Well I've got a story from when I was a kid.I was about 7 yrs old and I was at my grandma's just around halloween.All my cousins were there.I went out into grandma's garden at one stage and found my cousin Will(6)peeing against a wall.I was curious.Even at a young age I liked bathroom activities.I went over."How come you don't pee inside,Will?"I asked.He shrugged and said he was too busy and it's better to pee outside.Well even at that age I knew that boys were "different"and it was much easier for them to pee standing up.I played with him and my other cousins James(5)Jade(5)and Ed(6).Well we were playing hide and go seek and James went off to pee.He was in swimming trunks and just peed through them.Eventually Ed did too but Jade and I couldn't do that.After a while though,we seemed to want to pee for fun.I don't know what put the idea into our heads.But before I knew it,we were racing to other parts of the garden to pee.Of course I sat down to pee,and the guys thought I had done a poop.We drank loads to pee even more.The whole time James just let loose through his shorts and they were getting pretty wet.Then the guys dared me to go poop.So I sat on the wall,pulled my pants down a little and pushed.It was coming out when our uncle came out and asked us what we were doing.I hurried to pull up my pants with the poop still coming.We all just shrugged and then he wanted to take a picture of us.I stood to the back and let the poop fall into my panties.After our uncle went away all the guys asked me about it and then we went inside.We were chatting in one of the rooms on the bed and I wanted to pee,but the bathroom was being used,so I pulled down my pants,shunted my butt under the bed and let loose.It was a weird day but I have peed like that many times.In my room under my bed when I'm desperate.On a towel.Anywhere.It's great!

Chris ( Toast)
Hey, This isnt realy on the subject but I thought I would share this little factoid with you. As I menteniond in an earlyer post, I work at Brookshires ( Grocery Store). Well I had to clean the bathrooms the other day and it wasnt that dirty job but what I want to comment on is that the Wemons bathroom are alwayas way dirtyer than the mens, I mean Toilet Paper all over the floor, unflushed toilets ( femenin products) laying about. the mens bathroom isnt half that bad, well we dont have (femenin products) but thers plenty of other things we could do if we put our minds to it. my point is we dont. My question is why are wemon more slopy and desgusting than men?

Hello everybody my name is jean and im a spanish 200 pound girl. one day i was constpated and i new that the bowel movement insside of me was a big trucker but it would not come out. i went to my bathroom unziped my pants and slid down my red thong out from my big brown smooth juicy booty crack. i said on the toilet and pushed really hard. my anus slowly opened and the turn poked throug it would not come out so iwent to my low mirror and squated to see my anus open and close the poo was big inside of my hairy anus. i sat bak on the toilet and pushed and i felt with my hand my inside of my booty crack and the poop slowly came out arggggggggg ARGGGGGG! it hurts in the end it came out

Once I was on holidays with a group of friends.We were staying in little "rooms" by the beach.I shared with my two friends.Well,one day,we were splashing in the pool and I got the urge to pee.Well,we were staying in this large complex.It had a mixture of one large hotel with a restaraunt and stuff,some houses and our "rooms".The pool was down some steps from one of the hotel entrances and the restaraunt had some bathrooms but you weren't allowed use them unless we bought something.I had no money so we set off to find a toilet.We were a while away from my room so we decided to find a bathroom somewhere.We walked through the giant complex-it was more like a town with little estates of houses.But my friend Anna and I couldn't find one.I began to hold myself and finally,Anna ran off because she saw our other friend,Martha.I parked myself on someone's wall,spread my towel over my legs and peed through my swimsuit.I looked around and the resident of the house next to me was staring at me while I was peeing on his wall.I blushed and got up mid pee.When Martha and Anna came back I said it was OK and let's go for a swim.I have more stories about that holiday but I gotta go now!

hey guys, you might remember me from when i wrote about the brown noise experience. im back. i have been seeing more posts about pooping and peeing accidents, so i think i will add one. the other day i went to the store and bought myself some diapers that would fit me, so that when i feel the urge to go #1 or #2, and i dont feel like waiting around to go outside i can put one on. well, yesterday i woke up with a horrible stomache ache, so i hurried dowmstairs to take a shit. 30 minutes later i was in the bathroom again. keep in mind i wanted to ride my bike to get a huge cream filled dougnut that morning before they ran out, so i was sick of waiting to feel better so i could leave, so i slipped on a diaper, which just fits my 145lbs of 17 yearold ass, and out i went. my mom and dad were at work and my sister stayed over at a friends house. so i get there and have my dougnut and by the time i was done my ass was bursting for a major shit, so i hauled ass out of there on my bike and into an ally where i just let go and my diaper was filling by the second. it felt so good to shit myself. then after the easy stuff came out, i had to push the remainder of the soft shit into the already completely filled diaper. it was so full that it started comming up into the crotch of the diaper. i'm surprised that no shit came out of the leg openings, probably because the diaper was to tight around the legs. then it felt really cool to sit on my HUGE load when i got back on my bike.
when i got home i was alone and didnt feel like cleaning myself up, so i just sat around in my poop filled diaper for a while. thats not the first or last time i shit myself on purpose.

I didn't have any accidents in elementary school. I had a few in high school, so that is opposite to most people I guess. I think it is because in elementary school, when I had to go, I would go. In high school, I would try to hold it too long.

Jimi (Martha's cousin)
Hi Everybody,

I have a little more time now to finish my story. Last time I wrote about how I finally got the courage to piss my pants in front of my cousin Martha. It was almost as if I was being initiated into her pottypants club; she wets and messes her pants often, even now at age 13, just because she seems to enjoy it and doesn't care what people think. I was still curious about going number two in my pants, just to see what it was like. But it didn't turn out too well, my experience was so bad that I never did it again.

I knew that pooping my pants was going to be more complicated than peeing them. For one thing, the cleanup would be much harder. For another, there was no easy way to disguise it. Even though a poop accident might not be as visible, it was definitely more smellable, and no one would mistake crappy pants for muddy ones. And there was the problem that I usually poop only once a day, in the morning around breakfast time; the urge is so strong at that time that I usually can't wait, but at any other time of the day I don't have to go.

Martha said she'd help me, so we agreed to meet on a Saturday morning. The plan was that we'd go down to the creek. I'd smuggle some clean clothes over to her house to change into afterwards, and she'd take care of washing my clothes. I would shower off in her bathroom, and if anyone asked why I was showering, our story would be that I'd fallen into the creek again and gotten all muddy.

The first time I tried it, it didn't work, because I'd gotten only part way to her house when I realized I couldn't hold it long enough, and so I ran back home, barely making it to the bathroom. In retrospect, if only I hadn't made it, and had a real actual accident, I might have had an easier time.

The following weekend I got up and hurriedly got dressed. Carrying a clean pair of underwear and shorts, I shouted to my mom as I left that I was going to Martha's house, ran out the door, slammed it behind me, and walked rapidly down the street. Martha met me at the door and, after stashing my clean clothes in her room, we went down to the creek. My poop was urgently pressing to get out, and although I went through a moment of indecision about how I should position myself (should I stand up, sit down, squat, bend over, sit on the ground?), in the end I decided to stand and bend over slightly. By this time I had to go so bad that I experienced none of the fear or inability to relax that I had felt when I'd tried to wet my pants.

With a tremendous feeling of relief, I let go and pushed a huge load of crap into my underpants. Martha said she could hear the crackling sound as I crapped myself, and she clapped her hands in delight. She was right, the feeling was wonderful. It was warm, and heavy, and aromatic, and with every movement I was reminded of its presence. I let her look down the back of my pants, just as she'd let me look at her accident. With Martha at my side, we began slowly making our way back across the farmer's field toward her house; I walked carefully so as not to mash the poop in my pants.

And then, disaster! As we stepped gingerly over the tumble down fence that divided Martha's backyard from the field, my mother came around the side of Martha's house and was walking toward us. I stood stock still. Martha hesitated behind me. What was I going to do? I had fully shit my pants, there was no way she wasn't going to notice. I had no idea what I was going to tell her, how I was going to explain. She was telling me something about me forgotting to go to sign up for a camp. She approached until she was right in front of me, and I think the look on my face told her something was wrong before she even smelled it. "What's the matter, Jim?" "Um," I stammered, and threw a glance over my shoulder towards Martha, who was also standing there speechless. And then my mother said, "What's that smell?" "Um," I said again. A look of shock came over her face as she began to realize what I'd done. "Jim, did you poop in your pants? Oh, Jim ..."

"I gotta get going," said Martha and she sidled away. My mother and I stood there, facing each other, neither of us saying anything, and then she said, "C'mon, let's go home. Jesus, Jim, why on earth did you do this? You know, we have to get to that sign-up, now we're going to be really late." I knew she was pissed off now, as she said, "What possessed you to shit your pants on purpose?"; she never swore unless she was really angry. I had no answer for her as we walked home. My face felt hot with shame. I considered claiming it was accidental, but I knew that wouldn't fly. For one thing, I'd been with Martha, who had a reputation for wetting and messing her pants on purpose. And eventually the clean clothes I left at her house would come to light.

I thought it couldn't get any worse, but it did: as we approached our house, my neighbor Kevin came out to meet us. Something in our faces made him stop and not come up to talk with us, but as I passed him and climbed the sidewalk toward our front door, I heard him give a snort of laughter, and I knew that he could see what I'd done.

My mother grimly handed me a plastic bag and told me to go to the bathroom and clean up. Once behind the locked door, I pulled my pants down and saw the huge mass of poop in my underwear, mashed into a pile the size of a large baking potato. The cleanup was horrendous. The seat of my tan shorts were stained with poop. Some pieces of crap fell off my legs onto the floor and I had to wipe them up too. I had no idea how to clean the poop out of my clothes, so I shoved them into the plastic bag. And as I showered off, the crap gathered on the floor of the shower and blocked the drain; I had to bend down and force it through the little holes in the drain. I also had to cup water in my hands and throw it against the walls of the shower stall and the shower curtain, as crap had splattered there. Each time I thought I'd gotten rid of it all, I'd find another piece in a fold of my body, or on my toenail. And all this while my mom periodically knocked on the door, telling me to hurry up.

She told me I could wash my clothes after we got back from the sign-up, and we travelled there and back in silence. I had to wash off my shitty shorts and underwear in the laundry sink in the basement, scrubbing them with soap and bleach and water, and finally putting them through a wash cycle in the machine, and then washing out the laundry sink with lysol and a scrub brush. When I was finally finished, my mom sat me down for a talk.

I don't know why, but I ended up telling her the whole story: about Martha pooping in her panties in front of me, about me watching her clean herself up, about peeing in my pants at the creek, about just being curious. I begged her not to say anything to Martha's parents, I didn't want to get her in trouble, and it wasn't her fault that I did what I did.

Mom told me that she didn't want me going off alone with Martha anymore. That Martha "has some emotional problems", and that I wasn't helping anything by encouraging her. That I was too old to go to the bathroom in my pants, that Martha was too, and that both of us were getting too old to be intimate in that way around each other. And then she left me alone, and the rest of the day was pretty awkward. I know she told my dad too, who didn't say anything to me but kept glancing at me and then looking away when I noticed. I felt totally ashamed and embarassed, and disgusted with myself.

The only thing that could have made it worse is if she'd told Martha's parents about it, but thankfully she didn't. But it took a long time before Kevin and the other neighborhood kids let me forget about it. My fascination about going to the bathroom in my pants wasn't exactly over -- even now I can still remember the warm comforting weight of the poop in my pants, swaying gently back and forth as I walked across the field -- but the consequences were so humiliating that I was afraid to ever try it again.

Hi there when i ws young i always went 2 visit this girl, we always had a poop competition 2 see who produced the biggest turds.she was always firs and when she squated i pulled her buttocks appart 2 make it easier 4 her and she always winned with some big shits.

Recently,I have been wearing girl's boxers.I like the comfort,the way they're long and also they have come in handy for me.I was camping with my cousins at a lake.Now I'm close friends with my cousin,Rory,but he's a guy so I'm not that intimate.So,I was experimenting with these boxers and eventually started buying more.In the past I have actually bought boys underwear.As in the long shorts.Well,I was walking in the forest by the lake one day,far from our tent,and Rory was with me.I started to get a heavy urge to pee,and usually I would find a piece of forest to drop my trousers and go,but I couldn't with Rory.I kept going,but the urge got worse and I started to hold myself.Eventually I was about to admit to my desperation,when I remembered the fly on the front of my boxers.I thought it had been for decoration,as who would need a fly on a pair of girls underwear,but when I investigated,I found that it was for real,as some kind of joke.I took the chance.I took out my cell phone and pretended that Rory's younger brother was looking for him back at the tent.Rory said stay put and he sprinted off to the tent.Immediatley,I tore down the zip on my pants,meanwhile holding myself,and the fly on my boxers.Now I had to position myself.I bent my spine back a bit and positioned my "thing".Then,I let it flow and at first it dribbled,and then it shot on to the tree trunk I was standing at.There was me,peeing like a man,by a forest tree-and yet it felt great.It was free-none of those tools women use for standing up to pee.The stream tapered off and splashed back onto my trousers and underwear.I got a bit worried,but it didn't last long and I just zipped up my fly,still dribbling into my boxers,so it wouldn't show on my pants.When Rory came back I was standing at another tree so he wouldn't notice the puddle.I've got to do it again.Maybe into a toilet next time.

Mr. Clogs
alice: Thanks for your reply, I'm glad that your b/f likes it when you use the container and you like him using it as well. Wow, I guess you use your container for dual purpose. I thought you used just for peeing and for pooping as well. Oh by the way what kind of container do you use? Once again thanks for the reply and happy peeing and pooping in those containers, peace and love too. Have a nice weekend.

CD: Not a problem, anytime. I can't think of the other lady with the bowls and bags in, oh well thanks for reminding us. Those stories are far by an interest to read. Take it easy and have a nice weekend.

FatBoi: Cool post, dude you indeed are the luckiest man to witness that, wish I was there.

Oh I got a post to share about those containers so here goes. Last night I needed to pee, instead of staggering half asleep to the bathroom to pee in the toilet, instead I used my "infamous" pee container. This one is the Tide laundry detergent conainer you know those that washes like 5 or 8 loads of laundry. This container holds 1.5 litres of liquid just enough for those night time pees. I got up from my bed, closed my door for some privacy and to muffle the pissing sound. I undid the cap, pulled out the woody and let it rip filling it about half way. Then later on that same night, felt the urge to go again. I did the same. Well I had intentions of dumoing it in the morning, but I was rushing to get the work on time. So I didn't dump it oh well maybe next time. I was a little disappointed becaue I didn't fill up the container up to the brim. So I guess I'll use it again tonight filling that bad boy up.

Well I hope you enjoyed my post, have a great day, and enjoy your weekend. Happy peeing and pooping.


Mr. Clogs

It was a warm evening and I walked home from work across the park. I kinda felt the need for a pee before I left the office but figured I could make it no problems. Well as I set off I started to feel a real need to take a pee,the more I tryed to ignor it the more I wanted to go and I was aware that I was walking kinda strange and felt the need to pinch my crotch to stop me peeing. There are no bathrooms on this side of the park and I just knew that I would not make it with out an accident. Also the park was very busy with early evening workers walking in it. Suddenly I felt a spirt of pee drench into my thong and I knew I had to make a quick dissision so as not to pee myself as I walked along. I looked over to the grass and saw a lot of people just lounging around and reading etc on it. I had an idea and so quicky I found a place a way from most of the people sitting and carefuly sat down on the grass. This brought about tempory relief and so I had a few miniutes to work out my predicalment.Oh I needed to pee so bad. As I had a short dress on I decided to spread it out and over my bottom and sit with my legs out stretched as if sunbathing. Then I kinda pushed my puss downwards and as soon as I relaxed I let out a jet of pee into the grass. Well I was amazed at how much I needed to pee and it kinda started to hiss,fiz and bubble on the grass in front of me as I was peeing with all my might through my thong. I found that by leaning slightly backwards my pee shot forward a bit as my thong had been slightly parted from my puss with the force of my pee and as my dress was pulled back I only ended up with wet backs of legs and a drenched thong, far better than wetting myself as I walked along.
I don't think anyone saw me peeing but I did not care as they all would have seen if I had peeed whilst walking along or stood still.
Well after I finished I moved over a bit onto the dry grass and just sat there for a while feeling great and I had gotta away with peeing in a very public place. When I did get back home my boyfriend was kinda turned on by it all and the fact that I had an all over soaking wet thong.
Has anyone else done simular?

Toilet Tales
I'm new,but a long time lurker.15 yr old female.A funny story about me peeing in a urinal,when I was only 6 yrs old.I was in a bar with my relatives in a holiday resort.My cool cousin,Amy,dared me to go into the mens bathroom,which was wide open and had men going in and out.Well,I didn't want to let her down(it was like peer pressure) and my hairstyle was short enough,so I just shoved it under my baseball cap and she tried to make me more manly.I was wearing a sweater and a pair of jeans that had no particular gender so I could pass off for a boy.Amy shoved my cap low and told me what to do.I had to go into the mens bathroom and go over to the big tall toilets AKA urinals.I knew what they were as my other cousin,David, owns a bar(not this one)and he takes me around it when the bar is closed.Of course this would mean a trip to the urinal for him while I went into the men's cubicle.So Amy pointed the way and waited for me at the wide open door.I went in and saw the big urinals,the steel ones and went over.I unzipped my fly,bent back and began to pee.Of course,it didn't work out perfectly,as when the flow slowed,it got ontomy pants but it was no big deal.One man looked at me curiously and I made a quick get away.Still fun though!

Mike D
This may not really count as a toilet story, but...

Once in college, a girl I knew had gotten drunk and passed out on the couch at my apartment. Her jeans and underpants had somehow drooped down, exposing about a third of her butt crack. I honestly don't know what came over us, but my roommate and I thought it would be funny to trick her into thinking she shit her pants.

Someone had brought a bunch of candy bars to the party, and we grabbed some Reese's peanut butter cups and squished them together until they resembled a turd. We then carefully pulled her pants and underpants out of the way and pushed the fake shit down her pants between her butt cheeks. She never even moved.

We both fell asleep, but when we woke up, she was still asleep, though she'd changed positions. A little while later, she woke up. For a few minutes, she didn't seem to notice anything, but when she stood up she got a funny look on her face. She put her hand to her ass and got a "Oh My God" look on her face and went in the bathroom. We were laughing our asses off!

After a little while, we heard the shower go on. She came out wearing her clothes, and her hair was wet. After she left, I found her underpants shoved all the way in the bottom of the trash can. It really did look like she shit her pants, but it smelled like peanut butter. I'm surprised she didn't figure it out.

A few days later, we let her in on the joke. I couldn't have her go to the grave thinking she'd shit her pants! She was pretty angry, but eventually saw the humor in it.

Those were the days!

When I was a kid, my bedroom was on the second story and had low windows that came up to about my knees so I often peed out the window. The roof and gutter stuck out about 3.5 ft so I had to shoot my pee at least that far to it would fall all the way to the ground. If I didn't want to do that I would just shoot it into the gutter. In the summer we put up screens but I left the screen off that window just so I could pee out of it. The last few drops ended up on the window sill so I would have to wipe that up or else I would put my dick back into my underwear and let the last few drops be absorbed. I thought that is why boys underwear is so thick in front.

"two or three times a year"...
Do not worry. That is insignificant, probably entirely due to circumstances beyond her control.
Lighten up.
Best wishes,

Hey, it's Anny(from Canada) again, to share some more stories hehe :-) Now that I think about it, I have had alot of bathroom experience, witnessing accidents, etc.

Story #1: Here's another story about my cousin Chantal. She was about 6 at the time, and I was about 11(we're 20 and 15 now). Anyway, it was Thanksgiving, and we were up in our treehouse in our backyard, bird-watching or something lol. While my cousin was pointing out a certain type of insect or bird, and saying how cool it looked, a bird made a really loud noise that scared the crap out of my cousin. She jumped up and screamed upon hearing the bird's screech, followed by a pitter-patter noise. I looked over just in time to see my cousin wetting her pants. The front and her legs of her crushed velvet pants were becoming soaked and my cousin couldn't stop peeing herself. The pee gushed down her legs, through the cracks of the treehouse and all over the treehouse floor, which was rapidly pooling to the end. I moved out of the way to avoid getting pee on my shoes. When she was done, her pants were SOAKED, and she had to go inside. As soon as she opened the door and said "Mommy, I peed my pants." my aunt got annoyed and started asking her, "Why didn't you come inside to go to the bathroom? Go get changed!" and then my cousin came outside in clean underwear and pants, and that was that.

Story #2: I remember back in 3rd grade that I would always have a problem with eating oatmeal, I mean I would enjoy it, and it would warm me up on a winter day, but I always got the runs bad from it, and often, I would have to rush into the school upon getting off the school bus, trying to get my coat and snowpants and stuff off, and making it just in time, and having to explode in the toilet. This always happened at least twice a week during the whole winter, and I would often be scared that I couldn't make it to school. Sometimes I would have to turn around and run back home because I was sure if I waited until I got to school, I'd have a really embarrassing, smelly accident.

Story #3: One time this year, my husband came upstairs with me to say goodbye to me because I was going out, and he accidentally locked himself out. He realized he didn't have his keys and he had to shit bad, and while he was trying to force the door open with a hanger(luckily it worked), a small amount of diarrhea came out, and he finally got the door open, ran downstairs, and ran to the bathroom, making it just in time. If he was 2 seconds later, it would have been another pair of undies to the garbage.

Story #4: One night, when my sis was young(age 3), and my mom was pregnant and I was only 14, my mom and my stepdad were sleeping next to each other, and my stepdad needed to let go of some gas, so he did, but the fart was a wet one, and he accidentally shit himself a little. My mom was laughing though, but I know the circumstance would have been embarrassing. My stepdad cleaned himself up, put his undies in the laundry and went back to bed(this story was told to me by my mom).

Story #5: One time, when my sis was only about 3, me, her and my mom went to a movie(a kiddie movie mind you), and then after my sis needed the bathroom, so my mom asked me to take her, and my sister was desperate, and pretty much holding herself as I took her into a stall. She was already peeing her panties a little, but I asked her to try to hold it for one more second, while I got her zipper and button undone(she was wearing jeans but couldn't undo them herself), and she was peeing herself already, so I quickly helped her pull her pants and undies down and she sat on the toilet and peed, and when she was done, I helped her put her pants back on, even though they were kind of wet, and I went and told my mom she had a bit of an accident, and that was it.

Story #6: One time, in 3rd grade, I had been constipated for a few days and couldn't pass a BM, and my mom kept threatening to take me to the hospital and "have a bag shoved up your bum"(enema), but I didn't like the idea of that, but no matter what, I couldn't go to the washroom, so my mom gave me a cup of milk(which I found out had liquid laxative in it), and told me to drink it, and don't fart. So about half an hour later I felt a strong urge to poo, so I went upstairs and pulled my undies down and BOOM, exploded liquid stuff into the toilet. It was not the least bit comfortable, and I felt like Finch from American Pie, but at least most of the stuff in my body was gone. I went again one or two more times and then went to bed. She did this occasionally when I was constipated, then tried Ex-Lax in bad cases, which I found gave me too strong an urge.

Story #7: When my sis was about 2 1/2, we went over to my stepdad's for the weekend, and my sis needed the bathroom, so she went by herself and closed the door, but the problem was, she couldn't reach the light, and she was taking a really long time, so my mom told me to check on her. I knocked on the door, then opened it and turned on the light to find my sis standing there peeing on the lid of the toilet seat. I looked at her, and then the puddle on the toilet lid, dripping onto the floor, and she said "I'm just going pee-pee." I helped her down from the toilet, and helped her take off her soaked panties, and told my mom she had an accident, and my mom cleaned up the floor and put my sis in clean clothes.

Story #8: One time, when I was in high school, I had a really upset stomach during choir practise, but waited until afterwards, and I told my friend I was just going to the bathroom, and don't wait for me. She came in anyway, and I had the runs badly. It took me almost half an hour to finish exploding liquid stuff in the toilet, they kept coming in waves. When I was finally done, my friend was like "Are you OK? That was alot of crap."

Story #9: I had the runs again in high school, and I didn't want to go because there was a large group of girls in my grade in there, but I knew it's either go now or risk having a really nasty accident, so I went into a stall, pulled down my pants and underwear and started going. Only thing is, I felt embarrassed and annoyed at the same time when the girls in the bathroom started laughing at me exploding in the toilet. I mean, what is their problem? They go to the bathroom just like everybody else. No reason for them to laugh at someone else and make fun of people because they're doing something normal. Maybe they're just too prissy to admit they're not so elegant either when they're taking a crap. Lol. Anyway, I finished up and washed my hands while the girls were still making fun of me and making fart noises, and I just walked out of the bathroom without saying anything.

Story #10: One time, in high school, my friend was mad at one of her favourite teachers, so she asked one of the other teachers if she could use the staff washroom, and they said no. So she went to the staff lounge and asked for saran wrap "to wrap up her lunch" so they said take as much as you need. She went to the staff washroom and locked the door, and lifted the toilet seat up, and covered the whole thing with saran wrap, and put the seat down. Her favourite teacher needed the bathroom right after that, since it's right after lunch, so he went in to take a dump or something, and all you could hear from the bathroom was "Aughhh! GROSS!" He came out with a bright red face, because apparently he had taken a crap and it got all over him. Ewww. He found out it was my friend, but since they were both Armenian, and he liked her, then he let her off the hook. Close call for her from being suspended. To this day, me and my friend laugh at the story.

Story #11: One time I took some Ex-Lax because I had been constipated for 4 days and I needed a BM badly. I took 2 and put on some old underwear and stayed around the house. Before long I had some gas, so I let it go, but these farts were not quite, they were loud, booming farts! Within a couple of hours, I felt the need to go to the bathroom, but I got a phone call and I talked for a few minutes, telling the person I'll call them back because I need the washroom. I accidentally let out another, loud booming, blasting fart and I started shitting myself uncontrollably, because I guess I waited too long. I jumped into the bathtub and shit myself. It was bad too, coming out everywhere but when I was done, I felt empty. I turned on the shower and stood in it and peed in my already soiled undies, and took them off and rinsed them as best as I could, but they were a goner.

So that's it from me for now, probably lots more bathroom stories coming up.

To Morgan: I loved the story about your brother pooping in a closet

Jimi(Martha's cousin): I loved the story about you experimenting with wetting your pants. I like your stories. Post more please :-)

Brian: Your Sears stories are cool :-)

Alice: Interesting story :-) If you have any more, do tell :-D

Dave B: Sorry about your bad experience with the laxatives. I hate laxatives, because it causes too much gas and too much risk of soiling yourself, I just really don't like the whole ordeal, especially since I've already had a few accidents, I'm leary about taking them again.

Memories: I like your stories. Do you have more? :-)

Lynn: Interesting story :-) I always find it's an inconvienience when that happens, but I guess those people really had to go bad

FAT WOMAN: I love your stories!! :-D

Cheryl: I also love your stories :-D

Pamela: Congratulations on your pregnancy :-D

Jake: Sorry about your accident

Pete: Interesting story about your Ex gf Misty :-)

More from me later! :-D

xo Anny

Hi im kelly, im 19. So I had my first adult accident last night. I was out most of the day with my boyfriend shopping, getting lunch and seeing a movie. For the entire day out I had to poop, and by the time the movie was halfway over I really had to go bad. When the movie was over I had to clench my butt as I walked out of the theater because I was gonna poop, and my heart was pounding because I didn't think I would be able to make it to the ladies room. When I got in there, about 3 movies had just let out and the bathroom was packed, and there was a small line to get a stalll. I couldn't wait, my poop was poking out and I had to go right then and there. I tried to wait but it was no use, I couldn't hold it in anymore and I pooped my pants. It was hot and soft and came out really fast and filled up the back of my panties instantly, and I had a big lump in my shorts. A bunch of women in the bathroom were staring at me and I was just totally humiliated and I was still kind of pooping my pants. I rushed out of there and I had to ride home with my boyfriend with the mess in my pants, and to add insult to injury I also wet myself in the car.

Dave B-I do get slightly constipated every so often as i have been more and more pregnant. Some days i go about 2-3 times a day and others i dont go at all but really feel the need to. I sit down and push but nothing happens. I cant take laxatives as i am pregnant so must take prune juice. I can still watch my boyfriend go though.

One question- Would anyone be able to go poop and type up at the same time. I have a laptop and may do it some time but was just wondering if anyone else could do it and talk us through what is going on.

P.S Had my first baby scan yesterday and my babies are healthy. I discovered im having twins which run on David's side of the family.

Hi, I'm here again to tell you about the fun I have with the love of my life in the bathroom. Well another morning has come and gone. And my Russanne did quite the lovely poop this morning with plenty of gas as well. It took her quite awhile this morning, as she was somewhat constipated. She was pushing and straining quite hard to get bowels moving. She actually had to sit back a few times to relax and get herself together again, she was working so hard.

Finally after leaning forward and pushing real hard and letting out a few more good farts. She said, "it is just about at the bottom and ready to come out". And finally the head of a beautiful piece of shit started making its way out. It started off skinny, but then she said it felt like it was getting larger and bigger. Leaning over to look at the shit coming out of her ass. I too could see the shit getting quite massive on size. Russanne, started squeezing my hand tighter. We always hold hands as she is on the toilet. After pushing for awhile, she lightened up on my hand and stop pushing the shit out of her tight lovely ass. Touching it, I could feel that it was mighty hard and firm. Finally she started pushing again.

The bathroom was starting to pick up a lovely fragrant fo Russanne's poop. When finally it plopped into the toilet. It was only about 10 inches long. But she felt she had more to come, and sat back, relaxed and just let it build up. As she continued to let out some lovely sounding farts. She stated that whats building up now, feels like myself. Meaning that she was now going to poop in her normal fashion. Which she did about 3 minutes later. As she leaned forward and squeezed my hand. She then started releasing a combination of farts and messy poop, coming from her ass. She did a pretty good load. And by the time she was done. She felt a little embarrassed. Saying, "I made a pretty stinky bathroom today, didn't I". I told her that it is no big deal, as only we are going to know.

Finally, she took the toilet paper and wiped off her lovely ass. As we stood overlooking the toilet bowl, we watched as it was flushed away. And it was off together to have some more coffee, and a real nice day.

Well, I will be back shortly, I hope.

And in reply to Jerry. I'm sure she has had the runs before. Although I am not aware of it happening, since we have been having fun together.

my wife had been with a couple of work friends one saturday afternoon having a few birthday drinks (not hers) when I picked her up we decieded to pick up a curry to take away before going round to my parents.Well as we pulled up my wife metioned that she needed the loo but we went in and made the order.10/15 mins later my wife again metioned her need at this point I noticed her legs were crossed tightly & a intense look on her face (she is not a serial wetter.A few more mins went by and she said to ask if it was ready so I went up to inquire,won`t be long or something like that came the reply.My wife then said to me to just go without it at which point the food became available we left & quickly got in the car.My wife immediately popped about 4 buttons on her jeans & thrust her hand between her legs & again metioned her desire for the loo we drove for about half of the 10 min journey & wife & I remember this clearly said "I`m gonna wet myself in a minute" her knees started to knock & she bounced a little in the seat(this was am emergency) I got her to my parents ASAP now my wife was stepping from one foot to another with her hand squeezing herself my mum immediately says oh dear & states that another family member was in the bathroom ( my auntie & uncle were round & ushered us into the other room out of the way to wait my mum left, wife said that she had to pee into something & all I could think of was to bring her a towel upon returning my wife had her hand down her jeans which were lowered slightly but she had not lower her satin knickers 7 which point we got the all clear so she hobbles to the stairs (funny or what),
about two stairs up my auntie & uncle (who had met her only about 3 times before) came into the hallway to see my wife start wetting herself through her knickers, hand & lower more so again jeans I then through her a towel in vain my wife dies every time its metioned..............How embarrassing is that

8. If the redness in your poo was a one off occurence the likelihood is that it may have been caused by something you'd eaten that would cause it without realising, or an infection or a small fissure. If it starts to happen on a regular basis though I'd go to the doctors and get checked out, just to be on the safe side. If you decide to do that the doctor will want to know whether the redness was dark or bright and whether there was any evidence of blood on the toilet paper. Even if there is it doesn't necessarily mean that the problem's a serious one because those sorts of symptoms can be caused by all manner of things. It would probably be worth getting checked out though all the same.

Julia. Although there's nothing automatic about it, there's certainly nothing unusual about bedwetting and pants wetting trends getting passed down in families. If you and your husband were both late wetters it's not particularly surprising that your daughter is. It's not something to worry about unnecessarily though. These things normally sort themselves out eventually. My guess is that most people have at least one or two accidents in adult life and for some it's a very frequent occurence. However it doesn't have to stop you or your daughter living life ro the full. Try and get your daughter to recognise the warning signals when she needs to go to the loo and act on them sooner rather than later. If an accident happens, as it may on rare occasions, put it down to experience and don't worry about it.

AND SO , THAT IS WHY THEY CALL IT ; " GOING TO THE LADIES ROOM!" :) hye ! yeah it is me again and I know I haven't been here in a while. anyway , just before about half hour ago , after like from 4 Pm till 8:30 almost having not gone to the ladies room , well I had to go so badly that I felt the pee leak out slightly into my undies. there I was in the kitchen getting some more tonice water and ice for my vodka and tonics and wham, I tightly crossed my legs together in that denim skirt and knew it was that time! walking into the bathroom , quickly having the seat's lid up allready made this task easier. and so,closed the door and quickly , I lifted my skirt up to my waist and with my hands , slid those white undies down to make some sassy water into the bowl. :) and oh my god, soon as I sat down on that elongated white toilet seat and opened my chubby little legs; that pee ever so quickly began splashing from my puss lips and masking this awesome cool sounding tinkle into the toilet bowl's water. when it first came out, I swear it sounded like it first shot foward, maybe backward and literally glanced off the surface of the water. then, for the next minute almost I watched down between my legs as I loudly, yet very much feminine and like a lady; urinated directly into the water right about in the middle I guess and quickly filled the bowl with all this sweet smelling sassy water; which about halfway through made all this yellowish foam I could see swirling toward the front of the water's edge like sea foam riding the waves created by my tinkling into that water! it felt so good to just feel my puss lips open up and let all that leftover crystal light that I drank during dinner out and then it all slowed down to this light piddle which rode my puss lips straight backward and then, stopped. right then , the smell of intoxicating sweet pee really filed the air and like 5 secs later; more came out nice and slow and gentle; stopped, and then a little sprinkle more which I felt going up my butt some and I was finished. I reached to my left and took some paper from the roll and then, placing that between my legs, wiped my puss-puss nice and slowly before getting up and wiping from behind the last few clinging dribbles. as I did , I looked at that toilet's water now filled with my nice, lightly yellow and still quite odorous, sweet smelling sassy water and about 4-5 long patches of this yellowish, soft foam from where I tinkled into the once nice clean water ; this as I dropped that paper right in the middle. then I pulled up my undies, lowered my knee length denim cargo skirt and with my left hand; flushed my sassy water down!


cheryl lynne

RE: page 1496

oh my gods! wow sandy , after reading about your 460 second long pee , which by my calculation is like 7 minutes and 40 seconds long! I was like wow ! I can not believe that a little 14 year old teenage bladder could ever hold that much PEE! hell girlfriend, here I am at 43, chubby at like 185 lbs now and I know that I have gone for nearly 5 minutes long into this toilet after drinking lots of water and lucky to find an open gas station along NY route 22 once. they had two unisex restrooms and I walked in on this woman who was peeing and forgot to lock it; before her pushing the door shut and then barely able to make it to the other one; I just sat and sprayed and sprayed . and last year on the july 4th holiday , I had a nice long 4 mins and 30 secs deep yellow tinkle in anita's ladies room at her house during out annual unitarian church picnic which gushed out steady for the first two minutes, then stopped and kept slowly tinkling. but wow , that has to be the longest pee I ever heard of.

Hi, the name's Mikey, I am eighteen years old, and I am usually loath to express myself on an intimate strata, but I am making a big, big exception here.

I have a weird and wonderful history in terms my bathroom habits, from acts of panic- stricken desperation, to pride- pounding scenario's with other peoples' nosiness or 'mistiming'.

I am becoming part of a forum that holds a wealth of embarrassment, and a tonneload of anecdotal misery, I won't be teaching your grandmother to suck eggs, but boy can I add! So plucked from the caverns of my memory, I'll begin the meal with an appetiser-, al fresco.

I enjoy going to the local park. Even at eighteen, I love the monkey bars and to bend and flex my lean yet slightly boyish frame in and around the metal. I am also a self- styled foodie, and I have a glorious propensity for good, clean flavours. But sometimes I can have a leaning towards much richer feasts, those rare occasions where my eating with a slimmer more muscle-bound creature forever glazed over my sight, goes out the window.

The day I'm going to talk about was surely one of the latter days. I was playing on the swings one sunny, albeit gently breezy afternoon. It was a day when you felt, smelled and breathed tranquillity, it was divine. Surely my hometown in Kent had finally become the utopia we all longed for? Well, bollocks.

I remember leaping off the swing, in a half hop, half convusion. My lower abdomen suddenly felt as tight as a tyre, it seemed to inflate due to some enormous force within. Although I was relieved that I was the only one in the park at the time, I lay my hands around my belly, looking to see if no one in the nearby flats had got any wind of my plight. I was bemused, seeing as I rarely get windy, and am never bloated, then the reality of the situation reared it's ugly head. I needed to find a bathroom and quick.

Yet, proud as I am of my digestive state, I self- admit to one little flaw. I seem to hold very little power, as to how long I can store the motherload. I normally like to be kinda retentive; it's convenient, seeing as I hate to use the loo in the company of others, especially my family. But in desperation, you say? Those evil- smelling situations when you have to really go, but your mind says no? Well, with me my dear friends, it doesn't apply. I switched to this mode of thinking some time ago, - anyway back to the story (and time for a different dialect as well).

Years of erosion had carved an inclined path in the chalk cliff that overshadows the flats and local park, it lead up to a break in the concrete wall, and hitherto onto the road above.
I knew what I had to do. It was really a case of arse- over- initiative and with the pressure in my midsection nigh on critical- mass; I clambered over the wall and strode up the path. I did not go onto the road though instead I craved the shadow and solitude provided by the bushes and trees adorning the top of the cliff. Adorning a little narrow between a hundred- foot drop and the concrete wall.
As I sidled up the path, seeking thicker bushes and softer soil, I sized up the situation: I, the self- controlled, the polite, and the respectful actually needed to take a major, no, -absolutely gargantuan dump. It seemed unreal, my bowels seemed to pulse and retch with every agonising step I took towards salvation, and I could almost feel the seat of my pants being pushed out by my own waste. I prayed with every breath that it was my imagination.

I eventually reached an ideal spot. It was largely secluded from every visual angle, although if I was sitting down and I sat up a tad, I figure the top of my head would be visible to the top floor of the flats. I stretched my aching frame upwards, peeked over the wall and gazed both ways along the road and across the desolate green. Thank heavens for that! Unpopulated! I was safe!

I turned around and slumped to the floor, embedding my rear end in dirt and remnants of dead leaves, and I reached down, frantically fumbling at the front of my jeans (which suddenly felt many sizes too small even around my boyishly svelte waist). I was almost in tears, the thought of crapping myself hanging over me like the Sword of Damocles, not to mention the smog of noxious odours I had begun to produce.

I violently pushed my jeans down to my ankles (which I don't really seem to do under any circumstances) and then with rapid spidery pulls and tugs, attacked at my underpants like a wild animal. A man possessed, I whipped them down my legs and slotted them over my scrunched jeans. My bottom half was now completely naked. I had, in the meantime noticed a little alcove- cum- seat created by the curve of a half- exposed tree root, so spreading my legs, I aligned my growling buttocks into the little alcove. The relief I felt at that moment was astronomical, my vision went blurry, and the spasms deep within the turns and of tangles my gut, were assuaged, as I began to relax.

So, I had accomplished stage one. There was no going back now. I had made my bed, and now I'd take a dump in it. I concentrated hard, and tried to decide whether to let it emerge in it's own time, or get it over and done with. Out of common sense I chose the latter, I had no time to waste after all. The last thing I wanted was to have someone on the other side of the wall peep over, or to have someone shuffle up the path through the undergrowth to see me in all my glory; half- naked, fruits of the looms on the show. And definitely would not be having them gawk at me unloading my cargo.

As I felt it slide through and out of my lower colon and ooze sluggishly into my rectal passage, I let out my first monstrous surge of wind, I just knew that this was gonna be a dump outside of nature.
I took a deep breath and heaved like I was pulling a lorry. I tried to strain in short sporadic bursts to ease the thing out of me, but it was not coming, not one little brown bit. So, I went for broke, and I sent my body into a huge paroxysm, waves of tension just rolled down my abdomen, and slowly but surely, my sphincter started to widen.

It was slow at first, but then it got quicker. After about a minute I looked down and my sphincter was stretched- pink to its suffering maximum. I then shifted to my feet, and decided to ask gravity for a hand, I went into a squatting position, placing one hand on the wall and stood on my toes. After about five minutes wrestling with this terribly stubborn crap, I won out. At the peak of its strength, it put up an incredible fight, but after the eleventh impeccable strain, and a tumultuous release of gas, the log finally dropped, defeated to the floor with a thud. It was about 10 inches long and almost three inches in diameter at the thickest, rock hard, and unforgiving. Now that was what I call a dump to remember.

I look back on it now as a liberating experience. Sure, I mean it was a clean (well, symbolically speaking) break from my usual static, well - rounded dumping routine. I was straining as if I was in the last stages of labour, I had gone out of my way to stop my pants from being soiled, and I had been farting like a brass section almost repeatedly, without fear, and without shame.

The legacy of that occasion, lies in what is has bestowed in me. Whenever I hear someone, at school, park, or maybe at a friend's house say (as they often do) "Oh wait a minute, just need to go for a shit," or "Man, I gotta crap", or even "Hey Mike, do you mind if I do a dump in your toilet? Cheers" (usually without hanging around for an answer), I just wonder if they ever have had to squat and push al- fresco? Probably not, they probably leap for the latrine and firmly park themselves minutes before survival instincts kick in. But not me, not anymore, my care for the crapper has diminished; I've always loved the outdoors, and now, so does my arse.

Hope you liked!
More from Mikey coming soon!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

my poo all day today was like a deep reddish color. does anyone know what would cause that? i didn't eat anything out of the ordinary. it's been mush too nothing solid. thanks :-)

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