Hey Guys,

I'm taking these old recollections of my buddy Mike out of order so I apologize for that. I just kind of post them as I get them written and feel satisfied with my edits and descriptive language.

***** This particular SITuation ocurred during the summer between our Sophomore and Junior years in College and both of us were 20 years old at the time.*****

The summer following Mike's very bad day of multiple shits, I was at home after a late night of work. Late that morning, I had gotten up and showered and was thinking of calling Mike, Josh and a few other friends to see about going downtown to see our local baseball team later that night. By this time after knowing Mike for five years, it had not occurred to me but in all that time of Mike visiting my home, neither of our two toilets had ever hosted one of Mike's patented overpowering superdumps. A crapper just hasn't been put to the test of its full potential until Mike had been aboard it letting loose with his multiple massive bombs. He had peed at my home probably a couple hundred times, but hadn't ever taken a dump. (It was in the timing as it turned out Mike was a late-morning or early afternoon crapper.)

After doing a few chores and leaving a message for Mike at home, I heard a car door slam in my driveway. When I looked out the window, I saw Mike opening the trunk of his car. This was a bit unusual for Mike since he usually didn't show up at my house without us talking about it first. I then realized that he was probably running errands for my sister and brother-in-law and that my Dad had already told me he was lending them tools in the garage. Mike was probably here to pick them up.

I then went out to the front door to greet my buddy who as it turns out had not arrived alone. In fact, he was carrying around a sizable load his body would soon force him to expel. As it turned out, Mike had come under intense pressure to shit while on his way over and for the last several miles he had been struggling desperately to keep the overpowering load of excrement from powering its way into his pants. So by the time Mike arrived in my driveway in his severely loaded condition, his ability to resist the excruciating pressure was quite weakened and he was just BUSTING for a major shit.

"Hey bro, I was just leaving you a message at home when you pulled up. I was calling about going down to the game tonight."

Immediately, Mike switched the subject and asked, "Say, do you think I could use your bathroom?? I SERIOUSLY need to hit the toilet something fierce!"

Immediately, I started to get excited but I tried not to be too obvious about it, Mike was a *VERY* good buddy and he was always more than welcome to pay me a surprise visit in ANY condition. But for him to show up already loaded with shit and ready to let loose on the crapper was…… well, I just figured I must have been living right!!!!!

"Sure bro." I responded. "You know where it is, just up the stairs and on the right when you get to the top." My devious mind was already at work. The bathroom where I was sending my desperately-loaded friend didn't have a functioning lock on the door and I was going to have to get in there to get my contact lenses. ;-) Hey, what can I say???? Seeing Mike on the toilet with his pants down was always a special treat and I wasn't about to pass that up!!!!!

Making his way into the house, Mike farted as I showed him the bathroom to use.

"Thanks!" said Mike sweating bullets as he immediately took off for said bathroom.

It then took my badly-loaded buddy all of 3 seconds to bound up the stairs, dash into the bathroom, hurriedly drop his pants and quickly mount the desperately-needed toilet. By this time, I figured that Mike's need to shit must have been pretty bad.

Dashing into the bathroom, I heard my badly-loaded young friend first rip a fart in his pants followed up a couple seconds later by a refulgent blast which was amplified and resonated by the porcelain walls of the badly-needed toilet heralding the commencement of a substantial and much-needed bowel movement. A split second later, Mike started to shit as a whole bunch of crackling turds quickly overwhelmed my severely-loaded buddy and came cascading out of Mike hitting the water with quite audible flooshes.

While it excited me greatly to have Mike over badly loaded and bumming helplessly on the can, I decided for the time being to keep my cool. The thought of him letting rip on the toilet still gets my blood racing after all these years. During this time, I figured Mike was a buddy and I would just keep talking to him as I had always done in the past when he was bumming on the toilet in the throes of a major shit.

"Hey bro," I began. "If you're going to have a major shit, it probably won't hurt to flush a couple extra times in between to make sure you can get it all down. Also, there's a window right above you. Just check to be sure it's open."

"I'm having a REALLY major shit, so I'll be happy to supply some extra flushes…. And the window is already open." Mike replied as he flushed the toilet for the first time.

We just continued talking normally as Mike continued filling the badly-needed toilet with excrement. Pathoopthapthup… pathupthapthoop….pathapthoopthup… pathoopthapthoopthupsplut…We talked about the NBA playoffs and more soft loose crap crackled out of Mike….. Pathoopthapthup… pathupthapthoop….pathapthoopthup… pathoopthapthoopthupsplut… We talked about the New York Islander's dynasty and more soft loose crap crackled out of Mike…. Pathoopthapthup… pathupthapthoop….pathapthoopthup… pathoopthapthoopthupsplut… We talked about the Detroit Tigers and speculated whether Alan Trammell, Lou Whittaker, Kirk Gibson, and Jack Morris could ever win a championship together as more soft loose crap crackled out of Mike…. Pathoopthapthup… pathupthapthoop….pathapthoopthup… pathoopthapthoopthupsplut… We talked about school and summer jobs as…… Well, you GET the idea. To Brian: It's not just Sears's employees that shit a lot!!!

Mike then flushed the toilet again before letting all his excrement pile up too much. With the second flush, I told Mike that I was going to put my contact lenses in but actually listened at the door another minute as my indisposed friend grunted and farted several more times. After about a minute of this I knocked at the door.

"Who IS it??" Mike asked mockingly in a high-pitched falsetto voice knowing I was the only one at home.

As I walked in and spotted the loaded young man on the toilet, Mike just grinned as I apologized.

"Sorry to bug you bro, but I left the stuff for my contacts right here on the tub." I said as I reached to get the things I needed. As usual, Mike looked AWESOME as he sat there with his pants down on the toilet, his blue jeans at half staff down just below knee level. His knees and feet were spread and pointed apart at about a 45-degree angle and he sat with his broad back arched just slightly and his hands folded over each other instinctively shielding the crotch area. Because of Mike's height (6'3) and relatively low height of our toilets, Mike's upper legs sloped downward to where his athletic round buttocks was mounted on the much-needed toilet. As I understand it, this actually AIDS in the expulsion of shit from the body, and Mike certainly had a lot of shit in his body he needed to expel. Sorry DBStarman, but Mike was wearing the traditional white sneakers predominant at that time. Mike was never one for sandals. Mike also wore a practice jersey from football and a baseball cap which just added to the heat!

Even as I was talking, Mike started working out yet another round of shit. He started looking forward concentrating very intently and his neck, shoulder and back muscles tensed quite visibly as a whole bunch more soft excrement crackled out of him. My dumping friend then heaved a heavy grunt of relief as he expelled the remainder of the turd.

"No problem." Mike responded with a grin as he finished off his latest surge of crap. Of course, Mike had brothers walking in on him while he was taking a shit for YEARS at home and the bathrooms where he went to school never had stall doors so one more person walking on him in the middle of a major shit wasn't about to end the world.

I finally came out and just asked him, "Have you had an enjoyable shit in my bathroom?" I asked with a big grin.

"I have been having an AWESOME shit." Mike responded with a laugh. "I feel WAY better than I did when I got in here. Thank you so much again for letting me use your bathroom!!"

Of course, I wanted to thank Mike for taking such an incredible shit within earshot and for looking great in the process, but I refrained.

"What was I going to do bro?? Tell you No???? We've been buddies for years. Besides, I've used YOUR bathroom more than a few times. (Although never to dump.)

"I still appreciate it all the same. I REALLY needed this!!"

"Any time, bro! I'll see you outside when you finish up." I then walked out of the bathroom and waited by the door for Mike to resume the rest of his major shit. About 30 seconds later, I heard Mike start audibly bumming on the toilet again. It took several more surges of soft ribbons crackling loudly from Mike before he was finally finished relieving himself. And I could tell that relief felt real sweet to my buddy.

"Wheeeeew!!" Exclaimed Mike as he flushed the toilet for a third and final time after numerous wipes.

After his very major shit, I talked with Mike for a bit and arranged to meet up with him and his brother Josh and a few other buddies to go to the baseball game later that evening. (Josh was an absolutely awesome crapper in his own right and I've got one story posted on him although at this time, I hadn't learned that he had let loose with a massive shit in his pants at a football practice the year before until several years later. I'll work on my Josh memories and try to get a few stories of him posted as well.) I also showed him the tools he originally came for before his bathroom break forced a detour. I never did put in my contact lenses until after he left!!!!

After Mike left, I checked the toilet where my badly-loaded buddy had sought and found his much-needed relief and the signs of his distress were still quite evident following his departure. The toilet was lined with at least a dozen or so shit streaks that took a couple days to disappear and despite the extra flushes and open window, a pungent aroma filled the air in the bathroom for several more hours. I'll say it again, it's not JUST Sears employees that shit a lot!!!!!

Be Safe,


Does anyone know if putting toothpaste under ones nose when sleeping makes the person shit their pants?
Does anyone know if putting ones hand in warm water when sleeping makes the person pee their pants?

caroline h.
im new here, im 24, blonde, slim.

last year during winter, when i was cleaning my apartment because it was kinda messy, at around 7pm, i felt my stomach was rumbling and felt a slight pressure in my anus. i figured it was gas, so i let loose a bit. it was gas, i farted for 10seconds. while i was cleaning under my couch, i felt i needed to fart again, so i let go, but it turned out to be poop. i accidentally started pooping in my pants, so i quickly pulled my pants down and started pooping onto the floor. good thing that it was a dry one, it was about 5 inches long. then i farted again after i was done with the first one, then i started pooping another one out. this one was still luckly as dry as the other one. this one was much longer than the other one, it kept oozing out of my anus, about a few minutes, i felt another rumbling in my stomach, and my poop started to go out faster. after my second one was done, i pooped out some very small pieces, almost the same size as a marble. after, i farted for a long time, then i started pooping my 3rd big one. after i was done with the 3rd one, i was so relieved. i cleaned up the mess, and went on cleaning under the couch.

hi, im new here, i found this site about a few days ago, and im glad i did because i do have a story that i wanted to share with you guys. oh, by the way, im 18, 5"7, long blonde hair

1. this happened about a few days ago, i had shit out a huge one, and a bit of the runs. i got back to the mall during 7pm, i guessed my parents were still at work, so i just went to watch some tv. then after about 7:30pm, i started to have a stomach ache, then i really had to shit. so, i went to the washroom, quickly locked the door, then, i started to undo my jeans, but it was stuck. while i was still trying to get my jeans unstuck, i could feel a huge log started to open up from my anus. i still couldnt get it unstuck after 10 minutes, and my poop was already sticking from my anus and buttcheek. so i decided to poop in it, but i was still trying to get my jeans unstuck. after a couple of minutes later, i finally got it unstuck, but i decided to keep pooping in my underwear. after about a few minutes i finally finished, but my stomach started to make a gurgling sound. then i started to poop another log out, but this one started soft and sticky, then it came out fast, it kept coming out, then after i was finished with that one, i could feel another one coming out, so i pulled my underwear down, jumped out, and ran to the tub, sticked my butt at the edge of it, and started pooping tons of runny dierriah.

after 10 minutes later, i was finally finished. i was surprised that i could shit that much at one time. after i was finished, i went to throw the poop out of my underwear into the tub, and washed it into the drain. then i took a shower, but i accidentally shit some more. after that, i just went to sleep.

sassy girl :)
i've got a good one to share. oh, by the way, im 17y/o, 5"1, light blonde hair, slim, and

one time, i went camping during last summer, me and a friend of mine went camping with my parents. it tooked us 4 hours to get there, and after we got there, i was getting desperate too poop. so i told them that i need to use the washroom, so i went into deeper in the woods to find a good tree to hide behind. after about a couple minutes, i finally found a good place. so i quickly pull my panties, my camping pants, and i bended down. after i bended down, a thick long dry shit came out of my anus. i was finished after 2 minutes, then peed for about a minute. after i was done, i grabbed the tissue paper from my pocket, and wiped my ass. then i just went back to our campsite.

Matt- I truly understand what you went through my mother also did the same type of thing to me.

I was once at Walmart when I was 5 and earlier that day we had gone to McDonalds and I drank an EXTRA large soda. I remember having to go. But same as you my mother would make me wait longer even if I mentioned it the slightest bit. So I held it for a whlie. I started to jump around. She noticed what was going on she said to hold it in till we got home and stop squirming or I would have to wait even longer to pee. I stopped. But after another hour I really had to pee. I said that I REALLY had to pee. She told me I would not pee for a LONG time. We shopped for another 10 minutes and we got in the car. I really had to pee now. My bladder was very full.

When we got home she locked me in my room and said she would be back when it was time for me to pee. I had to go VERY VERY bad. She came back in an hour and said I had to drink another soda and hold it till 10 that night ( it was 4 PM) that was my complete punishment. I said ok and drank quickly knowing my bladder would not last much longer. She left me in my room. I had to pee soooooooooo bad. I started squriming. I held it till about 9 PM( I was shocked) Then I just could not hold it. It was excrucitating. I peed myslef.

tiny bladder diaper girl
hi, y'all, im new here, im 23 y/o, 5"3, have median long brunette hair, and i have a very tiny bladder, so i always wear a diaper now.

last summer, i was babysitting my 7 year old niece, alison, we went to the park that was in the woods, and it was about 20 minute drive from my apartment. she was playing on the swings, after about an hour at the park, she said she needed to go to the washroom. i told her there was no washroom around here. then said she really needed to pee, so i told her to pee in the bushes. she then quickly ran there, and pulled her pants and underwear, then peed. looking her peeing made me really want to pee too. so i quickly ran beside her, pulled my pants down, but i left the diaper on, then started peeing. i peed for about 20 seconds, and was finished. after that, i just tooked off the diaper, and throwed it away in the trees, then pulled my pants up. after that, we just went to play some more and her parents just went to pick her up at the park.

Don't OD
I was given a container of liquid activated charcoal to drink to counteract an overdose of sleeping pills I had previously ingested. I felt like gagging and vomiting during every swallow. If I did not finish it, the nurse threatened to force it down my throat via my nose. After swallowing the last of the horrible tasting drink, I had the worst cramps ever. My stomach hurt so bad and I thought I was going to die; atleast I regret not being successful in my suicide attempt. The nurse gave me some medication for the stomach pain. She looked at me like she knew what was going to happen next. Then, suddenly, I had to run to the hospital's bathroom. At first, I felt as though I had to throw up. (But, I later found out that a fast acting laxative is added to the charcoal drink). I spent over an hour in the bathroom with diarreah that was pure liquid and of a very black color. On my way home, I did not make it to my own bathroom in time. It took another two hours to rid out of my system. It was awful and indescribable. For about three more days, my poop was black and the stains never came out of my underware.

to peeing rox

I had to pee really bad and my friend and i were hiking. I walked over to a tree and went but then(as u asked) i had to poop really bad also. I quickly turned around pulled down my pants and let it all out. my friend asked why it was taking so long so i said that i was having trouble. I finished and found some leaves to wipe with. i wiped and we left.

Manny, please more stories about your bladder-bursting!

dakota (female)
hey me agian how did you like my post here is a new one

i started to ware diapers to bed yesterday since i got constipated and pee myself when i am well here is a good story.

well here i am again i have to buy new sheets for the fith time this week and thats how long it had been since i pooped too. on my way to buy i saw some high powerd laxitives and bought them. then i decided to buy some diapers just in case. i ckeck out and go to the car i read the back it says works in 20 minutes soo i took 4 pills slipped on a diaper for the 40 minute drive home. i thought they would work in 20 but after 30 minutes still notheing had come out . i grabbed the box and then took 5 more when i got home still nothind but i felt them working.but still i did not poop. i went to bed thinking they would work then i put on a diaper. when i woke up just i took th last6 pills and went to work with a diaper on when i got offand was about to leave it hit me withsuch a stronge urge i almost crashed into a pole.i got out of the car and put 2 diapers over they old one for more protectoin. igot home and raced to the door .when trying to find th key it just hit in a wave flooding the diapers. igot in side cleaned up and took a shower. the 2 wave hit then an just coverd the entire floor with poop. i cleaned up whet too bed with a diaper. right be fore i fell asleep i decided to sleep in the bathroom so i could make it to the toilet. so i turned up the heat alittle and went to bed naked in the tub. the next morning when i awoke iwas insix inches of poop but it still feelt kinda warm so i just sat there for thirty minutes sitting in my poop.

To LINDA FROM AUSTRALIA-- Nina and I both take a long time on the toilet but on average she takes longer and is constipated much more often. Average time on the toilet for me is about 20 min, 45 min if I really have alot to get out or if I am constipated. I have never witnessed Nina spend less than 30 min on the toilet. Our bathroom sessions take a great deal of effort as I have mentioned before. This weekend she really had a hard time. Her stamina hasn't been so good lately and when she sat down on the toilet, she grunted with the effort, already panting just from the action of sitting down. I knew we were in for a long session. I knelt in front of her and placed my hands on the sides of her thighs/buttocks. I could feel them tense up each time she strained. "Mmmm...mmmm...." Nina grunted softly and her 320 lb body jiggled. "Ugghh....mmmm....mmmmm...huh---ughhh!" I looked up at her face, still holding her sides. Her face was sweaty and she frowned as she continued straining. Her hands gripped the metal bars I had installed for my mother. "UGGHHH!!! MMMMM!!! NNNNNN......NNNNNN....OHH!!AHHHHHH!" I massaged her buttocks, squeezing and urging her to strain more but nothing came out. By this time Nina was a mass of jiggling, sweaty flesh. We gave up but she tried again in the middle of the night. I woke up to a tremendous fart that echoed thru the bathroom, followed by an almost un human sounding strain. I decided to stay in bed and just listen. Nina continued grunting and it sounded so painful. It lasted over an hour. She would take a deep breath, hold it forever and let it out in a huge grunt. Sometimes she took a break and read from her magazine, noisily turning the pages and grunting a little more gently as she perused the articles. Towards the end it got real intense and it sounded like she was almost in a trance. When she finally finished, it sounded like she wiped using the whole roll!

Linda, how fat is your flatmate? You might want to try listening outside her door at night, if she goes at that time. People tend to be more uninhibited at that time. Also, your fat friend seems to go alot too. Surely you could listen easily outside her door. Listen carefully and I'm sure you'll hear her straining. Most fat women have to whether they want to or not.

You want an incredible pee story? We'll here goes. Every so once in awhile I read here about somebody, usually some lady, who will take a pee that just won't end. Usually I laugh 'cause that's the way I am, usually in the morning but slao other times as well. I've never really thought about it unless I'm in a public restroom and i'm droning on and on well past everybody else, or unless I'm peeing and some other woman has come in after me, done her business and left and i'm still peeing. Then I'll think to myself- gawd when is this ever going to end? But after I visited my relatives over this past holiday it's gotten me thinking if there is a humongous bladder gene that's inherited.

My aunt Barbara recently got a divorce and she and her daughter who just turned seventeen moved into a tract home in Las Vegas. I hadn't seen them since Kirsten was in elementary school (no I don't remember how she peed) and I was in Jr. High. When my parent's decided to go on a cruise we all decided it was the perfect occasion for me to visit Las Vegas although I still can't legally drink for another year-and-a-half. So anyway getting back to peeing, they picked me up from the airport and took me to their house where I unpacked my stuff in the guest room and made a call back home to mom and dad. Then I came out of my room and went into the area near the laundry room where I heard the voices of my aunt and cousin.

To my surprise my aunt had this ironing board up and was ironing a blouse while talking to my cousin who was seated on the toilet in the little bathroom off the laundry room. I tried not to be startled or anything so I just causally joined in their conversation- it's just us girls, right? My cousin is tall like me and not at all fat, and while aunt Barbara was ironing away Kirsten was sitting there with this pee stream flowing into the water creating this loud splash. And I swear she just peed and peed and peed! My aunt apparently thought nothing of it, like "ho-hum," and finished ironing the blouse and got another blouse out of the hamper to iron. Meanwhile I was standing off to the left and trying not to notice my cousin in the open doorway pee and peeing away. And I mean peeing. It takes a lot for me to be impressed but by the time aunt Barbara was nearly through ironing the second blouse and my cousin still wasn't done with her pee shock started to settle in. This was going on for minutes on end. So long that I had to leave before I totally lost it.

It's not the end of the story. The next morning I was still in my bed when I heard someone walking into the bathroom on the other side of the wall and flick the light on, open the lid to the toilet, sit down and start to pee. It was a slightly different urinating sound than the one I had heard my cousin take the previous afternoon in that this one alternately got stronger and softer before becoming stronger. I assumed it was my aunt. But to my surprise and shock, her pee was no less overwhelming. From my bed I heard her go on and on, alternately pouring and dribbling and pouring some more. Like with my cousin I thought she'd never finish. Don't laught at me but the who pee must have taken nearly ten minutes!!! Jeez, and I should be shy about my pees taking too long. These two could water whole yards.

Out of etiquette I still didn't reveal my feelings but on Monday I deliberately held my pee as long as I could. In the evening when we three were watching TV and I was practically doubling over in bladder agony I excused myself and went into that same laundry room toilet which was within earshot of the living room. I kept the door partially open as I sat down for glorious relief. Soon my pee stream hit the water and I started to go in force, and this time I was not shy about how long my pee would take. I peed and peed knowing the two could hear me. Sure enough after about two minutes Kirsten came around the kitchen and oh so nonchalently asked me through the open door if I wanted any popcorn. I said sure...and kept on peeing knowing my bladder still had plenty left. She went into the cupboard and got a large bag of microwave popcorn, put it in, and started the micowave. With all the racket of popping corn I tapered my pee off to a trickle as she stood looking at the microwave. I don't know how long it took, but when the microwave went off with a loud buzz I began to pee harder and Kirsten suddenly became aware that I was still peeing. Still she didn't seemed fazed. She turned around, got three bowls, poured the popcorn and looked over in my direction and asked if I wanted anything to drink with it like a big 7-up or a big water! I kinda looked around at her and she looked at me and we both smiled at the same time like we were both thinking the same thing- more liquid in me was the last thing I needed since I was still on the toilet peeing away. We both started laughing. My aunt came into the kitchen about then and saw us laughng with my pee squirting and stopping in amidst my giggles.

"What's so funny here?" "Uh, nothing mom," Kirsten said before we both started in again. "It's just that Pam really doesn't need any more liquid in her right now if you know what I mean." The next morning on the way back to the airport my aunt, cousin and I agreed that we all had inherited the super-bladder gene!

Hi, me KC again and I have 2 new pee stories for K and all the other pee story fans out there.So here it goes:

Once me and my boyfriend Jason were on a car trip to Canada to see Niagra Falls.While we were in the car, I felt the urge to pee. It wasn't too urgent but it was pretty bad.I thought I could hold it for a while. Then an hour later I saw Jason started squirming a little. I asked him what's and he said, "I gotta pee SOOOO BAD!" I held his penis for him and even offered to drive but he said he'll be fine. We were on the lookout for restroom stops but we didn't find any. about 20 minutes later he said "I can't hold it any longer" so I told him to hold his penis while I get a pepsi bottle from the back. i thankfully found one and he said "thanks but to tell you the truth, I gotta go so bad I won't be able to take my pants off. Then I said "yes you can just...I'll hold your penis while you take off your pants. So he pulled over and did what I said and managed to take his pants off. he took the pepsi bottle, put it under his penis and sent out a long hot stream of pee. he was so relieved. then he said "uh oh. I have a problem. I have too much pee for this little bottle." I went in the back and got a 2 liter bottle and he stopped the stream and took the 2 liter botttle and started gushing out more pee. Then he emptied them on the road and we had a nice trip the rest of the time.

Here's the next story:

once at recess in 6th grade, I had to pee pretty bad. I started eying the playground to see if anyone noticed. No one did but I noticed a guy squirming and holding his crotch. I went up to him and asked him if he was okay. he said he had to take a piss REALLLLLLLLLLLY bad. I said me too. Then he spotted a bush by the school building and said we could pee there so I followed him there. He must of had to go cuz he said "I don't care if you're looking", took his penis out and started gushing loads of pee. I stared at his penis the whole time. then he said "since you saw me go, I get to see you go". I told him that I don't want him to see me go but I had to go so bad that I just pulled up my skirt, took my panties off and sent a nice hot stream of pee out my puss. Then we met and I said I'm Kacy and he said I'm Jason and that's how we became a couple.We have many pee expirences together but not any poop ones. If you wnat another story, just write it down and I'll give you one.

i have been pooping alot lately. its really wierd because instead of actual poop coming out its just more of gas and stuff, this isnt normal for me, is there anything i should do to stop stuff like taht?

Windows XP
Matt - - -

Man I have never in my life ever heard of such a thing!! Your mom sounds like a crazy psycho obsessed with holding pee in like crazy!! Howard Hughes (the guy who built the spruce goose airplane) went insane for fear of germs and things and died. Sounds like your mom is on that train for sure. If I was that person in the checkout line and I heard someone say that, I would have stepped in and asked. And if she told me that what you said, I would have been on my cell phone in a sec calling the police, or running to get the store manager or something. NO ONE should have to go through hell like that!!
I hope that your mom actually matured in the head as your were growing up, or did she get worse? If such a thing could happen.
What about your dad? Didn't he step in and confront her? Mine surely would have done if my mom was like that.

You said you have more, write more on here please, I'm curious and mortified at what I read on here today. When I have kids I'll be damned if Anyone does that to them!!

Brian from Sears
Last night I ate a dozen White Castle hamburgers, several beers, and 2 toasted almond ice cream bars. I got to work about 7:45 and hit the john IMMEDIATLY !!! Just as I sat down, my co-worker Eddie strolled in and said 'hey Bri" I said 'hi Eddie" and lost control. It was the loudest , gassiest , stinkiest, longest bowel movement I ever had. Eddie sat in the next stall and started laughing uncontollably as he fired off a few morning Hershey bars into his toilet. Our eyes were tearing from the smell. The door swings open , and we hear somebody exclaim "Oh Geeeeeeeezzzzz" It was Mr. ????, one of the regional / district managers. He laughed (because of the stench I made) And took the last seat. 'What the heck died in here?" he asked... I said "Blame Eddie, HE stunk it up !!!! Eddie responded " Bullshit, if I made this stink, I would be proud to admit it, but Brian, this is YOUR masterpiece..Mr. Rystrom said not having doors on the stalls was an advantage, cuz our farts and shit smells would balance out better than being trapped in a booth with a door. We all laughed. we finished up, flushed, washed up, and started a decent workday. Talk soon...Brian

Man dump
I prefer to think that girls "poo" but men "dump", "s**t", "take a crap" (which I've never understood given that you actually leave it as opposed to taking it), "drop a load", "pinch a loaf", "drop off the kids", etc...

Another 2-pounder today! Someone must have been eating his fiber! Didn't think I ate too much today but maybe I had some saved up.

Somebody asked about the turds that feel big coming out but then you never see them in the toilet. I've heard them refered to as "ghost shits". My guess is they're big and heavy enough to snake their way down the hole into the plumbing. (Or perhaps they have a mind of their own and are demonstrating a survival instinct?)

Anyone ever have a "methane stool" where you feel like you have to crap, but then you sit down and just rip off a series of farts and when you're done it feels like you took a shit?

Cute and Shy, where are u gurl. Once again, Im missin ur stories, hit back with some more, ok!

Love ya and peace!

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER TO KRISTEN L: I very often use public toilets and if the poo is a bit hard I grunt. I do not do the courtesy flush or the flush to to cover up the poo hitting the water or paper on the water. I just act as though there is nobody there. My aim is to poo, or wee, and all other things are a distant second.
On my BM report I have not been able to go until mid afternoon and then two BM`s about an hour apart. This has been happening for the past few days.

Iala: If you are taking in only 0.5 liters, and you are not hydrated (urine yellow), then you will pee it out in 1 to 2 hours. If you are hydrated, then, about 45 minutes to 1 hour. Try drinking to hydrate yourself (urine clear) first. Then drink 1 liter or 1 1/2 liters, and wait until you are bursting--about 3 hours or more, depending on how large your bladder is, then pee. Urine should be clear. If you want to measure your bladder size, drink two full glasses of water or clear juice, not any carbonated drink or liquor (beer is OK), when you go to bed. When you wake up you should be bursting. Pee in a container that holds at least 2 liters. Measure in a large measuring cup until full. If necessary empty it out and add the rest in the measuring cup. That will be close to your capacity. Average full bladder is 600 to 650 ml. Large bladder 1, or at the most, 2 liters.

Desperate to poop
Hi all

Just wondered what's the longest anyone's ever had to wait to use a loo and also what's the longest time you've spent on there. Alana in an old post said she'd been on for 3 hours!!! Phew I managed and hour and a bit but 3 hours is amazing.

I'm off on a sabbitcal soon so will be spending 5months travelling. Hopefully I'll have plenty of poop stories to share.

Happy pooping

Matt: your childhood must have been hell. Your mother was a sadist. Not many children of 4 can hold his/her pee for more than 2 hours. She was very, very mean to do that. Now she could be put in jail for child abuse. What did these experiences do to you now that you are grown. Do you hold for long periods of time? Are you pee shy and can't use a public bathroom even now? Were there other children in the family? If so, how were they treated? What did you observe about your mother's and father's bathroom habits? Did they only go once or twice a day? Or more normally 4 or 5 times a day? I am a psychologist. This kind of parenting is very damaging. I know from a number of patients and from own life experience. I am very pee shy.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

japanese girl again survey

last time peed n public yesterday where: movies
last time poop n public last week where: gorcey store

was anyone around when u peed : YEA WHO FRIEND

was anyone around when u pooped : no

when u peeimg how far u pulldown ur pants "to my kness

when u pooping how far u pull down pants: ankles i here it for couristy so other woman whould know not to distrube u

do u know anyone off of here i hope not : y because it be embrassing


im still very constipated. yesterday i posted about being constipated for a week but that was posted in the morning so now im 9 days on constipation and im really straining. I suffer from constipation although i love the feeling of pooping. im also very open about other people watching me poop. everytime i have the feeling to poop, its always constipation. i love when other people watch me strain on the toilet so i always try to find stalls with no doors. i never poop at my house (only in public). i have a survey that i hope you all can answer.

1. On Average, how often do you poop?
(1,2,3 times a day, every other day,
twice a week, once a week, ect.)

2. how often are you constipated?

3. after pooping, during constipation, is your poop black or dark brown?

4. if not, what color?

5. when you take a regular poop, how long is the poop? how long are all the seperate poops?

6. when you are constipated, how long is the poop? how long are all the seperate poops?

7. do you enjoy other people watching you poop, even if you don't know them?

8. where is another place you enjoy pooping(other than the toilet)?

9. do you strain loudly, grunt loudly, press your toes hard against the floor, grab on to the toilet rim or anything else to catch the neighbors in the next stalls attention?

10. do you enjoy watching other people poop?

11. how long do you normally spend on the toilet taking a regular poop?

12. how long do you spend on the toilet during normal constipation?

Thank You, I hope most of you respond to my survey.

Happy Straining,

P.S. Im a 16 year old female

I was running myself a bath when I felt a small urge to poo. I grabbed my pjs and a towel and headed for the toilet. I stripped down to nothing and peed a little bit first. Then I spread my legs apart. I pushed a little bit and I could see the tip of my poo poking its way out. I pushed a little harder and I could now see most of my poo sticking out now. I pushed a little more and the rest of the poo fell silently into the water. I stood up and turned around to see the full thing. It was a dark brown color and was about 3 or 4 inches long. I grabbed some TP and wiped the back twice and the front once. I then flushed and got into the bathtub.

If I empty my bladder out then I drink .5 liter of water within 10 minutes when should I feel the need to pee?

I really enjoy my toilet time and bowel movements. I was disappointed a few days ago because I was constipated. So I started on a colon cleansing program, I had the product sitting on the shelf for a while. It consists of a herbal mixture with a lot of fiber and a laxative tea that you take at night. I started on the program and the next day I had like 5 bowel movements! That is more than I've ever pooped in my life. I think I lost about 10 pounds that day and the next when I had 3 BMs. The product also calmed down my bowels and relaxed my stomach so I think I will be taking this stuff on a regular basis. Also when I was done on the toilet I didn't have to wipe much - once or twice compared to 6-7 times before. I keep wet wipes on the back of the toilet but didn't need them. Women that visit my bathroom like to use the wet wipes more than I do.

On a different note, I know that a lot of women will not sit on a public toilet seat. Why is that, gals? The majority of seats in restrooms I use are clean, at most maybe there is some pee from a kid that didn't raise the seat. I mean, if there's poop on the seat, OK, you don't want to sit on that, but I mean if you are out in public you are picking up germs everywhere, and the toilet seat is WAY down on the list of things you share with other people. The only way to avoid getting sick is to wash your hands frequently and avoid touching anything on your face.

japanese girl back again i need some advise out there i was spending time with my bf and all we was having his buddies over and i some my class mates over 4 a sleep over but anyway early moring hours i had to poop so i went n the bathroom to my poop but i notice my bf was up wit his friends still so i chose not to poopthat mpring until i got to my place so my question to you is did i do the right thing by not poopingbat my bf's aptment im just terrfied if i did go well thats all love 4 all outhere

Hi there everyone - haven't posted for a while. I love pooing, and often have pooing competitions with my friends. On a Saturday we will spend the whole day eating chili, cabbage, onions, and then go to our clubhouse for a pooing competion - see who can drop the biggest turds, the smelliest turds, and the runniest. Last Saturday it was Vince and Fiona and me. Fiona didn't want to poop in front of us (boo-hoo) so vince and I stepped outside while she dropped her pants. We listened to her through the door. "UMMMMMMMMMPH........ UMMMMMMMMMMMPH" then a loud, long fart "BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR......RRRRRRRR.....RRRRRR", some more grunts, and then a loud sigh. This was followed by a soft "PHHHHHHHT" and another sigh, then a softish "BRRRRRRRR......phhhhht". Fiona then shouted "ok", and we went back in, she was still busy wiping her bumhole, and said "Hey not so fast, and pulled up her panties, dropping a piece of shit covered toilet roll next to three 7 inch long turds - they were very dark brown and shiny, the ends were not cut off cleanly - thats why they were so sticky on her bumhole. We gave her a 7/10 for her shits. anyone want to hear the rest of the story?

I was recently on vacation, at a nice hotel.

One day this week, I was swimming in the hotel pool, and all of the sudden, I had an urge, ya know the urge where you have to pee REALLY BADLY. It was that moment for me.

I jumped out, then I looked for a bathroom.
a sign said it was on the second floor. So, I looked in the elevator for the 2nd floor button. It was no where to be found. So, I took off my bottoms, and let a HUGE gusher out. it was over a square foot big. Flowed all over the floor.

Then, a dude walked in, but thankfully my bikini bottom was back on. I ran out!!! lolz, I think he may have figured out that I pissed in the elevator.

peeing rox
has anyone ever been peeing but had there but covered and realised they needed to poo. What did u do and what happened. please describe.

I must worn you that the following I'm about to tell might be disturbing to some of you, but I think you should know things like this has and continues to happen.

For as young of an age I can remember I was not allowed to use the bathroom in public. I mean NEVER, in fact I don't think I ever even seen a public restroom until I started school. My parents reason, mainly my mom was that public restroom were dirty and they had dirty people in them. She also wanted me to have the super bladder she had that her mom forced her to have.

I have early memories of being out with mom, having to go to the bathroom very badly and be told I would have to wait until we got home. I'm talking being made to wait sometimes for five or six hours as we went from place to place. This accrued in at the store, mall, movies, restaurants, church, sporting events, amusement parks and long car trips and more. I was always told before leaving that "I better go to the bathroom NOW" because I would not be going until we returned home. I was not allowed to ask, whine, complain or hold myself. I learned at a young age doing so would only make it worst. I always feared going someplace because I always knew it was only a matter of time before I would have to go.

I remember being in K-Mart (I believe) when I was about 4 years old and having to go to the bathroom very very badly. We had already been out shopping for several hours and had to go for about an hour. The liquids I had consumed when we ate earlier in the day hit my bladder very hard. I told my mom that I really had to go to the bathroom. She told me the usual answer. I then told her I really have to go and that I was about to pee myself. She told me no and not to ask again and that I better not wet my pants. I wet my pants before in the store and remembered getting punished very severely for it. My mom also spanked me pretty regularly anyway. Keep in mind I was already trained to hold it longer than most kids, but this was the longest I was likely made to wait at the time, plus I might have drank too much when we ate. She continued shopping taking her sweet time. I kept holding myself and dancing around (I couldn't help it). She grabbed my arm and told me to stand still. The feeling in my bladder overcame me and I burst in to tears saying "I gotta go to the bathroom, I got to go to the bathroom……." She then got down to eye level and told me that it I didn't be quit and behave I was not going to get to go when we got home. I continued to cry softly as she continued to shop and again grabbed myself. After a few minutes I started to dance around holding myself like before. She suddenly told me after another customer started to notice me holding myself "That it now your not going to get to go when we get home. I started to cry loudly again and went into traumatizing state. The feeling physically and emotionally was too much. She picked me up and put me in the cart. I kept crying and she kept saying "keep it up and see what happens when we get home". I wanted to let go so bad, but knew better. I cried in the checkout line and all the way home. When we got home she did as she said she would do and didn't let me go. She made me stand in the corner while she was putting the stuff she bought away. When I realized she was keeping her word I again lost it and started to scream and cry. By then I had to go worst then ever in my short life and had held it longer that ever before too. It had been about 5 hours since I had gone to the bathroom and I had to go for the last three. I couldn't tell time then so I'm no sure. Either was most 4 year old can't last more than a hour. The next thing I knew I started to pee my shorts, my bladder must have reached its limit. The massive torrent of pee when all down my legs and on to my black shoes and black socks. I remember it felt good and worm. When my mom seen what I had done she started to scream at me, pulled down my pants and started to beat me with her wooden paddle I feared so much. The pain was so bad I lost touch with reality. After the beating she pored uncooked rice on the floor and made me kneel in it the rest of the nigh. I do not remember what happened after that, but that might have been the last time (until I was 7) I peed me pants even though I was made to hold it many times after that and for longer periods of time.

There is so much more to tell and will be glad to share it if anyone is interested. Also I was wondering if anyone else's parents tortured them like mine did?


i dont know anyone else who clogs the toilet as much as i do. i have never had diarrea, but i'm always constipated. im sitting on the toilet right now with my laptop. My legs are spread far apart with a mirror tilted on the floor. i'll type more in a few minutes about what this monster turd looks like. For now, i have to strain a little bit more.....

Traffic poo-er girl
Hey Peter, I liked your story about the traffic jam crap in your pants. That same thing happened to me a while ago (my first post here was about that) and I am glad to see I'm not alone. Yeah, isn't it a weird feeling to have a warm poop in your pants, kinda a good and bad feeling at the same time. For me the immense relief of finally having a bowel movement after holding it in for so long (even if it was in my pants) was just so awesome.

smart guy!!!
hi, guys, sorry that i havent posted any stories up for seriously long time. but i do have a story that i wanted to share with all of you guys.

1. me and katlin went to amusment park a month ago at 2pm, and after a good long 5 hours or so, we went back to our apartment. after we got there, it was already 8pm, and she said that she wished that she had wished she'd used the washroom over there before we left because she was dying to pee. after we got into the apartment, she just burst in there, and she just went directly in the bathroom to pee. it tooked her over 2 minutes to finish peeing. i guess she seriously need to pee. after that, it was pretty much normal.

hi, im just a girl whos in the early 20's, 5"3, blonde, thin.

so, anyways, i was at the beach a few days ago with a few friends of mine, we were having so much fun. after a little while later, we had to leave early because it started to rain unexpectally. After i went back to my apartment, i was soaking wet. but i was dying to poop because i've been holding it for an hour, since i didnt even had any chance to go earlier. so i quickly ran to the bathroom, but the phone rang. i didnt want to miss the call, so i just hold on and went to get it. it was one of my friends who likes to talk a lot. so we talked and talked and talked some more, after 20 minutes, she was finally saying goodbye to me, so after we both hanged up, i quickly went to the washroom, since i was almost going to crap myself. after i got there, i quickly pulled down my bikini, and just started to shit a long one. after about a minute or so, i was finally finished. after that, i just went to get changed in a pair of underwear and a shirt

after that, it was about 7:30pm, i didnt have anything to do, since it was still very early, so just went to watch whatevers on tv. after about an minute or so, i saw X-Men 2 on tv, but it was close to half way done. after 9pm, the movie was over. i was getting kinda hungry, so i just went to make something to eat. while i was still making my dinner, i felt like i needed to poop again, but i didnt care this time, so i just let go and started going. there wasnt much, i only pooped out a much smaller one. anyways, i just left what i was making on the counter, and went directly to the toilet to dump the poop out of my underwear and changed into a new one....

thats pretty much the end of my story. hope you guys like it, since this is my first one. so, i'll post up any other stories later.

Kristen L.
Hello. I love this site! This is my first post and I thought I would ask a question for you all to answer if you don't mind. How quiet are you when you take a poo in a public restroom. I know some people who say the put toilet paper in the toilet before they poop to avoid a loud splash. Others flush just as the poop is about to hit the water. I also know some people who try not to grunt to loudly when they are popoing in public. They may let out a small sigh but never a loud grunt. I am a 24 year old female and I don't really try to be silent when I take a public poo. When I poop, naturally I have to grunt so I let it out. I will most likely never see the people I meet in the bathroom again so why do I care what they think of me when I take a dump.
So, do you all try to poo silently and hold your grunts in or do you let it all out?
Thanks so much!


i posted about 15 minutes ago. im typing on my laptop right now, and my boyfriend and i are at McDonalds. He has been with me trying to help me poop for the past two hours. while i was halfway done with my salad, i felt my turd move a little towards my anus. i told my bf that i had to go so he took me to the bathroom. he kneeled near the toilet while i squatted over the bowl straining. after about 5 minutes of pushing and straining, he told me that my turd has reached its way to my anus. i pushed and strained really loudly. finally my bf said to wait a minute, so he left and came back with cheap McDonalds napkins. he held his hand with a napkin in it and he told me to push so i suddenly felt my rock hard turd hit the napkin in his hand. My legs were still very far apart while i asked how long it was so far. he said it was 5 inches out so far. i pushed the harder as the poop got fatter and fatter. i was exausted from pushing and straining so much. About 10 minutes later, an employee knocked on the door. i said in a strained voice, "I'm Busy". The lady asked in a comforting voice " Sweety? are you ok? You've been in there for 15 minutes". i said "yea, I'll be fine im just-" she yelled "sweetheart, i im very constipated and must use the toilet immediatly!". i yelled back "im only halfway finished and im going as fast as i can!" i pushed harder then ever as my bf tried to calm me down. I strained one last time as my poop was thicker and harder than ever! Finally, it dropped out of my anus and into the toilet. one probem. the poop was leaning vertically against the inside of the toilet!!! the lady on the other side of the door twisted the doorknob and i just opened the door while she ran straight to the toilet without even locking the door. she walked out five minutes and said "Sweety are you ok? you really had to go. i'm sorry for bugging you on the toilet but i reaally had to poop also. Man, together, you and me can fill the whole toilet with just poop!!!" she walked behind the counter while i walked into the restroom to see what we both created. OMG!!! My 15 inch poop was surrounded by 3 1 and a half inch thick turds! one was 5 inches, another 8 inches, and the third was 7 inches! my bf later then drove me home.

Peter, It was a good thing you were wearing briefs. Did it all get squished as you sat back down? Were you soaked as well. Did you need to move any of the load to make it all fit?

TO Linda:

Yep. That's happened to me on a few rare occasions. Usually, my sphincter tightens up immediately and the piece coming out breaks in two right away. Once though, the stool didn't break until I had stepped just a bit from the toilet and so fell on the bathroom floor. (I wasn't wearing anything at the time so there wasn't any issue about pulling up pants or underwear.)
No problem though... It was pretty solid and once I was done on the phone I came back and used some TP to put the log piece back into the toilet where it belonged. My biggest concern wasn't the thing on the floor, it was pushing out the remainder of the BM. I still had to poop badly, but my recal muscles had contracted tightly and it took a couple of minutes to relax enough to get things moving again.



About 2 days ago, I was driving through a desert. I saw someone squatting behind a bush taking a piss. I think it was a woman, but I am not sure. I could only see part of that person's body over the bush. It could possibly be a man trying to hide himself from being seen by lowering his body behind the bush. Can I get some opinion?

Last summer I worked at a camp. In my cabin there was no toilet so if we had to pee we had to go to the bath house. Usually in the middle of the night if I have to pee I just have to get up and leave because I have another counsler in the same cabin.
But this one day she had a day day off I woke in the morning with a twinge in my bladder. I decided I could hold it for a while. So I brought the kids to breakfest. By that time I had forgotten about my slight urge to pee and I drank lOTS of water because it was super hot at camp. At the end of Breakfest I brought my kids to there activity periods and then I walked to mine which was archery. As I walked I realized I had to pee again. Usually I can hold my pee a VERY long time. Even though my bladders small I have trained myself to hold it for LONG amounts of time.SO I kept holding it through the period. By lunch time the urge was growing more.But I couldn't let the kids stay at the table themselves. I decided since I had to pee I might as well challenge myself to see how much I could hold and how long I could hold it so I decided to drink as much as I could. I drank five cups of water, and a HUGE soda. As soon as it was over I brought the kids back to the cabin for rest hour. I waited for my bladder to fill as I laid on my bed. I felt more and more urine go into my bladder. I had to go kind of badly but I knew I oculd hold it a while. So by the time the kids activitys came by ( this was my free period) my bladder was streched out.
While I was hanging with my friends counslers (who also had a free period) I told them about my contest with my bladder. They all decided to help fill me up. My friend lily gave me a HUGE party sized coke.I drank it quickly. Then John gave my a glass of water. And Gerogina gave me a big glass of chocolate milk. I drank it all up. I knew it owuld not be much longer till I peed even though none of it had reached my bladder yet.I sat down for dinner and ate my food. I felt my bladder filling extremly quickly. I was in agony. I had to go REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLy badly. But I knew I wasn't desparate yet. SO I sort of forgot about my bladders agony ad the day continued so I hung out with my kids during cabin activity time and held my pee and before I knew it, it was time for bed. I wasn't alloewed to leave the cabin because the other counsler wassn't back yet. I sat on my bedsquirming trying to keep it in me. My bladder was absolutly full. I felt it continue filling. I knew I could not wet myslef. Then Jane a girl in my cabin asked me what was wrong. I said I had to pee. The kids in my cabin knew I could hold it for a looooooong time. SHe said oh well you can hold it. I said I could even though it wasn't true. As I got dressed I noticed in the area my bladder is it was swollen and pushed out. I am really pushing my bladder I thought. I turned the lights out and went in my bad trying to hold it as best I could. Then in about a hour I had to get up and pace to room to hold it. As I went back and forth for the 9th time I had such an urge my bladder was just so full...... and I peed. All Of it. Just tons of it I couldn't stop. It created a huge puddle. The puddle kept growing. I guess the noise was really loud so a girl in my cabin Tiffany woke up and saw me peeing. And laughed and waited for me to finsh. When i was finshed it hurt so bad it that area.But it felt great to be rid of so much liquid. I cleaned it up and went to bed.

I_LUV_CHERRIES!!!!!!!! ^_^
Hey ppls!
I'm really new at this. so like, today, we were going on a field trip and these two boys had to pee. so, we got to school and the bus ppls wouldn't let them off cuz like, only adults were allowed at first. and when the kids FINALLY were, they were like pushing and shoving cuz they had to pee. 1 guy made it like just barely, but the other guy like went in his pants and hid in the bushes, but every1 saw him. His pants were like now dark dark dark blue. Get the point. LOL! k...tell me if it is too lame or w/e.

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