Hi, I am new to posting something for this site everybody but I read these posts all the time. I am a 20 year old female. I am a cheerleader, avid music lover on my off time. Well anyway, here's my story. This happened last year, we went to the same festival this year only it was a lot more fun this year because what happened last year didn't happen to me again(i am so releived). Me and my girlfriends were at this 3 day music festival in Illinois, and my story happened there. We got there, unpacked, got a ride to the campsite that was just a flat open field surrounded with tents. We thought it would be in the woods, but it was just a field, cause the woods were already packed. anywayz, it was a lot more hot in the open field cause there was no shade. we brought plenty of water and beer tho, there was no problem. we were just sittin in the sun, having fun tanning. to make a long story short, we are sweating our butts off and are just sticky and horrible, and by the next day I am really craving a real toilet seat and not just squatting in the grass or going in an overheated disgusting porta poty. To make a long story short, I ate a v??e burioto. anywayz, we were watching the band, and I got a strong urge to crap. I started back to the campsite, and went towards the porta poties. i was having to totally clench my buttcheeks so i wouldn't mess myself. i finally got to the portapoties, but the line was huge! for all of them. i said screw it and was planning to go in the field, but I ended up having diarrhea in my shorts. On the way to the field I started running(yes, the pain was that bad) but I ended up just letting it go into my shorts. It was really gross and nasty, it leaked out of my shorts and into my socks. it was pretty bad and foul, i smelled rotten. i waddled back to our tent, but it took me a while to find it as it usually did for all of us. I had completely pooped my pants, but my stomach cramps were only a little bit better. when they saw me they asked if i was ok, and i said i still needed to go. they said just push the rest of it out. so i did. I squatted, and even though all that poop was allready all up in my crotch, it was suuuuchhhh a relief! i poopped more, and then I hid behind the tent and peeled my shorts and thong off. i then washed myself off the best i could with our water and a towel. i borrowed a thong from my girl, as i had spare shorts just not any undies. the worst part about it was that i couldn't shower. i just wiped it off of me with water, but it was still really gross for the next 2 days, and i knew i smelled. my butthole kinda itched too, but I also had to wear the same thong for 2 and a half days because i forgot to bring spares and my friends just had enough for them. even so, Im so grateful i didn't have another diarrhea attack or i might have had to go thongless or just washed it off. actually i did have another attack, but i waited in line at the porta poties, and even tho there was actually a long line, i was hopping up and down and a few guys let me ahead of them. i was so glad, cause I did end up shitting a lot, and i couldn't afford to ruin another thong and shorts(i left my old thong and shorts next to a tree that soon started collecting flies lol). yeah, but anyway to make a long story short i had to wear the same underwear for 2 days, but at least i didn't have another accident. although i was kinda sunburnt, my shower was sooooooo rewarding when i got back!

Hi gals, I have a question. Which one of you girls pee standing up regularly as a habit? That means you never sit or squat when you urinate. I would love to hear some stories about you girls using the urinal.

To Motown
Being from michigan too i understand your story, i myself have had a couple tense moments coming back accross the border, thankfully not ending like it did for your bro but it was close on more than one occation

The Crimson Flash
Hey y'all great stories. I have some stories to share about a certain girl I went to school with I'll call 'Holly'. The first incident was way back in 7th grade in grade school yet. To fill in the details this was a nerdy petite goody-type grade school girl, and she never left class to go to the bathroom. I sat behind her when all of a sudden she yells 'Can I go to the bathroom!?' Teach let her go and she leaves very fast even withuot pushing her chair in (very unusual for this nerdy gal). She was gone for a good 6-8 minutes so she might have had to take a serious dump. She then returned without incident.

The next story about this same girl was a few years later in 9th grade. As I was approaching the school i saw her coming too. I was pretty far ahead as I walked into the school when all of a sudden she's right behind me, passes me and darts right into the girls' bathroom. Probly missed her morning dump at home and was forced to do it at school. Now I was nearby talking w/ a friend and she didn't come out after about 5 minutes. Now it's unclear for sure whether she had to poop these times but I think she was.

Punk Rock Girl
Hi, Anny! Glad you like my stories! Here's a new one. Not very exciting, but worth sharing.
???y. A couple of hours later, we were on the couch watching TV and I felt pressure building in my bowels. Time for my morning dump, a little later than usual.

I went into the bathroom, pulled my shorts and underpants down and sat on the crapper. It took a little push, but once it got going, it was the nicest, most relaxing dump I've had in a long time. It was a HUGE, long, solid load, slowly creeping out of my ass. My asshole threatened to clench up a couple of times, but never did. It felt SOOOOOOOOOOO f***ing good. Finally, it reached the end and slipped out, dropping in one long unbroken log in the toilet.

No farting, no straining, only the faintest odor. I wiped my ass, and the paper was blemish free. It was a perfect dump, leaving my asshole and buns clean as a whistle upon completion.

I washed my hands, went back to the living room and told Colin my bowels were now completely empty. We adjourned to the bedroom and filled my ass up with something else!!!

Nice start to the day. Have a Happy 4th of July! The only day of the year I hope I have explosive diarrhea! Ha ha ha.



Interested Pooper.
This Is My First Post But I Have Been 'Lurking' For a While Now, Reading The Old Posts. When I Found This Site I Thought It was Gross, Now I've Come To Realise Its Nothing To Be Embarrassed About After All Everybody Does It. Anywayz I Have Recently Become More Interested In Poop and Pee and I Like To Find Different, More 'Unusual' Places To Go. And I'm Running Out Of Ideas So If Anyone Could Give Me a Couple I Would Be More Than Grateful.

Curious again
Please tell me how does it feel to walk when you have an accident in your pants? Is it better or easier to walk legs apart or with baby steps knees pressed together? Those of you who have experienced it for example in the street, please tell how you survived home?

Good afternoon--hot here. This morning I woke at a little after six, came to the computer to visit this site (no change), then went to e-mail, which seems constipated by something too large to come through. Went to Webmail to unblock it, at the same time feeling my rectum begin to fill up. The Webmail took some time, with the feeling of necessity becoming one of urgency; finally, I could feel the hard end of the turd pushing against the inner boundary of my anus. I still worked a bit longer, trying to get rid of the e-mail blockage; I failed, but at least completed the attempt, then knew my bowels were in immediate need of relief. I walked quickly into the bathroom, shut the door, and sat on the front edge of the rim. The walking had pushed the mass of poop back inside a bit (the "anal wink," that's called), so I waited maybe half a minute until the feeling of fullness became intense again, almost painful. Then I leaned forward and pushed strongly, driving the movement out quickly--silently at first, then a sudden moist pop! as it left. It took about a second, I judge. I squeezed to get the last little hanging bit off, then took paper and wiped. It was messy, so it took four wipes of three sheets each. Then I got up to look. I had done two turds: the first, just over an inch thick and light brown, somewhat soft, stretched from the front of the toilet under the rim (where it folded over) to disappear inside the hole; the second, a 4" x 1" softy, lay across the first. I measured the first turd, using toilet paper (4" on a side): it was 16" long, including the fold. Thus, I laid 20" of poop in a second. At that rate, it would have been moving 100 feet a minute, or almost one mile an hour.
Please let us hear about your memorable but normal poops. Happy pooping!

Hey everyone!!!
this isn't about my brothers and sisters nor is it a story ,but I'm gonna share it anyway. Well I have great news!!! the other day I went to the doctors and he told me i was pregnant!!!!!!! I so excited! Well anyway.....
~Lately I have needed to take more trips to the toilet than usual. I was wondering is this a normal pregnacy symptom?? I know it's a stupid question but I have never been pregnant before and I don't know how to ask my mom she still thinks I'm a virgin(I know I have to tell her but I don't know how to.)
Well sorry if i wasted your time

Teddy Bear
I sent a post a few weeks back but it seems to have been lost in the stratasphere someplace so I will try again.I am a fifty year old male who has been fascinated by bodily functions since I was a young child and I have been collecting stories for many fact I have more than a hundred that I would like to share. My life was pretty humdrum until I was four and a girl of the same age moved in next door...Kathy was very mischievious and avoided using the toilet as often as she could.I can remember the first day we spent together as if it were only yesterday...we played under her house;I made roads in the dirt while Kathy continued to dig out the hole she had obviously begun earlier ... being new friends we didn't say a lot to start.Kathy began to fidget; I knew she had to go potty but she just refused to go to the toilet; telling me that she "always liked to hold on for a little bit"... I was scared about us getting into trouble from our mums; but Kathy just giggled despite the fact she was getting more and more desperate .... Kathy suddenly hugged her knees against her body and grunted; I feared the worst, quite sure that she must have filled her pants... but alas she had somehow avoided disgracing herself... Reassuring me that all was well by saying "Jobbie was coming out by I kept it in my bum!" I begged her to use the outhouse before it was too late(Back then some houses still had outdoor toilets)...All of a sudden Kathy threw off all her clothes and crouched down with her bottom leaning against the edge of the hole she been so diligently digging ;her belly jerked in and out as she began to strain making the tip of her poo stick out slightly for a moment...another push and two nicely formed logs fell silently into the dug-out hole accompanied by a few dribbles of wee.Kathy stood up looking down proudly at the jobbie that she had just made;she than spread her legs apart as she gailey sprayed wee all around... both of us giggling at the sheer naughtiness of what Kathy had just done.... and so during the months that followed we played lots of other wee/poo games... That's all for now; more stories to follow.....

Hey!I'm a 15 yr old male and I'm new.Long time lurker.
Once I was at my Granny's house just before Christmas and all my cousins were there.Well there was a shop down the road that sold all kinds of sweets,so we all went down there about a million times,begging for money off of our relatives.I had never made myself sick by eating sweets and ignored my parents warnings.Well after my cousins dozed off,I ate one last chocolate bar and went to sleep.In the night,I woke with the most dire need for a bathroom I have ever known.It was about to splash into my panties!I jumped up and ran to the landing,but the light wasn't on,and it was pitch black.I fumbled for it,but I was shaking in my rush and my Granny went into the bathroom before I gotta chance to and I clutched myself(I was only 7).She came out and went into her room and I gave up and forgetting the lights,I ran into the bathroom and planted myself on the bowl,still groggy with sleep.Now here came the weird part.The poop I had been wanting to do was gonna be a liquidy one,which is why I had little control over it.But,while I sat on the bowl,waiting for it to pur out,nothing came.I squeezed but nothing came,so with my stupid 7 yr old logic,I returned to bed in a daze and put up with the poop still trying to escape.It was like I had a mental block against pooping in a toilet.Needless to say,I woke up with a mush of poop around my bed,and my PJ's damp from wetting my bed.I rushed to the bathroom and tried to clean up,but in the end Mom found out.It was EMBARRASSING!

Howdy.To worried parent.I think it was Donny that said for Worried Parent to make her daughter go to the bathroom every two to the three hours and do exercises sometimes.Well....Ok,but even with the butt exercises,this might make her bladder weak.If you go to the bathroom to often,your bladder wont be used to holding much and could get extremely small.It happened me before when I kept drinking water and eventually my bladder pretty much shrunk,so I had to build it up again,by holding a bit longer every time I needed to pee.Mind you,not long enough to do damage.In my opinion,I don't think Worried Parent's daughter has a problem-it may be just she's too lazy(no offense meant)or she likes going to the bathroom in her pants.Maybe she enjoyed the feeling of having an accident.The only time she seemed shocked was when she crapped the bed but the other times she seemed open about it?

Hey everyone! It took a little while to respond but now that schools over I'll probably have a little more free time. Anyway I finally did it! On Saturday I was holding my pee and poop like I've been doing often for the last while. I peed around noon but after that I tried to hold it all day. With the hot weather here naturally I was drinking a lot in the afternoon. Around supper time I already really had to go #1 and 2 but I kept holding it. I really felt a big heavy movement weighing down in my stomach. It had only been a little less than 3 days since I last went but I felt like I was at full capacity. I guess I just can't hold it for 4+ days like Lindsey can. After supper I just did random things around the house but later in the evening I went into my room to watch TV. I didn't want to be around my parents or my sister because I was starting to have to squirm now. I was wearing this pair of fairly tight blue cotton shorts, not only because they were really short and comfortable in the heat but if I thought there was a chance I might end up having an "accident" they would be easier to clean or hide if I had to. They're also snug enough to help "contain" anything if I went that far. For underwear I just had some white panties with a flower pattern which I liked but they would also probably be the best at containing. Around 10:30 or so it was getting pretty late and there was a storm coming in. I wanted to walk to the movie store to get something before it hit. I was about to chicken out again but I had a strange wave of confidence come over me. I put on some jeans and started walking to the store without using the bathroom.

Right away I felt a kind of tingle of excitement and maybe even nerves as I wasn't sure I'd be able to hold it until I made it back home. By that time it was very difficult to keep walking. I had to stop a few times to regain control before going on. At the same time I was trying to hurry before the storm came in. I was starting to worry about when I got into the store because I didn't want to have an accident while I was looking around in there. This was the most urgent I'd ever been to use the bathroom so I didn't know how much time I had left but it wasn't much. I could feel an instinctive urge to go back home or even pull down my pants and go in a bush or anything to get rid of the pee and poop. As I approached the store I was kind of scared to go in but I luckily knew what I wanted so I kept going. There were a few people in there so I had to work hard not to squirm too badly. While I was in there I had a kind of rush come over me and I thought "I can't believe I'm doing this." While in there I had to find an empty isle and cross my legs for a few seconds. After finding the show I wanted I quickly paid for it and left. Luckily there was only two people ahead of me so I managed to get out of the store okay but now I was pretty sure I couldn't make it home without at least peeing.

Then as I left the outdoor mall area of the movie store and began walking back into the area on the way to my house I felt the poop urge increase dramatically. I guess the comfort of the familiar area made me have to go even more, also something about the ominous calm before the incoming storm always made me feel relaxed. I started walking across a huge schoolyard which was for my old elementary school when suddenly I felt a spurt of pee escape and soak my panties. I wave of heat washed over me as I knew I was going to wet my pants. I couldn't walk any further, I just looked around to see if anyone was nearby then collapsed into a W-sitting position on the grass. I kept holding on for a few seconds but then it started to slowly drip out by itself so with that I just relaxed. A wave of warmth quickly spread over my butt and crotch as I sat there in the grass peeing my pants. I heard it trickle between my legs and into the grass. With the faint light from the streetlights I stared down at my lap and I could barely see a glistening wet patch growing on my jeans. It was an amazing feeling. I felt so many feelings at the same time. I felt excited but at the same time I felt a little bit of embarrassment and awkwardness, kind of like my subconscious knew that was something I shouldn't do. But overall it was an awesome experience. I peed for quite a while as my bladder was full and my jeans were completely drenched. Finally I finished and I just sat there for a few minutes taking it all in. I still hadn't let go of the poop but I really had to go, I wasn't even sure if I could even walk but then I felt a couple raindrops come down.

I slowly stood up and tried to assess the damage but I could feel most of it at the back. A fairly big wet patch had spread up the front of my crotch and a little bit between my legs but that was all I could see. As I started walking my nice warm wet jeans cooled down a bit but it actually felt kind of nice with the heat outside. I managed to walk to the other end of the field but even with about 5 minutes left to walk to my house it was too much to walk. I felt my nerves start to tingle again as I knew I was going to poop my pants. It was starting to rain a little more so I walked over to a row of big trees nearby on the edge of the schoolyard and stood under one of them. I stood there squirming for a bit when another cramp hit me. "This is it." I thought as an excited chill ran through my body. I uncrossed my legs and relaxed. I was planning to squat while I did it mostly because thats how Lindsey usually does it and she's definetely an expert at pooping her pants! :) I looked around making sure I was alone then I slowly squatted down which made me have to go a lot more because it pretty much spread my butt open. Even with all that pressure behind it the movement came out slowly because I could feel that it was a huge solid one, it almost hurt my butt as it came out. As soon as it was out a little bit my stomach automatically started pushing by itself and forcing the air out of my lungs causing me to grunt a little bit. I felt it touch the seat of my panties which sent another wave of heat over me. But then it stopped. My jeans were too tight while squatting and I couldn't push it out. I remember thinking the same thing when I first watched Lindsey have an accident, how she could push all that poop into tight jeans. I guess she just has really strong muscles down there! Anyway my stomach was cramping up pretty bad without any movement so I started to stand up. I stood up with my knees bent a little and gave another big push. With that I felt the enormous movement slowly fill my panties. Again it was an incredible experience, very similar to when I wet but even more intense. Now that I had gotten it moving I collapsed back into that W-sitting position like when I peed with my butt raised a little bit off the ground. That way I could relax a little more and take it in. It took a while before I was done and by then my panties were really full. When I finished I relaxed and sat back on the bulge unintentionally. It didn't really squash under my weight very much because it was so solid so I just sat like that for a while. After a few minutes I decided to get home before the lightning got too close. Walking was almost as wierd as the accident itself as I waddled all the way home! Luckily my parents had gone to bed so I just snuck upstairs. I got a change of clothes and went into the bathroom to clean up.

The clean up wasn't all that fun but it was definetely worth it. My panties weren't in too bad of shape. The poop was just one solid mass so it didn't leave too much in there and it didn't stain through them so the jeans were fine. They were just wet and had a very faint scent of pee on them. Even so I didn't want to risk anything, I'd just rather not have anyone knowing I peed and pooped my pants at 13. I had to hide my underwear and jeans until today (Tuesday) before I could wash them because my parents didn't go to work on Monday. I'm pretty excited now that I've found out about this and I'm going to try it again really soon. I haven't told anyone yet but I want to tell Lindsey and I hope that we'll be able to share our thoughts about it and talk about it more. Anyway I'll keep you updated on that and tell some more past stories about Lindsey and hopefully I'll have some future experiences to tell about. Later!

To worried parents
It could be that she LIKES the accidents. Wierd, I know, but some people do. It's convienient if she does. Likes accidents, is preoccupied with something, so why not go in her pants? It's possible... But don't take it from me.

Smart guy!!!
hey, everyone. i havent posted stories up for a while, so i thought i might want to post something up by now.

1. about a couple of weeks ago, me, katlin and both our good friends, danny, cortney, kelly and jenny(they're twins) was camping for a week close to a good huge lake. when we got there, we set up 3 tents at our campsite. while we were finishing our tents, katlin said that she was dying for a pee. i suggested that she could just do it in the water when we go swimming in a few minutes, she said that she'll do that. after we got our tents set up, we all got changed into our swimming clothes, and went swimming at the lake that was about 10m away from our tents. we all ran into the water, but i noticed that she was already started peeing while she was getting into the water because i saw a stream of piss coming from her leg. i was suprised how long she was peeing, because when she gotten into the water, she just didnt move almost at all when she was in the water and her face looked really relaxed. so i guessed that she needed to pee seriously bad. after that, it was a pretty fun day.

2. this next story happened about a couple days after we arrived at the camp. on our 2nd night over there, katlin said that she feels like that she needed to poop really bad, but was afraid that to go alone finding a good place to do it. so she asked me if i could get up and go with her to find a place. i said okay to her, and we went out to find a place for her. i quickly looked at my watch, and it was about 3pm at night. anyways, after about a minute or to walking inside the woods beside us, we moaned like if she was in pain, then she farted violently and said that she just cant hold on anymore, a huge thick dry log come out of her butthole before she could pull her underwear down. but since she was pooping in her underwear, she thought that maybe she could just kept going. it was so long that it started coming out of the side of her underwear. for over 5 minutes, it was over 2 feet long. it started to smells really bad after a couple of minutes later. then about another couple of minutes had passed, her poop was getting so long that her poop was toughing the dirt ground. after a minute later, her poop just fall out off her butthole, the pile was so huge. right after she was finished, she asked me if i had any napkins or something so she could wipe her ass with. i searched my pocket and i found one piece of tissue paper, i handed to her, then she just wiped her ass while she was still farting for another minute or so, then we just walked back to our camp site.

one day in 3rd grade my friend justin and i were talking about how long it would take for people to notice we had shit ourselves so he took a shit first and then i did. But when i went i couldn't stop and the shit came down my legs because i was wearing boxers. It was the end of the day and we were in the back of the classroom and when the announment came to leave people started saying they smelt something. A few people stepped in my shit and i got laughed at. I guess u could say it did take awhile for them to notice what i had down and justin never got caught.
Story 2
One day i recently i had a peeing accident on the way home with my girlfriend in the car. What happened is that we had just came from eating out and the bathrooms there had long lines so i waited until we got home and halfway there it came out and so i wouldn't feel as bad my girl peed herself too. We took a shower together as soon as we got home.

Dear Worried Parent:

I would very gently bring up the subject with your daughter and ask her if she is just ignoring the urge and then she has accidents or if she is having like urges and then leakages not long after getting the urge to go or what, it may just be she is putting off going to the bathroom too much because she doesn't want to take time out of her life to go if that is the case then I would talk to her about going when she feels the urge. If its a physical problem her regular doctor or other care provider such as a PA might talk to her and see what is going on but only do this as a last resort.

One day at school I drank a ton of water right before a speech I had to do infront of the whole school to calm my nerves. I felt the sudden urge to pee right before I was about to go up in front of everyone and talk. The nervousness combined with the water caused me to pee my pants right infront of the whole school(I was sooo embarrassed)...

Lucy Lu
To Worried Parent: If she is having accidents all over the place think that maybe she has a fear of public toilets? or maybe shes just to "pooped". Now your daughters personallity is she using laxatives to keep her weight down.

Now my Question is if you were hiried to use the toilet on screen like in a movie as an actor and paid millions of dollars for the shot would you do it?

My Answer. Maybe I would. But in movies the people are neerly sitting on a toilet bear. Like in most poop scenes they edit sound effects. the one ive noticed the most is dumb and dumber the sound was clearly edited.

Got some new stories for ya.

These stories are from the past, but I remember them like yesterday.

One: This one was when I was learning, or in training. My parents were wanting to Toilet Train me, since I was old enough to learn, and Diapers were becoming kinda old.

My mom was the trainer. She tried to teach me how to go and sit on the toilet. It was not easy, simply because I was not willing to go. They tried to sit me forward, backward, until they tried using an Enema. Not the best item, the little item was stuck into my rectum, as I remember it, it was cold water in my butt, which I didn't enjoy one bit. As she sat me on the toilet, I jumped off, and made a large soft serve pile on the bathroom floor. I cried, and to add insult to injury, I started running, making several piles. So, after that. My mom cleaned them up, and she swore to never use enemas again.

two: This next story happened when I was in the middle of something. I was about four or five, and I had learn how to toilet train, but I was not efficient on how to wipe my butt. So, I would usually wait and call for mom, until she came.

One day, a friend of my parents came over, and they talked, as I had to go to the bathroom, So I went to the toilet, and tried to poop. When I finished, I just sat there, waiting for someone to help me. Soon, someone came to the bathroom, not mom, the friend. she commented that I was on the toilet, my mom came and cleaned up. After that day, I learned how to care for myself.

three: When I was younger, I had first developed Diarrhea. I wanted to know how to get better. So we went to our local clinic, and found out what it was, I didn't exactly know what it was, but I knew after that day. I was given medicine which helped me get better, but I was still kinda confused on the concept. Well, I was still sick, but I kept going to school. Now, I had a particuarly bad problem with public restrooms. I was embarrassed because I'm naturally Blonde, and I also had long hair. The boys would call me a girl, and I never went to the bathroom for the longest time after that. It was humiliating.

During this bout of diarrhea, I was sitting in class, and I accidently let off a fart, it was silent to everyone, and deadly to my whities. I leaked out crap into my underwear, when everyone went to recess, I sat and cried, and my teacher asked me why I didn't go out, because I crapped my pants, and I was afraid of going to the bathroom for fear that a boy was in there. So, I was sent home, dad picked me up, and I stayed home dealing with one or two bouts after that. I got better the next day.

And just recently, I had a bathroom moment that I was glad someone helped me, just embarrassed at who it had to be.

I was in drivers Ed, and when I approached the class, I saw I had about 15 minutes, so I walked down to the bathrooms, and went to pinch off a loaf that felt like it had something fierce behind it. I approached the bathroom, and flicked on the lights to the bathroom, but the lights burned out. Embarrassed to ask, three girls who are good friends of mine, stood talking. I approached them and told them the boys' bathroom lights went out, they all said, "Go ahead." I ran in and dropped a deuce and cleaned up. Feeling better, I had to sneak out, that was easier to do.

To ANNA (From Toronto, Canada): I don't know why, but you almost remind me of a female counterpart of me. Your shy of using public bathrooms, However, I'm not embarrassed of using the bathroom in front of people of the opposite sex. Weird, huh?

To answer your questions:
I don't know the answers to that Diaper question, or that emergency kit question, but enemas are pretty easy to answer.

Usually you can find enemas in a drug store or in a drug store area. Of course, it depends if you want the dispensible one time kind like Fleet, or the bag and stuff. If it's the bag, I have no answer, to the despenisble, follow the instructions on the box, usually, you can either have someone help you, which is much easier then doing it yourself, or you can do it yourself, which can prove to be a hassle at first.

And to Aleks:

You on trying to find a girlfriend whose into all that stuff. I don't know, but it seems like we are almost the same guy. I feel the same about trying to find a chick like that. I currently have a girlfriend who I hope doesn't think what I'm into is weird. Hope you find happiness, wish me luck.

To worried parent..

im a 20 year old female. and until i was about 14 I had the same problem. I would usually leave big hershey marks on my pants because I would be on the computer and would not want to use the bathroom, and I would think that I could hold it. But i would poop a little and it would leave marks on my pants. i have had accidents where I would be sitting down and poop all over my self. I think its mostly laziness. Im sure that it is something she will grow out of.

Hi, I came back to see if my other stuff posted, and was reminded of a story.

I was probably 15 years old at the time, if not 16. I was in a car with this really hot girl (my age) that I had a crush on and a guy (2 years older) that I thought she liked. It was kinda awkward. It was a long car ride to a mall (don't know why we had to go to such a far away mall) and I started to get some bladder pressure building up. Well, I ignored it for a while, we were having fun playing truth or dare in the car (i know, kinda immature for our age, whatever). By the time we got to the mall, I was about to lose control and piss myself completely. They we talking about which places to go first, and I said I needed to use the bathroom. As soon as we got inside I started looking around for a sign or a map, and I think it was obvious that I was desperate, because they started to mess around with me. First it seemed we were walking around in a circle, and I started to get mad that we weren't finding any bathrooms. Then they started joking around (dont remember about what) and I was laughing and said "stop, I have to go badly!" Bad idea. They found a waterfall / fountain type thing you could walk under, and they dragged me under it (remember I'm minorly disabled, so I couldn't run away or get out of their clutches when they grabbed me). I was dying, but I was still holding on. Next they asked if I was ticklish, to which I didn't respond, and they started tickling me, under the water fall. I was amazed I could still hold it at that point. I finally found a bathroom, an empty men's room with the door propped open. I walked in as fast as I could and to my surprise I heard my female friend walk in with me. Now I'm no hipocrit, and I've engaged in some women's room voyeurism (of which I am ashamed and would never do again) so I wasn't mad. She knew about my past, and was not happy about it, so I was confused. I turned around (still about to explode) and before I could say anything she smiled and ran out. After that I had the most relieving pee of my whole life (in the stall in case one of them came in). Maybe she just wanted to see if I wet myself. I kinda wish she had stayed, or that I had just ignored her and ran into the stall so I could see her reaction. Could she have been into that kinda stuff? I may never know (she hates my guts today, has for years) but that would be so HOT even if she was only into the idea of my desperation. Maybe someday I'll ask her.

Hope you enjoyed that!

Anny. Why do you want to know about enemas? They're a medical procedure which should only ever really be carried out as a last resort. If you're an otherwise healthy person it should be possible to stay fairly regular most of the time by getting plenty of exercise, drinking enough water and eating plenty of fruit and veg, avoiding 'junk food' as much as possible. Constipation happens to everyone occasionally and normally nature sorts it out within a few days without any intervention being necessary. Although I have no personal experience of them I'm sure there are plenty of adult diapers on the market and, if you find them convenient, the best way to find the ones which suit you is probably to try different types.

Worried Parent. Judging by what you've said I suspect there's nothing medically wrong with your daughter and I don't think involving the doctor would necessarily be helpful. I think the solution lies in gently taking her aside when you feel the moment's right and explain to her the value of going to the toilet sooner rather than later when nature calls. It's really about encouraging her to take responsibility for that side of life and act in a responsible manner. Explain that whilst 'doing it in her pants' isn't a hanging matter and you're not cross about accidents, she'll be better thought of by her peers and feel better about herself if she doesn't leave toilet visits until it's too late. Also I think it's worth finding out if there any problems with her self esteem. Has she had any major fallouts recently with friends? I hesitate to mention it, but are there any tensions at home which could be contributing to the situation? These are all things which I think are worth exploring.

Richard and Sarah B from Yorkshire. Hi. Glaf to hear you're both regular again and things are back to normal. The last I heard Richard was having really serious trouble with constipation and hadn't been able to do anything much for about a week. Anyhow, glad to hear you're both back to normal.

Welcome to this site! Thankyou for taking the time to help me with my concern about my boyfriend peeing the bed. It was defenatly urine, and he new it. The first time it happened we were in my bed, and he was so shocked and embarassed he left for work without saying goodbye while i was changing the sheets.
My matress was ruined, and it smelt bad too. The second time was worse for him because we stayed the night at one of my best friends houses.
Luckily, there wasn't much of it and i threw all the linen in the wash before she woke up. He was crying with embarassment and frustration, and i felt so sorry for him. I did end up telling my best friend, because she asked why i stripped the bed. She was so understanding, and i know i can trust her not to tell anyone or to make a big deal about it, which she didn't.

It has not happened since. I can only put it down to being stress related in conjunction with the alcohol. Thankyou again for your help.
Do you have any good desparation stories, BLACK MARIAH? would love to hear some.

I have a memory from my childhood that i want to post about. When i was 9 and my brother was 4 (I am 23 now), we went with my mum to visit a retired couple who had a horse farm. My mum was buying a horse, and every few weeks she would take us there so she could ride the horse to work him before she bought it. One particular day, My brother and i were playing outside near the house and he mentioned after half an hour or so that he needed to poo. I told him that mum would be back soon to take him to the toilet. I was too shy and scared to walk into the house to look for the toilet because i wasn't sure if anyone was home.
About another half hour passed and he was clearly getting desparate. "i need to poo now! i can't hold on" he was saying, doing a little dance. So i thought ok, I'll check if the house is open, and try to find the toilet. We went to the front door of the house but it was locked! I figured the couple were not home. I said "you'll have to hold on, try your hardest, please" he said "i can't!!" and with that he yanked down his tracksuit pants and squatted right there on the welcome mat and a huge brown log (about 6" long) escaped out of his butt onto it. I was mortified. My brother had just crapped on someone's doorstep! Ironically, a few minutes after the incident Mum showed up after riding. I can't remember wether she knew about it or not, but i bet the nice retired couple still remember it. Thats the end of the story....

TO THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER: Where art thou? i miss your posts.

Till next time...

SweetSurvey-er xo

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Motown, I loved you story about seeing your 13yr old brother shit and piss himself. I love reading about real accidents and people being desperate.He must have had caked on poop in his underwear. Was it a long ride home? Did anyone have to help him remove his clothes?
Don not being able to wipe and using your undewear to absorb your reside must have lead to your having a very ichy ass crack?

To Worried Parent: The first thing you need to ask yourself, and maybe your daughter, is whether the nighttime bowel accidents are really accidents, or whether she is infact waking up and too tired to get up to use the toilet. Theis means that you'll have to do a little fact finding mission with her which means you will have to gain her trust. Give her amnesty to answer the question of the nighttime bowel movements, and be sure that she understands that if she is honest with you she won't be in trouble. Now, if she is really having accidents in her sleep, the she needs to be checked out by her doctor as it could be any one of a number of things. If it is happening because she is too tired to get up, then you need to look at either a sleep diosrder, or more likely at her age, lack of sleep (staying up too late). The daytime accidents sound as you suggested that she is just waiting too long as there are other things that she doesn't want to be disturbed from. If this is the case, let her deal with it. Support her, but don't support the behavior, or baby her. At 15 she is definitely old enough and mature enough to understand what is socially acceptable. If she is in fact having trouble with control, as opposed to not going when she should, then you need to encourage her, support her and keep her self esteem up. If you really aren't sure talk to her doctor, or one of the nurses that works with them to get some advice. If you have a good relationship/raport with her, you'd be amazed at how easily you can get the answers from her as long as she is confident that you are not going to judge her, or think any less of her. Sometines it's just a matter of communication. At this age, you may have to make this obvious to her. Remember that the highs are higher, and the lows are lower, and often times the little things are out of proportion in their importance. Good luck.

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER TO KELLY, the story you posted about your daughters BM reminded me that I was a bit similar. Sometimes I would sit on the toilet as a little fella and give a push but the turd would be big and hard but I passed it within a number of seconds but I would cry out in pain as it forced its way through me and hit the water with a loud plonk! I used to look down and it resembled a potato and would wonder how something that large would fit through my little bottom.
These days when I have a similar style turd to pass I like to do it in a toilet away from all where I can take my time and really grunt it out.

I've got a story for you. It's a bit different, but maybe not to some.

I'll explain so you understand, first off. Years ago, there was a bit of money that we misplaced with one of our family members years ago, and my father believed that she had stole it. My Grandmother didn't steal it, and so, he felt he had no reason for the family to see each other. We left, and never got along since, not my side of the family, just my dad. He told me and the family, (My sister and mother and myself) never to associate with them ever. Secretly, we did, but he never found out. Recently, they all came down to visit for two or three days, since it had been years since we all saw each other. It was a nice family reunion, to see everybody. It now leads to my story.

We went out and spent pretty much, there last day here, but it was okay, everyone was willing to make there vows to meet again sometime next year. In that time, it'd be great.

My cousin who will not be known by her original and be known as Etna said her foot was itchy and she thought she had got bit by a mosquito. I told her she should probably just rub some water on her foot, it's probably just dirty. She went to the bathroom sink to go get her foot wet, when about that time, I had a feeling in my gut, so I walked with her, and she asked me how would she wet her foot. I told her to take a washcloth and was the top of her foot. She grabbed a washcloth, but it wasn't helping me with my soon to exploding tighty whities. I was about to crap myself.

I told her, "This is gonna be weird, but..." She finished by saying
"You gotta go potty?" she's 20, and I'm 16, the minor talk was kinda juvenile, but all aside, I had to go.
"Yes." I responded. Now, there's only one bathroom there, and she wasn't gonna get privacy from everyone else, as was I. I sat down, and had a bit of a loud fart, then felt like something had begun to feel a pressure as one long turd came down. It kinda sat there, like it wouldn't come out, probably because she was in the area, but I didn't think about her, even as she asked for some lotion that was placed next to me. I passed her the bottle, and pushed a bit, and soon, a loud plop came down. I Cleaned up and later, We both said we wouldn't tell any of the family. We're family, but the rest of the family didn't have to know.

Johnny Half-Pint
Hi everyone.

Temperatures have been in the upper twenties this past week {I am the type of person who finds even double figures plenty warm}, and I've been having weird messed-up sleeping patterns. This in turn has interfering somewhat with my "daily outdoor piddle" r*gime; since, if I get up for a leak anytime after about 04.00, then I end up not having enough in my bladder by the time I'm setting off for work.

I suppose I'll have to see if I can get it together to go on the way home. This means having to spend the latter part of the afternoons nursing a full bladder; but if it leads ultimately to me being able just to unzip and loose off anytime, anywhere with no hang-ups, I suppose it might all be worth it .....


My family was heading back from visiting relatives in Canada. With tightened security, crossing the border can take a long time. My 13 year old brother and I were sitting in the back seat. The lines were very long to get through customs. Ever since he woke up from taking a nap, he seemed to be squirming around a lot. He told my parents, "I have to go to the bathroom." My mom told him, "We can't get out of the car honey. There are no bathrooms until we get through customs." We seemed to be sitting there forever, and moving forward very slowly. My brother had his hand between his legs, squeezing tight. He moaned, "How much longer? I have to go." My dad said, "There's nothing we can do son. We should be through customs pretty soon." My mom looked in back and said, "What do you have to do?" My brother said, "I have to go poop." I kind of knew this. I think he had been farting for awhile. It was getting a little smelly in the back seat. For some reason I was getting a little enjoyment out of watching my older brother in a tough spot. There were only a few more cars in front of us before we reached the customs booth. My brother was really in pain now. I noticed he was crying a little, and looking out the window so we wouldn't see. Every few minutes his face would get real tight, like he was holding his breath. He continued to grab between his legs. I'm not sure how that was helping his problem. We finally made it to the customs booth. He asked each of us what country we were a citizen of. My brother could hardly talk. He was now slumped down in the seat, tears silently rolling down his cheeks. When the customs guy asked my dad to open the trunk, I think my brother gave up. I heard him grunt, and soon after I smelled that unmistakable smell. I also noticed a wet spot on the front of his pants where his hands had been. Nobody said a word until the customs guy finally let us go through. As soon as we were away from the booth, my mother turned to my brother and said, "Are you okay?" My brother was now crying as he answered, "I went in my pants. I couldn't hold it in anymore." My mom said, "It's okay honey. There was nothing you could do. We'll be home soon." We all rolled down our windows until we got home. When we got home, my dad went in to the bathroom with him to help him clean up.

Dear worried parent: From the sound of your post your daughter has bad bathroom habits - doesn't go when she has to, holds it too long, maybe drinks too much liquid at one time, too sleepy at night to get up and go, etc. She ought to time her liquid intake better and not drink too much at once. A lot of kids drink a large amount of soda at once and have problems. She ought to get on the toilet every 2-3 hours, I don't think that is too often for a 15 year old to go to the bathroom. She can measure how much pee she does in an average voiding. This will give an idea of the size of her bladder. If she needs to strengthen her bladder, have her start and stop while she is peeing. That exercises the spincter muscles. As far as the BMs it sounds like she is just not getting on the toilet when she gets the urge. Is there something in her diet that doesn't agree with her? Anyway, good luck.

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