To Alice:

You had mentioned peeing into a towel at home. And you also mentioned lots of traffic driving home from work. Earlier this summer my friend Sara and I were driving home from the shore with lots of stop and go traffic on the highway and gosh did I have to pee in the worst way. I told Sara (who was driving) of my predicament and told me I should pee into one of the cups that we had. I knew I was going to mess her car up if I missed and I suggested my large beach towel, which was a bit sandy but relatively dry. I had my bikini still on, and I sat on the edge of the seat, pulled them down and held the towel between my legs and carefully let my pee out into the towel. I tried to do it slowly but it got to be too painful and I just let go after awhile and I let out a sigh as I peed. The beach towel was thick enough that it held all the pee. I wrapped my pissed-soaked towel in Sara's towel and put it in the back of the car on the floor. It felt really good peeing into a towel. I wouldn't do it all the time, but, hey, as the saying goes "when u gotta go"!

I'm back, but for a while. Recently we've been having bathroom problems at my house. So we've been forced to use the bathroom at our local store or anywhere. Unfortunately, I'm real uneasy about using public bathrooms unless I've been in need of a toilet during a liquid bowel movement, otherwise known as Diarrhea.

However, I have puppies, and 9 times out of 10, they'll try taking a "taste" of it. I'm so used to using the toilet every day. My guts feel like they are just constricting. I'm thinking of probably facing up to my fear and taking a crap, regardless of the situation.

I'll get back to you on those details later.

does anyone have any stories about their mother's or sister's friends taking a dump at your house and really stinking up the bathroom bad or forgetting to flush or leaving skidmarks? please tell if so; this has happened to me before and i'm interesting in hearing what others have to say and if they've experienced similiar situation. hope to hear your stories

Teddy Bear
Kathy and I spent most days together in the year before we started school...although she was undoubtedly potty-trained by the age of 4, Kathy chose to relieve herself anywhere but at the conventional fascilities...For reasons I still cannot entirely fathom, Kathy's mum was apparently not bothered about her daughters behaviour and more often than not would ignore it. In retospect I wonder about the hygeine and resultant smell of having so much wee and poo around the yard and under the house ....Typically while we were playing, Kathy would hold on as long as she was able, proving that she had a good bladder capacity or at least until it was so full she was busting....likewise she would hold in her jobbies til she needed to go potty urgently...... sometimes Kathy let herself get so desperate for a wee she'd end up wetting her pants...I also have vivid memories of the day she had poo accident as well....I'd been invited to join Kathy and her mum on a trip to the corner store; before we left she was told to go and use the toilet...I accompanied her into the outhouse...Kathy lowered her knickers and sat on the throne;with tissue wrapped round her hand she held it against her bottom "don't wanna go jobbie now;I reckon I,ll do a nice poopoo later on!!"---a few dribbles of wee escaped before she deliberately stopped urinating...Kathy pulled her panties back on and we commenced our 20 minute trek and got there without incident... all was calm til we had milkshakes and Kathy started fidgeting;I could tell she needed to use the toilet even if initially her mother didn't notice,but by the time we were walking home the way Kathy was grabbing at her crotch her predictament was hardly a secret and she admitted to her mother that she needed to do 1's and 2's and even pretending to be upset about it...Her mother recommended we two should hurry on ahead so Kathy could make it home before it was too late.....we started to run but Kathy had to slow down so as to hold onto herself;every so often she'd stop so she could sit on a fence to keep control of her bowels but by then I think she'd already soiled her knickers a little bit we approached her street Kathy stopped and danced from foot to foot;it was pretty obvious she couldn't wait much longer.... some wee began to gently stream down the insides of her legs;she began to grunt... in anticipation of what was about to happen,I crouched down behind Kathy so I could see under her wee began to gush forcefully from her crotch,a dark brown bulge grew in the rear of her panties.....Kathy wasn't the least bit embarrased about having suh a public accident;she just shrugged her shoulders and giggled as if to say... "Oh well.....shit happens!!!!"

After I watched Donavan my butthole boyfriend poo, he wanted to watch me. I pulled down my panties tonmy knees and squatted. He sat cross legged behind me, his pants still off from his pooping. His turd pile sat a few feet from us, and was smelling really rich. I strined and pushed, but only managed to let off a powerful fart, then nothing. Although I hadn't like dropped turds for days my butt couldn't work a turd loose. Donavan's eyes were like glued to my butt hole, and he was clearly enjoying the view, which was clear from his state if you get my drift. I laughed at him, and he tried to cover the evidence. I pulled up my pants. We'll try again sometime.

Dave B
Hey what's going on? Well in my last post I was talking about how I pooped outside for the first time and it was really fun. Well, it's gotten so fun that I've done it serveral times now. I believe today was my fourth time going. Today, I was working and all day long I could feel something pushing against my butt. I silently farted a couple of times while I was walking down the aisles. Hopefully no one smelled it lol. Anyways, I stopped by the mens bathroom and picked up some toilet paper and stuffed it in my pockets before I left. I got in my car and started to drive home. After I parked in my driveway, I walked towards the trail that's a little bit down by my house (it's about a quater mile to the place I like to stop to poop). Now I went to a new spot this time other than the last one I talked about. I had already been to this spot about two times. I had the toilet paper all ready in my pocket so I first took out my cell phone and shined the light on the ground to look at my former poops (by the way, if you wanna know about my last two poops don't hesitate to ask). Then I thought to myself that I was ready and wipped down my jeans and underwear to squat down. I shifted my legs a little apart to give my poop lots of room to come out. I gave a first quick push to get things moving. I could feel the biggie coming out and so I gave a long hard push with a little grunt at the end. I felt the nice softy poop slowly sliding out of my butt. It felt so great. I finally came out and landed on the ground as if it were dead. Afterwards, I gave a quick couple more pushes to get little pebbles out which fell on their big momma poop lol. I took the toilet paper out of my pocket and wiped my butt twice. I threw it on the ground next to my other old toilet paper wrappings and started to walk home. I have been eating pretty healthy the past couple of days. I see this new fun experience as a benifit. I walk a fairly long distance to travel there working on my cardiovascaluar activity. I have also been eating healthy foods to make me poop bigger like bread, oatmeal, bananas, apples, grapes, raisins, cereal, corn, beans, etc. Well I hope whoever read this enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed typing it. And if you'd like to know anything else or wanna give me a survery just ask. See you later (I can't wait for my next poop!)

hi, i have been a lurker for a long time now. i have a good story to tell you about my friend.

my friend Julia said that she wasn't feeling to good, and wanted to lie down. i asked her what was wrong, and she said "i have a really bad stomach ache! i think i need to go to the bathroom, but i am constipated!" i asked her "do you want to lie down, and i will let you rest?" she looked really pale and asked "do you think you could rub my belly, it hurts a lot, and i always rub my belly when i am constipated." i said sure, and we headed into my room. she layed her head on my pillow, and turned on to her back, and started crying. " oh my poor belly! it hurts sooo bad! please ru harder!" so i started rubbing her belly a little harder, and i felt a lot of poop up inside her. i asked when the last time she had a good poop, and she answered that it had been a 2 weeks! i rubbed her stomach until she thought she needed to poop (2hrs later). she was still in so much pain, that she couldn't even sit up. "i really have to go now! what should we do?" i sugested that she just pooped on a towle that i set down for her, so i could keep rubbing her aching stomach. she agreed, and started pushing. she pushed, and i rubbed for a bout another hr, and then she said " i think i need to have a laxitive. i got up and asked her if she wanted vaseline up her butt, or a lx. she said vaseline would probably be better for her belly, so i got it, and put a glove on, and rubbed vaseline in her butt. after that was done, i messaged her belly for another hr, until she finally pooped. it was really hard and painful. she was in tears once it started. i got a cold towle and put it on her forehead and one on her stomach. it took all the poop 3hrs to come out!!! that is the longest i have ever witnessed her poop. she gets constipated all the time, and i am always helping her relieve herself. she said "my stomach ache is still here though, maybe i should keep lieing down for awhile. i don't want to throw up or anything" i said maybe she should stay the night so she could get a lot more belly rubs throughout the night. she agreed, and called her parents, and stayed 2 nights! she needed to poop 2 more times that day and night, and i just keept rubbing that poor aching stomach of hers! it has been a week now, and she says that her stomach ache still hasn't gone away, and that her bottom is still really sore! i have another story about my boyfriend, but i will tell it later!
bye for not!!


i pooped my pants at the gas station 2 days ago. i don't know if anyone else has this same problem but when i really have to poop, the urge gets incredibly intense when im just about to the toilet. i guess its a psychosomatic thing, where my body knows i'm about to be at the toilet for relief so it like, prepares to go. eitherway, this has gotten somewhat worse and worse over the years and has lead to a number of incidents where i've pooped my pants in the bathroom, or pooped on the bathroom floor or the edge of the toilet, it's very frustrating. my gastro-intestinal doctor said i just need to tell myself in my head that i'm in the bathroom and relief is coming soon and that i can hold it for that last moment but it hasn't been working for me. eitherway, about my gas station incident. this is the worst one because it's never really happened in public before, just in my home bathroom when i'm rushing home from work or something. so i was on my way back from class and i had to go pretty bad, and to make matters worse it was rush hour and my gas gaugue was below E. so i had to stop for gas. as soon as i got out of my car at the pump, the urge intensified and i had to try my best to fart without crapping my pants right then and there, but it was no use. when i farted i started pooping, and i had to rush inside, but by the time i made it to the bathroom i was in mid-poop. i went into the restroom and shut the door, and stood there as i finished filling my pants. i was horrified, not so much about crapping my pants because i've been there, but because i was in public. i realized i had jeans on so i figured "no big deal" its hard to tell with jeans, but when i looked in the mirror i could see the bulge was quite well defined on my butt and there was a yellowish-brown wet mark on my butt. so, i had no choice but to just swallow my pride and waddled back to my car. i had to pump my gas with a load in my pants. people were staring. that was not my best moment in life, lol. does anyone else have a similar problem, where your body seems to tell you it's time to let go just a little too soon?

Big Tex
Red Headed Michele I really liked ur public pooping story its good to have u back. If any other ladies have had diarhea in public bathrooms please post about it. Thanks.

Lil' Lady, would be interested in knowing what happened with the poo you were holding.

Hello my fellow toileteers!!

Last week I had to go to an interview with a job counsellor, and had to walk there and back, so I took a couple of bottles of water with me. About 5 blocks from home I felt the familiar cramping and urgency in my bowels and I knew I'd better do my damn best to hold it and get to a bathroom ASAP otherwise it would result in a messy accident, which I would not want, let alone in public. So I walked another block or so, the urge growing worse and knew I couldn't hold it much longer so I ran across the street to a nearby crappy-looking coffee shop, and even though it said "For customers only" on the wall, I didn't care, I was desperate!! I went into the bathroom, and quickly got my pants down and on the toilet where a couple mushy painful logs came out. All that cramping was mostly gas!! I left a few minutes later, and as soon as I left the coffee shop, I had to go again, but worse this time!!! I was too far away from the first coffee shop I used, but luckily for me there was a Tim Hortons across the street, so I tried my hardest to keep my cheeks squeezed together and to walk as fast as humanly possible without shitting myself. I ran into the shop and luckily the bathroom was empty, but incredibly messy!! There was some kid's log in the toilet,and the toilet seat and floor was covered in toilet paper, so I quickly cleaned up the mess and flushed the kid's deposit down the toilet, and got my pants and thong down fast, and on the toilet where I exploded painful diarrhea. Good thing I made it or my thong would have been garbage. After a few minutes, a mother and her little girls wanted to use the potty and I told them I'd be a minute longer. I quickly finished and washed my hands and left the bathroom. For the rest of the night I had diarrhea, which really sucked :(

Here's a question/concern: My system is really screwed up...sometimes I don't go to the washroom for a week or so and when it comes out it's hard and painful but other times it's mushy like diarrhea. Lately I've noticed my poop is blackish-greenish-brown. Is this normal, or should I see a doctor? This usually comes with crampy gas and mucus, etc.

Question 2: Also, each summer since I was 18(I'm 20 now) I've lost my appetite, had cramps and nausea, and got frequent diarrhea, from almost everything and I don't know why. I've had food poisoning 2 or 3 times, and my stomach can't tolerate much in the way of milk/dairy products. I can have some, but not much otherwise I get diarrhea. Ground beef also irritates my stomach, so I don't know. I've been tested for an ulcer and had a gastroscopy and nothing was found yet. Does anyone have any ideas? I need help please.

Question 3: I have always been really shy about farting, since I was little and farting was always laughed at or ridiculed, so after getting made fun of by a couple of my family members after accidentally farting in front of them, I became embarrassed and refused to do it in front of anybody, and would hold it for a long time, which caused stomach pain, but I just didn't feel comfortable doing it, even when it was encouraged. I'd let it out when I was by myself when no one was around, but not with family, and it's supposed to be considered natural and okay to do, with a few social exceptions like not at the table and not in front of other people outside the house. Even to today, I cannot do it in front of anyone except by myself, it's just a very bad shyness issue with me that could cause health problems later. My husband has tried to encourage me to do it, but it's embarrassing and I can't bring myself to make it feel natural. I don't know how to explain this problem, it's so awkward talking about it, so please, no one laugh at me. I really need some help here.

So in regards to this issue, how can I break the ice and feel much less embarrassed about doing such a natural thing around family? I know it should be natural and fine to do, but social standards like "girls can't fart but guys can" and the fear of being made fun of by family is stopping me from relieving my body. This is so hard. What can I do to make this easier? Any advice or help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Take care everyone, and keep those stories coming! I really love this site and everyone posts great stories. Thanks again too, for any advice you can give.

xo ~Anny~

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Filup, A urologist told me that if a man holds back his bladder too long that the urethra may develop a crimp and effectively make it impossible to pass urine. This must have been what happened to the boy you described. This is different from simply having held your muscles tightly shut for so long that it takes several minutes to relax them and let your urine flow.

Today I was out in the woods. I was desperate to piss, so I pulled off my lower garments and spread my legs. A foamy spray of piss came out my vagina for 30 seconds. Then I turned and shit my brains out. When I was done, I saw a huge pile of shit. I wiped with a big big bunch of leaves.

Another story: I was at school and it was after I had eaten lunch (spaghetti and meatballs). My stomach was being kinda churny. I got this real bad urge to shit, so I went to the bathrooms. All four stalls were filled, and I started squirming as I waited. Someone came out of a stall and someone went in. The girl behind me slipped down her shorts and started pissing a frenzy into a cup. And the girl in front of me had a growing brown stain on her pants and was making a puddle on the floor. I started crying. Then I ran into the next open stall and sat down quick. For half a minute I pissed, and then began having diarrhea. Then I started retching and crying. When I came out, no one was there, but my stomach still felt bad. When I got to the sink to wash my hands, I retched again. After school I went home and had another diarrhea attack, and in it I was retching a lot. It ended two days later. Bad spaghetti and meatballs. :P

To Alice:

You had mentioned peeing into a towel at home. And you also mentioned lots of traffic driving home from work. Earlier this summer my friend Sara and I were driving home from the shore with lots of stop and go traffic on the highway and gosh did I have to pee in the worst way. I told Sara (who was driving) of my predicament and told me I should pee into one of the cups that we had. I knew I was going to mess her car up if I missed and I suggested my large beach towel, which was a bit sandy but relatively dry. I had my bikini still on, and I sat on the edge of the seat, pulled them down and held the towel between my legs and carefully let my pee out into the towel. I tried to do it slowly but it got to be too painful and I just let go after awhile and I let out a sigh as I peed. The beach towel was thick enough that it held all the pee. I wrapped my pissed-soaked towel in Sara's towel and put it in the back of the car on the floor. It felt really good peeing into a towel. I wouldn't do it all the time, but, hey, as the saying goes "when u gotta go"!

Lil' Lady
Hey all, this is the first time i've posted. I have to poo pretty bad and am holding it right now.

I have this story from when I was about ten.

I had enough sense,but one day I was wearing a dress and I had no panties on because I had had a small accident earlier on that nobody knew about.I was in the proscess of getting more undies but then my parents called for me to hurry up because we were going out to the mall.Well it was a calm day but I held my dress anyway.We got to the mall and after some shopping we wanted food.Most of the resteraunts were crowded and all we could get was a pretty gungy looking one.We stepped inside and sat down and I ordered a large Cola.Well I lapped it up and before you knew it I had to go pee.So I went up a flight of rickety wooden stairs to the ladies toilet and went inside.The cubicles were on the right and if you kept walking there was another ext down another stairs.It stunk too.I went into one cubicle and saw a mess on the seat and a similar one in the other.Well I was pretty desperate.And then I remember I had no panties on.So I started walking towards the other exit so no one would walk in on me from there and started to pee along the floor as I walked.It went in a curve and splattered a little bit of my dress.The door opened just as I reached the top of the stairs and I looked around,horrified.The noise of my pee was extremely loud.But for some reason,a boy of about 7 was standing in the doorway.I was wondering why he was in the ladies.He watched me and realised what I was doing.But I didn't let it bother me and I peed the whole way down the stairs.Interesting experience...

Red Headed Michele
Hello Everyone. I have a story of an experience that happened to me over this past weekend. I was at an crafts and antique fair that also had a bunch of folk artists performing. It's something that happens every year in the Hudson Valley of New York. I went with a couple of friends but we eventually split up and went in our own directions. I had been looking around for about an hour and a half when I could feel my ?? start to rumble a little and ache a bit. I really didn't think too much because I knew my period was due to start in a couple of days and kind of dismissed it. I eventually made my way over to the hand made jewelry and started browsing. After a little bit I forgot anything about my ???? and looked at the different vendors. I eventually made my way through the vendors and started toward the parking area as the sun was just breaking through and I was getting hot at this point. I had on a white tank top and no sun block and with my red hair and fair skin that's a bad recipe for a burn. As I was approaching the lot my stomach really started to rumble and hurt. I still had quite a bit to walk as I was parked on the far side of the grounds, but I thought I could make it to my car and maybe stop downtown somewhere for a bathroom break. As I was just about to leave the fairgrounds and enter the paved lot, I saw a building of restrooms and figured I better stop. My ???? was beginning to cramp up and I have a problem that when I wait to go poo, I get really bad cramps and it turns to diareha quick. I entered the ladies side and there were only four stalls and four women waiting. I debated walking out and going to my car but I really needed to go and walking was getting harder. The bathroom was really clean as was shocked actually and there was even a lady putting extra tissue under each of the stall doors. The stall doors were really high and I could make out a couple of panties down around a couple sets of ankles. The third stall opened quickly and another lady took her spot. Shortly after the last stall opened and another young girl entered. I was encouraged as there was just a young 18 ish girl with blond hair, a girl about my age (25) with really long hair all the way down her back, and myself. The third stall became free pretty quick again and then there were just two of us. The girl in front of me let out quite the little fart and apologized. She said she really had to go bad and looked really upset. Seeing how desperate she was seemed to really make me have to go worse. My stomach was really hurting as I had sharp cramps and I had to go soon. Finally the really young girl came out of the last stall and the hippie chick in front of me ran in. She released a nasty wave of diareha and now it appeared all the stalls were filled with poopers. The blond in the third stall was grunting and pushing out loads of poop and the two on the other end were still going strong. A very tall girl came in and stood behind me and then a coule of women in their forties came in together. I was dying at this point as I had to clutch my belly and try to massage the cramps away. The first stall finally flushed and I thought I was going in when finally she said shit and ripped her pants back down and started going again. I was sweating now and desperate wasn't even the word. I held my ??y with one hand and tried to hold my butt cheeks together. The really tall blond stood there playng with her bra strap. I find myself doing that too when I'm nervous. After waiting in there more than fifteen minutes overall, the second stall opened and I ran in. I had the worst diarehia and stomch ache I've had in a long time. The blond next to me was having a bad time too. She was moaning and I knew how she felt. I stayed in there about twenty minutes pooping and then trying to make all the cramps go away.

To Desperaate to Poop: I love your stories as I seem to have some of the same events happen to me. Hope to hear more from you soon.

Tessi...Did you ever show Donovan what he wanted?


Unfortunately the moderators won't let us reveal email addresses--so we have too do the talking here. I have posted many times on this site and if you want I can give you some page numbers: 1137, 316, 740, 139?, 148?. Those are the ones I remember right now. Some of these are about my mother who is now 400 lbs and in assisted living. She had and continues to have great difficulty on the toilet. When I was younger I would often eavesdrop and look thru the keyhole as she strained to move her bowels. Hopefully these stories will also be of interest to you.

So are you constipated often? Do you grunt when you are on the toilet? What is your favorite position? How has your weight affected your bathroom habits? Has anyone ever watched you?


good stories lately all. nothing new with me even though it has been a year or so since i posted. billy and kevin it is good to hear from you again. it has been a while for you too. how old are you and your brothers again? happy toileting all


I appreciate the effort you put into responding to my question... but, I got my answer in filup's post!

Francine, I think if the guys really had a problem with using the doorless stalls, they would complain to the management themselves, and things would change. Two examples. Where I currently live all mens stalls have doors, including all department stores and municipal parks. Furthermore, in the neighboring communities two bathrooms that had missing stall doors due to vandalism/disrepair have been renovated, and the doors replaced. The local community standard here is that using the toilet is a private experience for people of both genders, and anyone who builds differently will be quickly schooled in the matter. However, in other communities the standards are different. Second example, when I went to college in the mid 1970's I was shocked to find that our college dorm did not have doors on the toilet stalls (turns out it was a renovated Army barracks). Nobody else said anything, so neither did I, and simply used the facilities elsewhere (not a problem, the campus was littered with bathrooms). Then in my third year one guy at a floor meeting said "when are we gonna get doors on the cans?" Everyone joined in agreement, almost like a switch had been thrown, and in less than a year, the stalls had doors. I guess what I'm saying is that men are capable of handling the issue themselves if they feel it necessary, and would probably resent a woman's interfering with what is considered "male territory". I hope I'm not sounding rude, as that is surely not my intent. I just mean to say that good intentions sometimes are not the best means of action in the real world.

I used to work at a busy hotel in the downtown San Antonio area. There was a couple of time where I would see various women coming back from the local bars holding themselfs, are wetting themselfs on the way back to their rooms. It was a site to see.

I found an interview on the vh1 website with the girl who crapped in her pants on the show Flavor of Love. It is pretty graphic and interesting, so it might be of interest to some people who frequent this site.

Thanks for all your support. Yea Donavan is a real butthole, but I forgave him as you saw from my last post. I got him back after that. When he pooped, I packed that poop in a box and dropped it through his mail box. Sheesh it stank real bad.


Anyone here ever check out YouTube? There are a fair amount of videos showing people on the toilet taking dumps. Some are made-up skits, some are people just crapping for the camera. One of them (I think it's called Katie Pooping - not sure if that's the right name, it might be Amy or Carrie, but it ends in "eee") shows this cute girl straining to poop, while her boyfriend (presumably, anyway) videotapes her. She keeps going "it's coming, it's coming" and grunting and sighing. It's pretty cute and funny.

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up!

Sweet Survey-er

I agree with what you were saying about the doorless stores at Sears!
I like reading Brian from Sears' posts about his experiences, (they are well written and humorous) but how awfully embarrassing would it be to be seated next to a customer while having a movement, then having to serve them in the shop (BRIAN, has this ever happened to you?). It would be worse if you were an employee that worked in a food chain store. In Australia, i have never seen or heard of doorless stalls. Thankgod for that!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER. My latest battle of the bowels! As I reported had a productive day on Friday but nothing on Saturday and on Sunday morning wanted to gobut it was stuck..really hard. In the afternoon I worked out this stubborn turd that was dry and hard...there was much more there but it would not move. My problem is caused by pain killers and the codine etc. That night before bed took a small dose of Herbalax. The next morning straight from bed to pot and with an Almighty push out came this solitary log that was thick and long, felt better just of that. After breakfast straight back again and passed a heap of softish poos nice and easily and quickly. I felt fine and headed off to work. I had a customer to meet at 9 am and thought I would make it in good time. Along the road the urge hit....I never get a real urgent need but i was totally desperate. I drove past Macdonalds but avoided calling in there just in case the sole male toilet was occupied.. I had no time to wait. I knew well that there was a public toilet less than a mile down the road that was very out of the way...the mens toilet was almost certain to be vacant and if not there was the womens toilet. All the fibre and water and metamucil and the laxative were working in unison, the two dumps I had taken earlier were just the prelude to what I felt in me. I thought of a fart might relieve the pressure...I started to relax my tightly puckered anus but suddenly tightened again as I could tell something more than a fart would escape. I arrived at my destination and walked butt-cheeks clenched to the toilets. Went into the cubicle...this was a hovering job and hovered (or squatted) just above the cold metal rim of the bowl. I let loose my anal muscles and a long torrent of poo poured out and kept coming. The flow stopped and then another wave and I felt empty...I wiped left and call work to say I was held up and would be 10 minutes late.Oh! what a relief.

My first time posting here yay!

So anyways, one time my Uncle Mike was over at my house, and we had these tea bags that really cleans your system out, so then he drinks the tea. Then he tells my dad, the best part of the tea is still in the bag. And so, he ATE the tea bag. About 2 minuts later, he left and I don't think he made it home without shitting himself. When he got home, i think that he was on the potty for 3 days.

I was at school, and my friend Kyle gave me this yoghurt, and i read the label after i ate it and it was 2 months overdue. My ???? really hurt in Gym class, so i had to walk inside with my butt-cheeks closed, and my legs crossed. I got to the girl's washroom and the door was locked. So then I walked into the guys, and there were like 5 guys in there. I walked out, and then i found a little corner, so then i pulled down my skirt, and i sat on the floor and went. I ran home after, that was very embarrassing, because hot guys watched my do it. I'll post more after my next one!!!

My husband and I do pee pee and poop together all the time. Tom is a big guy 220 pounds and 6 feet big belly. im about 5 feet and 129 pounds pretty. Let me tell you about last nite after the pub we had some beers and chips I started to feel a need to pee he did too the lines for the restroom were so long he said lets go he couldnt hold it we left and walked to carI opened my door and squated down and released a torent of pee pee he said you really had to go i was still dripping he took out his penis out and and aimed it down he let go he was gushing pee like a race horse I was still squating and I felt a poopyy coming I said Tom Im going to do poopy he said me too and sqautted next to me he started saying here it comes ughh I started to pushed and one soft one came out aah and two more medium size dark brown soft but not sticky He said at a girl and he pushed one long one out he was sweating aaahh we wiped up and got into the car and went home. I love this man.

Have a story that happened to me this morning as i was shopping for baby clothes. I realised i had to go pee so made my way to the women's loo just down the shopping mall. As i got there i found none of the 4 toilets empty and had to wait in a queue of 3 other people. It seemed that 3 of the stalls were poopers and one peeing. The woman that was peeing finished up and left as a women entered the stall. She looked desperate and only had to pee. By now it was beginning to really stink in there as the 3 women were still pooping and seemed in various different places in their poos. Another stall opened with a pooper coming out. She said to the woman about to go in "sorry about the smell, i couldnt help it".

She entered the stall and the first woman came out. There was now just one person in front of me and she entered into the free stall. I really needed to pee by now and could feel a slight urge to poop. One of the people behind starting talking to me about being pregnant and said "its the best experience of your life". I said "it really is. Im having twins so im having it doubly but i am slighty constipated and takes away from the experience a little". Just with that a major grunt came from one of the stalls followed by two plops. 2 of the stalls were still being used from when i first entered and they didnt seem like they would become empty any time soon. The woman that entered the pooing stall was also pooping and had only just begun to go so it all seemed to be the peeing one that would become free first. I text Dave and said i would ring him in a few minutes as i was going to poo and he could hear me. With that i noticed a sign on the door in blocked capitals: ONLY USE THIS STALL FOR PEEING. NO POOPING MUST TAKE PLACE HERE!!!! I was shocked at that and realised that if that stall became free i wouldnt be able to go there as i had to really go poo now. The other three stalls had signs up on them saying: POO HERE!!!! The peeing stall opened and i said to the person behind me "you can go ahead as it doesnt look like i can use it". She went ahead into the stall.

A few more minutes had passed and two of the three people behind me had used the peeing stall. The third person was waiting for a pooping stall like me. I could tell as the stall had been vacant for a minute or so and she hadnt moved.

One of the pooping stalls became free and i entered. I rang Dave and held the phone to my bottom. I peed a river for a few minutes and got prepared to poo. With that one of the other 2 pooping stall opened and the girl behind me entered as her phone began to ring. She answered it and said "hello, can i ring you back as im kinda busy right now". Pause and then "im sorry but im actually in a woman toilet getting ready to poo right now and im sure you dont want to hear it". Another pause and then "ok then but its up to you".

I grunted "UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" and two small plops came out as the 4th stall became free. 3 more plops followed my UHHHH's and then i sat a while to see if there was any more then wiping as the woman on the phone grunted and plopped three big, noisy plops. I washed my hands and left and continued shopping.

Thats all for now,

Hi JW, I don't think I was constipated a lot when I was little, I don't really remember any toilet training issues. I remember getting an enema once or twice when I was a child. When I was a teenager, I do think it was around my periods when I got constipated. Since I hit 40 I have been having more constipation problems, my doctor told me to take a stool softener whenever necessary, even as a pre-emptive thing before I travel or do something that would tend to make me constipated.The joys of getting older! I hope this doesn't get worse! Tracy

Billy and Kevin
Lzst week, some of our friends went to our summer home. There werw about 12 boys and 8 girls in our house with our cousins and friends. On Tuesday morning, we had a power failure during a storm. We were downstairs playing Monopoly and other games when the power went out. My mother came and said that there was no power and no water. She said that dad would be home by about 3:00 pm to turn on the generator. Like 3 or 4 of us can poop in the girls toilet, then after we flush it, we have to use the potty chair thing or go outside when it stops raining. I asked mom where the girls were, she said they were still sleeping. I said that I am going to go now, while I still can use the toilet. I got up and 4 other kids came with me. I checked to make sure that their was still water in the toilet tank (so we can flush) and sat down. THere was some pee and a small corny turd, probably from my little cousin. I started to pee and my first turd came out. My little brother jeremy came in and said let me go. I move my butt back and he sat down. Bob asked if he could go on the potty chair thing, and I sure. it was one of those adult commodes that they use in hospitals. It had a pretty big bucket. Bobby got toilet paper and sat down on the commode. My brother peed and got up. THen Josh said he needed to go. So he sat down. He peed and then I heard so gas. He pooped out two turds. Mom came in and said, gee, I see everyone found out what to do. Then my cousin came in and said she really need to pee. I told her that she is going to have to wait in line. Bobby was wiping his butt, he said she could go there. So when was done, she sat down and started to pee. After Josh finished, I wiped his butt, then my butt. My cousin asked Josh for some TP. He got a few sheets and gave it to her. She said that she would need more. He said why? THen she farted and a turd fell into the bucket. HE said, ok, I get it. Two other guys went poop. We all had corny poops from dinner. We flushed the toilet and that was it until after we got power back. Fortunately,we were allowed to pee in the shower.

After lunch, it stopped raining. I had to poop again. we went to play soccer. On the way, I may a poop with about 4 of the other guys.

When we got back from soccer, dad was pulling into the driveway. He went to the generator and turned it on. Mom told me to go upstairs and empty the bucket slowly into the toilet between flushes. Sam ran ahead of me and went into the bathroom. He sat down and took a poop. When he got done, I picked up the bucket from the commode. It was full. I flushed the toilet and poored about 1/3 of the bucket into the toilet while it was flushing. I did that twice more and the whole mess went down the drain. We have a hose thing in each bathroom, so I got out the hose and rinsed out the bucket into the toilet. I also had to rinse out the tub, because we had bad aim when we peed in the shower. When mom said we could have so many friends over, she said that we would have to do some of hte work. I guess this was part of it. It was rather gross, but really, no big deal. After all, we all poop and pee. When we were done and I was washing my hands, another girl cousin came in. She said thank god we can use the toilets again and sat down. She peed and started to poop. She said it was the first time in about 4 days.

Dave B
I was just out for a bike ride and I've come back to write a message for all of you. In case some people dont remember me I live in Illinois and I'm 18, 6ft tall, light brown hair, blue eyes and about 180 lbs. I'm all sweaty and exhausted and a little excited too. I did something really fun while I was out and I think it's something that some of you would like to read. Anyways, I was outside riding my bike and I stopped at a white hen so I could get a lighter, some tiny snacks, and a water. On my way back home, I took this bike bath that has a quick shortcut to my house. In the middle of the bike bath is a small group of trees gathered together kind of like a giant bush. There's a small entrance way inside and in it is a small little area that some kids must of made that had matresses and pillows everywhere. There were also a bag of chips and some squished cans of pop on the ground. I decided I would chill there for a little while and maybe eat some of my snacks and drink the water I got. A minute later, I got this rumble in my stomach that told me that it wanted to let out a poop. I was first thinking that I would stay at that place a little longer and go home to the toilet to do my poop. Then I just got an interesting idea that I've read on here about how people go outdoors and it can be really naughty and fun. I then thought "Sure, what the heck, I'll go poop outside!" First, I unzipped my pants to expose my penis so I could let out some pee for a couple of seconds. Then I pulled my pants down to my ankles and squated just like the japanese do in their toilets. I kept thinking how japanese I was feeling. I started to push and I could feel the head coming out slowly I sighed and gave a couple more pushes to get it moving more. Then I felt the huge monster slide it's way out. I heard a distinctive squash noise when it hit the ground and began to build up. It was still attached to my butt even when it was on the ground and more was to come. I gave a couple more pushes to get the whole big one out. I then gave a slight more grunts to get out the little pebbles and pooplets. I then looked to my left and got some huge leaves off a tree and bundled them together to make toilet paper (or in this case of being outdoors would be grass paper lol). I think some of the leaves are even now stuck to my butt. Well I turned around to look at my creation and I was amazed! I saw this incredibly big poop (that looked like it was almost a foot long) with some food in it and the little pooplets on the end of it. I didn't really smell it at all. So I pulled up my underwear and my jeans and rode my bike towards home. It was an awesome experience and I really want to try it again. It also gets me a little excited if you know what I mean. I just wish I could share this with a girl who also like to poop outdoors (but I would also like it if she used the toilet too). Next time I'll bring some good TP so my butt wont have to suffer =) I'm gonna go eat lots of fruit and bread right now so I can poop again real soon. I also hope to hear more stories from all of you like fat woman and linda =P

I have to poo so bad right now and its so hard that im pushing it back in with my foot to keep from pooping my pants.


Hi, this is Richard again. And Russanne and myself just arrived home from a day of shopping at the mall. The Somerset Collection, if any of you readers are familiar with it. And just a few minutes back walked out of the bathroom.

Russanne had a problem today that was very, very unusual. And that was that she had to take a real nice healthy crap this afternoon. She went pretty good this morning as usual. After our morning coffee and breakfast. But like we always do whenever we shop. We stopped at one of the coffee shops inside the mall and relaxed with a nice cup of coffee, before heading home.

But right after sitting down with our coffee. Russanne said she was feeling real queazy inside. And that her ??? was gurgling. The ladies rest room wasn't that far away from where we were sitting. So she excused herself and said she was going to sit on the toilet, while her coffee cooled. Well off she headed for the toilet. She was gone for about 15 minutes. And after getting back, I asked if she felt better. And she said, "no" but that she didn't feel any worse. Its just that she couldn't go because so many women were coming in and out of the rest room. And she was never alone. Like I said in one of my earlier stories. Russanne cannot poop in a public stall. She said she would have to be totally alone, to get relaxed enough. She said that while she sat there today. There were about three ladies that came in, sat down and shit there brains out. Including one right next to her, who just had total diarrhea and lots of gas. She said many ladies heard that taking place. I asked her well, couldn't you go when that lady was making her messy load, so nobody would know it was you. And all she said was, "no."

So after we finished our coffee we headed home. We weren't in the house five minutes and Russanne called out to me. "Honey, would you come in here and join me in the bathroom." So, I did. And just by the way she was sitting as I walked in. I knew that she was definitely going to shit. And long it didn't take. She let out some quite a bit of gas. She said she couldn't even pass that at the mall, on the toilet. And within seconds of completing a good load of farting. Her bowels just opened, like flood gates. You could just hear loose, wet, mushy shit pouring from her ass. Her face was quite red as she wanted to try and just push everything out in one large load. With that load done, she looked at me as I sat on the edge of the tub. And said, I knew my ?? was bothering me. About thirty seconds later she let out with another loose load. And she knew at that point she was finished. The bathroom by that time was really stinking. Of course at that time, and before Russanne wiped her ass. She jokingly said to me, "shall we go back to the mall now." I just looked at her and with a smirk on my face. I rolled my eyes. Anyway, as she leaned over to wipe her butt clean. I jokingly said, "no, but you can treat me to dinner." Upon, continuing to wipe herself, she looked at me and said. "Your on, dinner is on me."

As we watched the shit go bye, bye down the toilet. Russanne said she had quite the empty ???. So pick out a steak restaurant. And off we went for a real good meal. I guess, I won at both ends today. Was able to watch my sweetheart, go poopy real good. And then got to go out for a great dinner.

Well, I will talk to you all again soon.

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