Sarah in Calgary
It's been quite a while since I last posted, but I have enjoyed reading everyone's stories.

Until last month I have gone quite a while without many major incidents with having the runs just before my period starts, or even during my period.

Last month I was working out at the gym I recently joined. I was in a step aerobics class and was wearing my workout clothes which consisted of a light grey sports top and matching spandex boy-style shorts. My period was due to start in a day or two and I wasn't feeling that great, but I decided to do the step class anyway. I always wear bikini style panties under my workout bottoms because I like the security if anything should happen or if my period were to start early, the panties would soak up any minor leaks. Also, I think it helps because I don't feel like I am showing off anything too much.

I was in the second last row near the end of the row I was in on the opposite side of the door. I always thought that your bodily functions pretty much shut down when you were exercising, but on this day that was not the case for me. As the class got going I started feeling sick, but I tried the best I could to keep up with the class. Suddenly a cramp hit me and I could feel my bowels want to push out a fart. When I farted it was wet and I could feel the wetness between my butt cheeks and start soaking into my panties. Then the worst thing happened. I tried to hold on with all my power and clench my butt cheeks together, but it was no use. We were doing this side to side motion on and off the step and I could not keep my butt cheeks clenched. Very slowly at first my body started pushing out runny diarrhea into my panties and workout shorts. I could not believe it. I heard the lady behind me gasp as she saw what was happening to me. The diarrhea pushed its way into my crotch with all the moving around I was doing. I finally decided to stop working out and gathered my hand towel and water bottle. When I bent over to pick everything up more diarrhea came out. It was very soft and wet this time which was unfortunate for me because it was really obvious that I was sick and had a major accident in my workout shorts. I hurried myself out of the class room and got all kinds of weird looks from everyone in the class, which were mostly women. I looked in the mirror on my way out and I could see that I had stained through the front of my shorts in the crotch area, but the back of my shorts and inside my thighs were a disaster. I rushed into the change room and got my clothes and bag out of my locker and went into one of the toilet stalls. I wasn't quite sure what to do. I didn't want to spend an hour in the showers at the gym, so I put my jeans on over my workout shorts and hurried out to my car. I put my towel on the car seat. When I sat down I could feel everything ooze down my legs and up my back a little bit. As I was driving I realized that I had to go to my friend Melanie's house to check on things for her as she was out of town. By the time I finally got home, I was in my soiled panties, workout shorts and jeans for about two hours since traffic was very bad that day.

This past week I have had a little bit of the runs as well, but not nearly as bad as what happened to me last month at the gym. I have mostly been dealing with wet farts and have soiled a few pairs of panties at work, but nothing that I wasn't able to clean up. One day however, I sneezed and diarrhea shot out into my panties. I quickly and carefully got up and went to the ladies room with my purse in hand. I pulled down my pants and panties to assess the damage. The mess was pretty bad, so I cleaned myself up as much as I could and looked in my purse for a maxi pad to put on as I have done in the past when accidents occur. To my horror I was all out. I decided to try putting some toilet paper in my panties to help soak up the mess and to have some protection incase I didn't make it to the ladies room again. I took a long roll of the toilet paper roll and wrapped the crotch area of my panties and pulled them back up after I cleaned myself up. In the absence of a maxi pad, this worked quite well. Later on that day I had another incident while I was out walking around during my lunch break. I had to clean myself up again, toss the soiled toilet paper and re-apply more to my panties. The toilet paper kinda stuck to me a little bit which was uncomfortable. Unfortunately where I work there are no drug stores and I didn't have time to go to one to by some pads.

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed my stories. I will post more as they happen.

Sarah in Calgary.

Freshly squeezed orange!!
Hi guys! Im new to the website. I dont know if theres somethign wrong with me but If I get the need to go I have about 10 minutes to get to a toilet or im in trouble. I live bymyself in an appartment in new ulm. I often wear diapers when im home so i dont need to rush to the bathroom so often (and I kinda get a thrill when im about to do something in my pants lol) but never in public. But anyways now to the stories. It didnt happen to long ago, I was with a few friends at a mall in a near by town and we all had alot to eat and alot to drink. And right when we entered a store, the place was huge and new and we couldnt find anything, and right when we decided we had no idea where we were I got the feeling, I had to pee and poop and I had to go soon. We had no Idea where we were and we couldnt find anyone to ask where the toilets are. Soon my best friend needed to go and we were both desprate! I decided I wasnt going to make it and well I went to a partly deserted part of the store and well I didnt really have time to get my pants down and well I ended up just quickly leaning up agianst a wall as I pissed myself. I got distracted by my peeing myself that I forgot that I had to poop badly and well I pooped my pants and pooped them good, I had silky white panties on and well I pooped so much that it started coming out of the top of my pants!! It didnt smell all to bad though. My friend got scared by my little accident and down right peed herself to. She had a skirt on so it just came right out. I prolly should have worn one to. About 2 minutes later she said she had to stop and poop before she did that in her pants to. We managed to find the toilets before she did it in her pants. My accident showed and there was a huge balge in the back of my pants but we left right after that anyways so it wasnt a huge deal! Im lookin forward to addin more stories soon! bubye!

Hello All!!!!

It has been waaaay too long since I have posted but so much has been going on..........I have a poop story to share but first a little background info :

My apartment complex has a ravine out back which I use quite often for boyfriend and other friends of mine do now too when they are over. The bathroom door in my apartment never closed right and I don't see the need to fix it since I live alone and never close the door anyway.

Poop Story:

The other night my honey came over for our movie and popcorn night......I was having one of those difficult poops and invited him into the bathroom with me to help. I decided since it was hot and humid out and I was going to work up a sweat anyway that I would poop in the nude. My honey of course had no objections :o) I got right down to business so to speak...............I peed for about 15 sec then leaned forward and started grunting.........after 5 min of I rest and we talk for about 10 min then I start to grunt again...another 5 min...nothing but a my sweetie said he would try and rub my t??? to see if that would he was doing that I felt my bowels stirring.....I let out a couple more farts then grunted and pushed really hard.....I managed to get some out finally!!!! I told him to keep rubbing and after about 10 more min the last piece came this time I was just exhausted so I rested on the toilet for a bit while my honey got our popcorn ready.....after 15 min I wiped, flushed, washed my hands and came out..................I was so tired from my ordeal that I fell asleep halfway through the movie.............LOL

It is good to be back!!!!! Cheers Nancy :o)

Diva, i love all your post! please post more of them!! i really injoy reading them! and if anyone has and stories about peeing their pants or comming close to it and being very desoerate please share your stories too! we need more pee stories!! thanks!

To Lisa: I'm curious. You said trying to pee slowly got to be too painful but can you be more specific?? Painful where, and what was causing that??

ok when my part time boyfriend takes a pee (we are not bathroom shy around each other) i could not help to notice that after his stream ends there are always 2 or 3 strong extra shots of pee produced which I think is at his command but my system does not do that no matter how hard i have tried to push. I just kind of dribble to an end and that is it; all empty. Anyone know if we are both normal or how does he do that it's really kind of cool and ok I guess I'm kind of weird but I do have I'm told an amazing body so that has to make up for it.

Good afternoon--hot here. This is the first time I have posted twice in a day. Something happened at church today. As I have said, my bowel movements since my surgery have been soft, both because of medications and because I have to drink so much water, thus softening the stool. While the size and length are normal, the texture is not the hard, solid log I was used to doing. This makes it difficult to wipe up afterwards. My first movement this morning was at home, several nice-sized turds, but it did take some wiping. As always at home, I finished up by putting some Noxzema on the last set of toilet paper and wiping thoroughly with that, including up the anal canal. When that paper is white or very light brown after use, I know that I am clean, and I feel clean. Later, at church, I had to defecate again (not unusual for me, especially after a big evening meal the night before). It was, as I expected, soft but well formed, unusually dark this time, possibly due to either some dark barbecue sauce or a couple of Oreo cookies that I ate for dessert. I knew I was in trouble with the first wipe, which showed that a nugget of poop had stuck to my anus. Several wipes later, I knew I was not fully clean, but it was as good as that paper was going to do, and I needed to get back to the sanctuary, since the service would start in a few minutes. About a third of the way through the service, my bottom began to itch. It got worse for a while, then slacked off; I did not scratch. Afterwards, I drove home, undressed to change to outdoor-work clothes, and went into the bathroom to finish wiping. First wipe: surprisingly dark-brown stain, so I folded the paper again, put it under the tap, and drizzled a little water on it before using it again to wipe. Then I got another 3 sheets of t.p., folded them, and wiped again; the stain was much less, so I folded the t.p. pad again, put Noxzema on it, and wiped thoroughly. Finally--relief! The paper showed only the slightest tint, and my rear area felt clean.
I certainly do not regret the amount of water I must drink, in spite of the complications with my softer pooping and more frequent urination; if it keeps me from having more kidney stones, it is worth it.
Happy pooping, everyone!

John from Houston
One of the benefits I receive from visiting this forum is that I am not alone. Since I was diagnosed with IBS, I have had some difficult times and some embarrassing accidents. The only wish I have is that someone could start a forum where we could post on subjects like we do for television programs. Another result of this condition is that am acutely aware of my body and its functions. In the past, I would just sit and deliver what was inside. Now I am aware of all the contractions of my colon and the feelings that I have when I need to go.

Enough ranting! Here is my story. Recently I had to have a colonostomy to see if I had a physical reason for the IBS. This required taking 24 pills over a two hour period to start the colon cleansing. I left work at 4:00 PM and started the first four pills as I started home. Every fifteen minutes I took four more pills. The doctor warned me that I should start cleansing in about an hour. Nor worry, it is only 30 minutes to the house.

Of course, I hit a huge traffic jam and at one hour and fifteen minutes, I was still about three miles from home and having some serious cramps. If you have ever taken this treatment, you know it causes the colon to empty itself and you have no control over the process.

I just barely made it to the house and headed for the commode. This time it was solid and not too much volume. My wife has incontinentance problems and I borrowed one of her "Depends" in case of emergency. I then proceeded to fall asleep in the recliner.

An hour later I was woke up by severe cramps.. I knew I had seconds to make the long walk down the hall. Wearing only the diaper, I tried to make the trip while clenching my rear as tight as I could. I just got to the bathroom when I felt everything inside come out.

I did not have time to remove the diaper so I squatted over the toilet. When my rear opened, I must have passed a full quart of pure brown liquid. It ran out the sides of the diaper and out of the top in back. Fortunately, most hit toe toilet. When the wave passed, I removed the diaper and put it in a plastic bag. I sat on the commode for a few minutes and nothing happened.

I got up and climbed into the shower to clean the horrible brown mess. As soon as I turned on the water, another wave hit me, causing me to double over with cramps. I passed almost as much this time as I did in the diaper. I just turned my but to the drain and let it rip. Somehow, this is a strangely satisfying feeling. From a huge cramp to the liquid release.

Anyway, I had two more bouts which made it into the proper receptacle and I was ready for my test. The doctor said I was completely clean.

Has anyone else had experience with colon cleansing?

desperate to poop
Red Head Michelle great story! Thanks for the compliments I love your stories and we do seem to end up in similiar situations.

Well i'm off travelling for 5 months so won't be checking out this site that often. But I do have a Majorca desperation holiday story for you all.

My girlfriend and I went to Majorca with a few friends prior to our big trip round the world. The one evening we shared a paella which turned out either to be bad or didn't agree with us!

The next morning my ??y didn't feel great but I couldn't poop. My girlfriends didn't either but none the less we headed off to the beach which is literally on the doorstep of the hotel. About half hour after being on the beach I suddenly had a really severe urge to poop and a soft poop. I said to my G/F I've gotta go and she said me to and quickly. We rushed off to the ladies toilets which thankfully were nearby. Unfortunately when we got there the three cucibles were all taken and one girl was waiting in line. Thankfully one toilet became free and the girl about 19 went in and began POOPING!!! It now seemed all 3 were pooping. The 19 yr old was non stop soft serve, cucible two was grunting and straining and cucible 3 was doing big plops at regular intervals. By now I was very very desperate and clutching my cheeks and doubling over. My G/F was also doing her poo poo dance. Quite often we share a cucible and whilst not ideal for these circumstances we agreed we might have to share. A lady came in behind and seeing us two waiting left probably to find another toilet. We were too desperate to be able to walk anywhere.

We waited for a good ten minutes which was agony. Finally the end stall became free and just as we were about to share cucible two also became free. We both dashed into our sep cucibles rippped our bikini's off and let loose with diarreoh/soft serve. We were non-stop for twenty minutes. Finally I felt finished wiped up and left, I waited for my G/F who was finished five minutes later.

In the end between us we rushed back and forth about six times to have diarreoh attacks. Luckily neither of us had to wait as long again. We def stunk the bathroom up though and on one occasion I shat on a huge log already in there and left without flushing. What a state the toilet was in.

Being on the beech I also did a few sea pee's which was nice and also one behind a dune, but I don't poop in the water.

Anny I don't understand because you first talked of your problem and asked if you should see a doctor and then in your question 2 said you had several medical tests; so you obviously had to have already seen a doctor. Perhaps you need to add some roughage to your diet on a regular basis as you know what they say; you are what you eat and it also sounds like you should totally leave out the dary products. Cow milk is one of the most un-natural things for the human body to digest. It does not always do a body good as the dairy association would have you believe.

Mother of Twins
Mr.Clogs,Donny,a mother too and others-thanks for the help,but the boys are now telling me when the need to pee,so i dont need to determine anything One time i took Jake and Alex to a Lowell devils hockey game.They each had 2 medium drinks and a hotdog I asked them if they needed to go pee.I told them it was a long ride back to new hampshire,but neither of them did.about an hour into our drive,jake said he had to pee badly.I told him he had to wait and why didnt u go at the game.He replied "i dont like the girls room,i like standers"(his term for urinal)So i drove on and Alex whispered to Jake,"i needa pee bad too"so i looked thru my mirror and saw tht they were in desperation.So i pulled over behind a dumpster at a preschool/daycare place. Jake practically kicked me in the face trying to get out of the car.when he got out,he didnt go behind the dumpster.He pulled down his shorts and peed right there.So any1 driving by could see him.Alex,who is a bit more shy about these things,went behind the dumpster.When we got home,they both took monster poos from the hot dogs!

Crap Master
Hi all.
I just recently found a new girl, and we're really hitting it off quite well.
Unfortunately, its a long distance relationship, but when we're on the phone, and she has to go to the bathroom, she takes me along with her. And more recently, she puts the phone down between her legs so I can hear her pee flowing into the bowl. Its really sweet!
I asked her about her poops, and she says she makes long ones, sometimes plugging the toilet. She told me that she even has coiled a log around the bowl. I totally can't wait to witness this one day. I hope she'll be as open with me in person as she has been on the phone.

That's all for now.

Good morning--warm here. A few days ago I went on an errand; on the way I had lunch at a mall and had to use the men's room. I chose the middle stall, dropped pants, and sat. I had a bit of gas and was able to fart quite loudly into the bowl just as a man entered the one to my right. The partition had a small gap, and the back wall was reflective, so I was able to see a shadowy image as he sat well forward and even leaned forward, so that his bottom was well above the seat. A brief pause, then came the dark shape of his first turd, which looked perhaps 5" long. It dropped without a sound, perhaps hitting the porcelain since he was seated so far forward. Two more turds followed, possibly 4" each; then nothing for about a minute. I expected he was done, since that was already a respectable bowel movement. Then he began again, sending out a much longer piece, maybe 8-9"; after that came two more, at least 6" and 5"; then he wiped, but not before he had expelled nearly a yard of poop. The toilet flushed automatically. Meanwhile, another person had come in on my left, farting softly. He, too, sat fairly well forward, but I saw nothing emerge. He wiped, got up, and left, but his toilet didn't automatically flush, so when he was out of the bathroom I quickly switched stalls to look at what he might have left. Under the toilet paper were two turds, dark, smooth, and not very big, maybe 2" and 5" in length. A nice sighting.
My own poops have been normal for me right now--soft but well formed, mostly once or twice a day. One day last week I had a good 14" turd that I was able to expel to its full length by sitting on the rim, waiting until the feeling of fullness was acute, then pushing hard all at once. Mostly lately it comes out as several shorter ones, however.
Happy pooping, everyone!

Just so you know my friend and I were 16 at the time this happened...
One time, when I my friend and I were walking home from wendy's I noticed that my friend was kind of wiggling around. So I asked her "are you okay" and she said "I'm okay, I just really have to go pee..."! Well about 5 minutes after that she suddenly cried out "Oh god, I'm gonna have to go pee right here!" then pee started streaming down her legs and soon she was surrounded by a big puddle of pee! Then we both started laughing and I laughed so freakin' hard that I peed my pants!

Hello my fellow toileteers, its Anny back after a few days of not posting. I thought of a couple more stories I forgot about hehe :D

One time, about 6 years ago, way back before my husband and I met, my husband had a really embarrassing, but later funny experience. He drank too much one night, and he doesnt drink much at all, but this time it was over jealousy over a girl he liked, and he ended up drinking most of a bottle of Bacardi. He had to go to work that night and I guess if you combine alcohol in your system with exercise it gets the nausea, etc started. He got to work, and told a friend of his that he was intoxicated and not feeling well, then threw up everywhere. Long story short, he had to pee later, and he had to keep one hand on the wall to stabilize himself and he lost his balance falling, and breaking the handle on the toilet right off!! What a disaster! Needless to say his boss wasnt pleased at all. He never drank ever again, due to that embarrassing experience, but he laughs at it now, so thats good lol :D

One more story: Two days after my mom had my sister, who is turning 10 this year, my mom had an accident. She said she could not feel that she had to pee, and ended up wetting her pants all over the carpet :O I was shocked, but sympathetic and told her its no big deal, everyone has accidents.

I love this site! So many great stories :-D On page 600, I think there was a guy named Huey who was making fun of the girl who had the accident. That really is low of you to make fun of her, seeing as the key word is "accident" meaning she didnt mean to cause any damage to the car. No one deserves to be treated like that, and making her feel worse by yelling at her, making fun of her and generally treating her like dirt proves you to be very unkind. Having an accident is a really embarrassing thing that happens to just about everybody, and ridiculing someone else and making them feel worse is just low. How would you like it if you were in the same situation as her? You would have felt just as embarrassed, so next time consider someone else other than yourself and treat people with more dignity because there is no need for the way you treated that poor girl.

Keep the great stories coming :D

Take care my fellow toileteers!

xo Anny

Here is a list of movies and shows I have seen that involved the bathroom or farting:

1. The Amanda Show---There was one skit where Amanda and I think Drake are dressed up like different people or something, and then they are sitting in a restaurant having champagne or something. Amanda mentions she needs the bathroom, and Drake says "So go." Amanda does not get up, but instead she remained where she was and then suddenly a very relieved expression crossed her face. Drake said "I thought you had to use the bathroom." Amanda said "I just did." It portrayed her wetting herself in public, which was interesting. The skit was pretty funny! lol

2. Harold & Kumar---The "taco shits" scene with the British Princeton students, which was hilarious!! The guys were hiding from an officer in the ladies room where the so-called "diarrhea bombshell twins" came in, affected by how fast the mexican food had hit their system and then they decided to play an old camp game called "battle shits", which resulted in the guys being totally grossed out lol. Very funny scene! lol

3. The Hot Chick---Two peeing scenes and one scene of Matthew Lawrence sitting on the toilet. The first peeing scene was when Rob Scneider as "Jessica" sat down to pee, where he discovers he is a man in a womans body. lol! Then the second one was where he was in the bar or club and he said he needs to visit the ladies room or he will wet his panties. When the guy looked at him funny, he said "What? You dont pee in your girlfriends panties?" then went to the bathroom where he had shyness issues and problems aiming lol. Then the bathroom stall scene with Matthew Lawrence where I guess he was pooping and he had his privacy invaded by Rob Schneider. Also there was the farting scene where Jessicas dad lets one go and Rob Schneider gets grossed out and says "El stinko de mayo". lmao!

4. Mrs. Doubtfire--Where Robin Williams is as "Mrs. Doubtfire" and Matthew Lawrence walks in on him accidentally while Mrs. Doubtfire is peeing standing up. lol

5. National Lampoons Van Wilder--Very graphic scene where Tara Reid slips alot of laxative into her bfs shake and he gets the urge to poop during an exam, complete with very gross sounding stomach rumbling and loud farts. When meeting with representatives from other colleges he cant hold it anymore and poops in the garbage can! lmao

6. Boys and Girls--The very end of the movie with the bloopers or outtakes where Jason Biggs is trying on cheetah-print boxers and he is in the supermodels changing room, where they are all farting, and they want him to fart, and after some hesitation, he closes his eyes and lets rip with an obnoxiously long and loud fart. lmao!

7. American Pie---The pooping scene after Finch runs to the bathroom upon having a laxative slipped into his mochachino.

8. American Pie 2--Where one of the MILF guys, played by John Cho had to pee so bad, he peed over the side of the balcony and it lands on the rude obnoxious guys head. Yech! haha

Cant think of anymore pooping, peeing or farting scenes in movies or shows. Feel free to add to the list! hehe

Oh yeah, there are a couple of celebrity peeing, pooping and farting incidents:

1. Once, Much Music vj Rick Campanelli claimed he was talking excitedly to a celebrity during an on-screen interview and he accidentally ripped a really loud fart, but no one but him noticed. He said his face went bright red though, so luckily it wasnt that bad.

2. Taylor Hanson once had to pee so bad after people in the club would not let him use the bathroom that he peed on the roof. haha! Desperate times call for desperate measures.

3. I heard once that Noah Wile from ER got caught short and had a little accident in a restaurant after accidentally letting out a wet fart.

Will post more later! Bye

xo Anny

Hi I've lurked for a bit and since my gf is posting I decided to join in and tell a pee story from two years ago. Me and loz were both in the cross country team at school and we were on our way back from a run and travelled over night on a small mini bus. Me and loz were on the back seat she was sat on my knee as Danni and Karl were laid out sleeping taking up most of the backseat and all the others were taken. After a while I started to need to pee but felt I could hold it. It was becoming more urgent but not enough for me to face the wrath of Mrs Thompson our evil teacher until suddenly loz who was sat on my lap hand shot up in the air and Mrs Thompson walked over she asked if we could have a bathroom stop to which the reply was your old enough to hold it. Anougth ten minutes passes and I was pleased loz was on my lap as sitting there was steaming my need until she started fidgeting I hissed at her to stop or I was going to pee to which she replied if she stopped then she would pee. Quickly thinking I remembered we had both drunk a bottle of coke and the empty bottle were next to me. I grabbed a blanket laying it over us (we had them encase we got cold) unable to relieve myself loz had to undo my fly and position my over the bottle it was so hard not peeing on her when she was moving. I think hearing me go must have killed her because I felt her body tense and with a skill I didn't know she had one handed she undid her trousers and seconds later she was going but it was a bit late as she had a small damp patch on the front of her light blue shorts. Once I'd finished she did the bottle up and handed it to me it was half full god know how much that was but the funniest part was when we got back I gave loz my jumped to tie round her waist but she did it back to front so it hid the stain when we got of the bus Miss Rigby was waiting and look with a slight smile and said it's good it's not just me she doesn't stop for.
A couple of months back I was at reception and saw miss Rigby wearing a pair of grey trousers that were too short and too tight they looked children and they were she had been given a lift to work and had a accident because she wouldn't stop and had to get changed into something out the lost property box before calling a cab, ever since then she was my favourite teacher.

this one time i was liek 5 or something and our toilet broke :(. and i had to pee really bad. i mean really bad. so y mom went to get some trainign pants for me to go in until the toulet got fixed. while she was otu i had to go so bad that i was stradling my bed rail in sheer pain. when she was almost home, the pain was so bad that i was cryign and i had to cross my legs over the rail to keep it in. when she finally got home, i couldnt move, cuz if i did i would wet myself.. so i was holding myself in my pants as hard as i possibly could, she took off my pants, put on a couple trainign pants and and prepared to go, when she told me to wait. i said i could barely hold it, but she told me to wait for an hour. an hour laer and i was in the worst pain of my life, she finally let me go and i peed for like 5 minutes straight. oh it was wonderful. i used the pullups till she got the toilet fixed.

Mike: My sisters always had friends at our house and they used the bathroom a lot without flushing. I always kind of knew that they wanted some one else to see what they had done. I got so I would look in the toilet after any of them had gone and about half the time there was #2 in there. If they are going to go #2 it usually is after school anyway. Once a girlwas sitting at the table and she said that she had to go #1 AND #2, so I said: "Go." I think she was having too much fun to want to stop and go to the bathroom. I waited a few minutes and said that I had to go, so let's go to the bathroom, meaning both of us together. We got into the bathroom and she sat down and tinkled and let out her BM, then I got on the toilet and started going and I was wiping her butt while I was on the toilet. I had my legs together and my thing pointed down into the toilet and I could tell she was trying to see my thing. So I moved my legs apart a little and my thing sprang up and was peeking out from under my T shirt. Also she looked at my underwear and there was a yellow stain in front from when I squirted a little. We were always open about going together mainly I think because there were so many of us playing together. So she looked at what I did in the toilet and watched as I wiped. We washed our hands and flushed and went back to what we were doing.

I was going to shit in toys are us, but the water was brown and there were turds floating. I was also at the bowling alley, and there was piss near overflowing the urinal.some one also took a shit in it, and stuffed a pair of breifs in there.

Just been to the beach and there was a group of people sitting in front of me on those kinda low beach chairs that are only a few inces from the ground. Well they were having a pic nik with plenty to eat and drink and just chilling. Eventually the three ladies and two of the men went walking down to the sea looking as if they were more in need of a pee than going for a swim. After a while I was aware that one of the guys still left on the beach was shifting around a bit in his low chair and looking as if he really needed a piss. He stood up and held the end of his penis through his shorts and I thought he would walk to the sea, instead he got another beer. He opened his beer and had a good old grab and fiddle with his bits before sitting back down. He was still talking to the other guy, all of a sudden he stood up and had a look around a bit, there were not many people on the beach by this time. He kinda pulled up the right leg of his short and fished around for the end of his cock down the leg. He then sat down very carefully on the edge of the seat and almost down his right leg let his pee gush out onto the sand just in front of him. From where I was sitting I could see and hear this great pee taking place. He certainly wanted to go bad. He kinda peed with his large penis very straight down his leg and he then just let if all hang down as if he was expecting to pee more, he looked very releived though as if he would not have made it to the sea. The other guy just carried on talking to him as if it was a thing that often happens. Soon the others returned and they decided to leave the beach, when the guy who had just had a pee got up there was a big wet patch on his crotch. I wondered if he had left it a bit to late or dribbled a bit on returning all to his pants!!!

To Lisa:
No, we didn't discuss about having to pee so bad after being at the fire with 7 hours of pee already in us. This is something that just happens. We are often awaken in the night. All we think about is the fire or the sudden illness someone is having.

As far as being pee shy. At first when I was in the fire house, I use to wait until everyone else had peed. The guys kid me about having stage fright. So when I had to pee really, really bad after a long fire, I rushed to the trough with many of them. The pressure in my bladder was so bad that that the pee just came out. I was already use to being there for several months. So I lost my pee shyness with them. But in a strange, public men's room I often still can't go.

Lauren (loz)
hi am bored so i'm thinking of story's to post nad have remebered a unplesent one. once when i was ten my sister was giving me a lift home from school with my brother 18 and 19 retropsectily and as i was now big and double figures i didn't tell them i needed the toilet. i'd needed it for three day but all i'd done was tiny pee's. so there i am sat in the back of the car fidgiting around with mu hand at my crutch when Jake notices and turn round.
"didn't you go pee before you left we can't stop anywhere"
i didn't reply but shifted a bit more pressing my hand firmly against my crutch until i actually thought a was going to pee in my tights not something i wanted to do because my sister would not be pleased if it went through to the car seat. finally i gave in and said i had to go. Jake turned round and pionted out we were still 15 minutes from home and there wasn't anywhere to stop. i'm not sat doing that roking motion you do when your trying ot hold. realising i wasn't going to hold on laura told me to use the buket we kept in the back because sometimes she would get car sick. with no hesitation i whpe dof my cream tights and squatted over the buket expecting just to makeit in time only i wasn't going.
my stomach was hurting but nothing. Jake tol dme just to go he'd put the radio so they couldn't hear, wheich he did. after a few minutes of pushing i farted and it really smelt as in wind the windows down but still nothing. at this pionti stared crying because my stomach hurt and i was really embarresed. ten minutes later we pulled up inhe drive way may parents were out and i was still squatted staring now adibly moaning because it hurt my backside.
Laura had to physically drag me inside because i was scared if i moved i'd go. i ran staright to the toilet but still nothing. Jake rang my mum at work and i remeber this because i was listeing he said Lauren carn't poo and she's makign noises, can i go to football practise. oh the love....anyway i'm still sat mow trickling a little bit of pee when jake opens the door no consideration for me and simply says he needs to pee before he goes out. i was about to move when he walked over to the bath went adn ran soem water round and left. that was the first time i'd seen a boy pee and was strangly intrested.
now Laura had come intohe bathroom and told me mum was coming home early and to stop trying to go. i didn't want to as my bowels felt full but with a bit of persasion she got me downstairs and onthe sofa. we watched cartoons for a bit when my stomach started cramping and i felt i really had to go. running upstairs to the bathroom but still nothing by this piont i was cryign again. Laura cameup and tried to help by turing the taps on for soem reason she thought running water might help but it didn't so she suggested i golay down which i did. she came to sit with me and asked me if i had a ??? ache to which i replied yes. Laura not really good with this type of stuff stupidly let me sit on her knee on my bed while we watched TV. absently she rubbed my stomach for me with disastorous results. it eased my cramps for a minute when i suddenly had to go i squessed my butt checks together but a tiny bit came out runny and suddnly i was peeign full balst on my sister who grabbd me and ran with me to the bathroom where she stripped off. i was still peeing but i could feel i large log hanging frommy bum it hurt so much a cried again and my sister had to hold my hand while i went with took thirty minutes for one poo it killed and i bled afterwards. my mum came home seconds after and spent the night sat in that bathroom with me as everytime i went to leave i'd pee mostly but ended up doing two more painfull poops one that was so bad i couldn't do it on the toilet because my stomach was hurting so much i wanted to curl up. my mum had to get me laying down curled up in the bath. i will always remeber lying in the bath curled up with a huge turd coming out me.
i had the runs for three days afterwards and everyoen spent the weekend askign me if they could go in the bathroom for a minute and twice i eneded up going while someone was in the shower, less plesent for them but by this time it really didn't bother me!

Here's funny childhood diarrhoea story well it wasn't funny at the time but it is now. I'd just turned seven and was looking forwards to going on a school trip to the zoo the next day so didn't tell anyone that I had stomach ache. I went out with my brother on his paper round as I usually did. Jake was 16. We were about a quarter of they was round when I got a sudden need to pee. At this time I was embarrassed about this stuff so I tried to hold only the holding of the crutch and pee-pee dance was a giveaway because my brother asked if I had to go to the toilet. He knocked on the houses door and it was a nice old lady who let me use her bathroom.
I was surprised at how little I actually had to go it was barley a trickle but the immediate need went away so we carried on. A while later a really need to pee again but this time tried not to dance. I was walking so slow my brother picked me up and a tiny bit of wee escaped I shouted that I didn't need to be carried so he put me down thankfully it only dampened my knickers and not the light pink pants I had on. Needless to say when he finished delivering the papers and we had the twenty minute walk home I was in desperate need also my stomach ache had got worse, having never had diarrhoea before I didn't know why so didn't realise I had to poop as well it didn't feel like I had to then my stomach just hurt. After a while Jake got impatient of me walking slowly so asked me what was wrong. I told him he had to keep it a secret and why then said I had a ??? ache (well I was only little) he was them sympathetic and walked slowly with me holding my hand as we walked through the woods on the way back he offered to carry me but after what happened earlier I wouldn't let him.
The pain however was increasing and I remember squatting a couple of time because it made it go away. Just after the woods there's a short cutting well halfway thorough the cutting I realised I need to poop badly so I stuck one hand down the front of my trousers to stop me peeing and grabbed my butt with the other. Jake turned round to see me legs crossed holding on desperately. He can running back as he got slightly ahead and told me to go back to the woods and go. I didn't want to and was fighting back tears saying my ??? hurt and I was ok. I decided I couldn't hold onto the pee any longer and began to go, yes onto my hand! What I wasn't expecting was a flood of diarrhoea to fill my knickers. I removed both hands and fell into a squatting position which Jake dragged me out of and the couple of feet back to the wood by the time he got me behind a tree my lovely pink trousers were brown nearly all the way down on one leg. They were soaked and stuck to me and I was still going. I couldn't stop to take them off so Jake had to undo them for me, he looked more embarrassed at me at this point but I think he was slightly weirded out by having to undress me. Anyway I remember this bit strangely well as he took my trousers off I didn't about the only solid poop and it pushed my knickers that were already bulging out so much everything ran out the side. Jake took them of for me it was really awkward because I was going straight for five minutes and ended up sat on the floor pooping while he took my trousers of and I was covered in it. I mean there was no way I could put my trouser back on. By now I was sobbing because I was embarrassed and in pain. Jake out of the goodness of his heart took his trousers off and handed them to me. They were way to big and I had to hold them up. But he walked home in his boxers with his paper bag covering most of the view, me in his arms. Unfortunately I didn't get home without incident not far from my house I had another bought that he must have felt because he had one hand supporting my bum.

My parents thought he'd had an accident when we got in until I doped his trousers, for some reason he never wore them again, I don't think the stains came out. But for walking home in his boxers for me I love him

I never got over my fear, but the toilet did get fixed.

After Holding it in for 2 days or so, My gut was locking up so badly I didn't think I'd make it, when the toilet was fixed, after my dad used it, I ran in, my intestines were locking up so much but I made it, let off a huge fart, and had to push a bit, but it came out soft and carefully. After 6 minutes of clean up and such. It wasn't even really that big.

But, I'm fine now. Perhpas my fear of public restrooms will be overcome soon.

Linda from Australia here again. Over the last week, Ive had some trouble pooping. It started on Tuesday, when I let out some loose poos. Then on Wednesday morning, I tried to do my morning poo but only a small amount came out. I ate breakfast and went back to the toilet again. This time, I had to push really hard and managed to squeeze out lots of small turds. One stubborn piece was stuck up my arse and I had to strain hard to get it out. Finally, after about 5 minutes, another small turd came out and it hurt my anus. I felt better after this but my anus was sore for a while afterwards. Later that morning, I could feel more poo developing inside me. I tried for a poo that night but nothing came out. I dropped a very similar load on Thursday morning and once again, it hurt to push it out. The logs were only small but they required a good deal of straining to get them out. Then on Friday morning, I couldn't do my usual poo but managed to push out a soft serve that night.

To Fat Woman: You asked about my housemate and her pooping habits. She goes about once per day and its normally in the late afternoon. Sometimes she does one in the morning and one in the afternoon aswell. I'm almost certain that sometimes she only goes once every other day. She eats lots of junk food so I'm sure that would make her a bit constipated at times. She doesn't eat much healthy food either, I hardly ever see her eat fruit or ????. Also, she doesn't do any exercise and she often sits down all day, doing study for univerity or just doing stuff on the computer. I think she has put on weight recently too so all these factors would contribute to constipation (or at least trouble with pooping) I don't thinks she gets up at night to take a dump and it would be hard for me to know, as my bedroom is on the other side of the house. I'm hoping that she goes for a poo today, as I can hide in the spare room that is next to her toilet. Hopefully I will hear her grunting and straining.

desperate to poop
reading Michelles email again and the lady flushing then ripping her pants down again reminded me of a story when I had to return for a dump.

I was driving in the countryside when I got an urge to poop from the last nights celebrations and festivities. I drove around for a good fifteen minutes before I found a gas station. It had one toilet for women and I quickly dashed in. There was a cucible and and a wash basin. I had to wait for a lady to finish but thankfully not too long. I glanced her a smile as she came out and quickly entered. I just managed to get my pants down and did a big prfffffffffffffft and let a load of sludge out. Phew what a relief I thought. I continued to sit and shit for a good fifteen-twenty minutes. Near the end another lady came in and waited, I could her shoes and calf near the stall shifting back and forth.

I felt finished, wiped flushed and came out apologising for the smell. She said don't worry it won't smell any better when I've finished and we all have to go. I heard her let out a large fart and then a big grunt. I got the car just as my ??y rolled over and I knew I had to go again. I moaned, turned and hurried back to the toilet. Alas the tables were turned and I had to wait for her to finish. I was pretty desperate again and was shifting nervously. As I was waiting a forty year old came in and waited also. She was shifting a bit too. I asked if she needed a pee as I was going to be a little while. She said she needed a poo but could hold it so take your time. The lady in the toilet was still going strong with big plops, moans and groans. We both commented quietly she was having a good clean out. Finally after another ten mintues she came out having not flushed, and surprised to see me there. She apologised that the toilet wouldn't flush. I said don't worry and and hurried in. Wow what a sight I saw a big 20 incher clogging up the bowl. I quickly got my pants down and let another big load out. I went for a shorter ten minute spell and finally felt finished. I wiped up and said to the lady there's no way this is going to flush. She said no bother and she was now pretty desperate. There wasn't much toilet paper left so I offered her some tissues I had. She said thanks as she would need them and went in to start her dumping.

Happy pooping

Hi !

I'm a long time reader and occasional poster to this forum. It's been a long time since I last posted, but I'm disabled by cerebral palsy and have had a long-time fascination with "bathroom stuff" as it relates to both disabled and non-disabled people.

So, I'd like to describe a situation for people to comment on.

I work in a downtown office building in a large east coast city. Our floor has one men's and one ladies' room, and I'd say there are about forty men who use this men's room. It has three commodes and two urinals. The building is about twenty years old and so one of the stalls is handicapped accessible (relax, I'm not about to complain about people who use the handicapped stall...when you gotta go, well, you know the rest).

So, within the last few months I've discovered that I have a coworker who doesn't flush (and perhaps doesn't wipe) after a bowel movement. Back in the spring my attention was drawn to a commode that obviously had not been flushed. There was urine and a stool but no toilet paper in the toilet.

Since then, I've noticed this a few times, and although I shouldn't admit this, I'm sort of fascinated by this behavior. A few days ago I was seated on the toilet for a BM when I heard someone go into one of the other stalls. I was the only one in the men's room at the time and so it was easy to know that someone else came in. He was in the stall for maybe 3 or 4 minutes; there was no sound of unraveling toilet paper, and clearly he didn't flush upon leaving. I was curious to see if "something" was left behind, but before I was finished someone else used that toilet, and it was obvious that the first thing he did was flush the toilet before using it himself. Then again late yesterday afternoon, when I used the men's room, I again noticed an unflushed toilet with urine, a BM, and no toilet paper.

Now, while I'm not especially offended or bothered by this, I am curious about the behavior. For me, at least, wiping and flushing are more or less automatic, especially after a BM. Because of my disability, I sometimes have a hard time wiping myself if I'm real messy, sometimes I don't do a good job, but I always make the effort to wipe myself, and I wouldn't dream of not flushing. Although it doesn't particularly bother me, I think most people would find this to be very inconsiderate.

So, I was wondering whether anyone had any insights about this (I have none, unless it's just carelessness or a certain kind of exhibitionism)
or would like to comment on this.

Best wishes to all.

My dad and me used doorless toilets last weekend at his company picnic. It was cool, his co--workers talked to us while we crapped. I had no problem wiping and inspecting the toilet paper with other men watching. I don't know what the big deal is. Francine, mind your own business, the women all have stall doors, leave it go....

Sunday, August 21, 2006

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