was out walking and was getting really desperate to pee, there were literally no bushes or trees as walking along at the sea. My situation was getting very desperate and I could feel a bit of pee starting to seep out. I did consider just peeing myself as I had dark pants on or just crouching down and wetting myself, but had a fair walk back. So walked down to the water line looking out to sea,as soon as I stopped knew would have to make a decision real soon as I was so desperte to pee. Have practiced lots of times in the shower to pee standing and always found it easier when really desperate. Well here goes, pulled jogging pants down at front and pulled up my lips pushing then well forward,as soon as the air hit them the urge to pee was overwelming and so I squeezed with all my might and kinda pushed the pee forward. Well it shot out in front of me in a lovely strong arch which seemed to go on for ever. Just as I was comming to the end I kinda pushed out the last bit and managed to stop any drops going onto my pants. Wow felt so good and almost dry pants,did find as walking off I did dribble a bit into my panties.

Anny, something else occured to me. Are you always thirsty, and drinking lots of fluids? I mean gallons. If so, you could have what is called diabetes insipidus. This is not to be confused with with the more common diabetes mellitus (?sp). What happens is that your kidneys go into overdrive, as there is low or no production of ADH (anti diuretic hormone).

quickie bladder infection

I got what I think was a bladder infection once while I was visiting relatives. I had to pee suddenly three times in a time frame of about ten minutes. I peed a small amount each time. Then I was fine. That was the only time I've ever gotten what I think was a bladder infection.
While I was visiting my relatives I wore underwear all day and all night, and I wore pants all day.

When I'm at home I wear a nightgown or t-shirt; and I don't wear underwear.

quickie bladder infection

I forgot to add that sudden burning sensations caused me to pee about three times in ten minutes.

THOM: just curious if your the same guy that posted long long ago, like back in the early 100 pages?? Ifyou are I must say I LOVED all your stories, but I do feel so sorry for you that you have such a hard time going to the bathroom. How old are you?? where are you from?? are you married?? Sorry for the questions, just curious, I bet you are very good looking!!!!

my husband and I were driving through the middle of mountains in Kentucky the Sunday after Thanksgiving, and as you can imagine, the traffic was terrible. We stopped for lunch, and after getting back in the car, we realized that on top of all the people driving back, there was an accident several miles up, and traffic was backed up for miles. After sitting in the car for an hour and moving about 5 feet, my husband admitted that he needed to pee. After another 45 minutes, we had moved forward enough to rive down the shoulder lane and take the next exit. The only place to stop at this exit was a tiny run down gas station with bathrooms at the back of the building. By this time, my husband had to pee really bad. He parked really close to the bathrooms and hurried over. He tried the door to the men's room, but it was locked because he hadn't gotten the key from inside. He turned to go get it, walked two steps, and said he wasn't going to be able to walk all the way there and back. I offered to get it for him, but he just shook his head and turned to a small patch of grass growing out of some cracks, pulled his dick out, and let loose a jet of pee. He peed forcefully for about 30 seconds before finally stopping.

A couple of minutes later, as I was sitting in the car waiting, another car drove up and parked about 7 or 8 feet away from our car. A man got out the driver's seat and came around to between the two cars. He turned so he was sort of sideways (but more towards me than to his car), and pushed the waistband of his shorts down with one hand until his dick popped out (and balls a little too). While he was doing this, a woman got out of the car, and so did a little boy of about 5 years old. As soon as he got out, he dropped his shorts and peed for about 20 seconds. Meanwhile, the mom lifted her skirt to thigh-high, spread her legs apart, and began peeing. The dad seemed to be having trouble startingâ€"he stood with his penis in his hand for about 10 seconds, and finally, a trickle came out. He peed this weak stream for about 5 seconds, then stopped. His wife said something like “what's the matter” to him, and he said something about how he really needed to pee but was feeling exposed and nervous. He tucked himself back in, and the kid got back in the car. The mom went to the driver's seat, and the dad sat in the passenger's seat. He closed the door, then opened it and said something about trying again. He turned sideways in the seat, facing me, and slid forward a few inches. He pulled his dick out again and pointed it out. Once again he sat for a few seconds, but this time, he was able to start peeingâ€"not strongly, but steadily for a long time. He finished and they drove away, leaving behind three puddles.

Hi everyone,
I haven't posted here in a while but I must tell a story that happened to me over the thanksgiving weekend. Saturday morning felt the urge to go, well as it happens went to the bathroom and plushed, strained, pushed again and nothing happened. Well I then decided to take a good 4 quart soapsuds enema (a enema this size is painful, and extremely uncomfortable to hold but I endured it). As I was injecting the enema into myself thats after the entire bag was emptied, along with the cramps etc. I sat on the bowl and released what was inside of me for 3 days.. I sat that for almost 1 hour expelling everything imagineable. But afterward I felt sooo much better and had that renewed feeling. Has anyone out there had the same problem with constipation as I have had? If so, a good enema should be taken on occasion. Being the holidays etc, I did not adhere to my constipation problem and let myself go. I now have learned my lession to take a enema as I need it. It does not have to be 4 quars or 3 quarts 2 quarts is a good enema also. Well this is my story and time to say bye for now!

Hi everyone, how's it going?

Well, my bladder is still going at it pretty strong. It calmed down finally at 3 am last night and I went to bed without a diaper, thank god no problems there. However today the bathroom trips have been ridiculous, still going every 15 mins-half hour. Each time there's this really strong urge and then I go to the washroom, and when I go it's a fairly big amount but there's this uncomfortable stretching/tingling feeling while I do it which makes me wince. It doesn't hurt, it just feels really weird! I've been wearing the appropriate protection when out, but at home I'm always near a toilet. It's just a big pain in the ass to keep going to the damn bathroom every few minutes it seems :(

This weekend I'm going out of town, and I'm going to take my package of pantiliners with me in my duffel bag, and I have a few stashed in my purse so they're there just in case. I'm going to the Santa Clause parade near my mom's *ugh* so I will need protection as I won't be anywhere near a toilet. I hope I have no accidents, not in front of my little sisters! Jeez, this is so annoying!!!

My mom said that some people on her side of the family have weak bladders, so I probably do as well(Great! Not!). I've never had bladder problems before now, and I'm not overweight at all, or anything, so I dunno. I wish this hadn't have happened to me, but I guess you can't help what you didn't cause.

I called the doctors to make an appointment, and just my luck, she's on vacation until next Monday. So I made an appointment for Tuesday, and hopefully she honestly looks into my problem and makes an effort to help me, and I am going to ask for any tests possible to get to the bottom of this to make sure there are no other underlying health problems causing this as well. It's obvious now that I have a weak bladder, but I really want a straight answer and a doctor's help to make sure it's not something worse developing. Ughhh, I'm so frustrated! I haven't had a wetting accident in a couple of weeks and I'm happy of that, but this urge and getting up like 10 times to go to the washroom like 15-30 mins apart from each other is really bothering me.

I hope there's an answer soon, otherwise I will try to find a new doctor who actually gives a crap and wants to help me without assuming it's all in my head. It's all in my head? Yeah, right. Tell that to anyone else with the same problem and they will surely have quite a few angry words in response to that. I looked up information on Overactive Bladder, and my doctor was wrong on two things:

1) It is not a normal part of aging, and not necessarily caused by childbirth, etc, young people can develop it as well.

2) It is also not caused by "drinking too much". You can't simply say "Oh, drink less, that's all you need, it's all in your head". I don't drink that much to begin with, and I still have to pee like a racehorse!

I also took the questionnaire and it said I may have it, but I will check with my doctor and MAKE her look into this, because I want my life back, not revolved around the damn toilet!

You can probably tell I'm angry and frustrated with this problem, and what's worse is not knowing WHAT the problem is and people like my doctor not understanding or taking it seriously. My anger is not just for myself, it's for anyone else with any bladder problems, weak bladder, OAB, anything, who doesn't receive support or help from their doctors.

I dunno...this whole thing is frustrating and annoying, and I hope I get some closure on this soon. I can't have my life revolve around the bathroom and worrying about not making it.

Thanks for letting me have my rant. And thank you to everyone who offered their advice for their support.

Have a good night.

xo Anny

Mr. Clogs
Hey ya'll Mr. Clogs is back! Hope all of ya had a good Turkey Day and having stories to share. Great posts so far folks and keep up the good work. Tonight I had nice healthy dump. I felt the urge to go after I've got my clothes ready for work tomorrow. I made my way to the toilet were I quickly pulled down my sweat pants and underwear down and sat. I gave myself a little push, and you know the rest was history! Wow! I felt great, came out nice and fast and easy it must be the tea that I'm drinking to loose some weight. I wiped up relaxed a bit after a long day over the toilet. I got up pulled up my undies and sweat pants up and washed my hands and left the bathroom.

petite pooper: Always a pleasure to read your stories about pooping in your room in bags over old newspapers. The device you're referring to is called P-Mate. Do a search and see what comes up, that will definately work for you. When you get a chance to use it, can you post a story about that, thanks.

bigphil: You know, I written a post about that, you have no idea how embarrassed I was. Actually I walked in on the guy while he was taking a dump, he said it was ok the bathroom stall partitions were messed up and I agreed with him. Hey feel free to check on some old posts, i'm sure you can find the whole story, thanks man.

Traffic poo-er girl: Thanks for your post, no traffic incidents, that's interesting. Once again good to see your post and you take care.

Levelz: I believe there is a poster that post by the name of FAT WOMAN, her stories are interesting to read. I do agree more plus sized women should post more here.

Terri: Great post, kids can say the darn est things, she probably didn't mean it. Oh well.

Take care ya'll, I check in later.

--Mr. Clogs

Anny, just to tell you, I think your pee problem is a Urinary Tract Infection - that's what mine felt like too. You feel like you really have to pee all the time, and when you go it hurts, like the muscles are all straining. Drink lots of cranberry juice and/or go get some antibiotics and it'll be over soon.

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