Brian at Sears
Hey guys. Things are settling down here. Busy working, and planning our wedding for next summer...And no, we are not registered at Sears..LOL... I was taking a early afternoon shit yesterday, when 2 of the merchandice 'buyers' came in, for the same purpose I was there for. I was sitting in the 'center square" and they sat on both sides of me. Amongst all of our grunting, farting and plopping, they carried on a conversation, mostly about purchasing and replenesment. Just as we were all wiping our asses, the stores assistant manager comes in, in dire need to shit. I was the first one done, so, I yanked my pants up, and hit the flusher, as he stormed into the stall, my shit was still whirlpooling down the bowl, as he sat down and 'CUT LOOSE'...'AHHHHHHHHHHHH' he exclaimed.... The two buyers finished up, and had a brief conversation with him, before they washed up and left him alone to stink up the lounge. I took my time washing up, and we left the same time. When we got outside, one of the guys asked why there are no doors on the stalls. I just told them thats how its been since I been there. We departed and I went back to work.

Sir Poopington
Today I took the 2 lb challenge. It was a perfect cube.

Period Poop
Just a question IBS sufferers. If you drink certain types of alcohol, could this result in an attack of diarreah? or is it only certain foods that cause this...

i will apprecaite your answers...thankyou.


lara (vivian)

Hi Emily!, see Anny's second storie on the same page with yours(right after Jake's storie), she had the same problem and the doctor seemed to have fixed it with fiber-diet and soft laxatives instead of violent ones! Good luck, and let us know what happend.

I'm stil very constipated, I tried everything! I have not pooped in 2 weeks! My stomach hurts really bad! Any advice? Please I'm desperite!

A few months ago at work there must have been something wrong with the food. My boss and I were the only two people to have turkey, and everybody else had chicken. About an hour after eating I started feeling really ill, and I went to the bathroom. I had bad diarrhea. As i was leaving the stall, my boss ran into teh bathroom looking desperate. By the time I was done washing my hands she was having bad diarrhea too.

About thirty minutes later I needed to go to the bathroom again badly, and I ran to the bathroom. My boss was still having diarrhea in the stall next to the one I had. She was making all sorts of groaning noises, and kept moaning. Admittedly, I did a bit of moaning and groaning too. Anyway, we both finished up at about the same time and exited the bathroom. My boss smiled weakly at me and told me, "Feel free to go home--I am. I think it was something in the turkey..." I thanked her, and packed up my stuff.

As I was getting into my car my boss, with a very embarassed look on her face, came up to me. "Do you mind giving me a lift home?" she asked. "My car broke down yesterday morning and is in the shop being repaired. I really don't feel well and don't think I'll be okay if I have to take a bus."

I agreed--my boss lives less than a mile from where I live. However, to both of our houses is about a 30 minute drive. I felt okay, though not great, but my boss wasn't doing so well. She was sitting there, very still, holding her stomach. About 15 minutes in, she turned to me. "Please pull over," she begged, almost crying. I did, and she ran out of the car and threw up all over the side of the road. When she was done she got back in the car, looking very embarassed--she kept apologizing, too. Right as I arrived at her house she got a very strange look on her face. She thanked me, and then actually ran to her door, fumbling with her keys. I watched, horrified, as she had an accident in her pants. She didn't look back, but she knew I had seen it.

Both of us were out the next day, but on the day after that we both were in work. We carefully avoided contact, both terribly embarassed. Finally, after almost a half week of doing this, my boss, whose name is Rebecca, came up to me. "Thank you," she told me softly. I said it was no problem, and I thanked her for allowing me to go home early. There was a few moments of pained silence, and then my boss said, "Look, Kate, do you want to come get some coffee with me?" I agreed, and ever since then we've been close friends--not just work friends, but actual, true, close friends. It's funny--I didn't even like her that much before, but I guess both of us realized how kind the other could be

Hey everyone,

No new poop stories to report yet! :-D I haven't gone since Sunday, even though I've kept on the schedule and meds my doctor prescribed, so I don't know, it's going to take a while for my bowels to re-adjust themselves. All I know is I'll never take laxatives ever again, because they do way more harm than good. From now on when I'm constipated I'll stick to Metamucil and gentle stuff. My bowels got lazy after using the enema too many times, and only twice using magnesium citrate, so I'll become more careful what I do. I'm closely watching how I eat, adding more bran and fruit to my diet, as well as my normal diet, very little fast food, if at all for months. I'm right now still taking 3 tablespoons of Lactulose Syrup, and 3 glasses of Metamucil, as per my doctor's instructions. I'm going in tomorrow(Wednesday) to check my progress, which is slow, but so far so good. I am only slightly worried about what she'll say, and I am definetly dreading a rectal exam, which hopefully I won't have to endure again, those are painful!!

Anyway...I have a few more recent stories :-D

1)I was in Value Village last week shopping for some new clothes, and a young boy, about 8 years old, was trying to open the washroom door, which had one of those door codes on it that you have to punch in. The mother was standing there and didn't offer any help or ask a sales representative to open the bathroom door. She just stood there while the little boy jumped up and down, whining and squirming, obviously needing to pee, while punching in random buttons and rattling the doorknob. I don't know if he made it or what.

2) On the way back from work a couple of weeks ago, I really had to pee but had no time to go before I got off work because I was too busy, and didn't have time to use the bathroom before leaving work. So I got on the bus and went to the station. I went looking for the washroom, and there was a cleaning guy in there, who told me to wait for about 5 minutes and then I could go in. He came out 10 minutes later, when the lineup was getting big, and told us it would be another 5 minutes. Then he came out again and said it would be up to 20 minutes before anyone could use it. Alot of us were like "Screw it, I'll go somewhere else." Well I got to the subway, and the whole ride wasn't helping my filling bladder, with all the shaking and moving. Man did I have to pee! I had to squeeze my legs together to try not to pee my pants in public, which I haven't done since I was 6. I transferred to the other station to catch the second train, and just my luck, no bathroom there! Damn, I was getting desperate and seriously worried my bladder would explode if I moved. The second subway ride was long, and torturous, and I kept my legs squeezed together and bounced my knees to keep from having an accident. I had to go so bad, and I didn't know if I could hold it, since I had had two extra large cups of tea. Finally I got to my stop at the final station, and I raced for the bathroom and ran in, but almost all the stalls were really dirty, sprayed with pee or toilet paper everywhere.

Ewww! Finally I sucked it up and went into one of the stalls and locked the door, pulled down my pants and thong and hovered over the seat, since there were no toilet seat covers and it was too dirty to sit down. I did a long hissing pee, and was careful not to spray the seats. Finally my bladder, my full aching bladder, was empty. I wiped and flushed the toilet and as I was pulling up my pants, this woman pushed the stall door open, which I pushed, or more like slammed, shut just as hard. She gave me a dirty look when I came out, and I said, "When you see someone's feet under the door, that means don't come in." Usually I'm not rude and I don't say anything, but some people have no concept. Oh well.

3) Apparently when I was a toddler, at about 18 months old, a dirty diaper never seemed to bother me. I'd take a dump in my diaper and seemed to not mind too much sitting in the dirty diaper. My mom however didn't understand how I could stand that, and she used to check the back of my diaper very often once she discovered my interest in sitting in my own matter, and take me to be changed right away. I don't know...I think I've always had a love for toilet habits and trying new things regarding it, but I didn't discover it until last year, at age 19. Weird, huh?

To the anonymous poster who asked about public urination: Yeah, public urination is illegal, and can result in a heavy fine or jail, but accidents are a different story. They can't do anything if you have an accident, and it's not considered a problem, but only if you're "vandalising" public property with urine/feces or trespassing or something then they don't like that. They could consider it indecent exposure as well, so I hope that helps.

Petite Pooper: I liked your story. Sorry to hear about your messy accident. Do you carry an emergency change of clothes, and wet wipes, extra underwear, etc on you? If not, it could help if ever you get caught short :-) Keep on posting, your stories are great!

Kellogg: Hi! Glad you liked my story :-D To answer your question, I'm 20 years old :-) I've never had a major problem with constipation, though ever since I was a kid, I had problems staying regular, and often strained on the toilet until my face my purple. I often got the "If you don't poop by tomorrow, you're going to the hospital to get an enema" speech, and it often scared me, but no matter what, I just couldn't produce a normal load. I was often very constipated, and as a result held it back because it hurt too much or plugged up the toilet. Thankfully now that I'm older it's becoming less of a problem, though I still have problems staying regular. Hopefully with adding extra fibre to my diet, it will change things a bit :-)

Jake: I liked your story!

Master Blaster: Thank you very much for the advice! I'll try that and see how it works :D :D

I love everyone's stories!! I miss stories from LINDA GS, ASH D, KENDAL, and people who haven't posted here for a while.

Happy toileting!


Err, hi! My name is Ev, and I'm new here. I'm a female,, here's something that happned just today ().

Okay, so, I was at school, about 2:00 maybe, I had to use the restroom. Not that badly, so I thought nothing more and forgot all about my urge. It was now 3:00. A had to pee a bit more urgent now, but not urgent "OMG-I'M-GONNA-WET-MY-PANTS" thing.

But my bus ride is 1 hour and a half long until I get home. I thought I could hold it. But the urge got stronger by the minute. And finaly, there was about 20 minutes or so left, nd I was trying to resist my urge. Hard. I knew I had the ubility to sometimes forget I have to pee, but I couldn't do that anymore.

15 minutes until my stop. I'm kneeling my heel into my crotch, but pretend to look casual. At times, my foot would fall alseep, and I'd remove it and use my fingers. I was talking to someone, then she noticed what I was doing and was like "Eww, what are you doing?" I pulled down my skirt to use as an excuse, and fortunately she bought it.

10 minutes. We get to move to the front when the final 3 are on. So, I walked to the fornt. The walking helped, but not sooner had that urge come back as soon as I sat.

My stop! I walked off casually, but as soon as the bus left my sight, I ran. But they didn't help, as I had to pee even more, so I had to stop running.

Finally, I made it home, and took a 30-second pee. I had held my pee for 3 hours and a half with no drips or anything. It that weird, or normal for a girl?

I wasn't kidding Vivian that's a true story. I never thought about forgoing the drink, but even if I had thought about it, I would still have done what I did.

Sarah in Calgary
Hi again.

This happened to me last Thursday, which was the 21st of September...

I had to go to Edmonton for the day to train a couple new girls in our office in Edmonton. I got up really early, like 5:30 in the morning and was on the road by 6:00 am. I decided to dress up a little bit and wore a pair of khaki coloured dress pants and a light green blouse. Underneath I wore a pair of white bikini panties and full length nylons, just to help tighten up my butt and thighs a little more. It was cool outside so the nylons helped keep me a little warmer as well.

Anyway, I got to the Emonton office at around 9 am. We worked for a few hours and went out to lunch at noon to this very nice steak house. The manager of our Edmonton office took all of us out to lunch and I had a New York Peppercorn Steak with steamed ???? and potatoes. It was an amazing meal.

We finished up at around 2 o'clock and I was on the road by 2:30 in the afternoon. My stomach started feeling a little funny before I left so I decided to make a trip to the ladies room before I left. I wasn't able to move anything around in my bowels, so I peed and went on with my day. I figured that it was either my intestines were digesting my lunch, or my PMS cramps starting up a little early. My period wasn't due to start until some time on Sunday, or Monday morning. Since that was like four or five days I thought it was more of my body digesting my lunch.

Anyway, my stomach started cramping up as I was driving out of the downtown area of Edmonton. I finally got on to what is actually called "Calgary Trail", or Highway # 2, and realized that I had to stop for gas. I ended up finding an Esso station which I new had a bathroom that I could use. Before I got there I let out a couple wet farts, and I mean WET FARTS! I could feel the wetness start to drip between my butt cheeks and into my panties. A third cramp hit me and another wet fart came out, but this time there was more substance to it. I was starting to mess my pants as I pulled into the Esso station beside one of the gas pumps. As I got out this girl from a car beside me got out and rushed into the Esso store. She was with two other girls, all three of which were probably in their early to mid 20's. The girl who ran into the Esso had a rather noticable brown spot on the bum of her jeans. Since the Esso is glassed in at the front of the store, I watched her as she went to the washroom, turn around, go to the front of the store, get the key to the washroom and go back towards it. She unlocked the door and rushed in.

I decided to fill up my car since the bathroom was occupied. I've been to this particular Esso before and I already knew that they only have one washroom available. One of the girls from the other car went into the Esso to check on the girl who obviously was having, or had an accident in her pants. I went into the store and went back to the washroom and asked her if she was in line. She said "no, I'm just waiting for my friend". I asked her if she would be long and she said, "probably, yeah". I went up to the counter and paid for my gas. I went back to see if the girl in the washroom was finishing up. Her friend knocked on the door and the girl inside actually opened it up. She was crying, had her hair in a pony tail and had stripped down to just her pink bra. Her shirt, shoes and socks were in a corner all by themselves. Her jeans however, were in a pile in front of her. I could see that the insides of her jeans were just covered in diarrhea. Her pink panties were beside her jeans and they were completely filled with diarrhea as well. This poor girl was covered pretty much from her knees, up the front and back of her thighs, and up her back in diarrhea. I told her friend who was outside the washroom to tell the girl who had the accident to get some wet paper towels to help clean herself up. She relayed the message and them looked outside to the third girl who was getting gas for their car. The girl inside the store made a few gestures to the girl outside. The girl outside then went to the trunk of their car and pulled out a clean pair of jeans and panties for the girl who was sick. The girl inside said that they were from Calgary and were on their way back to Calgary after a few days shopping in Edmonton.

At this point in time, my bowels were on the brink of explosion. I guess that seeing the poor girl in the washroom made my urge to go even worse. I decided to leave the Esso store and started to walk out. Each step became more painful than the last. I was in a loosing battle with my bowels. I opened the door when the third girl came in with the new jeans and panties for her unfortunate friend. When I stepped outside, my bowels exploded and everything ran out of me. It felt like I was going for like 5 or 6 seconds straight. Since I was wearing nylons, this was a very tight squeeze. I could feel my panties, nylons and dress pants balloon out behind me. I could also feel the diarrhea push its way into my crotch, down the insides of my legs and up my back. It was awful! To make things worse, I knew I wasn't finished going. That was just the first wave. I went and opened my trunk to grab a towel that I use when I take my pugs to the dog park to clean them up and draped it over my seat. As I was doing this, more diarrhea came out of me.

Now, I didn't bother to take a change of clothes with me this time, since I was only away for the day and since my period wasn't due to start for another four or five days. So I had to sit in this awful mess for the three hour drive home. It was very gross sitting in my car like that for three hours. I could feel the warm, wet diarrhea swish around in my pants as I drove. I had one more explosion and at that point I just let it happen.

I got home to my appartment in the southern area of Calgary and got on the elevator. Then a lady about my age and her young daughter who was probably 5 or 6 entered the elevator. The girl was looking at me in a funny way. We got out on the same floor and we both turned to the right down to our appartments. I hear the young girl say to her mom, "Mommy, that lady pooped her pants, didn't she?" The mother said back to her daughter, "Well darling, sometimes adults have accidents when they are sick too." I was so mortified!!! The mother looked at me an whispered, "I'm so sorry! If you need anything, please let me know." I said thanks, and for her not to worry.

I went inside and went into my shower with all my clothes on. Well, the nylons were completely ruined, I threw them away. The panties, well, I kinda got them clean over the weekend. I bleached them back to a semi-white colour and the are now in my period panties pile. The dress pants, I rinsed them out and I will have to get them dry cleaned. That should be interesting. I have always wondered what dry cleaners see in regards to accidents that people have had.

Anyway, that was what happened to me last Thursday.

Sarah in Calgary.

i got a question for the ladies and gents: have you ever used a public toilet stall and only once you've finished pooping, realised there's no t. p? what did you do? - this happened to me during a bad bout of gastro-interitus, i had to walk home from work that day and used a public loo on the way as i started getting sharp pains. anyway, i rushed into the 1st stall and shat my brains out. however, there was no t.p so i walked home with shitty boxers on, threw them in the bin and showered thoroughly!!!

Hi all,

Another love blackberry poo. Just letting out a steady yellowish stream. Can feel the poo waiting just inside my hole. Open my legs slightly, hole openning really slowly - on its own, no pushing needed, slight crackling. Can feel the hard head poke out, I try and slow it down but it's coming too quic. Lift my balls to look through my legs intime to see a 3inch log break and a 6inch log come straight after and go straight into the water and disappear. Then a thinner 4 inch log. Push hard now - stop

....Push, 3 little nuggets, one larger one, and 2inches. Suck my anus in and it cuts off a few shreds. 3 sheets of toilet paper, fold once, put right under me and wipe forward, digger two fingers up my hole. A bit more pee comes out - have to wipe it off the seat, with the 3 sheets I'm about to wipe my ass with. I use them to wipe my home anyway,i in the same way. And again.fold the same sheet over the over the specks of poo and dig into my hole. All clean.

Hey Cute and Shy, I miss hearing from you girl. When you gonna post some more stories. Yea, I'm still here.

Love, Armondo

Who designs restrooms anyway? Back to college a few weeks already. Haven't had to shit until yesterday, so I didn't really think about it. The 'student mens' room is so messed up. The outer door pushes in, and in clear view straight ahead, 3 doorless toilet stalls, with the rolls of toilet tissue outside the stalls on the stall endcaps, meaning 2 rolls of toilet tissue for 3 toilets, "sharing is caring, but this is just crazy" To make matters worse, the holders are high, so you HAVE to stand to reach it, and to add insult to injury, they are not 'free rollers" which means you have to unwind the toilet paper off the roll, as opposed to just pulling it, because the rolls are 'squeezed' on the holder....very odd... the urinals are on the side of the door opening, so when the door swings open, all the dicks of the guys pissing are in view of everybody in the hallway. Yesterday, all three toilets were occupied, with guys shitting, i was on the end stall, when we had to wipe our asses, we had to stand up, with our dicks on display to anybody passing in the hallway when the entry door was opened, and take turns peeling toilet tissue off the roll, and wipe our asses while standing, very embarrasing, in my opinion, and considering it's a COUNTY community college, I think we deserve better . I peeked into the womens room, and all you see is a cinder wall, nothing else. WHAT GIVES ??? we are adult men, we deserve better....

Trucker Man: great story. i've been in the same situation where you just gotta pull over and let nature take her course. (watched my dad do it several times) hope you have more stories in the future.

Justin: you're right. when you can wet shit in front of others, everything else seems like a piece of cake.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A quick poll

1. Have you ever peed your pants because you couldn't hold it?
yes, many times, particulary when drunk and i have a weak bladder normally
2. Have you ever peed your pants laughing?
3. Have you ever pooped your pants because you couldn't hold it?
only once when i had a bout of diarrea. luckily i was home at the time
4. Have you ever wet the bed as an adult?
no but my 24yr old boyfriend has!
5. Have you ever messed your pants in the car?
only with a small amount of wee

If yes to any, how old were you?
(question no.)1. 24 (current age)
2. ---
3. 23
4. my boyfriend was 24
5. between the ages of 20 and 24 on numerous occasions

Linda from Australia again. For the last few days, I haven't been eating many fruit or vegetables. This has caused me to get a bit constipated. Yesterday I didn't do a poo at all and lately I've only been going once per day. This morning I had lots of trouble doing a poo. I tried going for a poo straight after I ate breakfast. I pushed a bit but I could feel a stubborn log in my anus that wouldn't move easily so I decided to get ready for work. At 8.30am I was ready and I had 15 minutes before I had to leave for work. I sat on the toilet and started pushing. The turd was still stuck up my butt and I had to really strain hard to get it moving. I thought I wouldn't have time to do my poo and I almost gave up. However, after 10 minutes of pushing and straining, I finally managed to start squeezing out small pieces of poo. They stretched my anus, even though they were small. It took 5 minutes to finish my load and even then, I didn't feel finished. I had a look at my job and there were several pieces of light brown poo in the bowl, all quite small. My anus was really sore after that too but I felt better after my dump. I quickly wiped my butt, pulled up my pants and went to work. Later in the morning at work, I went to the toilet for a wee (not a poo this time) and to my horror, there was a small amount of poo that had smeared onto my knickers!! When I wiped my butt, more poo was on the tp!! I was sure I wiped my butt properly before I went to work!! I noticed that each time I went for a wee at work (which was about 3 times during the day) I wiped my anus aswell and small amounts of poo were on the tp!! It must have been a bit of butt phlegm. I hope nobody could smell the poo on my knickers!! When I got home from work, I dropped another small load consisting of 3 turds, this one sliding easily out of my butt. The logs looked rock hard and sank to the bottom of the toilet bowl.

To Fat Woman: I haven't seen you on here for a while. Please come and share some more stories with us, I especially love the constipation ones!! My flatmate has been doing lots of poos on the toilet lately too but still no luck with listening in while she takes a dump.

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER Linda, I have used composting toilets several times for both a wee and poo. rouble is I use them when with the family on a car trip in the country and as everybody is waiting for me I have to drop my load faster than I would like, usually leaving a bit in me. As to shitting on a plane I have done that a few times but I can only manage a couple of turds and have never got complete satisfaction.
My poos have been variable. Last week I just did not go for a couple of days. Then I went (public toilet) and passes two very thick hard painful turds but that was it for the day. Got a sore arse too. Next day passed two very hard BM`s so took my favouite herbal laxative (small dose) and it was great. Two large chunky movements and later on a third movement of soft serve and later again a good gush of runny poo and I then felt great. The last few days I have been doing one big poo a day..nice and firm and occuring anytime from waking up until after lunch.
Kirsten, great story...made me jealous...I have not done a decent shit in the bush for years now... I would really like the opportunity to do so.

Another Michael
I just returned from a business trip to Toronto Canada and wanted to share a couple of quick stories about airplane toilets.

On my way to Toronto, I had to connect in Los Angeles first. This meant taking a small regional jet to LAX first. Because I had booked my flight at the last minute, I ended up in the back row sitting next to the toilet. These are really small jets though so the only real disadvantage to the back row is not being able to recline.

A few minutes after takeoff but before the seat belt sign went off, the flight attendant comes down the aisle. We were still climbing and I thought this was strange for her to be up. She had quite a look on her face though and I realized where she was headed. She entered the tiny bathroom and I could see her starting to drop her pants even as she was trying to close the door. Moments after the door latched I heard a very loud wet farting sound and what sounded like a bad case of diarrhea. I was surprised that I could hear all of this over the whine of the engines but she was loud for such a small woman (not that size matters).

We continued to climb and finally started to level out when I heard the sucking flush of the airplane toilet. I then heard the water running and heard her dry her hands. The door opens and the smell of her movement came wafting out and hit me. Wow, that was a nasty smell. She must have seen my face twist up just a bit. I looked up at her and there was a moment of acknowledgement where she must have realized I was only about two feet away while she was having a rather nasty case of diarrhea. Very quietly she mouthed the word, "Sorry", and proceeded to the front of the cabin to start the complementary beverage service.

At the end of the flight, I was the last person off the plane. She was very professional but obviously blushing when she gave the standard fairwell greeting. I gave her a sincere smile and thanked her for a great flight.

I have a story about the return flight from Toronto to LAX if anyone is interested. It was a very bumpy flight.

umm can sumone give me any techniques or advice on how to pee with morning wood when i have wood i have a very dificult time peeing can sum plz give me advice

Richguy, hi, you were asking what someone else would have done if they had no time to eat and shit (wich you did at the same time...)Well, for me at least, the drink wouldn't have been so imortant so I would've just skipped it, and eat the lunch without it in a propper place, so i would have had enough time to separate things. Than again, of course i believe you are joking but couldn't find sth.else to joke about, so...enjoy your next lunch!, where ever you are:)

hey i heard that public urination is illegal, what if you have an accident

Well, a week ago I woke up and had to poop REALLY BAD! I could feel the big hunk in my anus, just ready to come out. I was exited because I knew it was gonna be good. As I felt a bit of pressure I squeezed...To my suprise nothing! I squeezed harder, NOTHING! I was frusterated by this point OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHUUUUUUUUUUUU UNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU ULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I screamed! I couldn't get the poop out. My face was red, sweaty, and hot. I sucked in my stomach and tried again. I had asked my hubby to go get me a wet washcloch. He did (he assumed it was for my face) He was suprised when I blotted my anus. My butthole was VERY sore by now! HHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I squeezed again. I looked I had been jogging- no wait scratch that- I looked I just got out of the shower! I was so sweaty! An hour of doing this and another push. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU DAMNIT! I GOTTA POOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was very upset, almost upset as my stomach! My belly couln't take this, I had that feeling where you would rather be burnt on a torch then have the pain in you stomach. My lower intestines were full with poop! Big huge poops ready to come out! I just couldn't do it. I was at this for about 4 hours, 'till noon! I tried again later and was on the toilet for another 2 hours! I'm still constipated 7 days later! I tried this morning and still nothing! Got any advice?

Atto R
hey Big booty Black girl welcome , i like ur storyies there very detailed !!!
anyway we had a contest in school to see who can pee the farthest ....sadly i dint win but o wll theres next time =)

later ........

Hi everyone!
Squatters- glad you enjoyed my previous story!
This past week I had a couple of interesting bowel movements - Wednesday I think it was. I find greasy food has a bit of an effect on me but obviously not enough of one to make me stop eating it from time to time! I am a fairly healthy woman of age 31 but I do indulge from time to time - and each time it seems I pay for it!
I usually pack a lunch but Tues night I had fallen asleep early and didn't wake up until about 10 mins before I had to leave for work. Time to shower and grab a bagel and juice and bolt.

When it was lunch time I decided to go to the BurgerKing across the street and get a Whopper meal.I ate it back at work and chatted with some friends over break and went back to work. About an hour later I felt a fart coming on and tried to let it out silently. I almost let too much go, getting a bit of a wet feeling inside my bum. I stood up straight and started heading for the washrooms - which are of course on the other end of the building and up a set of stairs!

I was starting to get cramps and climbing the stairs didn't help much other than make me really need to go more. I got to the washroom; now, our women's washroom has only 4 stalls and it is the only washroom in the building. I first noticed an "out of order" sign on the furthest stall. "Great!" I thought. On top of this, 2 stalls were taken and the third of the remaining had some obviously incapable woman's contents within. I hate that! However, there were no sounds coming from the occupied stalls, so no sign of either of them becoming available quickly, so I went in and flushed this absent and pathetic woman's mess and closed the door and also realized the lock had been broken on this one - leaving the door to swing at its own accord - or someone elses'!

I sighed and pulled my pants and undies down and sat down on the seat. My stall was between the occupied ones, so there were feet down on either side, but no sounds or anything! I thought "well, I need to go and I can't wait for them to leave". I tried to poop silently but I had a lot of gas from lunch and as I pushed I remembered I had had hot peppers with dinner the night before. As I was thinking about this I farted a loud wet fart and some of the juices splattered out, stinging my raw anus. I wanted to shout from the sting of hot food with diarhea, but I also let a loud fart go and right after that, the woman on my right farted and grunted. The one on my left passed a quiet hissing fart followed by a crackling noise with the occasional splattery fart. I guess I was the catalyst that they needed.

The one on my right finished up quickly - she farted a couple of times and I heard a couple of good splashes. It sounded like a thorough movement for her. She wiped and flushed and left the two of us in mid poop. I pushed for a bigger piece - so far all I had were little shreds that came out with loud juicey farts.

Just then I heard two women enter. One grabbed the stall to my right and I heard the second woman say "Oh great!" I thought "oh no! She is going to push my door open!" Just as I thought it my door swung open and as I was sitting there in mid-legflex with my knees apart a huge shower of solid poo and liquid came gushing out of my ass and into the toilet! The woman just about melted as she stared in disbelief of what was happening. I didn't feel bad - she opened my door without knocking! She whipped my door shut and allowed me time to wipe in privacy. I finished up and flushed. As I exited my stall the woman smiled shyly and said she was sorry. I said it was ok - no point in lectures. She went in and realized the lock was broken and siad "Ok now I know why....". The woman in the stall which was to my left was just finishing - I heard a flush. I left the washroom with her just exiting her stall, the woman who came in to the stall on my right was just flushing at this point and I herard a fart from the one who had barged in on me. I felt so good.

Later that night - yes there's more! Forgive me! - I went jogging and in the middle of my 2 mile jog I felt a sudden and unrelenting urge. I went off the trail into the woods a bit and found a fallen tree log. I went over and pulled my pants down and sat with my bum hanging over the back of the log. The sunset was beautiful and the air wash very fresh and I gave a push and 3 big pieces came out effortlessly and painlessly and gave quiet thud sounds on the ground behind me. I pulled some kleenex out of my pocket and wiped 3 times - fairly messy and soft with a bit of a cling piece - but very relieving. I walked casually the rest of the way home and wiped thoroughly when I got home and into my bathroom.
Anyway, I'll keep you all posted. Bye for now!

petite pooper
Hey everyone me again.
As I promised more stories on the thyroid diarrhea. A few years back (2 or 3) before I knew I had grave's diease, I was at school when I started to feel ill. There was a nagging pressure building up in my lower abdomen but I paid it no attention. (I'd eaten a lot lot of oreo's that day so I thought it was just gas.) I left school that day busting for a poop and could barely remain still enough for the long ride home on the school bus. I remember getting off the bus and praying that I would make it home in time. Needless to say, I didn't. I ended up with the watery-est shit ever. It was like swamp water, nearly clear and orderless, followed by another bout of more chunky-like shit. I was sooo embarassed, and I barely made it home with yet another attack.

george bush
have you ever noticed that when you drink a lot of dark colored drinks like gatorade or kool aid it makes your poop green?

i hate using the employee bathroom at work because i always take so long to shit (i like to take my time) and finally when i'm done i walk out and back into the employee lounge and there are like 4 guys waiting in line who look pissed off and i'm sure it is really stinky and everyone else in the lounge is like 'wtf why was he in the bathroom so long?' and i feel very awkward

A quick poll

1. Have you ever peed your pants because you couldn't hold it?
2. Have you ever peed your pants laughing?
3. Have you ever pooped your pants because you couldn't hold it?
4. Have you ever wet the bed as an adult?
5. Have you ever messed your pants in the car?

If yes to any, how old were you?

I wet my bed when I was 17 and I pooped my pants in the car when I was 31.


Here is an experience of late. I was at a small business seminar for a few days. There were two bathrooms that I knew of in the several room complex that we were at. One was in the back of the room that we were in, and that room was small and I didn't feel like using the bathroom for anything but a quick pee. Well this time it wasn't just for a pee break ! It was after we ate lunch and had settled back into the seminar that I had to take a dump pretty badly. I walked into the front room and looked around and didnt see any mens room. In the room next to it, there was a middle age woman, not bad looking, working at her desk, so I asked her if there was a mens room I could use. She said "sure", and pointed to the room right in front of her desk. The room must of only been about 10 foot wide max, and her desk was right in the middle with just enough room in front to walk by and in back to sit and work with some file cabinets near by. The room she pointed to said "womens" ! I said, "the womens room?" She said "yes, thats fine" (I am thinking HMMMMM) ! There is about 4 feet between the desk and the bathroom door, and she was working at the desk doing a bunch of paper work, so what the hell, I went in. The decor of the bathroom was certainly femine in details. All the candles, towels, air freshner, etc. It figures the toilet is right next to the door! The only thing between the secretary and the toilet was 4 feet and a thin door. The bathroom had a light but no fan! HMMMM !? So, I unbuckeld the pants,(that made some noise) slid them down, and took a seat. I took a dump and a half. A long steady one at first, the kind that bends around the bowl a bit, then trying to let a silent fart, with little succsess, and then a bit more. Not a real loud dump besides the fart, but it was a bowl filler! I was in there for a few minutes, (maybe 4 or 5), but I peed while sitting, so the only noise up to this point was the fart, but I could hear the secretary at her desk so I am thinking she could hear everything! I then pulled some paper, and the roll made a lot of squeaky noises too ! It wasn't just a 2 or 3 pull experience either. All the fruit and nuts that I had eaten, made it a several pull experience. After I was cleaned up and looked into the bowl, there was no way this was a single flusher ! I was thinking an overflow! That was not cool ! There was a plunger there though. I flushed, and to my surprise the whole load went down. It was an old type toilet that used more water then the new ones. It did leave a mess on the bowl though, so I flushed agian. I sprayed the air freshner, washed the hands and opened the door, with sorta a grin. The secretary had her head down like she was oblivious, so I just thanked her, and she looked up and said "no problem !" I wonder what was going through her mind! I saw her again latter and smiled, and said good bye. That was an interesting dump !

Hi all,

Another love blackberry poo. Just letting out a steady yellowish stream. Can feel the poo waiting just inside my hole. Open my legs slightly, hole openning really slowly - on its own, no pushing needed, slight crackling. Can feel the hard head poke out, I try and slow it down but it's coming too quic. Lift my balls to look through my legs intime to see a 3inch log break and a 6inch log come straight after and go straight into the water and disappear. Then a thinner 4 inch log. Push hard now - stop

....Push, 3 little nuggets, one larger one, and 2inches. Suck my anus in and it cuts off a few shreds. 3 sheets of toilet paper, fold once, put right under me and wipe forward, digger two fingers up my hole. A bit more pee comes out - have to wipe it off the seat, with the 3 sheets I'm about to wipe my ass with. I use them to wipe my home anyway,i in the same way. And again.fold the same sheet over the over the specks of poo and dig into my hole. All clean.

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