Traffic was bad on the journey home from work I needed a pee when I got home.

My parents are away for a long weekend, so Im sitting here naked with a towel between my legs, letting out occasional squirts......the towel is warm and getting wetter by the minute.......feels so good tho....I also like to hold a towel between my legs and pee on that.......dont ask me why.....just a weird thing I guess.

Ive nearly finished now, so can wash the b/f is staying over tonight, so hopefully I can persuade him to pee in my container......maybe I can even 'help' him??? Oh joy.

Happy peeing.

Rob: That was a great story about you and your boss the electrical contractor. It's good to have a relaxed relationship with your boss. The company I work for now is like that. When I came to work there, everyone had been at my company for ages. I was the new kid on the block. I remember us going on a company trip and my boss, a co-worker, and I shared a room on a business trip. I was a little uptight because I didn't know the "protocol" for changing, using the bathroom, etc. It didn't take long to see it was a very relaxed atmosphere. My boss immediately stripped naked and took a shower without batting an eye. My co-worker took a big shit while I was taking a shower and could not be bothered. I just followed suit and we've been the best of friends for 19 years. We shit and shower in front of each other and it really cuts out the insecurity. Hope you have more stories.

Tessi, sorry to hear about your experience. Your b/f is a real jerk reacting the way he did. I mean what does he expect, girls poop too. I think some guys are in denial that girls even take a crap. But still, that was a little much dumping you just because he found out you actually take a dump. At least you have a brother who will stand up for you though. How to get them back...I say stick some exlax in their food, barge into the bathroom while they're pooping up a storm and record the whole thing. Good luck.

Hi Linda,

It took me over 45 min to relieve myself on that morning but I stopped in between and read my magazine and grunted softly, letting it take its course. I had been constipated for about 2 days I think.

I'm very interested in the progress of listening to your housemate. Does she ever get up at night to poo? That would be the best time to listen. She will think you're in your room and will probably be less discreet on the toilet (more audible grunting). Do you ever notice if she grunts when sitting down, bending over, etc.? This will give you a clue as to what you can expect when she goes to the toilet. I loved picturing her coming out of the bathroom, her fat face red. As a big girl,I'm sure she was straining hard in there. Keep me posted!

No new stories just now, Nina still gets up alot at night to go, and I still enjoy listening. She has also started to read on the toilet and I love to hear her flip the pages as she bears down and grunts.

Bye for now.

Brian at Sears
Hey folks. Off today, checking some e-mails. Worked a 12 hour day yesterday. I headed into the mens lounge about 5:00 pm for an early evening crap. I got the 'center square" and within a few minutes I was flanked by 2 customers. We were all farting, pissing, and shitting, basically taking care of business. The outside door bangs open, and 4 young men storm in, I guess about 18-20 year olds, stop in front of the toilets, and start laughing hysterically, at the fact that there are no stall doors. They started making fart sounds and saying 'phew' while laughing at us. It didn't bother me one bit, as I was young once too, but the other guys , customers, were annoyed. Tough to reprimand guys when your pants are around your ankles, and shit is squeezing out your asses. The young guys left laughing, and told their girlfriends about the doorless stalls, and I heard one of the girls ask if rhey could go in and see the guys 'shitting on display" I think they decided to go get something to eat, cuz it just got quiet, and we finished up and we all left. Kids !!!!

Richard. Not The Richard With the wife
To Duh.

Well, I am a guy so let me tell you. I can't speack for most guys so let me tell you the way I pee. Well, I go peepee with one hand most of the time, but, sometimes I'll peepee with bolth hands, and on rare occasouns I will pishy with no hands at all, I'll simply juse aim.

A Guy To Help
For <In need of some answers>, get your blood sugar levels tested. For I'm a diabetic for 5 years now, I'vw had the symptoms you've described. When my blood sugar is too high >15, the symptoms appear. So PLEASE!! Go check it out!

atto r
Duh: ummm usally it dependa i almost always hold my penis with 2 hands if im with frends ill probily use 1 hand.

ok i got a rlly funny story . remeber when Toy Story (the movie) came out . I was little at that time and so was my friend ??????? . Anyway my friend ??????? and his mom went to the stoe ( now this was when he was little) and he was at the end of the aisle and hismom was ar the begiining looking for i dunno wat and he sees the movie on the shelf and it comes with a doll ( the woody doll) and he screams up the aisle and yells MOM I GOT A WOODY LOOK MOM I GOT A WOODY evryone in the stoe was laughin i gtg ill post ,, later

To Duh:
I am a dude and I use only one hand. I have a question. Have you ever snuck into the gents and used a urinal before? Well, I am more than willing to hear from you if you do not mind.

Shannen- Constpated very often.
Fat Woman. Would you please send me some of your pooping stories. I can't vey many on here and i really like them. I have a lot of trouble pooping too. I weigh almost 300 pounds. The other night it took me 45 minutes to push one GIANT turd out. It stretched my butt hole so wide. It had to be like 5 inches wide. It hadn't even been sitting in there for 2 hours. I ate dinner and about an hour later i got the urge to poop and I just couldn't get it out. I stood up pulled my butt cheeks apart pushing and straining. The top would come out and one time i poked ut and it was as hard as a rock It kept going back in that's why it took so long. You can e-mail me at . Please e-mail me i want to know about your stories and Nina's don't be afraid to add details. Hope to hear from you Shannen-the difficult pooper.

Em Dubya
Hey everyone! I'm still around, I just haven't been posting much recently. I saw a few questions I could answer, so I figured I'd post a bit.

Duh: I'm a guy and I almost always just use one hand while I pee. I am right handed and generally I use my right hand to hold it. This seems to be a fairly common thing since even in the movie Gattaca there was a comment about right handed guys always holding it with their right hand (towards the end of the movie.) I occasionaly hold it with my left hand but I can't even remember a time when I've held it with both. BTW, congrats on peeing small feet as I undestand it.

Mother of Twins: As a non-parent yet former little boy, I can say that it seems fairly normal for little boys to hold themselves. I remember that I used to and my Mom would tell me not to whenever she caught me. Often, I would do this because I had to pee, but not real urgently. Generally I would hold myself by putting my hand in the pocket of my pants. I don't think this is a bad thing, just socially unacceptable. Not to worry though, I grew out of it and considering I don't generally see other guys holding themselves, I assume everyone else must grow out of it, too.

Anyone else have any questions? Don't be embarassed, there really are no stupid questions here.
Does anyone have any diaper stories? That's an interest of mine. Whatever your post, please keep 'em coming :)

Last week while I was off from work, I happend to catch supermodel, tyra banks' talk show during the afternoon... her topic of the day was bacteria and why people are often getting sick. Her whole show focused on what places are clean and not clean... In alot of places that she had guest take samples off everyday items in everyday locations, they found bacteria native to human fecal matter. The guest doctor a germologist ( I think thats the word) explained that people are not washing their hands enough after pooping... Tyra also had a guest on who wrote a book about protecting yourself from some of these nasty germs...

The highlight (or at least for me) of the show was when Tyra started talking about bathroom habits... Earlier in the show she had some of her personal items from home tested for bacteria... Even on her TV remote control, they found traces of Human Fecal bacteria (possibly Tyra's) But what peaked my interest is when Tyra demonstrated her habits for using a toilet in a public restroom...

First Tyra demonstrated (with clothing and nothing being puled down or unzipped) how she pee's in a public toilet... She claimed that she typically squats or hovers over the toilet bowl... Then she demonstrated how she handles pooping in a public toilet...

She started out by informing viewers that she prefers pooping at home, but then provided a corrollary for the fact that sometimes we all just have to poop in public bathrooms sometimes in her case especially after eating a big beef enchilada ( For those that don't know, Tyra Banks loves to eat)

Tyra simulated entering the stall, stating that she likes ones further away from the ladies room door because even though she is a supermodel, her poops and her farts dont smell like roses...(she implied with a gesture that she is kinda stinky) The Author told her that almost every woman desires the same and that the cleanest stall would be the one closest to the exit... Second she took one paper seat cover, crumpled it up, and dropped it in the bowl. The author said it was a bad Idea for her to do because the toilet might get clogged from the paper products and her poop, and for her that could be bad, especially with celebrity gossip writers and papparazzi everywhere celebrities go...

Tyra then demonstrated her techinque for using extra toilet paper to cover the seat where a second paper seat cover wouldnt touch... the author didnt comment...

Then Tyra sat down and acted as if she was pooping making brief funny faces while sitting...(there is a photo on her website under the recap link from August 9 showing this segment) She didnt want to get into detail about how she wipes herself and dropped the Toilet paper she used to simulate wiping into the toilet along with the paper she sat on as she stood up. She simulated puling up , fastening her jeans, and buckling her belt. Tyra then demonstrated how she flushes(with her feet)... the author commented saying that it was a bad idea because she could lose a shoe, or miss and drop her foot in her mess... Tyra added that one time she had dropped an expensive pair of sunglasses into a toilet full of her poop and understood. Tyra then added that she washes her hands afterwards for 30-50 seconds using soap and warm water, however she said nothing about spraying perfume while she pooped...(and perhaps the fecal bacteria on her TV remote suggests that she may not always wash her hands at home)

Tyra is one celebrity I would love to see poop... I find her figure attractive along with the clothing she wears on her show... I felt that I was lucky to catch that episode... especially after my many efforts to find something on the web referring to her pooping, farting and bathroom habits...

One thought I took away also was the fact that the doctor mentioned that everyone no matter how hard we clean, has about 1/4 of a peanut worth of fecal matter in our underwear which usually is dispersed from our butts when we fart... Tyra even admitted to farting so I know its in her undies...

To Duh: I usually use one hand to pee. Of course, being a guy, aiming is easier.

The Nature Boy

Most folks know that what you eat affects the smell of your poop. But what about pee??

A few years ago, I had a chest cold and took some Mucinex (guaifenesin) to knock the crud out. Working in a pharmacy, I know the distinctive smell of guaifenesin. It's in Robitussin and Mucinex and a great many prescription cold medicines. I took two tablets with a big glass of water. A few hours later I go to take a whizz...

And I smell guaifenesin in my PEE...!!!

Forgot about it till this week when I had an Angus steak burger from Burger King for lunch. Loaded with steak sauce and fried onions. A few hours later, off to drain the lizard...

Onion smell!!! I don't know how long my pee smelled like guaifenesin after the first time, but I smelled onions the next 2 times I peed as well.

Heh, pretty wild. Anyone else have this happen to them?

Tessi- sorry to hear about your getting caught on 'candid camera!' Your bf sounds like an idiot, as if HE never gets the runs???

PRG - great stories, as usual!!!!! :-D

(this last part may get cut, I dunno)
Anyone listen to the Rise Guys morning show on 93.3 the Planet? This am they had a guy on there who was apparently having problems with his gf complaining when he pees outside. Most folks who called in agreed it was a "guy thing" and said she was over-reacting. At one point one of the guys says girls cant understand because they have to sit to pee. I'm thinking, "if they ONLY knew!" ;-) :-D

Paige, the girl on the show said she might try to pee outside later, but one of the guys said she'd probably sit in poison ivy or get her butt bitten by a snake - lol!

This is me Eric again Sorry I cut my story short earlier. It's a long story. Do you guys remember when I wrote to you about my pee story in 1999. Well I have another one and it occurred later in the year during my senior year. I started to drink a lot of water again during the day.During my last period class adult living, I had to go to the bathroom really, really bad again. I kept holding it in again and moving around. I needed to go to the bathroom again and it was a sense of deja vu again. Finally the bell rang for school to get out and I walked fast to the bathroom. I unzipped my shorts quickly and a sigh of relief went through me when I peed. So here's a lesson for you high school students Don't drink too much water or it'll make you go to the bathroom really bad

Mr. Clogs
Thanks alice for taking interest in me using the container in the shower. I did it because I was desperate and had to go. I didn't want to get out the shower and use the toilet so I grabbed the pitcher out the bathroom sink cabinet and decide to use it. While I was rincing the soap off my body and enjoying my morning dump in this container. I had to squat down and let it rip! I guess you can say multitasking! Happy peeing and pooping to you and to your boyfriend, keep the posts coming, catcha' later. Have a good weekeng.

Everybody Shits!
Thanks for the survey, I sit when I wipe, i wipe back to front.

Mother of Twins: Hmmmmm, tough one, well lets hope that jesture is a signal that it's time for them to go to the bathroom. Ask them if they need to go, I'm sure they'll tell you if they really have to go. Hope this helps, I should know this because I was once their age.

Selena: Nice post about you taking a dump in the shower, keep the posts coming.

Take care evryone and have a nice weekend.

--Mr. Clogs

did anyone see the season premiere of flavor of love on vh1? one of the girls has an accident she poops herself on national tv!

My boyfriend Donavan asked if he could watch me poo. Isaid only if he let me watch him. A few hours later he said he needed to poo. We went outside, into the bushes down from his house. I wanted him to do it outside, as I wanted clear sight of his bum hole. He squatted down, and I lay flat behind him, abot 2 feet from his puckered brown hole. Frrrrrrrrrrt. I never seen someone fart before, its sooooo cool the way their hole opens like a little mouth. Phhhhhhhhhhhht, again, the stale punjent smell of his farts tickled my nose. I giggled. Next thing the hole opens, but theres nothing there, but the holes getting biger and bigger, till you think it can't get any bigger, no pucker ridges at all, just a big stretched hole, then out pops a brown shiny helmet, and with a cool crackling noise it slides out, about 10 inches. I laugh, and he gets embarrassed, and the hole snaps shut, cutting the turd loose. Coool.

Duh - Well this all depends on what under wear im wearing really. If i am wearing boxers then I just whip out my equipment and hold with one hand. On the other hand if I am wearing briefs or boxers without a fly I will use one hand to hold the wasteband of my underwear down and the other hand to aim my penis.

to filup

Thenk you very much for your post. I always wondered what firefighters would do if they slept for seven hours... then were woken up by the alarm.

Did the firefighters discuss what to do in case they were woken up after about seven hours of sleep again? What if it was another fire... or a heart attack?

Also, you mentioned that you're pee shy... so, were you able to pee with the other firefighters when you got back to the firehouse?

a mother too
To Mum of twins.

I had three children (2 boys and a girl)all within 4 years so had my handsfull.

I noticed with both boys that they often touched or held or even rubbed their penis for pleasure (lets face it it sure feels good to both sexes) My daughter used to rub herself with her teddy.....I just used to distract the three of them with something else, mever scolding them or telling them it was wrong.
I think at 4 accidents will happen, perhaps you could suggest a word to your boys that they can say if they need to pee then you may make out the difference between just 'having a little pleasurable feel' and actually needing a pee. Or leave a potty in the room, handy for late awareness.

I spoke to my H/V about this and she said that when the bladders full rubbing their penis is even more pleasurable so it might be they just touch, rub etc until oooops its too late.

I wouldnt worry too much, my daughter is a civil engineer, married with one child. One of my sons is a math tutor in a long standing relationship and the other sons wife has just presented us with the most adorable twin girls, so their 'pleasure rubbing doesnt seem to have psychologically harmed any of them'.

I dont know whether you have read a lot of the letters on these pages, but if you do a lot of the letters from females talk about the pleasureable feelings from a full bladder. I too am a 'holder onner' and the relief when I do pee is almost as good as an orgasm.

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER TO DUH: I use two hands to get my penis out and into position and then one hand only to aim. Yes men actually do aim, however, sometimes their aim is not too good! Another thing is when at the urinal with others it is bad form to look at your neighbour and anyway I am not that interested.
TO TESSI: If your b/f dumped you (no pun intended) then he was not worthwhile long term. I suppose his shit does not smell at all, or maybe he does not shit at all!!!???. As far as revenge...that outlook gives you bad vibes and revenge is harmful to the soul,...however,.. if opportunity comes your way, and it sometimes does, then you can exact your vengence!
TO SELENA: Glad to hear that you were able to poo, all be it unorthodox.
Next question is did your room mate poo? I would be very interested to know.

This happened yesterday; I young upper class female professional worker was at my place of work with me and she excused herself and went out the back to the toilet...was gone for some minutes and returned. She reported that the toilet paper supply was just about out so she went to the shops to get more. She returned with the cheapest she could buy as it was so expensive at the shop. I replied that if she is prepared to use cheap toilet paper then so am I.
Yesterday morning upon rising I pushed out (easily) this really big poo. I was solid, thick and covered the circumference of the toilet bowl. Just before lunch I need to go again and produced a heap of nice soft easy to expel poos...I think the metamucil is working.

To the poster who mentioned having to poop more often during her period: that happens to me too! I always wondered about it, if it was just me or why it happens. Normally I poop once between 2-4 days, but during my period I have to go at least once a day. And its always really soft and bigger, while normally its harder and comes in chunks. Does anybody know the reason for this?

To Duh: Well I always hold my dick between my forefinger and middle finger of my right hand like U would hold a cigarette. When I was a kid in school we always held it that way and, I don't know why but I never changed and I hardly ever hold it any other way. We had a long trough urinal and for some reason we all had to hold it the same way. When it is hard I don't have to hold it at all. Most guys probably hold it between their thumb and forefinger. Now if girls really want to stand up and do it one handed, they have to hold their pussy apart between the forefinger and middle finger, pulling up slightly while peeing to find out exactly where the stream is pointing. Please tell me if this helps you.

To Big Logger: Are you a boy or girl? At your age you are growing fast and it is fun to see how big your bladder is getting by having holding contests. We even used to measure it. Have you ever measured it and how much did you hold? We could hold 16-18 ounces but that was pushing it.

To mother of twins: I used to hold my dick a lot when I was 3-4 when I didn't have to go until I learned like, you are not supposed to do that. You can usually tell if they have to go by pressing on their bladder, right below their belly button. If the bladder is filling up it will feel like an orange or something and firmer than usual and you have to check the firmness when they don't have to go so you can tell the difference.

When I was in the hospital I had to have a catheter because I couldn't pee. The nurse wanted to do it anyway and I said go ahead. They lube the rubber tube up real good and shove it in slowly and when it comes to your bladder there is some resistance and they tell U to take a deep breath, then they shove it in the rest of the way and urine starts coming out into the bag they have already attached. Then they fill this baloon with water at the end of the thing so it stays in your bladder. It doesn't hurt if they do it right, just feels very funny. The girl nurse had to wash it every day and she confided that most men don't like having them, and was wondering why I was so cool with it and I was like: It kind of feels good in a way, or different, and feels like you are peeing all the time. She also emptied the bag twice a day and recorded how much I did. It was about a half-gallon in 24 hours.

Does anyone out there keep a "bowel movement calendar" on their blog page? Too much information for most people, I know, but it sounds like the sort of thing a damaged person like most of us would consider.

RE: Duh
I'm a guy, and I've never used hands to pee. I don't see why anyone would ever need to unless their penis was hideously deformed. It's easy and simple.

I can't believe you men use toilets without doors. I am offended that Sears doesnt give their male employees and customers a bit of privacy while having a bowel movement. If my husband or son worked or shopped there, I would create such a stink over the situation. Ladies, what do you think, perhaps we should start a 'Task Force" to have doors put on all mens room stalls. I'm sure the men will thank us.

There are occasional mentions on here of people pooing on TV.

Well, Imogen Thomas, an extremely beautiful woman and former Miss Wales was on Big Brother here in the UK, and she blocked the toilet with a big poo.

Just thought you might want to know.


Sunday, August 13, 2006

This is probably a really stupid question, but my mind was wandering yesterday and I started to wonder, do most guys usually use one or both hands when they pee, and under what circumstances (not counting times when they're drunk or whatever and have to have one hand against a wall or whatever for balance)? I'm a girl and I pee standing on occasion, but I always have to use both hands to aim right, and I was wondering how it was different for men, physically speaking.

Good morning--hot here. Yesterday and today I had the most puzzling poop experience--in fact, I'm not sure it's over. Perhaps someone has had something like this and knows what it is.
In the early morning, I had what now passes for a normal poop: several fairly soft but still formed pieces, an inch or a little more in diameter and 3-5" in length; a nice pile in the bottom of the bowl. But then, driving to church, I got the urge again, quite insistently, along with some slight pain and cramping; as soon as I got there I went into the men's, sat down, and shot out a near-liquid poop that lay as a long thick pile of barely distinguishable turds. I actually flushed to make sure it would go down before wiping. It wasn't diarrhea, but it was softer than earlier.
The cramping and pain went away after that poop, but returned from time to time in the afternoon--not enough to make me go, but certainly enough to notice. I also felt bloated, and from time to time I farted, without odor, but often noticeable noise. Then about 4 o'clock it came back strongly enough to make me revisit the bathroom. I pushed normally and felt a couple of smallish pieces come out. It still felt like I had to go, but I couldn't; anyway, I had pretty well emptied myself at the church. I looked, and there were a couple of small hunks, maybe 4" long and an inch thick or less; when I wiped I got both a thin layer of brown solid and a little pale brownish liquid.
After supper, the same thing happened--again, not much poo, but a mess to wipe, and the pain and cramping. The last time yesterday was just before bedtime (most unusual for me). I felt a strong, almost painful urge, so I sat down and had a classic wet fart: as the gas came out, some poop came with it, not a lot but enough I had to wipe. Again, not diarrhea, just some small squigglies. The wipe was more liquid than solid, which meant the poop had slid out with the gas but had hardly touched my anal area. I took an acid reducer, thinking that might help. Even so, I felt the slight pain.
This morning things had not changed much. I sat down at the computer and farted, and felt some wet stuff emerge as well. I got up and examined the chair; nothing, thankfully. I went into the bathroom and had a small bowel movement, interspersed with farts; again, small squigglies, formed but miniature. The wipe was the worst mess yet, as the wet fart had smeared between my buttocks; I actually got some poop on my hand while wiping, which is rare for me. I finished the wipe with a set of paper dabbed with Noxzema, and my butt feels pretty good now; however, I think I may still be working through this condition, whatever it is. Aside from it, I feel normal, if tired.
Any ideas what this might be? I ate normally. Very odd symptoms, which I hope do not persist at work.
Happy pooping, everyone!

atto r
hey brian from Sears glad ur back ur a roit man! plese tell more sears stories:)

o yeah i got a story of my own.there is 4 people living in my house and only 1 bathroom. we went out to have mexican food (myfavorite but i guess not my fathers)u could tell my dad had to go to the bathroom . I had to take a monster piss and i went in , as soon as a got my penis out and began to aim my father rushed into there and nealry knocked me over (how rude!) he was like all sweaty and said he could wait he then sat on the toilet and let it rip!!!shit must have been poring out of his ass at about 100 miles per hour!!anyway i still has to piss and i had no idea wat do to so i went behind the tree in my backyark took out my penis , aimed and took a nice piss. it lasted a while to it felt soo good!!! after i was done i went inside . and my fater was in thier for an hour , man he rlly had to go ,,,ill post again..........later

An update on my poo experience at the mall. Seeme Sharon had her cellphone video camera trained on me as my bowels exploded, and now the whole schools got copies of my poo explosion mega farts and all. My boyfriend won't talk to me, says I'm a disgusting smelly shitter,and my brother got into a fight with a guy in my school who made rude comments about me. Anyone got suggestions of what I can do for revenge?

Just got the urge so I sat on the toilet and with little effort a nice foot long slid out...

Big Logger
Hello everyone, I am 14 and I am from the US. I don't have many pee/poop stories to tell, I have never had an accident on purpose, or by accident, but as we speak I am having a holding contest with myself. So far I have held my pee for nearly 20 hours and have not even dribbled in my pants. My friends all call me "steel bladder" because I don't have to go very often. When we go on a field trip everyone else pees at least once and I don't even pee once during the whole trip. I hardly ever close the door when I am having a BM or pee. I'll tell you how my holding contest goes in a later post

Bye Now!

In need......

I have a problem with almonds, they send my lower intestines into an uproar and I will often get the runs. I stay away from them. I don't usually get any nausea, but the resulting effects on my lower intestines keeps me away from them, or anything with almonds in it. That includes marzipan (primarily almond paste). The fact that you are getting nauseous, and even vomiting from either suggests that your body doesn't agree with them, so just do what you are doing - stay away from them. Because of your lack of insurance, perhaps there is a medical professional in your community. Say a nurse, in your church, or where you work who could advise you further.

Trying to answer, some ideas:

HSH When I was just out of college, I volunteered at the local fire department. One night at about 5 a. m. a call came in about a big fire in a commercial building. Other departments needed help. We pulled on our boots, grabbed our clothes to put on in the truck, and off we went. We didn't even think about peeing. Then we realized it had been 7 hours since we did. So for about 3 hours we fought the fire, bladders bursting, no place to pee. When we got back to the firehouse we made a mad dash for the trough urinal, 8 guys crushed together, pissing like mad for about 90 seconds. (One guy hadn't gone for 12 hours: he pissed for about 3 minutes.) We had filled the trough. That night we gave the longest pisser an extra bottle of beer.

Jenna When you are really bursting and you have been holding a long time, keeping your muscles tight, then you try to loosen up and it takes awhile so you only dribble a little and the rest won't come out sometimes for 15 or 30 minutes. A guy in my class in high school got up late, put on his clothes and grabbed his books. He just made the bus. He forgot to piss. When he got to school, he found the boy's room already locked for the morning, so he sat in class for 4 hours with a lot of pressure in his full bladder. When he went to the boy's room at noon, I went with him. I was pissing away at the urinal next to him, he told me the story and added, "now I can't piss at all". He sat in agony all afternoon in class. When he got home, he couldn't pee a drop. His mother came home from work an hour later, he told her the story. She took him to the ER. Again he tried to piss. His belly was bulging. He still couldn't. So they catheterized him (put a small plastic tube up the urethra in his penis that leads to his bladder). They drew out about a liter and half of urine. No wonder he was in agony, holding for about 16 hours. He learned his lesson. It is better to miss school than to hold your piss too long.

Continent Female: Sometimes the motion of the water or having other swmimers nearby causes you to freeze up so you can't go. Go into shallow water up to your waist, stand upor squat, relax, and I'll bet you will go. Can you go in an airplane rest room? Can you go in a public bathroom when someone is in the next stall? If your answers are no, but you can piss when you are home alone in your own bathroom, then you may have a bashful bladder or in other words, you are pee shy. Check out a search engine on the web. The medical term is paruresis. Like very many people I am also pee shy although I can pee when standing in a lake or ocean but not when I am swimming.

does anyone have any messy diarrhea accident stories, if so please post them

Tracegirl-- Thanks for answering. Do you remember when you started getting constipated? Just wondering if it was a lifelong thing or if your periods brought it on? For me it seems to have been a lifelong thing, but I think it was made worse by my toilet training. I started holding my poops because my mother would sit and watch me go. For some strange reason I was really embarrassed to push in front of my mother, so I held it in till I really couldn't go. Do you have an memories of constipation while still a toddler?- JW

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