This is my first posting. I visit this site quite regularly, and I'm relieved to find that I'm not the only one who gets great pleasure and satisfaction from the art of pooping. I'm a 43 year old man, and have been fascinated by this all my life. I've just recently told my wife about my secret fantasy, and I thought that she'd look at me like a deranged animal. She said, "That's nothing, it probably comes from what happened to you as a child." Which, when I was very young, I was toilet molested by an outsider. But that's not what this is all about.first of all, I love the stories in here, they're wonderful! I love Pooping girl, I especially love Peeper's stories, and Alex spins a good tale. There's another guy, who I can't remember his name, has expressed interest in watching other males pooping. I can relate to this as well. My favorite stories involve spying on women, women dumping in the woods or outdoors, ( I have 2 good stories on that that I will share today.) first, when I was in 5th grade, I was playing outside at night with a neighbor girl. We were out behind the garage when she said "I gotta poop, so turn around and don't look!" Of course I was going to look, and I did. She undid her pants, and squatted over a wheelbarrow full of cut grass, and squeezed out one of the biggest, fattest logs I ever saw. The next day,knowing that I had watched her, she took me behind the garage to show me her turd. After that she said "Wanna see something else?" and she dropped her pants and displayed herself in front of me. Needless to say, she became my new best friend. Another occassion came when I was much older at a Grateful Dead concert in Monterey. Lots of women were going into bushes all the time, and since I had to poop, I went under a huge tree, with branches that hung down creating a natural curtain. I squatted, when all of a sudden, a girl crawled in, surprised to see me, and said "Excuse me" and hiked up her tie-dyed skirt, and began dropping a huge pile. I was totally amazed, and every now and then, especially when she grunted, she would look up, slightly embarrassed, and sort of smile. She stood up about halfway, and dropped a last log onto the pile, and pulled out a roll of TP from a backpack. She shot a quick glance at me, and I began unloading like nobody's business! Noise and smell, it had it all! She glanced over at me while she was wiping, and just smiled. she dropped her skirt, and said "See ya." and she was gone. I have more spying stories that I will share later. Bye.
This is my first posting. I visit this site quite often, and I'm relieved to find that I'm not the only one who gets great pleasure and satisfaction from the art of pooping. I always thought that I was sick to be so hung up on it, but now I feel that I'm in great company! I'm a 43 year old man and I have been turned on to this all my life. I recently confessed my deepest and most secret desires to my wife, who took it quite well, reassuring me that it was fine, if that's what I was into. First of all, I love all the stories in here, they're wonderful! I love pooping girl, and I'm really into Peeper's stories. I wish there were more. There was also a guy, who I can't remember his name, but he expressed an interest in watching other males poop. I can easily relate to that as well, as having a bi-sexual relationship when I was a teenager. My favorite story topics are: Spying on women, women dumping in the woods or outdoors. Stories involving women listening, or spying on o! ther women in restrooms. I have many good spying stories myself. When I was in the 5th grade, I was playing with a neighbor girl, and it was dark outside being nightime. We were playing out behind the garage when she said "I gotta go poop, so turn around and don't watch" Well, of course I watched. She undid her pants, and squatted over a wheel barrow full of fresh cut grass. For a 10 year old girl, she squeezed out a pretty good sized turd. The next day, we were playing again, and she said "Do you wanna see where I pooped last night?" and she showed me the turd, and said "Y'wanna see something else?" and she dropped her pants, displaying herself for me. Naturally, she became my new best friend, and for years we were inseparable. Another great experience happened when I went into a gay bar with a friend who like to go there. By then I was 100% hetero, but I like these places becaue they have communal bathrooms. I was getting bored, so I went to take a dump. I don't care if men look at me or watch. Well, I was sitting there, waiting to do my thing when, this really nice looking blonde gal, came strolling in, and sat in the stall next to mine. The stalls did'nt have doors. She had just started to pee, when her girfriend came in, and I realized that they were gay. Politely, the gf (I got these abbreviations from pooping girl) gave me privacy by not looking directly at me. She stood against the sink, talking to her lover. Both me, and her lover were in her full view however. They were talking like normal, when all of a sudden the peeing woman said in a sing-song voice,"Uh-oh!" looks like I'm gonna shit too!" Her gf giggled and looked at me finally, shrugging her shoulders. It was definately one of the wierdest, most unforgettable nights I would ever spend. Then the squatting woman started in, and was she ever telling the truth! There was that familiar sound, as she pushed one out, and the best parts were the orchestrated grunts. "mhhhhhhh..." exhaling through her nose. (I'll never forget this evening if you're wondering how I can go into such detail.) "uhhhh-uhh-hhh-ngg-ghh-hhhhhhh..." Then began a series of plops, one after another. I think I counted about 10. Then came the smell. By then, she was beginning to talk a little. "Shit, I should'nta drank that last tequila!" Another good plop followed, and she again sighed through her nose. By this time, I had lost all inhibition that I may even have remotely had, and with her gf watching me, and giggling, I released one of my famous monsters that plops 3 or 4 times so loudly, that it sounds like I'm throwing rocks into the toilet. The woman next to me, started in again, and drop-plopped a few new turds, with a moanful sigh. Her gf was giggling like crazy and said "Jeez Deb!" Shortly after that, they had some sort of meaningless converstation while she wiped about 8 times, and got up. I heard her jeans zip up, and I dropped another good log, and sighed. They both left, and I never forgot them, or the experience. The girlfriend was so cute, with long brown hair, and she was heavier. A womens world size. I wished it would have been her dumping instead of her friend. I'm glad that she looked at me a couple of times. I'm 6'3" and 250 lbs. When I sit on a toilet, it's like the seat disappears beneath me. I have real long legs, and I naturally spread wide when I'm taking a dump. I relax. When I get hard, I swell up really huge, especially at the base of my penis. I was harder than chinese arithmetic that night, so maybe she was looking at my cock when I was sitting. I don't know. Anyway, like I said, I really love all of your stories, and especially people like Pooping girl, and Jessica, and Alex, who are so candid about their dumps in description, smell, size and duration. Also, it would be nice if some of the guys would describe what they look like when they shit. Since I've been into this for so long, I have lots of spy stories, and I'd love to share them. Love you all!

Some Guy, I hope I didn't offend you when I stated my disinterest in such fetishes as spanking. I was not in any way trying to criticize or judge anyone. After all, everyone is entitled to their own fetishes and fantasies and it doesn't make them any more inferior. While I would not accept to integrate spanking to my own experiences, I also acknowledge that many people would never be turned on by watching someone taking a shit because they find it disgusting and obscene. I try to respect everyone's interests and opinions just like I would like people to respect mine. I am aware that many people would not understand my interest in shit and as far as I'm concerned, they can think whatever they want. On a final note, while I am not turned on by diarrhea but rather more inclined towards harder, more difficult motions, I, too, see why you would be interested instead by diarrhea.

Sunday, April 12, 1998

To George, Thank you for informing me on the name of the books whose subject is the study of bowel movements. I have never really taken the time to see if we had similar books here in Canada. Next time I am in a pharmacy or the health section of a bookstore, I will be sure to do some research on that matter. To Harry, it sounds like you have had quite a busy day trying to expel the massive turds which had been building up. I'm glad that your efforts finally paid off. I wish I could have been there to watch you in the process of shitting out the 18" inch turd and then seeing it coiled around the toilet bowl. I want to welcome Ca-Ca Duty-Pooooo to the forum. I am looking forward to reading your posts. We have something in common, in that my own favorite aspect of shitting is the straining. The harder the person strains, the more aroused I become. Reading your straining "sounds" really turned me on, as I imagined a guy sitting on the toilet, straining in such a manner, perhaps to pass a hard, gigantic turd which has wedged itself tightly between his butt cheeks. Ahhhh! What a thought that is.....Anyways, on a different and final matter, to answer Fred's question, sometimes I do fart just before my poop comes out but it is almost never the loud explosive ones, unless I have gas. Besides that, the only farts I pass are either the silent windy ones or the squeaky ones. Till next time!!Bridget

Does anybody know about the typical bathroom habits of Germans? I am staying with a family for 3 weeks starting next week.

Some Guy
I haven't been here for a while so that's why this refers to old posts: Doug- Huh? I never heard of Bill Clinton doing anything for gays. As far as I know, they still can't join the army. Also, being any sexual orientation never was "fashionable". That's like saying being Hindu is in style now. The president definintely isn't a role model, though some kids probably want his great luck with the ladies. As for being embarrassed to dump in public, there are many reasons for many people. For me, it's partly because of homosexuality, partly because of people messing with me while I go, and partly because its been permenantly beat into my head that some things are to be done in private. Mike (USA)- I agree when I see a beautiful or important woman, its hard to imagine her doing something dirty and common like that, but everyone- Cindy Crawford; the first lady; Mary;- has done it. Bridget- Not all fetishes are the same. Some one who likes being spanked could be disgusted by watching and smelling someone perform the dirtiest act known to mankind. Your fetish is men straining when they dump. I would like watching a woman have diarrhea, but I can understand you feeling the way you do.

I woke up this moring at 3 o clock. I felt thje urge to pee ,but didn't get up fast enough and wet the bed.

I'm a guy who enjoys a good healthy dump. There's nothing like the feeling of a nice fat turd sliding out of my bung hole. Last evening I was working on installing some drywall in a house we just completed and had to use the facilities at the house. A buddy of mine had just left the bathroom in the house and it was rank....He also left a giant turd and the small room smelled real bad. He just sort of grinned as I entered. He never flushes the toilet. Anyways, I undid my belt, and plopped my ass on the seat, still warm from his hairy but. What a relief it was to unload my turd logs, onto his......nothing like a buddy crap. Any of you guys out there get into that. Let me know. Dave

Newer trains in the UK have retention tank toilets, it is only the older ones (of which there are a lot) that dump everything on the track.

Saturday, April 11, 1998

In contrast to the UK train toilets, USA train toilets were stopped from emptying on the track some years ago. The concern was that dumping waste is unsanitary, which is probably true. Some partial dump toilets have been used in the USA, where only liquid is dumped on the tracks but anything solid is held in a tank and emptied at the stations.

Yesterday, I left work and went home and then left to run some errands. I also went down to school to take car of some business. While I was there, I went to the library and felt the urge to take a good dump. I walked in and sat on the john and waited a few minutes. Some gas came out which made some good noise and I felt my hole open pretty good. It felt really good to feel the shit passing out of my anal opening. The relief after I was done including wiping felt very good :). The high point is the part where my anal opening opens good right before the shit moves out. Too bad I could not share the dump with someone.

Hullo all. The posts have been really good this week and its good to note that many other people have the same outlook as myself and Moira. I was lucky, as has been said by others, to have such an open minded aunt and cousins and its interesting to hear from others whos' parents were prudish or repressive about bowel movements but who, perhaps for that very reason, developed a fixation for such matters. My friend Tony is one, but there are certainly others. To Bridget . Im glad you like the "lists" and "tables" that Moira and I have compiled over the years to codify aspects of defecation. The Motion Solidity Scale is an adaptation of the "Bristol Scale" used by Doctors at least in the UK. There is a booklet available for a few UK Pounds in Pharmacies here called "Understanding your Bowels" which has this scale and a lot of other interesting facts and info on the Bowels and their products. The Names are colloquial from our childhood and are still used in Glasgow and South West Scotland today. One we missed off is an Irish one "GEEK" at least I think it sounds that way, very close to the Scots "Keigh". I agree with Jill that many "toilet" words are onomatopoeic as the sound of the word mimics the actual noise, thus "PLOP!" or "WEE WEE or TINKLE" . This brings me on to a List which Moira and I thought about but abandoned. We tried to match the SOUNDS made to the type of Jobbies which caused them, but this was abortive as whereas nam! es and terminology are labels, and solidity can be quantified, sounds are subjective and can be affected by other variables. Thus a big fat turd which may make a resounding "Ker-sploonk!" in one old fashioned high toilet pan in a tiled public toilet with a good accoustic may make hardly any sound or none at all if passed into a modern pan with in a carpeted house toilet. Again we all hear sounds differently. Many readers mention the "cracking" sound that a big solid jobbie makes as it comes out, Moira and I have adopted this term as others use it, but we had both noticed this as kids and we thought of it as a sounding like "Crippp....." as the motion slides out and that is what we called it. Other readers observations would again be of great interest. Also like you , and like Tony, Moira and I are only turned on by good solid turds, the longer and fatter the better. You wont get any posts about diarrhea from us. Luckily we dont often suffer from this horrible affliction. I must say to "I" that hearing the spluttering dribbling souds of someone passing liquid stools in an adjoining toilet is a sure fire turn off to Moira and me and is the quickest way to get us to clean up and get out. Finally to Jill. I have both flushed a train toilet in the station and have seen the result of someone doing so. I was on a train which was waiting for some 5 minutes at Lancaster station and had just done a couple of fat sausages the bigger one about 12 inches or so long and very fat. I heard to teenagers talking on the platform through the frosted class window so I flushed the toilet. To my surprise it went away, (unusually for train toilets this one had a powerful flush and a big pan) . I heard the girl remark to her brother "Look there's big turds coming out of that pipe!" I also have seen this happen. I got off a train which was at the end of its journey as a woman went into the toilet next to the door. I stood around on the platform. I couldn't hear any toilet sounds but looking down I heard a gurgle after a few minutes and saw a gush of water and some toilet paper then a fat jobbie slid slowly out of the pipe and fell onto the gravel near the rails. It was about 10 inches long I estimate. Perhaps it was Jill? Happy Holiday to all from me and Moira.

This is the first time I have logged on here since the middle of January and it is a pleasure to find out that the page is going as strong as ever... Well, this morning I woke up about 4 a.m. with the urge to take a dump...I went in and sat down and produced a relatively medium sized turd about 6 inches long, but couldn't get anymore out...I have been constipated since Saturday when all I produced then were small marbles...Anyway nothing more came out, so I wiped and flushed...About 10 a.m., I felt the need to go again, but this one only was about 5 inches long and ribbon like...Later on this afternoon, I had been out driving around running errands, when about 4 p.m., I started getting a good strong cramp in my abdomen, so I headed for home as I didn't want to have to take a dump somewhere in public and have a toilet get plugged up, because I knew from prior experience that I was going to pass a monster turd...As soon as I got home, I headed straight for the bathroom, shut the door, and proceeded to take a dump...At first there was a slight resistance from my bowels as it felt like it didn't want to expel the mass waiting t! o get out...So, I relaxed a bit by shifting my position on the toilet and then my bowels started moving...After about 15 seconds of expelling that mass and it breaking loose from my anus, I got up and took a look, as I knew it was going to be a big one, and yes it was a big one, about 18 inches in length and about 2 inches in diameter, plus it was floating and curled about the bowl...I flushed, but feared it was going to plug the toilet, but thankfully it took it without a problem at all going down...As soon as this was done, I felt another wave coming on, so I sat down again and that time I had a burst of some very soft turds come out...

tkd guy
hi i just want to tell u all, i enjoy reading these stories. i am an asian guy who like to go to clubs and bars with bunch of freinds. anyway, u guys know what color of poo is considered healthy? the answer is GOLDEN BROWN. that's what chinese medical old book said also it come out clearly(smoothly) as if u don't need to wipe them off, that's also healthy sign. ok that's it for the day.

Ca-Ca Duty-Pooooo!!!
Hello all! This is my first post to your wonderful resource. Ever since I became active on the Net I've been looking for something like this - not the disgusting, kinky fetish kinds of sites (and they often expect you to PAY for this garbage!) I've always thought that the most erotic turn-ons tend to leave at least a little to the imagination - that's why I get turned on to the hidden, voyeuristic sorts of stuff that gets posted here. I found this site two days ago, and have spent the last day and a half reading the entire thing, so you KNOW I'm turned on by this. I'm looking for a long and happy relationship, however anonymous it may have to be... And of course, I'd love some insight into ways we could get in touch with each other privately, although I know I'm not supposed to say that - sigh... :-{< (yes, I KNOW I need work on "emoticons" - they didn't even exist when I was a programmer. I'm a musician now, and there isn't much call for them on stage... I don't care much for "accidents" - they remind me of too many of my hospital stays (I had a LOT of surgery as a kid - I'll go into that sometime later, because I think I may have a lot to share that could make someone's life a lot easier.) What I DO love is what most of you seem to agree on - STRAINING!!! Mine, or someone else's, or both...
|~}}:-{| \--~~-/
Boy, I feel BETTER already! I seem to be getting turned on just by writing this - neat-o! Cyberfantasy, here I come! What a bizarre world... Anyway, I do have to get up and work tomorrow, so I'll experience your bits again REAL soon! Happy relief!!! Ca-Ca Duty-Pooooo!! (YES, I'll explain the name next time. A LOT of thought went into it. Believe me - I'm not psychotic quite yet.))

When i was in school the teacher would make us wait untill we were wetting then tell the hole class a friend of myn had two accidetns in one day because of this teacher she was aslo our recess teacher so she wet outside and said she fall in apiddle.

Friday, April 10, 1998

To Moira: Thank you for that wonderful list of Scots descriptions for bowel movements. I suppose I use the word "poo" most usually, as that was the word used in the family when I was a child, and like most of the other words in your list it is onomatopoeic - the word itself gives away some of its meaning. (Sorry about the long word!) When I was at junior school we sometimes used the term "big jobs", but most of the other words are new to me. I come from the South of England, and no doubt our culture here is different to yours. I suppose my poos could mostly be described as "sausages" and often as "torpedoes". To Tony: Of course you can see my poos - you just have to wait at the right station, and sooner or later I will oblige :-) To "spotter": I guess it was me you were referring to. Well I am sorry to disappoint you, but Woking is not on my usual route, so it wasn't me. However, I know for a fact that I am not the only person that takes pleasure from flushing train loos as I pass through stations. The other day on my way home I noticed two teenage girls hanging about by the train toilet. After a while one of them went in, and the other stood outside the door. Some minutes later I noticed the door open a little and they were having a conversation through the partly open door. Then the girl on the outside went to the window and looked out. Just as we got to a station she called to the girl in the loo - who I guess flushed the loo as we passed non-stop through a station, and I could see the pair of them laughing and joking and looking back out of the window. Regular travellers, like me, know where the stations are without having to look out. It helps to be discrete when deliberately flushing in a station!

I have not posted for a while, not much new till now. Went to see Titanic with my boy friend. I had been full of gas all day but there was no odor to it at all, so I had been letting it out silently wherever I was. We were in the movies for about a half an hour when IT happened. I passed gas, like I had so many times already today, but this one was different - fiery hot! A wave of seething hot gas burning through my panties into the cloth theater seat, then rising up the back of my jeans. I managed to keep a straight face, barely - this one was bad - worse than bad - and as I felt the heat crawling up my back I heard my friend start to cough a bit. My eyes were watering too, the air was thick, and I simply had to sit there and not give any sign I had even noticed it despite the fact that I was at ground zero. The warmth must have lasted for twenty minutes, strong enough I could hardly breathe, even though it was mine. I tried not to move much, but every time I moved some more rose up out of the seat. After the movie, my friend speculated as to who "did it", and I said I thought it was the girl sitting in front of him - no way I was taking credit for that monster - and he said he hoped not, that "Something like that could put a man off women altogether." Next day, I was at work talking to the girl I work next to, we don't have a lot of secrets, and I told her the whole story, including his comment. All she said was that something like that could put her ONTO women altogether...(!) Later, -J.

Hi everyone. Sorry I haven't been around lately- I've been so busy with school (studying and the track team), and spending *quality time* with Mark (my boyfriend) :-) For those who don't know, I'm a 19 year old (soon to be 20) female college student who's lactose intolerant ("LI" for short). I mention I'm LI because it has been, and sometimes continues to be, the reason for my often very gassy and smelly crapping. My friend Chris (short for Christine, a female name), who used the handle "Khris" on here a while back, is also LI and knows what I go through (and vice versa). She's a fellow track team member and my best friend at college. Chris and I were out jogging a couple of weeks ago, during an unseasonably warm March day (in the Northeastern U.S.A.) when the topic of our LI came about. I asked her casually if her BMs have been OK. She told me she's been very good about staying away from "forbidden" products (mainly dairy) so there have been no accidents. Khris' degree of LI is more serious than mine, and she has had "many accidents" (her words); I, knock on wood, have never gone in my pants, though I've come very close on many occasions. To make a long story short, we agreed to look at and compare each others' *results* We both decided that we were uncomfortable with going right in front of each other (I've gone in front of my sister, Briana, and v.v, as some may recall), so the plan was to use adjacent stalls (remembering that this is a college) and then "trade" stalls once we were done. A couple of mornings later, we both decided to poop at the same time after a 5 mile jog. We both spent about 10 minutes doing our thing- I passed a lot more gas than she did; I still pass a lot of gas when going, even when pizza and milk shakes are not on the menu. After we were done, we pulled up our pants and traded stalls. I will tell you I left two 6" jobbies and a couple of pellets; Khris' crap was bulkier, two jobbies almost a foot in length and a couple of others about 4" long. I should note that Khris is 3" taller and 20 lbs heavier than I am (I'm 5'8" and weigh about 135 lbs). I wiped myself three times while Khris wiped at least ten; she then quipped that she uses a lot of TP and should "buy stock in the company that owns Charmin." Khris promises to post on here again soon; she's also been very busy. Although I enjoy reading most of the stories on here, I'd love to hear from other LI people. Thanks. Jodi

Mike, any more detailed thoughts. Did you begin fantasizing about beautiful women 'spending a penny' (or a shilling!) spontaneously, or was there, perhaps, something that triggered it? Pee_ter, I'll stand by AHD3 (American Heritage Dictionary, Third Edition) on the spelling of 'hemorrhoid.' If your post is jocular in nature, that's fine with me. I would be surprised that a German newspaper misspelled the word. Tony, Please explain the exquisite 'and was quite nobbily'! ...thanks, Fluidity

Hi again, first up I just want to make it clear to Tony that I am not turned on by diarhhoea, merely by the sounds of a woman on the toilet. The sight I saw last week was not what I would call pleasant however to plug the toilet up like that she had to pass a pretty large one! Mike, glad to hear you enjoyed the posting. I have plenty more stories from when I was younger, I will post these when noone is home! Later guys,

P.S Where is Pooping Girl?
P.P.S I am not from the USA, or the UK!

Happy Camper
A great movie! It is called "Denise Calls Up" and I saw it on SHOWTIME last night. There are three toilet shots in this movie. The first one features character Barbara on the pot while talking on the phone and with a laptop P.C on her lap while she is taking a dump. Sort of sounds like pooping girl, doesn't it?? It is a quick view, but it is a full view and shows the panties around the knees. Near the end of the movie, the same character is shown on the pot again without phone and laptop, and for several seconds. There is also a shot of one of the male characters talking on the phone while taking a dump. The toilet is out of view, but the shot shows him leaning forward so you see his knees and legs, and head to mid torso as if one was looking in the bathroom from the hall. Besides the toilet shots, the movie has an interesting story. It is also short, around 80 minutes. The movie is repeating on SHOWTIME this Sunday 4/12 at 1:15 pm West Coast time. I think it's on the same time on the East Coast. I am going to record it this time.

Tracy S
Yes Jennifer I am still here!

Mike, any more detailed thoughts. Did you begin fantasizing about beautiful women 'spending a penny' (or a shilling!) spontaneously, or was there, perhaps, something that triggered it? Pee_ter, I'll stand by AHD3 (American Heritage Dictionary, Third Edition) on the spelling of 'hemorrhoid.' If your post is jocular in nature, that's fine with me. I would be surprised that a German newspaper misspelled the word. Tony, Please explain the exquisite 'and was quite nobbily'! ...thanks, Fluidity

To Bridget: Same here, I'm only interesting in girls toilet habits and guys habits don't turn me on at all. I too dump only every other day, sometimes every day but not often. The longer between my movements, the smellier they gets just as it is with farts. I don't measure my turds but they are far smaller than the "stories" here....1.5 inches thick and about 7-8 inches long....I think. Does your movement often start with a fart....mine don't just nice and quiet mostly, sometimes there is a "pfffft". Well, I'm feeling a pressure building up...and I'm on my way to the bathroom. C Ya.

A long time ago I was listening to a comedian, he talked about how men often shiver after peeing. He went on to say women do the same thing after peeing. I think this must be the body going through shock. When the body is injured it goes through minor shock; so also a suddenly shrinking bladder goes through shock. On another subject, Bridget where do you feel the urges to pee and poop? An interesting note, this post was written in Word Perfect, copied, then pasted to your form. The spelling errors were then edited. Don't look at me I can't spell. :) You might have one of those fancified new browsers. Some of them might be able to check spelling.

Concerning Tony's posting, I, too, have no interest whatsoever when shit is passed in the form of diarrhea. I much prefer stools that come out as big and solid pieces which require a lot of effort to produce. I imagine that watching someone who is expelling formless, liquid shit would be far less of a turn on. Also, while I find shit interesting and arousing, I nontheless attach considerable importance to personal hygiene, which is why I do not care much for people who do not wipe themselves after they have taken a shit or for those who walk around with stains and skidmarks in their underpants.

Thursday, April 09, 1998

To Mary Ann, trust me when I say that I too thought that I was weird due to my unusual interest at first but then I came across this site and was relieved to see that so many others have the same common thoughts as me. Since coming here, I feel much less ashamed when I imagine someone pooping, nor am I embarassed to admit that it is something that I greatly enjoy. I loved your post which described in detail, your difficulty at passing stools. Of course, I am naturally more turned on by a guy's toilet experiences but I love reading both men AND women's posts. While some people attach great importance to having a daily bowel movement, I think that to pass stools successfully, you have to let nature take its course. I believe passing stools is most difficult if a person is forced and pressured into doing so. Although some people are capable of shitting everyday, I myself, am only able to go every two to three days. I guess every person is different in that maybe some systems can digest faster than others. In my view, I do not associate infrenquency with constipation though. Since I only have a movement every few days, when I do go, my stools are almost always soft and fairly easy to pass. I guess my system is just slower at processing. Finally, to Moira, just like your list about the different consistencies and textures of stools, I loved your latest list which enumerates the different names that are used to label all the varying kinds of poop. Do you have any more informative charts to present to us??? I predict that pretty soon, we will all be experts on the subject of shit, as we are learning so many facets which come with this fascinating creation!

I just love this site. There seem to be so many people here who want to tell about their toilet habits; not to mention experts like Moira and George, with their scale of shit types, and the Glasgow dictionary of turds. Keep it up, I love it. A while back, someone wrote about train toilets and flushing them in a station. Well today I was at Woking station near London waiting for a train to Southampton, and a train came through without stopping, about 40mph I guess. As it passed me I could see a load of water pouring out underneath, and I guessed that someone was flushing. After it had passed, I looked down on the track, and there was a whole load of shit there. There were about four big turds, rather flattened and distorted by the speed of impact, but still quite obvious, and I could clearly see bits of corn in them. Further along were some smaller bits of shit and a load of toilet paper. I wondered whether this was deliberate, like the person who wrote recently..... if so their aim was spot on, right in the middle of a crowded station! I did wonder if what I saw came from the same person (I think it was a woman who wrote about it). If so I congratulate her on her aim, and I have to compliment her on what must have been a huge shit. Whoever it was, I bet they felt better after that!

Hi guys! I know this is strictly a Toilet forum, but I must respond to Ender's comments about bisexuality. I am straight, but have friends who are gay/lesbian, and bisexual. A couple of my bi friends have commented on how they are scorned by homophobes for being gay, and ridiculed by gays for "straddling the fence" or "selling out." Can't we just accept each other for who we are, regardless of race, gender, religion, and yes, sexual orientation? There's enough shit (no pun intended) going on in this world without ignorant comments to aggravate things. Ok, Steph, off your soapbox... Moira, I love your additional descriptions re different types of BMs. My dumps are usually *bombs* (with water splashing against my butt after each one is let out). I occasionally let out *bricks* or *bingers* I took a "binger" the other night after eating the afternoon curry special; I'm glad nobody else was in the (college) bathroom while I was taking that dump- it stank!!! Sara, I'm 5'7 and weigh 130 pounds, about "average," and have a stronger bladder than my friend Alex, who is about the same age, height, and weight. Everyone has different constitutions, I guess. Later all; I've gotta study :) Peace, Steph

Christine came over again last night. She and my wife got buzzed. After a few beers Chhristine invited me to come watch her pee. So we went in to the bathroom. Christine pulled down her pants, she dosent wear panties, and sat on the pot. She spread her legs wide and told me how bad she needed to go. She startedto pee real slowly. I got down real close to her and watched. She stopped all of a sudden and pushed real hard. Some poop started to come out of her anus. This drove me wild. My wife lets me watch her pee but never poop. She dropped a few small pieces and then peed like a water fall. She wipped her self and started shaking a lot. She came from me watching. She wants me to go for her soon. can't wait. PS when are you guys going to change the cover?

I agree with Mike (USA) that there have been a quite a lot of interesting posts in the last few days. Im glad to hear how others got their fascination with defecation in their childhood or youth. Like Mike Im not really that turned on by men doing a bowel motion though I do like to see a really big jobbie lying in the toilet pan which a man has done although I far more turned on if I know a woman has done it.I have noticed another interesting difference between USA and other readers, particularly British ones such as myself. US posters such as "I" and others dont seem to mind diarrhea and will post about it and even in the case of "I" seem to be turned on if someone else is heard to be suffering from it. We Brits on the contrary by and large hate this illness and are only turned on by good solid formed motions. I certainly feel that way and so do Moira and George who share the same interests and viewpoints on toilet matters as myself. "I's"post about the girl in the next stall doing a motion and passing several turds was ruined for me when he mentioned that it all ended in diarrhea and the toilet brim full with "brown water" as he put it. Also "skid marks" in the panties, knickers or underpants are viewed by most UK people I know as disgusting and not something to brag about unlike some US readers who seem to consider this as something to be proud off. However, as they say, each to their own and whatever floats your boat!

Readers may be interested in the first time I actually saw a female doing a motion. I didn't have the open situation enjoyed by George with his aunt and girl cousins nor even Moira who's mother wasn't that open but still quite laid back about defecation. I had gone for a day to the coast, a Scottish resort called Troon (The Open Golf Championship is sometimes held there), with some friends of the family. The adults were picnicing on the beach and myself (who was 12 at the time)and their 16 year old daughter Norma went off to explore the sand dunes. We had walked about half a mile when she said she needed to do the toilet and hitched up her skirt and pulled down her panties, (which were white briefs with a blue floral pattern). I watched which didnt seem to bother her as her wee wee gushed out of her vagina making a dark damp patch on the sand. I was however more interested to watch her anus. Her ring seemed to twitch then it domed and turned brown and as I watched a fat solid turd started to slowly emerge. It was as thick as a coke bottle (she was quite a ???? girl) and was quite nobbily. She grunted "OO! OO! OO!" as it slowly grew in length until after some 10 inches had been pushed out between her fat buttocks it tapered to a point and dropped onto the sand. She gave a sigh and got her breath back then wiped her bum with a piece of tissue paper, (not that it needed much wiping as the motion had been firm and solid). She looked at what she had passed and commented, " Cor that's better, it's a whopper!" I agreed and asked if she had been constipated, but she merely replied that she normally only did a motion about twice a week and this was quite usual for her. On later occasions when she and her parents visited I listened when she did a motion in our toilet to the resounding depth charge "KUR-SPLOONK!" and often saw the big fat logs she passed stuck in the toilet pan.

Since then of course I have seen a number of women ( with their consent) doing such large jobbies some even larger ones such as Moira's great fat torpedoes. I'd love to see the huge logs that "Young's" friend Patsy drops, also "Jill" who loves to do her's in toilets on board trains. All the very best and good solid jobbies to all!

To Fluidity Everyone has hemorrhoids, they help us to keep the anus closed and allow farts to leave our body without messing our pants (normally). If they are enlarged, this is usually - but false - referred to as hemorroids. (Information read in a german newspaper)

jennifer (diapers)
Tracy S. Are you still around?

Wednesday, April 08, 1998

Mary Ann, might I suggest you try what keeps my BMs soft and regular (daily): Metamucil or one of its cheaper drug store brands (should I say chemist's to those in the UK?). When I got a hemorrhoid the ass specialist suggested Metamucil to counteract modern diets that are usually low in ruffage and cause hard stool that one must strain to expell, thus causing hemorrhoids (which I hope you don't have and never acquire). Just a suggestion. Good luck!
Sara, I'm not sure there is any guaranteed relation between body size and bladder size. I think one's own "constitution" and practice mean more than anything. If you learn to hold it, you can hold it. If you don't, then you take frequent whizzes. Don't worry about it; believe me, there are guys who really like girls who have to whiz a lot, so enjoy it! ...Fluidity

To Moira: I noticed "Bomb" in your list of defication words and had to comment on it. There is a Chinese expression, "To drop a bomb", meaning to deficate.

Sara: If you want to be able to hold on for longer, the best (only) way to do it is that when you need to pee, resist the urge and hold off a little longer. When it becomes almost unbearable, hold on some more. Finally when you are about to pee your panties, relieve yourself. By holding back for as long as you possibly can, you will exercise your bladder and , given time, will find that you can hold more without having to go.

I agree with George that it is not understandable why intimate couples do not discuss their toilet habits with each other. I believe that if anyone is open minded enough to engage in extreme sexual acts such as bonding and spanking. they shuld be able to share toilet experiences as well. I would imagine toilet games would be a very arousing type of foreplay. With all the recent talk about toilet training, an interesting game to play would be a role playing game where one person is the child and the other person is the parent. The person playing the child would sit on the toilet to do a motion and the one playing the parent would be supervising and coaching the shitting process, promising his/her partner a big reward if he/she succeeds in doing something in the toilet. {I guess you can all imagine what that reward would be!!!} For me, that would be a lot more arousing than bonding or spanking which compared to what I have just described, is simply a big turnoff---Bridget

Hi guys(and girls), I'm just chiming in. Of course, I've been reading every day. I, f**king great post yesterday! Since some recent posts have dealt with the origins of our bathroom obsessions, I feel compelled to tell my story. I really had absolutely no experiences at all like the ones Tony, Claira, Mary Ann, and others have described. The first time I noticed a fascination with the bathroom was probably around the time I was 11 or 12 years old. I think my bathroom fetish has to do with the fascination of seeing a beautiful woman(I am completely turned off by men going to the toilet) doing something so dirty and common. That's what is really at the heart of it. My parents were open about their bathroom habits, not like deliberately going in front of me, but also not shunning the activity. I guess it's different for everyone. Take it greazy.

Tuesday, April 07, 1998

Mary Ann
I just found this site a few days ago, and am reassured to see that there are so many other people who share my preoccupation with bowel movements. I also was interested in reading the discussions of how some of you came to develop these interests, and the common thread of childhood experience being present. This is how I believe I became focused on BM's, as I tended toward constipation as a little girl and my mother constantly fretted that I was not moving my bowels for her every day. I can remember her sitting on the edge of the tub as I was on the toilet and her urging me to "push again" or "push harder" or "keep trying for a little longer" as I did my best to produce what she wanted me to produce so badly. And that was to poop after breakfast before I went to school. She would sometimes take me back into my room and massage my abdomen for a while and tell me that this might help me go, and then off to the toilet we went, her sitting on the tub urging me to "jus! t go" and occasionally putting her hand between my legs to feel my anus "just to check and see" if I was about to go. And on the times when I did go she would get me to stand to see if I needed to do more. She did everything she could think of to "regulate" me including giving me prune juice, laxatives, suppositories and enemas. If I didn't go before school she would be waiting to see me to the toilet when I got home for another try, and then right before bed again if I still hadn't gone to her satisfaction. This continued right on till I was in high school, and she still asks me to this day if I am taking good care of my bowels and tells me that it would be better if I could go every day. The fact is that I seem to be an every 3rd or 4th day woman, and that my stools are just hard and difficult to pass by nature. When the urge does come to me it is usually in the mid morning and I am usually at work. I wait until it is a strong feeling and then head off to the washroom, take a stall, pee and then get down to business. I usually have to strain a lot and lean forward up on tiptoes. After about 5 minutes of this I usually start passing stool that is hard and fragmented ranging in size from marble to some golf ball size. This makes a noise of "plunk-plunk-kerplunk-plunk" and although I try to be quiet in a public bathroom about straining and grunting there is nothing to be done about stool splashing into the bowl. This has made for some conversations with those in the next stall, especially if they happen to be there trying for their own BM's. Once they realize that they have company in their own difficulty they usually stop trying to strain and grunt quietly, and a few even start up conversations. Anyway, after passing the beginning small fragments I usually need to do two stools about bananna size. This is the hardest for me and I usually need to strain a lot as they gradually creep out of my bottom. Then when they are finally out I sit there for another few minutes to make sure that I am really done. Every once in a while I will discover the need to do more but not very often. This whole process takes about twenty minutes, and I feel so much better when I am through! So.........these are some of my own experiences and thoughts about my toilet habits. I'd love to hear more of yours! Gotta jet now. Bye!

To Doug:
I have heard that being bisexual is fashionable, and am very disturbed by it. I feel that for people that are actually bisexual, it's hard to get by without people not believing that you are anything more than strait, or that you are trying to stay not exactly gay, and then accuse you of being just gay. I am sorry that this has nothing to do with this forum, but it disturbs me greatly. Also, I have no idea what this has to do with your post.

Question......Does the size of your body have any bearing on the size of your bladder? I`ll tell you why I ask. I am a pettite size 10 & one of my friends is a size 18. When we go out drinking she can put away 6 half pint glasses of lager before she even needs to have a pee. I can only manage 2 glasses & I am desperate. 3 glasses & I am practically peeing myself. When we both get to the toilet ( I am usually on my 2nd or 3rd visit, she is on her first) we both usually pee for about the same time ( abouy 40 to 50 secs.) although judging from the sound she is probably peeing a little harder than me (although we both pee like a waterfall.) Is there any way of beeing able to hold on for a little longer?

Im glad that many of the faithful readers of this site found the scale of Motion Solidity I posted both of interest and usefulness. Discussing such matters and the responses with George, I also submit the names that we used to use as kids in Glasgow for various types and sizes of jobbies done. These names are also used in other parts of Scotland and perhaps have a wider usage:-

JOBBIE This word is the most common used by Scots, take Billy Connolly's famous monologues as an example, to mean both the action of having a bowel movement and the actual object(s) passed. Compares to "big job" and "poo" in parts of England and also seems to be used in other parts of the world if this site is anything to go by.

MOTION Meanings as Jobbie above but more often used by parents and adults. For example my mother would say she was going for a motion but not for a jobbie which she considered to be a childish term.

KEIGH A Scots word pronounced something between "Keith" and "Keech" for non Scots readers. A jobbie or motion.

MICK A small hard fat jobbie no longer than 4 inches in length. The origin of this word is still a mystery to me although both George and Tony used this term in their childhood. Perhaps any other Scots reader may know.

TOLEY A larger jobbie than the Mick being between 5 and 8 inches long and solid.

TORPEDO A jobbie bigger than 7 inches long. George's Aunt Helen used to call really large jobbies which stuck in the toilet pan "Panbusters" after the Dambusters Bomb.

BRICK A Hard or very firm fat knobbily jobbie which takes a lot of strain to pass and often hurts. In Glasgow we have an expression "To pass a Jaggy Brick" for doing such a motion.

BOMB or DEPTH CHARGE A fat solid jobbie which makes a resounding "KER-SPOOSH"! or KUR-PLONK!" when it drops into the pan.

BINGERS Very soft motions which smelly terrible and break up and float in pieces on top of the water in the toilet pan. Often the result of eating the wrong food or drinking too much as "That curry disagreed with me Ive just done a load of bingers and stank out the toilet!"

SAUSAGE Self explanatory, a formed curved jobbie.

CARROT Any motion shaped like one.

Words such as STOOL amd TURD had their common meanings.

This list is certainly not exhaustive, I'm sure others have similar lists and I'd be interested to read of same. Hope this appeals to regular readers

Q. What does motion sickness mean to a chap in merry old England?
A. It means either constipation or diarrhea.

The other night I went to a party at a female friends workplace. After 5 or 6 beers I needed to pee so asked where to find the toilet. She led me through the back of the office and pointed me to a room with two stalls. One for Men one for Women! She then said "Oh I guess I should go too" walked into the stall, shut the door, and proceeded to have a nice long pee. This left me feeling pretty turned on! Later on I was in there again when another girl wandered in to the next door stall, I could see her feet and worked out that it was the nice looking girl that I had seen earlier! She sat down and peed like a horse then let a long slow fart out and sighed! She then said "Oh God" and proceeded to let out a flood of large turds that landed with a nice plop, after each one she also farted. After about 10 or 12 turds she suddenly groaned and let out a huge liquid fart with a ton of diarrhoea! BY now I had practically lost it and was in heaven! She let out about 3 more turds, a whole lot more farts, then spent ages wiping before flushing and leaving. When I left I peeked in the stall and the toilet water was just below the seat with several big turds flotaing in amongst a sea of brown water! What a night!

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