Michelle C.
I have been lurking for a long time but never sent a story. I have several stories about being desperate to poop, so I hope that interests everyone. In college a girl friend of mine and I went on a trip to Las Vegas. We had spent several days together in the hotel and I noticed that she had not pooped since we arrived. We decided to visit Death Valley in California by car. At the end of that visit, we were returning to Las Vegas when we realized that there were only two roads back to Las Vegas from California. We chose to take the road that was more of a direct route, but only one lane in each direction. We had been on this road for quite some time and there were no signs of any gas stations, restaurants, etc. My friend confided in me that she needed to poop but would wait until we got back to our hotel, and luckily we could see the larger hotels in the distance. It was a beautiful day and we were in a convertible with the top off, and I was driving but whenever I looked at my friend there was a look of desperation on her face. I was driving as fast as I could but unfortunately, there was an accident up ahead and the one road back to the city was completely shut down. We were forced to turn around and go back to find the other road to take us to the city. On the way back, my friend was trying everything she could to keep her poop in, including sitting on the heel of her foot to try to stop it from coming out. I think she could have made it if we could have kept going to the hotel but she said to me that we would have to pull over so that she could relieve herself. She was keeping a look out for a large rock so she could at least have some privacy from other motorists. When she finally found one, she yelled "stop here!" and took off running out of the car. I was running behind her and she was physically holding her butt closed as she ran to get behind the rock. She said in a shaky voice, trying to hold in the massive turd, "you stand guard and watch the road" but I didn't want to miss this so I followed her close behind. I told her I could see the road from the rock. I think she was embarassed to have me there but so desperate she had no choice. As we got closer to the rock she began pulling down her pants, and I could see the turd starting to come out. As soon as she was hidden by the rock she quickly pulled her pants the rest of the way down and the huge turd pushed its way out of her ass effortlessly. My friend looked embarassed, but so relieved. That was 10 years ago and I still remember this like it was yesterday. I have more stories to post later.

A couple of years ago, my boyfriend and I started becoming more open about our bathroom habits, which started when I needed to pee one day and I told him I needed to. After that I told him virtually every time I needed to go to the bathroom, and what I needed to do. After a while, he's like, "You seem to be more open about your bathroom habits that I am." and I told him he could tell me when he needed to do what, and after that he always did. A while after that, I asked him if he cared if I watched him pee, but he said I had to let him watch me first, so I unbuttoned my pants, slid them down to my knees, and sat down and peed. When I was done, I wiped and stood up and told him, "Your turn." When he was done, we flushed the toilet and left, talking to each other about it. A few days later, we did the same thing, but for pooping, whih tarted when I was on the toilet peeing, and he was watching, but I accidentally let a little poop slide out when I was on the toilet. I was red-faced at first, but he wasn't grossed out, and when I got up, he looked in the toilet and proceeded to pull down his own pants and sit down, and poop. Ever since then we've both just let each other in whenever the other wanted to watch.

more on toilets...

When I wrote that the old toilet smelled, I meant that it smelled like a public restroom. I'm not sure if the smell is from stagnant water, rusty pipes, rubber that is breaking down, or all of those things combined.

The old toilet was left outside my front door overnight.

The old toilet was good for flushing poop, but not pee: all of the liquid wouldn't flush. So I got a pumice stone, put on rubber gloves, and rubbed the pumice stone inside the toilet until it was clean. It was very time consuming. It took a lot of effort and energy.

Finally, I started peeing into a cup and pouring the pee down the bathtub drain. Then I would pour a couple of cups of water down the drain.

Also, I installed a new toilet paper holder. (I do some repairs myself to avoid the manager's nosy questions and criticism of my cleaning skills). When I took the old holder apart, half of it fell into the wall. I tried to get it out with a special tool, but I wasn't able to retrieve the holder. (It's still inside the wall). I installed the new holder.

hi, everyone. i just found this site from a friend of mine. i wanna post 1 or 2 story up for you guys. oh, btw, im about 5"7, 24years old, and i have blonde hair. oh, also im really lactose intolerance, so once i ate dairy products, then i need to use the toilet within the first 5 minutes, or else i just completely lose control and started going in my panties. but after that, i dont poop for about a couple of days, but after that, my poop was one long completely hard poop.

1.this happened about a few days ago. i was in a party at where i work for. during 5pm, i was eating a few of this round thing, but what i didnt know was that it was made out of cheese. after that, i felt my stomach gurguling. luckly that my break doesnt end till 5:20pm, so i just quickly ran to the washroom, and luckly enough, there wasnt anyone in there because it was only a small bathroom. i ran in and locked the door. i quickly ran to the toilet, and started pulling down my panties and skirt, then sat down on the toilet. once i did that, a violent wave of diarreah was coming out of me. i even farted really loud and hard, i just hoped nobody heard all the farting and grunting that i did in the washroom, since the party was right aross the hallway, and the music wasnt that loud. anyways, after about 10minutes of farting and grunting, i was finally finished. but i just pissed a bit before i started wiping my ass. after all that, i needed to flush about 2 times to completely drain all of them out.

after that, i felt kinda sick, so i washed my hands then quickly went to ask my boss if i could get off earlier. he was nice enough to say yes, but i needed to work until 6pm. i thought i could handle that, but due to my bad luck at the time, i was wrong. i wasnt completely finished, i knew that because i felt my stomach gurguling. i knew i couldnt just leave my desk, so i just sat there. it was about 5:45pm, so i guessed that i could try and hold on till then. i was lucky enough to wait till i get off from work. i quickly ran to the washroom, but my luck just ran out from there. when i got there, it was locked, so i knocked, and one of the worker said that she probably will take a long time. i wished that she didnt say that. so i didnt have any chance but to quickly get to the other washroom on the other side of building. after i got there, i just opened the door, and locked the door, ran to the toilet, and pulled my panties and skirt down and started pooping really violently again.

it tooked me about 5 minutes to finish this time. after that, i felt so relieved. when i was done, i just wiped my ass and just went to wash my hands then just went back to my apartment.

I dated a girl when we were teens, who often peed her panties. She usually wore skirts or dresses, and would sit somewhere where she could keep the dress or skirt out from under her and just let go. My most vivid memory of her was when we were sitting on a grassy hillside on the fourth of July enjoying a concert and fireworks. She leaned over and whispered, "I need to pee". I had to go too, but we looked and the lines were incredibly long. She sat back down and arranged her skirt so she wasn't sitting on the back of it. Just then the band stopped playing and I heard a soft hissing. "Whew", she said, "that feels so much better". I barely managed to make it through the rest of the evening in dry pants. She on the other hand seemed totally unconcerned taht she'd wet herself.

So i actually have some hygine questions as opposed to a story. So i an wanting to know what your method of wiping is and how well it works for you? Because i until recently. i had been having issues with odor... It was one of my biggest insecurities and i would be terrified someone would mention it. To make it worse my parents would yell at me for using to much tp. Now my issue i an trying to figure out is now i an getting poop smelling sweat or something betweet my inner thighs and my scrotum, like higher up not even near my butt. Anyone know what is causing this or how to stop it? Any help you can give would be much appreciated

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions about my daughter and her friend not flushing the toilet. Donny's reply about the school experience was especially helpful and apparently this is a somewhat common practice amongst children.

I also didn't realize how popular a subject toilet issues were and that such forums as this discuss these matters.

Brian from Sears,

Again another great story! As I was reading your story on June 23rd. The part where this African American Woman Janitor showed up as you and your co-worker were dropping your hershey bars into the bowls. She said "There is nothing that you had that she haven't seen on your husbands, sons, and grandsons. I fell apart laughing when I read that part.

I visit this site more often. Every time I browsed throught this site I looked forward to reading your stories. Keep those stories coming!

Hi!I'm Jessy. I'm 17 years old. I'm 5ft. 7in. tall and kind of skinny. I have tan skin, brown eyes and black hair. My friend Ashley told me about this website but she never writes.I LOVE pee stories!!!

Peanut Bladder-I'm like you, I love seeing people desparate. Especially boys.

Honey-I loved your story. Do you have any other peeing stories with that guy.If so, please post them.Thanks!

Once when I was in 3rd grade, this guy had to pee so bad that he was holding his crotch in front of the whole class. It was music class and music class doesn't have a bathroom. It was time to go so he was standing in line, squirming SO much. When we got to class, he ran into the bathroom.I'm glad he made it. Keep up the pee stories!

I was in San Francisco and was eating at a Vietnamese restaurant. I went to use the restroom and was surprised that the toilet was placed next to a large obscure glass window. Probably about 5 feet tall by 4 feet wide. I took a seat and used the facilities. When I was finished, I stood up and cleaned myself. I went back into the restaurant and finished my meal. As we were leaving, I looked around a bit, to see if anyone could see the restroom window. I looked through another window and saw that there were about 3 floors with windows that could look directly towards it. I also noticed that the waiters station also had a window that looked directly at the window. I looked through the window and saw that there was someone standing in front of the toilet flushing it. It was very easy to see the person and I figured that I was probably easily seen as well. Especially with the light on.

Alexis in Chicago
On Friday night, June 23, 2006, and again on Saturday afternoon, June 24, 2006 I was watching "Tyler Perry's House of Payne" on Chicago's channel 26, and I saw this light-skinned four-eyed, middle-aged, black lady named Claretha, a next-door neighbor, holding her stomach (she was visiting the Paynes' house at the time and dressed in a pink and black robe and silk pajamas) and said that the pizza and pork rinds were making her stomach bubbly, and she was silently farting and walking to the bathroom, and at the same time she was walking to the bathroom, a little girl, who lived in the house, held her nose in disgust. Finally, in the next scene, Claretha came out of the bathroom and sprayed air freshener into the bathroom. I sensed that the scene was kind of sexy and it turned me on. I loved watching that scene, and I enjoyed it. The End

To Diarrhea Girl:

I enjoyed your story. And could you please tell me your name, age, height, race, and also where you are from? Thanks.

Hey all this is Melanie. I have a story.
When I was five y/o, I was sitting on the fence when I had to pee very badly. So I ran into the house and down the hall. I made it to the bathroom, but then I was peeing all over myself.
Later that day I had another BAD urge. I ran down the hall, made it to the bathroom, and wet my pants. A third time this happened, and I was real irritated. It didn't happen any more though. :)

Good morning--humid here. I enjoyed both my bowel movements yesterday. Very early in the morning I felt the urge, went into the bathroom, and sat sideways on the toilet, facing the vanity with my back toward the wall. I had to be careful not to let my anus be too far back, or my poop would brush the side of the seat on its way out. After making sure of that, I pushed, and I felt the movement proceed on out, fairly solid and thick. It felt like it left in one piece, but when I looked, there were two, a quite long one (light brown) that curled down into the bend, and a much shorter one that sat across the first one. I have a hard time now feeling whether all the poop has dropped, so I have to squeeze my anus shut while shaking back and forth until the last bit falls into the water. That maneuver was successful, and another little piece plipped into the water. I estimate the total was over a foot long; it felt good, but (as usual now) took about four pullings of toilet paper (3 squares each) to wipe. Again, I used Noxzema on the last wipe to cleanse thoroughly, including up the anus.
My second movement was at work. About 10:30 I went in, chose the brighter-lit stall, and sat; at that point I could produce nothing but a couple of farts, so I left. An hour later the urge came again, much stronger, so again I chose the brighter stall. This time a moderate push produced three medium-dark brown turds: the first, about 6" long and a bit over an inch thick; it made no sound entering the water, so it may have hit the water before dropping. The second, just about an inch thick and 5" long (estimate), made a nice plunk, heard by someone at the urinal; and the third, my squeezed-off one, about an inch each way, also made a soft plunk. Again, several wipes, but a feeling of real satisfaction at my second good b.m. of the day.
I'm beginning to feel my rectum filling up, so I expect my first movement of today in the next few minutes.
Happy pooping, everyone!

Public Toilet Hater
Hello, my name is Corrine and I work in a large supermarket as an after school job. I'm 17 about 5'4" and medium built. I have always hated using public bathrooms ever since I was an early teenager. I've always been self contious of people seeing or hearing anything related to me pooping especially. This past Sunday I was working a long shift 12-9 with an hour off for dinner. I work behind the sevice desk doing lottery and making out store cards etc. It was only a little before 1:30 and I was starting to feel a little pressure in my stomach. It wasn't really bad but definitely enough to let me know I was going to need to visit the bathroom before too long. It was busy for some reason on a Sunday afternoon, and I kept working away. After awhile, the need became worse as I was starting to get t??y cramps and I knew I was going to have diahrea. My manager was running register because it was busy and he never puts enough help on. So I was forced to keep taking customers. It was bad because I kept letting out little silent farts to try and releave some pressure, but it wasn't helping. Finally I got another supervisor to relieve me and I got to the backroom. For a large store, the bathrooms really are terrible. There are three stalls in the ladies room and the employee bathrooms have been closed for two months upstairs during a remodel. I entered the ladies room and to my worst luck all the stalls were full and there were three people waiting. Two were customers and the one in front of me was Meg from the front-end too. She smiled and we chatted a little. The first women went in and quickly started peeing. The stalls are so high it's so embarrassing how much you can see and hear. The other two were having serious BM's it seemed. The other women quickly flushed and came out and the next young girl went in and started peeing thank god. Meg was really rubbing her t?? and I knew she was going to be a bit though. I was in serious trouble as my butt was about to burst. Meg was quickly able to enter the last stall and now all three were pooping. The smell was terrible and I was dying. My ?y was killing me and I just kept my arms crossed and tried doubling over to help the cramps. Another girl about 25 with short brown hair entered and almost cried when she saw she had to wait. She had her hand on her ??y too and even unbuttoned her jeans a little. Finally the middle stall women flushed and exited and I ran in. I just got my pants down when my butt unloaded. I swear I couldn't have lasted another minute. Right after that the other stall opened and the brown haired girl ran in and started pooping. With our runs and Meg's apparent constipation it was terrible smelling again. I hate having to use these bathrooms!!!!

Fluidity: he didnt know that it was not handicapped and plus he was in the bathroom also desperate himself when i was in there. He has helped me in other situations like that before. I had another accident today in a band concert for my Brother. I was getting desperate but its poor etiquite to leave in the middle so i stayed there almost holding onto myself. I looked up and thought i might go but then i remembered the passageway to the bathroom is upright and i wouldnt be able to hold it while struggling up there so i had no choice but to wait for my brother or ask someone else but i am to shy. I squirmed some more and put my hand between my legs. I winced as He said they had two more songs to perform. I leaked a little by the time the first song was done and then a little more in the second. My pants were still dry i think from what i saw. My brother looked at me when he was done with his performance from the stage. He was supposed to help clean up but he told his conductor he had to go take care of an emergency. He helped me up there and i went into the bathroom to find a small line. And of course the handicapped one being used by someone that isnt handicapped the line dissapeared but the person was still in the bathroom. I let out a large squirt in my pants and squeezed my legs tighter. Finally she came out and looked at me horrified and apologized. I got in there fast and tryed to get on the toilet i peed alot in my pants. I got on the toilet but had to get my pants off and i didnt manage to do that without my pants being completely soaked.I had a bookbag luckily on the back of my chair and i placed it over me. It was still visable but not too much. My brother told his band teacher he had an emergency to take care of and left and took me home. He does anything for me.
This is getting long so ill go please tell me if ya like it

Additcted to the internet
He my names Suan and I have OCD. Well I obsess about just about everything except my need to go to the bathroom. I will just ignore it and obsess about something else until i get desperate. Well I will be on some internet site chatting and playing pool with some ppl when i realize i got to go BAD! I say brb I Realllllly g2g pee now! and then i usually say after this shot cuz i dont wanna get off. Then by the end of my shot im grabbing myself and have to run to the bathroom. I broke my arm recently and I did that today and got to the bathroom just in time i thought but i couldnt get my arm out of the sling and i pissed in my pants I told them i had to go for 10 min i didnt tell them why but i told one good friend.

Jimi(Marathas cosin)
You should introduce Martha to this site.

Hey, Anny here, from Canada. I'm 20 years old. I haven't posted here for a while because I've been crazy busy so I thought I would post some more toilet/accident stories.

Story # 1: Earlier today I decided to try a glycerin suppository. I bought a box of suppositories a month or so ago, but never got up the courage to use one. So I decided to put on my favourite TV series to help me relax and so I won't tense up, because it's not comfortable. I pulled my jeans and panties to my ankles and lay down on my right side on my bed, with my knee up by my chin and inserted fairly easily, and waited. Omg it burned! It didn't hurt, but it was kind of uncomfortable so I remained lying down until it started to take effect. After about 15-20 minutes it started to work and I felt a very strong urge to go to the bathroom, but I wanted to wait another 10 minutes, until the half hour was up. By then I had to crap really bad and pulled my jeans and panties up and raced to the bathroom, clamping my backside. The only thing is, I didn't make it!!! Omg! By the time I got to the bathroom, mushy crap started pouring into my panties, and there was no way I could get to the toilet without making more mess, and more coming out, so I jumped into the bathtub, where mushy poop was still coming out, and I peed my pants. Within 10 minutes the accident was done. I waddled to the toilet and pulled down my wet pants and underwear and surveyed the damage. There was mostly mushy/solid stuff so it wasn't too bad, but I don't think I held it long enough because some of the suppository came out with it. I emptied as much of the mess into the toilet as I could, then rinsed out the panties, but there was too much of a stain, so I wiped, and threw the undies in the garbage, and put the wet jeans in the hamper. So that was my first experience with the suppository. Anyone else have trouble with suppositories?

Story #2: A month ago I went to my college(I'm a first-year student this September) to drop off my student loans forms. It was a pretty hot day, so I took two or three bottled waters with me to avoid getting dehydrated. I had to run some errands before going to the college, so the whole process, including travel time took 2.5 hours approximately. By the time I got on the bus to go home, I had to pee and needed to poop too, because I was constipated. I stopped by the drug store to pick up the suppositories, but never got the guts to try it. By the time I got home, my bladder was bursting and I was squirming, trying to hold it, while I read the instructions on the suppositories, but after a few minutes, the urge got really bad, and I was leaking slightly. I couldn't wait anymore and I ran into the bathroom, stood in the middle of the floor and wet my pants really badly. 3 bottled waters and a tea's worth of liquid poured out of my bladder at that moment. The pee gushed out, down my legs, through the knees of my black leggings, and pooled on the floor. After about 3 minutes of non-stop peeing, my bladder was empty and I felt total relief. My pants were saturated though, and stuck to my skin. I felt the urge to poop, so I pushed and heard a wet crackling and pushed out a solid log into my tight panties. After I was done, I emptied the log into the toilet, took off the wet pants, rinsed the panties and put the pants and underwear in the hamper. So that was that.

Lately I've noticed my bladder fills really fast, and I need to pee alot, but I've been lazy lately and decided to pee through my panties. A week ago, on my 20th b-day, I had to pee so bad, but didn't want to use the toilet, so I put on a maxi pad and let out small spurts, a little at a time so it could absorb it. I had a lot of pee in me, so it took a long time to empty part of my bladder. After wetting the pad, and making a small spot on my panties, I couldn't take anymore and grabbed a bucket, sat on it and peed in my panties the rest of the way. At the same time a bit of mushy poop came out :O Oops! Luckily nothing else came out, and there was no stain on my undies thanks to the pad. I took off the sopping wet pad and wrapped it in toilet paper and rinsed the wet panties and put them in the laundry, and that was it. A few times in the past week, I have felt an urgent need to go and just hovered with my butt against the toilet lid and peed through my panties. I tried that with my thong yesterday too lol. I guess I'm kinda lazy ;)

My mom used to babysit these two kids Justin(then 6) and Megan(then 4. Megan for some reason never wanted to get to the toilet and pee in the toilet. She was a very small, skinny girl, blonde, blue eyes, kind of ditzy. She would not go in the toilet unless she was forced, instead she chose to ask for the toilet right as soon as we had just left the apartment building, and she would pee herself often, as a result of waiting too long, laziness or revenge. She used to pee through at least 4 sets of clothes every day when she was over. She did have to wear Pull-ups though for trips outside the house and to bed. She's now 8.

Story # 3:Anyway, one time me and my sister took her and her brother downstairs to wait for her grandpa to pick them up, and Megan asked for the toilet as soon as we went down the 4 flights of stairs(no elevator). We were about to take her back up the stairs when we all heard this splattering sound and turned around to see Megan peeing herself on the carpet. It splattered everywhere, and Justin stood there and stared at her. Her baby blue shorts and underwear were soaked, and the grandpa came up the driveway and was very disappointed seeing Megan's wet clothes, and me and my sister could hear Megan's grandpa telling her she was too big to wet herself.

Story #4: Another time, we went in the backyard to have the kids play in the park, and no sooner had we walked all the way down the stairs and in the backyard, did Megan ask if she could go to the bathroom. Of course, it was too late, and by the time Megan started to walk, she peed herself in the sand. We had to go upstairs because of her, and my mom changed her into a Pull-up and clean clothes provided from Megan's mom, because Megan has to wear Pull-ups to bed and for trips outside of the house that is longer than half an hour.

Story # 5:One time, Justin(Megan's brother) wet himself when he was playing because he got distracted and forgot he had to go. He realized he had to pee a while later, and it was urgent, so he ran to the toilet, but as he was struggling with his zipper on his shorts, and wet himself badly. Pee was everywhere---on his shirt, soaked his pants and underwear and made a huge puddle all over the floor. He called my mom for help, and he was very embarrassed, but she helped him clean up the mess.

Last story: My mom's friend, Rae, who would be my step-grandmother right now if she was alive, had suffered with colon cancer for 4 long years, god bless her soul. Once, while she was still on her chemo treatment, she was sick, but she still wanted to spend time with my mom. She invited my mom to the mall with her because she was feeling fine, so she wanted to go out. However, once they got in the car and got halfway to the mall, Rae started to feel very sick and felt like she had the runs. A couple of seconds later, her face froze in panic and my mom asked what was wrong. Rae said "I'm not going to make it." Half a second later, there was a wet fart and then this really awful squishing/splattering. Poor Rae had had an accident :( Rae was very sick, and was so embarrassed, and who could blame her? When my mom told me this, I felt really bad for her. Rae had to cancel the mall trip and my mom and Rae had to go home(we took care of her and had her live with us until about a year before she passed away.)

So that's all for now. Sorry this was so long. I'll post more later.


Good morning--raining here. Since my surgery last fall, I have lost weight and my poop has been somewhat softer and less frequent. Only in the last few weeks have I returned to going (sometimes) twice a day. Yesterday my second time was at work, and when I went in, the other stall was occupied. As I sat down, my neighbor farted and dropped some moist soft turds; then I started, sitting leaning forward for maximum noise. I had four soft turds (still formed, nothing like diarrhea), and they made decent plops and plunks as they landed. My neighbor had a little more soft stuff, then wiped and flushed.
Last Saturday, in a big department store, I had occasion to use the facilities. I was just about done when a young man came into the neighboring stall. In this case there was reflecting tile behind the partition, and about an inch gap, and I was able to see dimly but definitely as he sat well forward and dropped three dark turds: two thick ones maybe 6 inches and 5 inches long; then, after some straining, a little inch-thick ball.
Happy pooping, everyone!

I love all these stories about teachers having accidents in front of their students, especially young, female teachers. So if you guys have any more/other stories about teachers wetting or pooping themselves let's send them in!

Melinda, I really liked your first story, am looking forward to more.

Do any other guys out there (this is NOT a gay question) like to use glycerin suppositories or enemas for rapid relief sometimes. I am in my mid 30's and I take the glycerin ones when I need to. They are great if you cant go and you have some big event or something. I leanred about them in in college from a team mate and friend. he would take them sometimes prior to a game.


Fluidity asked how old I was when I was in the bathroom with the girls. I would have been around 12 and the girls were younger, maybe 10-11. One of the reasons they didn't complain I was there was that we used to see each other going to the bathroom when we were younger, I guess. Also, they really had to go. We always really had to go from drinking so much soda and stuff. When my friends were over they would pee with the door open. I would usually swing the door shut but not closed or locked. Anyway whenever anyone peed you could hear it very well.

To Rachel M.: Wow, post your stories please! Especially I want read story about your 2-days holding. How much can you hold? My best is 1740 ml.

Help guys! i need some advice,
My boyfriend has wet the bed twice in the last week!
It has happended after a night of drinking and with me in the bed!
He stayed at his sisters also after drinking (without me) and he said it didn't it possible he only does when with me?
We have been together over a year now and these are the
only times its happened. Our relationship has been under a bit of stress lately, do you think that is why it happeneded? He said he used to wet the bed when he was a kid.

Your comments would be much appreciated on this situation! thanks!


In respose to Mandy's Survey:

Have you ever had an accident on a roller coaster?
The closest an accident I had on a Roller Coaster, was getting a bit dizzy getting off. That's all and almost falling over.

Do you like to squat over the toilet seat and poop?
Sometimes. Usually, I sit on the end of the seat and go and listen to my #2 going 'clink'. If only my girlfriend would.... Never mind, next question.

How many times do you go poop a day?
Usually 2 or 3 day. Sometimes four

How many times do you pee a day?
8 or nine times, provided I haven't had lemon drinks or anything of any kind.

Brian, Zip, JoelJack, I admire you men for being able to 'go" in front of anybody. I'm embarrased to even pee with my husband in the next room, with the bathroom door locked. My Catholic upbringing, I suspect.

Hey guys, my names Marissa i have a story for you about my boyfriend.
A few months ago, my boyfriend came over when my parents went out. We had some "fun", and always after he has to pee but it takes him a while after we do it. So I went to the bathroom to wait with him, and he sat down on the toilet because I guess he was too lazy to stand (any other guys do this?). After about 5 minutes i get tired of waiting for him to pee, so i leave and come back. When I do he starts farting softly and says that i might want to leave. OF COURSE NOT. I've been dying to see this! So i wait with him, and he farts and grunts a little and some poo falls in the toilet. I rub his belly to help him along and I'm really turned on! For farts and some plops but hardly any pushing. It takes him some time for it to all come out though. Just a bunch of cute little farts and plops comming out of his cute bum. He was covering the seat up so I didnt get to watch :(
and it didnt smell at all, only a little when he farted. Then after he pees maybe 2 minutes straight and finally says "im done", and looks at me (indicatiing i should leave). Im still kinda sad he doest let me watch him wipe up though.
But I cant wait to watch him some more. usually he takes his big dumps when hes at his house and talking to me on the phone. Usually he says "babe i have a t?y ache" and goes to the restroom and I can hear everything. I love when he's constipated because he grunts and pushes and its really cute to hear.

I dont want to tell him its a real turn on for me to watch him on the toilet because I dont know what he'd think. Once I was peeing and he said it was "strangely arousing", so i dont think he'll react badly?

Once, like twelve years ago, I had diarrhea from hell.
It all started one morning. I woke up and got dressed, then went to the bathroom. I sat down on the seat and runny shit flooded out my bum. Since it was Saturday, I got to keep sitting there for thirty minutes.
I went outside to run in the woods and was drinking water the whole way. I stopped for a break and realized I had to piss. It was around noon, so I decided I could hold it and ate some lunch.
When I was running back, I forgot I had to piss and continued drinking water. I reached my house and noticed I had to piss pretty damn bad. My hand trembled as I put the key in the lock and turned it, and the whole time I was crossing my legs and holding my vagina. I slammed the door and hurried down the hall, clutching my vagina.
I couldn’t make it to the bathroom. After taking two steps, I started letting out little spurts, and turned and rushed to my room. I removed all my clothes except my bra and panties. I searched for a can and found it. It was an old rusty coffee can. I sat down on the top, pulled down my panties, and began pissing. I could hear the hissing noise of piss hitting the can.
I finished pissing and then went to watch TV. After my show ended, I went to the bathroom, because my insides were gurgling. I sat down and water-shit shot out my bum. I released wave after wave of diarrhea for two hours.
Finally I thought I was finished. I didn't have any more that day, but when I woke up the next day, I rushed to the bathroom, clutching my bum. I had diarrhea again and went to church.
My mom made us sandwiches, and reluctantly I ate mine. Then we went shopping at the mall. My insides gurgled, but I ignored it through shopping, my brother's baseball practice, and going home. Boy, was that a mistake! I farted silently in the car and gave a tiny inaudible gasp when my bum spread its cheeks and let loose.
Diarrhea shot out my bum all the way home. Thank God the diarrhea held as I waddled inside and went to the bathroom. Yes, I, a twelve-year-old, had shit my pants like a little kid. I threw away my panties and shit some more. Then I went to my room.
I had diarrhea four more days, and my bum was hurting. Then it all ended. I had a bad accident today.
I was at work, and had to shit. The phone rang, surprising me so bad all my shit flew into my pants. The first three were hard, but the others were really, really mushy and creamy. I answered the phone, hung up, and while I was walking to the toilet, I released another load of shit"these were even softer. My work pal Sue came up and forced me to sit down with her.
She wrinkled her nose and said, It smells like someone took a big f**ker in their pants! Yes, she calls shit f**kers'.
You don't say, I said. I looked around nervously and thought, If you don't let me go I'm gonna let loose another load! While we talked, I kept shitting in my pants. I really have to go, I said, and left. She turned away, and I'm sure she didn't see the load.
I dumped out the shit and threw away my panties, then sat and released the rest of my shit. I farted and let loose three more loads out of my bum. It felt so good.

I was at a party last weekend. It was a small group of friends, just hanging out. One of our friends brought over his new girlfriend. Pretty cute girl, petite, pretty face, nice butt. After a few drinks, we started talking about embarrassing things that happened to us. She told us she once shit her pants while running to the womens room in college. She was in the middle of a test, finally finished it, ran up gave it to the teacher, ran out of the room and only made it halfway to the bathroom when she dumped a load in her underpants. She got to the bathroom, emptied her panties in the toilet AND PUT THEM BACK ON, and went to her dorm room to get cleaned up. Yecchhhh. I think I'd rather walk back to my dorm room bottomless than with shitty underpants on!

Quite an ice breaker. Interesting girl.

peeing rox
peanut bladder- I love seeing people desperate for the loo, but i don't like being desperate, do u ? Did u feel sorry 4 the girl even though u were lovin seein her pee?

To Cute and Shy,

Hey girl, I finally know your real name(Keisha), pretty name it is too.
So yeah, I just posted a story on here right before you replied to me.
Well, in case you didnt see it, Im going to write it again.

Everytime when I order a Vanilla Bean Frappuchino during my lunch break from work, I always end up having lots of gas after drinking it.
I fart alot to, LOL! I always try to cover it so no one will smell it from me. Sometimes it makes me almost have to take a shit real bad at work, but I dont like taking a shit at work because of the toilets.
So I just wait til I get home, and when I get home I run fast to the bathroom plop my ass on the seat and have soft shits for at 5-7 minutes, LOL!

So it seems like you missed me too huh :)LOL! Hey dont worry, Im still here, and I hope to hear more stories from you too :)

Love and Peace!, A.W.

Lucy Lu
I write this Grueling story every couple of months so new people can read it. It was my biggest and most embarissing story of my life. It was 3 years ago. Begginning of a new school year. I put on my tights to run to the school for a visit to the new wing of the school.

I walked into the school and saw alot of new faces and stuff. People would say Lucy hows the PTA around every cornor. I walked into the new wing of the school. Upon arriving to a very nicely done area (mostly for teachers) lol. I felt grewling pains in my stomach. After bringing the pizza boxes to each class on my route (pizza lunch) The pains grew stronger. Eventually mr. rectum gave mr bum a signal. POOP! NOW! URGENT!. I stood in the hallway horrified of this. I knew that there were new teachers washrooms being built.

I grabbed a hold of one door knob. Not a bathroom .Then two rooms next to eachother. The first one was a new bathroom. I jolted for the toilet. Not even thinking I pulled off my pants and panties. and sat my self down on this new toilet and started pooping litterly a 100 miles a second. For about 30 seconds this was Really painful. I was sitting there trying to catch my breath not completely pooped out (lol)I heard a loud Thumping on the door!!. I said one was the Janitor.! He told me that theres no water or somting. and the toilet has not been hooked up yet. Not wanting to ruin my name I took a look.! no water in the toilet just my slobbering poop. He asked if i was using the toilet NO! i replied just cleaning up.!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE OPENED THE DOOR!! I figured i didnt lock it b4 TO see me sitting on the toilet helpless. Then a group of gr 8's walked by and got a peek. I sobbed a little then offered money for the damages.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Richard and sarah B
Greetings from Glusburn, Yorkshire, England.
I enjoyed a good poo this morning. Several 6"logs plus several rabbit poos. Oh, the relief. As ever, my darling wife Sarah cleansed my ringpiece before dropping an impressive amount of brown herself.
Will post more later
Richard B

Hello everyone, my friend told me about this sight so I thought I would check it out. When I was younger I was in the Girl Scouts (until I was 14) now I am on a venture crew, its part of the Boy Scouts but more outdoorsey and they allow girls. I have several good stories from my scouting career.

One time when i was around 12 my girl scout troop went on a weekend camping trip, at a small cabin our leaders family owned, it was basicaly a hunting cabin and had no bathroom. so when I woke up early the next morning I needed to pee,I walked around behind the cabin where there was some sort of wooden box and it looked like a good spot, so I walked over removed my pants, lowered my underwear, squated, and tried to start peeing, but it was cold and it was nervous (I was very pee shy, and did not want to be seen) I stayed there a few minutes and was about to just go ahead and pee, when one of the girls from my troop came around the side of the cabin saw me, the bottom of my stomach stopped out. she then asked "are you peeing Jessica" total "heres your sign" moment, and i said "I'll just take a minute" or something, she said ok but told me to hurry up. As you can imagine I was embarassed and seized with pee shyness, finally after a fairly long time I just gathered up guts up and let loose! and peed for about 30 seconds. when I was done I walked around to tell Heather she could go, she had already peed and left. needless to say I felt stupid.

Hope you found this interesting,

New toilets!

All of the toilets at my apartment complex were replaced a couple of weeks ago.

When the workman carried the old toilet out and put it on the walkway, the toilet smelled, even thought I cleaned it before the workmen showed up.

(The apartment was built about forty years ago. I think the toilet that was just replaced was the original toilet.

When the workman carried the toilet out, a lot of water spilled out. But, I had put newspapers on the carpet... so the water got on the newspapers. After the workman carried the toilet out, he picked up all the newspapers and put them in the tank. Only a little bit of water from the toilet ended up on the carpet.

After the workman took the old toilet out, I could see that the drainpipe in the floor was rusty. I asked him if it should be fixed. He said that it wasn't a concern of his.

About a week before, I had gone to a hardware store to buy a new toilet seat. A male customer watched me look at the toilet seats. He had a weird look on his face.

Hey I'm Sarah and baby-sat a little girl last year. The story.
My neighbor has a little 5-year-old named Jenny. She's cute, with blond hair and blue eyes. Well Jenny's mom had to go shopping for a looong time and hired me to baby-sit.
We watched Cheaper By The Dozen 2, and all throuh it Jenny was drinking milk in a really big cup and eating popcorn. We were having a good time. "Sarah," Jenny said after it ended, "I want juice."
I was thirsty too so I got two boxes of juice and watched while she colored pictures. All of a sudden Jenny got up and screamed, "I gotta go potty!" at the top of her lungs. I picked her up and carried her to the bathroom. "Stay here!" she said, so I closed the door and sat on the edge of the bathtub.
Jenny was peeing for a little bit, then started pushing. I could see she was constipated because she was leaning forward, her face was red, and she was kicking her legs. Jenny stopped pushing and started to cry. "It hurts!" she wailed, but kept pushing until a big log plopped into the toilet. Afterwards we went outside and played tag for a bit.
Jenny went back inside real quick and sat down on the toilet. I heard an awful splattering sound so she must've been having diarrhea. This continued for thirty minutes until she started to cry, saying, "I don't feel good." Then she threw up. I wiped up the vomit and gave her a bowl. She threw up a few more times and I felt so bad for her.
Jenny kept having diarrhea for at least another hour until she felt better. I read her a few books, and she had been getting a weird look on her face. We were in the backyard. Jenny started crying and I heard a hissing sound. She wet her pants and I waited until she stopped peeing to pick her up and get her to the bathroom.
Poor kid! Jenny had diarrhea again--then wet and soiled her pants as soon as she had pulled them up. I felt so sorry for her. There were still some diapers Jenny's mom had, so I put one on her and she was fine.
Jenny had a stomach bug. It was gone the next time I baby-sat for her. ^.^

your name (Timothy)
I am a 40-year-old translator from Finland. My mother tongue is not English, so excuse possible mistakes. I have read some "accident" stories on these pages, and remember now also myslf very well, how serious situation it is when you have a big need but no chance to go to toilet in time. I have experienced it once.
It was May first in the early 90īs. I was a 25-year-old student in those days. I had been celebrating the previous night with my student colleagues, and on the May Day I had to study for an exam at the dormitory, though I was a bit hangoverish. Thatīs wht I decided to take a long walk first and had a fast food meal in downtown and headed back home.
About half way home I began to feel a ned to go to the toilet. At first it was not very serious but after a moment it turned very bad and urgent. As said, I had hangover, had just had a spicy meal and had not yet done my bigger need that morning as usually, so now I was in real trouble. I went in total panic, and the fear, of course, made it even worse. But I still had half a mile to go and I knew well enough I would never get home in time.
I still tried to figt against time, but soon I realized it was too late now. I couldnīt do anything any more but stop beside the road and simply let come what was coming. So, there I stod, a grown-up, academic man and pooped my pants like a child. I felt how I flushed and my face turned red from shame at the same time as I felt- and even smelled- what had just happened inside my pants.
It was a cold spring, and I still had long pants under my jeans. Thatīs why there was no chance to keep "the load" "nested" in pants as women might manage to do. As soon as I took my first careful steps it started to go downwards, and soon the mess was absolutely total. It was the longest and most shameful half mile walk in my life. It was so disgusting I walked the rest of the way legs apart. Didnīt care for other people in that situation, even if someone might have guessed that a grown-up man has pooped his pants.
After the difficult and funny-looking walk I finally got home and thanked God my roommates were not at home. I went directly to the bathroom. As I saw the mess, I almost threw up first, but then I had to do the cleaning no matter how I felt. It was quite a job before everything was in order.
Now, the case is just a funny memory. When you remember things like these later it can make you laugh, but never at the moment it happens.

the other day i was on my way home from my parents house which is 4 hrs rom my home and i was about a hr into the drive and i got a really sharp pain in my stomach i knew i was going to have to shit somewheres i was getting desperate now and i finally come up on a small gas station in the middle of nowhere. i stop the car get out i had to put my hand on my but u know when u have to go really really bad and u get close to a toilet u r need to go gets worse. well i walk into the store and i dont see a bathroom the clerk a male about 20 or so i ask do u have a bathroom he said sorry we dont have a public bathroom i got a desperation look on my face and say please it is a emgerency he says sorry i cant i look at him and say i have never said this before to somebody but i am about to shit myself now let me use ur toilet he looks at me and says ok but there is no door and no bathroom go to the back hallway and in the corner is a toilet so i rush to the back of the store there was a hall i walk to the end of the hall and there was a older style toilet as i was looking at it it was really small and i was a little on the plus side and the water was all the way at the bottom of the toilet just a little of water i said oh well i really have to poop so i pull down my pants and panties just enough to get my ass on the seat cause there is no room or anything just a toilet in the corner as i sit there is a sign in front of me that says (no number 2 unless emgerency)and i was like well it is so with that i sit and my ass hangs over badly on the toilet i take a breath and a booming fart with a crackling sound and shit starts falling out of my ass with pressure behind it ,it felt so good to get that out of me so i was there for about 5 minutes pooping when a lady about 40 comes in there and is startled by seeing me and says sorry but our bathroom is for personal use i said it was a emgerency and the clerk said i could use it i am sorry i was about to poop my self she said poop oh my god ur taking a shit that toilet wont flush with a normal size pile in it didnt u read the sign i said yes it says number 2 unless emgerency it it is she said ok well hurry up so i statrt to finish pull up my pants look into the toilet and htere was a huge pile of crap and sure neough it didnt flush i just left and got in my car a left how funny is that

your name (Curious)
I have never had any kind of panty accident as an adult, and I am not very willing to try it deliberately. But one question interests me: if you have an accident, e. g. on the road and you have to walk afterwards with a mess in your pants, is it better or easier to walk legs apart or knees together? Or does it depend on clothing? And is it always necessary to walk somehow funnily or is it possible to walk quite normally, so that nobody can guess what has happened. Those who have experienced a panty accident in the street, for instance, could you please tell how you survived home and what was your walking like?

To A.W.
How come you never post when I'm not online? I barely hear from you anymore and I was hoping you posted those stories you promised. =/
Love, Cute & Shy

To peanut bladder
Hey! I liked all your stories. I have a few stories I wanted to post to answer your survey, but I'll do it later on because I don't like posting long stories at the same time I reply to other people. Anyway, just make sure you post some more stories. ^__^

diarrhea girl
I have a really bad stomach at the minute, I don't know what's wrong with me.
It's gurgling and rumbling all the time right the way down to my butt, sometimes painfully.
I keep letting out really smelly farts as well, the're usually loud too. I just one which really stunk.
Also my poop at the min is really mushy, like soft serve consistancy, it's so sloppy, it goes everywhere.
Yesterday I let a load go in my panties, I couldn't help it. I farted and a really soft bit started coming out, I strained a bit more and it was there. It's the first time I've ever shit myself on purpose. It was really warm and mushy, I quite liked it. Cleaning up wasn't too fun though.
I'm finding this all so annoying as its like having diarrhea without the real liquid stuff, grrr! I constantly feel like I need to poop, I usually go every other day but I'm going a few times a day at the min. I quite like it but I wish I it could be really runny for a bit xxx

when i was little my brother used to make me pee in my pants. He watched me after school till my parents got home. I usually had to pee pretty bad by the time i got home. He would lock the bahtroom door and tell me it was being fixed.I would try to go play but i was always doing
the pee pee dance holding my self. I would literally be jumping up and
down holding myself while i was playing. One day i started to wet myself and i had to go even worse. I went in the house and my brother told me if i could hold still for 1 minute without moving he would unlock the bathroom. I knew i couldnt do it so he said i could hold myself i didnt but had to wait 5 minutes. I started crying and peed a little he told me ihe would tickle me if i didnt. I was peeing in my pants a little at a time so agreed. He told me to sit down so sat on the back of my heel and was squirming uncontollably i had to pee so bad it hurt when a few minutes went by i started to pee on my shoe and needed to change positions when i moved my foot my brother pretended to bump into me and i couldnt grab my crotch fast enough i started peeing all over myself i managed to stop the pee with my hand he came up and tickled and i couldn't control it started peeing all over myself and i coudnt stop it He used to do this all the time sometimes he would make bets with me how long i could hold it i would always end up peeing all over myself

more"constipation" stories guys, come on!with details..:)!

my ex boy friend used tos train a lot sometimes he looked as he was giving birth or something,i loved watching him. kinky i know, but hey, noone's perfect..

i'll come back, it's my first time here. see ya

Hi Peanut Bladder.

Yes Ive been caught without a loo and dribbled into my panties. Ive walked dribbling until my bladders emptied and Im soaked. Needs must.

Im not unable to use the bathroom at my house, I just choose to piss in the shower or garden, and I now like to use my container.e.

I was desperate one night on the way home from work caught in traffic and was doing the pee dance in my car with one hand between my legs, very painful, so I pulled over got out walked round to the other side opened the 2 car doors and pulled my niks to one side bent my legs and started to squirt. A police car stopped to see if id broken down and one officer walked round and stood there amazed as I couldnt stop i was in full flow. He told me it was illegal to piss on the roadside, I explained how badly Id had to go, there was a huge puddle under my feet, he said he should really give me a ticket but would let me off that one time. The relief would have been worth the ticket.

What about you.......any good stories???

peanut bladder
i dont know about ant one else but i just LOVE to see people who are desprate to pee. one time at school in third or fourth grade i was excused to go to the bathroom. as soon as i got into the stall, i saw the feet of two other girls run in. i had my pants down but pulled them back up even though i had not gone yet. i kneeled down and peeped under the stall. one girl ran into a stall but before she closed the door the other girl ran in. the first girl pushed her out and quickly shut the door. right afterward i heard the pee hitting the toilet water. the girl outside could not find another good stall to used. i watched her as she desperatly squirmed and held tightly to her croutch. she had to go so bad that tears ran from her eyes. i bit of pee gushed into her pants. she began to bang her back on the other girl's oor saying to hurry up because she was all ready peeing on herself. the other girl just said she did not care then i heard her dropping loads. i knew the girl was going to have to wait a while before she got to relief. as much as i was loving this, i had to head on back to class. so i just got up and used the toilet and left the stall. the desprate girl ran in and slamed the door and right away, i saw a yellow puddle forming on the stall floor. watching that was so much fun.

After a long day at the beach my boyfriend and I went back to the car we had left in the overspill car park which was a kinda field on the cliftop. As we were putting our things in the car we both realished that we were absolutly desperate for a pee as we had not been all day. The car park was very busy with every on leaving for the day and there was nowhere private that we could take a leek and no bathroom. We thought about going back to the sea but that was a long way down and we were both about to do a pee dance if we stood still for to long. I suddenly had an idea and got out the beach towels. I slipped off by bikini bottoms and put the towel round my waist, then I petended to be fixing a drink from the pick nik box, crouched right down with the towel covering my lower part and as soon as I was in this positon I just peed away like mad. My boyfriend saw my relief and it was almost to much for him he satrted to pinch his penis and move around in discomfort, he crouched down holding himself and said how was he going to go to pee he was so desperate and did not want to stand in the middle of the car park and piss himself which he was very near to doing. I suddenly had a idea, told him to sit down on the floor with the towel loosly around him. He so needed a pee he said hey what now,I told him to get out his penis through the leg of his swim shorts and using the towel for cover pee onto the grass. He managed to lean slightly forward and pretend to do a leg stretch and all of a sudden I heard a hissing sound and soon saw lots of frothy pee going onto the grass just uner the towel. Well he seemed to pee for ever and he said he thought it was a lot slower that way but oh the relief was great.
Just as we both finished we decided to finish our pick nik box but the grass was a bit wet along with our towels so we decided to move to the front of the car. A few miniuts later a family returned to the car parked next to ours and the kids said how wet the grass was as they walked on our pee with bare feet.
We always say however bad you need a pee there is always a wasy to go in public without peeing your pants.

To shogunblade:
I am very bad about having to pee at the movies, if I am in any situation where it is inconvient for me to pee I just keep thinking about it and I think I make myself have to pee alot quicker than if i wasn't thinking about it. Anyway most of the time if we go out to the movies I get one of the big fountain fruit punches, I drink half of it by the time the previews are half way through, then I go to pee, movie starts and easily 30 min in I need to pee again.

A few weekends ago on a Sunday my boyfriend and I were out trying to find an open beer store (Sundays they close at either 4 or 5 and it was 4:30 and we forgot which was the 5 o clock one) I had to pee desperatly (because I had a fountain fruit punch from Wawa) we were in the parking lot of the first store which was closed, so I opened hte door a little and stuck my butt out, bad positioning plus anyone coming down that street would see me, so I got back into the car and made him got to an office park nearby which was empty because it was Sunday, I opened the door, got out and squatted with my butt up against the car and started to pee (I had a skirt on and it already came off)my boyfriend got out and walked over to my side, took out his penis and peed with me, lots of splash back between the two of us. We both "shook" then left to find beer.

Alexis in Chicago
On last Friday night and again on Saturday afternoon, I was watching "Tyler Perry's House of Payne," and I saw this lady named Claretha, a next-door neighbor, holding her stomach and said that the pizza and pork rinds were making hre stomach bubbly, and she was silently farting and walking to the bathroom. To be continued...

atto r.
shogunblade: yea i've had many movie theater experiences with hold in my pee for the whole movie. as soon as the credits roll me and my friends ( wich are all boys) rush to the bathroom . there are just enough urinals 4 all of us so we all go. 2mins rolls by, we're still going then afer like 5 mins of going my friends stop but im still going standing there while alll my friends are still listing and laughing there heads off . finaly im though and we all leave to go skatebording ...... later,ill keep posting

Lucy Lu
This story happend to me around 1998-1999. I was waiting to have an urgent bm outside an outhouse,during my daughters soccer game. The t.h truck Backed into it while anotherwoman was in it!!!!. it didnt completely tip over but it turned. the slightest thing would tip it over now. when she got out. I went in. I pulled down my pants and as soon as my bum touched the seet it TIPPED OVER.!!!!! I with my pants off rolled out to aviod being covered in poo. I julted up my pants and panties while not many people seemed to notice.

2. Last thursday I was sitting on a Public Libary toilet, when the door opend. It was a challanged woman. I didnt want to scream. She came over to me and started touching my hair. I farted and plopped 3. Then she screeemmeed. and screemed again and again. I think she had to use the toilet. the opend her pants. Which was a message for me to get off the toilet. and i left immeatly didnt even wipe.

sports girl
hi, i like playing sports, im 17y/o, 5"4, have blonde hair, slim.

once when i was about 16, i was at practice for a volleyball tournemant. during about 4pm, i was kinda getting desperate for a piss, but luckly i could still hold it. after the practice was done, i went straight to the washroom. but before i went there, my boyfriend, nathan, called me from the other end of the hallway. i decided to hold it, since i wasnt that desperate. i went to say hi to him and stuff, and after about a minute or so, he asked me if i wanted to come by his place later. i told him sure, but i also said to him that i wanna get changed first. he said sure, and told me that he parked right out front. i told him okay, then quickly went to get changed. i quickly went to the girl's washroom, and quickly gotten into one of the stalls. there was luckly no one around, so i dont have to worry about accidentally farting.

anyways, i quickly gotten into the stalls, locked the door, and started pulling my underwear and shorts down. after i sat down i started peeing sooooooo forcefully. i didnt know that i was that desperate. i kept peeing for over 2minutes, after about 4 minutes i was completely emptied. after i was done, i got dressed into my normal clothes and went to nathan's car.

Chris (aka Toast)
Hey guys its been a while scince I have posted. But today something happend that I thought you might find intresting, or not, you choose.

I work at Brookshire's( thats a grocerystore) and half way through my shift after my 15 min brake i felt the magor urge to poop and it got worse the more i waited and i waited because there were a lot of costomers so when finaly the busness died down i hurryed to the toilet and sat down and what came out was what i thought was sollid but was soft serve for lack of a better word, or prepaps it was sollid but sevral peices, but thats off the subject sory, the relief was wonderfull so i wiped and went back to work and 2 hours later the urge came back and from the monet it started i felt the timer counting down till certain desaster so I finished sacking the costomer i was on quickly as possible and thankfullly he didnt not want me to take his things out for him and i ran well walked fast to the toilet and the same simi sollid poop came out and the relief was magnificant, after i was sure i was empty i went back to work and the rest of the time passed with no problems. I hope you liked this, ill keep you up to date when anything else happens worth telling about. keep the posts comeing. Chris

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