Punk Rock Girl

I had a "no TP" incident today. Bleah.

I spent the night in Jersey at a friend's house, and she dropped me off at her local train station this morning. I really, really had to take a crap, so I rushed into the nasty-ass unisex restroom, pulled down my pants and underpants and sat on the toilet. I had a gooey semi-soft dump, and about halfway through it what do I hear but the frigging train stopping!

To my dismay, I saw that both rolls of TP were empty. I yelled a word I can't type here, stood up pulled up my pants and ran out to the train, still zipping up and buckling my belt as I lept onto the train. I could feel a glob of shit still stuck to my asshole.

I made my way to the restroom on the car I was in, and it was sans TP as well. I had to wait until I got to work. By then, after walking six blocks and up the stairs, that glob of shit had become squashed and smeared between my buns and I had a big skid mark in the seat of my underpants. It took quite a bit of toilet paper and several flushes to get my poor, sticky bottom clean again.

Not a good start to what so far has been a pretty crappy day in more ways than one. Grrrrr.



Hey it me again, I would like to see some more pee stories on here, if u guys have some. As for Cute and Shy, I miss you, when are you gonna come back on here.

Love ya!

Single mom
hi this is for the men ( or anyone for that matter) Im a single mom and need to potty train my son. I want to tech him standing up can anyone tell me how to tech him cus i not sure how because I'm a woman....plese tell me

I was directed here by a friend and have a good story to tell you all. First, for a little background information... My diet usually consists of a small breakfast, a huge lunch, and a moderate dinner. For example, yesterday I had some fruit and coffee for breakfast, 4 sandwichwes for lunch, 2 plates of spaghetti for dinner. Despite my heavy diet, I usually poop only once or twice a week

Anyway, on with the story. This happened about a month ago, and the day started out as a normal day. I had breakfast and talked to a few friends online, and after lunch, I jogged off towards the gym - about a 15 minute jog. When I was done there, I changed back into my regular clothes and headed home.

I had a small urge to poop about a minute after I left, but I decided I could hold it. Big mistake - the urge just got worse as I jogged, but there was no place for me to go at. When I was 5 minutes from my house, I spotted a woody area where I could poop, so I went over and squatted over the ground.

As soon as I pulled my panties down and got into position, I relaxed and my asshole stretched as a thick turd started to come out. It touched the ground and bent before breaking off. With a little effort, another hard turd slowly streamed out, this one longer and spiraled around itself once. A couple more medium sized turds followed. No more poop was coming, but I was definitely not empty. I pushed hard and a very thick turd inched out of my butt.

I kept pushing, and the massive beast just kept coming. It must have reached at least 2 feet in length with no end in sight. At last it ended and I could pull up my panties and jeans and head home. Just out of curiousity, I measured the width of my monster turd by putting my fingers around it. They barely fit around it and my butt still hurt because of that.

Oh, and as a last note, my friend and I both poop massive loads and have pooping contests from time to time. If anyone is interested, I'll post the story of out last contest.

one time i had a dream that i was gonna crap my was scary.
when i woke up i didnt feel any thing but just to make sure i stood up and felt my ass. oh yeah. i felt somthing more than my ass!
i took a shower, threw out my (used to be white) undies got a new pair and fell back asleep. 1 hour later i woke up again and there was shit all over my bed.

This just happened to me a few days ago. Well it was a hot day out. And i drank about six bottles of water. Then i went to the mall. After a few minutes i had to use the bathroom. But i had to try some things on and thought that i could hold it. I went into the change room and started to try some things on. But then i got the HUGEST urge ever to pee. I had to hold my crotch to keep it in. But after a while the urge died down and i continued to try on my things. After i was done i was desprate for a toilet. I mean i was sqeezing my crotch sqeezing m y legs and jumping up and down. It started to feel like my bladder was on fire. I bent over in pain. A spurt leaked out. Oh no! i thought. I was going to release my flood gates. So i hurried to open the door. But it would not move. I almost cried. I tried again but another spurt came out. I then had a horrible urge to realse everything. I banged on the door but no one came. I new that if another spurt came out again then i was not going to be able to stop it. So i dug inside my bag for some thing to pee in but there was nothing. Again i bent over in pain, my bladder was over flowing. And then someone opened the door. I thanked them and then hurried out. Not sure what to do next i sat down but that only made the urge worse. All of a sudden another spurt came out. And it would not stop. I desprately tried to stop but it came gushing out. Finally i gained controll and ran to my car and hurried home. But i could not find my keys so i just looked around jumped behind a bush and tried to rip off my pants but they were stuck. I tried despprately but it would not come off. I then could not hokd the rest of it in any longer. I realesed it all. It took about twenty minutes. In the end i just layed back and enjoyed my empty bladder.

Jimi (Martha's cousin)
Hi everybody,

I've been thinking a lot about my cousin Martha the last few days, because of something that happened at a baseball game last week.

After that day when my mom caught me after pooping my pants, Martha and I didn't see much of each other for a long time, but after a few months the incident was more or less forgotten and we began hanging out together. But it was awkward talking about it, and there wasn't that much to say anyway. Gradually we went back to the relationship we'd had before -- we hung out, she'd sometimes have accidents in front of me, after awhile she'd leave to get cleaned up and change her pants in private.

My own feelings about going in my pants are complicated. One one hand, I remember the sense of excitement, relief and ecstasy when I pushed the BM into my pants. On the other hand, the humiliation and the shame, the sense of disgust and self-hatred, and the amount of time and effort it took to clean up left me with no desire to repeat the experience. Well, that's not exactly true. I pooped in my swimsuit once last summer at the lake, but that was because it was so easy to get away with. I was in the water already and I just had to take my swimsuit off under the surface and let the turd drift away. But it also wasn't nearly as enjoyable or exciting.

I think all our feelings are complicated. Our parents are probably disgusted by Martha's habits, but that disgust is tempered by love and concern. But I don't think they understand at all why she does it. In my mother's opinion, Martha is emotionally disturbed and needs counseling. But I guess that's what adults would say about it. They're always so practical and I guess if you've never had an accident you wouldn't know how it could feel good. My mom made the mistake of telling her sister (Martha's mom) one time that she thought Martha needed psychological help, and it led to a huge argument and my aunt wouldn't talk to my mom for weeks.

At least I understand, a little anyway. I don't think Martha is emotionally disturbed at all; on the contrary, she seems to be one of the happiest, most level-headed and self-reliant people I've ever met, because she doesn't care what other people think of her. And what should it matter anyway, if she cleans up after herself?

At least, I don't think she cares. Maybe this is complicated for her as well.

Anyway, I've gotten off track. Last week I was walking home from the game, lost in thoughts about this girl, Julie, that I kinda like, and I think she likes me too. I noticed Martha walking ahead of me; her head was down and she was walking purposefully. I called out to her but she didn't turn around, so I ran after her and caught up. Her eyes were red and I got the impression she'd been crying, but I didn't want to pry. Then I noticed that her dark, new looking blue jeans were wet in the crotch and down the inside of both thighs, and across her butt as well. I asked her about it. She told me that yes, she'd wet her pants in the bleachers.

"I was just sitting there, and had to pee, and I sorta forgot where I was because all of a sudden I was peeing in my pants and making a puddle on the ground."

"So, it was an accident, right?" I asked.

"Yes, I really didn't mean to do it. And the bad thing is no one would have noticed except that Kevin told the whole freaking gang about it, and laughed in my face!" She stifled a sob and wiped a tear off her cheek.

"Kevin's a jerk," I blurted out. "You can do better than him." She didn't say anything after that, and we continued our walk home in silence.

Like I said, it's complicated. Martha doesn't care what anybody thinks of her, except sometimes she does. Her sister Jane told me that Martha and Kevin liked each other. I asked Kevin about it a couple days after Martha's accident at the game. "No way," he said. "I mean, she's hot and everything, but she's totally weird, and she's a pig. What a baby, she can't even make it to the toilet. There's no way I'd be seen with her." As long as Martha keeps going in her pants whenever and wherever she feels like it, people are going to think she's weird. Kids our age can be pretty cruel.

I guess it's a little like you're either on the bus or you're off the bus (I'm quoting my man, Ken Kesey; like I said before, I'm a big fan of the 60's): you're either with it or you're not. You either get it that going in your pants can be enjoyable, or you don't. If you don't, and you think it's disgusting, then you go on blissfully through life not even knowing what you're missing. Martha has this thing she does which brings her a lot of joy and satisfaction, and nobody else can even imagine that what she does could be enjoyable.

But I think her deliberate accidents put up a wall and keep other people away from her. It's the not caring as well -- people don't like it if you don't care what they think of you! It's mean, it's almost as if they want to control you, but it's a fact: if you don't care what they think of you, if you refuse to be controlled, then they want nothing to do with you. And so she doesn't know what she's missing either: the intimacy of letting someone really get to know you. She really doesn't have any close friends, even girls. I suppose that's why we've always been close, because I was one of the only people who didn't judge her.

Maybe she'll be lucky and find some guy who will like her for who she is. Better yet, someone who enjoys having accidents in their pants like she does. I can't be that guy; I mean, I like her just fine, but I'm her cousin, and I'm too much of a chicken to go in my pants anymore. She is on the bus; I'm not sure if I'm on it, maybe I have one foot in the door.

Hi my name is meagan and this is my most embarrassing pee moment. I had not peed since yesterday morning. And it was now the end of school. I new that i needed to pee but i thought i could hold it. Well the after five minutes on the bus my bladder started to hurt but there was still another nine or ten stops untill my house. Every time the bus lurched a smal dribble would come out. My bladder now felt like it was on fire. I could think of nothing else but to relieve my over flowing badder. After another ten minutes someone came up behind me and scared me. A large spurt came out. It took me awhile to make it stop but i did. I hid the stain with my bag. Finally i was at my house. I hurried off and went up to my door. But the door was locked and i could not find my key. I now had to sqeeze my legs together with all my might to keep it in. FInally i got the key and unlocked the door. Another spurt came out. I new that i would never make it to the toilet. Doing the pee dance and sqeezing my legs together i grabbed the four liter pop bottle that was empty and then opened the cap. Wincing i ripped off my pants and panties and aimed in the bottle. But it sprayed off. I tried to stop peeing but i could not. I quickly grabbed the bottle and emptied the rest of my bladder into it. I filled up the WHOLE THING!!! I felt so good. After that i layed on the couch and massaged my now empty bladder. This just happened. I feel soooooooooooooo good.


Hi to all, especially tracygirl,
I can relate to your story about taking Correctol during your school day. That was never a good idea, taking a laxative where it could kick in unexpectedly. I did the same thing with Ex-Lax in high school and was able to make it to the toilet, but only with seconds to spare. I think the laxatives back then were pretty strong especially for a young girl. Your mother should have warned you though it would seem, if she took them. The first time I used Correctol before the formula change it was too strong. You are right, take it at night -and don't leave the house until the damn thing works!

Keith-Only once did I have an employee enter my stall while I was crapping. He was a young black guy, probably 19 or so. I was in the Montgomery Wards restroom (with no doors, of course). He was sweeping the floors. I was in the large handicapped stall and he just walked on in and swept around the floor, including my feet. He didn't even look at me, he just swept.

today i had to pee for the longest time but i was on the subway. keep in mind im a guy. i get off the subway and run into the bathroom. im HORRIFIED by the smell its worse then shit and piss and i cant imagine what other than those two and hand washing people DO in these bathrooms? but anyways, i was peeing and it felt really good until i stopped early (And yellow-stained my boxers) because some creepy guy two urinals down was staring at my penis. i ran because i thought he would touch me. of course i washed my hands- really quickyl.

then later on- ALSO TODAY! i had just left my friends house, and i was regretting it because i had to pee as i left i duno y i didnt use his bathroom... but then i was walking and i peed behind a dumpster. i was scared someone would see me and i thoguht i heard a car so again, i stopped early and yellow stained my boxers. same thing happened in class! except when i went.. I WENT. when i went to the bathroom, i sat down because i knew the pee would take a long time. i usally like poop stories more but they never happen to me anymore :(. i wanna see more stories about girls and pooping accidents

Hi, this is Richard again. And I am here with another nice story to tell you about my love, Russanne. This all took place during the middle of the night after spending an incredibly fun day at a barbecue, as we watched the boat races. My friend made some of the best pork ribs that I have ever had. And the barbecue sauce was a homemade recipe of his. And along with the v?s and fruits and other things that were put out on the table. We all did our share of good eating.

Russanne did herself good as she enjoyed everything. Now Russanne is not a fat oversized woman. She actually is quite beautiful and attractive. And pretty much weight to height proportioned. But she can really enjoy eating. So it was about 2:00 in the morning and we had been asleep for a few hours. Now she likes to be held and cuddled while sleeping. And, I will softly be rubbing her t??, or just holding her hand.

But after the t?y rubbing, she suddenly awoke and told me to join her in the bathroom, as she had to shit one big healthy load. So we headed off to the bathroom. And being that we were sleeping in the nude, Russanne was just able to sit down on the toilet. And with that she did. She got very comfortable and let out a really nice loud fart. Very long lasting as well. And when that was completed, she tiredly looked at me and said this is going to be one very messy shit. I told her I wasn't go to do anything to interrupt her thoughts as she concentrated on the shit that was ahead. I softly held her hand as she looked down at her legs. She continued to constantly fart. And Russanne you need to know does not like to strain and push hard. As she does not want to cause any problems to occur to her anus. I guess hemmoroids would be one problem. So she just sits there and lets her body do the work.

And with every rumble of her ?y, she knew it was getting closer. Finally the crackling sounds of shit started filling the toilet. And after a nice solid one released itself. She just splattered the whole inside of the bowl, with a few noisy farts. Followed by a thunderous storm of wet mushy shit. And stinky it was. She wanted to keep apologizing. But, I told her that shitting is part of daily life. And not to worry about how stinky or how much you go. Just do what needs to be done. As she continued to shit, she reminded me that it was the pork doing her in. But that it was good to clean herself out the way she was. She was actually getting quite happy by how much she was shitting. Even though it was the middle of the night. All told we were in the bathroom about 45 minutes. As for the messy ass. It did take quite some cleaning. She was very messy. And when we looked in the bowl we wondered if it would even go down. But it did quite easily as a matter of fact. And with that we went back to bed. Luckily we both took a personal day off of work on Monday. Russanne is starting to get quite comfortable, with me joining her in the bathroom now. As later that morning we sat in there as we sipped our hot coffee, while Russanne finished up some more business on the toilet. Well everybody have a real nice day. And we will talk again soon.

And I hope to hear some good stories of woman and there shit adventures. Bye for now.

Single Mom
o yeah about the last post about potty traing my son can someone give me steps or tricks on how to teach him ..cheers

I was waiting in the bus station the early evening time for my conecting bus and just sat down on a bench near the pull in bay watching world go by as you do. All of a sudden I became aware of a man almost falling down the steps of a bus that had come in and he was bent double and holding onto his crotch with all his might, he obviously needed a leak real badly. His expression was that of desperation and he quickly looked around and started heading to the Gents which was just past the seat I was waiting on. Well I could tell he was in trouble as he nearly launched himself at the door and was litrally crying with agony. Well the door was locked and a notince on it said closed for claening and gave directions to the toilet at the other end and up the stairs, but it was quite obvious that the poor man had not read it as he was dancing around in agony and desperation. What happened next was quite strange for good old england, he litrally threw his backpack on the ground and looking around in desperation, turning to face the wall away form passangers stare he proceeded to thumble with his flys,pull out an already peeing penis and gush out the longest fastest noisest pee I had ever seen anyone do. The poor man just stood the eat the end of the bus station peeing onto the concrete floor, he was so desperate and he peed for what seemed like an age, leaving a very frothy large puddle on the ground. Well all this started to alert the bus station staff and just as he was about to finish the inspector man came over to have a word. By this time the man was litrally crying like a child and apologising with all his might saying he was so desperte that he though he would die and the loo on the bus was out of action. As he was being repremanded another of the station staff came forward with a mop and bucket and gave it to the man to clear up his own piss. This he did very sheepishly but the fellow passangers could not help noticing a big wet pee stain on the front of his trousers, he obviously had not been able to get it all out in time and had wet himself quite a bit.
Now the Ladies toilets were just next to thr mens and open, in his desperation he had run straight past the toilet and a chance to spare him from all his embasasments.
My bus then came in so I have no idea what hapened to this guy but I bet the police were called as it is illegal to pee in a public place in England.

TO PAMELA: Pregnancy is never good for the bowels. Congratualations on being prepared to evacuate rather than holding it in too long. I would recommend you go as soon as you get the urge. This means that you should do it in your pants if needs be. It is much easier to clean up a pair of pants or throw away a pair of undies than have worsening constipation and the results thereto.
On a different subject I went away with my partner some time ago and we stayed in this motel which had a very small room and off it a bathroom. During the day my partner need to go to the toilet. She got up, walked to the door, went in, closed the door, sat on the toilet and I then heard her reach over on push the button on the lock to lock the door. Why would she need to lock the door when I was the only person there???? Cannot understand it...she is not the only person in the world that shits!!!. Anway I heard her wee for a while, no great gush, just a steady flow. It stopped for some seconds and then there was a trickle of urine and stopped again for a short period and then another trickle. The was a pregnant pause of silence and then a soft grunt and followed by a more forceful grunt...a few seconds more of silence and then a loud kplunk! A second or so of silence and a short rapid burst of plop, plop, plop. A brief bit of silence and then a couple of wipes and the toilet was flushed. Later I went in to piss and there was this very large turd in the bowl that looked quite hard. Her gruntings were well called for.
Next morning I woke up and straight to the toilet and had a big effortless poo.. I returned to bed with my partner for a cuddle and she said..the perfect morning for me...a big shit and a right she was!!! And the next issue was she said I use much more toilet paper than she does...I wounder why...she does get skid marks but they are not that bad.

Thursday, July 21, 2006

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER Linda, from Aust; Glad you are able to drop your load at makes it much easier. Hope you are having an easier time with your poos...sounds a bit like me sometimes.
I have been drinking a bit of dieter`s tea to loose just a couple of makes me do runny poos but they really stink..much more than normal...I wonder why?
Next issue concerns pregnancy and constipation.... I was in a labor ward for a short period as part of my work. A lady came in with advances labour and amongst other things had been constipated for a couple of days. She was sat on a bed pan to do her pushing and during the course of events the grunting began as if she was delivering the real thing...I looked down and there was this brown hard turd being forced out grunt by grunt, centre meter by center meter..just one long thick log.... soon later a lovely baby girl was born.

Hello, I have not written to these posts for some time. For those of you who do not know me I am a 51-year-old privately-educated divorcee living in my own flat in Chelsea, London. I am a brunette, 5 foot 10 inches tall, 12 stone (168 lbs), well built with a pear-shaped figure. My main assets I am told besides my face are my large boobs, and large but curvaceous bottom.

I enjoy hearing other women using the loo in our large prestigious office in the City of London, where there are at least two sets of Ladies on each of the six floors.

Some of you will recall my last tale of the finance-director here who is a stern and un-friendly lady, but well built and attractive - about 56 years of age. Yesterday at about 10 am I followed her at a distance into one of the Ladies rooms and very quietly took the cubicle next to her as soon as she had closed but was still locking the door. All the other cubicles were empty with doors open. She thought she was in only person in these Ladies.

She settled down on the seat and being certain she was alone - blew a long bass sounding dry fart (I was most envious) - that echoed around the Ladies and then she started to audibly strain. This went on and off for about five minutes with not so much as a plop. The straining was interrupted by someone coming into a nearby cubicle, making a small squeaky fart followed by a long pee and then exiting.

The straining started again in a more desperate fashion and I could hear her moving about on the seat. I quietly removed my shoes and very very gently got up and stood on my loo seat and gingerly peered over the cubicle partition. The director had both her expensively adorned hands clasped around her generous but well-shaped buttocks, and was leaning right forward in order to fully stretch her anal area. I could not quite see her anus, but it must have been expanding and contracting with each exertion. She was oblivious to other matters and was rocking too and fro clearly trying hard to expel a stubborn stool. The side of her face, which I could just see, was red with exertion.

I silently stepped down - not daring the risk of staying longer and being seen. A minute or two later the finance-director groaned painfully and held her breath in what was to be her final push. A moment's silence - and then I heard a large splash and several gasps of relief and what sounded like a few tears being shed probably through frustration, pain, and exhaustion.

After two or three minutes when she had composed herself I heard her stand up, pull up her tights, straighten her skirt, and she was out - no wiping, flushing or hand washing - and disappeared out into the corridor.

Quickly I moved next door into her vacated cubicle and locked the door. There was very little smell. Floating in the water was an extremely fat lumpy stool, only about 5 inches long, totally cylindrical, and around 2.5 inches thick. About the same size as a 330ml coke can. It must have been dry as a bone in her large colon and rectum - so no wonder she had difficulty and pain in expelling it.

I too have frequent constipation (usually 5-10 days) and often have to resort to anal lubricants to pass overly thick stools, particularly dry ones like this case. Evonne - who has posted her experiences - will know all about our difficulties. I know from the past -see my old posts - that this senior person in my office suffers from constipation.

As I was washing my hands a new young colleague came in and entered the cubicle I had just left. She saw the large floating stool and backed out.
On the spur of the moment I said "Sorry - that was me!"
She went red in the face with embarrassment not knowing what to say and went into another cubicle.
I wonder what she was thinking of me - perhaps in wonderment that I could pass such a fat object or disgust at me leaving it for all to see. She shares an office with a good friend of mine - so I might hear in due course !

gurgle gut
long time lurker, first time poster. i've enjoyed this forum for a long time and thought that maybe it was time to "give back"... and i was inspired by what just happened to me.

today was a regular day for me, I did not eat or do anything out of the ordinary. in fact, since it's so bloody hot, i didn't really eat much at all. i went to dinner with some friends and just had a bottle of apple juice and a bagel with cream cheese.

two hours later, i'm sitting in the backyard and i fell a telling rumble in my guts. not a huge deal. i walk to the bathroom, pull my skirt down to my knees, sit down and push a little. quite a bit of chunky, dark pieces flowed out of me easily, but they were mostly formed. i think nothing of it.

twenty minutes after that, i'm again sitting in the backyard, trying to beat the heat when all of the sudden, my guts cramp up. I feel this sharp pain that takes my breath away, and I feel the entire contents of my intestines all of the sudden pushing hard on my rectum. I jump up, run inside to find that the only free bathroom is two stories up. I take a deep breath, clench my butt cheeks together and make a run for the stairs. I soon discover that running up the stairs with a full butt is a bad idea and only makes the pressure on my rectum worse. i had to stop in the middle of the stairwell and take a deep breath. i thought i was going to lose it right there, but somehow managed to walk slowly and carefully up the rest of the stairs with my butt clenched really tight.

at the top of the stairs, things seemed imminent and the bathroom is still down the hall. i start to walk faster and concentrate only on making it to the end of the hall. Just outside the bathroom door, i start to lose it for real. liquid shit starts coming out of my ass and into my underwear. now, i'm not opposed to accidents, but i happen to really like the skirt i was wearing. so i made a split-second decision right there in the bathroom doorway. I yanked my skirt and my underwear off and squatted down on the tile floor. dark, liquid shit just poured out of me into a pile on the floor. when there was a break in the flow, i moved over to the toilet and just exploded more liquid guts into it. when that stopped, i decided to make sure i was empty and pulled my knees up to my chest and pushed as hard as i could. a stream of frothy liquid shot out of my butt and my ass gurgled. after that, i still didn't feel empty, but nothing would come out so i cleaned myself up and now i'm laying in bed...

so weird. am i sick? i feel fine other than my gut still feeling really full... perhaps an allergy or reaction to something, dunno.

I just saw an old movie from a few years ago with the best female poop scene I have ever seen in a film! Don't know if it has been discussed here before, but the movie is called "Tart" and stars Dominique Swain. There is an incredible scene where a young woman poops into an ice bucket and then closes it up and gives it to some other girl. The scene is quite graphic and includes some very realistic grunting and sounds. It sounds like she is really crapping! Anyone else see it?

Desperate to poop

I had quite an experience the other day and one I think was wrong.

I was walking through a small town the other day when a series urge to shit came over me. I hurridely walked round looking for somewhere to go and found one of those automatic toilets. I put my 20p in and hurried in. It was reasonably clean as it cleans itself thank god. I quicly pulled my skirt up took my knickers down and erupted with some violent soft serve and parps. I let out a big sigh of relief. I looked around and noticed a sign on the door saying maximum stay 15 minutes. Seeing this I was pretty stressed as I was having a serious poop and knowing me I might well go past 15 minutes!!!! I looked at my watch so I could try and keep track of time. I was still shitting a lot of soft serve with no end in sight. about 8 mintues had past now and I was still going pretty strong shitting up a storm.

After about 12 mintues I began to try and stop as I would have to leave shortly. Problem was I still felt I needed to go. I managed to get to the point where I just felt there was a big solid poo in me wiped up and flushed. As I left a cramp came over me though and I decided I'd have to go back in. I fumbled around and found another 20p. I had to wait a few minutes as it was cleaning itself. Finally I got the green light put my money in and dived back in to finish off.

Luckily I only had a couple of big poops to finish off with and took only 10 mintues. But I was upset that I had to spend two lots of 20p's to complete my poop. Do people think there should be a timelimit to how long you can take in a toilet?

On the same note I read in the paper once of pub toilets that automatically unlocked after 1 and half minutes. I mean come on pee maybe but no way you'll have finished any decent poop!!!

I have to pee girl
One time i was walking home from school and i had to pee. I thought that i could hold it. But after twenty minutes it was getting bad. THe pressure was horrible and it started to hurt. it hurt so bad that i wanted to cry. I pressed my hands into my crotch. I suddenly had a horrible urge to let it all out. I did not think that i could make it home. I bent over in pain. My bladder was over flowing with pee. I walked for another fifteen minutes. I wanted to cry. My bladder was bursting. I ran and ran. But them a little dribble escapped. And then it was all releasing. IT felt good. But i was so embarrased. I wanted to die.

i went earler today and it was so sothing do get rid off all that mess i had. I feel a great sence of acomplishment when i go cause i now ive taken care of buisness.

peanut bladder
When i was about 14 or 15 i was on a long drive with my mom and they were no rest stops. i had to go since be fore we left but i didn't cuz i was watching a great movie. before it even finished,my mom was tired of waiting and rush me into the car. now, about half an hour into the drive, here i am on a long drive with no reststops almost crying because my bladder was about to explode. i finally told my mom i had to pee very badly but she said she warned me not to drink so much juice before we left. i told her i was sorry and asked if she could pull over ad let me go in the bushes(we were on the highway). she told me that this could be teaching me my lesson and refused to let me go.i was sitting behind her so she did not realize how much i was squirming. my mom had ajusted my seat belt too tight but i was using both hands to block my piss so i couldn't loosen it off my bladder. i decided i might not get in trouble for peeing my pants cuz it's my mom who wont let me go. but as soon as i thought of that, my mom says "you'd better not wet those pants" she really wanted me to learn my lesson. i decided to let a few drops out in my panties. i moved one of my hands and then the floodgates came rushing out. i quickly put my hand back but my mom heard the pee and looked back at me and saw me in the midst of all my sqirming. when i realized she was looking at me i imediatly stoped. but sitting still made more pee rush out. my mom did not even say a word. the look said all. my mom continued driving. i knew i was in big trouble. but i still really had to go. i continued squirming. when we got there, i quickly unlocked the seatbelt and went back to grabing my super wet croutch. we were going on a mother-daughter trip together in a cabin. when we got to the check-in place there was a long line to check in and bathrooms were only aloud to those who checked in already. i had to sit down while my mom stood on line because if i stood it will all come out. i realized i was sitting next to this totally hot guy with some seriously attracktive buns. this was so humiliating. my pants are noticably wet and i'm still squeezing for dear life. the hot guy was totally enjoying my pain. i could see how he was trying to hide his smirk. i just looked away and crossed my legs. sitting was so uncomfertable. i stood up but then the urge grew stonger so i droped to the floor and right there the puddle broke out. then i realized i really need to poop but without even getting the chance to at least try to hold it in, it juust slid out. i was so mortified when i stood up. the poop was still laying in my panties. then another log pushed itself out and both pieces splashed into my pudlle. i still really had to poop but i decided to hold it. my mom was so mad she left the line and beat me in front of everybody. it is very hard to hold in so much poop while bbeing beaten up.all the poop just fell out and i got a double dose of beatings. that was the worst experience of my life.

The other day my mom reminded me of a pooping story from my teenage years.
I had been constipated for several days and was really feeling miserable and my Mom gave me some Correctol. (Probably the first time). I had gotten dressed up for a school program and when I got home I took the dress off but left the pantyhose on. Back in the 70s a lot of girls wore pantyhose under short shorts (Daisy Dukes). I wanted to try that look so I put a pair of jeans shorts on over my nylons and put my white high heeled sandals back on. I was wearing this outfit around the house, and doing my homework in our TV room at home which was about as far from the bathroom as you could get. Well you can guess what happened. All of a sudden the urge to defecate hit me. I got up and started to walk to the bathroom and it started coming out of me. I had to sit down to hold it in. I couldn't walk in those high heels and keep my butt pinched together enough at the same time to keep it from coming out. (I don't know why I didn't just take the heels off……..duh………) Well anyway I waiting for the urge to go to recede a little and then I ran to the bathroom. About ten steps later it started coming out, so I surrendered, stood still, put my hands on my knees, and pushed. It was really hard and dry at first because I was constipated, but after the first part it was slippery soft serve. I waddled to the bathroom, pulled down my shorts and nylons and emptied that load into the toilet, then got a washcloth and cleaned myself up. Later I told my mom what happened and why my shorts and pantyhose were a poopy mess, and she laughed. I was so embarrassed and nobody saw me but my Mom! Since then any time I've used a laxative I've taken it at night before I go to bed!


Live from Belgium, Europe.

When i was 9 years old, my cousin (5 days younger then me) pooped his pants.

He was in a rollerskating club and there was a game that day.

The family ate at our house and my cousin played some more.
Then it was time to go to the game.
Some time later he asked me if I knew where he could find a toilet because he had to poop.

I knew a toilet but I tought it would be closed. So I told him to go in his pants, which he did.

He later sat down in it for hours untill our grandmother found out about it.

I can still remember the smell of him pooping his pants.

clean up guy
I used to work at a big supermaket chain. And i used to clean both restrooms. When i clean the women's restroom in the morning sometimes i tampons rappers on the floor toilet paper. Also in the women's they had these small bukets next to the for pads and tampons. Some women would wipe there butts with the toiletpaper and throw it in the buket instead of the toilet where it belong. Real i enjoyed cleaning up the restrooms. Because i was the only person that did a realy good job on restrooms. The toilets would be clean, I cleaned EVERY THING in those restrooms. And my co workers and bosses realy liked me. And they Also trusted me. But i had too leave becuase they didn't want to pay me more. Hey loved cleaning up the women's restroom

One day I was at college and had to take a dump really badly. I'm very shy about going anywhere but at my own house but I could feel a lot of pressure and I knew I didn't have a choice. I went in and no one was in there yet so I pulled down my pants and started to sit down. As I did, the door opened and some people came in. I let out a really long loud fart and was very embarrassed when two more farts sputtered out of my butt. I then began to poop. The huge turd spread my butthole open very wide. It felt so good I moaned, and was then embarrassed because I knew the other girls had probably heard me, even though they were pooping too, as was apparently by their farts and splashes. I looked between my legs and saw it was partly in the water and still coming out. I then tried to push but it was stuck. I grunted and groaned and finally it came out. Two more turds came out quickly and splashed in the water. A loud fart then came out, and lasted about ten seconds. I waited to leave until the others had left so they would not see me. Is anyone else embarrassed about pooping in public?

A few days ago I was riding on a bike path on my bike with my 3 year old son Nicholas when I had the sudden urge to pee...and I know, this is your classic "piss on the bike path" story, but its all I got right now! Anyway, like usual, there wasnt anyone on the bike path today, so I rode some feet off the path into the woods with my son. I turned to make sure he was okay, when I noticed he was holding himself, he had to pee as well, so this was convienet. I stopped the bike, and took him out of the seat, I propped the bike on its kick stand and told Nicholas that it was alright to go pee pee outside, that mommy was going to to do it too. He didnt seem at all bothered by this idea. I pulled down his pants, and positioned him in front of a small bush and told him to go pee pee. As soon I told him this, he istantly began to pee. A strong fast stream, he must have been holding it for a while. He stood there peeing for what seemed forever, so I pulled down my shorts about 2 feet away from him and squated over a pile of branches and leaves. I let go and a very loud hissing sound erupted. I felt instantly relieved. I looked over at my son, and he was still peeing on the bush! I looked back down at my own stream and sighed. I watched as I created a large puddle, I finished and wiped with the tissues I keep in my pocket for my sons runny nose. I looked over at him and he was squeezing out a few more squirts. I pulled my pants up and walked back over to him "all done?" I asked, he shook his head no, and continued to squeeze out more squirts. I stand there and watched as this little boy peed forEVER. Finally he said he was done and he shook himself and I helped him pull up his pants. He REALLY had to go!

Toilet Tales
To that dude who asked about his 11 yr old son having accidents:could you give us more details so you can try and figure out what is causing it?

Anywho,got a story.There's a heatwave over here,so I'm drinking plently of fluids.But with the heat,I rarely have to pee.Anyways,last night all my family were in bed and I was watching TV downstairs.I was wearing my bikini and had a t-shirt and a pair of those sports shorts over it.You know the silky kinda shorts?Well I got the urge to pee but didn't want to get up.I ignored it but a while later I was bouncing around the sofa,so I grabbed a glass,thought it would hold my pee,and shoved it into my bikini bottoms underneath my shorts.I positioned it,then began to pee into it.My shorts held it,soI could do it without holding on to the glass.Then I took a peek inside my shorts while I was still peeing and realized it might spill over the top.So I held with all my might and the flow stopped.I thought I was done.I tried to grab the glass and take it to the kitchen sink,but as I did,it tipped a little and spilled.The shock of that,made me lose control over the pee I was holding,and I watched in horrow as I soaked my bikini and shorts.It wouldn't show,but still.I raced to the kitchen and launched myself onto the sink and finished my pee,then began the clean up.I just wiped the floor,washed the glass and rinsed my shorts and bikini under the tap.

Today I'm wearing the same shorts and my family are gone,so I want to go pee in the garden.Also,it seems if I go to the beach or down to the river,my farts smell,well,"nice">I don't know why.Any ideas?

One time I had a sick t?y.It must have been the stomach flu or something.I was 9 yrs old and I rarely got sick.I was on my way to school in my car when I puked.My Mom brought me back home and left to bring my brother into school.I went to bed and then my stomach started to feel sick again.I sat up and the next thing I knew,I was shitting my pants.It was a whole load of yellow crap,real liquidy.But at the time,I didn't really care.I was so weak,it didn't occur to me what I had done.I stood up and looked at my bed.No poop had escaped my underwear,but there ws a large damp stain,from the liquid.I hurried to the bathroom and puked again.While I was there,I crapped my pants more.Mom came back and she moved me downstairs to the TV.I had my dressing gown,and I had put on a clean pair of underwear.I had dumped the others.After that I got sick every fifteen minutes.I would run to the bathroom and at one stage Mom came in to ask was I OK.I was puking and I started to crap my pants again!I held on for dear life,and then let it come out when she left.Then I dumped those pants and didn't bother to put on a new pair.The result of that was,I pooped on my blanket a small bit,and when I ran to the bathroom to puke,I ended up spilling liquidy poop onto the floor!It was horrible!

Brian, your stories about doorless stalls at Sears bring back such fond memories of my years working at JC Penney's...I was the assistant stock room manager back in the mid-eighties. The main mens room had four stalls, and all the doors and hardware ( brackets, hinges, screws) were removed before I started working there. The mens room next to the stores restaurant had three stalls, and also doorless with hinges removed. They were always busy, guys never minded not having privacy while shitting, but like at Sears, the women did have doors with locks. Only difference was that I never saw a woman come in to clean ...They always had men cleaning. I remember that they had the single rolls of toilet paper, like at home, and Mike, one of the cleaning men, would always come into the stalls to replace the rolls while we were shitting. It was never an issue, until one day an elderly gent was shitting, and took offence to Mike entering his 'space" He scolded Mike about the place not having doors for privacy, and said he should wait till the stall was empty. Mike said "Sir, I try to make these restrooms comfortable and clean for all out staff and patrons, all day long" The old man finished up and left, Mike sat on his toilet, and exploded, and we both laughed really hard. I miss those days. Congratulations on your engagement, Brian

Here's an interesting story from when I was potty training my daughter. For this story, you should know that when it's just family around, we're very relaxed about bathroom habits and rarely close the door.

Anyway, one day when my daughter was 2 years old, I had been constipated for 3 days and went to go take a dump. I started pooping and after about a minute, my daughter walked in and asked me, "Mommy pee pee or poo poo?". I told her I was pooping and she watched for a bit and then left.

After I was done, I wiped and looked at my poop. Looking in the toilet, I saw five small logs, two medium sized logs, and one huge log about 8 inches long.

Mr. Clogs
Hi ya'll got a post to share.

One posrt was me using the "piss container" last night. After a night of drinking beer before i got ready for bed I needed to pee. Reached for the piss container and let it rip. Didn't fill it much just the bottom of the container with hot-n-steamy dehygrated piss. I put the lid back on the container and went to sleep. Again needed to pee, I was too lazy to walk to the bathroom, I grabbed the piss container again and filled the container about half way.

Now for the number 2 story was I got to work and about to burst open with poop. I held it in until I got to work, picked a stall and got into position. Unbutton my pants pulled them down along with my undies and sat. I let out some beer poop into the toilet, I peeked a bit into the toilet and I couldn't beleive the amount, it was massive nearly filling the bowl! I wiped up with lots of toilet paper because of the heat and the undies I had on. pulled my undies and my pants back up and exited the stall to wash my hands.

alice: Thanks again for your response, I'm glad that you enjoy using your container as toilet as much as your boyfriend from time to time. I wasn't sure what kind of container you use, I was trying to figure out how you pooped in that container, I figured it had to be a wide mouthed container, I don't think anyone would of made it in a smaller mouthed container like a cup or a vase. Once again happy peeing and pooping in those containers to you and your boyfriend.

Hope yaou all enjoyed my post, ya'll take care and have a great week.


--Mr. Clogs

hey every one
So um.... heres another one of my stories
*My bladder is extremly small for a 22 yr old. But When I was three I think it was the smallest in the world. I don't really remember this story but my older brother Mark does like it was yesturday. Back then there were only 4 of us. Me Mark Caroline and my little brother Jacob who was still a baby. My mom took us shopping for summer clothes. At one point I metioned to my mother that I needed to go potty after about ten minutes I just let loose and peed all over the carpet. The manager of the store has pissed! he yelled at me for ruining his rug and at Mark for his uncontrolable laughter. He made my mother pay for the rug. Sorry if this story is to short like I said earlier I don't really remember this my brother told me it.

hi this is my first time posting one time i was getting paid to tool around the mall with 5 little kids from my nieghborhood. they were all around 6years old. after like a half an hour one of the kids starts doing the pee pee dance and i ask him if he has to go to the bathroom and he stop figiti9ng and says no. so then i shrug and walk aroung some more.after another half hour there all figiting and i ask them if they half to go to the bathroom and they all say no. but 10 minutes laterthey confess that they needthe bathroom to pee and they'll pee there pants in a minute. by then they were all holding there croches very tightly. luckily there was a bathroom around the corner. unluckily it was out of order. then one of them says i let out a squirt in my pants. by then them and i was desperate so i took som diapers ou t of my baby care bagand put them on the kids and said let go and they all did and then i changed them all. except one leaked through sohe had to sit in his wet pants intil my parents came to pick us up which was like another3 hours.

unnamed from the United States
are the any son's (while growing up) who got to watch thier father (or older brother) take a shit ?

To Izabella,
I read your post on on you wanting to hear about guy's wetting in there pants. Well, hears one.

When I was 16 (I am 17 now) I was walking home from school. By the it takes me 30 to 45 min to get home from school. Anyway i was in school one day and at the end of lunch I had to go pee, but it was not until 10 min into the walk home that i remembered i had to pee, and at this time i had to go a little bad. So i Countinued to walk home and hope for the best. But about 20 min into the walk i had to go extreamly bad but i just could not hold on anylonger, then it happend, i wet my pants. I had to walk the rest of the way home with a huge visible peepee spot that was on my butt, in my croch, down my legs, and on my shose and socks.

Once right before my Little League Rex Sox game, i ate this really big burger and my stomach started to rumble with gas and feces, but i did not know what was happening because i never had to go this bad before. When we got to the ballpark, i began to feel the tip of my poo starting to come out. Then i knew i had to go to the bathroom. I ran into the park restroom, pulled down my pants and underware, sat on the Toilet and then i FARTED! and it was really loud, long, and stinky. Aterwards i felt a big fat poop come out of my butt and heard it splash in the pot. I Wiped myself and go out just in time for my turn up at bat. I scored a home run and won us the ballgame, because of that i now poop almost everyday and really get a kick out of it. Also when ever i have to fart, i just stick my butt out and let em' rip no matter where i am, and i try to make them sound as loud and long as the f??g ear can hear, and as stinky as the nose can smell.


You are so correct about the open-front toilet seats which make it easier and more comfortable for a male to do the number-2 thing and have room for the penis to comfortably hang out. I also have an open front, somewhat contoured seat in my bathroom and would not think of having anything else. The other, closed seats are just too cramped and uncomfortable for me. I like to just relax and "let it happen" and the open-front seating does that for me. I can just relax and get a very good voiding of both the bladder and rear-end this way.

I often go camping with friends. We usually piss and shit together. My friend's wife came with me to shit. She had never shit on the ground before, so I suggested she hang onto a small tree for balance once she got her pants down and I would help her. Every other time, she never had to do a #2. We were all pretty drunk. She got her pants down and started to pee wildly, making a lot of mud on the ground. This is an improvement because the last time we were out drinking, she wet her pants. She started moaning and her shit started moving on out, plopping on the ground. It was over a foot long and about 1.5" diameter. Shit always smells more outdoors. A few more pieces dropped out of her butt. Now, we had a problem. I could see that her bottom was pretty messy, and I knew she was way too drunk to wipe herself properly, so I obliged. Good thing I brought a new roll of toilet paper with me. I pulled off 2 ft of paper and began cleaning her. It took about 15 wipes. I then said I had to pee so I took my dick out of my pants and hosed down all the shit and paper, I made a huge, muddy mess on the ground. Next time I have to go #2, maybe she will wipe me.

Hi everyone:
MEGAN,just a quick question. Do you wear panties under
your cheerleader "spankies"? FERNADO: Thanks about the post
in talking transsexuals. No one knows how hard we have it in
looking for a bathroom weather out or in a job.

as a child me and my next door neigbour would look at each others shit... once his was green i dont know what causes it but hey it was funny. Usually me and my friends go to the toilet together, as in in the same cubicle.

My boyfriend David and i were leaving my mums house after staying there at the weekend(they wanted to see my scan photos) when i said i had to go to the toilet to poop. By this stage we were about to leave and he said to me "can you hold it untill we get to my apartment". I said "i dont know, i can try, i think i can".

We said goodbye and got into the car. Dave's appartment is closer to my parents than mine is so he suggested there for this reason. After about 10 minutes in the car i knew i couldnt wait much longer but we still had a 20 minute drive. I said "Dave, sweety, i really need to go now. You are going to have to stop the car and find a place for me as i can feel it moving down my rectum". We werent near anywhere for me to go so we drove for another few minutes while i tried to hold it in.

Dave then said "sorry about this but here is going to have to do". I looked around and it was a park. I got out of the car and squatted down at the side as i didnt feel right going in the park,so got into position as best as i could being 15 weeks pregnant but looking about 20 cos of twins, Dave moved over to my seat so he could watch and i began my business. This was one day when i hadnt been constipated but i had been for the two previous days at my parents house.

I began grunting "ahhhhh,ahhhhh,uhhhhhhhhhhh". Dave said "i can see it coming, keep pushing, you are doing well". After going uhhhhh for a further 2 times the poo plopped at the side of the road. I did a total of 3 plops. It felt like there was more to come but wouldnt so i left it. We were lucky the road was empty and noone came.

I got into the car without wiping and Dave drove again. I felt the rest need to come as we drove into Dave appartment block so we went inside and i uhhhhhhhhhhh and uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh further untill 2 more plops came out. More needed to come so Dave said "take your time and keep going, i can see the tip of it". I said "its uhhhhhh hard uhhhhhh to uhhhh do it, its uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh been like this since i got pregnant and uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the more preguhhhhhhhhnant i get the uhhhhhhhhh harder it is uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh getting. Eventually it plopped out 4 more times and i new i was now finished. I wiped up and unpacked.

The more pregnant i get the more constipated i get. I am taking prune juice every morning and my midwife told me i may have to start at night as well as the pregnancy goes on. Anyways today is Tuesday and i aint been yet and havent been since the above on Sunday afternoon. I am now 15 weeks and 3 days pregnant but i really look bigger. This is the only downside about being pregnant as it is soooooooooo brillant.

Anyways enough for now


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

How do I help my son who is 11 years old from having accidents in his pants?


the other night i ate a bunch of chicken for dinner, i no i was eating way to much, but it tasted so good i coudn't stop eating. after i was finally finished eating, i went upstairs to my room to watch tv. i was sitting on my bed when a loud groan came from my stomach. it wasn't the kind that tells yous its time to go poop, but it felt really weird. about five minutes later, my stomach growled again, this time i felt something. i felt a big gas bubble starting to form inside me. i knew that i was about to burp really loud so i covered my mouth so no one would hear. but then i felt it start to move south, i could feel the bubble as it left my stomach and then moved down through m small intetine.i waited for about thirty seconds for the fart to reach my butt, but then the pressure went away. a ccople minutes later it came back right in the middle of my belly so i knew it was still in the small intestine. then it starting moving again.....south. i felt a big plopp as it dropped into my large intestine, it slowed down and then it finally got to my butt.i roled dover on my side and just let it go...the biggest, longest, smelliest fart i've ever had blasted its way out from my butt crack and into the air. after it was all out i felt a lot better, and my belly felt a lot lighter but smell drove me out of my
after that one i let out a few more farts and then i had then my belly started to feel really heavy again, but i knew this wans't just a fart, i had to go take a dump really bad!!! my belly and chicken aren't exactly the best of freinds get the idea!
i went into the bathroom and crapped out the nastiest pile of poop i've ever had, i dont even no how there was that much because it was the same size i saw it the second time i saw it as it was the first time. plus, it looked alot better before i had digested it

well thats all for now. hopefuly i'll have more stories to tell you all.....oohhh....i think i need to crap, i just felt a rumble from inside my gut....i'll write again after my lunch is out and my belly is empty

Hello everybody, it's Richard, it's been a while, but hear it gose.

When I was 6,or 7 can't remmember exactly how old i was, but i was living in a peach colored appartment, (i live somewear else now), i was sitting on the couch and i got the urge to pee. So instead of going to the potty, i dicided to hold it. So i held it, held it, and held it, until i just could not hold it anymore, and i wet my pants. So i went to tell my mom and she got angry at me, she didn't hit me or anything like that, but she got angry at me. By the way we where planning to go see the movie "toy story" that nigh, (the first one, this is when it was still playing in the theaters), so anyway, i changed and sat on the couch and watched somemore teleivison, and guss what, the urge came agin, and so agin i held it, held it, and held it until once agin i could not hold it anymore. And it happend agin, i wet myself. So i can't remmember if i told my mom or my mom came out to the livingroom, but somehow she noticed, and once agin she got angry at me, but agin she didn't hit me or anything like that, but she got angry at me. And she punished me that night, i could not go and see the movie, i started to cry. My nabhor babysat me and my mom and my sister went to go see the movie.

I am a new poster on this site and while i don't yet have any stories for you i do want to say that i am glad there are more people out there like me who have a facination with seeing and hearing others of
oppossite gender using the toilet.

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