Yes I've been in the situation where i was in the middle of pooping and someone rings the doorbell while I'm straining to get this thick turd out because it was stuck. It was stuck 3 iches out and two and a half inches wide. i only pee in the toilet at my house but when it comes to letting out my constipated poop, i find another way. there was paper towels spread out everywhere while i was kneeling on all fours with my knees spread apart. When the doorbell rang, I FREAKED OUT! MY POOP WAS HALFWAY OUT, AND VERY HARD AND THICK. I COULDN'T SUCK IT BACK IN!!! i ran to the door with no clothes on and a poop sticking out of me. i looked through the blinds to see who it is. and to my relief, it was my bf. My bf has seen me constipated before and he has seen my poop before, so i opened the door with my body hiding behind the door and i told him what was going on. He understood and helped me push the poop all the way out.

hope you enjoyed my strange, yet fascinating story.

Happy Straining everyone!


I had this boy friend once and i went over to his house and while i was there i needed to poop. i said where is the bathroom he points to a room with no sink and a green bucket with a toiletseet on it. i screem. and he comes im like is this some kind of a joke hes like no. i say im not leaving my ... stuff in there. i eventually cant hold it i sit on the bucket b4 i could start i fall. I call him in hear to hold me up while i poop.

Mr. Clogs
Hey everybody, what's good out there? Nothin' much just busy. I have an interesting post for those who are interested, so here goes.

Yesterday on my day off from work. I decided to take my 3rd dunp of the day in a rather interesting place, you may ask were? Well folks, I haven't done this in a long time and wanted to do it. Place was my bedroom and the using my "bathroom" cup that I nomally use to pee in (at times). So before I took my shower because I had a appointment that afternoon, I decide to make it happen. So got the cup out of my bedroom dresser drawer, it's a plastic so easy for dumping and for reuse for the nex time. So I needed to pee first in the cup, so I put the mouth of the cup up to my penis and peed into it filling the cup 1/2 way. By the way the cup measures 32 oz, so just enough for me to take a dump into. Then I felt my stomach rumbling a bit, put the cup on the floor and squatted over the cup to make into it. Luckly it was a bit runny so no soft chunks of poop turning my cup filled with my morning coffee pee with the semi liquid poop turning it brown and nasty. No it didn't stink up the place. Got up made my way to the bathroom to take my shower, took the nasty cup to dump it in the toilet and rinse it out and take my shower.

Lissa: Nice post about your camping trip, poor thing you had to wear those panties for 3 days straight. I can't go without showering for one day let alone chaning my underwear. I feel sorry for those panties. Anyways nice post.

caroline h.: Nice post too, sounds like you had double cleaning duties if you know what I mean.

Don't OD: Interesting, you're lucky nothing serious happend to you, don't do that no more.

FAT WOMAN: Nice response to Linda's question, do you and your partner have ever become desperate to use the bathroom while either on of you taking your dump and your partner waithing outside the bathroom door? What did you do? It'll be interesting.

Pam: I really liked this post, very interesting to read, hope to see more of your posts soon. I bet the pressure was hitting you hard, i wouldn't be able to take it.

Brian from Sears: Nice post, you works too, try some White Castle Hamburgers and some hot chocolate, now we're talkin'. That would clean you out for sure.

Hope you all enjoyed my post, ya'll have a great weekend.

Take care.

--Mr. Clogs

Hi. I wonder if I have some type of penis envy? My b/f wears shorts all thru summer and particlarly prefers the wider legged type. This means when ever he needs to pee he can just slide the leg up, pop out his penis and go. A few weeks ago we were at a bar, sitting outside in the semi dark and he said he badly needed to pee....I looked around for a loo when he smiled, said no need hun, slid his willy from his shorts...without even getting up or moving and with just holding his shorts leg to one side let go a momentous noticed..... Other times Ive seen him just flip his willy over the top of his shorts and pee. Whereas I have to either squat or find a loo. I have tho one day in sheer desperation having been for a few drinks (non alcoholic, I dont like the taste) but needing to pee so badly, I was holding myself and trying to walk, feeling the occasional dribble......I kept looking for a rest room, but couldnt find one, we were on a main street of houses, so no chance even of a shopping mall or a cafe/bar. I was in such side was aching and I was almost crying with desperation to Pete. I held myself even tho people were staring and must have known I badly needed the toilet. Id reached the point of no return almost when Pete said its ok if you have to pee your panties, I no how desperate you are to go. He then pulled me to a deepish doorway and said do it here babe, just go if its that I just slipped my niks down from under my skirt and kind of walked out of them.....stood as far back in the doorway, Pete stood in front of me, I widened my legs, bent my knees and just as I did my pee just flooded out. It absolutely gushed down, some went down my legs and Pete had to hop sidwards to avoid the torrent...the flow slowed and he asked have you finished, I said no and started shoes and legs were wet but oh the release was wonderful. I am sure Pete got turned on, tho he couldnt really see much as I just hiked my skirt up a little.

Charlie's girl
I've been reading through these posts and there seems to be a lot more accounts about girls compared to those about guys. The posts from guys are generally a comment on an event regarding a woman/women. Is this just because girls are more open about this subject or get caught more, or are girls just not interested in hearing about guys and so stories involving men are posted less frequently? Do more girls visit this board than men?

Oh, and while I'm on the subject... do any guys or girls have any accounts of male desperation/accidents (adults)? I'm really interested in hearing about this! : )

Just for the record... I'm a girl!

Hello !

Did your mother ever punish any of you girls by giving you a laxative?

Mine did, and it led to some rather embarrassing moments !


this morning, at 6:30 (its now 9:00), i went to the local gym with 2 of my friends to get our daily exercise. I'm 16 years old. Anyway, i was sitting on a mat facing my two friends while we were all doing different stretches when i felt that i had to release a large poop that had been trapped for 4 days. 4 days really isn't THAT long because normally I'm constipated for about a week and a half. So i decided to wait a little longer so that i could go later. I'm not shy at all about pooping in front of other people especially in front of my friends because they all know i suffer from IBS.
I'm not the only one who can poop massive loads. One of those 2 friends also suffers from IBS, and usually we poop in front of eachother. Before i tell you what happened, the toilets in the gym don't have stalls, and there are about 6 open toilets in the bathroom. Actually, now that i think of it, the bathroom dosn't even have a door because it's attached to the locker room. Ok, so i'm doing sit ups when it started to hurt really badly on the lower part of my abdomin. so i stopped and looked at Jamie(IBS), and said that i really have to poop. she said "yea im going to try to poop also, so that you wont be alone". Ashley, my other friend, said "I'll come too. So that I'll be able to talk to you both, and if someone walks in, i'll pretend im also pooping". I laughed and then grabbed my towel and water bottle and placed it up against the wall so that it wasn't in the middle of the floor. We all walked into the locker room(which leads into the bathroom) and we saw 3 toilets lined up on the right side of the room and 3 toilets lined up on the left side of the room, all the toilets are facing eachother. i took the middle toilet on the left side of the room while Jamie(IBS) took the one on the left of me and Ashley took one diagonally from me. I pushed hard and i could feel my anus open up. i strained a little harder and could feel and hear my poop crackle as it very slowly opened my anus a little more. i could hear Jamie straining really loudly next to me then i looked at Ashley and she looked like she was actually forcing herself to poop also, because she was her face was stiff and a little red. i pushed a little more as my poop crackled a little more. i leaned back and faced my anus towards Ashley and asked her "Ashley, how far out is my poop?". She responded in a strained voice "a-..round....nnnn...3 out. Abou...t 2 inches.......dia.....meter". i strained REALLY HARD hoping my poop would push out another 2 inches. i kept leaning back in this position because it was actually very comfortable. Even though i strain very hard, and suffer from IBS, i love the feeling of poop coming out. i pushed and strained harder. suddenly a lady walked through the doorway of the bathroom she sat on the toilet right in front of me. I sat back up in a normal position so that she didn't have to face my turd. The lady was about 30 years old. ashley strained a little more and then, plop.......she pushed more.......plop....plop...plop....she strained very hard and then.......splasssssssssssssh! Ashley just sat on the toilet and did nothing else (she was very embarassed). the lady next to her(in front of me) said "it's ok, you don't need to be embarassed. Everyone in this room is going #2. including me". Ashley smiled at the lady then grabbed a wad of paper and wiped. i looked at Jamie "How's it comin'?" she strained a little more and said "im almost done, but I'll wait for you". I pushed but it wouldn't move. i pushed harder but it seemed to be stuck. the lady asked if i was ok. i said "i'm just a little constipated, it's normal. just a little stuck". the lady said "you should walk over to the sink and grab a paper towel, then come back , sit on the toilet and pull it out. i waddled to the sink with this turd halfway out of my butt, ripped off 3 paper towels, sat back on the toilet and i took hold of my poop. ............SPLASH...Jamie let go of her poop that shes been straining to get out. i pulled slowly and then came the middle of the poop, the widest part, i pulled VERY SLOWLY, finally i pulled it past the middle part and then....plop...plop...........plop...polp........plop...........plop..plop............
.....................plop. the lady said "ahhhhhhhhhh i'm relieved" she grabbed a samall square of tp and wiped, then another square and wiped.
it took her about 7 squares of tp. i pulled my poop out the rest of the way and then droped it in the toilet.... SPLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASH.....My poop was sooo dry that i didn't even need to wipe my butt. i thanked the lady then i washed my hands after my friends and we all went back to stretching.

hope you enjoyed my story,
Luv you all, Happy Straining,


the other day i was driving my 18 wheeler as i do every day or work and i ot this sharp pain in my stomach and i was like i know what this is and started looking or a place to stop no sooner was i about to shit myself i found a small convince station with just enoungh room to pull my truck over i stoped got out of my truck and i almost loaded my pants i have never had to go so bad i ran inside found the bathroom in the back i go to open the door and it was locked and i was oh god please dont be pooping . well 5 minutes later still locked i knocked on the door and i heard a cute girl voice say it is occupied i replyed please hurry i really need the toilet bad she said might as well go somewhere else i am having a bad case of the runs and i have already been on the toilet for 25 minutes and i was like please no i told her my situation with my truck and how i can t just go somewhere else she said sorry i really had to go by now i could taste it the bathroom was tucked away behind a wall in the back so nobody could see i grabed a green metal trash can and pulled it to the coner i said sorry but i have no other options i just dropped my pants sat on the trash can and i had the loudest booming fart with a full load of the softies. i heard her say man u really did need to go i said not done yet 2 or so minutes later i heard footsteps and a 30ish yr old lady turned the coner and saw me with my pants around my ankles sitting on a trash can and she said maybe later and turned around and left.. that was pretty much the worst i ever had to go and the only time i shit in a trash can

I've got a funny story to tell. I went to an estate auction at an old farm house to look for antiques. I looked through the antique china dinnerware, there were some old chamberpots, and wash basins. On the table next to the dinnerware was a very nice piece, which appeared to be an over-sized gravy serving boat. It had a nice pattern that didn't match the dinnerware. I mentioned out loud that the owners sure must have liked gravy to have such a large serving boat. The auctioneer assistant laughed and said that it was an old-fashioned women's urinal typically used on stage coach or in a powder room, before they had flush toilets. I must have turned 3 shades of red at hearing this.

Also, there was an old outhouse privy at this farm. I presume it was no longer in use, but I peeked inside. It had 2 seats less than a foot apart without partitions or separator of any kind.

All of this kind of memorabelia begs the question, did people used to be more open about bodily functions? Did men and women used to go separately or use the privy together or chamber pots in front of each other?

every now and then i get quite constipated. this week was one of those times. until today, it's been 5 days with out a poop so i was in need of one but i refuse to take laxatives. i thought maybe some fresh air and exersize might help to get things moving (it has in the past). so this morn i went for a very long walk through the park by my place. half way thru i could feel my bowels start to move but this is normal for me, i knew it would still take hours to get to the actual pooping point so i kept walking. i was on the farthest side of the park from my house when the urge to poop kept increasing. with no washrooms in the area i began to panic, normally i can hold poop for a long time but this time it felt different, it felt like it was coming right then and there. i turned around and started heading back when i couldnt hold my butt cheeks any longer. i could feel a huge very hard turd start pushing out my hole and press against my underpants. i had no choice but to poop my pants at this point, there was no turning back this turd. it was so thick and it hurt so much that i had to start pushing to help it out. when im constipated my poop starts out hard but always ends up very soft. this time was no different. the hard turd kept crowing in my pants, probably 5inches long. i was wearing track pants so there was room for the bulge. i kept pushing as hard as i could and was now in a semi squat position. the poop kept coming and was turning softer now. there was a final rush of thick soft poop. my pants were completely loaded with poop. i could feel wth massive bulge in my pants. i now had to waddle the km back home in poop filled pants. there were so many people out walking that day and i could see them giving me funny looks, it was so embarassing. but i was just glad to get all that poop out of me.

Well I finally broke down and went and saw the doctor about my constipation problem. She checked me over and said that basically I'm OK and some people are just more prone to constipation than others. She said I should be taking the Correctol in the blue box (the stool softener) instead of the pink box, which is a stimulant (bisacodyl). She said I could take the softener as often as I needed it, every day if necessary, since it wasn't habit forming. So I went and got a box after work last night and I'm trying that and hope it works. That Activia stuff hasn't done a thing for me and I don't like yogurt too much anyway. I liked Correctol better when it was a softener and stimulant all in one. Why don't they have that anymore?

LTL from the U.S.
Hi. This is my first post, although I have been an LTL (long time lurker). I have a few stories you might find amusing.

I'm pretty regular on the toilet. The only exception is when I'm away from home. Privacy is really important to me when I poop. I don't want anyone to know what I'm doing, and I also have to be FAR away from other people b/c I don't want them to hear me. (Although I'm pretty quiet when I go. I'm not a vocal grunter.) I know that everyone does it and no one cares if I shit, but for some reason it just bothers me, and my body just can't relax. I'll share a couple stories with you.

The most horrible experience I ever had was when I was 15. I was gone for a month visiting close friends in Florida. I had been down there maybe eight days and still hadn't pooped. I was getting a little uncomfortable, but it really got horrible when I got "female cramps," if you know what I mean. This on top of constipation was horrid. I thought I was going to die. After my "visitor left" things were really bad. Every time I went to the bathroom, it looked like I had diarrhea in my underwear. And I still had cramps, but I couldn't go to the bathroom. I thought, whatever. I'll deal with it when I get home.

One day I went out shopping with the two of the friends I was visiting, and we were in a store when...yep, call of nature. But NO WAY IN HELL was I going to go to the bathroom at the store. I sucked it up and we went home and ate lunch. My friends were going to go out shopping again, but they had known that I wasn't feeling good. (I told them about my period, but not the constipation). So I stayed at the house alone while they went out.

As if on cue, right after they left, I felt something moving in the south end. Taking full advantage of the privacy I had, I went straight to the bathroom. I decided to push as hard as I had to to get this out of me. It might be my only chance. I pushed, and I could feel it coming down more, and the next thing I knew, dynamite went off. I farted SO loud and hard. Thank God I was alone. Well, this opened the floodgates, and I don't even remember how much shit came out, but there was A LOT. I do remember that despite not having gone for so long, the poop didn't hurt coming out, and it only took one flush to get it all down.

I came out of the bathroom just in time too, because my friends came back in the house. Turns out the car had broken down on the way to the store, so they had to walk back home. I didn't care about their situation at the time, I was too busy enjoying my relief. The rest of my time there, I went everyday, sometimes twice, (Remember I did have 13 days worth in me) and it was really soft.

I later learned that the liquid stuff in my underwear was because I had impacted stools, which sometimes require surgery to remove. So I was VERY LUCKY. I'll never let myself go that long without pooping again!

Here's one more story.

It was the start of my second year of college, and it was move-in day. I had bad stomach cramps all day, and it dawned on me that I couldn't remember the last time I'd crapped. When we got to school I was miserable, kind of like in my first story. My dad could sense something was wrong, so I told him I was backed up and that I wanted to go home. He said no way, and that if I felt that bad, I should go the health center on campus. (Like hell I was going to do that)

Well, when he went out to the car to bring in another load, I felt something going on in the south end. I knew it was now or never, so I went to the bathroom nearby (no one was around) I sat down and PUSHED HARD. The tip firm long poked out of my ass. It took four or five more short but HARD, grunty pushes to get it out, with me taking a loud breath between each one, until it finally came out. AAhhhhhh, relief. I wiped, (nothing on the TP) and looked into the toilet. (I always do when I crap). There was a log in there that covered the entire diameter of the bowl! One of my biggest ever.

Hope you enjoyed!

I am a 15 year old boy. I have a cousin who's 2 years younger than me, her name is Martha. As long as I can remember she has been incredibly casual about her toileting habits. She's toilet trained, and I've seen her use the toilet plenty of times, but there are other times that she just doesn't seem to care and goes to the bathroom in her pants. She says it's nothing that a little soap and water won't fix. Martha is pretty and slim, brown hair.

For example, last week several of us kids were sitting outside on my aunt's deck (Martha's mom's house). We were around a picnic table that was sort of in a corner of the deck. Martha was blocked in by other kids, I was sitting next to her. She was wearing yellow terrycloth shorts and a striped yellow blouse, and flipflops. At one point she said something about needing to pee, and I offered to get up and let her out, but she just said it was OK. So we continued to sit around, driking lemonade, talking and laughing. I noticed here fidgeting a little bit, crossing her legs, bouncing a little, and again I offered to let her out, but she just waved it off again. A few minutes later, she casually leaned back, spread her legs slightly, and with a barely audible sigh seemed to relax. I didn't think too much of it until I heard a splattering sound. I looked around to see if someone's lemonade had spilled, but all the glasses were upright on the table, and then I glanced at Martha's lap and her crotch was darkening. She was simply peeing her pants as she sat there, and the splattering noise was coming from beneath the picnic table bench as her pee drained through beneath the crack. She sat there and fully wet her pants, then casually crossed her legs and continued talking. If I hadn't known her so well, I wouldn't have believed it.

After awhile when we went inside because a thunderstorm was threatening, I followed her -- her ass was completely soaking wet.

And when her mom saw her, I heard her whisper to Martha to go change her pants. Martha shrugged and went into her room, and a few minutes later came out in cutoff jeans.

There have been so many other times that I have witnessed Martha having accidents -- not exactly accidents, more like "on-purposes" -- that I can't possibly tell them all. Some of them stick in my mind for some reason. Like the time when she was about 5 or 6. We were playing at my house in a sandbox. Martha was sitting in the sand with her legs bent underneath her -- her bottom was in the sand, her thighs were slightly parted and her feet and shins were bent back behind her, a very casual position. My next door neighbor, a boy named Kevin, who was between Martha and me in age was there too. So the three of us were playing with cars, or building roads in the sand. And at a certain point Martha stood up to retrieve a toy that had been tossed out of the sand box and bent over so that her butt was almost in Kevin's face, and we noticed her butt was covered in sand, and so he casually reached over to brush the sand off, and then exclaimed "Eww, your butt is all wet!" Martha said, "So?" And he asked her how come her butt was wet, was the sand wet or something, and she replied, "No, I peed." And then we realized that the sand where Martha had just been sitting was wet but all the other sand was dry, and that there was a faint streak of wetness down the inside of her thigh. Her shorts were black and her accident wouldn't have been very noticeable, but if you looked closely you could see the dampness on her crotch. But she just ignored her wet pants for awhile, and even peed in them again a short time later, right in front of us. It was only later when she commented that she needed to change because she was "itchy" that she left us.

Yet another time I remember was at Christmas time. I'm not sure how old she was. I'm guessing four, because she was wearing footed flannel pajamas, but I remember her as being fairly tall already. The pajamas were old fashioned, red flannel, and I think just for old-"fashion"'s sake they actually had a panel on the back that snapped closed but could be opened to use the toilet. After breakfast we kids were running around -- I think presents had been opened already and we were wild and exhuberant. Martha stood to one side, and had a look of abstract concentration on her face, and I saw her somehow tense herself, and then I heard a plub plub sound, very softly, and a slight crackle. She stood there stock still for about half a minute with this look of concentration in her face, and then turned around and kept up her running around, but almost immediately there was a strong smell of poop. Although I didn't realize it at the time, Martha had been pooping in her pants. I noticed the adults sniffing, trying to figure out where the smell was coming from. Probably about 20 minutes or half an hour went by, and the next thing someone noticed and commented on is that there was a faint brown stain on one of the white carpets in the living room, and then another, and people began to realize they were footprints. All this time, Martha and other kids and I had been running around, wrestling, jumping on the couch, etc. Finally someone pointed out to her father that the "trapdoor" panel on Martha's butt was damp and discolored, and in fact one of the legs of her PJs was also damp and discolored. Martha's dad ran after her and grabbed her by the wrist and bent down to smell her backside, and then immediately reached over to open the snapped panel, revealing her bottom, covered in pink panties that were absolutely plastered and full of shit. He quickly snapped the panel closed and led her away to the laundry room. I was curious though, and followed -- I think it was maybe the first time (or one of the first times) I had seen her have an accident. Her dad zipped open the PJ's at the front, and sort of peeled them off her, and as the small of her back was revealed and her panties, you could see that the crap had escaped over her waistband and was smeared on her back (she may have rolled around on the floor in it), and now her legs were bared as well, and brownish poop was smeared down the backs of both of her legs, and all the way down one leg to one of her feet. And that explained the footprints: the wet crap had pooled in one of the feet of her footed pajamas, and was wet enough to have begun leaking out. It may have been wet because she'd peed in her pants too, I don't know. This is the only time I can recall her parents getting really mad at her about an accident, not that she'd crapped in her pants but that she hadn't told anyone about it but just continued playing, because the cleanup was such a lot of work for them. I remember hearing her dad tell her that she was old enough to poop in the potty, and was certainly old enough to ask for help.

The other time I'm going to tell about was really funny -- this behavior went beyond even what I could believe from her. This happened last spring. Again, we were in her back yard, goofing around. Her dad had put up a swingset/monkey bars for her younger brother and sister, and Martha, who was wearing grey sweatpants and sneakers, and a pink top -- a tank top tucked into the pants, and a pink zippered sweatshirt, zipped open, was messing around on the monkey bars, hanging upside down, her shoulder-length hair hanging down almost touching the ground. I should mention that even though she's my cousin I do find her attractive -- her boobs are pretty noticeable and her hips have a pleasant curve to them, and this outfit she was wearing looked really good on her.

Suddenly she called out to me, "Hey Jim, I always wanted to try this!" and as I watched, she let loose and began to piss in her pants. I saw the crotch darken, I could actually hear a hissing sound, and Martha giggled as a stream of pee flowed upward, soaking the waistband of her sweatpants, forming a darkening stain up along her top. It actually ran up her neck and across her cheek and even into her hair, and it was only when some pee began dripping off her chin into her nose, mouth and eyes that she gave a little shriek, and put her arms out and let herself drop, stomach first onto the ground. Still laughing, she finished wetting her pants as she lay on the ground on her stomach. When she stood up, her entire front was soaked and a little muddy, and the excess pee in her panties began to run down her legs. I'm pretty sure every single article of clothing she was wearing: her panties, pants, socks, shoes, blouse, even her bra were all pee-soaked. She went into the house and returned a few minutes later having completely changed her clothes.

Peeing rox
KC please tell me more peeing stories!!!!


You're right. I was thinking the same thing. If I were the parent the very most I would do is teach the kid how to do their own laundry in case of an accident, in a loving way though, or just tell them to wash it out in the tub to get the worst out or something. It's just something that comes out of everybody's body, that's it, no reason to get so bent outta shape about it unless the parent gets off to that kind of scene. You're right, parents like that don't deserve to be parents. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it. Also to the mods, just wanted to say you guys are doing a great job. Haven't seen you come over the line yet with any reprimands, etc. in months so that means you're doing well in keeping that kind of material off the site.

Thanks again!


LTL from the U.S.
Matt-I read your story. Wow, you poor thing! Did everyone in your family feel the same way about public restrooms, or just your mom?

Your story reminded me of an accident that I had when I was five, when I was in morning kindergarten. We always had a snack midmorning, and at that time, the teacher took us down to the restrooms to wash up and go to the bathroom (although we were allowed to use the bathroom whenever we needed) Anyway, I had to go, but it was almost snack time so decided to wait. We finally got to the bathrooms and because it was a very small school in a rural town, there were only four stalls, all full, so I had no choice but to wait. Finally a stall was free, and I did ok until I got in there and locked the door. My bladder just let loose, and I just stood there, horrified, as the pants of my cute little purple sweatsuit with the panda on the shirt got absolutely soaked. I stood there, crying softly, as everyone else left the bathroom. A few minutes later, the teacher, who'd been getting our tray of snacks to take back to the classroom, came in looking for me. I unlocked the stall and she asked me what was wrong. I told her what happened and she was SO NICE about it. The rest of my class was waiting outside to go back to the classroom, so she had someone take the snack tray and go back to the classroom with them while she tended to her one pee-soaked student. I don't know where she found them, but she came back a few minutes later with a pair of black corduroy pants and some pins. She helped me change into them and she pinned them for me, although they were still a little big on me. I don't remember what happened after that, as I was only five. But I'm glad I don't remember b/c I'm sure people laughed at me. Oh, well, accidents happen!

Happy potty sessions to all,
LTL from the US.

sassy girl :)
i've got a good one to share. oh, by the way, im 17y/o, 5"1, light blonde hair, slim, and

one time, i went camping during last summer, me and a friend of mine went camping with my parents. it tooked us 4 hours to get there, and after we got there, i was getting desperate too poop. so i told them that i need to use the washroom, so i went into deeper in the woods to find a good tree to hide behind. after about a couple minutes, i finally found a good place. so i quickly pull my panties, my camping pants, and i bended down. after i bended down, a thick long dry shit came out of my anus. i was finished after 2 minutes, then peed for about a minute. after i was done, i grabbed the tissue paper from my pocket, and wiped my ass. then i just went back to our campsite.

hi i am wendie. i am new to this website and i found it pretty cool! and since everyone's been sharing their past experiences, i guess i would too..
here is it:
i guess i was about 6, shopping with my mum and aunt. my aunt left after around an hour, leaving me shopping alone with my mum. i said i was tired so she suggested that we stop for a drink. i was real thirsty by then so i ordered a large coke. my mum had coffee so i finished the whole big cup of coke all by myself, within 5 minutes. we rested for maybe an hour and went back to shop again. then, we went in this store and my mum was busy trying on the clothes there. the queue to the fitting room was pretty long so i waited with her for 20 minutes at least. when it was finally her turn, she went in alone. i was holding on to her handbag outside, getting uncomfortable pretty much. i had the urge earlier on when we were queueing up. but we were already halfway through and i didn't want her to give up queueing just to accompany me to the toilet. furthermore, i thought i could hold it in for a longer time. my mum had quite a few pieces to try on so she took rather a long time inside. i was waiting outside, holding myself with one hand. she was still not done, so i shouted to her to be quick because i needed to pee very badly. she said ok but didn't come out until 5 minutes past. i was very relieved to see her come out finally but she wouldn't let me do to the toilet until she paid for the clothes. i didn't want to act like i was very urgent at first. but the queue at the cashier was far too long again! until about halfway through, i couldn't help it and held onto my front while telling her how much i needed to pee again. nevertheless, she replied me with the same answer: you need to wait until i pay for the stuffs. i replied her i am trying. after a little while more, i really couldn't take it and asked her more and even started to whine. my mum was embarrassed by the glances from others. to punish me, she wanted me to hold it in until we got home. i didn't want to have more severe punishments so i replied ok, even though i knew i was not going to make it. i held myself until she paid for the stuffs. but as we were walking out of the store, it was so bad that i had to hold myself VERY tightly with both hands. i didn't care about how others saw me. i was walking slower and slower until then, i really couldn't take it and started peeing on both my hands. to cover my accident, i carried on holding while peeing until i had fully finished with peeing. we had reached the carpark by then. my mum saw me wet all the way down and i looked up at her and apologised. she apologised too for being harsh with me and not letting me go to the toilet earlier on. she changed me with the extra set of clothes in the car and i didn't feel that bad for peeing my pants anymore.

Looking for desperation stories. LOts of squirming and holding ones self. Especially males!! Pissing or shitting..either is good.

Fat Lady--nice to see you back!

Here is a question for everyone out there. As rule, which smells worse? Female poop or male poop? Why do you think your answer is the case??

peeing rox
RP-i don't know if putting toothpaste under ones nose when sleeping makes the person poo their pants
but i do know that if you put ones hand in warm water when sleeping it makes them pee their pants, hope that helps
from peeing rox!!!!

Hannah- how has that afected u in later life and pleease could u share some more stories please describe that desperation!

has any one ever seen or herd someone pee and needed to peethemselves what happened pleease describe!!!

Peeing Rox, Hannah windows xp, Fillup
Thanks for the responses. My mom was very strict growing and yes I would say she was sadistic at the time. I have chosen to forgive her rather than hate her the rest of my life. I have also refused to go through my life being messed up in the head by what happen to me growing up.

Like I said my mom was very strict with me and my older brother. He however was the good one and didn't get into that much trouble until he became a teenager. First time obedience was always required. Being told something more than once resulted in some type of painful punishment. My mom and dad too had strict rules. Some of them were bedtime at 8:30 even on none school days. Had to be fully dressed at all times except when sleeping; this included shoes and socks till bedtime. Had to eat what was put in front of me even if I did not like it or was not hungry.

While strait A's were not required a grade lower than a B resulted in being grounded and anything below a C would result in getting "The Paddle". I had to go to school even when I was sick. I remember throwing up in the morning and still being made to go to school. On time I threw up in the car, was brought home to change and then taken to school. Other times I was sent to school with a high fever. My parents would always tell me I would feel better later in the day and that it would get my mind off of being sick. Of course this was not always true. I remember the school calling my mom to pick me up and her refusing to do so telling the school she had no was of getting me (no true). When I would come home I would get in trouble for going to the nurse. Because of this I had perfect attendance until JR high when I was really sick. Even then it was a challenge to get to stay home.

My moms punishments were harsh. My dad just paddled me which hurt very bad. Some of the punishments I would get were of course the paddle, which as I got older was used to reinforce other punishments. Some of the punishments were being made to stand in the corner for hours on end, being made to kneel in uncooked rice, being made to write sentences and of course not being allowed to urinate. My parents of course allowed the school to paddle us and told them to do so anytime I misbehaved. Which of course meant I was sent to the office when other kids got less severe punishments. If I got paddled at school I would get it again when I got home and would be on restrictions the rest of the day.

I could usually use the bathroom freely at home, but bathroom use was not allowed while being punished. If I misbehaved while being out someplace I was frequently punished by not being allowed to pee when I got home. On average I would be made to wait 30 minutes to a hour longer when I was little, but as I got older was made to wait as long as 4 hours after getting home. Like Hannah my Mom would just keep adding more time on if I complained about having to go or didn't sit or stand still. Wetting my pants was a BIG NO NO. I was taught at young age that wetting myself would mean a very harsh punishment like I stated in my last story. In addition I would be made to hold it again the next day.

I was allowed to use the bathroom at school, but only after lunch. I was never allowed to ask to go during class. My mom would tell my teachers every year that I had bladder control problems and that I was on a bladder training program. Therefore when our class had "their" morning break I was not allowed to go into the bathroom. My teachers were informed to notify my mom if I gave them any trouble about it which they did a couple of times. When I would get home from school my mom would sometimes listen to how long I peed. If it seemed too short she would accuse me of going at other times and not let me go again until going to bed.

My mom only peed twice a day. My dad went like most people. In fact I remember being out with my mom and dad and him going into the bathroom. My mom would sometimes say he had a weak bladder because his mom never made him hold it. We were not allowed to with him when he went even though our bladders were screaming for relief. However I remember my dad would sometime take me and my mom got mad at him for doing so saying she didn't want it to become a habit. One time my dad was going to take me after a baseball game because he could see I needed to go, however my mom changed his mind. This happened right in front of the bathroom. I felt like a dog whole owner pulled a leash out like they were going to walk them and then put it up. I remember I started to cry. My mom told me to be quit or I was not going to go when getting home which I did.

I'm 28 now and only go twice a day, my mom's bladder training gave me an enormous bladder. I can hold about a liter and a half on average. The problem I have however is when I do need to go it hits me very hard. This is getting long so I will stop for now. I would like to hear more stories for Hannah and would like to answer any other questions you all might have.

Marcus :)
hi, i just found this site. i think its kinda interesting that there is a website thats like this. i found this site about 2 weeks ago, i just never gotten a chance to post a story up. so might as well do it now. oh, ya, by the way, im in my early 30's if anyone's interested.

one time, i was with my girlfriend, lucy, we were having dinner, i heard a huge gurgling sound from her stomach, and then she groaned. i asked her if she was okay. she said that she needed to poop very bad, and she think she wont make it in the bathroom without shitting in her pants, cause she could feel that its diarrhea. then she groaned, and farted a huge one which causes her to diarrhea all over her panties and onto the chair(she usually doesnt wear pants in our apartment). she managed to stop after the first one. then she quickly jumps out of the chair, ran to the bathroom carefully and try to make less mess as possible. then after she reached the toilet, she sat on it, having waves and waves of diarrhea. she said that she felt much better. she then just went to wash her panties and the mess she made after she was done. after that, everything went okay.

At the park with the doorless stalls, I was having a great dump a few mornings ago. ALOT of crap piled high. I was just about done when an older guy, probably in his 60's, comes in. He was just finishing up a cell phone call as he came in so I looked up. He looked over at me and smiled and said hi. I said hi back as he walked over to the next stall and started to take a leak. He started talking to me about the weather and how he's from Arizona and it's really hot there now. I was standing up and wiping as he was talking to me. He finishes up and stands in front of my stall as I'm cleaning up. We talk a minute more as I'm wiping. I grab a last bit of paper and wipe off a few last drops of pee. I pull up my briefs and shorts and flush. We continue talking as we wash up.

Nice to have a conversation while crapping!

Hey all! How are ya? I have a question if you dont mind me asking. I am a guy and I know much more about the bathroom habbits of guys than I do girls. So, my question is, how often do you women clog up the toilet? Its not to rare with mosts of us guys but I'm not sure about the women. Does it happen just as often as guys its just that women don't talk about it like guys do? Another thing, in general, how do women's poop compare with guys poop? I know it differs with different people but I'm just wondering if most women's poops are the same size as guys.
Thanks a lot for your answers!

Hola mis amigos,

Oooooh, girls do shit! My friend Alissa took a major dump at my apt. 3 huge turds that clogged the toilet. They looked like big huge and thick burritos. The smell was the worst, and Alissa wiped her beautiful round ass laughing about how awful it was. right when she pulled up her undies, she let out this huge fart and said "Oh well, guess I'll be shittin' again later"
Mmmm-mmm-mmm! Her turds were creamy black and brown, thick and hard. When she finished she said that she'd had a huge cheeseburger and fries for lunch that gave her a bad stomach ache. Alissa is a black girl I met about a month ago. She's tall, super dark and sweeeeet!
She does not get embarrassed over her need to go. I was putting on makeup when she sat down and said "I gotta take a shit, girl." So, she plopped away while I watched. It was great!
Alissa is so tall that her legs stretch out for miles.

winnie :)
im a 31y/o slim girl, first, before i tell you guys a story that really happened to me, i would like to say that i dont know why, but a lot of the times, my poop is a mostly runny, or very soft and barely a solid type.

this happened about a few days ago. during tuesday when i woke up, it was about 12pm. i overslept because i had a interview at about 12:45pm. so i quickly got out, dressed into my interview outfit, a long skirt, pantyhose, my black boots, my good shirt, and an long sleeve coat. i didnt had time to use the bathroom before i left, but i kinda did need to use the washroom cause i could feel the need to poop. since i didnt had time to use the washroom, i just wore a pad. after i got there, it was 12:40pm. i was just in time, so i quickly went in, find her office, and started the meeting. while i was having the meeting, i could calmly having the interview with her, but i had my mind on controling my poop, because the more i was over there, the longer i was there, the harder it is to hold on. after about a couple of hours, the interview was finally finished, i got up and said good bye to her and such. after i got up, the pressure was really bad, i nearly pooped myself. then i just went to the front desk that was close to her, and asked the secetary where the washroom was.

she said that the washroom was close to the end of the hall. i said thanks to her, then carefully walked over there. after i got there, i went inside, and i saw 2 stalls and a sink. unfortunantly, both their door was kinda busted, and i could feel that i have a very stinky one. so i decided that i could hold it until i get to my apartment. so i went, and after about 2:40pm or so, i was on the road, but there was a traffic jam, which made me feel a lot more worse. after 10minutes, the traffic was still barely moving, i kept holding and holding and wish the traffic jam would kept moving. then, after about a few more minutes, the traffic jam was starting to move. i was kinda glad that it was moving, because i dont know how much longer i could hold on.

when i was about a block away from my apartment, an pressure came over me, and i started having a small runs. it went directly into my pad and panties. i quickly hold on much longer, and i could still feel that i need to shit out even more. after i finally got there, i parked the car, but once i stepped out, i started pooping out runs again. i then stand still and tried to hold on even harder. i finally stopped it for now, and i closed then locked my car door, and starting to walk to my apartment. after i got there, i was looking for the key, then i felt a rumbling in my stomach. i knew that i dont have a lot of time before i started going into my pantyhose. so i quickly look around my key, after i found it, i accidentally dropped it. i went to pick it up, but i started going again. this time, it was really bad, i grabbed the key, and got up. it was starting to go down my pantyhose. after i got my door unlocked, i locked the door, and went directly to the washroom. but before i had reached the toilet, i started having another uncontrolable wave of liquid poop again. this time, i could barely stop it. it kept coming out, until after about 10 seconds, i barely stopped it, but it was already really coming into my pantyhose.

but unfortunantly, i knew i wasnt finished yet, because i could still feel some more that still needed to come out. i quickly get into the washroom, and quickly pulled my pantyhose and panties down, then i sat down on the toilet, and started having huge waves of diarrhea coming out of me. after about 5 minutes, i was finally finished. so then, while i was still sitting down, i looked at my panties, pad and pantyhose, and it was completely ruined. except for my boots, coat and shirt. so i got out of those, and threw away the ones that was ruined.

hey there

yeah I know been a while and just quick one that I was fixing to post a few weeks ago. anyway, I was walking around the town park and toward the dirt road right about sunset and up into the cemetery when I had to pee really badly before walking any further. I was in my pink workout pants and sneakers and so here I walked back behind this bush by the gravestone; sort of out of the view from the road. then , I took off my little pack and water bottle and laced it on the ground. next thing I pulled down those hot pink sweats down to my ankles almost , along with my undies and exposing the lil' old brown haired but trimmed " cheryl puss" I squatted real low, about maybe 8-9 inch off the ground and all of a sudden ; I heard this big old HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! against the grass as for the next 45 seconds as my puss began to urinate like crazy. oh my god! I could smell that sweet scent of CRYSTAL LIGHT PINK LEMONADE IN MY URINE and had to look and see this awesome cool yellow gusher come out from between my legs. [yeah , the same one which would usually make all sorts of foamy bubbles when I go to the ladies room and tinkle into the toilet bowl's water :)]then it sort of slowed down , but I felt like so much more that needed to come out. and so, I pushed and pushed while hovering slightly above that ground as more just kept hissing and hissing out in little off and on blasts, all of which were dribbling all over my puss and straight up the crack of my butt giving me this awesome warm sensation all over. [ that is why, honey we spray FDS summer's eve on our lil' flabby puss-puss! :) ] that had to keep coming for the next minute or so when finally I just pushed as hard as I could and squeezed every last drop of that sweet smelling crystal light urine out of me! with my puss-puss and upper thighs between my legs SOAKING WET , HONEY, I REACHED FOR MY LITTLE BLACK CARRY BAG and taking out a napkin, folded that and wiped that wet, urine-soaked puss nice and dry. dropping the paper on the ground , I reached down and pulled up my undies first, then my sweat pants as I stood up and felt like such a little sass! then, taking that urine soaked napkin, I tossed it into the bush and stared for a minute at where my urine had soaked the ground with what had to be at least a liter and a half of stinky, nasty urine which putting my little pack back on. HEY CYRSTAL LIGHT , SASSY CHERYL LYNNE WANTS TO BE IN YOUR COMMERCIAL CAUSE WITH ME, OH MY GOD! THOSE 5 CALORIE 8 OZ GLASSES REALLY ADD UP!


when i was young, i remeber what my younger brother do when he needs to pee..he would just let his penis dangle on top of his elastic shorts and let out his pee stream, without holding on to his front shorts would normally be wet from peeing..and he does this anywear, even when he is sitting down..once we were playing with toys in our hall and suddenly he just stood up, let out his penis and peed on the floor..i yelled to my mum that he peed..but he did not get scolded because he was young..
another time is when we were at our Gran's house sitting on the couch watching cartoons..from the corner of my eye,i could see him doind something and i wondered what it was..i looked closely and realised that his penis was out again, peeing a long stream, sitting down!his entire front was wet and even the couch had a wet spot grandad was very angry at this..

Me and my boyfriend are quite open about peeing, having been together for three years. I think we also find it quite a turn on, and we have had plenty of peeing experiences al fresco.
My most memorable time was when us two were in his car one evening in a quiet car park, having a chat, when I began to feel the need to pee. I told my man, and he told me to go outside the car. So I checked around for other people, there was nobody there so I took my shoes off and climbed out of the car on his side. I pulled my trousers and knickers down, crouched down and began to pee quite a forceful stream lasting for about twenty seconds.
Another time we went for a walk around a lake, and when we were almost back at the car, my man said he needed to pee, so as there was nobody around he just unzipped his shorts and peed into a bush, and I realised I had to go aswell, so I pulled my jeans down and started to pee next to him, I hadn't realised how desparate I was
We were on our way home from a night out another night, and after consuming quite a bit of alcohol we both had an urge to pee, so we both went down an alleyway. I squatted in the middle of the alley as it was dark, lifted my skirt up, and relieved myself, which took ages. When I finished he peed against the wall, then gave his penis a shake and zipped up again. Though due to the alcohol we both needed to go again by the time we got home.

Matt's awful forced to hold pee story and mine:
Matt please tell us more about needing to pee bad and not being able to. How was school for you? Could you go OK in school bathrooms? Or did you continue to continue to hold for many hours like your mother made you?

That is also my story. My mother was very clean and, although she went in public toilets she always hated to do that because of germs. She always put a lot of toilet paper on the seat. I remember this from when I was 3 years old on. I knew she didn't do that at home. Before I went to school she always took me with her into the bathroom after shopping for a long while. She was always good about taking me when I said to her that I had to go pee. Actually it was my father who showed me how to pee in the toilet. I thought his penis (circumcised as I was) was huge. I was fascinated by it and by his powerful stream, especially in the morning and after work. One day years later, when I was watching his long pee,he told me that he never peed at his job since he was so busy. He told me that one afternoon as I was standing there watching one of his long, long pees, after getting up from a long nap, he felt my diaper and found it dry. Good boy he said. You must be full. He pressed on my bladder and it hurt. So he stood me in front of my little potty and told me to pee like he did. I did, but I didn't like showing my tiny penis to him with its little acorn head. His was so big. (I remember going for the first time. But he told me some of the details when I was older.) I liked peeing with him

My mother was stricter than he was. Sometimes she found the public bathroom so dirty she would say, "Let's wait until we get home." Strangely I had to go so bad by that time and I had been holding it with my muscles so tight that when I got to the toilet with her watching I just couldn't go. I was very scared. Finally she put me in a warm bath. She told me to try to go in the water. So I did. But I came not to like my brother, or my mother watching me to go before school. When I didn't go my brother would tell my mother. She insisted that I pee before school. I finally told her I wanted to be alone. But by that time up to 9 years old, usually I couldn't go. I didn't understand why. Usually I could go when I got to school but sometimes not, especially if there were a lot of kids around. Some fooled around--taking all the toilet tissue and throwing it in the trash, or peeing on the floor and trying to make others do it with them, or to pee on toilet seats, or throw my lunch money into the urinals. I began not to be able to pee there also. My real name is Philip, Phil for short. Since I walked around with a full bladder (they used to punch me there), they nicknamed me "filup" or "fullup." In middle school, they called me "stage fright." They used to grab me after lunch and carry me into the boy's room, pull down my pants, and hold me over the urinal and tell me to go. My brother also passed a few remarks after coming into the bathroom at home when I was trying to pee.

Matt wasn't allowed to go, but I had the opposite problem and couldn't go anywhere where others except my father were in the men's room with me. Even now in college, I had to find a private bathroom, like in the library. My roomates noticed that I didn't go with them to pee in the dorm bathroom--8 urinals and 6 stalls. Many also pissed in the showers. I told my friends that I have a very large bladder (which I did from holding it so long in public school--no lie) and usually went in the afternoon. That is all for 24 hours. Once a week or so, my bladder would be so full in the morning that I went over to the private bathroom in the library, locked the door, and, after trying to relax for 2 or 3 minutes, peed shortly afterward. I did the same with my once a day afternoon pee.

I never pee on a date. I recently had a girl who didn't either, even after 7 or 8 hours. Finally, I got up my nerve and asked her about it one Saturday on which we went for a picnic and spent all day and early evening together. She said she noticed that I didn't pee either. I told her about my huge bladder and my once a day peeing. She told me she only went twice a day, morning and night, and that her bladder holds about 1500 ml. So we had something really in common. Sometimes we have holding contests. And even if I was bursting, I never went before she gave in or long afterwards because I was so pee shy that I couldn't.

Even though I am in my late 20's and a young psychotherpist, I still can't. But my office has a private bathroom for my once a day pee. I have had two very pee shy patients--one a football player who can't go when the team is in the locker room. If they have a far away game, he plays with a full bladder, and waits all day, about 12 hours, playing and traveling without being able to pee. The other is a young married woman who went to a small grade school. The teacher sent the kids down stairs to the bathrooms with only one toilet, after lining the girls and boys up according to the alphabet. Her name was ??. She was always at the end of the girl's line. The teacher would play a march on the phonograph. When the music was over. She would call the children up. Betty ??? and Mary Ann ?? never got to go or sometimes one or the other had just sat on the toilet but were so tightened up neither could piss. I have referred both my patients to the website ???. I have yet to be helped. The football player has. But Betty can never go in any ladies' room when anyone is there. She says she always pees in the center of the bowl, very loudly. She is afraid someone will hear.

Hi to tracygirl ...and all you "not regular" girls

I do hope that you have been having good luck with the Activa.
It is a natural product and should make you feel better.

Some OTC laxatives are quite natural, such as senna and cascara.
But natural does not equal gentle, and senna is a strong stimulant.

My GF took some of it once and it didn't work until the next day, and then kicked in while she was driving home. But she made it here without too much of a problem.

The advantage of correctol is that it takes a smaller amount of the active ingredient to work. Sometimes it can give you the cramps, but not to worry.

The natural fiber laxatives can leave you feeling bloated. As for me, I prefer the stimulant type since they usually clean me out in the morning.

You may want to try eating some asparagus. It can do the trick too.

Hey guys, I'm a LONG time lurkit er, and I've posted very occasionally. Something happened today that I absolutely have to tell someone about, cause it's just too weird. It's not strictly toilet related, but it began with a toilet issue. Anyway...

There is a "parking area" on the interstate about 40 miles from where I live. It's like a rest area, but with no restrooms or picnic tables, just trash cans and woods. I always like to stop at places like that to see if anybody is relieving themselves in the trees. I stopped there for the first time at Christmas, and got there just about 20 minutes before sunset. We're way down south, so it was still pretty warm. As I pulled up, I noticed someone walking into the woods, but they didn't look like they were going to the bathroom...not the right kind of walk, and not carrying any toilet paper or anything. I waited a few minutes to see if they came out, but they didn't, so I decided to see where they had gone. I realized as I approached the woods that there was a trail, and as I followed it further, I realized that there were a whole series of trails. I checked a bunch of them out, and was surprised how far back some of them went. There were old paper towels everywhere, so I figured truckers probably make pit stops back there. I went on my way home, and didn't really think about the place too much until today. My stomach has been upset for a few days, and as I was getting close to this place, I really had to poop. I can hold a solid poop in forever, but if it's liquid, I can't hold it very long. So I stopped at the parking area, took the roll of toilet paper I always keep in my car, and walked way back on one of the trails, as far away from the road as I could get. By this time I was in serious danger of pooping my pants, so I stuck my butt off the trail and let loose a torrent of poop. I felt so good after letting it all out! I only had to wipe a few times, and then I pulled up my pants and left. I had some time, so I decided to walk around the trails a bit. After walking around for a few minutes, this guy came into the woods from the rest stop and asked if I had a light for his cigarette, which I didn't. I commented that I hadn't known there were all these trails back here, and he said it was pretty cool. So I walked off in another direction, only to come upon him again shortly, at which point he asked if there were a lot of people out here today, and I said that I hadn't seen anyone else. I thought it was kind of strange, but just went on my way. He had been smoking a cigarette, but I thought maybe he wanted to smoke something else, so I just assumed that's why he was in the woods. Just a minute or so later, though, I see someone else coming toward me, this time an older man. He very enthusiastically asked me how I was, and I replied with equal enthusiasm, as is my habit, that I was fine. I didn't think too much of it when he seemed to stand in the middle of the path as I passed by. I was beginning to think it was weird that I had seen two people here in such a short amount of time, but I figured that maybe this guy was old and had to pee and couldn't wait. I finally came to a dead end and was getting ready to turn around and go back to my car, when the old guy appeared again. Feeling a bit awkward, I once again noted that I hadn't known all these trails were back here. He said cheerfully "Nor I!" as I started to walk past him. Again, he stood in the middle of the path, and it was somewhat difficult to get around him. As I passed him he sort of grabbed the front of my leg, not hard, but it was obvious that he was interested in trying to touch me. I acted like I didn't even feel it and walked as quickly as I could to my car and drove the hell out of there. What the hell had just happened? Some old dude had just felt me up. I'm very straight, and being felt up by another guy freaked me out. Was this guy some kind of freak, sneaking up on people in the woods...and then I realized what an idiot I was....two guys just hanging out in the woods, one of them basically soliciting sex from had to be some kind of meeting place or something. As soon as I got home, I googled the place, and after about half an hour of search, found one website that referenced it as a hookup spot for gay men....on top of that, I found out that only 4 days ago, police found dead trucker at that same stop...boy do I feel like a dumbass. I am totally creeped out right now by this, and I'm pretty sure I'll think more than twice about shitting in the woods again. I know this is both really off-topic and maybe not something everyone here wants to read, so I don't blame the mods if this post doesn't make it, but I didn't know who else to tell about this strange incident.

hottie blonde girl
im 17y/o, blonde, and im really hot.

one time, i was working as a waitress at a local cafe. i worked from 4pm-7pm. while i was working, at around 5pm, i started to feel the need to pee. but i couldnt go the washroom yet because my shift wasnt over yet. after my shift was over, i went to the washroom. i locked the door, pulled my panties, my skirt, and peed after i sat down. i peed for about 40seconds or so, then after i was done, i pulled up my pants, and locked up the store(since i was the only person left).

last time peed n public yesterday where: Yesterday, In my pants at college
last time poop n public last week where: 4 weeks ago, diahrea in my panties at college again
was anyone around when u peed : Everyone
was anyone around when u pooped : Everyone
when u peeimg how far u pulldown ur pants : I dont pull my pants down if i can help it
when u pooping how far u pull down pants: Ankles if pooing on the toilet.
do u know anyone off of here i hope not : Nope

It's been awhile, but I do have some stories to tell, My net's been off, so I'll try to remember then as best as I can.


The dinner that night was Burittos, they were good, except my dad puts something in the tacos that he says, gives the food "Substance", it gives me and the family "Loosening of our bowels." Well, My dad put some cut up pieces of Onion in the meat, and he puts in a scoop of Rice, you have no say so in the manner, you eat it. I told my dad that the rice goes right through me, and he said he didn't want me to come down ill during the last few days of schools we'll have. Well, needless to say, Though I didn't have rice, it still did something to me, and it carried on to school, which made me wrap up a good morning with my girlfriend, to head to the can, where I cleaned out, and left.


That monday evening, I had to help along with the burritos, since there was so much more for another dinner. Apparently, the grease didn't cook out enough, so I has two burritos, and nothing happened. Just a turd that got a bit of a more lubricated escape from the grease before.


I should have mentioned, but it'll make sense now. For,basically a party for my science class, and only this class, we would go into the woods, near controlled areas where nothing should come attack us. Nothing did, but this site must hear this story.

We went on this trip, to the woods, a class of a little less then 17 or 18. Anyway, so we get out to the woods, and here's the deal:

We must do a small scavenger hunt for at least 30 mins, the food will be cooking, and during this time, we must be looking, a little after every team but me and my buddy, having caught nothing, gave up, but it was only to keep the class okay. For lunch, I had 2 burgers and one hot dog. Good stuff.

Afterwhile, I felt a need to go, it wasn't bad, but in the woods, with all the moving you do, running and stuff, I didn't want to be the one farting and having to crap, so I went to the toilets, and got to the door, where I witnessed the door was locked, a good friend of mine, a girl, came out. She and I are very good friends. I told her I had to go poo, and asked if she'd hold on to my waterbottle for me. I went in, and sat down, but I knew as soon as I did get up, and walk away, I'd have to go, so I asked the girl if she wanted to do something that was a bit weird, I have this weird thing that If someone of the opposite sex sees me, I might go a bit faster, so I asked this girl to shut the door, then open it like she intruded in my privacy, she opened the door and saw me for a second, then left. I told her she has to watch, she said it was weird, but it would help me, and I'd make it worth her while. So, she dicided to oblige without payment because, as she put it, she owes me something ,so she helps me out.

She sat and watched, and cleaned up and left. No one was the wiser. That was weird, but it's true, like all my other stories.

and To ROCK HARD POOP - the survey you wanted people to answer.

1. On Average, how often do you poop?
A: on average, 2 or 3 times a day.

2. how often are you constipated?
A:On certain mornings when I don't crap before I go to bed.

3. after pooping, during constipation, is your poop black or dark brown?
A:Only after I've taken an aid to help me rid myself of my poop. It's usually black.

4. if not, what color?
A:always has been black.

5. when you take a regular poop, how long is the poop? how long are all the seperate poops?
A: All my poops are the same size,usually shaped like a loaf, although sometimes they are round, and that's the cork, usually, for me.

6. when you are constipated, how long is the poop? how long are all the seperate poops?
A: My poops are never bigger than a little letter opener.

7. do you enjoy other people watching you poop, even if you don't know them?
A: ONly if they are girls.

8. where is another place you enjoy pooping(other than the toilet)?
A:Bushes, once before. When I was a baby (for any girl I date or marry] has me as a baby taking a crap in the sink during my bath. Recorded as "My first bath".

9. do you strain loudly, grunt loudly, press your toes hard against the floor, grab on to the toilet rim or anything else to catch the neighbors in the next stalls attention?
A:No, although, if it's diarrhea, I'll grab on to the bowl.

10. do you enjoy watching other people poop?
A: Refer to answer #7. ONLY if they are girls.

11. how long do you normally spend on the toilet taking a regular poop?
A: No longer then 3 or 4 minutes unless I'm trying to make a game of it.

12. how long do you spend on the toilet during normal constipation?
A: beyond 7 to 9 minutes, which I just pop the pill and let it do it's work.

Answers to ROCK HARD POOP's survey:

1. On average, how often do you poop?
- 3 times a week

2. how often are you constipated?
- Very infrequently

3. after pooping, during constipation, is your poop black or dark brown?
- Dark Brown

4. if not, what color?
- See above

5. when you take a regular poop, how long is the poop? how long are all the seperate poops?
- A regular poop often consists of 3 or 4 half-foot long turds

6. when you are constipated, how long is the poop? how long are all the seperate poops?
- A constipated poop usually comes out as one thick turd about 2 feet long

7. do you enjoy other people watching you poop, even if you don't know them?
- If I know the person closely, I'm ok with them watching... otherwise, no

8. where is another place you enjoy pooping(other than the toilet)?
- I prefer to use a toilet if possible, but I will use bushes if necessary

9. do you strain loudly, grunt loudly, press your toes hard against the floor, grab on to the toilet rim or anything else to catch the neighbors in the next stalls attention?
- When I'm consipated I will grunt loudly, but not to get attention

10. do you enjoy watching other people poop?
- As with Question number 7, only if I know them closely

11. how long do you normally spend on the toilet taking a regular poop?
- 5 minutes or less

12. how long do you spend on the toilet during normal constipation?
- 20 to 30 minutes

To Brian from Sears;

Grrrrrrrrrrrr8888888888888888888 story Man! I read your story about you having a dozen White Castle hamburgers, several beers, and 2 toasted almond ice cream bars. You got to work about 7:45 and hit the john IMMEDIATLY !!! Just as you sat down, my co-worker Eddie strolled in and said 'hey Bri" you said 'hi Eddie" and lost control. It was the loudest , gassiest , stinkiest, longest bowel movement you ever had. Eddie sat in the next stall and started laughing uncontollably as he fired off a few morning Hershey bars into his toilet. Your eyes were tearing from the smell. The door swings open , and you all heard somebody exclaim "Oh Geeeeeeeezzzzz" It was Mr. ????, one of the regional / district managers. He laughed (because of the stench I made) And took the last seat. 'What the heck died in here?" he asked... You said "Blame Eddie, HE stunk it up !!!! Eddie responded " Bullshit, if he made this stink, He would be proud to admit it, but he told you that was your masterpiece. After I read your story, I laugh so hard that I almost wet myeself. I mean that was a great story. The best I ever read. Where are you guys from? I am from Georgia by the way.

Eric in Chicago
Man dump: I've heard that "taking a (shit, dump, poop)" is really a contraction for "taking the time to do a (shit, dump, poop)."

Matt: what you experienced was morally, if not legally, child abuse. You were being punished for being human rather than someone's idealized version of being an angel. You're perfectly entitled to rebel against your parents and "get back at them." There are constructive and unconstructive ways to do that. An unconstructive way (assuming that, as seems very likely, they were seriously anti-drug) would be to develop a major drug habit after you got out of their control. Some more constructive ways: I've heard of some abused kids who managed to become *really* successfully. Every year, on their parents' anniversary, they'd write them a check for $50,000. And the first couple times the parents tried to cash those checks, and they tried to spend them, they'd get a message from their bank saying "not sufficient funds" and the parents had to pay back the bank. Ah, but you say, "deliberately bouncing a check is a crime." Well, in this case it wasn't. Deliberately writing a bad check is only a crime if you try (or succeed) to obtain something of value as a result of doing it (in which case you're committing fraud). But nobody has a legal expectation of receiving a gift, nor does the giver have any legal expectation of getting something in return, so a bad gift check is merely the legal equivalent of no gift at all. Another possibility is that when they get old and dependent, you leave them hanging. However, it's probably more powerful to support them, but keep hammering home the fact that you're doing it in spite of how they treated you. Certainly, transgressing their personal values in areas that don't involve basic morality or ethics is a good way to get back at them (for example, if they were big believers in boys having short hair, wearing your hair waist-length would be productive, though you'd have to find a way to bypass fascist employers in order to avoid hurting yourself financially).

Another possibility, though it depends on you having a certain type of brain-wiring, is to just forget about it and live your life as you want to, considering your parents' views about bodily functions to be simply irrelevant. If you can do it, I'd recommend it (note: my own parents were anything but abusive and certainly respected my right to have bodily functions).

Saturday, June 10, 2006

has anyone ever been peeing but had their butt covered and realised they needed to poo. What did u do and what happened. please describe.

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER Rock Hard Poop and her constipation story at McDonalds reminded me of my own constipation story at McDonalds, several years ago. It was Easter and on Easter Sunday I ate a whole lot of prunes and took a laxative that night (Ford Pills) because I had not dropped a load all Easter. Next morning (Easter Monday) did two shits first up. They were runny but of only a smallish amount. Early that afternoon I was driving through the suburbs and I got this enormous urge and an extreme need for a toilet. At this stage in my life I never seemed to get big urges so this was a surprise. Just then I was approaching McDonalds and it was my mecca. At this stage my stomach felt big and though it was going to explode. I ran (almost) straight to the Gents. As I walked through the door I could feel my anus start to give way. I ripped down my jeans and undies and swung my arseover the toilet but as I did a small squirt of liquid poo hit the front of the toilet seat as I slammed my bottom down and totally lost it. My arse became a human inverted geyser
It was all over in one incredible gush and I felt so much better.

Has anyone ever shit there pants when they farted?I did today i had ben farting all day long because of the tacos i ate.So i didnt think nothing of it when i felt one comming on as i was setting on the porch.SO i just pushed and didnt hold nothing back and boy was that a mistake i shit all in my underware and my wife starting laughing at me she jokingly said if you dont stop shitting your pants am going to have to buy you some adult diapers.I was pretty embarrased at what i had done so i went strait to the shower and cleaned up.

Dear RHP,

I too have problems being constipated. My mom usually gives me grape nuts and salads but that doesn't always work. I get cranky if I go more than a couple days without pooping. I took your survey. Here it is!

1. On Average, how often do you poop? Once every other days

2. how often are you constipated? 2 days or more

3. after pooping, during constipation, is your poop black or dark brown? Usually dark brown

4. if not, what color? Sometimes (like last week) green or tan

5. when you take a regular poop, how long is the poop? how long are all the seperate poops? Usually 1-2 feet together in 3 pieces about 8 inches long and 1 1/2 inches wide

6. when you are constipated, how long is the poop? how long are all the seperate poops? They can be up to 2-3 feet together in 2 or 3 pieces about a foot long and are painfully 2 inches wide

7. do you enjoy other people watching you poop, even if you don't know them? Only if they see my back on the other side and not my front side. I'm still embaressed if I fart a lot too. This happened a couple of times when I was younger at camp.

8. where is another place you enjoy pooping(other than the toilet)? In the baseball field behind our school - I almost got caught once!

9. do you strain loudly, grunt loudly, press your toes hard against the floor, grab on to the toilet rim or anything else to catch the neighbors in the next stalls attention? I usually have to bear down and my face turns red and I pant like a dog!

10. do you enjoy watching other people poop? YES - I love to watch them push out a big constipated one.

11. how long do you normally spend on the toilet taking a regular poop? 3-5 minutes

12. how long do you spend on the toilet during normal constipation? 5 minutes

Thank You, I hope most of you respond to my survey.

Happy Straining, ROCK HARD POOP P.S. Im a 16 year old female too with red hair green eyes.

1. On Average, how often do you poop?
(1,2,3 times a day, every other day,
twice a week, once a week, ect.)--- 3 times day

2. how often are you constipated?---A few times a month (about 4)

3. after pooping, during constipation, is your poop black or dark brown?---Dark brown

4. if not, what color?

5. when you take a regular poop, how long is the poop? how long are all the seperate poops?---Are we talking length wise or time wise?

6. when you are constipated, how long is the poop? how long are all the seperate poops?---Again, length or time wise

7. do you enjoy other people watching you poop, even if you don't know them?---I've never let anyone watch me poop

8. where is another place you enjoy pooping(other than the toilet)?---Outdoors, I guess

9. do you strain loudly, grunt loudly, press your toes hard against the floor, grab on to the toilet rim or anything else to catch the neighbors in the next stalls attention?--- When I'm in public, I just stain loudly. At home though, I'll grunt loudly and grab the toilet rim

10. do you enjoy watching other people poop?--- I've never seen anyone poop

11. how long do you normally spend on the toilet taking a regular poop?--- 30 minutes or so

12. how long do you spend on the toilet during normal constipation?--- Up to an hour or more

My buddy Mike and me shot some hoops today. Before we went home we went to the mens room , we both had to shit. The bathroom had 2 toilet bowls and 3 urinals, but there were no dividers between the bowls, so we sat side-by-side with our fat asses inches from each other, we farted, shit, wiped and washed our hands. it was no problem for either of us

Linda from Australia here again. I haven't had any trouble with poos lately, although Ive only been doing small amounts.

TO FAT WOMAN: I'm not sure how much my flatmate weighs exactly but it would be over 100 kilograms. I just did some converting and 120 kilograms is about 264 pounds. So she would be close to your size. Also, she seems to be putting on more and more weight so I'm sure she will reach your size soon. She is quite tall aswell so she may even weigh more than she looks. I know she wears size 22-24 (Australian sizing) My fat friend would probably weigh slightly less but she has lost some weight recently. She used to weight 126 kilos, which would be close to 300 pounds but she now weighs around 100 kilos. I'm going to visit my fat friend later today so I will try and listen when she goes to the toilet (hopefully she does a poo)

My flatmate usually does take a dump at night and sometimes in the morning or in the afternoon. Its hard for me to listen at the door of her toilet because she would be able to see me standing there. There is a room next to her toilet so I could pretend Im doing some ironing or something.

I need to do a poo now!!

This last week, seven of my friends and I went on a big four day camping trip. I had no accidents, or good story material like that, but I still have a funny story. Monday, morning, before we left, I got dressed and got all my stuff in the car. Since this site is devoted bathroom lalk I will get right to it. That morning I put on some cute yellow and blue bikini panites, that I decided to wear because they are absorbent, and good for these kind of activities. I am lucky I did as well. When we got to the place where we were camping, I found out that I forgot to bring all of my panties that I had planned to bring. I figured that it would not be that big of a deal, wearing the same panties for four days. I was wrong however. By the second day, I went to take a crap behind a tree and found that my panties were already pretty nasty from the combination of my serious sweating(it was hot), shall we say, "every day feminine discharges," and the typical urine and fecal residues. Through our trip, my group and I had a lot of fun, boating, hiking, all the great outdoor activities. The third day, my panties were so nasty I could not look at them, and WOW, they were gross to wear. After a while they even began to itch and smell so rancid I wanted to barf. So I eventually could not deal whith it any longer and wore my swimsuit as underwear for the rest of the trip. Do any other girls have any stories about extended wearing of underwear and its side effects?

Peeing rox
Matt- please tell us more
sum41fan and smart guy!!!- do u have any other stories like that?

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