Rachel M.
Heres a Pee Story:

One time I was on this school trip, I was about 14. The bus ride was 2 hours long and I hadn't gone pee since the night before. So by the time we got there {some historical park} I had to pee pretty bad, but I figured I'd hold it since I didnt want to take one of my endless pees in public{i have a big bladder}. Before we started the tour, our teacher had to give us some history speech or whatever. By now I REALLY had to pee badly, and I could tell that our teacher was pretty desperate too. She was shifting from foot to foot, occasionally crossing her legs a bit, and the occasional "vagina grabbing"{i guess she didnt want anyone to notice her situation}. I could tell by her voice that she was very uncomfortable. Her speech was over and she started giving the tour{it wasnt guided}. By now, my friend had to pee too, so we told her "we REALLY gotta pee, bad". She told us that we would have to wait until we got to the gift shop{last part of the tour} and that she to go a little too, although i could tell she was desperate. I was getting desperate, but my friend and I decided we could make it to the end. One hour later, and my teacher had her hand between her legs, squeezing her vagina, trying her best not to be noticed. My friend was in agony. I was very desperate by now and in some pain but I was sure I could make it for the half hour that was left. My bladder was bursting at the seems...ready to explode at any minute. 15 minutes later and my friend dropped her pants and pissed right there in front of every1, on the ground. The hissing and sight of piss almost made me lose it but I recovered. My teacher didnt notice, and she was now bent over, squeezing her vagina, with her legs crossed. We had about ten minutes left and my bladder was gonna explode right I went to my teacher and told my teacher that I needed to pee NOW !!. She said she was more desperate than ever before and we would skip ahead to da gift shop. When we got to the gift shop, most of the girls made a beeline for the restrooms. My teacher and I were at the front of the line. My teacher was fully bent over, looking like she about to cry. She now had both hands deep into her vagina with her legs crossed tightly trying her hardest to hold back the piss. The restroom was one with two stalls, one taken by someone taking a dump. My teacher and I raced in, both getting there at the same time. I made it to the toilet first and my teacher was standing there, bent over watching me{no doors on the stalls}. I started to piss, before I had my pants fully down. My teacher said "thats killing me" pulled down her pants, with a tiny wet spot on them and started peeing on the floor...A good five minutes and my teacher and I were still peeing away. By now, the girls who had not yet wet ther pants, joined in on peeing on the floor. After everyone was finished, my teacher and I were stilling peeing. It had been about 9 minutes. My teacher said she held that for 26 hours and she often took about 6-10 minute pisses.{Wow} I finished after about 9-10 minutes. My teacher finished and said she was not done but she would wait till we got back to school. On the bus ride home my friend had to pee again but she made it to school. My teacher was squiring a bit on the bus. When we got back to school, I could tell my teacher was desperate again. I had to pee too, again, a little desperate but not too bad. At school my teacher took a 8 minute piss.

PA Girl
My sophomore year in college I went to a party and did my first beer bong. Someone thought it would be funny to randomly spike the bongs with laxatives. I drank my third or fourth one down, not knowing that it was spiked. Within a half hour, I was in the frat house's disgusting bathroom, shitting my guts out. I had diarrhea all night. I was afraid to do any more beer bongs after that for a while.

To Shogunblade,

I was seeing the Omen 2 weeks ago and I ordered this combo witha giant coke and chicken fingers and curly fries with barbacue suase and mastard. I tasted to nice going down but it would erupt...out of my ass. so almost near the end i had to take a piss, not horribly but i had a pretty strong urge. Then maybe 15 minutes before the movie ended, I got an enormous presure in my ass...I though i was gonna explode right there but just farted loudly. luckly people though it was someone like on the other side of the thearter for some reason. The movie ended and i had to shit soooooooooooo badly. I tried to run to the bathroom but just farted alot and i couldn't move much because of the huge crowd. so i had to wait. I finally got out and ran to the bathroom holding my ass pracatly crying. I got in there, took of my pants, sat down and exploded!! some dad took his little girl in the bathroom and she saw me through a crack in the stall and said "daddy, he's making a poopie". that day had it's up's and down's. It was a great movie, just the food practacly killed me. tasty though. ?? =]

Today I was at the park and went to use the bathroom. There are three urinals, the two on the right are regular sized and the third from the left is a short one that mostly just kids use. Well, the first one of the left was grotesquely overflowing, and the water was almost flooding over the side, but a man came in while I was at my (middle) urinal and he started peeing even though it was damn near overflowing, and then he commented, "It's just like me to pick the one that's overflowing," so I turned to him and said, "Anything's better than the short urinal," and I saw his (black) penis and the pee coming out of it, and then he started squirting it out in little spurts and some of it dribbled down onto the floor. It was very hot.

Rachel M.
I have a survey for everyone, Im gonna fill out my answers with the questions.
Pee Survey:
How many times do you usually pee a day:1 or 2, I like to hold it all day or more because I love the full feeling and taking long pees
How long can you hold it from when you start to feel the urge: more than 24 hrs
How long can you hold it when you are desperate: 12-24 hrs{done it before}
What do you do when your desperate to try to hold it in: shift from foot to foot, fidget, cross my legs, squeeze my vagina
How long does it take to get all your pee out: about 5-7 minutes
How long does it take when your desperate:8-11 minutes
Have you ever had an accident in public? Describe: Yes, its long so I'll post it in another post
What was the longest you ever held it: two days

I'll post some pee stories later.
Mega bladdered girlie

Jeans Pooping
My ex wife liked to poop her pants. It was my fettish, and I liked it too. We were on a sunday drive going through a small town and stopped to see the local sights. As we were walking in through the town, quite a ways from our car, she turns to me and says " I got to go to the bathroom NOW!". She started looking frantically for a bathroom. I don't think she wanted to poop her pants on this trip.

The only thing close to us was a biker-bar. I said you can go in there. She thought about it then said it would have to do. She went inside and was gone for a while. I went in to check on her. The place was almost empty. I walked in, nodded to the bartender who pointed with his head towards the hallway leading to the rest rooms.

As I rounded the corner I saw my sexy wife standing there. She was wearing tight jeans, a tucked in blouse and sandals. She was standing in front of the occupied ladies room door. Her legs slightly appart, both hands on her thighes just below her butt. She was looking down at the floor as wet fart noises wer comming from her butt. She shifted her legs apart a little more and pooped some more. She then felt her butt and crotch with her hands as if to survey the damage. I knew what tight nylon panties she was wearing and picture them full.

Just then a good looking biker chick came out of the restroom, smelled the hallway, made a face, and said she was sorry. She said it was just timing. I could have been her. She said she was sorry again and went to the bar.

My wife then turond around and saw me. "I didn't want to do it. My panties are so full I don't know if I can even walk." I said "Do you want to go in and do something with your pants." She said "No there is too much. Screw it, I'll walk normal. Lets see the town until it starts to show then go home." She took two steps with her legs apart,like her pants were full of poop, then started walking normal.
"It feels warm, good and squishy she said."

If one really looked, you could see that her panties were really full under her jeans. The mess was staying in her panties and wasn't soaking through yet. With jeans it can take a while, and the initial bad smell goes away after a while. As long as it stays in the panties, doesn't run down the legs it isn't real noticable. If the poop is soft and mushy. not too wet. We know. We were both jeans pooping experts. I didn't have to go this time. The ride home was going to be squishy for her. That's when it can get messy.

Johnny Half-Pint
Well, I've done two weeks now of my new regime, which means taking a piss outdoors every (working) day. My route passes through a park with plenty of bushes and trees, so concealment opportunities are good {there are a few other people passing through there at that time of the morning, but not many; and about half of them are on bikes and just speed through without paying attention to anyone else}. I've been trying to go in a different spot every day.

Anyway, yesterday (Friday) I had a really great leak. I found a nice little spot, well hidden from and slightly below the level of the path. A river runs through there; obviously I didn't pee *in* the river, that would be disgusting. I unbuttoned my flies and took aim at the trunk of a big old tree. I was desperate to go, so I felt very relieved afterwards; and it was really quite enjoyable, just pissing against that tree with only a grey squirrel and a few birds for company -- very relaxing.

All told, it seems to be going well; I seem to have reduced my "getting started" time, anyway. Perhaps I'll be able to get a little more daring soon and find a slightly more exposed spot .....

To "The Rat" -- is there any way you could try doing something similar? Because I don't think it goes away by itself .....

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER Regarding the bright orange oily is correct, undigested fat. A couple of years ago my weight went right up and due to my health issues it was important to reduce it. The doctor prescribed a tablet which if you eat too much fat it will be expelled. I took the tablets and kept my fat intake down too and nothing was noted, One day I had a few biscuits (must have had too much fat in them) I was walking out the front of my work, it as very late in the afternoon and nobody was around. I felt a fart coming and I let it go with a loud crack and then Yuk! I could feel something in the crotch of my undies. I went into the toilet and my crotch and crack was full of this orange thick oil. Fortunately it had not reached my trousers. I did not take any more tablets and turned to diet and exercise for good results. ( by the way, my undies were a write off)
The next story is a present one. The pain killers I have recently taken has given me constipation ( I am very sensitive to such things) Had not gone for a couple of days and yesterday morning tried to go at the gym and also when arriving at work but the turd was hard and stubborn. Did not push too hard or spend much time on the dunny. Later that morning I was out in the car and the urge increased substantially with lots of smelly farts. I pulled over to a park and went into the public toilets to give it a mammoth try. I really like using those toilets because I can take as long as I like and really grunt it out.
Dropped my trousers etc and hovered over the stainless steel can. With one push this big hard turs moved down towards my hole..but it was a bit big...the turd I mean. I really got behind it and grunted out real loud and groaned and pushed and pushed and fraction by fraction it edged its way out. I looked between my legs and hanging below my balls etc was this fat, hard, dry ,knobbly hunk of old poo. With one more push...PLONK and that was all that came out that session and indeed for the rest of the day.
Today nothing had happened in the morning and I thought if nothing has happened by later today it would be laxative time...but fortunately just before lunch I dropped a soft average load and again straight after lunch the same.
Right now it is early evening and I am desparate for a leak and there might be more to come out too???

Saturday, June 24, 2006

i peed my pants very often as a child. that's because i had less control of my bladder until i turned 7. these are some of the experiences that i could rmb:
1)i was sitting on the swing with my neighbour when i was 5. we were competing who could swing higher. and when i was getting higher, i became excited and peed myself, in MID AIR! i couldn't stop my pee as well as the swing so when i finally stopped peeing, peed was splashed everywhere.

2)i was playng in the sandbox with another of my neighbour, this time i was 4. my mum was not around at that time when i had to pee. i held it and continued playing. i was sort of in a kneeling position. and before the next min, i peed in the sandbox with my neighbour looking at me. and before i knew it, my neighbour was also peeing, probably because of the hissing sound from me. when our mums came to pick us up, we stood up and our butts were covered in sand because of the wetness.

3) this was during preschool, when i was tightly holding on to my crotch. i asked for permission to go to pee. when the teacher agreed, i rushed to the toilet and was about to sit down and pee, when i realised that i'd gone into the boys' toilet! my panties and pink pants was already down to my knee and i quickly rushed out of the cubicle and ran into the girls' toilet. while running, i was actually peeing already. i reached the girls' toilet too late, and by that time, i had already finished peeing. i went back as if nothing happened but my pants showed it all. my teacher knew i had an accident and called my mum for changing.

4) this was when i was older, 9 years old. although i had more control, i had a small bladder and could not hold it for too long either. and that time my parents were out, and my little twin brothers(3) both had to pee. i was very urgent at that time too. but if i don't let my brothers go first, that would be 2 accidents. so i helped them hold their willies and both of them peed into the bowl at the same time. watching them pee, my urge grew stronger and before they could finish peeing, i was pee-dancing while peeing! they laughed at me "Jas weewee herself" while i stood helplessly before the bowl, still soaking myself. i got a change after that and luckily my borthers didn't tell my parents about that.

Have any girls had any desperate peeing stories where they had to go real bad but got stuck in traffic

As some of you may have read i am in a wheelchair and have had quite a few bad experiences with accidents. Well my first story was me and my brother were in a mall when i had a urge to use the bathroom. It wasnt bad so I ignored it and kept on shopping. About a half hour later it really hit me so i went to find a bathroom. When I finally arrived, my bladder was screaming. To my horror the bathroom was a one person bathroom and was not a handicapped bathroom. I struggled to the floor because i could not wait to find a handicapped one. I had already let out a couple squirts by the time i got on the floor. I struggled to get on the toilet but trying so hard made my bladder feel like it was gonna burst. I tried one more time. But it was too late and i flooded my pants. I felt horrible.My brother was nice and went and bought me something to change into. I was 16 at the time and this was the first accident I had since i was put in a wheelchair. My brother didnt say anything afterwards.

Well hope ya liked it
Have a good day everyone

Diane, it is funny to me that you ask why kids sometimes don't flush the toilet - I work in a school and take care of the bathrooms so I have a lot of experience - and you are right in your thinking - they do it because they want some one else to find it!! They KNOW that I will find it or one of their friends. They have even come up to me to announce the presence of a HUGE one in a certain toilet, like I'm supposed to go in and kill it with a stick or something!! It is naughty, it is show off behavior, it is well, just plain funny for them. Maybe they also want to save water. I find HUGE loads in the girls toilets; while they usually flush pee, especially if other girls are in the bathroom because they don't want to be accused of not flushing. Then if a group sees a load someone else did, the giggles begin!! Also, they are not usually bothered about the smell at all like adults are. I think it is because they are not that far removed from being in diapers. They are relatively unconcerned about germs. We have to constantly remind them to wash their hands. In the boys room, they never flush their urinals, mainly because they don't relate the smell to not flushing, or they forget or don't want to bother. They also want to see how yellow other kids pee is. By the end of the day the pee smell is drifting out the door, that's when I go in and flush for them. Then, if some boy had a bowel movement in one of the toilets, it will more than likely be there also. Personally I am easy going about it and just flush for them then I douche out the bowl with blue stuff.

Responses to someone's survey

I am curious, do girls grunt and strain when they poop? What sounds are the most common? I grunt and strain. My grunts sound this this: Mmmmmmmhhhh or Nnnnnnnnnnnnn.
Do you hold or rub your stomachs when you poop? How do you rub? No
How do you sit? Does sitting on tiptoe help? I sit with my legs spread apart. And yes, sitting on tiptoe helps a bit.
How do you wipe? Do you wipe standing up or sitting down? Is it better to wipe or dab? I wipe while sitting.
Did you learn all this from friends or family? Nope

How many of you poop or know people who poop in the morning when you wake up? Is it a habit? I poop every morning before school

I_LUV_CHERRIES!!!!!!!! ^_^
Hi evryone!!! this place is sooo awsome. could u tell me if my story was too lame or watevr. thx. plz keep the pee desperation stories coming. they're awesome!

matt: i feel really bad for u, even tho ur stories are very good, i must say.

Luv yas!

Dave and s, I did a search for poop in the form of orange oil and found the probable cause of you problem. It is a fat like substitute called Olestra. It has been known to cause diarrhea, greasy stools, orange oils in toilet bowls, trips to the ER, and surgery.

Lone Ranger
Hi Dianne

It could be something they are doing at an after school club.

Some of the conservation groups advise flushing the toilet as little as posible to conserve water, maybe it's just something like this.

It could also be a form of toilet shyness by not flushing nobody is aware they went to the toilet.

I sugest just asking your daughter why they don't flush anymore.

Let us all know how it goes on.

peanut bladder
hi! i'm new to this site but i hav alot of great pissing stories. i'll start off with 2 for today.

when i was 13, my class went on a trip to ride the Staten Island Ferry. we went sight seeing in Battery Park first before bording a boat. it was a real hot day and me and my 2 friends, alison and tia, were drinking lots and lots of water. a few minutes later the three of us were dying to find a bathroom. just as we were going to ask someone where they were, the teacher comes pulling us away saying that she was looking for us. tia told her that we really had to find a bathroom but still cant find one but the teacher just said that she had to go also but we'll have to go on the boat. when we got on the Ferry, tia alison and i try to find a bathroom, but we were stoped right away by a chaperone. she he said that all the students had to hear the teacher's lecture before seperating. the lecture was long and i was getting real desperate. why couldn't she give this lecture on the bus? during the world's most boring lecture, i realized the teacher REALLY had to go. she was constanly dancing from foot to foot ans ran when the lecture was over. me and my 2 friends zoomed away trying to stop our selves from squeezing our vaginas. we finally saw a restroom sign and ran right in. i felt so thankful because my pee droplets were about to turn into a pee flood. then we realized it was those one room bathrooms that was just a toilet and sink with no stall and someone was in there!the three of us ran out side and despratly and impatiantly wait. when the man came out, he said the room was only for employees. i asked him where were the ones we could use. he said they were none on that boat. we begged him to let us use the employee's room, but he said no, and locked the room with a key so we cant sneak in. The ride took forever. sitting down was uncomfertable and pianful. standing up made us have to go more. we had no choice but to hold our vaginas. our teacher came to join us. she looked WAY more desperate then we were. she was slowly walking bending over with her hand deep in her vagina. then she held her pants real tightly on her vagina which let us easily she she had a pad. if i were her, i would of used it as a diaper. when the ride was done my teacher walked off the boat wetting herself. at least me, alison, and tia made it off the boat with just a little puddle in our panties. rigt away, another dessperate child asked a worker for the restrooms. she gave him the directions and we all followed. reliving myself felt so good and i cant believe the teacher had the nurve to say that somone should of reminded her to let us use the restrooms before we borded.

hi! me again. my second story happened last week. i was at this new store. i didn't know where the bathrooms were and i had to go since i got there but i figured it wont be a problem because i didn't have to go THAT bad. i did have to go bad , but i thought i could hold it. after a while, i realized i cant hold it for 2 more minutes so i asked somone where the bathroom was. he looks at me like i am crazy saying that only malls had bathrooms. that was not true but i guess they dont have a bathroom for customers. so i just raced to the line to pay for what i already had. but the lines were so long and i couldn't wait any more. i drop every thing on the floor and ran out the store with my hand in my vagina. i got into my car and took off. i got cought in a traffic jam. i wanted to reverse and take a diferent rode but there were too many people behind me. the trafic came to a total stand still so i couldn't pull over or any thing. i had nothing to pee in and i did not want to go in the car or it would leave a stench. i had no choice but to get out the car and just go in the rode-even though girls dont do that. but i did and felt so much better. it's not that humiliating because no one knew me and they'll never see me again.

Hi, I'm christie. I am average size, in shape, and am a 20 y/o brunette. I am not a lesbian, nor bisexual, but I am attracted to females as well as males when it comes to bathroom habits. i have a couple of stories to share with you guys today.


I was with one of my good friends Jane and we went for a 2 1/2 mile run, and walk on the way back. It was about 80 degrees today, so we both drank tons of water. I was holding up fine because I have a really strong bladder, but Jane on the other hand, has a lot of trouble holding her pee for a long time. She was running and drinking the whole way, but when you're running, you don't really notice the urge, if you may have noticed. well we stopped and took our break, and she mentioned that she had to pee. I told her there were portapotties another mile up, but that was the best I could do. So she said that she thought she could make it untill we got back to our starting point, where there were indoor bathrooms. Well we got back, but the station was closed. So I asked her if she would be okay, and she said that she wasn't sure, but she would try to be. So she's sitting in the passenger seat and I'm in the driver's seat, and she says that she isn't going to make it back. I drive around on some backstreets, and i'm saying "hang on, jane, you can do it" the whole time, not wanting her to ruin my carseats. I pull up next to an empty field, on a basically deserted road, and i told her that she could go here, and she didn't want to go outside because she didn't want to be, uhm, "exposed." I drive a pickup truck, so I told her she could just sit in the back of that and go. We go around to the outside, and she hops in the back, and she asks if i could block her off from oncoming traffic, even though there wasn't really any. so i sit on the edge, and she hands me her black spandex biker shorts, and she sits flat on her butt, her legs bent, and spread shoulder legnth, facing me (giving me a clear view of her little show) and a dribble at first, but then a full-out gush of pee came out of her for about forty five seconds. She left a wide puddle in the truck. Her bottom was soaked, so I gave her some napkins to wipe off with, and then a towel to wrap around her for the ride back to our apartment. when we got back, I rinsed off the back of the truck and she took a shower, and we hung out and watched a movie.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


I was babysitting my 4 year old cousin, Rachel, overnight, and that afternoon we went to the zoo. She was having a great time. (The elephants were her favorite.) We sat down to lunch and she was having her chicken fingers or whatever and she wanted the extra big soday because it came with a sippy straw-cup thing. She drank the whole thing. I didn't even realize that this would be an issue. When she said she had to go to the bathroom, I said, "do you think you could wait untill we got home?" and of course she said yes. on the ride home, she said "I have to go BAD."
of course, we were already on the highway going 75 mph, and she was sitting in the seat next to the passenger seat of my old car. (It was one of those cars that had three buckles in one car "bench" i suppose, and she was sitting in the middle buckle right next to me.)
"But I don't think we're near any potties sweety, do you think you could wait?"
"I'll try but I gotta go bad."
Three minutes later, still twenty minutes from the house, she spoke up again.
"Christie, I have to go BAD!"
"do you have to go peepee, or poopoo, too?"
"Peepee.. BAD."
That's when I told her to take off her undies, so she wouldn't ruin them, and I got off the highway, and pulled over on a backroad, somewhere. I asked her if she wanted to go in the car or outside.. and she said in the car. so i told her to squat on the seat, and i put a ziploc container right under her, and told her to pee, and she had trouble at first, but then she got it going, and it was fine. then she said, "uh-oh", and i said, "uh-oh, what?" and she whispered, "Christie, i have to go poopoo." I told her to put her undies back on, and wait untill we got home, because I did not want my car to smell like poop. So she agreed and ten minutes later, she said, "I can't wait, I'm going to go in my undies if you don't hurry up." I dumped the pee out the window, and told her to take her undies off and sit on the container, but to stay buckled in. she lifted her dress and put it underneath her like it was no problem. She pushed, and pushed untill she felt empty and i told her to just stay sitting on it untill we got home. When we got home, I gave her a bath, and we watched a movie and she stayed in my bed with me, and sure enough, she wet the bed and it got all over me. she has had a lot of accidents with me.

I have a lot more stories with jane and rachel, if any of you guys are interested.

- <3 -

Mr. Clogs
Diane: Hi, hummm.....this a tough one. Although I'm not a parent, what you can do is break your daughter out of that habit buy not giving certain things that she wants, kind of like punishment, make her clean up the bathroom or something like it. Hope my suggestions weren't too harsh but that's something that my mom would do in this situation, trust me it wouldn't be as nice as I suggested. Take care.

peanut bladder
one day, i was at the farm and the only bathrooms there were filthy outhouses. it was a class trip that day and we were seperated into groups of 4. 2 boys and 2 girls. my group was me, tia, mark, and thomas. the bus ride was very long and by the time we got to the farm, i felt like i was going to explode. we had been on the rode for over 3 1/2 hours and it was not a bus with a bathroom. the teacher, ms.r, asked us if we had to go. alot of students raised their hands. ms.r led us all to the only 2 outhouses in the farm. i decided to hold it, even though i had a strong feeling i was gonna pee my pants. i told tia there was no way i was useing that box they call a toilet. she told me mark said the same thing. i looked at him. he was standing realy still while bending over with his legs crossed way tight and his hands buried in his crouch. finaly ms.r told us to split up but mark did not move. he began to squirm alot then hoped over to us. while hoping, a bit of pee got onto his pants. he began telling us the holding himself was not working because there was too much pee and his jeans were too thick for his hands to hold his penis. then he yells "yo tom, get here and squeeze my dick for a minute. i got an idea!" tom went over and held mark's penis while mark undid his zipper. then he holds his penis through his zipper hole and thomas let go. now, i was getting extremly desprate. i began to squeeze my vagina and squirm. then i ran up to my group. about an hour later i could not hold it any more. i told my group i was leaving for the outhouse but then mark zooms ahead of me. however i beat him to the outhouse but the pee had been walking out of me the whole way. i had to go so bad i did not lock the door. just as was was going to finaly let this stuff go,mark comes running in. i yell at him to leave, but he had to go so much, he just push me aside and try getting his pants down but had to keep on stopping to hold himself. then he just gave up on trying to get his small pants down and sat on the box they call a toilet with his pants still on. i just pulled him off since he was already using his pants as a toilet and hurried off my pants and sat on the seat but by that time,i was done peeing. i had just gone in my pants.

one time, i was trying to see how long i could hold my self. i drank about ten glasses of water and then my stomuch began to hurt of all the water. when the pain went away, i drank 3 more glasses before the pain came back but it did not go away. i was in the house alone so for some more fun, i turned on the sink so that the water droped into a bowl with a little water in it. this way i can here the water droping. all of a sudden i despratly needed releif. but i wasn't just going to give up like that.i just tryed to sit down. it was VERY uncomfertable. about half an hour later, the pee began to uncuntrobly drizzling out of me. i had to run now. just as i got to the bathroom, the phone ran. i ran to get it. i was dancing alot as i spoke. the talk lasted about ten minutes. while on the phone, the pee began walking away from me. i quickly squeezed my vagina. it hurt so much. when i got of the phone, i ran for the bathroom and was stoped by the doorbell. i ran to get it. it was my friend returning somthing to me. i was too embaressed to squirm so i just stood there . sooner or later, i wet me self and my friend just quickly excused her self.

right now i am dying for a piss. i'm about to shower so i'll go in there. after it i'll say how it went. i'd better hurry before i go in the chair.
i'm back. turning on the water with my over loaded bladder made me wet myself right there. i ran into the shower still peeing and stood up by the drain. peeing in the shower after holding that hot pee felt so good. from now on when i have to go, i'm going to hold it in for ever until i no longer can and run to the shower. it felt so warm and relieving.i enjoyed it so much iwish i was still going.

does any body else out there LOVE pissing in the shower?

it's time for the first ever PEANUT SURVEY !!!
1}Have you ever cought yourself with pee trickling out of you and not a toilet in sight?
2}Have you ever been unable to use the bathroom in your own house?
3}Have you ever pissed where you shouldn't and the got cought?
that's all i have for now. please-if you answered yes to any of these questions, please give the story. i love these piss stories.

the other day i was at a friends house because there was a huge party and i went there with the in ttent on staying there for the night so i wouldn t have to drive home that night. well we all got plastered reallyhard that night and several paople stayed it was a apartment with one bathroom. well about 8 in the mourning i woke up with a sharp pain in my stomach i knew i was about to shit myself i got just praying the bathroom was open i ran down the hall and damn jenfier was in the shower i knocked on the door and said i really need the bathroom badly she said she didnt mind come on in i went in i wish the curtin was see thru but it wasnt well i stood over the toilet pulled my pants down sat on the toilet and a loud explosion of shit hit the pan i was so relieved and then jen stuck her head out of the curtin and yelled u dumba$$ i thought u had to pee not take a shit i said sorry u said i could go she said wait a minute i will leave and i said to late and another wave went through me i said i was done and i am sorry and left . the next week at work jen came up to me and said let me know if u have to dump i dont want to be around laughing

peeing rox
Melinda please share some of ur stories
The Rat i am the same sometimes although i am a female i sometimes tense up and have 2 count or hum to relax myself!
well gotta go bye!


Like you, I often have my daughter Kim's best friend over at my house. Kim and her friend are now 16, but I remember many times when they were 11 years old when I would go to use the bathroom, only to find a bowel movement, sometimes two seperate bm's in the toilet.

As gross as it may be, I found the only way to solve the problem is to just flush their bowel movements. If your children are anything like mine were, they will grow out of this phase.

I don't particularly understand it, but it seems to be popular now for middle school aged children to not flush the toilet. When I was that age, bowel movements were highly taboo, discussed as little as possible to potty-train your children.

Well, this is about all the insight I have on this particular subject, hope it helps :)

At my elementry school when I was bout 12, I Remember seening my teacher walking down the hallway like someone just kicked her.She was walking funny with her hand on her but. she was like saying ohh uhh and I saw her run into the bathroom reserved for staff. I was CURIOUS! i walked by the bathroom and I could hear FAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT followed by poop hitting the water.

To ara:

"I am curious, do girls grunt and strain when they poop? What sounds are the most common?"

In my experience, I've found that lots of women tend to be silent poopers in public, if all possible. Very rarely, I'll hear someone struggling with a hard poop... They strain enough that I can hear them but not really all that loud. As for common sounds, "Unnngggh" is the only sound I remember hearing.

"Do you hold or rub your t??s when you poop? How do you rub?"


"How do you sit? Does sitting on tiptoe help?"

I sit the same way I sit on a normal chair. I haven't found sitting on my tiptoes helps really.

"How do you wipe? Do you wipe standing up or sitting down? Is it better to wipe or dab?"

I wipe back to front while standing up. I haven't tried dabbing, so I'm no help for that particular question.

"Did you learn all this from friends or family?"

I learned most of my bathroom habits from my mother, when she was toilet training me.

"How many of you poop or know people who poop in the morning when you wake up? Is it a habit?"

I usually poop after dinner, but my best friend almost always poops right after waking up.

AJ :-)
Tonight, I came across this suitcase that sells for a little over $100, and, when you open it up, it turns into a travel toilet.

Recently, I had been thinking about this crazy dream I had when I was eleven years old and in the second semester of fifth grade, and I thought it was something else that my dream had come true! LOL

Here's my dream...

Back in 1964 when I was eleven years old, I had a dream about being at a party at the neighbors' house, and I had to poop. So I was directed back to this bedroom that had a suitcase in it. This was to be my toilet.

There was no door on the bedroom--just a security gate for toddlers.

As I was sitting there doing my business, this middle-aged man wanders by. He stands in the doorway staring in at me.

I was reminded of this song by the Beatles in which George Harrison sang the lead, and my response to him was its title: Don't bother me!

The guy trains his vision on more private parts, and I cover them up with my hands.

Getting a kick out of my embarrassment, I assume, he gives this sinister laugh:


Thankfully, he wanders on to do whatever elsewhere.

I clean up and flush the toilet/suitcase by pulling on one of its fasteners. Of course, nothing happens, and I just have a suitcase with poop in it.

The annoying man comes back--this time, wandering into the room and looking in the suitcase.

"Don't you know you aren't supposed to use the toilet in a suitcase!?!" he scolds. "See? It doesn't go down!"

He ended up asking me, "Are your folks here?" I guess he was going to rat on me or something, even though I had been led to this strange toilet by the youngest daughter in the family (a grade ahead of me in school).

I then shifted to another dream.

In this dream, I was feeling queasy, and so was this one boy in the dream, so we were both led over by this bathtub in case we needed to throw up.

This grown-up in the dream suggested that I should sing something pretty, and that might take our minds off our upset stomachs so that we wouldn't throw up.

So, I started singing Silent Night (I had this dream in the spring instead of close to Christmas), and I woke up lying in bed and singing Silent Night.

I would later discover that I was mildly-constipated, even though everything came out perfectly later that evening.

cheryl lynne
hey there :)

yeah it's is me and I haven't been in here since that graveyard story. anyway , last night after taking care of my garden plot this huge thunderstorm hit, the second one about to roll in. anyway, so then I drive off to find a place where I can sit in the car and watch it ending up right across the street from that graveyard in the town park. well , thinking I will be in the car for a while and feeling that coffee and crystal light which I had drank during and before dinner begain to seep it's way through me; my mind said " LADIES ROOM!" not that I had to go that badly yet,but with the rian soon to come in and that nasty lightning to the east; I figured that I may as well take a short walk down the hill and yes, use the town park pavillion's little unisex room. besides I needed badly a drink of water and yes, the foruntain is right over by the tennis courts. and so, carrying my small waist bag over my right shoulder like my purse and dressed in this shitty old pair of cut off shortie shorts and faded marilyn manson tee shirt from five years ago; I walked down that hill all sassy like and off to the little "uni-ladies room" to go and drain my flabby lil' puss :) and so, the light was on[ guess they fixed it as the other day it was out and I had to LISTEN TO MY BIG HISSY SPLASHY TINKLE to know I was peeing into that toilet in the nearly dark bathroom] anyway, so I walked in and closed the door, locking the flip latch behind me. then, looking at the nice clean toilet with the crystal clear " piddle pool" full of water about 1/3 of the way back from the front and giggling I smiled and whispered "ladies room! :)" as unbuttoned my fifthy old sweaty shorts and let them fall, pulling down those white undies as well . then I sat down on that nice clean white seat with my legs apart and my body leaning foward just slightly and hands upon my legs; my trimmed but getting hairy dark haired puss exposed for all to see; I began to urinate and heard this really kewl,awesome sounding, splunky piddle drown out the quite sound of those crickets as I " went to the ladies room" so very lady like into that toilet's "piddle pool", oval shaped and covering about 2/3 of the bowl to about 8" back from front rim.
not that I had a lot to get out [ unlike those " amazing cheryl" seemingly endless tinkles like the one I had at lesbian's night out[ ??] in ??? with about five dykes waiting patiently for ' ms cheryl sass' to finish watering the flowers] but still I sat there and listened to myself as I piddled out all that really yellow, spicy and sweet smelling urine into the toilet's water and while slowly unraveling the toilet paper to do my after pee hygiene "puss wipe"; I was thinking back to when I was a little girl in the town park back in ?? at age 14. that bathroom's musty smell sure reminded me of this all too well; as they disinfect it quite often being that the future soccer moms[ and dad's I guess? ] use this unisex family room to change their kid's diapers[ the table to my left by the wall as I sat] it all seem to come out nice and steady and so very graceful for about 40 seconds at most and then just slow down to a nice gentle few more thin, pulsating splashes which felt like they were twisting their way out from my labia's lippie-lips , all of which piddled directly downward into that water and gave off a little more of that sweet and spicy scent and I was finished; well almost. one more little spritzy-spritz of urine and then I took the paper in my left hand and wiped my puss :) standing up, I also wiped quickly from behind and then, dropping it into the toilet before I pulled the undies and pants up; I looked and saw that " piddle pool" now all full of my scuzzy looking really golden yellow pee with lots of streaky white, frothy-looking foamies from where my twisty splashy wide stream had piddled into that water! pants and all now up, as I took my left hand and went to flush the toilet and flushing; I watched the left overs from that raspberry crystal light diet drink and the coffee all go down and, smiling, whispered to myself; " LADIES' ROOM! YEAH , LADIES ROOM HUN!" then I washed up at the sink by the changing table and placing my waist bag over my right shoulder, unlocked that door and walked out back up the hill to the car, first stopping off to rehydrate at the awfully splashy water fountain which surely reminded me of the way my urine comes from my flabby little labia when I ; well, AHEM " GO TO THEE ROOM FOR LADIES!" :) -:P

CHERYL LYNNIE-LYNNE SASS Re: diane's question

I do not have kids , but to tell the truth, being that your husband flushes even when he urinates[ more MEN tend to not flush when they urinate then women it seems, if I am not right? but girls forget too:)]I do not understand unless she is trying to be like the other kids who are quite possibly nasty slobs at school. as far as adults, gay men tend to be the cleanest I have noticed as I am bisexual and go to many Gay and lesbian clubs where some of them sneak in and use the ladies room. but that I understand is absolutely disgusting when they do not flush their BM's and having been a " matron" [custodian] years ago on two different jobs, I used to observe that TEENAGE GIRLS[ BOYS TOO] SEEM TO DO THIS JUST TO BE BELIGERENT AND TOTALLY GROTESQUE. next worst, and this I discovered on a job in fla. where I cleaned the women's room's at this rest area, HAVE TO BE[ no offense] DRUNKIN' AS SKUNKS NASCAR FANS ON THEIR WAY TO THE DAYTONA 500. they seemed to top their messes off with a nice big BUDWEISER BOTTLE MIXED IN WITH THEIR UNFLUSHED " TINKLE" OR CRAP AND WAS THAT EVER A "JOY" TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO "FISH IT OUT"

I guess my mother , like you , taught me right and well, there have been a couple times at home when I " made water"[ very light pee] after drinking my vodkas and tonics; but for the most part I am very much the lady even though many do not think this when they see me in my often uncoordinated outfits like the denim with pink trim and zippers sassy looking mecca femme skirt which sits low upon my natural waist[ not up high and all conservative cocktail party lady like :)]


Has anyone had a theater Whiz?

You might have, you might not have.

My description: You go to a movie theater, and there comes a time when you get the feeling to piss real early in the movie, or near the end, or in the middle of a good part. What do you do?

I hold it, because it almost feels like forever when movies come out on DVD, so I hold it. Then, when you do let go, you usually have a huge stream, and/or what feels like the longest piss in the world. Has anyone had any stories about these kinda moments?

It's probably not uncommon. But those who think there's is kinda funny or something, do you have one?

I have two.

The First: LOTR: Return of the king.

I got the biggest soda pop you could get, and finished it within a half an hour. shortly, about 10 mins later, I felt a pressure that was amazing, like I thought I didn't have that much urine in there already.

But, I wasn't gonna miss this, not a minute. I sat through all 3hrs and 20 mins, just twitching like those people on the Preparation H commercials.

When it was over, I ran to the toilet and peed, it only lasted 30 secs, but that suprised me. However, I had to get up every 2 or 3 hours and drain the main vein.

The other Movie: 40 year old Virgin

This movie was only an 1hr 52 mins, but it felt longer when my bladder was full within 45 minutes. The worst part: I was afraid of laughing so hard, I'd pee myself, It was torture, but this movie wouldn't have been out for a while. I didn't miss a minute, and the minute the credits rolled, I sped to the john and had what felt like 5 minutes, but my watch said 6 minutes. Unbearable, but I lasted. I tell you, I enjoy movies, but I've been skipping them lately, I skipped King Kong for fear that that movie would have pulled a full bladder in 10 minutes for me.

so, any stories, at all? If so, what movie, and please give as brief a description as you want.

Happy Hiker
Memo to DaveB on the "orange hiliter" skidmarks: have you been eating "Lite" potato chips? Many of these contain olestra, and the FDA (thanks to the Republicans, I suspect) no longer requires the manufacturer to warn users about this. Side effects of this fat-substitute include things like "anal leakage". Not something you expect from a potato chip, hehe!

You must have been in some serious pain at work that day! I'm glad you finally got a chance to run to the bathroom and pee. I think I would have deserted my post long before you!

For your question about what's the best to make yourself pee, caffeine has a diuretic effect on most people. Whether it works better than alcohol, I'm not sure. I guess the tea/coffee question depends on how strong each one is. I still like good old fashioned water to make myself pee. At least for me, it's a lot easier to drink a whole lot of it than it is coffee or tea.


Here are some answers to your survey-
1. After constipation, how many flushes does it take to get your poop down?

In one toilet at my house, one flush is usually enough. In the other one, it often takes three.

2. What is your record for the longest you've ever been constipated?

I eat a very healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables, so I am not often constipated. Maybe one day?

3. How long are you usually constipated for and how often?

Very rarely.

4. Will you poop in a toilet that someone already used without flushing?

As long as it will flush, and the seat's clean.

5. Where is your most common place for pooping, aside from the toilet?

When out camping, in the woods. I've also used diapers for fun.

Rock hard poop-

u must have been in some serious pain at work that day! I'm glad you finally got a chance to run to the bathroom and pee. I think I would have deserted my post long before you!
For your question about what's the best to make yourself pee, caffeine has a diuretic effect on most people. Whether it works better than alcohol, I'm not sure. I guess the tea/coffee question depends on how strong each one is. I still like good old fashioned water to make myself pee. At least for me, it's a lot easier to drink a whole lot of it than it is coffee or tea.


Here are some answers to your survey-
1. After constipation, how many flushes does it take to get your poop down?

In one toilet at my house, one flush is usually enough. In the other one, it often takes three.

2. What is your record for the longest you've ever been constipated?
3. How long are you usually constipated for and how often?

Very rarely.

4. Will you poop in a toilet that someone already used without flushing?

As long as it will flush, and the seat's clean.

5. Where is your most common place for pooping, aside from the toilet?

When out camping, in the woods. I've also used diapers for fun.

Rock hard poop-

On Average, how often do you poop?
Once per day.

2. how often are you constipated?
Not often.

3. after pooping, during constipation, is your poop black or dark brown?
Dark brown.

4. if not, what color?

5. when you take a regular poop, how long is the poop? how long are all the seperate poops?
Hard to say. 10 inches?

6. when you are constipated, how long is the poop? how long are all the seperate poops?
A lot longer. 18 inches?

7. do you enjoy other people watching you poop, even if you don't know them?
Sure. Though if it's another guy, it's kind of wierd.

8. where is another place you enjoy pooping(other than the toilet)?
The bushes, or in a diaper for fun.

9. do you strain loudly, grunt loudly, press your toes hard against the floor, grab on to the toilet rim or anything else to catch the neighbors in the next stalls attention?
Nope, it's usually a peaceful process for me.

10. do you enjoy watching other people poop?
It's fun to watch my girlfriend poop because we carry one with funny conversation.

11. how long do you normally spend on the toilet taking a regular poop?
5 minutes or less.

12. how long do you spend on the toilet during normal constipation?
Probably the same amount of time. If it doesn't want to come out, I don't spend a lot of time trying to convince it.


I've dribbled in my pants while reading this and other similar sites, but I've never
unleashed a gusher like you!

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