Girlfriend story
I have an interesting story I'd like to share with you all involving a girl (she's 21 years old) I just started seeing about 2 weeks ago. Last week on Friday evening I came over to her place and took her out to dinner at a nearby restaurant. Before we left her apartment she told me she had to pee and asked me to wait a minute for her. After that we left and had dinner and right before we left the restaurant she told me she had to pee again and went to ladies room at the restaurant. She came back to the table after about 5-10 mins, I paid the check, and we left. We were supposed to see a movie afterwards but I told her I was tired from working all day. Since she was spending the night at my apartment that night I took her back to her place so she could get her clothes together. When we got back to her place we were standing in her kitchen embracing each other and kissing a little and she told me she had to use the bathroom again. I said, "Again? Didn't you just go?" She looked at me with a shy smile and said, "" She went into the bathroom and I just paced around waiting for her to finish. After about 5 minutes I heard her sing out loud (she likes to sing), "I feel so much betteerrrr!" She then flushed and came out a few seconds later to finish getting her stuff together. I took this chance to casually go over to her bathroom to see if I could smell what she did but she had apparently sprayed perfume so I couldn't smell if she had pooped or not :-(

amy(buck tooth blonde) please share some of your pooping stories

Hi! Nothing much to you tell you all about except a question that I have to ask everyone in here. Why is it that after you have diarrhea
you don't have to go poop for a few days? It's like that for me whenever I have diarrhea I don't have to go for almost a week & then I finally go poop. Anyone who want's to answer my question go right ahead. Well poop poop to my friend Jenny too. She likes poop & thinks it's funny just like me. Happy pooping!

I still haven't done the stool culture, but I've got to do it today sometime and bring it to the lab or the doctor's office, since I won't have any time to do so later. I'm going out of town for most of this week, and then starting a new job, so there will be no time in between to do so, so I've got to do it today and get it over with.

It's been really difficult and I haven't been doing such a great job avoiding the dairy products, since I'm supposed to stay away from them for 2 weeks, until November 15, and I've done a lousy job of it! I'm trying though, really trying, just not doing a really good job :(

I should find out in a week or so how the stool culture turns out, and I will have to ask my doctor to either call me or mail the results since I'm starting a new job on November 13 and I can't take time off for this.

If I find out I'm lactose intolerant, that means no more milk, or I have to switch to either lactose-free, 1% or no-fat milk. Or I will have to take Lactaid or just avoid dairy products altogether and take Tums for calcium. It will suck, but I'll survive I guess. Lol.

To Return Peace Corps Volunteer: Thanks for your post! I am actually not leaving the country nor volunteering, but my doctor asked me to perform the stool culture to rule out whether the gas, diarrhea, bloating, etc is indeed lactose intolerance or something else completely. I really liked your experience, which is definetly much more different than what I have to do :) I'm glad to hear your results turned out well though :-D I agree it isn't much fun to do the culture but it's a fact of life I guess, as is farting, burping, pooping and physicals, something everyone has to go through :D Thanks again for your reply!

And now, a few stories:

1)One time, when I was a kid, my aunt had been drinking a bit too much, and she stumbled out of bed in sort of a half-awake state, and she headed for what she thought was the bathroom, but she had walked into her own closet!!! She pulled down her panties and sat down in the laundry basket, full of clean clothes mind you, and peed all over the clothes!!! She barely remembered what happened, until my uncle told her what she did, and now most of the family doesn't let her live it down! Lol.

2)On a similar note, her husband, when he was a kid once needed to use the toilet in the middle of the night and walked into the hall closet and peed all over the mop. Hahaha!

3) Once my friend was cutting class, and I was on my study period so we went outside and hung out, but soon she needed to pee, so she tried to hold it until the urge got bad enough she felt like she was going to pee herself. We tried to run back into the school, where the principal was coming around the corner, and then my friend pushed on the bathroom door, which was locked. By this time, she was practically peeing herself, so we ran to another bathroom, which luckily was open. We ran in and she dashed into a stall, pulled down her pants and peed for like 2 minutes straight! That was her most recent close call to having an accident.

4) Once, when my husband was in 3rd grade he had a ???? bug but didn't know it at the time, so he ate a banana and drank some milk and went to school. Mind you, in Taiwan classes started really early, so to be there for assembly you had to be there by 7:30 am, so he had no chance to go to the washroom. The kids were all standing outside and his stomach was grumbling furiously, and by the time class started, he couldn't hold it anymore and exploded diarrhea all over his uniform pants. The diarrhea exploded everywhere and created a huge mess all over the floor, and every step he took he dropped poop on the floor, so they had to get a older student to help clean him up and get someone to clean the floor. He was so embarrassed he was crying, as the helper took him outside and had to peel his soiled pants and underwear off and hose him down and get him a change of clothes. It was really embarrassing for him, and now at 24, he still remembers it.

5)Tonight I had to pee really bad so I decided to have a little fun. While squirming to avoid peeing on the floor I put on a pair of red panties and stepped into the shower. Slowly I released my bladder. A slow stream of hot pee ran down my legs at first, and then started gushing onto my feet for almost a good two minutes until finally just a couple of dribbles and it was done. I took off my wet panties and turned the shower on and rinsed them out and hung them up to dry. And that was it :D

Well, that's it for now. Happy toileting!

xo Anny

Mr. Clogs
I'm curious as to how public workers like bus drivers, train conductors and engineers alike aswer the call of nature? I would like to read about stories about people who provide service to the public. If I worked as a public worker, I don't think I would last because I pee a lot and nature calls seems like at worst of times. Well I hope to hear from you. Peace!

Does Anyone have any stories about going to the ladies room where there mom had to poop, or stories about going in the bathroom after their mom pooped, or still female construction worker poop stories?

To lauradoll: it was ALL grades until high school. in my elementary school, i did have some teachers that would take the entire class to the bathroom and we'd all go at the same time. but it was never an every day thing. also, if you begged the teacher before lunch and use the words "it's a dire emergency", they'd probably let you go. but if it was after lunch and you were a trouble-maker, they'd say "you should have gone during your lunch period. now you'll have to suffer the rest of the day". ok i only heard that once, but it scared the heck out of me lol. i never missed an opportunity to pee at lunch after my teacher made that kid hold it until he got home. middle school was actually worse. they had the same rules, but no "extra" trips like in elementary school. and going from class to class was torture b/c the doors were almost always locked. but when they werent locked i always snuck in, and i was always late to my next class. but the relief was always sooooo worth it. there was this one day when we were punished for being too loud or something, and instead of going to the cafeteria for lunch, we had to go to the auditorium. no talking, and since no one else asked to use the bathroom, i didnt. i sweated it out until 7th period but i really had to go so i begged my science teacher and she was so understanding, and luckily the bathroom was open. it was so sparatic how they kept the bathrooms open. they usually weren't and to this day i always wonder....if i was a girl, and the girl's room door just happened to be closed during 7th period, would i have been able to hold it until i got home (about 90 min later)? scary stuff

hi i'm 14 and want some adive my stepmom is really stirck about the toilet you don't talk about it. anyway im a twin and have always had a intrest in these things. i was on the way home with my twin sister sarah walking across the park when i noticed she was walking really strange. i asked her if she was ok she just said she had a stomach ache.
a few minutes later she grabbed my arm and pulled me aside and told me she really needed to poop and she hadn't for sevral days. (once i told my stepmom i couldn't go and she made us both go in fron to fher so we don't talk about it)we carried on walking but she had to stop and we stood for a minue and she pu ther hand between her legs doing a pee dance. i told her we could go somehwere no one owuld see. she wasn't sure but came with me to behind soem trees she pulled her shorts downa nd i was surprised she had no underwear. she confessed she peed in maths. anyway i stood guard while she squatted and started making noises. her stomach made some sounds and she strainned. we were there for ten minutes before she began to go. i peaked and boy was it big about three inches wide. she made some more noises and got it out about six inches. she told me she still felt full but wanted to go home anyway as she was worried our stepmom would find out we were already late.
we walked for a bit when she grabbed me again i turned and there was pee running down her legs. she made a small puddle but was really distressed. she was holding her stomach. i didn't really know what to do expept get her home. anouhter few steps and we were in a ally way to the back of our house its overgrwon we cut through it.
she grabbed me and told me she had to go and let out a fart, suddenly brown ran down the back of her legs. she dropped to the floor and pulled her shorts down. brown mush exploded for about three minutes. there was a little pile. sarah was now crying telling me her stomach hurt and she still had to go. she pulled her messed short backup and waddled into our back gardon. our step mom was out there saw her with poo down her legs and started shoutign at her. she was crying and obviously ill and she shouted. she grabbed her and dragged her inside telling her she was disgusting! sarah was relaly crying now holding her stomach when we got in the started scremaing to let go she needed to poop. my stepmom told her to shut up she was a adult and cold hold it! sarah then vomitied i mean how can you yell at somone who just threw up. she telling her she's grounded and she should control her bowels and not eat so much (she actually blamed her) sarah's crying hysetrically now bent double when more poop comes flowing down her legs semi formed makign a pile. she ran through the house leaving a trail and into the bathroom locking the door. i shouted at my stepmomand rang my dad. he got home ten mintues later and had to break the door down becuase sarah had collapsed turns out she had food posioning and it was my fualt i made lasangna in home ec and gave it to her as she forgot her diner money turn out i didn't cook it right.
anyway now my stepmom is really strick and threatens to diper her. she makes us go to the toilet at set times and threatens to watch when we go. sarah can't go at set times and wets herself quite often but ever since then she cant hold a bm for long and has come close. i want my stepmom to understand these are bodly functions and are normal and she can't control them.
also any advice on constipation which doesn't involve laxatives cos sarahs not been for nearly five days and is getting bad stomach aches. i'm ok i don't need togo as much but she get realy upset about been told when to go and shouted at if she asks any other time. i'll tell you about my stepmom yelling at her so bad in a supermarket she wet helf in front of her friends next time any advice on how to talk to her or anything would be helpful thanks. oh and my dad just dismisses everything says were over reacting shes been helpful teaching us self control and maners

TO GEORGE: All I can say is just get over it. I cannot believe you think people will respect you less because they've seen you use the bathroom. What a hoot! They will only respect you because of the way you conduct yourself and how you treat others. If you wanna speed up and catch up with others at work, just go in and do what you have to do on the toilet. No one will know that you're a novice when it comes to public shitting.

Scott--LOVED the stories about your wife, Kelly's, accidents. Keep them up!

The Holder
My friend and I have THE most intense contests of "Hold It". We pick a specific time during the day that you are not allowed to pee after, and we hold it after that point. Later, we IM each other with progress reports. We taunt each other's bladders with ideas that make us pee. I usually win, because her control is easily shaken at the thoughts of flowing water, but sometimes she can win too. I know it's not the healthiest game ever, but the feeling you get when you finally let it go makes it all worth it. Anyone else play this game?

Dennis D
My only pooping accident was a doozy. A double doozy.

My girlfriend and I were on our way back to New Jersey from Rhode Island. It was smooth sailing until we hit the George Washington Bridge, where we came to a stand still about a mile from the bridge. By this time, I had been having mild stomach cramps for a little while, but thought I could make it home.

While sitting there for well over a half an hour, I realized there was no way I would make it til we got home. But then I realized there were no exits until right before the bridge, still a good half hour away at best. I started grunting and moaning, and my girlfriend asked if I was okay. What could I say? I told her I was about to shit my pants. She told me to calm down and I'd be able to hold it. Unfortunately, she was wrong.

I felt my asshole giving way, and a wet fart escaped, and a glob of liquid shit splattered into my underpants. I groaned, disgusted and in extreme pain. I saw a small area where the shoulder of the road was wide enough to pull over, with a small patch of tall grass next to it. I veered the car over and lept out. My girlfriend yelled, "Where are you going?!" I didn't answer.

I rushed over to the grass, tore at my belt and zipper, yanked my jeans and underwear down and squatted. My bowels erupted like a fire hose and I sprayed hot, stinging liquid shit onto the ground. A car with some guys in it on a road below me saw me in this predicament and yelled and laughed at me. I must have squatted there farting and squirting, more or less in full view of hundreds of people, for at least ten or fifteen minutes. I have never been so humiliated in my life.

When I felt it starting to pass. I pulled my pants up. My asshole and butt cheeks were smeared with diarrhea, and there was still the nice big glob of it in the seat of my underpants squished against my ass as well. It was repugnant.

I got back in the car. My girlfriend told me she couldn't believe I did that, that she would have rather shit her pants. I informed her that I did shit my pants, but chose to empty the rest out on the ground rather than risk overflowing my underwear. She was pretty disgusted, but luckily she became more sympathetic as the night wore on.

I farted out more squirts while on the bridge. We made it home and I finally got cleaned up after an hour of sitting in my shit. It was a truly horrible experience.


Hello everybody.

We had ham and beans for dinner last night, and I pigged out on it, having two big bowls. I knew I'd pay for it the next day.

This morning, before my poop, there was a lot of farting while at the computer, including a couple that lasted over 5 seconds. Finally I headed to the bathroom to drop my load. It slid out easily, about a 10 inch long piece, followed by some soft, mushy stuff. It was pretty noisy while that came out. I felt completey empty afterwards.

Bye for now.

Just Me

Just to add to your list:


Not Another Teen Movie: There's a scene where a pretty girl sits on the pot and has explosive diarrhea for a while.

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle: A pair of girls suffer a case of taco induced shits.

Labyrinth of Passion: I've never seen this one, but I hear that there is a scene where a woman craps herself.


Hatchet: The main character gorges on some bad fruit and he ends up suffering diarrhea later on.

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon: The main character drinks some water from the woods and ends up having some pretty violent diarrhea afterwards.

I've been trying to find a copy of Including Alice to read that book's scenes, but no luck. Anyway, if you find anymore let us know.

So Yea my friend and i were at a playground with her little cousin. i think he was just potty trained or something and he went and hid behind a tree. we thought that he was playing hide and go seek so we pretended to go find him. we found him and he wouldn't come out. so she said do you need to pee pee? he said yes so we left him. then he didn't move so she took him home cause it was cold. it turns out he shit his pants.

I had the weirdest experience the other nite. I was ying on my bed watching tv. All of a sudden out of no where I felt an extreme urge to use the bathroom and a squirt of pee shot into my underwear I jumped up and started making my way to the bathroom holding myself and Just before I got to the door my bladder started going full force and I could not stop I was so embarrased and startled to find my girlfriend doing her makeup and getting ready for work when I got in there. She laughed in my face and asked me why i held it that long. I told her what happened and she still made fun of me for it. Has anyone else every had an experience like this before

TV Scenes:

The Fox cartoon "Family Guy" Has several Poop and Fart inuendos... I'm not a big watcher but its in almost every season...

I peed last week behind the garage of a House fire after we put the fire out... Its a pain to have to unfasten 2 sets of pants just to pee, and I was cold, and my hands were wet from holding the hose lines....


I've posted in the past, but not for a while. I've still been reading, but now I want to get involved again and add to the forum, not just read others' stories.


That's too bad about your probable lactose intolerance. I've heard of other people that have become lactose intolerant after a long time of only having very mild symptoms or no allergy at all. It's strange how that happens. But maybe you'll get lucky and it'll be less serious and something that goes away!
I liked your story about pooping your panties. It must have been great to be able to go after that terrible constipation you had! When I read the story, it made me want to do it too, but unfortunately I didn't have to poop at all. I'm sure I'll do it again soon, and I'll post the story for you and petite pooper who likes those stories too!

I see no one has taken Kiri's survey yet, so I will

Let's begin by asking:
How old are you?
Male or female:
1.When was the last time you wet yourself?
Accidentally? A long time ago. On purpose probably a month or so ago.
2.How often do you wet yourself?
Once a month, or whenever I wear a diaper for fun.
3.How long can you maintain bladder control before wetting yourself?
A really long time. I have excellent control. 14 hours?
4.At what age did you first stop wetting the bed?
probably at 6 or 7
5.When was the last time you wet the bed?
I had just turned 13. I was mortified!
6.Did you ever pee your pants laughing?
7.Have you ever peed your pants in the pouring rain just because you could?
Yup, once.
8.Did you ever pee your pants because you were nervous or frightened?
9.When was the last time you messed yourself?
a month or so ago
10.How often do you poop in your pants?
I do it intentionally occasionally. Usually about an average of once a month or so, though sometimes I go longer, but then get the urge to do it a couple of times.
11.How long can you contain your bowel movement before soiling yourself?
3 days
12.Have you ever lost control of your bladder/bowels just before reaching the toilet?
13.Have you ever had an accident because you didn't want to use a public restroom?
14.Have you ever wet or pooped your pants out of convenience?
I guess doing it on purpose counts for that :)
15.Did you ever pee or poop your pants in school?
16.At what age did you first stop wearing diapers?
I don't remember. Probably around 2 and a half.
17.Did you ever have to wear Pull-Ups? If so, at what age?
I don't remember
18.Have you ever worn diapers as a teenager?
19.Have you ever worn diapers as an adult?
Yes, every once and a while I do it for fun.
20.Do you have a story about a sibling's accident?
21.Do you have a story about a close friend's accident?
I've had friends pee themselves while really drunk. One time at a party, a chick passed out on the host's bed, and wet it. Then she moved to the couch, and wet that too. The rest of us were outside in the yard, when she came out, said goodbye to her friend real quick and left. You can imagine how pissed the guy hosting the party was when we were all going to crash.
22.What was the first accident you remember having?
When I was maybe 5 or so, I remember straining to push out some gas, when my mom said "I think you need to go to the bathroom". Just then I realized that I was actually pushing out a log. I don't remember ever doing anything like that again.

hi i posted the other day im the nurse. why is it you always have to go when its the wrong time. i spent the entire day yesterday deniying my bowels because work wouldn't allow. i was away for a day at a confrence with very boring people. anyway in a meting i began to really need to pee. moving back and forth stopped this to bad for a while but in the end i gave up and told th entire room i had to go to the bathrrom i felt like i was in schoold putting my hand up to ask. the toilets on that floor were closed so two floor down i had to go. now my bladder is realy full and im walking weird becuase its starting to squirt. a couple of little ones and i go i tunder control. made it to just down the hall when i let go. warmth all down my legs i tried to stop but it was piontless. until now i had no idea i need bm but i realised i was having one. i twas pushing it's way out bulging my troussers that were light brown and showing everything. no one was around so a waddled down the poop still making its way out. got in and all of them were occupied. i had to stand there pooping my pants.
my pants were wreaked soaked and slightly brown. all this time this huge poop is stll coming out. it broke of but kept coming despite clentching by butt. i gave up waiting and ran next door into the mens. there was one man in there. Mike my best friend i have never been so happy to see him i burst into tears. he's stood peeing looking at me. blesss him he forgot hwat he was doing let go and peed on his jeans. took m einto the only stool and stood with me while i finsihed my huge poop. it was at least nine inches long and then i had five more smaller ones. i guess i did need to go. anyway we bothhad wet meesed pants so we decided to leave. we went back through the reception both with wet crotches only i had a brown stain on my bum.
the annooying thing was no one noticed we were gone! also to make up fo rhim watching me poop mike let me watch. aside form the fact he farts a lot it was fun. were having a compition on who can hold out the longest at the minute with our falt mate (becuase our toilets broke as in mike brok i tof the wall with a foortball so were having to go outisde behind the shed in a hole and now its dark and raining) whose resorted to holding her crotch i hope we dont all have to go at once becuase im getting desperate.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

well i've always had this urge to tell somebody about something that happened to me in high school, and this seems like the perfect place to do it. i just feel like i need to get this off my chest.

when i was in 10th grade, i had an incident where i didn't make it to the toilet at school...i had an accident in my pants in the hallway. you're probably wondering how could i wet myself at that age, but that's not what happened...i pooped in my pants...

it was the most horrifying moment of my teenage life. after lunch i was in english class when i got sharp pains low in the pit of my stomach. i was hit with an immediate urge to poop, and i got severe cramps that made me stomach rumbled and the urge to poop incredibly bad struck like lightning. it was all i could do not to groan out loud but my stomach rumbled kind of loud. i was almost in tears. something i had at lunch must have upset my stomach. i raised my hand and asked to go to the bathroom, and some people around me looked at me like they were expecting me to say that...i was a little embarassed right then, but soon i would learn that that wasn't even the half of it. i got out of my seat and labored my way to the room, got the hall pass and went into the hallway, desperatley clenching my butt and walking rigidly. wet farts started to squirt out when i was just getting out of the door, and i made it only about 15 feet down the hallway before a hot wet lump of poop slipped out into my panties. the jeans i was wearing were a little tight, so i felt it squish and spread across my butt, it was really wet and hot. i stopped and bent over from the pain, and i completely filled my white panties with hot, wet poop. i could feel the heat and wetness from the tops of my thighs, across my whole ass and around my lower back, and there was squishiness in the whole seat of my pants and between my legs. i was afraid to move. i started to cry and i just made my way for the nurses office...i had to pass a few people in the hallway and some people gagged, and one lady tried to help me but i told her to leave me alone...i continue on my way and when i got to the nurse, she told me to get in the bathroom and clean myself up with the wipes and she would call my mom to bring me a change of jeans and underwear. i told her to tell her to pick me up too. i got in the bathroom and cleaned myself, and the worst part was i heard someone else come in and sit in the waiting room and the nurse was talking loudly on the phone to my mom..she was like "Hi is this Nicole's mother? Yeah hi this is the nurse's office from her school, um, we have Nicole here she uh, she's actually soiled her pants and needs you to pick her up.....yeah...i really don't know how it happened, i think you should just pick her up right away.." i was so embarassed, i couldn't believe the nurse said all that with someone else in there...i was mortified..when my mom came to get me she was white as a ghost, she couldn't believe it...

when i went back to school 2 days later they had me see the guidance counselor...can you believe that? they think it would help me to go and talk about the most mortifying experience of my life. i'm sure i want to relieve so soon the time i had diahrrea in my pants at school when i was 16.

Hey whats up y'all. I just woke up need to pee bad, and my stomach is aching a lil bit which means I might have to take a shit too. I'll be back again with more stories.

To Cute and Shy, where is that next story you were gonna post. Im still waiting for it, LOL!

Hi, my name is Jenny for short. one time I had to go poop so bad i was sitting watching tv and before i got too the bathroom i had a little diarreah in my pants it was a mess and poop is great too talk about i think poop poop to my friend Andi too.
happy pooping and squeezing everyone i always wonder why poop is so messy sometimes too
jenny age 27

Katie and Anne
Hi! I'm Katie, I'm 17 (12th grade), and I have a twin sister, Anne. We're identical twins, and we're both skinny, 5 feet 5 inches, with blond hair and blue eyes. Later we'll both post, but I'm posting for now because she's doing homework.

Victoria -- I have a Halloween story. Halloween is a big thing in our neighborhood, even if you're a teenager, so Anne and I dressed up. Anne was catwoman, and I was a witch. After school we went trick-or-treating together with a few friends. After an hour of trick-or-treating, somebody jumped out at our group of friends. We all yelled a little bit out of surprise, because in teh dark it was really quite scary. Right after that Anne said she didn't feel good, and I told her I'd go home with her. Once we were far enough away that our friends couldn't hear, she said, "I really had to shit, and that boy scared me so much I shit myself!" When I got home she took a shower, and then we spent the rest of the night watching movies. I made a little fun of her, but not that much.

Hi i've been lurking here for a while and I have posted a few times too. The other day i was on the toilet and i was pooping. Reasently my poops have started of nicely but have turned into painful mushy stuff. Anyway i was pooping quite icely for maybe 15 mins and it was starting to get quite painful, like useual. I was in the middle of pushing out a soft but just abbout solid very long log and my dad comes knocking at the bathroom door. "????? are you finished yet? I have to poop right now!" and i was like "dad i am in the middle of pooping you will have to wait." He went away and i finished that log, but i could feel in my stomach that my poops were gonna get painful and i was going to be in there another 20 mins, at least. My dad came rushing back and was saying that he had to poop this minute and that it was urgent! So I got off the toilet and let him in, he rushed in and locked the door then he exclaimed "????? you pooped alot! You must be finished! But i wasn't! So i was wonderin round with poop still left and my bum was not wiped! Dad finished in about 10 mins and i rushed back in anoyed that my poop had been interupted! It really stank but i plonked myself back down. I took another 15 mins and i pooped a mushy pile of logs the same size as the first! My dad thought my first part was alot but my second lot was the same size! Anyway when it came to clearing up my bum was covered in smoshed poop coz i had walked around without wipeing! I tried to wipe up but i just ended jumping in the shower! I hope you enjoyed this post and please could you tell me if anything like this has happened to anyone else!
happy pooping
love heelys!

smart guy!!!
hi, guys, i havent posted any stories up. well, now i have time to post at least a couple short stories up before i leave.

1. last month, i was with a old friend of mine, named alyessa. we went to have a cup of coffee. after we were done talking for a long time, i went back to my apartment. but when i went to my apartment's front door, i saw katlin kinda hopping up and down, with her hands holding at her croutch, where I could see a tiny bit of wet stuffs there as well. after i saw that, i knew that she was starting to have an accident again. she told me that she forgot her keys. so i quickly went to unlock the door for her, and she went rushing to the bathroom. she made it, and after she finished, she just put her pants in a garbage bag and went to get it washed a few days later.

2. yesterday, katlin had to go to a fasion designer interview, but she accidentally woke up late. so she quickly went to get changed, i did too, after we're both done getting dressed, i drove her over there and just wait for her. On the way to the interview, she said that her stomach hurts a bit, and gurgled a lot, but she still wanted to go through with this interview, because she really wants this job. anyways, after we got there, she made it to the manager's office just in time. The meeting lasted for about 40minutes or something. after she came out, she doesnt seem to look good. after that, she said that she really needed to use the washroom, but the only washroom here was out of order. so she decided to hang on until we get back to our place. while we were going back, she farted really loud and with so much force, she said that she could feel her hard log coming out. she said that she just can't hold on anymore, and needed to poop into somewhere. luckly, i found a plastic shopping bag, i showed it to her, she just grabbed it, and put it under her butt, and kept on pooping in there. after she was done, she farted again, but shorter this time, then she pooped out another one. this 2nd one was a lot longer. after she was done, she farted for about a few seconds, dropped a few tiny ones, and then done. she pulled her pants up, and just tied up the bag. she through that bag of poop in a garbage can after we found one.

anyways, i hope you like these stories. i'll try and keep up with the stories later. peace!!! :D

I would like to ask if anyone had any childhood wetting or bedwetting accidents how did your parents react. My parents were strict with me about it. I would have frequent bedwetting accidents and I was not allowed to use the bathroom that entire day. I would almost always wet my pants by that day and as punishment I had to wear a diaper for one day. Did any body elses parents have strict rules such as this?

petite pooper
I remember had to poop soo bad a school one time. The teacher was cool about letting ppl go to the bathroom. He told me to go ahead I so I left. When I got there, there was a hall monitor blocking the girls restroom door to check for hall passes. I didn't have one. I was too desperate to argue by that time. So I went all the way back to class and told the teacher I couldn't get into the bathroom because I didn't have a pass. I asked him to please write me a pass because I couldn't find my logout sheet. At first he refused until I told him I really needed to go poop. It was a little embarassing having to admit that to a male teacher especially since I'm bashful about speaking about my bodily functions (needing to use the toliet around ppl)To make matters worse, when I returned about 10-15 minutes later, he used me as an example about not having my pass. I was a little embarrassed.

A while ago I went on this week long college tour during spring break with a few kids from my school. We were to stay in a hotel; boys and girls divided up with 4 ppl to a room It was the first time being away from home for soo long. I was a junior in high school. We visited schools that were in SouthEast Wi. I live in milwaukee so it was a few hours away. I knew my period was coming so I'd packed the neccesary things..pads..tampons..lots of changes of panties...About halfway into the weekend my period came. As you all know with periods sometimes you have to poop a lot more than usual. We were eating lots of junkfood that candy chips..take-out. I had to poop very bad. I went back to hotel where we were staying leaving my friends down in the guest room. They knew I started my period so I told them I had been cramping. The cramping was partly because I needed to poop, I hadn't been since we arrived 3 days earlier. I hurried to the room to change myself self when aloud smelly fart escaped. I thought was alone
so I didn't care. Then, my room door bursts open and my friends come into the room. What smells they say. I tell them I need to use the toilet really bad and ask if they can close the door to the room as I walk into the restroom. As I am doing my business I heard someone knock on the room door and sure enough my friends have invited guys in. All the while I'm still pooping. Then someone knocks on the door of the restroom where I am quickly trying to finish what I thought would be a quiet poop. I tense up. My friend Keisha. I tell her I'm pooping she says I know this will only be a second. She swings the restroom door open wide and her crush walks past sees me on the toilet and her wrapping her hair. She never bothered to close the door as more guys piles into the small room all viewing me on the toilet as they walk in. I was soo embarassed. Later when I got back to school...I hear a group of guys laughing. I assumed it because of what they saw.

More intentioinal pooping stories. For ppl who have neve rtried it.. I encourage you to!

Dr. Poop
Hi again First to clean Butt club girl I just had a BM and used your idea of water and soap to wipe and it worked. I checked my anus after I finished and there was no stink. It took me about 10 wipes first with dry paper 3 times. I then put water and sope on the paper and sat back down and wiped. I did that twice. I then had to wipe the sope off my cheaks and wiped with dry paper I then had to check my anus with dry paper and there was still a mark. so I put water and sope on some paper and wiped one more time and was clean. So I had to wipe the sope off once again. How many times do you have to wipe and how do you do it so I don't drip water on the floor and can cut down on the amount of wipes. Because it feels good knowing your stink hole as you call it don't stink.

Also to Victoria I remember one time I wet the bed when I was about 8 years old. It felt like my mid section was aslepe and I felt pee rushing out of my penis. When I got up for school that morning I pulled the sheets off my bed and could see a large wet spot on my matris. My mom saw it and said what's that? Did you have an accedent. I said yes. I didn't do that on perpose and that is the only time I can remember well.

Linda from Australia here again. I have been really busy lately so I haven't had a chance to post on here. For about the last month, Ive had no trouble pooping at all. Ive been dropping 3 or 4 loads of poo each day and decent sized ones too. This morning, Ive already been 3 times!! They were medium sized loads but they felt so good. Ive also felt finished after each poop, which is unusual for me, as normally I don't feel finished. I haven't really changed my diet either, infact, some days I eat lots of junk food and I can still poo easily. Normally, if I eat lots of junk, I get a bit constipated.

I started working as a superviser at a production plant last month. The mens restrooms are old-fashioned, and do not have doors on them for privacy while taking a shit. All of the workers use them, but as a superviser, I feel we should have a seperate restroom, with stall doors, sort of the old "student / teacher" different restrooms. I would even be ok, if the other supervisers had our own bathroom without stall doors, although I still find it a bit embarrasing. But for me to have a subordinate watch me pinch a loaf, and wipe my ass, how can I command respect? The other supervisers all shit there, but they have worked there for quite some time, I'm the 'newby' there. I'm fine to piss at the urinals, but geez, I've only taken one shit there since I started last month, and it was before the shift started, and there was only 2 other supervisers shitting in there. I'm getting tired of 'holding it in' all day. Any suggestions, I will appriciate ...thanks.. G.

Large Pooper
Hi my name is Kelsie. I have seen many legends like Carmalita. I have been looking here since about 3 weeks. Here is what had happen about 2 days ago. I was in a park with my boyfriend when I started to feel crappy. I held for 5 minutes. It was at night and I told him that I had to go real bad. We were the only one here. So he went with me to find a bathroom. We found one but the stalls were locked. I couldn't hold it so I pulled down my skirt and panties and started crapping real bad. But I was constipated. I always carry vasaline with me so I told him to wipe it on my anus. He did what I said and when he was in thte middle I had a diarriah attack he was to slow so i ended up doing it on him. Then my poop splatterd all over him. As petite as I am I am a large crapper. I cleaned him up a little.

Jedi Master
Hello there, I'm a new poster, but I frequently read the posts on here. I like the posts about urination better than those of defecation. Actually, I don't like those, and so I skip over them. My name is actually BJ, but I saw that someone else has this name on here, and I did not want to confuse anyone. Like I stated before, I am more into the urination stories...the female ones actually. I am a male, and for some reason, over the past few years, I have become fascinated with female urination. I think it started out when I was about 5 years old and our kindergarten teacher told us that "boys stand up to pee and girls sit." I was then always amazed at the desperation scenes in cartoons, and today, it has become very strong. I could care less for male desperation in these cartoons though. Of course, there are many other people on here like this, so I know you good people understand. I thought I would never muster up the courage to post anything on here, but after reading what lauradoll posted, I became infuriated and just had to post. Your parents and grandparents were grown people who should have understood that bodily functions are not to be put aside just because you got a bit sicker more frequently. How could they do that to you? How could they!? I was absolutely mad when I read your post. I don't blame you for being angry at your mother; I would be too. Heck, you know what you should do? Bring it up in a conversation with her one day, and just plain out let her have it. I mean you tell her what you thought of what she did and how you feel of her. I would use every word in the book were it up to me. Make her feel disgusted with herself. Where was your father when all this happened? I don't know if he was around or not, but If I had been him, I would have stepped in and ended all the madness. And then your grandmother followed in her footsteps. I doubt she's alive anymore, but shame on her! Shame on her and your mother! After letting your mother hear it like it is, either let her apologize whole-heartedly, or, if she refused, I'd just leave her out of my life. Someone that cruel deserves no love if they feel justified in their wrong-doings. What she and your grandmother did was a cruel case of child negligance, and you should add this fact if you do decide to talk to your mother. If I were you, I'd donate some money to a child abuse and/or negligance center, just to hope that this event won't happen to anyone else. Whew, I feel better. Now, getting back on track (choo choo! lol), I read some of "raging urophile" posts, and I seem to agree with him. I can't really understand how I came to be like this today, but oh well. I dare not tell anyone (except you cool people) for the sake of being judged badly. I end this post with one final thing: As we have just read, it seems like many women are almost deathly afraid of what germs preside in public restrooms. I don't think they should, because there are many anit-bacterial products they can use, not to mention a wide-array of toilet seat covers. Don't make youself or others uncomfortable of not being able to go to the restroom just because you are. I think I've read that many studies suggest that it is rare to contract a disease from just sitting on the toilet seat, except for STDs. And, on a humourous note, if you women really are that frightened of the ladies room, I know I and probably lots of other guys would not mind you using our bathroom. Tee hee! Anyways, I hope you've enjoyed this post. God Bless you All

Return Peace Corps Volunteer
Anny--all Peace Corps volunteers have to do a stool culture a couple of weeks before leaving the country just to make sure that you didn't contract any parasites or anything while overseas. If you did, then Peace Corps has to pay for all treatment. If it happens 6 months later, it's harder to prove or something like that.

Anyway, you're super lucky because you get to take the stool samples in the privacy of your own clean indoor bathroom.

My experience was much different than that. I had to do it in an outhouse, a hole in the ground outhouse. This means I had to take a paper plate, poop on that, take the sample and dump the rest of the poop down the hole and put the plate in with the toilet paper that was to be burned. You couldn't put the toilet paper in the hole because then it would fill up too quickly and it is expensive to get it emptied. Also, I was in a town so there was no room to build another one. Also, we had no indoor plumbing at all.

So, anyway, I go out to the outhouse and I'm trying to balance all of this, keep the chickens out, stay clean, not fall over and still salvage enough poop for the sample. Not fun I tell you.

Then, I had to somehow get this back into the house without my host family noticing. Then wash my hands using a special bucket that lets the water drip slowly into a sink that drained into another bucket that had to be emptied behind the house where there was no garden.

Then, I had to transport it to the Peace Corps office in the country's capital. I went to the nurse and was like "I have a present for you." and she was like "gee, thanks." Just what you always wanted, huh? Two vials of shit mixed with a green chemical...

So, I had to do this twice. It sucked. But I survived. Hey, I survived 26 months of squatty potties and bucket baths...

Oh, yea, no parasites :o) Although some of my colleagues weren't so lucky...

So, Anny, you'll survive. Just think of my experience and yours will be a breeze...only without the breeze on your bottom like I had!

Let's begin by asking:
How old are you?
Male or female:
1.When was the last time you wet yourself?
Accidently, about 7 years ago. I was at camp. On purpose, 10 days ago.
2.How often do you wet yourself?
Whenever I get the chance. My parents live with me, so I do not get the chance that often.
3.How long can you maintain bladder control before wetting yourself?
Once, I clocked myself at 26 hours. I was working at a restraunt, and worked a triple shift. Hot kitchen + buzy day = dehydration = little pee.
4.At what age did you first stop wetting the bed?
5.When was the last time you wet the bed?
I was 13, and a camp.
6.Did you ever pee your pants laughing?
7.Have you ever peed your pants in the pouring rain just because you could?
8.Did you ever pee your pants because you were nervous or frightened?
9.When was the last time you messed yourself?
It has been about three months. I cannot wait until I get a chance to do it again.
10.How often do you poop in your pants?
About 6 times a year.
11.How long can you contain your bowel movement before soiling yourself?
4.5 days.
12.Have you ever lost control of your bladder/bowels just before reaching the toilet?
Yes, about two months ago, I had diahrrhea(spelling?), and barley got to the toilet in time. A little bit came out, but fortunatly, none got on my underware.
13.Have you ever had an accident because you didn't want to use a public restroom?
Yes and no. When I bought my first diapers, I also bought a fleet mini enema. I administered the enema, put on the diaper, and started the five hour drive home. By the time that I changed my mind, I had already gotten back to my car, on the road, on the expressway, and was 5 miles from the nearest exit. I changed my mind because it felt way too liquid, and I was not sure if my diaper would be able to hold it. By the time I got off the express way, I was not sure if I could stand and still maintain control. Since I did not want to risk messing myself with people all around, I just continued driving. I ended up holding it for another 15 minutes (a total of 25 minutes), but lost control. I finished the rest of the 4.5 hour long drive messy.
14.Have you ever wet or pooped your pants out of convenience?
Yes and no. I did, but I had made that choice before I sat down. I peed at 8PM Sunday. When I woke up on Monday at 11AM, I drank a 3-liter of pop, and told myself that I could use the toilet if I could wait another 10 hours. I failed. So, I guess it was kinda out of convinence. I used the diaper so I could continue to work for 10 hours straight.
15.Did you ever pee or poop your pants in school?
16.At what age did you first stop wearing diapers?
17.Did you ever have to wear Pull-Ups? If so, at what age?
Nope. Diapers to underware.
18.Have you ever worn diapers as a teenager?
Yes. I got my first when I was 18.
19.Have you ever worn diapers as an adult?
Yes, a mere 10 days ago. I want to now.
20.Do you have a story about a sibling's accident?
No siblings.
21.Do you have a story about a close friend's accident?
Nope. I want to though.
22.What was the first accident you remember having?
I was 5.5, and pooped on my way from the car to the house.

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