I dont have any kids but a few of my friends do, and they are not embarrased when their kids walk in on them pooping but it seems that their children mind. One of my friends mentioned how one time she had just started going and her son walked in just as she farted very loud. Another one of my friends children complained about the smell and wouldnt take a bath because My friend stunk it up really bad. If you ask me you shouldnt worry about it... Just poop...

My cousin had to move out of the dorms for the semester and now she is staying with one of her sorrority sisters at her appartment. I think her sorrority sister is really hot, so I wonder when she poops. I wish I could find a way to hang out there more often and just see if I could find out. I think I would be satisfied with a dectecting a faint smell of poop and some skidmarks, or listening from the outside of bathroom while she grunts, or farts. Does anyone think it might be more wise to just ask her?

The urge first became apparent as the car idled in line at the toll-booth for the Blue Water Bridge. My anxiety levels surged a little in anticipation of crossing over the St. Clair River. But once upon the bridge, I relaxed and drove the car with ease from Port Huron, Michigan, United States to Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. While in line for customs I deemed it appropriate to reveal to my travel buddy, Jessie, my urge.

"I sorta have to go pee."

"Sorta? You don't know?" Jessie sarcastically questioned me.

"Well, I'm just starting to get the urge. I can hold it." I took a big gulp of my Sunkist.

"Come to think of it, I sorta have to go, too."

"Sorta? You don't know?" I batted my eyelashes and shot Jessie a big, teeth-filled, Cheshire Cat smile.

"Shut up!" Jessie glared at me. "I DEFINITELY have to go, but I can hold it."

"Maybe we should pull over after we get by this customs guy. There's the duty-free shop and it should have restrooms."

"You're driving. You decide. But you'll have to shoot across all those lanes for the duty-free." Jessie's finger pointed at rows of cars coming toward us as they waited to cross the bridge. "I don't have to go that bad. I'm sure there'll be somewhere we can stop on the way to Stratford."

While contemplating the difficult tactics necessary to make it safely to the duty-free shop, we completely overlooked the large, tourist rest area on the right-hand side equipped with several suitable toilets. A fact we became aware of the next year on a subsequent trip to the Shakespeare Festival in Stratford. A big mistake.

"Maneuver through five lanes of oncoming traffic or wait? I think we'll wait."

"Good idea, Jodie. I don't want you to bang up my car. We'll be fine." Jessie unknowingly replied with regretful words.

I merged Jessie's little, gold, four-door Saturn onto the 402, confident that an uneventful journey lay ahead of us. We drove by several fast-food restaurants on our way out of Sarnia. But we both erroneously agreed that the little, nagging urge did not justify the trouble of getting off and back on the busy 402 at that time. Another big mistake.

The city of Sarnia soon gave way to ceaseless crop fields already harvested for the season. As we drove on, an occasional farmhouse, sheep, horse, or cow appeared. Along with the not-so-wonderful fragrance that accompanied these animals. Two-lane highways surrounded by more farmland awaited us once we exited the 402.

"I really have to go pee now." I stated matter-of-factly.

"Me, too." Jessie looked out the window frantically. "I can't believe there hasn't been anywhere to stop this whole time. You'd think there'd be a store or something."

"You'd think. Normally I like driving through the country. But this is ridiculous."

We turned onto another highway, and approached the town of Nairn. Sparse foliage adorned this highway, but Jessie and I decided the urge did not yet warrant the side of the road. Besides with a town nearing, the possibility of a toilet now presented itself. Our anticipation of discovering a place to properly relieve our urge increased as we passed by the sign marking Nairn's outer border. A small church sat on one side of the road, a tractor outlet on the other, and then no more Nairn.

"Where's the rest of it?" Jessie looked wide-eyed over the backseat.

"I think that was it." Disbelief encompassed me. "Talk about driving through the set of Children of the Corn."

Jessie glared at me. "Oh my God. What are we gonna do?"

I kept driving, turning onto yet another highway. Again, nothing but a sea of farmland. The wind started to pick up, and the bare fields offered little shelter from its rage. Gusts of air, filled with dried sand from the plowed land, pelted the driver's side of the car pushing it fiercely toward the graveled edge. I yanked the Saturn back in an effort to keep it on the pavement. Jessie and I clenched our teeth together as the contents in our bladders sloshed around with every bounce of the car. I almost regretted being the driver when I noticed Jessie's legs tightly crossed under the dashboard of the passenger side. An option unavailable to me as I pushed down on the gas pedal. Memories of her scary driving, however, reassured my decision to pilot this trip.

"Man, this wind is something else. Listen to that sand hitting your car." I attempted to draw the focus away from the urge. "It can't be good for your paint job."

"I hope it doesn't leave any marks on my baby." Jessie looked over with a plea of desperation. A plea for her car's paint job or a plea relating to her next statement, I'll never know. "I've really, really gotta go pee."

"Well, so do I. But there's nowhere to go."

"There's the side of the road." Jessie pointed out the window.

"There's no trees. Not even a bush. What about the other cars? What about our decency?"

"What decency?" Jessie snidely asked. "You want me to believe that you actually care what the other driver's think about you?"

"Okay. Fine. What about the sand?"

"What does the sand have to do with it?" Jessie questioned.

"Can you not hear it pelting your car to death?"

"Yeah. My poor car. But how does that affect us peeing?"

"Can you just imagine what that sand would do to our naked butts?" I began to snicker.

"Ow!" Jessie began to laugh. "Like being sandblasted."

"Hee, hee, hee."

Jessie and I tend to have bouts of uncontrollable laughter. The idea of our butts chafed raw by flying dirt as we squatted to pee by the roadside started one of these spells. Laughing is not something you want to do when you have the urge as bad as we did.

"Stop it. Hee, hee, hee. Stop laughing, Jodie. I'm going to wet my pants. Hee, hee, hee."

"You're going to WET YOUR pants? Hee, hee, hee. I think I'm leaking around the edges." I pointed out followed by an abrupt snort.

"Did you just snort? Hee, hee, hee." Jessie attempted to get control. "This is killing me."

"Okay. Okay. I'm calm." I took in some deep breaths and my laugh turned into a small snicker.

"Me, too." Jessie stopped laughing. "But now I really have to go. We're not going to make it. We are going to wet our pants."

The thought had crossed my mind more than once. But two things consoled me if an accident occurred. This being an overnight trip, a change of clothes rested neatly packed in my suitcase. And safe from the urge � my beautiful, pewter truck parked at home. This car belonged to Jessie.

These facts brought no physical comfort, however. My side throbbed with pain as I attempted not to mess myself. The effort caused my breathing to grow heavy. The urge had become unbearable. I stared out the windshield scanning the horizon for any possible spot to go pee. And there it sat at the intersection of two major highways. Well, as major as a highway can get in the middle of nowhere.

"JESSIE! LOOK! LOOK, JESSIE, LOOK!" My hands leapt from the steering wheel and flailed about the vehicle compartment.

Our eyes grew big as they fixated on it. With awe, we gazed upon what we deemed to be the eighth wonder of the world. The most magnificent gas station on the planet gleamed with radiance under the afternoon sun.

I hit that driveway at speeds comparable to a NASCAR Driver pulling in for a pit stop. The Saturn skidded to a halt as I whipped it into a parking spot. Unfortunately, I had to park about 100 feet from the entrance. Making our way to the building proved difficult in the strong wind.

As soon as I attempted to stand up, I felt the pee slowly leaking out. The Saturn being very low to the ground didn't help either. I grabbed the roof of the car, crossed my legs, and pulled myself up trying to contain as much of the liquid in my bladder as possible. I then hopped across the parking lot with my legs crossed. The wind almost pushed me over a few times.

"I'm not going to make it." Jessie's desperate voice came from behind. Apparently, similar problems plagued her.

Jessie and I busted through the door leading into the gas station. I rushed to the back knowing restrooms are usually situated there. I saw the small, blue sign with a person outlined on it.

"It's here Jessie! It's here."

I stumbled into the restroom containing one toilet and a laundry-room tub as the sink. Ripping my pants off, I sat on the toilet and peed. Sweet relief. I made it. The leakage that now stained my underpants had been minimal. Nothing to be embarrassed about. I kept peeing. And the world around me disappeared. Until Jessie started banging on the door.

"Why'd ya lock the door?"

"There's only one toilet."

"Oh my God. Hurry up. I'm dying." Jessie continued to bang on the door.

"I'm peeing as fast as I can. It just keeps coming out."

"What the hell did you drink? Niagara Falls?"

And I kept peeing. It took forever. My side ached when I finally finished. But I felt much better. I quickly pulled up my pants, washed my hands, and let Jessie in. She nearly knocked me down as she barged past me. I could hear her sighs of relief as I walked away from the restroom.

I felt compelled to purchase something after using the gas station's restroom. I picked out a few candy bars and headed to the checkout counter. Jessie had joined me by this time also carrying a few food items. The clerk � a young, high-school, girl � glared at us with curiosity.

"Why'd ya go into the men's washroom?" The clerk pointed at the restroom we had just been in.

"That's the only restroom I saw." I felt the heat rise in my face, and knew I had to be tomato-red by this point.

"The ladies room is right there." The clerk pointed to a little, blue sign with a person in a dress outlined on it located in the opposite corner.

"Ooops. Sorry. At least the men's room was a single room with a lock, so no one could walk in on us." Jessie, also red as a tomato, quickly pointed out.

"Okay." The clerk smiled as she started to check out our purchases. "But you know the ladies room has two stalls?"

"Two toilets?" Jessie glared at me. "TWO TOILETS?"

"Is it my fault you didn't look for the other bathroom?"

"You told me it was there. So I went there. And waited for you to pee. Which took forever. Do you have any idea what that was like? Hearing you pee, while I had to wait outside with my legs crossed?" Jessie looked flabbergasted.

"Nope. No idea. I was in the bathroom peeing." I flashed a teeth-filled smile at Jessie, grabbed my merchandise, and quickly retreated for the car.

I had the engine going when Jessie finally made it to the car. I smiled over at her as I put the car in gear. She gave me one of those fake angry looks and started to laugh.

"Was that gas station a savior or what? I didn't think we'd make it." Jessie turned to look at the eighth wonder of the world one more time as we drove out of sight.

"Beats getting our butts sandblasted on the side of the road."

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've just been really busy with school and stuff that I haven't had much time to go on the Internet.

Anyways, I have my first constipation story to tell.

For the last 5 days, I hadn't taken one poo. Everytime I felt the urge to go, nothing would come out and it was really starting to bother me, because my stomach was starting to hurt after the 3rd day and it prevented me from doing high energy activities. Well, yesterday I woke up and my stomach was killing me and it was also really bloated. I got up and entered the washroom. I knew that I was gonna be a while, so I took off all my clothes and sat on the can in nothing but my boxers.

"NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN" *pant* NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN" Ouchouchouchouch! I could feel something sticking out of my butt and it hurt so much that I almost cried. "Uhhhhhhhhhh. Uhhhhhhhhhh. Uhhhhhhhhhhhh. Uhhhhhhhhhhhh. Uhhhhhhhh." I could feel it slowly and painfully making its way out of my butt. By this time I had already been in the bathroom for 45 minutes. For the next hour all you could hear was "NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN" "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" as I was trying to push out a monster turd. By now, I was sweating profusely and was losing my energy from pushing so hard. Another hour went by and only a little bit more poo was coming out, but not a lot. "C'mon!" I said to myself. "I don't wanna be here all day!" I beared down and let out the loudest grunt I could muster. "NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN" *pant pant* NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN" Nothing was coming out yet. After another 2 hours of sitting on the can, I was starting to feel like I was never gonna leave. "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. "NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN" Finally,after 5 hours of sitting in the bathroom in the most unimaginable pain ever, I heard a loud SPLOOSH! I looked into the toilet and I saw the HUGEST TURD I HAVE EVER SEEN! It was seriously almost 3 feet long and the width of a pop can or more! I had to break it down with the plunger so that it was able to flush down the toilet.

I hope that I never have to go through that ever again!

peeing rox
hi its me again, just 2 remind you i am a young female teenager and well i need advise from the adult pro's!
I love desperation stories especially peeing ones
K. i agree please put on peeing stories, K. could you maybe talk to me please explain why i love peein and desperation and why i am so interested, does any1 else have any ideas?
oopps can u tell me some accident stories especially peeing and maybe address some advice to me? thanx
Sherry please can u tell us anymore stories or tell us how desperate you and ur friend were description is gr8!
Well today i woz v desperate 2 pee i rushed out of music and handed my bag 2 my friends and dashed 2 the loo, i wasn't that desperte but it hurt a bit. I don't like being desperate just seeing or hearing about others being desperate or wetting
can any1 tell me why this is thanks, have a gr8 time, lol!

Last summer, my mom let me spend a month at Seaside Heights at a place run by a friend. Her grandson Buster, was my age which was 16 then. we would swim at the beach, roamed the boardwalk, and explored everywhere. One day we walked about a mile down to Seaside Park, the next town, looking for anything different to do. Suddenly, Buster said he had to go to the bathroom bad, and we tried to find a public bathroom, or any place he could do it. We never found one, and he said we had better head for home as fast as possible. About half way there, he stopped with a stricken look on his face and told me he couldn't hold it any longer. I actually heard the sound of him pooping himself, and asked if it were loose, but he said no it was a big turd. From then on, he had to walk funny for nearly a mile with a load in his pants. I kinda teased him, and he even he laughed at his predicament. When we got back, his grandmother had to get involved by putting his clothes in the wash.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Linda from Australia here again. Last night I had a big roast dinner, roast beef with carrots, pumpkin, potatoes, onion, peas and corn. A few hours after dinner I got the urge to poop but when I tried nothing came out. Then this morning, after I had eaten breakfast, I managed to drop a huge load in the toilet. I had to work hard to push the logs out, as they were quite solid and they hurt my anus. It took me about 15 minutes to squeeze out a big pile of turds but I still didn't feel finished. I went out all day and I felt the urge to do a poo all day but I didn't want to go in a public toilet (although I went to do a wee). When I got home, I sat on the toilet and pushed out another decent sized load. I also had to push a bit to get the poo out but I felt finished afterwards. I had dinner and about an hour later, I dropped another smaller load in the toilet.

TO THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER: I've never tried using an enema kit before. When I was about 6 or 7, I suffered from terrible constipation and I had to use suppositories a few times. I can't remember if I ever used an enema. I probably have trouble from time to time now because of that bout of constipation I had as a child. I can't really remember what it was like trying to do a poo back then, but I do remember being constipated a few times when I was a bit older. I do remember having several accidents though.

Although I often don't feel finished after taking a dump, I can usually push the rest of the poo out later. Normally, if I drop a load in the morning and I still have more shit stuck up my butt, I have to wait all day before I can squeeze the rest out.

To FAT WOMAN: I've tried listening to my flatmate when she goes to the toilet, to see if I can hear her straining while she is doing a poo. I can tell when she has done a poo because she always sprays air freshener afterwards. As I mentioned before, she is a big girl so Im sure she does have trouble pooping but Im yet to hear her grunting and straining. However she often only takes between 5-10 minutes to do a poo. This surprises me as she is so overweight. Sometimes I get embarressed going to the toilet for a poo because I take a long time on occassion (we both have our own toilet) Sometimes I can take up to half an hour or more. Other times, I take a dump and less than half an hour later I go back to finish it off (which doesn't always work). My flatmate probably wonders why I flush the toilet so much.

I have another friend who is also quite large. On Friday night I was over at her house and she went to the toilet. Her husband and I were sitting at the kitchen table chatting. The toilet is in her laundry and not far from where we were sitting. She had been in there for about 10 minutes when her husband shouted out "What are you doing in there?" She shouted back "Im doing a poo". She took another 5 minutes and then finished up. When she came out of the toilet, her face was red and she looked a bit uncomfortable. I think she had been straining but she didn't say anything. I was at her house again today and she went to the toilet, to do a poo again. I knew she was doing a poo because she took a good 10 minutes to complete her dump. I wish I could have heard her straining and grunting. I remember she told me once that she was constipated and she hadn't gone in 2 days. She told me a few days later that she was still constipated and that she had to take some laxatives. She never did tell me what the outcome was.

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER TO JAHC: At the gym I weigh my self on arrival. Sometimes then after I have to poo. If it is of reasonable size I weigh myself again. The weight is usually .4 of a kilo. I think that is a bit better than .8 of a pound or 13 or 14 ounces.

When I was 17, I went to a theme park with some friends. We went on a cable car ride, and there was a power outage while we were up there.We were up there for 4 hours before we could get off. needless to say, I wished I'd used the toilet before getting on the ride. I'd needed to poop, but the ride was going to the area where the main toilets were located, so I waited. I became more and more desperate as we waited. My friend wet herself, then it happened, I couldn't hold it any longer and soiled my panties, followed by complete wetting. It was so embarrassing, but the theme park did give us free season passes.

peeing rox
anyone ever pissed outside and while it was happening needed to take a dump? What did u do?

I live in Florida and i had a nasty bathroom expirence at my school with a new girl named Liz. This is how it alllll started....Liz walked in school with a plaid skirt and a dark green shirt.I knew that she was a dork when I first saw her and I kinda felt bad for her so i deceided to take her around the school with my boyfriend Jake, the head player of the football team, with me the head cheerleader of the cheerleading squad. So anyways she had to make a "pit stop" and I took her to the bathroom. While we were in the bathroom i heard lots of grunting noises and i figured it was Liz since there was nobody else in the bathroom. So i knocked on her stall door and she grunted even harder. So i budged the door open and there was her but!!! It wasn't on the toilet it was in the air facing me and then i was in shock so i really couldn't move when she let her last grunt out and a huge chunk of brown chunky liquidy stuff came flying outta her but and hit me right in the face!!! So the next thing i do is barf.....all over her BUT!ETC... So then the next day she walked up to me and told me that she wouldn't tell anybody and that if anybody in her country was constipated then that is what they do so it is the next year now and so far nobody ever found out. THE END

I really miss all of the great pee stories. I don't have any new ones to share, so it's up to someone else! Please?

Pete from St. Pete
Sunday I took a shit at the Home Depot. There were 5 toilet stalls all repainted black and all the doors were removed. I think there was a problem with graffiti and vandelism in there. All the stalls were occupied with employees. It looked really funny their orange aprons hanging over the black partitions. Kind of reminded me of halloween LOL. One guy finished, and I hopped on the throne. The room was vey cool from the air-conditioning, and the venting was great, with so many guys shitting, all I smelled was my own shit. Not bad...

To jahc - we have a shared obsession. I usually crap out a pound in the morning. Once in a while I have 2-pounders if I eat a bunch the night before. I'm a guy, over 200lb.

I started weighing in before & after lately since I've been trying to lose weight. My morning wizz right when I get up is usually about a pound's worth as well (a pint of water weighs approx 1 lb.)

Have you ever had a poop when you push, feel it come out, hear it plop, but then when you stand up there's nothing in the toilet? I just did, and it was really long. I don't know haow all that poop when into the toilet like that. i didn't see the point of flushing, since know one could see the present i left behind. Oh, and mandy, great story on your friend lindsey. i really liked it. I wish i could do that.

i was at my freinds house and he dared me to eat some chilli so i did and that night i had the worst urge to poop. i kept goin to the bathroom eventually that night i didnt make it and i ended filling my pants.

Dark Lord
I was outside one day and suddenly I really had to piss and shit. There were no suitable bushes nearby so I simply hitched up my skirt, lowered my panties and did a nice big, long strean of pee into the long grass. then I strained myself and did a great big shit. it sort of smelled.

I have on a couple of occasions when desperate for a pee gone into the Women's toilet by accident.Both times I looked for a urinal but had to use a stall as I could not wait.I have been able to slip in without being noticed.One time I was at an A & P show & none of the toilets had any signs . They must have just finished painting them.
I can remember my mother being over conscious about peeing & BM.I think it has something to do with having difficulty peeing in public.

peeing rox
Hi I have been lurking here for a while and I am really lovin this site. I am a teenage female of an average size.
Mandy - I really enjoyed your story about lindsey please tell us more stories about her.
I am only young but i love pee stories and the desperation and the wetting. I also like desperate to poo but not as much.
once when I was younger I stayed at a friends house. her dad was in the only loo pooing and grunting away. the mum came upstairs and she was so desperate to go she whined and hopped and described how desperate she was, it was gr8.
am i strange writing and liking this?
adults out there please anser me and help me and also please give me some more desperation stories!

Hey everyone
I'm about to eat a container of prunes because i've been a bit backed up lately. This is the perfect oportunity to do this because my parents are going to be out till 1AM and this doesn't happen often so i have to take this chance since i'm extremly poop shy. well i've started eating and i hope i explode on the toilet toight because it feels good. I know thats a bit weird but i don't care.

When I was in school they had those stinky deodorant round things in the urinals that smelled like mothballs. I don't know why they use them things but nowdays they have something else that is like built into a white plastic screen whereas these stinky round things sat on top of a usually blue screen that you peed on. Maybe it is becuz most guys don't flush and it keeps the pee stink down but I don't know what was worse the mothball smell or the pee stink.

Last night i was at the mall and i heard around a 20 yr old man yell SHIT i wet myself ive seen accidents too if you want me to tell more just caaaaall ma name

I just got back from a week-long camping trip and have quite a story to tell. I kept myself busy for the whole week, mostly hiking, seeing the beautiful sights nearby the campsite.

I also have quite an appetite. I ate almost twice as much as anybody else staying at the campsite at all the meals. On the third day, all the food I was eating had caught up with me... I had two days worth of food waiting to be pooped out, but no such luck.

Two more days later, I still had not pooped and I knew there must have been a massive turd lodged in me. Then finally before bed on the fifth day of the trip, I felt an urge to poop. Rather than take a risk on clogging the toilets, I decided to go out in the woods.

By the time I got in position and got my pants down, I already had at least an inch of turd sticking out. It was the hardest turd I'd ever dealt with, at least 3 inches thick, and insanely long.

The turd reached a foot in length, but was still coming. 10 minutes later, my monster was over 3 feet long and finally ended. And yet, even after all that, I still felt like I had more in me. I pushed and grunted and another hard thick turd slowly crept out, getting to a foot, followed by another 2 inch turd. Finally, I was empty.

My massive monster log was lying on the ground, 3 and a half feet of poop curled on top of itself many times.

Hey Cute and Shy, just wondering if ur still looking on here, and maybe posting some more stories of ur own soon. I missed hearing from u again, LOL! I will tell some more stories of my own later on.

Love and Peace!

When was the worst time you ever had to go pee?
When was the worst time you ever had to go poop?

Brian: I love your reports of Sears mens rooms. I think it's great you guys can be so open, and comfortable using the doorless stalls to shit in. I used doorless stalls all thru school ...1st grade thru college. Haven't seen any recently, but I would enjoy using one 'for old times sake" Maybe I'll run across one soon....

I have had a traffic jam crap in my pants. Its still there as I write this. It was like it must happen to everyone at some time or another. The road was blocked and the block never moved - but my bowels did. There was no way I coud stop it and finally I had to raise my bum off the seat and Two large and stiff lumps pushed in. They were followed by a fairly moist push to end. Its been in my pants now for about two hours and I am feeling quite used to it. Its not the first time I have crapped in my pants but the first for some time. I sat there wondering how many other people had loads in there pants or what they would think if thet knew that 25 year old guy in the next car had just dumped in his briefs. I have quite enjoyed it and feel the need now for a long relaxing shower and perhaps a stress relieving massage.

To answer Charlotte and Dexter's questions

- How can you make yourself, or someone else, wet the bed?
Well if you really want to do this, drink a lot of water, then soda with caffeine, get very tired and place the person's hand in warm water. Try to think about bathrooms then chances are good you will dream about going to the bathroom. Of course wear a diaper or else you will ruin the mattress, also a plastic sheet on the mattress is a good idea.

- Do you sometimes poop someplace other than the toilet on purpose?
Yes, on newspapers if there is no toilet around like when I am traveling.

- have you ever peed/pooped yourself on purpose in front of others? on
your own?
Yes I pee my pants to get people's reaction, especially women, younger ones think it is funny.

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER Up until today I have had a few days of minimal poo. I have been taking codine for pain relief and even though it is a very low dose, only two Mercindols at night it gives me great relief but it does give constipation. My poos have been a few inches long, maybe on or two a day but they have been very thin and very hard and have had to really force them out of my butt. I sit on the toilet and lean forward with my head below my knees. Not a good position because I nearly pass out. I then sometimes have to press real hard with my finger between my hole and the base of my penis to push the remainder of the stubborn hard turd out.
This morning at the gym I got that feeling that something was happening and I broke of my execises and sat on the toilet. I pushed out a couple of respectable, if not largish poos, wipped and back to my training. Later that morning I was nearing a client`s office and I had a slight urge. I deviated to a park where there were toilets but unusual for Australia there were no doors. Although my need was far from urgent I still went in, dropped my trousers etc and quickly did a just average BM, wipped peed and left all in a couple of minutes.
I have no problems with using public toilets and use them all the time. I usually do not poo at home like most people because there is often nothing happening at that time of the morning or alternately I am at the gym. I prefer to visit a public toilet if on the road rather than use the client`s toilet. I have no problem using the client`s toilet and sometimes do but it is more efficient to unload before arriving at a client`s office. That way on arrival I can launch into the subject at hand and get a good run on it before needing to use the gents.
Anyway back to what happened, I was at this client and it was now early afternoon, I was nearly through my work and began to get that "feeling".
I then finished and got into the car and the urge was building but not too bad. I headed straight back to the doorless toilets, hovered and quickly and easily did a poo that was at least twice as big, or maybe three times as big as normal and it all came out in one not too strenuous push. I was out of that toilet soon later. Nobody saw me and I could not care if they did. I would care if the person Knew me though.
Anyway I had a good post constipated shit!!!!

TO LINDA from Aust. For poo stuck up your butt try one of those bulb shape enemas or rectal syringe. You could probably squirt some water up and it should cause your rectum to contract and flush out the offending piece of poo. Alternately you could try a suppository or a micro enema but I think a bulb enema might be the go as it is more natural. I have not tried it myself however, years ago I saw it in a book on nursing.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

TO Lucy Lu:

Yikes! What a b*tch that lady was! It wasn't like you were asking her to wipe your bum. Handing you a few sheets of TP wouldn't have killed her.


My BM's have been surprisingly good this week I'm happy to say. I've managed to drop at least one 2"W x 6"L turd with each trip to the toilet every day this week. They all had a good healthy brown colour and were knobbly and firm. Solid, but not that rock-hard constipated variety. Also, more than a few were big & long enough to give that good 'rush' one can only get immediately after the last big piece squeezes out of one's rectum. Those, "ring-stretchers" that leave you panting for a couple of minutes.

Since these good pooping runs don't usually last that long for me, I decided to try something while my GI tract is providing me with an embarrassment of riches.
I want to see how long it will take for one of those logs to decompose in my back yard flowerbed, so yesterday I put on a pair of rubber gloves and grabbed two good (1.5"Wx5"L) stools that came out in an early evening BM.
I made two trips to the garden carrying one stool each time. (I was also very careful that none of my neighbours would be able to see what I had in hand.) One stool was simply placed on the topsoil and he other I buried ~4 or 5" below the surface.

Every few days I intend to very carefully check the status of each and see how long it takes for them to decompose completely! (I thought about taking a digital pic & creating a time-laps animation to document the changes. But I decided against it. Taking pictures would probably arouse too much curiosity.)

Question for anyone who frequently has BM's in the outdoors if they can:
-If you frequently walk by the place you've recently had a BM, how long does it take for your stools to vanish completely??



betty poop
hello. i am an average size 23 yr old girl. i was at work today and the salad i ate for lunch must not have agreed with me because within an hour of finnishing my lunch my stomach was not feeling right. during a meeting it was gurgling and churning and making losts of noise. my boss (who is very kind and understanding) gave me a look like whats wrong? because i must have been making a face like i was uncomfortable. a little while later the pressure got worse and i excused myself to the bathroom. i proceeded to have about 3 massive waves of diarrhea, during which my boss also came into the bathroom because she had to pee. we were the only two people in there so she knew what was going on with me, and it sounded as bad as it felt. we both exited our stalls to wash our hands at the same time and she asked if i was ok. at that point i felt better and we walked back to the meeting together. apparently that was just the beginning. i had to excuse myself to the bathroom two more times in the remaining hour of the meeting. then i left early because my boss told me to. she left bad for me. i had the runs for 2 days and missed work. i will never eat salad from that place again.

does anyone weigh themselves before and after taking a dump?

Just wondering, I seem obsessed with these things lately..

Miss X
Hi, does anyone have this experience when you kinda sit down to try and do a BM but you can't? My friend Laura does all the time.
We went out to pizza hut a couple of weeks ago and Laura ordered a mega meat thingy. When we had some ice cream she was complaining of stomach cramps so she went to the ladies room. I went in with her and a cubicle was free, Laura went inside and suddenly i heard this groan and grunting.I said 'are you alright Laura?" and she didnt answer, then she started crying and letting out little cries like she was giving birth to a baby with 2 heads!! (she was 12) I heard a large turd hit the water then a weird spurting sound, she shouted she had diarea. Lucky no1 was in there! Laura felt really sick and as soon and she unlocked the door she ran back in again. Yet another crying sound, she was really struggling. We left Pizza hut and we went into the park to meet our bf's. We went on the swings when she mentioned she had to go again. Laura walked over behind a tree and shooed a squirell off. Suddenly, he face went tomato red and everyone knew she was pushing. HARD. her bf looked behind the tree where she squatted, a long, spiral like turd hung out of her ass. he went round to her and grabbed her hands. he squeezed them like she was really giving birth. She wiped her bum a little l8er and came back over to us, she had some food poisoning after all and now Laura is 21 and as got that poop prob again, but now shes pregnant so lucky her!!

I was at Chapters last night and needed to take poo. I took the handicapped stall and pulled my pants down to my ankles. I then started to push. I could hear some crakling and small farts escaping so I knew that I was just about ready to drop a load. I pushed a little harder and then looked between my legs. I could see a small reddish piece of poo slowly sliding out into the water. I let out a breath and pushed again. I could feel it starting to come out and I looked between my legs again. This piece was a bit smaller and smellier too. As I was finishing up my third piece, I heard two women come into the bathroom. One took the stall beside me and the other took the farthest stall. The lady beside quickly peed and left. I hadn't heard anything from the other lady so I assumed she was pooping. I finished my 5th and final poo and wiped and flushed. I wanted to hear the other lady have a poo so I stood outside the bathroom. I didn't hear her make any noise nor did I hear her poo drop into the toilet. I guess she's a silent pooper. Anyways, after 5 minutes I hear her rip some toilet paper, wipe and then flush. I left the bathroom quickly so that she wouldn't know what I was doing.

I am 22 and 5'4", pretty, with long dark hair green eyes fair skin and pretty skinny, only about 105 pounds. One time I went with my friend to this super bowl party where I didn't really know anyone too well. I don't usually eat fried food but on the way there she drove thru a place and got us some fried chicken to eat. It was very greasy but I ate 2 pieces. Within minutes of arriving, a really bad cramp hit my stomach. I knew it was diahrrea from the chicken but when I went to the toilet, nothing came out. I went back out and sat down trying to watch the game but I was miserable with the worst stomach ache ever. Another bad cramp hit. The guy next to me saw me grab my stomach and double over, he must have seen the agony on my face. Without a word, he took me by the elbow, stood me up, and led me to a back bedroom. He gently guided me back on to the bed and began to rub my stomach in slow circle motions. I groaned in pain and tears began to flow down my face. I managed to tell him what a bad stomach ache I was having. After a few minutes of him rubbing me, I felt the poop begin to escape my butt. I told him I needed the toilet and he helped me up. In the bathroom, I could barely get my pants down and the liquid sick just poured out of me. The relief was enormous. I found out later the guy has a fetish for girls with upset t??s!

The last memorable experience I had was last spring when my formerly " shy" friend and I went hiking... we were 1/2 way to our destination when she blurted out " I have to go to the bathroom!"... No problem I asked her if she could make it to one of her favourite " bathroom spots" and she said she could as she only had to " go number 1" as she put it... We continued on our way until we got to her " bathroom".. an old abandon brick tower among all the trees and bushes, located off a side trail and down a hill... She quickly took out some paper and dashed behind the tower while I stood at the side and kept an eye out for anyone around that might see her or come near... I heard her pull her pants down and start peeing what sounded like a forceful stream for a good 30 seconds.. when she was done instead of wiping i heard her say " I think I may be a while, I have to go number 2 as well".... I told her to take her time and do what she had to as there didnt seem to be anyone around. I could hear farting and crackling as she pushed out her poop onto the ground behind the tower, at one point even saying to me " EWW SINKY" and I had to agree with her that it was.. She laughed.. Finally after 2-3 minutes I heard her wipe, pull her pants up and then appeared from behind the tower, saying how much better she felt after getting rid of everything.... We continued on our way, and on the return trip I had to pee so I asked if her if I minded if I went where she did as it was a nice secluded spot and she didn't care.. On our way back as we walked down the side trail you could still smell her creation it was that bad... She warned me " not to step in my doo doo" as I walked behind the tower... There was a massive pile of poop on the ground, it looked like one giant 1 1/2" coil with many more turds and a lot of runny mush all dumped on the ground.. I quickly did my business and got out of there before the smell killed me.... I can't believe such a vile smelling mess and that much of it came out of such a cute girl...

I witnessed the biggest desperate dump yesterday. I was at the mall and visited to can to have a dump (as usual). The one stall is taken by some guy plopping and grunting so I stand and wait. All of a sudden this older guy, 60s probably, comes in muttering and holding his big gut. He pushes and pulls on the stall door and I say "There's someone in there" he looks at me, grumbles in Italian "All full" and then goes and stands by the sinks. I noticed he is squirming and his face contorting in pain. He is mumbling something that sounded like Mamma mia and then he passes by me and says in Italian (I understand Italian) "I can't hold on" and with this he starts undoing his belt, takes his pants down and sits on the urinal. I couldn't believe my eyes. He rests his fat ass on the urinal and let's it rip, an explosion that jolts him, splatters the urinal and fills it with liquid shit. He sat there staring straight ahead, humliated no doubt and just let it all out, grunting and dying of agony. Then I notice his shorts are smeared with shit, he'd obviously crapped his drawers prior to submitting to the urinal.

Then some other guy comes in to pee, sees this old guy shittiing into the urinal, turns tail and leaves chuckling. the old guy looked at me with this "What can i do?" look and then lets another round fly. The smell was some bad I had to leave. Last I saw he had stood straight and was dripping from his ass, yellowy brown drops onto the floor as he mutter and looked for something to wipe with. As I opened the door to leave I head another explosion into the urinal once again....

I still can't believe was the worst i've seen yet


I am a slim female aged 18. I have size D breasts and a firm ass, but my firm ass doesnt like to keep poo in untill i want it out. Let me tell you about one of my many "incidents"

I woke up in the morning with the need to shit, so i got up and walked over to the bathroom and i sat on the toilet, but was only able to get out a tiny bit of poo from me. I had a coffee and left for work, when i arrived i had a bottle of coke and sat at my desk. A few hours in i was feeling the coke and the massive poo i had to take pretty goddamn soon or i was in for trouble, but i like to hold till the last minute (this often results in accidents). Another half an hour passed and i was really feeling the coke and the coffee settling in. I though i could hold it till i finished work, and i sat at my desk squirming and clenching till 4:00 when i got off work. I walked over to the washroom but to my surprise there was a sign that said OUT OF ORDER, i quickly ran to my car thinking i was in trouble. On the way home i felt another wave strike me and it was so painfull that i cringe just thinking about it, once the cramp subsided i started to wonder if it would be easier to give up and mess my panties, but i knew better than that. I arrived at my house and ran in the door and found the bathroom locked, my girlfriend was in there taking a shit (i am a lesbian). I knocked and she said she would be a while so i sat on the couch and crossed my legs as tight as i could clench them when the worst spasm yet hit me, the soft poo filled my white cotton panties and jeans it felt so nice to sit there in it while it was still warm, then i decided since i had just shit myself i might aswell piss myself too so i knocked on the bathroom door and informed my girlfriend and immidiatly she rushed out to see me piss my jeans. I let it come out as it spread down my legs onto the floor, then she started shitting her panties too seeing as she wasnt done on the toilet. That night we went to bed together and both wet the bed. = )

My Aunt and Uncle had a huge farm when I was growing up and my cousins and I used to go camping there in the summer when the leaves were changing. The area we camped in was several miles away from the house, so it was more or less like being in the woods.

The only bathroom was a porta-toilet they had set up a little ways from the camp site. It was something they built themselves. It was basically a cement floor, one of those bucket-style toilets, that ledd to a compost heap underneath. There were three wooden walls, and a plastic roof, BUT NO DOOR! The front of the thing was wide open, with nothing to block whomever was sitting on the toilet from anyone who might walk by.

This was a little embarrassing at first, but once I got used to the fact that everyone was in the same boat, it stopped being unnerving. After a while, I was comfortable taking a dump in front of anyone, even my Aunt or my female cousins.

When I was 8 years old, I was helping my Dad and my brothers clean out the garage. I was climbing up a shelf to push any junk I found at the top off onto the floor. While I was climbing, I slipped and fell. I jagged piece of metal, part of an old bed frame, ripped through my pants and wound up jammed up my rectum. It sliced right through my anus. I went to the hospital, and they had to stitch my anus and rectum back together. I was laying on my belly with my butt on display for a few weeks. I got lots of enemas and had to take lots of laxatives. My butt was horribly sore after every BM, no matter how watery it was. They finally let me go home, but I had to keep taking stool softeners for a while. I remember my first regular BM hurt like hell. I used to cry every time I had a BM. It hurt to wipe, too. It hurt to sit for a long time, too. Finally, after a couple of months, it was healed and I was okay. But it is a very bad memory from my childhood.

Hey folks....Not much of a weekend for me. I worked Sat, Sun and Monday....ahhhhhhhh Retail !!!! Store was busy all 3 days. Saturday, I went to the men's room about 2:00 after a hearty breakfast and lunch....It was time to 'unload" some logs. The guys that work in the Vision Department were both in there sitting farting, and dropping brown. One of the guys is a doctor, cool guy, the other only a eyeglass salesman. I've seen both of them in the bathroom before, but never at the same time. I said 'hey' whose watching the Vision Dept"? They told me 'Cissy" a cute bimbo with an IQ of a doorknob, who already asked them both questions THROUGH THE ENTRY DOOR !!!!.. "just be glad she didn't waltz her ass in here and see you sitting on on your toilets" I said...we all laughed...I took a seat and did I stink up that room bad...We laughed and I asked the doctor "Any of your customers ever catch you with your finger up your asshole, and wonder if you washed your hands good enough? He said it happened once, a father and his teen-age son were in the restroom, waiting for seats and watched him shit and wipe. Later they came in for a contact lens evaluation. They never said a word....but you know they were wondering, how good I washed my hands after I wiped up " LOL....we spent some time laughing, shitting, wiping,,,AND washing our hands then back to work for all of us..Man !!! Sears male employees SHIT a LOT !!!!!!

Hey everyone. I don't post here much but I try to share my pooping experiences when I can. Just to refresh your memory, I'm 20 y/o, about 5'10", brown spikey hair, and glasses. I actually don't poo too much. I usually try to squeeze something out at least once a day, but its usually pretty small. My family and I went out for memorial day yesterday and I had a really big dinner. After dinner I went home and about an hour later my stomach was sort of cramping up. I could tell by how it felt that a nice big poo was on the way. This is actually pretty unusual for me as food generally takes a while to digest. I don't know if my stomach was trying to make room for the dinner I had last night or if it just went right thru me. But anyhow, all evening I had this full feeling inside my butt, it just wasn't ready to come out yet. Finally by 10:30 I couldn't hold it any longer and had to take a dump. So I went in and pulled down my jeans and breifs to my ankles and sat down. I peed first and then farted. I turd started poking out with a loud crackling sound and I just let it slide out on its own. I don't rush my poop sessions, I just let nature take its course and relax. Every now and then I've give a little push just to keep things going. The turd landed with a plop as another made its way out. After about 3 or 4 turds things got softer and more light brown in color. I couldn't smell anything when I was leaning forward but when I turned around, it was pretty strong at this point. One thing I don't understand is, there's a big enough opening in the front of the toilet bowl between my legs for the smell to escape, but for some reason it all goes to the back thru the little opening from the crack of my butt. Anyway, I continued pushing out soft mushy turds mixed with farts and lots of crackling sounds. Then it started to require more effort to push out. More softies landed while I started peeing a little again. Finally I started pinching off the last of the load before I was ready to wipe. Before I wiped though I got up to look and see what I pushed out. I could tell it was quite a bit. Most of it sank to the button of the bowl though and the water was a murky yellow brownish so I couldn't see each individual turd. But 2 of them were floating. Since the second half of my dump was soft, my butt was a mess and took about 10 wipes to get clean. The whole poop session took about 15 minutes, the bathroom stunk, but actually it wasn't too bad.

I'm not sure what tonite will hold but I've got that full feeling again so I have a feeling it may be pretty sizable again. Hope you enjoyed my story.

i think a girl from my school told you guys about me. she emailed me and told me that she was going to talk about me on this site. its kind of embarassing though. it was the time i wet myself during a science dissection. im not really proud of that. it was really embarassing, especially knowing that a girl saw me wet myself. i have a really weak bladder so i have wet myself more than once. yes and i do remember being picked on by some of the older jocks after that. i also remember the agony i went through while i was still holding it. i hope you guys arent like those jocks are you?

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I posted a couple of weeks ago where I described taking my first shit at school. Writing it all down reminded me of this story when I was just turned 16 and thirty or so grade 10 and 11 boys including myself went to school camp for the summer half term week.
The sleeping accommodation was split into a number of small huts with each one sleeping four. I opted to share with Gary, the lad who had had a shit along side me the first time I had used the school toilets who I had subsequently become good friends with. Also two new boys Ben and Matt who were cousins and had recently moved from out of town to live with a relative and started to attend the same school.
The time at camp was great apart from the toilet facilities which were bad enough to put anyone off taking a shit for life! Only one of the stalls had a door and needless to say it soon became shitted up and stank to high heaven. After taking a quick dump on first full day there I decided that it would have to be an absolute emergency before I would use them again and resolutely made my mind up to hold my load until I got home if at all possible. The camp had a perimeter fence and a locked gate most of the time so there was little chance for slipping into the woods to unload.
That night after supper Gary and were chatting and I said what I thought about the toilets and how I hated using them. Gary said he felt the same as apparently did Ben and Matt. The two new boys all of a sudden grinned and each produced pack of Imodium which their Aunt had given them in case they got the runs. Matt suggested we share them out and take the whole lot between us there and then, which we did.
The little pills worked wonders and despite the camp food mainly consisting of bowls of cereal and plates of baked jacket potatoes with baked beans I didn't really have any urge to shit for the entire time we were there.
The smell of the farts on a night became pretty ripe though and as we turned in on the Saturday night Gary said he was starting to get gut ache and felt he really needed to shit but didn't need to go if that makes sense.
By time we left camp on the Sunday afternoon I was feeling pretty well stuffed and a bit uncomfortable myself. I realised once home that I may have to raid the bathroom cabinet and take some Ex-Lax to get my arse back into action.
After a two hour drive we finally arrived back at school and started to unload all the gear out of the coach. Whether it was this activity or the unconscious thought that a decent toilet was only a few yards away I shall never know. But as I was reaching into the coach to get the last of the camping equipment my previously dormant guts suddenly sprung into action and I let go of a couple of ripe farts which were rapidly followed by a solid, hard and painfully increasing pressure on my sphincter. Boy oh' boy did I need to shit. With the knowledge of what we had eaten and that it was a six day build up craving to see daylight I knew had to find a toilet el pronto and that there was little or no chance of making it home without shitting my jeans.
I put down the last of the camping gear in the foyer and then casually made my way down to the toilet block hoping and praying that it would be unlocked. Luckily it was. On the way in I met up with Gary who had mysteriously vanished as soon as we arrived back. He said he had been absolutely busting to shit for the last hour of the journey and had only just made it to the toilet before curling out a mega shit and had been sat there for about 20 minutes.
I headed into what had become my favourite centre trap and closed the door noticing there were some big yellow skid marks and the end of a huge turd still in the bottom of the pan. I must have gasped since Gary, who was still washing up, apologised and said it was the cubical he had just used. I thought of going into the next trap but I was at the point of no return by now with the end of the turd already slowly poking its way out of my arse. In any case I quite savoured the thought of sitting on the seat which Gary had so recently vacated and dropping my load on what remained of his. Realising how Gary must have felt on the coach I hurriedly dropped my jeans and with a feeling of relief flopped onto the seat immediately curling a monster of a turd into the pan. My guts were still doing overtime and I knew I had a load more crap to come out.
Suddenly Ben and Matt burst into the toilets arguing about which one would go first if all the toilets were busy so I rapidly concluded they were both desperate to shit too.
Gary, who had decided to wait for me, was laughing his head off as the cubical doors either side of me banged shut and both boys immediately dropped there pants. I could see from there trainers that Matt was on the right of me and Ben to the left. Matt can have hardly got his arse on the seat when he started to shit out an enormous load after announcing it with a really juicy fart. His shit must have been super soft since the spat, splat, splat of his turds dropping into the water went on for ages. My guts had also rounded up my next load of shit and I dropped another big but softer turd into the pan realising from the sensation in my guts that there was still even more to come. To say the least the whole scenario had me well aroused and I quietly and very quickly relieved my self in a slightly different way.
Ben must have had gut cramps since he let out one or two groans and straining noises before eventually giving a hefty fart and then eased out what I later saw to be a solid fat three foot unbroken turd which coiled its way around the pan and nearly up to the seat.
I suddenly shit out the final part of my six day load which had now become very soft having only just done so when Ben and Matt started to pull up their jeans and make an exit. I made a similar move so we all opened the doors at nearly the same time, none of us having flushed. To my surprise all three boys including Gary went straight into the trap that I had just vacated and took a look at my three massive turds. They all commented favourably so I decided that I would do the same and finally saw the huge monster shit that Ben had curled off. The stall Matt had been in really stank which came as no shock when I saw the formidable pile of soft yellow brown turds he had left behind. Ben then said that Matt had cheated and taken some ex-lax when he got on the coach though neither of them had expected it to work so quickly.
It was quite obvious from the bulges in our jeans that we all found the experience arousing and quickly agreed with Matt when he suggested it that we would have to take a proper buddy dump together if we could arrange it. As things turned out we did on more than one occasion but I will save the details of those days for another posting.

Linda from Australia here again. For the last few days, I've only been able to do small amounts of poo. It feels like there are huge turds in my anus but when I drop a load, its not very satisfying. Also, as usual, I don't feel finished after taking a dump. Yesterday afternoon I squeezed out some loose stuff and a few hours later I pushed out a few hard small logs. I could feel more poo stuck up my arse but it wouldn't come out. Then today I had to work hard to push out a few small, hard turds. I still didn't feel finished but all I could manage was a few farts. I don't think Im constipated but I would love to be able push out a big, decent sized load and feel satisfied afterwards.

Just a quick question: Has anyone ever been in the middle of taking a dump, with a log half way out your butt when you had to answer the phone or suddenly do something quickly, without having time to pull your pants up??

Hey Guys, Sorry about my absence. I know a couple of you have asked me some questions and I owe you some answers. THIS story is actually the first stoiry I thought of when I first considered posting on this forum. However, I have been afraid to post it for some time because it was such a cool event that once it's posted, I know I'm never going to be able to top it or match it. But oh well, I've been holding it back long enough, here goes. In my last posting, you will recall me telling you about how my buddy Mike collapsing on a toilet right in front of me in the throes of an absolutely HUGE shit. However, it was not the first time I had the opportunity to see Mike take a shit, nor was it even the best. That event came in the Fall of our Senior Years in High School. I had actually known Mike for a couple years before this because he had one brother married to a sister of mine while another one, Josh, was dating another sister of mine. (Josh had his own unfortunate shitting incident which I posted on a few months back.) However, in that time period, I had never had the opportunity to see Mike take a crap which was quite frustrating because I knew Mike was open about it from the way he talked about the subject and because I knew he would look absolutely *AWESOME* on the crapper. The big breakthrough finally came when I had a day off from school and Mike invited me to his school to hang out as a guest. I accepted and we met that morning and hung out for a few classes before we took a 20-minute lunch break. After lunch, we went to a break room to play a game of backgammon which Mike and I often did in thise days *VERY* competitively. As we played our backgammon game, little did I know that there was a MASSIVE fecal monster on the move through Mike's intestines and colon ruthlessly making their way toward his rectum where it would build up devastating pressure. While I didn't know that Mike had a *REALLY* major shit coming on, I'm not sure if Mike knew it either until it was almost too late. We were pretty evenly matched backgammon players but this game did not go well for me as I had some bad rolls and made some overly aggressive mistakes. Had Mike told me he needed to take a shit then, it could have given me a big psychological advantage and I would have been patient and waited for Mike to make a mistake under duress or maybe even give up altogether. On the last move securing his win, Mike shot up out his seat and said "Let's Go!!" as he BOLTED for the door before I could demand a rematch. I wasn't very happy about losing but Mike was about to more than make it up to me in a BIG way! :-) As I got up and followed him I took note of a GODAWFUL fart smell and said "Whoa, somebody really FIRED one!" Mike quickly admitted "I did.... I have to take a shit!" "Oh.." I replied realizing the moment I had been waiting for (to see Mike on a crapper) had finally arrived although I pretended to not be too excited for obvious reasons. "Didn't you hear me say 'Let's GO!!'???" Mike asked still wearing a sly grin. "Yeah, I relied, but I thought you meant let's leave." I replied As we proceeded down a very long hallway, Mike asked me to carry his books, evidently so he could concentrate on churning his arms and walk at a fast pace. As I took the books from him, Mike farted again, this time VERY loudly. With that he turned to me and grinned even as he started working his arms and walking faster. This time, even though he grinned, he was almost trying to poke fun at his own urgency and there was considerable concern now starting to show on his face as well. It was very evident the pressure on him was rapidly mounting. When Mike said he had to take "a shit," I started to suspect this might not be any ordinary trip to the crapper. Mike was somewhat averse to swearing and would always say "dump" when referencing the #2 body function. For Mike to use strong language was a definite break in his usual protocol and immediately suggested he might be in some *TROUBLE*!! As we continued walking at the brisk tempo, I saw Mike's big hands come up and he actually started unbuckling his belt in the middle of the hall. He was obviously lining things up with the books and the belt that once we hit the bathroom he was going to get his pants down and his butt on the crapper as quickly as possible. About 3/4 of the way down the hall, Mike let out another very loud fart which was particularly rancid. This time there was no grinning from him. He hadn't LET that fart out, they were escaping on their own. Mike then stiffened his walk a bit more and accelerated the pace telling me his situation was worsening quickly. I could tell by the stiffer walk and brisker pace now that Mike was *DESPERATELY* loaded with excrement and each step was an increasingly bitter struggle against the shit raging inside him demanding immediate release. The tense concerned look on Mike's face indicated he was fighting valiantly to hold back an overwhelming wave of shit that wanted to blast out of him. With each step, his rectum and sphincter were getting absolutely POUNDED. It hadn't pounded Mike into submission just yet, but one thing was absolutely certain, and that was that Mike was *GOING* to shit inside the next 60 seconds whether he was on a toilet or not. As we rounded the final corner down the home stretch to the bathroom, Mike was really farting now having already lost the ability to hold them back. We were now just several yards away from the bathroom which was a VERY good thing because my badly-loaded friend was quickly losing his strength to resist the relentless pounding pressure mounting inside him. (Mike later confided to me that had he been several minutes away from a bathroom such as driving in a car or out walking, he may well have given up the struggle, but being this close to his objective bolstered his determination to hold on.) As the mounting shit inside Mike got stronger and stronger, Mike's will and ability to resist got weaker and weaker. Still, Mike fought on tenaciously and valiantly to hold back the overwhelming wave of shit waging all-out war against him. When Mike shoved the door to the boys room open, he hurriedly dashed to the second stall furthest from the door as the first stall was already been occupied by another student. The layout of the room had 2 urinals along the long wall followed by two doorless toilet stalls, the second of which being where my desperately loaded friend would soon be helplessly parked. Across from the two crappers were two sinks with mirrors hanging on the walls right above them. I went to the second urinal next to where the first boy was parked to piss. Or maybe I pretended to piss, I don't recall as my attention was clearly focused on the events transpiring in the second toilet stall over. Just then Mike moaned and came dashing out of the stall. "Oh no!! There's no paper in here!!" He then pleaded urgently with the occupant of the first stall to please hurry up. I had never before heard such urgency in someone's voice over needing the toilet, and frankly, I haven't since. I made a quick joke to Mike to jump up and down, but while I didn't actually think (at the time!) that such a virile, attractive, and popular young man could actually mess his pants, it had become blatantly obvious that his ability to control such functions was getting a SEVERE test. Mike didn't seem to appreciate jokes now and/or just didn't have the time to think about it. In the 80 seconds or so since the backgammon game ended up to now, Mike had gone from making jokes and laughing to a full-blown, critical emergency. The guy on the first crapper then offered to hand the toilet paper under the partition when he was done if Mike needed to get started right away. He did. Of course, Mike immediately accepted the offer as he was WAY too overwhelmingly loaded with shit to do otherwise and hurriedly dashed back into the stall. Quickly turning his back to the toilet, Mike stood about a little more than a foot in front of it so it could accommodate his slender but fit 6'3 frame. Frankly, Mike would have been right back in that stall anyway regardless of what the other student offered. He just didn't have 2 minutes to wait for the first stall to become available and all three of us knew it. Mike didn't have 10 seconds as the relentless pressure from all the shit inside him began really bearing down on his besieged and quickly-weakening shitter muscle. Mike was in a tight race that would mean the difference between having a serious load of shit lying harmlessly at the bottom of a toilet and having a serious load of shit lying in his underwear. He could deal with any sticky residue sticking to his ass later. Besides, he had me for backup in case the other guy pulled a prank and made off with the roll. And, I wasn't exactly averse to the idea of walking into the stall to hand Mike a roll of paper while he was sitting with his pants down on the toilet. As Mike dashed back into the stall, I glanced over from the urinal and realized that the mirror above the sink across from the crapper where he would soon be seated gave me a perfect view of my BADLY-loaded friend FURIOUSLY at work from his head down to the crotch. I don't know if Mike normally lined the toilet seat with paper but there wasn't time for that and it wasn't available yet anyway. As I looked over I could now see an extremely worried look on Mike's face as he fumbled frantically with the top button and zipper in a desperate bid to drop his pants faster than he had ever dropped them before. Successful in that endeavor, in one simultaneous motion, Mike COLLAPSED to the crapper and to safety with a loud clang. For Mike, he had won the race to save his pride and his pants with virtually *NO* time to spare at all before his shitter muscle gave up. Even *BEFORE* Mike could get his ass safely mounted on the can, Mike was blasting an explosive fart that seemed to shake the walls as his butt went down on the toilet. My long wait to see this young man loaded (And man, was he ever *LOADED*!!) on the toilet with his pants down in the throes of a major shit had finally come to an amazing dramatic end. And boy, was it EVER a SHIT! Immediately, before he could even get himself fully adjusted, a *MASSIVE* load of excrement came exploding viciously out of Mike with relentless furious force rendering him utterly helpless as it thundered violently from his young body cascading rapidly into the BADLY-needed toilet. (And I DO mean BADLY needed!!) It was almost as if this shit was actually angry with Mike for making it to the toilet and was actually taking REVENGE on him for holding it back as long as he did. If this wasn't one of Mike's very *WORST* shits *EVER*, then he must have taken some REALLY mean shits in his time!! This led me to instinctively look back over to the mirror to see how my indisposed friend was doing. I could now see the top of Mike's head, his broad shoulders and his upper arms held in such a way to suggest that his lower arms were probably draped over his thighs in the classic crapper's position as he continued filling the toilet with a whole bunch of shit. (I don't believe all the excrement thundering out of Mike was particularly loose or soft. There was just a heck of a LOT of it!!) Mike's broad back was arched outward revealing an athletic build that reminded you this was still very much a strong young man, albeit temporarily weakened on the toilet. At first, Mike was looking down, but as his relentless load kept exploding out of him, he looked up with his eyes ever widening. Mike dropped his jaw in an apparent attempt to exhale, but could only get out a few strained gasps as the relentless crackling cascade of shit kept coming out of him.... And coming, and coming, and coming.. Although this impressive wave of excrement went on for just several seconds, it had to have seemed much longer to Mike. I swear, sometimes I think this major shit had mind of its own and was trying to teach Mike a lesson in humility. When the last of this massive wave of crap finally and mercifully exited Mike's body, yet another explosive fart blasted it's way out of him in an exclamatory parting shot as if to give Mike one final reminder of just who was boss. At this, Mike's head rolled back and his eyes seemed to roll into the back of his head. For a second I was actually a bit worried, but he pulled out of it and stared forward again almost like he was in shock. I know that if Mike had started in his pants, he would have been completely helpless to stop it. Once he let go, it was all over. I can't ever remember someone being overcome by a major shit that emphatically, that fast unless there was some illness involved which there clearly wasn't in this case. In seconds the worst was over for Mike but the after-effects were devastating and would last the rest of the day. After this unbelievable load had erupted from Mike, the whole bathroom was filled with a nearly-overpowering stench and Mike grunted a sigh, partly out of relief, but mainly out of shock. The smell was really awful but it was a small price to pay for such a spectacular show. I was still standing at the urinal and at this point, I stated to make small talk to see if Mike was all right. I couldn't believe my ears over how much shit I had just heard come out of Mike and fall into the toilet. "Wow bro." I said. "It sounds like you really DID have to shit." "Gee," replied Mike trying to work up some sarcasm, "Do you really think so??" "Are you ok??" I asked. "That sounded really bad just now." "I think so." Mike replied not sounding convinced. "I don't know where it all came from but I'm afraid there still might be a whole lot more on the way." I was stunned to think there still might be even MORE shit inside Mike. He had already given birth to an anaconda. How much more shit could there be?? "You haven't been sick, have you??" I asked. "No, I've been fine." Mike replied. "This just hit me out of the blue.... hit me HARD." "Question for you bro..." I began. "By some odd chance your Mom didn't make you her famous meat loaf and cabbage last night, did she?" "As a matter of fact, she did" Mike responded. "How come?" "Just wondering..." I replied "What... You don't think THAT'S what caused me to shit like this, do you??" Mike replied incredulously. "Well, let's just say I'm not exactly ruling it out!!" I replied trying to restrain a laugh. As we carried on our conversation, I could definitely tell Mike sounded tired and run down. I can relate to this. Sometimes when the colon is subjected to intense pressure such as right before a major crap, the sudden, rapid, and precipitous drop in pressure can actually leave you a little dizzy. I've also been there many times where I've quickly let loose a major and intense load then end up sitting far beyond what is needed before you believe that it's safe to get back up again. That is sort of what happened to Mike who eventually wound up on the crapper for about 12 minutes of which, the first 10 seconds was that impressive fireworks show, another 20 seconds or so for Mike to expel a couple secondary surges which actually required considerable effort on his part, about 9 1/2 minutes to recover and gain confidence that it was safe to get up (no joke), and about 2 minutes to wipe. Yes, Mike did eventually secure the much-coveted toilet paper. After we started small talking, I heard the other student in the first stall start to tear sheets off the roll and make several passes to clean himself up. When he completed this, he took the roll from the holder and honoring his word from a few minutes before handed the roll under the partition to my very grateful friend. I had wanted to take the roll to Mike myself, but I had already been treated to far more than I had a right to expect. I hardly needed a look at naked thighs or buttocks when I had already seen Mike collapse in the mirror, watched his woozy reaction from the torso up when the awesome first wave of shit stormed out of him, and would get a real good look of his pants hanging around his lower legs. It's like a good Hitchcock movie where suggesting something is far superior to just showing it. (However, I did get the opportunity a few years later... As I recounted to you in an earlier posting.) After the first student wiped, he stood, pulled his pants back up, pulled the flush lever and walked out of the stall. I don't rightly remember much about him other than the sequence resolving the toilet paper issue. He was pretty well along with his own dump by the time Mike and I got there so I can't report anything of significance about him. After he washed up and headed out the door. With him gone, I headed for the door to get a good look under the part ion into the stall where Mike was sitting. There under the partition was a pair of size 14 traction shoes Mike had just gotten for football. At first, he had thought they were really awesome but later found out they really didn't work that well. The khaki slacks which Mike had so desperately pulled down several minutes before hung at half-mast around his calves crumpled like an accordion. The crumpled pants were sort of symbolic of the myth that was crushed in my mind. For years, Hollywood portrayed only overweight geeky guys as people who actually went to the toilet from time to time, while attractive, popular athletic guys were somehow invincible against such human failings. That myth was now shattered. Now, all I ever need do is remember Mike loaded on the toilet with his pants crumpled around his calves. As I admired this ironic scene, I began thinking that Mike might be done. However, after several long moments, I heard a slightly audible sputter fart emanate from the stall where my friend was now becoming a fixture. This was then followed by some even more audible puffing/grunting. I asked Mike if he was ok and he replied by gasping "Hold... on.. Can't... talk...." in a grunting voice. Moments later Mike started shitting again as another very serious and very audible crackling load began thundering from him once again cascading out of him at tremendous speed into the porcelain bowl hitting the water with several loud splashes. Mike then exhaled a deep open-mouth gasp in response to the latest endeavor. Unlike Mike's first monstrous wave of excrement which fulgurously steamrolled out of him, this surge wasn't near as huge but it was still very substantial. And, unlike the opening volley of crap, this wave had required considerable effort, will and energy, all of which I could see and hear that Mike was now in increasingly supply short supply. After several moments, I again tried some small talk. In reply, Mike could only grunt back "Hold...on. Ugghhhh... Not.... done." When I heard a couple more huff/sigh/moans, I knew that Mike still hadn't obtained the badly-needed relief he was so desperately seeking. I now truly believed this cruel shit really did have a mind of its own, and it was a MEAN one. Not only had this monster sent my good friend into a panic nearly shitting his pants at school, but now it refused to relinquish its dominating grip on Mike without first forcing him to put up a bitter struggle. At the risk of making a bad pun, this beast was really kicking Mike's ass in the worst way. I'm not sure if my presence provided Mike with moral support, made things worse, or didn't matter. No matter, even with his waning strength quickly ebbing away, Mike knew that he couldn't just surrender and let this force just beat him without a fight. He was far too competitive too let that happen. By sheer will, Mike had somehow gotten his ass safely aboard the toilet successfully before his bowels erupted in a raging torrent of shit. It would be force of will now that would end this ordeal. Mike was really grunting/gasping now as he dug deep into his depleted reserves and his soul for one more determined push. This was probably going to take all Mike had so it was critical he meet with success. I could see Mike's feet turn in and toes curl up in his traction shoes as he braced for battle. At this point, I really wanted one more look in the mirror to see Mike go to work but I didn't want to give away what I was doing. (In retrospect, I don't think Mike would have cared much anyway, and at that moment, he was obviously fully concerned with his own situation, not with me. Still in my mind, I could still visualize Mike's back, neck, and diaphragm muscled tensing and undulating at the exertion. After several tense moments with Mike exhaling several deep sighs, I finally heard yet one more sputtering fart. Then finally, slowly at first, then picking up speed with that unmistakable inexorable crackle, Mike began successfully expelling yet one more huge excremental loaf in a massive surge even larger than then last one. Inch by bitter inch, Mike's crap kept crackling and sputtering out of his weakened body even as it seemed to refuse to relinquish its grip on this determined young man. I figured there had to be at least a foot-long loaf of excrement tenaciously hanging from Mike while he struggled desperately to eject an undetermined remainder of shit. If Mike had closed his sphincter muscle now to pinch it off, he might never get it back open to expel the rest. That result was entirely unacceptable to this fierce competitor, so Mike dug in. Mike's energy was nearly spent as he fought desperately for every sputtering crackling inch (and there were a LOT of those inches), but he had come too far to give up now this close to the end. With the tables now turned, Mike ratcheted up the pressure huffing under his breath with everything he had left the whole time. With one final excruciating push, the last of the massive turd finally exited Mike and splashed into the now somewhat overcrowded water. With that, the toilet and Mike both fell eerily silent. After a prolonged moment, Mike breathed a deep sigh of relief. This last surge of excrement had required even more exertion than the previous one, leaving Mike almost completely sapped of energy. By this time, I was concerned my badly weakened friend would not be able to muster the strength to mount another concerted effort if it came to that. Fortunately for Mike, the Gods who oversee such situations saw Mike's predicament and mercifully relented. (I don't know if that is a patron saint for crappers, but maybe there should be). Mike had finally found his greatly-deserved relief. With his bowels at long last completely evacuated, Mike was finally able to breathe a very long sigh of relief. "Whhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwww.." After waiting several minutes while Mike recovered as best he could, I finally came out and asked Mike if he was finished. Mike replied in a very tired-sounding voice that had it would take him a couple more minutes and thanked me for being patient!! "Cool." I thought to myself. I should have been the one thanking Mike!!!! After a couple minutes, I could hear Mike start to tear off the toilet paper he had installed in the holder. I thought of being funny and asking Mike about his folding and wiping technique, but I figured he just wasn't in the mood. In another instance, I figured Mike might tell me, but he had just been through crapper's hell. (He would come out and tell me several months later anyway in an unrelated conversation. He generally preferred to take 4 sheets and fold then into one square 4 thick and he passed the paper from front to back in one motion.) I think I counted about 16 times where I heard the paper being torn off (No joke!!) and wondered just how much more could be put in the toilet. It must have already been unbelievably filled with all the shit that had just come out of Mike. With each of the 16 passes, I saw Mike's right leg raise up a few inches as Mike was right-handed and would be performing the wipes from that side. Then as I peered under the partition again to where Mike's pants still hung crumpled forlornly at half mast, I saw a large pair of hands reach down and raise the pants in triumph back up to their pre-dump status around Mike's waist. Then with a squeeze of the flush lever from his powerful right hand, Mike sent his demonic fecal tormentors screaming to their rightful doom in the netherworld of the city sewer system, never to wreak their havoc on his bowels ever again. Remarkably, the American Standard wall-mounted toilet was up to the quite formidable task of carrying away even this vast amount of excrement. This was a high school after all and the crappers need to be designed to meet the considerable needs of their loaded teenage boy occupants. It's no secret that male adolescents are by far the biggest shitters and numerous posts have been made on this forum expounding on that theme. With the flush, he successfully brought about a happy and satisfying conclusion to the *EXTREMELY* productive relationship between himself and the toilet. The crapper had served Mike very well during his turbulent period of distress. Usually, a toilet's job is a thankless one. You have to take everyone's crap and get no appreciation for it. I think in this case, Mike probably did feel great appreciation for the considerable services rendered. For his part at least, Mike left the seat nice and warm for the next lucky visitor. When Mike had flushed the toilet, I made my way outside and waited for him to wash up. (I HOPE he washed up after 16 wipes!!). When he emerged, he definitely looked run down and his eyes lacked their usual brightness. This is not the way he was just 15 minutes before and the only thing that had changed was that he had taken a major shit. I'm not one to gloat and I didn't want to enjoy myself TOO much at my friend's expense. I believe that what goes around comes around and I didn't want that excremental demon to come knocking at MY back door!! Still, I had to state the blatantly obvious so I chose the congratulatory, supportive route and said "Now THAT was an impressive crap, Bro!" Mike just shook his head in agreement, rolled up his eyes recalling the experience and let out a long "Whheeew." I then asked him if he was ok. This time he shook his head in the negative. I can believe that. I couldn't get over just how loaded Mike had been and just how much shit had just come out of him. In fact, calling it a Major crap was probably a demotion since that beast had probably made it up to at LEAST Brigadier GENERAL level. We now had but a couple minutes before the next class. For anyone who thinks I'm just making up the whole weak/tired thing as an embellishment, Mike confirmed that for me himself later that day. Over the next 2 hours, Mike had an absolutely terrible time staying awake in class. When that finally ended, I had to go to soccer practice at my school while Mike had football practice coming up. I called Mike up later that evening to thank him for his hospitality. I then found out he had a miserable football practice and had no idea how he got through drills. A couple years later, I was talking to several friends at college who mentioned that they never seemed to perform as well in sports following a really major crap. One buddy of mine laughed that he could usually score 20 points a game in basketball, but if he took a crap right before the game, his game would take a crap too and he'd be lucky to score 2 points. I never really had that come up as an issue for me. I could always just do my thing and move on. Several months later Mike and I were casually talking and he mentioned that he usually made a post-lunch trip to the bathroom. I then reminded him, "Yeah, I was WITH you that one time...." Mike's eyes lit up at the reminder. "Oh my God!" he exclaimed. "That was the worst!! First I feel like I'm not going to make it and about to crap my pants, then at the end, I can barely get it out!!" "So those mad dashes aren't a frequent occurrence??" I probed further. "Oh hell no!!" Mike exclaimed. "You can't live like that!" To this day, I don't fully know what Mike possibly could have eaten to subject him to such a mean and devastating shit. At lunch, he had a fairly innocuous ham and cheese sandwich, chips, an apple, celery sticks, and a soda. Not exactly the kind of stuff that's going to send you rushing to the porcelain throne inside of half an hour with a raging torrent of crap demanding immediate release. My #1 suspect however is the meat loaf and cabbage Mike's mom made for dinner every so often. Sometimes, I would be over hanging out with Mike when his family would invite me to have dinner with them. Usually, I was happy to oblige, but if it was the meat loaf and cabbage, I always kept a handy excuse why I would suddenly have to go home. It's not that it tasted bad. It's just that I had this little voice always telling me that having the meat loaf and cabbage wasn't such a great idea. Mike's very major dump reinforced my belief I had been acting wisely. This event happened near Thanksgiving and I can remember being in church days later when the Pastor asked us what we were thankful for. I laughed to myself as I thought how thankful I was that my mom didn't have that recipe for meat loaf and cabbage!!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Over the course of the next couple of years, I would have several other opportunities to be around when Mike would have to drop trou and let loose on the toilet again. Like one time, just after Christmas, Mike and I went over to my Sister's house (She was married to one of Mike's brothers by now) to watch an NFL playoff game, have snacks and play a couple of board games. Debbie and Steve were remodeling a fixer-upper and the bathrooms didn't have doors yet, just curtains. After eating we went back to watching the game and playing cards when Mike excused himself from the table. I started helping my sister with the dishes when I noticed the room was filled with this horrific aroma. My brother-in-law then exclaimed, "Oh my God!! Who did it??" Mike's voice thundered back from the bathroom exclaiming proudly "I did it and I'm still doing it!" Taking this as an opportunity to see Mike pants down on the can, I tore the curtain open part way to mock lecture him and exclaimed "You pig!! Didn't your mother teach you about courtesy flushes?" Mike was the kind of guy to do it to you if the situation was reversed so he just grinned at me from the crapper at me and said "Here's your courtesy flush!!" fanning more of the aroma at me with his hand. Mike farted as he did this and a very long soft turd came crackling out of him cascading into the toilet. In mock disgust, I closed the curtain, went to the kitchen and grabbed a book of matches. I went back to Mike and ripped open the curtain again. "Here, use these!" I said tossing him the matches. Mike grinned. "No problem," he said "but the explosion might burn the house down!" Mike started farting and crackling once again as I closed the curtain laughing. This was a major shit too, but nothing like the *TITANIC* struggle he was forced to endure the year before. While Mike did look really awesome on the toilet, I realized the biggest reason I liked him was that he never took himself too seriously or too self-consciously. He had an uncanny ability to exude confidence and enthusiasm for life even from the crapper, pants at half staff and a 2-foot load of poop hanging halfway out!! ------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for reading my longwinded story and hope all of you enjoyed hearing about it 1% as much as I enjoyed experiencing it. 1. To DB Starman...... Yes, I have had a number of opportunities to see guys in sandals head for the porcelain throne. However, my best stories revolve around guys in dire straights and/or those guys who are somewhat overwhelmed when they reach the crapper. In that respect, none of these young men quite met that criteria. 2. To Franco, YES, I have had numerous conversations with guys on the crapper. Sometimes they were in the throes of really major shits at the time. Certainly, my accounts of Mike come to mind. After that account I told you about above, I had a number of conversations with him while one of us was on the crapper. On my very first post, I told about how I met a fraternity buddy of mine while he was letting loose with a MASSIVE bowel movement.... Then I had the story about Josh (not my brother-in-law) and I bantering back and forth on our respective cans while on a church retreat. I must say that I haven't gotten to posting it, but I *DO* have another *VERY* cool Josh story coming up as well along with the account of how I totally harrassed a young volunteer at that retreat while he was constipated and trying to push his turds out while meeting some stiff resistance. Then there was a time at the mall where I was *TEMPTED* to congratulate a young gentleman on one *VERY* impressive shit, but he seemed either a bit self-conscious and/or self-absorbed so I bit my tongue there. I'll give future full-length accounts on those events as well in the not-too-distant future. Be Safe, Greg

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