Mr. Clogs
Well today on my way to work, I thought I share this. I work in NYC and use the subways to get around. It's hot as hell in the summer time, anyways I exited the subway station and happen to notice the ranchy smell of poop and of course the subway pee smell. Upon my observation, I seen the pile of poop with a napkin on top with a puddle of pee surrounding it. Though I share that with ya'll, could of been someone desperate and couldn't make it to the bathroom in time and decided to use the subway station as a bathroom. The poop pile looked healthy, intersting sight though.

Hi Anna, you're right, I didn't know what to expect with the Correctol, and she didn't have time to tell me. We were getting ready to leave for school when I told mom that I hadn't had a BM for three days. If we would have had more time I sure I would have gotten her usual constipation treatment -- a soapsuds enema from her douche bag. I guess she thought I was ready for Correctol since I was a "woman".

To The Viking:

I have, on occasion, seen the toilets in the men's room clogged with huge turds, but nothing that big. Most times, the turds will be about a foot long and 2-3 inches thick.

My girlfriend's cellphone has a camera built in, so every once in a while, she'll send me pictures of ladies' room toilets clogged with gigantic turds not unlike what you described. I would have a lot of trouble believing it if I didn't see the turds with my own eyes.

I believe women can produce such monstrous turds simply due to the fact that their bodies are designed to hold babies. This natural ability is further enhanced by only having to poo once a week or less.


new toilet

New toilets were installed in my apartment complex this summer. The toilets are low flow: there isn't very much water in the bowl. So, many times when I poop, there is poop stuck to the bowl after I flush. I get toilet brushes from Target for a dollar each. I use each brush once; then throw it away. There is too much poop on each brush after one cleaning to reuse.

Once when i was 10 years old i had to poop but i was out playing with my friends so of course i didn't want to go inside and go. My friends dared me to go behind a bush so i decided that would be a good idea. Well there were two really bad things that happened to me. The first thing was I was constipated and it wouldn't come out and i was making a lot of noise and all of my friends were laughing at me. Then the other bad thing that happened was my crush Connor came over and he was like eww gross what is that smell and then he saw me pooping and he threw up on my best friend and then she threw up and it was all so embarassing. I learned my lesson not to do that ever again. Connor obviously got over because he asked me out a week after that and we are still going out two years from then and we haven't broken up once in that time. Well i thought that was a good enough story to share with all of you. Well feel free to e-mail me anytime you want if you have questions or anything. My e-mail is

To Single Mom: OK if he is already using the toilet sitting down, then let him stand and see how he does but be prepared, he might piss all over the place at first, if you can hold his dick that would help, or use cheerios as targets like other people said. He is tall enough to reach the toilet? If not then you will need something for him to stand on. Good Luck.

he how shall not be named
this is my frist time on this site but i have a bad story about shitting myself once when i was thirteen i was walking to the mall in town and i had the urge to fart and as i was going to let some out i slipped on some glass but i caught myself but i felt a sudden warmnes in my ass and at that second i knew i was doomed and i rushed in the mall (because it was a block away from the mall) and i went in the bathroom and i saw a few cool kids that go to my school and they looked at me and seen liquid shit go down my leg and left so i cleaned up the best i could and the next week or 2 i was made fun of for it

PS:i had to get ride of my pants and boxers cuz the shit blasted trough my boxers likerly riping them and my pants wher riped alittel and brown as well shit

Well today something happend that I had been hoping for... My cousin took a really big shit!

She came home from work and went to her room for a second then headed past my room to the bathroom and shut the door... For the record She is about 5' 3" blond hair, blue eyes and a very slender build with a nice butt. I was on my Nextel in my room and I had my door open and some music on... I was kinda on the spy looking for that to happen so I tuned in... I didnt hear much and initially and I was expecting her to just pee but then as my friend and I were exchanging convo I notice we had been going on 8 minutes and No flush... Then the not so silent, silence was broken... A flush! I was ready to sneak in after she came out, but she didnt... She didnt move... So as my friend and I still were chatting via walkie talkie ( I love using it though others think is annoying... mainly because I dont use it much) I stepped out into the hall past the bathroom door... It was still quiet... No farts or plops... but the music was on and I wasnt trying to tip her off to my spying... Well as I went down the hall to the stairs... I was summoned by my mother to bring my brother to work if my father didnt get home in time. I hate being 24 and still living at home because my job doesnt pay me enough for what I do. So as I walked back to my room I passed the door to the bathroom... This time I confirmed that she had taken a shit, and still was shitting! The smell creeped its way out underneath the door! I could smell her shit up close near the door, and even up to 7 feet away in my room! I do recall her saying she had a really big steak for dinner last night so I knew what was coming out... Well I waited and was getting impatient... and thats when the second flush occured... I thought for sure she would be out after that, but I heard the shower mat come down and hit the floor and the water start...

I got worried that she was going to force the smell of her dump away by taking a shower, but when she came out I waited untill she was in her room, before I went to investigate. When I got in the bathroom it still smelled like poop but it was faint... There were flakes of poop still in the toilet. I didnt think that it would be as bad as it was but it was pretty good... I wonder why she had to flush twice...

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER TO PAMELA: Prune juice is great and it is good that you went to the toilet when needed. If you want the prune juice to have more effect have it on an empty stomach and follow it with a cup of coffee (caffiene is a stimulant)...drink lots of water. Also think about suppositories if it gets too hard.
TO THE SINGLE MUM: I remember (still) learning to stand whilst I wee. It was a Saturday morning and I told my mother I wanted to wee. She said as I was now a big boy I should stand when I wee...and I did and that was it!
TO MARK: There are allergy and food intolerance tests that can be done and you should see your doctor.
TO JACOB: When I have to hover above the toilet I find I can evacuate a lot faster and more fully....Pamela...try squatting but it may beco a bit difficult for you and if so try hovering over the toilet...just point your bum over the toilet as you stand, bend your knees and lean forward a bit and push and grunt out aloud as you should always expel your breath as you push.

I don't know if anyone is interested in this or not, but I'll share the origin of my fascination with peeing and pooping.

When I was very young (5 or 6), my next door neighbor would let me watch him poop. I only got to see what he produced once, but I would hear him fart and his turds splash into the toilet. I still remember the one time I got to see his poop, because it was far bigger than anything I was able to do. Perhaps it was a rare occurance, but this turd must have been an inch thick and a foot long.... although it flushed just fine.

Then when I was in 4th grade, our classrooms stopped having seperate bathrooms, so the bathroom was shared by about 250 people. On quite a few occasions, I would go into one of the three stalls in the girls' room and find an unflushed turd. It wasn't a matter of being unable to flush, as I flushed it just fine after I finished pooping in the same toilet. These turds ranged all the way from thin, long floaters to thick sinkers.

Punk Rock Girl

Had a different kind of outdoor dump yesterday. Colin and I took the day off and went out to his uncle's private land in the Poconos. It was a nice day, and we had a lot of fun with friends and family that were there.

Anyway, the bathrooms were out of order because the sump pump or septic pit or whatever it's called had backed up, so Uncle Phil had set up one of those portable toilets behind some bushes. Not a porta-potty, one of those boxes with a toilet seat on top. The area it was in was pretty far from where the festivities were going on, but aside from the bush which blocked people from getting a rear view, anyone between the bushes and the trees they were facing, got an unobstructed show.

Well, I felt a dump coming on and Colin and I walked to the bush with the "TOILET" sign attached to it. I said, "Hello?" No one answered, signifying it was safe. I walked around, pulled my shorts and panties down and sat on the seat. I pushed out a huge solid load while chatting with Colin. I could hear people talking close by, but never saw anyone. There was a roll of TP on a branch and I rolled some off and wiped my ass. I flushed (which means I pumped the flushed up and down until all the crap had been sucked down into the blue stuff) and Colin and I walked back to re-join the party.

I've taken plenty of dumps in the woods, but never on a portable toilet. Something very odd about it!



Good morning--humid here. A couple of days ago, we went to a favorite Chinese restaurant. We always order the items marked "hot and spicy." As usual, we also ordered a small bowl of the hot chili sauce to add to our meal, because American tastes are rather bland and the meal as served is not very spicy. After adding some of the hot stuff, the meal was delicious. I had a pork dish with green onions, including leaves. The next day when I pooped, I noticed two things: first, my anus burned very hot; second, there were long pieces of onion leaves in my poop, some actually separating out. Since I was still at home, I dabbed some Noxzema on the last set of toilet paper and wiped with that, which immediately cooled the burning on my anus. I was able to stick my finger with that treated paper up into my anus a bit [not as far as the rectum, just into the anal canal] and clean and cool there also. Shortly afterwards, I went to work. As sometimes happens, I had to have a second movement later that morning, and I could feel the burning again even before I went. As always since shortly after my surgery, my poop was soft, though still formed. This time, the onion leaves were not as visible, but I could see tiny red fragments of the spicy chili peppers. Of course, I had no Noxzema at work to complete the wiping, so I still felt the burning as I returned to my office. However, I do have some hand lotion there, so I returned to the bathroom with that, again sat on the toilet, took toilet paper, squeezed a dab of the lotion on it, and wiped with it. It worked almost as well as the Noxzema; I was able to clean my anus better and soothe the burning. We had some of the leftover Chinese food again that night, but my poop the next day did not produce any burning.
Yesterday, walking down the hall, I heard a nurse teaching a class about caring for the elderly. The subject was constipation during and after hospital stays, and she was emphasizing how important it is to give the patients something to help move their bowels, since so many of the pain medications are quite constipating. This nurse is a lovely, tall young woman, and it was interesting to hear her talk about pooping. Later on, I spoke to her, mentioning that I had had some trouble with constipation after surgery and that I had overheard a couple of sentences of her talking about it. She was eager to hear my experience, so I told her a bit, including having to squat [hover over the bowl] rather than sit to poop because it hurt too much to do it sitting with a urinary catheter in place. I think I related some of that to this forum somewhere near page 1420 or 1425. In any event, she acknowledged that, after kidney stone surgery, she had had to do the same thing. I also mentioned that my current poops are all somewhat soft, and she said that that was to be expected, since I was drinking so much water and everything in my intestines was wetter and softer than it had been before. I do think longingly of the long, firm logs I used to do; I miss them. On the other hand, if this is what it takes to prevent a recurrence of kidney stones, I will drink all the water I can tolerate, even if my bowel movements are soft.
Happy pooping, everyone!

I was at the local shopping centre and having finished my shopping, went back to the car park. At the bottom of the stairs / lifts is a large set of toilets I will tell more about later. The multi-storey carpark is served by two towers, one with lifts and stairs (the main one) and one with stairs only. These are both brick constructions on the side of the carpark.

I'd walked up to the top of the stairwell as I was parked on the top floor. I heard two young kids and their mother on the top landing.

The girl said to her mother "Mummy, I need a wee-wee" and as I came round the corner of the stairs I could see she was holding herself, as was the boy who said "Me too". Her mother said to them "I don't think there are any toilets nearby. You should have gone before we left home, can you hold it until we get to the shops?". The girl said "No, I really need a wee NOW!", the boy said "Quickly mummy". So she walked out the doors of the lift area onto the carpark top floor, put her stuff down the floor. She turned the boy around and he was facing the brick wall of the tower, then undid the boy's trousers and pulled them and his underpants down. "Now hold your willy and pee on the wall" she said. Whilst mum was dealing with the boy, the girl was saying "Come on, I need to wee now or I will wet my pants" whilst desperately holding on to herself and fidgeting. Her turn now - her mum lifted her skirt up and pulled her knickers down in a flash. She lifted the girl up and held her against the wall, her feet were on the wall of the lift tower, her mum held her skirt up and her knickers were at her ankles. "Now, pee" she said, and pee she did, it kept coming out of her for ages. "I'm finished now" she said, and her mum held her a bit and dried her privates with a tissue. Then she put the girl down, pulled her knickers up and her skirt down then they went off to get in their car.

Well I peed standing up until I was about 14. When I was little between the ages of 3 and all the way up to about 6 I remember various babysitters holding onto my weiner even though they didn't have to and some of my older sister's friends taking me to the bathroom. I think they just wanted to watch me go and to see my weiner. Starting around 14 I had to clean the bathroom and if ya sit down to pee the toilet and floor stay clean longer so that is why I always sit down.

Hiya everyone, hope you are all coping with this heat.

I am drinking so much water that my b/f calls me a camel. Last nite we were lying in bed talking and he said he needed a wee. I told him to go, he said nah he would wait, I laughinly said dont wet the bed. I drifted off to sleep and was woken sometime later by my b/f banging about trying to find the light switch.I asked what on earth he was doing and he said he was busting for a pee and couldnt find the light...I switched the light on my side of the bed for him ,he was holding his pee pee hard and bent over he said he was deseprate and didnt know if he could make it to the bathroom, he then groaned and said he had let out a squirt into his boxers. I handed him my pee box and he flipped out his pee pee and simply gushed loads into it........god it turned me on to watch, however he simply put the box down and went back to!!!!

Penny from SA Here again. We were traveling again last week and I had a little gastro attack. I could feel something not quite right but was able to wait for a fuel stop. Those that know me know I rather shit outside than use a loo. Farming stock you know had to get used to it no loos on the range. We pull in for fuel and I take myself off to the ladies. I notice a bus also refueling but this is a large stop over so plenty loos. I enter to find people lined up in front of each loo. At least 10 lines but one cube is open. I glance over and it is the Eastern squat loo with a shower nozzle. I think for a minute but my annus starts to think for me and I think what the hell we all got to shit and I won't see these people again. I step into this cube and close the door. One look tells me no paper as they wash rather than wipe. Time is now very short, as physiologically my brain has told my arse to shit. I have a short skirt on so hike it up and remove my thong completely. Not sure how wide I need to spread. I turn and get my feet onto the grips in the porcelain and start to squat. As I go down a fart rips out followed by a small plug and a torrent of foul smelling brown water. Involuntary reaction to bending. Like bending a tube of toothpaste. Needless to say this misses the hole and covers the back rim of this contraption. By now I need relief and just go down into a deep squat. The crap just tears out into the water and I can feel a great emptying sensation. Wonderful feeling of evacuating completely. That is why I love to shit outside using a deep squat position. I hear one woman in the lines comment,
" If a cube does not open soon she will need my cube."
Another says "Disgusting to sit like that"
and a third comments, " Sounds like she could not wait."
Damn right. I give a little push and some more water and chunks of reeking shit fly out, into the bowl this time. A good pee and I am done. Now the wipe, what now? No paper just the shower nozzle. Heard later that they take toweling in with them those that know. I get the nozzle down and adjust the temp and spray as I wash from the front. Great feeling this luke warm water on my pussy and annus. I direct it around a bit hoping to get any stuck pieces and then switch off. What now got a wet arse and no way to dry it. Only thing is to ask for a wad of paper. So I call out, "Can anybody pass me some paper?" Silence, but then a hand reaches under the door with a wad of paper hand towels. I thank them and give myself a thorough drying. Just water no shit at all. Thong on and a flush and I leave. One lady dashes straight in with a wad of toweling. Seems they know how now and are desperate. I leave with a very squeaky-clean arse and fanny. Much cleaner than a wipe. Lesson learned "When in doubt wash, don't wipe!"

Thursday, July 27, 2006

To single mom: i used to work with a woman who shared with of that a good way to potty train boys is to make it fun. She said she trained her son by putting fruitloops in the toilet and having him play target practice with her husband. It not only makes it so they want to go standing up so they can play, but also helps teach them aim.

Question for everyone. Can someone help me? I have been noticing in the past year or so that I have had much more gas than usual. I have also noticed it is usually when I eat dairy products. Is this the begining of lactose intolerance? I do not get the runs or anything. On the contrary, when I have the major gas, I am also usually constipated. So what gives? I am thinking of giving up dairy... I have already given up eating beef and all red meats. A couple years ago I gave up red meats because I get horrible runs with pain, and if I ate enough beef, also blood in my stools. When it comes to cows, my body just says no.

The Viking
I was just thinking about something I saw a little over three years ago. I live in Red Hook, NY, and up our way we have these nice little shops called Stewarts. They are sort of a superior version of 7-Eleven--somewhat like a Wawa store in the Philadelphia area, with excellent dairy products and what-not.

So anyway, I was enjoying a sundae with my family when my 2-year-old son had to go pee, and we headed off to the bathroom. It is a single-person, unisex bathroom. Normally, he would have sat on the pot, but I had to lift him up to the sink so he could pee in there instead. The reason? The most humongous turd, by far, I had ever seen in my life was in the toilet. I didn't even bother trying to flush it, because there was absolutely no way that turd was going down. If I hadn't seen that turd with my own eyes I don't think I could have believed that it could possibly have come from a human. In fact, I still wonder if someone didn't have a pet gorrilla in the store just before we arrived. The head of that turd was pushed down into the flush hole, and the tail was hanging way over the front lip of the bowl, most of the way down towards touching the floor. I'd say it was considerably more than 2 feet long. In thickness, it was as fat around as a Campbell's soup can, and even fatter in one place.

I wondered, if it was a person, and not an Elephant, that had laid that turd, what did that person look like? At first I envisioned one of the may fat, bald, 50-year-old lawyers who drive up here from Pasippany, New Jersey in big, ugly Hummers to go leaf-peeping and displaying big, ugly attitudes to us yokels out in the provinces. But then I remembered that my wife has, on occasion, complained about the toilet in the women's room being clogged with turds of such enormous size that her descriptions lead me to believe that she had to be exaggerating, since what she was saying was, I believed, not physiologically possible. She has described turds "as big as my thick as a wine bottle..."

So I'm wondering if I wasn't looking at the product of a woman. Maybe woman have the occasional tendency (and ability) to lay down logs that are absolutely out of the realm of what is possible in the men's room.

Any thoughts? Any guys out there seen toilets in the men's room clogged with turds the size of one of those Duraflame logs in the supermarket? I haven't, except in this one case where it could have been a woman. Hmmmm....

Dear Kong,

You seem awfully repressed (although you seem like a very sweet person). I would suggest that you balance your admirable tendency to be humble with an acceptance of who you are. If your interest in seeing and hearing women relieve themselves is more than just passing (sorry), and it won't go away after years of praying that it would, then maybe it really is a part of who you are.

Are you from the midwest, by any chance? Have you considered spending some time in Europe? Europeans are, on the whole, far less judgemental than Americans. I'm supposing that, on those occasions when they read the bible (instead of merely thumping on it), they actually read the words instead of just looking at the pictures. Literacy rates in Europe are higher than they are in America, after all. I haven't yet figured out what happened to all those Petersens and Hansons on their way across the Atlantic, but something obviously went seriously awry. (Questions for the raving fundies: What part of "Judge not, lest ye be judged" are you having trouble understanding?).

Get thee to Europe, young man--especially Scandinavia and Germany. There you will find a society of people, for the most part, take a rational approach to sexual interests. If you tell a woman (or even a male friend) you're into something, and it turns out that they're not, it's regarded simply as a difference in tastes, and you won't have to endure the American style "What the ****!??? You ****'ing pervert!! Get out of my apartment, you ****'ing loser." (and so on, and so on)

Me, my boyfriend, his big sister Anna and her boyfriend did a short
vacation trip last week. We left Friday morning and came back Sunday
evening. We didn't have any travel plan. Our meaning was just drive
around and stay overnights at campsites. On the first evening of our
trip we arrived to nice, quiet campsite. Our boyfriends started
pitching tents. Anna and I decided check out camping site services.
There was all we needed. A small café, cooking facilities, laundry
facilities etc.

As we approached shower and toilet building Anna said that she needed
pop in ladies room. "Ok, I'll wait you outside", I said. Anna went
in and almost immediately she opened door and said "Hey, here are no
others. Come in and keep me company".

It was typical campsite toilet, plain and gray. One washbasin in the
corner and three stalls. Anna went into nearest stall. Stall's door
was still open and I saw her taking few sheets of toilet paper and
wiping the seat. Then Anna told that it would be take few minutes
because she have to do "both". She shut the door and bolted it. As
she yanked down her shorts she let out a small fart. We started
talking. There was quite high gap between floor and door and I could
see her sandals and pink polished toe nails. Pee started tinkling.
While she peed some more gas escaped out of her butt
zufff…pffff.ffftt. "Ahhh, I really need to go, I have been holding it
almost whole afternoon."

Anna spread her legs a bit wider and began grunting softly. She
curled her toes as she strained. A soft crackling sound was heard
followed by loud splash and small plop. Anna sighed and started
pushing next piece. We continued talking while she was pooping. She
would say something, grunt a little and then plop. During next five
minutes she dropped about ten turds within 30-40 seconds of each
other. I noticed how she went up on her tip toes before letting out
each piece. Then she unrolled toilet paper, grunted and plopped one
more time and started wiping.

peanut bladder
once i was at the mall with my BFFs Tia and Alison. while there i had a strong urge to piss. i had not gone all day and now it was really coming down on me. i excused myselr and ran to the first stall i saw. i tryed very hard to un do my zipper but it wont come loose. i tryed to just rip the pants but that did not work either. i left the bathroom to ask my friends if they could help but the three of us loved pulling pissing pranks on each other so they barly tryed to help. so i was stuck like the for the two hours we were shopping. we went over to Tia's house after that. we were alone in her house. i tryed again to take off my pants but nothing work. not even her sissors would cut through the denim. the pants were very tight so they really pressed on my bladder. i had to squeeze my legs together and sit on the floor with both hand pushing on my vagina. i was squirming and wincind. i was so desprate i decided that i may as well piss in my pants since they weren't coming off. i asked Tia if i could just go on her floor. she told me that i cant because she had carpeting. i just ran to the toilet and sat on the seat with my pants on and just let the piss run out. most of it stay absorbing in my pants. i was so mortifiying to walk home with my pants dripping wet.

Random Texan
Hey yall i pooped at work today, it was bad diarhea. I also have more stories about me and my friend Amy if anyone is interested.

I just got a call from Megan. We're going to have a contest in 5 days. I already haven't pooped in 3 days. I hope I can hold out until the contest, but we'll see how it goes.

This post is a little bland, so I'll tell another story from my past. About five years ago, I was swimming at the public pool and was drying off in the locker room about to head home when I felt the urge to poop. I got in a stall and pulled down the bottom half of my bathing suit.

Almost immediately, I started pooping. I had to flush after only three turds came out to prevent the toilet from clogging. I was still in the process of pooping out a thick turd during the first flush. A few more turds and the toilet was starting to get full. I let out one more thick turd and then flushed again. Of course the toilet clogged, but what else is new?

I still had to poop a little bit, but the only free toilet was the one I just clogged. I had no choice but to go home... Later once I got home, I still let out two more very thick, long turds, but they flushed just fine.

Single Mom,
While you are trying to get him to use the toilet let him sit. Once he has the idea of what the toilet is for by a bow of Cheerios toss a single one in the toilet and make a game of him aiming at the Cheerio. Fastest way to learn, make it fun.

Hi everone, this is my first post in a little while, but any way I just wanted to tell everyone here that I was recently in Mactinaw(sry spelling) city in Michigan, and that when i went into the mens room to take a dump, i listed against the wall seperating the mens and womens rooms, and i heard a girl pissing for about 30-60 secs. then 4 plops, plop...plop...plop, followed by a slight pause and then a large plop, PLOP, after that she wipeed and flushed.

I first became interested in peeing when I was about 8 years old. My mom decided to take Jake, my friend next door and me to an amusement park across town one summer afternoon. We had been playing at Jake's house all morning and had eaten lunch there. We were hot from all our playing so we both drank a glass of juice and some water with our lunch. After lunch Mom called over to us and told us to get into the car and she would take us to Wonder Land. We hopped into the back seat and we left. Jake and I chatted about the fun we were going to have and the rides we had to go on. It was about a 20 minute ride there and as we were starting up a hill my Mom started to slow down till we came to a stop. There was some kind of traffic jam in front of us and nothing was moving. We later found out a truck had turned over blocking all of the lanes of traffic.

Jake and I sat there and talked but I could see Jake starting to fidget a little. I didn't realize at that point what the trouble was. I was an only child at that point as my Dad had been gone away in the military for a while and I didn't know much about boy's anatomy. I had only learned about a year earlier that boys were different than girls when I was staying the day with my Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Tom. They had three boys age 12, 11 and 6 months. The two older boys were gone playing when I got there and Aunt Jennifer was entertaining me and taking care of Charlie. Charlie needed changing at one point and Aunt Jennifer asked if I wanted to help. I said sure and we carried Charlie to the changing table. When Aunt Jennifer removed his diaper I saw my first wiener. That is what Aunt Jennifer called it when I asked what it was. Aunt Jennifer explained that little boys have a wiener and that is where they go pee from.

A few minutes later Jake wasn't talking much and squirming a lot. Then I saw him pinch his wiener through his shorts and hold it a few seconds. I realized then that he had to go to the bathroom. I asked him if he had to pee and he said yes with a red face. He said he had to go really bad and if he didn't hurry up he might pee his pants. I told Mom that Jake had to pee and she asked Jake if he had to pee bad. He told her he did and she asked if he could hold it a little bit. Jake told her he would try, but I could tell he couldn't wait very long. He was wiggling and bouncing in the seat and holding his wiener more than not. His face was a combination of pain from his full bladder and terror that he was going to wet his pants. Tears welled up in his eyes and the told my Mom that he had to go now or he was going to wet his pants.

Mom told him to hold on a minute and quickly finished the bottle of water she was drinking. She handed it back to Jake and told him to use this. I don't know if Mom was afraid that Jake was going to wet his pant and the car or what but she completely forgot about me. Jake pulled the front of his shorts down and his underwear. I saw a wet spot on the front of his underwear from where he spurted when he let go of his wiener. He stuck his little hairless wiener into the mouth of the bottle and a hard stream of yellow pee splattered into the bottom. By the time he got done emptying his little 8 year old bladder the bottle was more than half way full.

It was at this point I realized that I had to pee now too. Not as bad as Jake, but I also knew that when I had to go I could not wait very long. I told Mom that I had to pee and she sighed, taking the bottle from Jake and emptying it out the window. She handed me the bottle and told me to be careful and not get pee all over her car. I pulled my shorts and panties down and scooted to the front of the seat putting the bottle over my pee hole area. As I let my pee go some dribbled onto my shorts and I adjusted the bottle and caught the rest. I handed the bottle to my Mom and pulled up my panties and shorts. Traffic finally moved and we went to the amusement park but all I could think about was watching Jake pee. We experimented a lot after that.

While on vacation in Tokyo, I have been using squat toilets and I don't know if I ever want to go back to using a western style toilet.

Back home, my poops were satisfying, but I always felt as though there was more in me. But now when I squat and push out a bm, it makes me feel as though I'm truly empty. I guess it is true about squatting being the natural position for pooping.

Right now, I just came out of the bathroom feeling great. I squatted over the toilet and pushed a little and the pointed end of my poo stuck out. Slowly it inched out and then fell onto the ground and then I had another thin poo come out too. One final fairly thick poo eased out and then I felt empty. I wiped up, flushed and left.

Today I had a buddy dump with one of my best friends. We were at the mall and I had to poop, so we went to the nearest bathroom.

Probably to reduce vandalism, the stalls had been removed even in the ladies room. My friend and I sat on two toilets next to each other, with only a thin wall in between them.

I peed a little and my friend started peeing up a storm. After my pee trickled off, I grunted softly and a thin turd snaked out. After about 5 minutes, my friend stopped peeing, but my turd was still coming. I heard her rip off some tp and wipe and I thought she would flush, but then I heard a crackling sound of a turd coming out.

My turd broke off and I pushed again and another one snaked out, this one not nearly as long. I got some tp and wiped myself and waited for my friend to finish. It sounded like she was constipated... she was grunted quite a bit, but finally she finished and wiped again. I stood up, looked at my poop and then we switched and examined each other's poops. After, we flushed, washed our hands and left.

Linda from Australia here again. I have been having soft serve dumps for the last few days. After having some trouble with my poos last week, Im now dropping rather sloppy loads. I just took a dump and it was like diarrhoea. I pulled down my pants and almost straight away, a heap of shit exploded out of my arse. I had a look in the toilet and it was full of liquid shit and some had splattered on the sides of the bowl aswell. The shit was full of corn too, as I had corn with dinner last night. This morning I dropped a small, quite runny load aswell. I hope Im not coming down with a gastro bug or something.

I just got back from a summer camp yesterday. On the last day, just before we got on the bus for the 5 hour ride home, all of us were supposed to use the bathroom.

I took a nice long pee, but didn't have to poop. 45 minutes after the bus left, I felt the familiar urge to poop. Unfortunately, the bus wasn't making any rest stops and there was no bathroom on board. The need wasn't too bad, so I listened to some music and tried to ignore it.

An hour or so later, I really had to go very bad! I was starting to show visible signs of my need about half way home. The next 2 hours were pure torture. My friend who was sitting next to me knew I had to poop really really bad and tried to keep my mind off the urge.

As soon as the bus stopped at the park where our parents would pick us up, I dashed off the bus, grabbed my suitcase and ran as fast as I could, about to lose all control, to the bathroom.

As I set down my suitcase and opened the bathroom door I started pooping my pants. Not wanting to completely ruin my panties, I went into the stall, finished up the first turd and pooped the rest of my load into the toilet.

I scooped the turd into the toilet out of my panties and cleaned up as best I could with toilet paper and went home.

Long time lurker here. I just had to post today about the massive dump i had not too long ago. I had to flush two or three times, and it still wouldn't go down. One of the pieces had got to be over a foot long, and only like 2 inches thick. Sure, i've had bigger, but that was the biggest i've pooped in a while. One time though, i had thought i delivered birth, it was enourmous. Like, small child enourmous.

Anyway, i'd like to hear some pee stories from the girls here if possible.


Your story brought back memories. I used to be a lifeguard in Chicago.. and the men's room had two rows of doorless stalls facing each other..
Every afternoon I'd poop in there and it was always full house. I think some people were surprised to see one of the lifeguards sitting on the toilet.. but more times than not we'd strike up a conversation while I dropped my load.
What beach were you at?

single mom
donny i alredy taught him sitting he keeps asking me if he can go like his freinds(standing) . im too embarassed to ask someone il try to train him does anyone have instuctions or tips on training boys to stand while peeing ...cheers
-single mom

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