When I was younger, maybe 10 years old, I used to love to hold in my poo as long as I could to see how big I could poo outside. I had a best friends who liked to do this also, and I remember one time when we were out playing, so I ended up pooing outside.

I'd had a small urge to go for about half an hour when my best friend Lacy first got to my house, but we went out to play in the back yard. Anyway, about 3 or 4 hours later, I couldn't hold my poo in anymore. I hated to stop playing, but Lacy said just to go in the bushes and she'd keep watch for me.

Well, I positioned myself over the bushes, squatted down and began to push out a big poo. I could feel a really big poo inside me, my butt began to open wide as it started to slowly slide out. Counting with all the time I was holding it in fighting back the urge to poo, it had been about 48 hours since I last went.

As my poo reached about an inch out, I started to grunt kinda loud. Unngh! Unnnghh! Uuuunngh! The poo eased out a little more, and I kept grunting, but softly. Unggh! Unngh! I squatted there over the bushes for a few more minutes, grunting, getting the poo out of me. Finally when it was at maybe a foot long, I grunted softly but hard, like Uuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngh.

At last, I heard a thud as my huge poo hit the ground. The poo was about a foot long and maybe 2 inches thick. I grabbed some toilet paper from my secret stash for outside pooing and wiped up. Lacy said she had to go now also, but she wanted to hold it for a while longer.

About an hour later, Lacy had to go, so she went over to the bushes where I had gone, and pooed out a sizable poo, close in size to mine, but a bit thicker.

This post is getting kind of long, perhaps tomorrow I'll post about the time I got really constipated and didn't poo for almost 4 and a half days. Man, my butt was really sore after that one.


You need to talk it out with him. For a man that loves you this would not be a problem, but an inconvience. Some day when you both of you have lived your lives together you'll both be wearing depends.

Does anyone know which pages have the best diarrhea accident stories????

Do any girls have laxitive stories?

TO my friend Jenny
Hello I sure know what you mean about looking at your dump after you go. It is fun to see your poops in the toilet & to see what size they are & how much came out. For me in the morning when I get up & my friend knows what time that is I have a poop too but I don't go poop every single morning. Sometimes I go after I get homw from work. Anyway
yes talking about poop is fun & funny. We love talking about poop. In response to bigphils question. My poos after eating chinese are usually soft & by the time I'm done there's usually a big pile of soft poos & it smells. Well there you go. Happy pooping & squeezing to Jenny & to everyone else.

Okay! So I was at a hanuted woods thing. It was supposed to be really scary but i wasn't really that scared! .. I brought my friend Jackie and she was really scared she kept walking really slow the whole timee. So I like Jackie come on let's goo.. and i kept saying that. So one of the guys taht was supposed to scare us went up to her and was like Jackiee are you scaredd?? and kept saying her name. She had to idea how he knew her name.. she was so scareddd! So i look over and she grabbed herself 'down there' .. soon i saw a wet spot form on her jeans. Then i realized that she was so scared she pissed her self. I felt really bad, we went right home after that.

Megan no ones perfect as you know. My old GF used to drink too much to often. Many times she would pass out and her bladder would fill so much it would eventually release and I would wake up in a wet waterbed while she continued to sleep right through. Eventually I learned sleeping with my hand between her legs woke me during the first seconds of her leakage and by pressing just the right spot prevented her from peeing anymore until I was able to get her upright on the edge of the bed and let her pee in a bowl. She never rememberd any of it in the mornings. That went on for about 10 yrs until we eventually parted ways. I suppose many strange things happen in the name of love and if I loved you, I would sleep with you when ever I could. :)

Hi Megan,

wetting the bed is nothing you should be ashamed of. You have some medical problem, you use Depend protective underwear for that, there's no reason why any person should think anything less of you because of that. So there's no reason to keep it a secret from anyone you want to be close to.

Good luck!

lara (to Josh)
Yeah, we wanna know! so, what did she do next??

i am so upset with myself. i was at the mall window shopping when i felt a small urge to pee but it wasn't bad so i kind of put it in the back of my mind. about twenty minutes later it hit me like a ton of bricks... boy was it bad. i began to hurry toward the bathroom i was pretty far From it tho and i was actually holding my crotch as i rushed thru the mall. i was almost there when i lost it and pee began to gush out and i just couldn't stop it. i ruined my favorite silk panties and a brand new pair of tommy jeans. they were soaked and everyone could see what had happened as i walked to my car. now i have to throw away my favorite panties and my new pants. i'm so upset with myself.

needing to go
I need some advice, I need a laxative that really works. I have taken 2 ex-lax's at a time and nothing, suppositories and nothing, epsom salts, nothing, the only time I can get anything to work is Milk of Magnesia and instead of the recommended dose of 2-4 Tablespoons I take 8-12. Please help with good ideas. I do have one accident story though, On one occasion where I did get the Milk of Mag to work, I stubbled to the bathroom and tripped landing on my stomach losing control and pooing all over that bathroom wall. Any recommendations are welcome.

Not quite the same
Hey there, I am 17,I dont want to give out my name (sorry). Anyway I have been a lurker for many years, this will be my first post.

Megan- I can understand where you come from, not compleatly but for the most part. You see where you have the problem with partial incontinence, I suffer from compleat incontinence. I have spinabifida, and from the day I was born I have never been able to use the rest room like a normal person. I have spent all my life in dipers going from baby dipers, to pull ups to good nights to depends. just one to the other to the other. I understand where you are coming from with being afrade to spend the night with somebody, I have never spent a night that was not either at my own home, my grandmothers, or the hospital. I do not know if I would or could be able to find somebody that I could have a "relationship" with. I am sorry I cant give the the whole "I know everything will turn up alright for you". But then again you still do have control, which leaves you with a real posibility for finding that somebody. BTW are you still going out with this guy from your child hood?

Pooping women
Hey I went to my friends house today and knew that i had not pooped in a few days . When I got there she dared me to go out on the front porch and poop in the poop chair she made out side ... it was an old chair with a toilet seat on it and bucket underneath it .... so she said i dare u to sit out there and poop and let people see you i told her it would not hurt me if i did or not . so I asked her if she was going to sit out there and watch me it is a good show if u want to see me poop. so i went out i had my jeans on was really prepared she has tp and lysol so i went out there and there undo my jeans and sat down.
I did not have to push with pressure i pushed gently and felt juice come ozzing out and then i felt the turd poke out she said u are not doing anything i told her it takes to poop or me it does. I told her to be patient . I pushed some more it came out about 2 inches and u could barely see it coming out of my crack . so I saw the mail 2 doors down i told her he was coming he said u can go in or sit there . i told her i was not finished . so as he was walking to her i pushed again he it came like 4 inches was hanging between my legs and my bare legs hip was showing so he could guess and get it right on what i was doing . so he came up and he said mama u are u losing something between your legs I told him i was doing something now i pushed again and he saw it fall it came out 4 more inches and broke and fell in the bucket and i told him he need to go on and so i could finish up and he said what are u doing I said i am trying to do some turds if u dont mind my t???? needs some relief, so i had a nice day on the front porch taking a nice dump and in the nice fresh air again soon nice pooping women ....

1. Have you ever peed in your pants because you couln't hold it?

2.Have you ever peed in your pants laughing?
Yes, I was at the movies and I had to pee really bad and a funny part came on in the movies and I laughed really hard, then I ACIDENTLY started peeing.

3.Have you ever pooped in your pants because you coudn't hold it?
Yes, I had severe diarrhea. (I will give details later)

4.Have you ever wet the bed as an adult.
Not as an adult.

5.Have you ever messed your pants as an adult?
Not in my pants, but I have peed in a cup in the car while someone else was driving.

Awkward Stomach problems today, Very strange.

Yesterday, my mom slept in until after 12:00 (She had to work a night shift, so she slept in most of the day.) when she woke up, we (my sister, mom and I) knew we were hungry, and bored, so we went to the local bowling alley, and got some of their famous Nachos (Funny how every Alley has Nachos) As we got home, about 4 hours later, we had dinner, it was hamburger macaroni, when we were done with dinner, everyone went to their parts of the house. About 20 mins after dinner, my stomach started to irritate me. I went to drop a crap and found corn in it. What freaked me out is dinner had corn, we hadn't had anything with corn until a week ago. I assumed I had an ulcer, because my stomach bothered me about four more times until my bedtime at 11:00.

Forward to today, My sister and I have school. We went to school, not having had any Oatmeal, like we normally do, we had some of last night's dinner. When I got to school, I felt a rock sit in my stomach, and it was pushing out of my butt. i went to my Computer Class and then to A chorus class. All that time, I freaked out. "What happens if I take a breath and push and rip a fart and shit pours out of me?!" I sat around, not feeling well, until class was over. When the bell rang, I ran to the toilets, thank goodness no one was there, I grabbed the farthest stall away from the door, and let loose. The turd was just moments away from pushing out without any help, just sliding out. But it wasn't diarrhea. Not at all, in fact, it was solid. Everything.

I went through school, worrying if maybe I had diarrhea, and taking that dump was the cork on the bottle popping off. Nothing happened, thankfully, until I got home. I was eating a bit more of the left over dinner we had, and started choking on the last bite. As I coughed, The force of that cough forced out a turd that I assumed was diarrhea, and ran into my underwear. I ran to the bathroom, took another dump, and believe it or not, I had diarrhea consistency. Not actual diarrhea. I asked my family if they had any problems. My mother had gas. So we started investigating on what may have given us these awful bowel movements.

It couldn't have been dinner, because everyone ate that, and likewise, they would all have came down sick.
Could it have been The nachos? No, sister ate those too. She's not ill.

We just found out after almost crapping our guts out that is was in fact.... The salsa that was offered to us. My sister hates salsa, and I was dishing it up like their was no tomorrow, and more had a chip or two. It made sense then, it makes sense now.

But.... That has never happened before. Can anyone provide insight on what else it may be? I assume I might have too much fiber in my diet, Is that even possible, Too much Fiber!?

Public Toilet Pooper
Hello all,

I wonder if anyone else here actually likes to take dumps in public restrooms? I never have figured out why I get a kick out of it. Maybe it's the fact that I am not self conscious about my bowel habits, yet most people are. Maybe it's kind of like people who like to have sex in public places or take dares.

I always take note when I find a public restroom that has as little privacy as possible. New York City has plenty of these. The public restrooms in Washington Square have five toilets in a row with NO STALLS AT ALL! It's like taking a dump in boot camp. I have crapped in that restroom several times, once on a busy summer afternoon when the park was buzzing with people. A good six or seven guys came back to use one of the toilets to pee in, and were quite surprised to see a guy with the balls to drop trou and take a dump in full view of anyone in the toilet area.

Maybe that's it, proving to myself that I really don't apply to society's attitude that bowel functions are something to be ashamed of and disgusted by (moronic idea). I'm always on the lookout for public restrooms with doorless stalls (or no stalls) to crap in, so any tips are happily welcomed!


I had to go poo really bad right now so I stood bent over with a pair of old panties on just now and pushed out a huge warm log. It's about the size of 2 tennis balls and it's really warm and sticky. And boy, did it feel good to push one. One huge push and a big grunt and the huge sucker pushed itself into my panties and my purple panties tented out making room for the huge log. I'm typing this standing up because I don't want to sit in the load and make a big mess. I feel a lot better now though, even though it hurt my butthole when it came out. I had to go quite badly and I knew I could make it to the toilet but I decided since it's been a while since my last intentional accident I should poo my panties. Well I wanted to type this, but I gotta go pee, so I'm going to go pee in my panties in the shower and then clean up.



Hi, it's me again. I just wrote the story of how I pooped myself while typing it :) The clean-up was pretty easy and not much mess. I held the soiled panties over the toilet and dumped the poop out and flushed it. Then I put the panties back on, stepped into the shower and peed myself royally and gave another push and out came a tiny turd. I dumped that out and took the panties off and put them in the sink. Then I turned the shower on and washed my butt and front. Then I dried off and put on my pjs. Then I rinsed the peed-and-pooped-in panties in the sink and wrung them out and put them in the laundry. Then I washed my hands and that was it.

This was my first normal, solid poop since being put on the stool softeners and Metamucil. I weaned myself off the stool softener, and rarely use Metamucil, and I am pooping normally again, which makes me happy. My stomach is much less bloated than it was a month ago, and my body is adjusting by itself again, as well as my bowels are coping without the help of any laxatives or stool softeners. Yay!

So that's it from now. Keep those poop stories coming, especially intentional accidents, diarrhea accidents and solid poop accidents!!!

Happy pooping!


Mr. Clogs
I just spent this weekend cleaning out my system with citric magnesium (graped flavored). It tasted ok up until the last drop. I took the whole bottle because I've been having a hard time psssing some turds and haven't taken a laxitive like months! I woke up early Saturday moning needing to poop bad, so I got up and made my way to the bathroom to pass some liquid poop into the toilet. I got in shut the door and removed my pj bottoms and sat on the bowl an released some liquid poop into the bowl. I sat on the bowl for like 25 minutes until I felt better. I wiped several times with a lot of toilet paper to wipe up the accessive poop between the butt cheeks. Looked into bowl before flushing the nasty brown and smellyy water down the drain. Washed my hands and went back to sleep till 8 AM that morning.

Kareen: Hope you got your toilet fixed, just curious, where did you go if you had to pee really bad?

Marcy: Nice post about your DIARRHEA IN TRAFFIC! Cool. That's amazing pooping into the container while stuck in traffic, those containers come in handy in emergencies like yours. Hope you're doing ok.

Well I hope you all liked my post, post something later. Take care and have a great week.

--Mr. Clogs

sean- have you ever had a pooping accident or ever not make it in time, id like to hear the story if you do
Um not since I was about 13. I had diarrea in church with khakis on so lets just say it wasnt a pleasent day.

Your name reminds me of so much. That was my best friend for 12 year's name but sadly she passed away. Anyways I havent been diagnosed with that disorder because I keep quiet about it and never mentioned it to my parents. They only found my sheets wet about 4 times when I was living with them pass the age of 13 and I just told them I had too much to drink and forgot to use the bathroom before I went to bed. And I got punished and wasnt allowed to use the bathroom for a day and if I had an accident before 9PM then I was to wear a diaper for a week. I always did but it was better then telling my parents I wet my pants almost every week. Like I had said in my last post its still going on im 24 now. And about two days or so before my last post I had wet the bed and lost a girlfriend because of it. I never worried about daytime accidents that much but they sure did happen. Cant tell ya how many times my parents had to come to school and bring me a change of clothes. Well gotta run talk to ya later

Hihi everyone. I'd be really grateful if u could help me 2 complete this survey! (peeing only )=)) Pls do it. It's just a simple 5 questions!!
*Thanks in advance

You __(what u do here)__ when u are in desperate need of a loo, but there are none in sight.

You would rather pee along the road then struggle to hold it while looking for a loo. True / False

When was the last time you wet yourself and why? (Etc. Too lazy to wake up, couldn't hold it ...)

Is there a particular drink / food that makes you tend to pee more?
(I have a friend who CANNOT drink coffee or else she'll hog the loo)

Pick a moment in your life that you were (or you think) was the most desperate, state what happened in the end. (etc You made it to a loo or you wet yourself...or you peed along the road...)


morning messes
hi my name is becky, im 20. i'm 5'6", 115 lbs, brunnette..anyway, i've had a secret pleasure in heaving a mess in my panties when i wake up in the morning. it all started when i was 14. i was having a sleepover with my friend jenny and we ate a lot of mexican food that her family cooked that night. well we both went to bed feel uneasy, but things could get worse during the night. it must have been about 3 am when i woke up. my stomach felt like it was going to implode, and before i could even get out from under the covers,a hot, wet rush of shit poured into my panties. i sat up as i violently shit my panties, and it burned from the mexican food. i snuck down the hall to the bathroom, and i could see in the mirror that my panties were trashed. i was horrified but intrigued at the same time. i spent 45 minutes cleaning up, and thoroughly rinsing out my panties in the sink over and over. i went to bed with wet panties (from washing them, i didn't wet myself) so that was a little hard to deal with. later in the morning i woke up again and i went to the bathroom and pooped really bad again, this time i made it to the toilet. when i went back to the room, jenny was kind of hiding her face under the covers and there was a very fowl smell of poop filling the room. i pulled the covers away and sure enough, underneath her was an enormous wet stain on the sheet and her panties were wet and loaded with poop. it made me feel really weird and i didnt know what to say. jenny was really embarassed and cried a lot. but later on i guess i bent over or something and she saw the back of my undies with a pretty big poop stain on them, and she accused me of going in my panties in bed too. after a while i admitted it, and her and i talked about it for a long time after that.

ever since then, i've liked to fill my panties in bed when i wake up in the mornign whenever i have a chance. i almost always have to poop when i wake up. sometimes throughout high school, i would sleep in on purpose and not get up to go to school and i would take big poops in my panties while i laid in bed. occassionally, since iwas pooping i couldn't help but wet myself too. i made a lot of messes but i jsut really enjoyed it. one time though i made a HUGE mistake. i woke up in the morning and i was excited because i had to poop REALLY bad. i hardly even though about it for a second, i just lost control and kind of pooped in my panties by accident. it was solid but moist and made a loud crackling sound as it filled my panties, and it made an enormous bulge and a wet brown stain on my light purple panties. i was really excited about it because i didn't feel like i did it on purpose, it was like a genuine accident, and i pooped in my underwear really bad too. the problem was, literally seconds after i soiled myself, i heard my mom knocking on my door. i said "okay im up!" and my mom said "well hurry up we're running late your brother's graduation is in 20 minutes!!" my heart brother's college graduation ceremony was that morning and i forgot, and i was sitting in bed with a huge load in my panties. i quickly, but gingerly, got out of bed and tip toed to my bathroom, i could see my panties sagging and bulging in the mirror with a wet brown mark on my butt, and i plopped down on the toilet and peed my panties too. when i was done i peeled my panties down and emptied them into the toilet. i wiped my butt and my area up as fast as i could with baby wipes, but i didn't do the best job. i usually shower when i mess my panties in the morning, but i didn't have time. i put on some clean panties and got dressed, and went to the graduation. to my horror, though, i discovered while i was in the car that i smelled pretty bad like poop, and i left my messy panties on the bathroom floor!!


pooping women
Hey You i had the best poop of the day it is great when you dont go in a few days and u can just poop for a couple of hours or so .... one day i was at my home and my soap show came on and I was really wanting to watch the show and poop to ..... so i said since i live by myself what the heck I will poop in the living room today so i got some paper and bowl to peepee in and roll of tp and I had decided to poop with no pants or panties on just my short shirt and bra is all i had on .... so I had just sat in the floor on my knees in the middle of the living room floor I felt the huge urge to fart so i let on juicy watery fart out . and I said i will slight push to see if i need to push harder or not so i leaned forward i pushed a little harder and ughhhhhhhhhhhhh and ughhhhhhh and I felt it poke out and watching my show and it was really good so i stopped for a few it is was still poked out a bit so
a comercial came on i said i can try to finish this one before it come back on so i started pushing again about that i pushed my phone rings and the door bells rings so i am answering the phone not in any hurry for the door i said hello and it was boy/f so he asked if i could come to where he was I told him I was busy for a few hours and he i said i really need u to come with me somewhere i said at the moment i cant he asked why so i told him i am in the middle of using the commode and he said well hurry up and i said i cant i have just started it will take a few hours to finish up he said it dont take a few hours to peepee i said i am trying to poo poo he said what is poo poo. I am in the middle of doing a turd bye now i will catch u later so The door bell was still ringing i put robe on but not around my butt so i went to answer the door it was my best friend juan . and I told him i need to go i could not chat now he asked me why i said cause i was just fixing to go to the commode for a while he said i can help u i said if u want to watch come on in I have a turd poking out now that i am trying to finish up if possbile I have been trying for about 15 minutes now he said i will come back later so i closed the door and locked back to my show and I got back down in the floor while i bending over to sit on my knees i pushed really hard it poke out about 3 inches so about 4 inch turd is hanging out now . I push and I push and peepeed a bit and felt the urge to push some more and I pushed out somemore it is about 8 inches now and about 3 inches in diameter round looks really nice coming out solid and firm not hard feeling either .... I pushed some more it broke off and it was about a 10 inch turd all together laying so nice in my floor .... so I said i better try another so grunted a few times and push with a little pressure and I pushed a 4 inch turd out and then i pushed another about 4 inch turd. and I then i pushed about 8 inch turd out with 3 push . I am really tired now and resting a few minutes I have a good load underneath me . I am going to finish up now i think .... I am pushing now 4 round medium turds and 8 small balls coming out like marbles I am peepeeing and fixing to wipe my tush now ... have a good evening poopers ....

Monday, October 16, 2006

Hi. I'm 21 y/o Asian female going to Johns Hopkins University. I heard about this site thru a housemate. I suffer from nocturnal enuresis, AKA bed-wetting. It's been a problem I have had to deal with all my life, and I was wondering if anyone here has the same problems I have. But before I go any further, I should start with some background info.
I was first diagnosed with nocturnal enuresis at 11 years old. I was devastated when I found out why. In time, I saw my two younger sisters kick the bed-wetting habit before me, and that made me feel worse about myself. I wore pull-ups in bed until i was 14, when I started wearing Depend protective underpants.
It's not often that I wet myself during the day. But I'm always paranoid that it will happen. The worst was when I wet myself during a midterm. Sometimes I might wet myself during a long car trip, since when I'm not at school I go back home (I'm from Philly, JHU is in Baltimore). Sometimes I will wear my Depends during the day because I am so fearful it will happen.
There is a bright side to my incontinence was that I met my best friend because of it. When I was in 2nd grade I wet myself in the school yard. This boy came up to me and wrapped his sweater around me and took me to the nurse. We've been friends ever since. But times have changed. When I was going out with him a couple summers ago I was afraid to sleepover. I didn't want to be intimite with him because I was wearing my Depends the one night I slept over. I cried myself to sleep, afraid I'd wake up wet next to the man I love. I kept thinking who would love a girl who wets the bed? I just want to know if there is anyone who shares my experiences? Are there any support groups around? Because I want to speak to people who can give me advice on how to cope with this, as this has made me a shy, withdrawn person.

Thank you for your time.

TO Andrea:
For me it is not Chinese food, but the fast food at McDonald's. If I eat a hamburger from there (or any burger on their menu actually), I can almost guarantee that I'll be taking a shit on the toilet within the next 3 or 4 hours.
Without exaggerating, it honestly seems to work better than ANY laxative.

I was chatting with a friend a month or two ago and she let it spill that Mickey D's does the exact same thing to her too. (If McDonald's could figure out a clever way to advertise that common effect it induces in a lot of people, they could make a tonne of cash.! LOL)

Take care,


1. Have you ever peed your pants because you couldn't hold it?
I refer you to my post on page 1517.

2. Have you ever peed your pants laughing?
Nah, not that I can remember.

3. Have you ever pooped your pants because you couldn't hold it?
Yes. I was 19 and just coming off a greyhound bus from Cleveland. I stood up from my seat and my bowels just relented.

4. Have you ever wet the bed as an adult?
I originally came on to post this story. The other night I came home from work especially stressed out. Fortunately I had my sister watch the girls for me, so I went upstairs. I changed into my pajamas and crashed. I didn't eat dinner, I didn't take my warm shower before going to bed, and most relevent to the story, I didn't go to the bathroom before going to sleep. I woke up at two in the morning, and I realized I wet myself.

5. Have you ever messed your pants in the car?
Not since a family road trip when I was 9.

O no what will I do?? My toilet just broke and I know I'll never get a plumber here until after the weekend. Since I just did a huge poo last night my back door might be ok (we can all hope) but this girl can only hold her pee for a few hours and then like they say," when a girl's gotta pee, a girl's GOTTA PEE.

To Debbie: I kind of have a similar story to what you did about the good old period and diarrhea. Many times I get a good case of the squarts with my period but normally a day or so before I get my period. I can typically get to the toilet in time, and never really was concerned about not getting to the toilet. That is untill about a year ago or less, I got into some big trouble. I was on my way back from one of my friends houses and she had like a pool party, (very nice pool) by the way. Anyway, after the party had kind of died down, I was still wearing my swimsuit, I had dried off long ago and was in the bathroom putting some shorts and a top on to go home. I was getting pretty gassy before this and let some very juicy farts go. While I was in the bathroom I pulled my bikini down to pee and found that I had left some nasty stains in it from my farting. I did not have to crap right then and prefered to go when I got home. But for the sake of not getting my bikini anymore messed up than it was, I put a super huge maxi pad on ( I too only use the biggest). I am not a big girl by any means, so these pads really cover everything and gives me great confidence that I will not leak. On my way home I felt another one of these really huge farts, and figured since I was wearing a pad I could give it a good push and not worry about getting anything on my swimsuit. I lifted my butt off the carseat and let this huge fart go that shook my car, I am suprised I did not bust my windows out. With this fart came a shot of liquid crap, I was so shocked at my self for this! Before I got home I did that again and really had a mess to clean up. The pad did hold it all with no problem, but my butt was a total mess. So that markes my first crapping myself, I have however peed into pads before, not a full bladders worth but some squarts here and there.

petite pooper, please tell about your intentional accidents, and you should really do the depratment store thing.

I have thought some times that is it true that if you have big buttocks you need more toilet paper for wiping compared to flat booty? I remember one friend of mine who has really round, muscular booty and she had to use vast amount of paper and many many wipes to clean up her booty. I suppose that round booty needs more paper and wipes than flat ones.

There was some kind of gross pizza there at camp. me and my new friend Christi got it got something from it. we were the only one who ate it. the bathrooms wer far away so we went out of the cabin and did this secretly, it was at night and we went poo. there was some kind of whole near a tree. we ran towards there and i got there first and pulled down my pants and panties and went diarriah bad she saw me and went in her pants BAD. i kept going and so did she. she fell down and cried silently. she empty it and went again. i was still doing it. when i fineshed she went on the same place but was constipated this time and was in deep pain and fell in my pile. to make her feel better i went in my pants a little. there was on shower near our cabin. so we shared it. we were only 12. poop was on the shower floor


Horrible. I was stuck in hellish traffic on the George Washington Bridge about a week ago. I had started feeling a little icky toward the end of the day, but I thought I was just tired. Instead, it turns out I had food poisoning from the free sandwiches my office put out for everyone for lunch, as several of my co-workers rported to me the next day that they had diarrhea as well.

Anyway, I'm stuck in the middle of the bridge, my car hadn't moved more than ten feet in fifteen minutes, and suddenly I felt the contents of my intestines all ruch down into my rectum. I came VERY close to shitting my pants at that moment, but managed to squeeze my buns together just in time. I panicked, thinking I could either jump out and crap beside my car, or I would have to shit my pants after all.

Luckily, my car is pretty messy, and I had a tupperware container from my lunch a few days prior still in the backseat. I grabbed it, pulled off the lid, open the windows enough to air out the car. I unbuckled my belt, unzipped my jeans and pushed them and my underwear down just past my ass, then positioned my ass carefully over the container. When I was confident my aim was okay, I let it rip. Liquid shit jetted out of my ass like an open fire hydrant! It lasted well over two minutes, luckily the traffic was stopped for that period of time.

When it was over, I carefully placed the container on the passenger seat and pulled my underwear and jeans back up and placed the lid on the container. I drove the rest of the way home, bearing with the slimy, itchy feeling between my butt cheeks. I got home, threw the poop filled container in the trash, rushed inside, ripped off my pants and underwear (now with a big smear of poop in the seat) and jumped in the shower.

My asshole and buns were raw and itchy for the rest of the night. It was the single grossest experience I've had in recent memory.

Jenny poopays
hello people i always have too poop in the morning sometimes when i wake up why is that? has anyone have that problem tell me a story if you do. i always like too look at my dumps after im going its a habit to see how big it is. And me and my friend andi always love too talk about poop its great well happy pooping and sgeezing everybody

mark (serbia)
hello again from cold Belgrade 13 degrees today!
some friends and my cousins came to have a lunch with us...
we ate meat,salad,cheese and drank lots of beer!
and when we ended, we all had coffee...
when they left i had to write an important business email but soon i was feeling my bladder bigger and i started to fart quite a lot...
when i finished to write email, i had a pretty bad urge to pee...
i runned to the toilet, lowered slips and sat down. i was looking between my legs and relaxed and started a nice piss (yellow intense colour who went straight in the water)...while i was peeing i farted loudly in the bowl and saw that the fart made fly some liquid poop and so produced 1 large brown skid mark...i havent finished peeing yet when i felt a poop coming... i pushed hard and saw that it was long and very stinky so it dropped in the already foamed water! i finished peeing finally but had to drop another turd! i farted again for 6 seconds and poop flew out like a missile! i wiped 3 times and saw the messy bowl with 2 poops,3 skidmarks,foamy water and said bye bye and flushed away!!!

Okay so one time i had a diarriah on my boyfriend. i was sitting on him. and i am like i need to go poo. he said what what.. we were cramped in his closet because we were playing hide and seek with his little sister. too late my bowels let go and poo came gushing out. I was wearing a skirt. we couldn't move. then he heard me grunt. ughhhhhh. i stood up on something and pulled my skirt of and my panties sat on his hand and went solid poo. he was disgusted. but forgave me. surprisingly. he said it was okay. i cleaned myself and he took a shower. i am 22 now. we poo in front of each others alot.

one itme he asked me to pooped on a old carpet. i pulled down my pant bent so he could see my butt whole and poo was bulging out. i couldn't do it so he got enema and gave some to me. then my poo finnaly came out. he wiped for me and cleaned up tooo.

one time i was in his car and i was wearing a pair of jeans and i had to go poo. he said just go there are no stops here. i agreeded and made all of this sounds. ughhhhh uhhhhhhhhh and ahhhhhh. he asked me if i was okay and i said yes. and told him to shut up. ughhh ughhh. ahhhhhh. my eyes twitched and i was crying. he gave his hand to me and i cluthched. it was feeling good. once i finish he said i have to go, and he did. he even made more noise than me. once we were totlly finished, we headed for a hotel. he cleaned my pants and his. and

i had diarriah in the shower........

i have alot more stories but i will tell you one that is sooo sad,

when i was about 11. my first day of middle school. i was wearing a short skirt. my teacher asked me to pick up a piece of chalk . in the front of the class my undies were showing but no one noticed until i farted and farted then the class had there attention on me. a black dot to cirle to bulging in my undies. yes yes. i went in my undies. the smell was so bad a girl name Jessie puked and ran.

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