I came home a few days back to find that my cat who normally
is very reliable to use a litter box that has one of those
covers like a small dog house over it, had for some reason
or other decided that the place to take a dump was the carpet.
Needless to say, I was a bit upset and wanted to let the cat
know just how I felt about it. After thinking about it for a few minutes, I caught the cat and carried it to the bathroom where
the box was located and closed us both in the room where I
proceded to take the little "house" off of the box and
dropped drawers and proceded to squat over the stuff in the box
and dropped one right in the middle of it. I even pissed around in
the litter a bit for good measure ! The look on the cat's
face was priceless !! I felt like if he can crap in my area
then I can return the favor. I let him deal with the strange
deposit in "his" territory for a few hours then changed the
litter. The long term effects of this "challenge" will
be yet to be seen. Kinda unusual spur of the moment
experience from my side of the situation though

clean up guy
Today i pooped outside. I woke up early in the morning, put on some clothes. Then out of no were i a had bad urge too poop. So i looked out of the window to make sure no one was outside walking around. Btw our apartment building has gurds walking around sometimes. So i had too be careful.
First i took out some trash and threw it in the dumpster,i didnt see anyone, but i just threw the trash in the dumpster and went to my apartment.
Now i was thinking shoud i poop in a plastic bag or go back out and poo poo outside. So i made up my mind got some more trash and went to the dumpster i threw the bag of trash in the dumpster now i want behind the dumpster (it has a fence around it) so i went behind the fence and leaned aganst the fence and just relaxed. My poop came out so fast i heard a thud as it hit the grass and aother thud. After that i pulled up my pants and slowly walked to my apartment. When I retured to my apartment i notice my stomach still hurted so i went to the bathroom and pooped some more lite brown poo poo. While i was seated notice something brown and wet on my iner thighs it was some poo poo, ( i should sqauted) so i had too wipe it out with some wet wipes. After that i had to get in the shower clean up and get ready for work. Since it was dark outside i didnt see how big my poo poo was. I was kinna chicken to go back over there.
Well i hope you guys and gals liked my story. I have a question. Should I continue too poop and pee outside behind the dumpster at my apartment building or find another place too poop at?

It was a Saturday morning and I was a junior in high school. I was to take the SAT test as a requirement for college entrance and was really nervous about how I would do on the test. For some reason when I get nervous it makes me need to have a bowel movement really bad, and it's not pretty. Most of the time I need to have diarrhea. I had massive diarrhea that morning before I left the house but my stomach felt funny even after I was done. Well I got there and while taking the first part of the test the urge to poop kept getting stronger and my stomach hurt really bad. I knew I was going to have the diarrhea again. It is extremely hard for me to concentrate when I have to poop, especially the diarrhea kind. I could hold it but knew I was going to have to unload at the break so that I would be at my best for the remainder of the test session. The break finally arrived and we were dismissed in rows. I was in the second row. When I finally got to the boys bathroom I was in complete horror! At this school there are NO stall doors and the toilets are all right there for everyone to see once you open the door. I was not at the school I attend during the week so no one knew me. I decided I had no choice but to poop there. It was huge explosive diarrhea and I was the only one pooping so everyone was looking at me as they came in and out. I had to sit there for ten minutes. I couldn't help it as huge waves of poop kept coming out. I tucked my dick down between my legs used the fat part of my legs to hide my privates as best as I could. By the time I got all of that poop out of me everyone in the room had been to the bathroom and back. I was the last one who walked back into the room and I was never so embarrassed in my life! I could feel my face was beat red and everyone was probably looking at me, but I kept my head down. Right after I got back we started the next round of the test. My stomach did feel such better and I could concentrate more. After the test I got out of there as fast as I could. On a postive note, I did score well enough on the test to help me get into all the universities that I applied to.

I just got back from the bathroom and I took a very relieving poop. I pulled down my pants, peed a little and then my first turd began to push it's way out. At first, it came out slowly, inching out, but then it sped up a little and wiggled out of my butt curling around the bend of the bowl.

Immediately after, 3 more much shorter turds plopped out. Looking at my poop, my first turd was about a foot long and maybe a third of an inch thick, same as my others.

Mr. Clogs
pooping women: Man I love your post, how did you get the nerve to poop in the popcorn buket while watching a movie. Man you're so lucky and daring, hope to read more posts from you.

The Loan Loafer: Interesting take on Madonna peeing in the shower. I pee in the shower sometimes, hey it's pee! Believe it or not, some cultures in particular Asian cultures bathe in their pee or some cases wash with pee. Pee, piss what ever you call it has some moisturizing and cleansing benefits to the skin than some soaps out there. That could explain why some folks smell like "pee-pee". Also thank you for your response to my question about keeping a container for the purpose for peeing and pooping.

Jedi Master: Thanks your response to my question about people who work for the public i.e. public workers. Interesting take though.

FAT WOMAN: Great post about Nina, me personally, I would have taken the laxative to put me out of my misery.

I can't wait for the Thanksgiving Posts. Happy Holidays to all, and happy peeing and pooping. Peace!!!

--Mr. Clogs

Punk Rock Girl

Had a HUGE dump over the weekend. I hadn't taken a crap since Thursday morning, so I was feeling a little bloated and constipated. By Saturday afternoon I still hadn't crapped, so I had decided to give myself an enema that night.

Colin and I were at a flea market Saturday afternoon when I felt the pressure building in my ass. It was coming whether I was ready or not! I ran to the closest porta-potty and climbed inside. After wiping off and then covering the piss-encrusted seat, I pulled down my jeans and sat my bare ass on the plastic toilet seat.

It didn't all just come out like I was expecting, it took a lot of work. After a lot of pushing and grunting, a monster load slowly forced its way out. I swear it felt like I was being sodomized by an elephant. Very painful. After a few minutes of posterior agony, the bastard finally dropped with a loud splat in the cesspool below. I gaspsed for air and rolled off some TP. My asshole was very sore, and there was a touch of blood.

I pulled my pants up and had a look at what I had left behind. It was the size and shape of one of those big sausages you get at Christmas. My butt hurt for the rest of the day, but what a relief! I let Colin massage some cream on it when we got home. I was too sore for any backdoor activities unfortunately.

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. I have explosive diarrhea after dinner almost every Thanksgiving, so I'm sure I'll have a story next week!



Mother of Twins
Last summer i took my kids to Newburyport to walk around.They wore their heelys so they easily got ahead of me.I didn't notice that Alex (who requested i call him AJ as his middle name is Jordan)had to pee really bad.I would see him squirm a little,but would soon heely in front of me.I asked him if he had to use the bathroom a few times.He would blush and say no.Eventually,he was squirming so much that i took him to a bathroom and told him to go.It was a double gender restroom with a urinal in it.He heelyed up to the urinal and peed for like 2 minutes.I said to him"and u said u didnt need to go!"He told me"i never said i didnt have to go.I meant i didnt want to go!I laughed and we went and got some ice cream.

OK. Here's the story about the girl wetting her pants during the fire drill. Her name was JoAnn. We were in 10th grade and it was early- during homeroom. She announced to me and the 2-3 people sitting around her that she had to go to the bathroom really badly because she didn't go at home that morning. She said that she only goes 3 times a day - before school - once at school and then before she goes to bed - so I imagined she had a big bladder. The fire alarm went off and we all went outside. It was very cold and JoAnn had no jacket so I gave her mine. I wasn't that cold but she was shivering. She put my jacket on but was still cold and holding her legs tightly together. There was no way she could go back in and get on the toilet. She held her crotch even though we were all pretty old to do that. Suddenly she said: "Ohhh, I can't hold it!!" and started to wet her pants while we watched. Her jeans got wet very fast and it all ran into her sneakers and we could see it was very yellow. She was jumping up and down a little while creating a huge puddle and splashing with her urine like, overflowing her sneakers. About 10 kids watched but didn't make fun of her and we went back inside - she ran down the hall to the office but handed me my jacket and she had wet it on the bottom. I think she peed so fast and furiously that it came out the top of her tight jeans. I didn't mind having her pee on my jacket, she was a cute girl and I could smell it for the rest of the day. I never washed the jacket and could still smell her pee on it for weeks.

Teddy Bear
To begin with I would like to thank the person who commented on my stories as I was wondering if anybody was actually reading them; I would be most appreciative if you could send another post identifying yourself as I would love to know whom I am talking to.
I am sorry if I caused any problems by putting my stories in parts but I'm a very slow typist and still finding computer operation a signif- icant challenge......but since you were nice enough to ask I will list all the relevant pages: Stories about me and Kathy as young kids playing = 1500,1508 & 1512..... Stories about the day in first grade when I pooped in my pants= 1528(two posts),1530,1531 & 1532. I trust this will assist your quest and will continue to enjoy my stories which I hope to post in the near future.

tv show scenes
in Kyle XY Kyle dosnt realize it but has to pee and ends up peeing on himself

Let's begin by asking:
How old are you? 23
Male or female: M
1.When was the last time you wet yourself? Last Week
2.How often do you wet yourself? About once every week or two
3.How long can you maintain bladder control before wetting yourself? 20 minutes
4.At what age did you first stop wetting the bed? 12
5.When was the last time you wet the bed? 17
6.Did you ever pee your pants laughing? no
7.Have you ever peed your pants in the pouring rain just because you could? No
8.Did you ever pee your pants because you were nervous or frightened? Twice
9.When was the last time you messed yourself? For days ago
10.How often do you poop in your pants? Twice a month
11.How long can you contain your bowel movement before soiling yourself?
15-20 minutes
12.Have you ever lost control of your bladder/bowels just before reaching the toilet? yeah
13.Have you ever had an accident because you didn't want to use a public restroom? No
14.Have you ever wet or pooped your pants out of convenience? Yes most of them are like that
15.Did you ever pee or poop your pants in school? K,1,3,7,8,11
16.At what age did you first stop wearing diapers? 5
17.Did you ever have to wear Pull-Ups? If so, at what age? 5
18.Have you ever worn diapers as a teenager? Yes, quite often
19.Have you ever worn diapers as an adult? Yes, especially in public
20.Do you have a story about a sibling's accident? yes
21.Do you have a story about a close friend's accident? no
22.What was the first accident you remember having? Playing with my friends I kindergarten

Well now I have to tell you about the time I started to wet my pants in 10th grade. I was 15 and that is kind of old to be wetting your pants in school, but that morning I drank a lot of juice and water very quickly then went off to catch the bus. I had to pee when I got to school but wanted to hold it a while. I always went to the bathroom before lunch time. During second period my bladder suddenly started to fill quickly and I had to go very badly. I wanted to wait until that class was over to go to the bathroom, and squired into my underwear. Walking to the bathroom, I made it inside and just before I opened my pants to pee I squirted again. My underwear absorbed a lot of it but the crotch of my pants was wet. The rest of the day the wet spot attracted attention to my crotch and everyone reminded me I had wet my pants, as if I didn't know that already.

I am sixteen and alittle less than a year ago, i wet myself. I had been holding it for hours when it just burst out adnto make it worse, I was at school. It was so embarrassing especially when my parents found out. Anyway, since then i have had a very weak bladder and often pee or poo myself. I can only hold it for a couple minutes. I've beeen able to hide all the accidents from my parents, but it is still embarrassing, especially in public. I wanted to stop ruining all of my underwear, so I decided to by diapers. Now, at my local store they don't sell adult diapers so I have to buy baby ones. They have been working great and no one has found out. I bring a pack to school with me and change in the bathroom. I am sitting here in a diaper writing this right now and my parnets have no clue about my weak bladder. I hope I can keep it hidden.

hi am alister im 18 and male from england
i have a rather stong bladder so i dont have many accident.
but i would like to hear some storys of pooping accident
i have 1 story but i have no time just now

Mr. Clogs
Hello to all of you, hope everyone has had a good weekend, well today making it to be exact, I had another delightful dump this morning. I felt the need to go after I had my urge to go after I had my first cup of coffee of the day. I made my way to the bathroom to make my morning deposits in the toilet. I removed my PJ bottoms off and sat on the toilet. It didn't take long to get things going, the turds kept coming out the poop hole fast and easy, ah... and it felt great! I wiped, put on my PJ bottoms back on, washed my hands and left the bathroom.

Donny: Oh yeah, you did post something like that a while back using the those laundry bottles for peeing into. About the smell, I not sure if it's the plastic material, but if don't rinse out the containers immediately after you dump them can cause the smell. Also if you dump them out every few days, of course the funk inside the container would intensify. I wouldn't recommend pooping into them if you don't know what you're doing. What might help in this is to let them dry out first before putting the cap back on it. Thanks again for your response man, I appreciate it.

Andrea: I guess when you start off pooping, turds at first come out thicker than the time you finish. In a way tapers off towards the end rather than the beginning. Hope this answers your question.

Nancie: Nice story about peeing in the parking lot, never mind those people who laughed at you. They were being jerks and probably never seen no one relieved themselves in public. Hope to read some posts from you soon. Take care.

Levelz: You know, I've been wanting to ask that question for ages! Let's see whay they have to say. I often wonder if big women pee a lot more than skinny women. Oh well.

Peace out everybody, until next time.

--Mr. Clogs

My first time posting. My girlfriend has recently started going in her pants while she's over my house, but I don't know why. Why she crapped herself when she was about to leave, why she pissed herself on a date, even why she wet the bed at a sleepover. But I'm not angry. In fact, it turns me on. She shit herself once while we were watching a movie. BTW this is my wrestling name. I wrestle in a small promotion.

Monday, November 20, 2006

I've been a lurker for sometime now but I've finally decided to muster up some courage and post. I have a survey that I was hoping the women could answer about pooping habits.

I'm curious to know if your pooping habtis have changed as you have grown older so here it goes.

1) Your age
2) Do u find that you have more ???? aches that make you poop then when you were younger? Do u think they have gotten worse?
3) How do you sit when you take a poo and is it any different from when u were younger? Do you sit on tip toes now? Did you hold your ???? before and not do so now? Why did u stop holding your ?????
4) Do you grunt and strain/moan more then you did before?
5) How do you wipe (front and back) and has it changed from before?
6) Has the your poop changed from what it was before (larger, smaller, harder, stinkier)?

Thanks and sory for it being so long.

I don't think my habits have changed since young but I'm curious to see any other women have noticed a change.

Hello, I have some questions for women about ???? ache poops. I'd like to know how you all go to the bathroom when u have a ???? ache. I hardly ever get them and when I do , its quick and easy...but I've heard that some women have habits/troubles so I would like to see what you all do.

1)How often do you get ???? aches that make you poop and how bad are they?
2)What does your poop look like when you have a ???? ache?
3)Do you make any sounds when you are pooping? grunt, strain, sigh?
4)How do you sit when you have these ???? aches? Do you sit on tip-toes? Why do you sit in these positions?
5)Do you rub your ???? and how do you do it? What is the best way to give your ???? a rub when you have these ???? ache poops?
6)Do these poops make you feel misrable?

FInally, have you seen anybody take a ???? ache poop and what did they do?

Thanks much

Hi. It's been awhile since I posted something so hear I am with something to ask everyone. Why is it that when you go poop that some of your turds are bigger then your other turds? Like I'll have a long fat ???? turd & then some small ones come out after that & each one is different in size & texture. Why don't all of my turds come out the same size & texture. Just a thought. I was just wondering. Finally after 2 days of not going poop. I'm sure its been a couple of days I went this morning & it was peanut butter brown colored. It felt good. Poop is great to talk about. Poop poop to you too my friend Jenny. Take a crap! Happy peeing & pooping.

Peeing outside is some times a challenge for us girls. I'm a country girl so peeing outside is necessary a lot of the time. To keep from splattering my shoes I pee on low flowers on into a clump of grass. If there is a creek or river I squat at the edge and pee in the water.
On our boat I get my TP and pull my jeans/shorts and panties down and sit on the side with my rear over the edge and pee in the water. Be sure to hold onto the boat. When finished I wipe and toss the TP in the water. As I stand up I pull up my panties then my shorts/jeans.

Being a girl peeing outside has been a problem. When I was small mom or dad would take me to pee. We have a boat and when my older sister and I needed to pee we were taught by mom how to pee in the water. When mom had to go she would get some toilet paper and pull her pants down. She backed over the side and sat with her butt over the water and peed in it.
When we were small mom taught us to pee in the water like she did. My sister is 24 and I'm 17 and we still pee in the river from the boat. Mom and us girls have peed in the river hundreds of times and have never had any problem.

I'm 27, and I was in the mall shopping when i suddenly felt the urge to pee.WHen I reached the bathroom, which was all the way across the mall, all the stalls were taken and there was a small line outside each one. I was getting desperate now. I decided i would try to make it home and I was wondering if I would have an accident in my pants. I about a third of the way to the parking lot and I knew that I had to go now. I went into a small store and asked the cashier where the nearest bathroom was. She pointed to where I came from. I was really desperate now and I knew I couldn't make it home. I was wearing really tight jeans and I knew it would be very embarrassing to pee in them. A small wet spot began to appear at my crotch adnI couldn't hold it any longer. I weet myself right there in the middle of the mall. Everyone was staring at me and I was so embarrassed. There was a large wet spot stretching form my crotch to my ankles. I began to cry and I ran out of the mall. I asked a guy in the parking lot for a ride home. He said sure but that I would need to take off my jeans so not to get the seats wet. I took off my tight jeans right i the middle of the parking lot. I heard people laughing at me and my pink undies. I got in the car and he took me home. That was the most embarrassing day of my life.

Movie Scenes

In "Desert Saints," Keifer Sutherland is an assasin who shoots his target in the men's room of a gas station in the middle of the desert. While he's figuring out what to do with the body, a young boy pounds on the door. When Sutherland sticks his head out (trying to hide the dead body,) the boy, with a pained look on his face and sort of bent over, says "I really need to pee." Sutherland tells him the rest room is out of order and directs him to a nearby bush.

Late in the classic movie "Patton," George C. Scott is addressing a group of civilians in Europe. There are a bunch of kids in front of the group, squirming like they really have to go. Don't know if that was the intent but if you look carefully, you can see they appear a little desparate.

Also, in "Wild America," 2 of the main characters, all teenagers, take a leak by the side of the road.

Any others you posters can think of?


To Mr. Nuttybar:

Having suffered from an intestinal problem myself, I can completely advice: enjoy what life throws at you. In other words, when God closes a window, he opens a back door. ;)

Mr. Clogs: I have tried the detergent bottles (I had to pull out the pour spout with pliers), and they certainly hold a lot of piss, but for some reason they developed a weird smell no matter how thoroughly I rinsed em and soaked the insides with bleach solution. The bottle had ripples on the bottom (it was a Purex bottle not a Tide bottle)which must have been contributing to bacterial growth. Maybe it is also because these bottles are made of low density polyethyelene and the plastic may be more porous than the HDPE used in the urinal bottles?? My urinal bottle hardly smells at all even after 2 weeks but I clean it often with bleach solution. Oh well I will try the bleach bottle for a while - my dick won't go inside the opening but I can pee fine into it just by holding the tip of my dick on the opening, and leaving room for air to escape. I seem to piss more during the night than during the day. Ome of my friend's kids only uses a gallon bleach jug - never the toilet and empties every other day.

hi i posted a bit back about my stepmom and i'm pleased to report i've got it sorted just about. i dragged my sister to the docotrs and turns out it was anixety he suggested we bring my stepmom in and we all talk we did. turns out she had a strick upbrining and anything to do with the toilet was unclean and going was nto even discused. she's still a bit edgy if were ever in public and you want to go you have to wisper becuase she gets a look like a rabbit in the headlights if you sat it out loud. my sisters ok now and my stepmom finally appologised about not realising she was sick and keeps trying to make up for it (which is ok)

George the Superviser--- Factorys have doorless stalls in mens restrooms for ONE reason, and ONE reason ONLY....To keep the flow moving toilet , sink, dry up, BACK TO WORK STATION .... My dad worked for Ford Motor Company for years, he always said when the afternoon break bell rang and 60 men had to 'drop afternoon brown" all at the same time...It was a challenge with only 20 toilets. Not having doors on the stalls prevented unnecesssary 'fiddle-faddle" as my dad called it you shit, wiped, and you were off the bowl, with another guy waiting in the wings. It worked very well for years. My adcice...don't make waves, just drop the kids off at the pool with everybody else...

For Heely's - peeing in the shower:
There are no bad health effects to peeing in the shower, absolutely none. Fresh pee from a healthy person is pretty much sterile anyway. Think about it - what's the worst thing that can happen? You give yourself some disease by peeing on your own feet? Well, you can't give yourself any disease unless you've already got it... so, as they say, go figure. And the water from the shower will dilute your pee instantly, then wash it away. There are bad effects from NOT peeing in the shower: you waste another 5 or 7 litres of water flushing the toilet and adding to the overload on the waste water system, at the same time as the shower you left running is pouring hot water down the drain and adding to energy waste and global warming. Hey, if you need to pee, just stand there and let it go!!!

Hey Everyone I have a survey i would like you to fill out if you would.
What age....
1. ...are you now?
2. ...were you when you last wet your pants?
3. ...were you when you last pooped your pants?
4. ...were you when you last wet the bed?

6. Explain the last accident you had.

Mr. Clogs
The Loan Loafer: Thanks for your comments on that, that was my point ogf asking that question because I wanted folks to think about one time or another using a container as a toilet when no toilet is available or not working. As far as other cultures, that I can't guarantee that people still use chamber pots or other containers used as a toilet. Perhaps maybe in poorer regions of the land, many folks might resort using chamber pots. Thing to keep in mind during the pre-Victorian Period and partly after the Post Victorian period, many folks, mostly poor people out in the outskirts of town used chamber pots and stuff like it. Also to note that toilets in most part in some countries are considered a luxury item rather than a necessity item in the home were indoor plumbing hard to come by. I agree it is an intimate thing also, there's something erotic when it comes to using such containers, especially if the person is being watched from a secret location or up close in person. Last thing to note that there are some health benefits of using a container to use as a toilet rather than the toilet itself. most containers you have to squat down in order to deposit your waste into it in particular buckets and chamber pots. Theres some stuff out there on the net that proves this theory to be true. Folks do the research and see what you can find. Personally, I rather use a container especially for pooping because I can eliminate my waste better than doing it on the toilet. I feel empty and it comes out quicky and with little effort required. Thanks again The Loan Loafer for your post and hope to read up on some more on your posts.

To Jimmy Ten Eyes:

Interesting observations about the urinal / stalls.

Perhaps three factors play a role:

1) A little embarrasement that someone else is in men's room and that someone "almost" approached you at the urinal, and "almost" intruded on your privacy. Thus to avoid any confrontation or conversation they close the stall door.

2) Overall, especially with just one urinal in a corner, the user of the urinal has more privacy. If the urinal is in use, there may be a natural desire for more privacy afforded during urination and this can be solved by closing the stall door.

3) Some men notice that there is more splatter of urine when using a toilet (even with the seat up) than with a urinal. I have noticed this many times myself. If a urinal is available I will certainly use it. However, if my only option is a toilet with the seat up I find myself getting urine splattering on the bowl, on the floor, or on my pants and / or shoes. Many times that I do take the option (say at home) to stand and pee into the toilet with the seat up, I regret that decision. It has come to the point (at least at home) that 9 times out of 10 I will go through the added trouble of sitting just to pee; it just isn't worth the hassle of cleaning up after myself (and its not that I have bad aim or anything either). So, given a preference of sitting or standing to pee in a toilet (be it at home or in a public single user or multi-user restroom) I would prefer to sit and pee rather than stand. Perhaps other men have this same experience and have consciencely decided to sit if they are forced to use a public toilet when a urinal isn't available.

There's my 2 cents; hope that helps.

The Lone Loafer
Hey Donny: yes, do tell us the rest of that story re the fire and the girl wetting herself.

loved your story POOPING WOMAN. i can't imagine pooping in a bucket though i do share your urge to poop at the movies. i always wear a diaper to the movies that way i don't have leave to use the bathroom and miss anything. i wear a disposable with a kids sized 6 diaper inside for added absorbancy. i wear a short skirt that just hides the diaper but leaves me plenty of room should the need to poop arises. the last time i pooped during the movie it was a big one. i had been constipated for days so when i got the urge to poop at the movie i knew i had to take it. i worked on it for nearly an hour, pushing and lifting one butt cheek off the chair till finally i had dropped a number of large turds. i got a lot of stares and comments afterwards though, seems i had pooped so much that my diaper was sagging down lower than my skirt!! happy pooping, wherever it may be!!

I don't know what happened to my last post about the elevated toilet seats the nurse told me to use. I hit the wrong key and it went bye bye. Silly modern keyboards. Anyway I don't like sitting up that high and I have a great seat to begin with. She already knows I use a urinal bottle so I asked her if larger ones were made because I go so much but she never heard of one holding more than 32 ounces. I also discussed my urinary problems which run the spectrum of all urinary problems. Sometimes it takes me a long time to start peeing. Then on another day I may wet my pants. Sometimes I unknowingly will not empty completely and squirt my underwear and end up with stale urine in my bladder. Sometimes I will wear pads but they tend to get bunched up at the back of my underwear. I think I will get these briefs that are wettable; they will hold a few ounces of urine but not a full void. I'm not old enough to have prostate problems. Stupid bladder. No it's an OK bladder but it's recieving wrong signals from my nervous system for some reason. So they will probably end up sending me to a urologist which will be very interesting. It is called urodynamic testing. First they watch U pee. Then they measure how much pee is still in your bladder by sticking a catheter into your bladder. Then they fill your bladder with water until U can't stand it no more and watch U void that. They do other things that I don't know about yet. The nurses that do these tests I hear are humourous about it and seem to like to watch men pee and play with bladders and tubes all day. I will post again if I do end up going to a urologist.

I have a question to all my big women who check out this site. Who dumps smell more, a skinny, or a big womens? I'm just curious.

George: You seem bashful about your 'subordinates" seeing you on the toilet. Thats why we have dicks, to fold down into the toilet, so passerbyers cant see our shit ....Use the companys bathrooms

in 7th grade i was in a cooking class well the morning before i had diarrhea. well i was sitting in class and it came out and i started running but my pants were covered with shit but i had spare clothes with me at the time so i changed in the stall and left the cloths there . nobody ever found out it was i who made a mess in the bathroom


Im gonna start out saying i am such a geek. my best friend kelly is really social though so she is always trying to have me meet new ppl, mostly guys. so one day at our school library, kelly had me meet two boys, john and travis. john was kinda mean to tell you the truth, but travis was very hansome. well, kelly john and travis were all just kinda talking and i was checking my grades, (told u i was a geek/nerd). then travis gets up and comes to talk to me. he is so casual about everything so hes just kinda like " so watcha doin? ", and i stumbled a little and adjusted my glasses, i do that when i feel uncomfortable. " i um, just uhh checking my um grades " i said. travis gave me a cute half smile and told me i was smart. then he showed me his grades. he said his mom was kinda pressuring him to get better grades and that he could use a tutor like me. i was flattered but i didnt know wat to say so i kinda just smiled at him. im not sure if he knows that i noticed it yet, but i could tell he was shifting feet a lot and biting his lip. i asked him if he was ok, and he said yeah and turned bright red. i told him it was ok and that if it was personal he didnt have to tell me. he asked if we could sit down, so we did and continued talking about school and bullies. he was crossing his legs which i think is kinda strange for a guy. once again i asked him if he was ok, and he turned bright red again and said " oh its not that important " although i had a sense it was. i told him i needed to study for a trig test and he said that he would study with me because we are in the same math class. he moved beside me and kept shifting around in his seat. i didnt ask. however, he told me. he said " can i um tell you something personal? ". i replied with a nod of my head. (oh yeah and john and kelly already left by this time and the library was vacant) he said " i kinda need to use the pretty uhh soon...". i said oh and that he could go if he needed to. he said that the men's bathroom was under construction in the library and that he didnt know if he could walk anywhere. he crossed his legs really tightly. i looked at his personal area and i could see he was wetting himself and i also saw a tear in his eye. he kissed me on the lips and left to change.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

The new Playstation Comes out today. Where do you go to bathroom when waiting in line?

When I was in high school I had stomach aches from not shitting. At that age I did not connect stomach aches with not shitting until one day I went into the nurse's room when it was very busy. After stating to the assistant that I had a stomach ache and felt bad, she whispered in my ear and asked if I had a bowel movement yet that day plus she wanted to know when was the last time I did shit. She really couldn't handle any more "customers" and I knew that. I said no but I didn't want to spend a lot of time in the boys bathroom trying to shit. Sometimes there was no toilet paper anyway, and possibly pee on the toilet seat with nothing to clean it off with. I told her all this and she told me to go sit on the toilet in one of several "sick rooms." I really wasn't faking this time and wanted to try anything to make myself feel better. These rooms had two cots, and chairs with a toilet and sink behind a partition. Now, on a normal day there would only be one or two kids in the office, and you had a room to yourself, but on this day they were all full up. There were two girls in the room but I went and sat on the toilet anyway. I sat there for more than 20 minutes and finally did a bowel movement. I thought the girls would give me a hard time - they saw my underwear and heard me tinkling. I knew the guys would have, but they didn't. Again, they were not feeling well, also. I've learned that under the right circumstances, almost anything is cool. Once I did go into the girls bathroom when there was no toilet paper in the boys, or for that matter, anything else to wipe with, and all these girls knew I was in there and why, but were cool with it. They used to talk about there being no paper in the boys all the time. We had a fire drill one cold winter day, and a girl was shivering while waiting outside, so I gave her my jacket. She wet her pants because she was so cold. She was justabout to ask to go to the bathroom right before the fire alarm went off. This is another story all together if anyone wants to hear it.

I like reading Brian from Sears experiences in his doorless stalls. It reminds me of the Sears that they used to have in my hometown. It had a restroom on the 1st floor and the 3rd floor. Neither had doors on the stalls. I was a bit more shy back then and I would crap with my pants and boxers up around my thighs. Nowadays, I gladly crap with my pants and briefs pushed all the way down. It's just more comfortable that way. The JC Penney and Montgomery Wards also had doorless stalls and you could actually see your neighbor in the mirrors if he or you stood to wipe. Everybody has doors now.

hi. i had an accident at camp. it was in the desert and i had already had some clo se calls.i woke up at 3 in the mornng REALLY HAVING TO GO worse then ever before. i lay ther for a hile whn I realized I wouldn't make it till mornig i crept down from my cot and walked over to the counselers cot. 'jennny" i whisperd so quiet she didnt stir and . then the flood gates opened. I stood there in shockk for a few mments then ran to the bathroom9 9a separate building) barefoot. I didnt have much left when i got there. i threw away my undies and then i saw my wet footprints leading to thecabin. i dried off my legs and went back to the cabin and noone ever found out caus by morning it had all dried up(it WAS the desert) bye

Hi everyone
The Lone Loafer said in 1 of his/her poats that there r health issues with peeing in the shower, please could u tell me what they r because i pee in the shower and i want to know what migh happen and if it effects others that use the shower. please repley soon
happy pooping

Mr. Clogs
I have a rather embarrassing story to tell. Yesterday , I needed to take a dump at work, I made my trip to the men's room. So I got in went to the handy capped stall, figuring that it was empty opened the stall door. To my embarrassing surprise a man sitting on the pot having his dumping session. I was so embarrassed, I said sorry, so embarrassed that I took the unoccupied stall next to him. He explained that the bathroom stalls are busted which I agreed with. I pulled down my pants and undies down and sat down to try and enjoy having my morning dump which was long overdue. I sat for about ten minutes until I could get most of that shit out my system. The guy left like nothing happened, then I wiped up and exited the stall and washed my hands and left.

Donny: Yes my friend, it's time for an upgrade man. Those mini "pee containers" that only fill up to brim and then some just don't work that much. That's wht years ago I had to retire those "pee cups" and upgrade to those large tupper-ware and/or tide laundry detergent bottles. Donny, try the tide bottles, wide enough to fit your anatomy without cutting it to fit (ouch!!). Good luck man and let me know how it works out.

Alice: Yes I do pee in the shower too. As far as those containers, yes your right on those things you mentioned. My intention of me asking those questions is to get some folks to think about an incident where that had to use a container for relief. Take care Alice and have a good week.

Hope you all liked my story, take care and have a good week!


--Mr. Clogs

To pooping woman
pooping in the theater is very hot did anyone else notice you?? Did you friend not think it wierd at all?? Oh yeah and one more did you pee with it?

The Loan Loafer
I have been reading pages from the middle of October through to today, and I have a few Comments to a few people:

First, to Becky (morning messes) from page 1526: that was a fantastic story! I second all of Cindy's comments and questions from page 1528.

To Megan: that is nothing at all to be ashamed of! What you have is a true medical condition, and no more worth being embarrassed about with people that care about you, than would be blindness or EBS or any number of other things. Anyone who loves you is not going to be bothered by this at all, and it is no surprise that your Friend said what you quoted in your most recent post--good for both of you!

To Josh from page 1531: that was a very cute story about your small girlfriend!:-)

Lastly to Alice, who said "What is it about an illicit pee in a container??? Is the fun/pleasure tinged with guilt coz we know we shouldnt do it?". Yes, I think that has to be it. I have wondered about this. Also there is the matter of intimacy. People (some people) will have sex with anybody who they can get to hold still. However those same people would be most embarrassed if someone were to watch them, be with them, or touch them, while they were taking a load off, or peeing. This is an issue perhaps caused by the oddities of post-Victorian society.

A hundred and thirty years ago, people were still using chamber pots, night jars, and communal toilet facilities. While the embarrassment was there in certain circumstances, I think from what I have read that this was a much less weighty issue at that time, than it is in 2000s U.S. and U.K. society. What of other contemporary cultures such as those in China, far South America, and African? Can anyone comment on how those people groups treat these issues?

I don't know exactly when George posted about doorless public bathroom
facilities--I read the original, but I haven't run across it again to
see exactly what he said. In any case, I have had to do the doorless
thing, but as far as I recall it was only once. I didn't have anything
to hold in front of me at that time, and had no choice but to just get
my business done and get out. You may be sure I did so in a hurry! I
don't recall anyone coming in--it was late at night or early in the
morning (may have been a camp ground). I am a rather large dude (and
not in a good way), and don't relish showing myself to all and sundry,
no matter who may be able to watch. Is it a matter of pride? I don't
know. I do know that I am quite pleased that I never again ran into
doorless stalls. I would still use them if I had no alternative, but
I'm with you, man! As for the issue of teachers and students; executives
and managers; managers and employees, using the same facilities,
especially of those facilities leave one naked and exposed... These
kinds of class distinctions, and "will they respect me if they see my
ass?" kinds of subconscious thoughts, are hold overs from all of our
ancestry. Some of us are better at ignoring this kind of thing than
others. I personally have no problem with this kind of mixing (except
maybe in the case of teachers and students, but that is for other
reasons); but I understand it, and don't think it means that you are
saying "I am better than/my crap stinks less, than my employees". It's
just the way we are often programmed to think. Codes of modesty, and of
old "gentlemanly behavior", generally dictate that one should not offend
anyone with one's own less than attractive characteristics, and that one
should always make everyone else feel as comfortable as possible while
they are around you, which means not showing them anything, or doing
anything, which might possibly make someone uncomfortable. Taking a
dump in public, certainly qualifies as that. The question is: does it
really matter any more? That is: does anyone really care if someone is
dropping a duce out in the open? Probably most do not, in the security
of a single sex bathroom, although the feeling that they might still
haunts many people in these situations.

Insecurities go deep, and are very hard to get rid of. I know this from
my own life--I grew up in a house where my mother always did her thing
in a bathroom with the door open, and often chatted away about what
ever while she did it. It was no big deal to her, as long as it was
immediate family who could hear. If, however, there were guests, even
her own mother, brother, etc., the door would be closed.
This level of familial openness did not get passed down to me,
apparently: if anyone was around, even her, I always kept the door
closed, and some times locked, lest anyone get an eye full.:)
I don't think it bothers me as much in the case of, for example, a
girlfriend; but more so with family. I guess one spends their time
growing up, trying to gain independence from his family, but seeks to
draw closer to a girlfriend, and is therefore more open? No idea, just
a theory based on very little.

Jimmy Ten Eyes
This is something I've observed over the past several months, and this group is the only one I could think of that might be interested.

Almost a year ago, the company I work for moved to a different building. The men's room in our new building has only one urinal and two stalls, one of which is a large handicapped type. The urinal is tucked into an alcove behind a shallow wall next to the sinks. If you have to use it, and someone is already there, you don't see him until you start turning the corner, so you have to put on the brakes, and then either wait (which almost no one does), or else use the toilet in one of the stalls.

If you're the guy using the urinal, you can always tell when someone stops short behind you, and then you hear them move to one of the stalls. So here's the weird part (at least it seems so to me): Probably 8 out of 10 times this happens, I notice that the guy who goes into the stall to pee, closes and latches the stall door. Of those who do this, at least half then sit down on the toilet. Now, I'm not passing any judgments about these guys, it's just that when I use a stall to pee, I leave the door open, raise the toilet seat, and take my leak. It just seems faster, more efficient, and no less private than using the urinal. So, why do you think these guys close the door, and why do so many of them then sit down -- since that's clearly not what they came to do? About 25 men work here. Frankly, I'll sit on a public toilet if I must, but if it's not necessary, I'd just as soon avoid it.

sometimes i have a problem going poop sometimes when it gets stuck i have too dig up there when its have way hanging out why is that?
does any one have a answer for me? and i had a dump today it was huge and curled in the pot poop poop too my friend andi hi andi take a dump.
poop is great too talk about ill have more post later from jenny

Thursday, November 16, 2006

separate bathrooms

When I was student at a junior college, (which had about fifteen thousand students); the teachers and students had separate bathrooms. I went into the female teacher's restroom once. There were three stalls. Two of the stalls looked like the stalls in a typical public restroom. The sides and door of the third stall went from the floor to the ceiling. I assume that special stall was there because the teachers wanted maximum privacy.
Once when I was in the student's restroom, a teacher walked in and used the restoom. I thought it was awkward.

I then attended a state college, (which had over twenty thousand students). The professors didn't have separate restrooms.

Oh, these last few days have been a nightmare. About two weeks ago, I finally got fed up with my frequent wetting so I decided to seek medical advice. The family doctor refers me to a specialist, whom I saw before the weekend. As it turns out I have structural damage to my bladder nerves muscles! She basically told me my bladder can't hold its full capacity, and I'm doomed to piss myself as soon as my bladder holds a certain amount of urine. On top of that the nerve damage makes it hard for me to indicate that I have to pee, which accounts for my bedwetting because I can't feel it to get up and go. Bad, bad news.

It got worse when my sister, picking up my daughter from kindergarten, had to explain to her why I was at the doctor's. Now, keep in mind my daughter's 4 years old, and when she hears that Mommy has to wear diapers she may get discouraged from retaining what she learned while potty training.

This week came and the nightmare continued. Yesterday I get a call at work from the school requesting I pick up my daughter. The school nurse told me that my daughter messed her pants in class, and I'm kind of leery about discussing it with her considering the position I'm in. So I get my sister to pick her up. When I get home, it turns out I was right about my daughter being disenchanted. Though when I talked to her about it, she was very nature about the situation, and what I heard from her nearly brought me to tears. She said, "well, Aunt Nettie (my sister) told me you need to wear diapers and I didn't want you to feel alone." Still, I explained to her about not being afraid to ask to go to the bathroom, and talked to her about the importance of getting to the potty when she has to go. Pretty profound for a 4-year-old.

Hey everyone, it's Meg again. I poseted about my bedwetting problem and I thought I will update on what's been happening.

First, I talked to my best friend about it, he had this to say:

"First of all, I admire your courage. I don't think anyone else would have the heart to post this publicly. Second, I completely understand why you wouldn't have told me. And I want you to know that I have no qualms, inhibitions or any apprehensions about it. Such a thing would never put a wedge between us; I would never allow it to do so. I hadn't realized how much of an effect this had on your emotional well-being, and it hurts me too see such pain in someone I care for so much. So I'm prepared to offer you as much help as I can.
I've learned about the antidiuretic hormone (ADH) in biopsych class. Is there any hormone therapy you could undergo? I encourage you to research vasopressin, which acts as an ADH, in your search for answers. I'm glad you were able to share your story. I love you very much, and best of luck in finding a resolution for this problem!"

So I followed his advice and researched ADH therapy. On this Thursday I am participating in a new experimental form of ADH therapy and I will let you know how it goes.

The last week has been a pretty good one. I haven't wet my bed that much in the last few days and I am happy about that. I usually wet nightly but recently I have had two or three dry nights. So my usual stay dry routine seems to be working at least a little.

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