There is a piece of waste ground outside our house and it is sometimes used by the builders working on houses in the area to relieve themselves. No problems and I get a good view. The other day I noticed a little Eqradorian guy walking very carefully down the road towards the waste land. He looked as if he was busting for a piss and kept holding onto the front of his jeans. He found a sheltered spot, or so he thought as I had a great view of what was about to happen and he kinda unbuckled his jeans at the waist as if to take a crap but the urge for a pee must have been greater because all of a sudden he tugged on his penis and he let out a great arc of pee about four feet in front of him. Wow did he need to go, but all of a sudden he sort of bend forward tensed up and stopped peeing and with one quick movement he managed to drop his pants down and with out even bothering to squat down I could see an enoumous turd head sticking out of his but about three inches long. He just stood there in a semi bent over possition for about five mins and kept pushing out an enormouse poo. It must have been at least three inches wide and about a foot long, all the time he was holding onto his penis with both hands as it was clear that he still needed to pee. all of a sudden when the turd was almost finished it was obvious that he could no longer hold his pee as he straighted up a bit and proceeded to finish off the pee. It lasted about one miniute and shot many feet in front of him, all the time the big long turd was still hanging from his but. when he was through he kinda pushed a bit more wriggled a bit and the turd plopped to the ground in one piece. Looking very relieved he put every thing away with out wiping and walked back up the road rubbing his but and crutch through his jeans. Bet his pants were in a mess underneath. Later I went over to the wasteland to inspect what I had witnessed and wow did he need to shit he must have been bound up for days as it was a good 18 inches and at least 5 inches in diameter, so much shit to come out of such a small guy and all in one long piece.
look forward to the next lot of workmen.!!!

Today instead of posting about a current poop, I thought I would share a story from my college days.

Over a three day weekend, two of my friends and I went to a campsite nearby our campus. For added fun, we tried to hold our pee and poop for as long as we could. Logically, we emptied ourselves out completely right before we left.

Friday night was uneventful... we ate dinner and went to bed. Saturday afternoon, we went hiking after lunch. While we were out, Michelle said she had to pee a little, but it wasn't too bad. Before bed, I started to feel a small urge to pee also, but we went to bed and I slept fine.

All day Sunday, Lisa, Michelle and I all had to pee pretty bad, but none of us wanted to lose the "bet" by peeing, so we all held it in. By the time dinner was over, Lisa said she needed to poop. All night we suffered, barely sleeping.

In the morning, we ate breakfast. During another hike, Michelle commented that she was feeling the urge to poop and I told her I was too. Time went on and I could barely hold my poop and pee in. Before dinner, the three of us agreed that it was too unbearable... we all squatted behind some bushes and let sweet relief come.

We all peed for at least 10 minutes and then I felt a turd coming out. It was a thick but soft turd. After about 10 barely solid 3-4 inch turds, I was done.

Lisa's poop was 3 thin firm and very long turds and Michelle had only one turd, but it stretched her anus coming out. As the turd poked out, she started breathing heavier. As it neared 1 foot in length, Michelle began breathing very heavy. I was surprised that much poop could be inside her body. After 5 more minutes of grunting and straining, the 2 foot monster escaped - No wonder she was in so much pain all weekend.

humble poop guy, it has been a while i been here and i whould like to say to maggie welcome and a very touching intro you started with your story reminds of me when i have been walk in on it happen all when i was 10 years old by store woman clerk i whould never forget that experince well i hope u feel welcome maggie

Mandy, That was great, thanks for adding so much detail, I'd like to hear more of Lindsey's accidents.

Dave B
Hey everyone. It's been a long time and I don't even know if anyone cared if I was gone =( I just got back from the toilet with a little bit of poop, not too much today (unlike my usual clog worthy ones). Anyways I just came by to reply to some of the messages. I mostly like the female ones since girls I know don't normally talk about their bathroom trips.

To Maggie - That was a pretty interesting story about you and your friend. I've read a lot of posts on here from asian people like China Girl who posted a while back. I noticed that there was a couple of sentances posted twice which might have been cause of the website or you forgot you put it in already lol. I hope you'll share more of your pooping experiences =)

To Tia - Love your stories, kind of short, but still good. Do you really enjoy watching yourself poop? I think that's awesome =) I could never ever see a girl watching herself poop. Post some more stories =P

To Rachelle - Excellent story Rachelle! Very well detailed as if I was right there watching you poop lol. You shouldn't be sorry that it was such a long post. I hardly ever see a nice long story that I can read about pooping. Most of the stories are usually just a paragraph long (including mine, but I don't have that many great stories to tell or how to tell it lol). I can't wait for your next novel to come out lmao.

Well I'm going to get going now. I'll let you all know about my next experience.

My girlfriend on the phone today said she had a dream she was peeing and when she woke up she had peed herself a little bit.

But, the thing that got me was...she said, "but in the dream I thought I was awake...cos I was peeing forever".

Do you think she just gave away that when she really goes pee, she's one of those girls that takes a very long time to pee?

Hey Everyone!! Last Night I fell asleep and I woke up with my stomach really upset..I didn't know what it was i got up and did my chores...then got on here. As I was sitting here talking to one of my friends on ??..My stomach started rumbling and making a lot of noises. I knew I had to take a crap. But I waited a while...then the urge got worse and worse. so i got up and ran to the bathroom, i pulled down my pants and panties and sat down on the toilet...well i thought i just had to poop but all of a sudden diarreah shot out and it was constant. I was sitting there about 10 min, then it was all i wiped and flushed the toilet. then i came in here to post this. My stomach is still really upset. oh man!!! i have to go again! I will post what happens. Bye!!

Hey all i an a first time poster but i must say i like this site! So my story is from a few days ago. I was meeting a friend at the mall who was not due for a while. I felt a slight urge and thought why not. I enjoy Pooping in surlga bathrooms because i like listening to others when they poop. So i picked a stall second from the end. The stall on my right was occupied with a poor guy that was grunting like he was giving birth. I sat down on the pot. As i listened as the guy on my right struggled, i let loose a few short farts. He sounded like he was catching his breath after a few small splashes. I was having a bit of a time getting started so i pushed a bit. A guy entered the stall on my left and i heard him pull down his pants and settle down on the toilet. By this time my turd was crackling out. The guy on my left let out a massive fart and i heard him crackling as well. I dropped the 7 inch er i had been working at with a loud plop. I heard rustling to my right as the grunter wiped up and flushed. I followed up with another shorter log as the guy on my left made 2 splashes after each other followed by another loud fart. I eased out my last bit and waited to listen as his last turd plopped out. The bathroom echoed from the paper dispenser as the guy wiped 3 times and he flushed and i watched him through the cracks as he washed up as i was still wiping. Wonder if he found any entertainmen like i did!

I became ill one evening while staying at my Great Aunts house.
I was on the top floor of an old Victorian house and my aunt sent me up to bed with a bucket (the bathroom was on the first floor near her room and she explaned that because she was a light sleeper would I mind having a wee in the bucket, should I need one). However when I woke around midnight with terrible stomach pains and knew I needed the toilet I settled for the bucket thinking I would empty it in the morning. But what I never expected was the worst diarrhea ever, it just kept pouring out, very loose at first and then just fountains of brown water. I almost filled the bucket! I then sneaked downstairs and out to the drain at the bottom of her yard, while pouring it down the drain, the smell was unbelievable I suddenly vomited into the drain.More misery.
Half an hour later I made my way back to my room and slept. My aunt never did find out about that night.

Mr. Clogs
Hey everybody, Mr. Clogs again. Hey it's been a while since I posted and I try to catch some new posters here. Great stories by the way, epecially Cute and Shy, wow interesting stories keep em' coming.

Anyways, out of the vault of classic Mr. Clogs' bathroom adventure, here is a story of me using those Infamous pee containers, so here goes.

Last Sunday, really early Monday morning I had the urge to pee so bad that I was about to wet myself. So I immediately grabbed my bathroom container undeneath the bed and handled my business. Ah man it felt so good, filled the container about a quater way, it's a two litre container. I put the lid on the bathroom container and placed it under the bed, and then went back to sleep.

Maggie: Nice post about using your roomate's toilet for a dump. Pretty cool, I don't get some folks that don't believe that girls don't take dumps. i could tell you were embarrassed by it, hey we all take dumps too, even the fellas! Take care and have a nice day.

Punk Rock Girl: Cool story! Do you live in a wooded area were people won't catche you taking a dump outside or in the city were those things are considered indecent? Anyways nice story, enjoy your weekend.

Lyndsay: Daymn!!! You must been drunk out of your mind!!!! Interesting story no doubt. Don't drink too much over the holidays. Take care.

Traffic poo-er girl: Hey you gotta get a container or something for you to take a dump in so you have to resort, you know accidents. Take care.

Well you all take care, catch ya'll later.


--Mr. Clogs


Your story about Lindsey was awesome. It sounds like she and I do a lot of the same things. Well, I do not prefer to pee my pants, but I have a couple of times, for all the same reasons as Lindsey.

I dont often get to wait 5 days, but 3 and sometimes 4 days is normal for me. However, another difference is that I dont squat. I prefer to stand or walk slowly.

I expect that she has had a significant impact on you, if you have been friends for this long - have you ever tried it yourself?

Such an awesome story. Do you have others about Lindsey?

Lucy Lu
Havnt Posted in a wile.
So im walking at wall-mart when this urge to poop begins to subside me. I go in the stall and get down to buissness when i relized there was no toilet paper. I asked the woman next to me and she said no, I dont do that. Since I had no other option. This BM was a pain in the I sat there thinking she flushed and left as soon as she left I flushed my doo and but my bear wet bum on the ground and slid into the next staul.

I got up sat on her toilet and closed the door. I wiped my self flushed a second toilet and left.

Robert was the sweetest boy in our school. He was always nice and never made fun of anyone and I had a major crush on him. So one time during science we were lab partners. We were dissecting a cow's eye. At first I noticed that he was fidgeting and shifting from foot to foot but said nothing. Our science teacher was notorious for not allowing anyone to use the bathroom, and that was unfortunate for poor Robert, whose bladder was now bursting with pee. Then I noticed that he sat down and crossed his legs. This time I asked him if he was alright and he said, embarassed, "yeah, I just have to go to the bathroom a little." This was a bad situation because he could not even hold his penis with his dissecting gloves on. While I continued to dissect, I noticed that he had stayed sitting, but now had his head in his hands and had tears in his sweet little eyes. Well then the teacher came over and asked what was wrong and of course when Robert asked if he could go to the restroom, she said no. I felt bad for him, and I sat down next to him and began to pat his back. In the last ten minutes of class after we had finished dissecting, I could tell he was in total desperation. He was crossing his legs, fidgeting, and trying to hold himself now that his gloves were off. Once again I sat down and began to pat his back, trying to comfort him and tell him that everything was going to be okay. Then I noticed a wet patch begin to grow around the crotch area of his shorts. I knew it was all over then. He wet all of his shorts and created a huge puddle on the floor. After that, everyone made fun of him and called him "wetboy" and "peepants" and "peeboy" except for me, I always was nice to him no matter what and he was always really nice back to me.

To Rachelle

Very nice piece of narrative you gave to us! Please keep posting!

For Fat Woman And Others :

I am a uni student and am a rather 'big' girl called Holly, 16 stone. I had been constipated for a day or two now. It was about 9pm, and I felt a rumble from my stomach. 'i'll be back in a minute', I said. I took up 'position' in the communal toilet stool and shuffled my ample ass onto the seat, followed by a tinkle. I let out a muffled grunt nnn nnn nnn ooo nnn nnnn nnnn. Nothinn. Feeling frustrated I tried again, slightly harder this time nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnn............ah, ah, nnnnnnnnnn oooo. pant. pant. My toes were pressed solidly into the ground taking up battle unnnnnnnnn.......with this nasty lump in my rectum. I decided I would have to really work at this one so sat back, took a deep breath and nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn pushed with all my might and felt a movement, every so slowly down below, slight pause, pant, pant, now nearly shouting nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn it moved slowly and slowly passed my rectum, in full cry i was determined to win this one nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn and this nasty, sweetcorn filled turd passed through my puckering asshole and with a flump hit the bowl toilet i was nearly riding. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh relief! Not yet tho, this nasty turd caused a little more grunting, nn nn nnnnn as it shot passed my hole. ooo nnn nnn nn as more kept coming ever so loosely. I was literally writhing in pure pleasure as this sea of shit was flowing passed my now aching hole. pause for two minutes argh....i was about to get up when...........o no............nnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn uggggggggghhhhhhhhh nnnnnnnnn another big, ugly turdhead slowly came into view, wanting to be finished now, I closed my eyes, grimaced and let out the loudest grunt.......uuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn that you ever heard, followed by a pant, and looking down at the bowl a little 'yes' trust me you guys would never feel relief like I did then!


charlotte and dexter
hey guys. this is charlotte, and my fiance is dexter. we found this site while looking for a commode online. i'm 20, 5' 3" slender, and kind of muscular, while dexter is 5'6", built, and handsome. we're very open with each others bathroom habits, and often accompany each other while doing our business.

I've been reading for a month or so, and I noticed people like pooping and peeing in their pants on purpose. I tried it today, and i did not like the feeling one bit, but i might see why someone would.

Well anyway, I have a couple of questions that i'm hoping you guys could answer for me:

- How can you make yourself, or someone else, wet the bed?

- Do you sometimes poop someplace other than the toilet on purpose?

- have you ever peed/pooped yourself on purpose in front of others? on your own?

That's all for now, thank you.

Hi TraceyGirl, I'm constipated, too, well almost, and i take movicol. alhough it has 2 b prescribed. but it realyl works. tri it some time

please put on some more pee stories. I love them the desperation and the wetting. Thanks.

Big boy

It is great to see that some people in this world enjoy releasing their
pressures and stresses of life into the magic bowl.I can't tell you how surprised I was to find this site and I am impressed by the tales.Well this being my first contribution I can tell you a little about myself I am an average big guy in University.Well the poop story I can remember involved soimeone else.

When I was in High school we had this really smelly toilets in the school compound believe me some people preffered to hold it in till they went to the dormitories after the preps.Well one day when I was preparing for my exams I really felt the urge to pee and since it was,nt really advisable to hold it in and pretend to continue studying I had to go to the terrible loos.I peeped into the first stall(the urinals were being used)-no too smelly, second stall-occupiedthird stall-Oh!my goodness!The toilet bowl was filled with the largest amount of turd that I had ever seen and to think that one person was capable of that was truly mesmerising.I almost peed my pants watching.I was forced to tell my classmates of it and they went to confirm-never mind we had a class.We discussed the amazing donkey poop for 2 weeks.

Hope you enjoyed my first contribution.

Monday, May 30, 2006

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER To TRAFFIC POO-ER GIRL, yes it was soft and very sticky. It filled the crotch of my under pants and leaked through the elastic against my upper thighs and ran a bit down my legs but was soaked up by my trousers. It was old poo so it stank.
To FERNANDO regarding unisex toilets. I accept your comments as being realistic. Some areas it might be a bit risky but for many other areas, function centres and the better restaurants it could be an advantage. Many times at such venues the gender ratio is far from equal and it would reduce the amount of queues and therefore add to the comfort of the patrons. Also toilets are expensive to construct so I would guess there would be a saving in initial building costs.
TO LINDA. I almost never experienced constipation until I was 19. One day my bowels just did not move, no urge for a few days, I sat on the toilet and passed but a few rock like small pebbles. I took some Ford Pills to get me going. This was the beginning of IBS. I really pay attention to my bowels so the constipation I suffer is limited and controlled. This is my typical constipation....reduced urges to go and reduced output. I might go every day but a small quantity. I get a bit bloated at bedtime, I might pass a bit of gas. If I try a suppository it usually will produce nothing as the poo is up too high. Pain starts to develop on my right side in the lower abdoman..sometimes it wakes me at night. My left side starts to swell a bit.If it is a bad one I cannot do up tight clothing. I start to loose appetite and avoid foods with fibre as they bloat me. It reaches a stage, usually during some exercising, that the pain strikes out severe and I have the real need to put my bum on a toilet and push like I was in the labour ward at a hospital and hunched over at the same time. When this happensI grunt like crazy but have never done a decent is time for the laxatives by then and that gives a good result. The last time this happened was about 6 months ago I knew I was having a biuld up down below ..I was swimming laps and after a time I got this uncomfortable feeling in my lower t?y and then this really nagging pain and a feeling of nausia. I got out of the pool, not even drying I threw a towel over me and headed for the toilets dripping wet. I staggered in and peeled my speedos down to my ankles and plonked my butt on the toilet. I doubled over in pain and had this uncontrollable urge to push and grunt unashamably. I did fart a couple of times and pushed out a couple of litle pieces of hard poo but that was it. I went straight to the chemist who sold me two micro enemas which I inserted but the results were minimal. I went back and brought some Newlax and ate the recommended amount. My bowels had well settle down by then and went to bed at a normal time. I awoke in the small hours with the real need of a poo. I sat my self on the pot hoping for a result and a result I got. It came out in small hard chuncks very slowly but lots of them and then farts and drops of semi solids. I wished I had someone with me to offer support. It was a long hard exhausting job but a brilliant evacuation.
Usually it only takes a few minutes or sometimes a little longer for a dump..if problems are developing then I increase fluids, eat more fruit, more psyllium, do the prune juice flush and if no go a laxative before it gets too bad.

desperate to poop
Hi all

I'm back with a big shit at the park story. I went out for a nice walk in the park. I enjoyed an ice cream and a walk along the canal. On the way back I got hit with a severe urge for a poop. I hadn't been for two days and I think the ice cream loosened things up.

I made my way to the ladies and was relieved to find a cucible free. Both cucibles were empty. I slammed the door shut and quickly sat my self on the metal seat and let rip. Pppppppprrrrrrrrrrrrrrrffft noisy soft poop splattered all over the bowl

I was on the loo for a good ten minutes

Have a new story.

This one is actually a little short, but there's a question at the end I hope someone can answer.

I was talking to my GF the other day, and were chatting and everything, when I felt my intestines grumble violently. I didn't want to wrap up conversation so quickly, but when you gotta go, you gotta go, and in this case, I felt, why don't I talk to her while I'm on the crapper?

I was chatting with her on the phone, when the explosion was about to go off, when she told me one of her friends called her, telling me that she'd call me later.

I hung up and released what felt like a torrent of feces. But, I was okay.

After about 2 hours, I felt better, and I got the phone, my parents told me that if I hang up, that's my last call for the evening. So I made it count, my GF and I had a little bit more of a conversation, when the feeling came back.

The following is what was said, and actions that were taking place:
G - is my girlfriend
S - is shogunblade aka myself

(Intestines grumbling)

S: (moaning)
G: What's wrong?
S: Nothing.
G: Are you sure?
S: Well, this is weird. My parents tell me that if I get off the phone, I won't be able call for the rest of the evening, and if you aren't going to go to school, I want to keep talking to you, but i gotta go.
G: Well, you can call me back.
S: I won't be able to call you back this evening.
G: Oh.
S: If you don't mind... We can still chat.
G: I guess so.
(Shogunblade goes to toilet, fart, plunk, fart, watery feces.)
S: This is awkward.
G: (Laughs)

After a few minutes, we hung up for the evening, and I cleaned up, no problems or nothing.

But now that I've told my story, I have a question I hope someone can answer for me.

My girlfriend is absolutely cool, I love her, she loves me, and she likes me, because I'm a kind guy, and I've told her that I'm not into sex at all. She feels the same, and realizes I'm not creating a ruse, she knows I'm telling the truth.

Well, I have this thing I want to tell her, I found out years before I dated her (She's my 1st girlfriend) that I'm not attracted to breasts, or women frontal nudity, but I'm attracted to girls taking dumps, after watching Harold and Kumar and Not another Teen Movie, I've proved this so. But how can I tell my girlfriend or any other girl? It's like coming out of the closet about your sexuality, except in my case, it's to my girlfriend and any others I may ever have. it attracts to me more than any other kind of (for lack of a better term) fetish. everyone has something they like, and I'm not into sex, but i feel I should tell her soon, but when i do, i stutter or can't finish a sentence. Can anyone help me, give me advice, has anyone had to explain this to another before? Is there a scientific term for it?

Thanks, to anyone.

Hi. I must say, a site devoted to going poop is rather amusing! I remember someone asking if Asian girls ever discuss going to the bathroom. Well you're in luck, because I'm an Asian girl and I talk about having a BM all the time. I actually have a story to share, but first let me tell a little about myself, my name is Maggie ??, I'm a
5 ft 3 in, 128 pound, Chinese-American, 23-year-old,heterosexual female. I'm single,but I live with Lilly, my Puerto Rican roomate who I've been living with for about two weeks now. Now on to my story. The mourning after the first night at Lilly's, I woke up at 7:30 with a pain in my stomach. "Ah!" I thought, "My first BM at Lilly's." Igot out of bed wearing My orange sleeping shirt and my pink g-string.I put my glasses on and slowly walked to the bathroom. I turned the light and the exhaust fan on, closed the door, and sat on the toilet. "I really hope this BM doesn't stink too much" I thought, "It wouldnt be nice to stink up Lilly's bathroom. Just then a long, sticky, and extremely smelly turd started to come out of my butt. It crackled as it SLOWLY came out. I let out a sigh of relief. I thought I was done until I let out a loud fart, followed be a few strands of stringy, runny poop. "There. Now I'm done." I took some toilet paper, got up, and started to wipe myself." Just then, Lilly walked into the bathroom. OH NO! I forgot to lock the door! Lilly saw my black hairy pussy pointing right at her! Not only that, she saw that smelly. brown mess in the toilet. Lilly was emberrest and so was I. "Pstarted to come out of my butt. It crackled as it SLOWLY came out. I let out a sigh of relief. I thought I was done until I let out a loud fart, followed be a few strands of stringy, runny poop. "There. Now I'm done." I took some toilet paper, got up, and started to wipe myself." Just then, Lilly walked into the bathroom. OH NO! I forgot to lock the door. Lilly was emberrest and so was I. "Oh my god!" she said "Maggie I'm so sorry, I had no idea you were pooping" "That's okay I guess." I said. "I poop every mourning when I wake up" "I'll know for next time" Lilly said. "Oh! One last thing!" she said as she walked out of the bathroom."Did all of that shit and that horrible smell come out of your ass?" "surprisingly yes" I said as I was wiping my self. I flushed and washed up afterward. As I was brushing my teeth that mourning I thought about what had happened. I then laughed about it. I sorry this was long but I am a new comer so I wanted to leave a good impression. My next story won't be as long. Well that's all. Goodbye!

dakota (female)
one time when i was in the shower (I had the runs) i felt the erge to shit i was about to get out and i slipped i let go of my bowels. when i stood upi was coverd in shit and stunk very badly. i washed agian and got out. the next morning i woke up and agian shit myself exept there was alot more and lots of pee everywere.

one other story i have is i was at the pool and had to 1 and 2 some friends dared me to go on the high dive i told them to wait but they shoved me up there i was about to get back down when a bird flew at me i fell off the bored and on the way down peed (still holding my poo) when got out i was lauged at i turned around and in the water were i landed it was red i looked at my swimsuit and it also was red. from embaressment my bowels released and riuned the suit even more. my poop was soft and wighed at least 2 pounds it even ozzed out of my swimsuit.when i got home rapped in the towel i brought (still not changed) i looked in a mirror and the poop was so large and contained that it was all the way up my back.

wellgood bye till my next post

Hey Cute and Shy, LOL!
So u think my stories are funny huh, LOL!
Well, thats the way they happened to me when I was younger. I will post more stories soon when I can think of another one from my youth or present time.

Once again, thanks for hitting me back girl!

Love ya and peace!

Happy Hiker
DBStarman asked about seeing guys with sandals taking a crap. He should move to the south, as I see this all the time! I was on my way to the mountains last week and stopped at a hiway rest stop for my morning relief. The guy in the next stall had flipflops on and I could see him tensing his toes as he strained, then relaxing as the shit crackled out. This happened about five times... I thought it was kind of weird.

Hey im erik n my mom broke her arm runing to the toilet once
it was embarissing

Punk Rock Girl

I took my first outdoor dump of the year over the weekend. Colin and I went for a hike in the Catskills. We were way up high, far, far from the closest porta potty or bathroom, so I said, "I've got to take a shit." He and I walked off the path a little ways and behind some bushes.

He unzipped his fly and started peeing, while I pushed my jeans and underpants to my knees and squatted. I peed, then pushed out a big, long, thick load. I felt great. It thudded to the ground in one piece, but was followed by some semi-soft mush. We had no TP or napkins, so I had to wait until we got back to the park office to wipe my ass. Pretty gooey between my buns for a few miles.

I would like to add, to those who recall my falling-through-a-glass-coffee-table-with-my-pants-down story, I was wearing thong underwear a couple of weeks ago while I was making coffee for myself, Colin and a buddy of his who was spending the weekend. I had a T-shirt on, I'm not that shameless! Anyway, Colin's buddy Keith came in the kitchen, and thought the scar on my ass was a lightning bolt tattoo. I guess I can live with a scar on my butt cheek if it looks like a cool tattoo!



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