I was in the car the other day listening to my mother and figured out that my brother used to go in closets and closed areas when he was young and poo in his pants. Now he is sixteen and it was funny listening to my mother make fun of him. She said all of a sudden he would just dissapear and the would walk by the closet and her him grunting then soon later he would come out and say i need to be change i did a nasty. LOL! well bye. Reply to dis and tell me if ya like it

Jimi (Martha's cousin)
Hi everyone,

I want to tell you about another time with my cousin Martha. I've been telling about my fascination with her pooping and peeing in her pants, and how I became interested in trying it myself. I finally did try peeing in my pants.

After the time we traded underwear, her for my dry briefs and me for her wet panties, and rode our bikes home, I realized that I still didn't know what it felt like to wet my pants, that I wasn't satisfied with the conversations she and I had had. But the more I asked her about it the more she kept saying I should try it myself, and so finally one day, down by the creek, I did. I went by myself. I had made sure that I wouldn't be missed for a couple of hours so that my shorts would have time to dry. I sat on the bank, with my legs downhill, and I tried for a long time to relax my bladder and just pee.

But I just couldn't get myself to do it. I don't know if it was because of my fear -- of getting caught, of what this little experiment was supposed to mean -- or if years of being potty trained had just made me unable to let go. I sat there for almost half an hour, trying to pee my pants, but in the end I gave up. By that time I pretty much had to go, so I went and used the toilet at Martha's house. (Martha's family and mine live quite close together, if you haven't already guessed that, and we pretty much drop in on each other at will).

I told Martha about my little experiment the next day. She seemed a little disappointed, and she told me she'd go with me if I wanted to try it again. I probably would have given up the effort if she hadn't encouraged me again like this, but I agreed to walk down to the creek with her, since we had some time before dinner. I sat myself on the bank and tried again to relax. I really did have to go pretty badly at this point, but even so, my bladder seemed to clamp up and not want to relax.

Martha gave me a grin. "Maybe I should try tickling you," she said, and rushed up behind me and started to dig her fingers into my ribs. But although she tickled me hard, I was unable to stop myself from fighting her fingers off; since I was stronger than her, it was easy to break her grip, so the tickling didn't work.

I was getting frustrated and was about to give up, when Martha had another idea. She reminded me that once you start peeing, it's sometimes hard to stop. She suggested that I stand up, pull my p??? out of my waistband and begin peeing, and then put it back in my pants.

It seemed like a promising idea, so I walked over to a place where the bank wasn't as steep, and Martha followed. As I mentioned, we were still young enough (I was 10 and Martha was 8) that we weren't particularly self conscious about seeing each other undressed. I reached inside my underwear and shorts and pulled my shorts and underwear down a few inches. Now I was able to relax and began to push out a strong stream, and after about 5 seconds I pulled my underwear and shorts back up, but I was peeing too hard to stop. In a rush of warmth, my underwear and shorts rapidly became soaked and the pee ran down my legs onto my feet. I was actually wetting my pants! Martha's eyes were sparkling as she watched, and she patted me on the back and welcomed me into her "club". By the time I finished going, the entire crotch of my cotton shorts were drenched, down both legs, up the front almost to my waistband, and in a large half-moon shape across my butt. I was wearing plaid cotton track shorts that showed the wetness sharply.

"My turn," Martha said, and spread her legs slightly and began to pee in her panties and denim shorts, the urine pooling with mine on the muddy creek bank. I watched as the blue fabric darkened around her crotch. We were sharing this part of her life that I had always just observed from the outside.

After that it was kind of strange, we sat and talked, and were soon talking about other things completely, kids we knew in the neighborhood, etc. It was as if sitting there in wet pants was the most natural thing in the world. As long as I didn't think too much about it, the feeling of just sitting there was pleasant, but I guess I'm not very patient, and I soon got tired of the wetness. I was not in the mood to wait at the creek until my pants dried, so I went and sat down in the muddy stream, to disguise my accident, and then we went back to her house with the tale that I had fallen into the creek, and we changed our clothes.

But although I had satisfied my curiousity about wetting my pants, and didn't feel any urge to try it again, as the weeks went by I more and more wanted to try pooping them too, just to see what it felt like. I'll have to tell you about that next time cuz I gotta go now.

Hiya Mr Clogs.

Thanks for your response to my question.
Yes I think my b/f likes to see me pee in my container, he watches me hold it between my legs....and always seems to get turned on. He has used it once when he had had quite a lot of lager, that acts like a diuretic to him and he woke in the night absolutely bursting but with an erection so he couldnt go right away.....I handed him the container and he held his penis over it and did a dribble, he said he would get rid of the worst of it then go to the bathroom, however he spurted and spurted and then as his erection disspitated a bit he just gushed.....he did fill up quite a lot of the container.....but said the releif was so fantastic...he got back into bed with a smile and I emptied the container out of the was so full. He said it didnt turn him on.....but it did me.....Ive only used it for a b/m once and that was just a few days ago when I had a bad I got out of bed to head for the bathroom I felt a squirt of poop, so I grabbed my container, squatted over it and just let go.only thing was I was so intent on emptying my bowels, I peed over the edge with a strong stream all over the carpet.....still better than crapping my self or my bed.

Take care mr Clogs, love and peace.

Dave B
Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't posted at all for a while. I've been a little busy. I still have time here and there to read some of the new posts. Feels like I have to take a pretty big poop right now. I'll be back in a bit...ahhhhh I'm back. That took about 5 minutes. The poop wasn't that big. It was all chunky and I had to really push to get it out. It ended up looking like a big dark brown egg lol.

Pamela - I'd love to hear more about your pooping experiences. I'm wondering if it's harder for you to poop cause your pregnant. I remember being constipated when I was little and I hadn't pooped for like a week. I had to take a bunch of laxatives and pills and stuff to try and get it out. I remember how badly it hurt when it finally came. I could concentrate on the toilet and I kept walking around the bathroom holding my ????. Eventually this huge feeling hit me and I just sat on the edge of the bath tub really quick and all this hard poop/liquid poop came out of me. There was a lot. It filled like the bottom half of the bath tub. I was able to wash it out though.

Brian: Your Sears stories are the best. Congratulations on the engagement.

I'm not sure there is a difinitive answer to your question. First we all differ. There are those who are blessed that never have accidents while others create the market for asult diapers. Most of us fall somewhere in between.
You also need to go beyond your daughter's as well as your own physical make-up. Is your family one where the ocasional accident is handled with understanding? If so then you children have not fear of your finding out. When I was that age I had two friends that had an accident while away from home and were terrified of their parents finding out, and so they never did. I'm there parents thought the kids had perfect control. Also what were the activities at the time of your daughter's accidents. Two activities that our family are active in, snow skiing and sea kayaking, mean the restrooms are distant much of the time. In either activity accidents happen and nobody thinks much of it. When in highschool accidents during school were rare. Each spring the main city in our part of the state would hold a parade of similar size and make up of the Rose Parade. Buss ride from school to the parade form up area, get everyone in proper line up and wait for the parade to start, two and a half miles of start and stop marching before being turned loose in the parking lot where the busses were waiting to take us back to the school. There were porta-potties, twenty for - well our small school never had less than 200 in the parade, multiply that by 150 schools... well sometimes accidents happen. So what are the circumstances around your daughters?
You say she is normal and happy? Then what is the problem? When she has an accident give her a hug and let her know you love her. If it get to where it has caused problems for her you will then have her trust if she needs someone to talk to. If you can ask her why it happend so it sounds like no more that satisfying your curiosity rather than a lead in to a lecture do so. It may be as simple as it hurt too much, I was on my way home, nobody would know, so I didn't think it would matter.

My situation is different than yours, but still comes down to when to be completely open to a partner. Once you are past the getting to know each other stage you need for everything to be out in the open. Secrets that are learned late never go well and even if forgiven there will always be the wonder of what else has not been revealed. On the other side, you're 16, enjoy the time and don't rush to be an adult all at once. Once you get maried and start a family things get complicated in a hurry. The age you are isn't easy, but it will have its good times if you take the time to enjoy it. As for relationships, be open and honest. You'll never regret it. If it is more than she can handle, well better to find out early than to have years invested that suddenly come to an end.

I live in the country,or more like the suburbs of the city.So,there's a good few houses where I live,but spaced a bit apart and few cars pass the area.Well,I decided to cycle into town one day.I was still in the country when I felt the urge to pee and it would take me a while to get home.I got a bit worried,but kept cycling.Eventually,I was bouncing around to fight off the urge,so I turned my bike around and sped off in the direction of the lake.Now,usually,the lake is packed with people doing water sports,but the day wasn't that warm and there were few people.By the lake, there is a small forest with a clearing in it that I know my way around.Sometimes my friends and I camp there or hang out in the big trees.I slipped a hand between my legs,because some pee was making it's way into my panties.Then,I squeezed between two trees and set off to find the clearing.Some people were watching me so I HAD to find the clearing.I walked a few steps and bent low to get under a fallen tree and I was in,completely hidden from the lake.Relief washed over me-UH OH-not good in my situation.My bladder let go and in shock,I spread my legs so they wouldn't get wet.At first, it kinda trickled into my panties,and I clutched myself thinking it would stop.But soon,my hand got wet and I pulled it away,looked down and saw a large, dark circle forming around my crotch.It was still growing as my flow got faster and bigger,splashing against the earth and spreading.I was ashamed,because this had been a genuine accident.It wasn't planned,it just happened and it was the first I had had in years(well big ones).My trousers were soaked-and they were beige!I kinda liked the feeling though(this happened when I was 13)and even though I was terrified I'd get caught,I moved to a darker place in the clearing,in between two trees and began to poop just for the fun!I was scared.The poop came out slowly and then fast,squeezing it's way in to my ruined panties.It smelled too.When I was done I surveyed the damage.A big wet crotch and a giant smelly bulge.I sighed and then took off my jumper and wrapped it around to cover the buldge.It sort of flapped over my crotch,but I'd be on my bike and no one would see.I cycled home and took off my clothes.My mom found out about the peeing accident,but I had thrown out the panties so she wouldn't know I pooped myself too.She asked for my dirty panties to do the laundry so I handed her a pair of ordinary panties.She took them and asked why they were dry.Then I said they must be the wrong ones and I got another pair,rinsed them in water,and peed a tiny bit on them to smell them up!It was a pretty weird day and that's how I got on to pooping an d peeing on purpose!

Julia, The fact that it is so infrequent that she is wetting her bed, it sounds as if there is some change in her routines than may be causing it. It could be a change in sleep, a certain OTC medication, certain foods or drinks, or the amounts of them. Make sure that she understands that she is not doing anything wrong, and that you aren't angry with her or ashamed of her. If she is wetting more than the 2 or 3 times a year, maybe she will confide in you if she knows that you're okay with it, and that you are there to support her. Good luck.

This is my first time on this website posting a cousin told me that this place was good to express my stories that has happened to me in the past and present.

When I was 12 years friend and I were walking home from school and we past through this place where there they had under construction...but had not cut down the forest. As we walked talking and laughing, we happened to look towards the forest and saw a lady about in her 20's headed on to her 30īs rushing to the mid part of the forest where we happened to be looking at.As she ran she pulled down her pants and her victoria secret pink thong(thats why me and my friend stayed to see what she was doing).

She sat next to this large branch so she would be covered,but we happened to see her struggling and almost screaming her ass off.As we walked past her she layed out two large turds in the middle of the woods.As she finished she grabbed bunches of leafs and wiped her behind.My friend and I will always remember this story for life.

I will keep coming here to say more.
Goodbye to everyone,
Your friend,

Today my two cousins and i were going for a walk near our house.
My female cousin had to go number #2 and were going home to poop while we waited where we were.
My male cousin suddenly said: "I got to go big too" and he pulled his pant s and underpants down and squatted and did it. He did 3 logs. We had nothing to wipe with, so he pulled up his pants. Suddenly he pulled again his clohtes down and said: "I need to go more" he did one litlle mable and then pulled up his clothes up (again without wiping). After a while my female cousin came back.

Brian at Sears

Hello , Lydia-Marie: I read your concern about the doorless toilet stalls here at Sears, but don't worry, the doorless stalls are ONLY in the MENS lounges. All of the womens lounges have full locking doors on every stall, and even a sofa and lounge chair. ( I know from my fiance telling me, and some of my female co-workers) I guess the planners thought we guys like to see each others weiners, cooleys, and doody sliding out of our asses, not to mention watching each other wipe our heinees...LOL.... but you have nothing to worry about. So come shop at Sears...



My family owns a campground in Pennsylvania. There are several outhouses (not porta-potties, REAL outhouses), and there is a building with showers and toilets. Only thing is, none of these facilities are for the bashful or self-conscious. All the outhouses have half a door. It covers you from the chest down while sitting, so you have to be a little careful when you pull your pants down.

The showers and toilets in the washroom building have no stalls or anything! You have to get naked and shower or pull your pants down and sit on the toilet in front of whomever else is in there with you. No, there's no men's side and women's side. It's all coed.

But, when you grow up going to the place every summer your eentire life, you get used to it. I, luckily, have never been particularly uncomfortable about showering or taking a crap in front of my sister, mother, aunts or female cousins. As the years past, and we started bringing friends with us, I was fortunate enough to see many of my sister's and counsins' female friends naked or sitting on the toilet. Now, twenty-seven years later, we still go up there every summer. The showers and toilets now have stalls (still no doors), but the outhouses still only have half a door. One of the outhouses has no door (it rotted off). There's always toilet paper in there, but I've never seen anyone actually use it.

I'm related to a bunch of exhibitionists!!!

To shogunblade: I am not sure what to say, I can only hope your girlfriend would be as accepting as mine has been. I guess it depends on how integral it all is to who you are. I myself don't consider it to be as important as other things, like sex. But you have to decide if it is a really big part of who you are or not. If it is that big, maybe you should tell her. If she isn't accepting, then maybe she wasn't right for you. Think about it, and let us know what you do and how it goes.

-TO Pete:
You're one lucky devil. lol!
How did this arrangement come to pass? (No pund intended.)

-TO Mr. Clogs:
Yep, that was her! Thanks for the reminder!

-TO Pamela:
I'm not sure if my first posting made it to the site, so I'll say it once again. "Congratulations!! I'm sure everyone everyone her hopes this preganacy will go along just fine!"
BTW... You're lucky to have a partner who can share all those intimate bathroom moments. That's a rare thing indeed. Treasure him for it.




"You don't wanna know."

When I got on the bus today, I noticed yellow tape preventing passengers from sitting on one of the seats. I asked the driver why the tape was there, and he said, "you don't wanna know." I guess a passenger pooped their pants.

The same thing happened another time I was on a bus. There was white poweder on the seat that is parallel to the sides of the bus. I asked the driver what happened, and I got the same answer. It must have been a messy poop.

hey Richard
has Russanne ever had the runs before? like a bad stomach ache? please write about it


I walked into a public toilet where I found two cubicles, of which one was already occupied. So I entered the other one, closed the door, dropped my trousers and sat down.

A voice came from the cubicle next to me: "Hello mate, how are you going?"

I thought it a bit strange but not wanting to be rude I replied "Yeah, not too bad thanks."

After a short pause, I heard the voice again "So, what are you up to mate?"

Again I answered, somewhat reluctantly it must be said. Unsure what to say, I replied "Umm, just having a quick poo.. How about yourself?"

I then heard the voice for the third time ..... "Sorry mate, I'll have to call you back. I've got some d* ckhead in the loo next to me answering everything I say

Lydia-Maria-Quite a few years ago, many department stores didn't have doors on their men's room stalls. I suppose it was to cut down on vandalism and other unwanted activity. I remember the JC Penney in town had a row of about 5 doorless stalls on the 3rd floor and 2 doorless stalls on the 1st floor. There were urinals right in front of the stalls. The other JC Penney had 4 doorless stalls with the sinks right in front of them. The Montgomery Wards had about 8 doorless stalls with the sinks and mirrors in front of them as well. Most of my friends freak out at the idea of someone seeing them crap. It shouldn't be the big deal most people make it out to be. Everyone craps. And as for people watching poop slide out your butt, that usually isn't a problem unless someone is standing directly in front of you watching. Most people don't care if you poop and won't even glance in your direction. If someone stares and that makes you uncomfortable, than you can just say sternly "Can I help you?"

I think there are less doorless stalls out there these days because people are more uptight about nudity and bodily functions than before.

Well, Gruntly, I thank you for your wonderful post. Your mother-in-law takes the cake for effortful fat women dumps! Your description of her fat hips and ass spilling over the sides of the potty chair was great. I have never used such a contraption but my mother uses these metal bars installed on either side of the toilet to help her rise and sit down (she is over 400 lbs). She is now in assisted living and I have seen her straining on the toilet with the help of
a nurse. She often grips these bars as she bears down to relieve herself.

I have some questions about your mother-in-law:

1. How much does she weigh now? Last time I think you said 260? Has she gained more weight?

2. How long did her session last?

3. What did she do with her hands when she strained? I remember once you described her gripping the bathtub for "grunting leverage". What did she do this time?

4. Does your mother-in-law ever appear exhausted in front of you or your wife after a strenuous session on the toilet? If so, does she ever talk about it? Or does she only poo at night or when no one's around (she thinks!)?

Nina loved your story by the way. These questions are actually hers.

If you have time, we would love to know~

Thanks Gruntly and take care,


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I found this board recently and was surprised but also interested.I do not know if this is a good board to post my particular question but I will try. It is wee, rather than poo,which seems to be a minority interest here.

Somewhere I read that if one parent was a late bed wetter, a child is likely to be so too. If both parents were, there is a double likelihood that a child will be. My question is: can this apply to a tendency to wet your knickers too? Our daughter is 15, normal in every way and a happy child, but from time to time - two or three times a year that I know of - she still wets her knickers.

Talking with my husband about it, he says he wet his pants several times in his teens. I recall that I did it once in a while in my early teens - and once when I was 19. It still happens to me very occasionally. Is it just an inherited slightly weak bladder? I should be interested in other readers experince.

To Aleks:

Again, I feel like we are the same guy. Except your girlfriend's relationship seems a bit more open then my Own. Whenever she has to pee or something, and we are talking on the phone, she puts the phone on speaker and talks to me, and when I address her about what she's doing, she tells me, "You don't know." I also want to tell my girlfriend about my somewhat different past, and what my sexual preferences, but websites, and certain friends of mine never give me any other answer then, "your not lying if it's a secret." and "It's probably not best to mention it to her, or any girlfriend you get. If you get married, then you can tell her, if you tell them now, you could end up scaring her away from you."

So, I don't know how to tell her that
It's like how some people have Premarital Sex, I'm not one of those people who wants sex at all, I'd much rather see a girl engage in something that's a bit of an ordinary function then becoming one whole person and having intercourse.

Of course, I'm 16, so.... Telling her or wishing for a girl to come by that's not gonna think that's weird is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. At least, right now.

I don't know. I can only imagine that maybe I can gather enough balls to tell her, but what if I lose her, or any other girlfriend because I'm stating an honest fact about myself?

Tell me, Aleks, what do you think? Anybody that reads this, what do you think?

I wrote a few days ago and told everyone i was 13 wks pregnant. Well i am pooping like a trooper. I go about twice a day(sometimes 3) and my boyfriend David is loving it.

Recently David was constipated and didnt go for 2 weeks. He did eventually go but it was a mightly pooing experience.

I need to go now so will be back in a few. My boyfriend isnt here but i cant wait.....................................10 mins later- glad i did that. its such a relief. 3 plops and 3 one struggled to come out.

Anyways hope to here from some of you soon with more pooing stries especially constipation ones.

One time when I was in the 7th grade I had the earge to poop all through school. I just kept thinking I was gonna make a mess in my pants. I did that when I got home. It was diaria. Pee-yoo!

once when i was 8 a woman was bringing her boy to the potty as fast as possible. she said now come on now, we have to.. (gasp) oh oh no! I think he pee peed in his undies. i did that once when i was 3. couldn't hold it. oh well.

Cheerleader Accident

I am a 37 Year old Female. Back when I was in High School, I did a massive bowel movement in my cheerleading uniform.

It all began on a Friday afternoon. I was 17 1/2 years old at the time. I had to go poop since 12 noon but figured I could hold it until after I got home that evening from the Varsity Basketball Game. The toilets at our schools were kind of icky and I did not want to use them unless i had to.

Shortly after school let out, myself, the other cheerlearders and the Basketball team boarded the bus for the 45 minute ride to the school where the game was being held.

Once we got there, we went into the gym where the game was being held. Shortly thereafter, the game began and myself and the other cheerleaders began our cheer routines. The game wrapped up at 7PM with our team winning the game.

we got our stuff together and started making our way back to the bus. Once everyone was onboard. the bus left and we made our way back home. About 10 minutes into the trip. I really had to go BM. As i was sitting there, I let out a quiet smelly fart I stood up for a second and right then, I felt a sharp cramp and as the cramp peaked, I lost control and went in my pants. I could feel the poop push on my maxi-pad and tent outward my underpants and cheerleading uniform bottoms. The poop really stunk. I touched my bottom and felt a large, cucumber shaped bulge in my pants. I sat down and felt some of the softer poo squish in my pants. I felt soo naughty having done a poop in my pants at 17 years of age. It felt like i was sitting on a cucumber. Someone said "I think someone pooped their pants" A minute later, a b-ball player who was sitting behind me said "Penny shit her pants" When we got back to our school, i got off the bus and walked to the school to go inside to the bathroom and clean up. The building was locked and I could not go in. My mom was in her car waiting for me. As I opened the passender door of her car, mom smelled the odor of the poop in my pants said "Penny, did you do a BM in your pants? Hold on, let me put a newspaper on the seat before you sit down." I got in the car and we went home. When we got home, I went inside and went to the upstairs bathroom to clean up and change. My 8 year old sister Donna happened to be nearby and smelled the odor from my pooped pants and said "Penny did some big stinkies" Once in the bathroom, I took off my uniform. Uniform had a couple of small spots of poop. My underpants were trashed. My maxipad was 75% covered in poop. I dumped the poop in the toilet and finished cleaning up.

Tiny Bladder
When I was about 10 years old, my Uncle had a boat. We had just gotten back from the boat and I was bursting 4 a wee. I walked (more like hopped) around the dock. People were watching me and I knew I had to use a loo b4 I would wet myself in my uncles new truck. So I went behind a pole and tried to let a little bit out. But I couldnt stop the flow so I just had 2 keep peeing. @ last the last liter was out and the strong smell of urine was in the muggy summer air. @ least I didnt soil my uncles new Ford!

I just told my girlfriend everything. I was waiting to hear how people thought I should tell her, but I felt the moment was right. She's completely understanding, and was relieved that it wasn't worse. She also said I can watch her in the bathroom! Peeing and pooping! So I'm so excited, I can't wait until I see her next when she needs to go. I also read her what I've written on here. She's so cool about everything, it's such a relief.

On my way to work, I took a crap in the doorless park restroom stall this morning. A few minutes into dumping, this guy, early 20's, comes in and rushes to the empty stall next to mine. He's wearing grey jogging shorts, which he was untying, and a grey t-shirt. Dark skin, maybe Hispanic, very pleasant face, crew cut, average build. He steps into the stall and he says "oh no". There was no paper in the dispenser. He back up and I ask, "do you need paper?" he sees that there is no paper in my dispenser as well, but I have a roll of paper hand towels on the floor next to me. He says "yeah, it that yours?" I said "yeah, take what you need" and I hand him the roll. He smiles and says thanks as he pulls off about 3 sheets. He gives me the roll back and I tell him that luckily I had the roll in my truck. He says that he usually has paper in his car, too. He disappears behind the partition. I hear the hiss of his shorts sliding down his legs and the sound of his weight on the seat.

He crackles a little bit, soft fart, and then pees into the bowl. I hear some more crackling, then the sound of wiping. I'm finishing up as well. I stand to wipe, finishing up with a few wet paper towels. Nice and clean. I hear his short being pulled up and then he reappears around the partition, headed to the sink. I've pulled up my black briefs and shorts and I'm buckling up as he's washing his hands. I say "unfortunately, the paper's a bit rough." he laughs and says, "it sure beats the alternative" I agree and tell him to have a good day. That was a nice buddy dump. Too bad I wasn't able to converse with him while he was dumping.

Mr. Clogs
Hello everyone, hope everyone had a nice 4th of July Holiday, nice-n-delightful stories here about themselves or someone else using the bathroom great posts keep em' coming especially those having to do secretely watching other people use the bathroom. Well I got a post to share of my delightful dump I had this morning. I this morning I woke with fullness of my bladder and very full felling in my stomach, I know it was time to make my way towards the bathroom to handle my business. So I got up and made my way to the bathroom to use the toilet to take a dump. I got in shut the door and locked it, slid off my PJ bottoms off and got into postion. Then without further due let out some soft turds into the toilet. I had to push a little while pooping to get most of the solid remainder crap out of my system. After I would say 10 minutes of pooping I wiped my butt cheeks and put my Pj's on. I washed my hands and brushed my teeth and walked out the bathroom. What a day.

Regina: Cool story about the amuzment park using the urinal, I bet the guy using the stall next to yours got a chance to see a woman peeing standing up.

CD: I believe the lady you were refering to posted a while back about having ongoing disputes with her neighbor was Hislittlepeemonster I believe.

alice: For a while we're experiencing a heatwave like a while ago. Well I do like when i have the time. Now that I work and live at home with my folks, I don't have the time and privacy to dump what nature has made. I now use those laundry deterget bottles for my nighttime pees instead of my clear dual purpose container I had. I threw it away about a month ago. Have you talked to your boyfriend about it, and does he like when you use the container? Also do you use your container to poop in too? Just wondering, oh thanks for asking. Happy peeing in those containers alice and I hope your boyfriend would enjoy the pleasure of peeing in containers.

Well you folks have a great day and a geat week, happy pooping and peeing to all of you.


--Mr. Clogs

I haven't been here in a while. Brian, you say you work at Sears-Roebuck, and the toilet stalls DON'T HAVE DOORS ???? I find this totally repugnant. I don't want women passing by me and watching shit slide out of my ass. It's crazy....

a week ago, i was talking to some friends of mine on the phone, and about 9:30pm or so, i felt an urge to poop, i ignored it because i didnt feel like going to the bathroom yet. after 10:15pm, i was done talking to my friend on the phone. i felt the pressure building up, that kinda made me more interested about how it would feel like getting real desperate and poop somewhere else instead of the toilet. so i just didnt bother going to the bathroom, and just went to do my laundry, then after that, i just went to sleep. after i woke up at around 6am, i felt a massive pressure at my butt, i then knew that i needed to poop really soon, but i still didnt go to the washroom. after 8 in the morning, my parents went out to work, so i was alone in the house until 9pm when they come back. thats when i figured that i should do it before they come back. so i just tried to hold on for as long as i could before i just couldnt hold on anymore. after 12pm, the urge was really great, but i wanted to keep holding on, so i just sat onto the comfy chair in my room while i was looking through my email and other stuffs. sitting in the chair made me feel less needed to use the bathroom, but i could still feel the massive urge to poop. after 1:30pm, i was almost going to poop myself, but i had to pee really badly as well, so it didnt help me control the poop. after 1:45pm, i just couldnt take it anymore, so i quickly grabbed my waste basket, got up, pulled my panties down, and started peeing first. after i started peeing, i couldnt help it but started pooping as well. it felt sooooo good relieving myself like that. my poop was about a whole feet long after i was done peeing, but it kept coming out. after a few more minutes later, i could feel the end coming out, but then my stomach started to gurgle a bit, then i felt a sharp pain, after that my first one fell down onto the floor, the next one came right after. this one was a huge one, but this one felt so good too while coming out, but it wasnt has long as the other one. after this one dropped out of my anus, i farted really loud, then i pooped out a couple of 2 inches long ones out. after i was done, i had peed out whatever that was still left in me, then after that, i was done. so i just quickly cleaned up the whole mess and sprayed perfumes in my room to make it smell nicer because it stank super bad in there, but i thought it was super fun holding it like that. i wanted to do that again later this month.

When I moved to America I did not speek english well. I couldnt read english ether. I was 24 years old and I went to a school to pick up my brother. I then relized while I was there I had to poop. I did not know at the time what to do. I needed to go but where. I found a bathroom. I was nervous because I thought theyre would be stalls but it was a one room bathroom. When I sat on the toilet the movement was releaving. When I went to flush I pushed down on a metal flusher and it broke. I paniced. I knew then you could not leave ur droppings in a toilet but what to do. Tell them i broke it. So I walked out Then saw another teacher go in so i ran. I did not want to come clean. But in the end i told a janitor who said he would take care of it

Its my turn to share my stories. After reading many posts for years. I now have my own that I will be starting to add. I have read many good posts here. And there is nothing better then reading about some of the really good poops that the women on this site take. And please don't ever stop or have your boyfriend stop writing about them. As for me. I am recently into a new relationship with a woman that I really and truly love. Now we go back a long way. Her name is Russanne and we grew up together as youngsters, living across the street from each other in Detroit. As time went on the families moved apart, and we basically went our own seperate ways. We had not spoken for 30 years. Until 2005, when we ran into each other. Finally on Christmas day 2005, she called me out of the cold blue to wish me a Merry Christmas. We talked for awhile and agreed to get together right after the New Year. And sure enough we did. January 3rd, 2006, we met up and started what is now a very serious and loving relationship. We were spending all of our free time together.

Well in early May of this year. She went back to Philadelphia, where she lived for 20 years. To visit some of her old friends. We had both been married and divorced. Well, I made plans to join her for the last five days. So I drove there and met her. She had found us a real nice B&B to stat in. She showed me all around the city, since I had never been there. It was there when I finally noticed that Russanne indeed does take some very healthy poops, each and every morning. Like clockwork. She eats very healthy. So her poops were quite loose, and gassy.

Finally on our third night in town, as we talked at night. While we laid in bed. We got into our discussion. And I told her about my fanatasy that I had, had for years. She seemed dumbfounded. And at first was balking and hesitant. Finally she agreed to give it a try, just to please me. And we made an agreement. She said that after this one time if she feels embarassed and uncomfortable. Can we not do it again. I said okay. With that we went to sleep.

Well the next morning she got up to put the coffee on. She was feeling hesitant again and unsure. She didn't know if she could go through with it. I said, that I would get her totally relaxed and you will be fine. "Okay she said." "But I have to have my breakfast and first cup of coffee before the urge hits me." "And once it hits, I cannot hold it." "I must head right for the bathroom, or else I get very constipated." Well, she finished. I was just sipping my coffee. Russanne then walked over and reached out her hand and said,"Come with me sweetie." With that I held her hand and she led me into the bathroom. Even though we were alone, we shut the door. I watched as she sat herself on the toilet. She said she felt funny and uncomfortable. And that she might have to sit a few minutes. Just to get relaxed. Usually she said that when she is alone and sits on the toilet. Her bowels just open up and she fills the bowl. I told her to hold my hand, take a deep breath and relax. Which she did. And after a few minutes, she let out a very wet fart. Seconds later, a torrential outpouring of wet mushy pooh was coming out of her ass. She said that is totally embarassing. After a few seconds of quiet another wet load of runny poop came out of her ass. Shae said she poops really loose. Which I had heard over the last few days. But didn't let her know. "Of all days Russanne said, this is one of the worst poops I can recall over the last year." "And I would have to have you in here with me." I assured her its our secret sweetheart.

And yes, her ass was very messy when she leaned over to wipe. But upon walking out of the bathroom, as we each got another cup of coffee. She said, "I want to try it at least one more time to see if I like doing it." With that we got our day started. And a marvelous day it was as she showed me more of the cith and famous museums. And guess what.

Russanne, now has me join her every morning that we wake up together. She has really come to like my company, while sitting on the toilet pooping. So you will be hearing from me again.

This is my first post on this site. I have tons of stories about girls pooping and fartring. My Ex girlfriend Misty wears diapers. We are both 21 years old. Every time she comes over to my house she says "I poopy in my diaper Pete. Will you change it for me?" That's what I love about Misty. She knows it turns me on when I wathc her take her hair band out and I watch her long red hair hang down while I wipe her poopy anus.

Brian, you are the most 'all together' dude i've ever come across. you are so comfortable and casual about you co-workers, bosses, customers, and cleaning staff, both male AND female, seeing your shit sliding out your buttocksinto the toilet. I'm the same way, some guys are very bashful.. I think your great, your fiance is very lucky...Congrtulations to you both...

this is a story about my boyfriend, miles. well, we were going to the local fair and i noticed miles was fidgeting a lot on the drive there. i didnt say anything cuz i thought maybe he was just nervous, it being just our first official "date" and all. when we got to the actual fair, he asked me if i wanted to go on the ferris wheel with him. i said yes. while we were walking there i noticed he was walking slowly with his legs together, yet i still did not say a word. well, we got to the ride and got in line. he was still fidgeting, even more this time. then when we got on the ride, he crossed his legs, which i had never seen him do before. yet i STILL didnt ask any ?'s or say anything. then, when we were about a third of the way through, he was bent over sitting down. NOW i asked him what was wrong. he said at first nothing, but a couple of minutes later he said he needed to use the bathroom NOW. i didnt know what to say. then, to add insult to injury, the ride was frozen, right wen we were on top of the ferris wheel. oh my gosh is all my poor miles could say. he was in total desperation. i patted his back and sed it wood b ok and that i wouldnt dump him if he wet himself. i could see a tear rolling down his red cheeks from his beautiful green eyes. i could tell he was really embarrassed. then he stopped bending over because he couldnt hold it anymore. he wet his pants, ALL of his pants. he was still crying. this is when i kissed him. it was our first kiss EVER. then i held his hand. he apoligized for wetting himself and embarrassing me, but i said he could NEVER do THAT. and to this day we are still dating. we love each other to death and are now contemplating getting married. yay!!!

Yes Kelly I too had to dump in the shower. I felt an urge but thought I could go later, I always pee in the shower and started to go, when I got the urge to poo....I tried to hold it back to get onto the toilet but it just came flying out....I had to half squat to finish off pooing and was peeing at the same time.......I really had to do a lot and it was quite runny so it just washed down the drain.

When Id showered I put a large quantity of bleach down the drain to rid any smell or possible germs.

Once my boyfriend came into the bathroom as I was taking a pee, holding himself saying he was desperate for a poo as he had the squits...I tried to hurry, but in the end Carl was so desperate he pulled down his pants and undies and sat one the dge of the bath and shat....grossed me a bit..........but he was very embarassed so I guess he was in a desperate situation.

this is my 1st time posting. i jsut found this site and am comforted to read about others who have to wear diapers for incontinence. i have to wear for both bowel and bladder injuries. i dont mind so much when i wet its the poop that's so embarassing. over the years i have learned that if i eat one large meal in the early evening that i will poop my diaper either in late evening or during the night, thus avoiding poop accidents during the day. this week for reasons unknown my pooping schedule has been thrown completely out of whack. in the last 5 days i have had 3 major poops while out in public and its been SOOOOOOOOO embarassing. cause of my injury i dont have any muscle control or any feeling so i am unable to feel when i have to poop at all. i dont even realize that im taking a poop till enough has escaped my bum to feel the rear of my diapers being pushed out. the 1st public accident, my friend and i were shopping at the mall. we were looking around this store when i felt my diaper get full and heavy. i felt my butt and could feel a soft poo. my freind saw (she knows of my problems and is great about it) and we rushed to the washroom for me to change. i always carry a large purse with a few diapers and wipes in it. later that night we went to a movie and again (i never poop twice in one day). 1/2 way thru the film i completely filled my diaper. i couldnt believe it but the smell told me that yeah i'd just pooped!! people started to make comments as i jumped up and waddled to the washroom were i took off my diaper to find a huge mess of liquidish poop. for fear i might not be done i sat on the toilet for ~30min and a few large drips of poop fell from my bum. i put on a clean diaper and went back to the movie. then i didnt poop at all for 4 days till yesterday ... i was standing on the subway, i had a few stops to go, when i felt the back of my diaper puff out. i dropped my hand behind my back and brushed my bum, sure enough my diaper was tenting out and i cold feel that this was a hard poop that was still coming out of my bum. i turned red and was so embarased, i dont htink anyone had noticed yet at this point so i made my way to where i could stand with my back to the subway wall. i couldnt even get off the subway cause there were no bathrooms in any of the next few stops. i just stood there stop after stop having my diaper get fuller and fuller with poop. fianlly my stop, i hurried off the subway when i could not see people pointing and wispering. i was so embarassed, luckily it didn't smell. i decided to pass of the 5min buss ride to my house and walk the 20min instead. as i walked home my bowles kept emtpying. when i fianlly got home i took off the diaper to find 5 large very hard pieces of poop. i havent gone out for the 2 days since. to get myself back on schdeule i took a laxative last night to hopefully empty me out and i ashamed to say that while i've been typing this i have pooped my diaper again.

i'd appreciate hearing from people who are incontienct and in diapers. its just been such an embarassing week!!

When I started high school, I found out the two main boys bathrooms had toilets without stalls! They were gone due to vandalism. This was a major problem since I had gotten used to doing #2 at 9 or 10 AM at home during the summer! The first few days I held it until I got home but I knew if I kept doing this I would have an accident. So...during a class I asked if I could go to the boys room. Now in this high school you were expected to go between classes and you are kind of old to be asking to go to the boys room, so hardly anyone asked to go during class but I knew the bathroom would not be busy at that time. I go in and reluctantly pulled down my shorts and sat on one of the two toilets out in the open! There were 8 urinals and 2 toilets. They always kept the bathrooms very clean. No one ever pissed on the seats since there were so many urinals to use. Up to now, I had never used a restroom without stalls and doors around the toilets. As I was dumping, one kid that I kind of knew came in and pissed in one of the urinals and started talking to me and I said something like "I really had to go." Things didn't change, I always had to crap at 9 or 10 AM. I had no choice but to use the toilet one day between classes when about 30 guys came in. They were all surprised at me since no one used these toilets, only the urinals. They didn't really make fun of me like would happen in a junior high school. After a month or so I noticed other boys sitting on those toilets too, so it was just a matter of breaking the ice so to speak. Almost every day I was in there, dumping at the same time. Sometimes another boy was on the toilet next to me and we would dump and crap together every day, and if it was during lunch period sometimes we would just sit on the toilets the whole time. One day the toilet paper was out and both of us went into the girls room to poop! No one saw us go in but 3-4 girls came in while we were in there, and tinkled. Some kids saw us on the way out and laughed and we had to explain ourselves.
Once in a while a girl would come in the boys room and no one made a big deal over it. It was usually for the same reason, their toilet paper was out. I have a lot of other true school stories if you liked this one. Bye

Here is another high school story. Like I said I used the bathroom often at school and one day in class I really had to go and didn't want to risk squirting in my pants, so I did something unusual - instead of waiting until class ended, I asked to go to the boys room. Almost never happens when you are a sophomore. The teacher was a sexy young gal about 25 and it is kind of embarassing asking some one like that when you are 16. I stood up, asked, and unconsciously I was holding my crotch. She said: "Yes! You really have to go!" Not like she was asking me, she was telling me I really had to go! So I ran to the bathroom, made it in time, and came back to class. I could tell she was very amused along with some of the girls.

I saw something funny on TV here in the states Monday night. It involves the Chairman of World Wrestling Entertainment, Vince McMahon:
Without access to his private bathroom, Mr. McMahon was forced to use the public facilities. During the epitome of private moments, Mr. McMahon talked to himself about his Andre the Giant sized 'frankfurter,' never stopping to think DX had activated the camera installed inside the Wachovia Center's restrooms.

Realizing his boss was again the butt of a DX joke, Jonathan Coachman burst into the bathroom to warn Mr. McMahon of their latest stunt. But he startled The Chairman before he was finished doing his business, and Coachman's suit got spritzed by the remainder of his boss' 'relief.'
And he didn't even wash his hands. EWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Hi, newcomer on the block. Just stumbled blindly onto this site on night, and now i'm happy to say, in a tantalisingly weird way, I'm HOOKED! They're all great stories, highly personal,raw, gritty (no pun intended)- makes all the difference. Does anybody have any embarrassing stories involving themselves, other kids and school cubicles? Or any stuff of that nature?
I've got a truckload of material, and a barrage of anecdotes, some barbaric, some bizarre, and i look forward to sharing.
Ta Ta

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