What's worse that being so drunk that you drop your pants and pee in front of your friends at an outdoor party?

How about being so drunk that you lose your balance and end up sitting your bare ass in the puddle of mud you just made by peeing?

This happened to me last summer. In fact, I was so drunk, I just got back on my feet and pulled up my jeans. The next morning, I couldn't figure out why there was dried mud on my buns. My roommate was all too eager to remind me of my popping a squat in front of thirty people.

How embarrassing is that?

I have this friend Lindsey that has a pretty strange habit. The first clear memory I have of her "habit" came a couple years ago when we were 11 and I hadn't known her very long so I didn't know about any earlier events. However a couple days earlier I had heard about her 9 year old sister, Alyssa, having an accident. I thought "Wow she's kind of old to have an accident," but I didn't think much of it because I didn't really know her sister or know the details. Anyway it was Saturday afternoon and we were at her house just doing random things, I noticed Lindsey was squirming all day like she had to go to the bathroom and it continued to get worse. We were just hanging out in her basement and a couple times she'd stand there with her legs tight together and I could tell by looking at her that she was holding her poop. I wondered if she was a little shy about her bathroom habits and didn't want to go while I was here. After supper we were playing with a soccer ball in a park just across her back alley, just kind of passing it back and forth between me, Lindsey and her sister Alyssa. I started to wonder if Lindsey really was shy about the bathroom because she obviously had to go bad but wasn't doing a very good job of hiding it. Now in addition to grabbing her butt she would grab her crotch and squeeze her legs together. Then we noticed Lindsey's mom leaving the house and driving away, "Oh no she locked the door," Lindsey said. "I have to go to the bathroom really bad." That dispelled the bathroom shyness theory. She seemed to shrug it off and we went on playing soccer for a while as she squirmed more noticeably now. Then she went back into her holding position with her legs tight together and even crossing them a bit. She'd grab her butt before uncrossing her legs, kick the ball back to one of us, then go back to holding. A few minutes later it happened again and she stood cross legged biting her lip to hold it in. It looked like it was quickly getting worse as she obviously wasn't worried about other people seeing her desperate. I was confused though, if she wasn't shy about going to the bathroom then why did she hold it when she had plenty of chances to go. Suddenly she grabbed her stomach as if she got a sharp cramp and started hobbling toward her house. She busted through the gate and tried to open the door but it looked like it was locked. After trying the door a couple times she gave up on that and looked like she was holding as hard as she could. She looked extremely desperate for a couple minutes then it looked like the cramp subsided as she slowly started hobbling back toward us. She returned to her soccer position and tried to continue playing but she looked like she was really squirming now and looked to be in a fair amount of pain from holding her poop. She managed to kick the ball a couple times when she winced and grabbed her stomach again as another cramp hit her. She stood there for a second bent over then finally she said, "Okay don't pass to me, bathroom break." I wondered what she was planning to do since the door was locked and she couldn't get to the toilet. Then to my surprise she grabbed her butt and carefully walked over to a big tree she was standing under, spread her legs a bit, and squatted down. I thought she must've been joking but I saw her face start to go red and she looked like she was pushing. Sure enough my mouth dropped open as I watched a small lump poke out the seat of her jeans which were pretty tight especially now that she was squatting. I saw her give another push and the lump quickly began to grow. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, her house was about 100 feet away but she just squatted down and took a huge dump in her pants like it was no big deal. The movement was really settling in the seat of her panties, it spread out over her butt and stuck way out the back. My jaw dropped even further as I watched how huge the bulge was getting. It kept coming and coming until finally it looked like she was done. As she stopped heaving she let out a sigh of relieve which was evident in the look on her face. She reached back and felt the gigantic bulge on her butt then slowly stood up. She took a couple careful steps forward then stopped again, she hesitated for a second then spread her legs a bit and bent her knees slightly. My jaw dropped yet again as I watched her push even more poop into her panties. I could even hear it crackle a bit this time as she forced the movement out. Finally she let out another sigh and almost looked like she was short of breath. She stood for a second and reached back to feel the bulge again. Then she slowly started waddling back to her soccer position while it looked like she was adjusting the bulge on her butt. Then stood, unphased, ready to play soccer again. I realized I'd been standing there staring at her the whole time. Her sister was looking at her then looked back at me as if wondering what the problem was. Alyssa then kicked her the ball and she kicked it to me as if all was normal. She was moving a little awkwardly to accomodate the huge mountain of poop in her underwear but overall she seemed more comfortable with the load in her panties than in her stomach, in fact it looked like she felt much better after unloading that mountain of crap into her jeans. I guess it was understandable since the load was so huge but I didn't think the part about it being in her pants would feel too good. It didn't seem to bother her though. I was too afraid to say anything so I continued playing along in a state of semi-shock. We went on for a few minutes and I couldn't stop thinking about what Lindsey had just done. My eyes were drawn to the bulge whenever she turned around or made it visible. It must have been a really solid movement because it didn't stain through her jeans and it looked like it was securely contained in her panties even a couple times as she broke into an awkward run to get the ball as it rolled by her.

Even now that she'd pooped her pants, I noticed Lindsey was still squirming a bit as she waited for the ball to come to her and I remembered earlier it looked like she had to pee too. She would grab at her crotch every few seconds and squirm around, getting more an more noticeable every minute. After about 20 minutes Alyssa suggested we go onto the playground equipment to play around. I guess we had to wait out here for Lindsey's mom and it was some pretty fancy equipment so we decided to go. I was walking behind both of them still unable to look away from the humungous bulge in Lindsey's jeans, she was still walking a little awkwardly as the poop swayed behind her. I also noticed that her poop didn't smell at all, I was right behind her and I didn't notice it even a bit. Then I heard Lindsey say to her sister, "I wish I would have brought my key with me, I still have to pee really bad." Then Alyssa mentioned that Lindsey had pooped a lot in her pants and Lindsey said, "I didn't go for 5 days, and I think I ate way too much of that lasagne last night." I wanted to jump into the conversation but I didn't know what to say. I didn't want to offend her or anything and I'd never seen anyone have an accident before, and I thought it was pretty strange that she was so casual about it. I knew if I had one I'd probably be humiliated beyond belief. We continued onto the equipment and started running around playing random games. Lindsey was still running awkwardly as her squirming was again becoming noticeable. She'd stop every couple of minutes to squirm, then continue playing. Since we had to wait for her mom we would probably be there for a while and I wondered if she would pee her pants too if her mom took too long. After a few minutes of playing I was underneath her as she climbed a ladder. I looked up and noticed a tiny wet spot about the size of a quarter on her crotch. Sometimes when she stopped to squirm, despite her struggling, she would sometimes take off running before it looked like she really had a hold on her pee and I thought that she'd probably let out a couple squirts as she ran around. I didn't think she had a weak bladder since she'd been holding it all day, I think she just didn't care much if a few spurts got out since pooping her pants obviously didn't bother her too much. Soon I noticed the patch getting a little bigger. As time went on it gradually started increasing in size as she stopped more and more often to squirm. Finally she stopped running around as it looked like it was getting to be too much for her while trying to hold her pee. She was up on the high equipment as she carefully walked around with her hand jammed between her legs. I ran by her and asked if she was alright. She just nodded and looked back at her house, "I don't know where my mom is, what's taking her so long?" She slowly made her way across the bridge to the next platform. Right as she stepped off the bridge she stopped and grabbed the railing. Her knees were buckled together and she was slowly squatting down with her hand still shoved between her legs. Alyssa stopped running around and went up to check on her sister. I followed her as we both stood over Lindsey who looked like she couldn't hold it another second. Alyssa was talking to her about something random while Lindsey tried to respond normally. Then she looked back at her house again checking if her mom was home yet. Not having any luck Lindsey turned her head back to us and said, "I give up," as I saw her whole tensed up body relax. No more than a second later I could hear a trickling sound coming from her lap and as she took her hand out from between her legs I saw a glistening wet patch rapidly growing on her crotch. The pee quickly flowed through her jeans onto the floor where it mad a large pool and began draining through the cracks in the wood. Again I stared in shock and amazement while she had another accident. I couldn't believe it, she couldn't get into her house so she just held it until she wet her pants. She kept peeing and peeing, her jeans getting more and more drenched all the time. She had so much in her I had to wonder where she stored it all. After peeing and pooping so much she must've lost about 20 pounds! But she was very petit so I couldn't help but wonder where it all came from. Finally the torrent of pee flowing from between her legs began to slow and as she let out the last few squirts she finished peeing her pants. When she was done she looked down at her crotch, opening her legs a bit to assess the damage. Every time she moved her legs I could hear a bit of a 'squish' sound as her jeans were still drenched with pee. After inspecting her wet pants she just kind of shrugged it off and stood back up. Again after having a huge accident she went back to acting completely natural as if nothing was wrong. While she got up and ran off, I was still staring at the pool of pee on the platform that was still draining through the cracks in the wood to a large puddle in the sand below. Finally I pulled my eyes away from the scene of her accident and we went on playing on the equipment. After about 20 minutes we saw her mom come back home and we decided we should go back. I wondered what the reaction from her mom would be, though by the way Lindsey was acting it sure didn't seem like this was the first time this had happened. We walked up to the back door of her house and met up with her mom just as she walked around back to go inside. She started to say hi but before she could even get that out she noticed Lindsey's wet jeans. She didn't seem mad or all that surprised, she just had a little bit of a dissappointed sound to her voice. "Hey...oh Lindsey, what happened?" Lindsey still didn't seem too embarrassed at being seen like that. "The door was locked and I couldn't hold it," she explained. Her mom came closer and said quietly: "I thought you were going to try harder to stop having accidents. You should've gone before you went out." "I didn't really have to," she lied. I knew she'd had to go all day and had plenty of chances to use the toilet. Her mom unlocked the door and held it open for us. She must've noticed Lindsey walking strangely as she approached the door because after giving her a funny look she asked: "Did you poop your pants too?" Lindsey stopped walking and stood with her legs together, hands behind her back, with a guilty look on her face, and nodded shyly. "Lindsey," her mom started, sounding dissappointed as she walked toward Lindsey to have a look. Then she saw the enormous bulge that was barely able to fit in Lindsey's jeans. I had started walking downstairs so I didn't quite hear everything she had to say but her mom scolded her for a bit and sent her to clean up the huge mess.

Anyway, I couldn't stop thinking about what had happened. I was strangely fascinated by the whole thing. I tried to figure out her logic. After a few more experiences with her I discovered she would hold it as long as possible, then at the very last minute she would try and make it to the bathroom which often ended in her having an accident. We continued to be friends to this day, I have witnessed several more accidents and I'm still fascinated by it. I've also built up the courage to talk to her a little bit about her habit, although she doesn't have much to say about it. It's pretty much what I figured after that first experience. She just liked to hold it until the last minute and didn't seem to mind having an accident, although she never had one in school or anything so I guess she knew when not to risk having an accident. Whew! It takes a long time to write in detail because I know you guys like that.;) Anyway I hope to post again soon. Laterz!

There are times when I get the urge to crap standing up!! Yep, it's comfortable too. There are two places I do this; one at the nude beach, away from people, then I bury "it", 2nd, at home. No splash, just stand so they hit shallow water.

Jody B.
A few nights ago on Jay Leno, actress Julia Stiles was telling a story of how she accidently was given laxatives instead of aspirin in some other country while filming a movie. I would of loved to have heard the details.

great story rachel, please post more

Hi my name id sara Im 23 nice figure and I really enjoy peeing and seeing and people peeing. This moth I did a lot of that lets start from yesterday. I went for my morning run in the park I felt the need to pee building so I go off behind a bush and start to pull my sweats downI sqauted half way and started peeing I was hissing as the pee was shooting out then I hear a mans voice he said let me take a piss first i was trying to stop my pee but could not the man was standing near the tree about 3 feet away and pulled out his penis and started to pee on the tree he then seen me peeing and said sorry as he was peeing i said it was ok we all have to go sometimes my stream was still going I made a big puddle in the dirt and I was still going his stream finished and he put his peinis back in his shorts he said wow you really had to piss I laughed I as I came to a trcked pee I grabbed my tissue and said turn around I have to wipe he agreed I started to run again he peed like a hose he let alot go so fast splatt he was letting his piss form a arc before it hit the tree coo I was thinking.

Hi Brigitte! Well usually after about three days with no poop, I DO reach for the little pink pill….. but I would like to find something that does it more naturally. There are too many women that are taking the little pink pill every day to be able to go, and I don't want to wind up like that. I'm trying Activia and haven't noticed any real change so far…. but we'll see. I HATE prunes or I would try those. I'm also eating bran cereal in the mornings now to see if that helps, although fiber hasn't made much difference in the past when I've tried it, it just makes me bloated, like I already am when I'm constipated.... :(

Hey all, has anyone else here had to poop or pee in a room of their house other than their bathroom or done it because they could?

I took the survey here and it struck me as interesting that they had questions about using other rooms for these purposes. I have been using my bedroom as a secondary restroom since I was 15(now 24), and particularly enjoyed answering those questions. I recycle newspapers my buying them, reading them, then using them as a place to go when the bathroom is occupied or I'm just unable or unwilling to go downstairs to the bathroom. I stack them under my bed, and put them wherever it seems necessary, so that I can go.

Traffic poo-er girl
Hi Thunder, thanks for that story. Gosh I don't know how I would have handled a soft poop like that; that must have been so messy.

I'm back with a new story, it's been awhile, though.

As I've mentioned in my earlier messages, I'm a chorus singer, and the last time I mentioned this, I also mentioned I had some terrible intestinal problems. Well, I got better, except for this one day.

On Tuesday, I was going to be in a concert (I scored superior, so I got to preform any songs I did good on.

Also, I'm currently having Driver's Ed. Which means that almost immediately after learning about the rules of the road, I have to go practice my singing and such.

And here's the worst part of it all. I had just about the weakest sphinxter muscles then. I had some of my dad's homemade Tamales (Hot, even on the way out) And went to class, I was in extreme discomfort, I was suprised that no one could hear the 'grumble, grumble' of my stomach.

Luckily, the class was only an hour, So as soon as it was let out, I went to the restroom, I didn't care about any obstructions in my way. I ran to the correct restroom, but we have Stoppers on our doors, in case a door needs to be propped open, to let out or let in on something.

needless to say, I went and ran to the toilets, but forgot about the stoppers, and some girls walked by, because the water fountain is right inbetween the girls' and guys' room. I went and found a clean toilet, and had the awful farts you could imagine mexican food could give you. The farts echoed from out of my stall and into the hallway, two girls laughed, I told them to shut up, and laughed a few more minutes, and I farted some more, so they kicked up the stopper, and left me 6 minutes of peace as I had chunks of poo flow from within me.

I cleaned up and went to the main area, Where I was nervous, because I had a duet with my girlfriend, which is kinda embarrassing to me, her parents were there, my parents were there, so I felt uneasy, and my intestines felt terrible again, but I held it in, and after preformances, and the stage stuff was done, and went to my bathroom at home and had a bout of diarrhea. I was fine, I didn't puke, anyway, which makes me feel better.

There's my story, and I have one more. This is disgusting.

A week ago, I was talking with my girlfriend at school, when I got the urge to crap, so I told here i must be off, (She didn't need to know what I had to do.) So I went to the guys' bathroom, and when i approached the door, two of my goofball friends came out laughing. They warned me, but I didn't listen:
"Don't look in the stalls!"

So, curiosity killed the cat, and my breathing space, I went and looked and someone Had... like (This is funny, now that I think of it.) violent ,this was like chunky pudding or something, it was in the water, it covered the bowl, I thought it was my 2 idiot friends, but they said they stumbled upon it, because they were gonna take a crap too, so i checked the other one, same result.

I wasn't about to flush someone else's crap, so I had to hold mine in until I got home. The next day, one stall had a large paper that said "OUT OF ORDER." Those jerks, I bet it was them.

As for Phoebe's story, the one about the spiked alcoholic drinks, that was probably very embarrassing, find my name in the back a little bit, I have some stories similar to your predicament.

while you read my story, try to mental image that 2nd story, it's scary and funny.

I have a couple of stories to share with everyone here. The first story: I was at work and I got the urge to poop. I decided to hold it because I didn't have to go too bad, and I got off work in an hour anyway.

I swung by the ladies room when I got off and went into the middle of the 3 stalls because it was the only one not occupied. Apparently I wasn't the only one holding it in until after work. I heard the door open as I was pulling my pants down and someone else walked in.

Since there was another person waiting, I sat down and tried to finish up as quickly as possible. While I farted a few times, I heard the woman on my left peeing. She began to wipe as I pushed a little to help the turd come out. The person on my right was farting like crazy, obviously suffering from a lot of gas. The left stall flushed and was soon taken again.

I was still only having silent farts, but not poop was coming out. I knew I had to go, so I pushed a little more. On my right I heard the crackling of a turd and then a splash, followed by 2 smaller splashes and a sigh of relief. The left stall's occupant had a quick pee and left the bathroom.

I pushed some more and let out a loud fart. That turd did not want to get out of me! When I heard the right toilet flush and I was alone I could finally poop in peace. I can poop in public, but I go better in private.

"Unngggh!!" I grunted, pushing very hard as a turd finally worked out of my butt. I looked between my legs to see the turd. For as much effort it took to produce, it wasn't very thick, but damn was it long. The turd hit the bowl, curled all the way around the bowl and began to curl around again. At about half way around it broke off.

I reached for some paper and another turd came out. This one was about the same thickness but much shorter. With a splash, my bowels were empty. I wiped, flushed and went home.

My second story happened a few months ago, but I still remember it very well. I have a friend who works as a janitor at a school, and as such does most of her work when the building is empty. She told me tales of the bathrooms at her workplace, but I didn't believe her. One day, I went with her to see the bathrooms.

First, we went into the women's room. There are 3 stalls there, just like at my work. However, unlike our ladies' room, it was not quite so clean. One of the toilets had pee all over the seat, another had writing all over the walls, and the last one... someone apparently pooped and didn't even bother to flush - A large turd was just floating in the bowl. My friend said that wasn't common for the ladies' room though.

When I had finished helping my friend clean up, she told me the men's room was even worse. The writing on the walls in here was mostly curse words, some were even engraved in the stall walls. The urinals were actually fairly clean compared to the toilets. The men's room only had two toilets and both had unflushed turds. One was several small turds curling at the bottom of the bowl and the other was actually clogged with about 4 different turds and tons of toilet paper.

That's the last time I'll complain about my work's restrooms... they're nearly spotless compared to this school's. I also feel sorry for my friend and hope she finds a new job soon :S

Blair G.
To Cute & Shy:
It wasn't so much that I didn't want to use the school bathrooms (although, I would have rather avoided a noisy poo in a public restroom) but our bus driver was notorious for waiting for no one. Like I said, it wasn't an emergency at the time and I didn't wanna have to hang around school until my parents could come get me. I've had a few accidents (always diarrhea related), but only one in a thong and it is easily the worst. That's the only time I cried while messing myself. Honestly, I think I could have saved my clothes but knowing the demon I'd unleashed in them, I doubted I'd ever feel sexy wearing them again.

Linda from Australia here again. To Fat Woman: Thanks for sharing that info with me and answering my questions about Nina's pooping (and your own pooping) I think Nina would love this site, you should encourage her to post on here. I share a house with a friend, who is also quite large (I'm not a lesbian though). We never discuss our toileting habits but I'm sure she does have trouble with pooping sometimes. I would never even think about mentioning this site to her, she isn't that sort of person. I love being able to post on this site because I can discuss toileting habits without any inhibitions. I have a few more questions for both you and Nina:
How long do you get constipated for??
What is the longest time you have gone without taking a dump?
How long does it take for you to do a poo when you have been constipated?
Do either of you ever do a poo in public toilets? Or in other places besides the toilet?

Thanks for letting me ask lots of questions about your poop!!

Linda from Australia here again.
To Thunder From Down Under:
Thanks for sharing your story, I really liked it!! It sounds like you get constipated quite regularly. How long does your constipation last? How long does it take for you to do a dump?? Please share some more stories with us, I love reading them.

Hey everyone! I know it's been awhile since I posted but now I have this story. This mourning I was doing a crossword puzzle while I was having my mourning bowel movement. My son accidently walked in on me while I was pooping. I was emberrest.He did say the cutest thing however. "Wow! I didn't know a grown-up girl like you poops as well" I laughed and I told him that all peoplego poop. "Even animals poop" I told him. He then walked out. My question is, Do any of you ever feel emberrest when a child sees you defacating?

I'm a long time lurker, 20-year-old black male, generally without the time to post (or really good stories anyway) but I felt the need to post because of some of the fantastic stories that have been being recounted lately, and especially the amazing storytelling skills displayed by Rachelle.

Not only was it a good experience to read about, but the way that you told it made it seem as if the reader was in the bathroom with you. I also like flowery prose; don't hesitate to share more often.

Phoebe, your story also was quite enjoyable. Did you and your friends have any other experiences? How did they do the rest of the night?

Well, that's all for this first post, but there may be more in the future.

Hello. This post is about unisex toilets and their impact on society. First of all I think going to the bathroom is basically the opposite of eating and drinking. Itīs a digestive (or urinary) function. However society (mainly western) has made it a taboo subject, so shitting is seen as dirty (shit stinks) and vile (shameful). This is of course completely wrong. Although I think we should keep certain modesty regarding our bodily functions particularly in certain environments to respect social conventions, we should liberate ourselves when in an appropiate environment like a public bathroom and be shameless shitters. Iīm a man and basically I can tell a guyīs point of view. Public bathrooms are social equalizers. It doesnīt matter if youīre a blue collar or a white collar guy or hispanic or white. Thereīs a bond between men shitting in acknowledging each others situation. For a few minutes all men are equal. In the case of unisex bathrooms, men and women would be put at the same level regarding bodily functions. Although not sexual, shitting (or pissing) in front of the opposite sex would be unbearable to most women since thereīs a girls donīt shit ideal fostered by both genders, and men canīt just accept the fact that a cute chick can fart and shit. Men are less self conscious than woman regarding their own bodily fucntions and shitting would not be a problem for most guys. Urinating is a more controversial issue because if there are urinals some guys might suffer pareusis. However a lot of men use open air urinals like in the U.K. and Amsterdam wihout a problem and I think pee shyness wouldnīt be greater than in a men only setting. A unisex bathroom would work best in an environment of open minded people, like in upscale bars, trendy restaurants, and certain innovative companies. The younger generation tends to be more open minded (in general but there are exceptions), but any place where people accept bodily functions as a natural process, would be a potential location. People who donīt have a prejudice about going to the bathroom and who donīt see the act of relieving yourself as vile. Both men and women are affected but in different ways by a unisex scheme. For men it basically means being more civilized when going to the bathroom. Men should continue to use urinals (guys should not piss in the toilet seat!) so that they leave the stall clean for the women (and men),and washing their hands as a courtesy to the ladies. Men would also have to finally come to terms with the fact that girls shit. In the short term some men could be uncomfortable (or turned on)but in the long run men would get used to it and would not make an issue. On the contrary men would be very respectful of the women and even the other men pooping (and farting). In short, men would continue to see the bathroom as a place to solely do your business (get in, get done, get out) but would be more civilized, cleaner, and more corteous to the other men and women. They would also be less homophobic for obvious reasons, since not only persons of the opposite sex would use a unisex restroom but also persons with a different sexual orientation and transgendered individuals. The unisex scheme reinforces the fact that going to the bathroom is not sexual at all. For women a unisex scheme would mean spending less time in the bathroom and the end of the bathroom as a girlīs only sanctuary where they can chit chat without the men hearing. However that doesnīt mean the end of girlīs combing their hair or checking their make up in the mirror. It just means that girlīs would not see the bathroom as a girlīs only club. A benefit for the women would be the end to long lines since a unisex bathroom makes more efficient use of space and most men would only use the urinals. Women would have to come to terms with urinals. Although some unisex schemes propose only stalls, I think itīs better to keep the urinals for practical purposes. Men are anatomically different than women and a urinal is the most comfortable and efficient way a man can urinate and besides itīs more hygienic for the stall users. Besides urinals could be in a separate area so that genitals are not exposed to women. However the most difficult part for women would be getting used to pooping (and pissing) in the presence of men. However a stall would give more than enough privacy, and for a man itīs more tricky to tell if a woman is defecating or urinating so a woman can just enter a stall and make no issue of it. In the short term many women could be ashamed but in the long term no one would make an issue since itīs obvious for a man that a woman always goes to a stall. For a women seeing a man in a stall immediately tells her that he is defecating however women are not stimulated visually as men and it is the urinals what would be most shocking to them since the penis is exposed. However women would quickly get used to it and besides urinals would mean more benefits to them. In short, men would learn the best of women when going to the bathroom basically being cleaner and women would learn the best of men, namely being faster in the bathroom. Both genders would benefit and there would be a net gain for men and women.

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER: Another story about constipation. I was travelling up the coast many years ago to a resort and was just a little bunged up.. I thought I would get on top of it when I was at a health food shop and saw a product called Laxobars...thought I would give it a try so I bought one and ate it there and then. That afternoon I was booked in for a session in a float go into this small chamber and float on water that is full of epsom salts like the Dead Sea. It is very relaxing but did not really catch on. Anyway, I was lying there for some time half asleep when the bowels started to time was not up so I just stayed there...I began to fart and fart and fart...the chamber must have been full of would not want to strike a match. Suddenly the urge to shit became unbearable and I did not know whether to run for the toilet which was in the main foyer in the nude or what. I got out and risked it by having the quickest shower, hurriedly dressed and bolted past the staff squeezing my butt cheeks together. At point of explosion I sat my firm arse on the toilet seat victorious I made it. The turd was big and rock like...toobig for my anus but had an army of turds forcing it out...I gave a push and my arse fired like a cannon with turds as machine gun bullets...there was a break and another onslaught of shit and I felt so empty I almost floated off the toilet...I then had a long relaxing pee. After wipping I went and had a delightful massage and my bowels were so content.
That night I had an enjoyable dinner of spicey chicken and at the conclusion I ajourned to the toilet for a very easy shit (satisfying too!)

Friday, May 26, 2006

I like to change the toilet seat in my bathroom every few months. If I happen to see a new one in a store that I like, I will buy it. Normally I have the heavy duty open front type that is heavily contoured. I like it when women use my bathroom and then comment that I have a different toilet seat. They seem to use my bathroom even if they don't have to go. I think a lot of women do that - if a clean bathroom is available, they will use it regardless, even if it is just for a very little tinkle. So, all you gals, is my observation correct?

Last week was very uneventful, but I have a story that happened today. My friend and I went swimming at the river. We are very open about pooping and watch each other pee and poop often. Anyway, after we finished swimming, my friend said she had to poop.

She squatted over the bushes and peed a large stream, with some quiet farts. I heard her stomach rumble and she farted a few times, each time louder. Her stomach rumbled fiercely and she farted really loud about 5 times.

With some less intense rumbling, her first turd shot out. It was thin, slimy and hit the ground, curling around 4 times, followed by several juicy farts and another thinner turd that curled around on the ground only once.

1)i had an accident after peeing yesterday. i was bursting to go to the toilet and could not find it initially. i went around the mall searching for it and finally found it in an extreme corner. by then, i had already pissed a stream in my pants. i immediately let my willie out of my fly and peed. after i thought i had finished peeing, i zipped up and when i was about to leave the restroom, a LONG stream of pee escaped from my willie, into my pants! it was very much damp and uncomfortable but thankfully it was dark in colour and could not be easily notice.

2)when i was young, i used to say 'shhh(sound of pee)' when i needed the toilet. and almost immediately, i would let everything out on the spot. my mum would often rush me to the toilet but it'd always be too late. there was a time when i tried to trick my mum into believing that i had to pee. so i repeated 'sshhhh' for many times. instead, i started the urge for real! i ended up peeing myself after hearing the familiar sound of pee made by me.


Cute & Shy
To Jamie
I was in the bathroom on the Greyhound for like 5 minutes each time I used it and like you asked, it did stink really bad when I finished.

To Blair G.
You didn't feel like using the bathroom at school? Yo, I used to be scared of doing that, but after I did it, it was all good. I knew you said it wasn't that serious at first, but when you're starting to feel cramps, it's best to just go to the bathroom anyway girl. Just try by going during class hours when there's usually no one in there. Then you wouldn't have to worry about embarrassing yourself if you think you would, and after you use it, you don't have to worry about having an accident at home. And yeah, thongs are the worst to have an accident in. Yeah, I had one of those before and it'll kill ya mood quick.

To A.W.
LOL that's what happens when they put in that chemical in the pool. It causes the pee to turn red it's just that I was never told anything about it. Well, it's different for you, your story happened when you were little and for some reason, they be funny. ^__^


When I was in college, my girlfriends and I would play different drinking games. Kind of like truth or dare, the "loser" had to do somthing embarrassing or humiliating.

One time we played this game where each girl had to drink a cocktail, one of which had been spiked with a laxative. We then had to wait until one of us finally had to shit. The catch was, whoever it was had to use the boys' bathroom!

Guess who wound up with the shits! ME! About an hour after drinking it, I felt my bowels cramping and creaking. Then all of a sudden, everything in my guts just rushed into my rectum. I clenched my butt cheeks and yelled, "Oh f***!" I jumped up and put my hands to my butt. They all laughed and jumped up. I said, "Oh, God, do I really have to go in the guys' room?" They all said yes. I rushed out and ran down the hall to the guys' bathroom. After a moment of hesitation I poked my head in.

I heard the shower going, and saw feet in one of the stalls. My friends all pushed me in. I just stood there for a second, then a wet fart sent me racing to the closest stall. No one saw me at this point. I closed the stall door, yanked down my pajama bottoms and underpants and sat down. I had explosive diarrhea for several minutes. I held my hand over my mouth so any guys who came in couldn't hear me groaning.

While I was shitting, the guy in the other stall finished, flushed and left. I heard him wash his hands and leave. I had a few more minutes of squirts.

When it was finally over, I caught my breath, and rolled off some TP and wiped my ass. It took several wipes. I flushed the toilet, pulled up my pants and peeked out the stall door. I couldn't see anyone. I opened the door, poked my head out and quietly made for the door. I was about halfway there when a guy came in. I froze, and just stared at him, and he at me. Finally, I said, "Hi!" He said, "Uh, hi." I bolted past him and ran out the door.

My friends started laughing their asses off. We ran back to the room and I washed my hands with antibacterial lotion. I kept having diarrhea all night, but they only made me use the guys' room the first time. It was pretty funny.

Hey, Anny here. I have a couple more bathroom stories to share with you. This first one happened when my friend Steve was 10. He went to summer camp for that summer. One time he finished eating, and he felt the urge to fart, but he waited until he went to the bathroom. As soon as he closed the door he ripped a huge fart. To his horror he dropped a big load of crap in his pants before he even got his pants down. At the same time he pissed himself, soaking the front and back of his jeans. It ran down his leg and in his shoes, all over the floor. He started crying because he knew his mom would be mad that he had an accident, and if he walked back to his cabin, everyone would know he had an accident. He emptied the log into the toilet and went back to his cabin and changed.

A couple of weeks ago my 9-year-old sister, Alyssa, had the flu. She was sick for 2 or 3 days, with constant vomiting and diarrhea. She threw up at least 20 times in one day. For the first day or so, she threw up constantly. The day after that, the diarrhea started, and it was frequent. She had at least 5 or 6 accidents in one day, usually because she farted or it slipped out or something. She had to rinse her panties out each time and put it in the laundry. After a couple of days she was fine again, and I'm glad. I felt really bad for her because she hardly gets sick with the flu, but when she does, she gets it bad.

That's it from me for now. Will post more later.


So here I am at my boyfriend's computer, I haven't posted for a while.
Had to mention for Tracygirl:
About your Correctol and other similar stimulant laxatives like Dulcolax.
Sometimes it is just what you need, girl!
Just don't take it more than once or twice a week.
I have used it before and after travel, for physicals, and to drop a pound or two.
Bisacodyl has been tested for years in Europe and is safe.
The Yoplait yogurt will help ...
But face it girl, when you need cleaned out, reach for the pink pill.

Hello, everyone! My name is Rachelle, and I am yet another long-time lurker but first-time poster. I am a typical college student, am 22, am 5'10'', have long and curly brown hair in which I often wear ribbons, have a model's body, and am very cheerful and outgoing.

I'm so elated to find a site like this on the web! It practically shouts at me that there really are many people out there who are open to and enjoy talking about their voiding experiences, especially in detail. I'm surprised at just how many of us, among this crowd, are women - myself included! Honestly, I absolutely love peeing and pooping....and even farting too! They all are natural and define sweet relief with a dose of pleasure! With that said, I want to share with you all the very satisfying bowel movement I had yesterday.

As usual, I was engaged in my normal activities, and suddenly I felt that urge that can't be mistaken creep into my backdoor. I suppressed it thinking, "I don't want to go yet; I'd like to wait a while." Afterward, as one might expect, the urge returned periodically, having grown in strength each time. Holding in my crap all along, I learned that I would need to vacate my bowels very soon. At last, the intestinal pressure arose with such intensity that I then knew that it would be unhealthy to keep my anus closed any longer. "Oh, my goodness!" I cried softly, "I really need to poop! I'm definitely going now before I unload into my panties!" With no further hesitation, I scampered toward the restroom. Once there, I yanked open the door, hopped inside, and shut the door behind me. Then safe, I slumped against the door, letting out a soft sigh. I took a quick glance around in the silence of the setting. "All right," I thought, "some nice peace and quiet." In a few seconds, another squeeze of my rectum snapped me back to reality. "Oh, right. Silly me! Gotta do my business" I said, stepping if front of the toilet. I unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned, unzipped, and gracefully pulled down my pink silk panties and constricting sky blue jeans down to my ankles. "Here I am half-naked again," I thought with a grin as I gently planted myself on the commode. "Ooooh, that's cold!" I shrieked lightly, cringing on the seat. As soon as I was comfortable, I sat straight up in my usual ladylike posture, loosened my spine, rested my hands on top of my bare thighs, and relaxed my sphincters. I must have looked so dignified voiding in this composure. There was no turning back at that point. Never mind any interruptions; I really had to go - badly!

"Any moment now," I whispered to myself, expecting an eventful expulsion. It wasn't long before my young excretory system unleashed it's wrath. Suddenly, I felt the urge in my rectum return and a huge, loud fart erupted from my butthole. "Whoa!" I exclaimed, "I feel better already! Is this gonna be a gassy affair?" My stomach churned for a moment, and then a weaker deep-toned fart passed from me. It was indeed going to be a gassy ordeal. Then, almost without feeling it coming, I let out another fart, this one being shorter but noisier. "Oh, my goodness!" I exclaimed, "Who saw that coming?" Just then, I sensed a forceful pressure expanding my rectum. When it halted, I began to push and then, on second thought, stopped. "There's no need to force it" I surmised, "This should be comfortable. Let it come out when it's ready." Not a moment sooner, the rectal urge, more intense this time, returned and I began to push moderately. "Uuuuuuuungh!" I moaned softly. I then felt my anus split open and stretch as my poop began to emerge. A thick, squishy, dark brown turd rubbed the walls of my buttcrack as it smoothly slid out. It was so warm and gooey, and it crackled and hissed as it came out. I felt that it was a long one too, and closed my blue eyes to capture the thrill of it. Finally, the log broke off and landed in the bowl with a kerplunk, splashing a little water on my butt. "Ahhhhhhhh," I sighed. Not a split second passed before another pocket of gas emanated from my rear end in a low-pitched gurgling sound. I leaned forward and peeked inside the underlying pot. "Holy crap! It's huge!" I wailed, "I dropped a neutron bomb!" That instant, the potent stench reached my nose. "Ewwww!" I whispered as my face turned to a scowl, and I waved my hand gently in front of my nose. "My guts must be so fouled up!" I thought. My crap fumes and farts were just toxic. I didn't matter, though; there was more to come.

Again, I felt another intestinal force prying open my pretty pink butthole. I decided to give this one a little boost, and from my posterior left yet another resounding burst of gas. I was actually rather enjoying myself. Not only was it a break from the rat race of life, but also it was somewhat titillating. It never had dawned on me until now what comfort could be gained from a bodily function. While I daydreamed this, my colon continued to churn. Maintaining my sitting upright, I removed my hands from my thighs and rested them on my lap, folding one on top of the other. A few more pockets of smelly gas sputtered from my anus in a string of small farts. I giggled; my output was already more than I expected. As soon as it ceased, another strong urge arose quickly in my rectum. Gasping, I said, "Oh, my goodness! Here comes a big one!" With that, another turd penetrated my little butthole. I pushed weakly on this one, but it slid out easily. This one was very warm, more flexible, and thinner in size. Sadly, it soiled my gorgeous white buttcrack and pink anus, but for me it had such a charming sensation coming out. When it finally broke away, another horrendous fart cannoned out of my bowels. "Goodness gracious!" I shouted, "I never thought I'd be so full of nasty vapors! What a gaseous girl I am!" Indeed, my intestinal fury had taken its toll, for by now the bathroom bore a rancid odor.

I started to feel sorry for my guts. My pity flared instantly when, again, that ominous intestinal urge arose in my posterior. "Oh, my goodness! There's still more poop inside me?" I said to myself. One last time, I moved my bowels and dropped from my fleshy butthole three warm, soft, solid balls of poop quickly, and then squeezed out a fourth one a moment later. In a dramatic encore, I pumped out one final noxious, eardrum-shattering fart and sighed deeply of utter relief. "Excuse me!" I shouted in jest into the silence as if nearby there were an audience to gross out. No longer did I sense any turbulence in my abdomen or urge in my rectum. "OK, I must be emptied now" I mused. I snatched a few sheets of toilet paper and began to wipe my grossly defaced anus and buttcrack. It took several strokes to thoroughly clean them, but I eventually restored them to their beautiful colors. I massaged my cute pink butthole lusciously with the last wiping. "Ohhhh, my poor tushyhole!" I whispered sweetly, "But, gawlee, that sure felt great!"

I let out a final sigh of relief, and, after staying seated for another moment, rose slowly from the underlying pot and stretched. In my ladylike fashion, I bent down and pulled up my silk panties and adjusted them. In an equally graceful manner, I bent down again and pulled up my comfortable blue jeans, buckled them and zipped them up. I rubbed my belly in satisfaction for a moment and then turned around to behold my waste creations. "Wow!" I whispered in astonishment. "I was definitely due for a poo!" I said to myself with a grin. "It's never ceases to amaze me how a woman like me, being so clean as I am, can't help but make something so dirty! But I sure do look forward to this!" I continued in wonder. Indeed, by now, the stench which filled the restroom was downright putrid. I at last flushed the toilet and watched my filthy excrement disappear through the gaping hole at the bottom. Luckily for me it all went down, and it even left a few brown streaks behind on the porcelain. I proceeded to exit the bathroom and then paused for a moment to relish the sensation in my rectum that typically one feels after defecating. "I just love taking a dump! Happy pooping, everyone!" I mused with a grin. I turned on the exhaust fan and left the bathroom quietly, gently closing the door behind me. With my hand still on the doorknob, suddenly, and completely without warning, a gust of internal pressure raced to my posterior and a crisp, mild fart escaped from my butt. I froze for a moment and looked straight ahead with a somewhat surprised countenance. "Oh, my goodness! I guess I wasn't done yet!" I whispered to myself, putting my free hand over mouth and giggling. "Oh, well. Back to the real world now" I said with resolve. I shifted my collar slightly and then strolled back to my regular activities.

Well, there you have it - my dump of the day! I hope you all enjoyed my story, and please evermore keep your great stories coming! I'm sorry that this post is so long; I like flowery prose. Let's look forward to many more fabulous times on the toilet to come.

Happy pooping, everybody!

once i was on a long car trip and i was thirsty and drank a gallon of water and 4 cans of coke. a little later i had to go but held it in and when i couldnt hold it much longer... i got stuck in traffic. I was holding myself when the light turned green. still holding myself i pushed down th acceleerator and the jerk mst have set me off because i started to pee.and pee. and pee. ihadnt gone since last night so my coffee was there too. i peeg for 5 min. while driving! and to add insult to injury i pooped too, it was everywhere. when i was done my pants were soaked and messed alongwith the seat

hey its me again just giving you an update

My gf(the girl i met in the family restroom) and i are still together. we always use the family restrooms(just to remember) but we use the stalls. I have another story.

I was going to see a baseball game with my gf and it was the middle of the 4th inning. i felt the urge to go so i excused myself and headed for the bathrooms. normaly at this time the guys is empty but today it was packed and there was nowhere to go so i headed out when i relized that the womens was empty. i felt really bad but i couldnt hold it any longer. i dashed in there and sat down. just as that happened i heard someone come in man was i scared. i continued to go and when i was done i flushed but didnt leave because the lady was still there. i decided to wait it out. she got finished and i peaked my head out the door to make sure it was safe to leave when my gf walks in. she saw me and freaked out. she ran into the stall where i was and asked me what i was doing in there. i told her that the guys was full and that i really had to go. i told her to make sure no one was coming and if there were tell them that this restroom was broken so that i could leave. she did and as i walked out someone saw me so i made up the story that i was fixing the toilet. we got some refreshments and headed back to our seats. thats the last time i use the ladys room.

thirty something geek
In colleage I played footbal and loved kicking an apponents balls
To the point-
Once we were taking a hike at a training camp and it was way to early in the morning and we had to just jump out of bed and go without even our daily CRAP. Well by about ten me an my freinds all needed to f* crap so bad and since we were in the woods we just decided to let rip. Some other guys watched others went on but I thing the ones that watched just wanted to see our pricks. But I didnt care. I was comfotable with myself. So all of us peed and capped all in the same space and we made a huge pile. I was last and I was hovering over the pile crapping my heat out when the coach comes (He decided to say in while we hiked.) and I dont notice and my freinds were running. I looked around to find him looking at my log half out. He sad if I had that much crap in me than it was ok. So us guyes we did that so much after that that he started calling us the five big crappers. That joke got stale but we still do it.

Hi Linda,

Thanks for liking my stories! As I said in my last post I got home just as Nina was finishing up but normally she takes anywhere from 20 min to an hour. I'm about the same. It takes us a long time, but it's not always because we are constipated. Even when we have softer dumps, we still have to bear down hard and grunt to relieve ourselves. We are both over 300 lbs so most physical activity is strenuous, including taking a dump. And I must admit, it's a definate turn on for both of us. We LOVE watching each other on the toilet, the strained expression on our faces, the heaving, panting and most of all the grunting. We also enjoy other aspects of being unfit. I love watching Nina struggle up the steps to our condo and she loves watching me attempt to get up from a low couch or chair.

Nina gets constipated more often that I, maybe once a week. I get constipated maybe once every 2 months, and let me tell you when this happens, it's a mammoth session on the toilet. Sometimes as I am sitting there heaving back and forth, Nina rubs my huge belly and thunder thighs. I don't think it helps to get things moving as some people have claimed on here, but it's soothing, and she likes to feel my belly and bottom undulate as I bear down.

I am in the computer room with the door open and Nina just sat down on the couch, slowly lowering herself with a huge grunt. We just had a big dinner and I think we will both need to go in an hour or so. I can't wait!

Hope this answers your questions, Linda. Feel free to ask more.


Read your post aboout farting and dropping a load in your shorts. What did the guy beside you do? Did he know you had done it??
I love it when a guy comes in, sees a line grimaces, holds his gut and clenches his ass. You know he's holding in a bomb and you know he is going to get big relief when he drops the load.

I was in the Ref library here last summer and I go into a stall and I can hear this guy next to me grunting and pushing really load so I say "Nothin like a good shit eh?" and he laughs and says "I've got major blockage". I replied that that wasn't good, all the while i'm farting and dropping wet shit into the bowl with great pleasure. The guys laughs again as he pushes with a very audible strain and he rips out a fart. He said "Man this is going to feel soooooo gooood" and he pushed again. A few seconds go by and he starts giving me a play by play, "Finally here it comes" and I can hear him panting like he's giving birth. He is grunting, his breath is raspy and he is swearing quietly. Finally he drops it and sighs loudly so it reverbes thru-out the place. Then he says, "Oww, doesn't feel as good as I thought" We laughed he cleaned up flushed and then waited. Flushed again and left with a quick goodbye.
I finsihed up and opened the stall door, looking into his stall and saw the biggest, longest curled up turd I have ever seen. he may as well have given birth to a small baby. impressive but the guy must have found it hard to sit for days.

Anoother time I was in the TD building and I am sitting and shitting and this guy comes in and sits in the next stall. He moans like he is in pain and then pushes very softly. Grunts like he is in pain and then sits breathing hard. I push out a round of loud wet farts that spletter the bowl and he chuckles..."Man you've got it easy sounds like" so I laugh and reply "Doesn't sound so easy over there" then he explains that he has a hernia and can't push at all so he just has to wait to let it slide out. We sat there for an hour and I basically talked him thru it. We chatted and at one point he sort of gasped "Almost" then he says "F??k women think they have it bad. Between my hernia and your wicked farts we may a well be giving birth" Then he took a deep breath and held and I could hear the monster creep out of his ass. He spent about 5 minutes catching his breath. We cleaned up and talked some more. It was wild, sitting there talking about our dump problems while sitting on the bowl producing.

Buddy dump for sure man.


THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER TO LINDA (from Aus) and TRAFFIC POO-ER GIRL. This episode dove tails in well with a constipation story for Linda and pooing my pants in traffic.
I was having a bout of constipation, actually I would go every couple of days but it was not much. One day at the gym I was doing squats and my stomach really hurted and blew up like I was pregnant( early stages) a few days it happened again and I could not get my jeans done up. Went to the doctor who sent me for an X-ray and I had heavy faecal loading in the ascending and transverse colon but around the lower colon and rectum it was clear (usually it is the other way around ). Anyway I was sent to a GI specialist who sent me for an abdominal scan. I had been taking laxatives for a few days to no avail and I had to be there an hour before the scan to drink all this radio active fluid. I was on the table being X-rayed and OK and they gave me this injection of dye. I then wanted to wee and it subsided but gave way to this enormous need to shit then and there on the X-ray table...I managed to hold it back and then within seconds (more or less) the urge subsided totally. With all the constipation I had been having I would have loved to have a bed pan under me and just expel it but instead had to hold on. I finished the scan and got in the car for the short drive home feeling reasonable. I hit some traffic (not too bad) and then the urge to shit really hit again (big time). i thought a bit of a fart might reieve the pressure but soon as I relaxed my hole ever so carefully I just exploded in my suit trousers. The stink was horrible. It all happened when I was just about home...I drove into the driveway and fortunately there was no one at home. I went into the bathroom and stepped out of my trousers and a dam of shit (very soft serve) exploded in the toilet in one big gush.
That was a great shitting experience because it cleaned me out which was what I longed for (and needed) and I did not feel ashamed to poo my pants but I am glad no one saw me and I am glad it was retained within my clothing!
If ever I had constipation again and was hit by the urge then I would definately just expel it but the big problem is people finding out. One thing I have learned and practise now is that when I get the urge I hop on a toilet and let it embarrasment! I have been to places that are unisex toilets and done it there problem.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

1) Yesterday morning I was in the bathroom getting ready to take a shower when I felt that I needed to poop. I took all my clothes and plopped down onto the seat. It took a while to get started. I farted a couple times and heard the familiar crackling sound. I looked between my legs and could see a tiny piece of poo sticking out of my hole.
"Mmmmmmhhh" "Mmmmmmhhh" "Mmmmmmhhh" 'plopplopplopplop' I looked between my legs as I saw 4 pieces of poo cascade into the toilet. I sat up and farted again. 'plopplopplop' as a few more pieces fell into the toilet. I felt empty and so I stood and looked into the toilet. There was about 7 or 8 light brown pieces that were all about 3 or 4 inches long. I grabbed a wad of TP and wiped 3 times and then hopped into the shower.

I woke up this morning with a slight discomfort in my stomach. I sat up and farted. Boy did it ever smell! I headed up to the bathroom and took off my clothes. I sat down and I immediatley farted. Next thing I know, poo is flying out of my butt. 'plopplopplopplopplopplopplopploplopplopploplopplopplopplopplopplopplopplopplopplop' For 5 the next 5 minutes or so all I can hear is the plopping of my poo hitting the water and a horrible stench coming from the toilet. Finally I was finished and I stood to wipe. The toilet water was a brown color and had chunks of poo floating around in it. I wiped a lot of times and flushed.

This happened last year when we were on our way to my grandparents house in Kentucky and I really had to pee so I told my parents that I had to go but we were stuck in traffic. So they said pee into my mcdonalds cup if I couldn't hold on till we stopped but i barely managed to.

Sidney & Muriel
Friday night about 3:30 am, we were awakened by cars screeching and glass shattering. We didn't want to get dressed and investigate so we went back to sleep. Saturday morning we noticed the "red flag" on our mailbox was in the 'up' position. Neither oneof us had put any mail out, so we went to investigate. Somebody had a bowel movenent, RIGHT IN OUR MAILBOX !!!! ... Sidney quick put on rubber gloves to remove it, and I got the hose out to wash the inside. Just when you think you seen everything.

Greg: You're more then welcome. By the way, that story about your friend Mike, awesome. Quick question: have any guys you've seen crap had sandals on? I know it's a wierd question but it's a thing I have. Just makes the dump seem more natural. I don't see a lot of guys crapping who wear them because I live in the cold blustery Northeast. Once summer rolls around I see guys wearing them but they must be shameful shitters.

That also brings me to an experience from a couple of years back. Because I live in a costal town we have a large beach that I sometimes go to during the summer,it isn't great, the town doesn't maintain it very well. There was hot day so I decided to go the beach. It was early summer and the tourist crowds weren't there yet so it was sparsely occupied, except for some older folks and two lifeguards, both guys. They looked about college age, both pretty well built. One had a shaved head and the other had blonde hair in a pony tail. I saw them talking when I got there and thought nothing of it. After about an hour I had to take a piss, so I headed for the bathroom building. It's a stone building with two bathrooms in it, one for guys, one for girls. The men's room has two toilets and four unrinals, so I hit a urinal and started to go. The bald lifeguard came in and hit one of the stalls. I got a little excited, thinking "hey he's gonna drop one" but all he did was piss. He flushed and left. I was finishing up when I heard outside "you gotta cover for me man", "<sigh>you know, I told you not to buy those hotdogs, I told you man and you didn't listen" "alright fine I know, just watch for me before shit myself". Being the devious individual I am, I hit one the stall furthest from the door and locked the door, just as the other lifeguard came in. I could hear his flipflops slapping as he crossed the bathroom quickly and rushed into the stall. Under the divider gap, I saw his red bathing suit hit his ankles and he sat down. "Oh man this is gonna be gross" he moaned and his calves tensed and to my aroused surprise actually gripped his sandals with his toes. A long, nasty wet crackling ensued, disrupted only by a nasty smelling fart that made a splattering noise. "Aw geez" he grunted as pushed out more foul shit. This stuff was ripe, I was close to gagging it smelled that bad and I was near an open window! Next door, the lifeguard sighed with relief and continued filling the toilet. It was cool too because he'd kinda lift his heel and toes a little he crapped out more foul mush. I sat there watching his feet and lower calves under the divider for the 10 minutes he sat there crapping, grunting and moaning. He finally finished and used a whole roll wiping up. The toilets are old and fairly weak, so I was surprised when he hit the flush button after hoisting his bathing suit and I heard the toilet choking and not flush. "Oh well, not my problem anymore" he said carelessly leaving his mess there and left. I waited for him to leave and then took a peak at the crapper he used. It looked like a brown and green swamp mixed with toilet paper shreds. The smell was too gross for me to take so I left too. That lifeguard looked pretty relieved in his observation chair when I spotted him. The odd thing was neither of them washed their hands, which I think the second guy DEFINATELY should have done.

It was cool because it's one of like 5 times in my whole life I saw a guy taking a crap wearing sandals. Any other time they had on regular shoes. Oh well. I should probably travel more. Peace out everyone!

It's been a while since my last post. I'm glad to find that everyone seems to be doing great. There have been a lot of first-time and possibly only-time posters lately, haven't there?

Anyhow, I've been intending to share this story for quite some time. Almost four years ago, during the summer before my senior year in high school, I went on a retreat with the some of the youth group of my church in our neighboring state of Louisiana. For several hours each afternoon for three days in a row we all dispersed throughout the city canvassing the neighborhoods to conduct a survey. On a one of these days we in the middle of one of these outings when, as chance would have it, I felt the urge to pee arise. Since the feeling weak in the beginning, as usual, I suppressed it and continued going about our business. The urge, of course, became stronger and stronger as time passed. We were still going to be traveling and conducting the survey for a while, so I became more convinced with each minute that passed that I was going to have to empty my bladder before we were finished and got back to the church. It was only a matter of time. I couldn't hold on forever. Finally, at a certain point, my team of three and the other teams we were grouped with in a caravan finished canvassing one of our assigned sections of the city. By this time, although I wasn't desperate for release, I needed to piss rather badly. We still had more to do for quite some time, and I knew that my suppression couldn't endure that long. I wish that I could've had the convenience of approaching the home of a stranger and asking him/her if I may use his/her restroom, but things just don't work that way. At that point, I started to look for someplace outdoors I could answer nature's call with some degree of privacy. Fortunately for me, this task was made easier because we happened to be in an area where the houses were more spread out, and lots of tall grass and vegetation was available for cover. Peeing outdoors was and still is no big deal for me especially because I was a Boy Scout for several years and often did so on campouts. But this time I wanted to ensure that I would attract minimal attention to myself because there were girls around. Then I noticed it. Closeby on the side of a roadway was a dumpster almost completely enclosed by a rectangular wooden fence. I reasoned that most likely no one would come over and check out the sound coming from inside. After all, this would be a quick deed. Today, I don't remember for sure if I mentioned my plight to anyone, but I definitely remember making my resolve to urinate before moving on. Everybody at that point was gradually boarding our van to travel to our next assigned location. With no further hesitation, I quietly stole away from the crowd and strolled toward the fence enclosure. I stepped my way inside and carefully walked a few feet around to the right side of the dumpster where I would be out of sight to the rest of my clan. There was garbage scattered all over the ground between the dumpster and its accompanying fence, and I think I recall there being some flies buzzing around and a weak putrid odor too. It was very nasty, but there was no turning back now. I was begging for a good piss! At last, I unzipped my fly, pushed down my undies, pulled out my dick, and relaxed my muscles. Urine gushed out of me like water out of a broken water main. There I stood sweaty on a hot summer day in those gross surroundings unleashing from my groin like a garden hose a steady, thick arc of a stream of mostly clear pee trickling onto the unsightly trash strewn asunder below. O, the bliss of a wonderful piss I felt! I probably even let out a sigh of relief while voiding. I remained in that spot for the next few moments doing my business as the internal pressure sank. Finally, it dwindled to nothing as my pee stream tapered off. I flexed my sphincters several times to squirt out all remaining smidges of urine inside me to finish. Then I tucked my penis back in my undies and zipped up my fly. Luckily no one else came in the fence enclosure. I believe that, to this day, that is the only time I've peed in/on something other than a toilet outdoors near other people on an occasion other than a Boy Scout campout. I sure was glad I got the job done then when I more privately could as opposed to risking it later by continuing to hold it in. I really needed the emptying! Satisfied, I stepped out of the dumpster enclosure, walked back to where my crew was, and continued with our day. I hope everyone enjoyed my story. Cheers to pissing outdoors!

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