To lara:

You requested a constipation story with lots of detail, so I'll post a memorable experience from when my daughter was 3 years old. I don't think she was very comfortable using the toilet yet because she always had me go into the bathroom with her... but that's beside the point.

She peed for about a minute and looked like she was done. All of a sudden she grunted "Unggggggggh", obviously struggling with a poop. A brief pause and even harder straining and grunting "Uuunnnggggggghh!!"

Finally a crackling sound of a turd emerging. She started to cry a little and strain. "Ungh! Unngh!", followed by more crackling as more of her turd came out. 30 seconds to a minute of crackling and then a large "SPLASH!" sound marked the end of her bm.

She wiped andtried to flush the toilet, but it was clogged. I told her to go play and I'd take care of the toilet. I looked in the bowl and saw a rich brown foot long turd, too thick to fit around the bend in the toilet bowl. I got out the toilet brush, cut it in half and flushed it down.

Hello, It seems that none of my post get posted. I have many different names and have caught up on most of the lastest poop stories. Well I have a quick poop story to tell. I was on my bed watching television (I just had the television on. I was looking at the computer.) I felt like i had to pass gas but didn't want to take the chance. I got up and went to the bathroom. I had nothing on but a t-shirt. Sitting down, I barely strain and poop comes flying from my rectum. I thought it was one peice, but it was tons, almost filling the toilet. Hoped you liked it.

hey girls i got a do pee standing up? and how do u like improve ur aim please respond cus i want to learn how to pee standin up....ive been wanting to 4 a while

worried parent
I am the parent of a 15 almost 16 year old in less than a month. I'm some what worried, she seems to have been pooping her pants... The other morning I went to wake her up like she wanted me to, and as soon as I entered her room I could smell poop very strongly, I said nothing about it, but she woke up with a scared look on her face, so I left, when I saw her walk out of her bedroom (I was in the kitchen) I could see the back of the sweat pants she was wearing had a huge brown bulge in the back, they are tight and say AE on the back. That wouldnt have worried me except a few days before that she was on the computer talking to friends in the living room at night, I was watching TV, and she kept farting, I know because I could smell it, she was sitting on one leg, and the other was on the floor, anyway I could tell she was holding her butt cheeks together thru her jeans and at finally I looked over intime to see a nice bulge forming on the outside of her jeans. At this point she got up and walked quickly to the bathroom, and I thought I saw a small wet spot about the size of a baseball, after she came out of the bathroom she was carrying the bathroom garbage outside saying something about it being to full, I definatly noticed the wet spot for sure, it did not get any bigger at all. That is two accidents in a couple days time. And in the last year she has had a few, once when she went sledding during break, they went in the morning her and her friend, she wasnt even dressed, she just pulled her snow suit over her pj's which were the classic thin pj's- anyway they came home about 45 minutes later, and they walked in the door, her friend thru off her coat and snow suit and boots and left them on the floor, she had to pee, and ran to the bathroom mean while my daughter quitly told me she had an accident and had to change so she took off her stuff, and I could see the nice big wet spot on the inside of the white snow suit, and her pants were soaked and sticking to her body she went in her room to change before her friend came out of the bathroom, when her friend did come out she obviously wet her pants a little, I saw when she was in the hall, but when she was in the kitchen talking to me she made sure to keep them hidden behind the counter, and the other time this year she wet she was rideing her bike and came in the house running, and I could see the wet spot growing on her pants, that time she was also honest and told me she wet her pants and her excuse both times was that she didnt feel like quiting what she was doing to use the bathroom. She also often has small wet patches on her pants alot when she is to pre occupied to go to the bathroom mostly when she is talking online, doing homework, watching tv/movie, or playing video games...I don't know if I should take her to the doctor or what, I know many teens wet there pants every once in a while, but my daughter is doing it alot. I'm pretty worried, I don't want her to wet in front of a friend, the snow pants incident was close enough... Should I put her in diapers? I don't think she would like that. Please help...

When I was in 9th grade, I was at a party and I drank 5 cans of Pepsi. When we were coming back that night I had to pee. It wasn't much but it took 45 minutes to get home. 10 minutes later I really needed to go so I asked my boyfriend to pull over cause I really needed to pee. He tried to find a rest area but there weren't any so he told me to go in the back and try to find something to pee in. So I tried one hand shuffling things around to look for a bag or something and the other holding my crotch.I finally managed to find a Ziplock bag and I just let go in it. It was one of the most relieving pees ever. Then we reached home and it was nice. Happy Peeing!

Can you name 10 major motion pictures (NOT low budget exploitation stuff e.g. CAGED HEAT or ILSA THE WICKED WARDEN) that contain a scene in which a female character is shown taking a dump on camera?

I'll give it a try (I guarantee most of them will be within the last few years):

2) DETROIT ROCK CITY (unclear whether she's crapping or just farting)
5) CAR WASH (she's reading a mag, so I assume she's crapping)
6) A.I. (same as above)

That's all I can think of.

Hey everyone!
So um..... here is another one of my stories.
* I am the third oldest of ten kids. I have an older sister, Caroline and an older brother, Mark. One summer I was about 14 my mom was on her way home from work and she was caught in traffic. So she told me Carrie and Mark to keep an eye on everyone else. Of course we agreed. It was also the hottest day of the year and our A/C was down.(What luck!) So me Mark and Caroline got out all the waters and juice boxes we could find and told every one to drink alot of fluids to stay hydrated. Me Mark and Caroline also did the same. In less than five minutes a line in the bathroom started to form. And I started to feel a small tingle in my bladder.I ignored it because of the line of kids waiting for the bathroom. About an hour later my urge was stronger (I have an extremly small bladder.) And as my urge grew so did the line. I decided to get in the line because I knew it was going to get longer. When Caroline saw me waiting in line she walked over to me and asked what I was doing. I told her that I was waiting to go to the bathroom. Then she said that I should wait until the little kids went. Unlike me Carrie has an extremly large bladder and can hold it for days. (I looked up to Caroline and allways did what she said) So I got out of line even though I knew I couldn't hold it for much longer.So I sat down on the couch and started watching Barney with my little brother Adam. All of a sudden I felt this HUGE urge and the next thing I knew A whole stream of pee came out of me. IT FELT SOOOOO GOOD!!! Caroline freaked out but was nice enough not to tell my mom when she finnally did go home.
Tell me if you have any questions or comments I'm on every day just looking at other people's stories
More stories 2 come!!!!

answers to Mandy's Survey
Mandy's Survey
Have you ever had an accident on a roller coaster? no thankfully
Do you like to squat over the toilet seat and poop? No not really only if it is disgusting
How many times do you go poop a day? once
How many times do you pee a day? five times if I don;t drink that much

Punk Rock Girl

Just enough time to answer Mandy's survey!

Have you ever had an accident on a roller coaster?
Never on a roller coaster. I threw up once after riding a centrifical ride that spun really fast. Usually, I do not suffer from motion sickness.

Do you like to squat over the toilet seat and poop?
I have only done this a couple of times out of necessity, when the toilet was too covered with piss, shit or dirt to sit on. I actually tried it once after reading about people doing it here, and simply found it made it squash between my buns and made me have to wipe my ass for ten minutes.

How many times do you go poop a day?
Usually once, like clockwork, around ten in the morning. Then sometimes in the evening, depending on what I've had to eat that day. So 1 to 2 times, but usually once.

How many times do you pee a day?
Four or five, I suppose. I hold it a lot so I don't have to keep getting up. I've shit my pants twice in my adult life, but I've never peed my pants!



To Ryan:
To answer your hygiene question: To me, the only way to get yourself REALLY clean after taking a dump is to take a shower. Just using dry tp to keep wiping your ass over and over again just smears the shit all over the place and rubs it into your skin down there....kind of like using the shit like car wax and buffing/shining your skin with it. It leaves all kinds of bacteria and stink behind. And if the smell is coming from "higher up," as you said, it is probably because there is some crap leftover and when you walk around, the smell meanders all around your underwear. Even if I get a clean wipe after a dump, I still take a shower...soap and hot running water gets the job done. Good luck!

I had a girlfriend who was always very constipated. It was normal for her to go 4-5 days without going and even then she had a hard time. Normal diet, lots of fruits and vegs, bran cereal, even prunes, nothing ever made a difference. She would be on the toilet a long time, straining, which is bad. So I began to spend that time in the bathroom with her every 4-5 days. I got the idea to put a wet, cool towel on her back and then massage her back after working a little vaseline up her butt with my finger. Her poop was suprisingly not too hard after all that time. Before doing this she would lie flat on the floor and I would massage her abdomen. These things helped a lot, after a while I would just run my hand up and down her back while she was on the toilet and then she would start going in five minutes, usually four long plops, very predictable, then I would wipe her; usually pretty clean unless she squeezed one off on the way out. Some of the turds had "rest rings" on them where they stopped for a rest on the way out and got partially squeezed. (not a good idea to make her laugh during this process) It became, I believe, a learned psychological thing after a while, where running my hands up and down her back sent her signals to go. Most people experience this, when you sit down on the toilet seat, that sensations sends your body signals to start going. Wut y'all think??

Black Mariah
Hello everyone! I'm new to the board, but I really enjoy your stories especially the accident ones with great detail.

Quick description of me---despite the name, I AM male. I'm a 20 y/o goth guy, 5'8", skinny, long dark hair, lots of eye makeup, black lipstick usually. Some say I look femme. Wanna know more? Just ask. :)

In response to ppl's questions:

RYAN---The best method of wiping for me seems to be squatting or sitting so my cheeks are completely spread, wiping front to back until the paper wipes clean. If that doesn't suffice, then wipes work. I don't know what "poop smelling sweat" you are getting. Sounds odd. I mean, I assume most guys to get sweaty down below, especially in the summer when you're already hot and everything is hanging low...I know I don't always smell so The best prevention seems to be soaping up well in the shower daily. And baby powder or deodorant helps stop the sweating in that area. hope this helps.

ANNY--- I LOVED your stories! Please keep posting!

SWEET SURVEYER--- Your boyfriend could have wet the bed for several reasons. I'm not a doctor, so these are only suggestions, not diagnosis. He could be under a lot of stress, as ppl do tend to have more accidents when stressed. You said he had been drinking--its a good possibility he was drunk to the point of either not realizing he has to go, being unconscious and therefor not feeling it, or feeling it, just unable to react quick enough. Or, much more unlikely, but possible.....are you sure its urine? I have heard that some ppl mistake a wet dream for bed wetting...

MANDY---- my responses:
Have you ever had an accident on a roller coaster? nope

Do you like to squat over the toilet seat and poop?
not really squat, but I've found the most comfortable position is crossing my legs "indian style" if you will, hugging my knees close to me and going..

How many times do you go poop a day?
usually once or twice

How many times do you pee a day?
around 5 or 6

RISSY---If your boyfriend says watching you pee is arousing, then I doubt you have anything to worry about when telling him that watching him poop turns you on. it could open up a whole new world in your relationship. When I first told my g/f that I wanted to watch her and "help her" she thought it was kinda odd, but she let me. Then she asked if she could watch me pee and hold it for me. lol She wanted to know how it felt for a guy, so I let her try it and soon we were so open with each other and it was like we could trust each other and talk about anything after that. I love her so much more

Keep up the great posts!


a couple of days ago, i was at the beach with a friend of mine at around 4pm, we were playing volleyball. after we were finish playing, me and my friend got changed out of our bikini and we both went back home. after i was back to my house, i noticed that my parents were not home yet, since it was still 5pm, and they usually come back home after 8pm or so. so i just went inside the house and gotten changed into a much better clothes, and just went to the mall. while i was still at the mall at 5:45pm, i saw a few of my friends. we started talking and after a little while, we started heading at the food court at 6pm or so, and i ate a chilli. after 6:30pm, i finished the bowl of chilli, but unfortunantly, it didnt go so well with my stomach. my stomach started gurguling. i knew that i may need to use the bathroom soon, but i dont like using the toilets here, because the washroom here is not really good, and it usually smells in there too. so i just decided to wait till i get home to use the washroom.

after 7:30pm, i was finally back home. my stomach was hurting like hell, so i knew that i was about to poop my panties if i dont get to the toilet right away. so i headed straight to the washroom, and i quickly hopped onto the toilet, pulled my skirt and panties off, and started pooping. it was a huge thick log, it came out pretty smoothly. after 3 mintues, i was totally finished, so i just got up from the toilet, and i was suprised how big poop that i just did. it was about 9inches long, and about an inch thick. after that, it tooked me about 2 flushes to flush the whole thing out.


Growing up, I had a fear of public toilets. This included the boys room at school. I was okay peeing, but I would avoid taking a dump at school or out in public. I had a few experiences growing up that cemented that fear until I hit my teens, when I guess I just grew out of it.

In elementary school, I hated having to take a dump at school, because the boys room toilets had no doors, just a small stall. The stall only covered you from the chest down, and the knees up. Your head and shoulders and legs below the knees stuck out. I had no choice but to take a dump on one of those toilets a few times. A couple of times I had diarrhea, one time I remember I just really had to go. Once I was lucky and no one came in. Another time, I had to go during lunch, so the bathroom was packed. I was teased every time I farted or splashing was heard. That sucked.

Then, in junior high, the same thing, no doors on the stalls, but the stalls at least were tall and long enough to cover your whole body. Of course, the stalls were at the entrance, so any guy coming in to pee or wash his hands had to walk past the stalls, and got a look at you on the crapper. Nothing memorable happened during the half dozen or so times I took a dump, though.

Then in high school, it was the worst. There were NO STALLS! There were three toilets, with a wall separating them from the urinals, but nothing separating them from each other. Also, due to guys always making toilet paper bombs and throwing them on the ceiling or against the wall, there usually was no paper left. My worst shitting experience occurred while in high school. A couple of hours after lunch one day, whatever I had eaten was not agreeing with me. As soon as the bell rang, I ran to the boys room, to the nearest toilet. As usual, there was no toilet paper and the seats were covered in piss. I was going to try a different restroom, butt knew I couldn't make it, so I picked the least disgusting toilet, yanked down my pants and sat down. My bowels erupted like a volcano. It was that really gooey, sticky, slimy semi-soft shit, not quite diarrhea, you know? I sat there for a long time, guys peeking in occasionally to see who was taking such a loud dump. When I was finally done, I grimaced as I stood up because I could feel semi-dried piss on my butt cheeks and residual shit coating my asshole. I pulled up my underwear and pants and walked to the sink and washed my hands (air dryers, no paper towels, of course). I spent the rest of the day with shit squished between my butt cheeks and the seat of my underpants stuck to my butt due to the piss I'd sat in. I finally wiped and washed off my ass when I got home about an hour later. By far the worst experience of my school shitting days.

By the time I got to college, my fear for some reason subsided. Now, I'm completely at ease taking a dump in any bathroom, no matter how public or how nasty. Someone mentioned the public restrooms in Washington Square park. I've taken a dump there. It reminded me of high school!

My wife, kids and I had been on the road for awhile, heading to our vacation destination. My wife complained that she was bungry. My 13 year old son and 15 year old daughter agreed. We pulled in to a newer restaurant, looking to get a nice meal. When we got inside, there was a short wait before they could seat us. My son said, "Where are the bathrooms? I have to go." My wife said, "Wait until we get seated. Then you will know where we are sitting." My son whined, "I have to go real bad", as he crossed his legs and squatted a little. I said, "Come on son. I'll help you find them. I have to go too." It took us a minute to figure out where they were, off on the side by the kitchen. By the time we got there, my son was looking pretty desperate, holding himself as he walked quickly in to the mens room. Before I even got in the door, he was already in the nearest stall, closing the door. I could see him turn and drop his pants to his ankles, as he quickly sat down. A loud moan was followed by poop falling in to the toilet very quickly. His grunting was in chorus with the splashes. Eventually he started peeing, while still pushing poop in to the toilet. This went on for several minutes before I heard him start to wipe. I saw him reach down to pull his pants up. When he came out, I was drying my hands. He was embarrassed as he said, "Sorry dad. I really had to go. I almost crapped in my pants." I smiled and said, "I'm glad you made it. Wash your hands real good, then let's get back to your mother before she starts worrying about us." He said, "Thanks dad."

I got constipated over the weekend and took a laxative this morning.

One of those pill types that kicks in all at once.

It worked around noon and I dumped a big load, about three days worth.

Do any of you girls have this same problem?

What to do when the boss needs you to run an errand, and you are trying desperatly not to crap in your panties?

When I was nine, after recess, we went back inside and saw my male teacher in his 20's squirming in his seat. Finally, when everybody was taking their test, I looked up when I heard a hissing sound. The teacher had his pants and boxers pulled down.
He thought no one could see what he was doing, but the curtain he hid behind was a little too short. The teacher held his dick and was peeing into a cardboard box.
Then he pulled up his boxers and pants. After class, we all walked out (including the teacher) and I caught him with a hand to his ass, trying not to let poo out. But he accidentally let a little fart loose.
He stood there and released laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarge amounts of poo into his pants. There was a huge bulge.
And when I got home, I had to poo. I snuck into my yard, pulled down my pants, and pooed.

I was in the Oakland airport and I had just finished taking a crap. The toilet has one of those annoying mechanisms that flushes when you move. I leaned forward to wipe and of course it flushed. Lots of splashing. I ended up having to stand for the rest of the cleanup. I was doubled over, pulling the paper off the roll (which was located sorta low). I came up to wipe and noticed that my door was slowly closing. Apparently, I hadn't latched it completely and someone pushed it open. I just happened to look up as it was closing and the guy was walking away. I had to shuffle over to the door to latch it again. I finished up and went to wash my hands. I was at the sink, noticing that everyone in the stalls decided to crap with their pants and underwear all the way to the floor. Alot of guys are shy and dump with everything up at their thighs. 2 guys in boxers, one in white briefs, and the other in orange briefs (I've got the same color).

At lunch with my buddy, he was gone for a long time in the restroom. I even finished my meal before he came back. He said that he had to wait for a toilet and that the 5 stalls were all full. 2 of the guys were parked in there before he arrived and were STILL there after he left! It was funny to hear him groan like one of the guys on the can. The line went slowly and he was annoyed that he had to wait so long. He mentioned how another friend of ours refuses to use a public restroom and will drive home to take a dump. He also said how he doesn't like to take a crap in a public toilet because he doesn't feel completely clean afterwards. I told him that I just grab some paper towels and wet them in the sink before I go into the stall. It doesn't matter if anyone sees me do it. They can figure out what I'm doing if I want. Leaves me much cleaner. He said, "Hmmm... Yeah, I guess so." So maybe he's a new convert to the wet towel cleaners.

I also mentioned how I didn't mind using the doorless stalls. He said he wouldn't want to do that. I just replied that everyone has to crap. He said, yeah, but he doesn't think he could do it. He was surprised when I told him about the guys who would start talking to me while I'm on the toilet and he laughed when I told him about the kid who looked mortified when he had to crap in a doorless stall facing mine.

Rusty-I sometimes use an ear bulb as an enema when necessary. I think they use it for sucking the wax or snot out of little kids ears and noses. I use it with warm water and it's just the right amount to flush things out nicely. No chemicals. Also, it travels easily and doesn't look like an enema. And out of curiousity, what do you mean by "this is NOT a gay question"?

My boyfriend had a bad stomach ache last night so i told him to go use the toilet. upon siting down he let out a HUGE fart that echoed in the toilet bowl, then after that he said her felt better, but continued sitting. We talked for a little and soon I heard a "plop plop". We just talked casually until he started grunting and there was a loud spoolsh as his thick turds hit the water. He flushed and i thought he was done but he let some more more poo out and grunted and then another loud splash.

A little after he said "uh oh", i think i have diarreah and could hear some chunky liquid spill out onto the bowl. Then I started to rub his belly and asked if he was okay. A grunt and I heard his liquid shit splash into the water below. I rubbed his stomach more and he let out a loud fart and some more liquid. He had dirreah and I rubbed his belly for a few more minutes and after he said he felt much better. All this was a real turn on for me! I had to leave when he was wiping though, but he said he had to wipe 8 times.

Well as for me, I havent taken a shit today yet. I usually take one in the morning everyday, but now its the afternoon and still nothing. Yesterday though, i had a nice shit with some gas... I felt good and clean after and saw I left maybe six 4 inch soft turds in the bowl. But they were green... strange.

Im sick and in the hospital with pneumonia so i wont be on for a while. Thanx for your replies on my stories see yall later

To Nellie: I've never been able to understand why girls are so uptight about using the bathroom. Part of it is because women are so detail oriented and notice everything. Guys kind of ignore what's going on around them. I had a girlfriend who used to make excuses to sneak out and leave my apartment to go home and use the bathroom. How weird is that? I wasn't asking her to leave the bathroom door open or even be in there with her, she couldn't do it with me in the house. That made no sense to me since we had had every type of sex you can possibly imagine. So being exposed was normally not a problem. At first I thought she was dealing drugs or seeing someone, instead she was going home to take a dump! I don't know to tell you to get over your bathroom phobia except just face it head on. I don't think your hubby will criticize you for peeing in front of him.

To Anny,

In response to your use of suppositories. I have used them occasionally and only had a couple of close calls. You definitely want to be near a toilet if you take one. There are a couple of different kinds. They are glycerin or bisacodyl (Dulcolax). From the sounds of things it almost sounds like you took a bisacodyl one. The glycerin ones are clear and the bisacodyl ones are white in color. The glycerin ones are mild compared to the bisacodyl. The bisacodyl supps make you feel like to have to push and push almost involuntarily. The close calls are normally with the bisacodyl ones. What brand of suppositories did you use?

atto r
BOY do i have a urinal story to tell and i want u to tell me if its worst the the pricipal urinal story!i would love some feedback please.ok the story i went to my 1st girlfreinds championship softballgamea few days ago.It was tied and she was caught in a rundown wit 2 outs and she slid into home and she was safe! anyway during the award ceromany 4 the otha team i ran as fast as i could to the flower store as soon as i got back to the field she was waiting there wit her parents . i gave her the rose and she loved it ..then me and the whole family went to eat. my gf had to go to the bathroom and her mom did to so they went. and i was stuck wit the father i was sweating bullets adn we were talkin bout my gf and how she sayd how good i am to her:)they got back and i had to pee rlly bad and her fatha did to when we got to the bathroom to my horror there were 2 urinals . i told hte father that i can wait but he insisted that i go wit him wit absolity NO deviders u could see it all and i had the felling he was looking at my penis but i figured it was just me and of course i ahve a long and loud stream and took like forever and he was done before me.he wait till i was done and we went back to the table and ate but a good thing to this story i did get my first kiss by the girl had had a crush on since like 4eva who is my gf :) any feed pack please and im asking people somthing which one did u think was worse going in front of the pricipal or my gfs father!

I have to have a large BM right now but i think i wait and see if it forces its way out into my painties, it feels large and soft, i haven't been in 2 days where i usually go 1-2 times a day, i am thinking if going out somewhere and seeing if i can find a good outside place to go.


Its good to hear that other Greeks are visiting this site. I liked your story, however as i was reading your story I hoped that you will end up wetting your pants or whatever you were wearing. This is something I like and sometimes i find these stories in here very nice its not bad to confess to other adults.

Vassiliki--interesting bathroom story :D
Jere--that was a cool story about ur gf :)
Danielle--Sorry to hear about ur accident
oldpoop--I like ur stories :D
Sarah--Sounds like u took care of Jenny well :D
your name(Timothy)---Sorry to hear about ur accident
Jimi(Martha's cousin)---Post more stories please!

Hi all,

Been ages since I was here, but I wanted to tell y'all -- I had the most marvelous BM this morning. I'd been up and about, doing this and that, and was aware a load was getting urgent behind the backdoor, but when I sat down and let it be on its way I was surprised and delighted to find a monster slipping free.

Just like I used to years ago -- over an inch thick, a healthy deep brown in color, this beast was a good size. A small chunk, then the main show was on -- I'm estimating at least sixteen inches long, when it came to rest its end was above the water, and stayed that way despite the extra lengths and chunks that landed on top of it afterward. It dropped out of me in maybe five seconds, just a brown snake slithering out of my bowels and into the drain.

Damn, that was enjoyable!!!

Best wishes all,


Friday, June 30, 2006

=Hi all my long lost friends, I am back after a long absence. Story that happened the other day. Hubby and I went to the local town to update insurance policies, he went off shopping while I handled the business. My appointment is for 3 pm so I arrive at the offices at about 2.45 and sit and wait in the car as I see my brokers car is not there. Just before 3 she arrives gets out with a pile of files so I get out greet and offer to help carry. As we approach the building she says for me to go ahead as she needs the ladies as she has been on the road all morning. I tell her me to, to which she answers that it may be a little loud and smelly as she has been holding a load since about 9 am. We drop the files at reception and head on down to the ladies. A very nice three berther with partitions down to about a foot from the floor so feet are easily seen. The far cube is occupied so we go in side by side in the other two. The usual rustling of belts, zips and stockings as we strip off and then the creak of the seat as we get comfortable. She gives a sigh and says she may be 10 minutes or so. I say not to worry will also be about the same. I fart a gentle wizzer and start to push slightly as the head pokes out. As I lean forward she gives a sigh and a long bubbly fart. A few drops of pee and I see her move her feet forward and out as she leans forward to start pushing. She says dam it I have stained my g string, must have leaked a wet one. No damage to her pants though. I am now well on my way to getting the plug out and as it drops a long wet bubbly shit follows. After splashing loudly the smell wafts up and over the cube. My agent says goodness me you must feel better. I say Yip much better thanks. Silence as I hear her give a little push and hear the splash of about 5 little nuggets. This is followed by an almost silent wind and then as her feet pull towards the loo 5 large splashes as her logs drop out. Then silence followed by a long pee and the rustle of paper as she wipes her arse before even finishing peeing. I wipe and we join at the basins. I notice she has not done up her pants but just pulled them up over her hips. She smiles and says just washing out my keeper, with you in a tick. She goes back to the cubicle turns inserts it and then pulls up her pants doing up her buckle. Never seen anyone wash a keeper before.

In answer to your answer to your questions from a 50 year old :-

1. After constipation, how many flushes does it take to get your poop down? Sometimes several, sometimes it still will not flush away owing to its thickness - so I just leave it.

2. What is your record for the longest you've ever been constipated?
12 days. The turd was at least 2.5 inches thick - hard and knobbly, and needed some lubrication to pass.

3. How long are you usually constipated for and how often?
I consider myself constipated if I do not go for 5 days. This happens 2 or 3 times a month. I never take laxatives.

4. Will you poop in a toilet that someone already used without flushing? Yes, except if it contains smelly runny poo - which I find disgusting.

5. Where is your most common place for pooping, aside from the toilet?
In woodland if I have to.

Hi, I am from Greece and 20 years old. Last Saturday night I was out with my girl friends Katerina end Eleni at a seaside place to dance. We are all close friends from university. We drank lots of alcohol and had great fun. Unfortunately I have always had a small bladder and have to pee always a lot, especially when I drink. I remember to go the toilet a few times during dancing. After we left to go home I felt other urge to go to the toilet although I was there short before. We drank liters of wine and brandy. We tried to find a taxi to go back to town. I became more and more worried because I really needed go again to the toilet. And no taxi in sight. We were waiting next to a Shell station and Katerina suggested maybe we have to go over there, she told me she was also desperate. So we ran over there while Eleni was still looking for a taxi. Behind the Shell we find a toilet but it was closed. We quickly hurried to the counter and I asked the guy to give us a key to the toilet. He told us that the key was broken. Both Katerina and me told him we were desperate to go but he was very unfriendly and told us that he couldn't do anything for us. We ran back behind the station and thought what to do. There was the car wash place. Katerina told me lets rush in there and use it as a toilet, nobody would realize, and we tried to do so but this was also closed. I was crying telling my friend I would not be able to hold any longer. She told she could't eigther so we have to go right here. I looked around, the place was sheltered from the bech by bushes but I was afraid that this damned Shell guy could watch us somehow. Ok I said and we went to a place next to the bushes. I told Katerina I have to go first unless I would burst. Katerina just made sure nobody could see me from the nearby street standing behind me, inverse. I hovered down and just let it flow on the floor... I had to go for more than two minutes. It was the ultimate relief. After I was ok Katerina was doing the same and I was protecting her from sights. After she was ok we quickly ran away as we suspected this Shell guy to watch on us. Imagine the floor was quite wet. A very particular experience!

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