Hi, I'm Sandy, 14 y/o.
A while back, I came home after school and realized I needed to shit and piss. My mom asked "Will you do your chores right now honey, your brother has practice in a bit." I said yes but cussed under my breath, then went and did my chores, which took an hour. Then we had to go to practice and I squeezed my vagina.
When we got to the baseball field, I immediately went to the bathrooms. They had no lights and no TP. So I went into the woods beside the field, walking quickly because I was desperate. Every few seconds I stopped to clutch my vagina. I kept walking until I found a nice private place, then slipped off my panties and skirt.
I pissed a nice long stream for 460 seconds (I counted) and then let loose. Diarrhea spurted out of me for a long, long while. I slipped on my clothes and walked away.

TO peanut bladder:

Pissing in the shower? Yep, I like doing it and I do it quite regularly most mornings just before I soap up in the shower - Why?

#1. It's convenient.
#2. I occasionally wake up with a big erection (because of my full bladder.) Waiting until it subsides to urinate in the toilet can take forever sometimes and it's just plain hard to 'force' my penis to point into the bowl when I've got a 'stiffy'.

- - - -

1}Have you ever cought yourself with pee trickling out of you and not a toilet in sight?
>Nope... I guess I've been lucky so far.

2}Have you ever been unable to use the bathroom in your own house?
>For a while, yes. I had just come home from the hospital after undergoing an abdominal surgical procedure. For a couple of days it was simply too painful to push to get the pee out.
It was absolutely excruciating when the 'dam' finally broke after two days, but things became much easier after that.

3)Have you ever pissed where you shouldn't and the got caught?
>Nope... I've been lucky with that too.
Some of the places I've gotten away with:
-In a potted planet in my parent's apartment
-On their balcony
-Behind the building where I grew up (pretty regularly actually)
-In a park near where I lived
-In my back yard
-While sitting at my desk at work (I was wearing adult diapers specifically so I could try it.)
-Pissing in my shorts while washing my car in the driveway. (I was already soaking wet, so nobody noticed.)
-In my pants while walking home during a hard rain shower. (I was 20 minutes from home so I knew I wasn't going to make it in time.)



Hi I'm Mandy...
I drank 10 cups of water, then waited thirty minutes, then drank 7 more. Oh my God, I'm about to wet myself. I just let a little spurt out. A few minutes ago I got up, then sat back down. I have to pee so bad, I can't walk. I'm in a HUGE amount of desperation!
I just did the stupidest thing ever. I drank another cup and I'm typing and pressing my vagina as hard as I can. Okay, I'm gonna go pee. I can't hold it.
Back. I went tiptoeing upstairs to the bathroom, squeezing my vagina with both hands as hard as I could. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and ran. The bathroom door flew open and my fingers trembled as I tried in vain to undo my jeans zipper. I muttered "Oh f***" and kept jerking the zipper. Finally it came undone but my overloaded bladder couldn't take it and I peed all over myself for eight minutes. That felt good!

Mandy's Survey
Have you ever had an accident on a roller coaster?
Do you like to squat over the toilet seat and poop?
How many times do you go poop a day?
How many times do you pee a day?

That's it, but I have my answers to my survey:

1. Yes. We were going down a huge hill, and I was so scared, diarrhea poured into my pants.
2. Yes. I do it often.
3. I go twice a day.
4. About three times, I have a strong bladder.

Hey guys, great stories.

Melinda--I would love to hear stories about you and/or any of your siblings having accidents--including recent ones.

Peanut Bladder--I liked you're story about your trip to Battery Park and your teacher wetting herself. Was she old, middle aged or fairly young? And what was she wearing--did it make her accident more or less noticeable? If you have any other accident stories (especially about teachers) please post!

Do you pee in the shower and if so how often?
Is it mainly men or women that do it?

the girl next door
once i was at the movies...and everytime i watch a movie at the theatre, i end up having to pee really bad by the end of the movie. i had to pee really bad by the middle of this movie. i was crossing my legs and squirming the whole time but i didn't want to go to the bathroom cuz i didn't want to miss anything. i didn't wet my pants, there was just a tiny spot that was wet. anyways, at the end of the movie, i had to go soooo bad, but i couldn't find my purse. i was looking for it for like 5 minutes and finally found it. i still had to pee REALLY bad, so i ran to the bathroom, but there weren't any empty stalls, so i waited. someone finally came out but someone else took the stall before me. ugh i had to go sooooo bad. so i waited and waited and someone else finally came out. i ran in there and peed for like 2 minutes. ahhh it felt SOOOOO GOOD!!!!

please write more pee stories!!!

I would like to post all the accidents I've had all the way up to 15 years old. I'm 15 and a half.
1. When I was 3, I was at the fair and drank a huge soda. I went on the ferris wheel and it broke I peed myself.
2. When I was 4, we were driving to Corpus Christi and I was too shy to tell my mom I needed to pee, and I wet myself.
3. I was 5 and at this cool pizza place with an arcade. It was pretty empty, and my mom was talking to her friend. I was playing this game and had to poop, but I was gonna get a high score. Before I knew it, I had pooped myself.
4. It was my 6th b-day. I had eaten a lot and was starting to feel pretty sick. I started walking to the toilet. I threw up and felt diarrhea running down my legs!
5. I was 8. I had drank a lot and despite my mom's warnings, failed to pee before going to bed. I was dreaming I was peeing in the sink when I woke up, soaked!
6. I was still 8. I had the flu and was in bed, covered in blankets. My insides were churning but I was too weak to get up. I tried anyways, and, butt-naked, took a step and spewed diarrhea all over myself.
7. I was 10. I was at my friend's party, wearing a stupidly short POOFY blue dress. I could feel my t?y gurgling, and ignored it. We started singing "Happy Birthday to You" and I released a tiny fart--then felt a huge lump in the back of my pants. My friend's little brother yelled, "Tracy pooped her pants!"
8. At my 11th b-day party, we were driving to Chuck E Cheese's and when I stepped out of the car, I totally wet myself!
9. 11 years old. I was jogging in the woods with my dad. He's very open around me, and said, "I have to piss." So I stood beside him while he pulled out his willy. He aimed and let out a long stream of pee. It really amazed me how open he was--and how fidgety I was. After he put his willy back in, I undid my shorts, but before I could pull them down, I farted and spewed diarrhea all over myself.
10. It was after I turned 14. I had been constipated, so I took a laxative. I woke up in the night. I got up and headed to the bathroom. I totally walked in on my dad, who had the flu and was puking into the sink. He's naked when he sleeps. A towel sat under his butt and big plops of diarrhea landed there. I walked out and had diarrhea the second I closed the door.
11. I was 15 and at the mall, shopping. I realized I needed to pee, so I sat down at the food court on these cushioned seats. It was a three-bench booth. I scooted over to the one by the sides and wet myself.

i Peanut Bladder,

Ilurve to pee in the shower and never bother to have my morning pee in the loo, I just hold it till I get in the shower and then 'just go'. I also like to pee in containers and once in desperation I peed in the sink.
Once coming home late at night and bursting for a wee I peed into the drain outside the house.....bliss. If Im walking home or driving home and need to pee badly then I will get out of my car, pull my niks to one side and just piss,,,,my aim is quite good.

I lurve also to hold my pee till I wet myself at home when Im alone...I often sit in my typing chair on a towel and wee, its so warm and nice.
A full bladder makes me no.

Hi. Here's...A story.
We had gone on a field trip and stayed for about...well, a loooooong time. The teacher asked if we needed to go to the bathroom, but I'm real shy. I walked in to see if anyone was at the urinal, and there were seven boys there, and a line. I backed away. The bus ride back was 1 1/2 hours long, so I hadn't gone for 5 1/2 hours. When we got back, I didn't have the chance to pee, so I had to wait another hour for the bus to reach my house. As soon as it drove off, I raced down my stupidly long driveway. The garage opened and I closed it, doing a pee-dance. I fumbled with the keys, opened the door, closed it, and raced up the stairs. My sis was in the bathroom, pooping. She knows she's horribly fat, and fat people have a hard time pooping. She strained and moaned and grunted, then I heard a plop and she said, "Ahh."
My spirits lifted, but she continued straining. I heard ten more plops, and was sweating badly. Another plop...and she came out. I darted in, slammed the door, and pulled out my willy. I pulled up the seat and started to pee. I felt a wave of relief as I peed for those lovely eight minutes. I heard a pounding on the door, yelled, "Wait a sec!" after realizing I had to poop. I sat down and pooped out five firm logs. "TODD!" screamed my other sister, Melissa. I walked out and I saw her, trembling. She had wet her pants and soiled them--the wet soiling.

Hi. I used a public bathroom yesterday. I had to urinate really bad. I went into a stall, locked the door, and hung strips of bathroom tissue over the cracks on both sides of the door. Then I urinated on the sidewall of the toilet so nobody would hear me, and I waited till it sounded like everybody was out of the restroom, and left holding my head up, like a hot-shot... I think I did OK.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Hey Everyone!
I have many stories but right now I will only tell one. I will save the rest for later.
*My best friend Kate and I have known each other forever. And we do everything together. So one time after school (I think we were 12) I invited her over my house. As soon as she arrived at my house I could see that she was squirming. Since my house was so loud Me and Kate decided to go out side and play with my neighbors. Kate wobbled down the stairs with her knees buckled. I asked her if she was allright and she said that she was fine. So then my little brother Jacob asked if we wanted to play tag she said that she didnt mind so we started to play and I was it. Before we started I asked her if she was ok she said that she was fine (again) and then said that she just had to go to the bathroom.I said I'll go with you. So we went upstairs to see my older sister Caroline front of the the door with her legs crossed. I could now see that Kate was very desperate and I was starting to really feel bad for her. As my dad walked out of the bathroom Caroline rushed in. Then i could tell that kate just couldn't take it anyomre. I looked down to see a little dark patch in her jeans grow darker adn darker. Then i saw a puddle of pee on tjhe floor. My parents wernn't mad cuz they were used to it. Well i gotta go tell me if you liked my story

To BIG BOOMIE: Hey there, I thought I would put my opinion out there about thongs and answer your question. I do not wear thongs on normal occasion, for the fact that it is uncomfortable, and it is gross. See, I tend to not wipe as much as I should and staining my regular bikini style underwear is a big enough problem for me. Of course I really do not care, staining my underwear will hurt no one, and no one ever sees my underwear. Once though I was at the mall with a group of my friends and they made me buy a thong. I did, and even wore it a few times, and let me tell you it gets pretty nasty staying shuved up there all day. At least for me. Lets just say this, the thong is pink, and the part that actually goes up in the butt gets totally brown. I say keep the panty lines and not use your underwear as toilet paper.

it's time for the first ever PEANUT SURVEY !!!
1}Have you ever cought yourself with pee trickling out of you and not a toilet in sight? Yes, once when I was 16 i was walking home from the park and i was wearing tight jeans and a tanktop. Well i really had to pee and i was gettin extremely desperate and as I was walking i was dripping a lil pee. as I got to my street i looked around and luckily no one was around so I decided to take a peek at my pants and I could see a marble sized wet spot. But i Was really desperate and kept dribbling. By the time i got to my front door I had peed about a baseball sized on my pants. I walked in and ran straight to the shower! Luckily no one seen it :). Now im 19 by the way and this was 3 years ago!

2}Have you ever been unable to use the bathroom in your own house?
Yes when i was like 12, i had to poop really bad, and my dad was in one bathroom shaving and stuff, and my brother was in the other bathroom. I knew my dad would be long because after he shaves he usually showers up. SO i waited for my brother and i was getting real desperate and then i was just sitting down and i pooped all over my pants. My mom seen it and felt sympathetic.
3}Have you ever pissed where you shouldn't and the got cought?
nope, im very sneaky :)

Christie, I'd be glad to hear more stories, how much was in the container when she was done?

A couple of years ago, my family and I had to go to a shelter during a bad tropical storm, which passed through our area after a hurricane hit the coast. To make a long story short, I hadn't pooped in nearly two days and was about to bust when we got home. The electricity was out and our well works with an electric pump, so we had no water until the electricity was back on. My family was exhausted and laid down to sleep for a while, but I had to poop and poop bad. My neighbors, who live about a half block from us, had not gotten home, or it appeared that they had not, however, at that point, I did not care. I got a big, warehouse sized cereal box, put a trash bag in it then sat it on the ground. I pulled my pants off, stood over the box and pooped out what must have been a yard long turd or longer and peed like a horse. I wiped my butt the tied up the trash bag, put my pants back on and drove to a nearby school where I tossed the bag in the dumpster. It stank so I guess the janitor wondered what in the world was in the bag the next school day. To this day, I don't know if my neighbors saw me, but if they did, they did not say anything and if they had seen me and had said something, I would have told them to be glad that I didn't go over on their property and leave the turd there.

Let me begin by saying that I have IBS and it's not uncommon for me to go 4 days or more without a poop. Anyway, on with the story.

When I was about 10 years old, I went a week without pooping. When I finally felt the urge to go, I really had to poop BAD, but my dad was using the bathroom. I clenched my butt hard to keep from pooping myself and rushed downstairs to the "emergency" bathroom... A room with a one gallon bucket that we empty every night.

As I opened the door and ran to the bucket, I squatted over the bucket and let nature take it's course. A long soft poop oozed out and curled around forming somewhat of a spiral at the bottom of the bucket. It wasn't a big spiral, but as it curled around itself again and again, it grew and covered almost all of the bottom of the bucket and about an inch tall.

I was finally done, so I wiped up, threw it in the waste basket and left. Later that night, it was my turn to empty the bucket. My mum must have had to pee and poop also. There were a few light brown poops on top of my load.

Although I do often go 4-5 days without pooping, 8 days without a poop is still a rare occurance for me. I can only remember one other time I went 8 days without pooping. I was unfortunately at school. I asked the teacher if I could use the restroom and got the hall pass. I went to the bathroom and took the end stall.

I got on the toilet, but I couldn't go. I knew that if I didn't go now, I'd feel the need to go as soon as I got back. I strained and held my butt open with my hands. "Yes!", I said softly as the poop came out. I pooped so much that I could barely see the water anymore. I didn't even try to flush, just wiped and went out to wash my hands and went back to class.

Whenever I poop at school, I can't flush and my loads always attract attention. At first, no one believed that I could poop that much. Later, after the other girls saw several loads that big, they started to believe. The attention that I get has it's pros and cons... but I'm not ashamed about having IBS.

peeing rox
whenever my family stay i can never use the bathroom its agony does anyone else have this problem? please describe.
Last week it woz sports day i pissed 6 times and my mates only pissed like 1 or 2 times. also at school i piss between every lesson and my mates only piss at lunch or not at all. Is this normal what should i do?
Keep the peeing stories coming and thanx for ur advice!

Hi The Rat: Is that the way you feel about yourself because you are pee shy and have to keep holding your pee and then can't get rid of a drop from a bursting bladder? Well, I am one of your fellow sufferers and there are about 7,000,000 of us in the U. S.alone.In medical terms it is paruresis, otherwise known as pee shy, shy bladder, bashful bladder, and slang, "stage fright." Look it up on a search engine--the best one is "go......" appropriate for us. THERE IS HELP. I used to hold all day at school, 8 or 9 hours. Eventually I stretched my bladder and grew up with a larger bladder. So I can wait longer without so much pain. It is good you can sometimes relieve yourself in a stall. Is the only place you can go comfortably at home? Or do you have trouble there?
Please see the last of my messages to Matt in the previous posts #1493.

peeing rox
}Have you ever cought yourself with pee trickling out of you and not a toilet in sight?
Yes in a car on the moterway we had just past a service station and there woz not another 1 for 20 miles then we turned off just befot the service station and i had 2 wait another 15 to 20 mins
2}Have you ever been unable to use the bathroom in your own house?
Yep when my mum woz in the shower and the door woz locked and she could not here me shouting and my dad woz doin a passive poop i woz in so much pain
3}Have you ever pissed where you shouldn't and the got cought?
yep i peed the bed on a school trip when i woz 8 coz i couldn't be bothered 2 get up 2 go to the bathroom

happy peeing bye!

Ive posted here before, now Ive got another that I would like to share to y'all.

Everytime when I order a Vanilla Bean Frappuchino from Starbucks I always end up farting alot. What I dont like is that this happens to me when Im at work, I pray that no one will smell my farts, and sometimes I feel like Ive gotta take a shit real bad. I try to hold until I get home cuz I dont like to take a shit at my work bathroom stalls. Well I manage to go work holding my shit in, then I run straight to the bathroom and plop my ass on the toilet seat with soft watery shit coming outta my ass with lots of farts. At the end, it feels good letting it all go!

Love and Peace! :)

Jimi (Martha's cousin)
Hi everybody, some great posts recently, especially from Mandy about her friend Lindsay, Sara from Pittsburgh and the 24 year old girl from Cal. I hope we hear more from all of you.

Dianne, I have another cousin, Joe, who never flushes the toilet either. It's because he's scared of it. I guess the noise and the rush of water freaks him out. He always calls his mom or dad to flush it for him, and he insists on leaving the bathroom first.

Well I have another story about Martha. This one is about how I began to talk to her about her accidents, and how I learned that some of them were for sure not accidental. It happened about 5 years ago, when I was about 10, so Martha was maybe 8 or 9.

Behind Martha's house is a farmer's field, and on the other side of that field is a little creek. It's too small to swim in, but we sometimes waded there in the summer. Oak and cottonwood branches overhang the stream and we liked to climb the trees and sit on the thick branches. We were sitting on one branch one day, facing each other. We were still young enough that we were unembarrassed to see each other in our underpants. Martha was wearing a summer dress, and swung her bare legs upward every few minutes. She was fidgeting again, and that caught my attention. As I got older I was getting more and more interested in her tendency to have accidents and had been waiting for an opportunity to hear about another one, or better yet, to see it, and to talk with her about it. The day was hot and sultry, and I suggested that we get down from the tree to wade. "Sure," said Martha, "anyway I have to pee."

On any other day Martha might have peed in her pants in the tree, but she began scootching herself toward the trunk to get down, and I followed her. I was mildly disappointed that she wasn't going to pee in her pants, but after all, she didn't *always* go to the bathroom in her pants, she sometimes used the toilet or pulled her pants down. To be honest, I never knew when she was going to go in her pants and when not.

We hopped down from the tree, Martha pulled down her panties and stepped out of them, and then squatted in the grass and peed, holding her dress up out of the way, her urine making a spattering sound on the ground. I was fascinated.

Why was I so interested in this, suddenly? I don't know. I had grown up with her and her accidents, had witnessed many situations where she had wet or messed herself. Maybe it was because I was beginning to become aware of the complex relationships between pre-teenaged kids, and especially between boys and girls: the desperate fear that a kid has of being the center of attention or being humiliated, of being different. And this didn't seem to bother Martha at all. She had a kind of power over it, and over me; she didn't seem to care what anyone thought of her. Maybe it was more than that, though, maybe it was also partly a hazy memory of child or babyhood, and of utter unconcern that my needs would be taken care of, of warmth and comfort.

I wasn't really conscious of any of this at the time, though, I was just fascinated, and I managed to stammer my question. "Why do you sometimes go to the bathroom in your pants?" I asked her. She looked up, suddenly self-conscious; was I no longer her cousin but now beginning to turn into an adult who would criticize her? She dropped her dress back into place and, rising to a half-crouch, clasped her legs together, but she couldn't stop going and the last trickle of pee ran down her bare legs.

"I don't know, I just like it," she finally answered. She stepped back into her panties and pulled them up.

"It's OK, it doesn't bother me," I hastily tried to reassure her. "I just wanted to know why … why you like …, well, … how does it feel?"

"It feels good. It's warm, and I get a warm feeling in my t?y when I do it." And then, after a short hesitation: "You should try it."

"Oh, no, I couldn't," I said. The thought was frightening. "I'd get in so much trouble."

"I don't get in trouble for it, why would you?"

"But you do it all the time. For me it would be a huge deal."

"You could get away with it. Peeing anyway. You could just wait till your pants got dry before going home. Or you could wet them and then say you fell in the stream."

"No, I don't think I could do it…. Well, maybe I could pee, like, in my swimsuit."

Martha laughed out loud. "But Jim, everyone pees in their swimsuit; my mom even told me she does sometimes, when we're at the lake."

"OK, right, I do too," I said, blushing, "but pants are different."

"Why? They're made of cloth, they can be washed."

"I don't know, I just couldn't." I was feeling frantic to change the subject, to steer the conversation away from me. "What does it feel like to poop in your pants?"

Martha looked away for a minute before she replied. "It feels warm, and heavy, and soft. I like the cushiony feeling. And I like the smell, like a good fart only it lasts longer. I like to poke my finger against my panties when they're poopy, to feel the poop move aside. I like the way the warmth spreads out slowly. It feels cozy somehow."

There was a long pause or hesitation, neither of us was ready to speak. I didn't have any idea what she was talking about, I was afraid to even think about it; I didn't want her to stop talking, but I didn't know what to say next. And then she said, "Do you want to watch me?"

"Oh, jeez, I don't know … what, right now?"


"Um, OK." My mouth was dry. I think maybe Martha was a little flustered too, she was blushing slightly and brushed some hair from her eyes, but then she resolutely stepped forward and pulled her dress up above her waistline, displaying her bottom. She turned around so her back was to me, and squatted slightly. "Here goes," she murmured. I waited, and she caught her breath, and I heard her begin to push, but nothing happened.

"I don't know if I can do this," she said, and I started to stammer that it was OK, she didn't have to. But without saying anything, she began to push again. I heard a soft fart, and saw the back of her panties tent just slightly, maybe a quarter of an inch. And then she pushed again, and with a crackling sound her panties pushed outward, and to the side. Immediately the fragrance of poop rose up.

"You can look if you want to," she said, and so I hooked a finger gingerly under the waistband of her panties, pulled it toward me and peeked inside. A turd, probably about 5 inches long lay nestled in the seat of her panties. I was surprised at how clean her panties looked, though there was quite a smear of poop in the crack of her butt. I let the waistband snap back into place.

Martha reached around and with her index finger poked at the poop, forming an indentation that acquired a browning twinge as the white cotton fabric of her panties became stained by the poop. "Poke it," she said. It was surprisingly warm, and gave under my finger like playdoh. Then Martha curled her index finger, making a sharp point with her knuckle, and pushed it hard into the crack of her ass; it made a squelching sound, and formed a deep valley between the cheeks of her buttocks.

"Oops, I need to go some more," she said, and bore down and pushed, and as I watched the bulge in her panties grew suddenly much larger, like a soft tire being inflated, with a much more distinct crackling sound that lasted several seconds. A third time she pushed, and again the bulge in her panties grew. Finally she relaxed. I stared at the enormous mass of crap in her panties, which were now weighed down and sagged noticeably between her legs.

She let her skirt drop back into place and stood up, her face was flushed with the effort. "Thanks for letting me watch," I said. She replied, "I've been wanting to show someone." And then, after a moment, "I better go get cleaned up. Are you coming along?" She stepped awkwardly along the path up the bank of the stream. I stopped for a minute to wet my finger in the stream and wash it off, and then I dried it on my shirttail and followed her.

contipated log maker
Been a long time lurker but now I have a great fresh story. I have almost 5 kids (my wifes pregnant.) That will be my 4th child with her and I have a 13 yr old that I had with my gf in college. I own a buisness and my wifes a secratary.
So yesterday I pick her up from her office and she immediatly tells me that she needs to poop now but her boss doesnt allow people in the bathrooms. I tell her I have to go to but I can wait. At home the babysitter says that she clogged the toilet before she runs off. In the toilet we find this huge turd pluging the tube. Now were both desperate as well as my 13 yr old son who couldnt go because of the toilet. Frantically I try to get it out but its jammed. I call a plumber but they say that they cant come for about 2 days. So we go outside find a spot to use for the next few days. My wife goes in privacy then I watch as he SLOWLY struggles to push out his log. Now for me I piss squat grunt and...nothing. Its head is poking out but its too wide. My wife pats my t??y while my son is still pooping beside me. I go on all fours and after about an hour of agonizing pain with it seems like my entire family watching my humiliating ordeal pooping like a dog it finally sildes out onn and on about 20" with a 3" girth. My wife wipes me and puts cream to sooth my poor ass. My son just laughes at my situation. Grrr. But the intamacy w/ my wife lats until the night.

Brigitte, I have never heard of the technique to "ground" a child by giving him/her a laxative which will take effect with such freocity
that the child can not risk leaving home. What a devestatingly effective scheme!
Please forgive my ignorance but I had not seen "VPL" used before. I gather from "urban dictionary" that it is 'visible panty line.'

Sara, I am speechless at your ability to awaken at, 8AM having needed to pee at 9PM the night before but being unable
to, and then finding yourself too far at the end of the line to pee before 9AM, thus having to hold your urine
until 8PM. That sounds like 36 hours between pees.

Donny, how old were you when you cleaned the bathrooms?

Jose's girlfriend: those must have been big plastic bags! Most of the ones I know of would not hold a long pee!

John, you were in an envious position to hear all those female bathroom activities. From my own experience, I know that
often my poo can be nearly silent; a long slick turd slides into the water with no sound at all. You are lucky to have
those memories! If any others come to you, please share them!

K, You poor girl! What an ordeal. I can not imagine an organization putting you in such a position and expecting you
to hold your urine for eight hours. If you were filling in for someone, why was there not someone whom you could
have called to relieve you for a five minute piss? Thanks for the great story. I'm glad you held it!

stinkypoo, where do you live (country and, if you wish, city)? Why would you be concerned that your parents knew that
you became very full and needed to rush to the bathroom on the bus trip? We all have these experiences!

FloodGate, if you had a bladder infection didn't that mean that it was extremely painful to urinate? That was my
experience the only time I had a bladder infection (I'm male).

ara, I expect that women's experience defecating is nearly exactly the same as our (male) experience. I'm not aware of
any anatomical differences that would produce a difference. I'd be happy to hear others opinions on this.

"hey guys, im 24 currently, a female from Califonia": I'm curious about that time you held your bladder for a
considerable time while studying and only when you stood up did you realize that your body was not going to let
you walk to the rest room.
While sitting there what did you experience beside, obviously, a filled bladder?
Did you experience any urgency to urinate? (no, or you would have been forced to flee to the toilet).
Did you experience pain from an over-stretched bladder?
Did you feel as if your sphincters were "locked shut" and despite the pain of a filled bladder,
you could hold indefinitely? That is how I have felt at some times when trapped; at other times I find myself simply
unable to hold and must run to the toilet or wet myself. You obviously did not experience this latter feeling.
Consequently, you felt able to hold your bladder 'forever' until you stood up. What exactly happened then?
I remember holding while trapped in a car. There came a time when the urgency was too intense to control; I simply had to
relax and try to relieve the pressure; that was not possible and I was forced by my body to completely empty myself.
Thanks for your story. Did you ever come close to that problem again?

The Rat: go ahead and use the stalls and their privacy. It is a great help for people who find a urinal too 'exposed'.

Diane: It is possible that your daughter has been influenced by "environmental concerns". Perhaps she is simply trying to save
water. During droughts I have followed the slogan, "if it's yellow let it mellow; it it's brown flush it down." She
may be carrying this too far.
I see that Donny has suggested show off behavior. I'm inclined to agree with him given his status: "I work in a school
and take care of the bathrooms so I have a lot of experience"

Melinda: Please share your stories.

shogunblade: During Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban I had to piss very badly but I absolutely did not want
to miss the climax of this movie (I admired the book and felt it is the most effective of the set up until now). I clamped
down my bladder and held until the credits began running. At that time I flew to the rest room and had a long satisfying
pee. I was able to see the movie again within a few weeks and then enjoyed the imaginitive "footstep" credits.

christie: Jane is something! Any other events?

peanut bladder: indeed, if you pee on the road on the passenger side (I assume you are in the USA and not in the UK where
things are different) with doors opened for privacy you are almost invisible to traffic; the only thing you have to worry
about are your colleagues.

Daneille: When you got to that non-handicapped bathroom why could your brother not help you to the toilet? I would
expect that any friend (or relative) that you were with would have been more than willing to
help you attend to your needs. I hope you don't have such difficulties in the future. Thanks for sharing.


hey everyone... well i have noticed that when i eat subway sandwishes when i go to the restroom it comes out just as big as the sub sandwich i just ate... well today i ate two footlong sandwishes during the day and when i got home from work i had to really go to the toilet bad.. well i sat down on the toilet and as soon as i push i felt everything coming out i even felt some diarhia coming out when i got up i saw that i had done a big mess and it was two big turds like 12 inch long thats the biggest poo i ever seen me take..i coudnt even flush the toilet was too big and when i clean myself i saw that everything i was cleaning was really mustard from the sandwich..bye yall

Brian at Sears
hey folks: I'm working 1-9 pm today. Always a pleasure to spend my early evening working on Saturday. Yesterday I worked early shift, 7:45 am to 6 pm. I was taking my early morning crap about 7:50, of course i punched in first LOL. One of the departmen\t heads was already in there sitting in the 'center square" dropping brown. we said 'hi" and I, and loosten my belt buckle, dropped my trousers sat down in the end stall and started farting, and within seconds I was dropping brown too. We both figgured the bathroom was already cleaned, but we were sorely mistaken, as "Essie" a middle aged African American woman waltzed in on us, mop in hand .. We were both reading newspapers so our privates were hidden, She made no attempt to leave, or even apologize, She looked at us and quipped "I'm married 45 years, ain't nothing you gots that I ain't seen on my husband or my sons or grandsons. We laughed, but we both waited till she left to wipe our asses. I mean, a little dignity goes a long way ....

You gotta just love our politically correct dictionaries and thesauruses.......

When I checked out Thesaurus entries for "defecate," on the web, I got back stuff like... "discharge, egest, emit, empty, ejaculate, eject, eliminate, emanate, evacuate, exhale, expel, excrete, exudate, exude, give off, leak, pass, perspire, produce, remove, secrete, send forth sweat, throw off, urinate, and void."


Let me see by show of hands how many people have EVER heard "egest" or "exudate" used in a sentence, even by Bill O'Reilly?????

OK... words like "Discharge, emit, empty, eject, eliminate, evacuate, expel, excrete, give off (sort of), pass, produce, remove, send forth, and void" I GET. But to include "ejaculate, emanate, exhale (????????), exude, leak, perspire (????????), secrete, sweat (????????), throw off, and urinate (????????) seems absolutely ridiculous (which is synonymous with "Silly," "Egregious," "Preposterous," and "Ludicrous.")

Couldn't they just be like Christoper Walken in "Biloxi Blues" and just say "Shit, Crap, Poop, Dump, and Unload"?????

I suppose that would be "vulgar," but they ARE the terms most commonly used and understood over the past five generations and isn't promoting greater understanding of the English language supposed to be the whole purpose of dictionaries instead of obfuscating meanings with grandiloquence, pomposity, and euphemisms?????

lily ann - I have had an experience like yours with having diahrreah but not feeling the need to go. Although mine was a little worse. Being a man I was peeing at the urinal when the same as you described happened diahrreah just came out into my underwear without me even pushing or doing anything.

secondly thought Id share a weird dream I had with you last night. In my dream I was sitting on the toilet trying to go when suddenlly this huge log started coming out of me. This log was about the size of someones head. The pain from the monster log coming out of me got so much I had to get off the toilet and lean over the bath to continue pushing it out finally the log fell out into the bath followed by what could only be described as a gusher of diahrreah this went on until the bath was almost full. I then woke up. I have no idea why I had such a weird dream.

Dear I_Luv_Cherries!!!!,
I liked your story I just think it needs a little more detail.


I have a very large bladder and can hold my pee for a very long time but have never had an accident since i was nine. I had wet the bed that nite and was very embarrased but no one found out. Well i did have one though. I wanted to see how long i could hold it so i held on for almost a day and bye 4 am i was desperate but knew i could hold it longer because i have been that desperate before. By 9 am I actually had to hold myself for the first time since i was like 7. was Moving my legs like crazy and couldnt keep still. Then when i gave up as i started to run to the bathroom someone went knocking on the door. I winced as i waddled to the door. My eyes were tearing and burning. I opened the door to find my new neighbor movung in across the street. He said he wanted to come over and meet me. My bladder was crying and i told him hello and shook his hand. He started talking about where he lived before and as he talked my urine came more closer to my panties every word he said. I crossed my legs tightly trying to hold on. He asked, are you ok? I started to say, "no, i reallly need-" then it was too latemy bladder sent a large squirt in my pants and then it all rushed out. My face turned red and he stood there stunned. He apoligized and said he'll come back later after i cleaned up. I am completely embarrased because he probably thinks that that happens to me often. Any advice on what to tell him?
He hasnt came back probably too scared. Well, cya

I was taking a crap at the public restroom downtown, the one that is a large room with a toilet, urinal, and sink, but no stall. I was finishing wiping (while standing, as usual) and a thin guy who looks to be about 50 comes in and sees me at the toilet. He says "oh" and leans against the wall, waiting for me to finish.

I finish cleaning up, turn to flush and then pull up my green briefs and shorts. I'm buttoning up and the guy approaches and says hi. I ask "how ya doin'" and he says "I'll be better in a minute." I go wash up at the sink and I hear him dump a loud, squishy load in the can. He laughs and says "whew. Now I feel alot better" I say, "yep, sounds like it. That was me about 5 minutes ago." He laughs and sees that there isn't much paper on the roll and says that he hopes he has enough paper. I tell him that it looks like he's probably be ok, but you can never have enough paper. He agrees and then asks me if I can ask the restroom attendant to bring in another roll as I'm leaving. I say sure thing. I dry my hands and leave.

The restroom attendant is coming out of the women's restroom carrying a roll of paper. I tell him I need more paper so he hands me the roll. I go back into the restroom and the guy is still on the can, with his white Fruit of the Loom briefs above his knees and dark blue jeans below them. I hand him the roll and say, "have a great day" he says thanks and I leave.

That was a nice buddy dump. Not one sided. Friendly.

fart smeller
I have been lurking for awhile but have enjoyed the posts. Just wondering more women fold t.p or scrunch it up?

peeing rox
Hi peanut bladder
That teacher was out of order to say someoneshould have reminded her to let u go be4 gettin on da boat, serves her right to av 2 wet herself. I av never seen a teacher wet herself or hisself but i would love 2! what woz that guy talking about, malls only av toilets? That is not true!
I love peeing stories 2 we r together with loads of others out there!!!
Love peeing rox!

Friday, June 23, 2006

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