Thanks for the pee stories! There have been quite a few lately and here's one more:

I was at work about a week ago and I had to fill in for someone else who had called in sick. I usually just do odd jobs in the back, but the girl I was covering for works at the front desk (I work in a local museum) answering calls and greeting visitors. It was actually a pretty busy day and we had a lot more visitors than usual. I can't leave the desk while there are visitors because the cash register and money is behind the front desk and I'm not really supposed to leave the desk at all (unless there is someone else to cover for me) in case the phone rings. It's only me and this other girl that ever work at the desk, so since I was only one there it meant that I really couldn't leave the desk at all. So, for my whole 8 and a half hour shift, I was expected to stay put. I do get a 30 min lunch break, by the way, but I had to eat at the desk (in case a visitor came in or the phone rang).

Anyway... I had just been sitting there all day answering calls and whatnot, I ate lunch at the desk, read a few magazines, and pretty much just sat there. We have a soda machine in there and I always bring a couple of bottles of water to sip on. I wasn't really thinking, because I drank quite a bit more than I normally do. So, way before my shift was over I had to pee.

I had gotten to the point where I could go all day without peeing (most of you guys probably remember this) and most days I don't go to the bathroom at all while I'm there. I just wait until I got home. But that day I had drank way too much to hold it all in before I got home.

It soon became very, very clear that there was no way I could make it. I just had to sit there, legs crossed, taking calls. It got to the point that I had to put my hand between my legs. I started shaking from the effort of holding back all of that pee. I finally decided that I would just run to the bathroom really quickly and hurry and just hope that no one came in or called while I was in there. I waited for a while anyway, just to make sure that no one would come in or call and I finally got up and rushed to the bathroom. I went inside, hurried into the closest stall and shut the door. I was just about to pull down my pants when I heard the phone ring at the desk. I was so frustrated that I could have cussed, but I walked back out to answer the stupid phone.

You know how when you have to pee really badly and you finally make it to a toilet, how you get even more desperate? It's like, the closer you are to a toilet, the worse you have to go? Yeah. I was in agony.

But, I went back out and answered the phone and transferred the call and was just about to go back to the bathroom when this family walks in. I wasn't sure that I could wait until they left and I thought I was just going to have to break the rules and leave my post or pee myself right there. Luckily, they had several kids with them (kids usually have much shorter attention spans than adults and get bored with the exhibits pretty quickly). The whole time they were in there, I was sitting there with my legs crossed, bouncing up and down. They finally left and as soon as they were out the door, I hurried back to the bathroom. I expected the phone to ring again as soon as I got in there, but I got lucky I guess (it didn't ring until I was washing my hands, thank goodness). I started unfastening my pants before I even got into the stall. Before I even got my butt on the seat, pee was already gushing out of me. It came out really fast with a loud hiss for a while, then slacked off to just a trickle and I would have to force it out in little bursts (that happens sometimes if I hold it for a long time like that). That was one of the best pees that I've had a in a while. It was such a relief... whew! I finished, wiped, and washed my hands. Like I said before, while I was washing my hands the phone rang again, so I grabbed a paper towel and dried them while I was walking back to the desk. Answered the phone and went back to my boring, torturing job.

Keep the pee stories coming!


I forgot to mention earlier...

I was hoping to have a little fun tonight and I've been trying to get myself desperate to pee, but I just can't seem to. I drank several glasses of tea a few hours ago (and tea usually goes straight through me... all of the caffeine, I assume), but it hasn't kicked in yet.

For future reference, what can I drink to get desperate fast (besides alcohol)? Is coffee an effective diuretic? Better than tea? How about good ol' water? Anyone have any particular drink that works well for them?


Haven't I asked this before...? Deja vu!

My worst urinal experience?? That had to be at an electrical junkyard in the men's room near the office. Damn thing hadn't been cleaned in 20 years, was scaled up with all different colors and looked like it was full of cheese. I really had to go so I peed in it. Big mistake. Made it stink worse. So much urine scale in the bottom it wouldn't flush. Black dirt on the surrounding wall. I told my friend to go in and look. He wouldn't pee in it.

Second worse urinal experience was when I was 10 years old in a mens room when a dude brought in his daughter almost as old as I was and she saw me peeing and my pee was very yellow and the girl said something about it.

Third worse urinal experience was when I was cleaning one at school and several girls had to go so I had to let them into the boys room cuz the girls room was already locked and they saw my bare hand in there and were like: "Ewwwww!!!" So I said it's only pee.

Atto R.
o yeah i have another story, me and my friend Sam ( who's a boy) anyway we were playing outside and we both had to pee . But both of our parents went out and we were locked out. i rlly had to go bad so i went into the bushes Sam dint want to go because was too scared that somone would see him. So after 10 mins of squiming and holding himself i finally convinced him to go in the bushes . He went ...then he said " ummm atto i kinda have to crap too .. wat should i do . After thinking for a little while he said he really had to go ..Fine i said then he wanted me to said near him so nobody could see him . i said i would and i did ..BOY DID HE STINK man he musta ate sumthing rlly bad cus he really stunk up the yard. Good thing i stood blocking him cus a few mins later while he was STILL going the mail lady passed walking down the street . after at least 15 mins he was done . to this day a little bit of crap is still on the lawn . NOTE: his parents saw a huge turd on there yard and were very mad they thought it was a wild aminal or a dog .. it could never be dong crap cus IT WAS HUGE! his parents never knew it was him .....

Hey Cute & Shy! I'm a woman too, and I can kind of understand the fear of using public toilets. Since there's that little belief that women are supposed to be prim and proper and that women "never poop" or anything. Even when I poop in the public restrooms, I feel embarrassed, but you shouldn't be afraid to use public toilets. I'm not trying to sound rude or anything, but you might need counseling to overcome your fear of public toilets. If you often "hold it" in just so you don't have to use the toilet, you may develop internal problems and that wouldn't be good. Good luck.

Also, to everyone out there: I'm trying to learn how to pee standing up without a device. Anybody got any tips. Thanks.

TO Daneille:

Yes, please. I'm sure everyone here would be very interested in hearing about your experiences.

A few other wheelchair bound people have posted here in the past and I've always found their stories to be very interesting.



TO Ky_Southerngirl:

The only practical thing I can think of is taking using a stool softener. There are plenty of over-the-counter varieties available (liquids... pills... capsules... et cetera.) If your poops are softer you probably won't have to worry about clogging your toilet or getting your hands 'dirty' to cut them up.

If taking medication isn't your thing, I'm sure there are plenty of ways to change your diet to achieve the same result. Look around on the Web and see what you can find.

On the other hand, if you're one of the lucky few for whom $$$ is no object, you might want to consider a new high-flow toilet that'll be able to deal with just about anything you can produce.



hey..just to let you know that part about "my other half" wasnt me, even though it shows up as mine. must be an unnamed poster.

Ky_Southerngirl, the newest high-quality 1.6 Gallon toilets can handle more crap than most of the older ones. If you do a little research, you will see the ones that work, and the ones that are to be avoided.

Water saving toilets got a bad reputation because the first ones were engineered in a hurry. By spending time to optimize the flow of water, the new ones work better because the flush is faster.

Mandy-I really liked your story about Lindsay's accident. How old are you two? If you have any other accident stories, either about you, Lindsay or anyone else you know please post them!

Jimi--do you have any stories of Martha having an accident at an older age? If so, you should definitly post them.

Matt. All I can say is thank you for sharimg your feelings and pain in so clear a way. You suffered more than any child or adolescent should. I identify with you my own pain in holding my bladder so long. It didn't have much to do with my parents. But my mother often told me to pee before we went out shopping or to a movie. That alone made me freeze up and not be able to go. And long trips whether from school to a distant game or on a school outing or on the way to a vacation spot were a real pain. The only good things about our pain is to empathize with others and to have large bladders which sometimes get stopped up from holding too long. Any way as a baby would say, goo, goo shy bladder. Please keep sharing more memories. I still wonder how close you are to your brother and wonder could you help him get out some of his past pain and memories. What part of the country did you grow up in?

I've said it once and I'll say it again-every establishment needs a caring custodian like Donny..then everyone could enjoy a clean restroom! also handheld urinals are awesome,leg bags are cool too

hi. this is my first post here but i am reading since long. i am a 25 year old guy that really loves to hear girls pooping.
i remember the times back in school there was a toilet where one stall on the boys side had a big lack of brick to the girls side. so that you could hear everything going on in the girls toilet from the last stall on the boys side. i used to be there as often as it was possible. i had the chance to hear almost every nice girl that i knew peeing and some pooping. i was even able to identify most girls by the sounds of their pee.
i remember one time there were these 3 very nice girls in the early 16th. 2 of them were in a stall just to take a quick piss but the other (the nicest one) was obviously pooping. so the 2 were waiting and told the other to hurry up. then the one pooping said with a loud moaning "just a moment" and started to fart a real loud one and made a huge splash. the others giggled like crazy and imitated the pooping one with the fart and splash.
or another time this cute girl from my class rushed into the toilet ,took the stall next to the hole in the wall, sat down and started to fart and an explosive diarrhea came out of her. she then farted after the first wave and started to breath very heavy while the next wave of explosive diarrhea came out. from that time the smell came to me in the boys toilet. nasty :). then she farted again and started peeing directly into the water. still heavy breathing she started farting and shitting again. i had to leave befor she finished because of the smell...
i even heared 2 teacher that took a piss together and talked. both were good looking so i enjoyed it too.
most times i heared a girl pooping it sounded almost equal. something like , first sitting down and starting peeing into the water with a nice hissing sound. then short time silent followed by a loud splash then a short but good hearable fart then another loud splash. whiping 1-3 times flushing and leaving the stall. there were only 5 poopings i do remember that were different. the one i mentioned at first with the huge fart, the explosive diarrhea, then there was this hot chick taking the stall next to the hole. she started pooping first with some nice farts then pissed and pooped a bit after. she produced a nice smell too :) . then a girl made almost no sound at all. i just heared her clothing when she moved on the toilet and a very bit of the pooping sound. was erotic to me too because it was so different. the last one i remember that was different from the 2 loud splashes with a quick fart was a girl that droped some long turds that didnt do such loud splashed and her farts were real silent pffft ones.
some breathening and moaning was different too.
most times when the girls just took a piss they sat down , took toilet paper and pissed. but when they pooped they just finished their thing before taking the toilet paper.
i really enjoyed it when they were in small groups 2-4 girls talking a lot and all were so open with the sounds they made.

yesterday when i left my house to go to my friend's, i was walking just a few metres away from my house and saw this small boy. he was walking slower than his grandpa behind, holding on to a big bag, constantly holding on to his front. he was walking slower and slower so i guess he really gotta pee and didn't want to tell his grandpa about that. he didn't stop holding until he walked further, and pee started soaking his hand and shorts' front. he cried out to his grandpa and his grandpa went over and pulled his hand away from his crotch while the boy continued soaking himself with pee. his grandpa then walked away, leaving the boy behind, in a rather huge puddle of pee.
i thought this was rather interesting so i decided to share it with you guys. keep up the pee stories!

Atto R.
any other guy besides me have a bad urinal story or when u had to pee in front of a girl if so please tell :)

Kelly's survey:

1. After constipation, how many flushes does it take to get your poop down?

Since my poops aren't that big, it only takes one flush

2. What is your record for the longest you've ever been constipated?

4 days. I was at a summer camp when I was younger and the bathrooms weren't really all that clean so I just held it in. Eventually though, the pain got too strong and I had to go to the bathroom.

3. How long are you usually constipated for and how often?

A couple days and usually a few times a month

4. Will you poop in a toilet that someone already used without flushing?

Yes, because I'll just flush the poop down before I use it

5. Where is your most common place for pooping, aside from the toilet?

Nowhere. I'veonly ever pooped in the toilet, aside from in the woods once

Sunday, June 18, 2006

clean up guy
Ky_southerngirl: You can poop in trash bag and throw it away. Or you can buy a adult size potty chair and poop in that and you dont have too worry about clogging your toilet. Oh here is one more idea try too poop outside.

my boyfriend, Jose, often took me out for long car rides to visit his grandparents or friends. and often, we had to pee extremely badly in his family van. but most of the times of emergencies, we couldn't stop for a pee break.and here are our ways of preventing peeing ourselves..
there was a time when i was at the back of the car, both hands up my crotch to prevent peeing myself. i couldn't find a bottle or so to pee in, but, i came across this plastic bag. i quickly took it out, bot caring about how i was going to aim in it and squat down behind. i peed a long stream into the plastic bag and tied it up and threw it away later. another time was when Jose had to pee SO bad, he had to hold himself, resulting in not being able to continue with the driving. he stopped at some grassy areas but couldn't get out to pee because cars are still going past us and they could see pretty clearly if he did. then i remembered how i managed to get over with peeing myself. without hesitation, we searched for a plastic bag. we eventually found an extra one and with much difficulty, he tried putting his penis out from his zipper. this has to be done slowly but he couldnt' wait any longer so he started letting loose. i helped him with it and he took out his penis as fast as he could and peed into the plastic bag. the sound was so loud and we tied the plastic bag and threw it away later.

anyway, im getting desperate to pee again now while typing away. my dad's in the toilet and he usually takes a fairly long time inside! i guess i'd be on the verge of wetting myself should he not be quick.

Hey this is my first time posting here. I dont know how I stumbled upon this site but i realy enjoy the posts. Let me tell you about myself I am 18 yrs old and have been in a wheelchair since i was 15. I was in a bad car wreck. I can feel the need to go i just cant feel my legs. I have had quite a few wetting experiences because of this. I usually make it to a bathroom but cant struggle to the toilet in time. I must say it is embarrasing like most accidents are but I do not get made fun of much because people know that i cant help it much. Well i g2g Stories to come if ya want?

Cute & Shy
Hi! It's been a long time since I posted here, but I was busy with other things. Well, I'm back with a few stories. Just read . . .

I never thought about having to shit at work, (because it never happened to me) but it caught my attention last Sunday. Well, I can't use a public bathroom ANYWHERE unless it's a BIG emergency. I don't understand how other people can shit in a public bathroom even if there is a door on the stall. They must don't care about it, but I feel like what you do in the bathroom is a personal thing. I just can't let anyone hear the splashing, the farting, and then have em smell what I'm doing too. LOL Honestly, I can't even pee in a public bathroom until a point I can't hold it. Anyway, I work in the dairy department at ??? for five hours. My job is to put the items on the shelves. I had to shit the whole time I did it, but it wasn't a problem then. After while, the PA said the store needed a few workers to work at a register (as a substitute). Everything was going well at first behind the register, but then I felt a sharp pain in my stomach and I starting fidgeting like hell. The costumers looked at me like I was crazy, but they probably didn't think I had to use the bathroom . . . at least I HOPE they didn't. Pretty soon, my stomach would growl and I ended up with a horrible gastric problem. I didn't want to excuse myself at that time so I held it in. The aisle was filled with costumers, and there were three people up front paying me for their items together. I had to fart so bad until I couldn't hold it anymore, and I NEVER fart in public (unless it's an accident), but whenever I get to the point I KNOW I can't hold it, I just let it go. I farted a long silent, but deadly one and I just rung up the items like nothing happened. No one in the line could hear it, but they did notice the smell. It smelt horrible (probably because I had to shit) and the next costumers to pay for their items would smell it and complain. (I bet they knew it was me, but they just didn't wanna say anything ABOUT ME.) At that time, I was too nervous didn't even try to go to the bathroom. If I did excuse myself, I believe the people would know for sure it was me who farted. I was trippin because I chose to fart all day behind the register rather than just use the bathroom. So after I waited on a few more costumers, I finally excused myself. I figured the bathrooms in the back would be empty, and they were. So I went in the stall, sat on the toilet and did my business. I had about two waves of diarrhea and silent gas. So after I shit, my stomach felt better, but I never returned to the register. (There was another cashier there.) I just continued working my regular job and that's putting items on the shelves in the diary department. Even after the day I used it, I still don't feel comfortable with going the bathroom at work. Now every time I'm at work, I get scared of having stomach cramps because I know I can't ignore it. I guess it's something I just gotta get used to if I wanna keep my job. I should suggest them to build "employees only" or single toilet bathrooms, but they'll never listen to me. LOL

My 14-year-old sister Shawntavia had an accident about three hours ago. We stayed up all night with the little kids and they suggested we watch a movie in Shawntavia's room. It was only us two, my youngest sister Latoya, and my youngest brother Donnequai. Everyone else went to sleep for tonight and during the movie, Shawntavia and the kids were wrestling, pillow fighting, and playin around instead of watching it, and it was their idea. *rolls eyes* I didn't care about the movie, so I decided to join in. Donnequai had both of his knees on Shawntavia's stomach and he had her arms pinned down while Latoya tickled her armpits. When I got on the bed, I sat on Shawntavia's legs and tickled her feet. She couldn't move at all, and she laughed so hard, she farted like hell, then peed all over her bed.

My sister Tenisha had to pee so bad yesterday, she busted in and literally threw me off the toilet. She knocked on the door at first, but I told her I just got in there, but either way, she still threw me off the toilet. If I had locked the door, she probably would of peed on herself hopefully.

That's it for today y'all. I'll post more stories later if I have time.

hi, i wanna post up a story. im 24, 5"7, blonde hair, and pretty slim.

about a week ago, me and a few of my friends, wendy, chris and marcus went camping somewhere. during the first night when we got there, me and a few friends were drinking a lot of things. we dranked so much that made me feel like i needed to pee real bad. i told them that i need to go to the woods(since there werent any washroom around), then wendy decided to come along as well. so we both went, and after about a minute, we found a bush that was big enough for just one of us to hide behind, so we decided that she could go first and i could keep watch. so, she squated down, pulled her panties and pants, and went started peeing. her pee started to make me even more desperate. after she was finished, i quickly pulled my panties and pants down, and started peeing. it kept flowing out of me for over 2minutes. i think it tooked me over 3 minutes to completely empty myself. i felt so good after i was done. so after we were done, we just went back to the guys.

another time when i was about 17, i was constipated for about a few days. i was at a party once, and when i was just talking to a friend of mine, then all of the sudden, i felt a massive pressure at my butthole. thats when i knew that i desperately needed to poop soon. so i gotten to the bathroom, i noticed that the toilet had a lot of vomit on it. so i decided that wouldnt use the toilet, i would use the garbage can instead. so i quickly pulled down my skirt and panties, then started pooping into the garbage can. it felt sooooooooo good relieving myself like that. after i was done, i looked at my poop and it was about 2 and a half feet long. after i was done, i just pulled my panties and skirt up, and continued with the party. after a little while during the party, i heard a few people saying something is disgusting in the washroom. i figured that they were talking about my poop. i just didnt say anything about that.

To LINDA FROM AUSTRALIA: So what happened with your fat friend when you visited her? Were you able to listen to her poo? Also, any luck with your flatmate? One clue to know whether she grunts or strains on the toilet is if she does during other times like when she sits down, gets up, bends over, etc. If she want to be discreet about her grunting then she would be discreet in other areas. Sometimes these sounds embarrass people.

Out of curiosity, I assume you are not fat yourself. But do you have difficulty on the toilet?


I notice that some folk have written about keeping pee containers in their rooms for nighttime pees.

I couldnt sleep the other night, it was so hot, so I sat typing a letter to a friend........I was well into the letter and needed a pee....I held on and kept typing.......the need got worse, but for some strange reason (and like a lot of others here) I like the full feeling....something to do with the bladder being near the clit possibly???? By this time I was squirming and typing with one hand as the other was between my legs. I knew Id have to go to the bathroom.....just then I heard my father get up and go to the bathroom......I thought oh damn......and looked around for smething I could use.......there was nothing.......I dribbled a little, so hurried to the cupboad and pulled out two bath towels......sat on them on my typing chair and carried on typing.........after another two minutes, my father was still in the I leaned back......widened my legs and just let pee was gushing into the towels thru my niks. When Id finished I carefully placed them on a dry towel and put them on the floor.

I went to sleep and woke in the night again needing a I simply squatted over the already soaked towels and pissed parents leave for work early so I was able to take the dripping towels to the washer and get them washed and dried so no-one knew........but I want to do it again as it kinda felt exciting.......anyone else do something similar????

Brian: You're Sears stories are hilarious. Dad's never think that there will be open stalls when they take their children into the bathroom. It makes it very weird for those in "vulnerable" positions. It's no big deal with little boys, but little girls are a different thing. I was at the gym about a month ago, and several of us had just finished showering. Needless to say we were all naked, when this man walks in with a 4 or 5 year old girl. Some of the guys were toweling, some dressing, 2 were at the sinks shaving with nothing on. We all kind of looked at each other like, "do we run for a towel, or do we play it cool?" Someone must've complained pretty quickly because the manager of the gym came in and asked him to take her out of there. Keep up the Sears stories, they remind me of when I worked there.

hey guys tell about your worst urinal experiance or a urinal story.

Hi, everyone

I haven't posted in a long time. My last post was about having explosive diarrhea in high school. Now, how about the first time I took a shit in front of a guy!

In college, I met my current boyfriend. When he was a junior and I was a sophomore, he scraped together enough money to rent a tiny little studio apartment. Unfortunately, the place was literally one room. A tiny little kitchen in one corner and a tiny little bathroom in another corner. The bathroom was just a part of the room! There was nothing separating it. It was a bathtub, a sink and a toilet, just sitting in the corner.

Anyway, I knew about this, but one day while we were at his place, I really, really had to shit. I thought about running down the street to McDonald's or something, but then I thought that was ridiculous. He's my boyfriend! We have sex! Why should I be afraid to have a BM in front of him. So I said, Is it going to bother you if I poop? He said no.

So I walked to the toilet, pulled my jeans and panties down and sat. It took me a few moments to relax enough to let it start coming out. He and I were chatting the whole time, which actuaally helped. Luckily, it was quiet, but it made a loud splash when it hit the water. I wiped my butt and flushed and washed my hands. I went back to the couch and we continued snuggling. After that, and still today, I can shit in front of him, if I have to. I think he thinks it's kind of kinky.

Jimi (Martha's cousin)
Someone asked me to tell some more stories about Martha. By the way, my name is Jim but since there are other Jim's on here and I'm a Jimi Hendrix fan, I'll call myself Jimi on this board.

As long as I can remember, Martha has had frequent accidents, but the first time I think I became aware that some of her accidents were either deliberate or because she didn't always try very hard to make it to the toilet was when I was about 9 (and she would have been 7 or so). It dawned on me that at 7 she should be more upset about having an accident than she actually was. It was strange, her accidents didn't seem to bother her parents, or maybe they kept their irritation or anger private. They did sometimes seem irritated, or concerned about it.

Anyway, this time was in the summer, and my family and Martha's had gone to this place where you can ride on old fashioned steam trains. There was a long wait for the train, and Martha was fidgeting in line. Her mother asked her if she needed to go; "I'll take you to the bathroom, Martha, if you need it." but Martha said no, she didn't. I think her mother said something about not having any spare clothes along, but Martha said "Mommy! I told you I don't need to go!" and so her mother let the subject drop.

Once we were on the train (it was about an hour long ride), Martha kept fidgeting. And at some point she told us she did need to go. And her mother then said, "Dear, I asked you before, why didn't you go then?" and Martha replied that she hadn't needed to then (I had a strange suspicion that Martha was lying), and her mother said "Would you please try to hold it till the ride is over?" and Martha replied "Of course!". And she did hold it, as far as I could tell.

We all got off the train; I left the others and went into the gift shop. I spent a few minutes there and came out and was hanging out near the picnic area when I saw Martha's mom walking quickly with her toward the restrooms. My aunt's face was set in a frown, and Martha looked a little bit ashamed, and she was walking awkwardly. And as they passed I asked Martha if anything was wrong. "I went," she answered. Her meaning didn't sink in for a second, but I finally realized what she was saying. I stole a glance at her white shorts but the front of them was dry. "Number two," she said, and as she and her mother walked past and I looked at her butt, there was a large bulge there, with a brownish smear beginning to discolor it; she had taken a huge crap in her pants.

Since Martha had said on the train that she needed to go, and since she hadn't gone to the toilets after getting off the train, it seemed clear that she had chosen to poop in her pants, or at least hadn't done enough to prevent it. Her mother knew it too; about 15 minutes later, they came back and my aunt told my mother that they were going to have to leave.

"Mommy, I don't want to go home, I'm having fun!"

"Martha, I told you why." (and to my mother: "She had another accident, and we don't have a change of clothes for her.")

"Please can we stay? You took the poop out of my pants."

"Martha, your panties are still very messy." (and to my mother in a whisper: "Phew, what a mess, I can smell her from here.")

"But Mommy, I don't mind it. I want to stay."

"Well, I mind! We're going home, and that's final!"

"I don't wanna go home!" Martha was beginning to cry now.

"You should have thought of that and gone to the bathroom when you needed to! Now we have to go home, and you're going to have a bath. Good-bye, Susan," she said to my mom. And she grabbed Martha's hand and walked away. The brownish smear on her pants was much more distinct now, and covered a large portion of her butt.

I was sorry to see her go; in my nine year old mind it didn't make sense why Martha should have to go home if she didn't mind sitting around in poopy pants. We left shortly afterward. The next day, when my aunt was visiting, I overheard her tell my mother that Martha had wet her pants in the car on the way home.

Hi! This is my 1st time writing. I am 13 years old, have light brown hair and am 5ft. 2in. tall. I am one of KC's friends.

Matt- please write more about how your mom made you hold it. I had an expirence like that once when I was 11. I was shopping at Sears with my mom and said I needed to use the bathroom. Her mom said "You can go when we pass it."I knew I could hold it for more so I did. About ten minutes later I said "Mom, I really need to go now" but my mom wouldn't let me go. I kept begging and begging but then my mom said "that's it, you're waiting till we get home." Then I knew I would have to sneak to go now cause I couldn't hold it any longer. I grabbed a shirt and asked her mom if she could try it on. My mom said yes so she went to the changing room and tried to find something to pee in.Now I knew I couldn't hold it. The only thing that was there was a pot with a plant in it so that's all I could use. I held my crotch and walked over there. When I got to the pot a squirt of pee came out my puss. I Pulled my undies down and kind of sat on the pot. Then I let go. Oh, what joy I felt! I was so relieved to let all my pee out. I peed for about 2 minutes and the pot had one thin layer of pee on top. I pulled my pants up and came out. I told my mom the shirt didn't look right on me and then we went home. I pretended I had to go so bad that I rushed to the bathroom, locked the door and stood there for 2 minutes. Then I flushed the toilet and washed my hands. I came out and that was it. Happy peeing!

lily ann
I have had diarrhea for about 4 days now, I am trying to loose wait and I'm eating a lot of fruit. I just went again about 5mins ago. The funny thing is I don't always get the urge to 'go' I just go for a pee and diarrhea just pores out. I don't feel like I need to push it out and If I didn't check the toilet afterwards I wouldn't even know I'd been!
Has anyone else ever had this experiance? Surly I should feel a bowel movement. I daren't fart, I just might follow through!

Not a very good crap session today. I spent 10 minutes grunting/moaning and all I managed to squeeze out were 3 rock hard balls. :(

Well when I was a kid I cleaned the bathroom. I actually liked to do it as opposed to other chores. My sister had 2 girlfriends over once while I was in there cleaning and I thought I wanted to go out but started to talk to them and they just went over to the toilet and one pulled down her shorts sat on the toilet and peed. I was very surprised since most girls don't even want U to hear their tinkle noises. She really had to go and guess they just came in from shopping or something and didn't mind me in there and I was happy I got to watch, that was the first time I ever saw a girl use the toilet. The other girl then peed and I watched her wipe and get off the toilet and the toilet seat like stuck to her bottom and made a thud when it hit the bowl so now I knew what that sound was when some girls used the toilet!!! I looked in the toilet and it was very yellow.

My week is just getting better and better.

Here's so far, what's happened yesterday and today, since that's where my stories are from.

Yesterday, I went to Drivers' Ed. Now, of course, I have no reason to be there unless I really want to be able to gain freedom by driving. That's something everyone on this site agrees with. Well, onto my story. near the beginning of class, we had a lesson on safety bags lessons. It consumed near an hour and a half of class, which was pleasent. However, before we were gonna see an airbag work in action, we were given a 5 minute break to walk around, stretch, go to the bathroom, whatever. So, I went to the bathroom to (Truth be told, I didn't really have to pee, but better out than in. I went to the urinal, when I spotted the funniest thing in fecal history. Funnier than that prank with the stall. Someone dropped a log in the urinal I was next to. I almost couldn't keep myself from laughing, So I pissed, clean up and left. About a few minutes later, we got something from the teacher saying that if anyone is vandalizing the bathrooms, we would all stay behind and clean the bathrooms, so since then, no one has done anything.

Here's another one, just happened this evening.

Just this evening, I had diarrhea, but I have no idea how I got it. this is how it happened, or when I developed it. I was having dinner, when I got a jolt in my stomach, and then my gut started to churn, and I went to the bathroom and created water with my butt. Since then, I really only crap when I push, so I've been careful to not laugh too hard or force a crap covered pair of pants.

This next part sucks. I went to take a whiz, so I went to the bathroom, and did what most men do. (Lift the seat and urinate standing up.)
I wanted to get to a program that was coming on, shortly, and I wanted to get to the VCR to record it, so I started pushing hard, and in that instant, I felt a deuce about to slide out, in fact, it did, so I sat on the toilet, but felt cold, as I was sitting on the Rim, and it sucked, the dropping hit my butt, so I ended up cleaning more than normal.

I just took some Anti - Diarrheal, so I'm better now.

When I was eleven I went to a boarding school. They has very strict bathroom restrictions. We were allowed to go at 8 AM and 8 PM. The rest of the time we just had to hold it. It was very tough.

I remember one day I woke up with a VERY full bladder after having to go at nine the night before. I had been holding it over night. I rushed to the bathroom. I waited in line squirming. Then it became 9 AM and we had to go to class. I had not gotten to pee. I was desparate. I went to class and squirmed for the whole class. By some miracle my bladder let me wait till 8 PM. I got there first and peed for along time. It felt amazing.

Sorry for taking a while to respond its exam time in school. Anyway that first incident will have happened 2 years ago this September, so I've seen Lindsey have quite a few accidents. Anyway I forgot to mention maybe the biggest reason I wanted to post here. Even though I've been fascinated by her habits all that time to this day, I never seriously thought about doing it myself until the last couple months. I didn't think I'd like it but after reading a lot of posts on this board it seems like lots of people didn't like it until they did it. I haven't built up the courage to do it yet but I've been thinking about it more and more lately so maybe I'll have an update about that someday soon!

Anyway after that first incident it took a while before I saw her have another accident. I kept thinking about it for days afterward. The next few days when we were at school I kept glancing at Lindsey, checking for signs of squirming or anything like that but I didn't see anything. It wasn't until a couple days after that when I noticed her standing kind of weird during gym in the morning. Every once in a while she'd stand still with her legs together for a few seconds before moving again. Then I noticed the same thing at lunch. Toward the end of the day I could definetely see her squirming a little bit in her desk but school ended before anything could happen. I thought maybe I was just imagining things but I kept an eye on her. The next week I thought about inviting her to my house since she'd only been there for a little while twice before and I'd already slept over at her place. One day that week I noticed her doing that same thing where she would occasionally stand kind of funny and started to subtly squirm throughout the day. Curiousity got the better of me and I decided to invite her over then. She agreed to come over and we walked to my house from the school. Thats when I knew she had to go to the bathroom. Soon after we were out of sight of the school her squirming became much more evident. She squirmed the whole time we were at my house but before anything happened her mom came and picked her up after a couple hours for supper. I was little dissapointed but at least she was still holding it all the time so I knew there was a good chance of me catching another accident. Then I figured out why she squrmed every couple of days. I guess she regularly held her poop for a few days at a time so I could tell when she went because she wouldn't be squirming the next day.

About 4 weeks after the first incident it was Sunday afternoon and Lindsey and I went to see a movie at the theatre. We shared a large Coke since they were huge and way too expensive. I wasn't really thinking about her habit as much now. I'd kinda given up trying to see another accident and hoped I might eventually see another one some day. It didn't cross my mind until shortly into the movie she started to squirm a little and it didn't take long for me to realize what was going on. She was trying to be subtle about it, she mostly just grabbed at her stomach or crotch with one hand the whole time until eventually she made it through the movie. She didn't stop at the bathroom, instead we went across the parking lot to a big Chapters bookstore to wait for her mom to pick us up. She stayed near the far end of the store squirming more noticeably when she was out of sight of other people. She looked pretty desperate by the time her mom showed up and we piled into the van. Her sister Alyssa was in the third row of seats so we took the second row. Lindsey was really squrming now and shortly after we left the store she mentioned she had to use the bathroom. Her mom said we'd be going to a restaurant so she could go there. As we were driving down the freeway, Alyssa reached over the seat and poked Lindsey in the side. Lindsey jumped a little bit and turned around to look at Alyssa but Alyssa jabbed her on the other side. Lindsey jumped again and said, "No, don't do that!" Alyssa then jabbed her in both sides trying to tickle her. Lindsey kept batting away at her hands but after a few seconds it looked like she kind of gave up and let Alyssa keep poking at her and went back to holding between her legs. A few seconds later, Lindsey moved her hands away from her lap to look down, then I saw her relax a bit and sit back in the seat. Alyssa stopped poking Lindsey and leaned forward to look over her shoulder. We both watched as a glistening dark patch grew from between her legs. "Uh ohhh." said Alyssa with a grin. I could even hear it trickling in her lap over the hum of the engine as I stared in awe. She peed and peed for a long time. I could see it going up and around her crotch, then I started to see it soaking through the outside of her butt and thighs. The wetness on the carseat spread a couple inches away from her butt. It looked like most of the pee was absorbed by the carseat though. Finally it looked like she was done. Alyssa just kind of sat back down without saying anything and Lindsey didn't seem very bothered at all. If anything she just looked relieved! A few minutes later we pulled up to the restaurant. Her mom said we had to drive through because she was in a hurry so Lindsey should get out and go to the bathroom there. "I don't have to go anymore." "You didn't go in the carseat did you?" Everything was quiet for a second. "Lindsey..." she said in that same tired/dissapointed voice. She talked to her a little bit about having accidents but she sounded like she was kind of used to it. Anyway they dropped me off at home before bringing Lindsey home to change.

After that we started hanging out a little more and her accidents happened more often but I'll have to save that for next time this is gettin really long again. Laterz!

I have been told by a urologist that a man's bladder can get so full that it causes a 'crimp' in the urethra which effectively prevents that man from emptying his bladder (I don't think this can happen to a woman since she has such a short urethra).
So it does not sound like a good idea for a man to hold his bladder to extremes because he may find himself physically unable to empty himself. The solution is the hospital emergency room and a catheter.

Brian from Sears,

I felt embarrassed for you. I was reading your story about your mid-afternoon crap and I couldn't help but to cringe. My question is were able to get pass this incident?

Atto R.

ok i was in school one day minding my buiness.I needed ot use the bathroom so i went in. 1 urninal was broken so i went to the one next to it. a trying to get "it" out my principal walks in. I know he isn't really crazy about me but i keep on with my buisness. He comes the the urinal right next to mine , smiles and goes.There are no dividers so you could see it all and i couldnt move becuse the one next to me was broken . My stream is very long and very loud. He finished before me and began to wash his hands . And all you could he was me going I was very embaressed and he was still in the bathroom washing his hands. then like 2 mins later he left. Now to this day i never go to the urinal next to someone UNLESS there are none left .

Hannah- What about you sister? Did she wet herself too or did she hold it all night? When was you mom planning on letting you girls go?

Windows XP -My mom was wrong for what she did, but in her own messed up head she thought she was doing the right thing. My brother actually accepted it as being normal even though he too suffered. However he didn't as bad as me because he always had a stronger bladder.

Filup- Since holding pee was such a part of my childhood I have a interest in these stories. Especially people having to hold their pee or wetting their pants. So yes what my mom did has carried over to me in adulthood.
I do not have children, but if I ever do they will use the bathroom like every other kid. However I fear that I might be annoyed if they frequently need to be taken to the bathroom simply because I could hold it for hours at a young age.

I can relate to your fear of public bathrooms. My mother drilled it into my head that public bathrooms were dirty and the ones at school were. For this reason I never used the bathrooms at school in JR high or high school. I would just hold it until I got home. I also like you had trouble going if there were others around. To be honest the school bathrooms overall were kind of scary, from the way they looked to the people that hung out there. My mom told me not to use them telling me horror stories of things that had happen to students in the restroom. I played baseball and soccer until the 11th grade so I sometimes held it from 7 or 8 in the morning until 5 for 6 in the evening, longer if we had a game that night. I think having a full bladder might have affected my performance and pee holding was part of the reason why I quit playing.

By the time I was a teenager I was brainwashed to just hold it if I was not at home. Even when my mom was not around I just did not go until I got home. I use to make fun of some of my friends when they would have to go to the bathroom saying they should be a man and hold it. Of course you know where I got this from. One of my friends to this day freaks of when I pee because of how long I can hold it and how long I pee. My mom never watch or listen at the door after the age of 14. By then I do not think my toilet habits were a interest to her anymore, however I still was expected when being out with my mom to wait until I got home.

As I stated my mom only wanted us to use the toilet after lunch at school. She allowed the after lunch pee I think because no teacher would ever forbid us to go at all on a daily basis. Instead she used the bladder training excuse to limit the number of times we could go. My third grade teacher was the worst about telling my mom if I asked to go and even sometimes punished me by taking away my after lunch break, meaning I had to hold it all day (8 hours). One time when my teacher did this my mom took me with her shopping after picking me up from school. When I told her the teacher punished me by not letting me go after lunch she asked me why. When I told her it was for talking in line (I think) she told me that maybe next time I would think twice before doing it again. She kept me out till 6 o'clock that night. By 3:30 when I was pick up I had to go pretty bad, by 4:30 I was in agony. I kept asking her how long it was going to be and she told me to shut up that it was going to be awhile. By 5:30 I was crying softly and she gave me the line that she was going to make me hold it even longer if I didn't be quiet. When we got home she told me she wanted me to wait another 15 minutes. I have her a hard time about it and she made it 30. I waited as she cooked dinner. I was in so much pain I couldn't stand it. I wanted to run into the bathroom, but knew what would happen. I did that once in the past and got drug out before I could even start, got smacked and had to hold it even longer. Anyway it took about 30 minutes for her to finish getting dinner ready. I ask her before sitting down to eat if I could go and she told me to wait until after dinner. I again protested and she added 30 more minutes. After dinner she made me stay seated at the kitchen table. I was in so much pain and could help but to cry. She warned me it I didn't be quite or stay still I was going to have to wait until bedtime. I knew she would do it so I just thought about something else. Finally a little after 7 pm she brought me into the bathroom and told me I could go. I hurried to pull my thing out and started to piss, nothing came out. I held it for so long I was to tense to go. A few drops dribble out (burning). My mom said I though you need to go. I told her it wouldn't come out. I got scared thinking she was going to pull me away from the toilet thinking I was lying. She turned the water on for me and told me to relax. Finally after 5 minutes it came out as a small steam. It gradually got strong and stronger. However the pain was still very intense. I kept peeing and peeing. My mom said "I guess you did need to go". "I hope you learned a lesson from this" Finally after what must have been 5 minutes I was done. My bladder hurt the rest of the night. That was the last time I protested being made to wait longer.


Hello !

When I was in school, my mother was at work. She was European and somewhat strict about certain things such as coming home late or being drunk in the morning.

Another thing she did not like is provocative dressing habits of my girlfriends and, most of all, me. She hated VPL and low cut tops, for example.

I can remember her giving me strong laxative pills as punishment on more than one occasion. Sometimes it was castor oil.

It was her way of grounding me for bad language and the usual high school things. Since she was not home during the day to make sure I stayed in, this was what she did.

The laxative would usually clean me out once or twice and give me the cramps. I was not going to leave the house for sure before the damn thing worked.

Even then, it would sometimes kick in again and cause me to almost have an accident in my panties. This almost happened to me on a date in an expensive restaurant.

Did any of you girls have a similar experience when you were young?

Once when I was in college I tried some new protein powder ( im really into working out ). About half way through class I felt the urge to rip a huge fart but held it in. Then it started getting worse. I knew I had to shit but didnt want to on Campus, If I left then I could get to the bus before it left so I took off. As i left the building I saw the bus and started to run, but each stride I took, a huge fart ripped out of my ass. Some girls saw ( and heard me ) and started laughing but I ran towards the bus anyhow and caught it.

The bus ride was horrible, I was trying to hold in these farts but they were coming out anyhow, all burning feeling with a nasty smell. The smell was so thick with shit that it took a few seconds to rise to nose level after letting it go. As I approached my stop, they became wet farts, so I was trying to let them out really slow as not to unleash a massive diarheah into my pants. I bolted off the bus when the door opened and made it back just in time with the exception of one nasty wet fart that left a big shit stain in my underwear. I told my roomates about it and they laughed at me but the whole apartment stunk for 20 minutes.

Yesterday afternoon i had finished the roll of T.P and never replaced it. well after going out for a while and returning home i was too tired to bother with it, so i just went to bed. sometime in the middle of the night my stomach started to ache. I was so comfortable in bed i tried to ignore it. i knew that the T.P was out and the new roll was way in the other room definetwely did not wan tto go in there. After a while i just caved in and went to use the toilet knowing well that there was nothing to wipe with. good thing it was a mostly dry and clean one when i finished i jst pulled my boxers up and went back to bed. I was surprised that i did not feel to awkward it was the first trime i casn remember going without wiping. Anyone else have stories were they went without wiping please post lol time for a shwer

Yesterday I was at a park when I felt the familiar urge to crap. It wasn't too bad, so I started looking for the bathroom. This particular park had only unisex bathrooms. Normally, that's not a problem, but it was on this particular day.

I walked in and all 4 stalls were taken, plus 2 people were in line ahead of me. One a man about in his 30s and one a woman maybe in her 20s. I waited, all the while the urge to crap was gradually increasing. After what seemed like forever, a stall opened up and the man took it up.

By this point, I was feeling quite uncomfortable... I might not be able to hold it. Luckily, another stall opened up shortly and the woman went in. Just one more person had to finish and I could get relief. I clenched my buttcheeks together in agony as I waited - I had a poop in me that needed out NOW.

I'd say at least 3 minutes later I heard someone flush and they walked out. Finally, I could relieve myself! Still holding my poop in with agony, I rushed to the stall, locked the door and discovered that although the woman before me had flushed, she clogged the toilet.

If I hadn't been at the point of no return, about to crap my pants, I wouldn't have used that toilet, but alas I had no choice. I began to lower my pants as a thick but soft turd streamed out. My boxers got very stained, but I managed to get over the toilet before the whole poop fell in my pants.

After the one and a half foot log fell next to the thick monster turd that was clogging the toilet. It couldn't have been more than 6 inches in length, but it was too thick to fit around the bend in the toilet bowl. I wiped up and left quickly, trying to avoid an awkward situation with the man that took my stall.

Linda from Austalia here again. Yesterday I had to take a dump at work. I didn't want to, as I don't feel comfortable doing a poo at work but I really had to this time. It was in the morning and I could feel a load sitting in my anus. The head of the turd was poking its head in and out and I knew I couldn't hold it all day. I knew that if I waited any longer, I would do a crap in my pants. I made my way to the toilet, locked the door and pulled down my pants. Almost straight away, I sprayed the toilet bowl with some very loose shit, followed by 4 or 5 loose turds. Then I did a wee. It took all of 5 minutes to complete my dump, as it was loose and 'knocking on the door' ready to come out. I had a look at my job and there was some liquid poo on the sides of the bowl and some small logs in the water. I flushed but I had to clean the bowl with the toilet brush. Then I sprayed some air freshener in there, pulled up my pants and went back to work.

Thanks for sharing your story about the turd sticking out of your bum. Do you get constipated often? Please share some more constipation stories with us. When I was in highschool, I had some trouble doing poos because I was in a boarding school. It was hard to find time to do a poo when nobody else was in the same toilet block. I can remember on several ocassions, going for a poo and not being able to complete my dump. It was very uncomfortable, walking around with more shit stuck up my bum.

I can remember when I was young, probably about 6 or 7 and I was at my grandmother's house. It was just me and her there. She went to the toilet to do a poo but I can remember being in there with her. The phone started ringing and she was in the middle of pushing out a turd. I think she had to quickly suck it back in and run to the phone with her pants and knickers around her ankles (she didn't wipe her bum) She came back a few minutes later to finish her poo. But the phone started ringing again. This time she had finished but she didn't get a chance to pull up her pants or knickers again. She ran to the phone with them around her ankles. I can't remember anything else about that situation.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

JOHN - sounds like you might have what i have. i was just diagnosed with ulcerative colitis (left-sided). i had runny diarhea for about a year but didnt seak a doctor, treatment or diagnosis until it started to turn bloody mixed with mucous and i was having to go 5-6 times a day. always after i ate. and sometimes it was just blood and mucous. and always runny. i had a colonoscopy done and now take about the same amount of pills as you along with a suppository enema before bedtime (which is only short-term) rather than take steroids orally to avoid the neg. side effects. after a month of treatment and following the doctor's orders with the medication, i am now down to going only 1 or 2x a day. and today, for the first time in a while, i didn't even go at all in the past 36 plus hours. the treatment and meds seem to be working and my stool is more solidly-formed but far from well-formed. i still have a long way to go but hopefully the results will continue to be successful with modest improvements. its a chronic life-long disease that will continue to be a problem if i ever go off meds, with the possibility of future flare-ups but for now it seems to be under-control. i no longer have blood or mucous in my stool. i suggest that if you havent already seen a doctor that you do so or else you can worsten the situation if left untreated and the inflamation and irratation will continue to spread up the colon, further up the intestines and deeper in the intestinal walls causing more damage. had i sought earlier treatment, i might have only wound up with ulcerative proctitus rather than colitus. and if i didn't seak treatment at all, i might have someday had more than just left-sided colitis and maybe chrone's disease and inflamation of the whole intestinal track. and this is a genetic disorder characterised by a history of family problems related to bowel disease. it is due to an over-reactive immune system that never turns itself off or shuts down after fighting away a viral infection and continues to destroy the normal bacteria that resides in the digestive track even after the initial infection that triggered it to start is fought away and destroyed / eliminated. my sister has ulcerative proctitus and my aunt on my mother's side has diticurlitis and their father, my grandfather, died of polyps in his colon that turned cancerous. he too had ulcerative colitis but back then they didn't have a name for it. but today, if treated, it is a very controllable disease and there's no reason to have to suffer through the daily hassles and inconvenience associated with it because modern medicine has made great strides in controlling it. the meds are expensive but the after-market ones are relatively cheap and rather inexpensive compared the name-brand meds and i've found work the same and equally good. hope i helped you any others out there who might be experiencing the same problem. because treatment really does help alot. let me know if you or anyone else needs anymore info. i would be glad to offer more advice on the situation or share more of my own experiences in dealing with it.

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER TO EMO GIRL: If your other half is going more than twice a day it can be normal. Providing he does not have the runs and no abdominal pain or discomfort it is not an issue. One thing that is important is regular medical check ups if there is a problem, or bowel cancer in the family and in any event a colonoscopy before age 50. As for myself I can go up to 5 times a day (rare) and other days not at all. Frquent shitting can also be the result of an over active thyroid but there are usually a lot of other signs too. Soften people on very high fibre diets can go a minimum of 3 times per usually comes out quickly with no effort.
TO ROCK HARD POO. Being a fellow IBS person there is no way I would answer the door if I was backing one out. I would concentrate on the job to hand. Next thing it is good that you heeded your body and did a poo at the gym...with IBS it is important when you get the urge to take action. I think you should try water enema`s sometimes. Also have your b/f learn massage and a ???? massage is great for getting things moving. The occasional laxative should be used and there are the osmotic type that are not habit forming and drawer water through the bowel wall (instead of it going the other way) and that softens those hard turds. A glycerine suppository also would work well in your case.

Hey Everyone,

Here's another cool Mike story I only got to hear second-hand but regrettably was not there to witness for myself. :-(

That said, I have absolutely NO reason to doubt the story that a couple of Mike's college friends told me a couple months after this reportedly happened. I just know how much Mike could shit, so the story comes as absolutely no surprise. I think the only thing that might have been more amazing than Mike's ability to PRODUCE shit was his ability to HOLD that shit until he reached a toilet even in absolutely DESPERATE circumstances. That guy had a will of steel and a sphincter of steel to match!!

I never did ask if any of Mike's shits were induced by eating White Castle and drinking coffee. I do know he never worked at Sears (although I did for a couple years!!), but he DID work at McDonalds for a couple years in high school.

This event took place Sophomore year on Spring break as Mike headed south with 4 fraternity brothers to Florida.

Evidently, as the group traveled south through Georgia, Mike was hit extremely hard with an extremely powerful and overwhelming urge to both defecate and urinate that threatened to overpower him if he didn't get to a bathroom very soon. While they were traveling, the guys apparently had used BOTTLES to piss in so they could keep going without having to stop to pee all the time. The problem here though was that Mike was also so desperately loaded with excrement too, that if he relaxed enough to pee into the bottle, his massive load of shit would start rushing into his pants as well. The human body is designed such that you can't let loose of one without letting loose of both, so peeing in a bottle to at least get PARTIAL relief was not an option. It had to be all or nothing. I'm thinking it would have been horrible enough traveling in the back of a car and having to fight back just one of those bodily functions. Mike however was under siege on BOTH fronts and that had to be beyond excruciating. The guys had been drinking quite a bit of beer on the way down and Mike REALLY liked to pound the brews down. I'm convinced the beer contributed significantly to Mike's shit and urine production. Mike may have been a little drunk but not plastered. A wasted person in the same situation most certainly would have shit and urinated all over themselves.

As they hurried to the next rest stop, the pressure from all the shit and urine inside Mike intensified and Mike was actually crying for the driver of the vehicle to hurry up. During this ordeal, one of the guys reportedly suggested that if Mike felt he wouldn't make it to the rest stop, he could drop his pants in the car, use his beach towel as a makeshift diaper to shit in while using the bottle to piss. However, that would have been a humiliating defeat to Mike's pride, so he continued to fight valiantly to keep his bowels and bladder from exploding while pleading with the driver to please hurry up to the rest stop.

One of the guys had a towel and a bottle at the ready in the event Mike was forced to surrender and let loose in the car. I get the feeling those guys were secretly hoping that would happen so that they would have something to harass Mike about for years. Still, Mike would not give up and desperately struggled to hold his shit and urine in. The driver of the car helped out and sped up to 85 MPH in a time when the National speed limit was 55 MPH risking a hefty speeding ticket. Everyone there was positive Mike would have certainly shit and peed all over himself had they been pulled over by a cop. Besides having a 19-year-old kid in the back seat covered in excrement and urine, the fact that there were a bunch of open beer bottles and obvious underage drinking going on in the car wouldn't have looked too good either. I'm guessing that they all would have been dragged to jail including Mike with shit and piss all over himself.

A few EXTREMELY LONG minutes later, the car finally pulled into a rest stop and Mike started working on his belt and zipper in advance of his anticipated mad dash to the desperately-needed shitter. The rest of the guys piled out of the car ahead of Mike and headed to bathroom under the pretense of peeing although they actually wanted to see and hear Mike shit. (Boys will be boys, and you don't necessarily have to be a dumping connoisseur like myself to enjoy seeing/hearing one of your buddies really let rip on the toilet.) Mike already had his belt unbuckled and his pants unzipped as he ran into the bathroom with his butt cheeks tightly clenched.

Along the wall were 3 toilets with no doors and only having triangular partitions that were low enough for to crappers to look each other in the face as they sat on the toilets. Obviously, Mike was not going to get much seclusion for his very major shit. However, that really didn't matter to my desperately loaded friend who was extremely happy to see a desperately-needed toilet, ANY toilet, finally within reach. In order of priority, Mike's thoughts were 100% with getting his ass on that toilet and 0% on seclusion. I also think that not having to check the stalls and deal with doors also bought Mike a few much-needed split seconds!! As I posted earlier, bumming on the toilet in front of friends wasn't something that particularly bothered Mike. Besides, the options HERE were either bumming on the TOILET in front of his friends, or bumming in his PANTS in front of his friends. Given those choices, you take the toilet every time. And, he wouldn't have to shit in a towel, so it wasn't a completely unmitigated defeat. Reaching the first toilet, Mike just RIPPED his pants down and collapsed to the crapper. Immediately, Mike began to shit and urinate profusely and helplessly.

Mike didn't even remember what happened next but his friend with him confirmed this. Apparently, Mike was SO unbelievably loaded with excrement and urine that when he finally got his pants down and mounted on the desperately-needed toilet, he must have totally blacked out. When Mike finally regained consciousness, there was just a massive amount of shit already in the toilet with a whole bunch more crap still coming out of him. Evidently, the buddies were so impressed by the vast amount of shit coming out of Mike; they actually complimented him before realizing the incredible change in internal pressure had actually blacked Mike out. Mike states he only remembers struggling desperately with his pants before coming to, still crapping and urinating. He didn't even remember getting his pants down and mounted on the crapper. Apparently, a whole bunch of shit had thundered out of Mike just as soon as he got his pants dropped and had taken a seat. The excrement evidently just kept coming and coming as Mike sat blacked out and helpless on the toilet. Mike was in the throes of an absolutely HUGE shit without even realizing what was happening to him. As their badly-loaded buddy sat bumming and bumming furiously and helplessly on the badly-needed toilet, Mike's friends actually started to congratulate him on how much excrement he was expelling from his body before they realized he hadn't heard them.

From their account of the story, one of the guys from the car actually got a picture of Mike on the toilet just as his very major shit was getting underway. Mike didn't even realize the picture had been taken until his buddy showed it to him (and a WHOLE bunch of OTHER people!!) after the trip, even though it was shot at close range and was evidently quite revealing. It apparently clearly showed him actually blacked out as he sat there with his pants down filling the toilet with shit. Sadly, I never got a view of said photograph. Seeing Mike loaded on the pot was always a very cool sight. Luckily, Mike always instinctively leaned forward and pushed his cock down whenever he shit, so he avoided unconsciously pissing over the front of the bowl and on his pants. The unfortunate thing for Mike blacking out like he did with all that shit coming out of him like that was that he didn't get to enjoy that absolutely euphoric feeling of relief that generally sweeps over people taking such a massive shit. The exceptional amount of urinating would only have added to the sensation.

When all was said and done and the vast amount of excrement was finally expelled from Mike's body, he and his buddies inspected the colossal mass and decided that flushing the toilet would be ill-advised as the amount of shit was so overwhelming, the toilet would definitely overflow. Besides, the shit apparently was so impressive, Mike could leave it there for future visitors to admire. Mike decided to tell the maintenance staff what had happened so they could get a plunger to somehow get the fecal beast flushed. Mike and his buddy told me the main initial turd was at least 30 inches long and maybe more with the approximate diameter slightly wider than a golf ball. No freaking' WONDER the shitting blacked him out!! Given that length, the front end of that log would have EASILY touched the bottom of the toilet while STILL coming out of Mike on the other end!! Accompanying the flagship log in the fleet were several smaller pieces of excrement of varying length, diameter, and texture. To make the maintenance guy's job a bit easier, Mike actually got up and moved to another toilet to wipe so at least he could get the paper flushed and also as to not cover up the MONSTER he had given birth to. Man, I SO wish I had been there to see it!! Mike could shit like nobody's business and for him to say that THIS was his worst EVER was REALLY saying SOMETHING!!!!! I'm happy at least that they gave me a good description of everything that went down!!! ;-)

The ironic thing was that just a short while later, the driver of the car got a speeding ticket for going 64 MPH in a 55 MPH zone, after not getting caught doing 85 when Mike so desperately had to take a shit!!!!!


Dear Rock Hard Poop
In answer to your survey.
I am a 50 year old divorcee living in London

1. On Average, how often do you poop?
(1,2,3 times a day, every other day,
twice a week, once a week, ect.)
An average once every 4 to 5 days. I regard myself as constipated if I have not been for over 5 days.

2. how often are you constipated?
About 2 to 3 times a month

3. after pooping, during constipation, is your poop black or dark brown? generally dark-brown.

4. if not, what color? light-brown

5. when you take a regular poop, how long is the poop? how long are all the seperate poops? Up to 12 inches

6. when you are constipated, how long is the poop? how long are all the seperate poops? Up to 8 inch long chunks, and 2.5 inches thick

7. do you enjoy other people watching you poop, even if you don't know them? Yes particularly when they are constipated.

8. where is another place you enjoy pooping(other than the toilet)?

9. do you strain loudly, grunt loudly, press your toes hard against the floor, grab on to the toilet rim or anything else to catch the neighbors in the next stalls attention?
I can do all of these things if I am constipated. I also fart loudly too.

10. do you enjoy watching other people poop? See above

11. how long do you normally spend on the toilet taking a regular poop? Up to 5 minutes

12. how long do you spend on the toilet during normal constipation?
Up to 20 minutes.

If there are no objections, I'd like to ask everyone to answer a few questions please. I'll also answer my own questions :)

1. After constipation, how many flushes does it take to get your poop down?

- My constipation poops are very wide, but lack in length. I usually just cut the poop into two or three pieces and they go down with one flush.

2. What is your record for the longest you've ever been constipated?

- There was one occasion where I didn't feel the need to poop for 10 days. The poop was so wide and dry that it stretched out my butt coming out... so much pain! Once my butt was stretched enough, it just took about 20 minutes of extreme grunting and pushing to get the poop out of me. I needed three flushes to get it down the drain, even after cutting it into pieces.

3. How long are you usually constipated for and how often?

- After my experience with 10-day constipation, I always take a laxative after 4 days. As for how often, I'd say maybe once every 2 months, give or take.

4. Will you poop in a toilet that someone already used without flushing?

- Only if I'm at the point of no return. If I feel I can hold it long enough to get to a different toilet, I will.

5. Where is your most common place for pooping, aside from the toilet?

- I will poop in the woods behind a tree or bush, if a toilet is not readily available and I need to go bad enough.

Thanks everyone.

Hi im returning after a long abscence i was here years ago in the days of kendall and punkrock girl -what happened to them

anyway Ky -southern girl when you say every turd you mean even your samllest lumps could you give a better idea of how big you see i do mostly big lumps p.s do you do big but few or all big and lots of turds?

The only advice i can give is use a toilet brush to break up your bigger ones but if you somewhere without one if you cant sneak in a stick or something i guess youll have to clog and run hope no body realises its you i had friends staying once they were a couple any way one morning i went for a dump a dropped a masiive log must of bee 7-8 inches thick no kidding maybe 11 12 inches long i normally check its gone down even if im home alone but this time its slipped my mind so in goes ms mates girl
;errrrrrrrrrrrr you pig thats disgusting and enormous; she had seen my lump and me being the only one up knew it was mine. She asked
:how the hell do you do big ones like that'
'dont know always did big ones i said slightly embbarrassed'
she the claimed she only done tiny ones and referred to my pooes as big or huge logs and called me mr dump like an elephant lol

if theres nothing to break with theres not alot you can do accept live with it a a price for having big dumps or change your diet to try to produce smaller ones or -and less of them.
How old are you btw.
hope to post again soon id like to get back into this site
by all London Calling

I'm here again to tell you another wetting experience. Oh gosh, this is really embarassing. Anyways, when I was younger I used to play french horn in band and I got invited to ???, a band gathering for talented instrumentalists. Well, there was this one girl who sat alone and I went to see if she was ok. I gathered a group of my friends and we went to sit with her. As we were talking to her, I secretly had the need to use the restroom pretty badly. The girl was really queit but was nice. I had a crush on her. I could feel the pressure on my bladder growing and it was worse when our band director made us tuck our shirts into our pants. It was then that I peed my pants. Majorly. And that girl was the same girl that told you about my other wetting experience and now she is my girlfriend because we found out we liked each other. Also, did any of you ever wet yourselves in class like I did?

Brian from Sears
Ahhhh....Saturday in retail...never a minute of peace and quiet. I was taking my mid-afternoo crap, along with 2 other customers, when a fellow walks in with his 2 kids, a boy and a GIRL about 5 years old...maybe twins,,, They stood in front of us waiting to use the toilets, and the little girl says "daddy those men are all making stinky cocky" we must have all turned beet red, the father sincerely apologized, and pulled both kids and waited outside. I finished dropping....wiped, flushed, and washed...He was waiting outside with the kids...I gave him a half-smirk / smile, and went back to work. Embarrasing, even though the kids didn't see any of our 'privates" we still stunk up the room.

Once when I was 15 I was playing video games with my friend and I had to go to the bathroom pretty bad. However, I was on a winning streak and I didnt want to take the time to go to the bathroom. I didnt really care that much, so I decided to go in my pants. I pushed and a huge log slid into my underwear. I kept pushing untill I was empty. My friend looked over at me and said. "Man! Did you just crap your pants!??!" I nodded and looked back at my butt, there was a huge bulge and the seat of my pants was a brown colour. He looked astonished at what I had done, but I didnt mind. It felt warm and pretty good. This wasnt the last time I purposely pooped my pants.

Random Chic
BRIDGETTE: I never had my mother do that. Using the bathroom was always a unspoken thing....kinda of like the pink elephant in the room. Anyway, I saw that you had posted before, and I personally would love to here any stories you had. Thanks

PS. I took a poop earlier today for the first time in ages, and it was HUGE!! It was definitely a double-flusher. gtg

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