Good morning--humid here. Last Saturday we had Indian food at a friend's house (she is Indian), and it was excellent, and I ate a lot. Sunday morning's poop was nice, but not exceptional. I had a good breakfast Sunday, then an excellent lunch with a shrimp dish, and a large supper with a pork chop, baked potato and corn. Yesterday (Monday) morning's poop was a whopper. I felt it inside before I went to bed Sunday night, but I wasn't ready. In the morning I got up, feeling the mass down in my lower tract (but again, not quite ready), checked e-mail, went outside for the paper, and finally the full feeling in my rectum became intense. As I walked into the bathroom, I could feel my anus dilating, and the rough beginning of my turd starting to emerge. I raised the seat of the toilet, sat on the front edge of the rim, and leaned forward; the turd had already begun to open my anus. I waited until I was well settled and the feeling was most intense, and then I pushed. The poop slid out of me very quickly, ending with an audible flup! I pushed again to make sure it was all out; it had felt big and thick, though soft as is usual for my movements now. Then I felt the fullness in my rectum reassert itself, so I repositioned my bottom on the rim, a bit to the right of where I started, and pushed again. Again I was rewarded with a shot of poop, though it did not feel as thick as the first one. Then I was done, though I did push and squeeze to try to get the last soft bit to drop. The first wipe yielded a thick gooey dark brown mess on the paper; I folded it and wiped again with much smaller result. Next wipe was down to a small stain, so I refolded the paper, got up, and ran a few drops of water on the paper from the sink tap. At that point I got my first look at what I had done. Huge! I wiped with the watered paper; light brown stain. Then I got the last set of 3 sheets of toilet paper, folded it to one sheet's width, and wiped; very light stain. I refolded the paper, put a dab of Noxzema on it, and wiped deeply, including thrusting the paper up my anal canal to cleanse it. There was a very pale light-brown cast to the paper, with a few tiny strands of poop; my bottom felt clean.
I decided to measure what I had done, using a single sheet of toilet paper, which is 4" wide. The first turd was long and curled, about 1.3" thick, and 15" long! One of my best for a long time. Though I thought it had come out unbroken, in fact there were several more 2" and 3" pieces. The second impulse, as I had thought, was thin and squiggly, sort of run together. I was able to measure enough separate pieces to get a total of about 33" of poop, all in one sitting. As I expected, that was my only poop yesterday--but what a satisfactory pleasure! It brought back the memory of some small children with whom I had played as a child, well over 50 years ago, whose name for a bowel movement was "boomsalotsie." This poop felt like a BOOMS-a-lot-sie.
Happy pooping, everyone!

I have a really crazy pooping story

one day i knew that i had to go on a 3 hour car ride to a banquet in new jersey.
Right after i got all dressed up i had a tiny urge to poop but i didnt,
in the car ride i felt fine untill we were about 30 minuets from the banquet.i started having stomach cramps. i just tried to tolerate it.
at the banquet my stomach was hurting so much and i farted a lil bit. i never poop in public cuz i dont want to be embarressed but tonight i HAD to go! i ran to the bathroom but there was a lot of people in it..i had to wait . my butt had to clench to keep me from letting it loose!finally there was a stallopen!
i pulled up my dress and pulled down my underwear and plooped on the toilet. the poop came out soo fast i was relieved . i prayed that it wouldnt reek that much! i hurried up and wiped and flushed.i stuck some toilet paper between my butt cheeks so that i wouldnt get stains ( does any one else do this?)i felt better the rest of the night.

from now on i go to the bathroom before i go anywhere far away from home!



Did the janitor at your Catholic school ever clean the bathrooms, or did you do all of the work? Whenever a student, (it was always a younger student), threw up during class, a particular boy from one of the upper grades cleaned it up. I guess the boy did some janitorial work in exchange for not paying tuition. It was always the same boy that did the cleanup.

The only "work" that students were required to do was fun stuff: erasing the boards and cleaning the big erasers by beating them together.

Sometimes the principal got on the public address system and tell the students that the janitor complained about students throwing away food from their lunches.

Once in fifth grade a boy got a nosebleed. (He walked out of class with blood running out of his nose). He went to the boy's bathroom. The teacher went in there to help him. She actually very assertively marched into the boy's bathroom. I could see them from the classroom window. They were just inside the open doorway. I was surprised that a woman would walk into the boy's bathroom. She was married, but as far as I know, she didn't have children. (Six of my grade school teachers were nuns; two were married women).

I'm surprised to hear that teachers took 7th and 8th grade students to the bathroom in your class. In my grade school the teachers just did that for the first three grades. They didn't actually take the students to the bathrooms. They let students one row at a time go to the bathroom. Then, when those students came back, the next row of students went to the bathroom. The teacher stayed in the classroom when students went to the bathroom. The boy's and girl's bathrooms weren't close together anyway.

But, during rainy day session, even students from the upper grades went to the bathroom one row at a time. When it rained, students ate their bag lunches at their desks, looked up words in the dictionary, and, one row at a time, went to the bathroom.

There were two rows of stalls facing each other in the girl's bathroom. There was a total of ten or twelve stalls. (I don't remember the exact number). The stalls had doors, but didn't have locks. The stalls farthest away from the entrance to the bathroom had the smallest toilets. The toilet paper wasn't on a roll; it was sheets. At the time I flushed the toilet by hand. Now I always flush toilets with one of my feet.

Once when I was in an upper grade, the nun left the classsroom for a while. Before she left, she told everyone to be quiet while she was gone. As soon as she left, the classroom became very noisy. I guess the nun had left to go to the bathroom. Why else would she leave the classroom? Nuns never seemed quite like real people to me. I divided the world into three groups: male, female... and nuns.

Tuesday, August 30, 2006

Mr. Clogs
petite poopette: Hello and welcome, great posts by the way especially your experiment with pooping in your pants. As far as any weird rituals before taking a dump, not really I don't have any, sorry. Also could you post some of the most strangest places you have pooped and peed before (if you have any). Again welcome and hope to see more of your posts soon.

Punk Rock Girl: That's really sad, I hope your friend is doing much better and a least recieve some kind of medical attention from that encounter. It's guys like her ex that make good guys like me look bad. Give my regards to your friend and Happy pooping and peeing to ya, and thanks for the great stories.

Nothing new and exciting in toiletland, just me and my pee container for nighttime pees, comes in handy for nights when you just feel sp lazy to walk to the toilet to pee. Hey that's life, what can you do, ya'll take care have a great weekend and Happy Peeing and Pooping.

--Mr. Clogs

Freshly squeezed orange --

I like your stories. You and your friends really don't seem to mind going in your pants in front of eachother. How did this come about? I would be absolutely mortified if that ever happened to me!!

Has anything similar happened to anybody else and how did you handle it?

To Mike: Well my sister's friends would usually come over on a Friday afternoon or any time on the weekend. Some of them held their bowels all day because they didn't want to go at school. Sometimes I know that they left it as a surprise for me just to see what I would say. Then if I did say something about it they would break out in laughter. Other than that I don't know why they didn't flush. I know they waited sometimes and listened to me pee, and when a boy pees it is a lot louder.

The biggest girl turd was about a foot long and it looked hard and had convolutions in it as if it was following the girl's internal bowel contour. Very impressive for an approximately 12 year old skinny girl. Another time, on a weekend night about six of them stayed up late and drank a LOT of soda so each one was peeing about every 15 minutes. They just didn't want to wake anyone up by flushing, so I was looking in that toilet quite often and in the morning there was a toilet bowl full of toilet paper and yellow pee, and I think there was a turd in there also.

We went to Catholic school so we were always well behaved until we got home. I guess we were much more mischevious after school because we had to be really well behaved while at school. At that school you were kind of expected to volunteer for something like taking out trash, and I volunteered to clean the bathrooms and that was interesting.

hey guys ive been reading posts for a while anyone got any stories of them keeping there freinds/brothers from going to the toilet when they r desperate to pee/poo plz post

To Cute and Shy

I'm glad your back. Hey the teacher was wrong for giving you a zero for breaking the rules. Your teacher should have just let you go since it was an emergency, but I'm glad that you didnt totally piss your panties and skirt.

Yea, I missed you a whole lot and wondered if you were going to come back, well you have.

Right now tho, I have to use the bathroom myself cause my stomach is gassy, and I'm about to have a BM at anytime.

Love ya Cute and Shy, and I know your real name is Keisha.

Sarah in Calgary
Hello everyone.

Cut & Shy, Responder, Mr. Clogs, thanks for your responses, no pun intended for "Responder"!

The weird thing about my body is that just before I get my period, like a day or two before it starts, and then for the first three days or so during my period, my bowels want to clean themselves out. This started happening when I was 12 years old when I first got my period. During highschool and college I would have messy accidents about 9 times out of 10. During my 20's I got that down to 7 or 8 times out of 10. Now that I am 30, I have that down to 5 or 6 times out of ten. Still, here I am, 30 years old and pooping my pants about 50% of the time when I have my period! The doctor's that I have seen as I have grown up have all said that for some women, this is a normal thing for their bodies to clean themselves out during their periods.

Well, I have a non-period related story to tell...

Today, Friday, Augsut 25th, I had another accident at work. Acutally I was out to lunch with a couple girls from my office, Amy and Christine. On Friday's we try to go out to lunch somewhere and we also get to wear jeans. Our office is located in an area in Calgary called Kensington. We decided to go to an Indian restaurant in the Eau Claire Market area which is about a 45 minute walk from our office. Since it wasn't too busy today, and since Amy is our boss, we decided to take the time to walk there eat and walk back. The walk itself, on a bad day, is very nice. Today the weather was great. I was wearing a pair of medium light blue jeans which showed off my butt nicely along with a light blue blouse. Underneath I was wearing light blue hipster style panties and a matching light blue bra.

At the Indian restaurant we had curried chicken which was very spicy and very good. As we were about to leave, I decided to go to the ladies room to pee. As I was peeing almost out of nowhere, my lower stomach cramped up and a load of diarrhea exploded out of me into the toilet. I thought to myself, "thank god that happened here, and not during our walk back to the office!". When I was done, I still felt a little crampy, but I could not go anymore.

About 10 minutes into our walk my stomach cramped up again and I could feel my body want to push out some diarrhea. I could feel everything want to excape and as it was on its way out, I clenched my butt cheeks together as much as I could while walking at the same time. I knew that I was in trouble, especially since we still had a considerable walk in front of us. I was trying to keep up with the conversation and trying to concentrate on keeping everything in at the same time. It was no use. I still had my butt cheeks clenched as tightly as possible, but my bodily functions won the battle. I could feel the diarrhea flow out of my body and start filling my panties. Because of the way I was walking, trying to clench everything together, it ran into the crotch of my panties. I gasped a little bit and said, "Oh god". Christine asked me what was wrong and I told her that I wasn't feeling well. Right as that happened more diarrhea shot out of my body filling the back of my light blue hipster panties. I could feel the diarrhea sloshing around my panties. I told Amy and Christine that I was sick. Amy asked me if I was going to be alright and I told them that I didn't think the food agreed with me. I said, "Guys, I just got really sick in my pants. The food I had went right through me." Amy said that she was very sorry and that I could take as much time as I needed to clean myself up at the office and if it wasn't too busy when we got back, that I could go home. I asked them to check the bum of my pants to see if I had leaked through them. Christine said that I had a little bit. Since it was hot out I didn't have a sweater to wrap around my waist, neither did Amy or Christine. I hope not too many people noticed as we walked by them.

Well, we finally got back to the office. I went to go to the ladies room, but it was closed for service. I could have went to another floor, but I decided against it and went back to my desk. I sat down as gingerly as I could to help avoid making the mess any worse. I didn't have any messages on my phone and I answered the few emails I had. Finally the ladies room on our floor was re-opened so I went in it. Since I had sat down at my desk the wetness from the diarrhea had leaked through my pants even more. I went into one of the stalls and peeled of my jeans and panties. They were a complete mess. I didn't even try to clean them or myself up. It would have been useless. I went back to the office and asked Amy if I could go home. She was nice and said that I could.

On my way home I had to go again and re-filled my filled panties. It took me forever to get cleaned up. I jumped into the shower with my clothes on and peeled everything off. Hopefully I will be able to wash the stains out of my jeans and panties.

It's not that often that I have non-period related diarrhea accidents, but they do happen. I have posted other stories here before, earlier this year and last year. I'm not sure what page they are on though.

Well, I hope that you have enjoyed that story as well.

Sarah in Calgary.

Julie, you shamed me into telling this story on myself. I pooped my pants in the car...when I was 32. I hadn't pooed in a couple of days and I knew I would have to go soon, but I wanted to run some errands before the kids got home. I was part way through my errands when it hit me... I needed to poo NOW. I looked at my list and knew I wasn't going to finish, so I started to drive home. I couldn't believe how bad I had to poop! As I drove I felt the tip starting to come out and I felt my whole body sweat. I ended up getting caught at a stoplight and I couldn't hold it any longer. I heard a crackling noise and then an awful smell filled the car. I tried to shift in my seat and I felt it squish and ooze out the leg holes of my panties. I pulled back into my house humiliated and quite dirty. I threw away my jeans and flowered panties and cleaned myself. When I picked up my kids later that day, they asked why the car smelled so bad. I told them that Mommy tooted! I couldn't bring myself to tell them that Mommy had a bad accident in her pants.

I have a lot of stories about the Catholic school bathrooms if anybody is interested. The teachers, even in 7th & 8th grade took the whole class to the bathroom sometimes, but not every day. Now, 13-14 is kind of old to go with the whole class but several accidents motivated the teacher to do this. If two or three kids asked to go, she would ask the class to find out how many kids had to go, then we would all line up at the bathrooms. They took all the time needed. Five kids would be allowed to go in at once because there were five toilets. Now we would be standing there and all the noises were coming from the girls room, tinkling & flushing - the doors were open. No noises usually came from the boys, because we would pee into the urinals and not flush them. Then when some one did flush a urinal, it sounded a lot different than a toilet. Some girls wanted to know why there were no noises from the boys room and later I guess some one told them. No kids did anything wrong usually so bathroom games were fun back then.

I took a laxative for the first time in my life and it will definitely be my last! I went out for a jog a few hours after I took one, wearing a pair of black spandex shorts. I wasn't far from my house when I could feel my guts rumbling. I turned around and started running back to the house. I made it to my block but then I just exploded. My shorts were filled with mushy shit that felt like sloppy joe mix. I walked back to my house and by my husband at the kitchen table. He burst out laughing when he saw the huge bulge on my ass and he came to watch me clean up. I took off my pants in the shower and there was shit all the way from my lower back to my thighs. My husband got me some paper towels and helped me wipe the shit off my butt and legs. I've crapped my pants before, but never as bad as that!

I've been a longtime lurker but decided to post some of the things I've seen and done. I've been fascinated for years with accidents and people going in their pants.

The incident from my childhood that I remember that piqued my interest in this subject happened when I was about seven or so and me and my siblings and another family we were friends with with a son a year older than me and a girl a year younger than me went to the mall in DC to have a picnic one summer day. We were all playing near one of the ponds when the girl started to fidget and squirm and hold her butt some. She did that for a while before finally telling her mom she had to go to the bathroom. Well we were a ways from any bathroom so we had to start walking towards one, but Laura really didn't look like she was going to make it. She could barely walk and was crying and telling her mom she couldn't make it. After proceeding like this slowly for a while, her mom got fed up and told Laura to just go in her pants. Laura didn't want to at first but since she didn't want to walk anywhere she finally unclenched her legs and let go. I'd never seen anything like that before, and was fascinated as a small bulge formed in her shorts. After she was done, she was led, still sobbing, by her mom to the bathroom. I remember her brother was really mean and made fun of her a lot, too, and got in trouble for it.

I've witnessed a couple more accidents and had a few myself, and I'll share those later.

Also, Mandy who posted here a couple months ago, are you still on the board? I loved your stories about Lindsey going in her pants and wondered if you had any more.

Gruntly Bogwell
FAT WOMAN and NINA: I know its been a while since my last post…I actually did write, and it was not posted, BUTT…here goes again. I believe you asked about my mother-in-law and her efforts with that large turd, she left in the toilet in the middle of the night. As, I recall, peeking through the open door and seeing her reflexion in the mirror, her hands holding the crossword puzzle began to quiver each time she strained…I guess she would force some out then rest…then grunnnnnttttt and strain to work some more of her large poo log out of her rectum. She panted in between and shifted her 260 pound bulk on the special raised seat with arm rests….then I saw her pull off some toilet paper and wipe her brow and upper lip. I recounted how she finished up…but didn't flush, unbeknownst to me because I had retreated back up stairs. The next morning when I crept in to get the trash, there her medium brown log was in all its gnarly glory, sticking out of the water and disappearing into the toilet hole…no idea how long it was…I'm still freaked by its size…but, what if she left it there on purpose??? Some of you have reported that letting people see your efforts as a turn on!

Now, for my latest poo adventure, this one in the wooded park near my house, where I have taken up hiking on a more regular basis. Going down the trail this morning, I passed two African-American women…a large 300 pound woman in her mid-twenties, with big sneakers, fat calves, quite large thighs and butt encased in gray spandex, her large boobs jiggled under a faded green Johnson Family Reunion 2003 tee shirt. Her skin tone was a light creamy brown and her face was round and jovial with a red paisley dew rag around her hair…she was huffing and puffing along then. Her friend about the same age was very shapely and slender, but with black spandex on. She had on a Spelman College tee shirt…a real pretty face, with high cheekbones and bright eyes, Her skin tone was a rich chocolate brown, her hair was long and wavy put into a pony-tail…and she had a white sweat band around her head. I turned after they passed to check out the rump action, being an ass and leg man…a big rump and a rounded rump both working the stretched spandex…I was soon destined to see more of these butts in a much intimate way. Anyway…10 minutes of hiking later I felt my lower bowel cramp with its morning need to get rid of its load. So when I saw this little deer trail leading away I took it into the thicket, it came into a small open clearing after about ten yards. I crossed the clearing and pulled my dark red hiking shorts aside to pee a golden stream into the woods, then went behind a tree with another large fallen tree beside it at the far edge of the small clearing, and pulled down my hiking shorts over my skinny white ass. They were the kind with nylon mesh inside, so no under pants to deal with. A fart smell soon mingled with the forest dankness as my hole twitched to get ready for my shitting experience. The turds came out like laying eggs, and ????ed onto pine needles on the forest floor. Very dark brown and one at a time, about the size of medium eggs too. Tapering off to the size of quail eggs. I wiped with my emergency tissue and pulled up my shorts.

Just then, I heard sound from the other side of the clearing and the large African-American woman came crashing into the clearing from the thicket deer trail. Whipped around and began struggling to get her gray spandex over her sweaty rump, all the while saying, "Carla, you better get in here girl and not leave me alone in these woods, I don't want no bear or snake to bite my ass." Now, a sweaty ass does not give up spandex very easily, especially when white cotton panties are involved…so a serious struggle ensued, with the large lady trying to get her butt free to relieve herself. First one side hung up then the other, her creamy tan cheeks wiggling and jiggling with the effort. She finally was able to squat, with her huge moon rump toward me and blow a vociferous BBBBRRRRIIIIPPPPPPPPPP fart between her spreading cheeks as Carla walked into the clearing and said, "Damn, Manda girl…you're gonna scare any bears away with cannon fire like that!" Manda, grunted out, "Hush, peo….ple on the (gruunnntt…) trail could hear yeeee…ooouuu," But, all that happened was that Manda began pee a fat stream from down under onto the forest floor. I was, of course, secreted behind the tree and fallen log, with a good view between them, just down from my poo-egg pile. Manda finished her copious pee and said, "Damn, I thought this was going to be a quick one…but it was just a gas out." This caused Carla, who was standing to one side watching the squatted Manda, to say, "Shoot, now I have the urge, girl." Manda started grunting, but could only blow another fart…before saying that she was getting even more sweaty, trying to go, her big ass cheeks shifting as she adjusted her squat position. Meanwhile, Carla struggled to slide her black spandex over her sweaty, brown rump…but with a lot less trouble than Manda, revealing a pink thong diving between her butt cheeks, which she had to extract with her fingers and pull it under her to assume a squat next to the grunnnnnttttinnggggg Manda. Carla's pee began to dribble back to her butt hole as a creamy yellowish brown log started to ease its way out. The pee stream flowed around the exiting turd as it grew in length (kind of a two for one grunt strain) and down on to the forest floor. Carla, panted and finished pooing with a few soft serve turdlets. Manda on the other hand was straining and ummmphing and cussing the heat. Carla, asked Manda for some tissue, to which Manda looked around and said, "Shoot, you done already, girl…look at you, miss prissy bottom, with your neat little pile. And as she handed her some tissue, Manda said, "Don't think you're going any where, not, 'til I'm through. You ain't leaving me here in the wild." Carla, laughed as she dabbed away at her pee hole, then turned the tissue over to work at her anus…her chocolate brown butt cheeks glistening with sweat. Manda stood up, her big butt showing some cellulite dimples…took off her dew rag and wiped her face…then, spread her legs wider apart and re-squatted…to begin huffing and puffing again. Carla finished wiping and crab stepped, with her pants still down, over to squat beside Manda, put her hand on her shoulder and asked if there was anything she could do. Manda, panted and said, I don't think so, just be patient a bit, I think its coming…I really have the urge now. Manda then leaned way over and put both her hands on the ground, like a big football player. This propped her butt cheeks, up and wider apart so that I had a good view of her rather large brown eye, between her large chubby ass globes, which were dripping with sweat.

A series of strains later (we were now 20 minutes into this poo session for Manda) her brown eye opened and a large lump of turd showed itself…and with a mighty GRUUUNNNNTTTT from Manda, it began to work its way out. It was caked together and milk chocolate in color. Manda's hole began to shift at the rim (yes, I was close enough to see from my hidden position) as the lump package shifted coming out of her sweaty bottom. The first six inches were very constipated looking and at least two inches across. Manda GRUNNNTED again, which caused a voice out on the trail to say, "What the hell was that?!?" Manda and Carla froze and Manda's hole clenched shut, pinching off the head of her load. Another voice said, "Come on, Bill…probably just a constipated bear…besides we got to get to Susie's softball game…come on lets get this trail work in before its too late. Carla and Manda looked at each other with wide eyes (there are no bears in the park, its in this middle of suburbia). Carla peaked behind Manda's big rump and saw the start of her business lying on the ground…and said, "Come on girl we got to get you out of here," and started rubbing Manda's sweaty back. Manda leaned way forward on her knuckles and strained a lot more softly. This time her hole opened easier and the large turd began descending to the forest floor…Manda's arms and fat thighs shook with the strain, but the turd kept coming. She would stop and pant for a while, but her hole would clench back and the turd didn't move until she went back to straining. She whispered to Carla, that her hole hurt…Carla consoled her and told her to keep up the good work, while rubbing her back. Finally after about a foot of thick turd, it began to move on its own…and then it was Katy Bar the Door…because apparently Manda had had constipation issues prior to this morning. She even had to crawl forward a bit so she could keep on pooing and the pile wouldn't hit her fat butt cheeks. Carla duck walked with her and kept rubbing, but dribbled some residual pee from herself. Manda was moaning with relief, saying how good it felt to finally have a good poo after all this time. Toward the end the turd changed color to the same creamy yellowish brown that Carla produced with her turd, so they must have had the same thing to eat the night before. Manda tapered off and a pointed soft serve left her bottom. She half stood and duck walked away from the piles, with her spandex still down, then reached around under her ass to wipe with a large wad of tissue. Carla, stood and pulled up her pink thong and adjusted it between her rounded brown butt cheeks. Manda, finished wiping and began struggle and panting to get her white panties in place over her glistening rump. Carla had to help her tug her gray spandex up. Manda put a hand on Carla's shoulder for support after her ordeal, and thanked her for being patient…Carla put her arm around her, told her it was OK, she didn't like to see her in pain. Manda lumbered out of the clearing holding on to Carla for steadiness. I crept into the clearing and inspected the two piles, to get my color and consistency facts right before coming back home to write this adventure. On my way down the trail, I passed Manda and Carla, who were walking a lot slower…on the way by I couldn't resist a breezy "Good Morning ladies…did you get a load of that smell back down the trail…something must have died in the bushes."

I was in town earlier sitting in on a bench in the corner of one of the main squares. A young mother with two kids came up. She stood with them in the corner, then pulled the kids skirt up and knickers down. Then the held the girl (who was about 5) above the ground and held her legs up, so the lowest point was her privates. At the mothers signal, the girl started peeing forcefully, whilst at the same time some thin poos issued from her anus at a very high speed. These turned soon into more runny poop and quickly after that into diarrhea which sprayed out for a short time. She said she was done so her mum wiped her with a tissue and put her down. As soon as she stood up and pulled her knickers up, she complained about the "Icky poop" in her knickers. The mum got the boy to pee on the wall too, but he seemed to be mucking about. Finally she held his thingy for him and helped him pee. After that she shifted her knickers to one side and peed on the floor below her standing up. Then they moved on.

I have a question for you all....

I have been taking iron supplements for anemia and I noticed that my stomach has become a bit more sensitive since starting them......I poop about 4 times a this normal??? Should I only take them on a full stomach??? I have to take them twice a day.

I asked my honey but he doesn't know and suggested I ask all the experts here on this board........Thanks for any help you can give me you all...I truly appreciate it :o)

Cheers Nancy :o)

hey julie i read your story about your pooping accident at home after you got stuck in traffic. thats funny but i feel bad for you lol. i hope your brother isn't too mean to you about it. anyway, i have a few stories about traffic "accidents". it was RIDICULOUS when i was a little girl, i just had a really hard time controlling myself sometimes and i drove my parents crazy because i peed my pants in the car everytime we took a trip until i was like 13, and occasionally pooped my pants too. it was a problem because we went to my grandma's house 2-3 times a year and its a 5 hour drive, so a pair of panties was doomed everytime we drove there and back. i did my best to go before we left, not drink anything, and go at rest stops, but somehow i had a world of difficulty making it through the ride without wetting and/or pooping in my panties. one time when i was 10 my mom almost cried because we got to my grandma's and i kept my panties clean the whole ride, but i ended up pooping my pants in the driveway at my grandma's, lol.

that was the last time it happened for years actually, until a bad bad accident when i was 13 which was also the last one i had (i'm 19 now). well the last one i had in the car at least. anyway, we were coming home from my grandma's and it was probably 3 hours into the ride and i fell asleep when i already had to poop and pee. well usually that's a good thing, but this time i was having a dream where i was walking home from school and i had to go to the bathroom and i began pooping and wetting my pants (which is something i did when i was in 6th grade) but even though i was standing up, i could feel in the dream that the pee was only soaking my butt and all the poop was mushing flat against my butt and kind of spreading in the back of my panties. well of course, i woke up and my pants were soaked and filled with poop. my mom got really mad at me that time because i hadn't had an accident in the car for a long time.

since i brought it up i'll share another accident. when i was 12 i had to poop all day at school once in 6th grade but i never went to the bathroom. well i was struggling to keep from going in my pants the whole ride home on the bus, but when i got off the bus i started to poop my pants. it was pretty mushy and like a hot blob just pushed out and made a big bulge in my pants, and then pee started coming out. it soaked all the way down the inside of my legs and soaked my butt, and i had to waddle home with a big mushy bulge sloshing around on my butt in soggy pants. my neighbor from across the street told some people at school and really humiliated me.

hi im new to this site so this is my first post in response to the question asked about the firefighters i can tell you first hand sometime the piss situation gets outta control theres really nothing you can do when the alarm sounds and you have to race to a fire you really dont have time to piss and you hope the job won take too long but in many instances you can be there upwards of 8 hours and you cant just leave to goto the bathroom all the time some of the guys bring bottles to piss in on the ride back but some of our coworkers are female and that isnt always an option i cant tell you how many times on the way back in the truck you hear hissing and see piss running out of someones pants legs i cant tell you how manytimes i was pissing on myself as i struggled to undo my gear when we get back to the station its like a mad dash for the mens room most of the time the younger guys (like myself) usually dont have too many accidents but some of the old timers have been in some pretty bad situations cursing and yelling as they fight to undo their overalls but just dont make it then then wind up making a huge mess its one of the downsides to the job but i still love it and wouldnt trade it for anything in the world

I haven't posted in a long time, but I remembered an incident that happened when I was 13 and wanted to share it. I had just gotten home from school and as usual I had to pee badly. I hurried into the bathroom, lifted the toilet lid, and tried to unzip my pants, but my zipper was stuck! In my desperation I panicked and started to pee in my pants, so I sat down on the toilet with my pants still on and just peed right through them. Then I went and found my mother, who got a pair of pliers and got my zipper unfouled so that I could change my pants.

not ready
yesterday, while looking at display homes i got an urge to go, so i used one of the display ones in the home.
I felt really good finally getting some relief, while having the thought of what will happen if someone cuaght me??????
anyone else done something like that?

I forgot what my posted name is
I frogot my name but yesterday I had an anal exam before a colonoscopy. Going there I met a female doctor. I stripped and she started probing me. I felt an urge but I ignored it. She suddenly started examining the inside when she noticed my feces inside. She said that I could expel them for her to use as a stool sample. I started to get up when I totally cramped. I told her if I moved I would lose control. She told me just to go. She started to walk away to get a bedpan for me to go in when I sneezed and she unintentionally got a wonderful veiw as I my anus opn and I pooped a large log. She measured it as 12" by 2.5".
A similar experience happened as a newlywed when me and my wife were posing naked together for money. We were broke w/ bills. It was a sexual position with me hovering over her. As the painters class painted us I had to go Suddenly I had to go too bad. I pooped then and there. They didnt care as they painted me with a log haging yet stuck. They laughed. We got a free painting and we got the turd airbrushed out. So now it looks like a totally natural
sex scene.
Happy dumps.

To Cute And Shy:
Glad you made it to the bathroom and at least you had a skirt on. Though sorry you made a zero on your exam.

Your survey:
1. No not really
2. Yes and it was during the worse possible day to at school At night during the prom I had a nice tan suit on and was dancing with my GF when I got a bad need to use the restroom but I was shy to tell her. After a while I became desperate because I have a small bladder. I got a very bad urge and let a small squirt out. I was horrified and grabbed my crotch. I told her I need to go really bad and ill be right back but when I got to the bathroom there was a huge line and I mean huge. I knew I wasnt going to be able to hold it and I didnt want to leave my gf so i was feeling horrible. By this time I was desperatly holding my crotch and trying my best to avoid an accident. I decided to run outside but as i was venturing to the door someone bumped into me and I let my hand go to say sorry and that was it, the floodgates escaped. I stood there startled with a puddle under my feet. It was the worst day of my life and my gf broke up with me on the phone and said that she wasnt going to date someone that cant control his own bladder. I havent got over it to this day. I still have a small bladder and have had a few accidents but none in school and none will measure up to that day.

To Cute and Shy:

I just read your flatulence question. What it seems to be is that you lack some info that might help with your question.
If you eat Fruits and V??s, you'll probably be flatulating a lot more than ordinary. mostly because of the fiber that's going into your diet. My father has gout, and for a while, he used to eat cherries, when he finished them, it would sometimes be a whole day, he would have these loud farts that sound like a moose in the woods (Don't know what one sounds like, but it's what he says.) When I ate vegetables for a while, I'd find myself having uncontrollable flatulence, and usually having to drop a load usually 20 minutes or later.

If your a vegetarian with this problem, then maybe your body needs some cleansing.
If your starting to consider a life of vegetarianism (Is that a word?), your body is probably saying that it can't stand vegetables right now, and will show you discomfort at first.
If you eat everything like poultry, meat, the such, then you probably experience a thing everybody has, everyone usually shows those symptoms.

To answer your quick School survey:

1. I in fact, have a problem with pooping at school. Peeing has not been a problem since 1st grade. (I wore sweatpants instead of jeans, so no fly to help me out with that, and I had long hair, so I looked like a girl.) But I'm used to it now.

2. I've had one pooping accident. Refer back to Page 1500, where I have a whole bunch of moments with bowel movements, one of them is a school story.

Now, maybe someone could help me with something.

Lately, my body is building up an intolerance to things I love.

I don't know why, maybe it's not an intolerance, but it's something.

I can't eat certain things without having a chocolate stream form behind me.

I had my dad's chicken fajitas that he made last night, and some today. Now, I've developed a sort of diarrhea, it's like it, but it only happens to the stuff I eat, and there is no short time limit after it. It just stops.

Also, I'm developing something to Ice Cream. Yes, Ice Cream, nothing else dairy like a tall glass of milk or anything.

I can't have That delicious Blue Bunny ice cream without having it make me run to the toilet. And what's worse, I can't eat whip cream. It makes me flatulate almost uncontrollably. I have no idea why this is happening. However, I'll give a bit of insight on my own speculations why this is happening. Perhpas someone can find a reason I'm not seeing.

1. I have a terrible, terrible digestive to 2% milk. I only drink 1%. When 1% is out, we have to go for the smaller ones, because not only does no one in are family like 2%, it makes me shit my guts out.

2. The family and myself is on the Atkins Diet. I'm not gonna explain it, look it up. I don't care for the diet, it's doing wonders for us, but at the expense of screwing up most of our digestive systems, I often wonder if it's really worth it.

Hope someone can shed some light on this awkward situation.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Cute & Shy
Hi! I haven't been on in like 2 months, but I'll start posting a few more stories soon.

To Sarah In Calgary
Those were entertaining stories.

To A.W.
You there?

Anyways, the only news I have available is that my dad finally fixed the two bathrooms upstairs in my house. Now I can use the bathroom in peace without anyone bugging me. Lol Also, I worked an eight-hour shift at ??? before this day, but changed my schedule back to part-time because of school. I have to go back tomorrow and ironically, I have a story that goes back three months ago ("last year") during the last day of school . . .

Lemme explain how weak my bladder is. On the last day of school, I sat and talked with my friends at lunch and I had A LOT to drink. We had to take our final exams for Biology class last period. In class, the teacher went over the rules, and said that no one was allowed to use the restroom during the exam. The only bathroom break was scheduled an hour ahead of time, and two stretch breaks were scheduled 30 minutes ahead. We stayed in class for two hours total. So after he went over the rules, he asked all students to use the restroom if they needed to. I didn't have to go then, but about ten minutes after we started the test, I had to pee a little, but I didn't exactly need to use the restroom, (if you know what I mean). It only got serious like 15 minutes later, which was like five minutes before our stretch break. When our break started, I asked the teacher if I could use the restroom, and he told me it would be against the rules if he sent me. I even told him it was an emergency, but he said I'd had to wait for 30 minutes until the regular bathroom break. When we started back on our tests, I had to pee so bad, I couldn't focus on my test, and I started to fidget. So I tried to stay calm, but then I felt a little bit pee trickling into my panties. Lucky for me, the teacher assigned my seat in the back next to the door. Then I ran out of the classroom and went to the restroom before I actually peed in my panties more seriously. I checked for tissue when I got in the stall. I quickly pulled down my panties and lifted my skirt and peed for about 20 seconds, wiped and went back to class. My panties were kinda of wet, and I sat like that for the rest of the period, then they dried when I walked home. Needless to say, I got in trouble for leaving the room, and I got a zero on my final exam for breaking the rules. But I still passed the 11th grade!

I also have a question. I'm a little embarrassed about asking this, but even if your diet mostly consists of fruits and vegetables, is it normal to have excessive and simultaneously smelly flatulence? Like every five or ten minutes, I have to fart 24/7. Also, not only when I'm awake, but when my sleep or in a drowsy state. I felt like this for two weeks so far. Is that normal or should I see a doctor? (All also post some stories about this soon.)

Quick School Survey
1. Do you have a problem with peeing or pooping at school and why?
2. Was there ever a time you've had a peeing or pooping accident or experience at school?
If you answer the last question with a "Yes," please try to write a story if you want.

Mr. Clogs
petite poopette: Hello and welcome, great posts by the way especially your experiment with pooping in your pants. As far as any weird rituals before taking a dump, not really I don't have any, sorry. Also could you post some of the most strangest places you have pooped and peed before (if you have any). Again welcome and hope to see more of your posts soon.

Punk Rock Girl: That's really sad, I hope your friend is doing much better and a least recieve some kind of medical attention from that encounter. It's guys like her ex that make good guys like me look bad. Give my regards to your friend and Happy pooping and peeing to ya, and thanks for the great stories.

Nothing new and exciting in toiletland, just me and my pee container for nighttime pees, comes in handy for nights when you just feel sp lazy to walk to the toilet to pee. Hey that's life, what can you do, ya'll take care have a great weekend and Happy Peeing and Pooping.

--Mr. Clogs


I'm a 23 year old female. I live in Ohio. For as long as I can remember, I have suffered from what I have discovered to be called Coprophobia, a fear of fecal matter. I don't know why, but I am absolutely terrified of getting even a tiny amount of it on my finger or hand when I wipe my butt. I have no problem actually taking a BM, but I get very, very nervous when it comes to wiping. I know some people are too embarrassed to take a BM in public or at someone else's house. The actual BM isn't what bothers me. It's the possibility that I might freak out if I accidentally get some of it on my hand when I wipe.

I went through a period of years when I was younger of just not wiping. I would rather have a dirty butt than risk touching feces with my fingers. If I really, really had to go, say, at school, I'd sit on the toilet, take a BM, and just get up, no matter how gross it felt down there. Even if I had diarrhea and I knew I would be all raw and sore down there, I still wouldn't wipe.

I haven't fully overcome it yet. I'm better, I now keep a box of latex gloves on the toilet tank and put them on so I can wipe my butt without worrying (though I really do still worry). I'm too embarrassed to talk to my friends or anyone about it. It really hasn't caused much of a disruption in my life, but it's something I thought I would outgrow by now and I'm pretty angry at myself that I haven't. I know how stupid it is.

Any advice?




There is another poster on this board who posts as "Lisa."

to filip,

Thank you for your response. I live in a large city in California. There is a porta-potty, (which has been painted red), which is brought to major fires.

Freshly squeezed orange
Hey guys! im back with another story. I was at a friends house and well we ordered a pizza and we each had alot to drink. So me and 4 of my girl friends went out to a movie. the movie was about 2 hours long n we didnt think bathrooms were gunna be a huge problem. but then we all got drinks and popcorn. so as we were watchin the movie I got the urgh to go but i was stuck by the wall and my friends wouldnt let me out. so about 15 minutes later, Im surprised I was still holding it because I normally cant go 10 minutes. But then she decided she needed to go to and both our other friends didnt want to let us threw so we were go in our pants. This made me kinda mad but im like ok whatever and I tried to hold it. Bout 3 minutes later my frined was like Screw u guys!! and went in her pants. she peed for abouta 45 seconds before stopping and the seat was soaked!!! after that im like well i wont be the only one when it happens. about 2 or 3 minutes after that i went in my pants. it was a huge poop n kinda hard but it didnt really smell. and well then I just peed to seeing that I already went in my pants. when the movie was over we all stood up the huge poop weighed enough for my underwear to fall down so everyone around me knew! that was probably the most embarasing moment of my life!

One more quick question: I can only hold it for like 10 minutes after I need to go and then i have an accident, does anyone else have this problem

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