Earth Elemental
A week ago, me and two friends (Jane and Andrea) were at a contest where we had to keep our hands on a car in order to win it. We were an hour in when Andrea felt the call of nature. Moving closer to me, she whispered "I have to go". Before I could respond, she crouched and pushed hard. The back of her jeans tented sharply and began to bulge.

A few minutes later, she looked across the car to Jane and said "I can't go being watched. Maybe you could go too?" Surprisingly, Jane shrugged and let a giant log into her pants, which tented in front because she was standing funny. She kept going, and eventually the front of her pants stuck way out. Seeing the lump in the front of Jane's jeans, Andrea relaxed and grew the bulge in the back of her pants by several inches, gently rounding out the seat of her jeans. Jane grunted again, and pushed hers out a bit more.

After they were done, they went on like nothing happened, except to move a little differently. Long story short, Andrea won.

Hi. Long time reader, first time poster. I'm 5'2, about 20 pounds, brunette, most of the boys have a major crush on me. I suffer from bowel incontinence, so I take immodium, but often forget (to my dismay) The worst incident was when I was riding downtown. The urge hit me so bad. I let out several farts that smelled like about 50 skunks together. I ran into a bush (leaving my bike behind) and found a likely spot. I tore off my jeans and thong (as not to mess myself) Then I found a tire and squatted over it, and when my ass was in position, I let rip. In a mountain of gassy farts, yellow shit poured from my butt so fast that the tire was splatted with poop. Then I squeezed out some loose doodies. Then the urge came again, and this time I shat on the tire itself. Then I wiped with leafs. After that I put on my jeans and thong and went to my bike before riding away.

Dr. Poop
Hi everyone I have another woman peeing story for you. I was probably in fourth grade when this happend. I was taking a test in a room by myself and the woman proctering me had to go to the bathroom. There was a bathroom in the class room, and she went into that bathroom instead of the one out in the hall. So of course I listened why'll I was testing. She closed the door and then I heard her pull down her pants and sit down on the toilet. About ten seconds later she started to pee. When she did it was very lowd, and lasted for a minut or two. After she finished I heard her take some toilet paper and wipe herself. All the while I had a hard time consentrating on the test. She flushed the toilet whitch had a lowd industrial flush sound and came back out of the bathroom and asked me how the test was going and I said fine.

hello I'm a 23 year old male. I have a girlfriend who doesn't mind pooping in front of me and i don't mind dumping in front of her. I normally take a crap about every third day, but lately, i've been constipated for about 4 and a half days.....until yesterday evening. My girlfriend and I were staying at a roadside motel for the night. I told her that i really feel that I'm going to need to use the toilet soon (of course I've been feeling that for the past day in a half) she said that she felt she needed to poop also because she hasn't pooped since yesterday morning. She walked over to the toilet and sat down. For some reason, we both enjoy the feeling of pooping and watching eachother poop. so we normally never close the bathroom door inless we have guests over. she is a germaphobe so she ended up squatting over the toilet. her shorts were down to her ankles and her face was a little strained. just watching her made me feel like I reaaly had to poop. she said she felt her turd coming out. a few seconds later, I saw an inch long turd slowly come out but before long, the turd seemed thicker, maybe an inch and a half - two inches, she pushed and pushed then it dropped into the bowl. Before I culd ask if she was finished, a thick 3 inch turd dropped followed by about 3 small 2 and a half inch turds. she smiled and said " I'm finished". she wiped about 7 times and then flushed. I sat right on the toilet and pushed. she asked if I needed to hold her hand because it might help. i took her hand and strained. Suddenly, i felt my first turd come out! I told my girlfriend and she said to keep pushing. everything became silent and then you could hear a slowly crackling. my turd was very hard and dry and thick. I couldn't hear the crackleing anymore. My turd was stuck!!! i didn't know what to say to her so I started pushing harder and straining. she asked if she should probably call a doctor. I told her that it was stuck and it really hurts. she asked if she can see it so i leaned back against the back of te toilet and she said that she should run to the store and buy some petrolium jelly or some vegteble oil to help it slide out. i said "i can't wait that long, this really hurts". she grabbed a long piece of toilet paper and some hand lotion and rubbed the lotion where my turd and my anus meet. then she took hold of my thick turd with the toilet paper and pulled. the turd slowly was being pulled out. i heard a splash. she told me to keep pushing the rest out. i pushed and this time I didn't need assitence. it slowly came out but it wasn't as slow as the first one. about 3 minutes later the second ne splashed into the toilet. I pushed one more time to get the last turd out which was dry and crackled out of my anus like the first one, but didn't hurt as badly. it took about 6 minutes to get the third one out. i stood up and looked into the toilet. the first turd was 7 inches long and 2 inches wide! the second turd was about 4 inches long and 1 and a half inches wide. the third turd was 5 inches long and 1 and a half inches wide. i pulled up my pants without even wiping because it still hurt really badly (i probably didn't even need to wipe because my poops were so dry). i flushed but my stash wouldn't go down. i looked for a plunger but there wasn't one in sight. my girlfriend suggested maybe we call someone to help plunge it. but i said we should leave it and they will get it tomarrow. we went to sleep not too long after (about 10:30). I woke up early in the morning to take a piss and then i saw the pile but i didn't care i just peed on top of it. my girlfriend woke up a half an hour later and went to pee and take one more crap but she said it wasn't serious, it was just her daily pooping time. she sat on the toilet and pushed... about 5 minutes later, i heard a splash..she pushed some more.... I heard abou 3 more small splashe. altogether, this morning, she pooped about 11 inches of turd.

well....thats my story
if anybody has had a constipation story, please share it! I'd love to read it! ok, well I hope to hear from you all soon...

p.s. my name is Michael..... ok bye

petite pooper
For some reason in school, people (especially girls) think that it's gross to poop in public restrooms. Well, for that reason, I've become a little intimidated to poop when I'm in school. But one day, I felt like my intestines were going to explode if I didn't get to a toilet soon. So I asked my teacher if I could go to the restroom. We have a strict hall pass policy. You must have a pass to leave the room, so I had to fill out the form in order to go. My teacher said you have two minutes to be back, since the bathroom isn't that far away. Well, let's just say it took me way longer than two minutes to be back. When I got back, this girl said I took too long and was probably playing in the halls. She was mad because she had to wait until I got done with the pass to leave the classroom. When she got back she annouced to the whole class that the girls bathroom smelled really bad, suggesting that it was me who'd done it. Everyone started making farting sounds, and asking did I have a good poop. The teacher even whispered to me that I should have said I'd need more time. I was humiliated because by then I'm sure everyone knows it was me who smelled the restroom up. But hey, if people weren't supposed to poop in public, then they wouldn't put

hi Brian at Sears: I work at JC Penney's, we have never had stall doors in either of our men's restrooms (the women have doors with locksjust like Sears) None of our male staff are bashful, sometimes a customer may make a comment, but they still shit in there. Only difference is ours are cleaned ONLY by male attendants. Otherwise we fart , shit read and wipe our asses just like you guys at Sears. My wife read one of your posts about your cleaning lady walking in on you guys, she said NO woman besides her is going to see her husbands privates. LOL. And we been married 37 years ..

tighty whitey - good story

sean-id like to hear more bout your accidents

My boyfriend and I were out one night and we ate at Dairy Queen for
dinner we got talking in the perking lot and by the time he realized that he had to pee the store was closed.He had to pee and pretty desprately too so right there in the parking lot he pulls out his penis and pees infront of everyone who was leaving the store.

Hi, have posted here a couple times and also a few years ago when my name was student. Any guys have any stories about seeing or catching a girl taking a dump. I will start posting more reguarly.

Good morning--rainy here. Question: Itchy butt: Do you get it often? What brings it on? Foods? Inefficient wiping? What do you do about it? Does it work?

A couple of days ago I had a meeting across town from work. I had already had my first b.m. of the morning, but while driving I felt the need for another. (I had felt it earlier; farted some, felt the pressure; but when I sat in the restroom at work, the feeling went away. In the car, it returned.) I arrived at the shopping center where the meeting was to take place, but I didn't want to ask for the men's room in the actual meeting site, so I went into a large grocery store nearby and found the men's room. One of the stalls was occupied, but just as I was hanging up my coat, the person flushed, so I didn't get to hear any pooping noises. I sat down, pushed slightly, and felt my movement sliding out--soft, several pieces, as is usual these days on my high-water diet. I wiped myself several times; the first wipe brought a thick smear of visible poop, the subsequent ones less, until with the last one I could see very little color. Of course, I spit on the paper for a couple of the wipes, but I couldn't do my final Noxzema wipe, of course. Nonetheless, my anus felt fairly clean. The meeting went well, and I went back to work.

Later that evening, my bottom began to itch a bit, then more intensely. Even though I did not have to poop, I sat on the toilet and re-wiped myself. There was a faint yellowish stain on the paper, so I re-folded it, dabbed some Noxzema on it, and wiped again, this time thrusting the paper well up into my anal canal. Again, the area felt cleaner, and the itching went away. Obviously, it had been caused by insufficient wiping of the soft b.m. from my bottom.

I have also noticed that an itch can start after farting, but doesn't always. Does anyone out there have experiences with this? (Actually, I know you do--will you tell us about them?)

Happy pooping, everyone!

some kid
emily, you need to eat more food. most people would die after 2 weeks of being constipated, and if you can make it a month without a trip to the ER, than it sounds to me like you're depriving your body of calories and nutrients it needs. and if you're young still, and not eating enough, you can permanently screw up your body.

I shit green for a few days. Why?

petite pooper
Recently, I was diagnosed with a thyroid diease called Graves Disease. Long story short, my hormones were acting up causing me to have to poop more than usual. After eating, ten minutes later, I need to rush to the the toilet. Well, in school (this was before I knew I had Grave's Disease) I'd just eaten lunch, and seriously needed to go. My teacher was like sure, but when I got to the bathroom the doors were locked. I tried to run to the next restroom, but couldn't. Needless to say, I pooped my pants right outside the restroom. I was so embarrassed that I left school without permission. The next day I had to explain to the teacher about what happened and he said he figured something like that had happened and was understanding, but when I think back to that day I still feel very embarrassed.

HI All-
I have a diarrhea story to share: This happend to me about a week ago. I must have ate somthing that REALLY didn't like me because I had diarrhea for days and hours at a time! I went to a party with my friends and they had caviar, sushi, salmon, and tuna! ??! I tried every tasty thing and LOTS of it! I had cream brule' for dessert! I felt SO bloated after, but then I was asked to dance. I said no, but he insisted. Now, I don't know about you, but I wouldn't really want to be swung around after eating so much! My stomach began to ache and churn. It made some unpleasent noises! Rarrr, vvvvmmmmm, choooooo! My dance partner was spinning, and twirling me like mad! I felt the 4 glasses of coke that I drank slosh in my ???y. After 5 minutes of dancing, I was desperate! My whole body was sweating VERY badly. It was uncanny how much I needed the toilet. My bowels were being twisted in every direction, my stomach was throbbing, and I would feel diarrhea bubbling in my anus! I swallowed hard, and some diarrhea squirted out. It was slimy and sloshing in my undees. I BOLTED for the toilet, to find the damn janitor! He said 10 minutes, I told him NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I screamed at him to leave, now I had diarrhea squirting out my anus, it ripped my undees, and it was pouring down my legs, out of my (expensive) skirt! I ran into the stall, and had diarrhea for, like, 3 hours! It was the color of snot, and my stomach hurt, and my anus burned! This went on for like 3 days after!

I have a request: I want to hear MORE diarrhea stories!
ANNY: Nice story
MASTER BLASTER: That was interesting!
I am completly over my constipation (and diarrhea) I am back to normal poops now! :-)

Mother of Twins
Sorry i haven't posted in awhile.My computer has been messed up and the boys have started school.For those who don't know me i am a 30 y/o mom with twin 5 y/o's,Jake and Alex.Here's a story that just happened last monday.It was a beautiful day outside.When i went to pick up the boys from school,I decided we could stay awhile after school and they could play.A few other moms did too.So when they came out,they dropped their backpacks and played wallball with a few other kids.I chatted witha few other moms and then i saw this kid squeezing his dick.He was playing with a few other kids.As i watched him,he kept squeezing.His mother came up to him a few times to tell him not to be so loud,but i guess she didnt notice.I saw thtat Alex was peeing on the fence about 10 feet away from the playscape.The boy,Spencer,watched him.he looked down at his dick,which he was squeezing.But his brother yelled,"Spencer,come save me" and made dying noises.So he ran after him.He squeezed as he played.He would stop,but quickly start again.I eyed my boys.They were on the monkey bars.I watched Spencer climb on the monkey bars when my boys jumped off.I watched them play,when i heard a noise.Spencer was peeing himself on the monkey bars.It went through his shorts and dripped on the ground.He was wearing very short black and white striped shorts,so u could barely see the wet spot.His mom looked at him as he jumped off and said nothing.Spencer kept on playing,but i chuckled when he walked like a duck.When i gathered my boys,i had them wash their hands and told them not to go on the monkey bars until it rained.

Dave B
Hey guys. Today I've been trying to eat a lot of foods that make you poop easier and makes the poops bigger. So I ate about 3 bananas, ice cream, 2 apples, 3 whole wheat sandwichs, some carrots and a salad. I hope I have a good poop tomorrow. I'll keep you posted on the details of when I do =P

Anny - Hey I'm glad to hear that you're having normal poops again. Congratulations =P Wish I could have been there lol. Just glad that everythings ok. I remember seeing the part in Scary movie 4. I know it's supposed to be funny, but I think it's kind of hot, just because it's carmen electra pooping. How often do you get to see that? I also remember seeing rugrats when I was little and that part with angelica. The 90s were good times.

Emily - Also glad to hear that everything is ok with you too. That sounds like an amazing dump. Wish I could have seen it lol. Hope you start to go more regularly now.

AJ :-)
Want to hear about the masterPEEce I created last weekend?
I went to another town to do some shopping. Before I left, I had a couple of health drinks.
Along the way, I began feeling an urge to pee but found no really private place to get out to squat.
Soon, I was close to the city limits of where I would be shopping and knew that I shouldn't even THINK about trying to take very many steps away from my minivan or I would just pee along the way.
Thankfully, I found a private part of this nearly-deserted parking lot of an office building.
I opened the door, got out, dropped my jeans, and squatted down to pee.
Out it came fast--which is my usual speed for peeing.
Now, my pee puddles will usually be elongated or just a kind of big, random splatter.
Not this time!
This time, it was a pool that, if it weren't actually perfectly round, it came close!
It was about the size of the cardboard under a large pizza.
It sparkled in the sunlight like a mini-pond.
I wonder when the next time will be that I'll end up producing something like that!


Ive been laid low with a flu type bug. God it seemed to hang about for days, making me feel really unwell. I spent three days in bed, aching all over with a violent headache. My b/f brought me a pitcher of water before he went to work each morning as I had a raging thirst, thru a high temperature. The second day the bug really took hold and I had these weird dreams. I laid there knowing I had to pee but couldnt get my legs to coordinate with the rest of my body. I eventually managed to get out of bed and was absolutely busting to pee. I clutched my crotch and sort of waddled about 6 inches across the floor and felt an ominous squirt. So I had to use my nightime container. Even that was difficult as I couldnt balance and in the end I put it on the chair and sat on it, well hovered over it. I missed quite a bit and my b/f had a mess to clean up when he got home. The following day my G.P made a (unheard of) home visit and prescibed antibiotics as I had an ear infection as well.
Thank goodness Im better now and starting back at work tomorrow.

Hi Mr Clogs, hope you are well.

Peace to all.xx

Greg (Mike's Friend)
Hey Steve!!

I really enjoyed your telling of the "interesting dump" experience at your conference with that secretary within earshot of your semi-noisy bowel movement. Of course, most of my stories revolve around individuals experiencing noisy major shits around me at least and possibly other people of the same gender. There ARE those times however, when our personal businees gets overheard by certain members of the fairer sex with interesting results.....

I almost hate to interupt my conmtinuity of Mike stories, but he's not involved in a couple of stories that are similar in nature to yours which your account reminded me of.....

About 3 months ago, I was driving down through Indiana to a conference of my own when I decided to make quick stop at a rest stop to take a leak, get a Coke and chips and possibly make a motel reservation.

When I got out of my car, I was soon followed by a young man of about 30 with his wife and 3 small kids in tow. They kids were 2 girls about 6 and three and a boy, probably about 4. The guy was about 6'3 195 pounds, sandy brown hair, hazel green eyes and was wearing khaki shorts and open-toed sandals. NICE looking guy all around. Unbeknownst to me at the moment, but the young man was also accompanied by a painfully throbbing butt filled to overcapacity by a massive load of shit.

As I was headed into the restroom, I heard the young guy tell his wife he would be right back and that he had to go to the bathroom. Well, for this guy to say he had to go to the bathroom was like the Pope saying saying is a practicing Catholic. Turns out this dude needs to shit really bad.

Well this bathroom has no door at the entrance.. You just walk in.. And there's nothing to mask the noise that emanates from it, and this room is RESONANT!!! Out in the hall, not only are there his wife and 2 kids, but probably about 7 other ladies of varying ages between 30 and 70. Let's just say their ears were in for a special treat.....

As I'm standing at the urinal, the loaded young guy comes in a few moments behind me and heads into the first stall. After a couple moments of hurried prep work to be sure the seat was dry, the dude drops his khaki shorts all the way to the floor and pulls his grey briefs all the way down to just above his ankles before mounting his painfully throbbing butt on the toilet.

A moment later, dad just RIPS an explosive fart that shakes the walls and announces his distress to the whle planet. BLATBLATBLATBLATBLOOT!!! A second later a HUGE load of semi-soft shit comes gushing out of the dude overwhelming the poor guy in the process as it hit the water in LOUD flooshes.

"Oh Cripes" you could hear the guy moan as he realized his massive shit was being heard by the whole world, or at least by everyone in the bathroom and just outside the door.

A moment later, the guy was hit with a second wave of shit folowed by a third all the while accompanied by LOUD gassy farts. You just knew that HE knew that everyone outside could hear him filling the badly-needed toilet with excrement but there wasn't anything he could do about it except get it over with as soon as possible.

When I walked outside, I could still hear the young dude really farting a whole lot occasionally splattering the walls of the toilet with some more shit that was really soft and loose by now.

As I walked out, I saw the guy's kid giggling about what their poor dad was going through whle Mom tried to pretend like nothing was happening.

Finally, like Steve, the young dude eventually started to wipe up and also had to have a multi-pull experience that resonated through the area. After he flushed and came out, the young guy let out a loud "Wheeeeew.." as he left the bathroom needlessly announcing he had taken a major dump to a world that already knew it.

After dad finally emerged from the bathroom, his kids bugged him for some candy and soda with him eventually compromising and getting them juice and chips. His wife, knowing that the whole world had just heard him drop a nasty shit just wanted to get out of there!!


Some years ago whle working at a summer camp, I worked with this one dude who had played some college football. Fred was about 6'5 and 230 pounds with a loud cutting DEEP voice. Working wiuth Fred for 2 years each summer and with those open multi-stall bathrooms right in the middle of the crew house, I had some interesting xperiences with Fred, but the most relevant one came one day on his day off before I was to go in.

As I was resting on my bunk getting ready for a late afternoon shift, I heard this loud booming fart come from the bathroom down the hall followed by the unmistakable crackle of someone filling a toilet with lots of soft loose shit. Walking down the hall, I heard a whole lot more crackling, sputtering and farting before seeing a pair of Size 18 sneakers under the stall partition where one of the toilets was. Well, that removed any doubt that the one taking this major shit was Fred. As I looked up, I could actually see the top of Fred's head and his neck tensing (the partitions weren't very high, and as I said, Fred was 6'5) whle he grunted in that deep bass voice of his while grinding out another big round of shit.

Having satisfied my curiosity, I made my way into the common living area
and was astounded to see Fred's Girlfriend there waiting for him. They were both off that day and were headed to the beach as soon as her badly loaded boyfriend polished off his very major shit..... Which was going to take some time as it turned out. Since I knew Fred's girlfriend and we were on really friendly terms, we started up a conversation pretending like we didn't hear Fred filling the toilet with shit, although it was clearly on both our minds!!

As we talked, Fred continued bumming on the toilet and our conversation was interspersed with various deep grunts, crackles, farts, sputters, and plops. Finally after about 12 minutes of this, Fred was finally finished relieving himself and also executed a multi-pull wipe job.

After flushing and washing up, Fred came out with a BIG relieved grin on his face.

"Sorry about that, Hon!" was how he greeted his girlfriend. She responded by giving her very relieved boyfriend a big kiss before saying goodbye to me and taking off for the beach with Fred.


And finally.... I DO have ONE girl dumping story to tell....

A few months back, I was at a train station in Iowa about to grab a Westbound Amtrak train for Sacramento. Among other passengers on the platform was one gal, about 29 with her dad headed back to Denver. After her dad left, she seemed kind of confused about train travel so I answered a whole bunch of her questions to put her mind at ease. Apparently, my answers didn't totally put her bowels at ease however.
A little while later, I was with several other people, men and women talking in the station waiting room. This is a small old staion built by the railroad back in the pre-Amtrak era. As we were tlking, the one gal whose questions I had answered headed into the small restroom in the station. The exterior door to the bathroom was propped open by a vending machine which was too heavy for her to move so she just goes in. A few moments later we hear the wood toilet seat clack down on the bowl. A few moments after that, we hear a *LOOOOUUUUD* fart absolutely THUNDER from the restroom followed by a long watery-sounding WHOOOOOOOSH....... The poor girl was well within earshot of ALL of us as she had a rather unfortunate bout of diahrrea although several of the guys pretended not to hear it. That was sort of like ignoring an 800-pound gorilla smacking you over the head.. Poor gal had to repeat this process a couple more times before we finally caught the westbound train.

I later met the gal for dinner in the diner but I didn't have the heart to ask her if she was feeling better!!!!

Hey Cute and Shy, whats up? To answer your question to your last post, I dont remember, LOL! So don't forget to to post your story. I can't wait for it, thanks!

I've been sick for the past 2 days :( I've had diarrhea only 3 times so far in the past 2 days, and no accidents yet, thank goodness, but I've come close to filling my pants twice.

YESTERDAY: I went to the library with no actual feeling of being sick, so I figured I was fine, and I got dressed and went to the library. However, as soon as I got to the library I started feeling nauseous and had to sit in the middle of the floor to avoid passing out. I sat there for about a good 20 minutes to clear the dizziness from my head and to try not to throw up, because the feeling that I needed to puke was rising in my throat and my stomach hurt pretty bad, but after a while I recovered and was able to walk around.

All of a sudden, in the middle of searching for some interesting books, I felt a rumbling down below and a surge of liquid hit my bowels and I kept my cheeks clenched together so I wouldn't have my first public shitting accident. I quickly waddled to the counter and checked the books out, and asked for the key, and the librarian said she would get it for me. After about 10 minutes, she still hadn't attended to me, so I asked again, and she said hang on, and I said, "Please, it's an emergency." She again said hang on a minute. I answered, "I don't have a minute, I need to go now, and badly." She's like, "The key is in the basket there." I grabbed it and half-ran, half-waddled to the washroom and fiddled with the key in the door, since it was so hard to open, and I was really desperate. I didn't have time to try to figure out how to use the key! I was about 10 seconds from shitting myself royally when finally the door clicked and pushed open, after the millionth try, and I locked the door after me and hastily pulled down my pants and thong and plonked my skinny butt down on the seat. Immediately, liquid started gushing out, along with some soft pieces. I felt like there was more in there, but no matter how much I pushed, nothing else came out, so I presumed I was done. I wiped as best as I can and pulled up my pants and thong. I then sat in the library for a while longer til the dizzy spell passed up. Then I went home and had a small dinner and fell asleep really early.

TODAY: After not sleeping too well, I had to get up early to go for an appointment with my counsellor for a 3-hour assessment. I was tired, but after a shower and some fresh air, I was fine. I got to the counselling place pretty easily, considering it was my first time there. I bought an extra large french vanilla cappucino as a treat to myself. About an hour later I was finished, and I got out of my appointment at around 4 pm, and took the subway and streetcar back home. The subway was making me sick, with all the rocking and moving, and the nausea came back. It was all I could do to not vomit all over the puke-orange seats. I finally got home, and shortly after dinner, I felt liquid rush to my bowels again. I ran to the washroom and almost lost control, for the second time in 2 days. I yanked my pants and thong down and sat on the seat, when this watery stuff and chunks started coming out. I wiped and changed into my pjs after. Then not even an hour later, liquid hit my bowels again and I was forced to tell my friend on MSN goodbye and ran to the washroom. This time I shit out nothing but liquid, and I strained, but nothing else came out. So I wiped, and got off the toilet. I haven't had to go lately, and I have to take the Greyhound to my mom's for Thanksgiving tomorrow, so hopefully I won't have any close calls or accidents. Maybe I should bring extra pants and panties just in case, even though I know there's a washroom there, it might be occupied, and changing clothes is a much better option than sitting in diarrhea-soaked clothes.

What is this? I've been constipated for days, and now that I'm going semi-normally, my body's taking the other extreme. Instead of being totally constipated like before, now I'm having watery diarrhea :( I hope it's just a 24-hour bug or a stomach upset :( :( And I hope I have no accidents. I don't feel like cleaning up a gross mess off myself or having to throw out a good pair of pants and thong :(

Emily--Glad to hear you finally got that monsterous poop out of you! Next time you're constipated, take some Metamucil or eat lots of fruit and bran cereal and drink coffee, and that should give you a good poop without hurting yourself trying to evacuate it.

Master Blaster: My cousin can also clear out a room too :D She is 15 years old, and ever since she was young she always seemed to like farting and pooping, and delighted in grossing people out with her loud, long, rank farts. She has no shame lol :P I liked your story about your cousin :D


Where did ROBBIE & ANNIE, JIM(MARTHA'S COUSIN), LINDA GS, ASH D, MEL D, KENDAL and UNCLE RIZZO go? Please come back and post :D

Hope everyone here has a great end of the week. To the Canadian posters on this site, Happy Thanksgiving, and can't wait to hear your poop and pee stories!! To everyone else, have an amazing weekend anyway :D

Happy pooping and peeing!!


Emily - its good to hear that you finally pooped, but you still might want to go see a doctor about this anyway. there comes a point where if you are constipated enough, your feces wont come out. its called fecal impaction. the only remedy i know of is going to the doctor, and he/she has to put his/her hand up your butt and pull out the compacted feces.

it looks like you avoided this awkward and uncomfortable fate. but you still might want to see a doctor. just because you did poop doesnt mean all is well.

but it couldve been a lot worse, for sure.

Chris aka toast
I havent written in a long time mainly due to a lack of anything intresting to wright about, but tonight I think I have something to tell this time.
Ok I was at work doing the closeing shift at Brookshire's when I relised that my pizza was catching up with me and ready to make an exit so i quickly start tord the restroom when they called me to the front to sack so i went and sacked the stuff and took it to the costomers car and came back in needing to go more than before and once again headed for the restroom only to be recalled to the front to sack again so i sacked the stuff and took it out to the costomers car, once i got back in the store and made it to the rest room and OMG what releif it was.
the rest of the shift passed by exeadingly dull. Well thanks for reading.I will write again when i have something good to say.

I've been reading this site for a few weeks now and it has made me feel a bit better.

When I was a kid, starting around 8 or so I'd sometimes get the urge to "go" in my pants. I lived on an acreage so I could just walk out into the trees or find some kind of hiding place where I was all by myself and just pee and/or poo my pants. I had this strange excitment come over me whenever I did it. I started doing it pretty often, maybe once every 2 weeks on average. Then I had my best friend who had a similar habit. I don't really remember how that started, I think we peed through our bathing suits one time at my house and it grew from there but I don't think she got into it nearly as much as I did. Anyway when I did it I tried to clean everything but I was caught a couple times. My mom didn't really say anything though because it was only a couple times and she didn't realize how frequent it was.

This went on until I was about 11 or 12 when I stopped doing it. I guess it was because I went on to junior high and I was supposed to be a little more mature. Then I moved to a different city. It barely ever crossed my mind for a long time, until recently. Around the time I turned 15 a few months ago I started thinking about it again.

One day I really started thinking about it and that old feeling of excitement came over me, in school of all places. I had to go #1 and 2 pretty badly by the end of the day. normally I would've peed in the school (no need to go #2 there since I can hold it pretty good.) but I decided to hold it. School ended and I went on my 15 minute walk home. When I got there I still had that feeling so still wearing my school clothes I went out to my garage where there's just a bunch of junk. I went to the back and squatted down so I felt hidden and just went in my pants. It felt pretty weird, just that rush of excitement and the feeling that I'm doing something I shouldn't. Then feeling my pants get wet and the bulge growing on my butt. This time though I felt a little embarrassed and ashamed like I was a little kid hiding to have an accident. The jeans I was wearing fit tighter than anything I wore back then so the bulge on my butt felt really big as it spread out over my butt. I carefully waddled into my house to clean myself up. Luckily the house is empty for about an hour after I get home from school and nobody was there.

I had some mixed feelings about it. It still felt good and gave me that same old feeling from when I used to do it but part of me felt like it was a wrong thing to do. But a few weeks later I tried it again, then again, and again. I still felt weird about it since I didn't have my old friend or anyone else to talk to about it. Then I found this site and its made me feel better about it like I'm not alone.

Anyway I just felt like telling somebody since I can't really tell anybody I know especially when I'm in high school.

Thanks for reading.


This childhood incident was to prove both embarrassing as well as unexpectedly educational.
As a child, I suffered from severe asthma, a condition which limited the amount of physical activities I could undertake. The condition also had another unpleasant side effect; often with the onset of an attack, would come an urgent need to pee.
When I was eight, I had to walk about a mile from school to home. Among the group of students who travelled with us for some of that trip was Karen, one of my class friend who lived near my house and, because her mother did not get home from work until later, Karen usually stopped at my house for after school milk and cookies and to play or work on school projects.
On day as we left the school, an attack overcome me and, predictably, I soon was wheezing, and trying desparately to fight off my need to pee as we moved along the sidewalk. But it was futile and I couldn't hold it. I began to wet myself. When some of the boys nearby saw the damp stain growing over the front of my pants they began to laugh and taunt me.
As soon as she realized what had happened Karen pulled a sweater from her shoulder bag and handed it to me. "Never mind them. They're jerks. Here, tie this around your waist like an apron to cover the wet." Grateful for her compassion and understanding, I did.
When we started walking again she told me, "Too bad you can't wear a dress like me. If a girl has an accident and wets her pants, hardly anyone can notice." But I didn't believe her because a couple of times I had seen girls' tunics with big wet stains on the back when they stood up after class and I knew it was because they had peed. So I told her I doubted that.
It was when we reached my house that I discovered I was mistaken. After we came in I told Mom what had happened and she told me to go into my room, change and put the wet tousers and underwear into the bathtub. As I went toward my room Karen followed me. Once inside it she stood beside me at my dresser and told me, "You aren't the only one who wet their pants today. Come, put your hand under my tunic and feel mine."
At first I was motionless, but Karen seems serious in her request so I tentatively slipped my hand under the hem of her skirt and touched the panties covering her bum. As I expected, they were dry. "Not there silly, here" and Karen slid my hand around her thigh until my fingers touched the wet area at the front of her underpants. "See I told you girls can have accidents without you knowing it."
"When di you do that?" I asked. "While we were walking home." was her reply.

Linda from Australia here again. Well after dropping my load last night, I still didn't feel finished. So I ate dinner and watched tv for about 10 minutes, waiting for the remainder of my load to work its way down towards my anus. When I felt the time was right, I went to the toilet and tried squeezing the last of my load out again but it still wouldn't budge. I tried for 10 minutes but with no luck. My arse was sore from pushing and straining so much and when I wiped, there was some liquid poo on the tp. I pulled up my pants and went on the computer, hoping that I would be able to do complete my dump soon. After about 15 minutes, I went back to the toilet and did a wee. Then I did a few farts and my anus crackled as the load moved down. I had to push a bit but finally, I managed to squeeze some small logs out. Then after a final push, the rest of my load shot out of my butt. I felt so much better after that!! And it only took about 5 minutes!! I wiped my arse and pulled up my pants. Does any one else have this trouble?? I must be a bit constipated. It happens to me from time to time, I guess I haven't been eating enough fibre lately.

After work today, I had no trouble pooping. It only took about 2 minutes to push out what felt like a small load, but when I looked in the bowl, it was bigger than it felt. When I wiped, there was no poo on the tp. I felt empty after that too, which is unusual for me. I felt so relieved after that dump!!

To Fat Woman: I haven't seen you on here for ages. Please come back soon and share some more stories with us, especially the constipation ones!!!

Linda from Australia here again. I'm still having a hard time doing poos. Yesterday morning when I went to work, I could feel a big hard load up my butt. I held on all day and didn't go until I got home that afternoon. I pulled down my pants and sat on the toilet. I had to push really hard to get things moving but it didn't take long for some of the poo to ease its way out. I still had heaps more shit in me so I pushed again but this time it took about 5 minutes for the poo to come out. I had a hard log stuck in my anus and it was very uncomfortable. Finally it came out but I still had more stuck up my arse. It took another 5 mintues to push out some more logs but as usual, I didn't feel empty. I looked at my job in the toilet and there was a huge pile of poo at the bottom of the bowl. The logs were small in length but quite thick and they looked solid. I wiped my butt about 6 times (it was a bit messy, even though the logs were hard) and pulled up my pants.

This morning I dropped another load before I ate breakfast but once again, I had some trouble. I had to strain and push hard to get the poo out and it was quite stubborn. After breakfast, I squeezed out some more turds, these were hard to get out too. I had a look at my load in the bowl and the turds were small and hard. Lately Ive only been doing one poo per day, it used to be twice a day. Sometimes I go in the morning and then don't go for 2 days. This has been happening more often lately aswell.

Does anyone else feel as if they arn't finished after taking a dump?? I almost always don't feel empty after pooping. Sometimes when I do a poo and I can feel more in me, I have to wipe my butt, pull up my pants and try again later. This used to happen to me alot when I was younger. There were times when I had to walk around with a turd stuck in my anus all day because I just couldn't push it out.

Becky M
To Emily:

A belated reply to your survey. Since I'm an "expert" in the matter, I'd thought I would reply.

How do you wipe when you get diarrhea?
Keep wiping until I'm clean. Sometimes it hurts if it's the 3rd time in the same day.

Do you hold your stomach when you get diarrhea?

While having diarrhea what do you do?
Usually just sit there until I'm done, which can take a really long time for me. At home, I have lots of reading material handy.

What do you do when you get diarrhea in a public bathroom?
I'll try and wait for as long as possible. At least until the people who saw me go into the stall have left.

When you get diarrhea have you ever gotten up and relised you weren't done?
Many times. It takes me forever to be done sometimes.

On a scale of 1-10 how bad does your diarrhea stink?

Does your diarrhea ever clog or overflow the toilet?

What foods cause you to get diarrhea?
Most food does, but ice cream, cheese, greasy foods, coffee, and alcohol are the main contributors.

In public bathrooms, do you ever not flush your diarrhea because you want others to see what you have done?
Yecchh! No way.

On a scale of 1 to 10 how bad does your t??? ache before having diarrhea?

Do you enjoy diarrhea?
Not always, but I've got to live with it.

How often do you get diarrhea?
3 to 4 times per week; sometimes every day!!

Are you sick of this survey?

supermarket girl
Just started a new diet and Im feeling ok yesterday.
So my husband daughter and I all go to the supermarket and all of a sudden it hits me. All the fruit and salads probably that Im not used to I dont know, and Im just so happy there are bathrooms around.
I leave them there and book down the isles run into the bathroom and it was just terrible, I exploded all over the place.
How the heck was I going to clean everything. I never sit in public bathroom toilets so it was from high and all over everything. I did the best I could, maked sure noone was around got out found the bucket of water that the cleaning lady used for her mops and tried to clean up the rest. Thank goodness noone was in there. Washed my hands and left.
Now Im panicking that next time we go somewhere and it happens there will be no bathroom. What do people do when that happens???

just me
hey everyone, happy thanksgiving to all the Canadians!! I was just wondering where I can find some real good constipation stories, or stories about men who have a real hard time pooping??? thanks


Linda- Thanks for your comments. I like your stories too. I always seem to have my best BM's when I drink lots of water and eat lots of fruit. (I don't really like v????s a whole lot).

I seem to be back on my normal schedule. Saturday morning's poop was nice, smooth and refreshing, about an 18 inch coiled up snake. I think I'll continue taking my own lunch to work every day instead of heading for a burger joint all the time. Burgers and fries seem to bind me up a little too much.

Bye for now.

Happy Hiker
In answer to the poll by "nameless" about washing after pooing and peeing, I'm reminded of the story of the Harvard man and the UMass man who went into a public toilet together. After using the urinal, the UMass man started to leave without washing his hands. The Harvard man smirked "At Harvard, they teach us to wash our hands after urinating." The UMass man said "At U. Mass., they teach us not to piss on our hands." (substitute your favorite college names if desired!)

Anyhow... to answer the question, no I don't generally wash my hands after peeing or pooing at home. The only germs I'm going to get are germs that I've already got in my body, so why fuss about it (one exception: if I detect an odor on my fingers after wiping, I'll wash!). In a public place, I always wash after touching anything: who knows what germs are lurking! Of course in some places you can walk in through a maze, not a door, and the flushers are automatic. So no need to wash.

TO Emily:
That's WONDERFUL Emily! I'm glad you had such a great BM!
Isn't it an *amazing* feeling after you've had one of those good, emptying dumps? On those occasions when I've passed something simmilar, it leaves me grinning from ear to ear for the rest of the day.

Too bad I don't get them more of them...

P.S. I hope you didn't have any problems getting that monster poop to flush down the toilet!

Take Care.


does anyone else find hotel room toilets get clogged really easily? i find every time i stay at a hotel and have a poo, i invariably end up blocking it and have to sort it out myself!

2nd post of the day, on the subject of outdoor pooing: i haven't done it as an adult, though the idea intrigues me. however, back when i was about 6 or 7, i had a girl neighbour of the same age. we used to play together in each other's garden and if one of us needed a poo or wee we'd go to the end of her garden (there were a lot of bushes and tall weeds) and do it in front of each other! good times!!!

random pooper?
O.K. i just found this site but i found it quite relevant to something that happened to me on the weekend.

I woke on Sunday afternoon (after a pretty big night) and walked into my kitchen only to smell a 'poopy' odour. on investigation i found that someone had pooped in my lounge room on a rolled up rug. It was not the best looking poop i have ever seen, consistancy was more of a cow poop. We had someone else stay at our house the night before, he had to get up to go to work but he was very very hungover (he's hungover at work at least 3 times a week) but he's a good amte and i'm not 100% sure it was him either.

So we can't work out who has pooped in our loungeroom, no poop trail no other mess, dirty clothes, footprints or whatever else. I remember getting home and going to bed, however it had to come back to me, i too was quite drunk. has anybody else had a phantom pooper in their house? is this normal?

random pooper?

Sunday, October 08, 2006

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