Today I had my first decent shit in several days. Probably the reason why is I take to eating peanut butter crackers from time to time (they tend to be tasty snacks). I've heard that peanut butter is constipating, and so it seems to be if I eat it for long enough. This week I got constipated after a spell of eating peanut butter crackers. So I decided I needed to lay off the peanut butter crackers for a while. This was the first day I'd been eating cheese crackers instead of peanut butter crackers. For the past several days my overstrained poopchute was lucky to dish out a turd as big as one of my fingers. Then this mornig at home, I'd had two dumps in a day for the first time in those several days. But both of those were again finger-sized and squeezed out wiht less-than-comfortable straining. After that I went out shopping, with confidence that those two stools had freed me of any threat to be taken by surprise by any busting-to-get-out dookey for the rest of the day. Misplaced confidence, it turned out. By early afternoon, I was in a used bookstore, looking at some books, when suddenly like a speeding freight train, a gripping urge to shit again commandeered my attention. I had to put down quickly the book I'd been examining and give my undivided attention to seeking a suitable venue for venting my rectum's burden. I thought I remembered the bookstore having facilities, so I looked around for them. While searching, a fear that that thoroughly unhappy camper in my butt would bolt involuntarily was all-too present. On searching I found several doors marked "employees only" or some other equally inhospitable message for the desperately turd-laden. There was one door marked "Men" and also a printed sign pasted on is saying not to take merchandise into "the restrooms". The plural number of that last word on the sign renewed my hope that there must be another. So, walking around some more with my butt lobes pressed together in a death-grip, I only reaffirmed that every other door I could find was of restricted access. I almost decided to run into that Men's room and unburden my tortured bowels there. But I'm shy about such things. Mercifully the pressure in my rectum had eased a little by then. I was able to gird up my hope of getting to a more hospitable locale for letting my anus make like an erupting volcano. I got in my car and was able to drive with surprising ease to another store that I knew to have potties friendly to my "gender". The urge even eased enough to make me concerned that my guts might be reabsorbing the poopy to a point of thrusting me back into constipation. But luckily I got to the store, with the urge re-asserting itself a bit as I walked back to the little girls' room. Once inside I parked my fanny on the loo, gave a little push, and out came a load whose feeling in transit was indecisive as to whether I'd had an ample "BM" or just let fly another finger-sized turd. I got up and looked in the bowl. I was rather gratified to see what is often the case with my overcoming a bout of constipation. The stools were scarcely bigger around than my earlier constipated ones, but much multiplied in number. Collectively they formed a mass of doodoo that must have meant several feet of turdage rapidly gooshed out my poopchute. And I was at last beginning to realize that special more-than-ordinary feeling of relief and accomplishment in my erstwhile burdened rectum. The prospect of wiping left me with some apprehension. That's because my typical constipated stools are of such a refractory consistency as to likely put me in a "damned-if-I-do and damned-if-I-don't" situation. That is to say, my butt is pretty sure to get sore, whether from too little wiping or from too much. But this time the improvement in my quality of defecation extended also to the wiping phase. I didn't count, but I'd guess about five episodes of tearing off toilet paper and gently caressing residual doodoo from my anus and its groove left the paper coming back clean. Soreness was averted this time. Now several hours later I'm sitting at home with a thankfully satisfied rectum and comfortable anus.

By the way, I've read stories on this site of those who like sharing poop experiences with their special person. Boy, would I love to have a boy of my dreams with whom this underrated life force is an openly shared experience! But I'm still waiting to meet my someone. Maybe someday. I've thought of what would be a really neat story to read on this site. That would be a story in which poop played a crucial role in how one met one's special person. I've noticed no such story on the site. But if any such story did exist, what a sweet story that would be!

Anny you said, "I haven't been drinking a lot of caffeine, which I know is a bladder irritant, so I've been drinking no more than 2 cups of tea per day."

Fact is, unless the tea your drinking is DECAFF; there is actually more caffine in tea then in most coffee. I would stick to clear liquids and a lot of cranberry juice until you get to the root of your problem.

Linda from Australia here again. I haven't been here for a while as Ive been busy with work and life in general. I haven't had any trouble pooping for the last couple of weeks, apart from the last few days as Ive been dropping smallish loads. I was still going once a day and I wasn't constipated but I didn't feel satisfied. Finally today I did a huge poo in the toilet and I felt so much better afterwards!!

Last night I had a dream that I really needed to go to the toilet to do a poo. I was chatting to a friend when I felt the need to go but I thought I had a while before anything happened. After a few minutes, I couldn't hold on any longer and I ended up doing a poo in my pants. It was a decent sized load and I could feel a big bulge at the back of my pants. Surprisingly, my friend didn't even notice that I had just pooped my pants. Then I went to the toilet and cleaned myself up. I flushed my knickers down the toilet but I can't remember anything else after that.

To BIG PHIL: Yeah, I've been walked in on before on the crapper. But it's never been by someone of the opposite sex-unless it was a girlfriend. I used to be really shy when I was a kid, but by the time puberty hit, I was over it. There were no stall doors in any of my schools. No stall doors when I worked at Sears. So yeah, I think plenty of people have seen me on the can. And I have 3 or 4 good friends that we're just comfortable with each other, so if the urge hits we'll poop right in front of each other. No biggie! How about you?

To BRIAN AT SEARS: The Sears here in Houston all have covered doors now in their bathrooms. That changed about 15 years ago. What state are you in where they still have that open door policy?

To LOADLOGGER: Read your entry about "wet wiping". I can see doing that at your own home or hotel room, but what do you do when you are out in public,i.e like in a department store or office building. How are you able to wash your anus in a stall?

I have been away from the forum for a bit so I haven't offered my advice, but I hope you can see a doctor that really believes your symptoms. A doctor, of all people, should not dismiss your symptoms! I hope that soon you will be back to doing what you want to in the toilet, and using your diapers or panties for fun, not accidents. I'm glad you got your sample in without gagging!

My answer to your questions is B

Charlie's Girl-
I'll oblige with a little story. I had a girlfriend once who also thought that peeing and pooping were fun things not to avoid talking about. If we shut the bathroom door, it was just to contain the smell, not because we were trying to hide from the other. We also tried (and started liking) using diapers every once and a while, and sometimes we'd even go in our underwear together.
Last night I went out and had some drinks. When I came home, I felt like putting on a diaper. I did, but then fell asleep pretty quick after that, so never used it. I did take care of that this morning, though. I woke up and came to the computer to catch up on some posts here, and while I did, I soaked the diaper. Sorry, petite pooper, I didn't have to poop, so I don't have a story for you this time. Maybe next time, though!

Lone Loafer-
I wouldn't worry about the discrete packaging. Remember that just as those of us who use diapers for fun don't want to be identified, neither do those who have a medical need, so every place will probably do a good job of that. The ones I've ordered from say so right on the web page. I can't give names of companies on this site, but I'm sure a search engine can point you to some sites where there are discussions of which companies are good.

Thursday, November 30, 2006


survey time.
at what time of day do you usually take a dump?

a) before breakfast (first thing in the morning)
b) not long after breakfast
c) mid or late morning
d) around lunchtime
e) in the later afternoon
f) in the evening or at night
g) i don't have a regular dumping time

how long do you normally spend in the bathroom dumping?

a) less than 2 minutes
b) 2-5 minutes
c) 5-10 minutes
d) more than 10 minutes.


Greg (Mike's Friend)
Hey Guys! In my last posting, I had a cool story about an awesome buddy dump I had some years back with my brother-in-law to be Josh and about the subsequent birth of my nephew Joshua Gregory who my family affectionately refers to as JG.

First off, to me JG is the epitome of what the human spirit should be all about. After several congenital hip operations before his second birthday, doctors told my sister and Josh that JG would never be able to walk prperly or unassisted, let alone run. After 2 varsity track and 2 varsity football letters, I think that issue has been effectively dealt with.

Then, we were told that JG had so many learning disabilities and emotional difficulties he could never function in a normal school environment and would always need specialized education. After ten straight semesters on the honor roll, I think that prognosis has been sufficiently proven wrong as well.

However, even tremendous human beings with great spirits are no match against the call of nature. When nature calls, the great and the small must all obey or face serious consequences.

This past summer, I was with the family at our vacation home in Tennessee and this time, my Sister, Josh, and their four kids were along including JG who was between his Junior and Senior years in high school. During one day there, a supply valve for the water gave out meaning that we couldn't use the toilets (or any other water in the house) until someone ran into town 17 miles away and picked up a replacement part. This litle detail about the plumbings and the toilets were not known by my nephew JG who was out running errands. I had planned on telling him when he got back from his errands but I fell asleep in a guestroom upstairs and did not hear him when he got back in DIRE need of a really major dump.

Thus, I never actually got to SEE or HEAR the resulting shit get taken, but I sure saw end result!!

Evidently, while out running his errands in town, JG stopped for lunch at a little restaurant along the bypass where there was this cute waitress he liked to flirt with. Well sure enough, about midway through the meal, JG's butt started really loading up with shit and the throbbing urge to evacuate his bowels started getting very strong. However, JG refused to use the restroom there in the restaurant as he really liked this girl and he didn't want her to know that he was the kind of person who took dumps.

I guess this was a girl who never had a bowel movent and JG figured that if this girl ever found out that he occasionally went to the toilet, he would never get a date with her. JG's parents understandably had never told him that it was a turn-on for his mother to see his father letting loose on the crapper back in their younger days before he was born. I can't blame them. You don't want your KIDS thinking you're kinky or wierd even though everyone has an unusual fetish or two.

So JG, simply smiled, paid the check, and walked out with his unrelieved butt still pounding relentlessly. His butt soon retaliated and really ratcheted up the pressure by filling up with yet more shit in an attempt to FORCE JG to capitulate and use the toilet.

Anyhow, JG really made things worse for himself by trying to get back to the house even though the pressure on the badly-loaded boy to shit was getting excruciating. He would have had several opportunities to stop and use a restroom along the way but he stubbornly held out despite the inexorable throbbing and relentless pressure inside his desperately-loaded rectum.

By the time the desperate JG pulled up into the drive at the house, the ruthless pounding inside his overwhelmed butt had nearly broken his will to hold back the powerful tide of shit raging inside him and his strength to resist had almost completely ebbed away.

With his last vestige of determination, JG SOMEHOW lept out of the car and bounded up the stairs toward the door. I was half-asleep upstairs and only semi heard the front door open quickly followed by the slamming of the bathroom door. The sounds didn't register to my semi-conscious brain so I wasn't able to warn JG about the toilet situation. It wouldn't have mattered anyway. By the time the desperately-loaded boy pulled up in the driveway, my beleagured nephew had virtually no strength left to resist the overwhelming urge to shit.

And boy, did JG ever SHIT!

Just as soon as overwhelmingly-loaded JG got in the bathroom, he only kind of threw the door closed behind him but he didn't bother to get it latched. In fact, he didn't bother turning on the light or the fan at first even though this was an enclosed bathroom. In fact, the ONLY thing my desperately-loaded nephew bothered to do was to TEAR down his pants as fast as he possibly could and THROW himself on the DESPERATELY-needed toilet to commence his badly-needed shit. Obviously, in his desperate state, the badly-weakened JG didn't check to see if the toilet was totally functional

Of course, as soon as the badly-loaded young man got his shit-laden butt on the badly-needed crapper, the helpless JG began to shit as mighty peristaltic waves quickly and easily overwhelmed him and pushed a vast amount of excrement through the bumming young man. (At least, I asssume the crapping was immediate. Judging by the ENORMOUS pile I later saw, he couldn't have spent TOO much time pushing and grunting.) In fact, he bummed and bummed with all sorts of exrement going through him until he had dropped an ENORMOUS pile which accumulated in the bottom of the toilet.

I was pretty much unaware of all that was going down until I heard a voice that stirred me back to consciousness.....

"Uncle Greg, are you up there?"

"Yeah JG, what's going down?"

"Can you give me hand? The toilet won't flush."

"Oh No!" I wailed to myself. And here I was supposed to preclude anyone from using the bathroom until my dad got back with the right plumbing part. "JG, I love you more than life itself, but PLEASE tell me you only used the bathroom for for #1, and not for #2!!"

"I would do that, but I don't like to lie to my favorite Uncle!" came back JG's reply. At least I appreciated the flattery even if he didn't give the answer I wanted to hear!

"OH Cripes!" I muttered. "OK, I'll be right there."

"When I got down to the lower level bathroom, JG's 17-year-old 6'1 frame was still seated on the toilet with his pants draped around his knees. JG wore this sheepish grin on his face as I walked in. It was in this moment that it struck me how much JG resembled his father! ;-)

"OK." I demanded. "Get up and let's see the damage!"

With that, JG did stand up nervously trying to cover up his private unit while he couldn't fully pull his pants up since his ass was still very heavily soiled from the enormous shit he had just taken.

"I used to change your diapers, JG. I already know about the frank and beans hanging between your legs!"

The humor immediately helped JG relax and got a good laugh out of him. "It's gotten a lot bigger since you last saw it!!"

"I'll just have to take your WORD for it," I grinned. "And I would know that big ass ANYwhere!!" JG laughed out loud at my last line.

When I looked into the toilet to see what the ass I would know anywhere had done, I was absolutely astonished!

"Mary, Mother of God!" I yelped. "Did you do THAT all by yourself or did you have help from several large animals??"

"I did that all by my lonesome!" Was JG's proud-sounding reply.

"Giminy Christmas!" I said. "You didn't just go #2, you did 3 through 10 as well!!" At this JG really laughed. "Well, at least I know WHICH side of the family you get your shitting ability from!"

"So can you help me get it down before Grandma gets home??"

"Yeah, I'll help you!" I as I started to laugh my head off. "Otherwise, I'll probably be in more trouble than you! All we need to do is get some water in the tank and it will flush."

"And where are you going to get the water??" JG asked.

"YOU and I are going to retrieve some water in pails from the LAKE." I replied. "Now wait here for a moment."

"Oh great!" JG muttered.

I then went into the kitchen and got a sealable plastic bag and brought it back to JG who was seated back on the toilet as before.

"Now wipe your ass and carefully fold the sheets over. We'll dispose of the shitty toilet paper in the garbage using this." I said pointing to the sealable plastic bag.

Several minutes later, JG emerged from the bathroom with the plastic bag FULL of soiled toilet paper and grinned. I just shook my head in disbelief. We then each grabbed a bucket and headed down the path to the lake to retrieve some water for the toilet tank and hoped it would somehow be enough to get JG's massive pile flushed down.

As we headed down to the lake, I sort of gave JG an earful for holding out so long from using the bathroom long after it was obvious how essential it was to go. I reminded him that his own father had put a serious load in his pants at football camp back when he was his age simply because he worried about how it might look if he actually did what came naturally and used the toilet. JG admitted he was worried he might shit his pants on the way back and claimed to have learned his lesson. Only time will tell I guess.

When we got back to the house, luckily nobody had got back so we were able to fill the toilet tank and eventually get JG's fecal beast flushed without anyone being the wiser. Almost assuredly, *I* would have been in trouble with my mom even though it was JG's massive turds stinking up the house. JG's is Grandma's little angel and can do NO wrong in her eyes, so she would have found a way to blame ME for it!!

Be Safe,



Hello, I have some questions for women about ???? ache poops. I'd like to know how you all go to the bathroom when u have a ???? ache. I hardly ever get them and when I do , its quick and easy...but I've heard that some women have habits/troubles so I would like to see what you all do.

1)How often do you get ???? aches that make you poop and how bad are they?
2)What does your poop look like when you have a ???? ache?
3)Do you make any sounds when you are pooping? grunt, strain, sigh?
4)How do you sit when you have these ???? aches? Do you sit on tip-toes? Why do you sit in these positions?
5)Do you rub your ???? and how do you do it? What is the best way to give your ???? a rub when you have these ???? ache poops?
6)Do these poops make you feel misrable?

FInally, have you seen anybody take a ???? ache poop and what did they do?

Thanks much

Please, would someone do my survey? it was posted on page 1533, but no-one did it.....thanks I have included my responces underneath IN BOLD.


1. What would you rather:
a/ have diarreah for 48hrs, including an attack every half hour
b/ have constipation for 2 weeks?

2. When you are constipated, do you:
a/ Give up after 15mins of straining and no luck
b/ Manually try and "disimpact your self" with your fingers?
c/ Other- *please explain

3. When you are in need of a desparate pee while driving
home would you:
a/ Not care and wet yourself (seeing you are going home anyway)
b/ Pull over anywhere and hope no-one sees
c/ Hold on so much that you are in pain until you get home

4. For intentional accident people:
what would you rather:
a/ poop in a nappy
b/ poop in tight undies
c/ poop and pee at same time (In pants or nappy)?

Thanks. I would like to hear your responces

To Period Poop:

1) Would you rather?
a) I would rather have diarreah for 48 hours, including attacks every half hour...I hate to be constipated!

2) When you are constipated, do you?
b) I use my fingers to disimpact myself!

3) When you are in need of a desperate pee while driving home,
what do you do?
a) I go ahead and wet my pants...clean my seat later!

4) For intentional accidents people, would you rather?
a) Poop in a nappy, theres more room in a nappy then im my panties.

Hope you likey my answers! Period Poop!
Love, Amy

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