Anyone a fan of Beavis and Butthead? There are lots of toilet and fart jokes and scenarios in that show. I'm a huge fan of the show, and I thought it would be cool to list some of the funny toilet adventures they encounter:

(1) This doesn't really have anything to do with the toilet per se, but there's a girl in their class named Daria, whom they nicknamed "Diarrhea".

(2) Beavis and Butthead were wrestling in the mud in one episode, wearing bras, and Daria asked them what they were doing,then Beavis and Butthead started chanting "Diarrhea, cha-cha-cha, diarrhea, cha-cha-cha, diarrhea cha-cha-cha."

(3) They got in trouble and was sent to Principal McVicker's office(again), and at the end of the episode, Butthead said "I kind of feel like taking a leak in this plant." Then Beavis said "I feel like taking a dump in it." Then he proceeds to pull down his pants and starts straining while sitting on the plant!! Then Principal McVicker lmao

(4) They frequently do the "Pull my finger" joke. In the Work Sucks! video, Butthead says "Pull my finger." Beavis does, and says "Nothing?" and Butthead replies "SBD." lol! Then in another episode, I think involving a wedding, Butthead says "Pull my finger" again and Beavis pulls it and you hear an audible fart.

(5) In the Beavis and Butthead Do America movie, the boys were sitting around a campfire with their long-lost dad talking about their mothers, and Butthead's dad said "Hey, wanna see something cool?" Then he turns around, pulls down his pants and blasts an incredibly explosive fart that causes an explosion in the campfire. lmao!

(6) In one episode, Beavis watches something on TV about women and pregnancy, and their symptoms and he starts panicking that he's pregnant, so he steals a pregnancy test from the convienience store they hang out at frequently. He reads the instructions and sees that you have to pee on it, so he turns towards the toilet and pees all over it. When he sees it turned yellow he freaked, thinking he's pregnant. Then he gets stomach cramps, thinking they're contractions, and then found out his only problem was he needed to take a dump. lol.

(7) Again in the Beavis and Butthead Do America movie, there's a pooping scene where Beavis has to take a dump and they go into a church in Washington and sees two booths, thinking they're porta-potties, and takes a dump in them, while people are confessing their sins to them. lol.

(8) In one episode, Stuart has diarrhea and can't go to school, so Beavis and Butthead have to drop off his homework at his house, and you see TP on the counter. Just a reference to the character's diarrhea, punctuated by Beavis making fart noises with his mouth. lol.

(9) It's said that when Principal McVicker gets too stressed he sometimes wets his pants.

There are lots more moments, but can't think of them right now! Does anyone else watch the show? If you do, feel free to add to the list! :D

Happy toileting everyone!

xox ~Anny~~


I took a nice dump this morning before I left for work. I'd been slightly constipated the last couple days, producing just a few 2 or 3 inch long turds Saturday and Sunday, soI figured I would make up for it this morning. After my second cup of coffee, I headed to the bathroom.

Once I sat down and got comfortable, I gave a slight push, and the turd slithered out quickley, followed by some soft mushy poop. After wiping, I checked, and saw about a 10 inch long turd with some pudding like poop on top of it. I flushed, and to my suprise, left no skid marks.

Now that I'm empty, hopefully I'll get back to a normal schedule.

Bye for now

trucker man

hey guys hows it going? i'm 38 years old ang i drive truck for a living. as you can imagine i dont get much time to stop while driving , due to time constraints and traffic and such. so when i need to take a dump its usually an ordeal to pull my rig over and find a place to dump. most times i JUST make it to the side of the road or to a truck stop. last week i was driving for about 6 hours and started feeling a bit of pressure in my ass. i knew that i had about 15 minutes to get to a toilet before i went in my pants. thank god traffic was light and i could pull off to the shoulder quite easily. i got the truck over far enough and stepped out. not too many cars going by so i decided to just go beside my rig. i unbuckled my pants and slid my underwear down and squatted real low. in no time my ass hole started to dialate and i could feel my turd begin to escape. i grunted a bit and that was all it took. about 9 or 10 inches of poop coiled on the ground below me. what a relief. i grabbed a oil rag and cleaned up a bit. pulled up my pants and got back in the truck. god i felt soooooooooo much better. i've got more stories like this if you's are interested. bye for now. trucker man

I was talking to my 'partner' on the phone, and I was on the toilet, and once what I had, came out, I asked if I could call back in a minute, 'sure' was the reply. So I got off the phone, flushed, and it overflowed. Yeah, I was constipated. Now I don't know how to fix it. SHIT! That just happened I'm nervous right now.

Hi Annie, and congratulations for the long waited relief! Hope yo'll achieve it compleetly next days. Let us know, ok? Good luck and take care!

I like to use the plastic urinals that U can buy in a drugstore. They hold 32 ounces so I can pee in it three times before I empty it into the toilet. They make one for women that is shaped and U just hold it up against yourself and pee.

A Sighting
Was at a local mall the other night when I came across 2 teenage girls acting strangely. They were walking along the railing near the escalator. One kept leaning over the rail with her legs crossed after taking only a few steps. I suspected from the things she was saying and the way her friend was telling her to just keep walking that she was absolutely DESPARATE. Trying not to be obvoius, I pretended to stop at a display nearby for a closer look. Sure enough, the one girl kept saying "just keep moving or you'll never make it to the bathroom." I finally looked up, hoping for a "wet spot" or some other sign of an accident. The "desparate one" was laughing a little but could not take more than 2 steps without stopping! Since I was actually on my way to buy something I finally moved on....but just my luck the destination was adjacent to the ladies room. After finishing my transaction I spotted the pair coming out....and walking normally...and apparently relieved.

Great post Anny! How old are you? Sometimes constipation occurs as people get older. Somehow, you seem quite young to me. I too experience pain when getting a rectal exam. Sometimes the pain is worse than the embarrasment. It feels as though the Dr. pushes up too far as well as stretching my hole. Does anyone else experience this? I'm very curious, especially about the female posters.

Hey there.

In my high school there were three boys rooms, one on each floor. All three were exactly the same: imagine a rectangle - against one side are two urinals and three toilets, against the other side are two sinks and three urinals. A partition separated the three toilets from the urinals on the one side, but the toilets had NO STALLS! Nothing separating them from each other or the urinals opposite them.

Being a guy with mild IBS at the time, I often had no choice but to brave the out-in-the-open toilets. The most vivid experience was when I was suffering through explosive diarrhea during a break between classes when the boys room was packed. I'm sitting there, farting, squirting, splashing, with two guys on either side of me taking their leaks, trying their best to ignore my dilemma. I guarantee that no stunt ever to air on FEAR FACTOR can compare with the nerve-wracking humiliation of taking a wet crap in front of a dozen guys.

The good news, I guess, is after braving these toilets for four years, I now have no trouble crapping under any conditions. I once even took a dump in a packed womens room in a night club when the only mens room toilet was clogged. Yes, I asked permission first. And no, there were no doors on the stalls. That was quite a trip. I was shocked at how accomodating the women were.

Master Blaster
I took a pretty big dump today. I was feeling it during class, and when it was over, I went back to my dorm to let it out. It started with a silent fart, then an 8 in. long turd. This was followed right away by four 4 inchers. If it hadn't broken, it prolly would have been one long 24 in. turd. I thought I was done, but I farted a couple times and started a bunch of real thin, but longish turds. They were only about in thick, but there were a bunch of them. All these crackled a lot on their way out. In all, it was a very satisfying crap.

Anny: You may not have a laptop, however, a notebook and pen are good for taking notes on your dump. It may help you with the details. I love your stories, and am glad you are feeling better.

I'll be updating you guys soon, I take a dump about every day!

mike: in case my other post didn't make it thru, sorry i didn't reply to your questions about emma earlier but i only recently noticed our posts up here! anyway some answers: i knew she had i.b.s cos i'd overheard her tell my sis. don't think she left her turd there out of pride, i think it simply wouldn't flush! as to the colour/texture etc.: it was one big dark brown log with a few pebbles floating around it, i could see some undigested food within but didn't venture further as it smelt too bad!!!

When I was in high school, the toilets in the boys bathroom had no stalls around them at all, plus U could see everything from outside when the door was open. The stalls had been vandalized to the point where they just fell down, and they were never replaced. I was one of the first to take the challenge and use them. After that when the year went on a few more guys used them.

Wow I just took a real healthy dump just now I feel 10 LBS lighter

It took 10 min to clear myself just sitting on the bowl and let nature do it's thing.

I doubt this is normal. I take a dump MAYBE 1-2 times a month. And when I do finally take a dump, its about 2 feet long and at least 2 inches wide. Iv'e been like this pretty much my whole life and my ass muscles have become adapted to holding it in for a long time. Anyone else out there like this?

I posted a little while ago about the first accident I witnessed, and how it piqued my interest in seeing people have accidents. Since then I've been lucky enough to see a couple more.

First of all, in my large extended family we have always been pretty relaxed about bathroom matters. I have a cousin named Kelly who wet her pants a lot when she was a kid. Every time you tickled her, or she laughed too hard, she would pee in her pants. This happened until she was pretty old, like 13 or so. She would always threaten that if people tickled her she would pee, which just made her siblings and cousins want to tickle her even more, and then every time she would wet herself. It never bothered her at all, she just laughed more.

Another time when I was about 13, another cousin and I were at my grandparents' house playing in the yard, when these neighborhood girls came over. They were about 9 and 7, and were really annoying, but we were supposed to look out for them for a couple hours. Anyway, we were throwing the football around and they were jumping on the trampoline, and I was standing near the trampoline when I heard a loud farting noise. I looked over and saw that the older girl, who was wearing jean shorts, had stopped jumping and was smiling kind of guiltily and was holding her butt. She then let go of her butt and bent her knees and bounced slowly for a couple of seconds and looked straight ahead, then stood up and started jumping again. Her sister kept jumping like nothing was wrong, but I was kind of shocked. My cousin noticed I had stopped throwing the football and was staring in shock, and he came over and asked what I was staring at. I told him I thought she'd gone in her pants. Tim, my cousin, looked exasperated and called out,
"Danielle, did you poop in your pants again?" He then turned to me and explained that she had done the same thing a week ago when she came over. Danielle nodded, but didn't seem too bothered. "You should go home and change," Tim said, but Danielle said that no one was home and she and Beth were supposed to stay with us. Tim asked Beth if she had to go, but she said she didn't. Then both girls got down from the trampoline and went up into a treehouse that was in the yard, where they played for a while. Tim told me that he'd seen them both had accidents a couple of times and it didn't seem to bother either of them, so he just didn't care anymore. When they went back to their house later, Danielle's butt had a brown stain on it, she had a poop stain on one leg, and we had to hose off the treehouse because some of her poop had come out of her pants up there, which was pretty gross.

That's all I have time for now, but I saw a couple more accidents in school that I'll tell you about next time.

Finally, it's working! I've been taking 3 doses of Lactulose syrup, and drinking 3 full glasses of Metamucil every day, as per my doctor's instructions, and it's working brilliantly! I can't be happier. I've been on both of these since last Wednesday. At first nothing much happened. The first day I took them I pushed out a small mushy load of poop. Then no progress for a few days.

SATURDAY NIGHT:, I took the normal doses of Metamucil and the Lactulose Syrup like I had been for the past few days. It didn't start to really work until later in the evening, after my husband and I came home from being out for dinner. Normally I don't eat fast food because I don't like it that much, but that night we had Burger King. Within 30 minutes of finishing my meal, I started to feel things moving down below, and I took my new book into the bathroom with me to sit and do my business, because I was seriously crampy. I pulled down my slim-fitting black jeans and thong and sat on the toilet. At first, just a ton of gas came out. Brrrtttt!! Braaaap!!! Blffft! Luckily my husband didn't hear all this commotion, otherwise I would have been embarrassed, but if he did hear it, he didn't say anything :P Then finally with a bit of straining, a bunch of semi-solid turds started coming out, along with lots of loud gas and more mushy stuff. I wiped and then flushed the toilet.

About half an hour after, I had to go again. This stuff really was working! Once again I pulled down my pants and thong panties and sat down, where more gas came out, and then semi-hard small logs started sort of flying out of me, it was alarming to be honest, but I was happy to be getting rid of these unwanted toxins from my body. Some straining and a couple more small logs later, and I was done. I wiped and flushed the toilet. Then I ate a big bowl of All Bran afterwards.

SUNDAY: I felt the cramps and felt the fibre supplement, laxative and bran cereal starting to work, and I sat down and tried to push out a hard log, and some of the smaller logs started coming out, but one of the logs was stubborn and wouldn't come out, so I tried again later.

SUNDAY NIGHT: I got my period, and that's made me more crampy and gassier than usual. I drank the 3rd glass of Metamucil and decided to relax with my book. Within about 45 minutes I got intense stomach cramps and pulled down my blue panties and sat down on the toilet with my book again. This time some pretty intense gas came out and smaller semi-hard-semi-soft logs started shooting out and I felt a sharp cramp and pushed, sending the stubborn log that didn't want to come out into the toilet. When I was done, I wiped and stood up, looking in the toilet at the creation, and to my shock, I saw green squiggly things in the toilet with the poop. I don't know what those were, but that was weird. Anyway, I still feel crampy, hopefully I can have a good dump in the morning when I get up.

The Metamucil seems to be working like a charm, and I'm feeling a little less bogged down and sick, so it must be working :D I will probably bring the Metamucil jar with me to my mother's at Thansgiving just in case. Is Metamucil safe to use every day?

That's all for now. Craps away! Happy toileting, everyone!! Keep those stories coming!

xo ~Anny~

Period Poop
One bright warm summer day when I was in high school my mother and I went down to the local Pizza Hut to have a pizza for dinner. We ate there and when we were done my mum asked if I minded stoping off at Safeway before we went home so she could pick up a few things.

When we got to the store I walked in with her but I immediately started to feel nauseated and told her that I was going back out to the car. She said that she would hurry up and see me at the car.

So, I make it to the car and I'm sitting inside and I'm still very nauseated and I begin to get intestinal cramps. I felt pretty lousy but thought nothing urgent was eminent when all of a sudden I crapped myself. There was no warning and absolutely nothing I could do to stop it. Unfortunately, it was of the liquid variety. I started to panic and from behind the seat I grabbed a paper bag to sit on and then I looked in my purse and grabbed some feminine napkins and started shoving them down my shorts.

After a minute or two my mother comes out to the car and opens up her door and takes a big step back and goes "Whoooo", obviously due to the smell. She then looks at me and realizes what has happened and just starts cracking up which made me start to crack up. The two of us just laughed and laughed for probably 5 minutes before we were calmed down enough for her to get into the car and drive home.

Then the next step was to get from the car inside the house.

As I started walking up the pathway to our house it began to run down my leg and into my shoes because I was wearing shoes without socks.

It was awful. All I could do was run up to the bathroom and undress in the shower.

I still look back at it now and laugh, how embarrasing yet how humbling!

and YES, I also had my period!

Squat Watcher,

Hi, I Love Sqatters. I love them too. It's like watching a choreographed performance: dress-lifting, taking knickers down, squirting pee.

So, here's a few questions for the squatting girls.
1. When you need to pee outside, do you squat or bend forward so it comes out behind you?
2. How far do you pull down your knickers?
3. Where do you put your hands? - holding skirt up, back or front; holding knickers down; opening pussy/ directing the flow.
4. Have you ever let or asked anybody watch you peeing?
5. Have you ever been caught peeing outside? How did you react?

I was out in town earlier and had just finished my lunch in the park in the town centre. Just as I got up, a boy and his mum walked past - boy holding his mum's hand with one hand, and his willy with the other, and bouncing about a bit. I needed to go to the toilets myself, so I followed them into the main shopping centre and up the stairs to the toilets. There were to urinals, so I stood next to the boy. Instead of unzipping his fly, he pulled his underpants and trousers down completely so his backside was bare. He started peeing almost immediately and then I noticed a small poop coming out his anus. He stopped peeing and squatted down and just let it come out onto the toilet floor. Then he pulled his pants and trousers and washed his hands and left.

I was down the swimming pool one time. The changing facilities had seperate cubicles for everyone so there was no sex segregation. At the side of the changing room near the exit to the pool were male and female toilet blocks. I finished getting changed after I'd swum and went to the male toilets before leaving. The female toilets were closed, and a group of girls were crowding around a harrased-looking cleaner who was trying to keep them out, he said, whilst his colleague cleaned the toilets. As I entered the mens and went to the urinal, a few girls charged in, obviously couldn't wait any longer for theirs to reopen. The first two got the only two - doorless - stalls, they were both wearing jeans and one had blue knickers on whilst the other had a black thong. One other girl was managing to use the urinal to piss in. Another younger girl then ran in and was wearing a black swimsuit, and as she arrived in the toilets started to pee through her swimsuit. Her legs were still crossed, and she held her crotch but it was no use. One of the stalls became free and she ran into this, trying to take her swimsuit off, but it was no use and a ball of poop started to form in the back of her suit. She managed to get it off but not before it was full of poop, and went over to the sinks to try and wash it out.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Finally, relief is mine!! I had enough of the straining and groaning and terrible painful cramps and gas, and I broke down and saw the doctor yesterday evening(Wednesday), after one more attempt at the magnesium citrate, which produced excruciating stomach cramps which caused me to groan in pain until I could lie down. Then I had a bad dream, in which I took the magnesium citrate and then went running and then shit myself badly, and had to crouch on the grass and then clean the disgusting mess up, this happened 3 times in a row. When I woke up, I actually checked the bed to make sure the sheets were still clean.

It was just a really terrible dream, thank goodness, but I still had not evacuated anything, even though I was passing some pretty rank painful gas and still feeling like I needed to shit, but nothing happened. I've been so incredibly tired and bogged down and sick over the past few weeks that waiting any longer would have been very stupid and possibly life-threatening, so thank goodness my doctor's appointment was that day!! I got dressed and left the house and then the urge hit me, and it felt like my nightmare was becoming real. I kept my butt cheeks clenched and was careful not to fart in case something else would come out with it. To be safe, I also packed a change of clothes with me too in case I was caught short and had an accident.

I went to my doctors, and it didn't take long for her to see me. I explained my problem, and listed all the symptoms I'd been experiencing, and she presumed it was only gas, but I told her it wasn't gas, it wasn't a pregnancy and it wasn't stress causing it, I was very, very bunged up and seriously needed a solution, now! I also told her that it's taken me a whole month, with not one normal bowel movement, even before I bought the enema. I told her it wasn't until a week passed by with little or no movement that I started using the enema, 1-2 times a week, and when that produced little result, then I tried the magnesium citrate. My doctor was quite shocked I had been using the magnesium citrate, and told me to stop immediately with using the enemas and the laxatives, even though I have not used them for a long time, only a few times. She told me that the pharmacist had recommended an incredibly harsh laxative, and that that's what she has her patients use prior to a colon test. I promised her I would get rid of the rest of the magnesium citrate and discontinue the enema, which I have. I threw out the laxatives and put away the enema where I wouldn't use it.

After she finished assessing my symptoms, she told me something I dreaded: "I have to examine you first, and then I am going to give you a rectal exam." I had never had a rectal exam before, this being my first, so I was quite nervous about it and really not looking forward to it. Who does? She pressed around my stomach, and I'm very skinny, but my stomach is badly distended, like I'm 7 months pregnant. She pressed and pushed and listened to my stomach through her stethescope, and said she'd be back, and that she wanted me to take off everything from the waist down. I took off my pants and thong behind the curtain and put the paper gown over my waist and got on the table, where I waited for about 20 minutes.

Finally she came back into the room and asked me to lie on my left side, and bring my knees up to my chest. I was secretly afraid I was going to fart during the exam, but luckily nothing bad happened. She put on gloves and lubricated my hole, telling me she was right there....and then suddenly I felt tremendous pressure and then pain as she shoved her gloved finger upwards and felt around for abnormalties. She said there was no impacted stool in my rectum, but there was a lot of fecal matter in and around my stomach. After the rectal exam I felt a tremendously uncomfortable urge to crap out diarrhea, even though I had not been able to poop properly in a long while. She then told me to get dressed and then come to her desk, of which I quickly put my pants and undies back on and sat down.

She told me that my bowels had become lazy due to using the enemas too often and from the magnesium citrate, and that I would need to stop taking them and all laxatives, and re-train my bowels to perform properly. She prescribed a very gentle laxative called Lactulose Syrup, and then told me to buy some Metamucil. She told me to take 1-3 tablespoons of Lactulose Syrup and drink the maximum dose, up to 3 glasses of Metamucil, and to eat lots of bran and fruit and drink lots of water, which I've been doing. She then told me to come back in a week and then we'll see how I'm doing and see what else needs to be done. I'm not happy about my bowels becoming lazy, because I didn't think I was doing the enema thing too much, and I had only used the laxatives twice, but I guess I overdid it, so I'm not going to go back to these things again. I guess when you're constipated and desperate, you'd try anything, but I wasn't intentionally putting myself in harm. I have to be more careful.

I got home and explained to my husband what happened, and explained I had to take these laxatives because my bowels had become lazy and dependent on the enemas, etc. He was doubtful of my doctor's decision at first because he was sure it was intestinal worms, but I guess it was loads of crap stuck in my system and a ton of gas going around in there. He was glad I was okay though, and he watched me as I prepared a glass of Metamucil mixed with cold water and chugged the mixture down. I then asked for help for him to hold the spoon as I poured the Lactulose Syrup in it, and I took 2 tablespoons of that. Then I made myself a bowl of All-Bran cereal and ate that.

Shortly after my husband went to work, I felt the medications and the cereal starting to work, and I was chatting on MSN to some people when I felt the urge to ACTUALLY go this time!! I was so excited and relieved and desperate because I didn't want to hold it back, but I didn't want an accident either, telling these people I had to go for a few minutes. I ran and got my book and ran to the washroom.

I pulled down my pink and white striped thong and sat down. I felt some stomach cramps at first, but I pushed past them, and some soft-formed stools started coming out(sorry this sounds so boring, I'm not good at describing my craps,too bad I don't have a laptop or I would have typed it as it was happening, lol). Some farts and a few more soft stools and I was done. It didn't clear out everything, not even close, but just knowing that I could finally go without putting my body through pure hell and straining was a huge relief! I couldn't be happier, honestly! I'm still feeling rumbling and things moving in my stomach, so I am going to go make another dose of Metamucil. I already had 2 bowls of cereal, a tablespoon of the Lactulose, and a Metamucil when I came home, so being careful and taking it like the doctor said, I should be in good shape in no time. She said it will take a while to regulate my bowels and to re-train them, but I'm happy, as long as it's fixable.

I'm quite tired, so I think I'm going to go now. Happy potty time, my fellow toileteers!

To Linda--Thank you for your comment! :-) I wish that it had have been right there in my rectum so that I could have taken it out manually, but unfortunately it wasn't :-( It has definetly been a terrible experience, but thankfully it can be fixed with some careful changes and persistence! Thank you for your concern :-) I really like your stories by the way :-D !!

To Anonymous--I'm really sorry to hear about your accident and your experience.

To Grace--I liked your story. I'm sorry to hear about your accident, but I'm glad you got better soon after!!

Emily--Wow!! That was a really interesting story!!

Hi everyone, I'd like to tell a few accident stories, one about me and one about my mom.

When I was a freshman in high school, I was really shy. I never raised my hand much in class and definitely was too embarassed to ask to go to the bathroom. Well one day I drank too many bottles of water or something and I had to pee sooooo bad in the middle of my english class. We were working on drafts for a paper but all I could think about was the pain in my bladder. It got so bad that I started to shake and my mind started to panic about what I would do if I wet my pants in class. Class finally ended and I dashed for the bathroom. By the time I got there, I had one hand on my butt and one in my crotch. My heart was beating out of my chest and pee started to squirt out into my underwear. Beet-red, I clutched myself tighter and went into a stall. I was about to undo my pants when suddenly I couldnt hold it anymore... warm pee soaked my butt and ran down the legs of my khaki pants. I burst out crying and sat on the toilet and finished peeing, having wet myself like a preschooler. I waited until passing period was over and then I ran out of the bathroom to my gym locker and changed into my gym clothes and threw my pee soaked panties away. I called home and asked for my mom to pick me up. She couldn't believe I had wet my pants in high school, but she'll never tell because of something I saw her do.

When I was in middle school, my mom and I used to spend a lot of time together. We went to the mall one day and got a big lunch and then went shopping for awhile. I noticed my mom was fidgety, but she didn't say anything and we left about an hour later. On our way back home she started cutting nasty farts. I started trying to joke with her but she responded "Kara, I need to poop really badly. I don't know how much more I can hold it." I burst out laughing and starting teasing her saying "Mom's gonna poop her pants" and pretending to poke her. My mom screamed "Stop!" and then sped up. I had never seen her so desperate. All of the sudden I heard "Oh my god, oh no, oh..." and I look over to see my mom looking down and her face pale. I started laughing again and said "Mom, did you just poop?" Then I caught the smell... her panties were definitely loaded. The rest of the car ride was silent. When we got home, my mom got out of the car bow legged and shuffled her way into the house. Her jogging shorts had a huge lump and stain on them. She got into the bathroom and I could hear the shower go on. She cleaned up for about a half hour and then came out holding her dirty clothes. I asked her how bad it was and she said she hadn't messed herself that badly since preschool. She then went and buried the evidence in the bottom of our garbage so my dad wouldn't find out. She then made me promise not to tell anyone. I couldn't understand how a grown woman couldn't hold it (at least not til I peed my pants!), but I told her I understood and that lots of adults have accidents and she shouldn't feel too bad about crapping her pants. She admitted it was kind of funny but it wasn't quite as fun when she lost control. She said she was trying to hold on but it just pushed its way out and she could feel warm sticky poo all up and down her butt crack.

So, those are my stories! My mom told me a few other ones she had (not as bad as that one though... just some wet farts) but I can share those another time.

Big Tex
I miss posts by Richard about Russane please post again Richard

I was working a temporary job at nearby college helping to register students. On the first day of classes we were so busy that our lunch got shortened to fifteen minutes rather than the usual half hour. I had brought my lunch but I had to go to the school bookstore in another building to get a drink. I also had to poop.
There was no way I was going to get to the bookstore, wait in line, get my drink, have a bowel movement, eat and get back to my work station in fifteen minutes. So I did the only thing I could think of to do. I took my lunch into the men's room, sat on the toilet and ate while I pooped. I made it back on time.
I'm curious as to what others would have done in the same situation?

Grace, Sounds like some food poisioning. What did you eat in the previous 6 hours.

Mr. Clogs
Skittle: Hey great post, now I'm gonna take your survey, so here goes.
1. Have you ever peed in the sink? Yes, 1 time.
2. Have ever accidently peed on someone/ has someone ever peed on you? Nope.
3. Do you like peeing in cups, containers, etc.? Oh yes I do, in cups, bottles (not really good at this) containers especially those wide mouth ones, and empty laundry detergent containers is what I use now. I just love it.
4. Have you ever been caught peeing in the bushes, trees, etc.? Once when I was little, my mom did while we were downtown shopping. I peed on some boxes out for the garbage on the street as a cop car was approaching us. She almost got a ticket because of me. She didn't scold me for it, she didn't know how to deal with it. So I counted my luck. Oh well, I had to go.

Well I hope ya'll enjoyed my answers to Skittle's survey.

--Mr. Clogs


Sorry it took a week to get back to you. For a couple different reasons there is not much I can say. First, as I said the plane is a small one, only two seats. The flight from SE Alaska to Seattle is a long one for the plane. The weather has to be in your favor and good weather isn't all that common. So that limits the flights and therefore the passengers. Also whoever I take as a passenger means that much less weight in fuel I can carry and unless the wind is in my favor it means there is no way to pass over Canada without stopping. So there is only about a half dozen times I've had a passenger. The other limiting thing is often as not when I offer someone a diaper they decide they don't really want to take the flight. Of the six that have only one chose to wear the diaper and she did not need it, though it was close. Of the four guys none chose the diaper and just used my thunder jug when needed. The only time there was an accident was once when landing at Blaine, WA just south of the Canadian border, partly for fuel and partly because of her need. The water was rather rough and during the landing she forgot all about holding it and thoroughly soaked the seat. Interesting enough she is the only one that continues to go up with me from time to time though has not been desperate again, yet. I've got my thunder jug so I've not wet myself except on the return trip with the woman just mentioned. She caught my looking at my jug and told me no, that I couldn't have advantages she didn't have. I thought about telling her she could have used the jug but, decided what the hell and just let it happen. She and I still write and she appears to look forward to me returning to stay, and more flying:-)
I really can't give any more detail in as that most have been and after this year of school when I return will again be patients of mine. Technically confidentiality only covers what happens when I'm working, but when you are talking of villages of less than 150 there are some things you just don't talk about

AJ :-)
Skittle--Here are my answers to your pee questionnaire:

1. Have you ever peed in the sink?

There are only four ways I can think of for a female to pee in the sink, and I know that I haven't done the first three.

a. Climb up on the counter or some chair to get my bottom over the sink (alternative: anything that would have me where my bottom was at a higher level than the sink such as hanging from the ceiling).
b. Be wearing a catheter and aiming the exit end of the hose at the sink.
c. Be using a very low sink (as in one that hasn't been connected and is lying on the floor).
d. Do so while being bathed in a sink as a baby--and I obviously can't remember whether or not I've ever done this or not.

2. Have ever accidently peed on someone/ has someone ever peed on you?

Only as a baby and only babies. I wouldn't say that this would be an accident, but it wouldn't be intentional in the way of my thinking/or a baby thinking "I'm going to pee on this person."

3. Do you like peeing in cups, containers, etc.?
I think it would be interesting and educational. Just hasn't been one of the things I've thought that much about. However, I've done this before, and both times have been interesting.

One time was actually several times when I was recovering from a knee-injury and couldn't move fast enough to get to the bathroom to deposit my first pee of the morning. So I would pee into a garbage bag.

Another time was when I was around four years old. We were out on a boat (like a rowboat), and there were, of course, no restrooms. However, there was an empty coffee can on board (probably, used in the past for holding fishing worms), so I peed into it. It was then set sailing down the Barren River. I was told that it would probably be getting to the part of the Ohio River near the bridge between Kentucky and Indiana (the K.I. Bridge between Louisville, KY and Jeffersonville, IN) by the time we crossed the bridge on the way back to Indiana.

My mom and dad said that they saw it sail past. I didn't--but I took their word for it! LOL

4. Have you ever been caught peeing in the bushes, trees, etc.?

I was out with a friend in the country when my bladder began having a serious conversation with me. I stopped the car and told my friend (male) to just keep looking at the cattle (referring to the view outside the passenger side window). At first, he said, "Huh?" then it dawned on him what I was about to do, so he said, "Oh no! Not again!"

No cars were coming from either direction, so I got out and squatted beside my side (driver's side). Then, I got myself rearranged and climbed back into the car.

We drove on up the road and soon came to this house where a car was just about to pull out of the driveway and head in the direction from whence we came.

This would mean that, had this person pulled out just a minute or so earlier and I had done my peeing just a minute or so later, the driver would have seen me squatting there with my butt exposed.

Oh yes! Did I mention that the car in question was a POLICE CAR!?!

I got this nickname in the third grade. I was sharpening my pencil and thiught I had to fart, only I pooped instead. Some fell ot of my underpants and slid down my leg onto the floor. I went back and sat at my desk hoping no onr would notice, then someone saw the poop on the floor and told the teacher. She asked, "who had an accident in their pants, when I didn't answer, she made everyone stand up and walked around looking. She didn't get far before the girl behind me told her that I was the one. The teacher took me to the office and they called my mom to come and get me. After that, everyone called me Stinky, all through school. At first I was embarrassed and hated the nickname, but I got used to it, and in high school, kids who never even knw why I had the nickname, called me, "Stinky"


You asked if anyone has ever pee'd on someone else. Well, I was pee'd on by someone else a long time ago and your question reminded me of the incident.

Let me just say this is not a pleasant story, so everyone has been warned.

I'm disabled by cerebral palsy and from nursery school through high school I attended a special public school for physically handicapped children. I'll let all of you do the arithmetic, but this incident occured almost fifty years ago.

I was around seven and I had gone to the boys' bathroom to urinate
(or "wee-wee" as I probably thought of it at the time). The bathroom had a urinal, commode, and a changing table for the kids with spina bifida who needed to wear diapers. Because some of the kids needed assistance in the bathroom (either with using the toilet or being changed), it was rather common for a personal care giver (an adult
woman called a matron) to also be in the bathroom.

On this particular day I went to the commode to urinate and there was another boy at the commode as well. I was situated on one side of the bowl, he was on the other, and as I recall there must have been a matron in the bathroom helping someone else. I'm sure I didn't know the other youngster on the other side of the toilet, and I can't even recall whether it was common to let two of us use the same toilet at the same time.

As we both began to urinate. he directed his urine stream on me, completely soaking the corduroy trousers I was wearing. The matron, who was helping someone else, saw the whole thing happen and I'm sure I didn't know what to do. I can't say that I remember my reaction to this, except I was probably afraid of what my mother would do if she thought I had an accident in school.

I was quickly taken to another part of the school where I was given clean pants while mine were washed and dried. The school called my mother at home and explained what had occured as they didn't want her to be angry with me for something for which I was not at fault. The
other boy was expelled from school that day and was never re-admitted.
When the school called my mother they explained that this youngster had
severe behaviorial problems, was a dirty child, and that this event
was the proverbial "last straw" and that he would be expelled.

to Blaize:
Since your boss didn't know about it and nothing happened, I wouldn't worry about it. The customer's kid probably really had to go and since no
one was back there they probably decided to take a chance. After all, all you could do was throw them out or yell at them. I always ask if I have to go really urgently before I enter the back of a store to use the toilet and usually store personel say yes.

female in pain. Some painkillers contain coedine and that can be very constipating. I know, from personal experience as well as that of others. I think perhaps the best thing would be for you to see the doctor and try and get him or her to give you some alternative painkillers that don't have the same side effects.

Anny. It sounds as though you really are seriously constipated if you've not been able to 'do anything' properly for a month. I hope the magnesium stuff you've taken works and helps to restore normality. However in view of some of the other symptoms you've described I think you're wise to see a doctor and get checked out. If I remember rightly you're in your twenties and on that basis I think it's unlikely that there's anything seriously wrong with your health. However I think you're very wise to get checked out all the same. I hope the situation improves and you're soon able to enjoy something approaching a normal poo. Let us know how you get on.



The Skittle survey: Peed in sink? Yes but not since I was a kid. 2. Peed on someone accidently? Yes. Don't remember the circumstances because it was dark and very late at night. Been peed on: Yes. Once while holding a friend's daughter (just out of diapers) on my lap. I didn't mind, I used to change her diapers all the time. Also when I was older I was tickling a girl while we were wrestling and she peed on me. I kind of expected it since she warned me. She was wearing shorts and it poured out onto my shirt. Also while peeing in a toilet at the same time with a friend but we just splashed on each other. 3. Container peeing - yes- I keep a plastic jug in my bedroom that holds like 32 oz. I also have had friends pee in containers while at my house. 4. Been caught peeing on bushes - yes- by friend's wife, and other chicks I was with who also had to go but didn't want anyone seeing them, and of course, many times while camping.

Big booty Black girl
Hello all, i've been looking at this site for a long time and these stories are hilarious. Enough with the small talk. One day i was at work and I had to take a serious boo boo. I was full from all the Fried chicken, greens, cornbread and the other soul food I had. Well I was on my lunch break, so I decided to go to the ladies bathroom and funked that baby up. I went into the stall pulled down my black tight slacks from over my big fat juicy ass and then my white thong then took a seat on the queens throne and then i let the boo boo come right out of me. first i peed for about one minute and then I pushed to get the train goin.I grunted quietly like Nnnnnnnnnnugh. then a big ol' plop. the water splashed on my booty. Then i let out a series of plop's like plop, plop , plop ,plop, plop, plop. then i looked in between my nice lookin thighs and the toilet was full of boo boo. i didn't care of the smell because i was the only one in there. I dropped 2 more. all of them were 12-15 inch boo boos. after that finalie i wiped my big ol butt 10 times, then i got some wet toilet paper to grt it all clean. i didn't think it would flush so i left my trademark and went on wit da rest of my buisness. Peace.

P.S. more black women should write on this site because it is so fun. thats why i like Althea, Jeanine, Teah, and Cute & shy. speaking of Teah hance if you got some more stories give us some more.

my survey answers

1. Have you ever peed in the sink? yes, a lot of times
2. Have ever accidently peed on someone/ has someone ever peed on you?no
3. Do you like peeing in cups, containers, etc.?i pee in containers all the time
4. Have you ever been caught peeing in the bushes, trees, etc.? yes, where i live(wash dc) people are seen peeing almost every day, me included

now here`s my story. yesterday i went to the library to get on the computer(which is how i post my stories)but the library had left and was suppose to return at 4:30. while waiting, i was looking at a couple of girls across the street when i noticed one of them had just peed her pants. the wet stain went all the way down her legs, needless to say i was very turned on

sarah in calgary, i love your stories, keep posting
and does any have any other diarrhea accident stories, if so, post them, thanks.

Friday, September 22, 2006

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