Hi everyone!
I have a quick survey for anyone interested.
1. Have you ever peed in the sink?
2. Have ever accidently peed on someone/ has someone ever peed on you?
3. Do you like peeing in cups, containers, etc.?
4. Have you ever been caught peeing in the bushes, trees, etc.?
Im 15, female, and this is my pee story!

Me and my friende where at one of my friends house when she suggested we had a pee contest to see who could pee the longest. We were all into the idea. We decided to use 4 different cups, one for each of us.After getting set up with the cups ready, we all let the pee flow. My stream started to hit the floor but i quickly repositioned the cup. Luckily her kitchen didnt have any carpets! I started to get a little worried because we had small cups and i was really peeing a lot! I thought it would start ovewrflowing! Soon, one of my friends stoppes. Then another. My last friend stopped and that meant i won. It still took about 5 seconds for me to completely stop. The cup was only overflowing with my pee a little. Iwas so glad that i won, that i tripped and spilled all my pee on my friend, Alice's, shirt! She cleaned up in the bathroom but quickly forgave me. We still have pee contests from time to time.


Hey everyone! I was just wondering---what should I have done in this situation I had at work?
I work in a mall in a toy store. This is a chain store and some stores in our chain have had problems with theft and internal theft (employees stealing). So our company is VERY strict on us and who is in the store---such as NO ONE in the store after closing, NO ONE in the back room other than employees on the clock, etc. If I even let a close friend or relative stick their head in the back room, I could get fired.

The other night, I was working alone (I'm the assisstant manager) and I had been alone for about 3 hours and I HAD to pee. So I asked a friend to watch my store for a minute while I went to the back to pee. I already had my buckle undone and started to open the bathroom door when I realized IT WAS LOCKED! I was ALONE that night and the employees only bathroom is hidden in the very back of the stockroom. Well, then a really big guy and a lil girl came out and the guy laughed and said "Oh I'm sorry. Did I scare you?" I was about to have a heart attack! I muttered something like "Yeah, since this is an EMPLOYEES ONLY AREA!" I was pretty upset and freaked out. Then the guy gets all defensive and yells "WEll, WE weren't AWARE of that!" I said "Well, it is. The sign on the stock room door clearly states it." Then he left. I didn't know WHAT to think! I mean, on one hand, I know kids give very short notice when they have to go, I know some ppl think its rude that I don't let kids use MY bathroom, but you have to look at it from my point of view too. I had to consider these things:
1. If things are disappearing from our backroom and employees are getting blamed, what if it WASN"t an employee--but a customer?
2. Why should I clean up other ppl's waste? When I went in after these ppl, there was urine on the floor and the seat. I had to clean it up.
3. There are ladders, box cutters, cleaning chemicals and other tools in the back that are NOT safe for kids to be around...what would happen if a child got injured on something in the backroom where she shouldn't have even been to begin with?
4. Not saying it happened, but what if that man was harming that child back there where nobody would hear?
5. It was near closing time...what if I had closed the store with them in it? I never checked the bathroom before, since it is for employees only and if I'm the only worker there I never had a reason to. ( I check now).

I know you may be thinking that I should have had a better eye on my back room, but its VERY hard to watch the back hidden corner of your store when you are alone and have to be in the front on register where your view of the back is completely blocked. And you can't keep your eye on EVERY person in the store at once. I've talked to my manager about having two employees in the store at all times, but she says budget won't allow for that. I just don't understand why the guy though it was okay to go back there to begin with---There is a large sign on the stockroom door that says EMPLOYEES ONLY and its obvious that our backroom is NOT part of the sales floor. There are no toys back there, just supplies, tools and paperwork. There are no restroom signs either, just two doors in the stockroom, one leads to the restroom, the other to the office. There is a public restroom just across the hallway from our store.

So what do you guys think? Should I have called security? Should I have said what I did? Should I have acted like it was okay? I know ppl think its selfish not to let customers in the back room, but I was thinking of loss prevention (stealing), company rules (not losing my job) and the child's safety. What do you think?


so the other day i was at the beach with a few friends, and we were all lying on the sand, sunbathing. All of a sudden my stomach made a noise, and I needed to shit terribly. I practically ran to the bathroom, and barely had time to pull down my bikini before I had diarrhea. The diarrhea lasted for about ten minutes, and then I wiped and went back to my friends--I told them the bathroom line was really long. About five minutes later the same thing happened: one second I didn't have to go, the next I was about to shit myself. I ran to the bathroom again, but didn't make it and completely filled my bikini bottoms right as i was locking the door to the stall. the worse part was that it was so liquidy it ran down my leg. I finished, cleaned myself off, and went back to my friends. The bikini was a dark maroon, so you really couldn't see that i'd shit myself. I went back to my friends, and lay down on my towel. For about a half hour I was fine, and then I got that feeling you do right befor you barf. I sat up, pulled my towel out of harms way, and barfed up a little bit of water and food. My friends asked me if i was okay, and I told them I felt really sick, which was the truth. We started packing our stuff to go home, because my friends were going to take me home and make sure I was okay, and I got the feeling again, yet nothing came up this time. THis happened three more times. We were finally in my friends car when I realized I was about to barf. "PULL OVER!" I screamed, and my friend did. I got out of the car and barfed for several minutes. While barfing I shit myself terribly, and the diarrhea was so liquidy it rean down my leg like brown water.

the funny thing was that after I bafred, i felt just fine. no more diarrhea, no more barfing, nothing. I felt great! So we went to my house, I took a shower and got into a new bikini, and we went baack to the beach. the rest of teh day was great!

now, i have a question. What was it that caused me to be so violently sick for about an hour, and then just totally went away?

I have 8 kids, one from a previous relationship and the other 7 with my husband Paul. So, obviously, I have NO PRIVACY. My husband and i always wanted a big family so i wont complain much. a 13 year old boy named Nicholas, a 11 year old boy named Michael, twin 8 year old girls Julia and Amy, a 6 year old boy Mason, a 5 year old girl Megan, and twin 3 month olds a boy Alexander, and a girl Ryliegh. So I am a very busy mommy. In the time I do get to myself, I like to pee on myself, or in public places. My husband does it with me a lot too. Its luckly something we have both enjoyed since we were about 6 and 7 years old.
Anyway, all but one of our kids were with his mother for the weekend, so it was a GREAT vacation for us. Our 6 year old Mason was home with us bcuz he had pink eye. Mason was taking a nap, so Paul and I decided to spend some..."us" time together. We spead out our plastic tarp across the living room carpet, and started to drink A LOT of coffee. We decided to spread some of the tarp on to the couch, we had a new idea. After hold it for over 2 hours, we could barely hold it any longer. My husband decided to go first, he knelt down in front of the couch and unzipped his jeans, he pulled out his "member" and aimed it up by slightly bending it upward. A strong stream shot out up into an arch and landed on the covered couch. He looked at himself peeing, and looked at me, wanna hold it? I told him no and said I had to go to bad to wait for him to finish. I stood up and pulled up my skirt. I bent slightly over the covered couch cushin like i was gonna sit down. I instantly began to pee. I looked over at my husband and he was still going pretty strong, and he was watching me pee. Our puddles ran off onto the convered floor as we watched each other piss all over the place. I slightly lifted my leg a bit so he could see better. Well, you could say after our little pee-event, we had a great time together until it was time to clean up. Shortly after, Mason woke up!

im a 19 year old girl and i sometimes frequent this site(secretly :))
this happened to me this past summer. me and my friends were going on a camping during the weekend. we left thursday morning and we going to come back monday. it was gonna be just like a laid back party real fun ya know? well it starts off bad just cause its so damn hot and my friend didnt have ac :( Then it gets really bad when i start my period. whats even worse is that for some reason i didnt even bring my comfortable panties, i brought two thongs just cause i was gonna be in shorts the weekend and didnt want to have pantylines. i shouldve just said f???k it and wear what was comfortable, its not like i'm trying to get with them or anything. anyway, i only had one thong on me and one in my bag, i didn't prepare enough. i also forgot to bring extra socks, but one of my girls loaned me some cause she came exrta prepared. at least i had tampons in my purse, which would've been hell if i forgot those. anyway, to make a long story short, when we get there it's like the hottest part of the summer, it was the worst time to camp the entire summer. the sun was just scorching and the heat just sucked. that was bad luck too. what really sucked is me being on my period with a stinkin ass sweaty thong stuck to my coochie and only having one spare, two only in two days practically. i was so pissed, i asked my girlfriend if she had any extra s and she said no sorry, she only brought enough for herself. she had one other pair and it was dirty, and i'm not a dirty girl like that. trying to sleep as you sweat in the tents is misserable, so i just sat up all night eating smores and taking and drinking and stuff. when i finally got to sleep and woke up, i took an enormous piss. then we had breakfast. my stomach was rumbling some, but i dismissed it as nothing just cause i hadn't pooped in a couple days. to make a long story short, i got pretty wasted one night, and my friends put me in my tent to sleep. i woke up with horrible stomach pains and as i got up to get out of the tent to throw up, i bent down and threw up but started having diarrhea at the same time! it was so f???g gross. i had already thrown up so i couldn't quit going. i kinda just kneeled there shitting profusely in my shorts. it was so bad. my girl came out to see if i was fine and she started holding my hair and everything. she said was gonna bring my spare clothes out. she told me to just go more if i had to cause my shorts were already ruined. i couldnt bear to shit myself on purpose so i yanked my nasty ass shorts down and pulled my thong off. it was so gross, prolly the grossest thing ive ever done. i literally had to pull my thong away from my poop cause there was so much f????g poop. so i squatted down half naked and squeezed and more and more shit came out. i cleaned myself up best as i could with my ruined thong and shorts, put my spares on and went back to bed. the next day i woke up, still didnt feel too good. i was just really dirty too, that added to it. you know how when ya really dirty you just don't feel good? anyway i woke up, everyone was real concerned and stuff. none of the boys made any stupid ass remarks. i made a real bad decisison tho. i ate a couple breakfast burritos(they are fire, my friend jeff makes them :)) well i ate those and we went hiking later and i guess my stomach wasnt feeling too good still. i ended up having diarrhea just off of the trail, but i couldn't even wipe! that was the worst part. i mean at least with my accident i got to wipe, this time i just had to pull my f???g thong up and be misserable the rest of the trip. not to mention a few more times going to the bathroom that day. talk about gross and being filthy. thanks, hope you guys liked it.


Hi people i have a question and a short story.

Does anyone else use manual evacuation or digital stim, for their BM's and if so do you need lots of help or little? Also when you go do you have a lot and feel empty?

Now my story, the other night i was sceduled for my poop. I got my suppository and everything ready and i hear a lot of farts. So after awhile my nurse did her finger help and nothing. So i waited ten mins, and she came back to try again, and still nothing. By this time my stomach is killing me and i feel like i could blow up, so i wait till she comes back and then she puts her finger way in again and held it for like two mins. I started to feel so super hot, i can feel something starting to move. I heard a slow bubbly fart and my nurse pulled her finger out, i could feel a massive push inside of my stomach and smelled a really smelly blob. It felt so good, but then another huge wave of pain fill in and felt another big heavy something down there that needed to get out. i was really hoping it would push itself out but it didn't the pressure just got worse are worse. My nurse finally comes back and gets a new glove and lube, I was so ready, again up for a few seconds and a huge feeling of something hard being pulled out came she had a 2in. by 3in. log that was stuck to her glove i felt so much better. After she sat down i felt more pressure a thought no way. But I was wrong a huge zipper fart turned into many small soft little bullets that shot out every few seconds. I thought that I was done. But my nurse came back and changed the full pad out and put another down and checked again and filled up half of that pad. I felt like i was soo empty now so she quit and i went back to sleep feeling wonderfull.

Happy poops yall


I went to Chapters with my dad last night and my stomach started to hurt a little. I went into the bathroom and entered the stall closest to the entrance. When I sat down, I peed for about 30 seconds. When I had finished, I started to push. I heard some 'splatsloop' sounds and then I felt my hole open up a bit and a couple pieces of poo slid out. I leaned forward a bit and pushed again. Another piece slid out into the water. The next few pieces took some time to come out. I pushed for a minute or two and nothing had started to come out yet. So I spread my legs apart, leaned forward and went up on my tiptoes. I pushed and felt the final pieces come out making a 'splash' sound below me. I continued to sit on the toilet for a couple of minutes just to make sure I was totally finished. As I was sitting there I hear a lady come in and take the stall beside me. She sits down and pees a steady stream for maybe 15/20 seconds. After she had finished peeing, I hear 'plop..plop..plop..plop..plopplopplop.......pffft..plop..plop' She then grabs somr TP and wipes 5 times and flushes. After she left the bathroom, I grabbed some TP and wiped 3 times and flushed.

To Anny: It sounds like you are seriously constipated. I seems like you are having a terrible time with it too. I hope the magnesium stuff works for you, if not, I would go to a doctor or the hospital, as you suggested yourself. Have you tried digging the poo out yourself? Can you feel big, hard, dry turds when you put your finger into your anus? It must be bad if you tried enemas and you still had to strain and not much poo came out. Please let us know when you do eventually squeeze out your constipated load, I would love to hear the details!!

To Thunder: I just came back from holidays in New South Wales, perhaps you have heard of Ebor Falls or maybe even been there yourself. At Ebor Falls, they have these composting toilets that have no water in them, so they don't need flushing. I got to use one of those toilets there and it was fun not flushing but I couldn't wash my hands afterwards either (no sink or tap). I also got to use several public toilets and I did poos in most of them too.

I Love Squatters
First to Kirsten. Loved your story and your writing style. Excellent! I had a girlfriend once who drank those huge 64 oz. soft drinks all the time. We would go out fishing and hiking together and she always had to pee about 6 times while we were out. The first time she told me to turn my head. But the second time I got bold and looked. She looked up at me while she squatted and peed and didn't say anything. I loved to watch her squat and pee, don't ask me why, because to this day I do not know. It just fascinated me! After that I always watched her while she squatted. Sometimes I would pee too, while she was peeing, and I always had a semi. She is gone now, but I sure enjoyed taking her fishing and hiking with me!


I went to Macy's to look at home goods. The main Macy's store is at the larger mall. The Macy's store for home goods is at a smaller mall.

The restroom at the smaller Macy's has the trashcan directly outside the restroom door. The restroom door is kept closed. After using the restroom and washing my hands, I opened the door with a paper towel, and was surprised to see a lidless trashcan outside the closed restroom door. (The trashcan is in a small room leading to the restroom. The door from the small room to the main part of the store is kept open).

I dropped the paper towel into the trashcan. If the trashcan had been inside the toilet and sink area and not close to the door; I would have dropped the paper towel on the floor, after opening the door. Also, if there had been a lid on the trashcan, I would have dropped the paper towel on the floor.

I assume they decided to put the trashcan outside the restoom because many women drop paper towels on the floor after opening the door with a paper towel.

If there is a trashcan inside the toilet and sink area and next to the door; I open the door with a paper towel and drop the paper towel into the trashcan.

I've noticed that about Sugar Crisp too. Pretty weird huh?

Mr. Clogs
Hey ya'll! Haven't posted in a while, busy with work and stuff, trying to make that "All Mighty Dollar". So here goes.

As you know I like to pee in my infamous containers. So I keep an extra one, you now for backups just in case my main one fills up to the top. I drink alot of water and liquids so I pee a lot at night, so these come in handy. What I do is rotate the two containers one night I pee in that one and in the morning dump it out, and the other for the next night. I came up with this system to keep it dry and smelling fresh. Hope this interest those who like peeing in containers like I do. This is a really handy system to use, hope you all enjoy it.

Hello Alice, how are ya theses days!? I'd figure you'll take interest in this system. Take care and have a great week.

Hello EmoGirl, Carmelita, Cheryl, PRG, Cute and Shy, how are ya these days?

Take care and have a great week!


--Mr. Clogs

I have a survey: (I decided to put my answers too)

How do you wipe when you get diarrhea?
I bunch up several peices of TP and go round and round 6 times.

Do you hold your stomach when you get diarrhea?
Yes, but not too hard because any extra pressure will cause me to go.

While having diarrhea what do you do?
If the diarrhea is mild I sweat, lean back and relax, and wish it's over. If the diarrhea is intense/explosive I sweat, try to aim for the toilet, cry (if I have to), and make up excuses why the bathroom is a mess.

What do you do when you get diarrhea in a public bathroom?
I do the above.

When you get diarrhea have you ever gotten up and relised you weren't done?

On a scale of 1-10 how bad does your diarrhea stink?

Does your diarrhea ever clog or overflow the toilet?

What foods cause you to get diarrhea?
Any food gone bad or undercooked salmon.

In public bathrooms, do you ever not flush your diarrhea because you want others to see what you have done?
If there are a lot of people in the bathroom at the time, no. If empty, yes.

On a scale of 1 to 10 how bad does your t??? ache before having diarrhea?
11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT HURTS LIKE HELL!!!!!

Do you enjoy diarrhea?

How often do you get diarrhea?
Once every 2 months (about)

Are you sick of this survey?

To: Some Dude, if you want bigger dumps here's how:
This is riskey, but worth it if it works. Eat cheese. Eat it with every meal. When you wake up in the morning, have a big hunk of cheese, first thing! Then go on with your normal breakfast, then eat more cheese after. Have cheese before lunch, then have your meal, and have more cheese, and so on with every meal for 1-3 days. The cheese might make you constipated so If this happens, stop eating cheese and drink 3 cups of coffe a day until your contipation stops. This is not 100% garenteed so you might end up with diarrhea the ods are 12 to 1 though. I did this and it worked. All you need is a slight push and wall-ahh! My poop was in 3 peices, one short (about 4 inches) but fat (about 2 1/2 inches around). The seccond was long (13 inches) and medium length around (1 inch). And the last one was (Dramitic pause) GIGANTIC! I'm talking HUGE!!!!! About 15 feet long and 3 inches wide!!!!!!!!!!! I was stunned! I did not flush because I was so proud~ I hope your pooping goes like that.

I have a diarrhea story to share:

This was when I was in 4th grade. I was in class taking a very important test, so I couldn't leave. I must have eaten somthing that didn't agree with me because my stomach and bowels where bursting! I could feel my anus opening. I could feel the warm diarrhea ready to errupt, I let out a moan and BAM! All over the people behind me, in my pants, down my legs, into my shoes, up my back and all over! The diarrhea was so powerfull that my undees ripped at the seam andmy pant button burst and my pants fell down! My booty exposed and my colon let loose. The diarrhea shot out and hit the poor kid behind me so hard in the forhead that he had to go home with a headache. And I got in trouble for dissrupting the class. :-( Oh, well. Keep the hiarious posts coming!

Well, I had a very satisfying poo this morning (I was over due for one). It was 3 peices, 1 long (9 inches), one short but thick(2 1/2 around) that one hurt a bit, and the last one HUGE!!!!! (3 INCHES AROUND AND 11 INCHES LONG!) It took about 7 minutes to get out the last one. Taking 15 minutes in all. The reason I was due for one was because I ate something that gave me retched food piosening for a week or so! I will tell you about my diarrhea aventures... About 8 days ago I went out with my husband for a big dinner. Complete with sushi and lobster and keish! I also had cream brule' for dessert! Unfortanutly my poor ?y didn't agree. About a half an hour after the meal (in the car going home) My stomach started making odd noises (no ???? ache YET). I thought I was fine for the rest of the drive. So we kept on and my stomach was starting to slightly hurt a bit, I thought I was just digesting. Now 10 minutes has passed and my stomach has started to hurt unbearably! I seriously thought I was dying! I had my buttcheeks clenched and legs crossed. The gas bubble in my stomach was ready to blow. I could feel the diarrhea in my bowels. By this time my hubby was wondering why I was straining and sweating profusley. I told him I was not feeling well and asked if we could stop at a gas station. He told me that we were quite far from a gas station but he will look. I gotta contingue this later

something interesting happened last week at school. I was on my way to my car after getting out of school when this guy in front of me farted pretty loudly. We kept walking, but he started walking faster, I picked up the pace to keep up with him. He farted again and this time started to clench his cheeks and said to his friend next to him "Oh man, I have to shit bad." I couldn't believe I was seeing this, could I finally be witnessing a real poop accident? Well, as this kid is clenching his cheeks as he walks, he let out 2 small airy sounding farts, then he immediately reached back and stuck his fingers against his ass to stop anything from getting out. When he did that I thought for sure I'd witness him load up his pants. He turned to his buddy and said, "I don't think I can hold it man," he sounded pretty scared. He got to his truck that was about 3 spots away from my car. I walked to mine and just put down my book bag and pretended to search for my keys. The kid had a truck that was jacked up, so he had a big step to climb to get in. I unlocked my door and opened it, and turned around one last time to see how he was making out. He stepped up on the running board and lifted his right leg to get into the truck when I heard, "Damn" I didn't hear any pooping sounds, but I knew what had happened. His friend just started laughing and said "hey, I'll catch a ride with someone else" and walked away chuckling. I could see the unfortunate dude sitting in his truck with a look on his face that basically said, " what am I going to do now?" I wish I could have been closer to witness the whole thing, but that was good enough.

Sorry I had to cut off my diarrhea story about my hubby and I having sushi and me gettin' food poisening. Well here's the rest of it...
In the car my hubby searched for a bathroom, as I got more and more desperate. I could feel my anus getting ready to produce the warm diarrhea. I was almost in tears my stomach pain was so terrible. I was covered in cold sweat and BAM! I was covered in warm diarrhea. It all poured out and I couldn't stop it. I wanted to die. I was so embarrassed. Lo and behold, my ??y was still on fire. My hubby was in shock. The diarrhea shot out my butthole and ripped my undees at the seam. The diarrhea went down my legs and out of my dress and into my shoes. This went on as soon as we got home 15 minutes later. I ran to the bathroom at great speed, I was in there for 45 minutes, I had spray painted the toilet bowl a lovley shade of greenish-light brown. I had food poisening for 8 days and I am better now, since I had a large poo this morning! Bye

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Linda from Australia here again. I just got back from holidays on Sunday night, after spending a week in northern New South Wales. I'm still on holidays though and I don't have to go back to work until next week. I got to visit lots of public toilets and I did poos in some of them too. On the flight over to Sydney, I really had to take a dump, so I went in the toilet on the plane. I hadn't done a poo in 2 days. I did a huge wee first, then I squeezed out several small pieces of poo. I wiped my butt and had a look at my load in the toilet. It consisted of about 12 pieces of medium sized turds, that were light brown in colour. I felt so good after that, although I didn't feel finished. When we arrived in Sydney, I had to take another dump so I quickly made my way to the toilet. My load consisted of about 12 more medium sized logs. This time I felt finished and I must have had so much poo inside me!!

Later on in the week, I visited some waterfalls with my mum and we both had to do a wee when we got there. There were 2 toilets and they were those composting ones that don't use water (they don't need flushing) I did my wee and then removed my tampon as I was at the end of my period. Then I dropped a small load. I had a look in the toilet and I could see a big hole in the ground. There was loads of toilet paper at the bottom of the hole and it looked disgusting. I could also see my turds amongst all the composting tp.

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER I enjoyed Kirsten`s post...doing a big poo is one of the best feelings one can get..particularly when the turd is one the hard side. I have no problems with cubicles that have low doors and will grunt to my hearts content in a public toilet...I do not care if there is any one around...just as long as I do not know them,
To Pamela, if it works do it. I might give it a try myself if things get too difficult.
I did not crap today yet and can feel it building up so might go out and give it a try,

female in pain
Hi. Im a long time lurker.
I suffer with rheumatoid arthiritis pretty badly and have to take strong painkillers to ease the pain. The problem is I get very constipated.

Yesterday I strained for ages to try to go and all I succeeded in doing was making my anus bleed and become so sore from stretching and pushing a hard dry fecal lump out.
So I took some of the laxatives the G.P had previously prescribed at 3am. The bottle said take 2, so I took 4. My belly started to ache at midday and I felt the urge. However I still had to strain and was back and forth to the bathroom for an hour or more. Each time my anus was becoming more and more painful. Eventually the pills worked properly and I shat 4 times easily but oh god my anus feels as tho Ive shat razor blades.

I rubbed cream around my anus and just inside.....then when the burning had subsided to a dull roar, I hobbled to the Pharmacy and got some suppoitories for piles. I inserted one and that has helped, but my anus still stings so bad even if I do a wee. The diarrhoea has stopped tho.....and at least Ive managed to go.......any ideas for making life easier? I do eat a lot of fruit and veg.

Hi all.

Well am now settled in my new home and love living with my b/f.

Mr Clogs, I noticed you havent posted for a while (neither have I) and hope you are well?

My b/f is using the container more and more at night and the other day I got him a large emptied softener bottle with quite a wide neck and he finds it easier to pee into that than my container as he feels its less likely to splash if his woodys right inside the neck of the bottle. However he is still ok about me holding the bottle whie he uses it....a great thrill for me. He will hold my container occasionally but prefers to watch me squatting over it. We still havent peed in the shower together, tho I always do...ha ha he just doesnt seem to notice.....I always do my first pee of the day whilst showering and will hold my pee until I get in the shower.

As I now live in a flat without access to a garden this has curtailed my oudoors peeing a little. However I make any excuse to pee outside when Im with my b/f....even pretended Im a little drunk so he has to hold me while I squat and pee.....A couple of times Ive told him Im bursting to pee and cant wait till we get to a restoom and have nipped into an alleyway or some quiet place pulled my niks to one side and pissed......he isnt as comfortable with that as he is worried I may get caught and he will only pee outdoors if absolutely necessary. He even legged it across the park recently as he really needed to go and I was 'dragging my heels' hoping he would just have to go behind a tree. I could see he was uncomfortable and kept 're-arranging' himself even saw him squeezing his woody twice. He then said 'Oh Al, Ive got to go theres a loo and sprinted off at top speed like the road runner. Later he admitted he had a wet spot in his underpants as he had started to spurt before he could undo his fly.....wish I could have seen that happen.

Well apart from settling in and enjoying my new home, especially being with my b/f every day not a lot has been happenning apaprt from the same old same old. Or as my b/f says 'same shit just a different day'.

Peace to all

Hi! I had an experience at the beach recently. I live in Canada so the summer is drawing to a close and I wanted to get some last of the season beach time in. I was lying down sunbathing when I got a slight pull in my stomach. I realized I hadn't pooped yet that day. I usually poop in the morning - this was late afternoon. I stood up and started toward the washrooms. They're not very far from this beach, but the more I walked the more my pipes started churning. It was also an uphill venture. By the time I got to the washrooms I had to go in a really bad way. The women's washroom has these stupid partitions that barely block view of you sitting there but no one was in there. If the men's washroom were any better and had I known it I would have gone in there. But usually they are worse if not the same for what I have been told. I took the farthest of the three stalls from the door and went in and sat down. I could see the sinks and this made me a bit nervous but the sound of the water down on the beach relaxed me a bit. I pushed and thought it would be a good piece but all it was was a fart.
Damn! I thought. I knew I was going to have to push for a bit as I felt my hole stretch open but still produced nothing.

I strained for a minute and finally some started to come out but it just ended up being a short and skinny piece with a lot of snapping and puffing noises. I cursed under my breath and started pushing again but then the main door opened and just as 2 teenage girls entered I farted and, without meaning to, grunted. I heard a moment of quiet and then histerical laughter. I felt myself turn about 3 shades of red. I'm not a shy pooper around my mother or my sisters - I'll even poop with one of them in the bathroom with me and they're the same. But strangers I hate pooping or peeing with even if there are doors and partitions - let alone low partitions that you can almost see completely over! I looked over the top of the door. If they had seen me they didn't bother to look for long. They had each gone into one of the other 2 remaining stalls. One was talking about how cute some guy was and blah blah blah......the other was quiet. I thought the other one - the one closest to me - must have been pooping. I could see her head bob up and down due to the low partitions. I crouched forward not only to avoid eye contact with anyone but also for more levreage on my own laboureous load. Her friend finally asked if she was listening. After a second she said "yeah...I am.." and I barely heard a very weak grunt and tiny splash. The young woman in the farthest stall was clearly only peeing but the one closer to me was clearly pooping and I had noticed that she had blond hair (again low partitions) and black sandals. There was also an added scent of poop on top of mine. She also brought her feet very close to the base of the toilet and was pushing hard on her toes - a dead giveaway that she was trying to poop. I heard the young woman in the farthest stall wipe only once and flush. As she flushed, I heard a frustrated sigh and pull of toilet paper and 3 or 4 wipes.

They finished up and and left together and I heard one of them comment by saying "she must really be doing a big one". It was true. I was having a bit of an ordeal getting my own turd out. I pushed hard and started grunting now that I was by myself and shameless, but only managed 2 small hard balls. I was wearing a 2 piece bikini and lowered the bottoms a bit and flexed my legs and knees up and down, but only managed three more solid balls of poo. They were wide and stung a bit coming out and I had to lean forward for a bit to lessen the pain. I accepted that this was all I was going to get for the time being and wiped and left the stall less than satisfied. I really hate it when I feel like it's going to be huge but it only ends up being a stomach ache. I knew I had to do some more. But I figured maybe if I had something to eat the situation might improve - I hadn't eaten lunch yet that day and sometimes that makes all the difference. I also realized that the woman in the stall next to me hadn't flushed. I couldn't help but look - there was a kind of sliced looking poo - a clear sign of constipation - floating with a pile of toilet paper on the side of it. I reached in and flushed it for her. Damn kids need someone to do even the basic stuff for them these days.

I went back to the beach and stopped at the hotdog stand. I ate a jumbo dog with bacon bits and mustard and cheese. As I finished the last bite I felt something warm inside my butt. I knew this was the second wave. I was still chewing on the last bite as I started walking up the hill again to the restrooms and by the time I got there I was breathing heavy and rushed into again the farthest stall. The middle stall was taken, but this time I didn't care who was there. I slammed the back lid up and slammed my butt down on the seat and let go. I let go of a huge fart immediately followed by wet blobs shooting out of my butt. I stopped for a minute and felt a slight block, but nothing was going to stop this one. I pushed and grunted hard and a huge I mean HUGE chunk slammed onto the porcelain beneath me and I have honestly rarely felt better. I will keep this G rated by saying ALMOST NOTHING had ever felt so good.

I sat there for a second just to enjoy the empty feeling - I farted a couple of times. They were silent, long, puffing and very relieving farts - I even let out a whispering "ahhhh" which is rare - I normally hate pooping even silently in public toilets - when I suddenly heard a slight grunt and a plop. I remembered I wasn't alone! I looked to my right and saw the same blond hair and black sandals that I had seen not 15 minutes ago in the same stall next to me! She again had her toes pushing hard towards the floor.

It took me a while to wipe - my poop was very relieving but unfortunately messy. As I was wiping I heard her moan once and grunt a couple of times and she said "ooooops" really quietly and then grunted again. Her sandals disappeared and I heard them press on the door in front of her and she grunted loudly, but only managed a light plop and sighed in frustration. She was obviously constipated and was ashamed to go while her friend was next to her earlier in a low-partioned environment! I couldn't help feel bad for her, but I was so relieved I couldn't help but be happy. I wiped hurriedly - either her poop or mine - or both - was starting to smell absolutely putrid! As I left the washroom and was just heading out I heard a really loud SPLUSHHHH!! with a lot of wet fart noises.

Happy ending - I got back down to the beach and a few minutes later I saw the blond with black sandles come down to the water too. She had the look of a woman who could only have just completely emptied her bowels and felt 100% relieved. Her friend was chattering on about God knows - or cares - what, but she just had the inattentive smile that I could tell was completely blocking out her ditsy little friend's story.
All she cared about was that she was relieved.

I went back home that night and when I got up the next morning and had a nice satisfying poop - 2 pieces, five minute performance - I couldn't help but be grateful for the one toilet between the 4 walls with one door - in MY appartment! I heard the paper carrier drop the Sunday paper through the doordrop, so I pulled my pants up, walked effortlessly across the hall, picked up the paper, walked back into the bathroom, closed the door even though I live by myself, pulled my pants back down, sat back down on the toilet and read the paper for about an hour while I finished my coffee and pooped some more. I sat with my knees apart and farted a couple of times shamelessly. When I stood up after I wiped, I noticed the water was a really mellow brown. I flushed and I was soooo relaxed I just sat in my living room and did nothing for the whole day. After dinner that night I went back into the bathroom and sat back down and didn't bother turning on the light. I just sat there and enjoyed the faint dusky sky and had a nice peaceful poop for about 10 minutes. I went to work monday more relaxed than I'd been in a while. Ahhh the little things!

Anyway, bye for now!

Sort of related to the construction workers stories recently, my cousins were visiting for the weekend once in the summer. We were young then, like 12 or so. There were some new houses under construction a few blocks away so we went down just to look through them (most of them still had the plywood and such). We (two boys and three girls) were in the basement section of this one house and they still had the gravel on the ground (it wasnt' cemented yet) and my one cousin Carolyn who was likely 9 at the time said she needed to pee real bad and needed to go now and she just pulled down her shorts and squatted and peed in front of us onto the gravel. It was sort of dark so you couldn't really see anything and I think she felt she had enough privacy in the darkness to just go there. I'm sure she was needing to pee for some time and wasn't sure how to handle it since we were quite aways from the house. When she saw the gravel and how dimly lit the area was she probably said to herself its now or never and just did it. None of us made any other comments about it, but I do remember thinking alot afterwards for awhile about her doing that and still sort of think about that time whenever I see her nowadays.

My wife is a secretary and came home on Friday and took the biggest dump I ever saw. She was sitting on the toilet with her undies up around her thighs. She grunted hard once, and crapped out an enormous pile. The door was open and I could see her sitting there straining. After a bit, I brought her a glass of wine and the smell was a bit much.
I could hear fresh turds coming out, then splatting like wet tar. She just leaned forward, smiled and said "Mmmmmm, big ones." She does this all the time with the door open. I never thought much about it except that it's interesting to see her in her natural, unabashed state. Whenever she has to do this, she always comments like "it's gonna be big one," or "I've been holding it for a week." Oh well, thought I'd mention it.

Hey, everyone! I'm Haylie, and I'm a typical seventh grader. My best friend in the whole world's name is Abby, and I met her just last year. Abby's deepest secret is that she looves to wet her pants. No one at school knows, though, which is how she keeps her pretty popular image.

It was about a week or so after 6th grade had started, and I was talking to Abby in math class. (She's a whiz)! We were getting along great, and she invited me over to her house after school. So, the rest of the day went by quite normally, me not knowing what I was about to find out.

Abby lives really close to our school, so she walks home every day. We met up at the end of the day, then began our walk. Once we were far away enough, Abby checked to see if there was anyone we knew around.

"Um.. what are you doing?" I asked.

"Oh, just checking to make sure no one's around." she said casually.

"Why?" I asked, amused.

"So I can do this in peace." she replied.

We stopped, and I watched her spread her legs apart. I had an extremely confused look on my face until I saw the crotch of her pants growing darker. The spot began growing, then she started walking again, just letting go. It amazed me how she could do both at once.

She told me about her hoobby of wetting, and how she did this every day. I was pretty much in shock. Looking at her, you would never guess. All through her story, her pants kept getting wetter, and there was a splattering sound on the sidewalk as we walked. At last, the flow stopped.

"So, that's all you need to know about my life. What about you? Any odd hobbies?" she asked, like leaving a trail of pee as she walked home and completely soaking her pants on purpose every day was something everyone did.

"Not really... my life's pretty boring, actually!" I realized, and we both laughed.

When we walked in the door of her house, her Mom greeted us.
"Hey Abby, who's this?" she asked, completely ignoring the fact there was a long wet mark on her daughter's pants.

*Wow. She really MUST do this everyday.* I thought.

"This is Haylie." Abby said.

"Hello Haylie. I see Abby showed you her little habit!" she said jokingly. "You can just toss those in the laundry, dear." she said to Abby, who nodded, and began taking her pants off right in front of me.

I blinked, then looked away blushing when I realized I was probably staring at her completely yellow undies, which I think used to be white.

The rest of the time went by greatly, and we were soon best friends like today.

I have more stories with Abby, if you would like, I would gladly post them!


Argggh!! I couldn't take it's been like a month since I had a normal bowel movement, nothing more than a few pebbles or a pathetic amount of liquid poo...and recently nothing!! I've had to induce BM's with using the enema I bought from the drug store, and even that still left me straining!! After two enema uses a week, eating loads of fruits & ????, and even eating a whole bag of licorice, and still no result, I started to feel things moving in there, not sure whether it was gas bubbles or an intestinal worm because alot of the symptoms matched mine, and no I'm not pregnant either!! So finally my husband had enough of seeing me go to the bathroom day after day straining and groaning and producing little or no result, so while I was at work today, he so helpfully went to the drugstore for some advice, of which the physician guided him to the milder laxatives, and suggested he buy magnesium citrate for really bad constipation(godawful gutwrenching painful constipation in my case), otherwise see a doctor.

So after work and after letting dinner digest, I read the instructions on the little glass bottle and noticed they tell you to drink at least 250 ml of water every hour before taking it and 3 hours afterwards, so I pulled out a 1.5 liter bottle of water and drank the recommended 1/4-1/2 dose. The stuff tasted so disgusting I gagged all the way through!!! And then I drank two 1.5 liter bottles of water and waited for the results.

Right now I'm starting to feel the gurgling and churning, and I really, SERIOUSLY hope I can pass this monsterous, miserable BM, because this is really not healthy at all!! It's been several weeks since I had a normal result, so I hope this stuff works, otherwise I'm reporting to the hospital today, since my doctors is not open on weekends, and she's often overbooked and not very helpful at all, so better to be safe than sorry. I really hope it's not an intestinal worm because some of the symptoms include constipation, abdominal pain, bloating, weight loss and gas, which are some of my symptoms, but there are other ones like diarrhea and bloody stools that don't match mine, but still, it's a reason to worry, because if something besides normal waste is moving in my body, I need to get it checked out.

I tried the enema again last night, this time smushing up a bit of soap and some Vaseline and mixed it with warm water and lay on my side and squirted the warm water up into my rectum. Within a few minutes, I felt cramping so I sat on the toilet where liquid peed out of my butt for about 10 seconds, then had to strain quite badly once I felt the urge and bit by bit poop started coming out, with more cramps and groaning, but I wasn't able to get the job done, I hope this gross laxative gets things moving really soon, I'd like to be free of this poop hell, and if it doesn't work, I'm not waiting any longer, I'm seeing a doctor and/or going to the hospital for treatment/advice.

Will post more later and let you know how my first experience with magnesium citrate goes, it better be worth it!!

Take care, toileteers! Happy pottytime :D

xo Anny

AJ :-)

I'm sensing that something else is going on here.

You and your boyfriend first lived together in a more secluded place where you could both pee and poop outside. You've now moved into an apartment complex where this isn't possible.

It got you really angry to discover your boyfriend peeing outside at his dad's place (where you once lived), and you didn't understand why.

Let me see if this might not be the problem...

Your boyfriend still goes over there on an almost daily basis, but, for some reason, you stay at the apartment complex. Even when he's home at the apartment complex, he's no longer allowing you in the bathroom with him or allowing you to keep him company outdoors.

If things were okay between the two of you, you would both be going over to his dad's and using the bathroom outdoors, and he wouldn't suddenly shut you out of the bathroom at your apartment.

He might be gradually distancing himself from you. You sense this, and that is the reason that you're upset. You can almost imagine a time when he will still be peeing out at his dad's and using indoor facilities when he's in a place such as an apartment complex, but he won't be in there alone. Neither will he be in there with you.

If this is what you might be sensing, it's no wonder that you're upset.

As for your going really isn't appropriate to do this where you are, but you can always go somewhere out in the country and have outdoor experiences several times per week.

I hope that your boyfriend will either poop or get off the pot when it comes to your relationship, but I would advise you to be patient for awhile longer, as he might not have even made up his own mind whether or not to continue your relationship.

You might ask him where he sees himself a year from now.

Postman--Or should I call you Snakeman?--

I don't know about all women, but I know that I like to read on the toilet. My actual peeing and pooping session doesn't take long at all, but I love to sit there for awhile reading something. This began back when I was a tot on a potty chair and was surrounded by stacks of my Little Golden Books. Saturday morning, I read an entire book and, then, wrote a book review about it. The bathroom is a wonderful place to read. I've been known to go in there to pee (something I do in under half-a-minute) and sit there for an hour after that looking at a book, magazine, or newspaper.

Crap Master
Hey all:
I've made an interesting observation over the past couple of weeks. I recently bought Sugar Crisp, a type of cerial. This stuff is simply amazing, and irresistable in my opinion. Anyways, After I eat a big bowl of this stuff, the next time I pea, I've noticed that it smells just like Sugar Crisp. Keep in mind, like most people, I eat my cerial with milk in it. Has anyone ever noticed this with Sugar Crisp or with other foods with liquids in them, or liquids? I think I remember reading about some experiences similar to this on the forum, but since there is no search feature here, I don't feel like looking, so i'm eliciting new responses here.
And by the way, for anyone who remembers the post I made a month or so back about that girl I found who let me listen to her pea over the phone, well, the bad news is, I lost her. I really hope I can find another woman who is open about this stuff, because it fascinates and interests me very much. Especially women's functions.


Hey Cute and Shy, are you still there? Because I'm still here. The other day, I drank lots of water and you know what happens when you drink lots of water right? Yea, you got it, I needed to take a piss really bad. So I ran to the toilet, unzipped my jeans pulled out my friend LOL!, and let it rip! LOL!

So Cute and Shy, please post some more stories, because I miss hearing from you gurl. Love, Armando!

Our family went on a picnic yesterday. Before we left we all wanted to use the restroom facilities. My daughter, my neice, and myself had to wait outside the women's restroom, as there was a very long waiting line. We waited, as my husband, our son, and our nephew used the men's room. It was very uncomfortable situation, as the mens room had only a short stall door swinging open, and it did not close automatically. Some men would push it closed, but others just pushed it open and left it open. How embarrasing for the men sitting in clear view of everybody outside. There was a row of toilet bowls with very short partitions, but NO DOORS !!!.... So, my husband, my son, my nephew, were all on display, along with the other men shitting, I tried to make my daughter, and neice look away, but they started laughing when the guys started wiping their asses, especially my nephew, who stood up and mooned everybody. We finally got into the womans room, and thankfully the stalls all had locking doors for us gals. We laughed about the situation all the way home, the guys didn't even know they were being watched..... LOL

The other day I took a big crap before I got in the shower and I did not wipe because I figured I'd let it wash off in the shower because I was late for work. Then I forgot about it and got out of the shower and put a thong on and my work uniform. My pants were a very light khaki. By the time it was time for my break my ass was itching real bad and I had totally forgoten about that morning so I just thought it was caused from my thong rubbing my ass, so I went out to the car, and the itching was so bad as soon as I jumped in the car and saw no one was looking I dug my hand throught the back of the seat of my pants and itched real good. I felt better until I went to the bathroom after lunch time after I had walked around all day and was seen by everyone and realised there was a dime sized poop stain on the seat of my pants!!! I was humiliated and I didn't know what to do cause there was no way I could get out of work so I loosened my belt so my pants would slide down and you couldn't see the stain real well and I had my back to the wall whenever I could.

To Emily:

How do you wipe when you get diarrhea?
until I'm clean.

Do you hold your stomach when you get diarrhea?
Not always. I try to mimic that scene in Dumb and Dumber when that guy's on the toilet, so lots of loud noises, and violent acting.

While having diarrhea what do you do?
Sometimes I'll just sit there, and other times, I'll adjust while it's going.

What do you do when you get diarrhea in a public bathroom?
Heaven forbid, if it happens, I'm almost the same way. Then I sit and wait until I know everyone is out.

When you get diarrhea have you ever gotten up and relised you weren't done?

On a scale of 1-10 how bad does your diarrhea stink?

Does your diarrhea ever clog or overflow the toilet?
Never has.

What foods cause you to get diarrhea?
2% milk, Tuna, Whipped Cream, and Blue Bunny Ice Cream, and Fudge.

In public bathrooms, do you ever not flush your diarrhea because you want others to see what you have done?
No, I hate it when people do it to me, so I don't do it.

On a scale of 1 to 10 how bad does your t??? ache before having diarrhea?
ranging 7 - 8.

Do you enjoy diarrhea?
Kinda, yes.

How often do you get diarrhea?
Whenever it happens.

Are you sick of this survey?
No, more questions, please.

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