Attention: George, I think you are WAY out of line to expect your new employer to put in a seperate mens restroom just for you. You said all of the long term supervisers use the doorless toilet stalls, so it's just you that needs a door when you shit? The only reason production plant mens rooms don't have stall doors is to increase productivity, and limit 'dawdling" in the stalls, reading newspapers, doing crossword puzzles, smoking cigarettes, and anything else besides taking a shit. If all your doing is taking a shit, you have NO reason to be bashful. NOBODY is looking at the shit dropping from your ass, and certainly NOBODY is watching you wipe. Get over it buddy...Use the toilets, they are there for your comfort. If you really can't shit without a stall door, maybe you can strike a deal to use the womens restrooms? Good luck

The Gong Fight
I had the most embarassing thing happen at work today. I have diarheah and a few of us were in the lunch room telling jokes and after one particularly funny one my friend told I laughed so hard I pooped in my pants. I jumped out of my chair and announced "I gotta go home!"
This made everyone - even me - laugh and so I kept pooping involuntarily. I got home and changed and went back. By the time I got back everyone had heard of it and started making jokes about buying me adult diapers. Humiliating! I have a feeling that this one is going to be legendary.

Brian at Sears
hi folks, how's everybody been? Hey George, not for nothing, but here at Sears, there are seperate restrooms for men and women, not 'sub-divided" by salary. Can you imagine if our managers were bashful about shitting in doorless stalls, and working 12 hour days during the holidays??? The would either explode, or be farting on the sales floor all day LOL...As long as the lounges are maintained in a comfortable and sanitary condition, and well stocked with toilet tissue, paper towels, and handsoap, why do you need doors? your not doing anything wrong.... Use the lounges with everybody else, George..

Mother of twins
Today i took Jake and Alex to the mall.We all needed some new clothes and we were thinking of getting a puppy,so i wanted Jake and Alex to look at the breeds.We all peed before we left,and Alex pooped.On the way there,Jake said he needed to poo.I told him we were maybe 10 minutes away,if he could wait.But he said no.He gets it from me i can't stand waiting to go poo it makes me very uncomfortable.So we pulled on to a rest area.To our disappointment,there was nothing.No bathroom or porta potty.He said he really needed to go.I sent Alex back to the truck to grab wet wipes and the roll of tp i have in there for situations like this.When Alex came back,Jake was close to soiling himself.I picked him up and we ran into the open field.I pulled down his pants and had him squat.It was about a 5 minute poo.Alex was getting bored.He picked up a stone and threw it into the field.It hit somebody who had apparently been pooing in the field as well.He laughed as i helped Jake up to wipe.He said "double doozy,eh" and asked for some tp.I walked to him slowly,and handed him a few sheets.I glanced at his pile.It was a soggy mess of diarea and soft poo.I ran back to JJ and Alex,and Jake was almost finished wiping.The man came running at us,so i lifted him up with his pants down and grabbed alex's hand and we ran to my car.Jake fixed himself,only to say he had to pee now.But i drove to the mall and he peed there.

I am not using my real name, but I would like to share my story. My friend who is 16 (I'm 18) called me this morning. She told me she wet the bed last night, I couldnt believe she just came out and told me, but she did. Apparently she drank too much kool aid the night before, and didnt pee before going to bed. She work up at 8am wet. She was wearing pj pants and a tee, the pants and the panties were pink. She just called me and we were talking, and out of know where she said "OMG I peed my pants last night" Im like what, and she told me the story. She didnt talk real long because although she changed her pants, she didnt change her sheets or take a shower... This wasnt her first accident this year either. One night I was talking to her online, here was the conversation:
Her: OMG I have to pee so bad right now
me: so go
her: I dont want to get up
me: IC
Me (like 15 minutes late): did u ever go to the bathroom?
her: no, im writing a paper for class
me: thats dumb
her: It keeps squriting out though
me: so go to the bathroom
her (liek 5 minutes later): I just completly had an accident
me: told u to go to the bathroom
her: I just go these Holister jeans last night too, I was going to wear them tommrow, I g2g I want to change and shower.

There were other times too...
I know she peed her pants running to the bathroom from her bedroom

and once in my car she told me she was squriting a little so I quick stopped at a gas station.

I personaly wet my bed alot, but it is never enough that I have to cbange my sheets at all, I just change my boxers every morning, and that works.

sorry for making it so long...

to george...... use the doorless toilets in the mens lounge at work. they are put there for your comfort and health (its not good to hold a bowel movement all day) not as a 'caste' ststem of who is more or less important. guarentee nobody is watching you drop a deuce.


Big deal. You're a supervisor. What makes you think you need more privacy than those who report to you? Does your poop not stink? Everyone poops. You're no better than your reports. You're just as human as them. Your body works the same wya. Maybe pooping in front of your reports will remind you that you are human. And even though they report to you, you're in this together.

I used to be a supervisor clothing store. I dumped in front reports all the time. No big deal. We were all on the same team. Even though they reported to me, we were all on the same team.

The reason why they have separate bathrooms in schools is so that teachers can't be falsely accused of touching kids in school.


One time, I was waiting to use the bathroom, and I needed to to poop really bad, and I could tell that it was going to be soft. I stood there waiting for my dad to come out, but I couldn't hold it in much longer, five minutes later it just started pushing itself out and I couldn't stop it. It filled my underwear and I ran into my room, but on the stairs, I tripped and landed right on my butt, which made the poop squish all around on it. Luckily I found a good spot to hide the underwear in so that it wouldn't stink the room up. I finally got rid of the underwear when my parents had gone to the store and left me at the house.

Mr. Clogs
Thanks Postman for your response, just wondering how you folks do your job and manage to go when you're in situation were a toilet and privacy is out of reach. I could never be a postman nor a bus driver, I would find myself having loads of accidents. Well I guess you all adjust accordingly.

I just read the FAQ list of things that won't get posted and one of them reminded me of a friend growing up. The one about not insinuating that one person's bodily produce is superior. This guy I knew seriously thought - and said - that his poop was the best. And he was like 17 or so when he developped this theory.

Anyway, I know that wasn't such a great story but it is funny!

Too Much Poop
Interesting story from work: My work's men's room has only one cubicle and today I walked in to use it and I see a plumber with the toilet detatched from its' usual spot. He said "someone flushed popcans down and really F?!*@ed it up". "OK,...." I said, not sure of what I was going to do. I really needed to go and I was walking funny. My boss saw me leave the washroom as she was heading towards the women's washroom, and told me I could use the women's room with her. You know how many cubicles they have? Four! The men's room has one cubicle and two urinals!
Anyway I said sure and thanked her. She said no problem. She walked into the stall closest to the door. I took one 2 down from her. She reminded me to be as quiet as possible as I was after all in the wrong toilet. She started peeing and I sat down and tried to let go quietly but I couldn't control it. *plshplooop!* I heard my boss laugh a little and then I heard a really tight hissing fart from her cubicle. I heard a soft grunt followed by another hissing fart. She told me it would be a good idea if I stayed there until she was ready to leave - that way she could escort me out or keep lookout so no one would see and complain. I pushed for my second piece - or glop, whatever - and I farted really loud and shot another big mound in the toilet. She laughed quietly again but then started grunting and I heard her flexing her legs to try and force her turd out. I heard several plops as I was wiping. She farted a couple of more times and started wiping too.
We flushed at the same time and she exited her stall and looked out the main door to see if it was safe. She said "come on out", so I exited, washed my hands and followed her out.
Was kinda funny - she's the real prim and proper type that you would think never farts or poops. That's silly I know but it's hard to picture someone like her even finding pooping and farting funny.
One our way back to our offices she asked me if I felt better. I said yes and how about you? She said much better. She had apparently been holding it for about 2 hours as she had been in an important meeting.
We had a good laugh and on our way out the door - we were the last ones to leave - as we passed by the washrooms, I looked in to see if the toilet had been fixed yet. It hadn't - the plumber had left for the day but the replacement pipes were still out on the floor.
She yet again asked if I wanted to go with her! I said OK. She said "I warn you - this one is going to reek!" It did, and so did mine. We were both in there for about 10 minutes straight, pooping and farting.
I was more relaxed as I knew no one else was in the building at that point.

George, are you pulling our legs? You really expect your company, who obviously has NOT updated their mens rooms in like forever, to put in a seperate facility because you think your shit is better than an 'hourly worker' Not happening, so drop your trousers and shit with 'da boys' .... PS... cover your privates with a newspaper.

I have only posted here a couple of times.I enjoy reading stories of women peeing, women seeing men pee and men being seen by women. I'm not into pooping and wonder if stories could be differentiated -a 1 or 2 perhaps so we could skim through to those we want to read.

Here's a story that happened some time ago. It was about 2230 and I was going to take a short cut to the bus station through an open market. The market stalls were, of course, closed and it was dark. I noticed a girl just cut into the market and look around carefully. I suspected she was looking for a place to pee.I kept out of sight and a good distance behind until she rouded a corner. Then I walked faster but quietly. Sure enough she was squatting in a doorway. When she saw me she said,"I'm only having a wee." She did not seem enmbarrased or angry to be caught pissing so I said,"Do you mind if I watch?" She replied,"No, if it gives you a thrill." I had a good front view of the wee squirting out between her pussy lips. When she had finished, she stood up and reached down to pull up her red knickers and I got another good look at her pussy before she let her skirt down.
She was quite friendly and let me walk her to her bus.

Now here's a question for the girls. When men pee outside we usually point our cocks at something, a tree, a wall. Girls who squat always seem to face outwards. In my story the girl had her back to the door so she was giving a front view. Does this mean you prefer to show your pussy than your bum? This is only a question out of curiosity. Please don't change your habits, girls. I certainly prefer to look at your pussies.

Alta Cocker
As with many, I have been reading this forum for a couple of months and have now decided to post. I have several good stories to share, but figured I would start with the most recent first. I am what my mother used to call a "toilet person", always giggling about gas and potty humor and I had always been the kid in kindergarten and first grade to make in my pants because of being immature (I was 4 when they started me in kindergarten.) So, give me a potty story, pass gas in front of me and I can giggle forever.

I am a religiously observant Jew and recently had occasion to substitute teach at the Boy's Religious High School in the major Midwestern metropolitan area that I live in that only allows male teachers. I was handling 3 freshman classes and a sophmore class and the food at the school's cafeteria is notoriously bad. In fact, last year there was an outbreak of food poisoning investigated by the health department over the Jewish High Holidays. The boys are a terrific bunch of kids, lively and animated like all teenagers (and my oldest is a sophmore in HS as well, so I know the age group). I seriously have never met a gassier bunch in my life! The farts were flying in class and some of the boys were turning beet red. I had one young man who usually sat in front of the teachers desk and I heard him mumbling incoherently and semi-doubled over. I thought I heard him say the words toilet or bathroom and asked him if he wanted permission to leave the room and he shot out of the classroom like a bullet. (BTW, I have read about in this forum as well as had been victim to too many cruel teachers myself not to let kids out when they need to go, so of course I let them go.) The funny thing was that this young man returned so quickly that he could not possibly have gone to the bathroom in the intervening time-- maybe 10 seconds. When I asked what happened, didn't he need to go, he turned bright red, mumbled something about being OK and sat back down. I looked puzzled, and then his classmates started giggling and said that he is known to go out in the hall to fart as he finds it vulgar to do so in the classroom. Trouble is, this makes it quite amusing for the rest of the class who has caught on. Without exception in my four back-to-back classes, there was a farter or two and windows had to be opened. On my last day of subbing last week, the school had a "treat" for the boys during snack time, a food called "Cholent". Cholent is a slow cooked stew with a fatty cut of meat, several kinds of beans, barley and stuffed kishka. This is usually reserved as a hot meal for the Sabbath. Truth be told, though it is bad for you, it can be really, really tasty, but the stuff is wickedly "high octane" and it causes tremendous flatulence. Needless to say, the boys went wild for it and I had an appropriate "21 gun salute" send-off on my last day. How ironic! Plus, I had to keep a straight face and act like an adult in front of them, but went home to my wife and kids and released my repressed laughter about all the toots I had been treated to during the day.

One more short item that happened over the summer, again with a "fart-in-synagogue" theme. Jews read the book of Lamentations once a year to commemorate the destruction of the Temples in Jerusalem and to begin preparing us for the High Holidays. We sit on the floor as mourners in stocking feet, the lights are dimmed and the book is chanted in a mournful dirge. Everyone is somber and subdued. In the middle of this came the loudest FART that just went on and on for about 5 seconds, right from the middle of the room. Everyone heard it. There is a retarded young man that most suspected as the culprit who sometimes has some behavioral issues in services. He was seated right between the 2 rabbis in the chapel. Luckily, everyone managed not to laugh, though I seriously ended up biting my tongue to repress the laughter. Had my 11 year old son been there that night with me, all bets would have been off as he would have looked at me and I would have lost it. I averted my eyes from my 15 year old son and from my elderly dad who was checking his hearing aids after that. I am known for my potty humor in the synagogue and about a week later I felt emboldened to mention the incident to one of the rabbis. He admitted to me that he, himself, was barely able to contain his laughter and had to fight against guffawing out loud. The other rabbi merely smiled and said that the poor boy couldn't help it. (Like heck, because he high fived his dad afterwards!)

Anyone else with farting in church stories? Hope you liked my post. There will be more. BTW, my name, "Alta Cocker" is a Yiddish expression that is translated idiomatically as "Old Fart".

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Hi everyone!

Here is another toilet related news story I found on one of the major network news sites. It's a topic that I'm positive a lot of people here can relate to on a very personal level:


A campaign is being launched to raise awareness of the crippling impact of toilet phobia.

The National Phobics Society estimates at least four million Britons are affected - but the true number could be many more.

In some cases people refuse to leave their homes, and risk their health.

The society has classified the disorder as an anxiety condition in its own right, and is launching a self help book and DVD.

Toilet phobia can simply be manifest as a mild distaste for public loos.

But some people develop such an intense obsession that they are left housebound, and may refuse to undergo potentially life-saving medical examinations.

They may deny themselves fluids, which can harm the kidneys, or take drugs to avoid "accidents".

Many sufferers will not even take a job if a toilet is located off a communal area and they can be observed going in or out.

And routine situations requiring the provision of a urine sample fill some patients with terror.

Experts believe that the stigma surrounding the phobia means that many people refuse to admit they have a problem.

The National Phobics Society (NPS) hopes its new campaign will go some way to tackling this issue.

It also argues the medical profession needs educating about toilet phobia in order to encourage sufferers to come forward.


Nicky Lidbetter, NPS manager, said: "Few people will talk about having an anxiety disorder in the first place, but for them to admit that they have a toilet-related phobia is rare because of the obvious embarrassment and humiliation of being laughed at or not being taken seriously.

"But, no matter how funny we might find it, it's certainly no laughing matter. We have to tackle this condition head on."

Professor Paul Salkovskis, a leading clinical psychologist, said part of the problem was society's squeamishness about going to the toilet.

"Around the world we use a lot of humour and euphemism to describe what is a basic human function.

"We say 'I'm going to the bathroom' or 'I'm going to powder my nose' because there is a taboo surrounding using the toilet."

Several conditions are thought to be behind toilet phobia. These include:

*Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) linked to a fear of contamination

*Agoraphobia - an anxiety disorder commonly - and wrongly - linked to fear of open spaces, but which the National Phobics Society says is often manifest as a fear of feeling trapped, and a need to escape

*Paruresis ('shy bladder' syndrome) - the fear of urinating in the company of others

*Parcopresis ('bashful bowel' syndrome) - the inability to defecate in public toilets

Treatments include cognitive behaviour therapy, which helps people to break the cycle of faulty thinking, and hypnosis."


On another topic... Until the middle of this week I was seriously constipated. I felt like Sisyphus - the mythologic kink condemned to roll a boulder up a hill for eternity. When he would get to the top, the boulder would always roll back down to the bottom. Similarly, I pushed... and pushed... and pushed... and grit my teeth and strained just to get even the smallet marble out, but NOTHING. ZILCH...

Fortunately, things have become a bit better since, but I still feel rather blocked up. I'm tempted to get some ExLax, but it would proably be healthier to just get some more roughage into my diet.

Take care,


Hi.My name is Jack,i am an 11 y/o with a twin named Mike.I have a story that happened when we were maybe 4.I had my friends Sarah and Evan over.Evan was 3 and was still potty training.The 4 of us were playing downstairs.But then,Evan peed his pants and kept playing.When the parents came and checked on us,they just changed Evan and were cool about it.So i thought if i did it,they'd be the same way.Sure enough,in about 20 minutes,i had to pee and just let it go in my new dinosaur boxers.Nobody noticed.We kept playing and i had to pee again about an hour later.I let it go again.I suddenly felt an urge to poo.I went into a corner with the toys and pushed out a nice,firm log.Sarah and Mike noticed then.They tattled to the moms.Mom screamed at me and gave me a bath.I was put into my baby brother's pull up and i heard the moms talk about something called "regression".I remembered how convienent it was to just go while playing.So i peed in my pull up all day.Mom bought me pull ups my size and i missed about a week of preschool.When she didnt put one on me one day,i just peed and pooed in every corner possible.I missed about 3 weeks of preschool learning how to be potty trained again.Has anyone else suffered from regression too?

Linda from Australia here again. All this week, Ive been a bit constipated and Ive had lots of trouble pooping. On Monday morning, I dropped a small load that wasn't too difficult and all day I could feel a huge load developing in my bowels. I tried to go when I got home from work and although I could feel a big load sitting in my anus, it wouldn't budge. So I ate dinner and tried about half an hour later. I pulled down my pants and sat on the toilet. After about 5 minutes, I could feel a big turd in my anus but it wasn't moving. I felt down there with my fingers and I could feel the head of a rock hard log. My hole had opened up wide too. I knew this was going to take a long time so I pushed as hard as I could. The poo wasn't moving at all, so I pushed again, this time closing my eyes and screwing up my face. When that didn't work, I had to push and strain really hard again. I felt my anus and a small log was hanging out of my butt - although it was stuck. I kept pushing and I felt the log with my fingers as I pushed. Each time I pushed, the log came out a tiny bit more but as I relaxed, it went back in my hole. I looked at my watch and I had spent 10 minutes pushing and straining and I was nowhere near being finished. I relaxed completely and just waited for the load to move down by itself. This didn't really work and I had to push the rest of the logs out. It was hard work but finally after about 20 minutes, I managed to push most of the load out. I still had some left in my but after endless amounts of pushing, it wouldn't budge. I wiped my butt and pulled up my pants. I had a look at my job and there was 3 or 4 huge logs and lots of smaller, rock hard turds. About half an hour later, I was able to push the rest of the load out. On Tuseday night, I had the same problem, and again, it took me 20 minutes to push the load out. However, I did a normal poo in the morning. Then on Wednesday morning, I dropped 3 or 4 decent sized loads that were a bit easier to squeeze out. Yesterday morning, I spent 15 minutes doing a hard poo and I had to work really hard squeezing it out. This morning I did another decent amount, this time it was a bit easier to push out. I did a very nice poo tonight, it took a bit of effort but nothing like the trouble I had earlier in the week.

Hi everyone. Wow being pregnant is so tiring, Im working and when I get home I just want to drop into bed and sleep. My OB says this will pass after a few more weeks, I hope so. Apart from that I am well. Have to pee extra though and it often feels when Ive peed as though my bladder is filling straight back up again like a cistern. I have to go 2-3 times during the night as well, so my container comes in handy.
I wonder how Laura doll is?? I hope she is ok, its not easy talking about painful memories of your past, but it seems like there were quite a few who suffered as we did. I read a couple of nice comments after I posted.

Mr Clogs Im surprised you didnt have a pee bottle in your cab when you were driving!!!! Lol imagine folks faces as you emptied that with the wind blowing the wrong was.

Love and Peace x

Once when my cousin and I were at the laundromat, she asked me if I wanted to poop in one of the dryers. I told her she was crazy but I thought it was funny so I said "OK, but you go first."
She actually went to a dryer, looked around, and pulled her pants down and pooped into the dryer. She didn't bother wiping - she was going to do that in the bathroom. She told me she did it and now I had to. I went to the same dryer she used and it reeked really bad. But I pulled my pants down to knees and farted once or twice and out came this burst of diarhea. My cousin stared laughing really hard but then said "uh oh!" she ran back to the dryer and she had diarhea into the dryer again.
After all this the clerk still hadn't noticed - he was either on something or just didn't care. We put in $1.50 in quarters and turned the dryer on. We could see all the poop hurling and clunking in circles inside. It was hilarious. We each went to the washroom to wipe and when we came out the dryer door was completely covered in poop from the inside. A few people had noticed. Some were laughing and some were complaining. The guy behind the counter just said "I'm not touching that. The boss can call someone if he wants, but I'm not touching that shit!"
Was definitely funny. My cousin and I are both grown up jnow. She's going to law school now - but every now and again I remind her of it. One time I pranked her saying I was the laundromat owner over the phone. She got all embarrassed and begged me not to tell anyone at her school. Then I burst out laughing and she cursed at me. It was funny.

Linda from Australia here again. I was just wondering if anyone has been constipated lately. I would love to read some good constipation stories.

To Fat Woman: I haven't seen you on here for ages, I would love to hear some more of your stories again (or Nina's) Have you or Nina been having trouble pooping lately?

THUNDER DOWN UNDER Fot the first time since being in kindergarten I wet my pants!!!
Due to pain medications I have been a bit bunged up and last week I went to a barbeque and it was time for me to leave. I was in need of a wee but not too serious. Anyway I got into the car and then had to go desparately, all of a sudden. Several minutes later I knew I would not make my destination without an accident and decided to pull over at a park a couple of miles down the track where there were no toilets but quite a bit of bush. Just as I arrived at that park I lost control (briefly) of ny bladder and a squirt went down my legs, I was wearing jeans and as I got out of the car some more urine flowed out. I quickly made it to a bunch of trees, pulled out my penis, in hopeful privacy, and drained the rest of its contents...what a relief...I had no choice.
My underpants were too wet to wear so I got to somehere more private and took them jeans were a bit wet but not too wet.
Today I had better luck with the toilet...I tried a new laxative and managed to push out this big hard turd that had been blocking things up and then had a big soft dump.

Large Pooper
I have a survey:

1.Have you ever pooped of anyone?
2.Have you ever pooped on anyone?
3.Your first accident?
4.Do you enjoy pooping?
5.Do you enjoy peeing.
6.Do you enjoy watching someone else poop or pee.

I gre up in a trailer park in Pennsylvania. For some reason, the owners of the area didn't allow people to hook their toilets in the trailers up, so we were forced to use the outhouses provided. They were these nasty, metal boxes that creaked when you sat on the toilet. They usually stank, and more often than not lacked toilet paper. I dealt with this from the age of six to twelve, when we got out of debt and were able to afford an apartment.

There were a lot of kids who lived there. It was a nightmare, worse than using the boys room at school. Sometimes holes rusted through the walls and the kids could look through and see you until the holes were repaired. I remember one time having diarrhea and there being a line of kids waiting for me to get out so they could have their turn. They could here every fart, plop and groan, and laughed at every noise. It sucked.

I pooped 5 times today. That never happened before. There was a lot of poop each time too and all the poop had corn in it. I hate when that happens. I haven't eaten corn since last week.

Has anyone else ever peed a little in their pants while on a trampoline or something like that? I never had this problem till one day a couple a years ago at my cousins house while jumping on the trampoline a large squrt of pee went into my panties I was mortified. I secretly checked underneath and was relieved too find out it didnt show. I just continued jumping..big mistake. A little bit longer and my bladder let out a long squirt that was uncontrolable for a few minutes. I was mortified it had to show up. I looked down to see a 2 inch wet spot on my pants. I started running to the bathroom and had a steady stream coming out on the way because when I start going its hard for me to stop. By the time I made it to the bathroom My pants were really wet and noticible. My cousin made fun of me and still makes fun of me to this day about being a baby and not being able to control my bladder at the age of 14. It was horrible.

The Meatstack
I hate pooping. Everytime I poop I get some all over my ass cheeks. It's like the poop coils up while it's leaving me. Is that usual? Does anyone else have that happen? I'm 28 and I've been doing that as far back as I can remember.
Maybe I shouldn't eat spaghetti all the time.

HI Everyone,
Does anyone ever get a bad stomach after eating fast food sometimes i do in the morning the next dat than i have too go poop alot in the morning if you have a answer for me let me know i always wonder that from like mcdonalds and burger king too. well happy pooping everybody hi andi poop poop too you poop is great too talk about in this site.
i dont know why i think poop is funny sometimes too take ad dump andi from your friend jenny age 27 f happy pooping yesterday i had a round medium size dump ill post more later bye from jenny

ALex, my heart goes out to you and especially your sister. It sounds as if you need to get someone else to intervene. I would NOT have a relative get involved unless perhaps one of your dad's parents. The best bet is to see if you or your sister can talk to a school counselor, or to your doctor. From what you have described, this does sound a bit excessive/obsessive on your stepmom's part, but I'm only hearing one side of the story. The fact that this all came to a point of your sister passing out from illness, and your father having to break the door down is of concern. So far as your sister having control problems afterwards, it could be physical and a good reason for her to see the doctor, or it could be from anxiety during the present situation. It puzzles me that your stepmom hasn't put two and two together to realize that what happened couldn't be avoided because of the food poisoning. It is possible that she is basing you and your sister's ability to control your bowel and bladder on her own experience. She has to remember that because she is not your biological parent that neither of you carry any of her traits, and even if she was, everyone is different. Remember that your stepmom is not perfect. It is a very real possibility that much of her treatment of you is similar to the way she was treated growing up.

Happy Hiker
On the subject of movies.... I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Jackass (the first one, I haven't seen the sequel which is in theaters now). This is the only movie I know of where the "actor" (if you can call him that!) actually performs the nasty act: he goes into a hardware store and does a large and noisy #2 in one of the display toilets. If you rent the DVD, be sure to check out the comments track for full details on this escapade!


Mr. Clogs- As a letter carrier, I will usually drive to a restaurant or someplace like that when I have to pee. But a few years back, before I had a truck on my route, I just had to make do with any place I could find with a lot of trees. Luckily, at the back end of my route, there's a nice wooded area. I've watered the plants more than a few times there.

Bye for now.

Does Anyone have any stories about going to the ladies room where there mom had to poop, or stories about going in the bathroom after their mom pooped, or still female construction worker poop stories?

Hello everybody I've been a long time lurker here and love the stories. This is my first post. Just thought I'd start talking on here. My favorite stories are the ones about girls taking everyday dumps lol. I'd love to talk in person to any of you. Don't have much to put for now talk to you later

Dr. Poop
Hi again I have wondered how women are able to poop without farting on the toilet, and guys allways seem to fart. When I poop in the morning I can't seem to do it without passing some gass. any of the women pleas feel free to answer this question.

Since I'm on the topic of passing gass I have a story about my sister inlaw. Two months ago she gave birth to a butifull daughter. She disided to have a natural birth with no medication so it was about 23 hours of hard faught labor Since it was her first pregnancy. I'm sure some of the women here can attest. I was staying overnight at there house. We had burgers with onions and baked beans. This was the caus for the excitement of the story. Since she is about 340 LBS. because she gaind 40 LBS. with the baby her ???? was very big and round and her butt was very big as well. When we got up the next morning and had breakfast Amber said she had started having cramps just after midnight. when we finished eating she said I'm going to go to the bathroom for a few minutes. She went in and cracked the door as she normaly does and started to pee and did so for about 2 minutes. After she finished she sat for a minut and then I heard a gush in the toilet from all the way in the family room. She yelled Todd My water broke. After it drained into the toilet she wiped and stood up and started to moan from the pain of her contractions. So we headed for the hospitol and got in very fast. Her parents showed up and she labored for 10 hours and was ready to push. They put her feet in the sterups and the nerce said ok Amber what I wwant you to do when you push is take a deap breath in and out and back in again and push down hard in your bottom like you gotta go poop and your constipated. When her first pushing contraction came she tuck her breaths and pushed hard and it went like Ummmm ummmmm ummmmmmm OW! ow! ow! Ummmm ummmm and She cut a long fart. And her dad said your gunna stink us out of hear. She said Shut up with the comments I don't nead that now. She pushed and passed some more lowd gass. The nerce said that's ok Amber some times people pass gass when they push dering delivery. She pushed again and the nerce said push push push push push push and she went ummmmmm ummmmmmmm ummmmmm ow! oww owwhowhow she was grunting and farting and said it feeles like i'm taking a shit. The nerce said thats probably the baby coming down. all this time she continued to pass very lowd gass. About two hours into her five hours of pushing she said oh I gotta go potty. oh my god I gotta go poop bad help. The nerce said calm down. Amber said no I have to sit on the toilet now. She pushed on the toilet and farted a lowd long one and screemed OWWWWWWWWWWW! The nerce wiped her but for her. Just like mommy did it when you were first learning to use the toilet before you learned to wipe your butt on your own. After 3 more hours of pushing roring and crying and screeming She was ready for one last hard push. So she bore down with all her might and grunted and screemed OWWWWWWWWW!. We were all very tired and it was after midnight when we all left after all holding the baby. She's such a sweety

Teddy Bear
Part Four.(I'm sure I'll eventually get to the end!!).......
Anyway;this is the story of my most unfortunate accident; I just got back to class after morning recess during which time I had a really urgent need for a poo. It started coming out and I was so desperate I went to the toilet in my pants; I had to sneak back into school.
Before too long I was identified by the other kids; it was pretty obvious I must have taken a dump in my knickers. Sister Agatha came towards me but before I could think up something to say my friend Greg told her I was "making fluffs" (you don't say farts in front of a nun) I expected to be sent off to get fixed up but instead she pretened nothing had happened....Maybe being a first year teacher she simply could not face a little boy with a pooey bum!!
And so I sat in my mess for about 4 hours til school was over for the day; by then my poo had become sticky and cold and I was sick of the smell following around behind me. I'd suffered the indignity of being teased during lunch but dealing with my mother would be even more humiliating;I knew I wouldn't be punished but I would be made to feel great shame for what I'd done.
My mum met me at the gate,she said nothing but shook her head sadly as she checked the back of my pants. When we got home I was stood in the bath and stripped down to my undies; I suddenly realised I had to make number 1's. Much to my amazement my mother who was very prim and proper, told me not to worry and just do it. It was so surreal having my mother seeing me urinate; she stood there calmy watching me wet my knickers as wee streamed down my legs before it all trickled down the plughole in the bath. As I had predicted my mother made me feel shamed about what I'd done even though it wasn't deliberate; that I had somehow bought great dishonour to my family by disgracing myself so publically and my mother would never be able to face any of the other parents ever again( You probably understand why I turned out a bit nutty as well!!)
It took 3 bathsfull of water to get me cleaned up but then I knew my mother would be thorough. At dinner time I was the only topic of conversation;dad was sympathetic but felt I was much too old to do such things.......Then when I told them about the lack of toilet paper and having to sit in my own poop all day their focus shifted from me as they were now seriously angry at the school and my teacher.
I was badly teased for a few days but the other kids soon lost interest.They may have forgotten but so many aspects of that day remain vividly in my memory even though it happened over 40 years ago. That experience plus others was a catalyst for my lifelong fascination with bodily functions and very much the reason I'm such a fan of this site.
I'd like to read about other peoples early experiences and/or how their interest in toilet matters evolved.Also, let me know if you have enjoyed and/or related to my story as I have many others to share!!!
TA TA for now********************

I had a rather dramatic encounter with one of my mother's jobbies.
Take a look at my post on page 1154 for all the details...

Take care,


Thursday, November 09, 2006

Period Poop

to answer your survey

1.Have you ever pooped of anyone?
2.Have you ever pooped on anyone?
3.Your first accident?
4.Do you enjoy pooping?
YES especially constipation
5.Do you enjoy peeing.
6.Do you enjoy watching someone else poop or pee.


1. What would you rather:
a/ have diarreah for 48hrs, including an attack every half hour
b/ have constipation for 2 weeks?

2. When you are constipated, do you:
a/ Give up after 15mins of straining and no luck
b/ Manually try and "disimpact your self" with your fingers?
c/ Other- *please explain

3. When you are in need of a desparate pee while driving
home would you:
a/ Not care and wet yourself (seeing you are going home anyway)
b/ Pull over anywhere and hope no-one sees
c/ Hold on so much that you are in pain until you get home

4. For intentional accident people:
what would you rather:
a/ poop in a nappy
b/ poop in tight undies
c/ poop and pee at same time?

Thanks. I would like to hear your responces
period poop

Let's begin by asking:
How old are you? 22
Male or female: F
1.When was the last time you wet yourself? 3 days ago
2.How often do you wet yourself? Once every 3 weeks about
3.How long can you maintain bladder control before wetting yourself? 2 hours
4.At what age did you first stop wetting the bed? 7
5.When was the last time you wet the bed? 15
6.Did you ever pee your pants laughing? nope
7.Have you ever peed your pants in the pouring rain just because you could? yeah but i didnt like it much
8.Did you ever pee your pants because you were nervous or frightened? more times than i can remember. i grew up in a rough neighborhood.
9.When was the last time you messed yourself? a week ago
10.How often do you poop in your pants? about once a month
11.How long can you contain your bowel movement before soiling yourself?
about 30 minutes
12.Have you ever lost control of your bladder/bowels just before reaching the toilet? yeah =/
13.Have you ever had an accident because you didn't want to use a public restroom? on airplanes mainly
14.Have you ever wet or pooped your pants out of convenience? thats where most of them come from.
15.Did you ever pee or poop your pants in school? like once in each grade almost =/
16.At what age did you first stop wearing diapers? 4
17.Did you ever have to wear Pull-Ups? If so, at what age? 5
18.Have you ever worn diapers as a teenager? i tried them but didnt stick with them
19.Have you ever worn diapers as an adult? if i can keep them secret enough, but not often
20.Do you have a story about a sibling's accident? only child
21.Do you have a story about a close friend's accident? yeah but i don't tell other peoples. thats rude.
22.What was the first accident you remember having? when i was 6 in kindergarten during the first test.

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