So once when i was about 6 years old i was playing with my friend sara running around being silly. I had to poop so bad but wanted to see how big i could get it to grow and see how long i could hold it in. We were playing hide n go seek when the pains were starting and growing worse. My ass hole was so sore and kinda burning from my poo edging out slowly then being sucked back into its cave. It was night time so it was hard to spot someone if they stood still. This was my chance to make my move and let my demon of a poo out. So there was a house with an ally way towards the front right side of it. I couldnt contain my kaka any more. I squatted down and i kinda moaned with relief and i could hear one realy big "plop" as it just came out in one log of poo. Later that night i had to go home and go to bed. Next morning before school, i walked by the house i pooped at. On the ground was the most enormous kaka ive ever seen. It was honestly about 2 inches thick and about a foot long. I was almost proud. My friend was with me and was like "eeeewww thats so gross. Who would poop outside?" i was kinda embarassed but played it cool and acted like i was so grossed out. Still to this day, i have not pooped anything close to the kaka i did that day when i was 6 years old. Good times eh? Happy poopy kaka!

I use a plastic urinal bottle like U would find in a hospital. I usually pee in it 2-3 times during the night. It holds 32 ounces, I wish it was larger because I always fill it up by using it 2-3 times per night. I think I am going to start using a plastic bleach bottle, gallon size, but I will have to cut the opening a little bigger so I can fit my dick into it. The bleach bottle has a handle like the urinal which is a must for me. When I pee into the toilet I always sit down because I tend to spray out all over the rim of the toilet. I have a big comfortable seat on the toilet which makes it nice. Right now I'm having a big breakfast, which I will follow up with a big glass of cold water so I can do a big bowel movement.

Well Mr Clogs you know I do!
What is it about an illicit pee in a container??? Is the fun/pleasure tinged with guilt coz we know we shouldnt do it?
Do you pee in the shower? I always do......mmm I love it.

Sarah in Calgary
Well, I guess there's a first for everything. I have never ever in my life pooped in my bed, or even pooped my pants at home, until last Wednesday, the 8th of November.

It was about 6 in the morning and I could feel that my panties were wet and sticky in the crotch area. I was not entirely awake, so in my sleepiness, I reached down and put my hand over the crotch of my pajama's and they were wet too. Actually, they were soaked. I was feeling rather crampy and realized that my period started while I was sleeping. I had bled through my pink panties, and pink pajama bottoms. My bed sheet was covered in blood as well. As I was realizing what happened, I could feel this intense pressure builidng in my lower stomach. I laid back down for a few minutes to see if the cramping would go away, unfortunately it got worse by the minute. All of a sudden a wet fart forced its way out and I started pooping my panties in bed. I had to go again and again, each time pooping my pants a little more. I got up and started walking out of my bedroom and down the hall to my washroom. I turned on my bedroom light and looked down to see how badly I had bled through my pajama's. Then a very big urge to go diarrhea happened, worse than any wet fart you could imagine. I figured that since I had alreay pooped my pants with wet farts and had bled through my pj's with my period that I should just let everything out and poop my panties. So I did it. I let everything out and completely filled my pink panties. There was so much diarrhea that it came out of my panties and went into my pj's and down my legs. I had to put my hands in behind my legs to keep the diarrhea from falling onto the floor. It was awful. Cleaning up took forever as I showered and got ready for work. I still had to go to work since I had a few meetings and a lot to do at work.

This guy at my work, Steven, won tickets to see the Goo Goo Dolls last Wednesday as well and he asked me to go with him. Even though I wasn't feeling well with my period starting, I went anyway. We went to dinner first, and then to the concert. I had to use the washroom to change my pads since I was bleeding so heavily and to actually "go" like 6 times. On our way from dinner to the concert, I started getting the diarrhea cramps again. I actually pooped a little bit in my maxi pad and went to the ladies room as soon as we got to the concert hall. I cleaned up, put on a new pad and we went to our first row seats that Steven had won. As the show was ending and the Goo Goo Dolls were coming back for their encore, I knew that I was going to have to go again. I figured that I could hold it until the show was over, but I figured wrong. I tried with all my might, but I just could not keep my butt cheeks clenched as we made our way out to the lobby after the show. At first a little poop excaped and then a little more with each step I took. When I got to the ladies room, there was a line up of like 10 women before me and I still had to go some more! All of a sudden I lost control and filled my underwear and jeans badly. No one in the ladies room said anything and I finally made my way into one of the stalls. I took off the maxi pad that I had diarrhea on and cleaned up the rest of my panties and jeans the best I could. A couple girls who did notice my accident were really nice and handed me some wet paper towels to clean myself up with. I was in there for like 20 minutes before I felt comfortable enough to leave. I put on a new maxi pad and went found Steven and we left.

On our way home he asked me if everything was okay and I lied and told him, "yes, everything is fine, thank you". Except I wasn't fine. I had another attack of the runs and broke down and told him that I needed to get to a washroom right away. We went back to my place and as we were pulling up to my apartment building, I lost it and pooped my pants again. Steven was very nice and understanding about the whole thing. In spite of my predicament, I asked him up for a drink and he said yes. I cleaned myself up and we ended up talking for hours. I told him about some of the accidents that I have had and about what happens just before and during my period and he was very nice about everything.

I must have went through 8 Always Maximum Protection maxi pads that day with my period being so heavy and for the three times I pooped my pants that night.

He was very nice at work the next day too. We went out on Friday night as well and got a little more intamite. I'll spare the details. It's just nice for me to be with someone as understanding as Steven is.

Anyway, I'm sure I'll be back with more stories soon.

Sarah in Calgary.

Master Blaster
Ok, I'm back. Today's stories are called...

Dumps at Work.

I took a couple of big dumps at work over the weekend. The first one was kinda strange. I felt the urge and went to the bathroom. I sat down and a log started coming out slowly. All of a sudden, it gained speed and shot out like a cannon. In fact, it came out so fast, I thought it might be some diarreah-like shit that would break apart when it hit the water. I looked in the bowl and was amazed. The log was huge! It had to be a full foot and a half long and about 1.5 inches wide! It was actually curling around the bowl somewhat. I was almost sad to flush it, because it was the longest turd I've done in a long long time.

The next day, I felt the urge again at work (I work at 2 different places) and went to the john. I started on a real thick log that started with a bunch of little rabbit-turds all smashed together; you know what i'm talking about. That stared to break apart, but then the smooth part of the turd started and it came out all in one piece. This one was about 10 in. long but it was at least 2 inches wide at the start, tapering to about 1 in. wide at the end. It was a good turd.

Now, I'd like to ask some questions of the girls on this site. How on earth do you girls poop so much? I usually, as you can tell, do like 1 pretty good sized turd. But I read and have read in the past, stories about girls doing 4, 5, or even more turds! How big are you guys turds anyway? I can see if your turds are like 3 or 4 in. long but I can scarcely imagine doing 6 foot-long turds or more. Seriously guys, is that what you girls are doing? I'd be seriously impressed if you girls are doing that much shit all at once. Anyway, I gotta go, peace out!

The Loan Loafer
To KIRI: I will answer your survey in a few days when I have a chance, but I have a request
In your answer to number 9 of your own survey, you mentioned a situation that could make for an interesting story. Can you please tell it?

To the person who "just found myself peeing in the shower": I never used to do that. I started about two years ago, and now do it almost every time! Great experience!
I don't know about the health issues of it; but I have heard that that urine can have certain antiseptic qualities. Someone said that in the military, they are told that it can be used as an emergency disinfectant/antiseptic. So, maybe there are no health consequences.
I also heard years ago on the Late Show, that Madonna (yes, a paragon of wisdom, she is) pees in the shower every chance she gets, and figures that it is good for her feet. I don't know about that, but I do know that it is most enjoyable! I some times stand out side of the shower, and let fly into the shower, before turning on the water.
Amazing, the things one will reveal, on an anonymous board!

Dr. Poop
Three years ago My mom had sergery on her ancle. My grandma came up for three weeks to help out around the house. dering these weeks my mom slept on the couch in the living room and my grandma slept in the guest room up stares. Since I slept down in the basement I could hear my mom walking up above on her crutches. The first night I heard her in the middle of the night. So I walked up stares quietly and heard my grandma telling her "don't even worry about closing the door." As she started to pee I opened the stare way door and saw her sitting on the toilet with her leg in a brace so she coudn't bend it normaly. as I watched and listened to her playing sweet music on the potty I walked into the kitchen and looked at the time and took a drink of water to look like I had a reason to be up there. I did it all in a timely fastion witch ment the fun of sneaking a peek was short lived. My mom didn't say anything to me about it either why'll she was going to the bathroom or in the days that followed. I also went up to listen several of the other nights that she slep down there because she didn't turn the fan on in the pouder room as she normaly would witch ment I could hear every drop.

Before I go I would like to tell george I have never used a doorless stall in all my years and don't think I would like it. But if I had to bite the bullot and poop I probubly would.

I'm going to sighn off now and go eat dinner.

Keep those great storries coming

Buy for now

Dr. Poop

Mr. Nuttybar
One of the suggestions on this website says to write about "being really sick." As a cancer survivor, I wanted to share some of my experiences with you. Most people don't know this, but different kinds of chemotherapy can make you constipated or give you diarrhea. Both happened to me, although not at the same time...I think that's physically impossible, LOL.

So once, I almost went a week without pooping and ended up in the hospital.

Another time, I had incredibly bad diarrhea...almost a liter per day. Seriously, I was losing the volume of a bottle of RC Cola every 24 hours. Of course, mine probably tasted better. ZING! Since I felt so weak, I had to use a portable toilet next to my bed. I would sit to pee because of all the IV lines, and the poop would just leak out. It looked rather like a dark chocolate mousse, if you can believe it. I never felt it happen, and I didn't have much control. As you can imagine, I soiled the bed a few times and even let loose while I was taking a bath.

Just thought I would share. Let me know your thoughts.


Mr. Nuttybar

Hey guys,

It looks like George has been getting a little flak over his reluctance to use the restroom along with the rest of his staff.

Anyone who has been following my stories over the last 9 months knows that I have posted a preponderance of stories involving guys enduring loud, overwhelming, voluminous public bowel movements. Some of these guys were abused by their friends with literally NO stall around them for protection. Some of them were abused by ME!! A couple had their little kids along giggling at them while they were bumming on the toilet...... But all of them survived their ordeals and went on to bigger and better things, so I'm sure George can too.

Sergei, I'm sure we've all pulled pranks of some kind on someone on the crapper. Back on page 1527, I told about how I unlaced Fred's shoes as he sat filling the toilet with excrement as the stall was a bit on the tight side and he wasn't able to maneuver enough to stop me. As a camper at the same camp a few years earlier, we saw a guy from our cabin go into the bathroom to take a big dump. The open windows above only had screens so we found the garden hose and gave him an impromptu shower as soon as we were sure he had dropped his pants and had taken a seat.

To Cooper: I'm glad I have not yet used THAT particular laundromat!

Be Safe,


I woke up yesterday morning to strong cramps... Like someone had punched me in the guts. Oddly, they didn't feel like the kind I usually get if I needed to take a shit badly, but I went to the toilet anyway and sat down.

After a minute or two, it became totally clear that a big jobbie was on the way. I was kind of glad because I really enjoy a good 'emptying' crap. This particular one made me put a lot of effort into it from the first log to the last turd's 'SPLOOOOSH!!' into the water. It was a real ring-stretcher - the kind I enjoy. During the effort, I had to urge myself and push... and push... until everything was done. I could feel the poops effect's on my asshole the entire day. (Made me smile a bit actually! LOL! ) Good as the experience was, I didn't set any personal size, volume or smell records. The shit came out cleanly and I didn't really see any thing on the toilet paper.

The downside of that dump is hitting home today unfortunately... It feels like that ring-stretching BM irritated my 'roids. Now my asshole hurts in the bad sort of way and I'm pretty positive I'll need to put on some lotion to get the swelling down.

Take care,


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER TO LINDA: Keep up the effort, I am really bunged up is the medication> The specialist suggests laxatives...I asked him if they were a health problem and he said no! Will post more on the subject but right now I have to go out the back and see if I can move this poo. Will keep the computer open and report back
Off I Go!!!
I am back but no too victorious.
One only long thin hard knobbly turd and a hard one stuck in my rectum right now. Might try again soon and if no results by tonight then a laxative...maybe.

Hey Teddy Bear. I like your stories, but can you post all at once instead of parts? Some times the parts are separated by many many other posts (usually they are), and because of the way this forum is organized, you can't reorganize posts by author, or anything like that. So, I may read part 3 before part 2, and by the time I get to part 2, I have forgotten some of the details of part 2!
Really looking to finding some of those stories about Kathy that you talked about in one of your messages; sounds like it might have been some fun!

pooping women
I had a an experience and it is one of my best ones i love to do .It seems to happen to me when I go to the movies. I like to sit in the back of theater and watch movies alot and I went to see a good film the other day and during the movie well I wanted to try to poop to. so i did not want to waist my money so when i buy popcorn i always ask for an extra large bucket of popcorn and i always bring a small bathroom trash bag with me to go in it so it want leak everywhere . I alway were a mini skirt and no panties to the movies .so after i got through eatting my large bag of popcorn my friend that was sitting next to me asked me what i was doing i told her i was preparing for bathroom trip in the few minutes and she said ok . So I was feeling at lot of pressure in my pelvic area and felt like i need to pass some gas so i did . she said are u ok I said I really need to do some turds right now she said well go to the potty i said no i am fixing to go right here in my extra bucket i asked for and i said if get up i may not make it to potty all the way up front and I said I may not even have to go i just feel like a gassy baby right now so i may just fart awhile but i put the bucket under me so i can go in it she said u better take your panties off i said i dont have any on so that makes it easy . so about 20 minutes into the movie I was really feeling like it was time to push so i pushed and pushed and she said are u ok i said i am trying to push one out so just watch the movie and let me do this ok . So i was concentrating on the movie I was pushing and grunting softly . I was farting like a rushing race horse . So I was still pushing I felt it poke out of my anus . So I pushed slightly and it came out about 3 inches was hanging with juice on it hanging down so nicely and firm .So I pushed some more and it came out about 3 more inches 6 beautiful inches was hanging out of my anus so nice and firm. I love to feel the turd as it is hanging out of anus giving me some relief . So I pushed some more It finally broke off into the bucket looking so nice in it needing some more buddies to go with it in the bucket so I brought up the bucket and she saw my nice brown turd in the bucket I said i did that . I am fixing to do some where that one came from . So I pushed out 5 more medium turds and about 8 balls before the movies was over and she said are u ok i said This all stinks alot . so after everyone leaves i will take this to thrash and go to the bathroom and wipe my butt .... it is so enjoyable to watch a movie and poop at the same time it is so relaxing and takes time off your mind ....

The Lone Loafer
I don't think I have ever seen anyone on this board with the handle "The Loan Loafer", but if I am co-opting someone else's nickname, I apologize, and please clue me in.

To Sergei: I have always wanted to try the diaper thing (okay, not always, but since I developed my (fetish?) intense interest in unconventional waste distribution (I.E. peeing and pooping in non-traditional manners and locations, etc.). However, I have never obtained diapers from anywhere, because I do not know which vendors I might get them from, in the anonymous packaging you mention. I would like to find a vendor or two like that. Probably a good ol' Google search will get them for me, but still, I don't know which companies do the truly anonymous packaging.

To Mr. Clogs: I used to use a Sunny Delight bottle, kept by my bed, for middle of the night, or "twenty minutes before the alarm goes off, darn it" peeing. I have done this off and on over the years, but not for at least six months, probably more.

I have stories and such, and responses to other posts, but they will have to wait until I have more time. As always, keep the stories coming! Er, I mean going!

Linda from Australia here again. To Fat Woman: Thanks for sharing your story about Nina. It was great!! I bet that nurse knew exactly what you were up to when she left you two alone so Nina could take a dump. Im sure she has seen stranger things, working in a hospital. What about the person in the next bed?? Lets hope they enjoyed listening to the show!! Anyway, it was great to read that story, I have really missed your posts on here.

I have been a bit constipated myself lately. Ive been going every day but Ive really had to work hard at pooping. It took 20 minutes for me to squeeze out a load and even then, I still wasn't finished. I had to push and strain so hard that my stomach hurt and I had to pee several times while completing my dump. I also had to help my poop come out by pulling it out of my butt. That happened on Monday and Tuesday last week. It was awful, I haven't had that much trouble for a while.

My housemate and I have been very busy lately, so I haven't had a chance to listen in on her taking a dump. However, she has doing poos on a regular basis, as I hear her spray air freshener at least once per day. I think she is trying to lose weight because she has been going walking almost every day and heaps of food in the fridge is 'diet' stuff. I don't like to ask her about her weight, I think she would rather keep that to herself. And I would never, ever ask her about her pooping habits. Hopefully one day, I will get to hear her grunting or something.

As for my fat friend, I haven't had a chance to listen in on her either. Lately when I have been at her house, she only goes for a wee in the toilet, she must do her poos at night or in the morning.

Ha ha. I feel pretty silly because in my last post I said I was answering the survey and no one else had. For some reason I didn't see the page where a whole bunch of people had already responded. Oops. Oh well. I look forward to reading more people's answers!

For those like sweet survey-er and Carrie that said you want to try diapers as adults but haven't, there are a number of online places that you can buy them. They arrive in a plain box, so no one knows what you're getting. It's a lot easier than having to walk into a store, if you're worried about embarrassment. (I admit, I'm one of those!)

I'm wearing one right now, actually. It won't be dry for too much longer!

On a completely different subject, my co-workers and I played a joke on one of the guys in our group. (We're always playing pranks on each other) We knew he was going to the bathroom to take a poop, so we waited for him to get comfortable, and then we went in there with boxes of wadded up paper and styrofoam peanuts and stuff. From the front and side of his stall, we poured the stuff on him and ran out. He didn't say anything then, but when he got back he just laughed and said "I've never had that happen before!". I'm sure he'll get us back some day for that.

Have any of you all played any jokes like that?

Mr. Clogs
Hello all, just a question to all.

Does anyone, man or woman keep a container like a bucket, bottle, cup, chamber pot, vase or anything you use for the purpose of peeing and pooping into whether for nighttime purpose or for everyday use in their bedroom, living room, dining room? Also post stories about using them, thanks.

I've been drinking tonight, I'm gonna sign off and grab my pee container so I can pee in it tonight and dump it in the morning.


George: I gotta agree totally with JoelJack. Why on earth do you think your staff will respect you less because they see a turd sliding out your ass? It's a normal body function, we all do it, and you have nothing to be ashamed of. Try striking up a casual conversation with the guys while your shitting, laugh off your own stinks, noises, etc, and you will soon be respected more as a decent man, that a guy who thinks his own shit don't stink. I've used more than my share of doorless stalls both at work, and in social settings. Never been a problem, and I'm 53 years old. Let us know, keep us posted..... Mike

Jedi Master
Mr. Clogs- I'm glad you asked that. I just happen to be a trainbuff myself, and I'd be happy to tell you. I'm not sure how they did it when steam locomotives were in use (they may have just stood or squatted off the side of the cab), but diesel locomotives usually have bathrooms in them. Most are located in the "nose" of the engine, or in the back of it. It can sometimes be a chemical toilet, but more recent ones meet EPA Standards. On the older diesel units (we're talking 1950's here), you did not flush the toilet if the locomotive was in full throttle; the stuff that was being flushed would have been sucked up by the engine (and I know the maintenence crews would have appreciated that). Norfolk Southern used to order their locomtives without toilets, and instead had their employees use bags (which would have sucked). However, many reports of these employees throwing these bags out of the window probably caused them to begin ordering toilets to be installed in the locomtives. That's all for now!

TO LINDA FROM AUSTRALIA- Sorry I have not been around. Been pretty busy of late. I know you miss my constipation stories and boy have I got a great one for you involving Nina. Have you had any luck listening in on your roommate or fat friend? If so, do tell.

TO GRUNTLY BOGWELL- Sir, what can I say? My hat is off to you. Your past 2 accounts of our mother-in-law left Nina and I speechless. The descriptions of her fat body heaving herself on and off the toilet were some of our favorite parts as well as her new found dependence on you. But we do have some questions:

Could you tell us more about your wife? I don't remember you ever recounting a story about her. We would love to hear a story about spying on her. Does your wife take after her mother in being heavy? Does she know the full extent of your interest?

Also, you have mentioned a few times your mother-in-law suffers from travel constipation. I assume that her other bowel movements are normal or does she have a hard time regardless? Have you ever spied on her in her own home when travel constipation obviously wasn't an issue? How was it different?

Well to get back to my story about Nina. She has put on more weight this year and it's been a strain on her knees. She is visibly bigger than me now and gets very out of breath if she's on her feet for long. Her sessions on the toilet are longer and more strenuous than ever. Last month she had a small operation on her knees that required a stay in the hospital. She always made sure to save her dumping session for when I would visit after work. The nurse would line up the bedpan with Nina's huge ass as her great girth sat up in bed. Then she would leave us in privacy so Nina could begin straining. I think the nurse was on to us but we didn't care. The first time she went we were excited to see what it would be like for her to poop in semi public. Nina's roomate was serperated by a curtain but she could hear everything. The nurse had hoisted up Nina's hospital gown to her waist and her rolls of fat oozed out and touched the bars on either side of the bed. I patted her shoulder and offered her a magazine.

"Nnnnooo.....ummmmpphhh....I can't hold a magazine.....mmmmmmm....I need to grip something......mmmmm...." She grabbed the metal bars on either side of her, took a deep breath and held it for a long time, straining. Her effort ended in a very loud and somewhat ugly grunt: "UNNHH!" Nina's roomate was silent. She was definately listening or asleep. Nina panted a little then braced herself again, gripping the bars. "UNNHHH!! OHHHH!!! MMMMMM!" Her hips, ass and thighs undulated as she struggled, the flesh jiggling with even the slightest movement. Her grunts were so loud the nurse came in and offered to giver Nina a laxative.

"No....ughhh...lavative...mmmmm...." Nina grunted, her face growing red.

"She prefers to get it out naturally," I explained. The nurse gave me an odd look and left. I took a kleenex and wiped Nina's forehead. She was exhausted from her ordeal so she stopped trying and we watched TV for a half hour before Nina felt ready to bear down again. Again her sweaty hands gripped the bars as she strained with all her might. "UUNNHHH! AAAAHHHH!!! UUGGGHHHH!! MMMMMMPHHH!" Her ass quivered and finally gave way to a HUGE turd. Nina laid back on the bed, panting alarmingly. I called the nurse who too away the bedpan. We had 3 more sessions with the bed pan over ther next few days and we think the roomae heard every time although we can't be sure.

Nina is much better now and I still accompany her to the toilet. This is actually necessary as it's very difficult for her to get up by herself after a session on the toilet. When I have to go, she mostly just listens to me now. She doesn't have the stamina to stand and watch but I put on a great audio show so she is never disappointed.

Well Linda and Gruntly, I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Greg (Josh's Brother-in-law and Mike's Friend)
Hey Guys!! Some of Zip's stories of toilets facing each other made me remember this story of my (eventual) brother-in-law. Having known Josh for nearly 29 years since he was a punk 13-year-old, I've had numerous opportunities to witness him loaded on the toilet in the throes of a shit. This particular event however does stand out. Some years ago, before Josh and (my sister) were formally engaged; we headed down to a lake in Tennessee to celebrate Memorial Day. I had just finished my junior year of college a few weeks before while Josh and my sister had just finished up their freshman years. As you may remember, Josh is Mike's brother and had his own rather unfortunate pant-crapping incident at football practice about 3 years earlier. I've wanted to get another good Josh story in but haven't had time until now. We left pretty early in the morning to head down for the long weekend when we decided to make a breakfast and fuel stop in Southern Ohio. At our breakfast stop Josh had a particularly healthy meal and consumed LOTS of food. Before we left, Josh did stop in the restroom, but just to take a leak, not to use the pot. I'm not sure, but I don't believe he had taken a dump the previous day either. Well, we're back in the van and finally on the road and sure enough, it takes all of five minutes for Josh's bowels to FILL the unsuspecting young man with excrement, and I mean a LOT of excrement as it turns out. At first, Josh was really embarrassed to ask me to stop since we had just gotten back on the road. However after ten minutes of relentless pressure hammering at the walls of his overloaded rectum weakening his will to resist, the badly-loaded boy realized further resistance would be futile. "Hey Greg," Josh began in a sheepish voice, "I need to have you pull off at the next exit with a bathroom. I need to take a dump really bad!" "Is it urgent, Bro?" I probed. "I was sort of hoping to get more than 15 miles on one stop." "It's CRITICALLY urgent!" Josh replied in a desperate-sounding voice. "I shit my pants once before (at football camp, story is posted on page 1464), and I really don't want to experience it again!" As I looked back at Josh while he was talking, I could tell from his voice and the way he shifted uncomfortably back and forth that the young man was in fact incredibly loaded with shit and that his strength to resist the tide of shit inside him was quickly ebbing away. Having seen firsthand just HOW mean Mike's and Josh's shits could be, I KNEW I had to help my desperately-loaded friend find relief before he was overwhelmed. "Ok, bro," I told him, "There's an exit two miles up. Hold on!" "I'll try! Just HURRY please!!" Josh pleaded. "Josh!" Exclaimed my sister in a rather unusual voice. "Do you need to go poo-poo??" I thought it a bit strange that my sister would be so curious about her badly-loaded boyfriend's impending bowel movement, although at the moment, Josh seemed not to be amused. "NO!!" Josh wailed. "I don't need to go 'poo-poo,' I HAVE TO *SHIT*! Can we PLEASE hurry??" "We're almost there bro!" I replied. "Hold tight!" "Oh God, oh God!" Josh cried. "Please God, not again!!" (I assume he was referring to his previous pants-shitting episode about 3 years earlier.) I kind of needed to go too, but I was more than able and willing to wait a bit so that we could get further down the road. A couple of hellish (for Josh) minutes later, we finally pulled up to the service station and found the building where the restrooms there and parked in front of the door. The whole time, Josh had held himself sweating bullets and moaned until we pulled up. As soon as we parked, the desperately-loaded Josh quickly got his excrement-laden ass out of the van and bounded into the restroom. Parking the vehicle, I got out and headed into the restroom myself. As I pushed open the door, I fully expected to see Josh's pants already on the floor draped around his calves under the partition of a fully enclosed stall. Instead, I was surprised to find the severely-loaded boy still checking out two doorless stalls THAT FACED EACH OTHER before he finally picked one and ran in. This was clearly a less than ideal situation for the weakening and beleaguered Josh but he was clearly beaten and unable to hold his shit back for even one more mile. Positioning himself in front of the seriously-needed crapper, the defeated Josh desperately fumbled with his belt and buckle before getting his trousers unzipped. My sister's badly loaded and quickly-weakening boyfriend then hurriedly dropped his pants and mounted his throbbing shit-filled butt on the urgently-needed toilet. His technique looked quite familiar as he collapsed to the shitter as he leaned slightly forward and pushed his cock down into the bowl. This was the way I usually saw Mike take a shit so the family influence was obvious. While I have been with Josh numerous times when he was relieving his bowels, and vice versa, this situation was a little different with the toilets facing each other. While I wasn't exactly comfortable with the situation either, I decided to make the best of it and go as well rather than waste time and make another stop. Besides, my badly-loaded and overwhelmed friend was CLEARLY having it FAR worse than I was. So I dropped trou and sat down across from the helpless Josh who was already bumming quite loudly on the pot. If Josh hadn't given up, I would have waited as well. As I was taking a seat, my severely loaded friend was staring at the floor letting loose several wet-sounding farts that splattered the walls of the badly-needed toilet. Powerful peristaltic waves then took over and started pushing the excrement out of the bumming Josh as he helplessly unleashed a whole bunch of soft loose shit that cascaded into the desperately-needed toilet in a fast-paced sequence of soft mushy plops. It was in this moment with all that crap powering through him and into the toilet rather than his pants that the overwhelmed Josh apparently found religion. "Ohhhhhhhh…. Thank God… Thank God…. Thank God…. Thank God…. Thank God…." (Josh actually IS a man of faith, but THAT came later when he and my sister started having children, not as a result of this particular bowel movement!!) Josh's muscular, athletic 6'2 frame looked awesome there on the crapper as all that shit relentlessly pounded through him and I could tell the ordeal was leaving my overwhelmed friend weak and run down. Josh had his legs opened to a 45-degree angle to let all the shit out. His wavy blond hair was cropped quite short while his hazel blue eyes had the pained expression of someone in the throes of a big nasty shit. "Oh my God!" Josh exclaimed as he saw me approach. "THANK you SOOO much for hurrying here when I said I needed to go!!" "No problem," I replied. "Doesn't look like they give you much privacy here." I said as I took my own seat. I then heard a whole lot more shit cascade out of Josh who gasped and moaned lightly as the nasty wave went right through him. "Ugggh" He moaned as the shit wave subsided. "No they don't!" Josh grunted. "At least at school, the stalls were side-by-side instead of facing each other!!" "Yeah. Mike always told me he kind of got used to it growing up with all you guys in one house!" "Yeah." Josh replied as he started to grunt and bear down. "Uhhr... I've stunk my brothers out of the bathroom more than a few times in my day!!" Josh continued as he ripped several rapid-fire farts mixed with another cascade of very soft turds further stinking up this particular bathroom. "I suppose at least it beats having a CHICK watch you go at it!" "Oh no kidding!!" Josh Grunted accompanied by several cascading hissing plops. By this time, most of my turds had slid out nice and quietly while Josh had been filling the toilet with excrement quite audibly.... "It took some getting used to the first time having (Your Sister) see me on the toilet!" "Ummmm..." I replied a bit incredulously.... "When would my SISTER have seen you on the toilet????" While the idea of ME seeing Josh loaded up and bumming on the can was quite appealing, the thought of my SISTER seeing him letting loose on the crapper in the throes of a big dump seemed absolutely revolting, even though they were in an EXTREMELY committed relationship (ESPECIALLY for teenagers) and were mere months away from becoming engaged. (I'm over it now BIG time, but at the time I was absolutely scandalized!!) "Well..." Josh continued.... "The first time.." "The FIRST time!!!!........" I thought to myself... Just HOW many times WERE there??? "The First time, I was over at your house and your parents weren't home....." "Oh GREAT!" I muttered to myself..... "Well, I needed to take this really major shit, really bad so I head to the crapper downstairs and do my thing before discovering that the roll didn't have any paper. Your sister was the only one home so she had to bring me the paper." "And........." I inquired, almost dreading where the story was going..... "Well, when she opens the door to hand the paper in, I could TELL she was peeking and just DYING for a better look. The thought that this girl I really liked was turned on by seeing me taking a crap really turned me on..... So I said it was ok to take a better look..." "So let me get this straight.... MY SISTER WATCHED YOU TAKE A CRAP??" I exclaimed in outrage as I continued to watch Josh taking a crap. "I'm going to KILL her!!" As I talked, my buddy huffed some more and started to shit again as another big round of soft loose excrement worked its way through Josh and out his dilated anus as it cascaded into the porcelain bowl and piling up on top of all the other shit that had preceded it. "Ughhh... Well Actually by then, I was pretty much finished up and only needed to wipe. She didn't watch THAT!" "Oh WHEW!!" I exclaimed sarcastically. "Now THAT'S a relief!!! She only watches you naked on the pot but doesn't watch you wipe your ass!!" "I wasn't NAKED bro! I only showed a bit of my thighs and upper legs............. And maybe a little side of my butt cheek...." "And maybe a little side of your BUTT CHEEK!!" I yelped in disbelief. "Did you at least keep your private unit from showing??" I asked in dread. "Well yeah…. I mean, I was getting kind of hard, but I kept it concealed." "And this was the FIRST time???" I asked. "Well, since then, if I had to go and we were alone, I've left the door open for her....." I really wanted to strangle Josh right then and there, but I restrained myself. "That's really sweet, Josh." I said sarcastically. "Do you think Hallmark will buy the story and make it into a movie??" Josh didn't answer except to grunt which resulted in more toilet-amplified sputtering and fizzling sounds from his butt. "Can I ask you a question," I began, "Have you ever watched HER take a dump??" I vowed that Josh was going to *DIE* right then and there if he answered yes, before he got done crapping. "NO!!" he exclaimed as if in surprise. "Are You SURE??" I demanded. "Urrh... Come on Greg" Josh started imploring me as he started grinding out yet another round of shit. The soft shit crackled and sputtered and hissed as it slithered out of Josh and curled up in the bowl. "We've been friends for 6 years and I am going to MARRY your sister. I am in love with her and if something like just seeing me take a dump arouses her and makes our sex life better, than I'm going to do it because I'm committed to making her happy." Josh's words made perfect sense to me. Besides, If *I* thought Josh looked REALLY great bumming on the shitter, then I could hardly blame (my sister) for feeling the same way! "I'm really sorry Bro." I began. "You're one of the coolest human beings I've EVER met in my whole life, (and he still is even today). If there's ONE person I can trust to do the right thing with (my sister), it would have to be you, hands down." "Thanks Bro!" Replied with as much concentration on me as he could muster although he was apparently still a tad uncomfortable. "You know what I love MOST about your sister?" Josh asked. "What's that, Bro?" I replied. "The family she comes from and especially you, Greg. You're one of the best friends I'll ever have and I could never bring myself to do something to hurt you or lose your respect." I started to get a lump in my throat but I caught myself. "Thank you." I finally replied. "Well," I asked my boy as I started to wipe up. "Are you just about done too?" "Not really," was Josh's surprising answer. "I think I'll be a while longer." "You serious?" I asked, almost astonished after hearing ALL that shit come out of Josh. Evidently, there was still more excrement inside him and my boy still needed to shit some more before he got it all expelled." "Yeppers," replied Josh. "There's still more where all that came from!" "Whew!" I thought to myself. That boy really WAS extremely loaded! "Well," I began slyly, "Would you like me to send (my sister) in to keep you company until you're done??" "Ha, ha!!" Josh called back. "You're funny, but looks aren't everything!" "If they were, you wouldn't be dating (my sister!)" (A bit of kidding on my part. Josh was quite nice looking, especially sitting with his pants down on the toilet.) As I got up and made my way to the sink, Josh's toilet started resonating with crackling, popping, hissing, sputtering and spurting from the butt of it's indisposed occupant who was once again grunting under his breath as he bore down to struggle out another round of excrement. Josh continued to shit as I cleaned up at the sink and I was taking my time to see just how much more crap he could produce. (I had seen/heard him take other dumps, albeit not looking straight ACROSS from him, and I knew it could be substantial as they were with Mike's bowel movements.) For a little bit, Josh sat quietly with his pants down as I dried up but he still did not start to wipe. "Hey Josh," I called to my indisposed friend, "I'm headed into the (gas station) store. Can I get you anything?? "I'm good for now." Josh called back from his stall, "I'll see you when I get out there." I then opened and shut the bathroom door pretending to leave while I waited and listened for what Josh would do next. About a minute later, Josh started grunting and huffing under his breath. After about 15 seconds of this effort, Josh's butt started sputtering as another crackling round of shit came crackling through him and into the toilet. Another 30 seconds of heavy breathing ensued before the sputtering and farting began in earnest again as Josh delivered one final round of excrement that crackled and sputtered, and popped, and hissed and slithered out his butt and landing on top of the rest of the impressive fecal monster Josh had given birth to. When I finally heard Josh exclaim "Wheeeeeeeeeeew," I knew my relieved buddy had FINALLY gotten all his shit expelled and his voided bowels were at long last excrement-free. With his protracted ordeal finally over and his excremental demon finally vanquished, Josh let out yet another extended "Wheeeeeeeeeeew," as he reached behind him and pulled the flush lever on the toilet to banish the excremental beast to the netherworld of the city sewer system for all eternity. Then, I heard Josh bang the toilet paper holder around as he entered the cleanup phase of his massive shit. I had only needed 4 wipes to clean up, but it was safe to assume that Josh's butt would be particularly soiled following his grueling toilet ordeal and that his paperwork would be somewhat more extensive and involved. Josh let out yet another long "Wheeeeeeeeeeew," following his first wipe followed by exclamations of relief after every third wipe. Finally after 12 passes, I heard Josh stand up and bring his pants back up followed by another "Wheeeeeeeeeeew," as he pulled the flush lever one last time. I took this opportunity with the sound of the toilet flushing to leave for real this time. When I got outside and in the store, I saw my sister and went up to her. I decided to put her to the test "What in the World TOOK you guys so long?" She asked. "It was Josh," I began slyly, "He needed to take a really major dump!" "Ewwww! You're GROOOOOSSS!!" Replied my sister, slugging me in the arm in the process. Still, I could see a glint in her eye and I knew I had pushed the right button!!" "Owww." I said, faking pain. A moment later, I saw Josh coming in so I went over to greet my newly freed friend. "Wheeeeeeeeeeew," he said to me rolling his eyes, "Now THAT'S what I call a SHIT!!" I've never heard someone give so many exclamations of relief following a shit in my life! Sure enough, when my sister saw him, she gave him a little more affection than normal…. "Did Joshy go poo-poo?" I overheard her say to him in a rather childish voice. "Yes! And Joshy feels MUCH better now!" Replied my relieved friend in an equally childish voice. I wanted to head back to the bathroom so I could throw up!! After we all got back in the van, Josh and (my sister) were hanging all over each other for the next several hours. It was about 5 years later after Josh and my sister were married when they decided to go for a hike in a National Forest. They had decided not to have children for the first couple years of marriage and meticulously protected themselves from that happening. As fate would have it during the hike, Josh rectum began REALLY filling with excrement…… And filling, and filling, and filling….. With any toilet WELL out of reach and Josh DESPERATELY loaded with shit, my severely-throbbing brother-in-law had NO choice but to unload right out there in the open. So, finding a tree to lean against, Josh pulled down his pants, leaned against the tree and over the course of the next ten minutes or so proceeded to lay an absolutely HUGE pile of turds on the ground. Of course, my sister was there to witness the whole thing and took it all in. And, with no toilet to cover it up, my sister also noticed that Josh's private unit was somewhat larger and firmer than usual. This evidently led to an impromptu but heated round of nookie in the forest. Nine months later, the first of their 4 children were born, my nephew Joshua Gregory (his middle name is after his grandfather, not me) who is now 17 and an AWESOME kid (as are ALL their kids)!! Be Safe, Greg

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