ok i was at my sisters house one day. She has one toilet and was housing seven people at the time. not to mention it being the hottest day so far this was a disaster waiting to happen.
So there are my four cousins (i'm babysiting), her boyfriends, her, and me. the kids had to go first, all four of them. SO she told them to wait their turn and wass their hands and such. Next i was drinkng alot of water that day, to keep myself cool and it went straight through me and i had to pee so i was dancing behind the kids in the line to pee. Her boyfriends claimed he had to pee too and he stood in a corner and peed into an empty paint can. The second the oldest kid in front of me heard the sound, she let go and just wet herself all over the floor.
Then the worst happened. the third kid, the last before me. clogged the toilet. So there i was, bursting!, and no where to go. Icould barely walk now, i was hobbling around the room with my hand between my legs i had to pee so bad. I tried to sleep until they could fix the toilet, as he had really clogged the thing. But the second i fell asleep i had this nightmare. I shot up and pee just squirted everywhere. i was wearing short mind you, not short shorts, but loose regular denim shorts. And the pee was gushing out, i couldn't stop it so i ran into the bathroom and flipped on the light to see where the tilet was. But of course she had put all this duck tape over it to keep the kids from using it. So i was there gushing with the toilet lid taped shut. So started to get up on the sink to pee into it but of course i fell. I just let it ome out after that. Because i peed laying down it got all over me and because of all the running i had it all around me too. My sister was so mad.

the other day i was driving on my way home from north ga when i needed to use the bathroom and i came across a store in a small town as i was entering i walked strait to the toilet and it was cracked so i walked up to go in and through the crack i see somebody sittin on the toilet and a loud fart and a couple of splashes i just eased away from the door i dont think they herd me cause she was in there for 5 minutes and whsn she came out she looked suprised to see me and smiled and left i enetered and the lock was a chain lock that allows the door to be cracked but anyway it really smelled bad but i needed to shit so i dropped my panties and unloaded as i was pooping all of a sudden the door flung open ripping the chain lock off the door and the guy standing there just staired and said sorry i ll come back later so that was pretty embarassing.

I have a fresh story from last week to tell everybody. A couple of evenings ago, a group of my friends from my church and I had a pool party and we had so much fun! But anyway, we only swam for about an hour and then went to eat and play games and stuff like that. I decided to join in on a game of vollyball, so I got out of the pool and ate a burger and some chips and a brownie. Then by that time I was dry so I put my cloths back on including my panties over my swimsuit and went to play vollyball. After the vollyball game we went hikeing in the woods in the dark just for a fun/"scary" dark woods activity, and that is where bad things started happening with my bathroom topic. I had braught along a pair of long sweat pants (the waterproof kind with cotton lining), for walking in the woods, even though the temp outside was still what felt like 100 degrees at 10:30 at night, but I do not like things touching my legs that I can not see at night. So I put on these pants over my shorts, swimsuit and panties and then went out and we started walking pretty far back into the woods. Several guys started running around trying to scare me and the rest of the girls from the dark shadows, but it did not seem to work. What was scaring me was my need to pee which hit me right out there in the woods far from any bathroom. I thought at first that I would just let out a few spurts of pee and with the combination of my swimsuit, shorts and underwear plus the seemingly absorbent cotton inside the sweat pants, I thougth no pee would show. So I let out a nice sized squart and I did not feel any running down my leg so my underwear and swimsuit caught all of that squart. For the next 20 minuets or so I let out these squarts and it felt good, and even with all the squarts, I did not feel very wet down there. Eevntually the pain from my bladder got so bad that I had to make a decision on some way of peeing. But with everybody sneeking up on everybody and it beeing so dark outside, I did not know where anybody was and so this leading to no privacy to pee in the woods. About 15 minuets later I made the final decision that I for the first time in my teen life, was going to wet myself. The sweat pants thank goodness did not show wetness from the inside, so I went over pretty far away from the group and squated down and let the flood spray into my cloths. It felt so good I wanted to hug the tree in front of me. When I finished I cheeked for wetness in my butt with my hand and could not feel anything. The pants had absorbed all the pee, and they are my hero now. I think it was pretty cool, I wet my pants and nobody knew. We finished walking through the woods and I headed straight home and peeled off all the wet mess and took a shower and threw my cloths straight into the laundry. Everything came out stainless and oderless, so I give my first wetting experiance a high grade. It was not a bad experiance at all, I even almost enjoyed it!

Punk Rock Girl
My bowels ruined my weekend!!!

Colin and I had planned a nice daay together Saturday, but my frigging guts had to act up. I have no idea what caused it. Something I ate or a bug or something. Whatever it was, I had some of the worst exposive diarrhea I've had in years, almost all day and night Saturday.

It started during the afternoon while we were out. We had to run into a McDonalds and Colin had to buy a drink so they'd open the restroom door. I ran in, yanked down my shorts and thong and sat on the toilet. My bowels erupted, and what felt like a gallon of chunky boiling pudding came gushing out of me accompanied by a few long bubbly farts. I wiped, washed and Colin and I ventured back out on the street.

It wasn't long before I had to go again, and this time I had to use the Avenue A restrooms, which are nasty. Same thing, gooey hot semi-soft ooze, and lots of gas. After that one, we decided to head home. We made it to the subway station, but halfway on the ride home, I had to get off at a random stop and find the nearest bathroom, at a Barnes and Noble. More of the same.

We made it home, and I had mini sessions of bubbly shits ALL NIGHT! I wasn't even able to get to sleep until three in the morning.

Sunday, I was drained, and wasn't up for anything. I didn't shit at all Sunday, and then this morning I had my usual big, solid dump right after I got to work. So, my weekend was ruined because of an attack of explosive diarrhea.

I think I'd rather not shit for a month, then squeeze out a load the size and shape of a football than suffer through another bout of the shits like that. My poor butt.

Hope everyone else had a better time than me!



Hi yall it's been awhile since I've actually posted and i have a couple good one. For my background check out 1466 it tells you about my condition.

1) This is totally true and wasn't very easy. Ok I'm in school and I get this awful feeling that I normally Don't get like ever because I can't really feel when I have to go. So anyway I get all hot and sweaty and I'm due to not poop for another two days when I get that awful feeling. I'm less than an hour of taking a big test for summer school and then I had plans to meet my female friend afterward. So I knew I'd have to either go take my test and totally shit myself because i always have to be in bed. I really didn't want to miss her and I didn't want to sit in shit until i was done with my test. So i always have a nurse as i said before, and I tell her my problem. She wants me to call home and go home and if i go before i get home we would clean up when we got there. Well as i didn't want to miss my so called date or my test I begged my nurse to try a help me shit in the bathroom next to the toilet. So she said ook and we went in the ladies room where nobody was because it was summer. I get into this huge stal where i could turn my wheelchair around all the way and parked as close as possible to the toilet. Then I started to feel worse and i farted which usually is a sign that I'm about to have major dierrea. So I had my nurse pull my armrest off and turn me on my side much like in bed. She pulled my pants and underwear down to my thighs. And i was hovering slightly over the rim of the toilet, when i felt another pain in my stomach. I knew it was about to come, that's when I heard a girl walk in I about died. I listened and she peed and farted and gigglled a little then, and she got up and washed and was about to leave when she says my name is that you? Here I am ready to blow up and of course you can see my wheels so I said "Yeah its me". It was that girl that I like and was meeting later. She was like what are you doing, and I was totally scared and embarrassed but I said I need to poop. She was like oh really can I help? My nurse says yeah bring me some paper towels. So I hear her get them and my nurse opens the stall door I was dying but she came in right behind my nurse and my nurse says can you hold him for me? She was like yeah sure. She held me for a minute and I farted super loud and I heard my Friend say there you go keep going. Not knowing I can't by myself usually. So after a few seconds I stop and my nurse asks if I feel any better. I told her not really because I was still super hot and all that So She put A glove on and say s to me do you really want her to watch this and i said ask her. My friend is like I'm ok, I've already seen everything down there. Which made me feel really scared and excited. So my nurse puts her finger in my ass and I explode with liquid shit. My friend is still holding me saying wow that's what makes it come out. I sputered on for about two minutes off and on. When I thought I was ok my nurse said let's check again, My friend says immediately can I do it? I was so embarrassed again but my nurse said sure and handed her a glove. I sat there and my nurse held me and my friend did the finger thing but a lot harder and higher but it felt so good because I started blasting shit again even before she was all the way out. I got all cleaned up and fixed in my wheelchair when my friend drops her pants and says sorry but you didn't get to see me maybe next time. I was a little late to my test But we are super open with each other now and are going out.

Hope you all about liked my story it was a little graphic sorry.

I'll do my other post some other time. SpeedyBK

This is the first time I have posted on this website after lurking here for a while. I have not had great experiences with bathroom habits. As a child I wet the bed until I was almost 13 and then once and a while until I was sixteen. It was very embarrasing and not a pleasant experience I might add. I dont know if it was brought up by stress or depression being raised by foster parents or if it was just a gene I inharited from my real parents which I only knew until I was two. Well I am happy to say it has finally ended at least. Also growing up I occasionally had a few accidents outside of the bed. I would like to ask if anyone on this site has wet the bed at an old age and if it was perhaps brought on by stress? more stories to come...


I have a few stories to post.

1) On Friday, our family headed out to a family reunion in BC. It was about 3 or 4 hours into the trip when I needed to pee. So we stop at a gas station and I head to the back where the bathrooms are. I open up the door and immediately smelled a stong odor coming from the stall. I took the stall beside it and sat down and peed for a good minute or two. Then I sat for a bit to hear the lady next to me. I think she may have been a little plugged up because every once in a while I would hear soft grunts and plops. She must have been in there for a while too because of how strong the smell was. I wiped a couple times and then flushed and washed my hands.

2) This was at the family reunion. I hadn't pooped all day and I could feel some pressure on my butt. I headed towards the bathrooms and took the first stall. I spread my legs apart and started pushing. I knew this was gonna be a huge one because every time I pushed, my hole would stretch real wide and hurt. I pushed real hard for 3 minutes and saw the tip of the poo sticking out. I took a deep breath and pushed again. I saw more of the poo slowly making its way out. After about 10 minutes in the bathroom...maybe more I gave a final push and looked between my legs. I saw a huge ball of poo land in the water with a huge splash. I stood up to see my poo. It was about the width of a pop can and a drak brown to black color. I wiped and there was a little bit of blood on the paper, which I expected. I went to flush but because the toilets at the campsite sucked, my huge poo plugged the toilet right up. lol

3) This was this morning as we were leaving the reunion. Me and my mom had to use the washroom so we went to the bathroom shack place and I took th 3rd stall and she took the 2nd one. I just had to pee so I quickly finished up and washed my hands and waited by the sinks for my mom. I thought that she just had to pee too so that's why I waited for her. But when I looked under her stall, she was on tiptoe which meant she was pooing. As I was standing there, she lets out this wet fart followed by some diarrhea. Another fart, more diarrhea. Some silence. Another fart, more diarrhea. This probabaly went on for 10 minutes or so before I hear her rip some TP and wipe up. Then she grabbed her Maxi-Pad out of her pocket and put it on. That's when it dawned on me why she was having diarrhea. Her period had started. She flushed the toilet then washed her hands.

Good morning--hot here. Last night I visited a ball field where there were porta-potties and in one saw a thick short light brown turd. Only the one--a bit disappointing. It is very late in the season, of course.
My own poops remain soft but well formed. Yesterday afternoon I kept farting, sometimes quite loudly, as I went about outdoors, so finally I went into the bathroom, dropped pants, and sat on the toilet. There is a nice big hand-held mirror in there, so I watched myself do a long dark brown snake, maybe 10-11" long and just over an inch thick. It was slow and required some pushing; a quite satisfactory movement.
This morning I got up around 5:30 an dialed up this site. Nothing new yet, so I dialed out. I felt my rectum fill, fairly suddenly and quite insistently. The poop felt warm and slightly prickly as it pushed hard against my sphincter. When it got quite urgent, I got up, walked to the toilet, and flushed it (some paper had been left in it overnight, and I wished to see my movement unobscured after it came out). I felt the poop actually starting to penetrate my anus, so I sat down on the rim even before the water had quite refilled. One quick push (as the poop had already started to emerge), and my movement shot out with a single "flup!" sound, taking less than a second. I took a quick look to see that it had landed in one piece, and it had. I wiped, requiring six passes, again adding Noxzema to the last pass for added cleansing. Then I looked. It was a single long turd, folded at both ends, with the first part that had come out partway down into the bend but curling back up, and the last part curled up where my exit hole had been. I took a square of toilet paper (4" on a side) and measured; as best I could calculate, it was 16" long and just over an inch thick, perhaps 1.25" at its thickest point and an inch at its thinnest, a medium light brown, smooth except for the very beginning was was more lumpy--probably those lumpy parts were what I felt as prickly when the sensation was at its most urgent.
I think it amazing that the human rectum, which at rest is only about 6" long, can send out turds twice as long (or longer) as a single impulse. I know that the lowest reaches of the colon, together with the rectum, change positions within the body so that they form almost a straight tube while defecation takes place. It is still something awesome to think about, that our bodies can perform this inner adaptation without our conscious help, then return quietly to rest position afterward.
Happy pooping, everyone!

How's this for embarrassing?

My husband and I were wrestling in the living room. He pinned me to the floor and started tickling me, and, of course, I started laughing. Suddenly, I shit my pants. A loud fart, and a sticky glob of poop gushed out. It splattered all over my butt and my underpants. I groaned in disgust, and he just laughed and said, "It's okay, you're allowed to fart in front of me." I told him it wasn't just a fart. He quickly got off of me, I waddled into the bathroom and cleaned up.

There is no grosser sensation than hot, sticky shit squished between your butt cheeks and your underwear. I thought I was going to puke.


I have another story today... This one comes from work... Where I work(A fire Department) there are only a few females and I am new so I am trying to keep my liking of womens poop on the low... Well I was working a shift for someone else yesterday... it was kinda slow... At least no fires... but lots of medical calls... So as I was leaving a station this morning... I got a call from another firefighter about some overtime... So I accepted the offer and headed for the downtown station...

The shift that was called for OT on has one of the two women who are in the department as active firefighters... the other works investigations and code inforcement. Well to say the least She is in her mid 30's, 5'5", blonde and a body builder... A friend of my uncle does her hair and when he saw her he nicknamed her "Pizza Ass" because her ass is nice and shapely (perfect for a pizza tray in his mind) Well when I first met her I wondered about her poops, especially if she did them at the fire station.

This morning around 9 am Her and I and another firefighter were washing the ladder truck. They started drying it and I prepped to wash the Engine(engine is a different type of truck) next... I had it pre sprayed the Engine whe she said she would help me wash it when she came back from the bathroom...I wondered with slight joy about what she was going to do...

There are only 3 bathrooms in the firehouse which I do not have access to... the deputy chief's, and the captains and the signal personell bathroom which none of us can use...(its locked so even she cant use it)She was driving the ladder truck today so I figured she'd use the general bathroom... The paramedics have one in their room, but its not reserved just for them... some of us prefer the privacy over a public style restroom and all of us are paramedics anyway...

Shw was gone for about ten minutes and when she came back, she was just re buttoning her pants... We finished drying the engine and she headed into the kitchen... I moved to investigate... I headed for the bathrooms near the showers first... no smell of poop in there... then I went to the only other place on that floor... the Paramedics room... when I entered their bathroom I was hit by a rotten egg smell of poop... there was a womens fitness magazine on the radiator across from the toilet... It was obvious that she had to poop and to me it smelled good... unfortunately I couldnt hang around and inspect the small skidmarks because we got a call for a fire...


Hi everyone, well Russanne and myself just arrived home from a nice camping trip at a KOA Kampgrounds. These places if you never heard of them are located all over the United States. We had a lot of fun and some nice relaxation. The cabins are log cabins, with nothing in them but two rooms. The two rooms are nothing but sleeping quarters. The first room has a double bed. The second room has two small bunk beds. There are also two little tables, an air conditioning unit, and a few outlets thats it.

As for the showers and toilets, they were just a short distance away. Just across the dirt road going through the grounds.

As for me that was no problem. I can shower and go to the bathroom with people around. The shower stalls were very private. But as for the bathrooms when it came to going to the bathroom. Russanne was able to pee with no problem in the womens room. But when it came to pooping, there was no way, she could go. I was quite unaware of that situation and wasn't informed about it, until we were on the way home. It was then that she told me, she was very, very constipated. I asked her why. And Russanne said she cannot and never has been able to poop in public rest rooms, with strangers around. So she didn't go for all four days that we were there.

So all she said, was tomorrow morning should be fun. Russanne you need to know is basically an early morning pooper only. Usually anytime between 7:00 and 8:30. Depending on when she has her breakfast and drinks her coffee. So even though she was very clooged up with packed bowels. She said that the urge will not come back until morning.

I asked her if she was going to want me in the bathroom with her as she drops her load. Oh my gosh, was all she could reply. I am going to need you to hold me as everything is coming out. I can promise you that it is going to be very big, and very smelly.

Well the next morning Russanne started her day off with her breakfast and coffee. I just laid in bed and continued to sleep. Finally she was at the bedside, asking me to join her in the potty room. So I followed her in and took her robe off so she could sit and relax. And long it did not take. She was only sitting for maybe five to ten seconds. When all of a sudden I could hear her anus opening and the sound of lovely crap filling the toilet. And filling the toilet it was.

And she was so ready to go that she was hardly doing any pushing. She was basically very relaxed. Crackling noises were the only sounds you heard. And not more then a few seconds later, it was really starting to stink in there. She apologized over and over for the smell. But after four days of holding shit inside of you. I guess that could be expected.

Well after passing some tremendous gas and a few more mushy loads. Russanne took the toilet paper in her hand and neatly folded it. Leaning over she wiped from front to back, looking at the shit coming off of her ass. She wiped about four times, before she was cleaned off. As for the toilet. It was one big healthy load of shit that came out of her precious ass. And as we walked out of the bathroom, you could just see the look of relief on her face. I knew without even asking that she felt very good indeed.

Well, I will be back again real soon. Bye for now.

Hi, this is my first post here, but I've been a lurker for quite awhile. The other day, I was outside watching my younger brother. I really had to pee, but we were the only ones home and I couldn't leave him alone. We were up by the barn and he was playing in his blow-up pool. I was sitting in a lawn chair by the pool, holding myself between the legs because I was so desperate to pee. Eventually, I decided that I'd go behind the barn and piss there. So, I went back there, took off my shorts and underwear, squatted down and peed. I think I peed for about 2 minutes! When I was done, I took a kleenex I had in my pocket, wiped with it, put my undies and shorts back on, and went back to watching my brother.

I have seen lately a lot of posts from those who struggle a bit on the loo. Easy remedy that I have done for years. I carry a small pot of Body cream in my bag and after every bowel movement I apply a good layer to my annus and inside my annus after wiping. Because of the build of your bum it stays there and does not stain panties. IE buttocks close up the annus. This makes for a "prelubricated" poo. Those stuck monsters just pop out. Using body cream is easier than Vaseline or pile creams, as it is non-staining and has no odour and is also not as sticky. If you have not applied after the last poo or if you showered recently then put it on before you sit to poo. A deep squat also helps a lot. Hope it helps.

I clean restrooms. I don't understand why people cannot flush their own waste away. I go into mens restrooms and find with foot long turds. urinals so pilled with piss, the water is ORANGE .... I find toilets with foot long shit turds. Simple request. Flush your toilet, my job sucks as it is....

Sam H
HI my names Sam and I go to Canterbury University. Im female and im nearly 20. The other day i bumped into my friend Katie, who is an attractive brunette, we chatted for a bit but she said she was in a bit of rush so she said bye an walked off. However when i looked back i saw her walking into the Ladies.I thought If i got lucky (and she was pooping) i might be able to play a little joke on her.

I waited about 10 seconds and then followed her in. I looked under the stalls and saw a pair of feet and the pink bag she had been carrying. I sneaked into the stall next to her and looked over the top, i saw her cute ass sitting on the toilet and the sound of peeing. i saw her lean forward. She grunted and i could see her dropping turds into the water, she moved a bit, so to avoid being seen i ducked down again. For a prank on her I decided to film the encounter on my phone (which she later found hilarious) She grunted many more times and more splashes into the toilet. She sat staring down for a while, and then started playing with her hair. She farted a few more times and I could start to smell what she had done. Two more splashes and then after about 4 minutes she turned to get some toilet paper,so i ducked back a bit, and i sae as she wiped her butt, she only took about 4 wipes. She pulled her underwear back up, and left the stall. I ducked down and filmed her feet under the stall as i heard her washing her hands then drying them off, then finally she left.

After shed gone, still filming i quickly went into her stall and there was a strong smell along with a few skidmarks under the water level.

I later showed her this and we had a laugh about it. I didnt have the heart to show anyone else and embarass her which was the orinal (cruel) intention!!!!!!!!:P

Love Samm H xxxxx

Im rather pee and poop shy and prefer to do my business in my own bathroom. I can JUST about pee at work, but any B.M's are held in til I get home unless Ive got the runs.then I just sit pooping and praying no-one will come in whilst Im dumping/

My problem is that this week I have to go on a course at a University and share a bed room and bathroom with a girl I barely know.

I cant hold my B.M's in for a week, what on earth can I do aboutbeing so paranoid bout being overheard peing or pooping? Its really getting to me.

I also dont actually like the girl i will be sharing with it just turned out that as we both wanted to do the same course we had to share.

Im sure peoople will laugh at me but iM getting upset about the whole thing.

any advice please?

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER What I have seen and not seen! I have been on this site for a while and can say I have only seen a person doing a shit outdoors on the ground once! Months ago driving to work at peak hour on a very busy road there was a bloke squatting, pants around ankles and I presume he was doing a shit. Actually I had seen him around the streets before and I think he is a vagrant..I have not seen him since so the police might have collected him. In Aust there are not that many doorless cubicles and only a couple of times I have seen someone on the throne. A few times I have seen guys having a leak in public and it is more common late at night. I know my partner has squatted down for a wee when there are no toilets and I have certainly done a wee behind bushes etc when toilets are not available. I have not seen anybody shit themselves either (except for myself). I have attended more public toilets than most and I never hear much grunting..or the grunts are muffled.. I am the loudest public toilet grunter that I have come across probably because I believe in grunting. I just about never (except for my partner) hear a girl fart.

I was out one night with some friends for a drink and a meal. Around 11pm we were walking back home. I left the main group with a friend who was feeling a bit ill - something didn't agree with her. As we walked along she felt progressively more ill, and was clutching her stomach which was causing her pain. Walking underneath the main road in the subway, she suddenly said out loud "oh god... I really need to crap now, I don't think that pizza agreed with me". We were at this point halfway between home and town, with no public toilets and no shops open or anything. I suggested she squat down here in the subway over a drain, but after a spate of crime they are now covered by CCTV cameras - the thought of being seen by a council worker crapping into a drain on camera was obviously too much for her, so she said "No, let's carry on". A little later she clutched her stomach - "I can't go on, is there anywhere I can go?". There was an allyway nearby, so we ducked into it. She ran down the dark allyway and found a spot near a lamppost. She squatted down, pulled down her trousers and knickers, and shit sprayed out her ass. Felt much better for it, as well.

This for Joanna & Kelly... re pooping in the shower....... I too am guilty of that, the other day I was about to have a shower, my shower is over my bath. As I was stepping into the bath to have a shower, I felt this huge fart coming on , so standing in the bath I pulled my cheeks aside & pushed very hard. Not only did I do an ear shattering fart, I felt this turd emerge from my hole. Then another followed, this one was like soft serve that ran down the back of my legs & plopped on the floor of the bath. I had quite a clean up , I had a huge piss as well, consequently there was like a brown slurry in the bath .

I haven't posted for awhile but this is a question for the girls and the boys if they want to answer, have any of you out there pooped their pants because they were too busy doing something, so they just loaded theit panties instead. I have done it twice this year, it felt so good , having that lump in my pants.

I had a really busy Xmas last year which culminated in a tyring but enjoyable New Years Eve party. As I got home I felt this need for a piss , like I was holding my crotch in the car on the way home . But I didn't want to stop, but I didn't want to piss myself in the car either, been there before & the car stank for ages. Soon as I pulled up the drive I jumped out of the car, lifted my dress, pulled down my bike shorts a bit& let go ,,,,,,,talk about a gusher, I could have put out a housefire the stream was so strong. By the way I was standing , I only sit when I need to have poop, as I came to the end I just let the waistband of my shorts go. Consequently I dribbled quite a bit into my shorts and being so hairy around my crotch doesn't help matters much anyway. I was really tired , all I was thinking about was how quickly I could lie down on my couch in the sunroom & sleep. When it is hot I sometimes sleep out there on the old vinyl couch. As I when into the sunroom I remember letting this huge fart escape mt hole,boy did it stink.
I took off my skirt,top & bra then crashed onto the couch. The next thing I remember was being awoken about dawn , I think, by the urgent need to have a dump. I was lying on my back then, so I rolled over half onto my stomach, brought my left knee up to waist& spread my legs. I was just too tired to get out of bed so I just lay on my stomach & deliberately shit my in bike shorts. I remember feeling the lump with my hands before I went back to sleep. I woke up again about 1000 am with this huge lump in my shorts, that had moved a bit to the front & matted up my pubes. What a way to see the New Year in.

The second time was today , I was finishing off an art project & got lost in the moment. Instead of going to the toilet when I needed to I just let nature take its course, so as I type this I am sitting in my loaded pants ,lucky it was a solid log , so I will just have to tip it out.

Another question I have how many of you ppl actually stand to wipe your bum when after a poop.
all the best Annie xxxx

Blue Rizla Girl
To Single Mom,

Why don't you just teach your son to pee standing outside? After all, there won't always be a toilet around ..... he's going to have to do it sooner or later. Eventually, he'll work out for himself that he can stand in front of the toilet.

To Cheryl,

Good to hear another outdoor story from you! Please let's have some more!

My BF and I dropped the kids of at my mum's the other day and went out for a drive in the countryside. It was a hot day, and we were both drinking lots of water and The Inevitable happened. So we stopped for a widdle by the side of a quiet road. My boyfriend saw I was weeing standing up and decided he would try squatting down for a change. Fortunately, nobody came past and saw us. We had to make a few more stops along the way, but he reverted to standing up - it's much easier like that, when you're wearing shorts!

yTTeddour name (optional)
Hi!It's Teddy Bear here again...I sent my first post a few weeks agobut I've been a bit slack at getting back...Firstly; a bit of background info-I'm a middle-aged guy from just north of Brisbane in Australia...I grew up in the suburbs;I met Kathy my neighbour when we were both 4 and she introduced me to wee/poo games...Back in the 60's many houses were built on stumps with open ground beneath it;a great place for kids to play...Kathy wasn't really a naughty child she just didn't like using the toilet if she could avoid it...Partly that was because although some families had indoor plumbing (septic)at Kathy's place she had an outhouse (a backyard dunny,as we call it in Australia) was a small wooden building containing a wooden box with a hinged lid;and beside it a supply of sawdust to toss over your poop and pee when you were done;it was allways a bit smelly and dark; and rather draughty in the winter time...Kathy's family was much more laid back than mine; she and her sisters would often run around the yard without any clothes on;such behaviour was taboo at my place...My mother was particularly prudish about bodily functions;they were just an inconvenience that had to be dealt with in a dignified manner with minimal fuss;not to be mentioned unless absolutely neccesary...This perhaps would explain why I was both shocked and intriqued by Kathy's bold behaviour; she had none of the sort of inhibitions that I had and so couldn't easily understand why I couldn't "perform" for her at first and needed lots of prompting til I finally gave in albeit rather reluctantly... One day while playing together I got the call of nature; I tried to deny it but Kathy knew I needed to make a poo and wouldn't let me go home... eventually I felt like I was starting to do it and pleaded with my playmate who giggled while instructing me to take my pants off and sit on her tin sand bucket... despite my despiration I couldn't push my jobbie out because sitting in the bucket squeezed my bum cheeks together; so I raised my bottom up above the awaiting receptacle...there was a gentle thud as poo fell into the bucket.... we both look inside at my creation...With great pride Kathy said " you done good jobbie,dats the bestest poopoo I ever sawed!!".... We did lots of things together;more about that in my next post.

Tracygirl wrote:
>If we would have had more time I sure I would have gotten her usual >constipation treatment -- a soapsuds enema from her douche bag.

Tracygirl, how old are you? I thought enemas, especially soapsuds, were a thing of the past. You brought back bittersweet memories. That was my Mom's ONLY cure for constipation. I got them from the time I was three onward 'till I left for college. The ordeal was always the same. Three days without a BM and Mom would bring out the enema bag. I could sit and "try" for fifteen minutes if I wanted to (I always did). I'd struggle my hardest to go when the enema was sitting in the sink. After 3 days I usually couldn't go.
I was given my enemas over Mom's lap, and she was pretty gentle about it, tried to get me to take as much as I could but never made it really hurt. The thing I remember most, that no one ever seems to talk about was the struggling I had to do getting it to come back out. There'd be these three or four pieces that seemed like a cork at the opening of my butt. A bunch of water would rush out and then I'd be corked. My Mom would sit with me and tell me to "bear down" over and over, sometime she'd rock me side to side or front to back, but mostly I just had a strain with all my might to get stuff out. What are your memories of the enema?- JW


I enjoy your stories. Are there any other women at your office that produce large turds you've found in the toilet or heard while they were going? With regard to the finance director, you should take the direct approach and try and start up a casual conversation with her about something then transition over to her productions. From what you described she seems very defensive about her bowel movements for whatever reason. Probably because they're so large. You said she has dark hair. I'm curious if you were ever able to observe the color of her eyes?


What do the big turds look like that they describe or you see pictures of on the cell phones? A wine bottle is almost 4-5 inches thick! Are they knobby (lumpy), smooth, dark/light brown, etc? Do they ever say or show what the girls that have them actually look like??

Wife stuggles and then dumps big time...

My wife and I take walks in our neighborhood for exercise on most mornings of the week which usually involves her bringing a coffee and helping "things along". Frequently, she gets back to the house and has the leisure of getting to the bathroom to "clear things out" and start her day, but not this day: As we made our way back in the final third of our loop, my wife suddenly slowed her pace and clutching her stomach said, "Oh no...things are churning!" and then started walking again. I've heard this before so I figured it was just her bowels giving her a warning but then she slowed up again and said, "C'mon, gotta hold on..." to which I replied, "Slow down, it may help." She showed me her white-knuckled fist and then began walking again. At the last leg of the walk, she farted a strong, forcefull "poot" and exclaimed, "Oh shit!" and picked up her pace, looking back at me saying "That was close!". Well, of course, this was one of those rare times when I locked our door and had to fumble with the keys to get it unlocked, after which she dashed upstairs to the toilet. About fifteen minutes passed when she finally emerged and said to me, "The toilet needs your attention." I figured it was the usual clog with just some water high in the tank but when I went into the bathroom and looked at what she'd done, I was very surprised! There was a pile of dark, thick poop completely covering the hole and protruding out of the water! She hadn't shit in almost three days and told me it was just one long, steady stream of poop with a few breaks that kept coming and coming! I love my wife, the objective, "poop scientist"!

new one
new poster, long time lurker.

I am now 17, male and living in england. I always remember one pee story form when i was just 7(mostly because it was hilarious).

I had two brothers (13 and 15 at the time) who were always trying to take the p**s out of me. One day they decided to make me pee my pants by not letting me use the bathrooms in the house (quite cruel, they wold say that they were broken). So in the morning they sat me down on the sofa with a film that i watched with them. I kept asking for milk, juice and water throught so they knew at my age i would have to go soon. The film ended at about midday and they saw that i was squirming a tiny bit. 'james, do you need to use the potty'?
'Yes i do'. 'Ok then, up we go'. When we got to the bathroom they pretended that the toilet was broken.
30 mins later and i was becoming more aware of my need to go pee and i was holding my thing when nobody was looking as i was doing a small pee dance. My brothers were offering to take me to the local restaurant so i could pee there (in case you are wondering why i did'nt go outside my mother and father told us to never go outside), i said i could wait.
by about 1:00 i was desperate to go pee and was writhing (with just t-shirt on i seem to remember, so i could hold my thing and i was doing a major pee dance. my brothers gave me even more to drink at lunch so by 1:30 i was in more pain than i can remember.
i only lasted another 10mins before my bladder just gave way and relased about 20 cups worth of liquid all over... my mums carpet. i remember my entire crotch area hurt like hell. the funny bit though is when my mum found out she grounded my 2 brothers for a month and took away all of their stuff (lego, games etc...) i have never laughed more idon't think!

more posts coming!

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