Just call me volleyball girl.I have never spoken here before, but i have a story that happened 2 years ago to me. it is a pooping accident and a day from hell for me. it all happened 2 volleyball seasons ago. we had a game that day in jasper and it was about an hour and a half away. i went to school, it was a normal day, i felt fine. i had a little rumbling in my ??? but i didnt think anything of it. lunch was fine, everyone i knew who ate it didnt get sick too. i ate the amount i normally wouldve. anywayz, we got out of school and had volleyball practice. it was going to be short and light, just a little warm up for the game. well i had some minor stomach cramping during the beginning, and by the middle of practice they were getting to be actual pains, like stabbing pains in my gut. it mustve been the jumping around. anyway i fought it out until the end of practice. then afterwards when everyone was changing to get ready for the game, i snuck into the bathroom. noone was in there and i sat down on the toilet and strained but nothing happened. the pains in my gut just kinda would come and go, but they would grow in intensity. i rubbed my t?????? just a little, did some more pushing, but i only managed to pee a little and have a couple farts. after a few minutes i said screw it and went to go change. we were just going to wear our uniforms down there and change after the game. well i changed into my uniform and we started to head out. i had some gaterade and a power bar as usual as we drove to the game. during the bus ride the pains kept coming but i fought them off even tho it was getting harder. i prayed for them to stop, but they didn't. by the time we got to the game the pains had taken their toll on me and i needed to find a bathroom. i could wait, but there was no sense in waiting cause when game time happened, i had to be right and ready. well we get into the gym and go to the lockerroom. well the coach and all the girls get in a huddle and i have to go to the bathroom! i noticed this, and i said "im going to the bathroom real quick", and she said "hurry up". i got into the bathroom, pulled my shorts and thong down and let er rip. i couldn't go. at first i had several nasty farts, then i had some small painful chunks come sliding out. it was more forced and somewhat painful. i had to hurry so i squeezed, out came some juice and i wiped my burning butthole and that was that. i got out and got back in the huddle and we went out there. my pains were continuing tho. well to put things in perspective, we are really suppose to beat this team, cause its a rivalry thing and i am having major gas and stomach trouble. well the gym is hot for one thing, my t????y hurts, and we get scored on a couple of times. i started to accidently fart during the game and i did it for awhile and one was really loud and one of my girls gave me a concerned look. the pains were very bad at this point too, but i just doubled over and looked like i was on the defense. i was playing horribly, but my ???? was so out of whack. i couldn't just leave the game, the coach had to call me in. i dont wanna brag, but im one of the star players and i was playing horribly. right after i served, i got a horrible stomach cramp, and i farted to releive the pressure like i had been, and some shit came out! i was shocked and looked around, but all the girls didn't seem to notice. we stunk anyway cause we were all sweaty and gross. i guess no one could tell i had pooped in my volleyball shorts, cause they were tight and black. well i felt it and knew i had definitely done it. it was sticky and hot and mushy. it made my thong feel totally weird and gross. anyway i had several more stomach cramps and couldn't do it anymore and called a time out and told the coach i had to go to the bathroom. she didnt say anything, she just had a mad look on her face. i had to run cause i was getting ready to blow. everyone was watching me too! i didnt know if they could tell or not. i get in the locker room and i my stomach hurts so bad and it just feels so horrible as i start to run, my butthole just lets go. i started shitting my volleyball shorts even more as im running to the toilet! i get to the toilet finally as i am seriously still shitting and yank my stupid tight volleyball shorts down. my thong is ruined as i have to pull it off as I am shitting on the toiletseat. when i hit the toilet i am still shitting. i am still sweating profusely even tho im off the court, i think it was due to the fact that i was sick. as i sat there as my stomach contorted and i was looking down i was mortified to see shit caked all over the inside of my shorts like yellowish brown mashed potatoes. i squeezed out the rest of the shit that i could, and I wiped with the entire roll of toiletpaper. i cleaned myself with it best i could, threw my thong away and pulled my shorts back up. they were black, so you couldn't see shit on the back cause i made sure and got it all off. it was still kinda on the inside tho, but i couldnt get it all ya know? it was off my legs and everything tho, it was really weird in those shorts with no underwear i kinda felt naked in a way. anywayz i was trying to finish the game, but i had to run off once more with more diarrhea. it was pure torture, the worst feeling i've had since i was a kid. we lost the game, i was on the toilet when the other girls came in and changed. i changed into my spare panties cause we have to wear thongs with our shorts cause they are spandex so i had some spare granny panties with me(thank god it wasnt a thong). i changed into them and my shorts and we got on the bus. well during the bus ride i started to feel really bad again, so i tried to hold my poop. all the other girls knew i was sick, they felt bad for me. i suddenly had to go really bad, and we were on the interstate and couldn't stop. i told the coach and she said that she would stop next time they saw a sign. i said "i wont be able to hold it that long." one of the girls said she had some old spare shorts if i couldnt hold it. she said they were too tight for her and they had not been washed in a long time and she didnt care for them. i said i didnt care cause i was desperate and needed what i could get, ya know? im not gonna be picky. anyway thankfully we made it to an exit, i shit my brains out some more in a horrible public restroom you know, i was dirty, humiliated and our team was beaten on top of it, and i wanted to go home. on the way back i needed to go yet again, and we finally got back to our lot. i was going to run to the lockeroom, but i decided to drive home instead. during my ride home to my house, i totally shit my shorts. it was awful! my butthole burned so bad and my butt was caked in diarrhea. i wasnt wearing a thong, but my grannypanties didnt hold the entire load and it ended up on my seat. i got home and cleaned myself up. it took me an hour and a half, and i still was having diarrhea right afterwards. it wasnt nearly as bad as before tho. i had lost one fairly decent thong, a pair of panties, my practice shorts, but my volleyball shorts we alright at least. in the middle of the night i farted in my bed half asleep and had more diarrhea. this wasnt normal diarrhea, it was diarrhea from hell. it made my ass totally burn. i spent the rest of the night on the toilet and fell asleep for an hour(maybe?). i woke up and slept on top of my covers cause the mess was inside the covers. it was defintiely one of the worst days of my life. alright, i put in my two cents. hope you guys liked it, i sure have liked all i've been reading for awhile. i hope all of you enjoyed hearing about how miserable and how horrible of an experience i had.

I have had to poo really badly for the past three days I've been constipated for more than a week.. and now someone's in the bathroom.. I'm gonna poo in my pants if I don't go soon:(

Hey, I am back again! I know I recentley posted buy hey!

First I would like to tell you about my peeing-holding habits. I can hold it in for about 8 hours. I dont pee alot but I pee hard, so like what would be 4 min. pee would be 1 min pee for me.

Now I have a quiz

How many accidents have you had in your life?

Were they desperation or for fun

If you are a girl can you go standing up?

Have you ever peed on a pad?

If so did it leak or hold?

What is the oddest place you have peed?

Are you constipated often?

Are your poos soft, hard, or in between?

Do you use Enema or Laxatives when you are constipated?

If so what were your results?


Here are my answers:

1. 3
2. Desperation
3. Never tried. (maybe I am a boy, or maybe i am not) :D
4. No
5. I dont know if it would
6. A tree in my friends front yard
7. No
8. In between
9. No because I dont like them
10. N/A

Continent Female: When you find youself submurged in a lake or ocean, are there friends nearby? If there are, wade away from them; don't try to pee "in front" of your friends (even though they can't possibly see your stream).
Are you in deep enough that you feel comfortable that any pee will be completely un-viewable by your friends nearby?
Then push off and glide on your back and find how easy it is to remain on top of and in the wather and propell yourself.
Take care,

Hi to all my friends. Had a great weekend. We went to a canoe race, hubbies sport, and as usual it is an early start from home so the early morning poo gets done there with a hundred others with pre race nerves. We arrived there just before sun up and had a cup of coffee to get the chill out. Sitting in the car I can see people walking up to the line of bush behind us all with there little roll of loo paper under their arms. I finish coffee and tell hubby I am going to take a poo in the bush. I do this every year here so know the private little corners. I wander in and look for my favourite spot but it is taken with a young girl peeing a huge gusher. I go further in and hang my little wad of paper on a branch. Belt comes loose and I pull my jeans down and step out of one leg. Those that know me know I always do this to go outside as I then don't spray my ankles. I get down and relax. I can hear people coming and going, greeting friends from last year, pee gushing onto the ground men louder if they are standing. The frequent loud fart followed by a groan and sometimes a silent poo or spluttering pre-race wet poo. I am well on my way with a long coffee pee and I feel the makings of a large mound start to want to get out. I love pooing like this so do not rush things. A lady comes around the bush, says oh dear sorry but I need to pee. I say join me we both need it badly. She looks around quickly and tugs off her tracksuit pants and nylon tights. I tell her we all do it so men and women look the same while sqwatting. I am half way through a large hard plug getting out as she sits and pees for about 20 seconds. As she finishes I see this large pool under her and she starts to stand only to get down again. Damn she says I thought it was only a wee but now I need to go no 2 and I have no paper. I never poo at 6 in the morning. Always 10 or later, must be race nerves. I tell her she can use some of my paper. As she farts a long blubbery relaxed fart she says hope you don't mind the smell it may be a bit rank. I say cannot be as bad as my husband in bed. She laughs. I don't normally look but she was right in my vision so could not help watching as her hole opened up slowly as this poo started its journey out. She had now got hold of a low branch and had her eyes closed as she let this thing out. It was yellow and as about 1 inch stuck out little bits broke off and fell to the ground. I heard her groan quietly as the rest followed. No more broke off but it was huge. Must have been 1.5 inches thick and just kept on coming as it hit the ground it started to coil around on itself. At least 18 inches came out before it tapered off and her hole involuntarily opened and closed. She was still sitting with her eyes closed as a fart erupted and about a cup of runny poo splashed out on top of this heap. Ladies do produce huge loads. She now shifted a little as her knees must have been sore and peed a little before a semisolid log about 4 inches just shot out. She said God I feel so much better for that. I said I can see why. She chuckled as she tore off small pieces of paper and wiped. I was also wiping now and she noticed I had one leg out of my jeans. She said that is a bright idea. Makes you more mobile and saves on the splashing. We both pulled up and walked out adjusting our clothing as we made our way past men and women all in the same pose but at different stages of completion. The biggest unisex loo in the world!!! We promised to look each other up next year same place same time!! She said she would bring the paper.

Mother of Twins
Hi i am about 30 and in need of advice. I have twin 4 year olds Jake and Alex.Both seem to hold their dicks for pleasure.I am having trouble determining if they are masturbating or if they need to pee. There has been multiple times that one has had an accident because i didnt think they needed to go.Has anyone encountered the same problem or have any advice on how to determine it?

At last it has cooled down a little here. At least I can sleep a little better at night.
One week to go and Im moving in with my b/f......omg am so hoping we can have some pee fun.......he has used the container a few times now and seems ok with it, he certainly likes to watch me squat over it, or hold it between my legs........he always gets a woody when he watches me.
Ive counted the steps from the bedroom to the bathroom in the takes 19 normal sized steps to get there......but Im still gonna be taking my container with me......its so much easier to just swing my legs over the side of the bed and squat over the container than to walk all the way to the loo.
Strangely my b/f pees in the shower, he never told me, I just caught him the other day. I was having a pee on the loo whilst he showered, I pulled back the curtain and saw the yellow water and said delightedly 'youre having a piss in the shower'. He looked a bit embarrassed but siad he had forgtten to go before he got in and the running water had made it impossible to hold his morning wee back.....yeah right!!!!

I got in the shower with him this morning, as far as I knew he hadnt taken his morning pee. I asked if he needed to go and he said 'kinda' I held his woody and pointed it to the plug and said go on took him a moment or two to get going (mainly coz he was getting aroused) but then he started, man did he go........I let go my morning pee too and we watched as the water turned dark yellow and ran into the drain.

Hiya to Mr Clogs............good story about your poo in the container IN the shower......was it deliberate or could you just not wait??????

Love to all

I had a girl-friend (new one I just met) over the other day and I really had to pee bad. I went into the bathroom, leaving the door open and stood in front of the toilet holding my dick through the fly and started to pee. It was very loud, long and yellow. I stopped and started a couple of times for the heck of it. When I came out the girl-friend gave me kind of an amused look and I said I really had to go. Shortly thereafter, she got up and went to pee. She didn't have to go a whole lot, but left the door open. I think she may have been a little pee shy and was waiting for me to go first. Next time I have to go I will ask her if she wants to go to the bathroom with me. I will just get up and say I have to go to the bathroom and ask her if she wants to go with me. With any luck I will get to see her on the toilet peeing and in return I will pee in front of her.

I work for an electrical contractor, we go from jobsite to jobsite, usually peoples homes. I been working directly with the company owner, Mark, cool guy. We usually bring our lunch packed in coolers, and eat on the run. Yesterday we had some time between jobs, so Mark got us a 6-pack of Bud Light, and we went to the park, relaxed, ate our lunch and had a few beers. Before we hit the road, we hit the mens room in the park. As we left the truck, Mark grabbed a newspaper, and smirked..."good time to catch up with the news" Mark had been in this park many times, so I followed him into the bathroom. It was a dingy little bathroom with two urinals, and two toilets side-by-side, but the partitions were all removed, so it was 'latrine style" There was one roll of toilet paper mounted on the wall between the toilets for both guys. We both stepped up to our toilets, dropped our shorts and sat down, Mark offered me part of the newspaper, I took a section , and started reading... Mark dropped a loud load of shit, complaining about his wife making him egg-salad sandwiches in 95 degrees weather, we both laughed. I dropped some hard turds, and we both pissed the beer out. Wiping time came, and we threw our newspapers on the floor, and reached for the toilet paper...."You first" I said , "You are the boss" Mark grabbed a wad of paper stood up to wipe and his hairy buttocks were right in front of me. He stuffed toilet paper into his hairy crack, and wiped good, and threw the dirty paper into his toilet. I did the same thing, we took turns pulling tissue off the roll, and eventually we were both clean...We flushed, yanked our shorts up, and washed our hands. The afternoon went real fast afterthat. It was not weird shitting right next to my boss, I thought it might me, It was cool.

Just come back from holiday with Dave thats why i aint been in touch. Im now 18 weeks pregnant and discovered i am having same sex babies but dont know anymore.

Pooping is harder as pregnancy goes on and drink about bottle and a half of prune juice over the space of the day. I usually go at night when Dave comes over. He sit on the side of the bath and watches me struggle to go. He finds it a real turn on. He is finding me so sexy right now.

I pooped one night and Dave had to leave the room it was that much of a turn on.

I poop now and noises i make are more extreme. I usually do UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and hold it on for longer. One time it took me 25 minutes to do 2 plops. I am not enjoying this side of pregnancy at all and kinda wish it all went back to normal. Only 22 weeks to go though although it will gradually get harder and harder to do a poop as my size gets bigger.

I go on maternity leave at 34 weeks so 16 weeks to go.

Anyways keep those stories coming loving them.


I've found my new calling. I'm the guy who's smart enough to bring his own paper to the park toilet in the morning when the dispenser is empty and you really need to take a dump!

It's happened quite a few times now. Most recently, a Mexican guy went into the stall next to mine and started to crap. Even though there was no paper. I finished up, washed up at the sink, and just before I left, I asked him if he needed paper. He looked at me sheepishly and said "Yes". I handed him the roll of paper towels, he took some paper, and handed it back. He was a bit modest in that he kept his jeans pulled way up around his thighs.

Twice in one "sitting", I handed out paper from my seat. One was an older guy and another was a young runner. It pays to be prepared.

Well I did it..spent a wekk in a small room with a person I hardly know less really like. We arrived and I immediately wanted a my horror the bathroom door if pushed closed wouldnt open again unless two of us pulled with all our might as the wood was swollen. So we had to just push the door to.....I decided to have a shower after the long journey.....luckily the fan was noisy and so I ran the water. But I was still worried and even as I sat on the loo and strained nothing I got in the shower, squatted and pooed.....oh the relief.......she couldnt hear me, I could strain to my hearts content and then just picked it out with loo paper and dumoped it in the loo.....easy peasy. Good thing too was after showering there was no smell.

I had probs peeing in the night as the place was so quiet so I squatted over the loo and held a wad of tissue between my legs so the wee ran onto that before hitting the water.

Viking: Thanks a lot for the reply. I was somewhat fearful that no one here would really understand my predicament, given that all of you seem to be pretty open about things here. And yes, I am somewhat repressed; I'll be the first to admit it.

I've never been to Scandinavia or Germany, but I had a friend who was from Scandinavia and she was extremely understanding about most things. Opening up to her would have probably been my best bet in terms of finding someone who understood it. Even if I had done this, though, I'd have never asked if I could accompany her. I don't think I ever could. That, to me, would seem to be a huge violation of the friendship, and might even give the impression that it was the basis of my seeking her out. Even when I told the girl I was dating, it was mainly with the intent of getting it off of my chest to someone. Incidentally, she was also European.

Unfortunately, I don't think I could make a trip up to Europe for whatever reason. Time and money would conspire against me in this regard. Also, it would seem somewhat low to me to go to Europe simply to find a companion who would understand the interest in watching women relieve themselves. I'm not ready to accept that it's that much of a part of me just yet.

Hopefully, either something will happen to make me know everything's okay with this, or lack of exposure will cause it to fizzle away. I can always experience it vicariously through Richard's posts. :P

Hi everyone, Anny from Canada here, I haven't posted here for a while, but I am back and I have a couple of stories to update you on.

STORY 1: This past Wednesday, I had to go to my doctors to be tested for asthma, since the warning signs were coming back and I haven't suffered from asthma since I was a little girl, so I went to have it checked out, also to get a TB and flu shot since I will be volunteering at a nursing home on my spare time, they need updated shots every year. So I went to the doctors, at which she told me my asthma was back, and she gave me an inhaler, and she gave me the shots, and told me to come back in two days. I went home and I started to feel sort of woozy and sick to my stomach, and later that night, when my husband was at work I developed a high fever and chills, and stomach cramps, and I felt like I was going to get sick soon. It was brutal, later that night I had to crap, it was a small amount of mushy poop. I took some rest that night and didn't feel any better other than my fever went down.

On the Thursday, I slept for most of the day and I woke up in the evening, and my husband had to go out, and I felt better, my stomach cramps had subsided a little, but I had gas, so I let out a really loud, long fart, but it was an unfortunately slightly wet fart, and for a moment I felt a rush of shame and embarrassment because I knew I had pooped myself a little bit, not badly, but still enough to feel embarrassed about it. Luckily though when I went to the bathroom to clean myself up it was only a small amount and didn't stain badly, so a quick rinse got most of the mess out.

I felt sick for most of the weekend, and finally when my stomach settled down the other night, I decided to try some mild-spicy noodles, and my stomach didn't agree with me on that. Within half an hour of finishing, I knew I was in trouble and just barely made it to the bathroom. As soon as my butt hit the seat, diarrhea exploded out, luckily only lasted about a minute, but I knew with that result it's a good idea not to try eating even mildly spiced foods again.

STORY 2: A couple of weeks ago I was on the coach bus to visit my mom, who lives out of town, and the bus was mostly empty, so I chose a seat behind an elderly man, and the bus ride was going well for the first 10 minutes. Then I started to feel stomach cramps and knew I was going to need a toilet soon. Ironically the person who sat in front of me was having t?? trouble too apparently, because he kept pulling out an Immodium information leaflet every couple of minutes, and I started to feel a little nervous, and I contemplated whether or not I should move, but I was worrying for nothing. I had stomach cramps throughout the bus ride, but I was able to handle it until we got to my mom's house. At least 3 times that night I had diarrhea, maybe from a mild stomach irritation.

That's all for now :-) Will post more later.


Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Linda from Australia here again. I've been pooping every morning for about the last week. For the last 3 days, I've been pooping twice in the morning before work. I've been going when I wake up in the morning and then about half an hour later. I haven't had any trouble pooping for over a week now.

To Fat Woman: I LOVED your story about you grunting on the toilet. I love the constipation stories! How long did it take you to complete your dump?? Had you been constipated for a few days before? I bet Nina loved the show you put on for her too. Keep the great stories coming, I love reading them!!

On Saturday I tried to listen in on my housemate while she was on the toilet. I saw her go into the toilet and I just knew she would be taking a dump. As there were other people staying at our house on the weekend, I couldn't stand close to the toilet door so unfortunately, I didn't get to hear her grunting. She took close to 10 minutes to complete her dump and as she flushed, she also sprayed air freshener. She always sprays it after she has done a poo. When she came out of the toilet, her face was red and she looked as if she had been straining to get her poo out. She is a big girl and I'm sure she has trouble pooping sometimes.

Blue Rizla Girl
To own3d

That's by far not the first toilet poem I have seen.

When I was a traveller living on site, my "toilet facility" was a shovel, which I always kept leaning up against my trailer (there were never any thieves about). And it had this message on it;

"If you wish to take a shit
Dig a hole, and bury it.
If that sounds like to much work,
Shit your pants, you lazy jerk!"

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER TO NEWSMAN: A large number of people I associate with have had colonoscopies in their 40`s or when they are 50. Quite a few have had polyps removed....theses can be the forerunner to bowel cancer. I and other people do the annual blood occult test. Other have headed straight to the doctor on the presence of blood in the BM. Where I come from in the world people are well aware of bowel cancer and many are taking the above measures.

Now for what has been happening with poos have been very hard of late... last week I had to have a medical procedure (nothing related to bowels) and after the small operation I was in recovery with patients of either sex. I heard a male nurse say " I will get you a pan..if you poop the bed it will be my fault" He was talking to the young lady in the opposit bed...the cutain was pulled around and the bedpan taken in. The curtain was there for what seemed like a while...I did not see or hear anything. In the afternoon they said I could get up which suited me as my bladder was full and bowels needed moving. I headed for the bathroom and as I walked in out walked a lady of a few years younger than me who I had been chatting to earlier.. she looked relieved and chuckled when I hobbled into the bathroom.. I could tell why...there was the smell of poo in the air and a nice warm toilet seat. Despite having a great wee I could no produce anything from my bum. Still no results the next day so I took some Herbal-lax that night. Early the next morning I was very productive..passed big hard turds...but despite their hardness they came out OK...I should say that I lubricated my hole before trying...used sorbeline cream. After passing the hard stuff I produced a good quantity of soft serve. I left the toilet relieved. About an hour later I was back with an explosive gush of liquid shit....and it stunk!.. and that was it.
The last few days my problems returned. This morning I was at the car wash, early. You may recall my previous post when an employee Locked up the two toilets whilst she did a shit..not impressed!!! Anyway I had a nice cup of coffe and there were some urges so I went in and occupied one toilet only! I dropped my trousers and undies..sat and pushed . The load in my rectum felt hard and BIG. At first it would not budge...and I had no lubricant either but I kept working on it and it moved and I really grunted and lent right forward as if to point my arsehole up to the heavens and then Oooo...aaarrrrr out came this python from my arse and into the bowl...flop!!! and then another quantity of this time normal poo... I felt so much better and relaxed although my anus was really tingling.. I wiped, flushed, washed hands and walked out with sweet victory written on my face.
That was early this is now late afternoon and I am in dire and desperate need of a wee and a poo too... I will go out to the toilet now and report back
I am back! Result successful... pushed out a satisfactory amount of poo...still hard and had a relaxing leak. Concluion: A productive day....well deserved and due.

Everybody Shits!
Here's a quick poll 4 ya'll!
When wiping, do you?
A. Stand
B. Sit
My answer, A.
I stand, because, I think I get a better wipe, not to mention, I get to see the shit I've just took.
Hope you enjoy this quick poll.
Till next time,
Take care.

Hi guys
My name is Mandy and I am 26 years old. I live alone and sleep alone unless my boyfriend Jason comes over. He's totally sweet. I woke up this morning with an urge to take a piss for the ages. I went into the bathroom in nothing but my panties; pulled them down to my ankles, sat on the toilet and waited to begin peeing. The piss came out hard and fast and it felt so good I exhaled loudly:"AHHHHHHH!" It kept coming for 45 seconds straight with no slowing down then it stopped abruptly. I pushed and a few good long squirts came out. I reached over, got a wad of TP, waited to make sure I was empty then wiped. I then checked my pad, decided it was still good and pulled everything off and took a shower. Good pees and poops to all.

Hi, everyone! I have a question-
Whenever I get my peiriod, I ALWAYS get the shits. I've crapped four times today!
Is there a reason for this and does it happen to everyone?
-xx Yurika

In need of some answers
I have never posted here before but i have read a few entries and i am in dire need of some advice. For the past maybe 6 months, any time i have had chocolate, or almonds, i get horrible stomach problems. It starts out as really bad lower stomach cramps, then (this is very embarassing to me) I have really hard poo. once that part is over, the cramps somewhat subside and i have the bout of nauesa. A few times i have vomited but not every time. I thought it was maybe an allergy, but I am not sure if it is because I have never had this problem before. I don't have insurance so i can't run to the doctor, but can anyone please give me any information or advice...for the time being im not going to even look at an almond or chocolate for that matter...Any help is greatly appreciated!!

Continent Female
I don't have accidents and almost never pee outside. There were few times when I was swimming in an ocean or lake, and I had to pee, and I tried to go in the water, but I couldn't. Why can't I pee when I'm submerged in water? Maybe it was because there were other people there, and I was embarrassed. Does anyone else find themselves unable to pee an ocean or lake?

I havn't posted in a while but here you go. Once I was in a zoo and I had nachos to eat. Suddenly my stomach started rummbelling and I knew I needed a toilet NOW! I started running to the toilet as fast as I could and clenching my buttcheeks together so I didn't go diarrhea in my pants. I stopped to rub my aching ??y a bit. As I got to the toilet I saw about 40 people in line. Now only 35 people in line I was sweating horridly and crying slightly. I squeezed my buttcheeks and crossed my legs (I was afraid whatwould happen if I relaxed for 1 seccond) I sat on the floor rubbing my poor t?? (pretty much every one on this site had a stomach ache before right, Well take your worst stomach ache ever and multiply it by 10,000,000,000,000,000 that's how I felt). Every inch of me was sweaty. My upper lip now has a scar because I bit it so much that day. Finnally I was about to blow. I yelled to the 30 people in front of me: GET OUT OF MY WAY I HAVE DIARRHEA! I ran to the nearest open stall and exploded all over the walles and floor for about 30 mins. I came out and relized I had to go again! I pushed this lady to the floor and almost crapped on her! When I got to the toilet I was so relived UH-OH I filled up the whole bowl and was so far from done! I came out and saw there was no where to go! I started pooping in my pants and bawling like mad! I just ran out of there and never went back!

Another story from Richard

Hi everyone. Well its time for my next pleasureable moment that I have had with my lover Russanne.

We were up Houghton Lake in Northern Michigan for a few nice days of R&R. Just chillin, relaxing and enjoying each others company. So for two days, I was able to join my sweetheart Russanne, in the bathroom. As she took some real nice lovely craps.

As we drove up north along I-75. She mentioned to me that she felt a little constipated and had only gone a little bit that day. So she was hoping that the next morning would be a real nice relieving shit and that everything up inside her comes out. Well, the next morning comes along and after some breakfast and coffee. Russanne looks at me and wanted to know if I would join her in the potty. Of course, I couldn't refuse. So after sitting on the toilet, I slowly removed her robe completely, so she could be totally naked and get totally relaxed. While sitting there, I was rubbing her right shoulder. And I could always tell when she was going to do some pushing. Her whole body would become tense and tight. Well as she was working on that load, she was pushing out quite a bit of gas. Finally she took hold of my hand and squeezed it tightly. And as she was squeezing, I could tell her assole was puckering out and open. Finally, I was able to hear some crackling noises of shit, coming out of her ass. The first few pieces were fairly small. But after pushing out more gas. She bared down real hard and held my hand tightly. I have come to learn that when Russanne does it like that. The big one is on its way. And big it was. Without seeing it, I could tell by her touch of holding me. That the piece of shit coming out was very thick, and very long. And it was. Upon looking in the bowl after she was through. It was probably 13, 14, 15 inches long and going down the trap. I would also have to say that it was a good 5 inches in diameter. But, I also know that Russanne was feeling good. Well thats it for the first day.

Day two was completely different. No hard poops, but a lot more wet gas. We ate dinner the previous night at Mexican Restaurant, La Seniorita it was called. It was in Traverse City, where we went for the day. We just sat there and had a few appetizers, chips and salsa, and then a good mexican meal. As we watched the Tigers baseball game on television in the lounge area. So the next morning, Russanne didn't even have to have her routine breakfast and coffee before heading for the poop room. As we woke up, she said, "I think we should head for the bathroom right now." And we did. After removing her robe again and getting comfortable on the throne. She just started farting up a wet storm, with a lot of soft wet mushy poop. And there was plenty. She was apologizing for how stinky the bathroom was getting. But, I told her not to worry. And with that she squeezed my hand tightly to let out another torrent supply of wet slimy shit. She didn't even have to tell me how messy her ass was going to be. It was very evident that when she leaned over to wipe there was going to be a messy load at least on the first few wipes. I think she wiped five or six times in all. And watching it all go down the bowl after was quite interesting.

She also told me that she really does like me being in the bathroom with her. That she is very comfortable. And that it will be a daily thing whenever we spend days and nights together. We each have our own place. But I'm sure the time will come when we live under the same roof together. Well thats it for now. I hope to be back again in the very near future. Bye for now.

To answer the anonymous Question:

I really dont know... I've had to pee a couple of times and was headed to the bathroom just when the alarm when off... I would say probably not... because if the dispatcher gives us vague information, we are in a little hurry... Not like the hurry TV portrays. We dont tipically run to the truck and rush to get dressed... there is a sense of urgency if there are confirmed reports of fire, or if there is a child involved in an emergency...

I would bet some have peed just before the alarm has gone off... I know I've been sitting on the toilet before preparing to poop when an alarm went off once... had to come back later and finish the Job...

Sometimes I sit on the toilet and crochet. It's OK if you have a really comfortable toilet seat. I will usually engage in this activity for an hour or more, and when I have to go, I can just go.

Sometimes I wipe with one great big wad of tissue, but I fold it over and wipe about 4 times with it. Sometimes I get excrement on my fingers but I wash it off when I'm done wiping. Then I wipe everything front and back while I'm on the toilet with 2 wet wipes, and when I pull up my briefs it feels good.

To Fat Woman:

Wow sounds like you had trouble and fun with that poop. I'm not really that big (about 200lbs) but man I sure can produce huge poops that seem to always plug up my toilet. In fact, a couple hours ago I did just that. After having pooped in about 2 days, I really gave a huge load worth that really stuck good in the toilet. I always get upset when I have to plunge it. I really liked your story about how your turned your girl on with the sounds of your flipping through pages and gruntting. I'd be turned on too =P lol. I hope to hear more stories about your poops and I'll be sure to post more later.

I had the weirdest dream last night. I was with my family, and we were going out...then all of a sudden I had to pee badly, but the bathroom was locked up so I I remembered the one in my room, but my toilet wasn't working so I got into this crawlspaace and tried to pee, but for asome reason I couldn't, but then I got STUCK there, with my pants down...somehow I got out, in the end I just went in the toilet O.o and I never wet the bed last night, either...I did wak up at a reasonably late time though. (1:30 p.m. x.o)

Mr. Clogs
HAIRY ANNIE: Nice post about your encounter with that lady in the ladies room, thanks for the detailed description of her and your encounter. Take care.

FAT WOMAN: Nice post about you on the pot, I guess big appetites makes massive piles in the toilet, there's a common saying, you are what you eat. Right? Happy pooping and peeing.

Yesterday I woke up with the urge to poop, didn't drink the dieter's tea that I usually drinl to help me poop, so yesterday morning was interesting one. I got up made my way to the bathroom, closed the door and locked it, slid off my shorts and sat on the toilet. I gave a little push and let my turds rip! I pooped for 10 mins, once I felt empty, I wiped several times to get the poop from my butt cheeks, put my shorts on and brushed my teeth and had my morning coffee.

Take care folks and have a great week.

--Mr. Clogs

Brian at Sears
Hey folks....I was on vacation the last few weeks. ood to be back home and at work. Store has been really busy with end-of-summer sales, and back-to-school sales. Tuesday afternoon I hit the john, about 3pm and all the bowls were occupied. There was some 'explosive diahreah" happening in there. I saw "Rob" the eyeglass salesman, and started chatting with him, while he plopped out some brown pellets. The combination of the way he was sitting on the toilet, with the tiny size of his 'family jewels' mad viewing his dropping turds easy for everybody to see. He laughed about the stink, then stood up, faced the wall, and wiped his ass. He pulled his underwear and dress slacks up, buckled up, and I dashed on his toilet and cut loose while Rob washed up, and stopped by to say 'take care" Before I finished, there were 2 other customers waiting for a bowl. Whew !!! That bathroom really stunk LOL

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Yes, I do know some other women at my office who produce large turds. When they emerge from the cubicle whilst I'm washing my hands I often linger to do my hair etc and then have a quick look in the cubicle they exited.

Occasionally I do come across a big turd that has failed to flush and can mostly recall who left it. Most of the turds seldom exceed 2 inches in diameter, but make up for this by their length - some are 14 inches long or more. The biggest I have seen was between 2.5 and 3 inches in diameter and about 8 inches long - but I do not know who passed it. I find it difficult to believe that anyone could pass a turd over 3 inches in diameter.

I have not noticed what colour eyes the Finance Director has, but will try and engage her in conversation in due course.

Here's an interesting poop story. Every time I go poo it's diarrhea with a t?? ache. Once my stomach was rumbling and I knew I needed a toilet...FAST! I could not find a toilet (I was in the woods)! I finnally found a portapoty. It was too late, as soon as I undid my pants an explosion happend, all over the walls and floor. But, OH MOTHER OF GOD SWEET HEAVENLY RELIFE! After I was done, 1 hour later, I came out very sweaty and crying. HOW EMBARRASSING!

This is the first time I have posted on this website after lurking here for a while. I have not had great experiences with bathroom habits. As a child I wet the bed until I was almost 13 and then once and a while until I was sixteen. It was very embarrasing and not a pleasant experience I might add. I dont know if it was brought up by stress or depression being raised by foster parents or if it was just a gene I inharited from my real parents which I only knew until I was two. Well I am happy to say it has finally ended at least. Also growing up I occasionally had a few accidents outside of the bed. I would like to ask if anyone on this site has wet the bed at an old age and if it was perhaps brought on by stress? more stories to come...


how many farts do you make in a minute? hour? day? week? month? year?

Hey im kinda worried. I just held my bladder too long until it hurt and only went a little a minute a go a small trickle for like 20 secs. Is this serious or will everything be back to normal soon?

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