Hey, I have a story from when I was about 13.

I was playing on basketball team and my friends brother who was 6 at the time came with her to practice. Well during this period I noticed he would grab his crouch every once in a while. Well unfortunatley we didnt have bathrooms near the outside court. Well soon he was jumping, grapping, crossing his legs and everything. Then I noticed the wet spot! Duh Duh Dahhh :) He was like crying now then he ran behind the dumpster and we all heard PSSSHHHHHHHH ahhhh! Man was his sister embarrassed!!

Now for the poopy story

When I was 9.

I was at school and had cramps beyond belief. Not knowing really what to expect I let them go and they passed coming back stronger each time. I started letting out some gas when splishhhhhhhhhhhhhhh liquid poo everywhere!!! I was crying and called my mom who couldnt pick me up or anything because my sister was sick. So I ended up pooing my pants 2 times that day and running to the bathroom 3 other times and going on the floor or in the toilet. Man I was sick!!

to HSH

When the alarm goes off when firefighters are sleepiing; do they pee before they leave for the fire?

I am a new poster here but I have been lurking this site. I am 21 years old female with long hair. I am working in addition to going to college. i spend more time away from home so i always have to use public toilets to pee or poop.

i never pooped in a public toilet until i was 10. Before that i always held my poop until a was home. Once I had the urge to poop when I was at school but i didn't wat to use the toilet because i was shy so i held it till i got home. then the result was that I got constipated and could not defecate for 4 days. My mom took me to a doctor and she told me not to hold the poop, and try using the toilet in school. She gave a laxative. after seeing the doctori went to school, and before going i drank the laxative. then yoou know how it worked. In the third period ifelt that i was having diarrhea. I tried to hold it again but remembering the advice from the doctor i adecided to ask permission to go to the toilet and pooped. The teacher said yes then i rushed to the toilet. I went into the nearest stall cslmmed the door, pulled up my red skirt and squatting ond the toilet. the first to the fifth was liquid pop with a loud fart (luckily there was no one)and the next was ssoft poop. after feeling fine, I wiped my vagina and my ass, then went back to the class without flushing. until I was 13 i never flushed school's toilet after pooping.

i still have many more pooping experiences in different pubic toilets. Even I pooped in a bush.

The Hipster
Hey I posted like back in may but it was just an introductory post about myself. I'm male, 19, and visually impaired. (just to refresh any memories of my first post. I just wanted to post some advice for Selena. If you want to be discrete about your pooping while you are rooming with this girl, I recomend trying to hold your poop in until you use the shower. Just poop after you've turned the shower on. The running water will mask most of your poop noises unless you have a loud booming fart. That's the best solution I could think of. I hope it helps.
Now for a funny story about myself. One time when I was 10 or 11 I went to a ball game with my dad and 2 brothers. At one point I need to piss pretty bad to I asked my father to take me to the bathroom. (I didn't know where they were and getting around a statium by yourself with a visual impairment isn't the easiest task obviously) so off we went. We get to the bathroom and he brings me to the urinals. He needed to piss as well so he took the spot next to mine. I unbuttoned my jeans and whipped out my penis, and began pissing. Unfortunantly my aim was not acurat as I would soon find out. a couple seconds after I had started pissing my dad said "You may wanna point to your left a bit." I guess I was standing a little at an angle to the urinal and ended up pissing down the leg of some guy who was at the urinal to the right of me. He was wearing a nice business suit. My dad informed me of this after we washed up and left the restroom. I asked if the man did anything and my dad said that it didn't look like he noticed anything. I've got more stories on the way, (ones about pooping too) hoped you all liked the first real post. Selena, hope everything goes well.

When I was in grade 10 in highschool I was in my first class of the day when the urge to poop hit me really hard. I didnt have time to use the bathroom before I left the house and I was skeptical about using the school bathrooms. I had to at least hold it untill the end of class because we were doing an important lesson and no one was allowed to leave. When the end of the class was near, I was desperate. Finally, when the bell rang I got up and gathered my stuff. But when I started walking, it caused me to lose controll and I started to poop my pants. I froze in horror as a thick log of poo inched toward my panties and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I had to just stand there and poo my pants. Thankfully, the pair of underwear I had on was reletively tight so I hoped the load would stay in there and not leak out. I was also wearing baggy windpants and most of the bulge was concealed. I was too embarassed to go to the nurses office and call home, so I spent the rest of the day with the load in my pants, dousing my butt with body spray after every period.

I say this written on a porta potty wall:
"if you want to take a shit, bend down grab your knees, squeeze.It should come out just like cream cheese."

Assuming you have a normal toilet there are three parts that could be at fault with it, all of which are easy to fix yourself.

The flush handle goes into the tank where the other end of it is much longer than the part on the outside. I've seen one of these break once. It's easy to remove the handle, there's a nut inside that's only hand tight. IIRC it's got a left-handed thread, though.

The handle pulls a chain which is connected to the flapper. I've seen a chain corrode through once, I've also seen the point where the chain connects to the flapper fail. The chain & flapper are sold as a unit.

Note that to replace the flapper you will need to turn off the water or else hold up the float while you're working. There should be a faucet handle behind the toilet that turns off the water to the toilet.

Hi # Numba 1# Are you for real? A 13 year old with ability to hold 1200 ml in your bladder? Pissing only once a day? Waiting 24 hours to pee the next morning? A 51 hour hold? What is your bladder going to be like when you are 18? So a few questions? Anyone else in your family who holds massive amounts? How much liquid do you take in on a typical day? How tall are you? Let's have some stories. When did you first find out you had a massive bladder? Elementary school? Or now in middle school? What do your friends say when you never pee at school or long after?

Hi JW, well I'm 42, and actually my enema memories are OK, when you haven't pooped for three days and are feeling miserable, the relief is welcome. By the time I was in my late teens my mom discovered Fleet enemas and usually kept one around as they were quicker and easier than the feminine hygiene set. Either one usually cleaned me out pretty quickly, and they were certainly more predictable then a laxative. The next time I used Correctol I took it at night and got the promised overnight results, and I've been using it ever since. My doctor did tell me to use the stool softener one if possible instead of the stimulant one. I liked the combination one myself, because when I don't go for several days my stools get so big and hard. I wonder why did they discontinue it? Tracy

Here's my other story....... The other day I was in a shopping centre, the one I mentioned awhile back that had the toilet with the hole in the partition. Looked liked some toilet equipment had been bolted to the wall at some time . Well I was just browsing in a book shop when I felt the urge to have a shit. I remembered that I had not been this morning , so I was not surprised. However I decided to hold onto it for the time being as I was enjoying flippping through the pages of a book.As I picked up another book(I just get lost in a good book)my pussy was itchy so I scratched it by putting my left forefinger between my legs. By the way do any of u girls scratch in public??? Doing that reminded me that I shorts on but no underwear, that in turn said to me I'd beter head for the toilet. The urge was quite strong now, although it was going to be a hard one, I didn't want an obvious skidmark on my shorts. So off I trotted to the ladies.

As I walked into the tunnel like walkway , first a turn to your right then your left where there there is about a 40' walk to the ladies.As I started that walk I heard some shuffling behind me, I automatically turned around to look. Here was this very large lady, she must have been nearly 250 pounds shuffling along quickly behind me .

She said "Excuse me, do you mind if I go first if there is only one cubicle please?????? I am desperate!!!"
I said "I need to have a shit & am getting desperate myself(that was the truth),but I'll let know when I get into the ladies if I think I can hold it or not ." We must have been 15' apart by now & I could see the beads of sweat on this womans face , I got the feeling this woman was not far from having an accident. She had what I describe as a tent dress on, one of those shapeless dresses that obese ladies wear, she was carrying a handbag & had sandals on her feet.
I turned into the swing door of the ladies, past the washbasin & into the little room where the 2 cubicles are, by now I had my belt undone & started to to undo the buttons in my shorts . To my relief the cubicle on the lhs was vacant & relatively clean, the one on the rhs was occupied, but the occupant was flushing & starting to open the door as I entered the one on the lhs . Wheeeeewww!!! Ijust had time to put my arse on the stainless steel bowl, when this turd started to fight its way out of my hole, as a matter of fact I think it was well on the way when I was pulling my shorts down.

Just as I gave a sigh of relief & started to piss a gusher, I heard the door of the ladies being flung open, my fat friend had arrived. I could hear her talking to herself saying "oooooo ooooooo oooo please don't, please don't stay there!!!!!!!" then flung open the door of the cubicle next to me . I positioned myself at the hole so I could get a good view. All I could see was this massive body, she was still whimpering she backed up to the bowl ,quickly flung up her tent dress to expose a huge pair of legs , which had not seen sun for many years. Her underwear was what we describe in Australia as bog catchers,or full body panties, they were obviously nylon & see through. Now for some reason before she actually sat on the bowl or pulled her panties down she tucked the front of her dress into her bra. She was still whimpering & rubbing her kness together. Then she bent over to start pulling her panties down , as she did so she gave me a good view of the gusset , she had obviuosly had a little accident as it was quite poo stained. She then pulled her panties to her knees,momentarily exmaine the gusset which as I said was shit marked & it looked as thought she had started to pee a bit as well. She gave me a glimpse of her crack as she sat, I thought ur gonna need alot of tp to clean up that mess. As her bum hit the bowl I could here this loud sigh of relief, followed by a looooooooong bubbly fartwhich coincided with the sound of a splattery motion spraying the bowl. Her arse & thighs completely covered the bowl, she then sat back as far as she could, opened her legs, lifted up her stomach so she could see her twat, then with other other hand directed the flow of her piss. When she was finished she tore off some tp & wiped her pussy & her thighs as well , I guess she must piss on them as well . She then stood up , bent over tore off what seemed like 1/2 a roll of paper & began to wipe her arse, but she ended up getting shit up her cheeks & on her hands. Then she kicked her panties off & left them on the floor. By then I had finished wiping & was just about done,when she pulled her dress outta her bra ,flushed about the same time as I did. I met her at the wasbasins, I asked her innocently "feel better, make it in time?" she said "just about, better than last week though I shit myself completely as I was walking home!!"

I have read just about every post on this site and i figure ill give you a story. It was a few months ago in some mall in Washington D.C. I was walking around with my brother and after eating a big lunch i had the urge to poop. Well the closest store that i figured whould have a bathroom would be Maceys. So i left my bro and headed for maceys. I hade a hard time finding the bathroom(the store was 3 stories) and i really had to go. I finnaly found it on the 3rd floor. So i walk in there expecting it to be empty. I was wrong...All i saw was 7 stalls and 6 peoples feet under them and 2 men peeing at a urinal(one stall was out of order).So just to make sure there all full i walk down the row of stall peeking through the cracks in the doors. So then being really desprate to poop figure im going to have to wait for the next avilable stall. Well as i was walking back towerd the entrence of the mens room the very 1st stall opend up so i quickly hurried in and it smelled pretty bad but i didnt care. So i locked the door, reached for a seat cover only to find none. So i quickly started covering the seat with toilet paper. Finnaly i pulled down my shorts,sat on the seat and pooped 2 good sized logs and peeded and while i was squezzing out my 3rd log. I heard the guy next to me grunting really loud and it smelled awful in there, probley the worst thing i have ever smelled. So i hurried up pulled my pants off washed my hands and left the stall.

2. Earlyer in the i was at are hotel with my aunt and mom and bro. Me aunt was in the bathroom and i really had to poop so i left the room and went to the lobby(figureing they would have restrooms, they did) So i walked into the mens room to find 4 stalls(1 handicaped) and a man in the 2nd one. So i took the 1st one put a seat cover on the seat pulled my pants down and sat my ass on the seat and let out a giant fart. And started pooping mushey logs. While the man beside me was leaving i let out anthor giant fart and i heard him laugh. I didnt really care. S after about 3 more minutes i wipped about 5 times, pulled up my pants and left.

A little about me: Im not really afraid to poop in public restroom. I know most people like to poop in there when there is no one in the bathroom. I like to do it when there are other people pooing in there too. So i dont stick out when im pooping in there alone. I used to not like pooping in public but i just dont care what people think anymore. I like pooping in public more the at home!


MY GOD it's hot today... For those of you in the United States that have never experienced a hot, humid, stifling summer day in Toronto... think of the hottest and stickiest New York summers day you've ever felt - but WITHOUT any cooling influence from a nearby Atlantic Ocean.
The smog isn't as bad as I've seen it, but it's no picnic. (About 1/2 our smog comes from local soures... mainly cars of course. But the other half is blown in from the industrial heartland of the U.S.)

It's 10 minutes after 1 in the morning and I can't sleep because it just too bloody humid.. :(


I always stand when I wipe... It give me a chance to have a good look at both what's on the toilet paper AND what I have plopped into the toilet before finishing up.

TO Amy:
Men are no longer the worst offenders when it comes to leaving messes in public toilets. It's been ages since I've used a toilet but found it had another guy's shit still floating around. But since that time, I've heard countless stores for ladies here & elsewhere about how filthy women's bathrooms can get. Take a look on my post from page 893...

TO Selena:
Most people find it difficult to poop or pee in an unfamiliar place but that usually changes given enough time.
A few questions you may want to ask yourself:
-What do you think the repercussions would be if someone overheard you pooping or peeing?
-Do you think you are the ONLY one in the WORLD that makes sounds when you use the bathroom?
-Are you afraid someone will accidentally walk in on you?
-Is it your belief that yours is the only shit that stinks?

-Are your bowel movements otherwise normal?? i.e. Do you think you may have a gastrointestinal issue that may be causing 'excessively loud, loose, or frequent BMs?

Regardless of whether it's mental of physical, the only way you'll overcome this issue is to confront it.

Take Care!


When I was 17 I was staying in a small village out in the countryside nearby on holiday. As I didn't drive at the time, the only way I could get around was by public transport. This consisted of a bus service - one bus a day at inconvenient times - and a railway station, both going to the near town. I opted for the railway, and walked down to the station which was roughly a mile and a half from the village proper. The railway was a small quiet branch line connecting to the mainline at the larger town. According to the timetable posted on the board, there was a train due in just under half an hour. I could have easily gone back into the village, but it would have been rather pointless - getting there and having to go streight back out. So I decided to stay at the station.

The facilities were pretty basic - the station house had been sold off to a private individual some years ago, but was now empty with a prominent FOR SALE sign. Apparently it was in poor condition and if a willing buyer was not found soon would be demolished. There had once been two long platforms, but now one of these was out of use and had its line removed and was now covered in weeds. The other served as the functioning platform and had been cut down to about half of its original length, as trains on the line were just one or two carriage units. With the station building proper being closed, and there being no other buildings, the railway company had taken to erecting a small shelter on the platform. It was of metal and glass construction, and more of a bus shelter than anything. Inside was a metal bench, a noticeboard with timetable information, local ameneties, maps, and as the station was unstaffed a telephone connected to the nearest town station. A little further along the platform was a rather decorative wooden bench which had been from the old station, and had fallen into disrepair until a philanthropic handyman from the village had repaired it and painted it up.

Now this was the middle of the summer, so it was excruciatingly warm (yes it does happen here in the UK!). So the shelter was stifling, and the bench was warm to the touch - hence I decided to stand. Looking at my watch, there was about 15 minutes until the train was due when another passenger walked onto the platform. She was a girl of similar age to me I'd spoken to breifly and knew by sight - blonde, reasonbly tall, slim, and like me 17. She was wearing a tight white top and a pleated denim skirt. We said "hi" and the normal stuff, and waited together on the platform.

The appointed train time came and went, and after about ten minutes of waiting past the time I found the telephone and spoke to the porter at the main station. Apparently the train had broken down further up the branch, and they had sent a fitter out to try and fix the problem. Couldn't tell us how long we'd be waiting. A little after this, I noticed my fellow passenger starting to squirm a bit, and as part of the conversation she let out "I wish this thing would bloody hurry up, I really need to pee". I suggested she go back to the village and use the toilet in her house, but she didn't want to miss the train. Apparently she had decided to hold it and go on the train or somewhere in town, but was having second thoughts now. As time went on, she started to look more and more uncomfortable, but was adamant she was going to stay on the station. Another phone call to the porter proved fruitless - they hadn't got anywhere with the breakdown.

This sounded like the final straw. "Oh god, if this train doesn't come soon I'm going to piss myself" she said. And after clutching herself, it seemed that this wasn't so much of a lie. Only a short while had passed when she seemed to give up - "Right" she said to me "Can you keep guard whilst I go pee in the bushes". I agreed, and she ran out the gate and into the bushes the other side of it, to the side of a little lane. She squatted down and pulled her skirt up, and clutched herself. She was wearing a red thong which was tight around her private areas. "Check nobody's around" she asked, which I did. She pulled her thong down full speed, and started peeing at the same time. She peed with some considerable force, making a loud hissing noise and creating a pool at her feet. After she had finished, she wiped herself with a leaf. Pulled up her thong (I was ostensibly looking for passers by) and remarked "Ew! It's a bit wet! I only just made it!".


Sorry you weren't able to at least hear your fat friend on the toilet. I guess with kids around it wasn't easy to eavesdrop. It would have been lovely to hear her grunting through the door as she strained her fat body to relieve herself. Oh well, maybe next time.

You asked if Nina and I had been constipated. I actually had some trouble last Sunday. We slept late and I got up for my Sunday morning mammoth dump. Lately I always go in the morning, Nina goes alot at night. In fact every night this week she has woken up around 3 AM to sit on the toilet for almost an hour. I don't get up to accompany her that late, but I like to lie in bed and listen to her labored breathing and uninhibited grunting. She always leaves the door open so I can hear better.

But to get back to Sunday, it was my turn to put on a show for Nina. I got out of bed with difficulty due to my girth and the fact that I could feel my ass compacted with hard fecal matter. This was going to be strenuous. I lumbered ino the bathroom, grabbed a magazine off the counter and sat down slowly: "Ugghh..." My nude body spread out all over, my ass has grown so large you can't even see the toilet anymore when I sit. I opened the magazine and rattled the pages loudly. Nina loves that. For some reason the sound turns her on especially when I grunt at the same time. I rattled the pages some more and started to strain gently: "Mmmm...mmmm...(rattle rattle).....mmmmmm....aaahhhh..." The poo did not budge but I wanted to take it slow. I heard the bed creak as Nina shifted her huge body. She was listening for sure. I was starting to sweat from even this mild effort. At 320 lbs I sweat very easily and on the toilet my face gets very red and my hair sticks to my face. I gripped the magazine and bore down some more. "MMMMMMM....AAAHHHH....AAAHHHH....." I was making progress but it was really hurting. "Nnnnnn......uugghhh....uuggghhh..." I continued grunting and I dropped the magazine and squeezed my huge belly rolls as I strained. "Come....oonnnn.....uuugghhh...aaaahhhh....aaaahhhh..."

"Having trouble?" Nina called from the bedroom.

"Mmmmm.....yyeeess.....UNH!!" I let out a huge short grunt and the first log was expelled, it splashed hugely on my sore anus. But there was alot more. I picked up the magazine off the floor, grimacing with the effort of bending over. I loudly turned some more pages, grunting softly as I did so. "Mmmmm...mmmm....mmmmm...." This gentle straining was working. The poo, although hard was coming. I placed my hands on my thunder thighs and strained in earnest: "NNNNNNNN.....NNNNNNNNN....Almost....mmmmmm...Nina....mmmm...UGGHHHH!!!" Plop. The last log was expelled. I sat back sweaty and exhausted for about 10 minutes. When I finally got the energy to get up and flush they wouldn't go down and I had to use the plunger. People really don't know what an ordeal it is for fat women. We take HUGE dumps due to our big appetites and then we have to spend all this time straining on the toilet and we don't have the stamina for it. We sabatoge ourselves. But it's a turn on for Nina and I so I guess it's worth it.

Linda, I wish you look in your eavesdropping. Keep me posted!


Friday, August 04 2006

I went to the mall with my friend Fiona this afternoon. We stopped and had a chili burger and cola - as usual I had double chili. Next thing my stomach makes this gurgle noise, and i know that I just need to poo like right this minute - you know, your butt just like snaps shut in time before sloosh, and there's runny brown poo all over. I say to Fi - emergency I just have to have a shit like so desperately - i can't even risk a fart - and the pressure is building like its going to blow something away. I run to the toilet - little steps with my butt cheeks clamped shut - into the stall - Fi waits outside - all the stalls are full. The bowl looks pretty bad - dirty black crap streaks all over it - a small dark curly turd floating - and yellow pee on the splattered seat - I don't have time to concern myself, and drop my pants without closing the door - with my but still a few inches above the seat I let go - FRRRRRRRRRRRRRWHUMP - a brown turd wave shoots from my ass - clumphing into the bowl - followed by a loud fart - rining arounf the toilet BRUMPH, then BRUMPH - BRUMPH - BRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrpht, and another splosh of liquid turd into the bowl. My guts are cramping now, and I'm doubled over - Fi's at the door with her eyes wide looking in at me with my panties around my ankles. My eyes have got tears in from the cramps - another phrrrrrrrt and whump another wave of liquid poo into the bowl, splashing up onto my naked butt. My butt ring is burning from the chili - my eyes watering even worse. One of the other girls from school's standing next to Fi - where did she come from - WHUMP another liquid poo shoots from my ass - the smells' something awful - its all over - the girl with Fi, Sharon's wrinkling her nose, but staring straight between my legs trying to see what's going on. another cramp hits like you know the poo's not far behind - I groan mmmmmmmm - frrrrt whump another smaller poo shoots out - then its gone relief - my stomach feels clear, but my ass hole's burning. I try to wipe, as ladylike as i can with my two friends looking on - the whole toilet grossed out, poo splashes on my butt and all over the bowl - its not easy. Fi giggles, and so does Sharon - shees Tessi warn me never to get in your way when you need to poo. I'm soooooo embarrassed!!

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER Yesterday I was at the car wash cafe. I was having a cup of coffee whilst my car was being washed. The toilets are unisexed, two cubicles. The girl that made the coffees and served customers (it was early in the morning) headed for the toilets and closed the main door and locked it. I discovered this when I went to the facilities and discovered the maindoor locked. She was out a second later and the smell of poo was present and a nice warm toilet seat for me (winter). My complaint is why did she lock the main door, the cubicles themselves have locks. The result of her actions meant that nobody could use the other toilet that was not occupied. Other customers might need to use it and at a car wash cafe one is only there for a limited time. Anyway I went in but was blocked up with solid shit (on pain medication again)..I tried again later at work but no go. Early this morning after a mammoth effort I dropped, or should I say forced out a few rock like turds but not much...early pm I produced a better result in two large hard arse is hurting a bit. I have hit the metamucil now.
To SELENA Make it obvious you are going to do a poo..walk in boldly...almost close the door and go for it...the best way of showing confidence. There is nothing to be ashamed of...go for it and above all enjoy it!
TO FORTY TWO I have never been caught short in that situation...probably lucky. I have often addressed the issue if I had to drop a load suddenly...if it happens to me I would be happy if I could hide behind something and do the deed.

Important article on colon cancer:

WASHINGTON - It's the cancer with the yuck factor, that part of the anatomy lots of people would rather ignore. And too many are ignoring it possibly to death: Nearly 42 million Americans over 50 aren't getting checks for colorectal cancer, the nation's No. 2 cancer killer.

Now in five states, a government-funded project is beginning to offer free testing for the poor, part of a new push to better fight one of the few cancers that can be prevented, not just treated, if screening uncovers the earliest signs of trouble.

Money isn't the only barrier. This is a cancer that can silently lurk in anyone, particularly during middle age and beyond. Black Americans are especially at risk.

Yet colorectal cancer doesn't get the attention of breast and prostate cancers that claim fewer lives.

"It's a part of the body they don't want anybody to mess with," says Bruce Jenkins of the Missouri health department's "Screening for Life" program, which this month began the free screening for low-income residents of St. Louis. "No matter how silly it sounds, it's just reality that people think that way."

Many at risk don't know there are screening tests, and those who do "I think have the idea that it's worse than it really is," adds Dr. Daniel Blumenthal of Atlanta's Morehouse School of Medicine, who is researching how to improve screening rates among black men and women.

"Even I was surprised when I had my colonoscopy. I had imagined something pretty awful and it really wasn't at all" - a message Blumenthal calls vital to spread.

Some 148,600 Americans will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer this year, and more than 55,000 will die.

Up to 60 percent of those deaths could be prevented if everyone over age 50 underwent routine screening, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says. Yet just over half get tested.

Screening offers more than a chance at early treatment. The disease usually starts with growths called polyps that can take a decade to turn cancerous. Find and remove them in time, and you can avoid cancer altogether.

Medicare pays for colorectal screening, but that federal insurance program is for people 65 and older, a long wait for the low-income 50-year-old with no insurance.

Enter the CDC's new free-screening project, the first major federal effort to target that population - and one that, if it works, might one day be expanded nationwide.

Participants in Suffolk County, N.Y., and Baltimore will receive colonoscopies, where doctors use a long, flexible tube to visually inspect the colon. In three other sites - St. Louis, Seattle/King County, Wash., and statewide in Nebraska - most participants will receive at-home fecal tests to detect hidden blood in the stool.

Colonoscopies are more expensive, $700 to $1,000, and require a day at the doctor's office and more intense preparation, but they're needed only once every 10 years. The fecal occult blood test is needed annually but is simpler to perform and much cheaper, $10 to $20.

Recent public education campaigns have largely focused on colonoscopies, such as when host Katie Couric underwent one on NBC's "Today" show. But for the average person, the fecal test is just as effective, so consumers need to understand they have a choice, says Nebraska program director Melissa Leypoldt.

Beyond price is how to reach those most at risk to tell them to get screened. It's not clear how well doctors urge colorectal screening, and those who need the message may not see a doctor regularly anyway.

"We have to make an impact somewhere outside of the doctor office," stresses Morehouse's Blumenthal, who is enlisting black ministers in his own CDC-funded research on ways to counter colorectal cancer's racial disparity.

A doctor's advice may be easier to shrug off than hearing how someone you respect professionally or socially fought this disease, adds William Murrain, a Morehouse colleague and health-care consultant from Conyers, Ga., who survived colorectal cancer in 2002 - and has since recruited dozens of members of his Rotary and scuba-diving clubs to get tested.

Murrain, now 61, had gotten an exam called a sigmoidoscopy two years earlier, but it only inspects the bottom portion of the colon for cancer, and thus missed his tumor.

"You don't tend to think it would affect you ... until somebody brings it home to you, says, 'I'm a cancer survivor.'"



Another story from Tom

The Christmas before I was due to leave school I got a job in Asda working nights on shelf filling with my mate Sam. One night we started and were working together. After a while I noticed Sam was dropping some quite heavy farts. We had been caught out skiving a couple of times recently and we were on our best behaviour and I thought Sam was trying to hold his crap till break time. He was getting really uncomfortable but not saying anything but I knew he must have crap scraping on his pants by now. He was squatting down at a low shelf when in the quiet I heard him fart and saw his hand go the back of his trousers. They were stretched tight over his arse and I could see his briefs outlined through the material. I knew as soon as he stood up he was going to shit himself. I watched him stand and hold both hands on his bum. I saw his trousers bulge and knew he'd lost it. I checked my watch and saw it was our break time and told him it was time for us to go. He stood up carefully and said he had to go to the toilet. He walked very slowly in front of me and peeled off to the stalls. I went to the canteen and he came up after about 10 minutes. His ASDA sweatshirt was hiding the top part of his uniform trousers, which fortunately for him were dark blue so I didn't realise he must have wet himself because when he got up from his seat and we went back to work the cushion on his chair was visibly damp. We stacked our shelves for the rest of the shift. Sam was a bit smelly. Every time I got close to his bum I smelled the poo and reckon his ck's must have been plastered. I am certain he knew I realised what he had done but we are good friends and I said nothing.


I had the most extraordinary sighting a few days back in the gym I regularly go to in London. I was in the (single sex) steam room. There were there other men in there, one was much older than me in his 40s or 50s and the other two looked late teens. They were either Spanish/Italian or maybe middle eastern but they spoke English with no real accent. They and me were wearing swimming shorts - the older guy had just a towel (it's not a gay steam room).

Anyway, it was silent, as it always is and then one of the kids just lets out a fart, not that loud but loud enough for it to be unmistakble that it was from him. The other laughs uncontrollably and me and the older guy both turned and smiled instinctively because it was so funny.

But when I turned to look at the boy who had farted, I realised that he was not laughing and was holding his mouth. Then the smell hit me. Instantly, the other three of us knew that he had filled his shorts with poo. The older guy just left very quickly, but I was transfixed by what had happened and didn't know what to do or if I should speak. Luckily, his friend broke the silence by asking him if he had "done one in his pants" and the boy said "it's not even funny, I'm sitting here with a giant block of shit in my shorts".

At this point, I had to leave because it was just so awkward so I said, "Bad luck," and walked to the door. As I was walking, the boy who had had the accident said, "I bet you'll be glad to get away from this stink," and I said, "Er, yes."

I went and had a shower and got changed. As I was getting changed, I saw the boy getting changed too at the other end of the locker room, but I can't work out whether he just walked in to the bathrooms with the poo in his shorts, or whether he went straight to the showers and found a bin or something to dump the shorts in.

Anyway, it was just the weirdest thing. And afterwards, it was like it never happened. On my way out, I had to pass him (he was dressed by now and doing his hair or something) and he sort of nodded goodbye to me in a shrug-shoulders kind of way. Totally casual. I was like "see ya" and left.

Mr. Clogs
alice: Hiya, nice story about your bf using your pee box, hey those things come in handy when you just can't make it to the regular bathroom. We just had a heatwave not to long ago, man was it hot, we suppose to get another wave of heat, oh well it summer time right? Stay cool and have a nice weekend. Happy peeing and pooping.

Punk Rock Girl: Hey great story about you and Colin using those porta potties! I peed outside once but never took a dump outside. It's difficult if you live in urban area that I live in, and we don't have the "great outdoors" if you know what I mean.

Last night I needed to pee, I grabbed my pee container for relieif and boy what a relief! I got up in the morning to dump the piss container out. Also I pooped while taking a shower this morning too. So i grabbed the container from the bathroom sink cabinet and filled it with water. I put the container in the tub while the shower water running and got into possition. Once I got nice-n-comfy I let it rip! I felt so much better and I dumped the poop-n-water filled container into the toilet and washed out the container.

Well I hope ya'll enjoyed my post, have a nice weekend and stay cool!

--Mr. Clogs

hey again yall

a little over a week ago i decided to see how long i can hold my poop, well, it's day 1twelve and my belly is really full. my stomach has expanded at least two inces because of all that food in there(i love my new lovehandles). almost every time i move i hear and feel the massive lump of partly digested food thats floating around in my gut. it sounds like sloshing corn and feels like twelve days of partly digested food. hopefully i can make it at least another week.

well, i'll write back in a few days to tell you how it's going

My cousin just left and I have quite the story to share. Before I start, I'll share a little background info surrounding the story. Yesterday the only toilet in my house just stopped flushing. I have no idea what's wrong with it, but nothing happens when I pull the handle to flush the toilet.

Anyway, my cousin came over early in the morning, and we spent pretty much all day together. It's not very often she comes into town, so we spend as much time together as possible. Well, after lunch, about 3:00, we were back at my house and she excused herself to the bathroom. I informed her that the toilet wouldn't flush, but she said she had to go too bad to care right now.

Maybe 10 minutes later, she came out and we watched a movie and then she headed back home. I went into the bathroom and found a large load of poop in the toilet. There were a lot of thin turds curled up, each perhaps half a foot long, and then there was one bigger turd, not any thicker, but must have been at least 2 feet long. She must have felt better after getting that out of her body, though!

I heard about a way to flush a toilet manually by pouring a bucket of water into the toilet, so I tried it. Luckily it worked... something about filling the siphon tube with water fast enough caused the toilet to flush.

Anyone out there found pants with stains in them in the hamper from a freind?

Okay this pooping story I'm about to tell might sound weird but it's the truth and i have to tell somebody. Well my little brother had plugged the toilet with his giant turd the other night and the plumber just got here like an hour ago. Well you see in the those two days we weren't aloud to use the bathroom indoors so we had to go outside. Well yesterday morning i had my breakfast and took the dog for a walk and when i was on my walk i was farting a lot and usually when i fart i have to crap a couple minutes later. I was really worried because i hadn't pooped in almost a week. Whenever i don't poop for like a day i get really constipated. I was also really worried because of the toilet thing. I really didn't want to go outside and my family new about it. I had also told my mom that i was constipated for almosta week and it would just keep getting worse because i can't poop because i don't feel comfortable going outside. Well when i got back from the walk i went inside and my mom brought me in my room because she had bought me something and she wanted to show me it. We walked in there as she's talking to me about my constipation thing. Then she says look what I've got and holds up one of those little kiddy potty things that are like a couple inches off the ground. At that moment i was so excited because i had to go sooo bad. I grabbed it and quick pulled down my pants and sat down. My mom was just watching me until finally i said mom a little privacy please and she said oh right adn left. Right away i started grunting and pushing and everything. It was the hugest turd i have tried to poop out in my entire life. It was coming out slowly and painful after about 10 minutes of my straining. I was not going to give up. It was about half way out and then all of a sudden my brother knocks on the door and immediantly my turd goes back in my butt. Oh my god i hate that feeling! He was just wondering if he could use my toilet since he had to poop really bad and he didn't want to go outside. I said "NO NOT UNTIL I'M DONE POOPING JUST LEAVE ME ALONE." He left so started to push again. About 20 minutes later my brother comes barging in and says i need to use the toilet now right as my turd was about to drop. I decided i would get up and let him go. I stayed in there while he went but i only gave him 5 minutes if he wasn't done he wasn't done i didn't care i wanted to get thid giant thing out of me before it's like so huge i have to get surgery or something. He didn't finish in 5 minutes in fact he didn't even start. I kicked him out locked my door (don't know why i didn't do that before) and started pushing. My brother came back about 10 minutes later pounding on my door. I didn't let it stop me this time i just kept pushing adn pushing i could just feel it coming out very lumpy and pokey and in fact it was so long it started to touch the bottom and go back into my butt hole i stood up a little. It just kept coming. Finally it dropped. OMG that hurt so bad. My baut hole had to be soooo red. I'm never not going poop for that long ever again. Even if i don't have to go I'm trying.

peeing rox
Jessie please tell us more about ur experiments with jake
with lots of detail thanx

clean up guy
I pooped and peed in the woods again. Yesterday was a sunny day and i was on the bike path riding my bike when i needed to pee. So was i around to the wooded area. I pulled off the path into the woods. I got far off the path. First I found a tree to pee on, I peed for 25 seconds, I can hear my pee hitting dead leaves on the ground. After I was done peeing I pushed to see if was gonna to fart, but it wasn't a fart it was turd that wanted out. So i walked my bike deeper in the woods to find a nice spot.
I found a spot (another tree) and there was no one around i pulled my pants to my mid thighs and put my back against the tree. I just gave it a small push, i farted kinna loud then after that a nice shinny brown turd came out of my butt after that one three more logs came out of my butt. By now i was kinna getting creeped out in the woods so pulled up my pants got on bike and got off of there. Btw i didn't wipe.
When i got got home i went to the bathroom to see the damage. My boxers had a large poop smear on them. I took them off and sprayed them with heavy duty bleach. The stain came out just like that. After that i got in the shower.
Today I peed in a plastic hospital stlye urinal. I got a stonge urge to pee so i got the urinal sat on my chair unziped my pants and placed my pee pee in the urinal. I started to pee and it felt good, after i was done peeing i checked and i was shocked. I peed 16 oz's. thats alot for me.

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