Hey it's EmoGirl, back again. I've been having some interesting conversations with some of my co-workers about bathroom-related topics. I thought I'd share some of them with you.

The first one happened a week ago, while at the customer service desk with this guy Rick. It wasn't too busy at work, so we were just chatting. I noticed he kept adjusting himself, and after a while he said "I need to piss really bad." I told him to go, that it didn't matter because we had no customers anyway. He said no, because he doesn't like public urinals, and he didn't want to use a stall because of "spashbacks". He then told me about how at school he has to "piss on the wall and wait for it to go into the urinal". lol. Eventually he gave up and went to go pee.

The other conversation happened last night, with some other co-workers, Chris and Maria. This guy from one of the fast food places had sprayed Maria with a hose, and she was complaining about how her pants were wet. She was like "you know when your pants are wet and your legs rub together.." and then Chris interrupted with "like when you piss your pants?" and then she said "I guess" and then walked away to go change. "So Chris, when was the last time you pissed your pants?" I said, laughing. He went "uh..when I was like...7 or 8" but I could tell he was lying. He revealed that the truth was, he had pissed his pants just the night before when he was drunk at this foam party we were at..and the funny part was I did too! (But he doesn't know it). The things you find out when you talk to people can amaze you.

Anyway, I'm getting pretty desperate myself at the moment. I have a towel rolled up between my legs, to avoid pissing on my computer chair. I'm going to go take a piss now.


Is it ok to poop more that 1 or 2 times a day? My lovely other half does it and it worries me alot. He hates the doctor and before i make him go, i would like to fing information first. E-mail me at Thank you.


I don't believe "taking a shit" is a contracted form of anything. In this case "taking" is meant to be synonymous with "experiencing," "enduring," or "going through."

Sort of like the example: "Because of a season of very light snowfall, the ski resort owner had to TAKE a financial loss for the year."

Or: "The famous tenor Luciano Pavarotti was in town for one concert so my wife and I decided to TAKE it in."

Hope this helps. To DBStarman and others, I still have some very cool Mike stories to tell along with accounts of other dumping friends, so stay tuned!!

Be Safe,


Hello guys. I just stumbled upon this site, and I was wondering if ya'll could help me out with a psrticular problem.

See, whenever I poop, all my turds are really big. Like, toilet clogging big! I end up clogging the plumbing maybe 3 times a month? It's really frustrating, and sometimes I feel like I just want to chop up the turds in little pieces before I flush. It's not that I like looking at poop or whatnot, but it SUCKS.

Can anyone help me with this predicament?
Thank you,


Matt-Please write more stories about times when yu were forced to hold it for a long time.

Once my mother took my sister and I to a play. I had to pee at the beginning I told my mother. She told me to hold it. So I held it through the play. At the end it was late and we were far from home. She decided to rent a hotel room. I asked her if it was exceptable to go pee in that bathroom. She told me it wasn't. By then I had to pee very badly. I had been had holding it for a long time. My sister also had to pee. We both went to bed with full bladders. I woke up in the middle of the night with my bladder screaming for relief. I held it for another hour and peed all over the floor. My mother saw and didn't let me go at all the next day

The best pee is when you have had a really good night's sleep and you wake up bursting.
Yesterday was probably the hottest day of the year, therefore I drank a lot. I drank 2 litres of strawberry flavoured water because I had a headache, and then later went to bed. I slept for about eight hours without stirring, and woke up in the morning, in agony as my bladder was so full, I couldn't lie on my front even. I got out of bed and made my way along the landing to the bathroom and locked the door. I pulled down my knickers, and sat down on the toilet, as soon as I did so, a huge yellow gusher came out, lasting about forty five seconds in a big stream. As I was letting my pee out, I could feel all the tension coming out of my body, and there was an aroma of morning pee. After forty five seconds, my pee seemed to tail off, but it just slowed down to a smaller stream of what was strawberry water. What a relief!
I then took two sheets of tp, and wiped myself from back to front and dropped it into the toilet, stood up, pulled my knickers up and flushed. Then got ready for my lecture


I found this site by accident while searching for information about diarehia prominent Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I am a 50+ year old male, a bit overweight. My mornings consist of four to six trips to the toilet before I can make the 30 minute drive to work. Some days O do not make it! It makes me feel good to know I am not alone. Before my story, if anyone has tried anything that helps this problem, please post so I can try it. I am taking 8 pills a day to control this problem.

Now my story: About two months ago I was getting ready to leave work when the call of nature sent me to the toilet. I sat for about fifteen minutes passing pure water out the rear. When I thought all was well, I went to my truck to head home. About ten minutes into my trip, traffic slowed to a stop on the freeway. I picked up my cell to tell my wife when a wave hit me. It was all I could do to unbutton my pants and shove a towel against my ass.

I must have passed a quart. Fortunately, 90% of it was contained in the towel, my shorts and my pants. The smell was awful, but at this point, there was nothing I could do. I finally got home. I parked the truck in the garage and got out, surveying the damage to my seat. As I stood up, another wave hit me, this time running down both legs.

I went straight to the shower with my clothes on and cleaned up as much as possible. While bathing, I had two more "attacks." All I can figure is that I ate something that did not agree with me. My wife had the same problem, but was able to make it to the commode as she was home.

Windows XP
Matt the more I read the more shocked I get and I feel more and more sorry that you grew up with a pretty screwed up mom. Your dad actually sounds normal compared to her. Your mom sounds like she's from some country like WW I or WW II Germany or Russia or someplace. If my mom ever did something like that to me I could NEVER forgive her. Especially pulling that crap to get the school to punish you like that. No one in their right mind should have to go through PURE HELL like that!! And I don't care what people say, holding your pee for long periods of time is dangerous, you are holding poison into your system and I don't know how but you could damage your internal workings. Its like reading some sick horror story online on one of those psycho sicko webpages. Matt if you got more please tell, this is like on howard stern's movie when NBC couldn't figure out what the hell he was doing. They said 50% of the audience loved him because they wanted to know what he was going to do next. The people that HATED him also wanted to know what he was going to do next.
Well in your posts Matt, I'm one of the ones that HATE what your mom did to you but I also want to know more about what else your mom did to you.

Charlie's girl, I don't have many details since I wasn't there, but several years ago, my husband came home drunk from the bar after a football game, and had apparently pooped himself on the way home.

For those who asked about my traffic jam crap - it was not the first time but well there have not been many times. I did have to kind of sort it out a bit to be comfortable and yes when I sat down properly the final wet push I had done certainly spread around a bit. My shirt was not tucked in but the crap stained through my pants and made a real mess of it. There was also a patch showing through my trousers. No accidents since then but I feel the time will come soon for a non accidental accident!

Dear Matt, You seem to have done well, because you have forgiven your mother. Parents often are programmed by their parents. In her case your mother was programmed by her mother with her fetish of holding pee and by her anxiety over being in a public facility. Her psychological defense of this behavior was her germ phobia. That is why her demands were so overpowering. They were born of fear.

I note that you are a reader and writer for the ?????????. I wonder what is the attraction you have for the stories here. I also have a fixation about the pee stories on the internet. On this board they have actually gotten better after your openness in writing your childhood story. I have been deeply touched by it.

Do you feel that you have anything left over from your mother's rigidity
in your adult life? She was unyielding in her unreasonable control over your bladder. Are you married? Do you have children? If so, have you been anxious about their toilet training? It is now called toilet teaching to be carried out in a caring and patient way. I also pee only twice a day, morning and early evening. I have held my bladder so long, because I can only go at home or in the private toilet at my office that it has expanded. I am about your age. From time to time I find it difficult to begin pissing after holding it all day. My urologist suggested that despite my large capacity that I add one more pee each day to give the bladder's main muscle a little tightening rest from being stretched so much. So I go sometimes in mid afternoon in the privacy of my office bathroom. Or, if that is not necessary I go also at bedtime, hence three times a day.

Your urgency when your bladder is really full may be do to your tendency to hold your pee, stretch your bladder. The stretching may have affected the signal system from nerves in the bladder area. They say to the brain that it is time to piss. You hear that at the last minute. So you may have physical issues from your mother's demands.

When you got to about 15 years of age and in high school, did your mother continue to harass you about holding your pee? She listened at the door of the bathroom. If anyone did that to me, I would not be able to go at all. How, as an adolescent and approaching your adulthood, did she continue to overpower and punish you? How did you cope then? And how did your brother? Did you ever talk all this over with him? What did he reveal about his feelings? Do you ever talk with him now? I have a feeling that your story has more to reveal. Please do so. Many people here are waiting for your next story. It is helping a lot of us.

I hope that you don't mind my asking such probing questions. But I am a practicing psychotherapist. You are at an age now when children who have been abused by a parent begin to become aware of unhappy childhood experiences that they may have blocked from their memory.

O rly
Ok, here's something cool that happened to me a while ago. English is not my primary language, so sorry for any mistakes. I'm a guy by the way...

I was at a party in a friend's house. Was just having a good time, talking to all kinds of people. At one time that evening, I was talking to a very good looking girl. She was about 5'8 tall, with long brown hair and a great body (nice curves and so on).
Anyhow, we were talking about a everything between heaven and earth, when all of a sudden she says: "I gotta go poop".

I say jokingly: "No way, girls don't poop!", to which she smiles and says: "Well, come with me and I'll prove it to you".

I did not give her anytime to hesitate, so I got up from the couch we had been sitting on and followed her into the bathroom. I shut the door after us and locked it. She said: "Now I'm gonna prove you wrong", with a smile on her face.
"I sure hope so", I said, smiling back at her.
So she dropped her tight jeans to her knees and sat down on the toilet. At this time, I could not believe that I was about to witness something this great. I sat down on the floor with my back against the wall, facing her where she was seated at her white throne.

She was sitting leaned forward, with her arms resting on her lap. I could hear a stream of pee hitting the water, and she looked relieved. Then she said: "Ok, here we go, hold your nose".
"I'll survive", I said with a smile.

The next moment, she made a grunting noise and started pushing. I could hear the crackling sound of a turd inching its way out of her perfect butt. I was really turned on at this time. And it was only getting better. When the turd hit the water, it made a splashing sound, and she sighed with relief. She said: "You see, girls poop too".
"You sure do", I said.
"There's more to come", she said smiling.
"Bring it on!", was all I could come up with.

So she started pushing again. This one seemed to be a difficult one, as she struggled with it for about a minute. Once it finally dropped, I made a very loud splash.
"Geez, I feel 10 lbs lighter", she said.

She remained seated for about 15 more minutes, and meanwhile we talked about everything we could think of. She dropped some turds from time to time, one smellier than the other. Suddenly she said: "Allright, I think I'm done now", and looked between her legs.
"Oh my god!", she said, "you should see this pile!"
When she said that, I thought I was gonna burst with excitement. This was like Christmas Eve to me. I got up from my sitting position, and walked over to her at the toilet. "Look", she said, spreading her legs.

Down there in the water beneath her I saw about 12 logs with a light brown colour. It stunk like hell, but it was totally worth it.

"Wow, I can't believe all those came from a girl", I said.
She laughed and said: "See, I told you. So are you gonna wipe me now?", she asked.
I could not believe what she said. I was so happy that I immediately grabbed some toilet paper as she moved forward so that I could reach underneath her. Right then I felt as though I was in heaven. I wiped her about 4 times, then I threw the paper into the bowl and told her that she was clean.

"Thank you", she said with a smile on her face, as she rose and pulled up her pants.
"It was my pleasure", I answered.
She flushed the toilet, washed her hands, and we headed out of the bathroom. We got back to the couch where we had been sitting before this heavenly experience, and talked for a few more hours. Ultimately, a friend of hers came and said that she didn't feel very well, and wanted to go home. The girl said that she would follow her home. Before she left, she looked at me and thanked me for the evening. I also thanked her, and she said: "Hope we'll see each other again".
"I'm sure we will", I said, giving her a good bye hug. So she left with her friend, and I was left behind with a big smile on my face.

Well, that was pretty much it. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did (if that's possible :P). Best wishes,

// O rly //

Hi everyone. This is my first time posting. I'm 12 years old. I have straight brown hair that goes just past my shoulders, brown eyes, and tan skin. I'm about 4'8 and kind of skinny.
I'm an only child. I live with my mom and dad and two dogs. Next year I will be in 7th grade.

Now for the important stuff.

I was potty trained when I was 2 years old. I still wet the bed at least once a week, but I must admit that a lot of the time I do it on purpose because I don't want to get up. As a result of my bedwetting I have a matress protector on my bed. I don't wear Goodnites or anything. My mom says she doesn't mind doing the laundry, and I've gotten used to a wet bed. Its really no big deal, I just get in the shower as soon as I wake up.
Both of my parents were raised in really strict families, and were punished for having an accident in their pants. My parents told me when I was very young that accidents happen, and that I shouldn't be afraid of getting in trouble for not being able to hold it. Fear of being punished led to both of my parents being forced to hold it for way too long on several occasions. So from the time I was old enough to understand I was told that if holding it started to hurt
I should stop holding it, even if that meant going in my pants.
The only time I wear protection against accidents is during long car trips, and that is more to protect the car seat than me.

Please don't think my parents won't let me wear protection. They would, all I have to do is ask. I would rather wear regular underwear.
I think of myself as lucky. All kids should be told very early on that accidents are okay, nothing to be embarrassed about.
I wouldn't say that I like going in my pants, but I definitely don't dislike it.

Ok now I'm going to tell about specific memorable events in my life, rather than just general stuff.


When I was 7 years old I had my very first sleepover with my best friend Chloe. We are the same age, we have been friends since we were 6 years old, and are still friends today. Chloe has shoulder length wavy brown hair, brown eyes and light skin.
As you might expect we spent most of the night playing, watching movies, drinking lots of pop and eating junk food. At bedtime we shared a bed. We both wore extra long t-shirts that looked more like dresses and panties. We talked and goofed off in bed for a while and then fell asleep. At some point during the night I felt Chloe shaking me.

"Val? Are you awake?"
"No." (hehe)
"I have to go potty."
"You know where it is don't you?"
"Yeah but...I'm scared I'll wake your mom and dad up."
"So? They won't care. You're just going to the bathroom."
"If you're scared to get up and go then just pee in bed."

She wrinkled up her nose when I said that.

"I can't do that."
"Yeah you can. Have you ever wet in your sleep?"
"Well yeah but this isn't the same."
"Sure it is. How will anyone know? We'll tell my parents you had an accident."
She hesitated before finally agreeing.

She started concentrating really hard trying to make herself wet the bed. After a few minutes she gave up and said she would just hold it until morning. A short time later she told me that she had to go really bad and didn't think she could wait. I told her again to just wet the bed. She tried again but still couldn't make herself go. Suddenly I got an idea.

"Pretend you're on the toilet."
"What do you mean?"
"Pull your pants down, sit up in bed and pretend you're in the bathroom."
"That'll never work."
"Try it.

She gave me a funny look, but then she started doing like I told her. First she got up onto her knees and pulled her panties down, then she lifted her T-shirt up and sat back down on the bed.

"Now close your eyes. You're not in my bed, you're at your house, in your bathroom, on your toilet." I told her in my best soothing voice.

I watched her closely as she sat like that for a minute or so. Just when I began thinking it wasn't going to work she gasped. A few seconds later I heard a dribbling sound. I smiled a little as the sound got a little louder, until eventually it sounded like rain hitting a puddle. I would guess she peed for about 30 seconds. When she finished she pulled her panties back up, and then laid back down. It didn't take long for her T-Shirt and panties to get all wet. It looked just like she wet the bed.

We talked for a while before falling asleep again. When I woke up the next morning I needed to pee really bad but Chloe was still asleep and I was already wet from rolling onto the spot where she peed so I relaxed and wet myself even more before going back to sleep.

Just as I promised we told my parents that we both wet the bed. Knowing my history, as well as how much we had to drink the night before they had no reason to not believe us. We got undressed and took a bath together before breakfast. This was not the last time we would go in our pants together. Not even close.


I would love to tell another story but I need to get to bed. I will write more soon.

Lots of love,

heys. i'm a teenage, 14 currently. here's my pants-wetting story: during lunchtime in school last week, i was pretty desperate to pee because i hadn't go since the night before. the queue was long but i managed to get into a cubicle after some time. i let out a spurt of pee on my panties while locking the door, but not too bad. then, i thought of another way of peeing - pee standing up. i've tried it once too when i was desperate. the stream was steady in full force and it went nicely into the bowl. so i quickly took down my panties to knee level, spread my legs, tilt forward and let loose. because i was too urgent, pee came out in a tinkle and did not hit the bowl. instead, it landed on my panties! i started to panic but right after i moved a little, the stream became full force and it went EVERYWHERE! i tried to hold it back as much as i could but i could not because i was too urgent. it wet my panties, the bowl cover and my jeans totally. i peed alot for the whole min without any success of peeing into the bowl. then i put on my panties and jeans but was pretty uncomfortable as my panties was totally soaked, and the crotch and legs of my jeans were soaked too. unfortunately for me, my jeans were light-colored so it was extremely obvious of my 'accident'. i went out of the cubicle, embarrassed as the toilet was pretty crowded and many of them gave me odd glances.
this was my worst experience!

Martha's Cousin: Sounds like you have some really great stories to share! I know a lot of us would love to hear more!

Johnny Half-Pint
Regular visitors here {no pun intended} may know I suffer from paruresis, or shy bladder.

Well, recently I changed my route to work; and now I pass through a large park with plenty of trees and bushes. So I have decided to do something positive about my "stage fright" and take an outdoor leak every day {or maybe even twice a day, once on the way to work and once on the way home} in the hope that I might eventually get used to it.


1. On Average, how often do you poop?
(1,2,3 times a day, every other day,
twice a week, once a week, ect.)

2. how often are you constipated?

3. after pooping, during constipation, is your poop black or dark brown?

4. if not, what color?

5. when you take a regular poop, how long is the poop? how long are all the seperate poops?

6. when you are constipated, how long is the poop? how long are all the seperate poops?

7. do you enjoy other people watching you poop, even if you don't know them? NO. I THINK IT WOULD BE EMBARRASING

8. where is another place you enjoy pooping(other than the toilet)?

9. do you strain loudly, grunt loudly, press your toes hard against the floor, grab on to the toilet rim or anything else to catch the neighbors in the next stalls attention?

10. do you enjoy watching other people poop?

11. how long do you normally spend on the toilet taking a regular poop?
12. how long do you spend on the toilet during normal constipation?


i was with my son(5) the other day in the car, sitting at the back seats while my husband drives. the journey was about 3 hours and halfway through, my son was squeezing himself, and saying how much he needed to pee. we just had our break half an hour ago and although he went to pee, he had a large coke after that. he was bouncing up and down and i held on to him and told him to stay still while we find a deccent enough place to pullover. unfortunately, we were on highway and there wasn't any place to stop. my son was leaking in his shorts already and the next second, he simply took out his 'equipment' and peed a puddle on the groundmat in the car! the stream was very loud and i tried to stop him quick but he just couldn't take it any longer and couldn't stop as well. my husband was like 'its ok' because he remember having to pee himself in a driving journey when he was young. but worse still, he peed his pants and the cushion of the carseat absorbed all of it, causing it to be damp and smelly.
well, i changed my son in the car and as for the groundmat, it was washed and replaced after we reached our destination.

i rmb the days during preschool when almost everyone wet or poop their pants. here are some the experiences..
1)once when the teacher was telling us a story and one of my friends then, leadia, raised her hand suddenly. "Can i use the toilet?" she asked. 'Sure,' my teacher replied. but, she didn't react to that positive respond. instead, she continued sitting down.
"why aren't you moving? Don't you need the toilet?"
'I've already went', she said, looking embarrassed.
with a closer look, the teacher found her sitting in a puddle of pee, soaked. and she was taken to a room for changing.

2)once i was on my way back from the toilet, and before i could even step out of it, a boy ran in as quickly as he could, from the multi-purpose room. i noticed that his willie was already sticking out of one leg of his shorts while running, even before reaching the toilet. if i wasn't wrong, he should be already peeing a stream when running, since it was out before reaching the toilet. he then procceeded to pee in the bowl without closing the door! man, he must be real urgent. probably he didn't want to leave the room earlier on as his class was watching a video in the room. so that must have caused the emergency.

3)one day in class, during english, the whole class was seated on the floor right in front, listening to the teacher telling us a story, again. then one of my friends, Kenny, went right up to the teacher suddenly, asking for permission to go to the toilet. the teacher was real nice and she agreed immediately. despite that, Kenny was already peeing a puddle in front of the whole class! my teacher seemed rather shocked at how urgent he must have been and told him "its ok, wait for it to stop", while stroking his arm. but the puddle seemed to be growing forever. finally when it stopped, his legs were already wet, standing in a huge puddle of pee. he ran to the toilet while my teacher searched for a new pair of shorts for him. she was real nice about it anyway.

4)last one: this was my personnal experience when i was 5, in preschool. it was during our break and i was very thirsty so i requested for about 3-4 glasses of water. i had little control of my bladder at that time so i needed the toilet soon after. when i was about to ask for permission to pee, the teacher announced that we were going to the playground to play. it was my favourite place at that time and i didn't want to miss any minute of playing. so i simply held myself and proceeded to play. i queued up for the longer slide and was squirming around but didn't care much about my terrible urge as long as i could play. and when it was my turn to slide, i gave myself the best push and slided down. but since the slide was long, there was a bump in the middle. i was going very fast at that time and when i hit the bump, pee just gushed out of me like nobody's business! i wet the whole swing and there was a puddle at the end of the slide. i sat there in my thoroughly wet dress, crying. the teacher came and helped me up, while someone in the office changed me. i didn't really feel embarrassed after that though.


1. On Average, how often do you poop?
once or twice a day

2. how often are you constipated?
once or twice a month

3. after pooping, during constipation, is your poop black or dark brown?

4. if not, what color?

5. when you take a regular poop, how long is the poop? how long are all the seperate poops?
it takes me anywhere from 25-45 minutes. they are long at the begining

6. when you are constipated, how long is the poop? how long are all the seperate poops?
it can sometimes take me an hour or two. they are really small.

7. do you enjoy other people watching you poop, even if you don't know them?
I would rather a girl who is a friend of mine to see me.

8. where is another place you enjoy pooping(other than the toilet)?
i only shit on the toilet

9. do you strain loudly, grunt loudly, press your toes hard against the floor, grab on to the toilet rim or anything else to catch the neighbors in the next stalls attention?
when i have diarrhea i grab the bowl. I do the same when constipated.

10. do you enjoy watching other people poop?
I've only seen one girl shit in a unisex bathroom and she had diarrhea. She saw me though and started scream and when she did she exploded even more. Then i came in the stll and helped her. Were friends now lol.

11. how long do you normally spend on the toilet taking a regular poop?
25-45 minutes

12. how long do you spend on the toilet during normal constipation?
one-two hours

last time peed n public yesterday where: school
last time poop n public last week where: in school, also had a bit of diarrhea

was anyone around when u peed : no

was anyone around when u pooped : luckly no =) but diarrhea sucks and I almost shit myself

when u peeimg how far u pulldown ur pants : i don't, i open the my zipper and pull my dick through the opening in my boxers and jeans and piss through there.

when u pooping how far u pull down pants: to my ankles

do u know anyone off of here : no

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Hi peops,

I had a big dump last weekend at a big car boot sale. It was being held in a local village near us. We decided to head our fairly early to try and get the best deals and also because it was very hot that day and didn't want to be out in the midday sun.

On the way we stopped for a breakfast bap and a coffee. I think that combined with the walking around the car boot for an hour got my bowels moving as I felt the urge for a big BM. I told my G/F who didn't need to go and said I'd be a while. She said she continue looking round. I made way to the toilets which were a set of portable toilets. There were 3 for ladies and there was a queue of 3 people waiting. One lady was a ???? 50 yr old, quite attractive though and the other two were ladies in there 30 years like me. One cucible remained closed for quite a while. This left two for the three of us to wait for. The two at the front went in pretty quick and the one 30 yr old was in and out in almost a minute. This let the lady in the front to go in. All three that were now in took a little while (at least 5 mins). The one on the end had been in use the whole time so she must have been having a BIG shit or the runs. I ended up taking the place of the 30 yr old in the middle stall. When I got in it wasn't too bad, it smelt but the seat was reasonably clean.

I unzipped my jeans, pulled my pink knickers down and settled my ass on the seat. I let out a prfffffft and began to let a big juicy poo out. On the one side I could hear why the one cucible had been in use the whole time as the girl was having a bad case of the runs and didn't seem to be anywhere near finishing. I was taking my time so it meant two cucibles were tied up. I let out one big poop of about 12 inches but didn't feel finished. This was followed by a lot of soft serve as I gave myself a good emptying. I had been on for ten minutes now and felt almost finished. The diarreoh girl was still going but had subsided a bit. I finally felt finished wiped up and flushed. As two cucibles had been tied up there was a little line of about six ladies waiting. I apologised to the lady in front and said I had a big poop to do, she smiled and said don't worry I'll be doing the same. Hmmm severl car booters all doing big poops.

I returned to my G/F and we left

Happy pooping all. Outdoor Jenny -not heard from you for a while

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