To Suli and Thomas

Thanks for your input. There have been times when I'm trying to get to a public restroom and I find it locked. But I've never gone outside of a restroom like that.
I got the idea of wearing protective underwear from friends of my younger sister (they're like 20 years old). Her friends came up to my city from Jacksonville (I'm in VA) and they both wore them.

To clean-up guy

While I had to pee, I was entertaining those ideas (the jar and the roadside peeing) but I was really reluctant to resort to that. The way I figure it, wearing the diaper is a much more discreet way to pee, especially if I'm in a car with someone. Thanks for the suggestions, though.

I have another question. I've heard that incontinent people tend to get offended upon finding out someone who isn't incontinent is wearing these products. I've heard that a lot of people with bladder/bowel control problems feel that people who wear incontinence products for convenience/fetish purposes trivialize their problem. Is there any truth behind this?

Silly question from a lurker
that's my silly question of the day:
why do we clutch our belly when we get diarrhea? doesn't give more pressure (and so more chances of "blowing off")? everytime i get a bad stomach i know that clutching my t?? means big messy splatter in 2 minutes, wherever i am!

please tell me your theories

some dude
hello I have been a lurker for some time, here is a question:

For a while now I have wanted to take bigger dumps, but I'm not sure what to do. When I poop normally, it is usually a couple of medium logs and thats it, and I don't always feel "done". When i read about people laying gigantic turds I get kinda jealous. I have tried holding my poop in for a couple of days, but I always break down on the second day because I get kinda bloated and the pressure in my butt is too much and I HAVE TO GO. My dump is then bigger than normal, but still not satisfactory. I have thought of binging on a bunch of food and seeing what comes out, but what do other people usually eat?

Also, share your own experiences about big dumps:
1) What was the absolute biggest dump you've ever taken, and what was it like before, during, and after?
2) What was the biggest dump you've ever seen someone else take?

I had an accident this morning. I used my urinal twice during the night and it was full by early morning. At 6 AM I had to pee badly so I had to meander toward the bathroom with a full urinal and a full bladder. I set the urinal down and then started squirting in my underwear, it leaked out onto the floor. I was holding my dick and opening the fly at the same time. I pulled my dick out and aimed it toward the toilet. I was half asleep so I sprayed the seat and outside of the toilet. Remember, I always sit to pee so I'm not used to aiming at all but this time I was unable to pull my underwear down - I really had to go so bad. It wasn't a flood, I got most of it into the toilet, and took a towel and mopped up the floor and dried my legs. I returned to the bedroom and put on a dry pair of underwear and got dressed for the day. I will have to clean up the bathroom later. I must stop drinking so much during the evening - during the night I am now filling the urinal (holds a quart) and then peeing another 12 oz as soon as I get up!

Sweet Surveyer,

Thank you for the response to my survey...Hope to hear more stories from you.

Here is another question to everyone.

Recently a construction Company has been working on a section of Highway near my house... The have been working on it since late may or early june... About a month ago I noticed that they have a few female construction workers on site. I find one of them to be attractive especially because she wears very tight jeans and has a nice rear end. It would be unprofessional for me to talk to her although one day when we were working we did when we(the Fire Dept) Stopped in the Work Zone to conduct a training exercise using our Burn tower (the burn tower is in the area of the work zone). The area of the city is close to a few gas stations, a school and some small restaurants, So there are no porta potties in the area.... I wonder when she poops or even if she poops while she is at work on the highway... Some part of me thinks she takes a nice big stinky one before leaving her house in the morning...

Dones anybody know any female construction workers or Males ones who might have a Story to Share about a woman on the job with them pooping or farting?

Monday, September 11, 2006

Long time reader of this site, though never posted. Duchess: in regards to your ? About placing a wad of toilet paper between your butt cheeks so as not to stain your draws after a bm, i have been doing that for many years & never have stained draws, however i frequently will change the wad till i'm able to clean up (take a shower). Love the site & all the stories. Peace & love, hippie.

the other day i was traveling and it was back roads and not to many stores around and i was ineed of a toilet pretty quickly . i had some steak for lunch and it was knocking t the door pretty bad and i finally found a gas sttion so i pull in and the bathroom is in the back a one seater so i rush back there open the door and to my horror there was a girl bout 30 or so with her pants lready pulled down turned toward the toilet putting paper on th seat in a quick manner and i was like my god i said r u going to be long she said maybe she had the runs bad so i cloise the door and i hear her plop on the seat and let a wave of chunky shit explode and it was making me need to go worse i just stood there clinching my but after 5 minutes i asked her to please hurry she just kept pooping and then nother woman came back there and said it ws a emergency i need to go first i said sorry i have the same problem and i hve been waiting for 8 minutes she just looked at me in disgust and opened the bathroom door and the girl on the toilet said hey it is in use and the ldy behind me said et off now we have to go so 2 more minutes pass and i hear a flush she comes out i rush in drop my draws and explode after 5 minutes the lady waiting says hurry not going to make it all i could do is sit on the pot another minute passes sh comes on in and says sorry grabs the trsh can pulls her pants down and explodes brown shit all in it and it smaelled bad i finlly left after tht

So, I am a rare poster here, but there have not been enough live action poo stories for my taste lately, so now that I have wireless in my house, I figured I should contribute. Right now, my family just left so I can take a nice bathroom door open dump. My bladder is about to overflow in a second whether I like it or we go with a play by play:
the urination is starting quickly and easily for what amounted to about 3 or 4 seconds of peeing. Now for the good stuff, so far I have done one big push and a bunch of little pushes and I can tell that my bowel movement is right at the door waiting to come out. Now I let out a half-airy/half liquidy short fart...I can't wait for the relief to come. Another 2 short farts, and I feel my butt opening as I push, I can tell the head is coming out. Now, I am no longer pushing as it eases itself slowly out of my protruding PLOP anus a couple of farts before the next course, which seems to be requiring some pushing and rocking at the same time. This feels to be warmer and softer as the next brown head slooowly starts to make its decent almost past the point of needing to push*Plip*...still not empty...*really small plip* I am starting to have some stomach cramping, definite evidence of more to come. Pusssssshhhh...liquidy internal fart(kind of bubbles inside)...airy fart while more starts exiting *no sound but exit felt* That one felt almost as long as the first one, which is rare for me, normally, I am a first one long, the rest little person. I think I am finally empty in what was overall probably a 5-10 minute process...let's look at the results: A lot of it can't be seen due to the depth charge of the last big guy pushing his way in and covering up my other offerings. The last one was at least 7 or 8 inches long, probably a half inch to inch diameter. The first one looks about the same, but a bit thicker and possibly a bit shorter. There also 2 1-2 inch pieces greatly obscured. Overall, quite productive for what just felt to be a slight urge when I started. Time to wipe and see if there are any new posts down below, since I was so urgent to pee, that I didn't even get a chance to check before starting this post!

Oh, and for those interested, I am a 21 year-old college student, about 5'2" 130 pounds, with my butt being my biggest asset(pardon the pun)

Please tell your inlaws that dogs cannot survive on a vegetarian diet. They will get sick and live very shortened lives. Dogs and cats are they must either throw them a steak along with those ???s or for crying out loud, just give them dog food!
Yes, I know what I am talking about, I am a veterinary technician.

For a little background info, I'm in my early twenties, in college, 5'7" about 155, athletic, hot as hell, you know how it goes. So, I was just relaxing watching tv today after i finished my classes. I had just eaten dinner and my stomach started to rumble a little. I felt a little gas head towards my butt, but due to the rumbling I decided to be a little cautious. I pushed ever so slightly so lightly that just the tiniest little bit of liquid crap came out. Not even enough to get on my ass cheeks. It was just enough to dirty my hole a little bit. I was right to be cautious. So I make my way to bathroom, and as I got there I thought I would do something a little different. Like everyone else, I like to mix it up a bit from time to time. Well, as I was deciding what to do a little squirt of poop came out into my jeans (commando), and I knew it was time to make my decision. So, I stood up on the toilet facing it and started my crap session like that. BAD IDEA. I knew beforehand that this was gonna be diarrhea. Poop sprayed and splashed back up everywhere as I unloaded a significant amount of poop. As I stood there pondering what to do, I let out a very loud wet bubbling fart and another wave of shit came out making the mess that much worse. For the next ten minutes I very carefully cleaned the mess off my ass and legs and the toilet and the floor. when you have diarrhea, sit all the way down on the toilet first. Unless of course you can't get to the toilet, in which case I guess you're screwed anyway.

Keep the accident stories coming. Although I've never had one or witnessed anyone have one, I am pretty fascinated by them. Although....I'm not quite sure why or where it comes from. Hmm.


TO GRUNTLY BOGWELL- Nina and I were away on vacation and I didn't have a chance to write till now. What a wonderful post of the 2 women you saw in the woods! The fat one sounded very beautiful and it seemed quite a strain for her to go. I sympathize with the situation. I have actually never pooped outside but being heavier than the lady you described I can only imagine the tremendous effort involved in squatting on her fat knees, trying to spread her huge legs far apart enough so that her poo can be easily evacuated. And then having nothing to grip as she bears down and grunts. As I have stated many times, it's hard enough for fat women to poo already. They should only do so sitting down properly on a toilet so they can rest frequently in between movements and also they have the side of the toilet, the towel rack or a part of their body to hold on to! When you mentioned the heat on top of everything else, it must have been just terrible for her. Nina and I sweat profusely when on the toilet and if it's hot it makes things more difficult. Actually your post reminded me of an incident by now maybe 35 yrs ago when I was about 14 or 15. My mother and I were driving back to San Francisco after visiting her sister up north for the weekend. It was a hot Sunday evening, still light, and as we drove back, my mother kept shifting in her seat, a grimace crossing her fat face. For those of you who don't remember, my mother was and is a very large lady. Her weight has gone up and down and she is at her heaviest now at over 400 lbs. Back then, she was probably around my weight which is 320. I watched her as her hands gripped the steering wheel tightly, her teeth clenched and she grunted softly under her breath.

"Honey, we need to find a bathroom," she said in a strained voice. There was nothing around for miles, we were on a country road. "We can stop by the side of the road," I suggested. She shook her head. "I need to have a bowel movement, and I am so constipated. I would like to sit down on a toilet." I said nothing and we drove on in tense silence. Suddenly my mother grunted loud, an apparently involuntary sound: "UGGNNH!" I looked over at her.She had one hand on the steering wheel and the other gripped her huge belly, which was squashed against the wheel.

"We need to stop…(pant, pant)…"she gasped. We pulled over next to a cluster of trees. I told her I'd wait in the car. "No, you won't, young lady. You are coming with me. Who knows what kidnappers could be lurking around?"

We got out of the car and I followed my mother's lumbering heaving form as we headed for the trees. "Please stand behind that tree and give me some privacy," she ordered. I did so but from my position it was very easy to peek from behind the trunk and she was so focused on relieving her constipation. My mother hiked her big flowered dress to her waist and lowered her underwear to her ankles. Her ass jiggled like crazy as she squatted with an effort, placing her hands firmly on the tree trunk in front of her. I was maybe 6 feet away from her. Immediately she began to strain. "Mmmmm…..mmmmm…." I know she was embarrassed and she kept her eyes on the ground. "Mmmm…mmmm…" It was a humid day for Calif and she was sweating. Her face was red and damp and I noticed beads of sweat forming on her thunder thighs and ass cheeks. "UNNHH!! UNNHH!!" I could see her asshole opening but I tried not to look. To be honest this part has never turned me on, sorry. She continued grunting and a huge turd was expelled. She was struggling for breath. "Honey….give me some Kleenex…pant pant…" I handed her a wad and she mopped her brow and chest instead of wiping. She wasn't finished. Her voice was filled with strain as she spoke. "Go baaaackkk….behind the…tree..mmmmm….mmm…" I did so and continued watching. My mother grabbed a thin low lying branch and gripped it for support as she continued straining. "Ohhhh….mmmmm…AAAAHH…UUGGGHH!!!" She grunted and strained for maybe 15 min until finally her last turd was expelled. She called for more Kleenex and I turned around as she wiped. She was totally exhausted by her ordeal and it was painful for her to sit in the car afterwards. Any bump in the road we went over would cause her to wince and grunt with pain.

Just another story of fat women dumps! Keep them coming, Gruntly

I had an interesting experience with my roomate today.

I had to pee pretty bad because i hadn't gone all morning so I was squirming and doing the "pee dance". My roomate had clogged the toilet with her poop so I couldn't use the toilet. I didn't know what to do, I decided to take my mind off of it I would watch tv. So Ellie walks in and she sits next to me. She spreads her legs wide and justs pees it goes on for about 5 minutes. After that her pants were pretty see through. I was aroused by this making my need to go even more urgent. She then stands up and walks behind the couch. She tickles me and I start peeing for 10 minutes. It felt so warm and I noticed that I had pooped a bunch too, like 3 half foot logs. So Ellie just stares at me like I'm crazy and starts laughing, I start laughing too. So we both laugh and tickle each other some more . I end up with heavy panties Ellie stared at it and said she was getting aroused. It was an innteresting rest of the day.

Michael Eric
Hey, great group here. I work in the main library in the city next to where I live. I've worked there for about 3 years. I was surprised when I started working there that the mens restrooms don't have doors on the toilet stalls. I asked the assistant library manager why, and he said there never were any doors on the stalls since he worked there in the mid 70's. The best was to get accustomed to using doorless toilet stalls, is by injecting humor. When men walk in and see me sitting with my jeans around my ankles, my dick pointing out, shit flying out of my ass, and noises from farts and plops, is by laughing, waving my hands my by crotch, and apologizing for my stinking up the room. Everybody will laugh, and say 'no problem' , and then when it's their turn on the bowl, we kid around about them 'stinking' According to the assistant manager, the manager of the library, a woman determined that men do NOT need doors, but the women DO .... Mother knows Best ?

Has anyone every been shopping and had to go really BAD? Or standing at the check out stand when you really gotta go? What happened, did u have an accident right there?

I have had many experiences with accidents as a kid. I remember my most weirdest one was I was outside with my brother and his friend both 4 years older then me. I was really trying to fit in to be cool and played basketball and stuff with them. I was 12. Then I felt the urge to pee badly but i didnt want to run in and embarras myself and I didnt want to leave the game so i kept on. Then when I reached for a layup I let some slide out and I was horrifyed. I grabbed my crotch to try to hold it back when they werent looking. Then I turned back around and continued to play the game because my brothers friend said he had to be home in 5 minutes so I thought I could wait. I was wiggling all over the place trying to keep it in. Then my brother hurled the ball at me because he failed and there it went. I was soaked in seconds and my face turned beat red. I ran off inside and flew past my mom. And went and cleaned up . I was made fun of for that for a while. So much for fitting in ^_^. Hope ya liked my story!

Happy Hiker
Period poop asked about pooping while giving birth... yeah, this is quite common (it's referred to by medical personnel as a "Code Brown"). They'll probably give you an enema to try to prevent this, but it's not always successful. So be prepared.

I have a story for you guys on the topic. Earlier this summer, like 2 months ago, I had just finished having dinner with my girlfriend and she was driving us back to her house when she said to me, "I feel like I need to go number 2." She always lets me sit with her and watch when we're at my apartment, but since she lives with her parents still I can't usually do the same at her place, so she told me she wouldn't flush it and would let me go in after her to see what she made. We got back and she went right upstairs to the bathroom by her bedroom, I stayed at the bottom of the stairs waiting patiently for my surprise. About 10 minutes later she re-emerged and went into her room to change out of her work clothes and I started up towards her bathroom. Well, I had gotten only half way up the staircase and I was surprisingly hit with the smell of a hearty BM hanging in the air. In fact, the aroma had penetrated the whole second floor. Her mom was laying in her bed watching TV and had the door open so I bet even she could smell it too. I went into the bathroom and closed the door behind me. I peeked in the toilet and she hadn't even actually had that big of a dump so I was surprised at how much it smelled.

Hi! I love having a good poop it makes me tingle! I also love hearing about people's tottally painful diarrhea stories! It's so cool! I had one when I was 16: I was playing Truth or Dare and picked dare. My boyfriend said to eat rotten cheese with a raw egg. I did, 15 minutes later I had a horrible stomach ache! I was dared again to hold in the diarrhea as long as I could. I held it for five minutes and after about 3 I was in unberable pain and was sweaty and hot all over! I had diarrhea for 3 hours and all my friends watched me! I hurled like 11 times, I was soooooooooo sick! If you wanna chat or tell me diarrhea stories the email me at (NO SPACES!)

Dear Worried, having large turds that take a long time can be relieved by using stool softners and using a sitz bath for comfort in pooping them out, i hope this helps

To: worried,

I have never been pregnant but I too have had large diameter stools all my life. KY jelly is the answer. I am like you, I go every 4 to 6 days and sometimes longer and it's rock hard and such a big diameter it never comes out easy. It hurts so much when I strain hard to get it out. I sit there a long time just getting opened up to get the tip out and then it stretches me to the limit. After 45 minutes of struggling to pass it, the big things never go down the toilet. It so exhausting and my butt gets sore. Constipation is my constant companion so I always have had to use lube like KY jelly or petroleum jelly. I have to check inside my hole to see if it is there ready to come out. That's when I put a lot of lube in there. If I am out somewhere and don't have any lube, my stools are so dry I can't get them out. I just wait and use lube later when I get home. I do hope you will be ok as you progress with your pregnancy and the KY will help.


Teachers who don't let students go to the bathroom are sadistic, and should be banned from teaching.

If students ask permission to go to the bathroom, and teachers refuse, students should leave anyway. Then, if teachers give students failing grades because they left the room, students should get their parents involved.

Many students probably are too embarassed to tell their parents that their teachers refused to give them permission to go to the bathroom.

Yesterday and today have been terrible. Yesterday I ate something at lunch that REALLY didn't agree with me, but I somehow made it through the day without any problems. I left work a half hour early and drove home fast so I could use the bathroom at home. I got home, parked my car and practically ran to the bathroom. I pulled up the toilet seat and--was no water in my toilet! I freaked out, and called my best friend who lives really nearby. She said she had no water too because something happened to the main water pipe. She wasn't really that sure what happened, but all she knew was that she had no water too. I hung up, and nearly started crying. Here I was at home with my bowels making disgusting noises, I felt like I was about to explode, i needed to pee quite badly, and to top it all off I was starting to feel very nauseated.

Somehow I managed to wait an hour, all of the time hoping that the water would come on. It didn't, and I felt too ill (and needed to use the bathroom too badly) to drive elsewhere. Finally I knew I just couldn't hold it any longer, and was actually crying because I was in so much pain and felt so terrible. Finally I remembered that last year when I had a bad stomach virus I got some adult diapers because. I had never actually used them before, and the unopened package was still sitting in my closet. I opened it up, and put one on.

I was aprehensive about if it would work or not, so just in case I sat on the toilet incase it leaked. As soon as I sat down I started to pee. When I was done peeing, I let out a huge fart. Diarrhea came out with the fart, and I had terrible, painful diarrhea in the diaper. When I was done I realized that the diaper was completely full and had leaked a little (but not a lot). I ran to the kitchen, took out a garbage bag, took off the diaper, and threw it into the garbage bag. THen I put on a new diaper.

Nothing happened for about a half hour, but then all of a sudden I realized that I was about to barf. I ran to the bathroom, grabbed the garbage bag and vomited into it. At the same time I had some more diarrhea. I must have had food poisoning, because this continued all day.

I stayed home from work today because I still have a bad case of teh runs. ONly, to my great joy, the water finally is on. It has been since 11:00AM.

clean up guy
Kiri: Im sorry that you peed your pants. I have an idea next time you going for a long drive be sure to have a contaner or bottle to pee in. Or if you are brave, pull over on the side of the road and pee next to the car.

i am on a diet for a ball i'm going to, and i've been having accident after accident! Eating nothing but v?s and fruit makes your shit like liquid and come far too often. Farts turn into slops of sticky poop in your undies. Yuck! But kinda cool.

Courtney from Florida
Hi. I stumbled on this website and I was wondering if someone could help me out here. Since I moved into my new apartment a few months ago I've been having a BM in the mourning right when I wake up. I never used to have a set time to go, but now when I wake up I go from my bed strait to the toilet. Here's my question now. When I used to poop whenever there never really was a strong BM smell afterward. Now when I go in the mourning the scent is so strong and so aweful. It smells so bad that sometimes I have to go brush my teeth in the kitchen. This mourning I had to light a candle in the bathroom after I went. Could someone tell me why a bowel movement smells so much worse when have it as soon as I wake up than when I used to go whenever. Even though the only two people who live in this apartment are my cat Fluffy and me, it is anoying to start the day smelling your own poop. Someone tell me why that is?!

Long time since I last posted but here goes.

worried. I've heard it said that constipation can happen during pregnancy - as can the opposite. However I wouldn't worry too much about it. The important things are to eat healthily, making sure you get enough fibre, and having sufficient gentle exercise. Whilst only having one bowel movement a week is perhaps unusual for most people, if it's your regular habit and you're comfortable with it I'd say it was healthy enough for you. It may be that pregnancy may make you want to go more often and, if it does, I'd advise going with the flow. If you do get contsipated there are things you can do about it although laxatives should always be a last resort.

Anny. Hi. Sorry to hear you've been really bunged up for over a week and nothing much seems to have shifted it. Constipation's unpleasant but usually nature sorts it out of its own accord eventually. Hopefully by the time you read this 'Mafeking will have been relieved!' If not, it might be worth trying a gentle lexative. Perhaps a chemist or the practice nurse at your local doctor's surgery can recommend something?


Yes I too often find Im desperate for the loo whilst on long journeys by car. I think (for me anyway) its something to do with the vibration thru the seats from the road, it kind of aggravates my bladder and I always, but always need a wee within an hour of getting into a car.
Like you I have been at desperation point and have done several squirts in my panties whilst driving as there were no rest stops. On more than one occasion Ive pulled off the main road, opened the passenger door, kind of squatted on the door edge, pulled my panties down and peed. Once I left it too late, got out of the car and the physical movement caused me to just wet myself in a gush, soaking everything from the waist down.
If Im with my husband, its ok as he will find a rest stop or a secluded place for me to go but if Im with a colleague from work, Ive been in total agony with the need to empty my bladder and have felt embarrassed by having to tell the person Im with.
Never thought about buying inco pads for long journeys, but will give it a go I think as thats better than peeing myself in my car.
Ever got to a ladies and found it locked........I was totally horrified and just pulled my panties to one side of my crotch, half squattted and peed right on the step of the ladies so bad was my need. A lady walked round and caught me, I stumbled over why I,a grown woman was doing this and she said 'oh to hell with it, I cant hang on another second' and she pulled her panties down and leaned back against the wall to brace herself, peed then did a B.M, well really bad diarrhoea, I was a bit grossed out but could understand why she had to do it.

I have this friend and a couple of days ago she said she needed to pee but the school toilets were discusting. She kept crossing her legs to hold it in and sitting down to forget about it. we decided to go up to the libary but we had to wait for the teacher to go up (!?) we were waiting and she shot up and ran towards the toilets I followed her and hid behind the block. I heard a flush and ran to the washsheds but it was someone else.Then I went back,I went inside and I looked under the bathroom door and I reconised her shoes and ran back to the place we were waiting and she came back. She said she would burst if she didn`t go. (I begged her not to pee her pants but secretly I would have loved it!!)
yesterday she needed to pee again but I guess forgot about it. We went to a hall to do a Matinee performance of the school concert. She was sort of sitting down alot and crossing her legs and holding her thing. It was ovious (I forgot how to spell that word) (I`m 11) that she needed to pee!
We got in the classroom and she was shaking her leg and sort of whispering
"hurry up" and she said to me she was dying to got home (to pee i guess) and she didn`t want to come back for the Evening performance.(coz she had to pee and didn`t want to go toilet)

If she did have to pee, and wet herself , she would probly be wearing her uniform and its a skirt, so basicly no one will see.

Hello Worried
Congratulations on your pregnancy !
Yes - I had large bowel movements when pregnant many years ago and really it is nothing to worry about.
I have always had large movements every 4-5 days, sometimes 6-8 days or longer. When I was pregnant once a week was the norm. 12 or 13 days is my max.
What do you mean by HUGE - what sort of diameter are we talking about ?
2.5 inches in diameter is not unusual for me, and occasionally above that to nearly 2.75 inches if I don't go for 10 days. I have to say that 3 inches or more takes some believing.
Do not be tempted to take laxatives or other medication - particularly when pregnant. I am a great believer in using an anal lubricant applied by finger when the movement is very wide, lumpy and dry. Your anus should gradually expand to the required width - just strain steadily.
Please don't be shy about going into detail - that is what this forum is all about!

Sweet Survey-er
Hi Guys. Hope you are all well. Some good stories lately!

To answer HSH's survey:

) when you fart alot (not when pooping) Do you find that when you take off your pants that the aroma of the fart still lingers in your pants and underwear?

2) Do you enjoy the smell of your own poop?

3) If you could describe what your poop smells like (obviously depending on what you ate) what would you say it smells like?

4) Has anyone ever complained about the smell of your poop?

5) When you start pooping or are preparing to poop (meaning sitting on the toilet) when you fart do you smell your fart first? does it smell bad?

5) When you finish pooping and flush the toilet do you leave skidmarks in the bowl?

6) how long do you think it takes for the smell to go away after you leave the bathroom? (hard to answer if you use a public bathroom and you dont return to it later)

7) for the mom's... Ever pooped in front of your children? especially in close proximity?

Take care


Saturay, September 09, 2006


Hello everybody

to jj,

If there's a major fire, and extra firefighters are called to the fire, aren't more firefighters called in than are needed? Is there always something for the extras to do, or do they just wait to see if they're needed? Could those firefighters be the ones who give the others a break; so that they could pee in a bottle?

to HSH,

Thank you for telling me about peeing in a burned out building. It helps clear up the mystery of what firefighers do to relieve themselves after fighting a fire following a wake-up alarm.

first time writng. had an interesting experiance the other day. i was sitting on park bench gazing at the sexy women. then 3 girls ran to the bench next to me and sat down. they were all squirming alot and looked real desperate. after about 10 minutes of desprate squirming and extreme leg twistng 1 of the girls said "r u reddy?" they all uncrossed their legs and sread there legs apart. they relaxed their bodies and all @ once, piss started soaking through there pants. it took about 5 mins. then together they sed "BOY!!! i gotta crap!" they all jump up a quickly walk out the park squeezing their but cheeks together. 1 of the girls was wearing white shorts so i was able to see the poop coming out her butt. a piece of poop fell out of another girl's shorts. the entire experiance was very thrilling. i'd love to see it again.

I know that this is off-topic a bit, but it has ben a long time since I last posted and I have saved this story since last Summer a year ago. I have in-laws who are trendy eco-nuts. They follow every new fad to extreme.
Well, last year they have become vegetarians (for a while). That is not so bad, but hey want their animals to do so. They live in a rural community so they had teh feed store guy mix them feed without any meat for their dogs and cats. He really tried to talk them out of it, but they are really insistent so he did.
Well, dogs and cats are not meant to be vegans or total vegitarians at all. Here we all sit down to dinner one night and WHEW. The dogs could not stop. Not pleasant. At first they thought it was one of the little children. The in-laws even tried to blame the older women and the babies. Turned out it was the damn dogs. Later, they let the cats in and it was worse. Dog and cat farts all evening. My nephew finally had to run into the yard and vomit as it got too intense.
Moral of the story: feed dogs what dogs should have, and don't blame others for the animals gas.
By the way, father-in-law also had none-stop gas. He just kept ignoring it to others. Seems he can not tolerate tofu or beans, but eats double helpings because some quack told him he would clear his coronary arteries if he ate more legumes. All he has been clearing is the rooms he sat in. It's even worse when he drinks beer on top of the beans.
By the way, where did PV go?

While me and my kids were out school shopping, we went to use the bathroom. As we were washing our hands, the ladies room door opened and a mom with a little boy and a little girl came into the bathroom. The mom had to pee pretty bad, and she rushed into the stall. Her daughter and son went into the handicapped stall together. I saw the son drop his pants to his ankles and start to pee while the sister watched. As we were leaving the bathroom, I glanced over and I saw the daughter on the toilet and I heard her peeing while her brother watched. The much relieved mother then came out of the stall, checked on her kids, and went over to wash her hands. The mom didn't even blink an eye that they were peeing in front of each other. Is it unusual or wrong for a parent to allow this or is it no big


I found this website on accident, I was actually looking for something with some medical advice. Anyway here's my dilema I recently found out I'm pregnant, I'm very excited about it because my husband and I have been trying for quite awhile without success. I was talking with one of my good friends about pregnancy and she told me about constipation and having large painful bowelmovements. I'm really worried about this because all my life I've had HUGE bowel movements. I'm talking about going on average once a week and it all comes out in one fat log. She said she never had problems pooping until she was pregnant and then she started getting constipated and having these big turds. I'm worried that if I get constipated (which most people would consider me always constipated because I only poop once a week) my poop might be too big to get out. I've read a few posts on here about people having big turds, but I'm pretty sure I could most people to shame. There's times when I sit on the toilet for 30 min. and all that comes out is the head. And it takes another 15 min. to get it to drop out. I won't go into detail about how difficult it is squezzing these big things out. I'm a little nervous about talking to the doctor about this. Is there anyone out there who has had this problem while pregnant? I just don't know if I could handle having turds bigger than they are now. My husband always teases me about the size and I can't imagine them getting any bigger. I don't think there's a lubricant out there that could help me pass anything bigger.

Has anyone every been shopping and had to go really BAD? Or standing at the check out stand when you really gotta go? What happened, did u have an accident right there?

Becky M
A story from a couple of weeks ago:

I went out to lunch with a bunch of co-workers. It was a Friday, it had been a very long week, and we were just dying to get out of the office, so needless to say, we took a very long lunch. By the time I got back, I had a meeting in about 10 minutes. The problem was, I started to feel that all too familiar feeling in my bowels, indicating that a major bathroom session was going to be required in short order.

Here's my dilemma: I needed to participate at the start of the meeting, but there was absolutely no way I could finish in 10 minutes (it usually takes me at least twice that!!). And my boss is a real biotch, and I just knew she would say something rude if I came into the meeting late (she always does). The meeting was going to be a couple of hours, so there was no way I could hold it that long. I really had no choice, so I ran to the ladies room, and started pooping out my usual waves of diarrhea. Just then, someone else comes running in and takes the stall next to me. Great, as I really hate that. But, I had no choice but to keep pooping. Turns out the womam in the next stall was also having diarrhea; worse than mine, actually!! So the two of us take turns, wave after wave of diarrhea (man, did it stink in there!).

Finally, I finish up, and quickly run over the sink. Just then, the other woman finishes up and comes out of the stall. Lo and behold, it was my boss!! She says "I guess lunch disagreed with both of us." and laughed. I laughed too, partly out of relief, partly out of the humor of the whole situation. Then she says, "Well, they can't start the meeting without us, so let's go." and smiles.

After the meeting, I realized I needed to back to the ladies room for Round 2. As I walk in, my boss is coming out of the stall again. She sees me, and says "I'm going home, as I'm really not feeling well. Feel free to do the same." I says "Thanks", as I walk into the stall in total and utter shock (trust me, this is not the same person that I knew and loved to work for <sarcasm alert>). Since then, she's actually been quite nice to me.

test pee
So i'm 14 and male. i was at school today and had a test in my math class. My math teacher is really strict and wont let you leave for anything in her class, especially during a test. usually this dont bother me cuz i have a pretty big bladder and dont usually pee at school anyway. But today like 5 minutes into the test, i noticed i needed to go to the bathroom pretty bad. our classes are 90 minutes, but i had peed just a couple hours ago so i wasn't to worried. but 30 minutes later i was really desperate, i could barely focus on my test, my belly hurt i was holdin it so bad. i finished my test and went up to hand it in, i couldn't even stand up straight i needed to go so bad. i told the teacher that it was an emergency and asked if i could go just this once. she said no, you should have thought of that before. I went back to my seat next to my best friend who i noticed was moving around alot. i looked at him and whispered you gotta go? he looked back and nodded his head, looking like he might cry.

10 minutes later i was bouncing, and had my hand in my jeans squeezing my tool. I have never had to go this bad in school and i still had 20 minutes to go. My teacher started talking, and kept yelling at me to take notes but i had to go pee so bad i had both hands in my crotch, a couple people beside me made fun of me. Like 5 minutes before the bell rang a little squirt slipped out, and i got real scared. but i managed to keep it all in. as soon as the bell rang, my friend and i sprinted to the bathroom, still holding ourselves. i had about a golfball sized spot on my boxers, but it didnt show through. i peed for almost 2 minutes. my belly hurt for like hours after.

Any other guys my age have any stories like that?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hi Kiri, I am having similar problems. I am a bedwetter, so I have to wear diapers at night. But even during the day I sometimes get the urge real strong and I cannot hold it too long. This is a problem when traveling and during long meetings. After a couple of close calls and some accidents I started to wear diapers to work just in case. Typically I wet them a few times a week, occasionally 3-5 times in the same day. There I times when I have a diarrhea and I am glad I have them, but I am trying hard to make it to toilet in time. The cleanup is a mess, and I would have died to poop myself in a meeting. I did several times walking from the meeting, though. The diaper brand sold in the supermarket are not very good, buy them online.

Period Poop
Hi everyone. Just wondering if anyone has any stories about women pooping themselves whilst giving birth...and is it common

It is one of my concerns for the future. I am terrified that when i give birth i may not only be giving birth to a baby!!

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER ANNY, I once purposely pooed my pants...although not exactly like that. I had been constipated for quite a while and I had an abdominal scan and the drugs must have got things moving. I was driving home and suddenly had a small accident in my pants and then a bit more runny poo leaked out. I had a great urge and had not been to the toilet for so long and did not want the urge to pass so I capitalised on it and just relaxed my anus in the car and evacuated in my pants.. I did get home soon and finished off in the toilet. As a person who gets constipated the rule is to get is out any way you can and if you are more able to do it the way you did..fine! I have used enemas and have them in the bathroom so I just get onto the pot and let it rip. Enemas are great but canot use them at home in a family situation..they would think I was strange. Also try using water that is a bit makes the turds slip out easier.
I recall a constipation story some years ago where I was passing very minimal amounts every couple of days, I ended up doing a "power poo". I got the urge, nobody was about and I sat on the toilet with my rumbling ????... I rubbed it and did a few farts and a few little pieces of shit hit the water, plip, plip,plip... and then a few more pieces that were a bit bigger went plop, plop, plop. Then a long break followed by grunts and pushing and slowly came out some substantial turds...but in slow motion. A lot more farts and then a gush of runny chunky poo...and another rush this time emptying my bowels completely...Oh! what a relief!

To all the ladies,

I am enjoying all the stories posted by all of you. I like how some of you describe how you fart loudly all the way through your poops.
I am curious though... How bad do you think your poops stink? Its not often anyone mentions how bad it smells. I also have a couple of questions for you:
1) when you fart alot (not when pooping) Do you find that when you take off your pants that the aroma of the fart still lingers in your pants and underwear?
2) Do you enjoy the smell of your own poop?
3) If you could describe what your poop smells like (obviously depending on what you ate) what would you say it smells like?
4) Has anyone ever complained about the smell of your poop?
5) When you start pooping or are preparing to poop (meaning sitting on the toilet) when you fart do you smell your fart first? does it smell bad?
5) When you finish pooping and flush the toilet do you leave skidmarks in the bowl?
6) how long do you think it takes for the smell to go away after you leave the bathroom? (hard to answer if you use a public bathroom and you dont return to it later)
7) for the mom's... Ever pooped in front of your children? especially in close proximity?

How's everyone's Labor Day weekend so far? No real events this weekend, but Friday at school, I had an interesting experience.

After I ate lunch I had to poop, so my friend Stephanie and I went to the bathroom and took stalls next to each other. She started peeing up a storm, but I only had a short piss. While she was still peeing, I pushed a little and let out a long turd. Felt like it was going on forever, but it finally broke off.

Stephanie's stream tapered off and she sounded like she was having a difficult poop. I asked her if she was having some trouble, as I began squeezing out another turd. She replied that she hadn't had a poo in three days.

I heard a juicy fart and a crackling sound, followed by a relieved moan. "You have no idea how good this feels", she said. I told her that I probably did. I let out a long fart and quite a few small turds and some more gas.

One more medium sized turd and I was done, but I stayed to keep Stephanie company. She was grunting, kinda like "Unnggh, uhhhh!" and finally a splash. I heard her grunt a few more times and then another crackling sound. "Wow, this one's pretty long." she said. I looked at my poop, and I assume she did the same, then we wiped up and left.

Punk Rock Girl: You asked about wiping habits, so I'll describe how I wipe.

After I finish pooping, I take 4 or 5 sheets of paper off the roll and fold them so it's two sheets long. I take the paper, bend over slightly and reach behind and start at the top of my butt and wipe down towards my butthole. I'll repeat this once more to ensure maximum cleanliness. If I'm away from home, I'll take one last group of paper and dig a little to get the residue left. At home, I wet down the last group of paper with a few drops of water and dig in to get clean.

I haven't posted in quite in while but I have a few diarrhea stories to share.

1) This happened around two months ago. My family and I had just gotten back from a day trip to some lake out in Cochrane. I was watching some Much Music when my stomach started to hurt real bad. I headed up to bed, hoping the feeling would pass soon. I eventually fell asleep,but I was awoken an hour later with a huger stomach ache than before.I decided to use the downstairs bathroom because everyone else was asleep and I didn't want to wake them while I had a case of diarrhea. I shut the door and sat down. As soon as I sat down, I farted and heard'Splootsplatslopslpootslopsplootsplatsloop'as chunks of poo hit the water. After the first wave was done, I sat there in pain waiting for the next wave to hit. I squeezed a bit and another round of chunky poos hit the water. This wave lasted around 5 minutes or so. My stomach ache wasn't gone yet, so I knew I wasn't quite finished. I let out a barrage of farts followed by me 'peeing out of my butt' for 5 minutes. After that I had another 'Splootsplatslopslpootslopsplootsplatsloop' round for a couple minutes. My stomach ache had gone away and I stood to wipe. The water was a light browny color with chunks of poo and undigested food floating around in it. I wiped until I was totally clean and flushed the toilet and headed back up to bed, and looked at my clock. I had spent almost 20 minutes in the bathroom with a bad case of diarrhea.

2) I was at some people's house on Saturday with my family and grandparents and ate a lot of chips and pop there. I wasn't even there an hour when I felt a sharp cramp in my stomach. I went up into the bathroom.'Pfffftttt!' and then 'Splootsplatslopslpootslopsplootsplatsloop' for 5 minutes. I felt better and stood to wipe. There were chunks of orangy colored poo floating around in the water. I wiped a couple times and then flushed. I had a repeat of that session about 3 times that night, each time lasting a little bit longer than before.

3) I was out for dinner with my family last night when I needed to take a poo right away. I went into the bathroom and took a seat in the handicapped stall. I let some really stinky farts which were followed by chunks of poo hitting the water. I wasn't even in the bathroom for 30 seconds and already I had stunk up the place! As I was sitting there waiting for the next round of poo to come cascading out of me, someone walks into the bathroom and heads into the stall to grab some TP. She walked out of there really fast. When she left I had another wave of diarrhea that lasted 2 minutes or so. I felt empty and grabbed some TP. I wiped 5 times and flushed.

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