TO Megan: Hello, I thought I would share my story as well about bedwetting. I am 18 and wet a few times a week. The weird part about my story is, I only started wetting the bed around when I got my period when I was 12. When I was 12, one night about a week after I started my period, I woke up one night and had a huge pain to pee, and I was peeing when I woke up. I got it under control and was able to get to the bathroom to finish. My panties absorbed all of what I leaked, so I did not even bother telling my mom what happened. I was shocked it happened, but did not take to much consideration in it. I went for a few more nights, and then it happened again, this time a little more pee came out before I woke up, but still between my underwear and pants, none got on my bed, and I was able to make it to the toilet. Eventually after a few more times of this happening, I told mom and she took me to the doctor, and he said that it is no huge deal, just another thing associated with good old puberty in my case. What ever. So I simply started wearing my swimsuit bottoms with an overnight maxi pad in them (I feel better peeing in swimsuit than underwear). The maxi pads worked for about a year before I started to get tired of getting up in the middle of the night to run to the toilet. After I started peeing, I still had to stop, because maxi pads will not hold a bladder full. I could squart some pee into them to hold me till I got to the toilet, but that was about it. I then decided to buy some Goodnites and wear them to bed so that when I woke up peeing, I could just finish up peeing right in my bed, and not have to worry about running to the toilet. I have been doing this for about a year and a half now and it workes great. The only thing I have to do is get on my back before I start peeing full force, so the urine will not run out the sides of the Goodnite. Also, when I am on my period, I just have it righ into the Goodnite, and I sure do not have to change it as much as a pad. As a little side story, about a month ago I woke up in the morning and this was in summer so I was out of school. I had a goodnite on that I had peed in that night and was on my way into the kitchen to eat something bofore I changed and took a shower, and had to fart. I pushed pretty hard, and sure enough I had some runny poo just ready to come out. Well, I just got a really strange feeling and decided to go ahead and poop in my Goodnite. So I did. But cleanup is very difficult. Anyway, I just wanted to let the teen bedwetters out there know that there is one more that has the same problem!

Mr. Clogs
I forgot to ask folks if they recall taking a drug test, what was their experience like, what sample did they have to give, and were they uncomfortable or liked it? Heck who likes taking a drug tests anyways.

I think you describe what many girls have to go through to meet their parent's expectations of how a "proper" young woman must behave: hold their bladders and not let anyone know of their need. Act as if bodily functions do not exist.
Victoria has it right - bodily functions do exist and so do accidents. Growing to adulthood means learning to be responsible for one's actions and taking into account one's own needs.
Happy growin up!

There is a haunted house in my hometown (halloween attraction, not real haunting) that my friends work at. Every year they count how many ppl wet themselves and the count is usually double digits. This year, I asked and they hadn't totalled it all up yet, but the first night 2 grown women did and several others since then. This year they had a first--someone actually threw up, she was so scared!

Ronald -My mom told me not to go at school, but I did anyway if the pain was too bad. However if I didn't go when I got home she would give me a hard time. What grade were you in where you had to hold it until lunch? Did they only give you one break a day and did they ever make exceptions?

Victoria- Everything you said make a lot of sense. Now I wish I could have wet myself to relieve the pain and to teach my mom a lesson, but I did not think that way back then. Plus like I said the embarrassment would have been too much.

Alice -Thanks so much for writing; my mom did the same thing to me. On all day outings she would sometimes let me go, but if the bathroom was not up to her standards I would not be allowed to go in. How long did you have to wait before you were allowed to go that time? What was the longest she kept you out without a bathroom when you were going up? For me it was 8 hours on a long car trip. We had rest stops and even stopped to eat, but no bathroom breaks! I would like to compare and share more stories.


Good morning--cool here. Years ago I went to Las Vegas to a meeting, one event of which (first day) took place at the home of a wealthy supporter of the gathering. It had been a long morning with little to eat or drink, and lunch (at a previous stop) turned out to be pizza and Pepsi. I could tolerate the pizza (at that time) fairly well, but I knew I might have trouble with the Pepsi. It took about two hours, but suddenly, in that rich person's house, I urgently had to defecate. I had to ask where the bathroom was. I found it and entered. It was huge and luxurious, but it did have a normal toilet. I wasted no time, whipping down my pants and underpants and managing to sit firmly on the seat before letting go with the worst--and worst-smelling--diarrhea I had had in years. Even with the exhaust fan pulling full force, that smell had staying power. I sat for a few minutes to make sure it was all out of me, wiped, flushed, and left. Fortunately, I didn't have any more instances until I got back to the hotel. Once there, though, I had to go again--more diarrhea. I dislike diarrhea intensely; it is obviously a waste of good food and deprives me of a nice normal b.m. The conference lasted three days. Once the diarrhea was gone, I did nothing the next day in spite of eating as I usually did. Finally, on the third day, I began having normal bowel function again, though small and reluctant. I had traveled with a female faculty member and a female student, neither of whom knew my troubles. The faculty member had to return on the second day, and we had arranged that the student and I would fly back together and I would drive her home from the airport. The flight was long, late in the day, and I began to feel my bowels fill. After we landed, the feeling suddenly became more intense, and I knew I needed to use the airport facilities. I excused myself from my pretty student and told her I might be a little while; I didn't advertise what I needed to do, but I think there was no doubt. I went in, entered a stall, and unloaded two long, thick, slow, satisfying turds. I was most happy with what was finally a normal poop. Afterwards I returned with (I'm sure) a satisfied look on my face, and my student smiled sweetly.
My movement yesterday was late enough that I got to do it at work; as usual now, it was quite moist, though nicely formed, a first piece about 9" long, and five more shorter ones. Wiping was slow; but I had a bottle of skin lotion along, so I dabbed a bit on the last piece of toilet paper and used it to cleanse more thoroughly.
I toured a few porta-potties over the weekend and saw some excellent specimens, including one that must have been at least two inches thick and maybe five inches long, light brown. Another was about an 8-incher, over an inch thick, very dark brown.
Happy pooping, everyone, and let us know about your sightings!

Mother of twins
i was visiting my sister for 2 weeks this summer.She lives in new hampshire.She has two boys of her own,Matt,10,and Mike,6.She had to work a day i was there so i decided to take my boys and hers to canobie lake park.It was a kind of long drive but i knew it would be okay.During the ride,mike sed he had to go pee.I didnt know the area very well and didnt know where a rest stop or covience store would be.I watched my little nephew squirm in his booster seat.But i spotted a store called Mike's Convience store.I thought that was kind of funny.i pulled over.Mike told me if he moved he would pee all over my new car.So i lifted him up,left matt to watch jake and alex,and ran into the store.I ran into the store and ran him into the ladies room.i put him down and he yanked his shorts down and peed.Then,he washed his hands and left.That was one of 2 experiences.When the boys were on the chicken ride,i was standidng on the outside of the queue line.I watched a boy,maybe 9 or 10,tell his mother he needed to use the bathroom.But she said that he could wait becuase she wanted to give Tyler the best experience of his life.Tyler,maybe 7,had a make a wish foundation t-shirt.I watched as the kid,named Danny,bounced and bounced.then i watched his face looked very nervous.He gave a little push and he shook his bathing suit and a little piece of crap fell out.He looked relieved and he shook his suit again and a bigger piece fell out.He kept on shaking as more turds fell out.Then,my kids came off the ride and they went on.Danny also had a wet spot on the front of his suit and next to his turds was a puddle.

guy in wshington
like a week ago my stomach woke me up at like 3 in the morning with that feeling like if you don't get to the bathroom in 3 seconds your gonna have a mess. I rushed into the bathroom and had some of the nastiest dirareah ever. It was probably the chinese food id eaten earlier.

My girlfriend drank a few too many beers while sitting on the couch watching the game as all of a sudden she said she had to pee really bad and if she moved she knew she would flood the couch. She's such a cute little 100 lb thing so I said I would help her. She was lying back with her legs crossed tight, and when I got down and picked her up she kept them crossed while I carried her to the the nearest toilet. I figured as long as she kept her legs crossed she could hold her pee. She was wearing tight blue jean shorts and just as we reached the bathroom I felt hot wetness. With hot pee gushing down all over us I set her down on the toilet where she continued to pee thru the shorts and with her legs still crossed. Boy was I surprised.

Me and my friends were at the mall yesterday. We stopped at JC Penney to use the restrooms. The girls used the ladies room, and me and Chazz hit the mens room. We were shocked that the stalls had NO DOORS on them...They probably were removed, because there were holes in the endcaps where the hardware was. Anyway, we saw our other buddy Chris' dad who works there taking a dump in the center stall. He was grimmacing like he was in pain, trying to drop a fat deuce. In fact, the was he was sitting, you could see his thick fat shit log stuck between his asscheeks trying to drop. He was friendly enough, as we had to stand in front of him and wait for our turn to use the toilets. When it dropped , the room filled with the aroma of Mr. ______ shit. He didn't care, he was very relieved when it broke off, he then wiped his ass, inspected the tissue, and got dressed, put his sportcoat back on and flushed his gigantic turd down the toilet bowl. Chazz hopped on his toilet and cut loose, and I took the next available toilet. We shit, wioed, flushed, washed our hands, and met the girls outside. It was weird watching our buddy's dad shit, but even weirded was when Chazz gave a play-by-play report of Mr. ______'s performance to the girls. They were both hysterical laughing, and mortified that there were no doots for the men when they shit. I hope they don't embarras Mr. ________ when they see him. LOL

Today is Sunday. I haven't had a bowel movement since Tuesday, yet I feel fine. If I didn't happen to remember the last time I went, I wouldn't know anything unusual was going on or not going on with my bowels. As far as I can tell I'm eating the way I normally do. I guess as long as I feel okay I won't worry about it too much. It is weird though.

Master Blaster
I haven't been around much lately, haven't had anything good to report. However, I just took a monster shit. It would have been a 3 on the Table of Weights and Measures Scale. It started with a couple of small rabbit turds. Then I pushed out a 7 in. long 1.5 in. wide turd. Usually, that's all I do, but I still had more to do. I started shitting out these long snakes of soft poop, like the consistancy of butter. I probably did 2 or 3 and each was probably at least a foot long or more. My shit was piled up in the water when I was done. It was awesome!

Mr. Clogs
I'm curious as to how public workers like bus drivers, train conductors and engineers alike aswer the call of nature? I would like to read about stories about people who provide service to the public. If I worked as a public worker, I don't think I would last because I pee a lot and nature calls seems like at worst of times. Well I hope to hear from you. Peace!

John from Houston
We just got a new phone system at work and it is extremely high tech. All the ladies have wireless headphones. My office is one story below the main office.

The first day the new headsets were issues, our recptionist, a 35 ish blond called my extention. She said she was in the ladies room and peeing. She asked if I could hear. She was laughing so much it was hard to hear.

What she did not realize is she touched one of my deepest fantisies. Of course I palayed with the joke, but told her how excited she made me.

She promised to do it again, but she has not yet done so.

One last thing, I love peeing in the shower. I run the water on my groin while making yellow water. When I am done, I rinse well and use a shower spary.

Hey everyone,

How was Halloween night for you all? Hope you had a fun night. Well starting today, for two full weeks I can't have any dairy products, not even lactose-free milk. This is going to be difficult but not impossible. My doctor does think I am lactose intolerant, and she wants me to do a stool culture and avoid all dairy products for 2 weeks to make absolute certain I'm lactose intolerant, and if it's not LI then they need to rule out different causes for the stomach pain, gas and diarrhea.

A few minutes ago I nearly had a diarrhea accident all over the computer chair, and made it to the toilet just in time to get the lid up and my butt on the seat where watery/mushy poop exploded out of me for only about a minute. I think what caused it was the bit of ice cream I had, since I can't easily swallow pills, so my doctor told me to break the antidepressant tablet open and dump the solution into something that doesn't require chewing, such as ice cream. Well I don't think I'll do that again, at least not with ice cream, because that sent me running for the toilet a couple of hours after consuming it! Next time I'll try something like applesauce or something.

I'm fairly disappointed I can't have even a little bit of milk for two weeks, but I know I can do it, and it's for a good cause, so it'll be okay. I have another doctors appointment on November 14 to discuss my results from the lactose withdrawal and from the stool culture, so I hope it's nothing really bad! I will find out then whether or not I'm lactose intolerant, so I hope it goes well.

A question: When doing the stool culture, how long am I supposed to keep it refrigerated until I take it to the lab? My doctor explained how to do it at home, but I need to know when to do it, and when to take it to the lab. Any help/advice is appreciated!!

1) Austin Powers: I think in both movies, Fat Bastard has farted/soiled himself, or took a crap on the toilet, and in one of the films, he complained "I've got a turtle head poking out!"

2) Monsters, Inc.: The little girl named Boo, was dressed up like a "monster" to camoflauge her from other monsters. She went to the locker room with Sully and Mike, and she starts dancing around. Sully said "Oh, that's a cute little dance you've got there, it almost looks like you need to...." and then Boo looked up at him and whined in desperation. Then they show her in the stall singing, and Sully asks, "Are you finished in there?" pushing the door open slightly and Boo screams at him, then continues singing, and then flushes the toilet. Really cute scene!

3) Scary Movie 4: Carmen Electra takes a noisy crap in front of the whole church, and when she realizes everyone's staring at her, she says, "I'm not in my bathroom, am I?" The minister says no, and she says "I thought so." and stands up and pulls her panties up with a loud fart.

4) There was some movie, I forget the title of it, but a little girl in the movie named Megan starts bugging her aunt for the washroom as soon as they get to their aunt's apartment, and the aunt is on the phone or something and ignores Megan's request for the toilet, and then Megan continues persisting, then all of a sudden she pees in her panties. Then she reaches down and takes off her wet underwear and holds them up, announcing "I need new underpants." Then her aunt groaned and announced to the person on the phone, "Megan just peed herself."

5) American Pie: The laxative scene, where Finch runs frantically to the bathroom and mistakenly runs into the girls washroom and takes a noisy shit. Then there was the scene near the end where Chuck Sherman, played by Chris Owen, starts wetting himself in the middle of the dance floor.

6) RV: The son announces he needs to take a crap and then goes to the washroom to find the toilet's totally blocked. Then Robin Williams and the son were examining the load in the toilet trying to get it out. After a bunch of embarrassing mishaps, they hook up the pumps, where the fecal matter explodes out, all over Robin Williams. LOL. And then there was the scene where Robin Williams fakes a diarrhea attack by making farting noises.

7) Everybody Loves Raymond: Amy "wets herself" and gets a troubled look on her face.

8) Beavis and Butthead: Almost all their episodes have to do with pooping and farting.

9) Dumb & Dumber: The diarrhea scene in the broken toilet

10) Friends: Some bathroom jokes in certain episodes

11) South Park: Like Beavis and Butthead, lots of poop and fart jokes

12) Look Who's Talking movies, Three Men and a Baby: Baby=lots of poop and peeing.

13) Corky Romano & Click: Both involve someone farting in someone else's face.

14) Full House: Lots of references to "the potty"


1) Crabbe: I read this in Grade 10 English, where a teenage boy goes hiking alone in the woods and he gets scared by a bear or something and describes how he wet and soiled himself with diarrhea with fear.

2) Including Alice: Alice has the stomach flu, and during many episodes of diarrhea, she goes back to bed and drinks some water, which sends her running back to the bathroom, of which she doesn't make it and soils her pajama pants, and sits on the toilet during a dizzy spell, and leaves her soiled pants on the floor where her future stepmother(her former 7th grade teacher) washes them for her.

I'm sure there are more but I can't think of any more right now.

Happy pottying!

xo Anny

Mr. Clogs
Hello everybody, hope everyone's week is going by ok. Well have a quick post to share. Today I had to take a drug and fingerprint testing so I can get some log on accounts to use company computers. I work as a consultant and I need these IDs in order to do my job effectively. Anyways, I had my appointment at 10 AM and I was ready to go, literally (sp) bursting! I had to take a piss cup test to test to to complete the first part of the test. I got to the location I had to take the test at, signed some paper work so I can get a piss cup to start. I got the cup from the nurse administering the test, got into the bathroom, unzipped my pants and pull out the woody and piss the required amount needed, and piss the rest into the toilet. I breathe a sign of relief that I got that pee out of my system before loosing it. I gave the nurse the sample and I say good bye the lovely nurses for their help and off to my next appointment which was the fingerprinting, that's a whole other story. Oh well so that's life!

Hiya Alice, hope your doing well too, I'm doing ok. Hope you liked my pooping into my pee container while in the shower. Congrats to you on your soon to be bundle of joy. Stay strong and take care.

Peace out and have a nice week folks.

--Mr. Clogs

To CleanButtGirl: I TOTALLY agree with you! Just wiping your shitty ass with dry tp over and over again is like waxing and buffing your skin surface with shit. I always take a shower after a shit...even if the first wipe comes up clean. Even if nothing can be seen, there are bacteria left behind (pardon the pun) and they just sit there and multiply 'til your next shower. Maybe this is anal of me (sorry another pun, lol) but I've been doing this all my adult life. I never have skid marks in my underwear either. I hope all you fellow posters and lurkers too will take heed!

Amy (buck-tooth blonde)
Hello everyone!

Im 20 year old blonde female with blue eyes and good petite body figure.

A question: has any girl got megacolon condition?
Because I do and I can keep my extremely thick poo inside me for about a month before I let it all out. I live in Brisbane rental apartment by myself in the city. Once I measured the thickness and it reached 4.5 inches. The length was about 15 inches long.
I guess because of eating those ???? every morning, lunch and dinner everyday, every week and not going to poop for about a month.

If any other girl is interested in discussing about my condition ur more then welcome to.

from Amy.


From your description of yourself, you are a very lovely woman, and you have spoken very well on parents and accidents! You are expressing very sound wisdom, stand firm with it! Too often parents commit drastic errors though I'm sure they mean well. They just don't think it through and as you commented, don't remember how it was when they were young and in desperation. Perhaps, they remember the atrocities THEIR parents committed against them and unfortunately pass along the atrocity to their kids probably thinking, "I suffered under my parents, I'll make my kids know what it was like", though, they may not be consciously aware of their mindset, tragic as it is.

The poster just before you, "Alice", showed that her parents had the same flawed parental mindset. If parents only saw through their kids eyes what it's like. Alice didn't mention if she made it home or ended up pooping her pants and what her mom's reaction was.

I was VERY fortunate that my parents (I'm an only child, growing up in the late '40s, early '50s as a youngster) were very understanding and apparently did the right thing for my potty training. I don't remember more than a couple accidents and none were traumatic, so they must have done something right, thank God.

I only remember three, probably because of their contexts. I think I have posted a couple of them in the last month or so, you can check the recent archives for them. One, I was about 6 and pooped my pants walking to my friend's house and the other I peed my pants trying to make it to my grandmother's house from a movie theater. The only other one was, gosh, I must have been only 4 or so, not in school yet. We lived in a rural area and had a long driveway through the woods to our house. My dad was always working on the road surface to make it drivable. One day, he had someone in a dump truck bring some gravel out for it. I was standing alongside the road as he and the driver were dumping the gravel, and of course, he couldn't hear me saying "daddy, I have to pee-pee" or something to that effect. I remember doing the up-and-down bending of the knees trying to keep it in but in the end (um..actually in the pants...), the pee won and I rather thoroughly peed my pants. I don't remember my dad getting mad, he just gathered me up and walked to the house so mom could clean me up and get me into dry clothes. As I said, I was blessed with very understanding parents. They, of course, didn't do everything right, but they got the majority right.

Victoria, thank you for your post. I'm sure others on the forum agree, you have great insite and wisdom. Hope you post again, soon. BTW, did you experience any accidents where you pooped your pants?


hi i'm a long time lurker here
I wasjst wondering where Mother of twins ahd gone? If you are reading this then i really enjoy your posts! Some other post i enjoy are by Mr Clogs Brian from sears( not been here for a while acctually) thunder from down under and loads of others! Does anyone remember people from a while back like peeing rox and others??? just wondering thanx guys!
keep the posts cummin!!

Teddy Bear
Hi fellow poopers; I'm back again.....This is part four of my ongoing saga....I was in the playground during morning recess and I couldn't get up from the bench I was sitting on because I'd been holding onto my big job but I got progressively more and more desperate so that by the end of my last posting,soon after the bell rang I had already started pooing in my pants.
I didn't want to make a sound but the sheer strain of passing an urgent yet painfully firm bowel movement caused me to grunt.... I leaned forward and it slid out a bit further,it's transit stalled a few moments as my pants resisted the intrusion of such a large jobbie..... it was too late to avoid having a complete accident so I stood up halfway and deliberately pushed;even in the face of distress and humiliation of such over whelming proportions I actually felt a sense of great relief as I was going potty and especially when I knew the entire job had been done....But I still had to put my hand against the back of my shorts to confirm the devastating truth...I could feel this enormous bulge; I manipulated the enclosed torpedo so it lay across the top of my buttocks.....I felt a strange yet satisfying jolt as my over- stretched bum hole was finally able to close back in on it's self....
The bell had already rung; I would have to run to catch poo felt like an under ripe banana slipping around inside my undies.......
somehow I managed to get back to class without my disgrace being poo had made it's way down so that when as I got in my seat I was right ontop of my jobbie (that's a sensation you never quite forget!) the load squished under my bottom it seemed to have the consistency of firm modelling clay.... I kidded myself that because it was a fairly solid creation it would at least smell a bit less than a soft serve but within a few agonising minutes the suspicious odour had wafted around the room and girl saw my rear end bulging out because I'd pushed the load backwards in a vain attempt to sit more comfortably ...
pretty soon the entire class knew my secret and started teasing and giggling; I could hear all the cruel and amused whispers even from kids I considered as friends..... Not too surprisingly Sister Agatha saw that I was the centre of attention and moved towards my desk to find out what was going on............
Stay tuned for the final chapter; find out what my teacher did and what happened with my mother when she discovered her darling little boy had pooed his pants!!!???........Ta Ta for now*************************

Last week was half term holiday and I was invited to spend part of the week away in the Lake District with my best friend Ben, his seventeen year old elder brother Simon, his younger sister and mum. On the Monday his mum decided she wanted to do some shopping and suggested us boys went off for a hike on the hills. It was a nice day so we thought it a good idea and much better than going round boring tourist shops.
We had been walking for about an hour and I started to feel the need to do a poo, but I didn't say anything at the time because I knew Simon wouldn't want to be bothered to stop. After another half hour I knew I had a really big poo ready to come out and I was starting to get desperate to the point that I was having trouble walking and holding it in at the same time. I must have been well wrapped up in my thoughts of how to tell Simon of my urgent need that I hadn't noticed that Ben was lagging behind. All of a sudden he shouted at his brother to stop and said he was desperate to make a shit and couldn't wait. Simon gave him some lip saying that he should have gone before we set off and that fifteen year olds were a pain. I jumped in and said I was busting for one as well and maybe like Ben hadn't needed to go before we left the boarding house.
We slowly walked on a little further and found some sheltered rocks. Looking to see that no one else was around apart from Simon both Ben and I undid our belts and dropped our pants. Ben made a couple of farts as he squatted down then let go a huge pile of soft yellow brown shit that curled round and round. I then gave a slight push and made one big 15 inch long fat turd which came out with some little farts, then a 6 inch one and felt really good again. Luckily Simon had some tissues in the rucksack so we both did a bit of a wipe and after pulling up our pants set off on the hike again.
We eventually came to a village and stopped at a café for some sandwiches and a drink then had a look round before setting off back to where we were staying. We hadn't been going for long when Simon started making some big farts. Ben and I both teased Simon saying it sounded as if he would need a shit soon and that he should have gone while we were still at the village. He told us to shut up and that kids his age didn't get taken short like us youngsters. A few minutes later though it looked as if we were dead right, when we saw Simon start nipping his bum cheeks together and walk a lot more slowly. Eventually he stopped and slightly red in the face he glared at us and said he was going to have to make a shit right away and that he couldn't help it because he hadn't been to the toilet for three days. We all moved off the path and went behind some trees. Simon must be really desperate since we could hear little creaking noises coming from his bum hole as we followed him. Simon suddenly stopped, and with a slight groan quickly pulled his pants down. We were stood behind him and even before he squatted down could see the end of a fat poo slowly coming out of his hole. He slowly squatted and dropped out five big turds one after the other then after making a squelchy fart a load more softer shit that piled up on top. Eventually he stood up farted again and demanded the few remaining tissues to wipe up with. He used them all up and then pulled up his pants saying he felt much better for it and that it was one of his better shits, something that Ben and I had to agree with.
We headed the rest of the way home with Simon, now in a better mood, telling us about some other really big shits he had done and how he had once blocked up one of the school toilets.

I have been a lurker for a good while. For CleanButtClub Girl, anymore, I have a "sensitive" anal hole. I carry a bottle of water whenever I have to take a dump. I put water on the TP and clean away.

An interesting story. About a month ago(Oct 2006), I went to the Japanese Anime convention in Denver called NDK. It was held at the Marriott - Tech Center. It is mostly younger people who go there. I was one of the oldest - age 40. It goes from Fri to Sun. When I got there on Fri afternoon, I needed to take a leak but my room was not ready. I went into the bathroom by the lobby. When I was finished, a coupld of kids who go to Cheery Crk HS dropped by. One took a leak and the other one went into the stall to dump a load. I ended up talking to his friend while the guy was shitting. I heard a few sounds from the stall. The kid was done after 5 minutes. Also at the convention, I saw this girl who was sittin the floor with some other people. Half of her ass was showing. Not bad looking. People were walking by her closely behind including me. I looked and could see her anal hole. It was a fun weekend.

Another interesting thing, my 7 year old is NOT a shameful shitter. He doesn't hesitate using a public bathroom when he needs to shit. When I was his age, I was kind of shy at the time.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Hi again, its been a few months since I last posted here. But, I have a new experience and great moment to tell you about. It was again with my lover, my sweetheart Russanne.

This all took place one day when we went out to Blakes Apple Orchard in Armada, Michigan. It really is a nice place to visit every year. Walking around, watching cider being made. Fresh donuts being fried. Pies being baked. And of course walking out in the orchards picking all different brands of apples that are grown out there.

Well, after walking around in the store area for a little while, to see what we might want to buy later before we leave. We hopped back into my vehicle, and drove out to the orchards to pick apples. On your way out you pick up the bags for picking apples from the cashier. You will then pay as you drive out.

It was kind of slow and empty that day, being midweek, so there wasn't to many people walking around in the orchards picking apples. We were pretty much by ourself. So after being out there about twenty minutes, Russanne mentioned to me that she felt a poo coming on. She mentioned that she had not gone for a few days. Now Russanne, if you remember from earlier postings is not someone who has problems with constipation. I assumed that she had gone like she does on a regular basis that morning. I asked her if she wanted to go back in and use the toilet. But she thought that she could hold it, until we had enough apples and were ready to go back.

But about fifteen minutes later, she said that she won't be able to hold it any longer. So, I told her to get in the car and we will head back. We were quite aways out, as Blakes is quite big. Russanne didn't think she could hold it to long. And when I suggested that maybe she just squats by a tree she really didn't think she had any other way but to do that. We looked around really good to see if anybody was around or near by. And we couldn't see anybody, or hear anybody. So she went for it.

Lowering her jeans after taking her coat off, she said it was quite cool, and peed quite good to start. Afterward, she just kept on squatting waiting for the poo to build up. She could pretty much tell it was going to be quite a big one by the feeling she had. She looked up at me and told me it will really feel good to get it out. I was just standing there holding the roll of paper towel I always carry in my vehicle, in case I need to wipe off my lights, windows, etc.

While pushing and straining she was letting out little bits of gas. Finally the look came across her face, that she was going to start pushing everything out. She told me to stand behind her, just in case anybody came upon us. From the front at a distance it was hard to tell she had her pants down, and pooing. Plus my vehicle was kind of shielding her. I could also see if anybody was coming. Getting behind her, I noticed that I could see a really nice view of her nice tight butt hole.

Finally, I started to see her poo start coming out. It started out thin and got wider as it continued to come out. And going Russanne was. It was a monster of a poo. And I could tell by her grunting sounds that she was really working hard at it. But she had to be feeling better for every inch that came out of her bowels. The poo was a medium color of brown. I really have to say that I was getting quite excited watching her wide open hole and poo sliding out. Finally it fell to the ground. It was probably 12 inches long and maybe three inches thick for the six inches in the middle, before tapering off again. I was able to see her body shudder and a sigh of relief in her after she pushed it out. She continued to squat as she thought she had a few little pieces to get out. And she did, two more pieces about three inches each passed out. Being out in the fields and the air swirling, you couldn't really smell anything. Feeling she was done Russanne asked for the paper towel to wipe herself, asking me if I see, or hear anybody coming. I told her no. Putting the toilet paper to her anus she started to wipe herself.

All of a sudden, I heard a "oh no" come from Russanne. And she no sooner said that when she let out a load of wet messy gas, followed by you got it a big load of diarrhea. It just poured out of her. I don't know if the poo before that held everything back. But there was no holding back now. She kept on pushing and straining, as she knew what was taking place in her ???? and bowels. It was a total combination of continous farting and runny poo, just pouring from her open anus. Finally everything subsided and she thought she was through. Even though it was cool and somewhat uncomfortable to Russanne. I was able to convince her to just staying squatted for a few more minutes and continue to push just to make sure. She did, and during that time was releasing quite a bit of gas, but no more poo, or diarrhea. She did have one messy butt to wipe off though. While wiping off she told me to go into her purse in the vehicle and get the package of handi wipes she carries with her, so she could clean herself really well.

As she pulled up her jeans she turned to look down at her load of poo and diarrhea on the ground. She stated that she knew she went quite a bit, but not that much. I could also see a difference as the look on her face showed real relief. Walking off, we were wondering what will happen to the next person that comes by that tree to pick apples.

They could be in trouble if they don't notice it, and step in it. Oh well, maybe if that acts as a fertilizer like manure does. That tree will have some really good apples next year. I'm pretty sure we can pick that tree out when we come back next year.

See you again soon.

CleanButtClub Girl-I completely agree with you about wiping with dry paper. It's like wiping dog crap off your shoe with a dry napkin. I've been using wet wipes for a long time now. Even when I'm in a public restroom, I'll grab some paper towels and wet them in the sink before I enter the stall. On the rare occassion that I have to "go dry", I feel gross until I can clean up properly.

We were in my friend Mark's bedroom, playing video games. Being typical 11 year olds, we could play all day and never lose interest. The feeling that I had to poop was building up, but I'm pretty bashful about doing that at someone else's house. I would've walked home but it was about a block away, and I was having too much fun to stop. I must've been getting a little anxious because Mark asked me, "Why do you keep jiggling around like that?" I told him, "I have to go to the bathroom." Mark said, "Let's finish this game." My mind was more on the thought that I was going to have to use his bathroom, so I lost the game pretty quickly. I started walking down the hall to his bathroom when Mark said, "I have to go too. We can go at the same time." Fear passed over me. I shyly told him, "Mark, I have to take a crap." We were already in the bathroom with the door closed. Mark smiled and said, "Me too. Let me go first. Sit on the tub while I go." One part of my mind said run. The other part was somehow finding some adventure in this. Mark pulled down his pants and sat on the toilet. Again, he told me to sit on the tub so we could talk. Sitting on the tub, there was no way I couldn't look at Mark on the toilet. He sat upright, with his legs open, and his pants around his ankles. Mark started talking about the hockey team we both played on as he started to pee. I could feel the heat on my face from embarrassment. It didn't look like it was any big deal to Mark. Maybe having brothers does that. Neither one of us had hit puberty yet, so there wasn't much to compare. I was talking about a recent game when Mark's face got real tight as he gave a little grunt. Looking between his legs I could see a long poop exiting his body. The sudden silence in the room was snapped as the long poop fell in to the water. Mark gave a big sigh, then reached for the toilet paper. He wiped, then pulled up his pants. He laughed and said, "Let me give you a fresh bowl." We both watched his long poop swirl down the toilet. Now we had to switch positions. I was actually scared at being in this situation. I'm sure my face was bright red. But Mark did it. Now I had to do it. I pulled down my pants just low enough to sit on the toilet, trying to keep between my legs covered. I bent over forward and closed my legs tight, while Mark sat down on the tub. As bad as I had to go, I couldn't go. I was too nervous. I told Mark, "I can't go with you watching me." Mark laughed and said, "Just relax and let it go." He then started talking about the hockey team again. He got me talking about hockey again which briefly took my mind off the situation I was in. Suddenly the need to poop became greater than my fear. Soft poop flowed from my butt, splashing in to the bowl. The noises were so embarrassing, but there was no stopping it now. Relief overcame me as I groaned. This wasn't going to be a quick one. I don't remember when I last pooped so much. Mark looked amused as he said, "Wow. I hope you don't plug up the toilet!" I'm sure my face was red again. I finally finished and reached to wipe, still trying not to let Mark see anything. Not that I had anything different than he had. We looked identical. I wasn't lucky enough to only have to wipe once. I had to wipe several times to get myself clean. I finally just pulled up my pants, not worried about whether I had got it all. I tried to flush quickly, but Mark had a good look at what had left my body and said, "I guess you really did have to go!" We washed our hands and went back to his room. I couldn't get my mind off what just happened, so the video games didn't go very well. But as time passed, I became more comfortable, and am now less bashful when going to the bathroom. I even used the school bathrooms once to poop.

Jedi Master
Hello all, I am a new poster here. I read these posts frequently, and I never thought I would post anything, but I mustered up the courage to when I read lauradoll's post. I felt absolutely furious at it. I can't believe that grown adults would do that. Shame on them both! I know that I prayed for you one night, and I felt much better for it. That was a cruel case of child negligance what they did. I'd bring it up to your mother and just let her have it; you deserve to be angry at her. Now, more to the point, my name is really BJ, but I saw that someone already had that name on her, so I chose a cooler one instead so as to not confuse anyone. I like the urination stories on here better than the defecation ones; I have nothing against these, it's nothing like that, I'm just that way I suppose (lol). Anyways, I've read quite a few posts of people spying on others using the bathroom, and these sometime make me laugh. Then there are those who are "turned on" by it. Especially in "urophile's" old posts. I don't blame them. Anyways, I'll be posting more as I read some more stories on here, and I hope I can post something too. On a final note, I'd like to say this: like we have just seen from lauradoll's posts, it seem like some women are terrified of the ladies room. You shouldn't be. Don't let a bit of germophoiba get in the way of bodily functions. There are a wide array of antibacterial supplements and toilet seats you can use if you'd like to. Lauradoll, I would donate some money to a child negligance and/or abuse center in hopes that what happened to you won't happen again. I wish you the best of luck in whatever you do. I'll see all you cool people later.

Hi i'm 30 and a senior staff nurse at ?????? Anyway I had the worst experience two weeks ago.
It started when I woke up and really needed a bm I don't usually need one in the morning anyway I went to the bathroom and nothing I strained for a bit and managed a little bm. I didn't think anything of it really and went to work.
About a quarter of the way into my shift I felt I needed to go but held tit because I was busy. All of a sudden while I was writing on a white board I need to pee and I mean right there and the. I drew a black line across the board because I was so busy concentrate eon not wetting myself. I regained control and started to hurriedly walk to the loo. When matron grabbed me to tell he there was s a meeting now. I was whisked into the room and sat at the back. I really don't know what the meeting was about because I now needed a bm as well. I squashed myself down into the seat to hold on. After about ten minutes dribbles of wee started coming out and a heavy pressure in my bowels was cramping my stomach. I was hit by a bad cramp and must have made a noise because people (senior mangemt men in siuts scary!) turned to look at me. I tried to make it look like it was the chair by moving.
Big mistake I fidget and warm diarrhoea ran straight into my pants. Luckily they are navy. I absolutely soaked my crotch peeing a small river for about two minutes. I was so worried the diarrhoea was going to show or come out the top because I couldn't stop. I managed somehow to regain my bowels after a minute quite a mess but not to bad. The meeting finished seconds later and I literally ran form the room. Grabbed a pair of scrubs and straight into the toilets. As I ran more mush came out it was horrible. I got in and cleaned myself up waited but everything seemed to have stopped. I put my soiled pants and underwear in a bag and stuck it in the laundry basket. As I began to walk away my stomach cramped again bad and I had to turn tail and run back. I had about nine waves of mush that horrible type where you can't stop yourself and it feels like its never going to end. By now I was starting to feel sick mostly because of my stomach. Also I had been gone nearly half an hour and staff were looking for me.
A few people came in and went (they were public toilets not staff) anyway all of a sudden I realised I was going to be sick. How I did this I will never know but I managed to bend double and vomit into the toilet while having a bm!
I think it was around this point I realised I was in trouble (I think it's a nurse thing never admit when your ill) anyway I felt dizzy and had bad stomach cramps I was literally bent double.
At this point one of the doctor (a very nice looking one) Nick came in to see if I was in there because most of the nurses wanted me for something. At hat point I did the loudest fart with mush exploding out. By this point I really didn't care anymore so just answered when he said my name. I somehow cleaned myself up quickly and unlocked the door, god I must have looked horrible. I fell straight onto him completely away. He grabbed me shouted for matron. I'm a bit hazy now I do remember been sick on his suit and apologising lots. Anyway waking up in a hospital bed surrounded by your staff is embarrassing at the best of times but when you remember them getting you in and you messing the bed I was mortified. They were all great and nice but I now see it form a patients view. But form now on when ever I go to the toilet I always get 2if your not back in five minutes well send someone in" or "brign out the plastic sheets"'

Sunday, November 05, 2006

I was at my friend's house this weekend, (we're both girls...) and I woke up this morning and had to pee so bad! Her bathroom is by her brother's room and I knew he was awake and could hear me...I waited ten more minutes before going and DAMN! Seemed to take forever. I felt some gas blow up at my hole and let it out slow so no one would hear. All day, I was with her and had to hold it in and could feel it moving around. Since I've been home, I let a lot of gas out because my stomach was starting to hurt...and then had to shit. I let out one big log and some soft stuff, then just now I had diarrhea which was pretty loud. Eventful weekend!

aww lauradoll. what about in school? i know you didnt hold it 8 hours everyday just to avoid public bathrooms, right? thats just torture. i had to hold it until lunch time every day and let me tell you, thats no fun

Becky M
Hi, this is Becky M. I see there is another Becky here as well. I will always be Becky M here to avoid confusion.

Just got back recently from Las Vegas, where I had a business trip. Went out for Chinese food one night, and while we were chatting over dinner, my t???? was starting to feel the affects. So, off to the bathroom I march. Good thing that you can always find a toilet in Vegas, as I needed one really bad. Between the Chinese food, plus the fact that I was about to start my period (always a bad time for me t???? wise), I spent the next 45 minutes on the toilet with the runs real bad. Everytime I tried to get up, I realized I had to go again; I thought it was never going to end.

I get back to the dinner, and most of my coworkers had already left. One of my coworkers (I'll call her Jen) covered for me and said I must have been playing blackjack, although I think she knew "craps" would have been more accurate (lol). I think Jen knows I have problems, but she's really cool about stuff like that.

The rest of my time in Vegas was fun. Although, I've been back a week, and have had diarrhea every day since. Fairly typical for me, but I do hope it clears up soon. Bye for now.

Whenever i was younger like in the 1st grade i pooed in my pants while i was at school. i spent the rest of theday at school smelling like poo. whenever i got home my mother kept complaining about a stinky smell but did not realize that it was me until she busted into the restroom while i was trying to clean myself up.

Mr. Clogs
Hello everybody! Hope everyone is doing well, and I hope everyone adjusted well to the time change back to standard time. Well I got another desperate to poop while showering story, again this happened this morning while I was taking a shower. I felt the pressure build up to a point that I was going to poop right in the tub, but I didn't want to deal with the stinky mess! I haven't pooped in a container in a long time, but the desperation grew that more urgent. Without wasting anymore time, I grabbed my nigh time pee container to poop in. I pee now in those laundry detergent containers, so I filled the container halfway with water. I got into position (squatted) into the tub and position the container in the direction of my "poop hole" and let loose. I was surprised that all the poop went into that narrow mouth of the container! Oh well. Ahhhhh........what a relief! I got most of the poop out of my system until the next round. Dumped the poop and water filled container into the toilet, rinsed out the container with soap and water and finished up my shower so I could go to work. Well I hope you all liked my story I post some at sometime if anything comes of interest, hello to Alice, Carmelita, Cheryl, and to everyone! Have a good week and take care!

--Mr. Clogs

Dr. Poop
When I was in college the was a while where I peed in the sink in my dorm room insted of going in to the bathroom across the hall. It started when I was talking on the phone with one of my friends and didn't want to hang up so I just peed in the sink and turned on the water after I was finished. Have any of you done this?

As for peeing in the shower, one time my brother was taking a dump at my grandmas cabin and I had to pee. So my grandma said why don't you just go in the shower. She said I just get near the drain and let go when I am taking a shower. I did't do this because I didn't want to walk in on him on the can.

Finaley I have a lol story about one of my friends who I have known since High-School. I was talking to him this past Saturday and he told me that he and his wife both caught a flu bug and he had it so bad that he had to sit on the toilet with a garbage can between his legs. He would puke and shit at the same time. One night he slept on the bathroom floor because of this. His wife said why don't you come lay on the couch. He said because I don't want you to see me shit my pants. I was rolling with laughter as he told me the story.

Must go for now

Dr. Poop

I am 22 years old. I have brown hair and blue eyes. I'm short (barely five feet) and skinny. I live with my parents, little sister Julia (16), and two dogs. I was potty trained when I was 2; I graduated high school in 2003.

My "little" sister Julia is 16; she has brown hair and green eyes. She is about the same height as me and also skinny. She was potty trained when she was 4 (major setback ruined first attempt at 2). She is now in 10th grade.

Our mom is a sales rep for Kodak and AT&T.
Our dad is a supervisor at a place that makes grease and oil (Like...For cars.)

Our dogs are...

A 10 year old mini wiener dog named Earnhardt
And a 2 year old Chihuahua named Takita.


lauradoll and mike - Wow. I mean...Wow. I just don't understand how a parent could do that. I understand the "dirty public restrooms" thing, kind of, but to say "You can't use the bathroom...And if you go in your pants you're in big trouble." is just insane. You have basically 3 choices.

1. Let the kid use the public restroom.
2. Provide an alternative.


3. Accept that "Accidents will happen."

In fact, as someone who was a kid fairly recently, I cam safely say that whether or not parents choose to accept it, accidents will happen.

Something has always fascinated me about "potty accidents", or to be more specific, society's attitude toward them. I don't have my own kids yet, I am only 22 after all, but I have babysat many kids. And there is a common theme among many kids when it comes to accidents. Many kids seem to believe that losing control and wetting or pooping your pants is the end of the world. Part of it might just be that having an accident is embarrassing, especially as kids get older. But I believe that the main cause for kids being terrified that they will have an accident is that they were taught that by their parents.

Many kids are taught that having an accident is disgusting and/or childish. Furthermore when they do have an accident they are treated as if they did it on purpose.

While I disagree that accidents are childish, and think the "disgusting" description is a bit extreme, I am most bothered by parents who act as if their child intentionally wet or soiled their self. While I don't doubt that sometimes kids do go in their pants on purpose out of laziness, or to rebel, or for whatever reason, most of the time an accident is just an accident.

Next time you think your child "did it on purpose"; I want you to take a trip down memory lane.

Remember how you felt when you woke up to a cold, wet bed and the smell of staling pee.

Remember what it was like to suffer through minute after agonizing minute of class, with a teacher who couldn't care less about your need for the toilet. Trying with everything you have not to embarrass yourself in front of your classmates. Now remember what it was like when despite your best efforts, you lost control. The hissing sound of pee spraying against fabric, then the dripping, then the laughter...And then, after being teased for the rest of the day you go home, seek comfort, and are told by those whose job it is to provide comfort, that you are a baby, you are disgusting, and that you did it on purpose.

Take the time to really remember what it was like, or imagine what it would be like. After you've done that, decide if you really think your kid did it on purpose.


My guess is that after reading that you probably think that the parents I described above were my own. Actually quite the opposite, my parents were very understanding when it came to accidents, whether it was during the day or when I was asleep. Even if I "did it on purpose" the worst possible outcome would be having to clean up the mess. Same with my little sister, in fact, they were probably more casual about accidents with her. We both had occasional daytime accidents growing up, we both wet the bed as kids, and our parents never punished or shamed us for it And guess what? We both survived. We both grew up to be well adjusted, intelligent people, so far neither of us has a criminal record, and we don't drink, smoke, or do drugs. We aren't out screwing like bunnies either. Haha.

Note: No offense to anyone who drinks, smokes, etc.


Now that I've gotten my rant out of the way...I suppose I could tell a story.

I was six years old when Julia was born, and I was jealous. So...I started wetting my pants and bed on purpose. Mostly I wet the bed. No matter what I tried I couldn't let go and wet on purpose though, my mental potty training wouldn't allow it. So I would pretend to use the toilet before bed to satisfy my parents, but not actually pee even if I needed to go. I would also sneak drinks of water from the bathroom long after my parents had cut me off for the night. Some nights I would fall asleep and wet in my sleep, other nights I would lay awake until I couldn't hold it anymore, and fall asleep after my "accident". There were a few nights when I would fall asleep but not wet he bed. When that happened I would do mmy morning pee in bed before getting up. That's how I got caught, actually. One morning at 8:45 my mom peeked in on me, and I was dry. When she came back a bit later to wake me up I was soaked. I didn't know at the time, but she had long suspected that I was wetting on purpose. She took me in the bathroom and filled the tub with warm water, and began bathing me. As soon as I got relaxed and into the moment she asked...

"Were you asleep when you wet the bed?"
"Umm...Yeah. I think so."
"I checked on you a bit ago and you were dry."
"Really? That's weird."
"Yeah. You stayed dry all night. Maybe if I wake you up sooner tomorrow you won't wet the bed."

This was the first time she had ever reakky asked about my bedwetting. She didn't accuse me of doing it on purpose, but I was afraid she knew, so I stopped doing it because I didn't want to get in trouble.

Years later I overheard her telling a friend about how ater Julia was born I started wetting the bed and "I don't think it was totally an accident."

I could have died right there.


Ok guys, this is getting really long and I'm tired, so I'm gonna go ahead and post now.

But....Since it is that time of year, does anyone have any halloween stories? A costume that was a hassle to get off for the bathroom, something that scared ou into wetting or messing...Anything related to Halloween will do.

Until next time...


ive not been to this site for some weeks as I havent felt too well. However it turns out that I am expecting a baby and am not suffering with the flu afterall. My baby is due in May, both my partner and I are really pleased.
Anyway, Hiya Mr Clogs, hope you are well.

Lauradoll. I am so so sorry that your mom and Grandmother treated you that way as a child. I really can empathise as my mom was the same. She has a huge bladder capacity (she once held her pee for 13 hours and didnt even feel uncomfortable!!) My mom never ever uses public bathrooms and I wasnt allowed to either as a child. I too have suffered the pain and agony of a full bladder knowing it useless to ask if I can find a restroom. I do however remember one occasion when I was about 10 years old and I needed to pee and poop badly. I told my mom I couldnt hold on and she very reluctantly stood with me in a queue at a ladies restroom while I pee danced with desperate need.
At last it was my turn, all the time we had been in the queue my mom had been saying to me, when we get in there dont touch anything, dont sit on the seat. At last we walked into the cubicle which I admit was not in good shape, my mom took one look and pulled me out saying you are not using this disgusting thing and made me leave. To be so near to relief and then have it snatched away was I believe cruel of my mom and like you I havent been able to forget what she did or forgive her either.
You are not alone.

Smiles and Peace x

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

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