Ok, omg I have a great story to share with everybody! I am suprised that a website like this exists, but one of my friends was telling me about it and told me to share this story. I am a cheerleader at my school and I am going into my senior year, but this takes place on the first football game of the season last year when I was a junior. The first game was an away game, and right when the other cheerleaders and I got to the feild, we noticed that all the place had for bathrooms was porta-potties. We could smell them the first step off the bus, and to add to the smell and misery, it was so humid and hot out that I had already started sweating (or should I say "glowing") before we even got warmed up. It was an hour ride to this school and I was ready to pee before the game even started. Also, for my luck, I started to need to take a big dump. I could not believe that there before the game even started I had to do business, and I had to be there all evening with nothing but rancid porta-potties to take care of nature. After we had finished warming up, my cheer uniform was so soaked with sweat that I could very likely ring a cup of liquid out of it, and this was still before the game even started. The saying is girls don't sweat, but I will say that night it was so hot, that the rest of the girls and I looked like we had jumped in a pool before we came. There I was dieing of heat, and having to take a poo and pee. I had some major gas I had been holding in since girls are not supposed to fart either, so I walked over kind of away from everybody and let out this huge juicy fart, one of those that stings as it comes out. Finally I had to pee so bad it over came me and I went to stand in line at the porta-potties, and it was a long line. I waited and waited, and finally I let a squart of pee into my cheer underwear, and really had to hold back. I know I looked crazy. I eventualy got into a porta-pottie that smelled like a pig had died and rotted in, and peeled down my green sweat drinched cheer undies, (which we call spankies), and basically blew the walls off the porta-pottie with my violent eruption. I escaped a major disaster with only a small wet area of pee and some serious poo markes in my undies. I was fortunate, but that was the most gross porta-pottie/toilet experiance I have ever had, and quit emberasing.

From time to time there have been discussions as to how one manages to poop a long rope rather than broken pieces. Living in a FEMA travel trailer after the hurricane we had has provided one answer. My poop is usually quite soft and breaks into small parts in a normal toilet. Travel trailer toilets work different and the level of the water in the bowl is not preset but determined by the user. By holding the valve open it is possible to fill the bowl as full as you want. If your movement doesn't hang in the air it is not nearly as likely to be pulled apart by gravity. With the water level almost touching your ass even soft movements seldom come apart. Of course if the water is a little too high you might get a nasty surprise if you poop floaters.

Mr. Clogs
Jean: Hey great posts, especially the constipation one. Are your contipated constantly or fairly regular? Keep the posts coming.

Richard: Indeed an lovely post, thanks for sharing, I hope that many relationships could be as intiment as yours.

cheryl: Nice posts as always, and commenting of that 14 year old and how long she pees. Ya'll ladies are definately a gift to us here on this site and to the world as well. That is some amazing bladder compacity. Keep those posts coming, thanks.

Carmeita: How are ya? Miss those posts.

I have a survey for all of ya'll. Feel free to participate

At what time of day do you pee the most, morning, afternoon, or at night?
How much, do you measure your amount with a container?
When you pee, does it smell when you pee?
When peeing into a container what's the color of your pee?
What kind to container do you use to pee in?

Thanks and enjoy! Happy peeing and pooping to all of you.

--Mr. Clogs

Hey peeps. The last couple were hot here in Cali, and with I drank lots of water. Well, I pissed alot due to drinking lots of water, which is good for your body, that is.

Cute and Shy(Keisha), Im posting stories as you asked, but I miss hearing from you too.

Love ya Cute and Shy, come back soon!

clean up guy
The other day i was riding my bike in the park. When i needed to poop. So I was on the bike path and there was a wooded area so i rode past it first. Then the urge grew stonger. So i went back to the wooded area. I never pooped in the woods before. Also it was in the day time but there wasn't no one out and weather was kinna bad (it was about to rain but it didn't. Any way i walked my bike throu the woods to get away from the bike path. There was coke cans and beer cans on the ground. So i had to be careful and look out for people. But there was no one there. so i found a nice spot. I put down my bike and back pack and unziped my pants and pull them down to my knees. once i had them down i bent my legs and kinna lean agenst a tree for surport. I just relaxed and the poo came out my butt. Also i peed too My poop was lite brown with a yellow tint to it. Well i pooped out 4 nice sized logs it made a nice pile right by the tree. After i was done pooping i just wiped my butt with some leaves and i got out of there.
Well i hope you guys liked my story. I'll try to post more. (i'm kinna shy)

It is true that girls bathrooms are messy at school. The boys pee on the walls sometimes, but the girls throw their hygeine stuff all over. (I am the custodian) I find tampons on the floor that I pick up and throw away. There is usually a big pile of junk next to the toilet - toilet paper, hygeine supplies and wrappers, and I swear they sit on the toilets and eat - there are food wrappers and soda cans, too. Sometimes they take a big wad of tissue, pee on it and throw it on the floor. In a school the girls don't usually pee on the toilet seats, but sometimes drip on them as they get up if they don't take enough time wiping - yet they use a ton of toilet paper. There is a wall in the bathroom on the way to the toilets that I call the "snot wall," - they blow their nose onto this tile wall! After they put lipstick on, they kiss the mirrors. At least they wash their hands, usually - cuz they use a lot of soap! The boys aren't as bad, they just don't flush the urinals and sometimes they vandalize stuff.
Now, all this stuff may sound pretty gross to you, but if you have been cleaning school bathrooms as long as I have, it's not bad at all. After I am finished cleaning all this stuff, I put a solution in the toilets to make them smell nice and another dude comes in to wash the floor.

Toilet Tales
Hello again!I have a few stories about my days in my Christian Elementary school.These stories are about the accidents of my classmates.My group of friends and I never laughed at those unfortunate people,but I was always secretly interested.
Well anyway,in 1st grade a girl called Alice was sitting beside me.She messed herself quite a bit,and as we got older,the teachers always made me take her and other people that had accidents to the office.I think it was because I never laughed.Well anyway,the teacher called her up to correct her work and I kept working.Then I heard the teacher say "Oh" and I looked up.A large puddle was spreading around Alice's legs and her white tights were going yellow.The teacher took her to the toilet to change her underwear but Alice had to remain in the same tights.When she got back I took a look at her tights,and along with the yellow stain,there was a brown one.She had pooped herself too!She didn't tell the teacher,but dumped the load into the toilet and put her dirty tights back on.I think I was the only one who found out.

In 2nd grade,a girl was sitting on the "stage" in the class.(A step about half a foot high,and a few metres in area that held the teachers desk)>When the teacher returned she found a trail of liquid leading to that girls desk.It turned out she had peed herself while eating lunch!
Also,that same girl was up on the stage,queueing for the teachers desk.I was in my own desk talking to my friend and I looked up.The girl was holding her book and staring at the eacher's desk,but a large wet patch was forming on her crotch.Then it hit the floor and made a huge puddle.It was the first times I had seen an accident actually happen in school.My friend said "Teacher,Laura wet herself!" and she was taken care of.

In 3rd grade,our old teacher came in to our classroom and we sang a song for her.On her way out,she stared at Alice.Then Alice explained she had wet herself(again).She burst into tears,and the teacher told us that once she wet herself on a gate when she was running from a dog!
In 4th grade,I was in the assembly hall and it was completely deserted.I was back stage and I needed to pee,desperately.I was hopping around.I couldn't pee myself,for I never had before,and I was pretty popular in the eyes of the kids and the teachers.I was pretty much the class clown and I didn't want the joke to be on me!I pulled down my pants and peed onto the ground,then pulled them back up.Later on,the principal anounced over the intercom that someone had peed on the stage and would the person come to the office for a change of clothes.It was hilarious!They never found out.

Sometimes,you'd walk along the corridor and there would be a sheet of newspaper on the ground covering big yellow puddles.Sometimes people would crap themselves and you'd see a huge bulge.Sometimes,the toilets would be crowded at lunch and the teachers would be trying to get people out of cubicles and people would mess themselves in desperation!Anyway,gotta go but more stories later!

Shitting Chik
Ok, I was at school one morning, and I had to shit really bad, but all the toilet's were broken! I was holding it in for 10 hours! All of the sudden, I started pissing in my pants, I was so embarrassed, I ran home. My home is shared with 28 other people, and there is only 1 bathroom. All of them have bladder problems! I had to wait for 26 of them to go to the bathroom, which takes them a long time because they piss for at least 20 mins! I felt it coming! So, I ran outside, and opened the sewer thing! And in front of over 5,000 people, I took a shit! To my surprise it was diarrhea. I sat there for over 3 hours, because it wouldn't stop coming out! I was embarrassed, but relieved!

hey guys, i was wondering if u could tell more stories about male wetting experiences because i am not really interested in female wettings or any kind of pooping.

Hey, Anny from Canada again :-D I tell you, I love this site! The one and only place I can tell stories and others can tell their stories without judgment :-D I want to tell about a few more accident/bathroom stories.

Story #1: My aunt told me about some of her camp stories from her childhood. She told me about times when her and her bunkmates used to like playing jokes and pranks on each other. One time, she and the other girls waited until one girl was asleep, and when they were sure she was in a deep sleep, they filled a bucket full of warm water, and put her arm in the lukewarm water. Within a couple of minutes, the poor girl's pajamas, sheets, blanket and the whole mattress became soaked, and the girls hid the bucket, as the girl woke up, realizing she was soaked. The girl was pretty embarrassed, as anyone else would be being the target of the prank, but clothes can be easily washed, so she took a shower and pulled the wet sheets and stuff off the bed and asked for clean ones, and went back to sleep. Lol! Many of my friends when we were kids were tempted to do this at sleepovers, but I never liked the idea of humiliating someone and never did it. It was still an interesting and funny story though:-D

Story #2: A friend of my family's recalled a story of his from high school, which was a prank that was quite mean. Once, him and one of his friends put a laxative in one of their friends' chocolate milk and shook it up so he wouldn't know. The guy drank the chocolate milk without a clue, and soon enough, during lunch, the guy had to poop, but couldn't hold it and shit himself in the cafeteria. How embarrassing :S I never admire anyone who do things like that and I wouldn't put someone's reputation or health at stake. Being slipped a laxative is not fun, I've never had it done to me on purpose, but I understand how it would feel.

Story #3: One time my sister, who was 5 at the time(she's 9 now) had the flu, but she felt okay at first, so my mom took her to daycare, and daycare would later take her to school. Well, they got to where the daycare was and my sister started to complain she needed the bathroom, so my mom tried to open the door to the daycare, but it wasn't open yet, so my mom told her to hold on and we'll try to get to a coffee shop to use the toilet, but a couple of seconds later, my sister got a panicked look on her face and started to cry. "I can't hold it!" My mom tried to tell her to hold it for one more minute, but my sister lost it. The poor kid had horrible diarrhea in her pants. It filled her pants and underwear fast, and created a huge bulge and a big mess all over herself, so my mom was too late in getting her to a bathroom. They went home, and my mom helped her clean herself up, and the pants and underwear were trashed, so they had to throw them away. My mom put her in a bubble bath to make her feel better, and put her in clean pajamas and put her to bed, then called the school to let them know she was sick.

Story #4: Another accident story about my cousin, Chantal. This happened when she was about 3. She and I were playing outside, and I guess she forgot to use the potty before she went outside, because all of a sudden, she complained she had to "pee-pee". She was playing near the tree, and then she said "Pee pee!" in a panicked voice. She couldn't hold it anymore, and she started peeing in her shorts, all over her feet and legs and in her shoes. She made her way to the stairs to try to get in to the bathroom, but it was too late, she'd wet herself already, and my aunt was not happy. "Pee pee!" my cousin whined. "It's too late!" my aunt said, and took her inside to be changed.

Story #5: Another accident story about my sister. She had the flu again that same year(the same year as the accident outside daycare). My mom and her were walking home from school. We were living on the top(4th) floor apartment with no elevator, so you can imagine my sister's agony. By the time they finally got upstairs, my sister was pounding on the door, and I came to the door, and opened it. She stood there with a panicked look on her face, and she said "I pooed my panties." She then half-waddled, half-ran to the bathroom, and took a long time in there. I told my mom what happened, and my mom went in the bathroom. "I pooed myself Mommy." "Where, Alyssa?" "Here, and here, and here." In a sympathetic voice: "Oh, Alyssa." "I'm sorry Mommy!" "It's okay honey, it was an accident, you should have told me you didn't feel well though." Then "Ohhh...pants and panties in here, they can't be worn anymore." Then she helped my sister clean herself up, gave her a bath, changed her into clean clothes, and then my mom cleaned the floor. Poor kid :( She's had so many diarrhea/flu-related accidents, including about 5 or 6 while having the flu this year.

Story #6: Now that I think about it, I did have an accident in my teen years before the flu and laxative incidents. One night someone was taking too long in the bathroom and my poor bladder was bursting, so I asked my mom how much longer she was going to be and she said she was going to be a while because she was pooping. Oh man...I was in agony, so I decided to go back to my room and wait. I closed the door, and then sat on the floor, but the bending action unleashed my full bladder and I started peeing all over the floor. It streamed across the floor, and before I knew it I was in a puddle. Omg...I was embarrassed...15 and had an accident!? I cleaned up the puddle with some cleaner and paper towel, and rinsed the panties and hid them until they were dry and then when my mom left for work in the morning, I threw them in the washer and dryer, and they were clean when I got home from school. Phew...I wasn't caught at least, otherwise my mom would have probably embarrassed me or something.

So that's it for now. I love all these stories, please post more everybody :-D More from me later!

xo Anny

Most guys say that they have a big problem pissing with an erection but I have never experienced that. When I was a teenager and I would really have to go, I always got an erection because of the full bladder sensations. Like I already said, I wet my pants in high school a few times even though that is a little old to be wetting your pants. I just drank too much in the morning then held it too long. I never completely pissed my pants at that age, just a couple of big squirts, enought to thoroughly wet the crotch. I wore close fitting briefs though so it limited the erection but once I released my thing from it's restraint I had a full erection. It wasn't so hard that I could not aim it into the toilet. Just the act of pointing it down would soften it a little. The only problem was at school when I was peeing into a urinal and everybody could see it. Most urinals are designed so you can piss straight out or even upward at an angle. At that age it can curve upward and stick up at a 45 degree angle sometimes. It was difficult getting it back into my underwear but I eventually found out that if I squeeze it at the base, the erection would go down somewhat. A lot of boys at that age did the same thing in the bathroom, or else they would just stand there for a minute waiting for the swelling to go down. Some would stand very close to the urinal and others further back so that you could see. Whenever I sat on the toilet for a #2, I got an erection. It was the combination of the sensation of the toilet seat against my butt, then when the #2 begins, the turd stimulates the prostate on the way out of the chute. A hard turd, up to a point, was more stimulating. That is why the toilet seats have an open front, it gives you a lot more room; with the smaller toilets, your thing just kind of gets stuck under the seat. Hardly anyone seems to know the reason for those open fronts on public toilet seats but that is the reason plus it is also easier for women changing tampons and wiping. I have that type of seat at home and once in a while some friend will ask me why I want a seat that looks like a public restroom. Then I tell them the reason and it makes a lot of sense to them; they usually have never thought of the reason before. Hope U liked my story. Bye

Hello everyone!

I'm taking a hospital lab course this year and this weekend I'm going to have to do a little experiment. I'm going to have to take a STOOL SAMPLE from myself and bring it into class for testing! LOL!

I admit, that when I signed up all those months ago, all I ever pictured myself doing was taking blood samples and running tests on blood sugar levels. I never pictured I'd have to go a somewhat beyond taking my own BP & pulse rate! Before I even head to the toilet to get the sample, I have to stop eating red meat & certain vegetables because they'll mess up the results.

But I think it'll be interesting. I just hope I don't get an embarrassing "positive" on something or other.

Has anyone here ever done something simillar for a course they were taking? How did it turn out?

Take Care!


my cousin brad when he was lil used to like me and i neew but we still hung out.....he used to pee on his self alot! somtimes on purpose...and accidently poop. well my cousin and me and my other cousin were sitting there telling stories and he goes i got to pee and then i said me to so lets go and in our mad dash for the door he dtopped and said ut oh and peed every where he said he only had to go for 10 minutes but you so could tell it was a few hours after desperation point. and then he went to the bathroom and peed more and then the visited up here and he almost peed and pooped hiself let me no if u want me to tell you guys

Oh yes I almost forgot...some one asked about pregnancy and going to the bathroom. When my best friend's wife Jody was pregnant at age 20, she wet her pants almost every day toward the end of the pregnancy. She never wore diapers, which would be hard to put on, she sat on a towel, and then if it happened, it happened. She came over without her towel so I gave her one of mine and she peed on it. I didn't care. At the same time she was almost always constipated and tried several different laxatives that didn't work. I had some glycerin suppositories in my bathroom so I offered to stick one or two up her butt. I use them myself once in a while. Now, U have to be very close friends to be able to do this, otherwise don't attempt it. All three of us already had gone to the bathroom together many times when we were camping and drinking heavily, etc. Since I offered, she let me. I took her into the bathroom and lubed my finger with soap, then inserted 2 suppositories. The trick to doing this well is to press lightly against the hole, then in about 3 seconds the hole automatically opens. You don't want to just jam it in. I told her to sit down until she felt the urge to go. She got onto the toilet and after about 10 minutes, dropped about 4 logs. Now, she was so fat it was hard for her to wipe and I knew she was really messy, so I wiped her. The shit was soft and she had pinched it a little. It took about 17 wipes and we didn't flush; we let it all soften up in the bowl water so we didn't wind up with a nasty clog, then flushed it later and it all went down. Well, that's what friends are for, to help each other out.

Hello Everyone!

Taking that stool sample for a class lab next week turned out to be more of an adventure then I anticipated...

I've been eating mainly grains, fruits, avoiding red meat and specific vegetables as per the instructions that came with the sample kit we were given. So, last night I took out a few celery sticks, cheese & some vegetable salsa for a late snack. Initially, I didn't feel like having a BM at the time and planned on taking the sample some time tomorrow.

Unfortunately, I TOTALLY forgot that some hot spices get the GI tract moving faster - which is EXACTLY what happened. About ten minutes after my celery & salsa snack, I felt a HUGE urge to go, and so I was left hopping around and scrambling to find the sample kit... the other things I needed to collect the stools... and finally, I had to read the instructions over again to be sure I wasn't doing anything wrong.

So clutching my burning stomach full of salsa & trying to hold back a rectum that was just aching to push out a tonne of crap, I went into my downstairs bathroom for some privacy. Hurriedly, I placed a large garbage bag on the floor, took off my shorts, and squatted down over the bag.
My urge was VERY powerful and it didn't take a second or two to push my load out and onto the plastic. I felt (and saw) two large chunks fall onto the black plastic, landing with a big Thump! Thump! and then I passed perhaps 4 or 5 small "marbles" onto and around the two big chunks.

Each of the two main pieces was 2" W - no doubt about it. However, one piece was quite a bit longer than it's cousin - ~8" for the larger, & 4" for the smaller. Looking at them closely, it looks like each had two kinds of poop. They were primarily a hard texture and dark chocolate-brown colour but a lot of the 'knobbly' bits were actually a much softer & lighter kind of consistency (almost like peanut butter.) I think it was exactly the same kind of stuff I would see when I pass a 'rope' during a BM. It even had the same diarrhoea-like smell.

When I was complete taking the samples and taking some notes, I sat down on the toilet & finished my poop session. As luck would have it, I didn't take the chance and do it on the plastic bag because EVERYTHING THAT CAME was a THICK LIQUID!! That would have been a HUGE mess I would have had to deal with.

Since I was now done I began to clean up. So I took the garbage bag to the toilet, holding it rather gingerly. BIG mistake! The pieces began rolling down quickly - landing on the floor & toilet seat. I dropped the bag to prevent any more of the stuff from landing on the floor and knocked my loose-leaf paper protector (for the notes I took while examining my stools.) And as luck would have it, my plastic sheet protector (& the notes contained within!) landed square on the large pieces of my shit that were still on the garbage bag!!
It took a lot of careful dexterity & latex gloves, but I managed to remove the notes w/o getting them dirty. The plastic protector, however, was covered in it. For a few minutes I thought about cleaning it up with some soap & disinfectant, but I decided just to throw it out. Acting with a much steadier hand this time, I disposed of the remaining poop on the garbage bag into the toilet took the bag & the shitty paper protector outside to our rubbish bin.

Finally, I spent 10 or 15 minutes cleaning the floor & toilet seat of my poopy mess.

All things taken into account, I think it was still a fun thing to do!
I still have one more kit that I can use. I may just take another sample for the heck of it.

Take Care!


my story is made up of pain and pure shame, my story starts at work and i work in a male spa, well its kind of a mind body spirit camp for over stressed males and athleats, the role of my position was to be the model in demonstration procedures (however) the demonstrations require me to be nude to show the definition in body structure and presure points, the job was in the country of spain, the glorious land of spain hmmm.... yes well let me inform you about the food of spain, f??g hot and spicy, thats it. one sunday nite me and fellow work mates went for a nite on the town, we started up wif a all you can eat knock off asian reasturant wich was not run by asian people which over priced everything, we stuffed our faces with dodgy looking food and lots of tequila and continued to party and club through the nite, i was home around 3;30 am and crashed out. i was awoken by my alarm, jumped up put on my clothes and drove to work, on the way i felt the urge to take a dummp, my dumps usally occour in the afternoon so i was surprised, i ignored the cramps and proceded into work . i checked in and reported to carlo (my cordernator) he allocated the jobs for the day, my first job for the day was a yoga lession, so u can use your imagination the positions i had to get in was rather in your face if you will, so im in the nude teaching yoga to a english football team, so the class consisted of 8 people and the class is taken in the nude so we start to streach and compleet the yoga. the next exercise was presure point allocation, so i was required to lay down on a table in the nude and get my pressure points pointed out, it this moment i felt rather sharp stabbing pains in the gut, the waves of pain was intence, i was just about finished for the class when the boss had one more pressure point it was to press down on my gut!! so imagine this im on my back, with my legs spread like im going to give birth with this big german man comming over to continue when the waves start to become more unbareable, when i asked if i could have a minute, he couldnt understand my english as he pushed down on my gut.... so you can imagine what happend... liquid shit just squirted out of my ass covering the floor and two footballers feet and thys the smell was unbarable, the instructor didnt see the liquid shit and continue to push down on my gut and allmost instant liquid shit , green jets of liquid shit was flying out of me infront of the foot ball team, with lots of laughter and about three pushes of liquid shit the shame i encountered was indefinate,
it is constantly laughed about, and the story is called when max shat

Black Mariah
ANNY-- I like most stories on here, but my favorites are desperation stories that end in accidents.

SWEET SURVEY-ER--- Thank you for the welcome and I'm glad I could help you. That has to be stressful for your boyfriend, especially the accident at your friends house. I can't imagine how that must feel. I do have desperation stories for you. :) Here goes:

T start off, I should let you know that I am married with a 4 y/o old daughter. My wife and I were going on a weekend trip to a mountain town about 4 hours from home. This was before our daughter was born, before Jada and I were married, it was a month before I turned 16. Her dad decided to take the 2 of us on this vacation. I had had 2 cups of coffee before we left and her dad had told us both that we better use the bathroom before leaving the house. I did, but coffee always makes me have to pee more than once, but I gave it no thought. I was just excited about going on vacation with Jada, since I had never been on vacation before with anyone but family. Well, we were on the road for about half an hour when I realized I was going to need a bathroom very soon. Here I was, this young teenage boy, trapped in a car with my beautiful goth girlfriend whom I was still trying to impress and her intimidating father that I was TERRIFIED of making a bad impression in front of, struggling to hold out as long as I could. Five minutes passed and I was squeezing my bladder muscles as tight as I could. I knew we'd have to stop soon. I just couldn't hold it much longer. I thought about just slowly letting it seep out, into my black leather pants. Surely it wouldn't soak through. But what if it ran down my leg onto the floor mats? This guy would be furious if he found out that I peed in his Cadillac. So....I did the sensible thing and asked him if we were stopping anywhere on the way. He said we'd go to a reststop to stretch our legs. But it would be another 2 hours. TWO HOURS!? I could never last that long. I wanted to cry. I wanted to scream. I wanted to pee more than anything. I put my hands on my pockets and squeezed the tip of my penis, trying to hold out longer. Jada noticed and whispered in my ear "Do you need to pee?" I turned completely red and didn't want to answer her. But there was no denying it. I HAD to go. Jada asked her father if we could stop somewhere before the reststop. At first he said no. Then Jada saw a McDonalds sign up ahead. She begged him to stop. She told him she was dying for icecream, that she was craving it so badly. He said okay. When we got there, it was just my luck--the drive thru was packed, but the parking lot was empty. Her dad thought it would be better to go inside. He said he'd wait in the car and let us, since being seen with dad wasn't cool. Jada and I walked in. I had one hand holding hers and the other holding myself. She went up to the counter and I ran to the rest room. I barely got in before the flood gates gave way. Luckily I only had a couple of short spurts in my pants, the rest went in the urinal. Jada got her icecream, I got to pee and the rest of the trip went off without incident. Her dad turned out to be a really cool guy and we hit it off great. We still get along great. Jada saved me that day and that night I made it up to her. I took her to an amusement park and won a huge stuffed animal for her at one of those ring toss booths. I realized that day that Jada was the girl of my dreams and that I loved her more than anything. Our wonderful daughter Sheena was born 9 months later..... >:)

Hope you enjoyed the story! More to come.


Hello everyone! I don't know if anyone remembers me, but I used to post on here about 3 or 4 years ago. For any new ppl, I'm 23, 5'5", curvy girl, pale skin, black hair, tattooed. I'm an assisstant manager at a store in the mall.

For everyone who wants to know how to get your partner involved or open with bathroom habits, all it takes is asking sometimes. I have a wonderful boyfriend whom I have been dating for nearly 6 months. And we are vrey open.

It started after we'd been together a month or so. One night I mentioned that I had always wondered what it would be like to pee like a guy, to hold it while going, etc. At this point, my b/f had never even used my bathroom at my house. It seemed like this guy never peed. We laughed about it and nothing more was said until a few nights later.

That night I had just gotten out of the shower, when he came in and said he really needed to pee. I said "Oh, okay, and walked out and started to close the door on my way out when he stopped me. He said, "I thought you might want to hold it for me while I go...." I was so excited! I'd never had an opportunity like this and I couldn't believe I finally had a chance. I stood on his right side and held his penis for him and he peed for what seemed like forever. I actually had a pretty good aim!

After that night, we became more and more open. We pee in front of each other all the time now. We stayed at the lake a month ago and I peed outside for the first time ever. I pulled my black bathing suit to the side, squatted and peed on the red ground by the lake. He peed right beside me. We also became more open about pooping. We haven't gone in front of each other yet, but when I used the out house the first time, he stayed outside and talked to me while I was going. It was dark outside with no lights around, so he was staying to walk me back to the camp ground when I was done. I was nervous, as I had always been okay with peeing in front of ppl, but very shy about pooping. However, after that first time, we can talk about it and even tell each other when we have to go. Its not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

Till next time,

Linda from Australia here again. As I type this, I can feel a decent sized poo moving down towards my anus. I've been dropping some nice loads over the last week. Yesterday morning and this morning, I did a big poo straight after I got up. Usually I have to eat breakfast to get the turds moving but this time I didn't have to. I did have to push a bit to get the loads out but it felt so satisfying. I have also been having a bit of trouble with poos, they have been a bit hard to push out. Last week I went 2 days without a dump but then when I finally did squeeze one out, the logs were short and skinny - not satisfying at all. I've also been having that 'unfinished' feeling each time I do a poo, which is normal for me but very annoying.

To Fat Woman: I love reading your posts!! Have you or Nina been constipated lately?? I wanted to ask you a question:
Do you watch the poo coming out of Nina's butt? Or does she watch your poo come out of your butt? Or do you just like to watch each other grunt and groan on the toilet?
How long does Nina's constipation usually last? What has been the longest time she has ever been constipated? What about you when you get constipated?

I have tried listening when my housemate goes to the toilet but I haven't heard any grunting or groaning yet. Today she pooped twice, I know when she drops a load because she always sprays air freshener afterwards. Last night she did a poo aswell.

I've been dropping loads at work too. Not too often but when I really have to go, I will go at work. One time I felt the urge to go and it was only about 10am. I knew I couldn't hold out until I got home, although I tried holding on for a while. I excused myself and went to the toilet. I did a small poo but it was satisfying and I felt finished. I probably would've pooped my pants if I didn't go when I did.

new guy
New poster here.
This is a story from 1999, when my two sons were 7 yrs old called Malcom and 4 yrs old called James
My wife (who was the one who found this site and told me to post this story) was in Dorset and i was down in London, in the car with my two kids going to meet her. in the morning i thought that they had only drunk 1 small glass of apple juice, i was very wrong. apparently they had both drunk between them 3 cartons of juice, disaster...
It was a 3.5 hr drive to dorset so i expected to stop off for toilet breaks but nothing prepared me for what happened!
I noticed my younger son fidgeting about 1hr 30 mins into the ride and so was my older son, they both obviously had to pee but they knew and i knew that they would easily make it to the next turnoff (in 50 km's), or so i thought...
20 mins later we hit a traffic jam (v. common on the A303), uh oh.
'Dad, when's the next rest stop, we need to pee'.
'i don't know, in about 40 mins becasue of this jam'
'fine, we can make it'.
30 mins later we were still stuck and their fidgeting was much worse, they were getting desperate and they both squeezing their things tightly but the exit was still 10 miles away and we were still in heavy traffic.
'DAD! i really need to go, and so does James, we can't hold it much longer', said Malcom
'just a few minutes, can you hold on'?
'i don't think so, can you James'. The question was answered for him as James let a small squirt into his trousers, a small wet patch appeared. 'damn, ok, lets get you both out of the car, you can pee on the side of the road'. Being only 7 and 4 they did'nt care about showing the rest of england so we dashed from the car, with both of them letting small squirts away. Malcom and james dashed for bushes with me following them. I helped james pee (i have never seen a longer pee from a 4 yr old, easily 30 seconds!) while Malcom was dancing around, squeezing tightly. When James had finished i turned and then it dawned on me that Malcom's zipper was stuck. we tried to pull his trousers but to avail. He started crying because of the pain of his overflowing bladder, and indeed there was a bulge visible through his shirt. 'dad, i can't hold it any longer'.
'please try, can you wait 10 mins to the turnoff'?
He had one last try with the zipper but in did'nt budge, i told him, hust go in you pants, it dose'nt matter. he relaxed and he peed for at least 1 minute.
I told my wife about it and she nearly wet herself laughing!

I just had a really bad accident I wanted to post about:

I am currently on vacation in Israel, and have been very irregular in my bathroom going. I have not really had a good crap in more than a week; only little bits have been coming out at a time. So, when I got up this morning, my stomach was rumbling, but I knew I would be unable to make anything come out, because that's how it's been for the past few days. I went downstairs with my dad and had breakfast (coffee and cheesecake), and then I left to walk to a nearby mall and look around (nothing much else to do). While walking in the street I got a really strong urge to go to the bathroom, but knew there was no bathroom around. I tried to let out a few small farts, and that seemed to be working well. Suddenly, however, I got an extremely strong urge that ripped through my stomach. I managed to barely hold it all in, and could feel a little bit sticking out of my ass. When I walked I could feel it jiggling and wanting to come out. Was a very unplesant feeling for sure. I had been walking for about ten minutes, so I figured going back to the hotel would take even longer then getting to where I was going. Unfortunetly, I got a bit lost on the way. I kept walking on the wrong street for another ten minutes looking for the mall, and was getting pretty desperate now. I kept hoping that a lot had not leaked out by then, and that it would not be very noticeable. I got another extremely strong urge, and felt like I was about to burst. Suddenly and luckily, I recognized where I was. There was another mall that I had been to the other day with my dad (Tel Aviv is such a tiny city in that way), I ran into there and looked for the bathroom. When I found it, I ran into the handicapped stall, and let out a torrent of semi-solid, semi liquid shit. I looked around afterword, and noticed that they (of course) had no toilet paper. I looked at the damage, and saw that the boxers I was wearing were covered in a layer of crap, but that the pants had suffered minimal damage. I left without wipping (which was a big mistake), and then started walking back. I kept hoping that no one would notice that I smelled or etc, but at the same time I decided it would be silly to have walked all the way and not go to the store that I had intended to in the first place. On the way back, I found the cd store that I had intended to look at in the first place, and went inside. I don't think anyone noticed anything, but I know that I definetly smelled quite a bit. I spent about ten to fifteen minutes there looking at cds, and foolishly bent up and down to get a good look at everything. When I got back to my hotel room I raced into the bathroom, and after wipping took a horrified look at my pants. They were now completely stained with a huge ink blot stain of crap. My underwear were definetly beyond salvagable, and so I threw them away. I took soap and water and washed the pants untill they were not to obviously filled ( I didn't want to tell my father about the accident), and then put them in the laundry bag. It was by far the worst accident I have had in years. I wonder how many people on the street and in the cd store saw me, and if they noticed at all?

Brian at Sears
Hi Folks: the other evening, me and my buddy Jason went to dinner at Subway sandwich shoppe. We returned and 'hit the head" There was nobody in the mens lounge, HOWEVER , whoever was in just before us left their calling caeds, each toilet bowl had a large log floating in it with a wad of stained toilet tissue. The funny thing is, each log was a different color !!! One was regular browm, one was bright green, and one was yellow-brown !!!! all were about 6-8 inches..We sat down, and expelled noxious waste... Of course a customer walks in, looks in the avilable bowl, and mumbles 'green shit, huh" sits down and starts farting and shitting. Now all three toilets are in play, and the entry door swings open, and 2 middle-aged tatoo covered bikers walk in, see us 'on the bowls" and start laughing..."Classic mens room, just like I grew up with.. never had doors until recently", "never needed them" the other biker said, and we all laughed. Jason and me finished up, wiped, flushed and the bikers took our seats. It sounded like a nuclear explosion it was sooooooo loud. We washed up, and said 'take care", and they smiled and said "you too guys"...We paused outside the mens lounge, for a few swigs of water, and HEARD their farting LOUD and CLEAR right through the closed entry door, along with their conversation, and all of our stench creeped through the vent in the door..funny, nice guys ...

Good evening all. Wow another warm day, tho with a soft cooling breeze.
I was fortunate today I had a days leave....I lazed in bed til after 10.30 dozing on and off. Then my bladder woke me telling me how urgent I needed a pee. I reached for my container, but remembered it had been used during the nite so, laid there and then decided to try peeing lying down.
I went downstairs and found some plastic sheeting and laid that on the floor with several towels on now I was bursting and having to do the pee dance to keep it in.
Once prepared I laid on the towels (on the floor so as to reduce risk of spillage) but as desperate as I was by now I couldnt relax my sphincter. I stopped trying for a few minutes, then had a nother no avail. God the pain was terrific......I bent my knees up and opened my legs as wide as I could and pulled my puss lips apart...I managed a dribble...I tried and tried but even tho I was at bursting point I couldnt 'let go', something to do with naughty bedwetting do you think?
Eventually I thought its no use I will have to go to the bathroom, as soon as I stood up, gravity must have taken over coz I bent to pick up the towels and a spurt came out....I made a dash for the bathroom but only got as far as the door when pee was runnign down my legs......I stuffed the towels between my legs thinking Id make it to the loo but wee was pouring from me and I couldnt stop, so I had to hold the towles between my legs, hop back onto the plastic and peed for about 2 minutes non bum,legs, feet were soaked......the towels were dripping and there was a puddle on the plastic...what a mess.

After lunch I went into the garden and was deadheading the flowers, when I felt the need for a further squatting down....I opened my legs a little and just weed as I weeded!!! My neighbour came to the fence and chatted and didnt realise I was having a pee...I waited til she went before standing up as my shorts were soaking.

I was on a recent bush walk and it reminded me of a situation years ago when I went camping with a mate of mine and his girl friend. We stopped the first night at a modern camping ground. The g/f said she had been a bit constipated and took a laxative that morning she went to use the toilet but to no avail...she did not feel comfortable about using public toilets. We then set off into the bush and pitched a tent before night fall..she took another laxative. That morning I arose and went bush and did a good shit...all came oput in one firm but easy log. My mate disappeared for a while and I guess he did similar and meanwhile the g/f sat there holding her stomach in pain but refusing to bare her slim arse to the elements and expel that which was causing her pain. My mate begged her to have a try but she would not. We broke camp and hiked a short distance up a mountain...on descent she said she just may have to poo but when it cam e to the point of doing the deed she could not even drop her shorts> After a while we came to a touist location which had public toilets She did go in but there were too many people in the ladies toilet and whilst she did sit down could not get a result. We departed that area and headed into the bush and pitched camp near a creek...... and then she picked up a shovel, toilet roll and headed for the bush. A little while later she returned with the look of victory and relief. She gave a repeat performance about an hour later. Now if she had have not been so hung up she would have had a more comfortable time!!!

Hey guys!The other day I was at the cinema wit my friend and it was scorching hot day.Inside the cinema,it was kind of clammy and I was just wearinga pair of short trousers and a t-shirt.Halfway throughthe movie,I moved a bag of sweets of my lap and noticed my crotch was wet.I froze.I would have noticed if I had peed myself.I cautiously felt myself trying to work it out.And then I realised it was sweat.See,I had peed in my pants a bit by accident before I came to the cinema and they were still damp.Well with the heat the dampness got even damper with sweat and now I had a big wet crotch.Without thinking I took my soda and pured over my legs and crotch and then said "Oh crap" and pretended I had spilled my drink.My friend Anna looked over and laughed and thought nothing of it.So with the sweet smell of the Cola to cover any bad smells,I thought it would be nice to just pee myself right there.I kinda lifted myself off my seat,so I would get my but wet,and just peed onto the seat.It was nice!

TO Richard:
LOVELY stories! It's wonderful to hear how quickly she has taken to your presence with her in the bathroom.

A few questions that popped into my mind while reading your accounts:

-Does your wife frequently get skid-marks in her panties?
-I was wondering if she has she ever asked you to wipe her?
-Does she prefer her solid movements to her usual messy ones? (On that note, what did she eat to give her a 10" jobbie??)



The summer heat has finally arrived, and with it my thoughts have turned to love. For me, it's *never* a Spring thing... At that time of the year I'm usually complaining about how cold & wet I am. Anyway, just recently I have found a very lovely lady who shares many... many... of the same likes/dislike & other traits. After waiting for a LONG while & summoning up the courage, I finally asked her last week about how she would feel if I accompanied her to the toilet when she was having her BMs. I got a real shock when she said, "Yes! Of course you can come. I wouldn't mind at all!". "Is that what you were so nervous about all day?? Why where you so nervous about asking?" And she giggled.

I asked her a day before she had planned to go out East to visit her relatives. But she insisted that it would be perfectly okay and that I could join her when she gets back from her time with her kin.

So Stay Tuned I guess!

Hopefully, I'll have some stories to tell within 3 or so weeks!

Take Care!


Hiya Mr Clogs.

I ue an ice cream carton, the 2 litre type. I did only use it the once to poop in as I had diarhoea, but it wasnt succesful as I said, coz I was intent on making sure my butt was over the carton, I peed over the front.

My b/f does seem to like me to pee in it...and has used it himself now does turn me see him so causally flip his pee pee over the edge and just go......mmm

I notice you use fabric conditioner containers.easy I guess for a man, just flip it in the top.

I do like to pee on a folded up towel as I sit here at my P.C, but thats striclty for when Im alone, I just love the full feeling, that turns into desperation and then squirt until Im doing a full on gusher.....but as I say thats for my more 'private moments'....and for what always follows, if you get my drift!!!!

Hope youre having a good weekend....

Sunday, July 16, 2006

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