I want to share a story that is both bad luck and bad everything else. First of all I am a cheerleader at my high school and I cheer for football. The game last Friday was good and our school won, but my story does not happen at the game. I was driving home and felt the need to take a dump and pee. I usually do after a game for some reason. I got home and my parents were gone because they went on a trip for my dads job and mom went with him. The house was mine for the night and I looked forward to having some down time alone. As soon as I walked in my house I headed straight for the toilet. I saw that there was no water in the toilet and I was wondering what was going on. I went and tried to turn the water on in the sink but, no water. So I called my friend that lives across the street from me and she said that some constuction workers had accidentaly broken the water line to our neighborhood, and that the water would not be back on for another several hours. There I was, sweaty and nasty from the game, not beeing able to take a shower, and this huge dump pushing to come out. I sure did not want to crap in the toilet, and let it sit there, so I started thinking what to do. All I had was Goodnites, because when I am on my period, I sometimes pee at night a little and do not know it, so I wear Goodnites at night when my period is going, but I never used them to actually pee a full bladder full, let alone take a dump in one. For about a half hour or so I sat around and hopped the water would come back on, but I was busting to the point of no return. I started farting really bad and I knew it was close. Then I went in and took off my cheerleading uniform because I do not like to fart in it becuase the cheer panties are so tight the fart just stays in there for a while, and it was all sweaty and stuff. At this point I saw the Goodnites in my closet and decided it was time to bite my lip and just do it. I got one out and put it on and went into the bathroom and put a towel down just incase it leaked and stood there and just let the flood go so hard I could hear the pee hitting the crotch of the GN. It felt so good and did not even leak. But now it was time to crap, and so I just did. It all came out really fast and sort of wet. Then I was done and the GN had held all of it in. I was so releaved. After I finished I wore the GN for a while more hopping still the water would come back on. And it did not. So my only option was to put a new GN on to cover the mess untill I could cleen up when the water came back on. I did and ended up going to bed with the second GN on and woke up Saturday morning, peed in it and then I was finaly able to clean up because the toilet worked again. It was a bad night, but I almost felt good going in the Goodnite for some reason. I am on my period now, and last night I woke up early in the morning and had to pee, so instead of getting out of bed I just laid there and peed and went back to sleep. How conviniant.

To zoom:

1) How do you sit when you poop? Do you lean forward/close your legs? Do you sit on tip toes? Is there a particular way that you sit when you have a bad stomachache or when you are constipated? Do you hold your stomach?

Usually I sit up straight on the toilet and open my legs. If I'm constipated, I'll lean forward and close my legs, though.

2) Describe how you wipe after you poop and pee..front or back? Do you bunch up the toilet paper or fold it? Do you wipe standing up or sitting down?

After I poop, I'll stand up, grab a few sheets of toilet paper, and wipe, starting from the back of my butt and proceeding down to the crack, digging in a little and then toss the paper in the toilet. I'll repeat this at least 2 more times, maybe more if I took a messy poop.

After I pee, I stand up, grab some toilet paper and wipe starting from the top of my vagina and downward, making sure to get it all clean. Sometimes it takes more passes than cleaning my butt, so that's why girls use more toilet paper than guys usually.

3) Do you grunt or moan when you poop?

Yes. All the time. The feeling of a nice solid turd sliding into the toilet is great, just deserving of a nice moan, like "ahhh", or something.

4) Do you notice the same pooping habits with your family or friends?

I don't remember much about my family's pooping habits, but a lot of my friends lean forward a little every time they poop.

I also have a short story to share with everyone. This morning, I felt a familiar urge to poop. Not different from the usual, it had been about 2 days since I last pooped. Well, anyway, I sat on the toilet, peed for a while and pushed a little to start my poop on it's way.

I felt a solid, but still kind of soft poop come out. It felt pretty long but broke off. With a small delay, another poop started and this one was also fairly long. I still felt a little bit inside, so I pushed and let out a small grunt. The final poop, a small one, pushed it's way out of my butt into the toilet.

I got up to wipe, but looked into the toilet bowl first. The first poop was snaked around the bend. What I could see was fairly long, but I don't know how much was not visible. The second poop curled around, sort of on top of the first poop. I guess it must have been a foot long, maybe a little more. The last one was smaller, 4 or 5 inches just a straight line of poop.

That's all for now, I'll post some more later.

Hi all,

I've been reading this board for years but only posted a few times but now I want to become an active user! I'm a 24yr old male.

I'd love to hear any stories you guys have about watching people do huge poos.

Just got into the shower in work to pee out a long stream, I love the freedom of peeing in the shower!

Can't wait to push out the large log I have forming, might update you guys on it later!

Good morning--rainy here. It is now Labor Day. Last Thursday the rain began for a coming tropical storm, and on Friday it came, lots of rain and some wind. Power went off about noon Friday and stayed off until late evening Saturday, though Saturday was a beautiful day. We sat outside on a bench in the yard, eating Triscuits, a whole wheat cracker. I had lots. Yesterday morning my poop was normal. After church, nice lunch including beets. Later in the afternoon, I worked in the yard, cutting down weed trees, pulling rampant berry plants, and in general getting into lots of tight places, bending, stooping, pulling--lots of exercise. All afternoon, I was farting intermittently, sometimes loudly, sometimes not; no odor that I could detect. As I was starting to take the wheelbarrow to the brushpile, I felt my rectum filling up. I farted again, and felt the urge grow stronger. I got the wheelbarrow halfway to the brushpile, felt the pressure suddenly much stronger, and tried another fart. Nope--this was the real thing, feeling suddenly hot and sort of liquidy, not permitting any more air to escape. I managed to hold it in. I left the wheelbarrow, walked inside swiftly and with purpose, and felt the urgency grow more intense. Reaching the bathroom, I pulled down my sweaty pants, pulled up the lid, and spread my cheeks on the seat. Immediately my poop started out, warm. continuous, soft and wet. I pushed, and it shot out as a single stream, giving exquisite relief. When that impulse had spent itself, I sat, thinking what might have brought about such an unexpected and urgent movement. Then it came to me--I had over-indulged in the Triscuits! They can be potent. In this case they had waited nearly 24 hours to express themselves, but I was sure they were the culprits. I hoped my lunch beets had not accompanied them out, because I like to see the red stool that follows eating beets. As I sat, I had another small impulse, and I pushed out some more soft oozy poop. This was not diarrhea, but closer than I like. When I was sure I was done, I took 4 sheets of paper, folded them into the size of one, and wiped. The stain was thick and light brown, no trace of beets. Good. I wiped again, this time with 3 sheets folded; finally three more, wipe and refold, then the dab of Noxzema for cleansing. Finally I looked in the bowl, and, alongside a few thin soft floaters, was a huge ball of brown tangled poop, also mostly floating. Pretty gassy, I suspect. When I flushed, the ball of poop sort of untangled into a thick curvy complex of turds, then went mostly down. There was still a powdery residue accompanying a few fragments of soft turds, so when the tank finished refilling, I flushed again. A disturbing, but ultimately somewhat satisfying, poop. Now it is Monday morning, and I wait to see whether I will have a movement this morning, and whether it will show any evidence of beets.
Happy pooping, everyone!

to punk rock girl

i wipe the same way(i also wipe when stading but dont use wet wipes afterward)

at first, when i was younger i used to wipe about 3 times or whatever, until one day i was caught with dirty underwear by my grandmother and she wipe me clean. ever since then i always wiped until i was absolutely clean


As far as I know, my grade school just had one janitor.

I found out from my sisters said that the boy who cleaned up after the children who threw up in their classes, was the same boy who cleaned up in my class. My sisters and I referred to him as the "Burpsie Boy."

Did you cleanup after children threw up?

When I was in seventh and eighth grade, I don't recall anyone being called out of class to do a cleanup in a lower grade.

I never got the chance to beat the erasers together. There were fifty students in the class... the teachers had more to do then make sure everyone got the chance to clean erasers. Maybe they thought of it as a chore, and not a fun thing that children might want to do. At least I didn't end up with chalk dust on my lungs.

Johnny Half-Pint
Punk Rock Girl,

My usual procedure for doing Big Business runs as follows: Hope this isn't too much information for you!

* First, stand facing the WC and take a partial leak (through my flies if any, or down the left leg hole if wearing shorts) to relieve some of the pressure on the bladder before attempting the main task. (I don't want to lose control mid-dump and start peeing over the front and into my trousers!)

* Lower my trousers or shorts.

* Turn around, bend at the knees and waist and hover over the WC. Sometimes, lower the seat and sit on it ..... depending on whether I'm expecting a fight! If it feels like it is going to be an easy-out jobbie, I won't bother with lowering the seat only to have to lift it again later.

* Do Big Business.

* Stand up, lift the seat (if I sat on it) and turn to face the toilet.

* Tear off three sheets of paper and fold in half so it's about 22-25cm. by 10cm.

* Wipe once with a single, continuous stroke in an upwards direction.

* Inspect the paper. If it is dirty, fold it in half, dirty side to dirty side, and give another upward wipe.

* After the fourth fold and wipe, if the paper is not coming away clean, tear off a further three sheets of paper and repeat the procedure.

* After the first "clean" wipe, give "one more to polish" -- using a single fresh sheet folded once if the current one is too small to fold again -- and make sure that also comes away clean. Then optionally use a wet wipe, especially in summer when I don't wear underwear.

* Use the remaining pee in my bladder to dislodge any winnits from around the WC basin.

* Pull up my shorts / trousers and arrange comfortably so everything is where it should be.

* Give a full flush.

* Wash and dry hands.

EmoGirl, the reason why some turds sink and some turds float is simply that some turds contain more fat than others. Fat is less dense than water, and so floats. Thanks to the body's processes, any undigested fat in your shite is usually pretty well emulsified -- so it won't separate out in the time between shitting and flushing.

can u gurls plz post storys about u peeing. where was the weirdest u peed?!

Linda from Australia here again. I haven't had any trouble pooping for the last 2 weeks now, as Ive been taking vitamin C tablets every day.

To Stretched: I loved your story!!! It sounded like a real marathon effort, pushing (or should I say pulling) out that monster turd. Had you been constipated for a few days before you dropped that load? I used to have trouble pooping when I was in highschool, as I went to boarding school for 5 years and the toilet blocks consisted of 5 or more toilets all next to each other. I often held my poop in for a few days at a time or until it became unbearable but I would always have a hard time squeezing the turds out. I hated using the toilet for pooping back then, when I knew other people were in the next toilets and they could hear me. There was a toilet by itself in the laudry and sometimes I used that for pooping. As there were always people in the laundry, it was also hard for me to poop in there. However, one night, around 6pm, nobody was in the laundry and I needed to poop so I used that toilet. I also had my period. I was in the middle of squeezing out a hard log when the toilet door suddenly flew open!! There I was in all my glory, my pants down around my ankles, a turd sticking out of my butt and a bloody pad on my knickers!! The girl apologised and closed the door quickly. I had forgotten to lock the door!! Thankfully the girl who saw me didn't say anything about her encounter!

That sounds like quite an effort. You described the passinf of that hard poo as "orgasmic relief." You then had a dream on the subject in relation to a man you thought was hot.
I am a male and the passing of a large hard turd that requires some pushing and grunting can be very stimulating and very enjoyable. I guess it is because the rectum/anus is very close to the "traditional" sex organs. The passing of a good B/M can act as an internal massage or stimulant I suppose.
As a side issue the areas of taboo and the forbidden are a source of curiosity and temptation.
I am not an expert in the area of psychology etc but I think your feelings are very normal and enjoy those feelings and provided you are not hurting anybody else give in to those feelings if you want to.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Linda from Australia here again. The vitamin C tablets are working very well, I haven't had any trouble for the last 2 weeks and my dumps have been soft and easy to push out.

Does anyone have any good constipation stories to share?? I love reading the constipation ones.

Just a quickie. Went flying with my hubby this weekend and on the way to the airport felt a little rumbling but thought nothing of it. When we arrived I took myself off the loo. It is open above the wall so all can be heard by the gents and the ladies. A lot of shitting takes place here as there is also a flying school and the ladies get very nervous during there first lessons and always nip in for a quick squirt before flying. I go in and settle down as a guy rushes in next door to pee. I just relax thinking it is my normal plug and mush but not today. My arse just shot out a mixture of brown chunky water and gas. This was a real ambush diarrhea; lucky I had not sneaked a fart earlier. Twice more I emptied into the bowl. The whole thing was spray-painted light brown and after wiping I took some paper and wiped my buttocks just in case I had splashed my bum.

While having some tea before we left I heard a young chap telling his mates how he went for a pee and there was a doll shitting her brains out next door. I just smiled as he thought it was a young blonde who recently joined the club to learn to fly.

Reply to EmoGirl's Question
It has to do with the fat content of the turd; floaters have a high-fat content, and the ones that sink have just the opposite.

Greeting to all. Just a quicky. We went to a game park for the weekend camping and as usual I was interested in the ablutions. Very rudimentary to say the least. A corrugated iron building with a ladies and a gents side. As you walked in 2 basins 2 showers and two loos. The mens must have been the same as you could hear very clearly the men offloading through the iron. Think the loos were next to each other. Also open at the top must be for ventilation and heat in summer. I get up early in these places as I like the early mornings and also miss the rush for the loos. First morning uneventful a good fart that echoes around the building and a really good shit from the previous evenings wine and medium rare meat. Later in the day the story was going around the camp that there were holes in the partition between the mens and the ladies and that ir was roumoured that some kids were watching the girls on the can. This amused me as I had been watched by some people on the beach and once at a shopping center but that was a perv in the ladies who got caught. I thought that the next day I would go a little later and see if I was being watched. We partied a little that night and I woke up the next day very gassy and rumbley. I told the family to go on a drive I would stay here as a loo may be needed a few times. At rush hour I felt some cramping and headed off hoping the loo next to the gents would be open. It was and I settled down to shit. A small fart later and I hear the door to the gents next to me closing and someone getting undressed to sit. I looked at the iron wall and noticed a few holes that had been drilled in it and as I watched an eye appeared at one. I thought lets get busy. So I pushed and really farted a wet one followed by a stream of chunky windy sticky shit. This went on for a few minutes and then I decided to stand and smear the shit around my bum before pretending to bend over and get loo paper out of my bag. This I did hoping my admirer was watching. I made a point of bending right over with my parted cheeks facing the hole I had seen the eye in. This I did and held the pose as I deliberately took my time getting paper. It worked as I heard a gasp from the other side and a comment "Gross!" I giggled as I sat and wiped.

Punk Rock Girl asked about wiping. I normally smear my arse hole with cream after a shit, shower or before a shit so it is nice and slippery. I take some folded paper about two layers thick, relax and slowly wipe from the back using a forward to back motion. I dig into my arse to get the big bits out. I then wipe again front to back with clean paper and then again from the top down. I carry on till no shit is on the paper. I then wipe in front and apply cream to my arse hole. If I have a problem getting clean and need moisture I will flush the loo and catch a little water on the paper while it is running to wipe with. If I am outside then I will pee on the paper and use that to polish. As they say one up one down one polish, at least almost. Lets hear from some others.

Brian at Sears
Hey folks....Been busy lately, back-to-school crowds............mens lounges are always busy. I was talking to one of our male custodians one afternoon while I was sitting on the toilet "dropping the kids off at the pool" plop, plop, grunt, plop...He saw I was low on toilet tissue, so he changed my roll of paper while I was sitting on the toilet 'dropping brown" I apologized that he had to get so close to my 'stink equator" lol...(my crotch, and my shit expelling buttocks" he laughed and said, 'no problem, you have NO IDEA what I smell all day.. We laughed, as did the other two men who were shitting on the other toilets, one of which was the stores eye doctor I wiped my ass, washed my hands, and went back to work

Mr. Clogs
EmoGirl: Long time, no see. Great to see you post again, your story about your latest bathroom adventures at the lake were cool. Keep the posts coming. To answer your question about poop floating and sinking, well it's what you eat that may determine whether your poop would sink or float, usually fatty foods rich in grease and fat would make your poop float. As for sinking, I guess the fibers in your diet causes them to sink, adding mass and gurth to it. As the old saying is " you are what you eat!"

Punk Rock Girl: Thanks and not a problem, I'm glad she's doing well and has moved on, sad that it happened. Take care.

It's been a while since I make my night time pees in the bathroom toilet. I realized this morning that I haven'r used my pee container last night. I got up around 5 AM with a sudden urge to pee really bad. I wasted no time, grabbed my towel and washcloth so i can take a shower, and quickly made it to the toilet to enjoy a long relaxing morning pee. Ahhhh it felt so good! Then once I finished, got up from the toilet and took my shower.

Well I hope ya'll like my quicky post, ya'll take care and have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend! Happy Peeing and Pooping to all of ya!!!


--Mr. Clogs

to lisa usually if the fires bad enough everyone has their hands full you either have to just hold it or go in your pants if the job is bad enough you cant hold it and you just go the pants are baggy enough that noone will see i hate to admit it but ive pissed myself a few times and there was nothing i could do ive also had alot of close calls too where we get back from the job and im tearing off my pants becasue im leaking all over and if u think thats bad you should feel real sorry for the few women on the job they alomst never make it many women have quit because of this but like i said when you see the faces of the lives you saved its all worth it and i wouldnt trade it for a thing


To Lisa,

Last time I was called to a fire (which was 2 weeks ago) I ended up having to pee... the Call came into 911 at about 330 am, and was sent to us shortly after... I had to pee early in the morning after the sun came up... The fire was out then and we were cleaning up our equipment...

I work in a city fire department so there are often people everywhere... So what I learned to do is just pee in the burned out building after the fire is out... there is plenty of water being sprayed to its like a natural flush... I was told by a captain once that in a house where they had a fire in the basement he went upstairs to the second floor appartments and took a shit in somebody's bathroom... He said he was the only one who aparrently had to shit... the woman who owned the appartment must have been on the toilet when we arrived on the scene and evacuated the building, because there was poop in the toilet already...

Dear Susan: The Catholic school I went to had janitors, I just stayed after school for about 1 1/2 hours to help clean the bathrooms once a week. We weren't forced into work but but most kids did some work sooner or later. Now most jobs were like you had, clapping erasers and so on and they were very surprised when I volunteered to clean bathrooms. They trusted me with keys to the dispensers, and later on even the key to the doors so I could let myself out. After a while I was very good friends with the janitors so I could go into their room and someone was always bringing in stuff to eat and I would mess around with tools and stuff. Orders would be delivered like toilet paper and paper towels and we would put that away. Nowdays a kid would not be allowed to do this. Right when the day ended I would clean and there was always a few girls after school that would come in and pee. I would refill the toilet paper and soap and wipe pee off the toilet seats (there was a lot more pee UNDER the toilet seats, it runs across their legs or something, am I right?) Oh yes, and wipe that flush lever, wipe the sinks, scrub the toilet bowls only if they needed it then I would start on the boys room. Only after a week or so would the girls toilets start to smell like pee because they flushed almost always, but the boys urinals really smelled because they never flushed them. I would flush them a couple of times and swish them out with cleaner. The urinals were wall mounted and had large blue plastic screens that prevented the outlet from getting clogged. Everyone peed directly onto the screens because it made a certain sound. I sometimes had to pick out gum or paper. Sometimes girls would come into the boys room if they thought no one was around; they heard there were urinals in there. The girls wore the short plaid skirts that would be considered very very short today and they had to wear white underwear because a lot of the time you could see it. Yes 7 & 8 grades are kind of old to be taken to the bathroom but there were 1 or 2 accidents, plus the whole class had to go sometime so instead of everyone asking individually the teacher started to take the whole class at one time. In the lower grades I saw a lot of accidents and bathroom incidents. The girls in the public school wore dresses and skirts that were even shorter, they came to where the underwear would show in the back. Bye for now.

I had something really weird happen (for me) yesterday..
I was standing in the loungeroom when I got a relatively sudden urge to pee.. I was doing something important, so I just sort of ignored it and decided to go in the shower which I would be heading too very soon. Anyway.. For some reason, when I shifted my weight or moved or something.. I felt some pee squirt into my panties. I was shocked.. I couldn't grab myself because others were around, so I just sort of squeezed my legs together and made it stop. I started heading to the bathroom immedietely, and as I was walking I felt another squirt escape and walked faster. By the time I got to the bathroom, I was seriously desperate and had started peeing in a continuous slow stream. I started removing clothing intending to piss in the bath.. but I could take it no more and once I had removed my pants I found myself to be peeing a full stream straight through my panties.

... I've never had anything like this happen to me before ;(. I read somewhere that bladder weakness is associated with Diabetes.. and Diabetes runs in my family ;(.

Has anyone else had any similar experiences? It was really weird.. the urge just came almost out of no where.

Right now, Im farting lol. Im about to have a BM, so I gotta go to the toilet.

Yea Cute and Shy, Im still here. Come back soon. Love ya!

I was reading a few posts and was reminded of this really difficult shit I took in college. I'm 5'9", 126 lbs., auburn hair, olive skin, hard, tight body, naturally slim but curvy. I had been eating a lot, and a good deal of meat, which my poverty-stricken-student bowels weren't used to, and one Saturday, at work on campus, I felt a heavy load shifting its way down my back canal and got up from my microscope. The enormity of this movement became apparent very quickly as I stood, and I decided to go to the fourth floor ladies' room, as I was fairly sure no one was up there on the weekend, and I could have some privacy if I needed to grunt this one out, which I don't usually do. I took the elevator, holding my toned yet round cheeks together just in case, and bending over a little with the pressure I felt from the waist down. I made it out of the elevator and into the deserted ladies' room at the end of the hall at a brisk trot, and when I heard a door slam, I jumped a little and my rectum, already tensed to the point of no return, went the opposite direction and relaxed a little, and I felt my asshole swell as the thick, massive tip of a hard turd started to poke its way out. I bent and sucked it back inside with an effort and made it the last few feet, but already felt that I'd overcompensated and lodged the shit up higher than I'd meant, and, getting the second layer of toilet paper on the seat, yanked down my jeans hurriedly and slammed my ass hard down onto the bowl. My face relaxed and I unclenched my ass, and tried to let it slither out, but instead I felt a piercing pressure deep in my gut and a very dense mass sitting in my quivering intestines. "Oooohhhh," I breathed and bent forward, sitting up on and then replacing my cheeks on the seat, spreading them a little farther apart. I felt cold air on my pink, swollen hole and stared at the floor as I bore down, and forced out only an angry-sounding fart. My mind started to wander and slowly I heard a dry crackling and felt the bulging tip of my maxishit pressing past the tense muscle between my cheeks. I gasped, "Buuuhhhhh," and gulped in a fresh lungful of air, then pushed down on my bowels forcefully, but didn't feel the turd move, its bulk slowly scraping out of me. Then, disaster...
I heard a door slam open down the hall and a number of pattering footfalls as students raced out of some forgotten classroom. I looked up nervously and my back end clenched instinctively; the concrete stick slid back up in my ass painfully, and I moaned in defeat. Hearing some women coming up to the door, I gave one last mighty push, trying to dislodge the missile, and managed to get the turtle's head back out of my bum before the door to the bathroom opened and four girls tore into adjacent stalls, two peeing and leaving as I tried to refocus and keep the log at least in place, if not any further out. Then I heard a sloooooop-ploop-ploop...splat! "Uuunngh" from the stall next to me and flushed in embarrassment and envy as the girl effortlessly released a dump like I usually had, and I gave a tentative "Mmmmmnnnhhh" and bore down, my face contorting. "Hey, Shell, hold my phone," I heard the girl on the other side of me say, then I saw someone bend down and grab the cell phone from the other side, saying, "Why?" and Shelly (I'm assuming) answered, "In case Jake calls, I don't want him to -- ooph!" and I heard a wet fliiiickblaat! and a short, forceful jet of shit shot into the toilet beside me, and her shadow moved as she sat back. Her friend stood up, mumbling,
"Jesus, Shell," and the girl's ass bubbled and squirted again, and I heard this relieved but shy, "Aaahhhh," and another obnoxiously loud Fippleplurpsloooooop the girl forced out more watery diahrrea, and I felt a little envious, then realized a wet, sloppy, stinging ass is worse than a full yet solid load, and got back on track. I realized by now that I didn't have the necessity or luxury of being shy anymore, so I pushed my feet hard into the floor and strained, "Hhhhmmmmmmnnnnnnhhhooopppphhhh!" and felt a thick portion crowning past my wide-open hole. I felt like my anus had a grip on the beast, then, again, tragedy - an insistent knock at the door, and: "Pinch it off, pull it out or push it back up, cause I got the squirts and I'm comin' in in, like, a minute." Nice, but it gave me an idea. I was gonna suck it back up and let the girl shit her brains out while I had a cigarette and let that get things moving, but when I stood up, a piece of toilet paper stuck to my thigh and dropped on the floor. So, I got up and turned around and bent over to snatch it and drop it in the toilet, but, I swear to God, as soon as my bare ass turned out towards the rest of the room, with that big, hard knob pokin' out of my brown eye, the girl opens the f***in' door and I hear, "Oh, God - " and some girls giggle and one says, "Hey, shut the door, she's tryin' to shit," as another blurts out, "Look, she's got a turd hangin' outta her ass." I flushed and tried to reach back and shut the door, but it slammed shut first and I replanted myself on the pot, mortified and now committed to staying here until they all were long gone. Another stall opened and I heard my intruder erupting into a toilet at the end with a sound like chunky soup, and I twisted around and looked at my ass. A really solid, corn-studded turd was, indeed, sticking out of my butt at an implausible angle, and I remembered my mud-butt friend's advice. A gentle knock came at my door and I looked up. A sad-eyed girl I'd never seen before said gently, "You should just try to pull it out. It looks like it's stuck." I grimaced. "It is." I grabbed a generous wrap of t.p. around my hand and reached back, looking up meaningfully at my Good Samaritan but, at the same time, thinking, okay, I can do this myself," grasped the stubborn turd with the paper and gently pulled. I winced but nothing moved. "Push and pull at the same time," I heard the girl say, and sheepishly lifted my ass off the seat, raising the distended hole right at her.
"Hang on," I breathed and "Mmmmmmmmmnnnnnnuuuuuhhhhhh," I pushed down and pulled weakly on the other end, and she said, "Okay, it's coming," and I looked up and saw a small crowd watched me perform this little impromptu proctology, then felt the pop as the shit slipped past critical mass, and stood up a little as I kept pulling, and this poop kept coming. I bent over and my face contorted in pain, then orgasmic relief, as I finally pulled the end of the shit right out of my sore ass and it slapped against the back of the seat, then into the pot. "Mmmmmmwwwwaaahhh!" I gasped and heard some applause and then sat back down and a little semi-solid squirt plooped out. I wiped, one or two passes only, then flushed, washed and ran as soon as possible, not eager to discuss the results of my bowel movements with any onlookers.
I don't normally think about this kind of thing, and it was such an abnormal experience, but I had this dream a few months ago that I was watching Joaquin Phoenix taking a shit and man, it really turned me on, I don't know why. I mean, I love the man and I think he's the hottest thing around, but why did I dream that, of all things?

I never get posted so i'd be suprised if you get to read this. I'm an australian bloke who loves a good s!%@ my fav is to go swimming at a beach or river and skinny dip and go about my body functions as i need to. I love it when there other people around and you go when you know your being watched. Naughty huh? P.s this site rocks.

Hey everybody, it's been a while. I only came back because I have an interesting story from yesterday to tell.

As you may remember, when I last posted I mentioned that I started dating a girl and that she was cool about my bathroom fascination, and was even willing to let me watch her go. Since then, I have taken every opportunity I've had to join her in the bathroom, but until yesterday, this only happened at home. My girlfriend had taken a sick day at work and I asked her to go with me to my school because I needed to get my books for my classes and I couldn't carry them all by myself. The school I go to is a big university in my home town of Chicago, with small campuses scattered about, but the two big ones where I'll be taking classes are in the inner city. Since I have classes in both the loop and lincoln park campuses, I needed to go to both bookstores. Anyway, We went to the loop bookstore first, got some lunch, and just as we were leaving the building, my girlfriend said she needed to poop. Well I was disappointed, because she had often told me that she had her real big solid poops when she was at work, which was why I always missed them, and I knew that it was about that time of day and that I couldn't go in the bathroom with her. I started thinking out loud, "maybe we can find a unisex..." and just as I started to tell her to wait until we got to lincoln park, she said "No, I have to go NOW" So we went back inside and towards the bathrooms in the lower level of that building. Now I may be a new student, but I've been to several campus buildings and seen many bathrooms, including ones in the upper levels of this particular building, but never had I noticed what I was about to see. As we walked down the hall to get to the bathrooms, I noticed it was secluded, and thought perhaps I could get away with sneaking in the bathroom with her. but then she pointed out a large security camera just outside the women's bathroom. But the shocking thing was at the door: there was a card swipe and a sign that said "use student ID to enter" I looked around the corner at the mens' bathroom, and it had the same thing. We weren't sure if my card would only work on the men's or in both, but I now knew how I could get what I wanted. I swiped my ID and opened the men's room door. "Just come in here with me." She protested at first, but then realized there was no other option in her desperation and ran in. We went in the handicapped stall at the end and she pulled her pants down. She hovered over the seat, and I said "Oh good, now I can get a better view" As I put my face right by her butt, she said "no, it's gonna be diarrhea and it's going to splash everywhere. I quickly backed away, and then there was an explosion of soft chunky poop that splashed toilet water everywhere. She continued pooping for a good five or ten minutes. After a while, I went in the stall next to her to pee but still see her partially. It was so cute, after she finally gave up squatting and just sat on the seat, her feet didn't make it all the way to the ground, only her toes (she's 5'1"). Anyway, having known my history from high school, she said "don't stand on the toilet and look over the stall" and I said "oh my god, thank you for reminding me" So I climbed up and looked over the stall to get a bird's eye view of her on the toilet. She said "that's so creepy!" but was laughing hysterically at the same time. I quickly got down and peed, and after she cleaned up and flushed we snuck back out without anyone noticing. Out of curiosity, I swiped my card at the women's bathroom door, and it didn't work. I went back to the men's to make sure I was swiping it correctly, and it opened, but on the womens the light just lit up where it said "denied" I was so shocked. I couldn't believe that they would actually go to the trouble of programming the gender into the ID card. Not to mention the fact that you have to swipe to get in the bathroom at all.

Hello All,
We have been getting wind and rains from hurricane Ernesto today but that didn't stop me from running outside to the ravine behind my apartment boyfriend and a few of our friends are over at my place waiting out the storm and we all had a group pee in the was that exhilirating!!!!

I'm dripping wet right now so I'm going to dry off but wanted to share this story with you all.........Cheers Nancy

Last weekend my co-worker Paula invited me and three other ladies from work to spend the weekend at her summerhouse. Early on Saturday morning we all 5 ladies packed in Paula's car and after about 2 hours driving we were at the destination. It was rather large house, made of timber. There was electricity but no sewerage systems which meant that there was no bathroom. We must do our business in outhouse which was situated in the backyard near the wood. During the day we all made trips to the outhouse, but nobody stayed longer than just minute or two so all visits must been just quick peeing trips.
Later in the afternoon I felt need to pass some gas and have my bowel movement. As I walked towards the outhouse I let out some silent farts. To my surprise outhouse's door was bolted. There was Jenna. "Wait one moment, I am almost finished", she said. Jenna was clearly youngest of our crew, she was just her early twenties. We started talking. Jenna told that she hadn't used outhouse since her early teens. Her voice was a bit strained and I assumed that she was taking a dump. Just then I heard a nice thud and she started pulling out toilet paper. She wiped only once and came out. "Your turn", she said and smiled. I went in but before I sat down I took a look at Jenna's droppings. I could see three fresh and firm, light brown logs lying on the top of poop pile. Piece of toilet paper covered them partly but biggest log must been over 10 inches long. The other two were about 4-5 inches of each.
I sat down and peed a little. Then I leaned forward and rest my elbows on my knees. My butt hole dilated and I could feel tip of turd emerging out. With little effort it started sliding out. Texture of it was rather soft and it broke off four times. Each piece fell down with dull thud.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Hi there, I have some questions for the ladies:

1) How do you sit when you poop? Do you lean forward/close your legs? Do you sit on tip toes? Is there a particular way that you sit when you have a bad stomachache or when you are constipated? Do you hold your stomach?

2) Describe how you wipe after you poop and pee..front or back? Do you bunch up the toilet paper or fold it? Do you wipe standing up or sitting down?

3) Do you grunt or moan when you poop?

4) Do you notice the same pooping habits with your family or friends?

I've never seen a girl poop but I have heard some fart in the toilet...I have always been curious about their pooping habits. I do know they use a lot of toilet paper lol.

Yes,I am still around. I've been catching up with the posts lately, they're still great.

I have a story that happened a couple weeks ago when I was at the cottage with my family. My younger cousin and I were out at a raft in the middle of the lake swimming, and she told me she really needed to take a shit. The only way we had to get back to land was our canoe, but she didnt think she could wait. I told her to get in the water, pull down her bikini bottom, and just go. After much arguing she did so. She started to go and crapped about 4 huge turds, all of which sank to the bottom. Afterwards I peed while tanning on top of that same raft.

Question: why do some turds float and some sink??


Mr. Clogs
Sarah in Calgary: Not a problem, I did enjoy your non-period post about the indian cuisine you've had. Poor thing, I hope you get better, but these are cycles that many women go through, all in nature's plan. Take care and have a great week, keep those posts coming.

Gruntly Bogwell: Indeed a luky man to witness two beutiful African American women relieving themselves on the deer trail, by far the most entertaining post I read this far on this site! Thanks for every detail and characters, I bet they're lovely ladies.

Cute & Shy: Great posts, glad your back enjoyin' relaxin' this summer! Sorry to hear about you getting a zero on your final exam. Ridiculous for your teacher to do that, but as long as you passed the course that's all that matter. Take care and best to you this school year.

Take care ya'll and have a great week!

--Mr. Clogs

Punk Rock Girl
Mr Clogs - Thanks for the kind words! She's doing great now, thanks!

Some friends and I got into a discussion on why women should avoid wiping their ass from back to front, obviously to keep from getting shit on your vagina. This led to a discussion regarding how everyone wiped. I discovered that my method of wiping is, apparantly, pretty unusual.

After I dump a load, I stand up straight. I roll off some paper and form it into a ball, then shove it up between my buns and wipe. I do this until the paper is acceptably poop-free, usually two or three times. Then, even if it isn't necessary, I wipe once the same way with a wet wipe, which makes my ass feel nice and fresh and clean.

Most of my girlfriends lean forward on the toilet and wipe while still in a sitting position. I never did that, other than when I'm sick and am too weak to stand, or when I had a broken ankle.

So, how does everyone here wipe their ass after taking a dump? I guess you could call it a survey.



to start me out, let me tell you that i have NEVER had an accident before, during the day or night. Once i got pottytrained, i never had a problem controlling my bladder. In fact, my bladder is excelent, I've never been unable to hold it and had to go outdoors or anything. Pretty impresive huh? but last night, i had a first time experience.

Right before I went to bed, i kinda needed to pee but was too lazy to go. It wasn't bad, so i thought i'll just go later. Around midnight, i was really thirsty so i went to go get some water. I drained about 2 glasses. Now 4 hours later, around 4am (duh) my amazing bladder woke me up, and i realized how badly i needed to go. I lay there a while until I started to feel a little bit of pain down where i pee. I got up and was shocked to feel how full my bladder was, if i had let go surely i would have peed gallons right there at the foot of my bed. Now let me tell you wat i was wearing, being a swimmer and having swum almost all day i was just wearing a bikini swim suit and some old cut up navyblue PE sweats, that looked a little bit like those pants gypsies wear but they cut off really baggy at my knees. As I reached for my door to pull it open and run to the bathroom, I felt a squirt come out and my damn swimsuit did not soak it up but held it like a bowl and let it fall out and trickle down my leg. This really freaked me out because this has never really happened to me, letting out an invoulentary squirt. And i was sure that if i hadn't let my hand fly down to my crotch to stem the flow, i would have just peed there. Luckily, the bathrooom was just across the hall. I walked fast towards the bathroom, letting bits of pee drible down my leg. Once again, as i reached for the door handle to pull the door open, my bladder gave out! I started to just pee full on right outside the bathroom. Quickly i pulled down my pants, and then my swimsuit bottom. All the pee just poured out of my swimsuit, which was again not soaking most of it up but holding it like a bowl, and fell on the floor. Now remember, I'm STILL peeing, straight onto the floor, and a little on the back of my pants. Mostly out of shock, I just sat down on the toilet. Now listen to this, THE TOILET SEAT COVER WAS STILL ON! So i was peeing on the cover, not into the toilet! Quickly I got up, STILL PEEING, and opened the cover, the flow starting to lessen a little, and i peed a lot on the rim of the toilet, and a little into the toilet itself. When i finally finished I just sat there in shock, me?!?! have an accident?!?! how old was i, 4?!?! Oddly, i wasn't ashamed, embaressed or anything like that at all, just shocked. I also thought the feeling of peeing everywhere and the adrenaline was pretty cool, but shoved that thought out of my mind when I realized I know had a HUGE puddle of pee on the floor. Pee was everywhere, in my bathingsuit, on my sweats, on the toilet seet cover(which just trickeled down to the back of the toilet), and on the rim. Damn, i didn't know what to do. I ended up soaking my bathing suit and sweats in the sink and cleaning the bathroom up with a wet towel. After all this I just collapsed on my bed and fell asleep, still a little damp around my crotch and legs, which just went on my sheets.

After this, I don't really know what to think, my bladder was something i could control and now i don't know when i'll lose control and just have another accient. But, man was that an eventful night.

Linda from Australia here again. Ive been taking vitamin C tablets lately so Ive had no trouble pooping for over a week now. Ive also been going twice a day for the last week. Some interesting stories on the site today.

To Fat Woman: Have you been constipated lately? What about Nina? Yesterday my housemate took a dump about midday and one a few hours later. I know because I heard her spray air freshener. I'm not sure if she did a poo earlier in the morning because I was out. I'm wondering if she had trouble pooping at midday and thats why she had to go again a few hours later. I don't want to discuss it with her, as she isn't open about her pooping habits but I wish I could hear her grunting!! I couldn't listen in either as her brother is staying here and he is sleeping in the room next to her toilet - so I couldn't hide in there to listen.


Hello jj,

Why do the firefighters wait until the fire is over to pee in the bottles? Why don't the guys who have to pee ask another firefighter to temporarily take up hose duty while they pee in a bottle? The media wouldn't be able to see because the seats inside fire trucks are so high up.

It must be tough on the older firefighters because of prostate enlargement. They can't wait the way younger guys can. But, no firefighter should be forced to wait.

About a year ago, there was a major fire where I live. The next day, the firefighters were still pouring water on the hotspots. I don't recall seeing the red porta-potty.

I saw the red porta-potty at a first responder fair.

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