petite pooper
Hi petite pooper signing on lol.
Boy have I got a lot to say.
Firstly I'll start by saying..what happened to that guy with the blackberry? He was a
for those of you who don't know who I am...I tell you a little about me.I have hyperthroidism....or graves diease. Don't worry it's okay all under control. Everyone both male and female has thyroid glands..(in the throat controls the hormones..body weight, mood..etc.) however mines works overtime. It causes me to have all sort of weird problems including uncontrollable pooping spells. I'm not currently being treated for it and as a result I have the loosest uniquest lol( Not real words)smelling poop. kinda like a fruit cake or cooked beets. Weird. Anywho , whenever I eat..anything from a bag of potato chips to a full course meal...I get the runs (diarrhea).......I get all bubbly on the inside, my body gets numb or weak and I get limp. As a result I spend a lot of time at home for fear of getting sick and needing to go poop, and being nowhere near a toilet...(it's happened before and it really sucks having to muster all yuor strength to wait) It was the day after Thanksgiving and I had eaten my fair share of food, greens ham, kapon, duck, dressing (not that crap from a box),sweet potatoe pie, mac and cheese, well you get it...the usual...well minus the Turkey,lol. Anyhow, later that night, a bunch of people started coming over (I was at my aunt's house) and were started drinking. There's this drink called Tilt, a mix of energy drink and 8% alcohol, not quite a wine kooler, not quite a beer, more like rockstar and a malt beverage(good stuff) lol. Anyways, it was green. Lime green. As a result of drinking too many, I was forced to spend the night. Well, when I got home early the next more my stomach was in kahoots. I hadn't pooped in two days. It reaked havoc in my lower intestines. I knew I had to poop, and badly. (I usually poop 4xs in a day) I immediately started pooping as soon as I got into my room.
( Don't ask. I usually poop in in bag over newspaper so that if I need to pee I can.) It was stubborn at first.
I strained( i know straining is bad for your anal hole opening but I had to poop really badly) my ass off, well not really. It hurt soo much then as I gained momentum pushing my hardest,suddenly a huge thck smelly black poop escaped, I mean it was really black, not dark brown. Then followed by soft stinky liquid, all dark green. I looked beneath me to see it all and was amazed by it. Then I peed a little. I was exhuasted by it all. I pooped seven times that evening. Not neccessarily all at once each times it was liquid-y and I made a lot of sounds kinda like a duck...Later that night I snuck (not a word?) out of my room and dumped all the individual bags of poop in the trash outside, my room smelled,so I kept the door closed. Actually my carpet smells like pee because I pee on it all the time, not on purpose, my pee cup overflows, lol. I also use a detergent container to pee in, like a chamber pot.

I was watching VH1 web junk 20 and it featured a lady in china who invented a way for women to pee standing. It was a portable plastic funnel like shape flat at the opening for the vagina to sit snuggly an small and round on the end. To add to the fun the lady was peeing in a park..or wa s it a living room, any how I'll definately be looking into that so I'd be able to to pee in a tiny opening like a soda can without wasting it on the (i've tried, what a mess)
sorry for the long post...more intentional pooping accidents
Post stories of pooping in weird places ...
until next time

Last weekend my friend Ben stayed over because his mum had to go out of town on business. Friday night my parents took us out to the cinema then for a meal at an Italian restaurant which was really good. Saturday morning we didn't get up until after 10 am by which time all the rest of my family had gone out. We went downstairs made some breakfast and as I was eating it I started to get that 'I'm going to have to poo soon sensation'
After we had finished breakfast we went back up to my bedroom to complete a game on the computer. Ben started to make some really smelly silent farts and I thought that he might be in need to poo as well, anyway when we had nearly finished the game I was getting a really strong urge to shit and kept getting little cramps which usually mean its going to be a mega sized one. Ben was also starting to shuffle a bit on his chair and after a little while said he was in bad need of the toilet. I told him I was in urgent need of a dump as well, so Ben suggested we could go together. I said OK and we then flipped a coin to see who would go first. I lost, so when we got to the bathroom Ben moved over to the toilet and dropped his jeans and then his briefs. He sat well forward on the seat, so I could see, farted then eased out a long fat light brown turd which made little phut phut noises all the way as it came out.
I was fighting to hold my shit in by then and couldn't stop making loads of tiny little farts so I asked Ben if he was done, but he said that he wasn't. After a pause and a juicy fart three more big turds came out of his hole followed by a really wet fart and a bit of mushy poo.
My own shit was pushing like mad to come out and I told Ben that I have to go now otherwise it will be in my pants, I had already dropped my jeans. He could hear all the little farts popping out of my bum and quickly got off the toilet, wiped and flushed.
I pulled my pants down and got straight on. I didn't have to do a thing, the moment I sat down the first turd started coming out and seemed never ending. Ben was watching and said it was massive and curling round the pan. Eventually it broke off but I could feel more shit moving around in my guts and after a minute I made a slow fart and felt a load more shit was ready to come out. I held it for a couple of minutes letting it build up then slowly dropped a load of ordinary size soft turds which landed in the water with a quiet splat, splat, splat. With another fart I was finished. I got off the toilet and looked to see the huge mound of yellow brown shit that had just come out of me. It was well out of the water with the one mega sizeturd laid a good halfway round the pan and nearly up to the rim. No wonder I had been hardly able hold it in. Ben said I should be proud of it and that it was one of the biggest shits he had seen apart from what his brother Simon sometimes did.
I didn't go to shit again for over two days until Tuesday at school when I got another strong urge during math lesson and had another big and satisfying shit during morning break time which took over 10 minutes for it to all come out and left big yellow skid marks on the pan when I had flushed.

Hi everyone. A coupld of days ago I had a dump & after I went I stood up & checked to see how much was in the toilet & I filled up the bottom of the hole with a pile of soft turds. There was a lot. The smell was just awful since I had been having hot farts so it was almost diarrhea but thankfully it wasn't. Can't remember what I had or ate that day but wow did it stink up the bathroom & I was grunting too. here's yet another question I have to ask. How come we go poop at certain times of the day while other people poop regularly at the same time every day?
Just something I wanted to ask. Poop poop poop poop to my friend Jenny. Talking about poop is awesome & we both think its funny. I love to read what she posts. Happy Crapping. Take a ???? dump.

hi everyone, i've got a question for you all- have you ever been walked in on while you were taking a shit (by someone other than your partner), ie. friends round your house or strangers in public toilets? if so, how did you and they react?

hi all I've been busy and haven't posted in awhile.

This happened on Friday night and was a nasty one.

I don't know if you all remember me but, I'm disabled and can only poop when it is scheduled every other day. I usually need alot of help from my nurse or a assitant to actually get out the poop to.

So my story, i had not eaten well for a while and had not had aany poop for six days. It was thanksgiving and I ate a ton even though my stomach was a little sore for not going in five days before. That Friday i had some taco dip and stuff while watching football. And by that night I thought i had swallowed a watermellon. I was hurting so bad. That night my nurse started getting me ready to poop. I get a supository up my hole from her. And i usually wait and fall back to sleep and then they do exercises to help get it moving.
Well that night she put in the supository i felt extremely hot and knew i was going to blow. I sat there lying on my side with a huge pain, then i felt a push in my stomach and a huge log came out followed by another and another. I get my exercises and more comes slipping out. I get rolled over to get the finger help and finish when i like start over with a huge log and another. then little ones and alot of them. After a hour and a half of almost constant shitting i finish. My nurse is like wow good thing you don't have to flush.

Thanks yall

I have a question why is it sometimes when i go poop it comes out soft one day and hard the next day? Is it from different foods i eat everyday? if you have a answer that would be great. like today i went poop it it was all soft and peanut butter color just wondering about that. hi andi poop poop poop too you take a dump andi is my best friend we like poop too. Happy pooping evering one
from Jennifer ill liked too be called jenny better ill posts more later bye. pooping and peeing too you

Hi everyone! First I want to wish my American friends on this board a belated Happy Thanksgiving, and hope the holiday with your family and friends was a nice one :D

Thank you to everyone who took time out to offer their advice and well wishes, I really appreciate the help! I am going to go back to the doctor's in a couple of days and get this problem sorted out, or at least aggressively let her know I'm not joking about this. Obviously no one chooses to have problems with their bladders, minor or not, and certainly anyone who has one deserves the respect and time to have their problems looked through and possibly solved. I am going to request any tests possible to make sure this is nothing very serious, and do anything possible to get it fixed or at least eased. I hate that my doctor is shrugging it off without much concern, as why would anyone fake having issues with their body? As if I choose to wet myself or that I'm doing it for attention? I think NOT.

If she doesn't give me any help or at least be sensitive to my problem and want to help, I will go to someone else who will, and I will ask for a referral to a GYN or a urologist, seeing as if she won't help, someone else will care enough to! I took a urine sample last week, so I will also ask about the results on that as well. I won't settle if she tells me there's nothing wrong and it's still persisting, which it is.

I haven't been drinking a lot of caffeine, which I know is a bladder irritant, so I've been drinking no more than 2 cups of tea per day, and emptying my bladder as soon as I feel the urge. I have already gone twice tonight, and I still feel like I need to go. Grrr. This is so annoying. I've been drinking as much water as I can instead of tea or juice, but that urge is still there and sometimes I have to struggle to hold it until I get to the toilet. I've also been wearing pantiliners to avoid making a mess of my panties, and using the toilet regularly, but sometimes I end up needing the toilet up to 4 times, sometimes 10 minutes to half an hour apart from each other. Oops...speaking of which I've got to go again, and I just went 15 minutes ago...>< Back. This is a really annoying problem, and I honestly hope it's minor, not something that could lead to a permanent problem.

To Return Peace Corps Volunteer, yes I did do my sample, finally had time between working, so on my day off I finally took the vials and a clean diaper into the bathroom. Then I put the toilet lid down and laid the diaper flat on it, and pulled my panties off and squatted over the diaper. Then I opened the vials with the solution in it and took the scoop-thingy out and..UGH...started scooping the "matter" into the vials. This part made me gag to the point of almost vomiting, and usually my own poop doesn't gross me out. I have no problem with pooping in a diaper, my panties or the toilet, but I guess this was a bit too much for me. I was trying desperately to hold my breath and do it quickly to avoid being sick, and finally I screwed the lid on the vials and put it in the Ziplock bag with my info on the outside and put it into the fridge until I was ready to take it to the lab. Then I dumped the poop from the diaper into the toilet, wiped, threw the diaper in the garbage and washed my hands well. Then I took it to the lab. That was a week ago, so I guess I'll know in another week what's going on with my body. I hope it went well though. Will let you know how it went once I get my results :D

Each time I pee, it has an urgent feeling and each time I go it's usually a fairly big amount and kind of stings, not hurts but this sting sort of like when your bladder is too full. Tired of having to go to the bathroom every half hour and feeling like my bladder is a faucet that won't turn off or let up. Garrrhhh!!

To Kiri, I really am sorry to hear about your problem. It sure isn't pleasant. My symptoms sound similar, though not as severe, it's a major annoyance for me though. I will need to go through some more tests and more structured answers from other doctors first, and then I will know for sure what is going on with my body, because this doctor is not much help at all.

Thank you again to everyone on here that answered my post and offered their advice and well wishes, I honestly appreciate it very much, and for sure, will accept any and all advice. I will see another doctor, or at worst, a specialist, because getting help now will save trouble or any problems that might come up later, so better now than never. I will let you all know how it goes!

Happy Pooping and Peeing!

xo Anny

Traffic poo-er girl
Hey guys. I posted some time ago under the above name and I have two things to mention.

I read the posts every so often but recently read a few posts about people having BM accidents while stuck in traffic and just wanted to thank you guys for sharing that. My first post was about the same topic (thus my "name") and its good to know that other people have been in situations that have led to accidents in their pants. Fortunately my one and only accident was a solid BM; I can't imagine how gross it would be to do a really soft / liquidity one as some of you have done. But, yeah, its those soft ones that seem to be the most urgent many times.

The other item of interest is sort of an after-Thanksgiving story, although I didn't think of it that way initially until I read some of the recent postings and realized that it sort of is. Our company is small, six employees at our site, and we have only one bathroom. I'm overly shy about doing a BM at work to the point where I frequently hold it until I get home. So, tying that into Thanksgiving, our family had our meal on Sunday rather than Thursday at my parents house because of the logistics of getting the whole family together. Well, as many times happens, if I eat a big meal I tend to get constipated. I haven't "gone" since sometime on Saturday (today is Tuesday, btw) and it didn't really bother me that much until this morning with that heavy feeling you get when you haven't gone in a few days. By the afternoon at work I could tell that I would need to go soon. For a moment I was thinking about holding it in for my drive home and purposely going in my pants, but for some reason said no to that idea. So, anyhow, I was hoping to be the last one out so that I could use the bathroom at work in quiet. However, my one co-worker Jill who sits nearby was still plugging away at some papers. I asked her if she was going to be taking off soon and she said she wanted to finish the paperwork she was working on. I asked her to please cover the phones for awhile because I had to use the toilet in the worst way. I think she understood what I meant and said to go ahead. So I hurry over to the bathroom and just get the door closed when I let out this long loud fart that I had been trying not to do for some time. I got my pants down, sat on the toilet and pushed on and off for well over five minutes and finally dropped a whopper of a poop. I stood up to look and it certainly was a sight. I then sat back down so that I could wipe but instead started doing some softer poop which came out with no effort. I knew I was done and wiped. As I was about to flush I stopped and was worried that it would clog if I did. I pulled up my pants and washed hands thinking what I should do. You can kinda tell if it is likely to clog and I decided it best not to flush because the last thing I wanted was to have it overflow (and with my luck it would). So I closed the lid on the toilet, sprayed air freshener and left the door open only a bit. Jill was still working away. I sat back down and I told her that I didn't flush for fear of it overflowing. She said something like You really did need to go huh. I said yeah, big time, been constipated for 3 days. She said not to worry that she would be in early tomorrow morning and would flush before the others got there. I said thanks. I apologized and she said not to worry about it and that she has clogged the toilet a few times herself. I left at that point. I really don't know if she had looked before she left although I would think she would have. I may ask her tomorrow.

Ok, that's it for that story. I'll keep checking back when I get a chance.

Mr. SP
It has been a few years. The employer I was working for at the time chartered the Hospitality Room of a local brewery. Employees and wives were invited. I was not married and had no steady girlfriend. There was a girl who lived a few doors down from my apartment that I spent time with and asked her if she wanted to go to the party. Unknown to me she invited two other girls. Needless to say I had fun with the situation.
After who knows how many gallons of beer we left the party about 01:00. On the way to my truck one of the girls said she needed to pee. We stopped at a doorway where she hiked up her skirt and got her panties down, squatted and flooded the doorway of a business. She wiped pulled up her panties and we went on. It was about 6 more blocks to my truck. When w the four of us got there another of the girls had to pee. She unzipped her shorts and got them and her panties down and squatted on the sidewalk. While she was peeing I unlocked the truck and the girl I had invited took a kleenex and handed it to her friend who was finishing peeing on the sidewalk. We left and tried to dreve but were way to drunk and we spent the rest of the night at a fountain.
The fountain took up most of a block. When we arrived there both the girl I invited and I had to pee. I found a shrub and peed five gallons on it while she found a place to sit and pee in the fountain. The girls used the fountain several times as well as a lot of the kleenex which they tossed in the fountain when finished wiping.
It has been many years and I've lost contact with the three of them but that night is still one to remember.

Any plus sized women ever write on this site? I was wondering, because i want to hear about some big women pooping. If there are some of you out there, let me know.

Mr. SP
Charlie's Girl
Yes I've peed in front of a female a few times. Some years ago I had a girl I hung out with. We would go bar hopping and then go to a park by the river. Both she and I would pee in the river next to each other several times. My wife and I had a boat and we both would pee from the boat. I stood at the side and peed in the water and my wife sat on the side with her rear over the edge and peed in the water too. We both have done #2 from the boat when the need occured. If I need to pee outside a wall works or a doorway in an alley. My wife cant pee on a wall but we both use doorways. Hope this is what you were lokking for.

Good morning--mild here. Replying to Jay, whose turds are hard and difficult to pass, and whose son seems to have the same trouble. My own experience has been different from yours but may still be of help. Two years ago my movements were large, hard, and fairly frequent, two or three times a day. At that time I ate a lot but drank very little water. I was never constipated, and I enjoyed the sensation of large, firm poops. Then I had an operation (bladder stones), and a year later another one for kidney and bladder stones. Both times I went through a lot of pain, but especially the second time. The pain medicine (Percocet) that time did constipate me (since it deadens nerve endings, including those in the rectum), and I did not poop for four days. Finally I had to use manual disimpaction to get some stool out (that's with my finger, digging into my anus). That was most painful and unpleasant; especially so since I was "wearing" a Foley catheter at the time, which made pushing incredibly agonizing. It felt like I might push the catheter right out. That time I ended up with a lot of blood along with the very hard lumps of poop. The next day when the urge came, I determined not to use my finger, and I just pushed as hard as I could until a huge turd came out--at least a foot long and probably a couple of inches thick, and hard. I'm not sure I've ever had a bigger one. By then I had started eating a bit more, too, which added to the bulk. After that I was able to poop more easily, but it was still hard until I got rid of the catheter and could pee on my own (another story, too long for here).
After that, of course, some trips back to the doctor and the various nurses, with the end in view to have a diet that would (we hoped) prevent further kidney stones. The main item on that diet: water, at least 64 oz. (half a gallon) a day, preferably more. I have kept to that diet diligently ever since. It has done two main things: first, I have lost weight, so far about 27 pounds, because water has no calories and can replace food that has calories. Second--and this is for you, Jay--my poop has been softer and easier to pass. It is still well formed, not mushy or anything near diarrhea, but definitely softer. Since I'm eating less, it is also a bit less frequent, with only one or two movements a day. I still enjoy my time at stool, and I still have respectable turds and decent volume; but it is definitely softer. I spoke to a member of the medical faculty where I work, and she assured me that the high-water diet will definitely soften the stools, and that this is a good thing. I know you are already drinking some water, and of course the high-fiber food should help, but check the actual volume of water by ounces and see if it is up to 64. (If it is, you should also notice higher frequency of urination, of course.)
From the other readers--what experiences have you had with pain medications, or after operations, or on different diets?
Happy pooping, everyone!

Brian at Sears
My first morning off since Black Friday.....I'm going in at 1:00 pm. Friday was non-stop busy. The mens lounges were busy from 5 am. And eating like a pig on Thursday, I needed to make a big number 2 about 5:30 am. All the stalls were already occuped with a long waiting line. First time I ever heard a guy complain about there not having stall doors, but in all fairness, he was having an explosive BM , and there was a line of guys gagging from his stench, and one guy reached into his stall to grab some toilet paper to blow his nose, so I guess he felt a bit 'invaded" I finally got to sit down, and took a long , relaxing bowel movement, it really stunk LOL. I spoke to the cleaning guy (they used only men on Friday, because the toilet paper needed replacing so often, he said each restroom used 75 rolls of tissue....thats a LOT of wiping LOL.....

To JAK: Thank you for your story about your wife's accident. I'm sure it was very hard for her to go through and embarrassing, though, it seemed from your account that probably no one else knew about since she obviously knew she wasn't going to make it and walked away from you and others before she had to let it go in her pants. You gave those of us who are facinated by accidents much food for our imaginations. It was, well, exciting to imagine her having to let it go in her pants and having to walk to the car and sit in it until she got home, plus, you said she had another attack sitting there in the car which obviously meant she pooped her pants more. Very uncomfortable for her, to say the least, having to do in her pants something only kids are supposed to do. You seemed to be very understanding and supportive of her through it and that's much to your credit, not laughing or teasing her about it. You are a good husband, JAK! And thanks for sharing her misfortune. I hope she understands that accidents happen to all of us, that nature and bowels/bladders don't care where we are when they demand to be emptied. Sometimes, it is better to just let go, if you can discretely, without others knowing too much, and get yourself home to clean up. Sometimes it isn't worth the pain and suffering to hold it, though our upbringing pretty much conditions us to hold it no matter what until muscles just give out. I assume most of us have held it successfully but there are times for all of us that the stress and pressure is just too much. No shame in that, but not everyone is compassionate. They forget how it may have been for them long ago or they haven't been in an extreme pressure situation, like your wife was, without any toilet available. At those times, pants are the only option. JAK, keep in touch with this site. Good to have you here. I'm sure others agree.

Well, I see some real interesting stories on here of everybody pooping really bad here. On Thanksgiving evening, and at the stores on Friday. Well, I to thought that maybe I should add my own experience for Friday, while I was out shopping. I am a lady 36 years old. 5ft 8in tall. And I weigh 145lbs. So as you can see I have a real looking body. But no matter what size you are. If your going to shit a lot. Your going to shit a lot. Everybody's bowels and intestines are basically the same in size.

Anyway, while out having a pleasant day of shopping. I all of a sudden got a real sudden jolt in my rear end. And in no unpleasant terms it was saying that you need to go poopy Terri. Now I have never in my life had any kind of accident in my pants or panties. And wasn't going to start now. So off I headed for the rest room, which like all other places was quite busy through out the shopping day. I had to only wait about four minutes after entering the rest room, before a stall opened up.

With that I entered and placed my packages down. I am so happy that stalls are made bigger nowadays. After placing my packages neatly on the floor, and removing my jacket since it was quite nice. I placed the seat cover on the toilet seat and comfortably took my place on the throne. I did some pushing and let out a few real good farts. And yes, everybody does it. Even women.

I finally got into position the way I normally sit on the throne at home. My jeans and panties completely to the floor, so I can spread my legs wide. And to be able to move if I have to. I then sit with my arms on tops of my legs. I find that the easiest way for me to empty my bowels. After those few really good farts, my body just worked like normal. By just relaxing and letting the rectal muscles do its work. And the bowels to work everything loose. I find that I don't have to ever do a lot of heavy straining and groaning, pushing and straining. But when I start shitting it will be a lot and it will be noisy and messy. This I think might be because I do workout everyday at the gym.

Well now the time had arrived. I positioned myself for the release of one healthy and messy shit to leave my system. And that it did. It was a combination of everything. Farting, solid, and mushy, as well as runny poop. And it felt very hot coming out. And I must say that I really loaded the toilet with one stinky shit. And like one of the other ladies that wrote. I think it was Karen. I don't flush the toilet either in public rest rooms, because of the water spray. So I did have to sit there making the rest room quite stinky to put it mildly. I was also in the first stall. So a lot of traffic was around that area. And right outside waiting there turn for a stall was a lady with her young daughter. And when I let go with my load. I can tell she looked up at her mother after I pooped as she said, "Mommy that lady in there is going poopy real bad. Does she have a big ????ache." I was kind of amused by it. As her mother just told her to stand there quietly.

They entered the stall next to me shortly after that and the mother sat down and started her own sound machine of farting and pooping. I also unleashed another good load of stool into the toilet, followed by some really good farts. The little girl chimed in after her mother pooped again and said, "Mommy you sound just like the other lady." All I could do to keep me from bursting out and laughing was to shit my last messy load of poo. You could hear other ladies outside kind of laughing at the girls remarks. And everytime she went, the girl would say something. Her mother wouldn't reply, I think out of embarrassment.

As I wiped myself, I knew I was feeling really well. My stomach felt great. My bowels empty. And I was ready for doing a lot more shopping. I really was a mess to. Besides wiping myself six times with toilet paper before it was staying clean. I also used three moist wipes. And there was one very good load in the bowl. As I watched it go down. the girl asked her mother if she had a stinky bottom.

I must admit, that when I finally walked out of the rest room. I really had a good laugh thinking about the girl and her mother. And I also knew that I was feeling really, really well.

KATHERINE; I hope that you someday soon get turned on by the sounds of other woman straining, grunting, groaning, as they unleash the great sounds of poop and farts. There is nothing better then to listen to the sounds of how other women go to the bathroom.

Oh bladder won't give me a break! Tonight I've been peeing like crazy!! I need to go like every 15 minutes to half an hour, and it's driving me nuts, having to get up and down constantly to go to the bathroom. And each time it varies on how much comes out, whether it's just a little bit or a gusher. Either way, it's frigging annoying. It's 4 am and I still haven't gone to bed. I'm avoiding it so I don't need to keep waking up and going to the toilet, or even worse...wetting the bed. If I do go to sleep, I'm going to wear a diaper to bed just in case my bladder decides not to wait and betrays me. I'd rather that than wake up in wet sheets and pj's. I haven't wet my bed since I was 6, but in this state I'm in it could happen again, and I'd rather avoid it.

I'm going to make an appointment to see my doctor either later today or tomorrow to get this checked out. My symptoms seem to resemble Over-Active Bladder but I don't know for sure. I hope to find an answer soon as this is very distressing and will for sure make things harder for me, especially out in public. I'm good at controlling my bladder, but with the state it's getting into, I can't afford to go out without at least a pantiliner as I don't want an accident if I can't easily make it to the toilet. Augghhh this is so frustrating. I'm tired of getting up every few minutes to pee. I've already gone about 8 times since 10:30 pm. Not normal for me.

To Troubled Pooper: Try drinking lots of water and eat a high-fibre cereal such as All Bran, and drink a couple glasses of Metamucil mixed in water. If this fails, take a bulk-forming laxative or an enema as a last resort. If not, see your doctor if all else fails. Good luck.

That's all for now.

All peed out, distressed and still need to go,



Well, Thanksgiving is over, and I'm sure everybody had some pretty interesting post-Thanksgiving poops. Myself, I have a tendacy to get a litle bound up over the holidays, probably from eating way to much and the digestive system just has to work too hard processing it.

Anyway, I crapped Friday morning, but it was just a normal sized turd. Then I didn't go again till Sunday night. Going 2 days without a shit is really unusual for me.

I went in to take a shower, but when I got in the bathroom I felt a heavy, crampy feeling in my lower gut. I already had half my clothes off anyway, so I sat on the toilet and relaxed. This load wasn't moving on its own, so I began to push.

This turd slowly began moving out, but I had to grunt and strain much harder than I usually do. It came out in one long piece, and when it came to the end, it just hung there. I rocked back and forth and bounced up and down on the seat, but I couldn,t get it to break off. Finally, I squeezed my butt cheeks together, and it fell in the toilet with a plop.

Because of that, I used about a quarter roll of toilet paper, wiping about 25 times before it was clean. I checked out my load before I flushed. It was a long, brown snake like turd, coming up out of the hole, curving back around, and flopping over on top of itself. After flushing, I took my shower, making sure to clean myself good back there.

Even after that, I still felt like there was more poop in me. And now, as I'm sitting here on Monday morning typing this, I'm starting to feel a heaviness in my lower abdomen, so I think I'll finish this story and go finish what I started last night.

Bye for now.

Last night, I was watching HGTV, World's Most Extreme Homes. During one of the houses the show toured, the host went into the bathroom in time for a commercial. I would have liked to see her use the bathroom.

I also have a story about my own pooping. On Friday, while I was at work, I started to get a big urge to poop, probably from all that food I ate on Thanksgiving, but I had an hour until my lunch break, so I decided I'd wait.

When my lunch break finally came, I really had to poop right then, so I hurried to the bathroom and took the first open stall. No sooner had I slipped my pants down to my ankles and began to sit did the poop start it's way out.

The first turd was fairly thick and stretched my butthole a bit coming out. At only about 5 inches long, the turd cut off, but was quickly followed. After three more turds similar to the first, I felt my butthole stretch again, but this time the turd seemed to go on forever. Then finally I was done, so I wiped, flushed and went back to my desk to eat.

i went to the dentist and on the way home i let a long squit of pee in to my pants. it soaked my butt and i loooved it.

TO Jennifer:

If those stuck-stools weren't unusually big, I would hazard a guess that you were not getting enough liquids in your diet (dehydration) or you were constipated. There are any number of reasons why you could be constipated - eg. diet, lifestyle habits, illness, your monthly cycle, et cetera.

Through a process of elimination (no pun intended), you may be able to determine the contributing factor(s). If that fails, see your family Dr.

Take care,


I'd like to encourage everyone here to stop using toilet paper as the primary means of cleaning up after a dump. Dry toilet paper is unsanitary and unhealthful for one's anal region, often resulting in hemmrhoids and skidmarks. In the Arab world, Americans are often mocked as a nation of dirty, stinky asses for their reliance on toilet paper. I have been using water spraying for 5 years now and it is just so much cleaner - once you've tried it, you'll never go back to TP. This country is unfortunately severely backward in regards to its defecation hygiene.

Master Blaster
Ok Charlie's Girl. You say you want some stories about guys? Well, I don't have anything about what you suggested right now, but I will tell you about the dumps I took in the last 2 days.

The first one was yesterday, I was really busting for a shit. By the time I got into the bathroom, I was letting out alot of silent farts, indicating that I really had to go. I sat down and pushed out a turd that was one of the biggest I've done in a while. That thing was approximately 16 in. long and about 2 in. wide. I was not done, even then. I proceded to let out two more 4 in. turds that were the same width, only creamier. I few more crumbs and I was done. It was a really satisfying shit.

I just got done with a fat load, it kinda hurt on the way out. It was sorta hard; the first turd was about 7-8 in. long and pretty wide, about 1.5 inches. There were about 2 other turds, pretty soft this time, about 3-4 inches long. It smelled pretty bad too.

Ok, so if you don't mind me asking, Charlie's Girl, how about you? What's the biggest dump you've ever taken? Tell us about it, won't you?;)

Talk to you all later,
Master Blaster

Just had a thought cleaning the toilet that reminded me of something I wanted to post. Totally on subject (toilets), of course.

Now I realize I'll get into trouble with the guys on this forum, but so what. I'm used to it. I often clean our bathrooms, I help dirty them, why not clean them? We share our jobs around here, my wife and I.

Anyway, quite a while ago, I'd noticed there'd be a poop stain on the lower edge of the back rim of the toilet. From a runny poop pushed by gas, you know the feeling. We've all been there, done that. Well, I wondered how it got there. I didn't remember doing it, I'd not had any runs at that time. Then it dawned on me. Duh! I'm slow on the uptake sometimes. I'm fully aware of our plumbing differences, of course, and I thank God for them, but I had just realized that my lovely lady's, um, rear apperture, as it were, was placed slightly upward from mine, by necessity of course, by our Wonderful Creator, so as to point further backward when sitting. Especially when her elbows are resting on her knees. So if the poop is slightly runny, it would spray higher towards the back of the potty than mine would, hence the slight stain on the rim. The lower part of the poo would be washed away at flushing. Sometimes my ability to figure these things out astounds me...

Hello to everyone. I have not posted for awhile but have a story to share. I went into the Thanksgiving holiday constipated. I had house guests and did not take the time to do an enema or even to use a couple of glycerine suppositories. The Saturday after Thanksgiving all of the guests had left except one friend and he was sleeping in, so I decided that I had time to use a laxative so that I could finally get emptied out. I decided that an enema was too much trouble so I used a dulcolax suppository. I usually use glycerine suppositories but felt that I needed something stronger. I inserted the suppository and then worked on the computer until it finally kicked in after about 25 minutes. I had to really strain and grunt even with the suppository but finally I started moving a large hard dry log out. It took about 10 minutes of straining but finally got it out. A second similar log followed and after about 15 more minutes I was finally emptied out. It felt great. Later in the day my friend and I went out to do some shopping and I started to feel the urge to go #2 again. I told my friend that I was going to hit the mens room and thought I would sneak off on my own. Instead, he said that he had to go too and would go with me. I was a little surprised. I am not modest or shy in the bathroom but I had never been in the bathroom with this friend before. As we were walking towards the back of the store to the restroom I thought I should warn him that this was going to be more that just a quick stop at the urinal. I told him that I had used a laxative this morning and it was kicking in again and hoped he didn't mind that I was going to go #2. He laughed and said he was going to do the same. The bathroom was small, two stalls, and very quiet. We went into the two stalls and sat down. He immediately pushed and I could hear him start an easy sounding bowel movement. I also pushed and let out some dry farts. I started ejecting some hard cannonballs and was a little embarrassed at the loud splashes. I could also hear him splashing into the bowl. We both spent about 10 minutes on the toilet. During that time he asked me what laxative I had used, did I use them often, how did suppositories work etc. He never uses laxatives and I think he was surprised that I did, especially when I told him that I had used them since I was a teenager. We both wiped, flushed and washed our hands and then continued shopping. A real bonus for me to be able to go again and to also have a buddy dump with a friend.
Would love to hear from other constipated guys out there. Maybe some of the old posters.
Jay, I just read your post. Had your son gone a couple of days with out going? Sometimes when I first start having trouble instead of waiting I use one or two glycerine suppositories. They help to get things started. You would probably find that they would help you too.
Take Care,

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Hello everyone!

This is just a small poll:

-How many people here wear diapers:
A. Out of a real necessity - eg. weak bladder, incontinence

B. By choice - simply because you enjoy wearing and/or using them.

Take care,


When I was 11 my mom and 5 year old sister and I were going to thanksgiving at my gramma's and there was an accident on the highway on top of all the other thanksgiving traffic and we couldn;t move. After an hour i had to pee so i said to my mother 'mom i need to pee!'. She said 'you have to wait! I waited for another hour, and we hadn't moved at all, really, and I said I can't wait anymore. I wanted to get out and pee somewhere behind a bush, but she wouldn't let me because she didn't want me to go alone. So I opened the door and turn sideways in my seat and took my weiner out and peed out like that. And it was embarrassing because my sis was standing in her seat and watching me.

My son tommy was at a soccer game and he was 4 or 5. he had drank a lot of water during the day and hadn't peed because he was so focused on the game and i suppose it went right through him and just sat in his bladder. During the game I saw he was doing the peepee dance, hopping around while desperately holding his crotch, bending at the knees. I told him to go to the toilet but he was VERY into the soccer game. anyway, he was getting more more desperate and then he ran over to me and a few feet away from he just stopped and looked at me and I think he would have wet himself in a few minutes. I picked him up and took him behind a tree and pulled his pants and underwear down and helped him aim while he peed for like a minute!

Dr. Poop
Hi again,
Mike D I've got a couple of stories about my mother pooping. These involved hearing her go. The first one was back when I was in highschool. I was sitting at the kitching table studding and my mom went into the bathroom and turned the fan on as we do in the powder room when people are around. She peed alittle and continued to sit for a while. About five minutes later she let out a very lowd fart and I had to fight laughter after hearing it. A few minutes later she flushed and came out. I didn't say anything about what I heard.

The second one was a few years later. My mom was on cruches and had diareha. I was also at the table in the kitchen. She went into the bathroom and sat and peed and took a while without much noise. the second time she went in she sat and unleashed a load of mushey poop folowed by a lot of lowd farting. She repeted this about for times in two hours. The bathroom was sure stinking for about a half hour after she finished.

I also have one about my grandma. Last year she was getting ready to go back home and said let's see if I can have some luck. So she went into the bathroom and turned on the fan. She usualy pees with the fan off and poops with it on. A minute after she sat down on the toilet She Let out a low droning fart. and I thought that was funny that an 85 year old woman wood do that since women are so moddist in the bathroom.

The most wierd and embaracing thing happened the other day. I was fairly bunged up not having takena dump for three days. Well the urge came at work, so made my way to the mens room. Found the end stool and prepared to give birth to this monster. Sat a cracked out a fart then effortlessly the turd started to make its way out,moved the tackle out of the way to take a look,it must have been easy three inched wide and about six inces had made its way out and stopped. Had to lean back a bit on the can and start to push a fair bit. Well what happed next was kind strange, from out of nowhere came the urgent need to pee. There I am leaning backwards and as the jet of pee shot out so did my dick from the john. I am sitting there pissing with all my might into the cubicle space,hitting the back of the door and all over the floor. Try as I mightI was just unable to stop,so struggling I try to shove my dick back into the can,all the while pissing a storm. Well the mess, piss all over the place,over my hand and on my pants,turd still sliding its way out of my bum. The next wierd thing was as soon as my dick was pointing down back into the can I stopped peeing. Why? Has anyone else had the same problem? The dump was the best one I had taken in ages and must have been about eighteen inches long,with three about six inches and slightly thiner!

Well its that time. I have been a reader on this site for a very long time. But have never posted on here. And, I cannot think of a better time then now to share in the pleasure of my pooping experience. I really get turned on by reading of some of the large and healthy poos that woman talk about on here. The ones from men don't excite me at all. So here goes.

It was of course the day after Thanksgiving, and I was out shopping on Black Friday. I'm one of these early shoppers who even after doing a lot of good eating all day on Thursday. Still drags myself up and out of bed at 4:00 in the morning to be at the stores for all of the early bird specials. At that time though my bowels just aren't ready to evacuate anything. No matter how hard I push and strain. Grunt or groan, I know nothing will happen. So, I know when my time comes on Friday. I will be at the mall where I will have to sit and empty my load. And believe me, I am not the only one.

It got to be about 8:30 in the morning. I had already been to my car twice to put packages in my trunk. I thought now is a good time to sit at the food court and have a real nice cup of coffee. So, I got my coffee and sat down at the table and enjoyed sipping it. I was sitting alone as a mother and daughter came along. They asked if they could join me as just about every table was filled. And I was alone and had three empty chairs at my table. I said sure. Now we didn't know each other. But before you knew it, we were talking just like old friends, carrying on a real good conversation. During that time as I relaxed, I could feel my ???? finally starting to churn and could tell my bowels were soon going to be ringing at my back door. I feel that it was the relaxing that helped move it along. The food court had rest rooms at either end. I noticed that it was a heavy load of traffic going in and out of the ladies room. Well, I finished my coffee. And excused myself to go to the rest room and then to finish my shopping. the girl who I would say was 18 to 20 years old, looked at her mother and said that sounds like a good idea. I had gotten up and left them. As I dropped my cup in the trash container, I noticed then walking towards the trash as well. Well there was a little bit of a line, when I walked in. All the stalls were being used. And of course quite a few of them had plenty of noise coming from them. From hard grunts and groans. To the sounds of farting. And also included sounds of a lot of mushy and runny poop coming out. As, I waited my turn. The mother and daughter were behind me, so we continued to talk.

I could tell by then that no privacy was going to be had by anyone. I could also tell that I was going to be taking a really massive poop. And it wasn't feeling all that solid. the rest room was already smelling quite bad. As the deodorizer that sprays at intervals couldn't keep up with todays action. Finally two stalls side by side opened almost together as two young ladies emerged. The one I took had quite a shit stain still in the bowl. And the lady who came from there was one that was doing some massive pooping. the daughter took the one right next to me. As, I hung my sweater on the door hook. I could hear the daughter unzipping and lowering her jeans and panties. I continued on my way doing the same thing. Just as I was ready to sit down the daughter let out a really messy and wet sounding fart. Her mother was right outside her door. She seemed to be a little embarrassed by what she did, as she mumbled under her breath, "oh no." I think that she was going to be making some really loud noises with her mother right outside, and she knew it. As, I sat down, I felt how warm the seat still was from the previous lady. I as well, let out some really loud sounding farts. Wet and mushy as well. And I wasn't going to be ashamed, because it seemed like a lot of those noises were being made. These were big rest rooms with about 20 stalls, 10 on each side. So nobody had privacy. I continued to pass a good amount of gas. And I think that helped relax the daughter. As before you know it she was letting go on a regular basis. I was able to see her feet and jeans lowered. I was enjoying watching what I could see of her. But it was me that started crapping really good loads first. Her mother by this time was in the stall on the other side of me. She too was making a mess of herself. Well, I finally felt now was the time. I inhaled really good to get ready to push everything out. And pushing it out was not a problem. But the long loud mushy noise of what I was doing was quite uncontrollable. I was really shitting a load, but it was feeling so good. I looked at the daughters feet just then, as she started to shift. At that point she pushed her jeans and panties lower and spread her feet apart. And upon doing that she let out one tremendous crap. Followed by a huge load of gas, telling her that she definitely wasn't done. I also knew that I had quite a bit more inside of me as well. So I continued to sit and taking a real good piss as well.

As for her mother, she either went pretty good last evening. Or this morning before they left. She let out a fairly good load, but was already wiping herself as the both of us continued to push, strain and fart. She then flushed the toilet and walked out of her stall. She tapped on the door of the stall her daughter was sitting in and told her she would be waiting outside, and there is no need to rush. Her daughter replied with an okay in between some farting and straining. I also changed my sitting position a little as I could feel some cramping coming on. I knew by that feel that I was going to feel my back door open up very wide real soon with a very massive load of shit going to be coming out. I also didn't want to flush as bad as I was stinking, because public rest room toilets tend to splash water up quite a bit, because they are so powerful.

At that exact time we both pushed and our asses unloaded together. It was very loud, I'm sure the other ladies inside were looking at our stalls. She kept on grunting and groaning. After my back door unloaded that last amount. Everything else kept on coming out quite easy. Including one that was at least 12 inches of solid shit. that really made it stink in my stall. After a few more good farts and one small mushy load. My back door closed tight, my cramps went away. And I knew that I was able to wipe. My cheeks were quite messy and stinky as I leaned over to wipe. And that poor girl next to me just continued to shit some really big loads. I was feeling quite sorry for her by now. Being young, I knew she was embarrassed about what she was doing. She wasn't a big girl. Nicely proportioned, average height and weight. But, I don't think she knew how it was to be in her situation on a day like this. Where she would eventually have to depart from the stall and face other ladies who would be looking at her. Anyway, I finished wiping and put myself back together. As I flushed and got ready to walk out of the stall, I could again hear her letting out farts and shit together. It didn't sound like she was going to finish anytime soon. I walked out of my stall and expected the ladies to be staring which they were. I just walked out to where the sinks were and washed my hands. I was really feeling good, as I walked out of the rest room. Her mother was sitting outside and as I passed her she asked if her daughter was coming. I told her no, as she was still on the toilet. Well, I continued on my merry way to finish some more shopping.

About 45 minutes later as I was in the Bath and Body Works store. The mother and daughter came walking in. The daughter had a lot of color back in her face. I don't know what the final outcome was with her. But you could tell that she was quite happily relieved. And when she saw me, she actually came up to me and apologized for everything that was happening to her in the rest room. Looking around, to see if there was anybody near by, which there wasn't. I told her, don't worry about it. It happens to all of us. I even asked her if she could hear me. She told me "Yes." And I think that really helped her. I feel that if she ever has to experience that in front of a crowded ladies room again. She will be that much more relaxed.

Well, I hope to read some exciting stories of other ladies and there bathroom experiences on the day after Thanksgiving. Especially ones that took place in a public rest room. Hope to post again sometime soon.

Stand Up Pee Girl
Marcy it sounds like what you did not do was hold your lips open and just slightly lift up as that would of produced a nice tight stream with a foward direction that would of easliy shot past the clothing beneath you. It takes some practice (the shower is a good place for that)and by giving a good push at just about empty you can also avoid most dripping.

I taught both our girls how to pee/poo from the boat. The older girl learned quickly and is not as self concious. Andrea took some coaxing. Once when out on the boat Bobbie Sue had to pee and went over the side. When she finished I peed as well. I knew Andrea needed to go as she was fidgeting. I sat her on the side and held her so she wouldn't fall overboard. She finally peed and for a little girl really went. After she was finished she was proud of herself that she had peed in the water like mom & sissy.

Mother of Twins
As you all know,yesterday was Thanksgiving.My husband and my boys AJ and Jake went to my sister-in-laws house.She has twin 15 year olds who have their own floor with a half bathroom and the house had 1 bathroom.There were maybe 24 people there,including kids.My boys usually poo 3 times on Thanksgiving.We ate at 3 o'clock.I dumped at 4 and AJ dumped at 4 thirty.Then,the madness started.Lines waited at the door all day.People like my husband took 20 minutes to dump.Young boy children cried and held there "dinkies" and girls crosssed there legs.The steps to the twins' floor were alwyas being ran up.It was loud and chaotic.Jake told me he had to crap but couldnt stand to wait in line.I led him outside to where the dogs crap.He dropped trou and pooped out 3 mid-sized logs.Then,my other sister in law ran her 4 y/o outside and pulled down his pants and he peed on the pool.My sons pooed outside 3 times.I told male children who needed to pee to go outside.But 1 boy's mom told him not 2 pee anywhere but the bathroom.he stood in line and peed himself i his only pants.It also got all over his nice green collar shirt.I had a close call and had to run upstairs to James and Josh's bathroom once.After dessert,everything calmed down

turkey trots
This thanksgiving was like all the other years past. A trip to moms house for turkey dinner and all the fixings. Just like every year I always overindulge beetween meal and desserts. In years past I have been able to get by with a little indigestion or just a bit of uncomfortableness. Usually I cap off the holiday with a nice healthy crap before going to bed. This year i however made one mistake that would come back to haunt me. I slobbered my turkey with great tasting homemade turkey gravy. My second and third helpings of turkey were also doused with a generous helping not realizing the fury that this greasy yet tasty concoction would wreak on my stomach later on. After a delicious meal and dessert I headed back home around the 5pm hour as i was scheduled to work early the next day. My home is only about a 30 minute drive from Moms but on this day it would seem like 30 hours. About halfway through the trip I began feeling really uncomfortable. But i figured no suprise since i had eaten a huge helping of everything. However I quickly realized this was going to be more than just a little indegestion. My stomach was growling like the crazy as my intestines began to turn the thanksgiving meal into butt gravy. I felt the urge to pass gas but didnt dare to i could feel the warmness on my butt and new that diarrhea was on the way. I clenched my cheeks as I sped faster to erase the remaing ten miles on my trip home. I was just around the corner from my house and fairly confident i would be able to make it home safe to my bathroom without crapping my panties. Wouldnt you know a sobriety checkpoint. I stopped and did my check and went on my way normally no big deal. But time was precious. As I pulled away from the checkpoint. A little of the butt gravy seeped out into my panties. I was only moments away from total release. I got home and head straight into the house and made a bee line for the toilet. In now time i had my partially soiled panties off and was sitting on the throne. The instant my cheeks hit the seat it was total release. My bowels exploded in a fury as it seemed like gallon after gallon of brown liquid poured from my bottom side. The smell was atrocious and i expected the paint to peel off the walls. Finally ten minutes later my diarrhea had stopped. I was able to clean myself flush and put on a new pair of panties. Still feeling pretty washed out and tired i sat on the couch and watched tv. Not more then 10 minutes later I was back in the bathroom for 10 minutes more of the same. I repeated this senario five more times in the next 2 hours. I dont think I have ever had such bad diarrhea in my life. I know it was the turkey gravy as greasy foods usually effect my stomach. So come next Turkey day here is one girl that will probably overindulge but will not touch a drop of gravy.

wouldnt it be nice to get to PICK when you go to the bathroom so you wouldnt have to worry about having to go at the wrong place at the wrong time[aka having accidents]??? Too bad it didnt work that way...

Mike D
anyone have any interesting stories to tell about hearing their mother on the toilet taking a poop? or see an unflushed turd left behind in the toilet by a female? also, anyone have any good stories of smelling the aftermath left in bathroom from a woman. any stories of seeing, hearing or smelling your friend's mother or one of your parent's female friends or relatives that involves being around when they are pooping in close proximity. Please post and share. Thanks

Mr. SP
While camping out on a riverbank a few years ago with my wife I awoke from the nights sleep. I made the coffee and then went to the river for my morning pee. Standing at the edge of the water I got my penis out and pointed it at the water. Shortly after I started peeing in the water a fish came up and stayed right where my pee was going in the water. The fish stayed there the whole time as I peed. This was my first pee of the day after not peeing all night so I had a lot. As soon as I finished the fish swam off. Maybe there is something in pee that fish like. Later my wife also peed in the water and another fish was just down stream from her as she peed. She had a lot too as this was her first pee for the day. When she finished she wiped and tossed her TP in the river as the other fish swam off.
During the day we both went to the river several times and peed in it but no fish came to where we were peeing again.

To Teddy Bear: I like your posts. Do you have any more childhood pooping experiences: accidents, constipation, diarrhea or a common bathroom trip? I hope to see more of your posts.

Hi everyone,

Now that Thanksgiving is over. I hope to hear some really good and amazing stories from some of the women on this site. As they tell there stories about the morning after, or day after poops. I find it so interesting how much poop comes out of there butt holes. So fill us in with the turkey, gravy, stuffing and mashed potatoes that came out of your t?????s. And I especially want to hear from the ones that had to take really good poops at the shopping malls while they shopped on Black Friday.

JENNY.. I really liked your story about the poop you took outside of your cabin. I hope that you will write a lot more of your adventures in pooping. Especially if its a day that you have some really bad diarrhea.

I would say you should see a different doctor; a GYN or a Urologist. You might also in the mean time learn about Kegal exercises.

I was at one my girlfriends house yesterday and I felt like I needed to poop. I usually only poop a couple times a week and it's usually extremely large. My husband always says I must be part elephant. Anyway I didn't feel comfortable about going at her house so I decided to wait till I got home. After a couple hours it really got bad, and I couldn't wait. I sat on the toilet and I felt myself stretching to the limit. I didn't have a choice, I had to ask her if she had any vasiline and believe me this was very embarrasing. She asked me what I needed it for and I told her I haven't pooped in about 10 days and it was huge. She gave me this funny look and she said she was also costipated and felt like she could go also. She was still in shock about the vaseline question. I had to ask her again and she was able to find some. I went back to the toilet and really lubed my hole and sat down. It started moving and I let out this loud moan from the pain. She must have been outside the door listening because she asked if I was ok. It hurt so bad I couldn't even squeeze without screaming. I usually have a pretty good technique for getting my hole to stretch but it was to the max. It finally started to move and I bent over as far as I could and squeezed like hell. I rocked back and forth and bounced up and down and it finally came out. I think it was the biggest one I've ever done. Needless to say it wasn't going to flush, so I had to ask her for a bag to put it in. She couldn't believe it, she said she had to look at it. I was pretty embarrased but I showed her anyway. She said she hadn't gone in a few days and hers would probably be just as big. This is the 1st time that we ever had a conversation like this. After I got mine out of there she went in and said she'd be out in 2 minutes. I asked if I could watch because it took me over a 1/2 hour and I couldn't imagine someone pooping as big as me in 2 minutes. I was amazed, she sat down took about 10 quick breaths and bent over and squeezed out this huge turd. She didn't even need any vaseline.

My question is, is my hole just to small or is hers just so big. How many people need to lube before they do a big one?

Charlie's Girl
Can we please hear more from the guys out there? Not that I mind hearing about women, but it would be cool to hear more about what the men on this board get up to sometimes!

So a few questions... Have you ever been desperate to go but forced to wait? Have you ever had an accident? Have you ever had an accident or pissed/pooped deliberately in front of or with a female - for example, on a date or on holiday somewhere? Ever tried buddy-dumping with a girlfriend/SO? Oh... and any stories about going to the toilet outside would be cool! Come on guys, don't be shy!

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