Lately my poops have been rather uneventful... a few thick turds that flushed easily. Well, since I have no more recent stories to tell you all about, I'll post some memorable highlights from way back...

Once when I was 17 years old, I hadn't pooped in 10 days. When I finally felt the urge to go, I must have flushed at least 5 or 6 times while pooping.

During my school years, high school especially, I had a much bigger appetite than I do now. I would sometimes eat as many as 20 sandwiches in a day and if we had pasta for dinner, I would eat 4 plates of that too.

I always hated pooping at school because I'd almost always have trouble with my turd coming out pressing against the turds already in the bowl and I'd have to flush. I don't mind having to flush so much, but the feeling of a turd sticking out and pressing against your other turds doesn't feel very good.

The longest turd I ever remember producing was during my last year of high school. During a camping trip, I ended up pooping outdoors and my turd just kept coming and coming. My best guess is at least 7 feet long and 2 inches thick.

My friend told me that going in your panties is fun...i never really thought about the idea till i had to go really bad one day and was really lazy.

I was sitting there watching some cartoon or another when i felt the need to go. I let out a few farts and started had a hard time coming out because i was still just sitting on the couch so i stood up to give it more room in my panties and pajama pants. It was really hard so i could see a large lump in the back of my pants. My panties are really tight though so after awhile it stopped growing and started spreading in my panties. THe sensation was really warm and it felt great. The clean up wasnt so fun but i would say it was definately somethign worth trying.

This is the post about Dave that i was going to post.

We went away for a weekend together before i found out i was pregnant(yes i know that was a while ago but just remembered the story) and Dave and i were out together for a meal. We were sitting eating when Dave said "i have to go poop, are you nearly finished your meal so i can drive us back to your place and go". I said "yeah, nearly" and drank some more of my wine. (This had been two weeks since our first pooping experience and i discover the following week im pregnant). I finished up my wine as Dave went to pay. He rushed over to me and said "hurry up, lets go before i have an accident". We got into the car and made the 10 minute journey home. Dave said "oh no, not traffic lights, come on now, hurry up, i can feel it coming real bad". I told him to be patient and stop thinking about it as it will only make it worse. We made it home and Dave rushed inside. I followed him as he made it to the bathroom. He pulled down the trousers and underwear and sat down. He left the dor open for me to see and hear.

I heard "uhhhhhhhh,uhhhhhhh,uhhhhhhh,uhhhhhhhhhhh" and then "it appears to be slightly stuck". I said "push harder". He did "UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,Oh here it comes, its kinda sore as its coming, oh it hurts". It plopped into the loo with some force followed by two more. He had finished so he wiped up and flushed and left.

I have another story about an experience involving me.

I was out shopping on Saturday and felt the need to go. I hadnt been since Sunday. I went into the toilets and one cubicle was occupied with a fellow pooper. I sat down and grunted as i pushed out two soft poos. The women next door was grunting really badly and as i was still doing more and grunting to do it, i said "are you ok in there". She said "yeah im fine thanks just having a bit of trouble but i'll be ok". I concentrated on myself again and did more grunting. I was quite hard to get out so grunting become slightly extreme. The woman said "i can feel it coming now and thanks for your concern. "No uhhhhhh probs" i said as i grunted hard. "UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Another plop slipped out of me as the woman did her first. I finished up with 4 plops and was wiping my hands when she appeared. A woman in her mid to late 20's. She said "that was hard but im glad i did it. Oh your pregnant, congratulations". I said "thanks, im having twins and that was my first poo since Sunday". She said "oh really, poor you!! You didnt struggle as much as me though". I said " i did more towards the end, i take prune juice and it really helps to go". She said "you just must be better at hiding it than me" I dried my hands and another woman came in and began grunting but i left.

I had drank nearly a whole bottle of prune juice that morning and im glad it worked. That all for now folks.


Hi everyone. I was thinking about this commercial that was on about 10 or 11 years ago, that involved a bathroom scene. The commercial was for some brand of cereal and it had always been represented by a cartoon monkey. In this particular commercial though, it was real people with a real monkey. It took place in a high school with a guy student walking around with the monkey who I guess was also supposed to be just another student. I don't remember what they were talking about in the commercial but in one scene, which lasted only a few seconds, they were in the bathroom. They had the camera under the stall door so you could see their feet. The kid was sitting on the toilet with his pants around his ankles, and you couldn't tell what position the monkey was in, but he was in the next stall over. Does anyone remember that commercial?

There was another commercial which involved a very short bathroom scene. I have no clue what this commercial was about or what they were advertising, but it's been about 9 or 10 years ago. I do remember it involved a football team, In the bathroom scene, you could it showed a side view of the stall that the football player was in, and you could see his feet in a sitting position. A guy was standing outside his stall door banging on it saying "I want my $10 back!!".

Do either of these commercials ring a bell?

This is my first post here, so I apologize in advance if it's not so great. Well, when I was about 14 years old, we had a family friend staying with us for 2 weeks.

Most of her stay was uneventful, but there were several occasions in which I woke up about 7:00 am, went into the bathroom, and found three or four light brown pieces of poop floating in the toilet, maybe 8 inches in length each.

I gathered that she must have woken up early in the morning and had a healthy poo, but not wanting to wake anyone else up (our toilet flushes rather loud) didn't flush.

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER Her is the issue!!!! If I am on the pot my other half has no problems coming into tha bathroom and getting something she wants etc...and I have no problems with it. The issue is it does not work the other way around. If she is doing a wee that is OK but if she is pushing one out then it is not OK. She says "pooing is a very private thing". As she is my other half I think it fair that I should be able to enter the bathroom if I need to as she does with me. Some times I am in a hurray for an urgent work appointment and have to wait to get a hair brush. I am starting to get more insistant on being able to go into the bathroom when I need to. After all I have seen her on the toilet so many times...I have been my her side when she has had a bad case of the runs and is throwing up and she was grateful for the help... I think it is time to get sensible and practical.

I rescued a pair of fellow crappers this morning. I had a bit of an upset stomach this morning so I stopped at the park with the doorless stalls to drop a load. I walked in and saw there was no paper in either stall. That often happens after the weekend. Luckily, I brought a roll of paper towels with me. I tore off 3, folded them 4 times, and wet them in the sink. I undid my jeans and slid them and my briefs down to my ankles. They were light blue briefs with dark blue dots on them. A really unleashed a torrent of squishy crap. After about a minute, an older Asian guy, probably 50's came in and went to the adjacent stall.

He noticed there was no paper. I said, would you like some paper? He looked at me and said sure. I handed him the roll. He tore off about 4 large sheets, and handed the roll back to me, saying thanks. He disappeared behind the partition and I heard alot of fumbling with his zipper and clothes. After about 3 minutes, I hear the toilet flush and he reappears, going to the sink to wash up. I'm actually wiping from the front, lifting my "junk" out of the way as he leaves. He looks at me and says, "hey, thanks guy. Have a good day."

The next guy comes in about a minute later. He's probably about 22 or so, scruffy beard. Kinda average looking guy with a backpack. He also goes to the stall and sees no paper. I offer him some paper and he takes about 3 sheets. I was already finishing up so I stand up and wipe with the wet towels. I pull up my briefs and jeans and flush. I wash up at the sink. I then turn to the guy still on the can and ask if he needs more paper. He smiles and says, no thanks "I'm alright".
I notice he keeps his jeans way up at his thighs. A bit modest I suppose.

Hopefully, I'll get the same sort of offers when I'm in dire need of a dump and there's no paper to be found!

To Fat Woman: I was at my friend's house on Sunday night, the fat friend I told you about. I went over to her house for a coffee in the afternoon and she asked me if I wanted to stay for dinner (I often go there for dinner on weekends and during the week sometimes aswell). As she has five kids and a husband, she always makes lots of food for dinner. So I said yes to dinner and while she was cooking, the water got turned off. Something had happened to the water main in that street and it was getting fixed. The water wasn't coming back on for a few hours. Anyway, she said she was going to the toilet. While she was in there, she called out to one of her kids to get the air freshener. I assumed she was taking a dump because she took about 5 minutes and then sprayed the air freshener. As the water was turned off, she couldn't flush. I needed to go for a wee too and I thought to myself, if she can't flush then her poo will still be in the toilet. I hurried excitedly to the toilet and looked in the bowl but there was nothing there!! I thought I was going to see her turds but obviously, she didn't do any. Needless to say, I was a bit disappointed.

Penny from SA Hello all my friends. We as a family went to a concert held in a football stadium last weekend. Got in early and found places to sit. We decided to get food from the locals selling in the stadium. Bad mistake for me as the hot dog was a little off which my ??? told me about very quickly.
Things got started and at the same time I felt a little bloating and rumbling from down below. I thought just wind will sneak a little fart shortly. Things got worse as the pressure built up and I moved my buttocks slightly so as to let out a silent fart. Bad idea as the first wind escaped I felt a little hot liquid also slip out, not a lot but it needed mopping up. So I whispered to hubby that I was going to the loo.
Luckily we were sitting close to and aisle and an exit. I walked down with my bag, could feel the liquid between my cheeks, and just hoped nothing leaked out onto my jeans. As I turned into the corridor under the stands I looked for toilet signs but saw none. Damn I thought hope they are not the other side of the stand. Luck was with me as I passed a small recess in the wall I saw a door open and some cubicles. By now I was feeling very uncomfortable and just walked in and got into the nearest cubicle. Think there were about 6 cubes and I was about in the middle. By now I had got my jeans down and panties at knee height. Not too much damage but lets first sit and let the rest out. As I bent over to sit a gut wrenching pain ripped through me and I could not hold on. I proceeded to let out a jet of brown/yellow liquid shit and fart that missed to loo completely and hit the cistern and the back of the seat. Luckily I did not sit and just let this jet finish as I then had to wipe the seat before sitting well forward and then really shat my brains out. Gas chunks and water just sprayed out all over the bowl. While the world was pouring out I cleaned my panties as best I could and packed a wad of paper unto them. Thank goodness for those large industrial loo rolls. I had at least four miles of paper in the roll so really did a good clean up job. All the pressure had splashed my bum with shitty water so I flushed and then on the second flush wet a wad of paper and bathed my bum. Feeling much better and lighter I dried myself and got dressed. Needless to say the place reeked, but noone came in so I just left with the shit still on the cistern. Janitors surprise!!! I noticed then that I was in the mens loo. They would not believe that a woman could crap like that.

Tuesday, July 26, 2006

Well finally back with more stories. Still recovering but im getting better. For anyone who havent read my stories im in a wheelchair. Well this one really was more painfull then embarrasing because it happened at home. No one was with me there at the time usually my brother would be. I had quite a bit to drink and was on my laptop when i started to feel a strong urge to use the toilet. I was laying on my bed so i turned around and tried to get into my chair but the thing i had my hand posistioned on to help me moved and i fell on my floor. Ot took me almost fifteen minutes just to get back on my bed because i couldnt get a grasp on anything and was getting tired. By that time my bladder was bursting. I finally got onto my chair and tried to make my way to the bathroom. On the way there I had already let out a few squirts and was in a lot of pain. When i got to the bathroom i tried to make it on the toilet but it must have been my unluckky day and i fell again by this time i was in a ton of pain and I was almost crying. Needless to say my bladder gave way and i soaked the floor. I know this sounds horrible by now but luckily my dog came when i called and when i said he went and got me the phone. I called my brother and he came and helped me clean up and after a week i was better.

Dear Single mom: Most people just have boys sit down to pee for the first few months and then, later, have him stand up to pee. If there are any older boys or men around to go to the bathroom with him he will soon want to stand up too and this is probably the best way. There is no rush to do this but you just stand behind him and hold his dick and aim it into the toilet.

Hey Jessy!
I read ur post about loving pee stories and I have one for you! I'm also 17. Well when I was camping one day with my school,back in high school,and both boys and girls share an outhoust. I didn't have to go, but I knew a pee shy boy who did. He was squirming on the bus the whole way, his name was Eric. Eric was desperate for a pee, and knew that I would linger. He didn't even want to admit it but he had to pee so badly. He finally said "Okay Jocelyn, I really have to pee," tears started running down his face. I laughed and he sobbed , I know that it was mean. "Hey, you keep crying, you won't have to pee anymore!" I laughed
But by now he had given up, he ran towards the woods, to piss there. I can't say for sure,but I think he muttered "bitch" as he ran, I quickly grabbed a camera, went behing the bush a caught a glimpse of him hiding. As I got closer, I heard a hissig sound like a waterfall, that went on and on. He must have be holding it for a long time because the buddle on the grass was huge, he was sighing and moaning with reief it was too much. "HEy Eric!" I shouted, he was still pising really hard, and I scared him, he slipped and fell shooting a powerful yellow stream in the bush. I quickly snapped a picture of him pissing on the ground He swore he would neer forgive me but he eventually did. Were dating now. Jessy, I hoped you enjoyed my story, I'll post more later!!

To Single Mom from Single Mother of Twins
Potty training is very difficult. I have fraternal twins one boy, one girl. When I was potty training them at the same time, my son didn't want to stand up. He wanted to sit down like his sister. It was so difficult, but I just told him that 'big boys stand up to do peepee.' over and over and over. I ended up having him practice in the bathtub, so his sister could show him. I had her stand and pee, and then he did too. Of course it was very hard to tell her that she couldn't pee standing up all the time, though. Good luck.

I remember one time in particular, we were at home on a normal day and they were still 4, pottytraining. It was a gross, rainy day, and so humid everything was sticky. For one thing 3/5 doors in our house were stuck shut because our house is so incredibly old. My room, the bathroom, and the laundry closet. With two 4 year olds, potty training is very difficult without a bathroom. We had one accident (for each kid) early in the morning, but at lunchtime, things were getting tough on the tiny bladder twins. The pull-ups were in the closet, so that wasn't an option. and after their PB&J with applejuice, my daughter started to hold herself and say 'mommy i have to do peepee's.' then my son started to follow doing his little dance. i had no idea what to do! I live on the end of a dead end, with only one other house on the street and no one was home. I tried to keep their minds off of it, but obviously it was kind of hard. I put a bunch of towels on the ground, and I sat and watched TV with them for a while. My son started saying, 'mama, i need to do stinkies, too.' then i said, 'alyssa (my daughter), do you have to go poopy, too?'.. and she nodded and started crying. So that got my son crying, and I was almost crying because I had no idea what to do! I picked them up to comfort them, and they calmed down. a little bit, holding themselves, and wiggling on my hips, and then my son started crying again, and I said "what's the matter now, travis?" and then i heard, "I CAN'T WAIT ANYMORE! WAAAAA!" and so i got paper towels from the kitchen, and laid them on the ground, and told them to sit on their bums, and it was okay to go this time, and alyssa started going right away, and travis started going even before when he was crying and my shirt was all wet. of course they both pooped on the towels and made an awful mess on their bums. my room and the bathroom didn't unstick untill 4 days later. luckily i was able to open the closet door and get the kids plastic potty out the next day, only after 3 more accidents on paper towels. now, when it rains, i leave the doors OPEN!

Very long time lurker, first time poster. This is almost like a "coming out of the closet" experience for me, as I've been here since around the 600s, through the various greats such as Malita&Co, Gruntly and the late great RJogger (rest in peace). I've kind of dealt with certain issues surrounding my interest in girls going to the bathroom, and recently I've seen some posts about watching significant others on the toilet so I thought I'd throw in my two cents (actually, it's more like $2; this is going to be somewhat long).

BTW, I'm a male college student from a Protestant family (and I myself am also Protestant) so you can see how it would be difficult for me to deal with being interested in something like this. I've had to bite my tongue for fear of saying something stupid whenever a girl brings anything like this up, and it's happened a lot. One friend of mine once did a whole poem about how she needed to poop really badly, and later talked about how badly she'd stunk up the place. Another girl talked about her IBS related episodes. Several others will alert me to needing to take a "massive dump" or other terms, and I just have to chuckle dismissively.

I can't say for sure how my interest started, but it was probably when I was much younger, and I had something of a crush on a girl my age. We both went to this (somewhat low budget, I now realize) summer camp this one year, and one day we were all swimming and I realized I needed to use the bathroom (defecate). The bathrooms had two toilets in them, but no doors or stalls or anything. I wasn't really shy back then, so I just went in and walked toward the toilets.

While I was going in, the girl I had a crush on walked in. I guess she didn't see the sign on the wall, but she just rushed in and she caught up to me just as we were both about to sit, side-by-side, on the toilets. She was wearing a two-piece so she just pulled down the bottom and sat. Neither of us said anything, but we both giggled as children do from time to time, and stole glances at one another. She finished before I did, and waved to me as she left.

This was the only time that I've been in the bathroom with a female outside of my family while she visibly uses the toilet. I would never enter if I was not invited to. In any case, it may have started my interest with girls on the toilet, especially while they are having a bowel movement. Throughout my teen years (just about to turn 20) I wrestled with the temptation to use the internet for toilet-related searches. While places like these weren't (and still aren't) adult or pornographic, they would still be just as bad if my family found out about this.

I obviously couldn't really talk to anyone about it, either; I considered getting therapy on several occasions but was always too ashamed to go through with it, not to mention the fact that my family would want to know why. So I was, for the most part, alone in this, as far as I knew.

When I started dating, I wasn't sure how or if I should bring it up. Eventually, I decided to tell my girlfriend. She was tolerant of it, and understandably surprised, but she wasn't open to doing anything in that vein. I understood this, and so apart from a few joking comments, it was not an issue for a long time.

The time it became an issue was when I had an odd dream about an old friend of mine asking me to accompany her to the bathroom. In the dream, my girlfriend found us coming out of the bathroom, and she said she felt as if she wasn't good enough and thus I'd have to look elsewhere for comfort. I mentioned something about the dream to my girlfriend later, and she said she'd likely feel similarly. I regretted telling her about the dream until later, when she sent me a picture of herself (not all visible) on the toilet. She said she'd just decided on the spur of the moment while she was in the bathroom to snap a shot and send it to me. I was incredibly touched by the gesture. However, we broke up not too long afterward. I don't know if the events were related.

So I avoided relationships after her for this reason. My personal point of view is that people make sacrifices for each other in a relationship, and it was my job to sacrifice my interest for her, which I failed to do. Not wanting to fail a second time, I simply avoided relationships like this.

So to those of you who are wondering, if your girl's not into it, or doesn't seem like she would be, I wouldn't push it if I were you. Is it really worth losing the relationship over? I wouldn't say so.

Again, just my opinion.


Richard - You are amazingly blessed. Hope everything continues to go smoothly with Russanne.

Lacy - I'd be quite interested in hearing about your contests with your friend. I personally think there should be more of these, and more invitations to various male friends to be the judge. :)

Punk Rock Girl - I remember your stories, you had something of a golden age here as well. Sorry to hear about your irritating incident.

I've only had one noteworthy experience involving going to the bathroom, which I'll post if anyone's interested.

hey Richard

i love you stories about Russanne. please keep writing more. does she ever get bad stomach aches while she poops? whats the worst stomach ache she's had? please write more. thanks

Lacy: yes, I know that I (as well as some other folks too, i'm sure, are interested in your pooping contest story. Please, don't hesitate to tell us about them.

OMG.....I have to take a dump so bad right now. I can feel this massive blob of last nights dinner sitting in my rectum, its trying to force its way out of my crack! belly hurts so bad. im just gonna do it right now. im leaned over the chair with my butt in the air... I have my skirt pulled up and my thong off. OMG here it comes.....its sliding out of my butt hole ahhh.....the first turd is out, but i feel a lot more still inside me. oops, i just let a fart. oooh, here comes another turd,...its starting to poke through....owww this is a hard one, i think its the pork chops, they always come out really hard. ahhhh.....that ones finally out, its six inches long!!!
i think i'm gonna be pooping for a while so i'll just write back when my intestines are finally empty.....oohh it feels like a bomb just went off in my belly!!! it hurts so bad!!!

Mimi-Thanks for the advice Mimi. I'll take it into account. However no new stories to report having been constipated since Sunday afternoon with the incident i posted about pooping after leaving my parents house. Today i now Friday. Going to talk to the midwife tomorrow about it.

Got a story about Dave but will post it another time as Dave is taking me out.

Desperate to poop
I had an interesting train toilet adventure the other day.

I was heading to Chester on one of the fairly old trains. Whilst travelling the urge to shit came over me and I decided to make my way to the only toilet at the end. The toilet was in the other carriage and there was no engaged sign on so I went straight into to use the toilet. To my amazement when I got in there, there was a lady already in there. She was in her early forties and already hovering over the toilet with a poo dangling out of her anus. I apologised and she said that's ok the lock didn't seem to be working. I said I would wait outside and make sure no one else would come in. She said don't bother as I was already in and it would be nice to have someone to chat too anyway. Especially as she might be a while yet.

Naturally I was more than happy to stay but leant against the door to stop anyone getting in. The lady whose name was Dani was getting a real big turd out of her system. She was straining quite a lot and it was clearly evident in her strained talking. She explained she hadn't been for a few days. I was starting to get a little desperate now and crossed my legs a bit. She saw this and said sorry dear I'll try not be too long but I'm in the midst of a good shit. I said it's ok. For the time being I wasn't too bad after all.

The lady had now been on the toilet ten minutes since I had gone in and had dropped two large sausages of about 10". She was still going strong and was dropping soft serve ice cream. I was now beginning to get more desperate and politely asked was she going to be long. She said hopefully another few mintues and she'd be finished. Finally after another four minutes she started wiping. By now my belt was undone and jeans were part way down as I was really desperate She said she wasn't sure the toilet would flush and I just said don't worry it won't flush when I've finished . We swapped places and I immediately let out a large fart and started dispensing soft serve on top of her already big pile. I couldn't help it and did an involuntary groan. Dani was no standing guard for me inside the cucible and seem tranfixed on me pooing. She said just in time eh. I said you better believe it. I spent 10 mintues clearing my arse out and then wiped. There was no way the toilet would flush so we just left our art work there.

happy pooping

Dear Gurgle Gut,

You wrote:

>i decided to make sure i was empty and pulled my knees up to my chest >and pushed as hard as i could

This is a different way of getting the job done from what others have written. Do you do this when constipated as well? How does it work for you?- JW

Random Texan
This post is for Richard. That is a great thing u have with Russane do u have any stories of her being desperate to poop in public like at a mall? I like stories like that. Or any more stories about intimate pooping sessions would be cool too. Thanks Random Texan

In my last post, I mentioned that I have a friend I have pooping contests with occasionally. The poop is judged on length (time), amount, and thickness. Well, I'll post the story from our last contest...

About a month ago, I took a healthy dump and called my friend Megan up to arrange a contest in a week. Over the next 6 days, I ate about the same as I always do. We met at my house and both squatted over the bathtub and began pooping.

My poop came out in several thick turds that stretched my ass. My first turd was a dark brown, followed by a few small turds and a slightly thinner turd. I took a heavy breath and pushed out another turd that was fairly long

Megan's dump was lighter brown and thicker than my turds, but hers came out as one huge log. Even after that, she strained and pushed out another long turd.

According to the stopwatch, my dump lasted 12 minutes and megan's only 10 minutes. Megan's turds were clearly thicker than mine and now it just came down to amount. I went to get the ruler and measured Megan's dump first.

Her first turd was 4 inches thick and 5 feet long and her second turd was the same thickness and 1.5 feet long. That amounted to 312 inches of poop.

My first turd was 3 inches thick and 15 inches long. My next 4 turds were 2.5 inches thick and 2 inches long each. My third turd was 2 inches thick but 3 feet in length. The final turd of my dump was 3.5 inches thick and 1 foot long. The end result was that I only pooped out 179 inches.

It turned out that Megan's dump beat mine in all but time. Megan gets to choose the date for our next pooping contest, but I'll have to bulk up my poop for next time :)

#Numba 1#
Ive been a long time lurker. Im 13 male and have a massive bladder.

I will be posting stories but for now just an intro

I pee 1-2 times a day and the most ive ever peed is 1200 ml and it took me 4 minutes.

I ussualy pee in the morning when i wake up (6.00am) and sometimes in the evening (9.00pm - 11.00pm) or i hold it in until the next day and then enjoy letting it all out. The longets ive held it is 51 hours i nearly died. anyway thats all 4 now yall
#Numba 1#

underwear at Mervyn's

I went to Mervyn's today to buy a purse. While I was in line, the underwear display caught my eye. About half of the underwear on the table was brown... the same shade of brown as poop. There was brown bikini underwear and brown thongs.

So, if the women who buy the brown underwear stain their undies with poop, they don't have to throw them away! All they have to do is wash their underwear; and the underwear is like new!

Also, I used the restroom at Macy's, which is clean and doesn't smell too bad. But, I gag easily. I smelled a slight poop smell and threw up. (I was in a stall). I was surprised that I just threw up water, and not food. (I drank about sixteen ounces of water before I walked into the restroom... it's hot where I live).

Erin, the shoe store girl
Hello, my name is Erin.

A few months ago I posted a story of a very bad day at work that I had. To recap just a little, I work in a shoe store as an Assistant Manager. It was a Wednesday and I had to work open to close, 9-9 or what we call a "slam". The two part-time girls that we have working for us could not come in. One was studying for her exams and the other went home from school early because she was sick with the runs. What a coincidence! Anyway, around 10:30 or so in the morning I ended up having the worst cramps and went diarrhea in my pants while I was checking someout out at our cash. I had to stay in my soiled panties and pants all day long. My husband stopped by as he had some meetings in the area. He was very nice and went to a department store nearby and bought me some new panties to change into and some maxi pads since I didn't have any with me and my period was going to start in a few days. I went back to our bathroom that I couldn't get to earlier because the store was so busy, and cleaned myself up the best I could. I tossed the messy panties I was wearing, cleaned up my dress pants the best I could and also cleaned myself up as well. I put on the new panties and put a maxi pad in them to try and feel a little cleaner.

Anyway, I do have some other stories to tell about a couple "incidents" that happened to me in my teen years...

The first accident I had with diarrhea happened when I was 13 years old. It was summer time and very hot. I was out shopping with my friends when I started feeling sick. I could feel my guts chruning as we walked around and said to my friend Nancy that I was going to look for a washroom. Well, I didn't quite make it on time and lost my load on the way. I tried with all my might to clench my butt cheeks, but I just could not hold on. Fortunately I had my period at the time and most of the diarrhea went into my maxi pad. I remember it being very wet and sticky and it took a while to clean up. I changed my pad and did the best I could to get the mess off my body. Another good thing is that the pad I was wearing had wings, so the sides of my panties were not soiled. There was some soiling of my panties at the back, but not too much. I didn't tell my friends what happened to me, but I didn't feel to great for the rest of the day and I ended up going home earlier than my friends. On my way home it happened again and I completely filled my panties. Again my maxi pad was totally ruined and quite a bit more had excaped from my panties and went into the capri's I was wearing.

The second accident happened when I was 17 on an over night school trip. We packed our suitcases underneath the bus in the travel compartments. Somehow my bag ended up in the middle of all the bags in the compartments and was almost impossible to reach. The bus ride was about 3 and a half hours long and it did have one of those small toilets at the back of the bus. I was sitting with my friend Nancy and about an hour into the trip I started feeling sick. Again, I could feel my guts starting to move around. I had the window seat and we were sitting at about the midway point on the bus. I was getting pretty desparate to go so I looked back a few times to see if there was anybody in there and each time I looked back, the toilet was being used. I held on with all my might, but a couple wet farts squeezed their way between my butt cheeks. I could feel the wetness between my legs and I could feel that my panties were going to be messed a little. I told Nancy that I had to go back to the toilet so she let me out. When I got up I could feel everything shift around in my guts and my body started pushing out the diarrhea that wanted so badly to be released. When I went to squeeze my butt cheeks, for some reason a big load of diarrhea shot into my panties. Fortunately the smell wasn't too bad and I very gigerly made my way to the toilet. On my way there the bus rocked back and forth a few times and I had to grab onto the seats as I walked back. When this happend, I lost a little more and filled up my underwear even more. I finally got to the toilet and shut the door behind me as the diarrhea was still runnning into my panties. I carefully pulled down my jeans and panties and sat on the toilet and let everything run out of me. The seat and crotch area of my panties were ruined. At first I didn't know what to do! When I was done going, I emptied out the mess in my panties and grabbed several wads of toilet paper and tried cleaning out my panties and jeans. Realizing that I wasn't going to get them very clean, I pulled them and my jeans back up. I wasn't about to take off my panties and leave them behind because the next person would no for sure that I pooped my pants. Plus, if I had to go again and didn't make it to the toilet then hopefully most of it would be contained in my panties. I got back to my seat beside Nancy and didn't look at her at all. I started crying a little and she asked me what was wrong. I told her that I wasn't feeling well and that I had gotten sick in the toilet. She was nice and was saying how she hates how that happens especially on trips like these. She went on to tell me about how she had the runs a few months earlier on another school trip (that I was also on) and ended up having diarrhea in her pants. She told me she tried to clean herself up as much as she could when we stopped at a rest stop. She said she put on a maxi pad in her messed panties and that helped her a little. I finally broke down and told her what had happend to me. She asked me if I had any pads with me and I said no because my period ended the week before. She gave me one of hers since she was on her period and I sat up a little and slid it into my pocket. Well, I had to go again, and on my way back to the toilet, I pooped a little more into my panties. Again, I cleaned myself up and put on the maxi pad she gave me. She used Always Maximum Protection Pads, which is what I now use since my period is so heavy. Well, the pad worked really well. I had the runs for the rest of that day and anything that I couldn't hold onto went right into the pad. This was good because I couldn't get to my clothes when we stopped for a break, because we were only there for like 15 minutes and my bag was not very easy to reach. Besides, I was trying to be as discreet as possible since I had pooped my panties very badly.

The only other time this happend to me was when I was 22, in college and on my way to my classes. I was driving and realized that I had to go like right now. I had the runs again and it started coming out of me as I drove, filling up the back of my panties and sliding into my crotch area. I had to get to school that day to drop off a paper that was due for one of my classes. I figured that I would just drop it off and turn around and go home. Well, when I got to class, I gave my report to the T.A. and turned around to leave when the professor started his lecture and asked for everyone to be seated. So I sat down and felt all the diarrhea leak out of the legs of the white bikini style panties I was wearing and also go up my back. It wasn't very fun sitting there like that for the two hour class, not to mention having to go again in my pants part way through the class. When the class ended, I made a bee-line for the exit and went straight home. I got some strange looks from people in my class and in the hallways, but I didn't care. I had diarrhea, pooped my pants, and I just wanted to get out of there. The white bikini panties I was wearing were stained for good, but I still use them as "period panties".

Well, I hope that you enjoyed my stories. If I ever have any more incidents, I will post them. I do have quite a few period stain stories, but I will leave those, since this happens to pretty much every girl or woman who has her period!

Erin, the shoe store girl.

Dear Peanut Bladder,

I am so sorry that you had such terrible childhood experiences and were beaten by your mother.
Young children naturally have small bladders and cannot therefore hold their pee like an adult.
I am well aware that things that happen to children in thier primary years can have far reaching effects on them.

Maybe writing about them as you do will help you to work through the pain of your childhood and move on, I do hope so.

If a child of mine said he/she had to pee I would (depending on their age) hold them out so they could sister has two children under three and always carries a small potty around with her usually under the buggy and if the elder one says 'wee wee mummy', my sister puts her on the potty.....usually trying to find somewhere discreet, but if not, a shop doorway or the edge of the pavement......children often 'forget' or ignore their bladders and so accidents do occur....being beaten because your bladder was full and you were already in pain from that and then pooping because of the beating is in my opinion totally unforgiveable. I hope Im not causing offence by bad mouthing your day perhaps when she is an elderly lady and needing care she may be bursting to pee and ignored and have to suffer the humiliation of wetting herself....lets hope she recalls the times you needed the toilet badly and feels that she badly let you down.

With love and peace.

hi , it's cheryl lynne here , and yah, *blush* *giggles* hi to mr clogs. anyway , two of them . FIRST ONE, QUESTION FOR THE GIRLS! how important is it to find a TOILET when you've got to SIMPLY GO PEE? [urinate,tinkle,piss,piddle,' go to the ladies room', 'freshen up', or whatever you prefer to say! LOL]

okay, the story which inspired this question! last night while riding my bicycle back from ?? , I had to pee three times, the first time I'm suprised was not for the first hour. and so, up top of this huge hill at the town line of ????, I began to feel the need to pee, as I took in the scenic views after riding up one of this areas longest hills around; one and one half miles all the way up on my 21 geared trek mountain bike. as i was filling the 2 water bottles on this hot summers evening about 7PM with the rest of my canteen's two liters after guzzling them both down up top of that long hill and then at the viewpoint, suddenly I felt the urge to pee; this after down at the community gardens having used our small unisex room before leaving. " gotta go to the bathroom" I was mumbling, followed by "f**k it! may as well wait till I get to the store in town and go to the ladies room as there's no place up here except behind the tower shed in the poison ivy [ where all the teen chickies drain their pusses after all that budweiser and mikes hard I guess :)]

anyway , so off I rode down that hill and not having to go that bad still, first I rode up the main street before stopping at the country express mart where I learned they also have a unisex room which is CLEAN. besides I had to get something to drink as the water alone was not enough and gatorade or vitamin sports water is always the deal! anyway, locking my bike, with helmet in hand I walked in and when the girls asked, " may I help you?" I asked her, " may I use your restroom" just to be polite. she told me " it's back there" and so I walked into the small, old fashioned but nicely tiled and yes, CLEAN, unisex room with the toilet to the right as you walk in and old sink to your right as you sit and tinkle. the toilet's one of these older models before the water conserver 1.5 gals came out, you know, the kind with the round bowl completely filled with water from under the front rim to the back of bowl and so, it is IMPOSSIBLE TO AVOID THAT TELL TALE "TINKLE" SOUND WHEN YOU PEE WHICH WITHOUT ANY WORDS, SAYS "I'M GOING TO THE LADIES ROOM SWEETIE!" and so, I walked in , placed my helmet on the garbage pail lid in the corner and took my belt bag purse off. the seat being up [ thanks guys :)] I put it down first. then with my behind toward the nice clean and FLUSHED toilet, I pulled down my black bicycle shorts below my knees , sat my chubby butt down and yes; within like 3 seconds, began to urinate and could definitely hear myself tinkle for the next minute or more non stop. I could feel my labia just open up and allow all that pee to come out and listen to it as it echoed off the tile walls and door making an endless " bloooo-ooooo-ooo-p" sound untill it finally slowed down. meanwhile, i took some touilet paper from the roll to my left on wall and folded it before again tinkling some more for another 30 seconds,stopping, then again tinkling down to a trickle. stopping for about 5-10 secs, I leaned foward and pushing some upon my bladder muscles; again I let out maybe 5-6 more gentle tinkles while playing with that paper and then, finally stopped and felt completely empty. using the paper I wiped my puss really well going between the folds of my labia and making sure it was dry before getting up and from the back getting those last driplets. as I dropped the paper into the bowl I looked and saw that bowls water all yellow and right in the middle; this circle of really bubbly yellow foam still floating covering maybe 20% of the water-remains from where my puss had tinkled all that yellowish " exercise pee" into that once clean water! pulling up my bike shorts and fixing them all right-like while straightening out my pink sleeveless top first, I took my left hand and then, flushed my pee, refastened my belt bag, washed up, fixed my really messy shoulder length dark blonde dyed hair and unlocked the door, walking out to buy that gatorade.

okay , this at 7:30 probably , first I drank slowly that 1 liter of gatorade blue, then I rode on down the road back toward southbury, slowly down the sidewalk of that beautiful main street and then , to the next stop which was to be the cemetery after wheeling through the other town park. anyway, again not bad but still I felt that gatorade make it's way through me and figured I may as well stop off at the large unisex family room which made for wheelchairs is big enought to wheel the bike straight in so you do not have to lock it! in I went bike and all and after locking the door, seat down already I quickly pulled down my black bike shorts to make some allready been drank gatorade . with my legs apart, I sat down upon that seat and well,heard that pee make this cool splunky tinkle sound as I peed straight down into the water of this water saver bowl which has the water line right about in the middle of the deep oval bowl. for about 45 secs it kind of just splunked all over in that water, hitting tha back a little as well as the front. in the meanitime, here I was slowly taking some paper from that roll, which is always kind of a bitch as you've got to pull it off like a stationary spool the F***ing holder thing is so old! A LITTLE GIRLY PEE FUN WITH TOILET PAPER :)which would suck when y'all got to take a dump! anyway. stopping, I waited and then felt and heard a little bit more come out; this time could see it splatter the dry front slope some before I leaned foward so it would tinkle into the water. [ I like that sound I make when I pee! :) *giggles*] I hit the back some more, then all in the water and then, finished with my pee I wiped really good as on my god was I ever WET HONEY! wet puss-puss! pulling my shorts up after tossing the paper into the bowl, nothing but a light colored yellow water which means you are well hydrated! but still yellow enough to be a lady and FLUSH . quickly, I washed my hands, well fingers as still I had on my bike gloves and helmet, before unlocking that nice wide door and slowly wheeeling that bike out.

now for the question about peeing in the toilet? or NOT PEEING IN THE TOILET! almost dark but still light enough for the next 20 mins plus, I rode up into that cemetery across from our original town park and after taking off the bike helmet,gloves,and glasses[ bug eye protection!] there is this really killer idea for making the best use for the living from while honoring the dead; YEAH THIS ONE TOMBSTONE OF SOME WORLD WAR TWO VET BURIED IN THE LATE 1970'S IS A BENCH TO SIT YOUR WEARY ARSE UPON! and so, I often come up here to just sit and think and yes being a writer, write poems and stuff. well after sitting and writing some new poem which I was going to read at ??? open mike tonight down in NY state but never went; those damn skeeters were biting something bad as it got dark after 25 mins or so. finishing up as I was geting all bitten up by bugs, it was almost completely dark by now . that water I drank after first getting off my bike and all the gatorade still left I guess was giving me the signals between my legs and so I said to myself " ladies room". looking around I said, "nobodys going to see me anyway" and walking over to this big pine tree in between the gravestones,with my two hands on both sides I simply pulled down those black bike shorts exposing my puss , squatted low with my back toward that tree and began to urinate sort of a little toward the back but downward. I felt it just gush out and could heard this really cool HISSSSS sound as for the next 45 secs peed so hard that I could see this pretty little river of pee roll out from between my legs and flow down the hill in front of me. then I stopped but more had to come out and so, for the next half minute or so , I made about four to five more little hissy hisses all over the ground as I watched to see that my black bag was out of the way and made sure I was completely finished up so I would not have wet bike shorts in the crotch. " no need to wipe" I thought and then quickly pulled up my shorts and looking at the ground and that cool puddle I left as I placed bag over shoulder, sort of laughed among myself and said; " GUESS THERE'S MORE THAN ONE WAY TO GO TO THE LADIES ROOM! KEWL"

Me and my buddies, Fletch, Dennis and Jarrod spent a great day at the beach, before we headed home (a 2 hour drive) we all needed to hit the john. We found the closest red brick bathroom and stormed in, finding two rows of toilet stalls with no doors, that actually faced each other !!!! We had to wait as they were all occupied, but eventually, we were all seated, me and Dennis on one side, facing Jarrod and Fletch. We all pissed, farted and shit, laughed and chatted...wiped, inspected the tissue, and hiked up our shorts, flushed our 'mudslides and hershey bars" lol, washed up and headed home. It was a fun day.

Close the damn door
I want to be in a public bathroom and have someone open the door and see me on the toilet. Preferably a girl. Thats why I want to see more unisex bathrooms. Or- ONE unisex bathroom at least. i dont think they exist around where i am. but the other day i went into a bathroom to wash my hands (dirrty hands..) .. i didnt feel the need to poo, but i went in the bathroom stall anyways because there was a guy in the only other stall in the entire bathroom across the bathroom. so i made some grunting noises to kinda scare him then i pooped out one smalll piece. i figured there was nothing else in me, but i stayed on the toilet. i realized the door would not close. i opened it and just sat there with the door open wide, with my pants around my ankles, being just stupid. then i wiped a bit, pulled up my jeans, and left the other guy to poo in peace.

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER This is a story with a difference (from me anyway). Years ago I developed a kidney stone problem. I had heaps of kidney stones, pin-head size and they were quite small. They bothered me at night...when I went to bed I would be up and down every several minutes sometimes weeing and as the night went on it became painful. The next day I was alwys very dehydrated and tired. If I drank coffee the acid in it would irritate my bladder and uretha. Often I felt as though I had grain of sand in my penis.
I recall the worst evening I was out walking with my partner, not too far from home and I got this urgent need to piss. It was no "garden variety" urgent need as I had pain in my lower stomach and down my legs and penis. We then headed home, me half limping.. I made it up the stairs and into our apartment without the dam breaking. I shuffled to the toilet with my partner by my side and with her help pulled down my pants and I got hold of my penis and drained it into the toilet as my partner stood there by my side with her arm around me. Although painful it was such a relief like I have never experienced and then I did some big farts to complete my relief.
My partner ran a nice hot bath and I got in and drank heaps of water to flush my kidneys. That started a new practice that was very successful...I would drink lots of water and have a good piss.. I would get into the bath (nice and hot) and drink some more. I would lay back and relax and wee as needed.....this I did often and that combined with a change of diet cured my problem...there is nothing like a good old kidney/bladder flush.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Good morning--hot here. We went on a trip last week, spending time at a large hotel and visiting various places, one of which had a porta-potty. The first morning, as the busload of people was getting ready to leave, I visited the porta-potty and noticed two nice turds, one almost perfectly spherical about an inch and a half thick, dark brown and lumpy; the other nicely cylindrical, about 6" long, an inch and a quarter thick, and tapering at the end, medium brown. Interesting to speculate who the donors were . . .
Later, at the hotel, I visited the men's room and found both stalls shut. Silence for a minute, then from one stall much noise of paper, probably from one of those safety sheets you can put on the seat. Finally the gentleman sat, and immediately there was much farting, followed by numerous wet plops. It sounded soft and gassy, but not like diarrhea. No sound from the other stall, so I tried the door; to my surprise it was unlocked, and the stall was unoccupied. I quickly went in, did what I needed to do, and left. Somewhat later, I returned to that restroom and went into the stall that had been occupied the first time. The safety sheet was glued to the toilet seat by a large blot of dark poop, slowly drying. While the man had flushed, he had had only partial success, leaving a massive skid as well as the mess on the seat. According to the evidence, he had sat so far back that his anus was actually over the back of the seat, and when his poop came out, it wetted the safety sheet through and stuck it to the toilet seat. I wonder what his bottom looked like.
My own poops were mostly unmemorable; all of them are fairly soft nowadays because I have to drink so much water, eat so much fiber, and take medications. No big logs for me, though sometimes my softer pieces can be fairly long. Yesterday morning I did a big U in the toilet; don't know how long it was.
Happy pooping, everyone!

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