Teddy Bear
Part3: Just to briefly recap; When I was 5 and started school,because I was so shy the very first time I needed to have a bm at school I was det
-ermined to hold it in til I got home.......During morning recess I need
-ed to go at both ends but only did a wee because there was no toilet paper......Anyway in my last posting here I managed to get to a bench in the playground where eating my snack had reactivated my increasingly urgent need to go potty..........I resigned my self to using the toilet irrespective of the consequences;but even though it was only a short journey I didn't think I could hold on. Obviously I'd have to regain enough control first...The feeling of fulness in my bottom had steadily increased and become almost unbearable.My anal opening began to twitch
as the jobbie pushed against it so persistently that eventually the poop
emerged far enough to actually push against my undies...using all my energy reserves I somehow managed to pull it back in,but that was only going to briefly delay the inevitable,as immediately the overwhelming urge to make poopoo intensified.....My belly jerked about as if I had a manic caterpillar hidden inside me; cramps were coming in frenetic waves had become patently obvious that the poo I was struggling with was
going to be pretty big; my movements usually came out in one formed log and so I predicted todays effort would be of a similar nature...........
As my shincter began to surrender to the unforgiving demands of my seem-
ingly overstretched rectal muscles,I could feel my cheeks parting as yet
again the knobbly poo tip began to poke out..My moments of tragedy were becoming more real by the second ; by then I could be in little doubt that I had already dirtied my pants and the situation could only get worse...A strange tingly sensation ran up and down my spine, my anal ring was pulsating periously with bizare electrical impulses; it felt as if I had enormous hands wrapped around my hips and squeezing my ???? without mercy and forcing me to make a poo. There was mounting pressure going right up into my colon which taunted my bladder.... I knew I only recently had a wee but I was well beyond thinking logically especially when a few mischievious dribbles escaped into my knickers..... losing control of my waterworks would only add to my nightmare... eventhough it was pretty much a false alarm, I feared the stress of passing an enormous poo I would wet my pants as well.......I crossed my legs over and squeezed my willie between
my thighs but that also lifted my bum off the seat andwith disturbing clarity that this was the exact moment when I simply could not hold on any longer and I really started doing it.......
I was so absolutely desperate ; all my valiant efforts had been a waste of time because my bum hole was now stretching open allowing my poo to slip out at least an inch; I wrapped my hands around the front of the bench and pushed my bottom firmly against the wooden slats in a futile attempt to make the jobbie go back into my rectum....I was glad to be on my own so nobody could see my facial contortions that presumably would have made it obvious that I was in the middle of doing a poo.....
......The next chapter will be posted as soon as I can;I hope you are all enjoying my story??!!!!....Ta Ta for now......................

Hi everyone! Happy Halloween!! Any scary plans for tonight?? First of all, thank you to all the people who responded to my post about lactose intolerance, I really, really appreciate the help and support!! Thank you guys!!!

I did go to the doctors yesterday(Monday) to get it checked out. I told my doctor of my symptoms, of the stomach cramps and the gas and the mushy poop shortly after consuming any milk product, and she asked me a series of questions like is anyone in my house sick at the moment and does anyone in my family suffer from celiac disease or IBS, and I wasn't sure about the celiac disease thing, but I do know a non-blood related grandmother in my family does have IBS-D, so I'm not sure.

After asking me some health questions, she filled out a form for some tests she wanted done, and she asked if I had ever done a stool culture before, and I said no, I never have. She explained to me what to do, and how to use the kit, and she put a label on both vial-like tubes with some form of a chemical in them, and she told me to take the stool sample as soon as possible, make sure the sample fills to the line indicated on the tube, and refrigerate it in the appropriate containers until I can get to a lab nearby to me. She then told me it will help find out exactly what is wrong with my body, and can find organisms in the stool that are contributing to the problems I'm having.

This is the worst part though. She said there's a 50/50 chance I'm lactose intolerant, and to avoid all milk products for 14 days. And during this time period, she wants me to take the stool sample, but I'm not sure how long I'm supposed to keep it in the fridge or exactly how many days she wants it done for.

It's going to be very difficult for me to avoid having any milk products over the next 2 weeks, which means no milk in my coffee or tea, no cheese, nothing. It's a pain in the butt, but I want to know what's happening with my body, so I'll sacrifice anyway I can to find out why my body is not working the way it should be.

Has anyone here ever taken a stool culture? It's my first time doing this test, and I'm a little nervous as to what to expect.

So that's it from me for now. Keep the stories coming!!! They're amazing, and I really like coming on here every day and reading new posts and the old ones too.

I have alot of favourite posters on this website, including THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER, OLDPOOP, PUNK ROCK GIRL, ROBBIE & ANNIE, LINDA GS, BRIAN AT SEARS, BRYIAN, MR. CLOGS, CHERYL LYNNE, and many other posters here!! :D Keep the amazing stories coming!! :D

xo Anny

CleanButtClub Girl
I am shocked at the number of people who after taking a poo merely wipe their butts with DRY toilet paper, then stop wiping when the DRY toilet paper no longer has brown marks on it, and think their butts are then "clean". Most Americans apparently do this. In fact, I did this -- and was taught to do this -- up until I met someone from the Middle East in college who could not believe that was the American norm and informed me that most Europeans cleanse with water and/or soap and water after pooing. Since that epiphanic moment, I have zealously cleansed my butt THOROUGHLY with either soap and water or baby wipes every single time I poo. BTW, if you think wiping with DRY t.p. till no brown marks appear makes your butt clean, then try this: smear poo on your arm, then wipe it with DRY t.p. until no brown marks appear on the t.p. Now smell your arm. Get it? It is NOT clean, it only LOOKS clean. The visible marks are gone, but the smell and residual bacteria remain on your arm. Would you feel comfortable to lick this arm after "cleaning" it with DRY toilet paper only? I think not. How UNSANITARY!!! If you use this method, this means you are afterward walking around, exercising, shopping, dancing, maybe later engaging in sexual activities, whatever, with the stench of poo -- not to mention residual poo bacteria which when activated by sweat multiplies rapidly -- still on your stinkhole. Primitive, gross, and humiliating, to say the least.

hi everyone, i've got a question for you all- have you ever woken up in the middle of the night with the urge to shit, gone to the toilet and hardly done anything? this happened to me last night and it was bloody painful too! i went back to bed feeling very uncomfortable and dissatisfied, yet in the morning i did a perfectly normal unforced poo!

To mike: I went through this when I was a child and know what that little girl was going through.
When I was a little girl, I would get sick easily. I always had something...a cold, a virus, etc. Now, thankfully, I am much better and do not get sick very often, but when I was little, I always did. Because of this, my mom was always afraid of my coming into contact with any germs. She was so afraid, in fact, that she never let me use public restrooms. (At least she claims that her reason for not letting me go was the fear of germs) Whenever we left the house, I lived in fear that I'd have to go to the bathroom, because she would never let me, no matter how bad I had to go. My grandma was party to this too. Every time we were getting ready to go somewhere, she would tell me that I had better go to the bathroom now, becaues once we left the house, there would be no where for me to go, and if I had to go, I could "sweat it out my ribs." Those are the exact words she used. Being little, and not having a very big bladder, I always ended up having to go to the bathroom, and of course, when I wasn't allowed to, I was in misery. I remember several specific times when I had to go so desperately that I was just in agony, but no one cared. Believe it or not, I only wet my pants in public once. After being trained to hold it for so long all the time, I think my muscles got strong enough so that I didn't wet myself ever. Not to mention that if I did, I would have been so ashamed of myself, I don't think I could have lived with it.

It just doesn't seem right for a little girl to have to fear going out in public because she might have to go to the bathroom. it also doesn't seem right that two grown adults would inflict such a thing on a little kid either. I can't seem to let go of the anger or resentment that I feel toward my mom for doing that to me. I don't know if what she did could be classified as "abuse" or not, but it really did traumatize me. I just can't stop reliving those moments when I would be in so much pain that I thought I was going to burst, but my own mom never seemed to care.

Hopfully this was a one time deal, but probably not!

Hi, I just recently found myself peeing in the shower. Now I'm an adult and when I was younger in summer camp I used to do that but as an adult I had stopped, I guess just never thought about it with the bowl so close. But two days ago I had to go and just let go...and it was so nice! I don't know if others agree...just wondering what the pros and cons are to it...obviously outside of the hygene issue.


I dont ever ever wet myself-i just hurt and hurt and hurt til I get toa toilet-anyone else like that?

Yes, it sounds like you are lactose intolerence. Just to be sure, see your doctor.

Thirteen yrs old, in middle school, following intense, muddy road football game 2 hours away from our home school.

The kids from the home school didn't bother showering or changing before going home because they all lived 5 mins away from school. However, we had no choice but to clean up in their locker room. We were dismayed to find that, for whatever reason, there was NO BATHROOM attached to the locker room, and the rest of the school was locked up. Most of us just pissed down the shower drain. This one kid, though, had to take a massive dump, so he said. We looked around and saw no other option, so he went to the back of the locker room and dumped his pile on the floor. It was huge!


I feel for you man! I had the same happened to me several years back. I feel your pain. I enjoyed reading your post.

This happened when I was ten years old.

This was durig my dad's baseball game, which I attended. I went over to behind a big mound of dirt to have a piss (that was the only place there was). However, I discovered that I had to dump worse. So, never having shit outside before, I made a big mistake: I shit standing up. I just let a big turd drop behind me. That's when I discovered why you can't do that.....

Brian at Sears
Hey folks, sorry I havn't been in touch, busy working....I'm up for a promotion at work, keep your fingers crossed cuz it's really expensive getting married, and helping my wife with the wedding plans, doesn't leave much time. Our Mens Lounges were recently painted, by a really bad painter. They spray painted all the toilet dividers, but they painted the ceiling also, dark blue, there is blue paint all over the walls, the floors, the sinks, and yes, the toilet seats as well. It's kinda funny to walk into the lounge and see men trying to wipe the paint off the toilet seats, not realizing it's been 'baked on' by mens asses. Ray, I agree with you, about doorless stalls being a MAJOR issue for women. But for us guys, who cares? We shit, we read, we piss, tell a few 'off-color' jokes, wipe and leave. Just not a problem. It's rare to hear anybody complain about using doorless stalls at here at Sears.

This happened when I was about 9. My father took my brother and me to a Met game. They were playing either the Phillies or the Pirates (can't remember). Well this was the ONLY ball game my father ever took us to. He picked the wrong day, for me anyway. Before we even left the house I started to feel kinda sick. My stomach was gurgling and I feared that trouble may be in the near future. I didn't say anything and we left the house, all expecting to have an enjoyable evening. Well it was about a 45 minute drive to Shea Stadium and by the time we got there, I felt significantly worse. Then I was hit with the dreaded realization that I would have to sit through at least 9 innings of baseball. By around the 3rd inning, my bowels were in an uproar, churning and bubbling at 3 or 4 minute intervals. I did a good job to mask the discomfort I was in and I am sure that my father attributed my lack of interest in the game to my just being a girl. I was doing a lot of sweating and squirming too. The hotdog guy came around and my father asked us kids if we wanted a hotdog and I nearly barfed. The smell alone was killing me! Well, finally game over...don't ask me who won...I can't remember as it was around 1971! As we walked out of the stadium, I no longer had the pressure of the seat pushing back on my ass and I thought for sure I'd fill my pants with diarrhea. I just wanted to get to the car and FAST. Then...oh no, there is a guy selling jerseys and flags. Of course, my brother (age 6) wanted a flag. More time wasted. We finally get to the car and then we hit the famous post-game go-nowhere parking lot full of cars at Shea. Somehow, through all that and the 45 minute drive home, my bowels held on. Pretty darn good sphincter control for a 9 year old girl to hold on that long! Well we arrived home and needless to say, I dashed for the can and let loose nasty diarrhea for several minutes. Considering that was my first ball game (and only ball game until 1987) you would think that I would hate baseball to this day. Instead, I totally love it and have become a die-hard Mets fan. And I've been to lots of Met games since then and I am happy to report that I haven't had any attacks of diarrhea during a game. LOL. I live in Florida now; can't wait 'til spring training!

Amy- You probly are loctose intolerant (sry if i spelled that wrong) however, you might want to discuse our symptoms with a family doctor because it might be something more seroius, espically if you have not always had these symptoms.

Punk Rock Girl

Penny: I recently hit the big 3-0, and I've been with the same guy for eight years (my beloved Colin), but technically I am indeed young and unmarried, though it doesn't feel like that very often! I am trying to remember to not trust my farts!

Ray: Why do you think it's inappropriate for womens rooms to have doorless stalls, but it's okay for mens rooms? I've been in plenty of womens rooms (mostly in night clubs and parks) which don't have doors on the stalls, and have never had an issue taking a shit. I assure you, women aren't trying to impress anyone either. The only time I could seeing it being a problem is while changing a pad or tampon, but those moments are far less common than simply having to crap. I can't speak for every woman in the world, but as for myself, I don't feel it's any more inappropriate for women to see each other on the toilet than for men to see each other, and I find the implication that it is to be chauvinistic and sexist. Women are not the dainty, sensitive, easily embarrassed basket cases that so many men seem to think we are. I know plenty of men who are self-conscious and squeamish about their bodies.

No bowel adventures or misadventures to tell today, though I did have a supremely satisfying dump when I got to work today. A huge, solid, thick, long load, that slipped out with minimal pushing and plopped quietly into the water without splashing my buns. Nice start to the day.



I'm sitting on the toilet right now.

After school, I stopped at the grocery store, walked the dog and then settled in for some work. By the time my computer had booted, My stomach started hurting a little bit. I didn't think anything of it because I had pooped at school and I don't usually poop more than once a day, sometimes only once every 2-3 days.

Anyway, after a couple minutes, I was in bad pain, so I grabbed the laptop and rushed to the bathroom. I sat down, peed and pushed a little. I had a major fart and it felt like one of those little bombs that are wide but that's about it came out. My butt started burning (like after eating and shitting Indian or Mexican food) and the odor was horrid. I looked down and there was HUGE log about 2 inches wide by 9 inches long and a whole lot of mushy crap filling the toilet. I flushed. I don't feel done so I'm sitting here, but I need to start dinner and get some work done. So I think I'm going to wipe now. The water is still cloudy and there are some small pieces of shit floating around, so I need to flush again anyway.

I haven't had anything strange to eat lately, so I don't know what it was.

Does this happen to you that you think you can't possibly have more shit, let out a fart and the bowl is full?

I had to pee so bad earlier I nearly peed on myself! I was at home in a nightie and panties and was cuddling with my cat, when the need to pee got more and more urgent by the second. I had had a cup of tea and a bunch of root beer, so no doubt my bladder couldn't take the wrath of all that liquid.

My husband was in the shower at the time and I was whimpering and squirming and rocking back and forth trying really hard not to pee all over myself and my bed. Finally, after a few minutes longer, I couldn't take it anymore, and holding myself, I ran like hell for the washroom and jumped over something that was in the way and into the washroom. I yanked my panties down and plopped my skinny butt on the toilet. Whoooshhh!!! All that pee started rushing out of me at an alarming rate, and a few minutes later when Mike got out of the shower I was still going. He stood there in shock and then started laughing and said he thought there was a female ghost that came into the bathroom. Lol!! I laughed too, finished my pee, wiped and flushed the toilet.

Hope you liked my story!!

xo Anny

Good morning--rainy here. Yesterday I sat in the middle stall in the men's room of a large store. A gentleman came in to the stall to my left, dropped his pants, and farted several times, including one that sounded rather wet and one that went for at least five seconds (count that out--it's a long fart). He then sat quietly for a couple of minutes, during which time I heard two soft turds drop. He wiped and left.
My own poops have continued soft, and wiping continues to be a mess. I'm still drinking all that water, which is what makes this effect.
Happy pooping, everyone!

Mr. Clogs
Hello everybody, Mr. Clogs again, having a good week in toiletland, producing some large and healthy loads of poop, and feeling very satisfied after taking a nice healthy dump. This morning is one of those harty dumps. After gulping down my first cup of coffee, I felt the pressure build up in my stomach which was my cue to make a trip to the little boys room for my morning dump. I got in the bathroom proceeded to pull down my pj pants off and plopped down on the pot to take a fast mass evacuation of shit out of my butt. Man did the bathroom stink with the aroma of last nights dinner of beef gyros and fries. After I felt empty, I wiped with some toilet paper, wiped only twice because I spread my butt cheeks apart so it requires less wiping. Flushed the toilet, sprayed the bathroom with air freshener and washed my hands and put my pj bottoms on and left the bathroom.

I was watching the news yesterday as I usually do, there was a story that relates to this forum. On the news, a NYC school bus driver who is male, had to answer the call of nature with full bus of school children decides to pull over in front of a building while the kids were still on board. Rather than finding a nice private spot to handle his business, no he decides to relieve himself in front of them in the stair well where passengers enter and exit the bus. He proceeds to pee in the cup while standing in the stair well were the kids watched in horror and disgust. Now the kids are traumatized to this day and the city councilor is calling for the firing of the bus driver because of his actions. Get this, now while some the kids watched, the bus driver while peeing into the cup told them it was ok and it was normal. I don't think he should of made that comment nor peed in front of school kids like that. As you all know I like stories about peeing in cups and such, but when it comes to young and impressionable children, that's just plain wrong. I don't know maybe ya'll disagree or agree with me, tell me what you think.

Anny: Hello there, have you gone to the doctor to your issue checked out, I'm no doctor but that's a sign of being lactose intolerant. Hope this helps, life sucks when you can't enjoy your favorite tasty treats to eat. Take care Anny, have a great weekend.

Peace out ya'll, I feel round two coming, so I gotta go!

--Mr. Clogs

Hello my name is Scott. I have a story to share with you about my wife Kelly. My wonderful and unfortunate wife. I am 30 years old and she is 31.

Last Friday night (October 20th) we decided to have KFC for dinner. Sometimes when we get a bucket of chicken from KFC it can give Kelly a bad case of the gut rot and she spends a few hours on the toilet having nasty diarrhea. It must be the grease or something in the "special spices" that KFC uses. Well, this time she decided to order some chicken strips and fries for herself and I had a spicy big crunch combo. She seemed fine that night and we went to bed with out any incidents.

She had to work at her chiropractic clinic the next morning, Saturday, and then work an afternoon shift for a pet food company called "Science Diet". We woke up and I went out and took our two pugs for a walk while Kelly showered and got ready for work. Before she left she was complaining about her stomach not feeling well. She went to the bathroom and tried to go but she said that she could only go a little bit. She thought that she was constipated.

She left at 8:00 am even though her office didn't open until 9:30. She had to do the weekly cleaning before the office opened up.

At around 8:15, I had just gotten out of the shower myself when I could hear the phone ringing. It was Kelly calling me from work. She was upset and crying.

I said to her, "What's the matter, baby?"
She said "I'm sick."
"Well, what is it?" I asked. I was trying to get her to tell me what was going on.
"I got the gut rot on my way to work when I was driving. I didn't make it to work on time to get to the washroom." She started sobbing. I felt so bad for her.
I said, "Well, can you call Debbie, or Rebecca to come in to work for you?"
She said, "No, they are both away and Lisa (the new girl) needed the day off as well."
"I'm so sorry, baby", I said. I couldn't believe it!
"Can you do me a big favour?" she asked me.
"Sure, anything."
"Can you bring me a clean pair of pants and underwear?"
"Sure, do you need anything else? Do you need a clean shirt as well?" I though I should ask anyway. I knew that she took her Science Diet shirt with her for the afternoon.
"Yeah a clean shirt would be a good idea, thanks. Can you hurry please, I need to change, badly."

She was still crying when she hung up the phone. I went into our bedroom and grabbed a clean blouse for her and a clean pair of khaki pants. I also grabbed a clean bra, socks and most importantly a clean pair of panties for her. I also grabbed a couple maxi pads for her in case she needed them as well. I didn't want her to be stranded for those too.

I got to her office at around 8:40. I saw her and said "Hi". She started crying again. The khaki pants she was wearing were a mess. I could see a wet spot on the front of her and when she turned around her bum area was a total disaster.

She asked me to come down to the ladies room with her to stand guard at the door and to let no one in. When we got there I noticed that there was a lock on the ladies room door and I asked her if she wanted me to lock it from the inside. I told her that I could help her in any way that she needed and she said okay.

She went into the handicapped stall since it is bigger and took off the top she was wearing. She then took off her shoes and socks and stood still for a second. She said, "Oh god, I'm going again!" It was like the third time she had to go. When she was finished she unbuttoned her pants and started to pull them off. I decided to look away as she pulled her pants and panties off together.

She said, "Oh my god. Look at me!", and she started crying again.
I said, "Oh baby, it's okay, accidents happen." I was trying to be as nice and compassionate as possible. I couldn't believe it. She was a complete mess from the middle of her back all the way down to the mid point of her thighs. The diarrhea had also gone up her front as well. Her pants and panties were so full of diarrhea, it was unbelievable.

She started cleaning herself with toilet paper but it wasn't working too well. Then I though of something. I took a bunch of paper towels and wet them a little and gave them to her. They helped her clean up a lot faster.

By 9:15 she was quite a bit cleaner and she put on the clean underwear, pants and shirt that I brought for her. She didn't need the pads I brought her but she kept them and put them in her purse for a later time. She put her dirty clothes back into the plastic bag that I brought.

"What are you going to do with those?" I asked.
"Oh, probably put them in the trunk of my car and clean them up when I get home." She said.
I said, "Well, I might as well take them and throw them in the wash for you."
"Well, if you don't mind." She didn't put up much of a protest to that and I took her dirty clothes home.

I kissed her as I started to leave for home. I pleaded with her to come home after her shift was done. I thought that she should cancel her Science Diet shift but she wouldn't.

I got home and went to put her dirty pants and panties in the wash. I didn't think that there was anyway that the washing mashine was going to get that much diarrhea out of her clothes. So I did the brave thing and washed her clothes by hand in our bathtub first and then put them in the wash. Her panties are still stained but her pants made out okay.

She did end up coming home early from her Science Diet shift. She had another attack of the runs and had another accident in her pants. She came home and when she got in the door she looked at me and said, "I was sick, again. I need to have a shower and clean myself up." As she was going up stairs to our washroom she said, "I can't believe I pooped my pants twice today."

She told me later that with her first accident she had her butt cheeks clenched as tightly as possible but as she was driving to work the urge for her to go became to great and her bowels won the battle. She said she messed herself very badly in her car and then again when she got to work. When she was walking into her office, more and more diarrhea squeezed its way out of her with each step she took.

Her second accident happened when she "innocently" farted and a big load of diarrhea came rushing out into her pants. She went to the ladies room and emptied out her panties and cleaned up as much as she could. She then told the store manager that she was sick and had to go home. On her way home she started going uncontrollably again.

I don't think that we will be having KFC any time soon.

A few years ago Kelly and I were in Mexico with her family. We went to Xel-Ha and Tolum (sp?) for the day. The morning we were snorkeling at Xel-Ha and had lunch there. The afternoon we spent at the Mayan Ruins at Tolum. We were walking around and I noticed that Kelly was very quite. I asked her if something was wrong and she told me that she wasn't feeling well. She said that she had to use get to a washroom as soon as possible. I decided to walk with her to the washrooms but the ones near the ruins were so archaic it wasn't even funny. I'm talking no doors or running water. She said that she could wait so we went back to join the tour. On our way back she grabbed my arm, hard. She said that she farted and pooped her pants a little. Well after a few hours we finally got back to our hotel and I went with Kelly back to our room. She pratically ran into our washroom to clean up. She had actually messed herself quite badly that day, a little bit at a time. Fortunately for her she was wearing dark capri pants so the stains were not that noticeable. Her panties on the other had were ruined.

Anyway, those are a few stories about my wonderful wife Kelly. I have others about her, but I will leave those for another day.


i have a diarrhoea accident to share with everyone- it happened a couple of years ago when i was out at a pub with my friend kate. we were standing around drinking and watching the football when i felt the need to let out a small (hopefully untraceable) fart. little did i know my stomach had become upset and when i went to fart, a river of wet shit dribbled out of my boxers and down my trouser legs. luckily no-one else had noticed so i told her i needed to go home and change. i didn't tell her why though!

I took a dump in the park restroom with the doorless stalls this morning. As I was standing up to wipe, a slim, Asian guy, probably about 20, came in. He had black hair, nice face, wearing white shorts and a blue shirt. He glanced at me and then walked over to the stall next to mine. I heard as he wiped down the seat, put down paper, and then dropped his shorts and sat down. I finished wiping, pulled up my orange briefs and red shorts, and went to the sink to wash up. From the sink I was able to see my neighbor. He had his head down, his hand between his legs, holding onto his dick as he let loose a long and loud stream. He had pulled his white shorts and his black briefs all the way down to his ankles. He sorta straddled the bowl, on the balls of his feet with his ankles up. His feet were more under his hips than his knees. I had to leave before I could see how he wipes. At least he isn't shy about crapping in a doorless stall.

I wanted to know if you females that see a guy going to the toilet like to take notice of what underwear he is wearing?

Dr. Poop
Hi evereone I have a story about my grandma peeing and a story about my mom pooping.

Four years ago My grandma was visiting for Thanks Giving and it was Saturday morning and I went upstairs to get something out of the office. I said good morning to her as I entered the office. She closed the bathroom door and when I came out I stood and listened and she started peeing a steady stream. So I took the thing downstairs and gave it to my mom and then went back upstairs and sure enough she was still peeing just as strong a whole two minutes later. She finished a minute after that and wiped and flushed.

The next story about my mom was when I was about three. The bathroom door was closed so I opened it and found her sitting on the toilet. She said hi hunny and I said hi mommy. I didn't hear her peeing so I asked mommy are you going poopy? And she said immhmm mommy's going poopy. She then said listen and I hear flup and she grunted a little and had another plop. It when like Ummm Flup Ummm plop Ummmm flump. while this was going on I walked over to her and patted her thigh and asked do you allways poopy?, and she said yes we all do this. about a minute later I heard Phhphhphhphhphh and asked what was that and she said I passed some gass. The was followed by another big lowd plop, and she said mommy had a big one. By then it was pretty stinky in there and I asked what's that smell? And she said every bodies poop stinks. She then was finished and said I have to wipe my bottom and I asked why and she said because I have a poopy bottom and I have to wipe it off so it is clean. So she wiped frunt to back three times and stood up. She flushed and pulld up her panties and genes and we walked out of the bathroom and left her stink behind.

Must go for now.

Dr. Poop

Greg (Mike's Friend)
Hey Matt!

I JUST noticed YOUR story from 10/23/06 and I failed to give it the accolades it so richly deserved then so here they are now!!

I think it's just Murphy's Law that it seems like we're NEVER hit with our WORST shits in the comfort, safety, and security of our own homes! Oh No!! It ALWAYS has to be in someplace dark, dangerous, mysterious, and threatening............ Like SCHOOL!! For me it ALWAYS seems like I'm hit with a major bowel movement whenever I'm out on the expressway driving and I JUST PASSED the nearest rest stop!!

It's probably for the best or else we wouldn't have all these great stories to tell about ourselves and other people!! I saw my buddy Mike survive one of the most DEVASTATING craps I've EVER seen and he took THAT one during school (Page 1489), and it sounds like you survived your massive shit pretty much intact as well.

I've never heard of apricots and peaches as being a cure for sluggishness, but if everything came out well for you in the end, that's awesome!!

I remember a few years back when I was an assistant manager for a large apartment complex. I had a really neat kid Mark who was a Senior at the nearby High School and acted as a bit of a part-time assistant for me performing some maintenance and groundskeeping duties as well as wrestling and running track at school. He was about 5'9 145 lbs with short black hair and eyebrows and penetrating dark brown eyes. I think he was probably Chaldean or something along those lines.

In the late fall, I had agreed to pick him up from school and he would put up some decorations for Thanksgiving. Since I didn't find him waiting at the parking lot, I went inside to see if he was still at the gym. When I got to the gym, Mark was walking out wearing a baseball hat and a 2-piece jogging suit.

"You ready?" I asked.

"Walk with me." He replied. "I need to take a shit."

"Well, we're just a 5-minute drive to the complex. You can go at home." I replied.

"You don't understand....." Mark replied, still walking very quickly and with an obvious purpose. "I HAAAAAVE to take a shit, NOW!!"

As we walked,it turns out Mark's situation was quite similar to Matt's in that he was loaded up with a week's worth of excrement all pent up and ready to burst out into his jogging pants.

"I haven't been able to go all week and now it's all coming at once!" He confided as we approached the boy's room. I could tell by Mark's walk and his tense facial expression that he was desperately struggling to hold his shit for just 10 more seconds.

As we entered the bathroom, Mark was horrified to find not just one friend there, not two, nor even three, but FOUR of his friends milling around in various stages of using the urinal or washing up and all talking. Mark was but 5 minutes away from home but his relentlessly throbbing loaded butt told him was beaten and he knew he had to give up. So making his way past the guys, the despreately-loaded kid quickly made his way into the first stall that would give everyone a clear look at his feet and legs as he sat helplessly bumming on the toilet.

No sooner had the badly-loaded boy gotten his jogging pants down and his throbbing butt on the badly-needed toilet JUST in the nick of time, a whole torrent of soft loose excrement, crap, and shit comes ROARING out of Mark mixed with LOTS of loud gaseous farts that INSTANTLY stunk up that boys room.

Naturally, Mark's four teenage friends started adding their commentary as teenagers are wont to do when it's not THEM in the throes of a really major shit......................................

"OHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Dude! You are f***ing SICK!!"

"Mark, what did you have for lunch, a bottle of Ex-Lax??"

"Dude! You're a PIG! Now it f***ing STINKS in here!!"

"Sorry about that Guys," Mark replied as a whole lot more mushy crap mixed with gaseous farts made it's way through him and out his overwhelmed butt. "But you know, sometimes shit happens."

Mark's "friend's" continued to abuse him for a few more minutes while he ground out several more rounds of mushy shit until they finally left him to finish off what was left of his very major shit. All the while, I took care of business at the urinal and at the wash basin.

After sputtering and farting for a few more minutes and occasionally plopping more mushy shit into the bowl beneath his beleaguered ass, Mark called out to me.

"Greg, you still there??

"Yeah." I replied. "You ok?"

"I THINK so." Replied my weakened but relieved buddy. "Are those other clowns GONE??"

"Yeah, they're outta here." I replied.

"Cool." Replied Mark. "Can you get me some more toilet paper from the other stall? There's about 4 sheets left on this roll and it's nowhere near enough for the mess I made!"

"No problem." I replied as I headed for the next stall to retrieve said paper.

"Thanks for being cool about it! If I had asked one of THOSE jerks, I would never hear the end of it and they would go and tell the whole world!" ;-)

I then tore off several lengths of toilet paper in the adjacent stall and passed them over to Mark over the partition. I saw Mark's hand reach up to receive the paper as I handed it over.

"Whew! Thanks!" He replied in a very happy and relieved sounding voice. "I'm not sure I've EVER had to take a shit so bad in my entire life!"

"Glad I could help out!" I replied.

It took Mark wipe after wipe after wipe after wipe after wipe after wipe after wipe after wipe after wipe after wipe to finally get his butt cleaned but he was eventually able to flush it all down, get his blue jogging pants pulled back up and emerged from the stall none the worse for wear despite a massive shit and a heap of peer abuse.

In fact, for the next 15 minutes, I have NEVER seen such a CONTENTED look on someone's face as I saw with Mark that day! :-)

Be Safe,


I see people like to post surveys, so I've decided to make one of my own. I've included my own answers as well.

Let's begin by asking:
How old are you?
Male or female:
1.When was the last time you wet yourself?
2.How often do you wet yourself?
3.How long can you maintain bladder control before wetting yourself?
4.At what age did you first stop wetting the bed?
5.When was the last time you wet the bed?
6.Did you ever pee your pants laughing?
7.Have you ever peed your pants in the pouring rain just because you could?
8.Did you ever pee your pants because you were nervous or frightened?
9.When was the last time you messed yourself?
10.How often do you poop in your pants?
11.How long can you contain your bowel movement before soiling yourself?
12.Have you ever lost control of your bladder/bowels just before reaching the toilet?
13.Have you ever had an accident because you didn't want to use a public restroom?
14.Have you ever wet or pooped your pants out of convenience?
15.Did you ever pee or poop your pants in school?
16.At what age did you first stop wearing diapers?
17.Did you ever have to wear Pull-Ups? If so, at what age?
18.Have you ever worn diapers as a teenager?
19.Have you ever worn diapers as an adult?
20.Do you have a story about a sibling's accident?
21.Do you have a story about a close friend's accident?
22.What was the first accident you remember having?

Age: 28
Sex: F
1.Thursday morning, woke up with a full bladder, took two steps and pissed myself.
2.Recently, it's been happening a couple times a week.
3.Maybe 2 hours
5.Sunday night.
6.Not since I was a kid
7.No way
8.Nah, I'm pretty good under pressure
9.I was 19, getting off a greyhound bus.
10.Apparently, not that much.
11.If I really tried I could go a whole day
12.Once or twice.
15.Hasn't everyone?
16.2 ½
17.Never wore Pull-Ups, but my daughter is in them.
18.Nope, I'd be way too self-conscious for that!
19.Yeah, I started wearing them for the last five or so weeks. In fact I'm wearing diapers now.
20.Not really a story, but my sister was like 7 years old and she pooped her pants at a carnival.
21.Hmmm... no, not really.
22.4 years old, pooped my pants on my way to visit my great-aunt. I remember it because I was especially embarrassed to see her after it happened, because she was my personal hero and I didn't like to disappoint her...

I'm curious to see how these answers look!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

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