Mother of Twins
This happened when the boys were camping. We are seasonals there and i am very comfortable letting them ride their bikes around the camp.There was a creek behind our site and a pond not far from it,across the "wall" which serves as a dam to the pond.Them and the other seasonal kids go out every morning to catch frogs.I see them around noon for lunch.But Jake had a dark spot on his navy blue shorts around his butt when he showed up for lunch.I asked,"Did u poop in those shorts?" He said,"We had a poop contest with a boy named Scott." I then noticed Alex wasnt at the site. I asked where he was. he said,"Scotts beatin him up because he started to poop before he said go" so i changed Jake's shorts and put them in a market basket bag.I brought an extra pair of shorts&boxers for Alex.When i found him at the pond,he had a bloody nose,a busted lip and a black eye. I took him behind a tree to clean him up.I had brought a few wet rags to clean him with.I added his messed shorts to the bag.I asked the boys to take me to Scott's site. His grandma was sitting outside in a chair next to Scott.I said,"This is what your grandson did to my kids" I showed her Alex's face and then i threw the poopy clothes at her and i stormed off with the boys.I told them never to hang out with Scott again,and i could hear Grandma shouting at Scott,"ANOTHER POOP CONTEST AND THEN U BEAT UP SOMEONE?THATS IT U ARE GOING HOME TOMORROW,YOUNG MAN!and i heard her toss the bag at him.

Becky M
I can certainly relate to some of the diarrhea stories here. I have diarrhea all the time, and it usually takes me forever to go. To me, the worst is when I'm walking (quickly) to the bathroom at work, and a oblivious coworker stops me on my way. Sometimes I say I just got to stop at the ladies room, and of course dumb coworker says this will take just a minute!! Arghhh!! Of course, it's a little embarrassing to tell someone I am going to the rest room and reappear 30 minutes later! Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do about it either.

Keep the stories coming.


Well, after my girlfriend and her friend finished hanging out for the day, they had used up more than one roll of toilet paper. They were on their periods and were drinking so much water without flushing the toilet, I thought it would clog. We finally flushed it all and it didn't clog! We use Cottonelle paper and it seems to dissolve right away as soon as you drop it into the toilet. It was a 400 sheet roll. There was at least one tampon in the toilet also. I have flushed many wads of tissue before without a clog because we normally don't flush every time we pee to save water. The toilet also has a strong flush. I always have a plunger around just in case.

To ROBERT, BIG PHIL & DONNY: Thanks for the posts. I appreciate you sharing your stories. And please feel free to share more. I am very interested in the bathroom behavior of females since they seem to hide this from me along with other guys I know. More-so it seems pooping habits rather than peeing which it seems they are more open with sharing with others and not having to hide up any possible trace.

To BigPhil: Does Emma have loose bowels often at your house or were the turds she left behind always solid formed and long logs? Does she leave the logs because they didn't flush or you think she leaves them out of pride and in hopes you or someone else will discover and admire them or do you think they're left out of fear of flushing and because of the possibility that she may clog the toilet? Also, does she often or always go poop after eating? And how do you know she has I.B.S. ? Is it because she had told someone this or it just seems that way because of her frequent trips to the bathroom? Does she ever seem embarrassed by letting others know that she has just crapped? And does she try to hide it out of shame of guilt? Were you able to flush that huge turd of hers that was over a foot long? Also, can you describe in more detail the turd that she left (texture & consistency)?

To Robert: Did you hear you sister's friend flush the toilet or she just left it there without flushing? Also, have you ever experienced going in the bathroom any other times other than that one after her or one of your sister's other friends came out of it after taking a poo? Did you flush her turds and were they able to go down in one try? Also, can you describe in more detail the turd that she left?

To Donny: You are one lucky guy. How many times have you found turds in the bowel left from your sister's friends? And what's the biggest one you ever found? And did any of them ever give any indication that they had knowingly left it there?

I once slept over my friend's house in high school and in the morning I was watching sportscenter on espn with my friend and his brother when we heard his mom fart from down the hallway. We all looked at each other and then started laughing. Later on that morning, my friend went in the bathroom to sew a hole in his bathing suite which had a rip in it since my family had invited him and his whole family to go out on our boat later that day. I followed him to the bathroom as he went to get thread and a needle from above the cabinet over his sink. As we were walking towards the bathroom, we were passed by his mother (who had a really pretty face and was hot in high school as I've seen pictures of her yearbook photo, but has gotten really heavy over the years and developed a nice big butt with the same pretty face). I assumed she had just finished up in the bathroom and was leaving there since she was coming from that direction. As me and my friend entered the bathroom, we were overcome by the strong stench of her just-taken morning b.m. (which must have been the reason why she was farting earlier that morning). I'll never forget how strong the smell was. I remained in the bathroom as he continued to and eventually finished sewing his bathing suite. I remember looking at him and we both started cracking up because of how bad it smelled in there. I also remember looking in the toilet and seeing small brown flakes floating around. Ever since then, I could not get the visual out of my head every time I saw or looked at his mom. Everytime I spoke to hear, I would remember what I had witnessed in the toilet and that smell that she had left. It never left my mind and even today I still remember it. She was a Spanish teacher at her school and used to help me with my Spanish homework sometimes when I would be over my friend's house or on the phone with her and everytime I tried to study or learn, I would be distracted by the memories as my mind would wander back to that one morning when I had smelt and seen the remnants of her what must-have-been huge bowel movement.

Another time, I was playing basketball with my sister and her friend who were a couple years younger than me. I had just entered high school at the time and I noticed how my sister's friend kept fidgeting while trying to shoot. I could tell she was distracted by something and wanted to stop playing. When we went in the house, her father was already there to pick her up but she complained how she had to go the bathroom first. While she was in there for a good 10 or so minutes, maybe even more, my parents continued to talk with her father. I remember entering the bathroom out of curiosity after she had already came out and then left with her father. The smell of a recently-taken dump lingered in the air and floating in the water were a few small pieces along with some undigested lettuce or tomatoes from my mother's pasta sauce that we had all eaten earlier that night.

Those are the only two times that I can ever remember smelling a girl's poop after they had gone to the bathroom or witnessing their remains from after flushing. I have never heard a girl fart before or never seen an unflushed toilet left by a female. All my girlfriends have hidden this from me. I wish more girls would be open about their bathroom habits and not so inhibited.

Please share more stories if anyone else has any about their girlfriends or sister's friend or even female friends of their mother's regarding smells or evidence of a bowel movement that they left behind in the toilet. Appreciate it; & thanks to all those who share.

I must say, this site is hilarious! I love reading about other peoples' accidents because we all have had that one day we just couldn't make it to the bathroom in time and our underwear pays the price. I have had some messy bathroom accidents in my life (I'm 20 right now) and I'd love to share a few with you guys.

Back in 2nd grade, I still loved to play in the Playplaces at McDonalds. I would often play for about a half hour after I ate and then we would go home. Well I must have just had too much pop one day, because I had to pee really badly after about 5 minutes in there. I knew if I got out my mom would want us to go, so I waited until it was an absolute emergency. Pretty soon I knew I couldn't hold it much more and I started trying to get out. In what would prove to be my downfall, I ended up behind a really slow kid going through. The whole time my bladder was ready to burst and I started getting really scared. By the time I got to the slide, I was squirting pee in my pants! I slid down as fast as I could and then took off towards the bathroom. I only made it about a few feet before the dam burst. As I held my butt I could feel the pee totally soak my pants and start running down my legs. My mom was awesome and quickly whisked me out of there and drove me home to be changed. She told me about how she wet her pants when she was a kid too, but I was still mortified!

My most embarassing accident happened last summer though. I had just finished my freshman year of college and I got a summer job as a secretary at my dad's office. It was an easy job, but it required a little bit of a commute. I hated using the bathrooms at work, so I always waited until I got home later in the evening to go poop. Towards the last hour of work one day, I started to get bad warning farts, so I knew I would have to take a pretty big dump when I got home. Work ended and I quickly jumped in the car to drive home. All of the sudden in the middle of my drive, I got stuck in traffic! I started to panic a little, but I knew I could hold it for a while. Apparently, there was a big accident up ahead and it took forever to get past. By the time I got past it, I was starting to sweat. I could feel that my poop was ready to come out and I was really having to clench my butt to keep it in. I should have stopped, but I figured I only had 10 more minutes to go. Those last ten minutes my heart was racing as I realized I might poop myself for the first time since Kindergarten. I pulled up to my house with my hand firmly clamped on my butt and I slowly began to walk up the driveway. I realized my neighbors would have to be laughing if they saw a 19 year old girl desperately trying not to shit her dress slacks. I made it in the door and went straight towards the downstairs bathroom. I rounded the corner and someone was using it! I don't know if it was shock, but all of the sudden I couldn't hold it anymore. I let out a juicy fart and I could feel warm sticky poop start to push against my panties. I started pounding on the door and yelled "Hurry up, I'm starting to poop my pants". Then I heard my little brother laughing on the other side of the door. I cursed him and started running to our upstairs bathroom, fully aware that I wouldn't make it. By the time I made it to the stairs my panties were loaded. I duck waddled up the stairs as my brother came running out to see how badly his older sister had just messed herself. I couldn't believe it myself; I was 19 years old and I had just completely shit my pants. I got into the bathroom and locked the door. My heart was pounding and my body was shaking as I pealed my pants off my poopy ass. My pants were ok, but my underwear was another story. I looked the mirror and my light blue panties were almost all brown on the butt. I carefully pulled my shitty panties off and threw them away and then spent the next hour washing the remainder of my accident off my legs and ass. I am still absolutely humiliated about it to this day, but I have learned to laugh about it. My brother still calls me poopy pants and he bought me Depends as a gag gift last year.

Looking back on the whole situation, I have to wonder if other people had accidents during that traffic jam. I mean, almost all of us will occasionally wet or poop ourselves during adulthood! As embarassed as I am to have had an accident in my pants at age 19, I'm sure there are plenty of you out there who have soaked carseats or completely pooed yourself in your 20s, 30s, or even 40s. Haha, I'm sure it will happen again to me later in life! So don't be ashamed, tell your stories so we can all laugh together about our accidents!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

petite poopette
This will be my first post here. I must say I love this site!!!
I have a couple of things I want to post but first let me describe myself, I'm 18 black, native, and white mixed female, twin, (i'm a Few minutes older) 5'4'' 135 lbs:
1.) Last night I went poop for the first time at work, it was really late and I had been bursting for a poop all day. Being a cashier and having to stand on your feet all day for eight hours while having to go poop can be hard. It was hard and smelly, but rather small, which was strange because I hadn't been in nearly four days.
2.) I have grave's diease, or hyperthyroidism, which basically means my thyroid gland(the gland that controls your metabolism, hormones, etc. ) works overdrive. When i was 15, I wasn't diagnosed, so that whole entire summer, I had like a permanent diarrhea problem. Everything I ate digested soo quickly and literally went straight through me. Something as small as a bag a chips, or a little debbie cake sent me scrurrying to the toliet to poop. These poops were always runny, and wierd in texture,and color like baby poop. (one time my poop was pink, and orange) I was too embarassed to tell my mom and as a result spent the entire summer pooping like this up to eight times a day. I lost a lot of weight though. I had soo many accidents (pooping accidents) where I would fart and simutaniously(mispelled) shit myself, this went on until school started and I nearly fainted from dehydration.
3.) has anyone else experienced poop accidents from grave's diease or hypo-hyper thyroidism?
(most stories to come)

Reading these posts always seems to have a weird effect on me. I end up having to poop when I read these.I really would like it of I could poop in front of a guy one day or have him poop in front of me in wearing nothing but a pair of white tighty-whities. That would be soo hot. lol. I like reading posts about ppl who poop themselves on purpose. It feels really good especially if you haven't gone in a while. The first time I shit mysyself on purpose I was 15 at home alone. I went into the bathroom but not to use to toliet. I could have easily gone on the toliet but instead I experimented with something new and decided to just go in my pants. I had on loose fitting red jogging pants and tight panties. When I starting pushing I was nervous because it felt "wrong" in a good way. As the urge got more intense, I pushed and grunted softly feeling my poop push against the back of my panties. I pooped soo much that I was running out of room in my panties and the poop started curling up in to a ball, weighing down in my pants. Just before I was finishing doing my poop, I began peeing torents of pee on the floor. Then I finished up with my pooping. I touched the warm ball of poop and it felt sooooo good.

I also had this weird thing I did before I went to poop. I had to take off my socks and shoes before going. Does anyone have any strange things they do before using the bathroom?

Enema Boy
This is my 1st post. but many more will come. I am crazy of enemas they are really fun for me. here's what i do.
i get a tray and cover it with a towel.then i fill the enema bag with 75% hot water and 25% cold. then i take my pants off and lay on the tray.after that i insert the enema into my butt. then i release the lock and the warm water flows into my anus. i don't always hold it sometimes i let the water come out of my anus until i feel the turd then i take the enema out and push and "plop" the turd or turds shot out of my anus and get all over my thighs(i lay on the tray stomach down) it is so kool. some one should try it then write about what it was like.

Punk Rock Girl

Wanted to share a horrible story my girlfriend just told me recently. She broke up with a really bad guy a couple of years ago. I always suspected he was abusive to her, but she would never talk about it.

Well, she told me about one really bad incident that occurred while they were walking home from a bar. They were both drunk and got into a fight. He ended up punching her in the stomach so hard she vomited and shit her pants. When they finally got home, he helped her get cleaned up and was apologizing all over himself, and she forgave him!

She finally broke up with him when he threw an ashtray at her and knocked her out cold with it. I couldn't believe she put up with such abusive behavior for so long. Makes me happy to be with a great guy. I'm very lucky.

She's seeing a nice guy now. I'll take a shit in front of a guy, but if a guy hits me so hard I shit my pants? I'm outta there.



AJ :-)
Anny, here are some more movies and TV shows/commercials

First, the commercials (some go back a ways):

Those three male office-workers who address each other, enter the stalls (with doors) and sit down day after day to take a crap--purpose of the commercial is to show how this fiber makes people regular.

Some kind of commercial where a product that helps people get rid of gas (from either end) shows this guy sitting on a stool (not toilet stool but just like a bar stool) and pushing on his stomach while getting a look on his face as if he's trying to strain out a little intestinal gas. Then, he looks really relieved, meaning that the product--along with a little effort on his part--has made him successful in getting relief.

Back in the sixties, a cute, little boy who appears to be four or five years old is visiting a neighbor with his mom, and the two women are discussing his constipation, and the neighbor says that she has something that might prove to be helpful. The boy is given some of it (a liquid laxative), and it cuts to a scene where he looks much more comfortable, and his mother is thanking the neighbor for her help.

And, of course, there's the commercial with the woman who is always talking in public (addressing TV viewers) about her husband's constipation while he indicates that he wishes she wouldn't do that.

And how can we forget the line-dance where people go through various motions to show what all a well-known pink product is good for. The last motion is grabbing their bottoms while saying, "Diarrhea!"

TV shows--

Three's Company where Mr. Furley (played by adorable Don Knotts) comes over to talk to Janet, and they sit on the sofa together, and he tells her that he doesn't know what to say. I think that Janet tells him just to say what's on his mind, and he says something on the order of, "For one thing, I have gas." Then, you see him get this scrunched-up look on his face for a couple of seconds, after which he looks very relieved.

The Drew Carey Show where somebody has played a joke on him by making him a birthday cake made of soybeans. He really pigs out. Later, he's at this important meeting when things are starting to kick in, and you see him trying to finish his prepared speech while gripping the table with his hands to try to create pressure to keep it inside of him until he can get out of there. When he leaves, he backs out the door in order to get his butt out of the office first, since it's about to explode at any time.

Bart Simpson--when asked by his teacher to recite a favorite poem--comes up with:

Beans! Beans!
Musical fruit!
The more you eat,
The more you toot!

Then you see him about to strain one out, and the picture then flashes ahead to a few seconds later when the teacher kicks him out of the classroom.

Of course, Bevis & Butthead ALWAYS seemed to be pooping, passing gas, or both.

I missed the Newlyweds segment where Jessica had diarrhea and didn't realize that she had taken the microphone into the bathroom with her, but I hear that was a good one.

Oh yes! People on The Newlywed Game would occasionally refer to a spouse's bathroom habits.

I missed--but was, later, told about--a talk-show where spouses came on to complain about the things that their husbands/wives did that annoyed them. One of them talked about her her husband would make a food of himself dancing for two reasons: (1) He was a lousy dancer, and (2) He would break stinky wind while dancing.

He did a demonstration for the audience, and those in the front row were fanning the air and holding their noses.

One lady was talking about her date on Love Connection--how they were sitting in this nice restaurant, and he was massaging his stomach and passing gas (I guess to make room for the next course). Perhaps, he was trying to find out how she would respond. In this case, they went their separate ways, even though the studio audience had voted on their being a match. I think she thought that it was more like she needed a match to strike to get rid of the stink that he was producing.


The bunkhouse scene in Blazing Saddles, obviously.

Diarrhea scenes in Big Momma's House and Not Another Teen Movie

Of course, lots of cute baby scenes where the little one needs changing such as in Three Men And A Baby and Mr. Mom

Here's one from way back in 1969. It's about this whirlwind tour through Europe, and it was called something like If This Is Tuesday, We Must Be In Belgium.

The tour was in Italy at that time and, somehow, this one guy had gotten himself into this family's home, and the family thought that he was Mr. Right for one of their daughters.

They pampered him and fed him--and he was looking for a way to get out of there. They spoke very little English, and he spoke very little Italian. He got them to understand that he needed the bathroom, so they directed him to it.

Then, they all stood outside the door and got very quiet.

There was this bathtub tap making big dripping sounds, and the family seemed to think that he was either peeing very slowly or else was a little constipated and was only able to pass small pieces of poop at a time.

You hear this kind of "Plip!" coming from the bathroom followed by the family looking at each other and murmuring something.

Meanwhile, the man was in there plotting his escape and managed to get a window open quietly and climb out.

Oh yes! How can I forget how Mozart presented this composition he'd written but another composer had been given credit for!?! He played it very nicely until right at the end when he raised up his butt and let out a long, loud one!

Here's a little something extra in the way of bathroom sounds coming from a radio. When I was in college, I was listening to my favorite country station at the time when there is this kind of squeaky sound, and the DJ said, "Oh excuse me, but I feel so much better now!"

Someone else who listened to the same station wasn't surprised, because she'd heard a kind of blat sound from him on more than one occasion, after which he's say, "Excuse us!"

Dear Kareen, us guys like to do the final 2-3 squirt thing. We shut off the flow before the bladder is totally empty, then push down and at the same time we relax the bladder. Sometimes I will do a whole pee this way, 20-30 big squirts. It has the benefit of exercising those muscles and then U can do a forceful squirt. The bladder is a muscular organ and it responds to exercise like that. It isn't as easy to do if we are sitting down. I have never heard a girl or woman do it but I bet they could with practice. The woman upstairs in my apartment I can hear perfectly every time she pees and I listen to her taper off, then wipe. I can even hear her dripping into the toilet and I can tell when she is changing a tampon, she will wipe 6-7 times to get really clean after pulling it out. And of course I can hear her doing klinkers too. She will usually do 4 klinkers, sit for a while to see if there's any more and then wipe. The toilet seat sticks to her bottom so when she gets up the seat bangs down. I am sure she can hear me, too. When girls/women use my toilet they probably put their fingers down on the seat when they are getting up to avoid that bang cuz I never hear them bang the seat down.

umm, well i am very intersested in peeing, i have never really had an accident or have i ever seen one, but i would like too!

and i am also holding my pee to see how long i can hold it, i am getting very desperate

atto r

white chicks is another movie with a huge bathroom and farting scene. one of the guys disgues as a white chick is latose intorelate he doent know it but he eats chese , then he rushes off to teh womens bathrooms and craps like mad!!!! u gotta watch the movie it is soooooo funny! i have it on dvd

Hey guys, long time no post. Glad to see everyone's poops have been fruitful.

Sarah in Calgary--I hardly have to say it this time but I really enjoyed reading your story. If you have another accident (or know of one happening) post it here!

Freshly Squeezed Orange--Welcome, I love your name. Please stay and post more stories about accidents.

Gary--I was a little confused by your story at the end but I liked the gist. If your teacher or girlfriend have any other accident incidents, then please post!

The Nature Boy
A big THANK YOU to the poster that reccomended checking out "YouTube!" Though if you're on dial-up like me it can be a very drawn-out process...!

I don't know if anyone's mentioned this or not, but there's a show on cable (HBO I think) called "Weeds." I saw a clip of a scene where a mother replaces her slightly overweight daughter's chocolate stash with laxatives, and the girl craps herself at school. She learns what her mom did when she hears her parents fighting over it. The girl gets revenge though. Apparently this cruel mother's favorite brand of diet pill looks a whole lot like Immodium A-D! There's a bit with the very constipated mother at the end, but the funniest part is before that when the mom and dad are talking, and he thinks it's karma that she get constipated for making their daughter poop her pants.

Mom: f*#$! you and your "karma."
Dad: All right, fine. S&*$ on my theory. Oh wait - you CAN'T!!!

Heh, funny stuff...

pee ninja
At Best Buy Today As I Was Entering I Saw A Woman With A Boy And A Girl Leaving. The Girl Had A Wet Stain That Had Spread Across The Front Of Her Crotchso I Looked Back As They Passed And Sure Enough There Was A Big Wet Spot On The Seat Of Her Jeans. It Looked As If She Peed Herself While Squating Down In The Store. Not Bad For My First Accident Sighting

When you have been holding your pee a very long time and then finally let it out, toward the end you can get a long, slow stream for a few seconds. This is urine coming out directly from the kidneys into the bladder through the ureters. When you hold it for a very long time, pressure backs up into the ureters and they can bulge and the kidney also bulges a little, so all that pee has to drain out of the kidneys. It isn't good to hold it to this point.

Mr. Clogs
Mother of Twins: Not a problem,s it's hard to raise children as a single parent espcially when it comes to boys. Hoped my advice helped. Happy peeing and pooping to ya!

Sarah in Calgary: Poor thing, although it was a embarrassing situtation but interesting one. I bet you had a time to clean up the mess. Great story and thanks for posting.

Crap Master: Dude your a lucky guy to have such a sweet girlfriend, indeed sweet to hear the sound of her peeing. Cool!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

have posted a couple of times before but havent seen any of my stories up here! oh well. i remember one of my sister's friends emma pooping round our house once, she had i.b.s and this one time she went into the bathroom while my sis was listening to music. i stood outside and listened to emma as she grunted and shifted on the loo. a while later when she'd finished i went into the bathroom and found an enormous turd in the bowl swamped in toilet roll, it was huge definitely over a ft long and smelly too!!!

I never need to go poo in public toilets, only once when I was in Yr 3.
I was walking around in the play ground and i felt the need to poo.
I thought i shouldn`t it or an I`ll have a accident in the classroom
(I`m not used holding poos I hold it for very long) so went and did a normal poo!

When I was little I was doing whatever I was doing and I just kept playing when I got the urge. I was fine with peeing coz i knew how to hold it. so I`ve had a few poo accidents at home (when Iwas little)
and somtimes i`d get skidmarks on my pants.

I would like to see some more pee accident stories plz.

I remember in preschool, on my first day it was the first day away from my mum. I must of been nervous or somthing coz I peed my pants heaps that day.

To Mike:

I have had a few experiences with my sister's friends pooping at our house. 2-3 times a week, my sister will have a friend over, but usually neither of them have to poop.

I remember last week, I saw my sister's friend leaving the bathroom, so I continued back to my room. After a few minutes, when the coast was clear, I went into the bathroom.

The bathroom was not too smelly, but she certainly had taken a fulfilling dump. In the toilet was a slender but long turd, coiled up with another foot long turd in one corner of the bowl and a much longer turd snaking around the bend. It must not have been very messy as there was only 3 wads of toilet paper in the toilet.

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