Jimi (Martha's cousin)
Hi everyone,

I'm sorry I missed a few days. I was away at camp. When I got back I heard from my cousin Martha that there had been quite a blowup at their house. She was pretty upset, and I think with good reason, she was blamed for an accident that wasn't hers, but it's also easy to understand how she got the blame. As you know, Martha is a girl who goes to the bathroom in her pants pretty often, and usually on purpose. But anyway, on with the story.

Some cousins of Martha's on her dad's side (Martha's mom is my mom's sister) had been visiting, and so Martha and her little sister Jane had had to share a bed. Apparently, Jane sometimes wets the bed (that actually seems to run in our family. I was a bed wetter up until about the age of 8 or 9). Well, this time, according to Martha, Jane wet and then blamed it on Martha!

Martha is not usually a bed wetter. You'd think she would be, given her other habits. But as she explains it, she doesn't want to wet the bed for several reasons. For one, the cleanup is a lot more work. Unless she put some protection down, which is sort of against her whole philosophy of going to the bathroom in her pants if the cleanup is going to be convenient -- she doesn't ever plan in advance to have an accident, but if it's not going to be a major hassle, she'll go ahead and do it. But to plan ahead is not her style.

The second reason is that she really has pretty good control of her bladder and bowels, and she told me she doesn't enjoy the feeling of waking up wet and cold. A couple of times, she did wet the bed in that half-awake state, because she was so relaxed and comfortable, but then the bed got cold, and the cleanup was a lot of work. If she's going to pee herself, she wants to be awake when it happens, to enjoy the feeling of warmth and release

But the main reason she doesn't like to wet the bed is that whether or not a bedwetting is deliberate, her parents would assume that it was, in her case, because of her history and reputation. And so they'd make her clean it up, even if she had wet in her sleep.

So that's why she was so mad at Jane. For her part, I think Jane has been trying for some time to stop wetting the bed, and it had been awhile since her last accident, and so she really wanted to believe that she had her problem under control. Since Martha was there, it was easy for Jane to believe that Martha had done it. And Martha's parents believed Jane, for the same reason.

The way Martha told it, it was impossible to convince them otherwise because neither of them woke up right away, and so the wet spot had spread out and Martha must have rolled into it, because both her pajama tops and bottoms were drenched. Of course Jane's pajamas were wet too.

"When I began to wake up, the pee was still a little bit warm but was starting to get cold. My mistake was in not getting up right away to tell my parents. Instead, Jane woke up, and ran crying to them, while I got up and used the toilet. So I couldn't even complain that I still had to go."

"So how bad was the cleanup?" I asked Martha. "Oh, not so bad really, and I didn't even mind lying there in the wetness; it was just the unfairness of it all."

It occurred to me to point out that if she didn't pee and poop her pants all the time on purpose, she wouldn't have this dilemma. But I decided to keep my mouth shut.

To worried parent..

im a 20 year old female. and until i was about 14 I had the same problem. I would usually leave big hershey marks on my pants because I would be on the computer and would not want to use the bathroom, and I would think that I could hold it. But i would poop a little and it would leave marks on my pants. i have had accidents where I would be sitting down and poop all over my self. I think its mostly laziness. Im sure that it is something she will grow out of.

Dear Worried Parent:

I would very gently bring up the subject with your daughter and ask her if she is just ignoring the urge and then she has accidents or if she is having like urges and then leakages not long after getting the urge to go or what, it may just be she is putting off going to the bathroom too much because she doesn't want to take time out of her life to go if that is the case then I would talk to her about going when she feels the urge. If its a physical problem her regular doctor or other care provider such as a PA might talk to her and see what is going on but only do this as a last resort.

Hey,I'm new here.I'm female and 15 years old.I have a big bladder and good memory.
Anywho,to my stories.I actually remember the day I learned to use the potty(does anyone else?).Well,anyway.I remember my parents got my a plastic potty that had a slot you removed to empty into the toilet.I didn't really hit it off with the potty and preferred the freedom of diapers,but they were gone.I sometimes used to dampen my new panties when I got the urge and it would show on my trousers,and mom would have to rush me to the bathroom and tear off my clothes.Or else I would just wet them completely.I remember I was toddling in the playground with my two neighbors one day and I just wet myself and kept going,but at this stage I was learning to try and get to the potty,but I didn't know the way.Eventually,one night,my parents were eating cake and I wet my panties a bit,and then knew I had to get to the potty,so I ran to the bathroom and pulled down my pants to let it flow.I was the star of the house that night.

As I got older,I got bolder(as most children do)and when I was at my aunties,she used to punish me and make me stand in the corner.This didn't bother me and my mom never made me do it.Well,once I said a BAD WORD(Probably without knowing what it meant.I was rhyming words with rich,so you can see where that went.She just caught the bad word).So,she stood me in the corner and I expectedto be let out in about ten to twenty minutes.But that time ticked by and I was still there.I got the urge to pee.I was so young,my bladder was small and I knew I had to go soon.I held for afew minutes and then dribbled a little by accident,and it gave me a fright.I called my aunt who was ironing. "Lynn?L-ynn?I have to",but she came marching in and put her fingers to her lips. "Shhh!No talking." And she marched back to the counter leaving me in agony.After about 15 minutes I was more than desperate.I called her but she didn't reply and after that I started to cry,but she gave me no sympathy.She hummed to herself while another shot of pee dampened my panties.(This still happens sometimes,when I have neglected going to the bathroom).After that,another jet shot in and another and another.I clutched myself and I heard my auntie move,so I knew she was looking at me.I waited for her to ask did I need the potty,but she didn't and then my bladder opened and my pee splattered onto the linoleum floor,making a loud noise.Midway through my pee she grabbed my shoulder and I turned to face her,but this had the effect of splashing her dress.She was mad,and actually made me sit in my wet panties all day long.I was angry that she didn't let me pee in the potty and knew my mother would never do that.So,to get her back,I pooped myself that night.I didn't see the point in hauling myself to the toilet and I didn't want to miss an opportunity for her to clean up my mess.I dirtied my bed as much as possible.She scolded me for that!More stories later!See ya

Kak(to worried parent)
Worried Parent:There might be something wrong with your daughter,and there might not be.From all your information,I gather that she just doesn't want to stop what she's doing to go to the bathroom.This doesn't mean there's something wrong with her bladder or anything.If your read this site,you'll find that plenty people do it.Although,wthe morning you called her to wake up and she woke up looking scared,suggests that se had an accident and didn't mean for it to happen.The two wetting accidents could be just one of those times where she was too preoccupied,or just couldn't make it to the toilet,like a lot of people.When she pooped while on the computer,it sounded to me like she wanted it to happen,or wasn't bothered about the bathroom.Because,she could have gotten up and gone.Perhaps she liked the feeling of her bed pooping accident and wanted to do it again(again,read these posts and you'll find that that kind of behaviour isn't weird.).If she did like the feeling,that's nothing to be worried about.If these accidents are normal,she wont wet in front of a friend.Yet if you're afraid,ask her about it.Or watch her for a period of time and see what happens.Does she have more accidents,if so does she look like she wants to stop them when she is about to have one or does she let them happen.If she lets them happen this might mean she wants them,or she mightn't notice.If she looks like she's desperate when she has an accident(which from the computer accident,it didn't look like it)it might mean she wasn't able to get to a bathroom in time,or there might be something wrong.Ask her or watch her(asking is nicer),but don't just put her in diapers.

I've posted a few stories of accidents on here in the past, but I can't remember the use name that I used so i'll just use this one from now on

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Mandy's Survey
Have you ever had an accident on a roller coaster? Not personally, but this reminds me of a pretty funny story I want to post:
About two years ago (I am 18 now, so I was either 15 or 16 at the time) I was at Islands of Adventure in Orlando, and I was in the single rider line. In this particular ride, the single rider line loops around exactly near the exit, so I could see each ride as he/she exited. These two girls exited and I could hear one of them yelling at the other really loudly " were so scared that you wet your pants"...I found this kind of strange, and so I looked at the girls. They were about a year younger then me, and so I looked at the back of the one girls pants for any wet spots or etc...I didn't see anything, so I thought nothing more of it. Then, when I get ushered into the ride, I looked at the seats of the ride, and there was a small puddle formed on one of the middle seats. I moved about as far away from that seat as possible, and I think I was the only person on the ride at this particular time, but there definetly was a distinct urine stench associated with it. When the doctor doom voice in the ride said "put your head back because I don't want to miss a drop" I started cracking up thinking about the irony.

Do you like to squat over the toilet seat and poop? No not really
How many times do you go poop a day? maybe once. I don't go often enough at all
How many times do you pee a day? at most about two or three times unless I drink excesively. Most days I don't even need to go right when I wake up

Dear worried parent: I lost track of the last part of your post and when I re-read it, you sounded like you were describing a much younger child who gets so involved in an activity, they don't stop to go to the bathroom. Usually this happens with children from toilet training age up to about 7-8, but at 15, I would think your daughter still needs to learn to make it a priority to relieve herself and drop whatever she is doing. Isn't she uncomfortable in wet or dirty pants? I would think so. Those #2 accidents are a lot of work to clean up. Diapers will only make the problem worse. The only exception is when you know you will be away from toilets for a long time as in a long car trip. I used to keep a diaper in the car for emergencies, if my daughter could not wait she could alway just sit on the diaper and go.

Hi, I'm Aleks, I'm a 20 year old male, slim, average height. I don't come here often, but I enjoyed some stuff on here today, so I thought I would respond. I apologize if people respond to me / ask questions and I dont notice them, as I said I am only an occasional visitor. I will try to read the next few days in case anyone does.

Anny - I have a story relating to the suppository. I have a minor disability that affects my muscles. When I was little I went to a sleep-away camp for disabled kids, and almost everyone there was on a catheter or needed assistance using the bathroom. I didn't, but there was a huge white board that kept track of when everyone used the toilet and what they did, with no exceptions to the rule. Well, I was extremely embarrassed about using the bathroom to do anything, to the point where I refused to use a urinal (today I can if there is no one around only). Anyway, I didn't (and still don't) poop regularly anyway, but in this situation I really held it in, hoping to make it home or something before I would go. Even though I always used the stalls to pee, they knew I was only peeing so they only wrote that down. Eventually they became concerned that I wasn't pooping, so they sent me to the nurse. The nurse told me to take off my pants and underwear, and lie on my t?y. The nurse saw that I had a small poop stain in my underwear, and asked me what happened. I said that I dont remember, but I didn't poop my pants (I almost did though). She asked if I had tried to poop but couldn't, and I said, no I just don't poop often. So she said to relax, because she was going to put something in my butt to make me poop. I was very frightened, but I was a shy and obedient child, so I didn't say anything. I started to cry though, but my face was down so she didn't see. She inserted the suppository (I dont remember if she used lube or not, I assume she did because my butt hole was very small and clenched tight, unless they are small enough to fit). Then she told me I should lie there for a while until it started to work. She pointed out a private toilet nearby that I could use. I was so relieved to hear about it. As soon as she left I ran in, and almost immediately pushed out a very large hard poop before the suppository ever did anything. I was still crying, and just wiped, flushed, and snuck out before she came back. I don't know if they knew it worked, but they didn't bother me after that. Still it was very traumatizing. I don't think I ever told anyone about it.

peanut bladder - I LOVED your story about the desperate girls. I would love to see a girl desperate to pee or poo, but I can't recall ever having the opportunity. I like thinking that a desperate girl is more likely to pee herself because she has to pull down her pants and sit, but in desperate situations, I have had trouble pulling my penis out through my fly because sometimes the fly from my pants get misaligned with the fly from my underwear (I guess the underwear shifts or something). I've dribbled a little pee in my pants / on the floor because of that. I used to always pull my pants down to pee, and one time when I was little I was too desperate to get my belt off in time. My step father yelled at me for not just using the fly, and after that I started using it more. I don't like the feeling of being desperate to pee or poo, but I love the feeling of letting go after waiting so long, and sometimes the getting pleasure is worth taking the pain, although I know it is unhealthy to do often.

On another note, I would like to say that one day I would like to have a girlfriend that would let me watch her go to the bathroom, and that I would feel comfortable watching me. I think it's a trust thing, in that #1 innately we want to be alone when we go so that we are not disturbed by "predators", so a perfect mate would be someone I don't consider a predator, and #2 I would have to trust that they would not laugh or be disgusted by my bodily functions. I mean, the results are gross, but I think the process is almost beautiful to watch. I equate the pleasure of relieving one's self with the pleasure of orgasm (although orgasm is much more intense and pleasurable).

I may post more stories another day, if I remember any and have the time. Thanks for reading!

This is me Eric again Do you remember when I wrote to you guys about my pee story when I was a junior in high school in 1999? I have another one and it occurred in my senior year of high school. It was really hot in September and I started to drink a lot of water. During my adult living class in my last period I had to pee really, really bad again.

Mr. Clogs
Hello folks, I got post to share of my delightful dump I took yesterday morning (Saturday to be exact) so here goes.

Yesterday morning I woke up around 6 AM with with cramps in my stomach which means I had to get up and go. So I got up and made my way to the bathroom. Got in locked the door to handle my business, I was trying to remove my boxer shorts so i can sit on the toilet's seat and not pooping in them because the flow of poop was intense. Finally I got them off and sat my butt with cheeks spead open and let loose. Man it felt so good felt like I was pooping like five minutes strait. Once I was done dropping turds into the bowl, i grabded some toilet paper and wiped up the mess between the cheecks, washed my hands and went back to my room and laid back in the bed.

Well I hoped ya'll like my post, I'll post sometime if anything interesting comes up. Happy 4th of July weekend and hope to read some peeing aond pooping stories about their 4th of July holiday weekend. Oh by the way can I get some stories about people using containers as a toilet for both peeing and pooping and details of that experience please.

Take care and have a great day.

--Mr. Clogs

Hey, Anny here :) I'm 20, 5'10", 150 lbs, slim/muscular, from Toronto Canada. I'm going to post some more bathroom stories today.

I had a friend about 5 years ago in high school, when I was 15, and my friend was 14. Me and her(Erika) used to hang out a lot. I'm going to tell you 3 wetting accidents involving her:

Story 1: We had a sleepover one Friday night and all she would talk about was this guy that she had a crush on(my former crush in Grade 8 that she had become infatuated with). She wanted to call him, so we both took turns talking to him, and for some reason me and the guy(Myles) got into a fight, and I had enough of his pompous jerk attitude, so I started yelling at him and cussing him out for the longest time, and he never expected it from me because I was a shy girl lol. Erika hadn't wanted to go to the bathroom because she didn't want to miss a minute of the argument, so she picked up the other extension. She started laughing hysterically as I yelled and cursed at the guy, and she started peeing her panties(she had on only a nightgown and underwear, and she was a really big girl, about 200lbs). She couldn't stop laughing and the pee was gushing out, and pooling on the chair and on the floor. She put the extension down for a second, took off her wet underwear, wiped up the puddle on the chair and changed into dry panties. She picked up the extension again and she was laughing at our fight again, and she peed her underwear again, less than 2 minutes later. Lol. She had to change her underwear again, and wipe up the puddle again, and then we ended the fight and went to the video store. Lol.

Story 2: This story is involving Erika again. One day at school, she came up to me as I was getting my History textbook from my locker(we were in 9th and 10th grade), and asked in a panic if I had any extra clothes in my locker for her. Considering I was really skinny and she was bigger, I didn't have anything that fit her, though I wished I could help. She had peed her pants in French class, and needed dry clothes, so either she had to walk home and change within like 10 minutes or she had to stay in wet clothes all day. I don't know which she did.

Story 3: One more story about Erika. We were walking home from school to her house to hang out, and she had forgotten to pee before she left the school, so her bladder was totally full. We were joking around and Erika was laughing and then she farted really loud, and got a panicked look on her face. "Don't make me laugh!" she said with a weird look on her face. She was crossing her legs and trying really hard to hold her pee in. She was starting to dribble, but luckily we were down the street from her house, and she was wearing dark black jeans, so it wouldn't have mattered much if she peed herself because it was raining and she had on dark pants anyway. She walked/waddled slowly behind me to avoid letting any more pee in her pants. By the time we got to her house, she had ran to the toilet, and may have wet herself in the process, because she went to her bedroom right after, in a hurry, maybe caught short and had to change panties. Then the rest of the afternoon we hung out and that was it. Lol :)

Story 4: Here's a bathroom story of mine from 3rd grade: On the last day of 3rd grade, for some reason my stomach was acting up, and I had the runs all during lunch recess, all of which I made it to the bathroom, thank goodness :) I was outside playing with my friend Gary, and then all of a sudden I said "Oh shit!" He said "What?" I'm like "I have to poo really bad!" and I took off towards the school. Since I had previous permission to use the staff washroom(since I had a fear of using public washrooms), I ran into it, pulled down my overalls and underwear, sat on the toilet and SPLAAATTTT, everything started coming out. I felt pretty sick that day, but luckily the diarrhea stopped after 2 or 3 trips to the toilet.

Story 5: Another story from 3rd grade: I had a phobia or embarrassment about using public washrooms. From the time I got up until after I came home from school, I would hold in 7 hours worth of pee, and didn't like using public washrooms because I didn't like the lack of privacy(weird huh?). I often got embarrassed about people hearing me have a BM most often, especially diarrhea, because immature kids would laugh at the noises(even up to Grade 12, though I got over my fear around 5th grade). My teacher knew about my problem because my mom told her and she had to remind me every day to "use the bathroom". It was embarrassing, and eventually, they let me start using the handicapped or staff washroom, which I quickly got over my fear around 4th or 5th grade and used the public toilets like everyone else.

Story 6: A story from 4th grade about a friend of mine(he was in 3rd grade and I was in 4th, and we're still friends after all these years(we're now 19 and 20)). One day Peter(my friend) ate some chili for lunch, and we sat together as we ate our lunches. A while later, during recess, we were hanging out in the music room when Peter farted. Pffftttblat! Me and my other friend, Cassie, looked at Peter. "My stomach hurts" he said, and he farted a couple more times. Another really loud, gross fart and Peter got a panicked look on his face, as diarrhea poured out of his butt, filled his underpants and bulged out his sweatpants(he was a big kid too). It didn't take long for the whole room to stink, and Peter was embarrassed. I think he had to be sent home to clean himself up and change into clean pants. How embarrassing :O I felt bad for him, especially when my other friend was making fun of him. I'm not sure if he still remembers the story, but it's probably better if he doesn't.

Story 7: This story is from 7th grade: I was taking a history test, and I was on antibiotics for a really bad ear infection, and as you know, most antibiotics cause the runs, so I had to be careful. I felt the urge, but I tried to ignore it. It was sort of like what you see in the movies, like National Lampoon's Van Wilder where the guy's trying to finish his test fast. I asked my teacher if I could go to the bathroom, and she said no. I asked again, saying it was a really bad emergency, and she let me go, and I came back and finished the test and that was it lol :)

Story 8: This happened when me and my cousin were younger. She was 4 and I was 9, and we were upstairs playing, and she said she had the urge to fart, so I said do it then. She pushed, but nothing came out, so I said push harder then. What I didn't realize was her bladder was full, so she bent over and pushed again and a squeaky fart came out and she peed herself. The pee hit the wooden floor and her underwear and sweatpants were soaked. Oops :O Her mom wasn't happy when she said she had an accident. My aunt was like "How did you manage that?"

Story 9: Another story about my cousin. This happened when she was 8(she's 15 now). She told me this a couple of years ago. She was sleeping, and having the classic sitting on the toilet dream, where you think you're in the bathroom when you're not. She was sitting on the toilet peeing and she woke up realizing she was sitting in her bed peeing her underwear and PJs. She woke up and had to wake my aunt up to change her sheets and she changed her clothes and went back to sleep.

So that's it for now. I have many more stories to post, so I'll post them later. Hope you like my stories.

I want to hear more stories from Ash D, Cheryl, Punk Rock Girl, Jimi(Martha's cousin), and everyone else if you have more stories. I love reading these stories :D

P.S. A couple of questions: What should you carry in an emergency kit if you have an accident outside of the house? Where can I find enemas and how do they work? And do you know of any good diapers/absorbant disposable underwear I can find? I sometimes wear diapers for convienience, but I'm looking for any new brands I could try.

Thanks ! :D Happy toileting, all!

xo Anny


Hello there! I feel well-qualified to answer your query about standing to pee, as it's something I learned to do six or seven years ago with the kind assistance of folks on a message board not unlike this one. It became a crusading point for me, I remember what a stunning realization it was that all my life I had been manipulated by custom in the guise of biology, when my body was capable of entirely different things!

The first thing to grasp is that there is no biological reason why a woman can't urinate standing up like a man, it's merely a social convention of our culture that says she "must" squat, or which assigns squatting as a universal female norm. It ISN'T!

Aim is where it's all at. Because a woman doesn't have an external guide for her flow, the natural assumption is that aiming is impossible, but this is incorrect. You use your fingers to adjust the tissues around your outlet. Think of it this way -- when a little boy learns to relieve himself standing up, he holds his penis and points it where the stream needs to go. It's exactly the same for a girl! You draw the tissues of your lower lips in a particular pattern and the stream is directed, it's that simple!

Okay, down to details. The best place to practice is in the shower, the inevitable mess is of no consequence, and when you're more comfortable you can get around to watering trees and your back fence (all fun on quiet summer days!) Posture first -- find the comfortable width for your feet, many say shoulder-width is just right. Bend your knees a little and thrust your hips forward, these are common elements (though, I must add, many women find different techniques work well for them. Some urinate straight-legged and straight-backed, with a stream going way forward!)

Make an upside-down V with your first two fingers and place them to each side of your outlet, within your large lips. Use them to splay your lips open, so you have a clear "shot," and you're set to go. Relax and start to pass water. A slow stream will dribble and splash all over the place, and end up running down your legs, but a strong flow makes a firm, coherrent stream that moves out from your body neatly and tidily. Starting off with a good push gets the flow going, and then natural pressure takes over. You need to push again toward the finish to keep the pressure there so you don't start to dribble.

As you become comfortable with just opening up and peeing in a standing pose, you can start to experiment with adjusting your aim. Draw your fingers upward, lifting your tissues, and you will essentially deflect the outer end of your urethra upward, so your stream goes more forward. Every woman is 'engineered' a bit differently, some women naturally have more forward angle than others, but it's been surveyed that about 70% of women can master the method and urinate neatly and reliably standing up. It's just practice, and I've hard it said that a fortnight should see you able to direct your stream into a toilet bowl, onto a tree, into a urinal, onto a wall, over the edge of a roof, over a cliff... As you can see, the possibilities for fun are endless!

So, fill up on liquids, hit the showers, and have some fun!

Let us know how you go!

Best wishes,


Hey everyone,

Last night I went out to a barbeque and then a private house party. There was nothing special about the barbeque except that another one of my cousins sorrity sisters kept asking me to get close to her... Well it was nothing, but later at the house party while we were playing cards another one of my friends mentioned how she doesnt like to drink beer because it makes her fart, though she continued to drink it. I focused my attention to the drinking game and started to think about all the farting and pooping that was going to happen tomorrow...
I passed out after a few rounds in a lazy-boy and I woke up round eleven in the morning when I heard my cousins sorrity sister up and about... she headed for the bathroom and peed, but while she was peeing she farted very loud. She then flushed and went into the kitchen and while she was in the kitchen she farted again. She looked at me giggled and went back to her room. I would have loved to stay and wait for the poop that was coming later, but It would have been boring, there was no TV in the living room of her dorm and I felt dirty from the party.

To Black Mariah: Thank you :D I like posting here. Any type of stories you want?

Punk Rock Girl: I love your stories, please keep posting!

Ryan: Like others have suggested, soap and water in the shower helps clean the best. You might also want to try baby wipes or some sort of wet cleansing cloth.

Brad: I used the Life brand adult glycerin suppositories, which was simple to use, but kinda burned, and the urge to have a BM was still pretty strong. I felt like I had to go really badly, even if it hadn't kicked in yet.

Jessy: I like your story about peeing in the Ziplock bag.

Danielle: Hope you feel better :)

Don: That crapping experience sounded awful :O I also had a fear of public toilets when I was growing up(I got over it when I was about 12) so don't worry, lots of people are nervous about using a public toilet.

To the person who posted about the teacher peeing in the cardboard box: That was a really interesting story!

I would like to hear more stories from Cheryl and Kelly if possible.

P.S. Where can I find enemas and how do they work? Are they effective?



Yesterday, July 1st, I started passing lots of gas, my stomach was rumbling, it wasnt gonna be too much longer til I knew I was gonna shit a lot. So I had one bowel movement, it was firm, then I had a second bowel movement, it was a lil bit more watery. I thought I was gonna have diaarhea, but thankfully not! lol!

To Keisha(Cute and Shy)I finally knew your real name girl, my real name is Armondo. Keisha I miss you again :)lol!. Please write some more stories, ok.

Love, A.W.(Armondo)

Phew its so hot here today....its difficult to cool off and keep cool.
My b/f came over earlier but has gone to play tennis.....much too hot for me, I get headaches if I sit in the sun too long.

I went to watch him play tennis a few weeks ago. We had a pub lunch with some tennis mates and then I sat watching with another girl, too lazy to do anything else but drink large quantities of cold drinks. Mel (the other girl) said she was bored and we could take a stroll. I nipped to the loo first, but there were just two and they were really dirty, covered in poo and the floor was awash with pee, so I decided not to go.
Mel and I strolled along for quite a while, when Mel said 'ooh I wish Id had a wee before we left the tennis courts as I really need to go'. I said I also needed to go, but the loos had been filthy, so I needed to pee too.
We began to walk back to the Courts decideing we would just have to use the loos, dirty or not. I noticed Mel walking with her legs close together and asked if she was ok. She looked at me and said 'Oh I really have to go so badly, Im in pain'. She then put her hand between her legs and bent double groaning. I said 'look theres no-one about, just go if its that bad'. Mel said she couldnt do that, so we walked a bit farther. My need was so great at this time and as much as I love to hold it, I was worried Id pee myself, so I said to Mel. look Ive got to go bad.....I looked around and there werent any people in immediate sight, so I quickly walked behind a tree.....Mel followed, or rather hobbled......I can pee standing up (it takes some preactice but hey its liberating) and I pulled my niks to one side, opened my labia with my fingers and just gushed a long stream. Mel looked shocked and said 'I dont know how you can do that'. I was concentrating on the utter relief so ignored her po pee dribbled to a stop, I wiped myself and adjusted my niks, they had just got a bit damp from my initial jet.
I asked Mel why she didnt go.......she said she just couldnt.....standing there jigging up and down, holding herself and crossing her legs I asked her how far she thought she'd get walking like that??
Mel then, hesitantly pulled down her niks, pulled her dress right me a really good look at a very hairy puss......half bent but before she could squat, pee just flooded from her.........she just stood, legs apart, holding her dress up and her niks pulled way out in front as a monumental gusher absolutely streamed from her almost in a straight line forwards. She barked, 'dont look'.....and half turned giving me a nice look at the back of her puss.....still too hairy, but open wide....Im not gay, but it was nice to look at another pussy peeing.........she must have peed for two minutes, I handed her a tissue and we walked back to the Courts.......

Later I told my b/f and it turned him on............mmm I wont tell you what happenned next as you can guess.

P.s Im trying to get him interested in peeing in containers as much as I do.......he is scared he will piss over the edge.


Got any more interesting stories about your co-workers productions at the office where you work or other places you may have been listening or took a look afterwards? Have you seen/heard the financial director at all lately?


Sunday, July 02, 2006

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