Gratiosa Puella
Hi, this is my first post although i wanted to write for quite a long time. I am not Anglo-Saxon, so excuse me if my english will sound a bit strange. i got involved in coprology when i was sixteen thanx to an auntie of mine, but i do not want to talk about that. I'll tell you how the toilet helped me to forget an impossible love. It happened when i was at the uni in my home country. i fell in love with a classmate of mine. She was nothing special but quite shy and quiet. She was the type of girl who would go to church every sunday and be involved in church activities all over the week. i started thinking about her as an angel and made a lot of literary quotations about that (literature and poetry are my favourites). of course she "did not give me a shit". i think she was indeed frightened by my literary involvement. she used to see that i did not love her but an image i had created.

The story went on for a couple of years and she got a relationship with a true neard. i knew that i had to stop loving her but i did not know how. then i realized that all my involvement was related to my considering her as a kind of superior creature. Then, to make a long story short, i realized that angels do not go to the toilet while girls do. in order to destroy my image i had to witness her bodily functions. i was lucky because that year we moved to the main university hall. it was an old building, soon going to be restructured, and there were no distinctions between mens' and ladies' toilets. So i paid attention to her habits and followed her to the johns a couple of times. That was not so strange since we were following the same courses and finishing at the same times. Her peeing was never the same: sometimes she would just softly tickle along the bogg, other times it would fall directly as a true fountain (that was what i preferred), in many cases she would stop and s! tart again. Of course i never actually saw her but could hear everything from the next stall. I do not know whether she was embarassed knowing that i was there but she never said anything. The most impressive occasion was when, before peeing, she let a soft fart go (the sound was a gentle "puff"). I was terribly excited but, meanwhile, i obtained what i wanted. she was something real, she had a body, she used to pee and poop as every human beeing. she was not an angel any more

If you want a literary quotation for my story you can read "Strephon and Cloe" by Jonathan Swift. Cloe is a gentle people can regard as a nynphe. Nobody, even her closest girl friends, ever has ever seen her picking a rose (fancy that we are in the xviii century when toilets were not so common). She finally gets married with Strephon, who is quite concerned about the wedding night because he doesn't know how to behave with such a treasure. he does not want to disturb her sensibility. Strephon does not know how to approach her for sex. But once in bed something unpredictable happens. Cloe had garden peas for dinner and drunk twelve cups of tea. To cut it short she needs to wee and feels a lot of wind knocking at her rear. she finally decides to use the urinal. Strephon can hear the flow of her pee and he is disgusted. Even more disgusting, Cloe cannot bear it anymore and lets a series of loud farts go. Finally Strephon does not think anymore that Cloe is divine and Cloe loses h! er taboos about bodily functions. Jonathan Swift says that, before marrying, we should witness our partner going to the toilet. Just in case. Bye

Kevin L
To Philippe, outhouses are shed like structures that do not flush. The outhouse was on school property. It belonged to a religious sect called the Amish, who do not believe in indoor plumbing or electricity. We were there on a saturday morning when school was not in session. Ihe area I am from is very rual with a central city and there are many outhouses in the rural parts. Before indoor plumbing everyone in the United States used outhouses. talk to you later, Kevin

Sunday, April 19, 1998

Hi folks. Sorry about my first post, I seemed to have repeated a first portion of 2 separate drafts. Sorry I wasted space unnessecarily. First of all, I agree with Alex. She deserves to see some pictures of men on the toilet. Women seem to be the standard for ultimate sexual pleasure, when we guys are sensuous too! I have a great story about seeing a girl dumping in the woods during a camping trip, and being seen by girls during the same weekend! It's a wonderful life...Pooping girl, get your computer fixed please. I asked my wife if women really farted and grunted so hard when taking a poop. Her answer: yes! Love y'all. P-S

A.) they are impossible to find and B.) the gallery was not intended to be sexual.

David W.
Dave Barry had a new term to describe #2's, logs and jobbies in a recent column of his. He was talking about the new 1.5 gallon flush toilets. He says: They work fine for one type of bodily function, which, in the interest of decency, I will refer here only by the euphemistic term "No. 1." But many of the new toilets do a very poor job of handling "acts of Congress". How so right he is.

Donna, thank you for posting and letting us know in a bit more detail about your toilet habits. I love to read about people who have the ability of passing really big turds. You are lucky to have great friends like Moira and George who can help you through your difficult times on the toilet. You are also lucky to be able to "perform" your duty in front of others with such openness and without any embarrassment. Keep those wonderful posts coming, I am looking forward to reading them. Mary Ann, you are not boring us by sharing with us your difficulties and desperation to take a shit. Just make sure to let us know how things progress when you finally do succeed in passing something. Finally, I agree with Alex about the suggestion of posting pictures of guys sitting on the toilet for a change. The girl who is in the current picture has been sitting there so long she runs the risk of having the imprint of the toilet seat tattooed around her butt!

I've just been on vacation for two weeks on a subtropical island in the Atlantic. We have been there before and I look forward to going, because like all lands with a Mediterranean culture, the bathrooms are always equipped with bidets, the very best way to ensure anal (and genital) cleanliness. No chance of skidmarks in your underpants if you use a bidet. But the toilet design was not so good. Americans do not realize that they probably have the best designed toilets in the world. A large area of water means that you do not have to take any care with what falls out of your poop-chute, and the depth of water reduces the chances of skidmarks on the bottom of the bowl. Taken together with the syphon mechanism of flushing, you have a very efficient method of shit disposal, the only problem being that it is rather extravagant with water. European toilets are of a variety of designs, varying mainly in where the relatively small volume of water is located into which you hope your turds will fall. They all have to have relatively well-designed flush mechanisms, to ensure that water rinses the largest possible area of the walls, because unlike American toilets, the possibility of shit lodging on the walls is high. Some (as e.g in Britain) have the water at the back, with a near vertical back-wall to the toilet bowl, others (as in Holland and to some extent Germany) have ! the water at the front, with a near vertical front wall, but at the back, underneath where you are likely to drop your turds, is a small platform about half way above the water in the bottom, with a minute puddle of water on it, on which the turds lodge so that you can inspect them at relatively close quarters without them being under water. (This of course increases the probability of bad smells). The toilets in our holiday hotel were different again. The water was in the middle of the bowl, with steeply sloping, but far from vertical walls at both front and back. This meant that your turds were certain to hit the back wall in the course of their descent. For those with turds of moderate stiffness (Bristol scale 3 perhaps), they would just leave a skidmark and plop further down into the water, but my soft turds all ended up smeared over the back wall of the toilet, and in most cases the flush water, efficient though it was, failed to wash away all traces of shit e! ven after more than one flush. (My turds would be a great disappointment to Tony and others who like firm ones. Mine are alwys soft, because I eat a lot of fruit, vegetables and bran). My vacation bowel movements were nice and leisurely, I could spend my full 20 min on the toilet without any feeling of haste, and then could have a lovely anal rinse in nice hot water afterwards in the bidet. On the matter of bisexuality, I am convinced that more than 50% of men are bisexual, but do not admit it, and on the whole, if you have any element of choice, there is less hassle in being heterosexual, though you might not enjoy the sex quite as much. That's just my opinion, not a scientific fact, I hasten to add. Further to spotter and Jill's posts, I heard a good story the other day about Woking. Apparently on the older trains that used to run on that line, the standard notice that appears in all British trains Do not flush the toilet when the train is standing in a station had been altered in all the toilet units by the manuscript addition at the bottom: except in Woking. Kevin's story about the two-seater outhouse was terrific! It would be the answer to most people on this page's prayers to take dump in such close proximity to someone else.

Dave, I too enjoy a good healthy dump, as well as a buddy crap. Read my March 13th posting and you'll know what I mean. You were lucky because your buddy left his shit behind for you to see and crap on top of. A couple of memorable dumps in recent weeks to make mention of. I had a mild urge to go late one evening, but couldn't be bothered and went to bed. The following lunchtime the urge was still there, so I went at work, which is very unusual for me as I am normally an evening shitter. I had to strain really hard to get out a medium sized hard log. I just knew that I wasn't finished and would need to go again later in the day. Was I ever right!. By the time I got home, I had another urge to go and this one quickly became an urgent need. I couldn't hold it long enough to make it to a public bathroom. I unloaded a huge log, about 16-18 inches which coiled around the toilet bowl. It was actually one of the strangest looking logs I have ever shitted as it was about two inches thick in the middle and tapered to about 1/2 inch thick at both ends! I felt really proud of that monster! A couple of nights ago another strong urge came on and this time I was in the university library. By the time I got to the toilet, the log was beginning to push its way out. I undid my belt, dropped my jeans and underpants and by the time my ass hit the seat, my shit was already in the toilet--a real power dump if ever there was one! I looked in the bowl and there was a huge pile of soft shit. The smell was real bad and I could hear groans from the next couple of guys who entered the bathroom and were hit by the over-powering odour. Unfortunately no-one was in the adjoining stall to hear my performance, because even though it was fast, it was pretty noisy as well. I had a huge meal last night, so I am looking forward to a good dump later today or tomorrow. Let's start posting the locations of open stall toilets, as I'm sure this will be of interest to many.

Hello, I haven't posted in a long time, since I've been clean and accident free for quite a while. I had a pretty bad accident this morning though. I was sitting on the couch with my father watching TV - we were watching "Saved By the Bell". I had eaten pizza last night, which always makes me have to crap really bad the next day. As I was sitting next to my father, I had some really bad cramps developing. They got so bad, that I was getting scared that I'd crap my underwear. I was wearing a short dress at the time. I stood up to go to the bathroom, but my dad put his hand on my leg, and said "come on Stacy, just sit tight until the next commercial - this is a good episode." And "sit tight" was exactly what I did. I had to crap so bad, that I just sat there squeezing my butt cheeks together as hard as I could. I could feel the bad cramps bursting through my stomach, and I didn't know how I'd hold in my crap. Then it happened. A huge "bubbling" sensation and sound occured under my legs. I felt soft, warm bubbles of crap filling my panties, and all around my legs. The crap had filled my panties, and had overflowed out of my panties. It was getting all over my dress, legs, and the couch. There was quite an embarrassing bubbling sound that accompanied the flow of crap out of butt onto my my dress, legs, and couch. My dad didn't notice a thing though. Then the phone rang, and my dad got up to answer it. He was talking on the phone in a different room, so that gave me a chance to clean up. I quickly jumped in the shower and cleaned the mess from my dress, butt, underwear, and legs. After my shower, he was still on the phone, so I got a chance to clean up the mess from the couch. Then I sprayed the room with air freshener, and changed my underwear. When my dad got off the phone, he came back to sit with me on the couch, and he didn't notice a thing. I was so nervous - I thouht that he'd somehow find out about my accident. I was nervous, that I dropped the remote control. I bent over to pick it up, and my dad got a peek up my dress. Then he said "Stacy, you're wearing different panties then you were earlier this morning - why?" I was sure that he somehow knew about my accident, so I just said "dad, you shouldn't have been peeking up my dress - it's none of your business!" And the subject was never brought up again. I still think he might know about my accident, but at least he hasn't directly asked me if I crapped my panties!

A Hypnotic Question...
At a recent program by a mentalist, people were brought up on stage and "hypnotized", then suggested to act in odd ways (animals, etc.). One person was told they were a small infant- and they acted just like a baby, speaking baby talk, etc while crawling around the stage. After a minute or two, it became embarassingly apparent that the "baby" has lost control of her bladder and wet her jeans. The hypnotist lead her off stage and she was not seen again. My understanding of mental suggestion is that you cannot suggest to someone something that they would not normally do. Do you think that a skilled mentalist can regress a subject to the point where they involuntarily soil themselves? Or perhaps this person intentionally wet their pants to create a stir? Just wondering.

To Alex; I also use disabled persons toilets when I am out. I guess the space is better but the main reason is that they tend to be cleaner than other toilets. I`m fussy about where I sit to pee, & would rather hold on (even if I`m desperate) than sit on a dirty toilet. Sometimes I wish I was a man & could stand to pee!

Since I began reading this site I have become more and more aware of different people's toilet-habits. Before that was almost a non-existent issue to me. Inspired by the train-stories I have watched the trains every day when waiting at my station. Yesterday when an empty train was about to line up at the platform I saw one toilet flushing just in front of me as the train stopped. Some paper and one round and one longer turd fell onto the ground, not very impressive. But out of the toilet just afterwards came the ticket collector, a woman at about 30. I should like to know what people working in trains feel about having to go that way perhaps every day. Some month ago I told about my mother pooping at a beach. During spring I have experienced that she goes outdoor very often, almost every time we walk in the forest, bike in the countryside and otherwise stay outdoor in the week-ends. She is very shy so I do not actually observe her, but understand that it is what she is doing. I think it is quite common that even adults especially women? poop when they are driving in the countryside or walking in remote areas. Does anyone know facts about this?

To Alex:
usually, I avoid using stalls for handicaps just out of respect for them. Since they cannot use our stalls, where else are they supposed to go if they have to use the bathroom? Thus being said, your question may lead to another one: it is an offence to park one's car on a parking space for the disabled and this, at least in Canada, carries a hefty fine (around $ 100.00). Yet, I am not aware of any penalty for using handicapped bathrooms. To Kevin.L: I loved your story. It is the first time that I hear of "outhouses" and I gather from your description of the place that it is a sort of shed with two undivided toilets in it? Did these toilets flush? Was it on a scholl property and, if so, should one then assume that there were no toilets inside the school and that this outhouse you both went into was the toilet that everybody used ?


Harry Hello again! I'm sorry I didn't log in and post yesterday, but as I said in my last post, I know when I am about to have a large bowl movement, especially now that I am on an average 5-7 day cycle...Well yesterday, I had the cramping up feeling again about 3:30 p.m., fortunately I was home at the time, so I went to the bathroom to do the duty of passage of the "Lincoln Log", which again was about 15 inches long and about 1 1/2 inches in diameter, and as usual was a big relief and "load off my mind" for me... I must admit that I do get turned on by hearing other guys dropping a turd/turds in a public restroom but anymore I very seldom have time to visit them...I also was in a government program years ago that had dormitories, and of course the many toilets in the bathroom facilities...Again, it was interesting to see what kind of jobs some of the other guys in the dorm left unflushed, of which some were of considerable size, up to 2 feet long on a couple of occasions!

I don't know how people can be turned on sexually by bowel movements. I was actually looking for funny stories and jokes about defecation but everyone here is so serious about their bowel movements!

Mr. Jyour
Alex regarding the handicapped stalls, I have a couple of thoughts on why they may be preferred. First of all, they are usually the ones at the far end of the restroom, I don't think they would be as desirable if they were up front. Second, and the reason that I like them, is that the toilet is higher off the ground. I like the sensation of pooping while sitting on this higher throne. What do you think?

Saturday, April 18, 1998

Hullo to all. Moira and George told me that Bridget wanted to hear from me about my experiences and I thought, "Oh why not" After reading through this fascinating web site Im happy to oblige.

As Moira had said Im quite fat, though I prefer ???? or cuddily as a description, and I suppose I do look like the late Cass Elliot of the Momas and the Papas, that shows my age! I weigh 18 stone (230 pounds) and am 5ft 10in tall with long black hair down to my waist and large breasts and what the Yanks call a big butt. As you imagine I love my food, no negative body image with me and a diet is the name for the Swiss Parliament as far as Im concerned. Well, what goes in must come out and I do pass some reallly big fat jobbies as Moira has related and have done so since I was a kid. We are all on the big , ????, side in our family but my folks are still going strong even in their early eighties, so much for lettuce eating wimps! Anyway, I usually pass a motion about 3 or 4 times a week producing a long fat jobbie of anything from a foot to 16 inches or so and about 2 and a half inches thick at its fattest part, sometimes it comes out as two logs about 10 and 8 inches long, it varies but Id say 12 to 14 inches is average when it all comes out in one large turd. My motions are normally firm to easy using Moira's scale. Like many of the women who write here I also get constipated before my monthly period and then have to really strain to pass hard balls the size of a tennis ball or a goose egg. I can then sympathise with a female ostrich I can tell you! When I was visiting Moira and George last weekend I had been in a hurry the previous day and had left the toilet still feeling that there was some another load of poo to drop but I didnt have the time to wait for it to come down. This is something I dont normally do and I regretted it the next day as the retained stool hardened up hence the need to have Moira rub my ???? an the load of hard balls passed before the easier long fat sausage slide out. Like anyone else my motions vary but are usually no worse than "soft" but still well formed. A typical motion for me, say after two days or so would consist of a single long fat slightly curved mid brown jobbie of about 13 inches or so, knobbily to begin with then smoother which slides out quite easily after the initial straining to start it off and often makes very little sound at all as part of it is already in the water of the toilet pan as the rest is still coming out of my rectum, perhaps just a gentle "floomp!. Obviously such large turds do tend to stick in the pan and take a good number of flushes to go away or my throwing a few buckets of water down the toilet to get them to budge. If this is at home it is no problem or if in a Public Toilet or at friends such as Moira and George, but I have had the odd embarrasment when visiting others as has Moira and like her I will tell of these happenings but at a later date. I am not myself in anyway ashamed of my natural functions, quite the reverse, but am very choosy about whom I will allow to accompany me to the toilet, George being the only man to do so since my father or my brother when I was a kid. I hope this rather long posting is of interest to Bridget and other readers. If so I will post some more of my experiences whenever I can. Incidentally I did one in a train toilet today between Glasgow and Edinburgh if Jill is interested but it stuck solid in the toilet. Love Donna

The rest of the story - after my post a couple days ago, I did go to sleep in the living room with a blanket pulled over me. I still had a major supply of nerve gas, and every twenty minutes or so (I think) I let one of these scorchers loose, until sometime later I got so tired the burning sensation in my nose and especially my bottom was no longer enough to fully wake me up. I was only just aware of firing them off, a wave of heat I sensed in a sort of dreamy state. Next thing I knew, the alarm clock went off, time to get up ... wait a minute, the ALARM CLOCK?! That was upstairs by the bed?? Yup, you guessed it, I was upstairs. Turns out the man I love carried me back up to bed without even waking me up. Brave soul, he held me close all night, too. Turns out that was why I was able to sleep better after a while. He's OK, in fact I think he is actually starting to like it, though he may need some plastic surgery after this to mend the parts I burned off of him...Ser! iously, you gotta love a guy like this, and I did, too, once we were both fully awake. Sorry, Jillian, I don't know what makes farts hot either. I just know that mine often are, and when they are they are also very potent. We need an expert on this to discuss the subject. Have you noticed whether what you eat seem to have any effect on this?

MARY ANN'S PROBLEM Mary Ann are you under a lot of stress? My aunt was severely constipated. Her son, my cousin was almost killed in a boating accident; the son was ok however the aunt was quite upset and couldn't go for about a week. Another man talked about driving through a sever ice storm. He talked about the roads being icy. He said he was so stressed that he could not shit for 3 days. Mary Ann, have you thought about jogging or walking? An exercise program may help your problem.

It is about 1 hours ride from my office to my home stop on BART. No toilet facilities on BART trains. This evening was a long ride for me. I got on BART in downtown SF, riding out with a friend so no time to go before getting on the train. Friend had a shorter ride, she got off 1/2 way to my stop. I rode a couple stops past where she got off, and realised I had to go #1. Badly. Last train of the night, so no chance of getting off, going, then getting back on again. Oh well. I moved to the next car where someone had thoughtfully left a pile of newspaper on the seat. Sat down on the paper for safety. No stops further, and I knew I wouldn't make it home dry. Peed just a bit to relieve the pressure. That worked just about 5 minutes, then had to do it again, again, again. After 15 minutes, I just gave up. I soaked half way through a stack of one full edition of the daily paper. Got off, threw the paper in the trash (I hate to litter, especially wet paper). Young lady on the other side of the car was fidgeting a lot during the ride, saw the wet patches on my jeans, and smiled a bit. Maybe I'll see her again sometime. I hope so.

Kevin L
Last fall I was training for a 10k race with my running partner Donna, a friend of mine and my wifes for the last 10 years. Donna is in her early thirties and in tremdous shape, 5' 8'' tall with a beautiful round butt. Over the course of our training Donna has stopped to pee in the corn fields a few times. on this occasion 4 miles out into the country that she needs to use the bathroom badly and she could'nt make It back to our house. Since she always would pee by the side of the road I knew she had to take a crap. There was an Amish school house about 1/4 mile up the road which had an out-house she said she could make it to there. In the mean time I told Donna that I had to go also.When we got to the school house it was early in the morning before any children were at school. She went into the outhouse and she told me there were 2 seats and I should go also.I entered and it was kind of strange being in a fairly dark 2 seated outhouse, it was a step back in time. The toilet seats were side by side. Donna was sitting there with her sweat pants to her knees and white cotton panties just above. I pulled my sweats down and sat right beside her. She said she had been consipated for 3 days and the running must have shaken it lose.She peed right away then let out some small farts then I could hear the crackling sound as she was straing this went on for 3-5 minutes then the turd hit the bottom with a big thud, it sounded huge. In the mean time I took a normal size dump that was finished in 2 minutes, but I could'nt pee because I had a massive erection. I tried to cover it with my sweat shirt but Donna did see it. Donna dropped a couple more small turds and let out a sigh of relief. She started talking about running as if there was nothing unusal about our situation. I could have sat there all day with her, but it was time to leave. The real kicker was they did not have toilet paper but there was a Penny's catolog with many pages missing between the two toilet seats, I thought I was back in the 1930's. It was comical watching her wipe with the nonabsorbant paper. When she was finished she pulled her panties and sweats up amd we were back on the road for another 6 miles. We have done a lot of running since but no more dumps, but I am still hoping. She is my wife's best friend so she spends a lot of time at our house and I have heard her crap in our powder room and she keeps talking as if nothing is going on, it is really a turn on. She is from a large farming family and they only had 1 bathroom so I guess she lost any inhibitions as a child. Keep the good posts coming!! I would like to hear more from Alex, her posts are always good. Talk to you later, Kevin

story: Hi guys. I was in the university library late this morning when I started to feel the urge to shit. I normally shit after waking up (almost) every morning, but I only had to pee. I've been at this school for 1 1/2 years (excluding last summer and breaks) and don't think I've ever had to use the library toilets, until now. I went into the bathroom and went into the handicapped stall (I'll explain in the next paragraph), locked the doors, and, after placing my backpack on the floor and pulling down my black denim jeans and beige panties [for those guys who are interested... wink, wink :) ], sat down to do my thing. I peed for about 15 seconds. Sara, Steph and I are close friends, and all three of us are about the same height and weight (5ft, 7in, 130 lbs)- I am usually "bursting" after drinking a 1 liter (32 oz) bottle of water, soda, whatever. This shit was relatively gassy, and I ended up passing four "sausages." When I pulled on the TP to wipe, the roll was so tight that only one or two squares would rip off at a time. I realize that schools, etc, are trying to save paper and $$$, but this was ridiculous. I was finally able to unlock the latch to the TP dispenser and detached the roll from the holder. I normally wouldn't do something like this, but I like a clean bum! :) I thought about relatching the roll, but I decided to leave it out for the next person who needed to use it. Please answer what could be a dilemma. Although I am able-bodied, I prefer to use the larger, handicapped stalls when there's a choice. I would never park in a handicapped space and try not to sit in "priority" seating when on the train, and scorn those who do those things, but admit to feeling more comfortable with the extra space afforded by a handicapped stall. How do you feel about this? All answers, pro, con, and indifferent, would be appreciated. Love always, Alex :) P.S., Moderators, could you pleeease put some pictures of GUYS on the toilet :)

To: Ca-Ca Duty-Pooooo!!! In your first post I noticed this, /--~~-\ |~}}:-{| \--~~-/ before your virtual straining. What actually does this mean? Note: Thsi si my first time posting here or any other forum

Friday, April 17, 1998

Once, while coming home from a jazz club, my friend and I stopped at a gas atation to use the bathroom at around 12am. The guy there wouldn't let us use it. My bud, having to go fairly urgently, kept asking the guy, when 2 girls showed up for the same reason as us. First, they tried the door, which was of course locked. Then, they asked the guy for the key, and he refused them like he did us. Well, one of these girls must have had to go pretty badly because she said, "I swear, I am going to pee in my pants." The girls decided to relieve themselves behind the employee's truck. How's that for payback! We were going to join them, but the guy motioned as if he was going to call the cops. Maybe next time!

Mary Ann
This was a horrible day for me................I really need to poop but I can't! My own schedule is to do a number about every three days. I was due today, and felt the urge this morning at work. I went into the ladies room on morning break, and again at lunch to try to have the bowel movement that I knew I needed to have, but with no success. I went back for a third attempt this afternoon and an intern from the firm down the hall happened to go in with me and took the stall right next to me. We both peed, and then I heard her obviously trying to poop herself. She was making these really demure sounds of strains and grunts, and producing many ladylike plops and splashes while I was getting absolutely nowhere in my attempts. I felt like an old and constipated cow next to her! Anyway I am home now and just off the toilet after yet another unsuccessful try to have a movement. I don't know what the problem is but I just CAN'T seem to do anything. I am crampy, and it feels like my butt is packed full of sand but nothing and no amount of straining and grunting will make anything come out. I think I am going to walk down the street to the drugstore and get a couple of Fleet enemas and take them. I really need to do something to make me shit before I have to go to work tomorrow morning. Sorry to bore you all with my tale of woe but it somehow makes me feel better to write this.

Moira, well, I must say that it sounds like you have had a more exciting Easter weekend than I have!!! Watching your friend Donna doing a motion seems like it was a great event. Especially considering the remarkable pieces she passed. The description of the 16" inch turd she created was great, as well as the details of the effort that was required to produce the sausage-shaped whopper. I wish I could have been there to see it. I am looking forward to Donna's posts as it seems like her trips to the toilet are well worth sharing with this forum. You mentioned that she was a magnificent figure as she sat on the toilet. In my opinion, anyone who is seated on the toilet is a magnificent figure!!!!

I have watched my wife peeing a zillion times. She pees standing over the tiolet, in the tub, in men's rooms, takes me in to ladies rooms, on the side of the road, on the side of the car, in containers in places where we can't find a private enough spot, in her swim suit, and on and on and on. I still love her. I think that it was the fact that I met two women who let me watch them pee is a real turn on. I don't know if I can say this but we start most nights sex sessions with her peeing on the toilet, I get to watch and get turned on. Censors feel free to edit if you must. Until I got online a few weeks ago I thought I was "weird" for being turned on about bathroom stuff.

Lorie, I love that word "nuclear" you used. I wonder what makes them hot, nobody has ever explained this to me, though about two or three days a week I get them. The wake-up fart is really a classic, unless you do it or experience it you don't understand what on earth it is. :)

When I was in highschool, I loved to go into the guy's room and sit down in one of the stalls, they had doors on them, and wait for someone else to come in and use the other one as there were two of them in the Industrial Arts building...I would wait, sitting on the toilet, and when someone did come in to use the other one, I liked to listen to the sounds emenating from the stall next to me...The funny part about it was that, for the most part, there were no grunts or groans, or anything much of the time...I do recall hearing one guy give a sigh after passing 3 turds, but I don't know what the size was, as the sound was barely audible, so I figured that they must have been pretty good sized ones having already reached the water before dropping the rest of the way into the bowl...There was another guy that came in and used the toilet a couple of times a week, almost on clockwork, so I would go in just before he did, and sit down. When he came in and sat down, I did on o! ne occasion, try to guess when he would drop a turd and echo his, as he would put out 15 to 20 marble-sized turds, one at a time...It was a big turn on for me, and after awhile, I then started observing the shoes they were wearing, making a mental note of style, size, etc., then wait till they were done and left the restroom...I then would leave and walk around the building, looking for the person that had just done their job...Unfortunately, there were a couple of people that I had always wanted to hear how they did their movements, but they never did come in and use the toilet, but still, to this day, it has been and always will be a big turn on for me, especially if they don't flush and leave the restroom quickly so that I can take a peak at the job that they have done, and some of them have been very impressive, but none of the "jocks" would ever leave a toilet unflushed...I wasn't able to see what they put out, until I later became an apartment manager near the University! of Washington, in Seattle, that had several of the university's first string football players reside in the complex I managed...There were several occasions in the fall when I would get a phone call to come unplug a toilet in a unit rented by said players, as when I got to the unit, to take care of the problem, I noted the size of the turd-some 2 feet long and a good 2 1/2 inches in diameter that some of the linebackers, who were big enough to do so--believe me, to have done such a dump...The one resident quarterback didn't quite have such good movements, but when he did, he could produce 18 inch ones...

Thursday, April 16, 1998

I must have farted in my sleep this evening and it was so strong it woke us both up. We both knew it was me, I'm the gassy one in this family. I went to take a poo, two soft moist ones that coiled up in the pot and did not want to flush until they filled it with skid marks. The smell was positively nuclear. I was about to go back to bed and felt a bit of pressure, so I walked into the kitchen and let go with an experimental fart to see if it was still with me. It was there, burning hot, ripe and nasty, and though I left the room as quickly as I could, it followed me. I am afraid I will have to sleep downstairs tonight, I don't want any innocents to get hurt. I'll try one more little one now. Wow, is that HOT! I guess I am stuck down here all night. Maybe I better go outside, the air in here is getting thick. Jillian, this reminds me of your 'Titanic' post a few days ago. I've been in that situation, too. Peace, Lo.

AN OFFICE WORKER'S HIDDEN TRIP TO THE BATHROOM Two days ago, I went to see an office worker about a question. The receptionist tried to phone the lady, then she (the receptionist) tried to page the lady. The receptionist said she was in a meeting with a number of people. A short while later I heard a flush followed by a second flush a few seconds later. A short while later the lady met me.. When I shook hands with her they were dry however I still suspect she went #2 in the bathroom. Another time I talked to a secretary, she said she had to go to a meeting. I suspect she had to go to the bathroom. I followed her and she had her meeting in the ladies room. On another time, I was going to talk with my stock broker. She was up and going to go somewhere. I told her that I could wait. She said she was going to attend a meeting on spouse abuse. I think she had to relieve herself and was headed for the toilet just when I saw her. I learned something new, she was probably beaten as a wife and now is involved with an organization involved in sheltering batter spouses. I would like to hear some stories like the ones above.

Hi I am just back from a few days away staying with my parents. I travelled down by train straight from work, and the train passed through Woking (someone wrote about train toilets there last week). I did use the loo but only for a pee, further down the line. I see that others have noticed that some of our train loos empty onto the track. I was once told that if the train has sliding doors, then the toilets don't flush onto the track - I don't understand the connection, but I suppose that the newer trains are built to a more hygenic standard. To George: Yes I have done what you did. I was sat on the loo and I could hear two young boys talking outside. I think one was on the platform, and the other was talking to him out of a window. Having finished, and wiped, I couldn't resist flushing, and I could hear one of the boys describing to the other, the mess I had made on the track!

To Steph;
I`m about the same height & weight as you. When you are really bursting for a pee, how much do you pass? I measured mine after reading your last post, & found I could hold about 600mls. I am now trying to increase my capacity. Will let you know how I get on.

Something from Me
To Larry: If your wife really is as pretty as you say, and you are NOT turned on by her going; but are when other do....then my question is: Do you still love your wife? If there are any negative feelings toward her what-so-ever then that's your answer as to why you aren't turned on. Otherwise, it is the sheer shrill of being mishievous that you can be turned on with other women (those you can no longer have) as opposed to your wife. Any other theories forum?

Iwas driving home from work yesterday and i got stuck in a jam on the motorway,id already consumed a flask full of coffee through the day and to say i was in discomfort would be an understatement. any way,the pain in my bladder grew worse so i decided to put my coat underneath me to release some of the pressure ,just as i started to relax a mini bus full of teenage girls pulled up next to me,i looked round and saw three of them staring straight at me,i couldnt hold on any longer and just wet myself,they all just stared at my jeans turning dark blue and started telling their friends what i had just done ,i just blushed red with embarassement,to make matters worse when i got home my wife was standing at the door talking to a neighbour,they both looked at my wet bum and laughed.its not the first time i wet my pants,but it was the most embarrasing.

Hi there. Recent posts have been really great and comfirm my long held view that many people are turned on by passing large solid motions, hearing others doing them and seeing what has been passed. It is a physically enjoyable sensation passing a good, long and fat solid formed jobbie coupled with the sense of achievement "I did that" when one looks down into the toilet pan and, at least I and George have always felt, and others so it appears from these pages, a sense of pride if someone else sees the large turds we passed. I suppose a lot more people are Coprophilacs but are ashamed because of the conditioning and conventions of society to admit to this innocent pleasure.

In the past I have written about my very ???? girlfriend Donna, the one who is like a slightly smaller version of the late Mamma Cass Elliot. Donna came over to stay with George and I for the Easter holiday. As I have mentioned George has always wanted to see her doing a motion and she accomodated him this time. She had been with us 3 days and just after lunch said she felt the need to have a motion. Now I have accompanied her to the toilet before with no problem and she asked if I could do so this time and rub her ???? as she was a bit constipated. I happily agreed but asked if George could come in too. She thought about this for a few moments then agreed. I must say she looked an imposing and magnificent figure sitting on the toilet pan her long black hair nearly down to her waist and her extra outsize pink bref panties at her knees. After doing her torrent of wee wee (she pees like a horse) she started to strain going "OO! OO! OO!" with myself rubbing and pushing her ???? ???? and George encouraging her to "try hard". "KUPLOONK!" she passed a hard lump the size of a tennis ball, "SPLOOSH! "KERSPLONK!" two more great fat lumps were passed. She got her breath back and we thought she had finished but she said "no, there's a lot more up there" She took a deep breath and again went "OO!" we heard the "cracking" sound of a large easy turd on its way out and this seemed to go on for ages with her going "AH! AH! AH!" then she gave a deep sigh and said , slightly breathlessly, "OH that's better, I'm finished now" When she got up off the toilet pan we looked at the magnificant specimen she had passed, it was about 16 inches long and 2 1/2 think at its fattest point,curved like a great sausage and firm to easy in our scale and a golden brown colour for TKD Guy's interest. (needless to say it took many flushes to get it to go away later). Donna thanked us both and said that it had been easier for her with two sympathetic friends present to encourage her. She is quite happy for me to post this account for others interest finding this site and the old posts of great information and may even post her own experiences the next time she visits us.

Well, as I write this, I have been waiting now since I last posted here, last week, for another session of sitting on the toilet...I seem to have a 5-7 day cycle of only having one good dump in the time period mentioned...I guess it is normal now for me, as I used to go at least once a day, generally the first thing in the morning before having breakfast, but that was 20 years ago, while I was still a teenager, and in highschool at the time...The only thing that hasn't changed is the size of the logs that I do put out, as they are still large, at least a foot long and about 2 inches in diameter, if not larger...

Wow, what a great site. I used to have a girlfriend who would pee her pants when she was drunk. It freaked me out the first time it happened, but it really turned me on too. She did it several times and we had great sex afterwards. I think she knew it turned me on because she would do it even when she wasn't real drunk, and she would have "accidents" when we were out sometimes. The first time it happened I was living at home and she did it on my mom's couch. I got it dried out before my mom got home, luckily, but I'll never forget that warm feeling as her pee soaked into my butt (we were both laying on the couch watching TV). When I felt the pee soaking into my pants my first reaction was to jump off the couch. When I saw her laying there with a look of what seemed like pure contentment as the dark stain spread across the front of her faded blue jeans, my mind was saying; wake her up and yell at her, while my body was just started getting all excited. She lived next door, so I helped her back, and put her to bed with plastic under her butt. When I layed her down she grabbed me and we started kissing like long lost lovers. The rest is history. She moved to California to go to school and I haven't seen her since. This is so exciting to hear that other people are turned on by this.

I run into a lot of desperate people, mainly young women, after school hours when I'm cleaning the restrooms. Recently when I was inside cleaning the women's restroom, a young lady yelled: "Hello, can I use the restroom?" and of course I said: "Sure, go ahead!" They never care that I'm in there cleaning. She quickly entered a stall and I went into an adjoining one, pretending to clean, but I was listening. She pulled down her jeans and sat down. I immediatley heard a flood of piss firing into the bowl and then a sigh. The hissing and pissing went on for at least two minutes and then tapered off. Then I heard a bowel movement plop into the toilet, and it sounded like a big, long one. She waited another few minutes and then started wiping. She flushed, pulled up her jeans and exited the stall. I commented (like I usually do): "Boy, you really had to go!" and she smiled and washed her hands. Sometimes I think they like to hold it for as long as they can and the! y let it all out right after school. There were skid marks left in the toilet that she had used, and I felt of the toilet seat and of course it was still warm from her bottom.

Wednesday, April 15, 1998

The US Navy has this TP called "John Wane Toilet Paper". The reason it is called that is because it is ROUGH, and TOUGH, and IT won't TAKE SHIT OFF ANYONE!

As for the newer trains in the UK having retention toilets, I am sure it is more work to empty the tanks, but it is probably more sanitary for everyone. It would seem that being near the tracks would not be too healthy from all the jobbies that got flushed down. To Jill: the toilets on the trains I have seen also have waste paper bins for the toilet paper, apparently since they don't want this to be flushed onto the tracks. I am not sure if this is common for all trains, but it seems nobody reads the sign and flushes the toilet paper down onto the tracks. Some areas along the railway lines have loads of toilet paper between the rails, showing evidence of many flushes.

Kevin L
My sister-in law stayed at our house over the weekend. She is 34 single and somewhat attractive. When she arrived at our house I was the only one home. I helped her with her bags and was talking to her at our kitchen table when she got up and entered the bathroom. We have a small powder room off of our kitchen with hardwood floors and no fan, so you can hear a pin drop in there. She continued her conversation and I could hear her pull her jeans and panties down, she pissed long and hard there there was silence so I new what was to come next. She kept up her conversation with me stopping for a couple farts and some slight grunts. After about 5 to 7 minutes I heard 2 heavy plops and one small plop. She wiped 3 or 4 times then got up and washed her hands and came back to the kitchen table as if nothing happened. It was a turn on for me but I could not tell if it was for her or just a human body function. My wife considers using the bathroom a body function and goes all the time without closing the door. She is very pretty but it is not a turn on for me, only other girls are, does anybody have an explanation for this? Thanks Kevin L

pooping girl
Hi all, my computer did what we all like to do and tok a big dump. It is in the shop right now and hopefully will be out soon. Im posting this on a friends computer so I mustbe brief. Hope to be back reading and posting again soon

Hi Guys. I am new here and have many stories to tell! I will post again soon when I have a moment! Bye

Some Guy, I hope I didn't offend you when I stated my disinterest in such fetishes as spanking. I was not in any way trying to criticize or judge anyone. After all, everyone is entitled to their own fetishes and fantasies and it doesn't make them any more inferior. While I would not accept to integrate spanking to my own experiences, I also acknowledge that many people would never be turned on by watching someone taking a shit because they find it disgusting and obscene. I try to respect everyone's interests and opinions just like I would like people to respect mine. I am aware that many people would not understand my interest in shit and as far as I'm concerned, they can think whatever they want. On a final note, while I am not turned on by diarrhea but rather more inclined towards harder, more difficult motions, I, too, see why you would be interested instead by diarrhea.

Monday, April 13, 1998

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