The other day my wife was running lste for class. She was already dressed and i heard her say she had to go poop. She pulled down her pants and sat down peeing at first. Then she started to strain and a wave of splashes came out followed by a sigh. she sat for a minite or two then strained again. I again heard a series of splashes followed by a sigh. I went in pretendending to have to brush my teeth. She looked so sexy sitting there with her pants and panties by her ankles. She again strained and several turds hit the toilet. she sighed this time and said "Much Better." I then watched as she wiped her little poop shoot clean. I love seeing the brown spots on the paper. I could smell the poop now and it was a nice poop smell not to strong but enough nto know it was a good dump. She jumped up quickly forgetting to flush. I could'nt believe it she left it there. After she left I got to look and feel her little poopies. Nice firm little round pieces. I was great. Anyone else enjoy watching thier wives or girlfriend take a good dump.

i am a truck driver and i was carring a load the other day to the middle of know where and i ve been needing a toilet for about a hour and it was getting pretty bad, i finally ran acroos a little crappy looking country store so i pull over and walk in anbd the bathroom is in the back in the supply room . i walk back there and walk to the toilet and there is no door a sogn says to close the supply room door so i quickly do that run back to the toilet rip off my pants sit on the pot and litterally explode no fan or anything and it was pretty loud but what could u do so after 5 minutes or so i was still going i had a lot to eat the previous night when all of a sudden the attendent walked right in front of me with her jaw dropped and said sorry i didnt know anybody was back here. well i guess she was honest cause she already had her pants pulled down and looked like she needed to go badly so i hurried up and left as i was walking out of the door i saw her un buckling her belt on the way back there .

Good afternoon--humid here. I had some time off today and was driving by a city park that has porta-potties. I decided to stop and take the tour. The first one, by the riding rink, had only one splattery poop on the back of the tank. Then I went to a group of two porta-potties near the kiddie-play area (but also near some ball fields). There is one big, square unit, apparently meant for handicapped; but the unit itself was handicapped, in that the door wouldn't shut to less than a 2-inch gap, and in any case the lock mechanism was broken. Amazingly, in spite of this, the poop was in a big pile, with many large turds of varying sizes, shapes, consistencies, and shades of brown. I wonder if the unit was damaged so recently that all of those people had already pooped, or perhaps someone would go in (the other unit being occupied) and have someone else guard the door while they pooped, or perhaps they just didn't care, door open or shut, they just pooped anyway. The other unit beside that one also had a dandy pile of turds, one of which was a deep smooth dark brown, at least 1.5" thick, maybe more, shaped like a large C, I'd guess total length close to a foot. Huge. Lots of other healthy-looking turds also. Finally I went to the last porta-potty, by the skating and skateboarding area. It, too, had a lot of healthy dumps, in this case in spite of no toilet paper! It was obvious that some folks had simply dumped and not wiped; others had used facial tissues or paper napkins.
If you have some interesting sightings at porta-potty sites or public bathrooms, please write about them.
Happy pooping, everyone!

To the 26-year-old mother: Teach her how to pee standing. It's not a bad thing, its a very useful thing.

Today I went to go pee at work, and I went into the stall, sat down, and pissed a river. I went to wipe, and realized there was no toilet paper. "SHIT", I said out loud. I pulled up my pants and underwear, and quickly ran into the next stall to wipe. Thank god that there was toilet paper in the next stall.

curious reader
Hi everybody. As an off-and-on lurker I've noticed a lack of farting stories on this site. Granted, many people include farts when they describe their BMs, but I think it would be equally interesting to go beyond this formula and describe some instances when farting is all that occurs; farting accidents, for example, are always fun to read about. I hope some people take my suggestion seriously, because I think it would add a great dimension to this excellent forum.

Peace : )

I had one of my favorite types of sightings yesterday. I went into a restroom at a park, needing to take a leak. The restroom is set up so there are about 5 urinals along the left wall, directly in front of a row of about 8 doorless toilet stalls on the right. I walked in and saw a guy who was sorta dressed up, sitting on the first toilet, taking a dump. He had on black slacks that were all the way down to the floor, a long sleeved dress shirt, black leather shoes, black socks that were pulled up over his calves, and teal-colored briefs with a white waistband hanging between his calves. I've got the same underwear-they're from the Gap. He was leaning slightly forward, the front of his shirt covering his "privates", but the back was bunched up, probably to keep it from getting crapped on. He was looking down at an angle, but he had sunglasses on, so I couldn't really see if he was looking at me. He looked to be in his late 30's (?). I could see his legs completely, and they were in pretty good shape. Covered with dark hair. He had short, dark brown hair on his head and his nose was a bit on the large side. It didn't look bad though.

I took a leak right in front of his stall. Before I finished, I heard him start taking paper off the roll. I finished taking a leak and turned around to head towards the sink. The guy was standing up and holding the back of his shirt with his left hand as he wiped with his right. I could barely see the tip of his dick as it swung behind his shirt while wiping. He would then drop the paper into the bowl and get more. He wiped again while I was at the sink. I finished washing and I was walking by his stall as he was pulling up his briefs. I left the restroom and a minute or so later he comes out. I see him a few minutes later and he's got his arm around his girlfriend, laughing and talking, walking towards a museum.

Lady business
Zoom's survey

1) How do you sit when you poop? Do you lean forward/close your legs? I sit straight with top toes. I push my stomach to try and help the poo out. Usually i sue skirts that i pull from the reaer ald i peel down my hose and pants to mid thights.
2) Describe how you wipe after you poop and pee..front or back? Do you bunch up the toilet paper or fold it? Do you wipe standing up or sitting down? I fold the paper and wip sitting down both after a pee - front, and back poo. When i poo I also wipe the front.
3) Do you grunt or moan when you poop? sometimes
4) Do you notice the same pooping habits with your family or friends?
Friends lean forward and pull down their hoses and pants near the knees.

Hi Pamela, I'm fasinated with the progress of your pregnancy and its effect on your bowels. I'd like to ask a couple of questions if I may. When you really have to struggle to poo does it feel any different now that your belly is expanding? I have a disability and pushing is something I REALLY have to consentrate on to get it right, I just wondered if your expanding belly made it harder to get a good push in the right place? When your struggling does the baby evey move or kick, do you have any sense that it might know what you are doing? Do you ever think about giving birth while your "this is what the birth will be like"?- JW

Hi all,

Blackberry's are still cool but unfortunately I forgot to take mine for yesterday's poo so I'm recounting from memory. I rushed to the bathroom - waddling to hold my poo in. Plonked down on the toilet and a torrent of poo came out - mushy not logs. Just a steady stream. When it was done it took about 4 wipes clean. I got up and looked at what I'd done and it was a huge pile out of the water. I flushed - a tornado of brown and it was gone, except for a few small (fingernail sized) floating pieces.

Thanks for the few stories about female construction workers... I'd like to read more if anybody has them.

I seem to have lots of interest in women's morning poops as well...Sometimes on my way to work, when I stop to get doughnuts I wonder about some of the pretty women I see driving to or from work, wondering if they had a morning BM...

If We were to put odds to it, say out of every 10 women... How many does anyone think would admit to having to poop in the morning before going to work? I would guess 8 out of every 10.

Since I am single I dont get that opportunity to walk in a bathroom immediately after an attractive woman has pooped... The one highway worker would really make my day, but I couldnt begin to pursue her... (also because it isnt safe, She could be a psycho in disguise).

And also for the ladies who do poop in the morning here... How often do you start out with a really loud fart?

Who has their morning poop just before leaving the house for work, so that you are not getting in the shower when you are finished?

Who also wears jeans to work and has them on before they take their morning poop?

Monday, September 18, 2006

Hiya, havent written in awhile as not much has happened to me. Anyways im now 21 weeks pregnant and everything is going great.

Do have one story of something that happened yesterday

We were visiting a friends house and one of them Michael had to go to the bathroom so he left us and his girlfriend Lynsey to go to the loo. The toilet is siuated next to the living area and we had just been chatting and at this point had nothing to say. Michael had entered the loo and at first we didnt hear anything and i first thought he was peeing until we heard a grunt. I said "Does he realise we can hear him?" and Lynsey said "Dont worry, he does this all the time. Its because of where the loo and living areas are that we can hear him cos you can also hear me". Another grunt came followed by a plop. Dave's phone went and he left us ladies to it. I said to Lynsey "Im getting slightly constipated now im pregnant and i struggle to do poos". She said "When did you last go". "Last Friday, so thats 5 days ago". She said "I have to go poo now and i can help you once im finished if you want". I said "Thanks. What do you have in mind". She said "You'll see". Michael finished up and Dave came back from his phone call and Lynsey said "Why dont you two boys go for a walk and leave us two girls to talk for a while". Michael said "You just want to talk about us, dont you?. I said "Would it matter if we did" and so they left. Lynsey said "Right, well i'll go first and then i'll give you a hand if thats alright". "Yeah, go for it".

She did 4 plops and then came back and sat down in a yoga position on the floor. She said "Come and sit down like this cos it will help with the exercise". I sat down and she told me to concentrate on what i wanted to happen. So that was to poop. I started to think about pooping and she stood up and said "Im going to move your body in the way its supposed to be. You make sure you keep concentrating". I found myself on my knees and then my hands and knees as if to begin press ups. She said "Now i want you to breathe and imagine you pooing". I tried to but nothing was happening. "Give it time", she said, "it may take a bit of time". I tried again and again and i felt it loosing slightly so she said "I'll go and get some newspapers and toilet paper so that you dont disrupt your concentration by moving". I knew she meant i was to do it there and i didnt mind which i told her. She put everything down and i pulled down my trousers and pants. She said "Just start pushing slighly to begin with and then you can gradually up it". I grunted "Uhhh,uhhh" and at first felt nothing until i did it again and i felt it begin to move and she said "I can see the tip of it, keep going, push harder now". So i did. "UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" and the first bit plooped on to the newspaper as i looked through my legs to see it. More came and i was finally finished after a further three grunts and plops. Lynsey helped me tidy up and i thanked her. She said "If im ever constipated i just think about the job in hand and concentrate and it helps me. Now you can do this from now until the end of your pregnancy".

The boys came back a while later and then me and Dave left. I was happy to have Lynsey to help me yesterday.

Be in touch again soon. Have to go now for another scan.


I am a 26-year-old mother of a daughter, age 5. I lived on a farm in my younger years, and I learned how to pee standing up at an early age, out of necessity(out in the fields, needed to pee discretely). I have always used male restrooms and urinals, but my daughter now wants to learn how to pee standing. Is this a socially acceptable behavior? And if it is or isn't, how should I teach her/tell her it is bad? And should I continue to pee standing, if I tell her it's bad?

Thanks for any replies you can give me.

Hey everybody wow it has been a long since I posted
anyway for those who don't remember me i will tell you a lttle bit about myself
I am a 22 yr old female. I am 4 months pregnant. I have dark brown hair and blue eyes.
So I have a story for ya'll
~about a week ago my fiance and i were shopping for things to put in the nursery. Well now the baby is really starting to push on my bladder more than ever. So about two minutes after we get there i tell Kevin (my fiance) that I have to go to the bathroom. He says to go ahead. Assuming that I knew where it is. I go outside to where i thought the bathrooms were...
I have to leave right now so

This is amazing, very funny, perhaps not original, but indeed very funny.

A few days ago, me and My sister got home from school, and got to our house, where, unless we have homework, we kick back and relax. Now, I have a doorbell In my room. One of those Plug Into a wall, and responds from the outside sort of things. A friend of my dad's came over. He's a kind gentle old Man, about in his 70's, who likes to chat with my dad. So, I go outside, and his friend is at the gate. I step out to get the door for him, and upon just heading outside, this loud fart erupted from out of nowhere. I go out to the door, and let my father's friend in, who walks by me, and suddenly, An awful smell came right in front of me. It now made sense, he was the one who ripped one. Now, I respect a person's bodily functions, and I have no reason to comment on it, unless I happen to inhale, and catch more than a whiff. I almost got a lung full of air, which, by the time I realized it came from him, I got this awful headache.

When My dad's friend went inside, I went to my room, shut the door, and I guess from not being used to an older man's gas, I passed out, I woke an hour and a half later having to take my sister somewhere.

I tell you, I'm used to my dad's farts, but an old man's.... Pray that when my dad becomes that old I won't be passing out everytime!

Hi Kiri,

I do not know about other incontinent people, but I guess they are angry because of the social stigma of having to wear them. It is much more easier to say in this society that you have STD or are impotent then to say you pee/pop your pants. I do not know anybody else that wears them.

I might be able to live without them if I would go into extremes, like severely dehydrating myself before going to bed or on a long trip and rushing out to toilet all the time. IMHO it is not worth it. If I do drink then I will be wet most of the nights and occasionally I will not be able to the restroom in time.

But I have also used diapers for convenience, like when I go to movies. Or when I will half wake up during the night having to go, I would just go and fall back asleep even before I finished. And when I am out and I am wearing them I not neccessarily rush to the toilet.

Wapiya, why don't you tell us about the times your friends used the diaper with you when flying together? I always wondered what you do in small planes when you have to go.


To AJ:-)- Interesting poop stories. I just returned from taking my morning dump, and I experienced a long, snake like poop like you described, so I can relate.

Now for something I've always wondered. When I take a shit, while I'm at home anyway, I always enjoy reading something while I'm doing it, usually part of the morning paper. So I'm wondering, is reading on the toilet mainly a guy thing, or do a lot of women do it too?

I'd be interested to find out how many women read on the toilet, and also what do you like to read?

Bye all

Aren't blackberry's great. Ever been walking and needed to poo so much that it;s creeping out and you're crossing your legs and squeezing your cheeks but you have to actually stop walking to force your ass to push it back up? That's the exact position I'm in now!


I also love pooping/peeing outside. Like yourself, I live nearby to a group of trees, kind of like a forest, but smaller. As for your problem, I say just stand up like a man would and go outside if it makes you happy. Just because society says women can't stand to pee doesn't mean anything ^^

My most memorable trip to the toilet was when I was 14 years old and in the 9th Grade. we were playing softball in gym class, and I had just eaten an exta-large Burrito for lunch. my intestine started to rumble with Flatulence and Feces. Right away I knew I had to take a dump. So I ran to the boys bathroom pulled down my pants and underware and sat my bare Anus on the toilet. then I FARTED so long and hard that it echoed in the toilet and though out the whole bathroom. Then a big fat poop came out of my butt and I heard it splash in the pot. I thought i was done, but then i farted again and sat back down. my second poo must have twisted at least five times before coming out of my butt and landing in the toilet. I wiped myself with 15 pices of Toilet Paper, and got back to the baseball field just in time for my turn up at bat. I hit a Home Run and won my team the game. To celebrate I let out a rip-roaring fart. I take much pride and confidence in going to the bathroom and do it almost everyday, and when ever I have to fart, I jsut sick my butt out and let em' rip. No matter where I am, and I try to make them sound as loud and stinky as f??k!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Zoom's survey

1) How do you sit when you poop? Do you lean forward/close your legs? I lean forward, but arch my back, and open my legs about 18 inches, and sit with top toes, moving my legs up and down. I push my stomach to try and help the poo out.
2) Describe how you wipe after you poop and pee..front or back? Do you bunch up the toilet paper or fold it? Do you wipe standing up or sitting down? I fold the paper and wip sitting down both after a pee - front, and back poo. When i poo I also wipe the front.
3) Do you grunt or moan when you poop? Try not to, but end up with soft grunts - more like sighs I guess.
4) Do you notice the same pooping habits with your family or friends?
I've never seen a girl poop but I have heard some fart in the toilet...I have always been curious about their pooping habits. I do know they use a lot of toilet paper lol. I fart in front of my sister, and mom, but no-one else. if i fart in a public toilet I get embarrassed.


Its me again. Taking a 'sickie' from work. Well its Friday and its a nice day and...I just wanna laze around.
Am sitting here having checked my emails, drinking my thrid coffee, still in my p.j's sitting on a folded towel with a full to bursting bladder. As I will put the towel in the washer with my p.j's as soon as Ive peed myself I only need to use the rinse cycle and some softener, so in fact Im not using a lot more water than if I peed in the loo and flushed it....besides its a lot more fun peeing this way.

My g/f came over two evenings ago and we had a takeout and a bottle of wine...well actually two. So we got a bit pissed. She stayed over as she was too over the limit to drive home. I made up the sofa for her and let her use the bathroom first (like the good hostess I am) But she took ages washing etc. I knocked on the door and said hey Eve I really need to pee'. She said to come in but was actually peeing on the loo herself. I pee danced for a minute then felt an ominous trinkle, so sat on the edge of the bath (no time to pull down my niks) and pissed in the bath.......oh boy what a relief. Eve looked askance but I said well it was that or piss on the floor.
I pee in the shower most times anyhow.....I love the feeling of hot wee running down my legs as I shower. I especially lurve to squat a little and pee especially my first pee of the day while washing my hair.
Peace to all xx

AJ :-)
Zoom, here are some answers to your survey...

1) How do you sit when you poop? Do you lean forward/close your legs? Do you sit on tip toes? Is there a particular way that you sit when you have a bad stomachache or when you are constipated? Do you hold your stomach?

I just sit comfortably as I would on any kind of hard chair. I think my legs are usually somewhat apart. I grab something to read, but my actual business is usually done before I even get to what I want to read, so I flush my poop and sit there and read for awhile before wiping. It's just a great place to think. I'm not constipated very often, but, when I am (meaning I have a difficult time going), one thing I sometimes do is to spread out my buttcheeks to give it more room to come out when it's good and ready to come out. I'll also focus on pushing it out for a few seconds then relaxing then pushing it out again until it's ready to start sliding.

2) Describe how you wipe after you poop and pee..front or back? Do you bunch up the toilet paper or fold it? Do you wipe standing up or sitting down?

I definitely wipe sitting down, because it's the only way to keep my crack open in order to insert the paper. I wipe front to back. My toilet paper is casually-folded. Initially, I'll blot my butthole instead of swiping it. Finish up by using wet wipes of some sort.

3) Do you grunt or moan when you poop?


4) Do you notice the same pooping habits with your family or friends?
I don't go around snooping in on them. I think that they have several ways of doing their business.

As promised, here's my survey about wiping after pooping...

1. Have you always wiped from the time you were little (or, at least, had someone else to do it for you)?

2. Do you wipe now?

3. Have you ever had a spouse/partner/lover who didn't wipe after pooping or have you been the one who didn't wipe after pooping but had a spouse/partner/lover who did?

4. Do you have family members who don't wipe, even though you do?

5. Have you ever found out someone didn't wipe and have it be a shock to you, considering their line of work (e.g. doctor, teacher, lawyer, model, etc.)?

6. Have you ever been caught without toilet paper and had to wipe with something else? Details, please...

7. Have you ever wiped another adult or been wiped by another adult after you became an adult?

8. Have you ever been barged in on while you were wiping?

One more thing...I said that I recently did a poop that looked like a dragon in a Chinese New Year parade. I think it would be more accurate to say that it looked like the Loch Ness Monster because it curved up and down.

That's all for now, so happy pooping!

Dear Eurostar: If you live in a large apartment complex you will have to find a spot where no one goes or else wait until the middle of the night to pee outside. You could perfect your skills at standing up so it is not so noticeable. You could also pee through a tube. Do you just enjoy watering something outside? I had a fig tree outside my apartment I used to pee on twice a day and it grew a lot since I was feeding it nitrogen with my pee but a lot of plants won't tolerate being watered with pee due to the salt content. The only person that could see me was my neighbor and he started peeing on it too.

Sarah in Calgary
Hi again.

I don't have any recent accident stories to share today, but I wanted to make a comment on the female construction workers, it's a story my friend Allison told us one day after we went shopping. I'll never forget the day she told us this, because I was sick myself that day. It was a Saturday and Allison and myself along with our friends Erin and Angela met at Allison's house and walked to the shopping mall since we all lived in the same area.

We were about 17 at the time and in highschool. It was in the fall and I remember not feeling well as I walked with Angela over to Allison's house. The walk to the mall took about 30 minutes, but luckily for us it was nice out. When we got to the mall I barely made it to the ladies room. I started feeling fine and we decided to have some lunch. Well, that was a big mistake for me since what I ate didn't agree with me at all. We continued our shopping and I told the girls that I had to go to the ladies room and that I would meet up with them in a few minutes. Well, I didn't make it on time to the ladies room. I actually messed my pants on my way out of the store we were in. I had the runs and it came out all at once. I tried to clean myself up when I finally got to the ladies room, but it wasn't easy. I met up with my friends again and I told them that I wanted to buy some new jeans. I hadn't told them what happened to me at that point. We walked around a little bit longer, me with my long sweater on covering up the stains on the seat of my jeans that had leaked through. La Senza had a sale on their panties that week, so I bought several pairs.

On our way back to Allison's house I had another attack of the runs. For the life of me I could not keep my butt cheeks clenched and messed my panties and jeans again. We finally got back to Allison's house and I took my new jeans and panties with me into the washroom. I told everyone that I wanted to try on my new jeans, since I didn't try them on at the store, God forbid! I was in the washroom for a while trying to get myself cleaned up. Allison knocked on the door and asked me if I was alright. Finally after about 15 minutes, I gave up and put on a pair of my new panties and the new jeans I bought. I then broke down and told the girls that I was really sick at the mall and on our way back to Allie's house. The felt really bad for me and then Allison told us this story that happened to her the summer before we got back to school...

Allison worked as a sign girl for a residential construction company in the summer time. She got the job through a friend of her family, or something like that. Allison told us one day that she wasn't feeling well, her stomach was really upset causing her to go to the porta-potty quite often with the diarrhea. One time when traffic was really bad, she said the cramps in her stomach became unbearable and she started going in her pants. She said it was only about 10 in the morning when she got sick in her pants. In her job as a sign girl, or a sign boy for that matter, they have to wear these light reflected smocks. The one Allie had on was long enough to cover her bum, unless she had to lean over to pick something up. Another problem she had was working in construction, all the men that would notice. She said that she tried to keep to herself as much as she could that day. She said that cleaning up was impossible with the limited room the porta-poties offered. So, she had to grin and bear it, or wear it for the entire day. Allie said that was easily the worst day of her life. She also said that she was sick about three more times in her pants that day. She said a few people did start to notice as the stain on her bum became bigger and started going down the insides of her legs, but no one said anything to her about it, not to her face anyway.

Her story helped me out that fateful Saturday afternoon, but it certainly didn't keep me from having more accidents in my lifetime.

Don't worry, I'm sure I'll be back with more stories soon enough.

Sarah in Calgary

some dude: You asked about big dumps...

1) What was the absolute biggest dump you've ever taken, and what was it like before, during, and after?

The biggest dump I ever remember taking was about 5 years ago. I had been constipated for 4 days, so needless to say the urge was very welcome but urgent. I was at home at the time, so I rushed to the bathroom and sat down.

A slight push to tell my bowels it was ok to move and I began pooping. The first piece felt really really long, but only an inch thick, maybe less. Almost immeadiately, I felt more coming, a shorter piece, thicker, but still fairly long. I was surprised when one last longer thick piece came out.

One piece curled around the bend of the bowl, one kind of curled around itself, and the last one curved somewhat on top of the first one. After wiping, it felt so great to be empty.

2) What was the biggest dump you've ever seen someone else take?

I didn't actually see the person take this dump, but I went into a public restroom last year and found an absolutely huge dump clogging one of the toilets. There was a really thick turd that stretched from one end of the bowl to the other laying on its side and several thinner, but still quite thick turds lying around the massive log. I feel bad for the person who had to plunge that toilet.

Alright so I have kind of a problem and need some advice/ideas. I'll give you a background on myself. I am 18, 150lbs, 5'4, tan, brownish-red shoulder length hair. Ok so here is my problem, I love to go to the bathroom outside, i always have. Well last year i lived in a mother inlaw type apartment with my boyfriend, his father's house was about 10 stairs away from where we were at. I always used to just go into the back yard and pee/poop, and so did my boyfriend (we lived in a very small town, basically the forest). well since then we have moved to a huge apartment complex with tons of people everywhere and now i cannot go to the bathroom outside anymore.. my boyfriends father still lives in the same house though, and my boyfriend is over there almost everyday. well a couple days ago i found out my boyfriend is just peeing off the side of the hill (near the driveway) his father knows he is doing this and does not care because his father also pees off the hill, for some reason this made me outraged, i became very upset, and quetioned him why he does this. i dont know why i got so upset over this. maybe its because im never allowed to use the bathroom outside anymore, and i am sounds stupid i know, but has anyone else ever had this problem before?? and now probably for the past 6 monthes my boyfriend wont let me watch him in the bathroom or when he pees outside. alright so basically, i just want to know why i got so outraged. and any suggestions where i can pee outside such a huge apartment complex. being a female may be dificult for me to pee anywhere outside that is public, but i can stand up to an extent. so yeah im a tiny embarrassed but i hope i get a response. thanks everyone in adavance.


I experienced a female construction worker pooping in one of those porta-johns... She was a thin brunette of no more than 25 and was working with the company in charge of the sewers ( go figure) I saw her race up in her car and dissapear into the porta john for a good 10 minutes.. When she was done I went over because I had to use it anyway, and happened to look down the hole and saw a small pile of light brown mushy poo and 2 wads of paper sitting on top of the mound already in the tank..

No Name
I want bigger poops! I always get rabit pellets that aren't satisfying! If you have a guide tell me!

My best friend Jason was nice enough to invite me on a trip to a great amusement park, about three hours from our city, with his mother and sister. He also invited another close friend, Max. For three ten year old boys, this was a big day. We spent the entire day at the park, running from one great ride to another. His mother wanted to get home while it was still light, so we headed home a little early. Towards the end of the day at the park, I started to get that feeling that I had to poop, but didn't give it much thought. His mother made us pee before we left the park, and I noticed the bathrooms were pretty dirty. My plan was to wait until I got home. After being on the road for awhile, my need to poop began to get serious. Everyone was pretty quiet in the car, probably because we were wore out from running around all day. I didn't know how I was going to ask his mother to stop. As all good mothers do, she took care of the problem before I even said anything. There was a sign indicating that a rest stop was a couple miles ahead. She asked if we needed to stop. Jason's sister, sitting in the front seat with her mother, told her that she needed to go. I was relieved I didn't have to state my growing need. We all got out and headed for the bathrooms. When us boys got inside, Jason and Max headed for the urinals. I didn't say anything, but turned and headed for the furthest stall. After closing the door, they realized I wasn't with them. Jason yelled, "Hey Tony, what are you doing?" I quietly mumbled, "I have to go poop." They both laughed heartily. I dropped my pants and quickly sat down. As badly as I had to go, I was hoping to hold it until they went back outside. I would consider myself to be a bashful pooper. But that wasn't going to happen. Once they were done, they began hanging around the stall I was in, asking me how things were coming out, and trying to climb up the wall. Jason was getting impatient and said, "Tony, are you done yet?" I couldn't postpone the inevitable. I let it go. A thick log made its exit, and announced itself with a big splash. This was quickly followed by several smaller thick logs. Jason and Max began to make fun of me by grunting every time I grunted. Jason told Max, "Watch his feet go up on their toes every time he grunts." I was pretty angry about their childish behavior, but knew there was nothing I could do about it. I wiped as quickly as I could, pulled up my shorts, flushed, and made my way out of the stall. They laughed at me when I came out. I couldn't help but laugh with them. I knew they didn't mean any harm. I guess boys are just fascinated with bodily functions. We all got back to the car, and were surprised to find his mother and sister were still not back. Apparently one of them had the same problem I had. A few minutes later we were all back in the car, and on the road again.

Dear LaWanda: Sometimes we do not flush our turds because we are proud of them and want others to see them.

I was driving around with my girlfriend on the freeway and there was no place to stop except a rest stop which is normally dirty. Those toilets would stay clean if it weren't for the slobs that pee or shit all over the toilet seats. I mean, how hard is it to wipe the seat for the next person? I pulled out my large white towel that I keep in the car for just such a contingency, and had her pull down her shorts and sit on it and pee. She pissed on the folded towel and placed it on the floor in the back, when we got home we just threw it into the wash. Sometimes I just let it dry outside. It is a good way to pee in the car.

Connie Crapper
Hi all,

Have been really busy and not able to post for awhile. As I was catching up, I saw PRG's question about wiping and wanted to respond because there is, apparently, more than one way to handle the paperwork.

Personally, I'm a sitter and folder. I fold and wipe the front between my legs, then set to work on my butt. I tear off 3-4 squares and fold them down to one, reach behind (I'm a righty) and wipe front to back. I do this as many times as is necessary, usually 4-5, because I too prefer to be clean. I'm not a stander like others who've replied. My mother always said you can't get clean that way, and the few times I've tried it over the years I've felt like she was right, for my experience anyway.

Also, like PRG mentioned, I have heard that you should always wipe front to back for feminine hygiene reasons. And unlike Ashley who mentioned going the other way, you should wipe your vagina from back underneath toward the front. A friend of mine who took a childbirth class said the instructor told them to always wipe back to front to help avoid infection, and check the TP, which can all be done in one swift motion.

Hope that answers the question, or creates others that someone can clarify for us. Bye for now!


In answer to your question regarding incontinent people, there likely isn't one answer that covers all. There will always be people who think they got a raw deal and are mad at the world, always looking for an opportunity to vent their anger. As someone who has to deal with incontinence on an occasional basis I say don't worry about what others think. I'm involved in a few activities where even those who normally never have problems holding it find that the occasional accident will happen. In long distance offshore kayaking diapers are almost never worn and no one gives a thought when someone in the group goes back out to waist deep water when we get to land. When I'm living in Alaska I periodically fly from Sitka or Ketchikan to Seattle in a light plane. I try to avoid having to land in Canada due to the mandatory customs check. My current plane is too small for even a camp toilet and I usually offer a diaper to anyone who might be making the flight with me as it can take up to eight hours to complete the trip. Air Force fighter pilots often wear diapers on intercontinental flights. So, diapers are not only for those who suffer daily incontinence. Why, when, and where you use them is up to you. If it works for you that is all that matters. By the way my incontinence as I said is only occasional and is caused by mix of food, stress and allergies. When it happens I poop my pants. I've tried diapers and decided they just aren't worth it since they don't stop the smell and I can usually get to where I can take care of the clean up before anyone knows. Where I do wear diapers is on some long flights when other passengers make using a thunder jug socially unaceptable.

me and my grandma were in target and i was desperate for a poop and a pee. so she is at the check out line and im near the door waiting for her. i was holding my poop so hard that i started to trickle pee in to my undies. i quickly walked outside and just as i left i felt poop come part way out. i waited for my grandma for abour 10 minutes, i was leaning against the car desperate and visably holding my butt. i squatted down and wet my self holding my ass. i was wearing black sweats so she didnt notice. it was a thrill. she came out and i felt some poop force its way in to my undies when i lifted things in to the trunk. on the way home i said i had to poop and i unbuckled my pants and held my ass under my pants. we got stuck at a stop light and i couldent hold it, slowly a massive movement filled my pants as i held it in my hand. my undies where getting trashed and i still peed all over the seat. it was a massive poop. all hard and i sat on it, cupping it in my hands pretending it didnt happen. my grandma was in shock and i was still pooping, it was ALOT. i got home, brought the things inside and didnt clean up for another 20 minutes, i liked it.

Yesterday I had to drop a load pretty badly. I stopped by the usual park restroom but it was still in the morning and wasn't unlocked yet. then i went by another restroom and it was also locked. I drove downtown where there's another restroom and when i got in there, there were 3 other guys waiting to use the single toilet. The guy who was sitting on the can didn't look like he was in much of a hurry. I finally made it to work and was able to unload. Luckily, no accidents.

My bedroom in located right next to my neighbor's bathroom. His bathroom window is also next to one of my windows. Sometimes I hear him come home from work at night and he goes straight to the toilet aand unleashes a loud torrent of pee. Very loud. Sometimes I hear the sound of the seat hitting the bowl as he get ready to sit down. A few times I've heard the sounds of farting and squishy BM's. I can always hear the sound of the paper as it's being pulled off the roll. He's about 30 years old, attractive guy, with black hair, fair skin, probably about 140 lbs, 5 ft 6 in.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Just wondered if anyone goes camping alot of the time.Recently went camping with my girlfriend and we took a bucket to wee into.We were miles from the toilet and spent many night staying up late drinking beer and chatting.So rather than walk for miles in the middle of the night,we used the bucket.
Just wanted to know if there's anything easier to use like a small porta a loo?Are they easy to use?
Sorry very new at this camping game.Was fun to watch my girlfriend squat over the bucket though,especially drunk!ha
Anyone any camping stories about going to the loo?


While I was riding the bus, a man got on who was wearing clothes that were dirty and shabby. He stood while riding the bus, and rubbed his rear end against the side of t he bus. He got off at a stop that was in front of a hospital. He looked homeless, and seemed as if he might have intestinal worms. He might have been on his way to see a doctor about his worms: it was a private hospital.


I just wear diapers during the winter. I wear a coat when it's cold, but the disposable diaper gives me extra warmth. My diaper keeps my bladder nice and warm in cold weather! I don't pee in diapers. I think of them as paper underwear.

I don't wear diapers during the summer. I wear cotton underwear during the summer. I've never known anyone who was incontinent. I buy diapers at Wal-Mart. The cashiers at Wal-Mart don't react when I buy diapers, or anything else. When I bought diapers at other stores, the cashiers "looked" at me excessively: they seemed curious, nosy.

Greg (Mike's Friend)
Last Saturday, I posted about how my longtime buddy really suffered some ill effects after making the ill-advised choice to consume a whole bunch of curry on a visit I made to him in New York several years ago. Mike paid dearly for that choice by spending probably a combined hour helplessly sitting and suffering on the toilet with his pants down around his calves having a WHOLE bunch of soft shit and diarrhea go through him like the German Army going through Poland.

Well last Friday, I got with my buddy Neil for lunch and he suggested we try .............. BD's Mongolian Barbecue. Neil is half East Indian and half European descent which makes him almost statuesquely beautiful as are most of the people on his mother's side of the family. (The European part gives him his size, and he's built like a TANK.)

When we get to the restaurant, guess what Neil decides to put on his beef stir fry???

If you guessed curry, you are the grand prize winner of the day.

"Are you SURE you want to be doing that???" I asked him. I even went on to TELL him about what had happened to Mike, although I toned down my descriptive language to him for obvious reasons.

Well, Neil being a bit cocky sort of made fun of Mike for not being able to handle his spices. After all, Mike was of 1/2 polish and Western European descent and wasn't accustomed to such fine cooking. He on the other hand being 1/2 East Indian was used to curry dishes in the home.

"OK." I shrugged. I felt I had given sufficient warning and if he felt he was up to the challenge, who was I to tell him what he could and couldn't handle. Right??

Anyhow. I get this call this morning on my voice mail so I check to see what my message was.

All it said in a sheepish voice was: "Dude, I had diarrhea ALL weekend." The caller then hung up.

You get one guess as to who the caller was.

Be Safe,


Hi there, I have some questions for the ladies:
1) How do you sit when you poop? Do you lean forward/close your legs? Do you sit on tip toes? Is there a particular way that you sit when you have a bad stomachache or when you are constipated? Do you hold your stomach?
2) Describe how you wipe after you poop and pee..front or back? Do you bunch up the toilet paper or fold it? Do you wipe standing up or sitting down?
3) Do you grunt or moan when you poop?
4) Do you notice the same pooping habits with your family or friends?
I've never seen a girl poop but I have heard some fart in the toilet...I have always been curious about their pooping habits. I do know they use a lot of toilet paper lol.

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER I have just returned from the snow (yes, there is snow in Aust). Whenever I need to drop a load I do it. I was walking in the snow well away from any body else and got the rumbles. I dropped the necessaries and did a smallish TP so I used snow!!! It was quite good really. Made a snow ball and rubbed it over my hole and it collected the poo a bit like toilet paper. I did it a few times and it did the job. The cold numbed and tingled my arse and it actually felt good.
I wipe between my legs from the front. I have tried from behind but it is difficult for me..I have trouble holding the TP properly and controlling it.

I cleans restrooms for a living. Why can't you mens flush when you makes a 12 inch turds? Yecchhhh

Aren't blackberry's cool, I'm sat on the toilet about to unload. First I'm gonna pee, my bladder is so full I'm bursting. Ahh, I steady stream of fairly clear pee, still I start to push to get my shit moving. One more push, don't want it all to come out just to poke its head so I can enjoy it, a little pfff, the head'd out, now it's coming on it's own, mmm it's long, still coming....more, not broken yet - plop, it breaks, and plops again. I need another push to get it movin again, my... hole is stretched, more is coming out, another push, plop. I look into the bowl through my legs, one floating log about 5 inches and 2 at the bottom that I can't see very well. I push again, nothing coming, and retract my anus, it cuts off a tiny piece, plip! Now I wipe - fold tissue, hands through my legs back to front towards my balls, paper covered in brown, nd again, less mess. This time I push it up into my hole. All clean!

AJ :-)
I've been promising to tell you about some interesting poops, and I've had several in the past month.

The first time was when I sat down and noticed this kind of slithering snake feel to the exit, so I decided to take a look. Sure enough! It was a long one! Not that big around (not skinny either, just normal) but there was about a foot of it showing, and I had no idea how much was down in the hole already. For all I know, it could have been three or four feet, but I doubt it. I'm guessing that the entire thing wasn't over two feet long if that.

Another generous one I did a few days later was coiled in at least one spot. I'd eaten corn, but I didn't notice any corn in it. When I flushed it, it dissolved, even though it had come out in a solid form.

The first one, however, stayed in one form and looked like a snake slithering on down towards the septic tank.

One I had here recently was a long one. It felt as if it were breaking apart, but it was coming out in one solid piece. The piece humped up and down so that it looked like one of those Chinese dragons they have in New Year parades.

It's amazing what kinds of forms BMs take.

All of mine flushed easily, and the clean-up on most of them was rather uncomplicated.

I'm the kind of person who prefers to get as clean as possible, and only two things can keep this from happening: being somewhere that I don't have the means of getting as clean as I'd like to (though I'm usually clean enough even with using basic toilet paper and no wipes--though I prefer using wipes just in case) or else being in a stiff-body condition where I can't seem to reach the entire area. I hate it when that happens. Once I limber up, I'll return as soon as possible to finish cleaning up.

At this time, I'm into the really bloody part of my monthly period, which is another time that I don't get to wipe as well as I'd like to because I can't go back and forth to the sink to get my wipes extra wet with very warm water or I would bleed all over the carpet.

However, the flow of blood down there takes care of a lot of both warming and moistening me up for a thorough wipe.

Personally, I can't imagine people not wiping, because I've always liked a clean butt from the time that I was little.

The next post I share will be a wiping survey.

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