a few days ago i was chillen outside with a few of my friends and i started laughing really hard and i was sittin on the bench..and all of a sudden a huge squirt just comes out.. i was in shock but didnt say anything..30 min later i went home and pissed for 2 min

Cute & Shy
Before I post my story, I'm like curious to know like was there ever a time you didn't have any toilet tissue like when you really needed it?

Blue Rizla Girl, where did you live that you didn't have a toilet? Where did you go to the bathroom?

Emily--Try drinking lots of Metamucil powder mixed with water, it does the trick really well with me. Stay away from laxatives, they are habit-forming and can make your bowels lazy. Also eat lots of fresh/raw fruits and v??, and drink lots of water. You can also try bran cereals. Definetly stay away from foods that can bung you up, such as bananas or fast food. If none of this works, try a couple of glasses of prune juice or eat bananas with milk, this will clear you out. Absolutely do not take any laxatives. If you do, take a bulk-forming laxative, none of the harsher laxatives such as Ex-Lax. If none of this works, PLEASE go back to your doctor!

Good luck, I really hope all this helps you. If not, please go see your doctor or go to the hospital, we don't want you getting really really sick.


Last night and tonight I had a pretty good dump :D Finally, a semi-normal movement! Yay :D

Last night I started feeling really intense cramps in my stomach prior to going to bed, so I took my book in the washroom with me and sat down on the toilet. I felt some pain and moving down below so I bore down and pushed a bit to get it going, and the stubborn thing budged, and with a bit of pushing, a few formed semi-soft logs splashed into the toilet. Immediately the stomach cramping went away, and after a couple more hard logs, I was done. I wiped and then flushed. I was quite happy, since it only took me 5 minutes to poop, as apposed to my usual 10 + minutes of straining and getting little result. This was fairly pain-free, and my stomach is much less bloated than it was two weeks ago. I was really happy with my results, considering finally I am going without much help of the gentle laxative my doctor is having me take, and the Metamucil. :D

Then tonight, shortly after dinner I felt an intense urge to go. I went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet. It didn't take much effort at all, even though I had forgotten to take the laxative and Metamucil again. I gave one pretty good push and about 6 semi-solid small logs fell into the toilet. Then I wiped, but the paper turned out clean for some reason. I guess it was one of those "clean poops". Then I flushed and that was it.

With Thanksgiving being this weekend, hopefully I'll have some good pooping tales to share :)

I also thought of some more TV/Movie/Books that mention pooping/peeing:

1) "Including Alice"(teen book): The main character, Alice, catches the stomach flu and is too sick to go to school. She gets up, thinking she needs to vomit, but ends up needing to poop. She goes back to bed, and wakes up thirsty and drinks some water. Not even 5 minutes after drinking the water, she is about to have another diarrhea attack and tries to run to the bathroom in her dizzy state, but doesn't make it and ends up having diarrhea in her pajama pants. She sits on the toilet, dizzy, and finishes in the toilet and leaves her soiled pants on the floor, where her stepmother(former teacher) finds Alice's pants and washes them for her.

2) Friends: This doesn't have much to do with the toilet per se, but Monica and Rachel are talking, after Monica accidentally bangs Ben's head, and Rachel says, "Okay, number 1....then she says...and number 2..." and Joey laughs. She says "What?" and Joey said "You said # 1." Rachel rolls her eyes at him and says, "Yeah, and I also said number 2." Joey laughs like a little kid. lol.

3) Scary Movie 4: Carmen Electra goes into the church, totally unaware that she's not in her own house, and proceeds to take a noisy crap in this box-type thing, and everyone turns and watches her as she has really vile diarrhea. She finally realizes everyone's staring at her,and she said "This isn't my house is it?" The minister was like "No." She says "I thought so", as she stands up to pull her panties up, but lets rip a really loud fart. Very good crap scene in that movie! lol.

4) SuperStar: Molly Shannon, who plays Mary Katherine Gallagher is swimming in the pool with Slater(Harland Williams), who has a crush on her in the movie, and then after he drops her off at home, she confesses "Please, father don't tell Slater I went to the bathroom in the pool." Her and Slater were swimming in the pool with their uniforms on. lol.

5) Pingu: I remember seeing this episode when I was a little kid, when Pingu the Penguin has to go to the bathroom but keeps getting sidetracked, and finally has to go so bad he ends up peeing all over the floor next to the toilet and getting scolded for it.

6) Rugrats: The episode where Chuckie is scared of the potty and refuses to use it, and the bully, Angelica keeps torturing him by turning the water on and off making him think he needs to go, and finally, after having a nightmare about the potty, he jumps out of bed and runs to the potty and pees so much he filled it to the top. When Tommy's parents congratulated him in the washroom and praised him, Angelica came in, crying, saying "Aunt DeeDee I had an accident!" Then her aunt says "Oh no! Stu, quick! Angelica's wet her sheets." Then Angelica's baby cousin Tommy says to Chuckie, "I guess anyone who's anyone is not always potty trained". lol.

7) Daddy Day Care: A few bathroom incidents. One of the kids takes a noisy crap in his diaper, complete with really loud wet farts, and the kid's father panics, thinking back to when the kid was a baby and how the dad didn't want to change his diaper. Then Eddie Murphy takes him to the bathroom and the kid ends up making a mess all over the bathroom because he doesn't know how to aim. Another one was when Eddie Murphy and his son were sitting at the table, and Eddie Murphy says "You gotta make a stinky?" The little boy says "Yeah." Eddie Murphy says "Go stinky then."

8) 3 Men and a Baby: Lots of bathroom adventures with Baby Mary as Tom Selleck, Ted Danson and Steve Guttenberg struggle to take care of the infant and go through many hilarious adventures in parenthood. One part was when Steve Guttenberg couldn't figure out why Mary was crying, and then one of the women next door came to visit and she looks at him after cooing at the baby, and says "You know she did a doodle right?" Then they try to figure out how to change her diaper but the diaper kept falling off. Then another time, she pooped and Tom Selleck put her in the bath and as soon as he took her out and put the towel around her she pooped in the towel, complete with a wet fart. Another time, the next door neighbour came over with her date and Tom Selleck swore and said "She did a doodle!" The guy laughed and said "Doodle." and Tom Selleck explodes at him "Yes! Doodle! What's the matter, don't babies doodle in Hungary?!" Then one more was when Ted Danson came home and the other two guys were mad at him and left him to figure out how to change the diaper, and Ted Danson is getting frustrated and said "Not my silk sheets! Come on, baby!" because obviously Mary is wiggling around with a poopy bottom. lol!

Hope this wasn't too long :D :D

Happy pooping!!


Master Blaster
Ok, since I don't have anything interesting to report about my own dumps lately; I think I'll tell you about some stuff that has happened to me in my past. Let's call this installment…

My Smelly Cousin

Now, some people have claimed on this site that female farts and shits smell worse than guy ones. I'm here to tell you that this is true. I have a younger cousin who can wipe out a group of skunks, let me tell you. When she was 8 or so (I'll call her Ann to protect her privacy) and I was probably 13 or so, my whole family was over at my Grandmother's house. Now, the children were usually exiled to the downstairs to play, and thus, that is exactly where we were. Me, my sister, and my two cousins were laughing, talking and whatnot, and all the while I kept smelling these really nasty farts. These did not smell like a hint of fart, no, these were really rank. They weren't audible, so I had no way of identifying the culprit. Anyway, it didn't take long to tell who was doing it. My cousin, who seemed to take delight in her 'ability' started letting off loud ones and laughing uproariously the entire time. When her brother walked near a place she had been sitting, he said, 'Ew, it smells over here', to which Ann glibly replied, 'Yeah, cause I farted there like 50 times'. And let me tell you, it wasn't that last time that she had a case of the nasty farts.
We were on vacation with our grandparents, me, my sis, and my two cousins again. My cousin was probably about 10. We were in the car, when our noses were assaulted by the awful fart stench again. And guess who it was? Again, she thought it was hilarious. And it wasn't even once, it was several times throughout that evening. All this led up to one of the nastier shits I've ever smelled. We got back late in the evening, and I was brushing my teeth while my sister combed her hair. All of a sudden, Ann bursts into the bathroom, saying she had to poo. Not even waiting for us to leave, she plops down on the toilet. 'Uh oh,' she said, 'it feels like diarrhea'. 'Ha, ha', my sister laughed. 'No, wait', Ann said, bearing down slightly, 'It's soft poo-poo'. Keep in mind, we're all just standing in the bathroom, while my 10 year old cousin was taking a very healthy shit. I didn't hear any plops or crackling or anything, so I have no idea how much she actually did, but if smell was any indication, it was a lot. I almost wish I had gotten to see it, cause from what it smelled like, it would have been tremendous. 'God', my sister said and my cousin laughed in a slightly embarrassed way. 'We'll leave you to finish up', I said, and Ann replied, 'That's probably a good idea'. She was in there for another 5 minutes or so, and when she came out, even the smell of air freshener couldn't compete with the stink she left. The smell actually invaded the living room of the side of the condo that the kids lived on. It was truly horrendous, or amazing depending on how you look at it. I never would have believed that a 10 year old girl could drop something that smelly. Anyway, I'll have more stories for you next time. In the meanwhile, has anyone else ever had such an experience with a cousin or something like that?

Anny- sorry to hear that you're still plugged up, hope everything has come out all right since your last post.

Talk to you all later,
Master Blaster

EMILY!!! Please follow Anny's example and see a Dr. immediately!!! How old are you? Maybe a parent ca help advise. This could be serious. I have a friend who was taken to the emergency room because she was constipated. She was 15 yrs old at the time. DON'T WAIT ANY LONGER!!!

trucker man
hey fellow dumpers..... well i hope you all had a nice weekend full of healthy dumps and poos. had a great weekend here, weather was great and did some camping. arrived at the campsite around 600pm friday nite and set up camp. did a quick look around for a clean outhouse if needed.(only use in emergencies). there was one about 200 yards away . also there were some woods close by too. i prefer to dump there if at all possible. after camp was set up i bbq'd some burgers and chops and had a real feast. ate too much actually, but oh well. pounded back about 6 beers and was feeling real good . i needed to take a leak so i walked off into the bush area and pulled out my dick and started peeing. no sooner did i shake the last bit off the end i felt alot of pressure build up in my ass. there was no time to waste, i quickly pulled down my pants and immediatley squatted down , i never even had to push and a log about the size around of a silver dollar started to snake its way outta my hole, i lifted my jewels up so i could look between my legs and watch it come out and was shocked at the length of it. it had to be at least 18 inches long and smooth coming out. it took about 12 seconds to finish crapping and boy did it feel good. i used a bit of grass and leaves to wipe myself and hiked up my pants and went back to camp. took a quick shower after and felt great. had a great night sleep and woke around 7.00am. the rest of the weekend was uneventful, no more dumps just lotsa peeing. will post again real soon. have a good one guys... trucker man

YES! Finally, relif is mine! Yayyayayayay! I had a poo this morning! It was HUGE! I got naked (assuming that I was still constipated) and pushed as hard as possible, but all it needed was a teeny push to let my bowels know it's okay to get things moving. The first peice slithered out, 12 inches long 2 inches around! The next peice is thicker, 10 inches long and 3 1/2 inches around! The third peice sorta hurt to get out, 15 inches long and 4 inches around! The final piece was long and "S" shaped, except it made, like, 3 "S"'s. It was 18 inches long and 3 inches around! It curved around the bowl about 4 times! I was left feeling empty and clean! AAAH! Good times!

Justin-That is a strange set-up for a restroom. Usually they try to provide some sort of privacy from the people who may be outside the restroom, even if it is just a partition that blocks the view from the door. As for the rest of the restroom, I don't think privacy from other guys is ever a priority inside a college restroom. In my college, in the building where I had most of my classes, there were urinals along 2 walls that were perpindicular to the sinks and the mirrors. Anyone at a sink could look directly at a row of guys taking a leak. No partitions.

The stalls were located in an alcove around a corner. They didn't have any doors on them. I was often in there taking a crap. It was funny to hear some guys come around the corner, and when they realized there were no doors, they would say "shit" or something to that effect. Sometimes they would leave to find a stall with doors. Other times they would just go for it, trying to crap as quickly as possible and get out of there. Those stalls were the first time where a say a guy standing to wipe. He was in the middle stall. I went into the adjacent stall. He was standing, had his shirt pulled up a bit, and his right hand was wiping. He didn't seem bothered that anyone who went to the stall could see his dick and balls swinging as he wiped. I remember he wore red briefs and had them and his jeans all the way down. After seeing that, I tried wiping while standing. And the rest is history...

I'm don't usually mind if someone sees me on the can, but having the general public in on the viewing could be a bit intimidating.

Mysterious Man
The best bet would be to take a few stool softner meds. Then just sit on the toilet and don't leave until you've vanquished the little monster.
Or if you're willing to go through with it, see if a friend will administer an Enema to you, that would help. Or just use some KY jelly to lube up your butt.
Hope you get through it, and maybe even share the epic battle with us later.

See ya.

Squat Watcher
To Blue Rizla Girl.

Thanks for your post. Yes, please let's have the story of your first outdoor piddle.

Linda from Australia here again. Some good stories on here today. For the last week or so, Ive had a really hard time doing poos. Today I could feel a big load in my arse all day. I waited until I got home, as I don't like pooping at work. I pulled down my pants and sat on the toilet. Almost straight away, a log started slowly easing its way out of my butt. It took about 5 minutes for me to squeeze out the first log and I had to really push and strain. Then it took about 10 minutes to push out a second log and I had to strain hard the whole time. Then it took a few more minutes to push out some smaller pebbles but I could still feel more poo up there. I tried to squeeze the last bit out but it wouldn't come so now my arse is sore!! I will try again after dinner.

To Postman: I really liked your story. It sounds like you had a hard time squeezing those turds out. I often don't feel empty after taking a dump, its a very uncomfortable feeling, having a turd stuck up my butt.

To Henry: I loved reading your stories about your girlfriend. It sounds like she put on a great show for you, when you watched her push out a big, hard load. I also have trouble pooping if I don't eat enough fibre, fruit, ????, salad etc.

I love to poo out doors. Does any ladies enjoy the same? If so would you be able to share?

??? recently opened its doors for 2006 and I remember a great story from the previous year. ???? is a Halloween attraction near me that donates to the Leukemia society. My gf and I work there every year with friends. Its a LOT of fun scaring people. This one time last year, my gf attraction closed early due to weather. It was the hayride and it was piss pouring raining out. Well, she joined me in the Barn of Horror and helped to scare people. She needed to pee badly and makes it a point to never use a port o potty. So she hides in my corner, behind the curtain, pulls her pants down, and pisses a spray into the corner, soaking everything! It was great. Her pee was strong and I could smell it for weeks after she did it. Everyone else who went behind the curtain always wondered why it smelled so bad back there.

To Gruntly Bogwell:

Hey, hello, your mother-in-law really did a hell of a show this time, didn't she?...:))Man, what a mother-in-law!..

To Emily:

now i've seen your last post..and i thought, why don't you try to get hospitalized for a few days? you can't let things forever like that so maibe you should think about it a bit...good luck, and i'm sory you are still in trouble...

Legaly pooper
Just for the records, I'm a male almost in the 30's and working in the legal sector. Today returning from a clientvisit I had quite hard urge too poop. You know those moments, you're in your car at the highway and there is nowhere a place to stop... So I just drove further and yes, there it went wrong... PRRRRRT and if this wasn't all, I peed!

That was my today's story.

Yours Legaly,

Tighty Whitey
I was in a department store when I found a big urge. I ran through the store almost putting a log in by briefs when a stall opened up! I pulled my pants down and let my underwear just hang out. I sat down and tons of diarreah shot out! The guy in the stall next to me ran in and did the same thing I did! He even had the same kind of underwear. He just let his hang out! i finished walked out and had too go again. So did the other guy. I filled the whole toilet than flushed. I found out that the other guy had a lot of prune juice. I went all day long. The next day I just loaded my briefs. Well that's all for now. I still wear the briefs in the lockerroom at school and so does everybody else! We're all in band too. Just a bunch of music guys.

Blue Rizla Girl and other girls in this forum:
how often do u wash ur hands after u pee (always, sometimes, or never)?
how often do u wash ur hands after pooping (always, sometimes, or never)?
if you never wash after u pee, please tell why.
if you never wash after u poop, please tell why.
if u answered sometimes after u pee, tell us the only time u would wash ur hands.
if u answered sometimes after u poop, tell us the only time u would wash ur hands.

thank you so much for answering!!!!!!!

this is a reply to some survey from another page...
1. Have you ever peed your pants because you couldn't hold it?
2. Have you ever peed your pants laughing?
3. Have you ever pooped your pants because you couldn't hold it?
4. Have you ever wet the bed as an adult?
5. Have you ever messed your pants in the car?

1. yes, just a week ago at a business meeting on the way to the toilet
2. Yes, it was during a hilarious movie at the movie theater with my girlfriend, she dumped me after that
3. once, I was sick and had diarrea
4. Yes, until 2 years ago (im 24)
5. Yes on the way to two business trip I completly wet my self

1. 24
2. 18
3. 13
4. 22
5. 19 an 24

If you want me to explain just ask ^_^

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER I had one of the most ejoyable poos in a very long while!!!
The medicine I have been taking have opiates in them and it is constipating. On Friday I reported a rather solid load and on Saturday I passes a couple of hard narrow turds and that was it. Bare in mind I have been taking a lot of metamucile, fruit and high fibre foods. On Saturday morning I did some yoga etc and could feel a bit of shit in me. In some of the moves you can feel it in your stomach if you are a bit full. On Saturday night I needed to drop a load but nothing was coming so I took my herbal laxative but only a small dose as that always has done the trick. I was awoken early in the morning by the need to poo so I did. I passed the bung which was stopping me up , two solid plops. I then had to take on of my girls to sports training which is on the edge of bushland and when I do that I usually go for a walk in the bush. It was early in the morning and after dropping off my daughter I went for my walk. Soon later the pressure and big urges developed. Rather than head back to a toilet I decided to do it in the bush and then that would enable me to proceed on with my walk. Now I have crappe in the bush many times before but not for many years.
I went into the bush off the track and found this stump of a tree that had been cut down I rested the back part of my bum against it like a toilet seat with my hole close to the actual stump, my shorts and undies down around my ankles.. I relaxed and gave the smallest of pushed, my arse opened up easily and like a tap this flow of soft serve poured out at a continual but unhurried pace...I ran down the stump of the tree and formed a thick puddle at the base, still some inches from my feet. The flow stopped and then a stomach pain and the urge to go again...but this one seemed a bit stuck..a couple of grunts and pushes and another mud slide and then a repeat performance of more thick runny poo. I looked down and it appeared like a thick slightly darker version of pee and ham soup. I sat there for a poo smelled smelled healthy! The early morning sun filtered through the thick vegetation and the bird life broke the was so so relaxing and then after all that another pain and with hardly a push another flow (but smaller) and I then felt so empty and relaxed> I stood to my feet and three wipes only, up with the undies and shorts and on with the walk...sweet victory!
I am looking forward to my next healthy out door dump.. I much prefer it to being locked in s small room like a seems as though shitting is evil and one has to be locked away when in progress. My opinion is different.

cheryl lynne
oh well, this thing just cut out and posted half of what I was writing. well where was I ? oh yes, the second part . well after a minute, it stopped and here I sat for like ten seconds,unrolling myself some toilet paper to wip my wet puss; and yes more came out. this time it sprayed all over in the toilet's water which was already filled with intensely yellow, bubbly, foamy pee water. it came out much slower but nevertheless made this sweet, sweet stink of intense urine[ again, I guess that's why some call it PISS] as for the next maybe half minute, it sprayed out all over ; mostly into the water but also against the sides and back; as my home toilet , like many, is filled with water from the back nearly all the way up to about 2 inches from the front rim. besides that, I felt that warm sensation of pee going running all the way up the length of my twat as it sort of slowly but surely sprayed out for the next thirty seconds in like a start and stop but not completely stream which came out in about four or more different directions before finally stopping. one more quickie drippie , i think and than I was finished; again, the sweet n sassy smell of urine filled the air as I now wiped; first from the front in a dabbing motion as always, then as I rose from the back to get all that wet off of me. I also could smell the nasty stink of my cunt as well , not too unusual for this " special time of the month!" dropping the paper wad into that bowl, I looked and saw all that grody looking yellow urine and streaks of bubbly foam still covering about half that water from where I tinkled into it.

reaching into my cabinet, I grabbed another maxi pad to still into my undies and then, flushed that toilet and watched the swirl of all that pee full of all those foamies go down the hatch! and yes, did it ever smell till I flushed!

Petite Pooper, where do you usually go when u need to poop? Do u have any more stories?


I've been a little bit constipated this week, which is'nt normal for me. Usually I take a dump every morning like clockwork between 6:30 and 7:00. But I've gone the last 2 days without a BM, so when my morning coffee hit me this morning, I knew it was going to be a big one.

I grabbed The Sporting News and headed to the bathroom. I read for a few minutes while my load moved into position. When it reached my asshole, I began pushing. A very long, thick log began sliding out. After about 10 seconds it was still coming, and I could tell it was beginning to wrap around the bowl. It finally tapered off and slid out.

I spent another 5 minutes reading my magazine, making sure nothing else was coming, then I began wiping (very messy). When I stood up and looked into the bowl, I saw it had broken in half, so I couldn't tell for sure how long it was, but I'm pretty sure it was at least 2 feet long.

Even after that, I still don't feel completley empty, so I think when I deliver the drugstore on my route today, I might pick up some kind of fiber supplement. Maybe also lay off the fast food burgers for awhile, too.

Hope everybody has a good day, and good dumps.

Good morning--cool here. My poops have been fairly soft since I have had to drink so much water after my operation last year. Yesterday, though, my morning movement began as unusually firm, possibly from eating popcorn the night before. I decided to watch, so I took a large hand mirror from the top of the toilet tank. I was seated well to the front and leaning forward so as to have the best view. The turd, medium brown and a bit over an inch thick, was emerging slowly. Rather than just hanging down, it was aimed almost straight out. When it was out maybe 4-5", it looked as if its trajectory would carry it over the top of the toilet seat. As it came further out, I thought I'd better straighten my back (not lean so far forward) so that the turd would actually go down into the toilet. As I did so, the turd actually brushed against the back of the toilet seat. At that point it broke off. I did two more nice turds and a smaller couple of bits to finish off. Wiping, as usual, was a mess, as the stool really was quite moist, especially at the end, though well-formed throughout. The final wipe, with Noxzema, was as usual quite refreshing, and the paper was only very lightly yellow after I had inserted it into my anus for cleansing. I looked at the back of the toilet seat, and, sure enough, the mark of my turd was there, about an inch and a half of medium-brown streaks and smears. I cleaned it off thoroughly with antibacterial soap. My movement had three quite visible turds sort of clumped in the bottom of the bowl, with the longest one reaching up as if ti try to break the water line.
Later that day, after hard work, I was sweaty and had to take a shower. As I usually do, when I shampooed, I took the lather from the second application and ran it up and down my butt-cleft, even inserting a finger into my anus; it felt clean. Just to be sure, when I was soaping the rest of my body down, I also took the soap up and down my crack, washing it very thoroughly, including inserting a finger once again. Finally, after rinsing the rest of me, I took the shower head off its bracket, squatted down, and rinsed my back area thoroughly. It felt good, and I felt clean. How do all of you wash your anal area?
Happy pooping, everyone!

Justin: are your school restrooms kept clean and well stocked with paper products and soap? Thats more important than privacy. Everybody has to use the toilet, relax, grin and bare it. Sorry, bad pun....

Dave B
Hey Guys. It's been a while. Thought I'd come back and post some more lol. Yesterday I had an interesting experience. While I was on my computer checking up on some e-mails, I got a strong feeling in my butt and something big was wanting to come out. I had to get up from my computer chair and hold myself together for a sec, because I could feel my poop start to come out. So I quickly ran down the hall to the bathroom, pulled down my pants and as soon as I sat this monsterous poop came out of me. It came out very fast and smooth. Man when I got up I just saw this thick long poop that stretch from the back of the bowl to the front. It was just about covering the whole hole lol. I was worried about flushing, because everytime I do my poop gets stuck and especially since I just had this huge snack come out. Well I got the plunger all ready and flushed, but surprisingly it all went down and there was no problems. I was really confused on how it could have taken all that poop. Lucky me that I don't have to plunge...this time lol. Anyways I got some feedback too.

Anny - I've been reading your stories and I'm sorry about what's been going on. I've never had that big of a problem with constipation (except this one time when I was little that I wrote about a couple months back on here). The only advice I can give is to try a mainly fiber diet like eat a lot of fruit, wheat bread, bran cereal, or just buy some fiber caplets. A lot of water is also good to help things get moving. Try having about 8 glasses a day. Stay away from things like cheese and other foods that get you all clogged. For a while now I've been having pretty healthy poops that are soft and smooth. Every so often I'll get dirrehea which isn't too bad. Ya I have a fascination with toilet habits too =P (Mostly myself and with girls) but I've known about mine since I was about 15 (I'm 18 now btw). I also miss posts from Kendal and Linda GS/RS/FRLG or the pokemon game names she'd use. I wonder if they'll ever post again.

Billy and Kevin
Today, out aunt was staying with us. We got dressed and got ready for school. I went into the bathroom with my little brother for a pee and to brush my teeth. My aunt said, excuse me, I am having a bowel movement. Could you give me some privacy? I said ok. My brother said, what's a bowel movement? I said, a poo-poo. He said he is going to have to make a bowel movement after breakfast. I said, me too. We went to school for breakfast. Out aunt was still pooping away. We got out stuff and went to school. They had sausage and eggs and pancakes. After breakfast, it was time to drop some suasage of my own. I said to our little brother that I need to go to the bathroom. Kev came for a pee with us. We got into the bathroom. A kindergarten kid just sat down on the toilet. I went to the other toilet and sat down. Jeremy asked the other kid if he is doing a pee. He said yeah. After he was done, Jeremy said, get up, I have to poop. The kid said, he is doing that too. For some reason the kid never stands to pee at school. He does when we are in the woods. Jeremy told me to move back. He sat down. Then he peed and pooped. He dropped one big turd. He wiped. I was done and wiped. We washed our hands and left. THe little kid was still dumping.

After school, I felt a turd coming. We had to go to practice. At the half time break, it was time for another poop. There were some napkins for our snack there. Me and this other kid got some. About six of us went into the woods. I peed and then squatted. The other kid did hte same thing. I dropped three medium logs. They had corn from lunch. The other kid dropped one big log. He said, gee, you digest fast. I said, yeah, I don't really want to keep it too long. WShile I was wiping with the napkin, our coach came over. He peed and then squatted. I was done, so he dropped his turds right over mine. He dropped a long longer and coiled up like a roap. after thsi, we went back to practice.

Last night, when we were taking our baths and getting ready for bed, I had to poop. Billy was taking a shower. My friend brandon and his little brother jim was staying with us over the weekend. Brandon was brushing his teeth. I sat down and let out my turd. It was a big smooth long one, like 14 in. After billy got out of the shower, he turned the water on for our little brothers so they can have a bath. BRandon said he had to take a poop, so he hopped on the toilet. he pushed out three medium sized turds. When the tub was about 1/3 full, my little brothers got in the tub. Billy stayed with them, so i ogt my shorts to wear after my shower. About 15 minutes later, Brandon said hurry up, so we could play Monopoly. So I told our brother that they need to finish up. I opened the drain and turned on the shower. Then we took a shower. After I showered, i had to brush my teeth and poop again. I let out about 200 little turds, 1/2 in long. Really stinky. THen we went and played monopoly.

We palyed for an 1 1/2 hours. THen it was time for bed. I had to make another poop. Our little brothers were already asleep. One of htem left a 6 in. turd. I let out about 100 little turds like before with corn from dinner in them. Then, I had to get up like 5 times in the middle of the night to poop. I had water diarrea. The water was shut off, something about the water filter, so I couldn't flush. THere was a bunch of corn floating in toilet in the morning. Brandon said who stunk up the bathroom? I said, I did.

THen next morning, we went in the bathroom and peed. Then Brandom took another poop, about 8 in. long. About 20 minutes later, mom had breakfast ready for us. Brandon only ate about half of it. I was really thristy, probably because I had the runs. After breakfast, brandon had another poop, which was really mushy. We finished our monopoly game. Brandon had to poop like 4 times. After that, he said he didn't feel too good. I said, you want a bucket? He said, yeah, I'd better. I went and got him a bucket. About 15 minutes later, he said, uh uh and then puked. He got a really funny look on his face and started to cry. I said, its no big deal. We all puke. He said he pooped his pants. I said, no problem. I do that sometimes wehn I puke. You know, the same muscles push out your puke that push out your poop. I said, go in the shower (he was only wearing sweat pants). He went in. I helped him rinse out his clothes. He got new ones. I put the dirty ones in washing machine. My little brother came in the bathroom for a poop. Then brandom puked again over the drain. He farted and pooped again. He poop squirted on the tile. I said, do you feel better now? He said, yeah. I rinsed the tile off. He washed his butt and got out. Mom came and and said what's wrong. Jeermy said he pooped all over the shower. I said he puked and had the runs. He said he was feeling better. He got dressed and sat down with bily and two of our freinds who came over. Mom had me clean the shower with some comet and then spray it with some lysol. I washed my hands comet and washed them with soap and water. I told mom that it won't bother me because I already had the runs and am better. About an hour later, mom gave him some ginger ale. In about 2 hours he was all better, except he took another mushy poop. He only had some crackers for lunch though.

After lunch, it stopped rainign, so we went outside. We were playing in the woods when jeremy and me had to poop. I had some tissues, so we peed and squatted. Billy didn't poop yet, so he had a corny poop. I had a small poop, i guess from breakfast.

After a while, we had to go home and get ready for soccer practice. Brandon's not on the team, but he came and watch our little brothers adn his brother. During the break in the pactice, we all had to pee. After we peed, brandon's brohter said he had to go to the bathroom. Brandonmn said there isn't a bathroom. His brother said, its going to come out. Josh said, watch me. He squatted. Brandon's brother did the same thing and let out a huge snake, about 5 feet long, but only about 1/4 in thick.

After practice, I had to make another poop. Our team was going out for pizza. When we got there, we all changed our shoes. I went into the bathroom. The stall door was missing, which is no big deal. Our school doesn't even have stalls. Brandon's brother sat down and dropped another log. THen I sat down and dropped my log while the other kids peed and washed there hands. My log was about 8 in long and pretty normal. Brandon had to poop again, but he only dropped a four incher.

Gruntly Bogwell
Well, my 260 pound mother-in-law came into town the other day…and boy did she get me this time. She arrived from the airport early in the morning, during breakfast. I helped her in with her bags and took them to the guest bedroom, while she sat in the kitchen talking to my wife. When I cam back into the kitchen, my mother-in-law was in the bathroom off the kitchen, having tuba farts on the toilet. BEEEEEOOOOoonnnnttttt………booooonnnnttttt….BBBBeeeeOOOWWWNNNTTTTMy wife just rolled her eyes…and I got some coffee. The toilet didn't flush and she opened the sliding door and came out and sat down at the kitchen table as if nothing had happened, a fetid fart smell trailed after her. I took a sip of coffee and breathed in its aroma to kill the smell. She was wearing a navy blue suit and skirt with a white blouse and had on matching fat navy pumps. We talked a bit and then she got up from the table and waddled into the bathroom, pulled the door shut. I could hear her struggling with her clothes, then came a resounding BBBBOOOOMMMPPPHHHHFiisssss. My wife was talking but I thought I heard some straining and grunting from behind the door, then another BBBBRRRRROOOOOPPPPP. The toilet didn't flush and she opened the door and waddled back into the kitchen, plopping down in a chair and picked up her coffee cup…the lingering smell of fetid fart again wafted after her…I had to get up and go to the sink to get away from the smell. In a short time my wife left for work and I was left in the kitchen to fend for myself. My mother-in-law sat there drinking coffee and eating a doughnut, telling me about her trip…I just smiled and listened. All of a sudden she jumped up and went quickly back into the toilet, slamming the sliding door behind her which hit the door jam and popped back open an inch or so. Through this crack in the door I could see her struggling with her clothes and plopping down heavily on the toilet. I could see blue material, then fat white skin…she had leaned forward and couldn't see that the door was open a crack. I heard another BBBEEEEooonnnnttt fart coupled with some very audible straining and UNNNNHHHHHHH…ahhh grunting. I crept up to the door…the sound of my footfalls covered by the grunting in the bathroom. Through the crack, I could see her blue skirt up above her fat thighs, her fat belly pooched forward and she had a garter coming down from under her skirt and clipping into her wide stocking tops. Her girdle panties were at her knees as she struggled on the toilet. BBBBeeeeOOOOOONNNNtttttttt echoed another fart. The she sighed and sat back , I ducked back so she wouldn't see me. I heard her shuffle her feet to start to get up after another pooless trip to the commode, then I heard an Oommffff. Just then the door slid back quickly catching me hovering there just outside. "What are YOU doing here?!?" She huffed at me. The smell was gross and I stammered that I had her groaning and thought she was having trouble. "That doesn't matter she…my back just spasemmed as I tried to get up…I need your help to get off the toilet." Oblivious of her undressed state she told me to come into the toilet and take her hands. So I found myself in fetid air, grabbing her hands and trying to pull her off the toilet, her fat thighs with the dark blue stockings quivered, the panty girdle was stretched tight across her knees, she winced and half way up said, "Put me back down the urge is on me again!" I lowered her back down, watching her fat thighs ooze over the toilet seat…BUT…she didn't let go of my hands, instead tightened her grip and grunted heavily, closing her eyes and screwing up her fat face, her brown hairdo, shaking with the effort. "It's coming….I….can feel…..unnn it…coming." Her grip tightened on my hands…I was trapped like a rat. I couldn't believe I was standing in front of her, her belly tightening, her gray tuft at the vee of her thighs (I figured she dyed her hair, now I knew) in plain view as she struggled to have a bowel movement right in front of me. OOOOHHHHHH…UUUNNNNTTTT then PLOOOMP what sounded like a large turn hit the water in the toilet under her wide ass. "OHHH….I hate travel constipation," she said and huffed and puffed, her red face lightening a bit in color. "Can I go now," I ventured. NOT…yet she bellowed as the next urge hit her bowels and her grip again tightened on my hands, she leaned forward and GRRRUUUNNNNTTTED, with an AHHHH at the end I could hear a krickling sound from the toilet, that seemed to go on for ever…she would stop and heave a bit as her anus struggled with her poo…the smell was making my eyes water. She straightened up to catch her breath, her fat rolling back, then came forward again, still holding my hands and the sweat beading up on her forehead. A FOOOLOOMP came from under my mother-in-law followed by several PLOOOP, Plop…plip, plip…PLOOP as her turds exited from her bum. She sighed with relief and let go of my hands, her eyes were still closed, but I stood there transfixed. She opened her eyes and saw me staring…"OK the show's over, give me some privacy to wipe and then come back and help me get up." I went out to get some fresher air, as she pulled off the toilet paper. She ordered me to shut the door behind me. As I did, she farted vociferously BBBIIIIPPPPTTTTT one more time. I heard her groaning and huffing through the door as she wiped. Then the door slid open as the toilet flushed, and I was ordered to get her off the toilet. This time, I pulled her up without a hitch, breathing through my mouth and she leaned on me for support as she pulled up her panty girdle and pulled her skirt down. "I need some Tylenol…and I trust this won't become the topic of conversation around the family," she panted as she hobbled and waddled past me to go to the guest room. When she had gone…I couldn't resist a peak into the bathroom toilet, holding my nose. What a brown skid mark was left at the bottom of the toilet! Of course all this made me late for work…

Blue Rizla Girl
To Squat Watcher: survey answers

1. When you need to pee outside, do you squat or bend forward so it comes out behind you?
If I'm wearing a skirt, I usually squat down low to the ground so my "gates" open up by themselves. If I'm wearing trousers, I find it more convenient to stand up and aim my stream by crotch-grabbing.

2. How far do you pull down your knickers?
N/A :)

3. Where do you put your hands? - holding skirt up, back or front; holding knickers down; opening pussy/ directing the flow.
Usually holding clothing out of the way (skirt up, or crotch of bikini bottoms aside).

4. Have you ever let or asked anybody watch you peeing?
Yes! There's an interesting story about my first deliberate outdoor piddle, but it's quite long. I will post it if anyone is interested.

5. Have you ever been caught peeing outside? How did you react?
Often (I spent the best part of four years with no lavatory). It was a bit weird at first, but I eventually got used to it. I really don't mind the thought of being seen peeing. I really hate to leave a puddle, so I always try to find some absorbent ground or a drainage grid.

Mr. Clogs
Hey ya'll, what's going on folks. I'm doing ok just a little tired from work and stuff.

I haven't drinked my dieter's tea in a couple of days now, so I don't poop out those massive loads in the morning. I have to in a way push a little bit to get things going. So this morning being Sunday I felt the urge to take a dump. After having my 2 cups of my coffee, which gets things churning, made my way to the toilet. I got in shut the door and locked it, slipped off my PJ bottoms and sat on the bowl and got to work. I pushed a bit to get my bowels started, made a couple of dry farts and gas followed a few small turds that followed. I sat on the bowl for about 10 minutes until I felt empty, wiped my butt several times, threw the toilet paper into the toilet got up and put my PJ's back on. Flushed the poop, morning pee, and toilet paper down the drain and washed my hands and exited the bathroom.

cheryl lynne: Hello! How are ya!? Thanks for thinking about me, although I'm from Jersey, I wasn't that guy you're with, lol. Good to hear from you and great post. Oh yeah about the scent of morning pee, yes I've experienced that from time-to-time especially when it comes to drinking certain kinds of drinks. For us guys it's usually not noticable when our pee exits the body until it hits the toiletbowl or whatever we decide to pee in. The smell is noticible after the fact. I notice the foul/sweet smell after drinking beer, not drinking enough water, or drinking a lot of fruit juices. Thanks again for your post, very interesting post by the way. Take care cheryl lynne have a nice day.

petite pooper: I heard about that when people eating Church's chicken, or fried chicken in general. Great post by the way, maybe replacing the carpet with hardwood floor or viynl tile floor may help in cleaning up the mess made. I usually keep my pee containers for those nighttime pees.

Take care everybody and have a great week!


--Mr. Clogs

This is my first post. I'm 22 and living with my gf who is a junior in college. I wanted to write this because I agree with the posts I've seen about girls having bigger dumps than guys. I used to think this because I lived in a house of sisters who constantly plugged up the toilet but being the only guy in the house when dad was gone I had to be the one to take care of the problem.

Today my gf said she hadn't taken a dump in nearly 5 days and she was gone for a while while I was painting the living area of our apartment. I thought she had gone shopping but I heard this slurping sound of a plunger and knew what that meant. She said I needed to unplug the toilet and I could not believe what she was trying to flush. It was the size of an small eggplant about 2 inches thick and nearly a foot long. She said that was the last piece and she could not get it down. I can't imagine something so big coming out of someone as petite as her.

This wasn't the first time this happened. We had gone camping with some friends of mine and she complained all us guys brought was meat and starches. She says she needs salads and women food like that. Now I think I know why. When we were on a long hike one afternoon she said she needed my help to hold her because she had to go take a crap in the woods. She took me off the trail and over this ridge where she leaned on me while she removed her hiking shorts and panties off one leg and slung them around to the other side. She then squatted. I was about little less than level with her squatting while she leaned against the front of my right sholder. She looked up then closed her eyes and this gush of pee came out of her but it splattered on her boot off some leaves below her and streamed down the slope in front of her. Then while she was acting like she was going to birth a baby I looked back around her booty side and saw her little hole just open up real wide the size of a half dollar. This large poop started to slowly creap out of her. She started panting and catching her breath (this was starting to actually turn me on!) She leaned forward while clenching my shirt and actually hurt me with her nails. Her hole opened up even more and this log the size of a cucumber worked its way out but it took a good couple of minutes. It came nose down on the wet leaves below before she had to rock herself back and forth to break it off. She made 2 more of these before she had to move her butt cheeks to drop these smaller marble-sized pebbles. She wiped with some tissue she brought in one wipe (lucky!).

I almost forgot about this experience until I had to take care of the toilet today! I think we'll be eating more salads!

I havent pooped in almost a month!!!! My stomach feels like there is a wild storm in there! I have not had even the teeniest bit of poo! I tried everything! I went to the doctor and he gave me meds, about a week ago, but I have had nothin'!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel the big huge poo in my bowels! I tried not eating for 2 days, but I got so week I had to have somthing! You guys got any advice? I am sooooo desperate! I feel like I'm dying! I would give anything to not have the wretched pain in my poor ????! You guys are sooooo lucky you are not constipated! I was so in need of a poo that I had rotten milk to get me to have diarrhea! That didn't help it just made me hurl and barf and throw up a zillion times! My butthole is so sore from squeezing so hard. I am on the toilet for about 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours at night squeezing my brains out! I GET NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP ME!

joel jack: thanx for your reply mate, gave me a chuckle! i have another no t.p moment for everyone- it was back when my sis was staying with my g.f and i for a few days. i woke up needing a shit but could leave it till after b'fast. my sis got in the bathroom first, had a shower and left. i raced in there, dropped my boxers and let loose with a torrent of soft serve turds. i reached around but there was no t.p, so i had to call out to my g.f to bring me some of her kleenex!!! anyone else got any stories?

Hey Cute and Shy, thanks for writing back to me. I saw that pee story about you were at school and your teacher didnt let you go and gave you a zero. I thought that was mean of your teacher to do that. Well at least you calmed down and didnt totally piss your skirt and panties.

I am looking forward to hearing some more of your stories soon.

Love, Armondo

Enema galore
Emily - drink a bunch of castor oil and tell us what happens...should clear you right up...make sure you have 24 hours clear.

Are there any professionals on here, like doctors or lawyers? It would be cool to hear some stories from doctors about their patients. I like thinking about people in highly skilled or high powered positions pooping (like professors, doctors, lawyers, ambassadors, etc).

Dr. Poop
Hi everyone I havent posted here since last november when I rote about my sister-enlaw on page 1434.

I have a story about the first time I remember learning that women sat down to urenate. I was probably 3 or 4 at the time when I opened the bathroom door and saw my mom sitting on the toilet peeing. I said mommy are you going potty? And she said yes I am going potty. I then asked why do you go potty sitting down? and she said mommy has to sit down to go potty. I then walked over to her and patted her thigh, and said if I have a penis do you? She said no I have a little hole near my bottom. She pushed harder and started to pee faster and I said you go potty fast. She said yah do you go potty fast? And I said yah. When she was done she took some toilet paper and wiped herself, and I asked what are you doing? She said I have to make sure there is nothing left on my bottom. I asked why and she said because it get's wet down there when I go. Then she pulled up her pants and flushed and said i'm all done sweety.

I would like to hear some of your stories of your first experiences with this.

Since this I have enjoyed hearing women pee. I like it best when they pee a strong hissing stream. do any of you like to listen to women pee specificly? I'd like to know.

Have to go for now, but i'll tell more stories

Sunday, October 01, 2006

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER I had one of the most ejoyable poos in a very long while!!!
The medicine I have been taking have opiates in them and it is constipating. On Friday I reported a rather solid load and on Saturday I passes a couple of hard narrow turds and that was it. Bare in mind I have been taking a lot of metamucile, fruit and high fibre foods. On Saturday morning I did some yoga etc and could feel a bit of shit in me. In some of the moves you can feel it in your stomach if you are a bit full. On Saturday night I needed to drop a load but nothing was coming so I took my herbal laxative but only a small dose as that always has done the trick. I was awoken early in the morning by the need to poo so I did. I passed the bung which was stopping me up , two solid plops. I then had to take on of my girls to sports training which is on the edge of bushland and when I do that I usually go for a walk in the bush. It was early in the morning and after dropping off my daughter I went for my walk. Soon later the pressure and big urges developed. Rather than head back to a toilet I decided to do it in the bush and then that would enable me to proceed on with my walk. Now I have crappe in the bush many times before but not for many years.
I went into the bush off the track and found this stump of a tree that had been cut down I rested the back part of my bum against it like a toilet seat with my hole close to the actual stump, my shorts and undies down around my ankles.. I relaxed and gave the smallest of pushed, my arse opened up easily and like a tap this flow of soft serve poured out at a continual but unhurried pace...I ran down the stump of the tree and formed a thick puddle at the base, still some inches from my feet. The flow stopped and then a stomach pain and the urge to go again...but this one seemed a bit stuck..a couple of grunts and pushes and another mud slide and then a repeat performance of more thick runny poo. I looked down and it appeared like a thick slightly darker version of pee and ham soup. I sat there for a poo smelled smelled healthy! The early morning sun filtered through the thick vegetation and the bird life broke the was so so relaxing and then after all that another pain and with hardly a push another flow (but smaller) and I then felt so empty and relaxed> I stood to my feet and three wipes only, up with the undies and shorts and on with the walk...sweet victory!
I am looking forward to my next healthy out door dump.. I much prefer it to being locked in s small room like a seems as though shitting is evil and one has to be locked away when in progress. My opinion is different.

petite pooper
last night for dinner we ate friend chicken from Church's. Now, we normally don't order in chicken from there,they have the slimest chicken in all of Wisconsin. My sister didn't eat her chicken because she claimed it was pink from being undone, but I love chicken and thouht "done enuff" and I ate my piece and hers. I thought nothing of it. But later that night I woke up needing to poop badly. I'd barely rolled out of bed and reached a stack of disguarded newspapers when I pulled down my pj's and shitted out this slimely smelly watery shit. It happened quickly and when I wasone, I felt soo much better. I rolled the paper up, wiped myself with another sheet of the newspaper, peed in a bucket that I keep in the corner of my room and threw the evidence in to the garbage outside. This morning when I woke up the pee smelled up my room and I had squirted some poop on my carpet so I had to scrub it off. I also restack the newpaper for future night-time poopings. I rarely pee or poop in the toilet.

Post more intentional accident stories!

Justin, why are you so upset about the mens restroom in your colege? It's a restroom, and it's there for your comfort and convience. Use it to piss, shit,blow your nose, wash yur hands, whatever you need to do, and go back to class. I doubt anybody is checking you out while you are shitting or wiping your ass. Chill out !

UHH! I'm just pooping right now. I was constipated for a few daye until I took some stool softeners yesterday. Now I'm finally going. As a matter of fact, I'm going right now. UHH! A long piece just came out. No stories today, I'm just trying to clean myself out. If something comes up in the next few days, I'll try and post it.

Courtney from Florida
To Emily:
I know how you feel, but I found the perfect medicine for that. Take three extra strength laxitives (the Equate brand from Wal-Mart works best) Then drink a cup of either hot coffee or hot lemon juice, or Metamucil works fine. Then eat a bowl of a type of wheat cereal that has alot of fiber in it. Oh, and olive oil works well too. If you do that, you should go in a few days.

When I was at primary school I remember living next door to a girl who went to the same school as I did. Our parents were friends and she would often be around or we would play together. She used to wet and poo herself quite frequently.

So one day at school we were practicing for a music event at Christmas. We were in the hall and had been specially seated in a particular order. She put her hand up and asked to go to the toilet, but the teacher said to hold on as it was only ten minutes until lunch. After another piece or two the teacher called for quiet and was talking about the arrangements for the event when all of a sudden there was a splattering sound, and everyone turned towards the girl who was wetting herself. She started crying and ran out the doors towards the toilets. We were dismissed to lunch 5 mintues early and the caretakers had to come in and mop up.

Another time her parents were away so she came to stay with us for the weekend. My parents had to go out to have dinner with a relative in the next town some 50 miles away so we were left alone one evening. Her normal attire for the evening was a t-shirt and knickers and she true to form had a white t shirt and pink knickers on. We were playing a multiplayer computer game in the spare room and i noticed she was starting to squirm a bit. As time went by she crossed her legs and held herself between her legs, but this was somewhat erratic because sometimes you needed two hands to play the game.

"Are you OK?" I asked

"Yeah, I just need the toilet" she replied "But I'll wait until we've finished this level, then I'll go"

So we finished this level, with her getting more and more desperate as we went on. As soon as we finished she pushed her chair back and stood up... at which point a hissing noise could be heard and her little pink knickers got steadily darker. She ran to the toilet and I followed, but by the time she got there her knickers were soaked and there was a wet patch on her t-shirt. Even though her house was just next door she was scared of going out in the dark so I went next door and up to her bedroom and brought back a pair of knickers.

She tried to put them on, but unfortunately I'd managed to pick a pair which were too small for her! She put them on for a bit but found them too tight so took them off. We were lying on our stomachs on the floor rug watching TV in the spare room a bit later, when she told me she needed to poo as well, but didnt want to leave the TV. I suggested as we were on an old rub so she could just let it go, and she agreed. Her butthole was bulging, and when she let go there was a loud crackling before the poo sped out of her hole and fell onto the rug. She used some tissues to wipe and then threw the poop down the toilet with them. By the time our parents were back her pink knickers were dry so she put them back on.

Sir Farts-a-lot
Heeey big fan of this site. i've been here since july and there have been a lot of halarious storys. Any way the other night i was with my mom and grandparents as we headed to subway. (we always do on wendsdays)and as we enterd i saw this woman leave the store with this unplesent look on her red face. I didnt think anything of it untill after we got our food i had to go take a pee, and when i went in the room there was diahrrea poo every where near the bowl. on the walls in the trash can next to it. It looked like a murder seen with the blood as poo. it even had one of those seat covers apperently attempted to be put on the toilet half on and half not. And all man there was a horrible stench. Natrualy i kinda lost my appitite. U never know that might have been the subways food spewed accross the room.

Another thing someone asked last week if any one went into the sink. well i do and have for 3-4 years the bad thing is the acid in your pee eventualy eroads the sink near the drain. even if u put water on it.... oh yea someome one asked earlier if anyone liked to have diahrrea in her surrvea and yea i do for the challenge of being near the bathroom and seeing how long can u hold it in. It comes in hady if u actually need to go and theres no bathroom around =)see u next time

i had a really embarrasing moment once I own a squat toilet and one time my friends were over and I really had to go so I did but forgot to lock the door. My friends heard strange noises and opened the door and they saw me squatting and I was farting and I couldn't stop it smelt really bad and suddenly a wave of yellow shit poured from my ass and I had diarrhoea with everyone watching and then my crush came in and saw me there, and I froze in mid-dump, and was so shocked I was scared shitless (literally) and a bunch of solid yellow logs fell from my anus and I reached for the toilet paper and wiped my ass while everyone was watching then they stormed in and looked inside the toilet ans they saw my feces sitting their, a whole pile of them, and man did it stink and half of my friends were pretty girls, including my crush, and I could never live it down until we moved houses.

lara (to Emily)
Emily, maibe you should ask a doctors oppinion too, no harm in that;) Good luck, and let us know what you did.

Middle Aged Crapper
I'll just note quickly here that I posted a few stories between pages 1100-1199 of the archive.
To Big Booty Black Girl: I noticed you encouraged other Black women to submit stories and named a few of your favorite posters. In fact there was a Black teenage girl named Shanice, since departed from this forum, who wrote some of the most incredible poo stories. In fact she may have had the top stories in regard to total poo quantity seen on this website. Her best story was her first one, on page 595 of the archive, when she dumped three huge loads of turds in front of some male teenage friends, whom she let wipe her and inspect her butt afterward. She also cut tons and tons of farts with her giant poo loads. She had about four stories altogether, so you might want to scan the archive between pages 595 and app. 675. She always dumped massive loads of turds out of her active and lively butt and especially enjoyed doing this activity in front of her male friends.

Cute & Shy
To A.W.
Hi A.W. I'm still here and I'll post a story when I get time.

To Emily
If you're constipated, then drink some prune juice.
It's quick and easy.

Emily, get yourself to a doctor or to the hospital immediately.

Master Blaster
Nothing real interesting to report, i just took a rather small crap. I farted a couple time when I sat down, and pushed out a thin 7 in. turd and a couple small pieces. Nothing real great. Hopefully, I'll have something better to tell you about next time. Maybe I'll type up some stories from the past or something.

Talk to you all later,

Master Blaster

trucker man
glad you liked my first post joeljack. yeah i have many stories about almost being caught short and a few where i WAS caught short.
most times i can make it to a rest area or a factories bathroom where i'm delivering. sometimes i just cant. a few times i've actually had to dump in a soda container (44oz). those are the times i just cant make it outta my truck. thank gooness my dumps are long and firm for the most part, so mess isnt usually an issue, and cleanup is a breeze.
actually i prefer to dump outside and feel the air tickle me back there and to just feel at one with nature. i love to squat down and give a good push and look between my legs to see it all slide out.maybe thats wierd but i've loved to do that since as far back as i can remember.any others enjoy a good outdoor dump either alone or with someone?. if so post it and share it with all of us.... bye for now.............

Trucker man great story! I want to hear more

BRIAN AT SEARS: Cool story. People have no choice but to be "real" when they're shitting on front of each other. Rich, poor, ugly, beautiful it's all the same. God definitely knew how to give us humility. Your story takes me back to my Sears days.

BIG PHIL: Yes, I have a no toilet paper incident. It was recently that I went to the gym early in the morning. As soon as I got there, there was a big dump waiting to happen. I went in my stall and saw paper hanging so I just sat down and let her rip. After I finished depositing, I pulled the TP only to realize it's the ONLY piece on the roll. I was like "Jesus"! Fortunately there was a guy shitting next to me, so I explained my dilemma and asked him to be a nice neighbor and pass some under the stall to me. He laughed and said that the same thing had happened to him a couple of weeks earlier at the gym. There is definitely a "morning rush" when comes to shitting at the gym. Thank God I didn't have to work out with a shitty ass.

JUSTIN: Sounds like one hell of a college bathroom. Didn't have those in college. Elementary school, high school and camp had doorless stalls, but not college. And the toilet paper thing...WOW. Well, you better give up your modesty if you shit in there. Just curious, but what town are you in? Small town or big city?

Lone Pee
Yo there,I'm 17 years old and female!I've had a few experiences in the last while.First of all,I was at a small mall in my local town.It was new and I hadn't been there before.After a while,the urge for a pee came along so I made for the toilets.When I stepped inside the urge was pressing and every move gave me a short pain.But there were no stalls,just open toilets.In my desperation I would have gone but I was on my period and didn't fancy dropping my pants.I pondered for a while and was about to do it when my French teacher(about 27,female)walked in.I gave her an awkward smile and hastened to leave.I ended up walking towards my home feeling very full.I started to hold my stomach but that just hurt more.After 15 minutes.My crotch got warm and I clutched it but it ran through my fingers and pee started to soak me.It ruined me but I felt very light and started to sprint home.I got home and washed off in the tub.I was alone in the house so while in the tub,I drank a carton of milk and peed in the bath too.It felt good.

Also,I was down at the store with my pals and a mother and her 5 year old son came in.The mother entered the shop and stayed there,but the boy stayed by the door.He was clutching himself in that non embarrassed way and I couldn't help watching.Finally a wet spot started to form on his cotton pants.And he turned towards the door,held his "pee-pee" through his pants and proceeded to pee against the door.His mother came to the door while this was happening.Unfortunately,as it dawned on her what was going on,the AUTOMATIC DOOR opened and she got a dose of his pee on her leg.She grabbed him while he was still going and started giving out to him.I saw a lump form in his pants and realised he had pooped too.His mother noticed,poor kid.She went CRAZY!
More later,gator

cheryl lynne
hi it's me , cheryl lynne
and yes, hi to mr clogs, by the way I was thinking about you last month when [ yeah I am bisexual but more into girls] I was like, with this guy from jersey if you can guess[ not a sex site here] what I was up to[ "bad girl" (: ]
yeah god has it been a long time. well as always for me, the 3rd week of the month[ as weell as part of the fourth] seems to be interesting , yeah, the good old pre-mensy mess! the period ! oh my gods! OH THOSE MOOD SWINGS AND WOW! DOES THE PEE EVER SMELL REALLY RICH AND LIKE , REALLY SWEET SMELLING! yes, I been going off the walls and screaming like a banshee in heat every chance I can get and now it has died down finally.

anyway, so for the past two weeks almost , every time I urinate, as that pee comes out splashing into the bowl , it like smells so intense and this week , I think it was tuesday after drinking vodka and tonics monday night till who knows in the morning. well I got up sometime around 8 am or so [ being that I keep artist/writer's hours] just to pee and oh my god did that morning pee stink.
actually it smelled kind of sweet! -:P ] well being that I usually sleep in the buff, I tossed on my panties[ low cuts which is why I call the things " undies" ] and walked to that bathroom of mine. shutting the door I already had the lid up and so, I pulled down those panties and sat with my chubby little legs spread apart to pee. well maybe ten seconds later , I felt my flabby lil' puss lips open slightly and heard myself tinkle as all this pee came splashing out into the water of that bowl like a banshee for the next good minute. it was like one huge wide spray of some of the most golden yellow urine you'd ever seen and I could hear it make this " hisssss" as well as that all too familiar feminine sounding tinkle we gals seem to make when we " go to the ladies' room" so to speak. [ well PISS HONEY :)-:p ] looking down tween my legs I saw that once clear water become all yellowy and filled with some really intensely , bubblicious urine foam which actually softened the sound of that tinkle after less than 20 secs. when it does that, you soon understand why so many call it " pissin'" I guess :) anyway, I sprayed all that nasty smelly urine all over inside that bowl; mostly into the water but also the sides and toward the back and then it stopped just as quick as it started. right then all I could small in the air was this IN-TENSE , EVER SO SWEETIE SWEET SMELL OF PEE AS I LISTENED TO ALL THAT HISSY, BULBBLY FOAM MAKE THIS " HISSSSSSS-SISSS" SOUND.

well still not through, here I sat for another ten secs and then; more comes splashing out like a freaking fan all over into that toilet's already saturated with yellow foamy pee water. this time it came out much slower and like sprayed toward the back and well, got all up my puss puss and felt OHHHHHHH SO WARM ! [

anyway, this is just one of many

I broke my leg once and was out with the girlfriend when I hadda go to the bathroom. Now, I felt that I was perfectly capable of using the men's room as I normally do, but no, she insisted on taking me into the women's room and helping me. I was on crutches and getting around pretty well. So, more or less she took me into the women's restroom more as a joke than anything else. It was at a large movie complex and there were a lot of women in the bathroom. All the women in there were accomodating and the girlfriend and I went into a stall, she unzipped me and held onto my dick while I took a piss. We left the stall door open because it would have been too awkward to close it. Quite a trip

Friday, September 29, 2006

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDERWent to the doctor yesterday and have been put on pain medication daily
and it is likely to cause constipation...started taking it yesterday and I am on a high fibre diet with plenty of metamucil.
This afternoon I need to go so went out the back. The toilet at work is in the back yard and the young couple from upstairs were standing near made no difference to me...I just went in after saying "good day!" and dropped a reasonable load...the turds were solid and chunky so the new medicine is having its effect methinks...tomorrow and the next day will be more revealing.
Linda, when I am constipated I have the same problem (sometimes)where my undies get skid marks..I think it is shit in the rectum or something....if I am pooing well I do not have this issue.

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