My mom is a principal at a middle school and she told me a story about this one girl who is in 5th grade and is not potty trained she would just sit in class and pee her pants, everyday this would go on

I was just wondering anyone knew anyone else like this, i just thought it was kinda wierdd 5th grade and not potty trained

To Amy (Buck Tooth Blonde):

Give us more details about your big BMs and what they look like.


Christmas shopping was very interesting this year. While waiting for one of our stores to open my wife tells me she gotta go to the bathroom BAD. I told her to hang on the store is gonna open soon. My wife is pacing back and forth. Finally I see her walk over to the side of the store, her face is as red as Santa. As she walks back to me I see her buttoned up her sweater and putting the belt of her sweater to her waist. She wispered in my ear and told me she did make it and she was going to the car to wait for me. She had poop and peed all over herself, I had looked at her jeans you could see a wet spot on the legs, but you really couldn't smell the poop. Right as she starts walking to the car the store opens. As I get back to the car she is sitting on some newspaper. She told me the poop is all over her crotch area now since she had another attack since I was in the store for 30 min. I take her home to get cleaned up and to go back out to shop some more.

The Lone Loafer
First to Anny: try to find a new doctor!

Second to Teddy Bear: that was me; sorry the name was left blank. Thanks for the page references.<br>

Third to Alta Cocker: Hilarious! (the soda can crapping neighbor) I think I would have dragged her parents in to clean it up and to send it on its way, though. Cacca forte to you too!;-)

Now, I have a bit of a pee story to tell, in case anybody finds pee stories interesting.
Tonight, It was my duty to take out the last of the bags of trash--the final bag, held back for last minute stuff.
I went around emptying one or two other cans which contained trash. I next removed from the freezer, the plastic container of organic garbage kept there during the week. After I did that, I turned the water in a sink, so that I might fill the garbage container with hot water, to effect some slight cleaning (presumably, somebody will clean it for real in the morning). While waiting for the water to get hot, I noticed that I had a full bladder, and thought that it might be fun, to let a little of it go, right there in the kitchen trashcan, before I removed the bag.
After I finished with the water, I stood over the can, with my dick in the air, ready to whiz in a trashcan. I found, however, that the can was a bit lower than I thought, and it being dark, there is a chance I would miss slightly, or have a splash, or something, and therefore have to do more cleaning than I had wanted to do tonight.
Earlier, I had flattened and folded a five or six foot long box, two and a half inches on a side, so that it would fit in the bag. Of course, it started unfolding as soon as it got in the bag, but enough of it stayed as I had put it, that it remained within the confines of the bag. So, being committed to this particular urination, I lifted up the open end of the tube-like box (if a tube can be squareish), stuck my unit in the hole in the top of it, and then waited the few seconds it took to get going. After I had done a few spurts, I decided 'what the heck? This bag has plenty of paper based products in it, and is not likely to have any holes'; and it was nice. So I let fly with my full capacity, and what ever else I could push out. Even after I was finished, I could hear it trickling to further levels of depth in the bag.
There were no leaks, and as I was taking the bag out side after tying it up so that it was not likely to spill even if it tipped over, I felt around the outside and bottom of the bag, to see if there were any noticeable areas or piles of liquid, but could find none. Apparently, the box and other paper goods in the bag, had done their trick perfectly, and there was nothing to be noticed (not that it would have mattered at that point). I will probably do this again some time.
Not <i>very</i> adventurous, but fun none the less, and I hope someone found it amusing.

Hi everyone. I was wondering if I could get some advice. I was taking a dump in the only bathroom in my apartment when my 12yo son came in. When he saw me he said sorry and that he had to go but he would wait and sat on the edge of the tub. I was a bit constipated so I took a few more minutes before I was done then he replaced me on the toilet and started some low grunting. I had used up all of the paper on the roll so was looking around under the sink for another roll when I heard some louder grunting and looked over and saw my son almost doubled over and with a real strained look on his face. I asked him if he was getting anything to come out and he said that it was coming out it was just really hard. As he didn't take up much space on the bowl I was able to look behind him and see and he had a very large turd coming out. He pushed a couple of times and it didn't seem to budge but finally it started moving. After he was finally done I asked him if this had been going on for awhile. We are usually in the bathroom in the mornings around the same time so we see each other on the toilet pretty regularly and he didn't seem to have that much trouble before. Just the usual low grunts and squeezing. I usually seem to have trouble taking my dumps. I try to eat right, drink lots of water, and take a fiber supplement but my turds still seem to be pretty big and hard. I'm going to watch his diet closer and stuff like that but do you guys have any ideas? Also, any ideas for when it's too late for any of that stuff and he's trying to dump and having trouble like he was this morning?

ok well i went under another name last time and i am the geeky girl. well i never really finished my story and i know it will be posted so here goes, ill finish it off. travis was definately crossing his legs alot and when i asked him what was wrong, he said he needed to find a bathroom but the library bathroom was closed and he couldnt make it to the next bathroom. i could see he did not make eye contact after that and he turned red. he looked at me once and i could see his eyes were filled with tears, and i looked at his crotch which began to become wet. a tear ran down travis's cheek, and he told me he had to leave. i let him go and i knew he was really embarassed. well, he invited me to go to a pizza shop the day after that and my parents approved, they were glad to see me socializing. he seemed very nervous and i brought up the "accident" and he apoligized for it. i told him it was ok, that everyone has an accident every once in a while. he kissed me. yes on the lips. that was my first kiss EVER and im already in 12th grade. i told him that was my first kiss and he smiled and replied "mine too!!!" which made me feel less embarrassed.

Response to Dillons survey
What age...
1. ...are you now?
2. ...were you when you last wet your pants?
3. ...were you when you last pooped your pants?
4. ...were you when you last wet the bed?

5. Explain the last accident you had.
1. 26
2. 26 A month ago I was desperate and holding my crotch coming home from a department store. I got to the door of my house leaking into my underwear. By the time I made it too my bathroom door my bladder exploded.
3. 15 I held it for three days and it just made its way out at while I was walking home from school.
4. 25 I was mortified to find I had soaked the bed. My roomate found out also to make it worse. She stilll makes fun of me about it but I have a lot of accidents.
5. (refer to number 2 for the last accident but i will tell you another one) about a month and a half ago I was at with my former boyfriend at a small store and i really had to pee but I didnt want to tell him. I kept on walking and squirming. He noticed and asked me "whats wrong need to pee...again?!" I murmured "yes" and he said well lets go. The store didnt have a bathroom so we left. He was driving while I put my hand between my legs. He laughed at me and kept driving. Then when we pulled up to the house he said he was gonna go home and dropped me off. When I got to the door I realised I was to focused on my bladder and left my purse in my car with the keys. He soon came back and ran the purse to me but by the time I got to the got the keys out my bladder started giving way. THere was a dinner plate sized spot on my pants. I grabbed the key and rushed inside embarrased because I saw other cars pass by. and my boyfriend was inside my driveway still. By the time I got to the bathroom door my pants were soaked. I finished up my pee in my pants and peeled them off of me. I threw them in my washer and cleaned up.

It sounds like you have a bladder infection. The infection can cause you to lose control. I'm surprised your doctor didn't check you for it, It is easily solved with antibiotics. I have had 2 bladder infections even though they are rare for a man. I went to the doctor with a towel in my underwear cuz I was wetting myself and later bought diapers to wear but in 3 days it was all over with by taking antibiotics. There is a rare possibility that it is something else, and in that case you should be referred to a urologist who will perform urodynamic studies but 95% of the time it is an infection. If there was really something wrong with your bladder you would have had symptoms for a long time but something like this that comes along suddenly is almost always and infection. Good Luck with it and tell us how U make out.

Return Peace Corps Volunteer
Anny--did you ever get your sample done? How did it go? I'm sorry to hear that you are having so much trouble lately :( You might want to check with another doctor who will actually listen to your concerns. You know your body best and don't you forget it.

So, here is a story about one time I got really carsick. We were coming back from the training village to the village where we lived and we were in a crowded mini-bus. It's like a delivery van with seats instead of empty, and also they have people standing there crammed in. Anyway, the road was unpaved, windy and hilly. Not to mention VERY bumpy. So, I'm on the bus and during the 45 minute ride, my stomach started hurting really bad. I seriously felt like I was going to puke for a few minutes, then realized it wanted to come out the other end. We still had about 15 minutes left and I'm dying. From the bus stop, there was still a 15-20 minute walk to my house. So, the school is closer to the bus stop. I told my friend I needed to use the school's bathroom and wasn't going to walk home with her. As soon as the bus stopped, I paid and sprinted to the school. Now, like I said before, the school didn't have indoor plumbing. The way the outhouse was set up (and it was brand new that year...) was that there were two commodes (with no plumbing, it just dropped into the hole) which were locked and the keys were inside. Those two private commodes were for the teachers, but we were allowed to use them. Of course, the room where the keys were was locked (not that I had time to get them). So, I ended up having to go into the students' area (2 areas, girls and boys) which was just a row of holes without any separations. I yanked my clothes off and everything immediately came gushing out for like 15 minutes. I was praying that no one would come in. Thankfully, I carried toilet paper with me so I was able to clean up. After that, I felt so much better and walked back home where I was able to wash up.

Anny. I'm sorry to hear about your bladder problems. Quite frankly I'm alarmed that your doctor is assuming that there's nothing wrong with you on account of your age alone. My advice would be to see another doctor if possible. I don't know what the system is in your part of the world but would it be possible for you to make an appointment to see a sympathetic consultant urologist? Pee problems are no joke at the best of times and the sooner you can get proper professional help the better. Let us know how you get on.


post stories about having the stomach flu please thanks

This is my 1st post. I have a question for everyone in this forum. I know alot of people come to this website for different reasons---I wonder if anyone shares my interest. After years of reading this site I have come to a conclusion. I don't think it's the act of going to the bathroom that turns me on. I think it's the effort and straining involved. My favorite posts are the ones when people grunt really loud and stay on the toilet for ages. But my interest isn't just toilet related. I also get turned on when I hear women straining in childbirth (on Tv or in a movie). So I guess I have a straining fetish?

This is really limited to women. I am 100% hetero and I am not turned on by womens' bodies in the least. But stories of men on the toilet totally turn me off. I guess I am a little weird!

I don't want to put down anyone else's interests but I could care less about looking at poop, the anus, farting, or hearing it come out (gross!). I always skip the posts where people go into graphic detail describing what it looks like.

That's why Fat Woman's posts are outstanding in this regard. I think she shares my interests. She is my favorite poster and I wish she would post more or at least more people like her would post.

Anyway, I am really curious if anyone out there understands my interest.

Please post....


Squat watcher
To Alice in Wonderland.

Thanks for your post. Actually, I think when peeing outside we treat the place as if it were a toilet. We men point our dicks at the wall or tree just as we point at the toilet. You girls face outwards when squatting as you do when sitting on the toilet. I'd be interested in what other girls have to say about peeing outside.

In answer to your question, yes, I'm quite happy to be watched peeeing by any girl. Of course, I'd have to be so desperate that I could think of nothing but the need to pee. Otherwise the presence of a girl would soon have my willie rising to attention; not that I'd mind a girl seeing that - you're all welcome!

To Stinker:
The girls and I have had to do a poo from the side of the boat. It is about the same as peeing, just takes a little longer.
In the woods or outside somewhere I find a spot out of view and squat to go.

Just curious, How many here just walk up to the stool
spread their legs a bit to both sides and sit down.
Yes. I mean facing the tank and wall. I have found some
seat rings to actually be quite comfortable that way.
Besides I can rest my elbows on the tank top and really
relax while waiting for the poop to find it's way out.
Maybe sometimes a bit of reading material against the wall
and not have to hold it in front of me. Anyone else ?

PS To Anny:

You may have the same problem I do. I'm 28 and have similar symptoms as you. Are your urges very sudden and unpredictable? Do you have a varied amount of leakage (sometimes I dribble a little bit while sometimes it's a full-blown diaper flooding much like what you described)? If so, perhaps we can talk to each other, maybe compare notes and stuff. I posted my email address so we can correspond.

Ugh... reflex incontinence sucks. I've got nerve and muscle damage in my pelvic area, so I've got a very unpredictable bladder. I lie to you not, there's been times where one second I don't have to pee and literally five seconds later I'm wet. The other day I actually wet myself twice before being able to change my diaper. I peed on myself in the beginning of a meeting and again as I was leaving the meeting an hour and a half later! I've been wetting the bed nightly and almost twice per day. AS I'm writing this now I feel the wet cotton squishing below me, the urine threatening to saturate the diaper and dampen my pajama bottoms. I gotta say I hate wetting myself like this. I hate when I dribble, I hate when I gush, and I hate having to shell out $15 for adult diapers.

Is there anyone here who has reflex incontinence, where unpredictable bladder contractions and damaged nerves cause wetting accidents?

hi Phillip, I hope the mens restrooms at Ford Motor Company where your dad works, has a really good ventalation system. 20 toilets with no stall doors to hold back the odors from the rest of the room, and 3 sets of 20 shitters in a 10 otr 15 minute afternoon break???? It HAD to reek in there..and the toilet seats were probably always nice and warm LOL....

The Lone Ranger
In Reply to Anny.

These problems are definately worth having a blood test for.
Many different medical problems can give symptoms like this.

I would sugest either seeing a different doctor or going to a Hospital for a blood test if that is an option where you live.

Otherwise go back to your own doctor and ask her for a blood test if this keeps hapening.

let us all know how things work out for you.

The Lone Ranger

to Anny,

Would it be possible to change doctors? It sounds as if you need a referrel to a urologist. I don't know if your current doctor would give a referrel, but you could try.

Also, kegel exercises could be helpful. Vaginal cones could be helpful too.

Can someone explain to me how stomach or ???? or belly came to be written as ???? I must have missed something.


My wife and I went shopping at 5:00 this morning. (Black Friday) We hit our local mall, it was really crowded even at 5:00 am...About 6:30 , my stomach started rumbling, the old 'Day after Thanksgiving rumblings" So I found the closest department store, which was JC Penneys. I found the restroms, and quickly ducked into the mens restroom. What a zoo !!!! only 5 toilets for everybody to use and a crowd of guys waiting. All the stall doors were removed from the partitions, which caught me off guard, but i'm not bashful, so I waited my turn, while guys came and went. Many of the employees were sitting on the bowls, saying this would be the only time off their feet all day. The day after Thanksgiving is always a huge day for clogging toilets with huge shits.. There was a lot of farting, grunting, crackling turds, and diahreah coming from all the stalls. I finaly got my turn to sit and in walks my son's teacher , Mr. ______, he waited in front of me, to use the toilet, and we started talking, I excused myself with every fart, and grunt, and he chuckled. We talked about the holidays and he was looking foward to a week off. I wiped my ass, it took a while, asI really had a big messy bowel movement then I got up, flushed, and Mr. ______ took my seat. I washed my hands, dryed them and had to walk past the toilets to leave the restroom. I said good-bye as he was wiping his ass, and he gave me a 'high five' with his free hand. The room was packed when I left, with guys shitting, and waiting to shit, and the cleaning lady was waiting outside for the room to vacate. One of the employees who left the same time as me, told her "Flossie, you got a long wait till that room empties out" she giggled and went into the ladies room to clean it.

troubled pooper
I am soooo constipated!!!! PLease e-mail and tell me if you are constipated or have trouble pooping or just post on here. My e-mail is

Anny, the possibilities as to what is happening are endless. I would suggest that you get a second, or even third opinion. I would check also with your OB GYN, and possibly a urologist. In the meantime be thinking of anything that could be related to this such as an injury or infection that you may have had. Also, minimize the possible embarrassment by wearing appropriate protection as needed. I would DEFINITELY get another opinion.

LTL from the U.S. To Anny
Anny--I'm sorry to hear about your bladder troubles! I'm no doctor, but from what you described, it sounds like you could have overreactive bladder. There is treatment for this (perhaps you've seen the ads for Detrol LA, which unfortunately, is only available by prescription from your doctor) If I were you, don't be afraid to be agressive with your doctor. You are her patient, and it is her job to take care of you--no matter what her opinion is. No one knows your body better than you do. If all else fails, try to switch physicans if you can. Like I said, I'm no doctor, but you should find out what's going on before it becomes more of a problem. Let me know how things turn out, ok? Good luck, hun!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDERI have had a few different poos lately. The meds I have been on are still bunging me up a bit.The other morning early at the gym I arrived and had the need to do #2s. I went into the cubicle and dropped my shorts and undies. A little push and no go, a bigger push and no go! A could feel are fair bit of shit in me and knew it would be a real work out. I knew I would be pooing because it was forcing its way out. I leant forward, elbows on thighs and pushed and as I did I grunted. I think grunting is important because as a person who has trained physically for years breathing is more important than anything. After a few pushes grunting as I pushed my arse began to open wide and things were moving,,then plop...a very short thick turd came out and dropped straight to the bottom of the bowl...that was only the very beginning..a repeat performance was needed and a similar turd was expelled....another repeat performance and yet another similar turd was expelled. I was tired and rested a short arse was so sore. Well back to business.. another pushing effort but this came out sooner and was clearly longer. Then easily a couple of respectable turds came out with average effort.
I wipped...I have always wipped from the front but I am trying to do it from the back...I am a folder..due to my medical condition holding onto a piece to TP is not always the easiest...fortunately it did not take too many wipes. My bum was so sore. That night I took my gentle laxative because I did not want to go through that again.
Next morning I awoke early and straight from bed I slapped my arse on the porcelain throne...yes... it was a hard one again but not too bad when it got going. I pushed out a number of respectable turds that sitting but it all required some effort despite the laxative.
Left for work and got the urge so I stopped off at a familiar toilet in a park...went into the cubicle and dropped the necessaries and hovered above the metal toilet and a slow but continuous steam of butt mud exited my rear end, all in one flow..I wiped easily, flushed and left feeling sooo much better.

now for a story... i remember a couple me years ago, my girlfriend and i had taken a holiday to yorkshire. we walked into york city centre and i badly needed a poo. i told my girlfriend i needed the toilet so we went in search of some. when twe found some, the gents were locked and bolted and we saw both men and women going into the ladies. we both went in and when a stall became available we both went and and went to the toilet in front of each other!

to jenny: i too poo twice a day, sometimes even three (depending on what i've eaten). my first poo is usually before i get ready for work in the morning (about 6am). my second is usually before i get ready to go back to work in the evening (about 5:45pm) and if i have a third its usually around midnight or 1am! i guess i'm just full of shit, ha ha!

I had a pretty embarrassing experience over the weekend. My friends and I had a little bonfire in a field near campus before we all headed home for Thanksgiving break. There weren't any bathrooms nearby, nor any bushes to hide behind, but I was pretty drunk so I didn't care. I pulled my pants and panties down to my knees, but was too tipsy to squat, so I just tried to bend my knees enough to clear my pants. I was not successful, and peed all over my pants and underwear. I ended up walking back to my dorm in the cold with my pants soaked with urine. It sucked.

My most memorable trip to the bathroom was last year... I live in a cabin bordering the woods, so I don't even have a toilet in the house. When I need to poop or pee, I just grab some tp, go out into the woods and simply go in a good secluded spot.

On this particular occasion, I hadn't pooped in almost 2 days and I usually go twice a day. I felt an urge to poop after lunch, so I grabbed my toilet paper and set off to find a spot to go. As I was walking, the urge died down a little bit, but when I found a secluded location, my urge came back. I unzipped my jeans and felt some gas building up in my stomach. As I pulled down my jeans, I let out a soft fart.

I slowly worked down my pink panties, all the while quietly farting. These farts meant the poop was coming soon, so I squatted down a little, farted loudly a couple times, and my first turd poked it's head out. Inching the way out, my turd grew longer and grunted a little. At about a foot long, my turd broke off, hit the ground with a thud and curled up amongst itself.

During a typical poop, I'd have a turd a bit smaller than that and I'm done, so I stood back up and got hit with a big urge - clearly I wasn't done. Getting back in position, I let out a grunt, pushed a little and another turd worked it's way out. This second turd had a bunch of corn in it from my dinner two nights ago. Still slowly coming out, my turd just kept getting longer and longer. The turd was likely a foot and still coming! I'd estimate 1 foot, 8 inches in length for the second turd. After that turd hit the ground, I let out a loud, very long fart.

I thought for sure I'd be done, but another turd streamed out of my butthole, although this one was far smaller, probably not even 3 inches long.

Finally, my poop was all out of me, so I looked at my poop. I'm by no means a big woman, and for 3 feet of poop to be able to accumulate inside me is amazing. After reading some stories on this site, I guess I have a fast metabolism since I typically poop twice a day, compared to others who can poop once every two days or even once a day and not have pain pooping.

I need help. I went to the doctors the other day because I'm beginning to notice embarrassing changes in my bladder, and I told her of my symptoms/problem and she pretty much didn't believe me, seeing as I'm young and haven't had any kids. But I don't make anything up when it comes to my health, and I certainly wouldn't lie about bladder issues either. Here is what's been happening:

For the past couple of weeks I'm noticed less of an ability to hold urine for very long. I've also been experiencing urgency, in which I'm literally running for the bathroom and can't wait long otherwise the urge gets to be too bad which causes full-blown accidents. I've also been having "leakage" incidents, particularly in the past couple of weeks. This usually happens near bedtime and getting up in the morning when I can't hold my bladder well and my bladder leaks no matter how hard I hold it. This also happened once a couple of weeks ago in public where I lost a big squirt of urine in my panties, almost a stream. If it wasn't for running for a coffee shop washroom I would have lost it totally. I had 2 wetting accidents in a diaper this week. Reason why I started wearing diapers around the house is because I got tired of all the leaking and damp underwear and having to clean up the leakage off the floor. I didn't go in the diaper purposely, but I lost control of my bladder twice in which I flooded the diaper.

I don't know what's going on with my bladder, but my doctor seems to think I'm making it up or something because she doesn't take it seriously. She thinks I'm doing it to myself by drinking too much. First off, I don't drink very much, and I cut way back on caffeine and stuff, and I use the washroom regularly so I don't understand why this is happening, and it's sure as hell NOT self-inflicted. All she told me was I'm too young to have this happening, and to cut back on the amount I drink and if I'm really worried then wear pantiliners, which I bought as a precaution.

I'm frustrated with this problem, and even more annoyed at the way my doctor is shrugging it off like I'm pretending or something. Hello, who "pretends" to have problems with their bladder?! Duh! No one!!! I haven't had a history of bladder problems, nor bedwetting or anything like that, but I would like to know why this is happening.

Can anyone help me please? Is it that my bladder muscles are weak or something? I'm at a loss for what to do, seeing as I talked to my doctor and she was no help at all.

Thanks, and much appreciation,


Alice in Wonderland
Hey Squat answer your question...for me its about balance! Sometimes when I'm squatting I'll start to fall over backwards and if there's something like a wall behind me that prevents it.

Let me ask you...if the same situation were had to pee and she wanted to watch would that be cool with you?

Hi fellow toileteers !

I thought this was pretty funny. The other night Fox News
carried a story about a new public toilet facility that's
in operation in New York City. Apparently it will be
in operation until year's end. It was quite nice but
unfortunately I didn't catch the whole story.

But near the end the reporter, Rick Leventhal, asked a
woman who exited the toilets whether she did "Number 1 or Number 2?"
Without hesitation, and in a very matter of fact way, she replied
"Number two."

I thought it was hilarious. As much as I love bathroom (toilet) stuff
and enjoy talking about it, etc, I'm don't think I could've answered
the question so directly or matter of factly. Three cheers for her!

Abdrea. It's quite normal for the size including the length and thickness of a person's turds to vary. A lot depends on what you've eaten, how much, what your digestive system's doing at that point in time, your general state of health, when you last moved your bowels and a range of other factors.

Unless I'm mistaken it will soon be Thanksgiving for our American friends and no doubt there will be some wonderful stories of post prandial poops.

Best wishes to everyone...

I have a short story concerning my daughter to share with everyone here. I am a single mother and I have one daughter, who is 11 years old. Her pooping seems normal, but she never flushes the toilet at home. I suspect this is because she wakes during the night to poop, but doesn't want to wake anyone up by flushing the toilet.

On one particular morning, I woke up and went to the bathroom and found a fat, smooth turd and a longer skinny one floating in the toilet. I didn't think much of it, as this happens 4 to 5 times a week... I just sat down and pooped on top of the turds in the bowl, wiped and flushed.

At first I was a little bit weirded out to see turds in the toilet when I went into the bathroom, but now I'm ok with it. In fact, and this might sound weird but, there's part of me that likes to look at my daughter's poop so I can monitor her digestive system's health. Doctors recommend you should observe your own poop every once in a while, just to ensure good overall health.

The Lone Loafer
To Alex: glad to hear it!

Heelys: I posted an earlier message on this, but it hasn't appeared: I no of no health reason why one should not pee in the shower. I was commenting on the post of someone else, who mentioned health.

Dan: Yes, for similar reasons, I also only stand if I am taking a wiz in a urinal, or a container/bottle of some sort.

Speaking of that: for the last several days, I've been keeping a bottle next to the bed, to handle those early morning pees, for which I don't feel like getting too awake.:) Large drink bottles are my vessel of convenience (because I had a couple drink bottles, and nothing bigger). I peed in a small trashcan a couple times last week, because I was throwing it out. I slapped a piece of duct tape on the crack in the bottom, and took the said wiz. I also crapped in it "just because I could". The following day, (having rinsed it out the night before, of course), I peed in it at least three times without dumping it between them, in an effort to see how full it would get. I stopped when I found that the duct tape was losing its fight with the liquid.

any of you who like to sneak on others and listen to or watch them go to the bathroom...have you ever heard of PRIVACY??? If anyone ever did that to me...they wouldnt have my trust anymore. BTW if it was MY way...people would still pee everyday but #2 would not exist.

George, I agree with you .... doors should be on everybody's toilet stalls, male, female, hourly, salaried. It's just a matter of human dignity. Speak to the HR person. A woman may be more understanding, perhaps you can show her the set-up, and maybe then doors might get installed.

Angela at Work
Hi, my name is Angela and I have posted here before.

Yesterday, on my way to work I had diarrhea and pooped my panties. I was wearing regular blue panties, nylons and black dress pants, thank God!

As I was driving to my office, the cramps got worse and worse by the second and a little bit at a time I filled my panties. The nylons I was wearing were panty shapers and they were tight, holding everything from my stomach to my butt nicely in place. The diarrhea was rather wet and sloppy and it leaked right through my panties and through my nylons a little bit.

I had to go to work yesterday because I had a rather important staff meeting to attend along with other important work to do. When I got to my office I had another urge to go and I was trying my best to hold it on the elevator, but my guts won the battle again and as I stepped out of the elevator on my floor I began having another attack of diarrhea in my pants again. I turned the corner into the ladies room and it was closed for maintenance. Just my luck. I went to my desk and very gingerly sat down. As I sat I could feel the two attacks of diarrhea ooze up my back, up the front of my panties and even out of my panties a little bit and down my legs. Fortunately, for some reason, the smell wasn't too bad.

I booted up my computer, grabbed my purse and went to check the ladies room again and it was open. At this point it was 8:30 am and our meeting was starting at 9 am. I took off my shoes and pulled my dress pants off completely and hung them on the back of the door. I then very carefully pulled off my nylons and emptied out some of the diarrhea mess that leaked out of my panties. I then carefully pulled down my panties and emptied them out the best I could as well. I cleaned myself up too with some wet paper towels that I grabbed on my way into the handicapped stall. I know you shouldn't use those but given the circumstances, I appreciated the extra space and privacy behind the brick wall.

I decided to put my underwear and nylons back on. I was expecting my period to start so I wanted to have something to put my pad in, in case it started. After I put my pants and shoes back on, I sprayed myself with a little perfume that I had in my purse and went to my meeting.

I continued having diarrhea for the rest of yesterday and went in my pants a few more times. On my way home I had another really bad attack and pooped my pants very badly, worse than I had earlier in the day. I showered and washed all my clothes. My blue panties have permanent stains and I threw the nylons away.

My period started today.

Angela at Work

To Levelz:

You asked which smells worse: A skinny woman's poop or a big woman's poop. My insight on this issue is that a skinny woman's poop smells worse. I'm remembering back to when I lived with my mother, and I don't want to say she was fat, but she really wasn't skinny either. Every time she pooped, the bathroom smelled of poop for a while afterward.

But now that I live with my girlfriend, who seems to be pretty much average weight, we watch each other poop and pee all the time... it's not like we'll see anything we haven't seen before. Typically, when my girlfriend poops, she'll produce 3 or 4 long turds, each maybe half an inch wide. Basically, she poops lots of skinny long turds. The poop smell is very vivid in the bathroom when she gets done, so we usually turn on the fan when we leave, then go back to turn off the fan in a few minutes.

I have 3 stories:

1.Omg, I'm sooo embarrassed. Like 10 of my pals came to my house, and after we ate supper I drank like 2 liters of rootbeer each. Well after that we all went straight to the very back of my yard( it's very far away frum my house) and took a bunch of sleds with us. Well, I was already wiggling around when we got there, but I didn't want to dissapoint my pals by saying we had to go all the way back. Well, everyone wuz having fun sliding and then sum of my pals noticed I was really squirming. Well, my 1 pal asked me "wut's wrong?" and I said "unnh, nothing, I just have to go pee...". I was really lying about how bad I had to go. Half an hour later, I realized that I'd never make it back home in time. Then, it happened. I felt a small stream of pee run down my legs. I almost lost it all there, but I grabbed my "part" and managed to control myself. I now had a little wet spot on my crotch. Well, I called on a few of my pals and asked 'em what they think I should do, and they weren't very much help. Well, like an hour after that I felt a another stream run down my leg. I couldn't stop peeing after that, in like a minute my jeans were completely soaked and there was a big puddle of warm pee underneath me. Well, all of my friends laughed at me, and now my pals call my peepancer.

2.My little sister and I decided to go sledding at the hill in town and when we arrived at the hill we decided that we'd both go down together on the same sled. Well, my lil sis was steering and purposely hitting all the bumps, when we arrived at the bottom my sister started laughing and pointing at me. Well, I looked at the sled and saw a little puddle of pee in it. then I looked down at my crotch and saw that it wuz soaked. I had lost control on the way down and had an accident.

3.I wuz at a sleepover with alot of my pals. I had eaten alot of chips and drank a little bit of rootbeer before we went to sleep and I figured I could hold in my pee 'n poo 'til morning. That wuz a big mistake. I dreamnt about going to the washroom and I instantly woke up to the feeling of wetness. I fell back asleep after that. I woke up to the disgusted faces of my pals in the morning, I had pooped and peed my bed. I wuz sleeping on my pals bed and I had ruined all of her sheets and blankets, boy wuz I humiliated...

My neighbore hates me now...
Once when my pals and I were like 13 we went in the very back of my yard that wuz covered in trees and played truth or dare. Well at 1st 1 of my pals ran around my house naked(it wuz funny, haha) and then they did sum stupid dares. Then, they asked me a question for truth that I wouldn't answer, so I got a dare instead, and I HAD to do it or else. They told me to go and knock on one of my neighbore's doors, ask to use the bathroom, go inside, and pee my pants right outside the washroom. I said "NO WAY, MY NEIGHBORE WOULD KILL ME!". But, they had obviously been planning that dare because they'd broughten a 2 liter bottle of coke and planned to make me have an accident in front of my neighbore. Well, they made me drink the whole coke, and I was already squirming. My pals told me to wait a little longer so I wuz absolutely desperate. Well, like half an hour later, I knocked on my neighbore's door, and asked if I could use the washroom. The neighbore let me in and I slowly made for the bathroom, holding myself. Well, I did as my pals said and stopped right outside the bathroom door and just let go. Soon, there was a big yellow puddle on my neighbore's hardwood floor. The neighbore wuz sooo mad! She grabbed me, sat me on her lap, and pulled my pants down and spanked my butt! I wuz sooo embarrassed!!!!!!!!

I had my first accident since I was like 5 last week. I had to stand out in the freezing cold for like thirty minutes for my brother to come pick me up from school. On top of it we had freezing rain so I was...cold. Standing out there I realised I really had to pee and I had to keep my legs close together. Finally my brother got their and I got into the warmth of the car and my need to pee lessened. WHen I arrived at my house My brother said he was gonna go get something from the store and he dropped me off. I got to the door and it was locked my brother had the key. I was already having to hold my hand between my legs and I winced. I walked around the corner of the house and to my backyard. As I was walking letting little spurts of pee out. Right when i got to my back door my bladder let out a long stream that wasnt stopping I quickly opened the door and ran to the bathroom but by the time I got there my pants were soaked. To my horror my mom had come home early and she walked in right when I was going to my room to change. She was really angry with me and I was grounded for a week.
:( Wasnt a good day.

Alta Cocker
I wanted to share another story with all of you about my friend's teenaged daughter that has what her mother calls "a delicate stomach". Before the onset of their nasty divorce proceedings over 3 years ago, my friend Jack, his hefty 260 pound wife Shirley and their only daughter Bertie (names all changed to protect the innocent, though none of them really are innocent) used to be regulars at our Friday night Sabbath dinners. Mind you, they lived just across the back alley from us, so we were truly neighbors in our Midwestern town. Bertie would have been about 13 at the time of this event since she is 17 now. I must say that our Friday night dinners are gourmet, multi-course affairs with soup (that Grandpa Oyving makes), salad, both beef and chicken main courses and lots of delicious home made side dishes and vegetables. The aroma of the fresh baked challah bread and all of the good food permeates the house. This particular night, Jack arrived with his brisket a good 20-30 minutes before Shirley and Bertie, saying they would be follow straight away. Everyone was starving and Shirley and Bertie finally arrived, Bertie looking a bit strained and pale. Shirley parked her fat rump in the seat next to my Mom and mumbled about Bertie having a ???? ache. Bertie was frighteningly beginning to show signs she might be heading towards her Mom's girth. It was after the salad and soup courses and I was carving the brisket that Jack brought over when I heard Bertie excuse herself from the table. The main courses and side dishes were all brought to the table and everyone sat down to eat. Some 15 minutes later, Bertie emerged from the bathroom and whispered something to her mother before taking her seat at the table and piling her plate high. Shirley got up and waddled into the bathroom. Not even a minute later, she reappeared, nudged Jack and pointed to the bathroom. Jack got up, was in the bathroom about 2 minutes, came back to me and said that we have a small issue with our plumbing that we need to take care of. I got up from the table, sauntered down the hall to our bathroom and looked inside our commode. Laying sideways across the bottom of the bowl was a turd that was honestly the diameter of a beer can and was easily two beer cans in length. Now, we have a plunger and disenfectant spray (as well as an extra roll of TP) in full view of the toilet. I went to work plunging the mound of used TP under that enormous tumor of a turd and tried flushing. Well, need I tell you that the bowl began to overflow and I screamed for my wife to come in to open the tank and raise the ballcock to shut the flow of water. She came running in, saw that turd and gasped. "Isaak", she said, "that will NEVER go down in one piece. Start chopping it up." Well, that was easier said than done. That turd was calcified or something, and I was literally shvitzing (sweating profusely) when I finally had it broken up. A few more plunges and the evil monster was finally gone. We washed up with plenty of antibacterial soap and hot water and returned to the table some 10 minutes later. My mother (may she rest in peace), never one to mince words asked what was going on in there. Shirley merely said "Bertie has a delicate stomach just like her Momma". Honestly, I am obviously scatalogially inclined to be posting on this website, but who the hell could go back to that nice meal after dealing with that stinking mess? Lots of leftovers that night from my wife and I, while Jack, Shirley and Bertie munched away quite happily.

It has been over 4 years since that night and I cannot forget the sight of that jobbie. Jack and Shirley are still not finished divorcing. Bertie is a lovely 17 year old high school senior now who is apparently exercising and watching her weight obviously inspired by Shirley's major heart attack, two separate angioplasty events with stents and implantation of a defibrillating dual chambered pacemaker following onset of congestive heart failure at the age of 50. She has lost 80 pounds and I picture all of that lost mass as the famous beer can turds piled end-to-end behind her....

"Delicate stomach" my ass! As they say in Italy, "Cacca forte"-- shit strongly my friends. Best to you all. Alta Cocker.

Hi everyone,
I had 2 huge foot long dumps today why is it sometimes we poop more than 1 time a day? must be from alot of junk food i love talking about poop poop poop poop poop too my friend andi hi andi. poop is funny sometimes too. ill post more later happy pooping and squeezing everybody. take a dump
Jennifer and happy thanksgiving every one

Hello everyone. I have a survey today. one for the moms who browse this site. plus a story behind my idea for the moms survey.


1) Do you poop with the bathroom door open?
2) Do you find that your children need your attention at the exact time you sit down to poop?
3) Does the smell of your poop ever stink bad enough that your children will vacate the area near the bathroom, or leave you alone when they discover that you are pooping?
4) if the smell doesnt get them, does a loud fart by you while sitting on the toilet send them away?
5) Do you often find that your children seem to need your supervision more often while you are trying to poop (ie they act up)?
6) have you ever had to speak to your child or children about their behavior by summoning them into the bathroom while you are still pooping?
7) If you answered yes to question 6, Do your children dislike the smell of your poop?
8) When you have pants on (instead of skirts or nothing) How far down do you pull them? If its to your knees do you do that to prevent your children from seeing your private parts?
9) Does your poop leave skidmarks around the drain when its flushed away? Do you leave them or clean the toilet when you see them?
10) Do your children ask you about the skidmarks?
The Story:
When I was 17 I hung out much at my best friends house. His step mom was about 32 at the time. His room was downstairs next to the bathroom, you could hear everyone enter and exit the bathroom. His father was always up early as was his step mom and his step sister who was 5 and his half brother who was 2. They were a loud bunch because his brother was hyper. His step mom was always a big treat for me to catch pooping. during the week she would poop every morning around 730 after dropping his dad off at work and random times in the mornings on weekends. We used to sleep late on the saturdays when we were not working(we worked at the same store). One saturday morning I was woke up around 10am by his step mom, who was headed for the bathroom, followed by his little brother. She slammed the door, and his brother pounded on it. She didnt hesitate to let him in. About 4 minutes later, his brother was pounding on the door in desperate need to get out of the bathroom. His step mom yelled at him "No Rus, you'll have to wait till i'm finished" He started to cry, and begged for his mother to let him out. Just after that, the toilet flushed and the door opened. His dad came to the hall asking what the problem was. Rus just cried saying "mommy wouldnt let me out". His father said well honey you gotta learn to make up your mind. I got out of bed and headed to the bathroom to investigate. Tracy, had just finished washing her hands and gave the family gesture that she had just pooped(left the bathroom fan on and closed the door) I went in to be over come by the fresh smell of a healthy poop! There was a few funny looking pieces of poop still floating around and a large skidmark at the edge of the water drain in the toilet...

Hope to get plenty of responses...

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Hi guys, I see lots of reference to men sitting to have a pee. My husband has said many times that there are lots of men who thought they could sneak a silent fart while standing at the urinal only to be ambushed by a bad skid mark at best and at worst a good shit, so he now always sits to pee. Besides relaxing and letting all the pee out you will never be ambushed by a "fart"!!!

I dont know how other girls feel about those portable outhouses. To me they are just plain NASTY and I wont use them. I would rather pee on some flowers or in a creek anyday. I have peed in doorways stairways behind dumpsters and trees but not in one of those nasty portable things.

Kelly & Andrea:

Have either of you had to poop outside and if so where did you end up going? Also have either of you had to poop off the side of your boat and into the water?

I'm a long time lurker and really enjoy this forum.
To answer Dillon's questions;
1. How old am I now? Lets just say I stopped counting.
2. The first time I wet my pants. I think it was in grade school. I had been holding it the better part of the day and I thought I whould be able to make it home before I really had to go. The problem was it was the middle of winteer and I had on one of those snow-suits, head to toe. You had to unzip the whole thing to get out of. About half way home I really had to go. I thought if I could get it open enough I could lean against a tree and pee. No such luck. I just stood there and pee'd. Of course the inside of the jump suit and down the legs got completely soaked and I had to waddle home. I'm pretty sure it got thrown out because I never wore one again.
3. Poop my pants? For some reason my system works very fast because when I put something in one end, something comes out the other but not always right away. It usually happens anywhere from a half an hour or so after I eat. Not so bad when you are at home, but when you are out it tends to be a problem. That happened a couple of years ago while I was wearing light grey jeans and I planned to travel to the supermarket for some groceries. I had pooped several times that day so I toulght it would be safe to venture out. That was not to be. The pangs started again half way to the market. As I desperately searched for a fast food place to run into my guts started to rumble and the pains got steadlily worse. Sitting in the car I tried to clasp my ass cheeks tightly together untill the pain subsided. I made it to the fast food place when another wave of pain swept over me and I clenched my ass hole tighter and waited of it to subside. At last I thought it was safe to exit the car and i was half way out when another wave over took me once again. I coulden't move and I know if I did poop whould surely explode out of my ass right then and there. I reached down and pulled the door mat off the floor and put it on the seat and sat down on top of it. I started up the car and raced home. Hoping I would not poop my pants on the way. The waves of pain had subsided, however I really could not hold it much longer. As I got out of the car liquid poop squirted out and into my undies and immediately soaked through to the back of the light grey hants. I rushed into the house and into the bathroom in time to explode into the toilet. That is the last time I will wear light colored pants when I suspect a case of diahrea.
4. Wet the bed. That happened about 18 years ago just before I was diagnosed Diabetic. I must have forgotten to stop drinking lots of liquids before bed time. Something that is nearly impossible for someone who is undiagnosed and not on medication to regulate excessive blood sugar etc. Normally I would get up several times a night to go. This night I must have been extra tired and did not wake up until I had pretty much emptied my bladder during sleep. Oh what a yucky thing to have to do in the middle of the night. Change the sheets and lay several layers of towels under you so that you are not still sleeping on a soggy bed. Soon after that I wound up in the hospital, was diagnosed and now everything is just fine.
5. The last accident? Farting while watching tv and suddenly realizing it is no longer a fart.
A little advice
Let me tell you, drinking a glass of metamucil once a day just before a big meal will prevent those really loose bowel movements and a lot less accidents. For those who get constipated, it will also help there too. Softens it up and makes it easier to pass.

Reminds me of one Saturday morning. I'm into railroad photography. Shortly after the Burlington Northern merger the railroad was painting cabooses in this building. By chance my wife and I met a friend and his wife there to shoot some photos of the cabooses before they were repainted. My friend's wife said shee needed to pee. My wife also had to go. I told them to go in one of the cabooses. My friend's wife answered you mean go and pee on the floor. I said there is a toilet in the caboose. This was in the days when the plumbing on trains drained to the track. After a few minutes there came a gush of water with a wad of TP in it right on the sidewalk followed by another shortly after. My friend and I gave the girls flack about flushing their pee and TP on the sidewalk. My wife usually uses the caboose for the toilet when out taking photos but cabooses are getting scarce so she has to go outside behind something.

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