Is it me or every time I am out at camp i dig a big hole sit down and read a book. in private and poo starts coming out. Okay I love to go out in the wild. It feels so refreshing. I told my best friend Nina it. We went to a feild on day and we both dug big wholes and went. She said This Does feel refershing. we came there everyday afterschool. one time i stood up right in here face for her to see me powers. poop was coming out. i went back to my pile and did my buisiness. One it we builded this giganto whole and we shared it. she was grunting and said that the poo was going to rise upp to our butts. We promised to save our poop for the next day. I was exitited. We finished and wiped.

I poop alot soone time i was constipated for 1 week. and my friend nina invited me to see her poop. exitied to see her poop on the TOILET. As she was doing it I was so temped that i pulled down my pants and was going in her waistbasket. it was really full and small so that wasn't enough. i moved over next to her on the toilet and we let out reliefs. i will post more.

You know sara right. Well on time I had to go to the toilet so bad at her house and i stepped in one with her brother in the tub taking a bath. he was 1 years older than uss. i didn't care. i slammed my butt on her toilet while her brother watching. I farted so loudly. and then plop plop for 10 minutes straight. i counldn't wiped i was to sore. so her brother did it for me since the bath was right next to the toilet. it was a secret. so shhhhhh only sara and brian knows

I went to Wal-Mart yesterday to get some Christmas ideas. As I was looking around the Electronics section, I felt some pressure on my bum. I headed to the washrooms and took the stall closest to the handicapped one. The first poo took awhile to come out. As I'm sitting there waiting for the piece to slid in, a woman rushes into the bathroom and takes the stall beside me. She lets out 5 huge farts that sounded like tubas. Then I heard some 'nnnnnnngggghhhh' follwed by a wet fart and two waves of diarrhea. 5 minutes later, she finished up and flushed, leaving the bathroom in a rush. At this time, my first piece was pretty much ready to come out. So I push a little and the piece slids out. Every 10 minutes or so, I would drop another piece of poo. After an hour, I felt empty and stood to wipe. The toilet was filled with 6 light brown turds all about 6-8 inches long. I wiped 5 times and flushed.
Today I went to Wal-Mart again to get some more Christmas ideas. Before I went into any of the sections, I immediately headed towards the bathroom. I took the same stall as yesterday. I could feel the poo right at my hole, so I started letting out little grunts. The first landed silently in below me and the rest was still up my hole. I continued to squeeze and grunt until I felt it was ready to come. As I start to squeeze out my next piece, a woman takes the stall on my left. She starts peeing first. After that, she starts grunting. Grunt 'plop,plop.' Grunt 'plop,plop.' Grunt 'plop, plop.' After her 3rd grunt/plop, I pushed one last final time and felt my hole open up wide as another piece landed in the water. I could still hear Grunt 'plop,plop' Grunt 'plop,plop' beside me. A few more seconds later she finished and was starting to wipe. As she was wiping, I squeezed out a piece of poo that seemed to last forever. The lady wiped and flushed and left. After I had pushed out a few more smaller pieces, I got ready to wipe. As I looked into the toilet, I saw 2 round pieces about 2 inches around, a snake-like piece that coiled around the one ball and into the hole in the toilet and 10 smaller pieces a few inches in length. I flished the toilet, and noticed that I left quite noticable streak marks in the bowl and a faint smell as I washed up.

To Andrea
If you tell me yours, Ill tell you one of mine!

So I was just sitting there taking a nice early-evening dump 2 evenings ago, when my live-in girlfriend comes bursting in (well actually the door was open). She was jumping about and had one hand down inside her little jean shorts and when she saw me on the only bowl in the apartment I thought she was going to cry. Her forward motion came to a stop and her other hand dropped into her shorts as she also bent over and crossed one leg tightly over the other making a real distressed growling sound but eventually yelling to me she was going to pee in about two seconds and I best get out of her way.
I was sitting there for a good reason I told her and I was not done and with that she dropped her shorts, pushed in to the bowl by spreding my knees apart and with a couple fingers holding her pussy lips apart, let go one of the most forcefull gushers of pee I've ever seen. (wow can all girls pee like that?) Thing is though it hit me about chest-high, splashed all over the place, and eventually ran down with I guess most of it going into the bowl.

First post and I have a quick question for everyone. What is the worst item of clothing to be wearing when you really have to go to the bathroom? Hope every has a good day.

Vivian (to Aaron)
dear aaron, your mom shouldn't have absolutely never done that in the toilet. it's the saddest storie i've ever heard i think. any other solution would have been better than this. now you must take the bright side: your nice memories with him are preciouss and perfect, and nothing can harm them. your teddybear remains in your love, and who knows, maibe somehaw you remaine in his love too,in his toy-heaven:)


Two minutes before dismissal were two minutes too late when it started squirting through my briefs and growing a spot on my crotch as I squirmed in my seat, making it squeak and girls giggle. One of them circulated a note that landed on my desk, "He's pissing in his seat!" it screeched in sparkly pink girlie ink. There was a lump in my throat and tears down my cheeks as I tried shutting off the warm liquid running through my clinched crotch making a huge puddle between my dancing Rebocks.

Our first year teacher, Miss Courtney, cupped her hands over her mouth gasping, "Oh my gosh! You should have told us you needed to go to the bathroom! You better go now!" "He is teacher!" blurted the girl next to me. Someone behind me says, "That boy needs a diaper under his jeans!" "Don't laugh" laughed a girl. "Can't you see and hear he can't hold it!" "He been trying to hold it" says another girl, "He been sitting there trying not to let it come out. But there was nothing he could do! "Yeah" says her friend. "There was nothing he could do except go to the bathroom or go in his pants!

The classroom laughter echoed down a long corridor of opening doors alerting emerging students to my glistening dripping urinated wetness. My back pack back was back in class leaving me with nothing to cover up my accident.

I had to walk wet through gauntlets of laughter, teasing, and stares to get to the nurse's office. For some reason her outside line wasn't connecting so she called the girls on fourth period office duty telling them about my "wetting accident in class and down the hall." She told them to contact the janitor while she waited to confirm he was on the way to the scenes of my accident. Then she told them to call my home for "a dry change of pants, shorts, shoes, and socks." Squeals of laughter pierced the receiver. "Just call his mom and grow up!" she yelled and hung up.

Sis was home with "cramps" when the call came from hysterical eighth grade office girls. They had to take turns telling her about my accident because they were laughing too hard. They also took turns telling her exactly what they wanted her to do, which she did. Going to my room she grabbed a pair of jeans, shorts, socks, and shoes and wrapped them in cling wrap in preparation for coming to my rescue.

They told her that school security rules require that anything brought on campus must be visible, including my dry and wet jeans and other things to be kept in the transparent cling wrap. One of the girls arranged for her older sister to give her a ride, telling her to ask everyone she met on campus "for directions to the nurse's office because her brother wet his pants in class and needs this dry pair."

When she showed up at the nurse's office with my transparent care package she had a large following of giggling laughing students. She tells me in front of everyone that I should wrap my peed things in the cling wrap for her to take home. When she's leaving my wet briefs are dangling out behind, a soggy white flag of wet surrender to a bladder filled to bursting and making probably the largest pee puddle circumference ever made in any math class.

While walking home some nasty girl says, "When you get home ask your mommy for pull-ups for big boys who still wet their pants." It was the most awful day I've ever imagined.

Oh boy have I had some really good poops after Chinese food!!! I love hunan is spicy so makes for some pretty rank number 2's!!!

My sweetie and I had some the other day from this carry out Chinese place near my apartment complex. After we ate didn't take long for my insides to start "moving". I quickly went into the bathroom...kept the door open (it doesn't close all the way and I have never bothered to get it fixed so I always leave it open)and hunkered down for a nice, leisurely poop. I pulled my jeans and panties down to my knees, sat on the toilet and leaned forward......I peed a little first then sat for a couple of minutes before I started to push....I didn't have to push too hard as a nice, long, brown snake just slithered out without much effort at all. My honey walked in just as I finished...he was disappointed he missed the show but I showed him what I did before flushing it...I'd say it was about 8 inches coiled around the bowl a little too but it went down on the first flush.........I sure felt good after that!!!!!

Hope you all enjoyed my story!!!!!

Cheers Nancy :o)

My name is Ben. I had to go so bad and she asked me if I had to go. So, I had said Yes. Before I get to the details I am 17 and a half. I have dark brown hair. Wavy. 5ft 9in. 145 pounds. So here i am And she asked me to go in a bush. I had to go bad so I despretly agreed and went in a bush. I was totally constipated. She held my arms while i went. She bent over and said It is coming out. I gave a little turd and nothing else. She had lotion in her backpack so she took it out and wiped it on my butt. Before she had a chance to take her hand out i had diarriah. She said she liked the feeling. so i squeezed more out for her. She is a cheerleader at school, and I am a football player.

Hi Andrea,
I can answer your question in the affirmative. I love eating at BD's Mongolian Barbecue but it induces a pretty substantial bowel movement EVERY single time I eat there. It's gotten to the point that I don't even bother leaving the restaurant until I've hit the crapper because I know that if I get in the car, I'll be in the desperate fight of my life to hold my shit back before I'm even halfway home!!

I've posted some other stories on page 1517 and 1466 about some pretty SERIOUS curry-induced crapping.

You are most definitely not alone when it comes to having to hit the shitter following Chinese food!!

Be Safe,


Today at work I had dumping session with 2 of my co-workers. Soon after lunch break I felt urge to poop. I decided take care of it right away because I had meeting at 1 pm. As I was walking to the entrance hall's ladies room I noticed that Hanna and Heidi came from our lunchroom and it seemed that they were also heading for ladies. We reached the ladies room door at the same time. There was no one else, all five stalls were empty which was quite unusual at that time of day. Heidi entered to the first stall, Hanna took the next one and I took adjacent of hers. Sounds of opening belts and zippers and some rustle of clothes was heard. We all are chatty ladies and we started talking as we proceeded sitting and peeing. Very soon it came out that I wasn't only one who was going to poop. As Hanna was end of her pee she let out a long, puffing fart and I can tell in her voice that she was grunting. We all continued sitting and also Heidi made some soft grunts. My poop was soft and I let it slide out naturally, without any pushing. It was slender and it just kept coming out slowly meanwhile both Hanna and Heidi dropped 3-4 turds each. Finally when my log was about 7-8 inches long it broke off and splashed into the toilet. Heidi was already finished and she started wiping. She flushed and went washing her hands. Hanna and I stayed sitting and pooping. Rest of my poop came out in three smaller pieces, each one making a nice plop. Hanna let out one turd which sounded quite big judging by splash. I started to wipe. As I got up to flush Hanna was still making small plopping sounds. She must be at the end of her poo, I thought. I went washing my hands and joined Heidi who was waiting for us by the sinks. Hanna was finished too and she began grabbing toilet paper.

Mother of Twins
One day i took Jake and Alex to the park.they had just got new shoes,the ones with wheels in them,and they were practicing.Neither seemed to enjoy it because they kept falling.So they went to the sandbox to play with a girl and a boy in there.I sat on the bench and chatted with the mom of the boy and girl.According to her,they werent exactly potty trained.especially Nathan.He wouldnt stop playing to go.That wasnt the case with Natasha.She enjoyed doing it and made her brother do it,too.I told her a few ways to teach them when the kids started being loud.i walked over to jake and alex and requested they play on the playscape.At the same time i saw a wet spot start forming in the sand next to natasha.i tried not to watch it.Nathan was squeezing his dick pretty hard then.jake said he had to go pee.i asked Alex and he said yeah,me to.Nathan was bouncing,totally un-embarrassed about it.My boys would never do something like that in public.i asked him if he had to go,i would take him.He said no and ran onto the swings.I took them into the ladies room.jake looked around,"momma,where are the standers?"[his term for urinal]i replied"ladies rooms dont have them.He said he would not pee if there were no standers.[we have 1 in their bathroom].So i sighed and sent him into mens room.I saw the window on the side.I watched my boys.Alex was too short to reach the urinal,so he went into the stall.there was only 1.Jake danced at said hurry up to Alex,who was apparently crapping.Jake tried to reach the urinal.but he was 2 short.He went over to the trash and stuck in his dick and peed.I was cracking up!

This thing happened a week ago.I was chaperoning Jake and Alex's field was called Walk in the Woods.each chaperone would get a group and u would take them for a walk in the woods at this hike place. and they would take notes on what they saw.It was pretty cool.My group consisted of 6 5/6 y/os-Jake and Alex ????,Mike ????,Westley ????,Kayla ????,and Jayden ????.I had lunch with them and we all used the restroom b4 we left.Jayden was having a terrible day.He is a crybaby.he cried on the bus because some kid called hima dork.He cried when he was put in my group because his twin wasnt in it.He cried some more when i asked him why he wouldnt eat his lunch.He cried when i sent him to pee by himself.U get the point.When we were pretty deep in the woods,he started to cry.i asked why,and he replied that he needed to pee and poo.I looked at my map.We were about 20 minutes from a rest station.When i told him,he cried.Mike replied he had to pee,and evry1 giggled.Mike had 2 go bad,he was squeezing and bouncing up and down.I sent him off to a tree.He had a LONG pee for a 5 y/ was about 2 minutes.Jayden was still crying.We walked on.I told him,u can go in the woods if u have to go that bad.He said no.We walked but Jayden wouldnt move.I said,Group,take a break to write some notes,and took Jayden into the woods,away from the group but enuff that i could still keep an eye on em.Jayden pulled down his shorts and watered a tree.then,he squated to poo.I turned away and watched Mike swing from a branch.I waited for about 5 minutes while jayden crapped.When he said im done,i handed him some napkins and we wiped his ass.I glanced at his poo.It was 2 8 inchers!i was appalled at how much poo this small boy who had no food today[i had asked what he had for breakfast]could make.I was shocked at how much he peed,too.When we finally got to the stop,kayla had crapped herself.I guess i was oblivioues to the fact nobody would walk next to her.I had a cold at the time,so i couldnt smell either!

need your help
Hello, i have ann 11 year old boy who can not feel the urge when its time to deficate. Whith this problem he is going in his pants as he has no control over it. Is ther a name or a syndrome for this? i need all the help i can get, Thank You
P.S I am very concerned for my son as its beginning to ruin his social life as well

My live-in girlfriend needed to pee real bad when she came home yesterday but I was already on the only porcelin bowl. I realized she had a real urgent situtation by the strained expression on her face and the 2 hands tugging on her crotch while she like danced in place bending and crossing one knee over the other. Never did I think teasing her by spreading my knees would have resulted in what she did next. Out of time now, but give a shout if anyone wants to know.

To Becky M.

Thanks for doing my survey, it is bad that you get diarrhea everyday, you should see a doctor. Is it explosive diarrhea?

AJ :-)
Aaron--Your mom and dad were totally-insensitive. They were acting like children more than parents--how Lucy was always doing insensitive things to Linus re: his security blanket.

Personally, if I had a twelve year old son, I wouldn't discourage his having a teddy bear. I'd see it as a sign of sensitivity.

Even if I thought that he was too old to have a teddy bear, I wouldn't flush it down the toilet in front of him. That was sadistic.

If they REALLY felt that it wasn't healthy for you to sleep with your teddy bear all of the time, they should have said that you needed to get used to sleeping without the bear, so they would be putting the bear away with your baby stuff so that you could enjoy him later when you had kids of your own.

I have to wonder what your parents' hang-up was about that bear.

Were they homophobic and afraid that having a teddy bear might turn you gay?

Is your dad your biological father, or is your biological father someone else? The reason I ask is that the bear might have been either given to you by your biological father himself or else by him and your mother back when they were in love. If this were the case, your mother might have been trying to cut ties from her old relationship--perhaps, to satisfy the insecurities of her present husband.

But this would be so childish to do this at your expense.

When you have children, just remember not to do this with them. Remember how you felt.

Another possibility is that the teddy bear might have been given to you by a friend or family member with whom your parents were now on the outs.

No matter what, I thought they showed immaturity when it came to the teddy bear.

One more thing...are you an only child, or do you have at least one other sibling? If you have at least one other sibling, are you the one who is the least favorite such as that little girl in the movie Welcome To The Dollhouse? The parents in that movie (as well as the other so-called adults who were unkind to Dawn and/or ignored abuse she was getting from her peers) made me so mad. I could see that mother in the movie doing something like this--flushing Dawn's teddy bear down the toilet and, perhaps, even having her little pet ballerina daughter get to pull the flusher.

They actually did tear down her playhouse in order to have their backyard "just so" for their anniversary party (a party where Dawn was pushed into the background), and they had the house torn down by the older brother and the shallow little sister.

You deserve an apology from your parents. As soon as you and your possessions are out of the house and in your own place where they can't steal any more of them, I would set up family therapy with a professional, confront them about the teddy bear, and demand an apology.

Ask them to come clean with whatever issues they had that made them put a child of theirs through such a meanspirited experience. Tell them how you still think of the day they stole and destroyed your teddy bear everytime you hear a toilet flush.

I hope that your cuddly friend somehow gets relocated and can be sanitized and returned to you. Perhaps, somebody in charge of sewage treatment might be reading this and remember getting a teddy bear out of the sewage that fits the description of Puffie.

Stranger things have happened.

Hearing your story has inspired a piece of fiction from me. I won't use the name, Aaron in it, because it won't be your story exactly. But it will have a happy ending. Somehow, I honestly don't believe that your little friend simply ended up disintregating somewhere.

I hope that, with or without your cuddly buddy, you've grown up to be a sensitive man and have overcome major emotional scars that might have developed from your parents hurrying you through your development and trying to fit you into those blankity-blank "society's norm" boxes.

I hope that parents reading this will get a clue that children have feelings, too, and that their rights should be respected in regards to their possessions just so long as they don't have something dangerous (e.g. carrying firecrackers around in their pockets or getting hold of a pack of cigarettes). Certainly, loveys shouldn't be flushed down the toilet, thrown in the trash, shredded in a shredder, burned in the fireplace or something of that nature.

Anyway, I'm off my soapbox about that story.

As for Mother Of Twins son, Alex, I think the teacher overreacted, but I still hope that you made it clear to Alex that he was in the wrong in using his heely wheels in school. You did the right thing to remove them since he couldn't seem to control himself. Those shoes have caused accidents. There should be times and places where he can use them but leave them off his shoes when he goes to school, church, out to eat, and other places where they can not only be a nuisance but, also, a danger.

The "witch" teacher probably thought that his persistent asking to be excused to use the bathroom was his simply giving her a hard time and trying to make her go back on the rules.

It probably would have been a better solution had she done as you had and removed the wheels from his shoes and returned them to him after school was over for the day. Then, she could allow him to go to the restroom when needed. She should also tell him that the wheels weren't allowed at school. If he returned to school with the wheels the next day, she should have removed them and sent a note home with him to you that he could have them back as soon as she heard from you and was in on the situation.

Sweet-Surveyer--Those six morons owe you BIGTIME! They definitely need to pay you for your tropical fish (which they killed so that no amount of housecleaning could bring them back to you), and they should pay you for time and supplies needed to get the rest of your house back in order.

When it comes to the fish, they should pay you the cost of the fish--PLUS quite a bit more to take care of personal value to you. For all they knew, the fish could have been the last Christmas present a special friend or relative had given to you before he/she died.

If your boyfriend really has the attitude that this was no big thing, it might be time for him to take a hike, as he's obviously too immature to be in an adult relationship with that kind of mindset.

Nothing special to say about pees and poops these days except to say that it seems to take extra wiping to get cleaned to my satisfaction.

I don't have the question handy to remember who asked this, but somebody asked if any of us had ever been stuck somewhere without toilet paper when we needed it.

I remember when I was visiting my grandparents farm, used the outhouse, and couldn't find the toilet paper. It was probably there, but I just didn't look hard enough. They had inside plumbing, too, but my cousins and I preferred using the outhouse.

I was in there alone that time, and most everybody else was inside the house taking an afternoon nap, as it was one of those lazy summer days.

When I couldn't find any toilet paper, I made a run for the house with my shorts and panties still pulled down and went into the bathroom where I got myself cleaned up.

As it turned out, my older cousin was awake and saw me as I ran across the lawn and into the house. She was 12 and all grown up while I was just a nine year old baby, so she saw it as her right to scold me when I did something wrong.

She got on my case for running across the yard with my butt exposed, and I told her that I looked and didn't see anyone out there, so it didn't matter. She told me that she had seen me--and, not only that, but some of the workers in the field had, too.

Of course, there was nothing wrong with my cousin having seen me, as we had used the outhouse at the same time on many occasions, and we were both girls.

However, the field workers were men, so, when I heard that they'd probably seen me, too, I was mortified and started crying.

My cousin's response to that was to roll her eyes and shake her head--which got me so mad that I threw a tantrum.

i've got a question for you andrea: are your poos quite large after eating out, and are they long logs or mushy soft serve?

joeljack: that's a good plan pal, cheers for that! linda from australia: talking about unfinished poos again- i did a poo this morning before my shower, nothing big just a few small logs. anyway, later at work i started getting these need-to-poo pains but couldn't find anyone to look after the place for me. to cut a long story short, my boss made me work all the way thru til 3, by the time i got home i was about ready to explode. as soon as my arse hit the seat i emptied a lorryload of shit in the bowl!!!

andrea: regarding poos after eating out, there's a brilliant chinese restaurant near where i live where my g.f. and i visit semi regularly. they do a buffet style meal, all you can eat for a tenner! anyway, i always find myself pigging out and going up 2 or 3 times. by the time we get home, i'm usually ready to push a previous meal out of my arse, my g.f. is usually the same so we go one after the other! boy, does the toilet ever stink after we've both been for a shit in there!!!

Frankies Brown Loaf
Hey people.
I was at the mall today and me and some friends were hanging out outside the doghnut shop having a smoke when this woman went running into the main part of the mall and had poop running down her leg. She ran past us and almost knocked Keith over.

We of course followed her. She ran into the women's washroom and we heard a lot of farting and grunting.

And today I had diarhea so I didn't have to go to school.

sean- have you ever had a pooping accident or ever not make it in time, id like to hear the story if you do

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER To Linda and all those people who do not feel comfortable about dropping a load at work. My staff (maybe one exception) have no problems in that regard....they are mostly younger female. As the boss I think staff have a right to feel comfortable and relaxed as possible (without being slack) because that way they are happier and you end up getting more productivity. To me shitting is a natural function like breathing or eating.
LINDA, have you had a colonoscopy? You could try glycerine suppositories or soap..make sure it is softish first...the soap I mean. Maybe you have something not quite right with your muscles in your rectum, i.e. they might not be that strong and when you get a hard turd it is difficult to expel due to lack of strength. Have you thought of yoga or pilates to strengthen your pelvic floor and lower abdominal might help.

Becky M
Andrea, I know exactly what you mean about pooping after Chinese. I love Chinese food, but it certainly does not love me. Just last week I went to lunch with some coworkers to celebrate a good month. I was really hungry, and the Chinese food was exactly what I wanted. I was so full. Well, about 30 minutes after getting back to work, I started to get the all too familiar rumbling in my ????. Mad dash to the ladies room, where I spend the next 45 minutes pooping wave after wave of diarrhea. Such is life with my digestive system.

Of course, when I get back, it turns out one of my coworkers (he's a real jerk) was looking for me. He made a big display about saying he was looking for me for the past half hour. I really wanted to strangle him. I told him I had to run out of the office to take care of something with my car.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Do you ever have to go poop after eating Chinese? Every time after I eat Chinese right when I get home I feel the need to go poop so bad that I can't hold it. It's always like that when I eat Chinese. If you have any stories about having to go poop after you eat out or whatever just tell me your story. Happy pooping!


I remember my most vivid memory of going to the toilet was when I was 12 years old. It's also a sad one for me. I had a teddy bear at the time whose name was Puffie. He was probably 12 inches tall or so and was missing a nose. My mom and dad had been talking and Mom came to my room and told me that I was getting older and shouldn't be playing with a teddy bear. I had a lot of cool toys at the time, but I really didn't want to give up Puffie. She hugged me and told me that I had another hour to play with him. I tried to have a bit of fun with him. I mostly cried tho. After the hour was up mom came in and took Puffie. I was really upset and begged to keep him. She took Puffie to the bathroom and opened up the toilet lid. I screamed and she put Puffie in the toilet! I was totally sobbed up. Mom told me I could have five more minutes to say goodbye. I sat on the floor leaning over the toilet, crying all over his fur. He was too soggy to hug again. Mom came back and told me it was time to say goodbye. I was floored. She came over and told me it was time, and she pulled the flush. She held me back and Puffie swirled around. A few seconds later his furry body started to disappear into the hole. Two seconds later and his head disappeared forever. Puffie was gone, and the toilet made a "glug" sound almost to remind me that it was over. Mom hugged me again and she flushed the toilet a couple more times to make sure Puffie didn't plug up in the pipes. She then left me to cry for a bit myself. I felt really bad about it, but I had to go to the bathroom. I really didn't want to go but I had to. I cried myself to sleep that night wihtout a stuffed animal to cling to.

I still think of him whenever I hear the flush, and it's been 8 years since.


One time I had to poo at a friends house she did to. we had a competition. we would poo on her old carpet. but see who pooed the most. she stoped 5 mins later but i went strong after 15 mins mine was ten times hers. she watched in amazement and said, wow yolie, it felt gooddddd

petite pooper
TO JON: I usually will pee in a jar or bucket that I keep in my room. For some weird reason, I simply can't poop on the toilet. My bowels never seem to relax enough for me to poop. Until recently, I used to get contispated just like EMILY or ANNY until I decided it's best if I go poop in my room instead of being uncomfortable. I must admit I am a shameful shitter so to speak, and going poop on the toilet gets me soo nervous because I'm usually afraid of someone barging in on me. Besides, I like pooping in places other than the toilet. I like to poop myself intentionally, and I really would like to try to have a public "accident". I'm thinking I should wear a disposible diaper, and go to a really big department store someplace where I don't go often, poop in the diaper, and walk around with it in my pants. I'd like to see the looks on people faces when they smell the poop. I wonder if they'll address me or just play it off.

A while back, my mom and my sister were talking about poop. Then my mom asked, do you poop? I'm like duh... I'm human, that's like asking do I breathe. Anyways, I told her yea, you just never see me. I told her that I wait until everyone is asleep before I poop so no one smells it, because it kinda bothers me to poop when I know someone is around. Then, a few nights later, she waited up almost every night just to see if i poop in the toilet, and waited outside the bathroom door for me to finish. Then she proceeded to enter the bathroom like she really had to use it, just to verify that I pooped in it, or that's what i think.

I think she knows about my poop problem or how I rarely poop in the toilet, by the way I have a story about me getting caught pooping outside by my sister two seperate times, but I'll post those later.

more intentional poop stories!!

Mother of twins
This happened today.I was washing the kitchen floor when i got a call from the school at about 1 o clock.The lady told me that "Alexander had a minor accident" and i was to come pick him up.I thot he had gotten hurt.So i rushed to the school.I told the woman who i was and why i was there.She made me fill out a dismissal form and i went ot see Alex while she had a classmate bring down his backpack.He was in the nurses office.The nurse was on lunch,so he was all alone.I walked in and he had a tear struck face.I didnt see any bruises or bandaids,so i asked,"what happened,pal?""She didnt let me pee,momma!"So i understood he had peed himself.I could have brought extra boxers and shorts.I asked him to explain his story.So this is what it was."momma,u no my shoes have wheels in em?Well,once when i went out to get a drink from the bubler,i used my heelys.Some stinkin teacher saw me and told Miss Hayfern.I wasnt allowed to use em.But once,to beat Westley in a race to the pencil shrapner,i used em.So she told me i couldnt leave the room cuz she couldnt trust me.I asked to go the bathroom later and she said no.I really had to pee but she wouldnt let me go.I couldnt even leave my seat,Momma!And i asked like 6 times but she wouldnt let me was almost dribblin out my dicky.I asked and told her it was a 'mergency,but she told me if i asked to go again i would have to go to the principal.And it came out.I tried to hold it,but i couldnt.she asked me why i didnt tell her i needed to go that bad.So i came down here and Miss rebecca[nurse]gave me a sandwich and milk.And then they called u and now yer here."I was open mouthed.How could that teacher not let him go use the bathroom?I asked the secretary if i could meet after school with Miss H .She called and approved.I brought Alex home and told the secretary to tell Jake he would go to miss hayferns room after school because i had to chat with her.So i brot Alex home and changed his clothes and took the wheels out of his shoes.We watched a movie and i had him pack a few toys for him and jake in a bag.At 3 we went up there.I talked to her.This is what she said. "Heely shoes arent allowed in school.I couldnt trust he wouldnt use them.""But he asked to use the bathroom,it is a teachers job to let him go.I understand your thoughts about him wantin to use his heelys,but come on?6 times he asked?Wouldnt u think he had to go?I was almost yelling.She repeated her line about not being able to trust him in the halls with them and then said,"i have no more to say.I must leave."so i switched alex to another homeroom and requested he had no more classes with hayfern the witch.

To BIG PHIL: Yeah, some hotel bathrooms do stop up very easily. You got flush constantly while you're on the can. Poop, flush, wipe, flush, wipe some more, flush. Otherwise, you gotta big problem on your hands. Sometimes us guys don't realize how much we expect to go down that tiny little hole. lol


here's a constipation storie guys. about two years ago, i was at my boyfriend's place, and he told me that he had to poo, invited me to stay with him if i wanted. i'd never seen anybody pooping before except once when i was a child. he sat down naked and put his chin to his chest and started to push, his arms hanging around him. so he did that for about 20 minutes. i asked him if there was anything mooving and he said"yes, but just a little"...then (and this is the inteesting part) he stopped and panted hard, then changed his position getting up on the toilet chair and squatting there, saing it makes it easyer. underneeth him in the toilet there were the tiniest hard dark stools i've ever seen, like tips of matches(and he is tall, althoug not fat). he squatted there holding the pipes wich were bouth sides of the toilet chair, and kept his eys closed. he said he feels full of poo. finally some more small dry pieces got out from his butt swallown like a flower from effort. he also asked if i knew some treatment for hemoroids from straining so hard, wich i didn't knew.
after pooping a little, he looked into the toilet and flushed. later that evening tried to poo again in normal position, but nothing mooved. we went into the bathrhoom and he started washing his bum like usual in the bath tub. only this time ,squatted under the worm whater, he started to strain again. i asked if he'll go in thre and he said he wants to . he kept pushing, his eyes closed, and asked me to put a finger into his hole, wich i deed. he overcome his shyness and pushed with my hand inside. his rectum was, he said he'll try latter. but i gaved hin an ennema with warm whater, and after few minutes he pooed in the tub like a gun lots of furious hard stools, and then lots of softer poo, he was pushing to the end.
hope you enjoy the storie, and send more constipaton stories please. hapy pooping:)

i live in a small aparment complex that is pretty old like built in the 70s and we have had problems with sewer lines for a couple yrs now and they finally deciedded to fix but so they dug up the lines which means i could not use my bathroom for 2 days nd it ws like that for 6 apartments in the complex so the manger of the complex told us we could use her bathroom in her apartment for the time being but i guess she didnt know the problem it would cause. well i really had to poop pretty bad and i hate using public toilets so i guess i would have to use her toilet but i put it off as long as i could till i was to shit myself so i finally got the courage to go to her townhouse and ask to use her bathroom. i got there and asked but she said there was 2 others already waiting i just grabbed my stomach and she said i am sure jenny wouldnt mind if u used hers so she walked to her place and she said no problem so i got in there ripped my pants down sat on the seat i could hear amy and jenny still talking i knew they woulod hear me but i couldnt hold it and i let it rip and it was a loud nasty one i heard jenny laugh and say lets go outside and talk so 10 minutes later i walk out and just said thanks they kind of laughed it off and i just went home . i had to do thattwice more it took them 3 days to fix the lines.

the other day i was at work at my office. it is a old building which i am a sectary for a lawyer. we have about 30 people working there and it is a old building with only 1 bthroom nd there is always a line it is terrible they need to remodel and ad a few bathrooms. the bosses biught our lunch one day so we stayed at the office for that but around 3 or so my stomch started hurting so bd i thought i was about to shit my self i got up went to the bathroom clinching my but togther i got there and it was locked i was totaly mortifyed i had to go so bad after 5 minutes i knocked on the door and asked them to please hurry up another minute passed and sherry came out and said sorry she didnt feel good i said yea me to i ran in and it smelled so bad but i had to go i didnt even get my pants down all the way when somebody was knocking at the door asking me to please hurry i said sorry just got in here i will be a few minutes i heard them just walk way so i sit there and let out a explosion of runny poo and i knew i ws going to be a while so as i sit another knock i just kept going i all ready told them 10 minutes passed i was finally done i walk out and there r 3 ladies waiting all of them cluching thre stomach and but they practly starting fighting for who got to go next.

To Pat:
Shit can be green because of very color rich foods such as spinach which may not absorb fully in the digestive system and end up being crapped out. Shit can also be orange if you've eaten a lot of carrots as all the coloring known as carotenoids don't get fully absorbed and get passed through the stools.

linda from australia: in response to your question about not feeling finished after having a poo- i find that my early morning dumps before i go to work are usually unfinished. this means i either have to wait until about 10am (which can be excruciating) or else ask someone to look after the place while i go and empty myself fully! ps. love your stories by the way!

I have a kind of weird story that might explain why I find it weird that some guys don't feel comfortable about women pooping or pooping with them.

The house I grew up in from about 3 - 19 had a bathroom that had 2 toilets without separation. I lived with my mother and my older sister. None of us had any inhibitions about going to the bathroom right next to eachother unless we had company or something. My sister was usually the first one up and she usually just got up and ate a bowl of cereal and left. She showered after school or in the gym - she played a lot of sports. But I had the same shower/bathroom schedule as my mother. We didn't shower together - that's just too wrong! - but we often went to the bathroom together.

Anyway, one day we were coming home from the store and we dropped my sister off at a friend's house, and she started shifting uncomfortably in her seat. I asked if she was ok. She said she'd be fine but she needed to go to the bathroom. About 5 minutes passed and by the time we got home the Big Mac I'd eaten had worked its way through me. We both headed for the bathroom and we sat down together. I saw my mother lean forward and let go of a high pitched and high pressured bursting fart. I farted a couple of times. She said "Oh god this is going to be a big one!" and then "UNNNNGHHGHHH!" she grunted a lot and I was having a bit of an ordeal with my own. Suddenly she grabbed my hand and said to hold on and she let go of a huge load! I let go of mine at the same time. We sat and chatted and wiped together and carried on for the rest of the day. Later, she told me that she had to poop and invited me to come with her - we were having a conversation already and she wanted to continue if I did. We went to the bathroom and we pooped and just hung out there for about an hour.

Hi everyone!
I live in Canada and this weekend that just passed was our Thanksgiving. I went to some friends' house for the night on Sunday - there were a few of us there. We had the best turkey and potatoes and pumpkin pie in the world, but as usual, I over-indulged.

I got home this morning and went into the bathroom and sat down. I peed for a few seconds but I could feel the urge to poop growing quickly. I wiped after my pee and right then started to fart. It was a normal, dry at first, warm fart; but then I felt moisture and the next thing I heard was a big splatter sound. I looked in the toilet between my legs and there was a big brown mound of semi-liquid poop.

I felt I needed to do some more - so I bent my elbows and flexed my knees and pushed as hard as I could, but nothing came. I got a sudden uncomfortable gassy feeling and it made me lean over. I leaned forward and grunted a couple of times but produced only a couple of small chunks.

I grabbed a crossword puzzle from the mag rack I have as I felt I was likely going to be there for a bit! 5 minutes passed and all I had achieved was a couple of farts and a raw feeling in my bum. I farted once more and wiped and went to the kitchen to grab a snack - maybe a bowl of All Bran would speed things up a bit.

I ate a bowl and not even 5 minutes later I was on the toilet having an anal explosion! I sat on the toilet for 10 straight minutes farting and pooping out a river. When I was done I wiped and looked in the bowl and saw a mixture of colors and textures and thought "oh my God! How long has some of this been in there?!"

I flushed and had to plunge the toilet as there was so much poop and toiletpaper in there it clogged the pipe on the first try! I definitely felt better afterwards!

And this evening I had a second poop - much more relaxing and solid than the one this morning. I usually poop twice a day, but every now and again I get a little bunged and it plays tricks on my schedule!

Well, bye for now! See ya soon!

I got my period and I got cramps and diarhea as I usually do on at this time of month. This month is much worse.
Often I want to pass gas to relieve the cramps but I can't because poop might come out also. I have a long commute on the subway to go to work so I wear a the largest and longest pads I can buy. I wear skirt, control panties and pantyhose so it won't show a bulge through my clothes. Part of the reason for such a large pad is so it can cover both holes in case I accidently squirt I won't stain my panties. This morning I had to stand the whole way and I was doubled over with cramps and I had to cross my legs decretely as possible several times to keep from pooping myself. By the time I got to the office I was in abdominal pain and barely able to hold it. As I reached the stall and lifted my skirt some of it squirted in my pad. A close call. At lunchtime I went to the drugstore and bought some incontinence pads. I never wore them before but I wore one home but I was OK. Here's the question? When you're in public and wearing the pads and you think you can't hold on much longer, do you hold on as long as you possibly can or do you just let yourself go? Also do you just act like nothings going on while you let go in your panties or do you go stand off by yourself as much as possible?

Cheryl Lynne
SQUAT WATCHER . some answers to your questions .

1. I usually squat as low as possible and bend slightly foward to shtto the pee backward.

2. knickers? are we british here hunny? :) I tend to pull my undies[ low cut panties] to my knees, usually.

3. WHY DID THEY INVENT THE MINI SKIRT? SO US WOMEN COULD BETTER URINATE OUTSIDE! with that , it is like ,1. lift skirt all the way up to waist; and 2. lower the panties 3. squat low and make water honey!

3. but oh my god! that freakin' jacklin smith floral skirt, which comes to just below the knees, of mine; that I had on the other night. THAT AND PANTYHOSE! VERY FEMININE LOOKING , BUT??? here I am on some mass back road in the mountains and had to pee after a night of lesbian fun at some GLBT bar in ????. 1. grab flashlight and my purse and lock car, making sure as to not lose the keys! with light, find my way down this trail by this rushing creek. this in two inch pumps, mind you! 3. lift skirt and try to hold that bitch UP and out of the way , while at the same, with the other hand, pull my undies AND YES PANTY down to my knees. flashlight on the ground , I squatted as low as I could and yes, took my fingers opening my flappers and tried to direct my flabby lil' fat puss so she'd urinate toward the back more. I was hoping to not get any on my PURSE AS WELL. AS THIS LESBIAN COUPLE I MET TOLD ME IN THE WOMEN'S ROOM ONCE " EWWWWW! PANTYHOSE AND DRESSES SUCK! THAT'S WHY WE ALWAYS WEAR PANTS TO WORK EVERY DAY!" [ they had a point, hunny.]

4. watch with my willingness? yeah, that bi-guy from new jersey I played with that august night. I just felt comfortble with the door wide open of that hotel bathroom, thinking, " he already saw it all" OUTSIDE? WELL I LET THIS GIRL WATCH ME ONCE, AS THERE I SQUATTED AND LET HER HISS[ being that I am much more attracted to ladies as in 90%lesbian, it was intimate.]

5. getting seen without your knowledge? oh my, here I had to, like go to the ladies room on this country bicycle ride. well riding off the paved road and into this state park which is undeveloped to tinkle in the parked, no sooner did I pull my bike shorts down, squatting low to urinate just off that wood road and as the sassy smelling period pee flowed out my puss-puss; this door of a pick up truck slammed shut. quickly I pushed hard and peed all that nasty yellow PMS'sssy pee out as fast as I could; trying to get it all out, taking at least five blasts to get it all out. as I pulled up those bike shorts and walked toward the bike, here comes this guy with his woman up that wood road. I smiled and blushed as I rode past and out saying " hi" . getting back onto that paved road I laughed and said to myself " YAH! HAD TO USE THE LADIES ROOM BAD! CHERYL-LYNNIE-LYNNE!"


Sweet Survey-er

Hi, and welcome. I have a story for you. Last weekend i went to a friend's house to watch the AFL Grand final (Australian Footy). My friend lives near the beach and lives with her boyfriend, they rent a beach house which is quite expensive.

Anyways, her boyfriend had some mates from Melbourne staying over (about 6 of them). They all got really drunk and trashed their house, acting like complete idiots. Someone smeared peanut butter all over the bedroom wall and stuck knives in it. We also discovered peanut butter in my friend's tropical fish tank (which killed her fish).....then in the morning, we awaoke to find that one of them had taken a crap in the bathtub! It was exactly the same as you described- resembled a cowpat. The smell as you could imagine was terrible- after a solid day of drinking and eating BBQ meat. My poor friend was so angry and embarrassed and had to clean it up. Mysteriously, all of the 6 guys left before we discovered the mess.

As we were leaving, outside the house we found another pile of crap covered in flies and there was also vomit. It was not a pretty sight. I told my friend that she needs to tell her "so called boyfriend" to keep his mates in line or that she should ditch the guy all together, as he didn't seem too phased by it. One of them actually said "hey its Grand final weekend they do things like that" as if that was their excuse. These guys were all in respectable jobs, all over the age of 21......what do you guys think? I was totally appauled and embarassed for her.

Were you angry RANDOM POOPER? Did you end up questioning your mate over it?

I remember a day on a school bus when a girl across the aisle sat squirming in her seat with tears down her cheeks, her butt muscles straining through tight jeans, her legs pressed together moving back and forth and up and down making abrasive tight denim swishing sounds. Her snug fit jeans were obviously pressing on a full filling bladder.

Suddenly she thrusts her hands between her legs and stiffens in her seat with a glassy eyed open mouth surprised expression, pulling up hard straining to hold in what's already running through her fingers and splattering under her seat. A fast growing puddle soon sprouts tentacles branching out and wetting book bags, note books, folders and other things sitting under other seats. Her accidental voiding seemingly voided a lot of homework.

The bus driver made an exception to a school bus rule by stopping in front of the wet girl's house, sparing her four blocks of walking wet humiliation. Everyone was laughing, especially when she got up dripping dowm center aisle and exit steps leaving sun sparkly drops across the sidewalk and up her front walk, her tight pressing pee stains accentuating under things.

A compassionate bus driver held his brakes, visually escorting the girl in wet pants to her front door where she hurriedly fumbled for her keys and an escape from a kind bus driver with a bus full of laughter. She finally opens the door quickly slamming it behind her wet behind.

Someone later said she didn't come out for a week! But a week wasn't long enough to erase memories of an incident remembered and gossiped about for school years.

mark (serbia)
Hello all im new here!
1 hour ago i been to the toilet and had the best piss and poop ever...
I was watching tv with great pressure on bladder since i needed to pee...suddenly i felt a fart going in and decided to let it go (boy did it smell). 2 minutes later i felt another one coming so i decided to head to the bathroom! i lowered my jeans and my boxers down to my feet and sat down... as soon as i sat, this fart came out so loudly for 5 seconds (it boomed in the bowl, how i enjoyed that ;)), then i started a slow stream of yellow piss who went directly in the water tinkling loudly! 30 seconds passed from the mega fart when suddenly i felt the need to fart again so while i was still peeing i pushed hard to make it louder! it was extremely loud and boomed again in the bowl but now i was feeling finally a poop making its way... i finished peeing after 1 minute and half and was pushing again... i felt my anus opening wide and saw the turd coming out... i pushed and farted once again and it dropped in the water with a nice PLOF :)
i still felt full so i pushed again, and resumed peeing which lasted 20 seconds. as i peed i let out a turd longer than first! i was now empty and so got up and wiped 2 times my asshole and looked into the bowl. there were 2 skidmarks and foam in the water and those 2 farts made it smell worse oh my god!!!
i flushed and washed hands and went back to tv ;)

TO Pat:
Green shit?? Could be any number of things. What have you eaten recently? On extremely rare occasions, my poop has had a light shade of brown/green - but look at my post on page 1386 for my shocking experience with green turds.

TO Courtney:
Old habits die hard! LOL!
I sincerely hope you're enjoying your experiences to their fullest - but be careful just the same!


No really interesting movements this past week or weekend. I had a good, but pretty unremarkable, shit last Thursday. Six or so dark brown stools came out and sank to the bottom of the toilet. It left me feeling relieved, but not that good empty feeling Emily mentioned earlier. Two were about 6" long x 1 1/2" wide. The remaining four were shorter, ~4" each. No farts to speak of when I was doing it... and it was a clean dump, taking only 2 wipes.

I felt very constipated on Saturday and took some ExLax at bedtime to relieve the pressure the next morning - but nothing came until 11 o'clock in the evening on Sunday. And even then, it didn't seem like the ExLax had done much of a job.

Take Care,


Mr. Clogs
Hello all, hope everyone is doing well, warm here in the US on the east hear in New Jersey. I got a quick post to share. This morning having to poop real bad, haven't pooped good for several days, I'm living up to my name! Anyways, I got to work, said hello to the security guards and the receptionist on the Second floor, made me a quick dash to the men's room to handle my busniess before boarding the company work shuttle to go back to New Jersey on a project. Got in and took the first stall, quickly took off my jacket, unzipped my pants and pulled down my blue "stretchy" nylon briefs and sat on the can to take a quickly dump. So I sat on the can for about 5 minutes wiped up and put back my underwear and pants back on, washed my hands and hurried out to the shuttle and catch my bus, of course getting something quick to eat. I guess you can call this one a "Rush...rush...rush!" Oh well, you gotta do what you gotta do.

petite pooper: Great post, nevermind those "friends" of yours in school finding pooping discusting. Hey we all do it, they sure act like they never taken a dump in their lives.

oldpoop: I say all the above may be the cause of an itchy butt, hope this helps.

Mother of Twins: Kids can be unpredictable at times, they see what others are doing and try to immitate them. Nice post though.

Alice: Sorry the hear about you being sick, interesting post about using the nighttime container for the peeing into and making quite a mess. Hope you doing better, as for me, I'm doing fine and swell. Did you get my post about my nighttime container rotation system? You would get a kick out of that system! Take care and have a great week.

I miss taking a dump in my containers. Oh well, you all have a good week.

Take care.

Mr. Clogs

sean-id like to hear more bout your accidents
um well theres too many to count I have kinda sudden urges so if im not within 15 minutes of a bathroom I most likely have an accident if I have to go. And suprisingly I still wet the bed on occasions too. I guess its from my father or something. I hadnt wet the bed for almost three months until 2 nights ago and my girlfriend got mad and dumped me. T.T oh well who needs her

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

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